It Is Definitely Farming

Al and Codey talk about the wholesome direct and other news


[00:00:00] Theme Tune
[00:00:31] Intro
[00:02:50] What Have We Been Playing
[00:07:04] Wholesome Direct
[00:14:35] News
[00:23:44] New Games
[00:47:12] Outro

Wholesome Direct

Bear and Breakfast Release Date
Beasties Release Date
One More Island on Steam
Dinkum Early Access Date
Coral Island Early Access Date
Spiritfarer coming to mobile
Snacko coming to Playstation
Autonauts coming to consoles
Chicken Journey coming to Switch
Lemon Cake coming to consoles
Princess Farmer update
Moonstone Island publisher

Garden Witch Life
Cat Tails
Garden Buddies
Lightyear Frontier
A Last Song
Wish Talk

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