Just Sell Me A Kitchen

Al and Raschelle finally delve deep into Rune Factory 4S

Also, we find out what Raschelle has been up to the past few months, we chat through a load of news, and Raschelle live reacts to the first Harvest Moon: One World trailer.


[00:33] Intro
[01:38] Feedback
[05:28] What have we been playing?
[19:45] News
[46:01] Rune Factory 4 Special
[1:43:02] Outro

Harvest Moon One World Footage
Animal Crossing Summer Update Part 1
Garden Story Release Window
Village Monsters Foundations Update
Littlewood 0.97
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
Ooblets Early Access
Ooblets Price

Rune Factory 4 Special


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