You've Played Hundreds of Hours of Stardew

We chat about what is new in Stardew.

Also, Rune Factory 4 finally has a release date, more and more updates for Littlewood, and Farming Simulator is free on EGS.


[00:30] Intro
[01:18] What have we been playing?
[12:00] Doraemon SoS Challenge Info
[14:02] News
[37:02] Stardew 1.4
[01:29:25] Give us your money
[01:33:14] Outro

Stardew hit 10 million sales
Farming Simulator on EGS
Farming Simulator new DLC announcement
RF4 North America release date
RF4 Europe/Australia release date
Reasons for RF4 delay
Littlewood v0.899
Littlewood v0.9
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Stardew 1.4 Changelog

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