Is Goofy Known For Fishing

Al and Codey talk about some ideas they have for new cottagecore games


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00:00:30: Intro
00:05:04: What Have We Been Up To
00:13:29: News
00:27:56: Cottagecore Game Ideas
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Turnip Boy Robs a Bank on Steam
Turnip Boy Robs a Bank on Switch
Cult of the Lamb “Sins of the Flesh” Update
Meetlight Alpha Info
Chill Town Beta Info
Rusty’s Retirement Mac Confirmation
Immortal Life on Steam


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(0:00:30) Al: Hello farmers, and welcome to another episode of The Harvest Season. My name is Al,
(0:00:38) Codey: And my name is Cody.
(0:00:39) Al: and we are here today to talk about cartridge core games.
(0:00:46) Al: Cody, it’s been so long. It’s been a whole week since we talked.
(0:00:51) Codey: A whole week, yeah. And this was a surprise. I didn’t realize I was gonna be on. I was like,
(0:00:58) Al: I don’t think we need to talk about the fact that who is on this podcast has changed three different times.
(0:00:59) Codey: oh man, I’m not recording for a while. And now, now I…
(0:01:08) Codey: I mean, it’s just, yeah, I guess it’s just the fact of my travel plans got messed up. I was supposed to be home right now.
(0:01:20) Codey: But for those in the United States, you will know that there is a huge winter storm happening back to back to back. There’s much weather.
(0:01:28) Al: There is weather. Weather is happening. January weather.
(0:01:30) Codey: There’s so much weather. And I was like, not… my flights got canceled like three times and I was just like, ah.
(0:01:38) Codey: No, I’m just gonna stop. I’m just gonna stop trying to go home now. Which ended up working out because the whole… one of the whole reasons I was trying to go was because my grandma was supposed to have shoulder surgery and I was gonna like help out.
(0:01:50) Codey: But then literally the day before I left, I was supposed to leave. That got scheduled to February and it was like not when I was gonna be there. So it works out because I can now make sure that I’m there for that.
(0:02:02) Codey: But it just was frustrating because I was supposed to be on vacation.
(0:02:08) Codey: But such is life and… yeah.
(0:02:12) Codey: How is weather where you are?
(0:02:14) Al: Yeah, it’s cold, but it’s not too cold.
(0:02:20) Codey: Oh man, it heckin’… it heckin’ whimdy here.
(0:02:20) Al: It’s just kind of standard winter cold for here.
(0:02:26) Al: Yeah, I mean, it’s all, I mean, I’m coastal, so it’s always windy here, right?
(0:02:30) Al: But which I think is part of the reason why it feels colder.
(0:02:30) Codey: Ma’am.
(0:02:35) Al: Because it’s like, it’s only minus one Celsius here, which is…
(0:02:39) Codey: It’s like 30.
(0:02:40) Al: - Yeah, almost exactly, but the wind,
(0:02:44) Al: the wind gets you.
(0:02:45) Codey: I have a european roommate. I know how to do these conversions.
(0:02:51) Al: There are a few I know off the top of my head.
(0:02:53) Al: That should have been one, because of course,
(0:02:55) Codey: It’s fine.
(0:02:56) Al: I knew that we should have been one,
(0:02:59) Al: but for some reason, my brain, not worky.
(0:03:04) Al: So.
(0:03:04) Codey: Oh, I also did want to mention, uh, listeners, if you have any interest in listening to
(0:03:12) Codey: an episode about, uh, the best version number systems. I was talking to my partner about it the other day and he like mentioned this very specific version number system and I was like,
(0:03:28) Codey: Oh my gosh, we could make a whole episode out of it.
(0:03:31) Al: Well, of course we could. It doesn’t mean we need to.
(0:03:34) Al: Presumably it was SemVer he was talking about, semantic questioning.
(0:03:34) Codey: But yeah, he was talking about some bear. So yeah, uh, listeners, if you want to hear about that.
(0:03:37) Al: Yeah.
(0:03:41) Al: The problem is that SemVer only really makes sense for things with interfaces,
(0:03:48) Al: which, you know, user facing software is not, and people use it for that.
(0:03:51) Al: But then it doesn’t really map in the exact same way.
(0:03:53) Al: So you’re like, well, at what point are we going to do this?
(0:03:56) Al: Because the whole point of that is that you only change a major version number when there’s something backwards incompatible.
(0:04:01) Al: It doesn’t make any sense when you’re not an interface.
(0:04:02) Codey: Well, that’s why we need to devise a cottage ver. Cottage semver.
(0:04:05) Al: Are we doing it?
(0:04:08) Al: Are we doing it or we just or we just don’t?
(0:04:11) Codey: Caught semver.
(0:04:12) Al: Well, I mean, I’ve already done it, right?
(0:04:14) Al: I’ve said you just have two numbers, one when you’re adding new stuff,
(0:04:17) Al: one when you’re adding when you’re fixing bugs.
(0:04:19) Al: That’s it done. You don’t need any more.
(0:04:20) Codey: Like one for content one for patch
(0:04:22) Al: Don’t. Yeah, that’s all you need.
(0:04:24) Al: You don’t need any more. Two numbers.
(0:04:25) Codey: Okay, but we could definitely get into this in an episode
(0:04:27) Al: No, that’s it. That’s it. We’re done.
(0:04:30) Codey: listeners if you really want to You [laughing]
(0:04:31) Al: Transcripts for this podcast are
(0:04:34) Al: available in the show notes and on the website five minutes in.
(0:04:38) Al: So, you know, as useful as that is this episode, we’re going to talk about some ideas that we’ve had for what we want people to make Cottagecore games off.
(0:04:48) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:04:48) Al: So and then we’re going to argue about them, maybe.
(0:04:52) Al: I don’t know. We’ll see.
(0:04:54) Al: We so before that, we’ve got a bunch of news.
(0:04:59) Al: I’m then first of all by.
(0:05:01) Al: Not for bob, wording segways.
(0:05:03) Codey: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(0:05:05) Al: But first of all, Cody, what have you been up to?
(0:05:08) Codey: I have been
(0:05:12) Codey: Playing I’m still playing coral island
(0:05:15) Codey: Still enjoying that but I was also am also playing Palia And so I was playing a lot of coral island because I was home and had my Xbox and I could play it And I knew that when I went on vacation
(0:05:27) Codey: Hot I wasn’t gonna be able to play it because I don’t bring my Xbox on vacation
(0:05:33) Codey: I am bringing my switch and so I was like, oh I can play so much Palia on my vacation But now vacation is kind of stalled, but I don’t know I’m still probably gonna be playing a decent amount of Palia here in the next few weeks But I’ve also been reading a lot of books. So I
(0:05:52) Codey: Got into The Poppy War series by RF Kwang. I picked up some Joe Abercrombie books. These are all fantasy books I’m really trying to like pull out the fantasy
(0:06:04) Codey: listeners here like come at me with your book recommendations because I freaking love them and then I
(0:06:10) Codey: Finally caved and bought the second book in the fourth wing series iron flame
(0:06:15) Codey: Because I read fourth wing. It was okay, but I do
(0:06:24) Codey: So But there’s like a 40-week wait for my library and I found one
(0:06:31) Codey: for pretty cheap, so I finally
(0:06:33) Codey: just caved and bought that. So I have a giant stack of books that were for vacation.
(0:06:39) Codey: So now I just have a giant stack of books waiting for when I can read them.
(0:06:44) Codey: But yeah, so listeners hit me with those fantasy, fantasy wrecks on on the slack. I do love some fantasy books.
(0:06:52) Al: Well, well, here’s a fun thing.
(0:06:54) Al: I bet you weren’t expecting me to have some actual stuff on books.
(0:06:57) Al: I don’t have not been reading, don’t worry.
(0:06:59) Al: But you mentioned Iron Flame and I was like, oh, that is the book that I bought
(0:07:04) Al: my sister for Christmas. So there you go.
(0:07:05) Codey: Oh, yeah, there you go.
(0:07:07) Al: Because it was on her wish list.
(0:07:10) Codey: I mean, you might know some of the books.
(0:07:12) Codey: So my partner, I’m in his apartment right now, and he has a book that was called like,
(0:07:17) Codey: let me just find the picture of it, but it was really stupid.
(0:07:19) Codey: And then he has another one here.
(0:07:21) Codey: This is his bedside reading.
(0:07:23) Codey: The Linux programming interface.
(0:07:26) Al: Oh my word, what an arid.
(0:07:29) Codey: Oh, and domain design.
(0:07:31) Codey: But there was this one that was so funny.
(0:07:36) Codey: It was…
(0:07:39) Codey: Oh, I also yesterday had, I’m in New York City,
(0:07:42) Codey: and I had a milkshake that had a whole ass piece of cake on top.
(0:07:46) Codey: It was so goofy.
(0:07:48) Codey: Made sense why it was $15.
(0:07:50) Codey: Okay, the book is called Data Design for Mere Mortals.
(0:07:54) Codey: Database Design for Mere Mortals.
(0:07:56) Codey: So stupid.
(0:07:57) Codey: Anyway, that seems like the kind of books that you would read out.
(0:07:58) Al: Well, sure, in theory, like when I was in uni, I had to read a whole bunch of books like that, but I didn’t. I bought them and then I sold them. It’s just not like I don’t,
(0:08:07) Codey: Okay, okay, that’s fair
(0:08:13) Al: I’m not going to learn by reading paper about how these things, it’s just, it’s not how it works for me.
