They Are Trolls

Al and Codey go through the news


[00:35] Intro
[05:21] What Have We Been Playing
[11:11] Wholesome Direct
[14:51] Harvest Moon: One World
[16:59] Story Of Seasons: Pioneeers Of Olive Town
[23:59] Lonesome Village
[25:35] Sun Haven
[27:38] Kynseed
[29:28] Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
[31:15] Farm It!
[33:58] APICO
[40:00] A New Leaf: Memories
[43:05] Story Of Season Mobile
[54:26] Outro

Wholesome Direct Announcement
Harvest Moon: One World Update
Harvest Moon: One World Episode
Story of Seasons 1.0.5 Patch
Story of Seasons DLC
Lonesome Village Coming to Xbox
Sun Haven Delay
Len’s Island Demo
Kynseed Update
Alba Tease
Farm It!
A New Leaf: Memories
Story of Seasons Mobile Trailer

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