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Kev and Bev talk through all the news and the latest newly announced games


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Ankora: Lost Days Release
Doraemon SoS 2 Release
Doraemon Early Purchase Bonus
One Lonely Outpost Early Access
Roots of Pacha Delay
Bear and Breakfast Switch Release
Coral Island on Gamepass
Re-Legend Release
Minkeo’s Night Market Tease
Garden Story Physical Release
Disney Dreamlight Valley Pricing
Haunted Chocolatier Bee Boss
Bee Boss Music
Lightyear Frontier Gameplay Reveal

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley on Steam
Bit Orchard: Animal Valley on Switch
Distant Bloom on Steam
Shumi Come Home on Steam
Petit Island on Steam
Moondrop on Steam
Tile Tale on
Ikonei Island on Steam
Bloody Hell Hotel
Kaichu on Steam

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