(0:08:16) Codey: Mm-hmm. That’s fair. Yeah. Well, he said that he was going to be selling the database design from your mortals book. That wasn’t great. So don’t get that if you are a programmer.
(0:08:26) Al: Well, you have reminded me just before I go on to what I’ve done, I was reminded of,
(0:08:28) Codey: What about you, Al? What have you been up to?
(0:08:34) Al: so you mentioned Coral Island, I had some feedback from John, listener of the podcast,
(0:08:36) Codey: - Yeah.
(0:08:40) Al: my brother-in-law, who we had been mentioning about the weirdness of how Coral Island kind of stops at some point, and he wanted to point out that not of the missing giant seems okay, it would be weird if they decided to add that later and had to shoehorn it in, but also I don’t think you need to resolve every single storyline,
(0:08:50) Codey: Okay, yeah
(0:09:10) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:09:14) Codey: Yeah.
(0:09:14) Al: which I think is a fair point. What I replied to him was, “Yeah, that’s fair. I think I’m just a bit more miffed about it because of the bug with the quest.” That in and of itself
(0:09:24) Codey: Yeah.
(0:09:26) Al: was quite annoying. So that’s a fair point. I take that on board. Not all storylines need to be 100% resolved. That is totally fair.
(0:09:36) Codey: Mm-hmm. True. Well, okay, and now what have you been playing?
(0:09:40) Al: So basically just Pokémon. There is a game I’m meant to be playing for the podcast, but we delayed that episode because I’m really bad sometimes at playing games. So it got to Friday and I’m like “I’ve played 15 minutes of this game, can we delay this episode?”
(0:09:56) Al: I’ve not been playing that, I have been playing Pokemon, because the epilogue came out this week, so I’ve played that.
(0:10:04) Codey: Is that sword in Scarlet the Violet?
(0:10:06) Al: Yes, yeah, so it’s the kind of extra random bit of story at the end after the two DLCs.
(0:10:08) Codey: OK.
(0:10:14) Al: So yeah, I enjoyed it, it’s not a huge thing, if you’re paying attention, it’ll take you like an hour and a half, two hours. If you’re zooming through
(0:10:24) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:10:26) Codey: Hmm.
(0:10:26) Al: it, you can get it done in like 40 minutes. But it was a fun little extra thing. So I’ve played that on both games. And now I’ve done my regular thing of remembering that my Pokemon living decks with all the forms, I’ve not completed all of the forms. So I’m doing some more of that. And I’m currently getting really annoyed trying to find an aqua Aldi and Taurus,
(0:10:28) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:10:52) Al: they’re such a small… what’s the word…
(0:10:56) Codey: drop rate? Yeah.
(0:10:56) Al: Spawn rate. Yeah. So anyway, that’s fun. I enjoy it. Whatever.
(0:11:03) Al: And then also I have watched… so I did my regular one month of Netflix to watch everything that’s on it.
(0:11:11) Codey: Okay, yep
(0:11:12) Al: And so I’ve watched a bunch of things. I’ve watched Wednesday and I watched One Piece, the live action One Piece.
(0:11:19) Al: And I watched the new season of Sonic Prime and there’s a couple other things I want to watch as well.
(0:11:25) Al: So yeah, I’ve been in.
(0:11:26) Al: Consuming a lot of that of stuff that’s come out in the last year or two.
(0:11:28) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:11:31) Al: And but I haven’t watched it because I didn’t have Netflix at the time.
(0:11:34) Codey: Cool. Uh, yeah, I really liked Wednesday, um…
(0:11:39) Codey: I didn’t… I’m not… I didn’t… I haven’t watched One Piece, and part of me wants to not watch the live-action because then what if I then want to get into the anime?
(0:11:45) Al: What about it?
(0:11:49) Codey: You know…
(0:11:51) Codey: That’s a commitment.
(0:11:51) Al: Well, yeah, but my point is like, I don’t…
(0:11:56) Al: Oh, you mean, what if watching the live action makes you want to watch the anime?
(0:11:59) Codey: Yes.
(0:12:00) Al: I don’t think it will.
(0:12:03) Al: And equally, I think that from what I can gather, the live action first series of the live action covers like the first 500 episodes or something insane of the anime.
(0:12:12) Codey: Oh, yeah.
(0:12:15) Al: Just there’s so much, like, you know what animes are like, right?
(0:12:20) Al: They pad things out so much and there’s so many filler episodes.
(0:12:23) Al: I might be a little bit exaggerating with 500, but certainly it was like, it was a lot of the episodes it covers with the first 10 episodes of the live action.
(0:12:33) Al: So if they keep going with that, which they’ve said they’re doing a second season so far,
(0:12:37) Al: it’s Netflix, so you never know.
(0:12:40) Al: I suspect they would catch up pretty quickly.
(0:12:44) Al: So.
(0:12:45) Al: Yeah. I enjoyed it. I thought it was good fun.
(0:12:49) Al: It is not at all what I expected it to be.
(0:12:51) Al: I don’t know why I expected it to be, but I didn’t expect it to be Pirates.
(0:12:54) Al: I didn’t know it was about… It’s about pirates.
(0:12:56) Codey: You didn’t know one piece was a wildfire.
(0:12:56) Al: Did you know One Piece is about pirates?
(0:13:00) Al: Why would I know it was about pirates?
(0:13:02) Al: I’ve never watched or read any One Piece.
(0:13:04) Al: Why would I know it’s about pirates?
(0:13:04) Codey: Okay, I mean I just I’ve not watched or seen any I’ve just I just have a roommate that really likes anime.
(0:13:14) Al: Yeah, I have never had a conversation about One Piece that isn’t just “Oh, you’re going to watch One Piece?
(0:13:21) Al: Haha, no, it’s very long.”
(0:13:22) Codey: Okay, okay. Yeah, no, it’s about pirates.
(0:13:28) Codey: Yeah, cool.
(0:13:28) Al: So I enjoyed that.
(0:13:30) Al: Shall we talk about some news?
(0:13:34) Al: Turn it boy, Rob’s a bank.
(0:13:36) Al: I don’t know when they announced that when this game was coming out,
(0:13:39) Al: because apparently it’s coming out on Thursday.
(0:13:43) Codey: - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, the day after this comes out, right?
(0:13:44) Al: No, yeah, Thursday.
(0:13:46) Al: So, yes, yes.
(0:13:49) Al: So I don’t know when they announced that, but apparently they did.
(0:13:53) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:13:53) Al: And I’ve pre-ordered it on Switch.
(0:13:57) Al: So there we go.
(0:13:58) Codey: You excited?
(0:13:59) Al: Oh, yeah, loved the first game.
(0:14:00) Codey: You excited to rob a bank?
(0:14:01) Al: It was fantastic.
(0:14:03) Al: Absolutely.
(0:14:03) Al: And I mean, the first game wasn’t really cottage core and it wasn’t really farming.
(0:14:08) Al: You farm like you grow plants to use as a sword,
(0:14:13) Al: which is about as far as the farming goes, and it’s very much not cottage core.
(0:14:18) Al: But I enjoyed it nonetheless.
(0:14:19) Al: This game, even less cottage core.
(0:14:22) Al: I suspect because you’re robbing a bank.
(0:14:26) Al: So yeah.
(0:14:28) Al: I don’t know, playing fast and loose with the term “cottage core” here.
(0:14:29) Codey: Well, you still gotta cover it, ‘cause you still gotta cover it, because we gotta know.
(0:14:34) Al: Absolutely. Of course. Of course.
(0:14:35) Codey: We need the deets, so.
(0:14:39) Al: So there we go. That’s a thing.
(0:14:40) Codey: Very exciting.
(0:14:42) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:14:44) Codey: No.
(0:14:45) Codey: No.
(0:14:45) Al: Did you play the first? Well, the first is currently on sale on Steam. 66% off.
(0:14:52) Codey: That’s crazy. Is it part of the communism? No, capitalism.
(0:14:57) Al: Yeah, yeah, I saw someone.
(0:14:58) Al: Post it like, “Oh, it’s capitalism sale, isn’t that just all sales?”
(0:15:04) Codey: Yeah.
(0:15:04) Al: Capitalism and Economy Fest, that’s what it’s called.
(0:15:06) Codey: Yep.
(0:15:08) Codey: Which will be done by the time the podcast comes out.
(0:15:10) Codey: Sorry, y’all.
(0:15:12) Codey: But I saw Parkasaurus was on it.
(0:15:14) Codey: I was like, ooh.
(0:15:15) Al: Park gazares. It looks like it’s also-
(0:15:16) Codey: But…
(0:15:18) Codey: Well, I have very little money in the world.
(0:15:23) Codey: Especially because I just had to reschedule something.
(0:15:26) Codey: I like…
(0:15:27) Al: Turn it by.
(0:15:28) Codey: Turn it boy.
(0:15:30) Codey: like, uh, make planning my flights like so
(0:15:34) Codey: many months in advance, so you, so it’s super, super cheap, but I am now having to reschedule to like less than a month and now I’m, I’m grumpy, but it’s fine. Turn it boy. Whoo.
(0:15:36) Al: Mm.
(0:15:41) Al: Stress.
(0:15:46) Al: Pelt of the Lamb are releasing their Sins of the Flesh update.
(0:15:54) Al: So we’re going to be nice and careful with this,
(0:15:57) Al: because this is generally a family-friendly podcast.
(0:16:00) Codey: Well it’s like in Pokemon when you breed, when you have eggs, because they are eggs.
(0:16:01) Al: There is procreation now coming to the game.
(0:16:05) Al: And, um…
(0:16:06) Al: Yeah, exactly.
