An Aspiring War Criminal

Al and Micah talk about Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom


[00:00:00] Theme Tune
[00:00:29] Intro
[00:01:23] Pokemon Chat
[00:07:22] Intro Again
[00:08:32] What Have We Been Playing
[00:28:17] News
[01:04:40] Doraemon Story Of Seasons: Friends Of The Great Kingdom
[01:47:45] Outro

Lonesome Village Out Now
Brewmaster Out Now
Farming Simulator On Mac App Store

Aka Release Date
Kynseed 1.0 Release Date

Ankora: Lost Days Physical Release
Mineko’s Night Market New Trailer
Kitori Academy Alpha Delay

Atomicrops Update
Dreamlight Valley Update
APICO Update

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Trailer
Spells and Secrets
Moonstone Island
Len’s Island

Fields of Mistra
Everdream Valley

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