A/Nother Wonderful Life (SE)

We talk about the classic game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Also, there have been a number of release date announcements, farming simulator is on Google Stadia, another game is coming to Epic Games Store, and Al has some exciting news for Raschelle.


[00:29] Intro
[01:40] Feedback
[09:10] What are we playing?
[20:01] News
[27:12] A Wonderful Life
[1:16:07] Outro

Friends of Mineral Town new Trailer
Garden Story publisher announcement
Garden Story on Steam
Stranded Sails release announcement
Stranded Sails on Steam
Forager Combat Update Open Beta
Atomicrops Early Access
Atomicrops on Epic
Re:Legend Early Access
Re:Legend on Steam
Farming Simulator on Google Stadia

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life SE on PS4
Your House
Tartan, the creepy plant



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