(0:16:11) Al: Or in The Sims, where the babies happen.
(0:16:14) Codey: Yeah you just, you just adopt them.
(0:16:18) Codey: This is fine.
(0:16:20) Codey: Yeah so you can now have that, they have this like nudity which is really cute because they they have just like a little leaf, which I thought was…
(0:16:30) Codey: super cute. They have new progression systems, so some of your followers can be kind of beefier, I guess, and there’s more benefits for them.
(0:16:44) Codey: One benefit in particular that I thought you were going to like, Al, is the improved automation.
(0:16:49) Codey: So there’s now a janitor station and storage structures that you can build, and it allows helps so that your followers can take better care of themselves.
(0:16:57) Codey: so that when you come back you’re not coming back to…
(0:17:00) Codey: chaos. There’s a new gun that helps you fight heretics. You can build… I don’t remember what it was called but it’s like a… I think it’s the tailor and that allows your followers to have better fashion. And then my favorite part was on the Twitter link which will be linked in the show notes about this.
(0:17:26) Codey: the Among Us Twitter responded with finally.
(0:17:30) Al: Yeah, that’s just asking for them to be asked why they don’t have
(0:17:31) Codey: It’s just like, why?
(0:17:41) Codey: Like why, why Among Us doesn’t have nudity?
(0:17:45) Codey: Okay. Are they people?
(0:17:45) Al: Anyway, I noticed something funny. They have a URL shortener, their own URL shortener called I just thought it was fun.
(0:18:00) Codey: Very cute. I still really want to play this game, and I still haven’t played it yet.
(0:18:06) Codey: So, have we done a second harvest on it?
(0:18:10) Al: “Yes, I want to say that was me,” he says, searching.
(0:18:14) Codey: Okay.
(0:18:17) Codey: He says with a question mark at the end.
(0:18:18) Al: Yeah, yeah, we did. Me and Bev did a second harvest on it.
(0:18:22) Codey: Okay, well maybe I maybe I need
(0:18:24) Al: And I think it was Kevin and Kelly who did the first.
(0:18:26) Codey: Kelly.
(0:18:30) Codey: Well, maybe I need to do, maybe me and Johnny will do the sins of the flesh update.
(0:18:38) Al: Well, why not? I think we’re like, we’re very soon going to have our fifth episode on Stardew Valley, so.
(0:18:40) Codey: Yeah.
(0:18:44) Codey: Yeah.
(0:18:46) Codey: It happens.
(0:18:46) Codey: So, because I do really want to work with you.
(0:18:49) Al: Fair enough. Meatlight, which still hate the name, they have delayed their alpha, which was meant to be coming out at the end of the year.
(0:18:59) Al: It’s now coming summer 2024, with apparently the beta coming a month later. I highly doubt there’s going to be a month.
(0:19:02) Codey: That’s what they said, but yeah, I also have some doubts.
(0:19:08) Al: Between the alpha and the beta, that is not going to happen. But we’ll see. So that’s on Kickstarter.
(0:19:19) Al: If you’re an alpha or a beta backer, you’ll get the information.
(0:19:24) Codey: They also said that they’re going to reduce the amount of updates that they try and post because they want to be able to focus on development.
(0:19:31) Codey: So they’re only planning to release updates every three months.
(0:19:35) Codey: And they do have in this update that they have on Kickstarter right now, they have some information about new music, some information about one of the villages, some screenshots of a new room of a romance character, etc.
(0:19:48) Codey: So stuff to look at to look forward to the alpha when it comes out in the summer.
(0:19:56) Al: Chill Town have released their beta.
(0:19:58) Al: So again, if you’re a Kickstarter of the beta level, which I’m not.
(0:20:04) Al: I just did the base one because I know I’ve got too many games to play as it is.
(0:20:08) Al: I don’t need to be adding on alphas and betas to that.
(0:20:12) Al: Check your Kickstarter email.
(0:20:13) Al: They’ll have sent you.
(0:20:18) Codey: And they’re moving along.
(0:20:21) Codey: They’re having a lot of stuff come out for it, which is really cool.
(0:20:27) Codey: So I also hadn’t seen this game before, I don’t think.
(0:20:29) Codey: And it looks very Animal Crossing.
(0:20:33) Codey: But they have some wilderness that you can explore.
(0:20:36) Codey: So you can choose a different type of island to go explore and just get ready.
(0:20:39) Codey: resources from which is really cool and then they also added new flowers and fencing and stuff like that so it looks like they’re really active in development so good for them.
(0:20:48) Al: Yup, yup, yup, yup.
(0:20:49) Codey: Mm hmm. Yes.
(0:20:50) Al: I’m looking forward to it.
(0:20:51) Al: I think it’s an exciting game.
(0:20:54) Al: One specifically for Cody, Rusty’s retirement is coming, confirmed, coming to Mac now.
(0:21:00) Al: Wait, is this good or is this bad?
(0:21:02) Codey: It’s good, because I wanted to play this.
(0:21:03) Al: OK, right, but it’s bad because it’ll always be on your computer now.
(0:21:08) Codey: That’s fine.
(0:21:10) Codey: That’s fine.
(0:21:11) Codey: I’ll just turn it on. I’ll just turn on the focus mode.
(0:21:15) Al: OK.
(0:21:16) Al: I mean, that requires like.
(0:21:18) Al: Like discipline, which I’m not going to say you don’t have, that would be harsh.
(0:21:22) Codey: Well, I don’t right now, but…
(0:21:25) Al: But we’re very similar and I don’t have that discipline.
(0:21:30) Al: So.
(0:21:30) Codey: We are very similar.
(0:21:32) Codey: You’re not wrong. However, I think by the time this comes out, I will have my medication.
(0:21:38) Al: It’s, well, laddie dah, sorry for some.
(0:21:42) Al: It’s one of these things, this is one of these things I was talking to my therapist about.
(0:21:47) Al: She was like, “Oh, do you ever do these things, like positive reinforcement things?”
(0:21:51) Al: And I’m like, I’m just, my brain knows I’m tricking it, right?
(0:21:55) Codey: Yeah. Oh, yeah.
(0:21:56) Al: It doesn’t care.
(0:21:57) Al: It’s like, I can just, it’s like, oh, if I do this thing, I get a snack and it can go,
(0:22:01) Al: I can just have the snack, right?
(0:22:03) Codey: I can just do that. Yeah.
(0:22:04) Al: I don’t, I can’t trick myself.
(0:22:08) Al: I don’t know how this works.
(0:22:09) Codey: Yeah, I try and like, like, they’re like, oh, just like, schedule it and impose, impose a deadline on yourself.
(0:22:10) Al: So yeah.
(0:22:16) Codey: And I’m like, well, yeah, but I know that I can just move the deadline so it doesn’t do anything for me.
(0:22:18) Al: It’s a fake deadline!
(0:22:25) Codey: And I’m hoping that when I get some type of ADHD meds, we’ll see what I get, I don’t know what they’re going to offer me, but hopefully I’ll have some built-in focus ability developed at that point.
(0:22:38) Al: Look, I’m not, the deadline thing is funny, right?
(0:22:41) Al: Because I’m not going to lie.
(0:22:42) Codey: Uh huh.
(0:22:43) Al: If you look at the the main episodes of the podcast and you look at the greenhouse
(0:22:48) Al: episodes of the podcast, you could very much see the deadlines help.
(0:22:52) Codey: Yeah, they do.
(0:22:53) Al: Because every single episode of this podcast has come out on the day it’s meant to come out.
(0:22:57) Codey: See, but that’s, that’s like, that’s a deadline that has another human, like other people.
(0:23:01) Al: Yeah, no, that’s my point.
(0:23:02) Al: That’s my point. Exactly.
(0:23:04) Al: Like, I have a strict schedule and it works.
(0:23:06) Al: it actually has done it.
(0:23:08) Al: And there are some times that the episode has only come out because I say that there’s going to be an episode every Wednesday, right?
(0:23:13) Codey: Exactly.
(0:23:14) Al: There have been weeks where that might not have happened.
(0:23:18) Codey: Yeah.
(0:23:19) Al: And then you look at the greenhouse and it’s like, oh, there was nothing in April or May.
(0:23:23) Al: And then there were six in June.
(0:23:28) Codey: Yeah, but…
(0:23:28) Al: Because it’s like, all I say about that one is, roughly two a month.
(0:23:32) Codey: Yeah.
(0:23:32) Al: And let me tell you, you got two a month last year, just not every.
(0:23:36) Codey: Roughly.
(0:23:38) Al: Every month you got an average, an average of two a month.
(0:23:40) Codey: Over time.
(0:23:43) Codey: Over time, you got the quantity, but they just did not release twice a month.
(0:23:48) Al: There was no regularity to that.
(0:23:51) Codey: Whatever people appreciate it.
(0:23:52) Al: Thank you, my patrons.
(0:23:55) Codey: They’d probably, I mean, TBH, the patrons probably appreciate the waiting for us to have things that we’re excited to talk about versus forcing content that we might not necessarily be as excited to talk about, so yeah.
(0:24:03) Al: Well, that’s true.
(0:24:06) Al: That’s true.
(0:24:08) Al: Yeah.
(0:24:10) Al: How many more Sonic episodes will we do?
(0:24:13) Codey: Many.
(0:24:13) Al: I don’t know.
(0:24:16) Al: Immortal life.
(0:24:18) Al: By the way, I enjoyed the Sonic Prime.
(0:24:20) Al: Sonic Prime was good.
(0:24:22) Al: Kevin said, “I’ve heard that it’s bad.”
