A Little Emotional

Al and Kelly talk about Spiritfarer

Also, news about Spiritfarer, Len’s Island, Ooblets, and an Animal Crossing/Build a bear crossover.


[00:32] Intro
[02:50] What Have We Been Playing
[09:07] News
[09:23] Spiritfarer Updates
[11:41] Len’s Island
[14:29] Animal Crossing X Build A Bear
[19:07] Ooblets
[20:46] Snacko Trailer
[22:17] Spiritfarer
[01:28:11] SPOILER ZONE
[01:54:32] Spiritfarer Conclusion (Spoilers over)
[01:57:47] Outro

Spiritfarer Update
Len’s Island Delay
Animal Crossing x Build a Bear
New Snacko Trailer

Spiritfarer Website
Spiritfarer on Steam
Spiritfarer on Switch

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