We Aren't Farming Cats

Al and Kevin discuss E3 news, and whether Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finished.


[00:32] Intro
[02:07] What Have We Been Playing
[09:50] News
[10:12] Garden Story
[11:58] Sun Haven
[15:40] Rune Factory 5
[19:13] Rune Factory 4s
[20:48] SoS: FoMT
[21:49] Snacko
[24:43] Bear And Breakfast
[26:16] One Lonely Outpost
[28:17] Cloudscape
[29:15] Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
[30:23] Yokai Inn
[36:04] Princess Farmer
[38:10] Lost Nova
[38:59] Is Animal Crossing Finished?
[01:00:51] Outro

Garden Story Trailer
Sun Haven Early Access Info
Rune Factory 5 Trailer
Rune Factory 4S Announcement
SoS: FoMT Announcement
Snacko Announcement
Snacko Switch Info
Bear and Breakfast Trailer
Bear and Breakfast Demo
One Lonely Outpost Trailer
Cloudscape Kickstarter
Alba Design Award
Alba Interview
Yokai Inn Trailer
Yokai Inn Art Controversy
Princess Farmer
Lost Nova

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