(0:24:25) Al: And no, I don’t think it is.
(0:24:27) Al: I think it’s good.
(0:24:28) Al: It is a self-contained three series arc,
(0:24:31) Al: a very specific story and I think.
(0:24:33) Al: It’s a really, it’s basically like multiversal Sonic, and I think it’s really fun.
(0:24:38) Al: So if you’ve ever wanted to see three, four different kinds of Amy all fighting together,
(0:24:44) Al: go watch Sonic Prime.
(0:24:46) Codey: Mmm, okay.
(0:24:46) Al: Really good.
(0:24:47) Al: Immortal life.
(0:24:51) Al: Join a flourishing settlement in an idyllic valley and seek a peaceful life as you search for a way to restore your recently destroyed
(0:25:03) Al: Taoist clan.
(0:25:05) Al: Farm, rebuild, make friends, explore and train.
(0:25:08) Al: Will you find your way to immortality in this earthly paradise?
(0:25:11) Al: I don’t know, will I?
(0:25:14) Al: Good question.
(0:25:15) Al: So I don’t think we’ve covered this game yet, despite the fact that it’s been in early access for quite a while, nearly a year.
(0:25:18) Codey: - Mm-hmm.
(0:25:24) Codey: And the fact that it’s coming out pretty soon.
(0:25:24) Al: But yes, the 1.0 is now coming out on the 18th of January, which is the day after this episode comes out.
(0:25:32) Codey: Mm-hmm
(0:25:33) Al: Now we were talking about it.
(0:25:35) Codey: Mm-hmm
(0:25:35) Al: There we go.
(0:25:36) Al: It…
(0:25:38) Codey: Yeah, I mean I I like the look of it. Um
(0:25:42) Codey: It the graphics kind of give me uh, okami vibes
(0:25:46) Codey: Um, which I really like okami. It’s just kind of like the
(0:25:50) Codey: brush stroke um look to it in the
(0:25:54) Codey: Not not all of the graphics but like a lot of the background stuff looks like it was brushed on
(0:26:00) Codey: um, which is really pretty
(0:26:03) Codey: Uh, it to me like it looks like a stardew clone set in china
(0:26:07) Codey: Um that includes some type of magical abilities to
(0:26:11) Codey: Help you with farming and and the mines and stuff like that. It looks like there was some combat based magic system
(0:26:14) Al: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think that’s pretty fair. The stardew clone with magic set in China sounds pretty, pretty fair from what I can see, which is like, it’s one of these things where had this come out five years ago, would I be playing it? Probably like, I don’t think I’m going to spend the time to play this game because it’s like, I’m not seeing anything that really hooks me and says you must play this now. The crops look really nice.
(0:26:40) Codey: Mm-hmm. Yeah, they do. I was gonna say the the crops themselves look pretty unique and pretty nice.
(0:26:49) Codey: Um, yeah, I mean I’m in the same boat as you. I have too many games and too little money and too little time. So something has to have some uh a hook that’s really different and jumps out and and snags me to to make me play it. So, um, but looks cool and is gonna come out, so.
(0:27:11) Codey: Yeah, check it out.
(0:27:12) Al: Yeah, if it looks, if it sounds good to you, go get it.
(0:27:16) Codey: Immortal life. What is it available?
(0:27:18) Al: Immortal life. It is on Steam, just for Windows, as far as I can see.
(0:27:26) Al: And it is coming to PS4 and Switch, but I don’t see anything about when it’s actually coming.
(0:27:35) Al: It looks like they announced initially that it was coming out on PS4 and Switch,
(0:27:41) Al: And then didn’t.
(0:27:42) Al: See anything else about it, so maybe it’ll come out on switch.
(0:27:46) Al: Maybe it won’t.
(0:27:47) Al: We’ll see.
(0:27:48) Al: But as of now, we only know about the Steam version releasing on the 18th of January.
(0:27:48) Codey: - Okay.
(0:27:52) Codey: - Woo.
(0:27:53) Codey: Ooh.
(0:27:53) Al: Woo, that’s the news.
(0:27:57) Al: So we’re going to talk about Cottagecore game ideas is how I’m describing it.
(0:28:03) Al: And basically, I mean, OK, this all comes down to I watched a show which we’re going to talk about soon, and I thought this would be fun as a Cottagecore game.
(0:28:12) Al: I went, hey, let me see if I can talk about that.
(0:28:15) Al: So we’ll get to that.
(0:28:17) Al: But I thought there might be other ideas that we might have about games that people could make and you could take it and go make it.
(0:28:26) Codey: Yeah, so devs, if you’re listening, and if you’ve been like, “Man, I don’t know what to make, but I want to make something,” get your notebooks ready, because we’re going to throw some golden nuggets out into the world.
(0:28:27) Al: And there we go.
(0:28:44) Al: Yeah, first of all, we’re going to chat a little bit about what Cody thinks.
(0:28:52) Codey: I just thought that to have–okay, okay, come on.
(0:28:54) Al: “The top three things that a cottagecore game needs”.
(0:29:00) Codey: I thought that if we were going to have this type of conversation where we’re talking about here are some ideas for Cottagecore games, we should probably have some type of preliminary discussion about what we think a Cottagecore game is, because if we’re going to say, “Then don’t come at me,” just because you didn’t write your comments.
(0:29:11) Al: I think that’s totally fair.
(0:29:14) Al: I’m sorry, did I say something that was negative?
(0:29:20) Al: I just said that these are what Cody thinks a God’s Code game needs,
(0:29:23) Al: and we’re going to talk about them.
(0:29:24) Codey: It’s a just it’s a discussion
(0:29:25) Al: That’s all I said.
(0:29:26) Al: Where’s the negative?
(0:29:27) Al: And what I said, Cody?
(0:29:28) Al: Always assuming the worst here.
(0:29:30) Codey: It me
(0:29:32) Al: What?
(0:29:32) Al: Assuming the worst or the worst?
(0:29:34) Codey: Yes, same same in both and yes
(0:29:40) Codey: So I sat down for a super long one minute and thought about
(0:29:48) Codey: Thought about like for me like what is a requirement for something to be a cottagecore game
(0:29:54) Codey: and the three things that I
(0:29:57) Codey: Kind of circled around is it has to have cozy vibes so it doesn’t have to have cozy vibes in every aspect of the game, but just at least in some part there has to be like a
(0:30:08) Codey: Kind of an area that has a lot of plants a lot of green
(0:30:11) Codey: It has to be a fairly low stakes games. Like you’re not you’re not out here like saving the world. It’s not an action game
(0:30:20) Codey: It’s just about living your life like if you were in if you had a cottage and you were living
(0:30:24) Codey: in a cottage. So cozy vibes and then there has to be some aspects of growing or creating things.
(0:30:32) Codey: So whether that is like actually farming or like building things like if you’re mining resources and then building something from it and then there also is generally some aspect of collecting and exploring. So collecting could be something like fishing or farm or bug catching or
(0:30:54) Codey: like fossils you know that kind of thing or just exploring. So you have an area a large geographic area and you explore it you explore the mines you explore the undersea area but yeah so those were those were kind of like what I fell on as something that every cottagecore game needs or the ones that we’ve discussed, like what they generally have.
(0:31:24) Codey: So come at me, what do you disagree with here?
(0:31:27) Al: I didn’t say I disagreed with anything.
(0:31:32) Al: And now I’m going to disagree with it.
(0:31:32) Codey: Heck yeah.
(0:31:34) Al: So I think this is pretty fair.
(0:31:39) Al: Part of me wants to say that the growing, creating things is an optional one.
(0:31:44) Codey: Okay.
(0:31:45) Al: Pretty common.
(0:31:46) Al: Like I’m not saying it doesn’t have, like most of them, like 90% of them would have it.
(0:31:50) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:31:51) Al: But I don’t think I would say that that would be a requirement.
(0:31:54) Codey: Okay.
(0:31:55) Al: I think you could totally have a cozy game.
(0:31:57) Al: That is focused entirely around collecting things, and have no growing or crafting or anything like that.
(0:32:08) Codey: Well, so growing could also be like building I also see that as building
(0:32:14) Al: OK, well, if you’re going to change what words mean, then sure.
(0:32:16) Codey: Okay, I’m not changing what words mean I’m just like that’s it’s it’s like
(0:32:23) Codey: Hmm cuz I would save it like bear and breakfast
(0:32:26) Al: For listeners, Cody has now changed the sentence to some aspect of growing/creating/building things.
(0:32:34) Al: That building was not there before.
(0:32:36) Codey: No, no. So I mean, this is good because you’re helping me like become with, come up with a better just definition. We’re creating this definition together, but no. So like that was part of that is like what I thought by creating. Like I thought of like in Minecraft when you’re creating like a, when you build stuff with the crafting table. Um, but that is part of like building things. So like in Baron breakfast, for example, you don’t really grow anything but you do build
(0:33:06) Codey: um you collect resources and you build like the furniture that then goes into your your hotels or your inns or your whatever you want to call them um so like that I think that that is a big part of it and even if you have some type of collection game so i’m thinking of like a game where literally all you do is go out and collect resources or collect insects or collect fish or whatever you generally like then would probably come back and build a terrarium for them or build
(0:33:15) Al: Yeah, that’s fair.
(0:33:33) Al: Oh yeah, generally, generally, yeah. I think it’s more just a case of like, I could absolutely,
(0:33:39) Al: this is not about like, oh this game doesn’t have it, but I could totally foresee a collection-based game that is purely collection-based. And like, well no, if it’s cosy. Right? Like, I think,
(0:33:44) Codey: Well then would it not be cottage court, it would just be a creature collector.
