Four Pages of News

Al and Micah talk though over a month of news.


[00:35] Intro
[02:26] What Have We Been Playing
[17:16] News
[17:23] Garden Story
[21:16] Ankora: Lost Days
[26:53] Deiland
[27:27] Summer In Mara
[31:47] Kitaria Fables
[33:28] Story Of Seasons
[47:59] Animal Crossing: New Horizons
[54:20] Ooblets
[55:32] My Time At Portia
[57:48] Garden Paws
[59:10] Game Pass
[59:26] Physical Versions
[01:04:27] Switch Ports
[01:07:10] Harvest Days
[01:10:22] Research Story
[01:12:02] Luna’s Fishing Garden
[01:13:55] Cheeky Chooks
[01:16:27] Haven Park
[01:17:50] Outro

Garden Story
Garden Story on Switch
Garden Story on Steam
Ankora: Lost Days
Deiland: Pocket Planet on Steam
Form for if you already own Deialnd on Steam
Summer in Mara Physical
Kitaria Fables
SoS: PoOT 1.0.6
SoS: PoOT 1.0.7
Animal Crossing Update
Ooblets Oobletiversary Update
Ooblets Jama Update
My Time at Portia on Mobile
My Time at Portia Update
Garden Paws on Switch
Garden Paws on Steam
Atomicrops coming to Game Pass
Stardew Valley coming to Game Pass
Turnip Boy Physical
Littlewood Physical
Spirit Farer Physical
Hundred Days coming to Switch
Islanders coming to Switch

Harvest Days on Steam
Harvest Days on Kickstarter
Research Story on Steam
Research Story Tweet
Luna’s Fishing Garden on Steam
Cheeky Chooks
Tales of Djungarian Hamster on Switch
Haven Park on Steam


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