Lemon Cake Interview

Al talks to Éloïse, the developer of Lemon Cake

Also, news about Harvest Moon: One World, some Kickstarter updates, a couple of game updates, and a couple of new games.


[00:00] Intro
[01:19] What Have I Been Playing
[02:21] News
[02:24] Coral Island
[03:32] Harvest Moon: One World=
[07:09] Ooblets
[07:38] Littlewood
[08:13] Hundred Days
[08:54] Village Monsters
[10:01] Odd Fauna
[11:00] Bountiful Life
[12:34] Interview
[41:16] Outro

Al on Twitch

Coral Island Kickstarter
Harvest Moon: One World Info
Ooblets Wildlands Update
Littlewood on Switch
Hundred Days on Steam
Village Monsters Living Lands Update
OddFauna on Steam
Bountiful Life Kickstarter

Lemon Cake on Steam
Lemon Cake on Itch
Eloise on Twitter
Eloise on Twitch


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