(0:33:52) Codey: Okay. So it has to have two of these things.
(0:33:57) Al: so if we talk like, for example, I don’t consider Pokemon generally to be Cottagecore, right?
(0:33:58) Codey: Mm-mm.
(0:34:02) Codey: Yeah.
(0:34:03) Al: But that’s because it doesn’t have that vibe. It is, it’s about, you know, animal fights,
(0:34:08) Codey: Yeah.
(0:34:11) Al: right? That’s not cosy. If Pokemon didn’t have the battles, I would probably argue that many of them would be Cottagecore. And some of them have some growing aspects to them, but it’s very limited, and they haven’t done that for quite a while. So yeah. But I think most would, and I And I think that it can often–
(0:34:16) Codey: Yeah.
(0:34:33) Al: improve the game if they do have that.
(0:34:36) Al: Because as is always common with games, you have your primary gameplay loop,
(0:34:41) Al: which is doing a thing, and then you have your secondary gameplay loop,
(0:34:46) Al: which uses the primary gameplay loop to do something else longer over time.
(0:34:52) Al: And if you don’t have that, you don’t have your longer-term thing,
(0:34:56) Al: then you get bored of the game pretty quickly.
(0:34:59) Al: Um…
(0:34:59) Codey: I’d say there’s also usually like a design aspect so like so you said there’s like the primary gameplay loop and then there’s the secondary one but you could do I’m one of those people where I just do those gameplay loops period end of story but a lot of games will usually also have some aspect of you can design things so like you can decorate your house or you can decorate your characters or you can decorate like all this different stuff and I think
(0:35:03) Al: What do you mean by that?
(0:35:29) Codey: that is also another thing at least the ability to decorate or
(0:35:33) Al: Yeah, I mean, these are generally just different primary gameplay loops.
(0:35:37) Codey: oh okay
(0:35:38) Al: A game can have multiple of them.
(0:35:39) Al: It doesn’t have to be like, there is, it doesn’t have to just be like, here’s the one thing you do, which then, as you do it lots, it unlocks other things, which then does this other thing.
(0:35:49) Al: Like, it doesn’t have to be all completely interconnected.
(0:35:51) Al: They can be different strands and different related things.
(0:35:52) Codey: Got it.
(0:35:57) Al: All right, cool.
(0:35:59) Al: So let’s talk, I want to talk about my first one first, which is the one that I,
(0:36:03) Al: I watched the show and I went, I want this as a game and that is Pokemon Concierge.
(0:36:06) Codey: Okay.
(0:36:08) Al: I want a Pokemon Concierge game.
(0:36:12) Al: So for those who haven’t watched the show,
(0:36:15) Al: very minor spoilers for Pokemon Concierge, but let’s be honest,
(0:36:19) Al: it’s very hard to spoil that because the enjoyment of that is in watching it.
(0:36:23) Al: It is about someone who escapes their life,
(0:36:27) Al: their nine to five standard life to go to an island and help.
(0:36:33) Al: Work at a Pokemon hotel.
(0:36:35) Codey: Mm-hmm. Like a resort?
(0:36:36) Al: Sounds like a cottagecore game already, doesn’t it?
(0:36:40) Al: So I want that.
(0:36:42) Al: Like, obviously, you could go in so many different ways with this.
(0:36:47) Al: You could be in the case of the show, it’s obviously just like a worker
(0:36:52) Al: and it could be just that.
(0:36:53) Al: You could be a worker at the hotel doing what needs to be done.
(0:36:56) Al: Or you could have it where you’re running
(0:36:59) Al: hotel kind of, you know, more “better than breakfast” style.
(0:37:03) Al: But it’s that, but also with Pokémon.
(0:37:08) Al: I want a Pokémon cartridge core game.
(0:37:10) Al: And this, I think, would work really well.
(0:37:10) Codey: So I think like I like the idea of like you’re saying that you could be a worker or you could be the person running it.
(0:37:13) Al: Yeah, here we go.
(0:37:26) Codey: This makes me think of like the Sims where you can flip between people.
(0:37:28) Al: Mm-hmm. Mmm. Ooh, yes, yes.
(0:37:32) Codey: And I think that would be so cool. We’re like, if you wanted you could just you could just go be the I’m trying to think of the the Vaporeon that’s helping in the laundry.
(0:37:46) Codey: And there could be like a laundry minigame that like helps you clean the sheets or something.
(0:37:46) Al: I hadn’t, hadn’t even considered being the Pokemon.
(0:37:52) Codey: Oh yeah, like like flipping between them.
(0:37:56) Al: Hmm.
(0:37:58) Codey: And I mean, maybe like you have to build up your friendship level with these Pokemon before they’ll let you be them.
(0:38:06) Codey: be them? I don’t know. I don’t know. But um…
(0:38:08) Al: That’s a very weird sentence, but I know what you mean.
(0:38:10) Codey: Before you can inhabit their body and and control everything.
(0:38:16) Al: That’s worse.
(0:38:18) Al: Stop it.
(0:38:20) Codey: But no, I think that would be really fun like having it where you can build your relationships with these pokemon and then you can maybe like help them with their duties.
(0:38:30) Codey: So then there could be like a minigame that is laundry. A minigame that is fold the towels or make the bed, or clean the, the wall.
(0:38:40) Codey: whatever, um, make the food for the, with the, gosh, what, what Pokemon would be in the kitchen?
(0:38:49) Codey: A Mr. Mime? I don’t know.
(0:38:50) Al: Al Kremi.
(0:38:52) Codey: Well yeah, but, so like there’s, there’d be Alcrummy, there’d be, yeah.
(0:38:55) Al: Thank you.
(0:38:58) Codey: There’d be, there’d probably be a, a Vanillux.
(0:38:58) Al: Come on, Cody.
(0:39:00) Codey: Some of these don’t have hands though, like how are they going to be doing?
(0:39:03) Al: But Al Kremi has hands. Come on, have you not watched the anime?
(0:39:05) Codey: Okay, okay.
(0:39:08) Codey: Uh, no.
(0:39:10) Al: The new anime series has a lot of focus.
(0:39:10) Codey: Okay. I have not. But yeah, so it would be cute to, to be able to kind of flip between the different quote unquote characters, um, and be able to kind of inhabit all aspects of running a little resort.
(0:39:32) Al: Yeah, I like the addition of minigames, because that’s very much in the spirit of Pokémon side games, right? Like they quite often have lots of minigames in them,
(0:39:44) Al: and also I like the idea of playing as the Pokémon. You could either do it as you’re playing just as a Pokémon, or you’re playing both as humans and as Pokémon.
(0:39:53) Al: Like there’s lots of room to come up with other creative ideas within this, I think.
(0:40:00) Codey: Also, in the show, are the guests of the hotel people, or are they Pokemon?
(0:40:06) Al: I think they’re prime. I think I think they’re both I’m madly Pokemon
(0:40:10) Codey: Because I could see like, okay, because I could see like, kind of like Baren Breakfast,
(0:40:16) Codey: where some people want rooms that have more of X, and some people have rooms that have more and more Y.
(0:40:24) Codey: Like, have it where you have a room that’s great for fire type Pokemon.
(0:40:30) Codey: And you have a room that’s great for grass type, and like you have these rooms, or you can quickly redecorate a room to be in the style of a different Pokemon typing,
(0:40:42) Codey: and you’d get like a bonus for matching those.
(0:40:47) Al: Yeah, yeah, I think I would. So I think in this game, I think it would make most sense for all of the guests to be Pokemon. I think thematically that would make most sense. And also then you’re not having to create human characters that you would actually ever care about. And you have like a built in, here are a thousand Pokemon that we can use.
(0:41:12) Codey: what if and what if you have it you fill a polka decks with your guests and and you can also if your room is so great and your guests say you get an IV sore coming and you give it a room that it just loves what if it evolves while it’s there, because it’s so happy. Wouldn’t that be so?
(0:41:18) Al: There you go. It’s a Pokemon game. Perfect.
(0:41:39) Al: What? What? Yes. This is perfect. Right, Pokemon, you can have this idea. There you go. Make a… It’d be hilarious if they ended up coming out with it, like, on Pokemon Day they announce it and it’s like, “We had the idea, seconds technically, I guess, because you’ve been developing this for a couple years now.”
(0:41:42) Codey: So cute.
(0:41:44) Codey: Yep.
(0:41:44) Codey: Yep.
(0:41:44) Codey: Yeah. Yep.
(0:42:03) Codey: Watch it like comes out tomorrow.
(0:42:05) Codey: And… I don’t know. That’d be funny.
(0:42:08) Al: I don’t think it would come out tomorrow.
(0:42:10) Al: I think if it’s going to come out, it’s being announced on Pokemon Day, right?
(0:42:13) Al: No, no new Pokemon things are being announced in January.
(0:42:15) Codey: That’s true. No, no, you right. You right. They have they have a day set for it. That would be really fun, though.
(0:42:16) Al: But that’s not happening.
(0:42:22) Codey: Though I would want this to be a more fully fleshed out game. I’d be really sad if this was like a mobile game that was bare bones.
(0:42:31) Al: Yeah, I think it could work well as a both game.
(0:42:36) Al: Like, you’d have to have the…
(0:42:38) Al: I think you’d want the interface to be slightly different between them.
(0:42:41) Al: But I think you could have it as both mobile and Switch.
(0:42:41) Codey: I would want Switch.
(0:42:45) Al: All right, tell me about one that you have.
(0:42:47) Codey: Yeah, so I thought about games that I haven’t seen that I would like, and dived dove, dove really deep into my own life about what parts of my life are not represented in a video game that other people might also enjoy.
(0:43:11) Codey: So, the first suggestion that I had was a game where you run a wildlife rehabilitation center.
(0:43:19) Codey: So I have always wanted to run like a wolf sanctuary or something like that, like ever since I was a kid.
(0:43:26) Codey: I don’t think I want to do that anymore, but I do really enjoy wildlife rehabilitation and I have been volunteering at a wildlife rehab for about three years now.
(0:43:36) Codey: So if we, it would be really cool to make it a game where you could learn about wildlife rehabilitation, and then maybe
(0:43:44) Codey: also like, some of the proceeds of the game could go to local wildlife rehabs. Because some of the stuff that they need, it’s it’s not that expensive, or it’s like, like literally dog, dog food, or cat food, or whatever. So but we also make really specific formulas anyway, so that’d be part of the game. But so it would be kind of like a business simulator or like
(0:44:07) Codey: roller coaster tycoon, like that type of like management game.
(0:44:10) Codey: Um…
(0:44:11) Codey: Which…
(0:44:13) Codey: I’m trying to think of that way.
(0:44:15) Codey: Like, do we call those Cottagecore games?
(0:44:17) Codey: Or do we call them something else?
(0:44:19) Codey: Yeah.
(0:44:20) Al: what management games. I think some of them can be.
(0:44:21) Codey: Okay.
(0:44:23) Codey: I think this could be, because it could be really cozy.
(0:44:25) Codey: You could make it…
(0:44:27) Codey: You could make it really cozy, especially if you have, like,
(0:44:29) Codey: aspects where you play with the animals and stuff, which you can.
(0:44:31) Codey: Um…
(0:44:33) Codey: So, you could also have really exotic animals.
(0:44:35) Codey: So, clearly, you know,
(0:44:37) Codey: in my neck of the woods, we only have…
(0:44:39) Codey: we only have
(0:44:41) Codey: a lot of the native animals like squirrels, rabbits, turtles, some songbirds, things like that that come in, but in this type of game you don’t have to do that. You could have like zebras or lions or tigers or pandas or like all of these different things that come in with some form of injury or illness and then you have to to heal them. And then you could also build enclosures.
(0:45:11) Codey: You would prepare all of the meals, you’d clean after them.
(0:45:15) Codey: So that is just kind of everyday stuff that you do at the Wildlife Center.
(0:45:20) Codey: The idea of a wildlife rehab is that you receive the animals.
(0:45:26) Codey: People find an animal in the wild that is either injured or ill in some way.
(0:45:31) Codey: You receive them and they need to be rehabbed so that they can be released.
(0:45:37) Codey: The whole point is always for them to be released.
(0:45:41) Codey: A lot of these animals you don’t want to play with.
(0:45:44) Codey: You don’t want them to get used to being held and cared for by people.
(0:45:50) Codey: A lot of the animals we actually don’t really interact with a ton.
(0:45:54) Codey: We put them in a container, like a little cage for them, and then we give them a bunch of food.
(0:46:00) Codey: We’ll take them out once or twice a day for medication depending on the severity of their injuries.
(0:46:07) Codey: But there are some that are unreleasable because of, you know, if they have.
(0:46:11) Codey: An injury that is too difficult for them to be able to be released.
(0:46:15) Codey: Those are the types of animals that we do keep as ambassador or education animals.
(0:46:19) Codey: And we’ll take those animals to shows or fairs or just different events to educate people about wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation and the importance of maintaining areas for wildlife.
(0:46:33) Codey: So those animals you could play with, you could have little mini games where you play with them.
(0:46:41) Codey: Build enrichment with them, kind of design their cages a little bit more spiffy because it’s a place that they’re staying for their life.
(0:46:51) Codey: I think the only thing about this type of game is that it could be maybe too macabre or too gory because we do have a lot of animals that come in that are kind of beyond healing.
(0:47:08) Codey: And in those situations, we usually just hear–
(0:47:11) Codey: you mainly euthanize them, which is better than the alternative of them being stuck outside and just slowly passing.
(0:47:20) Codey: So I don’t know if maybe there could be some form of in-game currency that’s about the fact that you’ve done some form of kindness for that animal,
(0:47:31) Codey: made it so that their last–
(0:47:33) Codey: or if we do try and heal them, but their illness or injury was too severe and they end up having they end up
(0:47:41) Codey: Anyways, the effort was there, like there was an attempt made, you know?
(0:47:47) Codey: And so I don’t know if there could be like some type of incentive system for that where it’s like you get these points that could then maybe like be used to try and heal an animal later.
(0:47:58) Codey: I don’t know.
(0:47:59) Codey: I’m trying to think of like how to gamify that aspect of it because it is sad, but it’s also a fact of it.
(0:48:07) Codey: Like it’s just, it’s, that’s what happens.
(0:48:10) Al: Yeah, I think it’s it’s interesting. I’m thinking of how to make this different from just like a standard zoo tycoon game. And like, because obviously it’s not the same thing. I’m not trying to say it is the same thing, but in terms of like gameplay, how it would be different,
(0:48:10) Codey: Um…
(0:48:11) Codey: Yeah, I don’t know. Do you have any thoughts about any of that?
(0:48:28) Codey: Right.
(0:48:31) Al: because a lot of that is very similar. Not saying that’s a bad thing. I mean, that’s that’s fine.
(0:48:36) Al: Um.
(0:48:37) Codey: I think the biggest thing, the biggest difference is a lot of like, so the wildlife center I work at, for example, we don’t have people come, like, even for our education or ambassador animals, no one comes to it. No one come…
(0:48:48) Al: So you basically, there are never any guests and you never have enough money, is what you’re saying.
(0:48:53) Codey: Correct.
(0:48:55) Codey: Correct. And so you have to have someone on social media.
(0:48:58) Codey: I mean, we have enough, quote unquote, enough money, but you can’t pay anyone.
(0:49:04) Codey: It’s all volunteer.
(0:49:04) Al: So maybe, so yeah, so maybe there’s a part of the game which is having to go
(0:49:12) Al: and get people to give you money, like donors.
(0:49:16) Codey: Yep.
(0:49:18) Codey: Yeah, you post things on–
(0:49:18) Al: We just built a deciding, designing the most depressing game now, aren’t we?
(0:49:25) Codey: But that’s reality, and like, the game–
(0:49:25) Al: It’s like animals come in injured, you have to kill some of them and also you have to go and talk to rich people to beg them for money and most of the time they don’t give you it.
(0:49:34) Codey: I will say like we usually it basically like if there is any profit the profit just goes to like so the the like the person who runs our Center for example it’s out of her house and so she we don’t have like a fancy facility we’re trying to build one but we need to like get the money to build one but it’s It’s basically just like she doesn’t get money.
(0:50:04) Codey: She doesn’t get like a paycheck or anything.
(0:50:06) Codey: It’s just she scrapes by and like makes what she can for the animals.
(0:50:12) Codey: So the animals never go without like we never euthanize an animal because we’re like we don’t have the ability to take care of this animal like because we are out of resources.
(0:50:21) Codey: That doesn’t ever happen.
(0:50:25) Codey: But it’s just kind of a did she get a paycheck this month or not.
(0:50:30) Codey: And she does pay like so out of the maybe 40 volunteers that we have,
(0:50:34) Codey: there’s like four or five of them that are paid to make sure that there is someone who’s there at all times and can make like supervision and supervisor like decisions.
(0:50:45) Codey: But it is it is a very tight budget game.
(0:50:50) Codey: But then if you get something cool like a leucistic raccoon, which we’ve gotten before,
(0:50:54) Codey: which is a raccoon that’s white instead of like any any animal that comes in like a white form instead of because it’s like their their body doesn’t produce the pigment.
(0:51:05) Codey: And in certain spots, then you could like post about that animal on social media and like hopefully generate some some funds.
(0:51:14) Al: Ah, you can create a freak show.
(0:51:16) Codey: Yeah.
(0:51:18) Codey: I mean, and a lot of those animals like we have we had a fox that was white.
(0:51:22) Al: Oh, wow.
(0:51:23) Codey: You can’t release that.
(0:51:24) Codey: We can’t really it was also an animal that was in the from the pet or illegal pet trade.
(0:51:28) Codey: So we get some animals also that are just straight up from the illegal pet trade that that are surrendered to us by local.
(0:51:34) Codey: Um, wildlife authorities.
(0:51:37) Al: Cody, this is getting sadder.
(0:51:41) Codey: But then they have a great life.
(0:51:43) Al: Yeah, yeah.
(0:51:45) Codey: Okay.
(0:51:46) Codey: Well, we can stop, but.
(0:51:47) Al: Well, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.
(0:51:49) Al: I just like, I mean, I guess I think this can be done, but a lot of thought would need to go into how to make it not depressing.
(0:51:58) Codey: correct the cozy aspect yeah
(0:51:59) Al: Right, because we don’t want depressing cartridge code games.
(0:52:01) Al: We want cozy.
(0:52:03) Al: And there can be negative aspects about things.
(0:52:06) Al: it can be sad parts of it.
(0:52:07) Al: Like, you know, there have been stories in particularly Stardew that have brought me to tears, right? There are sad, sad bits, but the point is you don’t want that to be all the time. And we’re not going to figure out how to make a wildlife rehabilitation game in this podcast. Not depressing, right? Like that’s not what we’re going to do here, but I think it has has some.
(0:52:14) Codey: Yeah
(0:52:30) Codey: And I think if people, like if someone wants to make it and they want input, let me know.
(0:52:39) Codey: Because I do think that it’s, it would be like a good, I think of it as another like game for impact type of thing.
(0:52:47) Codey: Both of my suggestions could be games for impact.
(0:52:50) Codey: They kind of like educate you about an aspect of the world or culture or society that could use more help.
(0:52:59) Codey: Um…
(0:53:00) Codey: Cause yeah, the majority of these animals, um, get released back into the wild and then they, you know, they came in with a broken leg and they leave perfectly fine.
(0:53:10) Codey: Um, so it’s, it’s something that is, we’re doing, we’re trying to do our little part to make sure that, um, our wildlife doesn’t go extinct. Yeah.
(0:53:22) Al: Yeah, cool. We’re like wildlife existing.
(0:53:28) Al: Cool. Well, my other one, because apparently I’m doing the existing franchises thing, is I also want a Sonic cottagecore game. Now, there will probably be more discussion about this if it was me and Kevin, which it was originally meant to be, because Kevin is a big Sonic guy as well.
(0:53:36) Codey: Okay. I’m also a big Sonic person, but oh yeah. I’m more into– so I grew up playing the 2D Sonic games, but yeah, continue.
(0:53:49) Al: Are you? Okay, fair enough.
(0:53:52) Al: I was not aware of that. Well, maybe, maybe you will.
(0:54:01) Al: I think you could make a pretty fully featured farming game with probably only things that have already been in Sonic games already and putting them together in a really nice way.
(0:54:15) Al: So the first couple of things that popped into my head was obviously in the new
(0:54:19) Al: Sonic Frontiers, I think, had a big the cat fishing.
(0:54:22) Al: Mini-game. So that’s an obvious one. You’ve got to have big the cat fishing if you’re making a Sonic Karachiko game. And then there was… Yes. Yes, of course. He’s the Goofy of this Sonic game.
(0:54:23) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:54:27) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:54:30) Codey: Well, he would just be the one that gives you the fishing pole.
(0:54:36) Codey: But then you could, but yeah, so he would be in there for sure, yeah.
(0:54:42) Codey: Yeah, exactly.
(0:54:46) Al: Deep Cat Disney Dreamlight Valley Net reference.
(0:54:51) Al: Is goofy known for fishing?
(0:54:52) Al: Like, why goofy?
(0:54:54) Codey: » You know what’s funny is I don’t know, but Donald is known for, yeah.
(0:55:01) Al: Oh yeah, for the boat.
(0:55:04) Codey: And he talks about fishing all the time in the game because he’s a sailor.
(0:55:04) Al: Yeah.
(0:55:07) Al: Yeah.
(0:55:09) Al: Yeah.
(0:55:10) Codey: So, I mean, I understand, though I know Goofy fish it.
(0:55:15) Al: He does have some some silly fishing sketches.
(0:55:18) Codey: Well, he also fishes in the Goofy movie. He has the perfect cast.
(0:55:23) Codey: Have you ever seen the Goofy movie?
(0:55:25) Codey: Oh my gosh, watch it and cry because it is amazing.
(0:55:33) Codey: Um, yeah.
(0:55:35) Al: Oh, so, so here’s an OK, so How to Fish is an animated short produced by Disney and first released in 1942 starring Goofy.
(0:55:44) Codey: Who’s in it? Oh, starring Goofy. There you go. Okay.
(0:55:46) Al: So that’s probably why.
(0:55:48) Al: Anyway, we’re not talking about Disney Dreamland Valley.
(0:55:51) Al: They’ve already done a Disney God’s Go game.
(0:55:53) Al: I’m talking about Sonic, God’s Go game.
(0:55:56) Al: So the other thing that popped into my head is, was it Sonic, a fan, sorry, I can’t remember.
(0:56:02) Al: It was a Sonic game that had a child garden, your, your, your.
(0:56:05) Al: Tending to chow, chow, chow, is that chow, chow, chow, chow.
(0:56:10) Codey: I say chow.
(0:56:12) Al: Anyway, I think it was Sonic Adventure 2.
(0:56:12) Codey: Um…
(0:56:14) Codey: Okay, yeah, I was gonna say it’s one of the Sonic Adventure games.
(0:56:17) Codey: Um…
(0:56:19) Al: And I feel like you could bring that back in, in some aspect as well.
(0:56:23) Al: And I suspect there are other things that I’m not thinking of that could be done really well.
(0:56:28) Codey: Maybe they could garden for you.
(0:56:30) Al: Ooh, yeah, so you like, you’re tending to them and you’re growing them up.
(0:56:35) Al: You’re, you’re, you’re growing them up and then they help you like the kind of harvest brights type thing.
(0:56:43) Codey: I could also see like different areas of the game because so thinking of like the 2D Sonic games like Sonic 1, 2, 3, blah, blah, blah, blah,
(0:56:54) Codey: having the different bios.
(0:56:58) Codey: there are some pretty cool biomes.
(0:57:01) Codey: you could have different areas that you could explore that are in that vein.
(0:57:06) Codey: I really particularly like the stone
(0:57:16) Codey: it’s called. Yeah, exactly. Mm hmm. 100%. I’m almost there. I’m almost there. Reception,
(0:57:16) Al: I feel like your base, like where you lived, would have to be Green Hills one, right?
(0:57:21) Al: And other areas are where places you go to maybe like resource gather, stuff like that.
(0:57:35) Codey: blah, blah, blah. Oh, I don’t think that they have the information of all of the different zones. What would we do with the chaos emeralds? What would the chaos emeralds?
(0:57:46) Codey: What would the chaos emeralds be? Would… Mm hmm.
(0:57:48) Al: would gain them and much like as you do certain things so much like um in how i’m trying to think of an example uh or just like how you unlock so when you get a certain point you unlock instead of like a crafting recipe you unlock a chaos emerald and that gives you some extra abilities like in the new sonic super stars sonic super stars um each of the chaos emeralds in that game gives you a new ability.
(0:58:13) Codey: I don’t know, I don’t know, I’ll play the new games.
(0:58:18) Al: So it would unlock quicker ways to do things, stuff like that, I think could be fun.
(0:58:19) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:58:24) Codey: Okay.
(0:58:26) Codey: And then maybe like he could use the rings to travel to like the big rings.
(0:58:31) Codey: He could find them every now and then.
(0:58:33) Codey: Or maybe they just like appear and those could go between the different zones.
(0:58:37) Codey: I’m trying to find the zones.
(0:58:38) Codey: Oh, here we go.
(0:58:39) Codey: Chemical plant zone, green hell zone,
(0:58:41) Codey: scrap scrap brains.
(0:58:43) Codey: marble zone? is that the one I’m thinking of? no I don’t like… well I do like marble zone actually. that one’s pretty dope. sky sanctuary? I do like casino night too.
(0:58:52) Al: Mm. Casino night could be like the casino in the desert in stardewing.
(0:59:00) Al: Like an actual casino. Sonic goes to the casino.
(0:59:04) Codey: I also would absolutely need Sonic Spinball in this somewhere it could literally just be like you walk up yeah exactly yeah an arcade machine that you walk up to and it’s Sonic Spinball just shut up and let me play Sonic Spinball I really like it yeah
(0:59:09) Al: Oh, of course.
(0:59:12) Al: Just a minigame. An arcade in somewhere, right?
(0:59:19) Al: No one cares why it’s here. Just do it.
(0:59:23) Al: They could even do one which is just like the original Sonic as well.
(0:59:27) Al: They could play the original Sonic in this because they love re-releasing that game.
(0:59:30) Codey: Yeah, no, Sonic spin ball and.
(0:59:34) Codey: And then Dr. Mario were two of my absolute favorite games on the NES and, um, Sega systems.
(0:59:42) Codey: It was loved those games and would like more of those games.
(0:59:48) Al: Mhm, OK. Go give me your your second one.
(0:59:48) Codey: Cool.
(0:59:52) Codey: So my second one that I came up with again, absolutely mystery how this how I came up with this type of game.
(1:00:00) Codey: But it’s a game where you manage habitat for wildlife.
(1:00:04) Codey: So, uh, listeners, if this is your first episode and you don’t know who I am, um,
(1:00:04) Al: What?
(1:00:16) Codey: my bachelor’s degree is in fisheries and wildlife.
(1:00:18) Codey: And I started off working on wildlife habitat management,
(1:00:22) Codey: and then I ended up working in for bee habitat management.
(1:00:24) Codey: And now I just do general insect biodiversity.
(1:00:28) Codey: So, um, this is another thing.
(1:00:32) Codey: thing I think like in a lot of ways.
(1:00:34) Codey: A lot of these games you’re given a plot of land and people use this land for farming.
(1:00:40) Codey: Like that’s like you’re like I wrote like you’re given a plot of land because your grandfather died and now you suddenly have all this land.
(1:00:48) Codey: But a lot of people in real life in the real real these private landowners that I speak with they are given a plot of land or they have a plot of land and they want to manage half of it for wildlife.
(1:01:02) Codey: So instead of using the entire portion of the land to maximize farming or Mac or like get cows or whatever they actually want to like manage it and alter the landscape or alter the flow I almost said flora but I need to come up with the the layman’s term like the different plants that are there
(1:01:26) Al: I was going to say isn’t the layman’s town just plants?
(1:01:29) Codey: Yeah, just plant.
(1:01:31) Codey: Um, the they want to.
(1:01:34) Codey: Manage the plants and make sure that the water quality and the soil quality is good, um, and minimize their pesticide use and herbicide use and all of that kind of stuff to make sure that it is a good space for wildlife.
(1:01:46) Codey: Um, so that would be kind of like what this game would be is you’re given a plot of land and you want to, you have to keep at least half of it for wildlife diversity.
(1:01:55) Codey: Um, uh, biodiversity and increasing and improving the wildlife biodiversity in your surrounding area.
(1:02:02) Codey: So you can do whatever you want on your–
(1:02:04) Codey: you can farm it, you can log it, and that gives you enough profit so that you can make money to then manage the other side. So this would be kind of like Taranell, where you restore habitats and clean things up. And I do– I really like games like Taranell, however, like, in the real real, in reality, we can’t just restore everything 100% for wildlife because obviously
(1:02:34) Codey: we still need to make living and have food and have the resources that we want or whatever. So this is kind of like more of a realistic not in this game. This game would be more about like how to manage landscapes to be not just for humans or not just for wildlife but kind of we I call it a whole earth approach where we are part of the ecosystem.
(1:02:42) Al: So you’re not suggesting killing all humans.
(1:03:04) Codey: Humans are a part of the natural world.
(1:03:10) Codey: We are not separate from it.
(1:03:15) Codey: It’s figuring out how to live and coexist with these animals so that we aren’t killing them but we still have our needs met.
(1:03:29) Codey: would have things like soil chemistry and managing the soil chemistry.
(1:03:34) Codey: And so, you could have different like things that actually occur in the world like acid mine drainage,
(1:03:40) Codey: and then you could have different things that actually occur in the world.
(1:03:44) Codey: So, you could have different things that actually occur in the world.
(1:03:48) Codey: So, you could have different things that actually occur in the world.
(1:03:52) Codey: So, you could have different things that actually occur in the world.
(1:03:56) Codey: So, you could have different things that actually occur in the world.
(1:04:00) Codey: like things that actually occur in the world like acid mine drainage.
(1:04:04) Codey: issues or
(1:04:04) Codey: microplastics in the water or that kind of thing where you have to clean the water.
(1:04:11) Codey: And you can actually use the what aquatic macro invertebrates live in the water. So like what
(1:04:21) Codey: think of like dragonfly larvae or stonefly larvae or mayfly larvae. Some of those only you will only find them in good streams, but some of them you’ll find them in any stream. So you can actually use
(1:04:34) Codey: a survey for what macroinverts are in your water and see like oh I’m only getting these ones that have that come out of really bad streams, so I need to do something to improve my stream health.
(1:04:45) Codey: You would grow plants, make sure that you have lots of flowers for invertebrates and birds that require flowers. You would also have a side that’s keeping out invasive plants, plants that are going to out-compete native plants, and then other plants that might make it difficult for others to grow,
(1:05:05) Codey: ferns actually change the soil chemistry in such a way that other plants won’t grow. So then they can just take over an entire area, which is not good if you want to have diversity. Not ideal.
(1:05:19) Codey: And depending on the quality of the wildlife habitat that you have, you can actually receive money from that. This is a real thing in the world if you have through the USDA, oh my gosh,
(1:05:32) Codey: United States Department of Agriculture and
(1:05:34) Codey: NRCS, which is the Natural Resource Conservation Service,
(1:05:39) Codey: okay, USDA, NRCS, Working Lands for Wildlife. Okay, I don’t have to say anything.
(1:05:44) Codey: I always just call it USDA, NRCS, Working Lands for Wildlife, but
(1:05:49) Codey: through that program you can actually get money for having
(1:05:53) Codey: good quality wildlife habitat on your property.
(1:05:56) Codey: And you so you’ll get like a tax incentive or a
(1:06:01) Codey: like you’d get money back. And so after a while
(1:06:05) Codey: it’ll pay for itself. So then you don’t have to do anything.
(1:06:08) Codey: You can you can actually convert more of your land to wildlife habitat if you want to.
(1:06:14) Codey: You’d also get to see the demography of your wildlife population changes you work.
(1:06:18) Codey: So first you would have like really basic animals or common animals that will survive in disturbed areas. So things like deer, fox, crows, robins,
(1:06:25) Codey: anything that you might expect to see in a city.
(1:06:29) Codey: Then you’d see them on your property. But then as your area gets better,
(1:06:33) Codey: you might start getting specialists.
(1:06:34) Codey: you may even get some species that are in decline, so you’re actually helping to reverse declines.
(1:06:42) Codey: and then throughout the landscape of the map, I’m thinking of like the starting map for example,
(1:06:48) Codey: like maybe in the Northeast there’s another plot of land that is just absolute trash,
(1:06:56) Codey: but it could be a really good meadow. you could maybe buy that and then just manage that area for Meadowland.
(1:07:04) Codey: Maybe there would be one that’s a wetland area, so these would be different areas around the town that you can manage and restore
(1:07:12) Codey: back to good wildlife habitat and and see like you do in Terranil
(1:07:18) Codey: see actual change and like actual like the animals coming back
(1:07:23) Codey: and things like that
(1:07:25) Al: So I feel like you could do this in such a way that you are forced to make a decision.
(1:07:32) Al: So you’re talking about farming on half and keeping half for biodiversity. I like the idea of perhaps giving a choice there of how much exactly you do what, and if you go over half, you start to see negatives towards other things, right? And it makes your farming harder or stuff like that, it makes sense.
(1:07:55) Al: I don’t know the specific signs behind those things, right?
(1:08:00) Codey: Yeah, yep.
(1:08:00) Al: But rather than just saying, oh, here’s the stuff you farm, here’s the stuff you don’t.
(1:08:03) Al: You talk about why you should do what you do.
(1:08:06) Al: And then if people don’t do that, they see negative.
(1:08:09) Codey: Yes, I think that would be good. And there’s also things like,
(1:08:12) Codey: depending on what you’re doing on your, like, so say you do split it 50/50,
(1:08:17) Codey: depending on what you do in your farming side, like, what if you spray a bunch of herbicide
(1:08:22) Codey: on your farming side, because you were getting a bunch of plant, like, weed plants, but your seed
(1:08:30) Codey: that you bought don’t react to that herbicide. It’s fine, but it kills all your weeds. There’s going to be an effect on the wildlife side of your property as well. And it’ll be a diluted effect. So, like, at first, like, right on the edge of your farm, like, it’ll be a really,
(1:08:46) Codey: really extreme effect. And then it’ll go, it’ll be less of an effect as you go deeper in,
(1:08:51) Codey: but there will be an effect and you will see a negative consequence of that. But I think, like,
(1:08:58) Codey: It’s a game that would be really.
(1:09:00) Codey: Difficult to like code it all in, but I know that people can do this.
(1:09:05) Codey: I know people can code all of this stuff and they’ve done it for other games.
(1:09:09) Codey: Um, so, and it, it would be cool because you could actually have it be realistic
(1:09:15) Codey: ways that to manage habitat and, and, and like use the different ways that people manage riparian buffers or meadows or wetlands or whatever, and actually have the costs of those.
(1:09:30) Codey: really just teach people about how to do that.
(1:09:32) Codey: I think that’d be really cool.
(1:09:34) Al: Yeah. Yeah, no, I think it would be good. I think you do. It’s definitely possible to do,
(1:09:34) Codey: It’s a game that I would buy in a heartbeat for sure.
(1:09:42) Al: and it would be a lot of work, but I think you’ve also got your other challenges making sure it’s fun, of course, because, well, you want it to be fun as well as, you know, because if it’s not fun,
(1:09:55) Al: nobody’s gonna play it. But yeah, no, definitely.
(1:09:56) Codey: I mean I just imagine a Stardew that like in your town you also have like the guy who’s a birder that really wants this one bird to come into his backyard but he needs it to come from your land or something I don’t know like I’ve had that at my parents house there was a guy that came to our door because he was like, Hey, so like, we saw
(1:10:26) Codey: this hummingbird nest that was like on the other side of your property, but he never goes past your property. If you could hang a hummingbird feeder, then maybe he’ll see your feeder and then he can he’ll go far enough to see our feeder and then we will get hummingbirds too. It’s just like, like, basically, like it helps other people in on the landscape that also want it and you could have like the Jojo version two of like, people being like, no, boo, we like we don’t want a spot on it all in this area. Like don’t how dare you, you know, but that gets into some politics.
(1:11:02) Al: Yeah, how dare you.
(1:11:07) Al: Yeah, no, I think you’re right.
(1:11:09) Al: I think that could be good fun.
(1:11:10) Codey: Yeah, I think I think it’s a game that would be really fun for scientists, but I don’t know if like normal people would be interested in it.
(1:11:18) Al: Yeah, well, as I say, that’s the challenge. Your challenge is making it so that non-scientists want to play it and therefore get the advantage of seeing how these things interact and going like,
(1:11:37) Al: “Oh, okay, so this does actually make a big difference doing these things.” Yeah.
(1:11:40) Codey: I just think in a lot of these cottage board games that we have now, you’ll see that kind of stuff happens.
(1:11:48) Codey: Like in Coral Island, for example, as you clear the trash out of the ocean, you will see a turtle come back, or there’s really cool fish that come into the area, stuff like that.
(1:11:58) Al: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(1:12:00) Codey: But I think if there was a game that was more intentional about it, you are doing this not just to clear the trash, but specifically because if you do this, there will be this one rare turtles.
(1:12:10) Codey: I want to see more intentional wildlife stuff in games. Yeah?
(1:12:22) Al: Yeah. Agreed. Good. Awesome. Well, that’s four ideas that developers can run with themselves.
(1:12:37) Al: Obviously, my two are for very specific companies to do. I don’t think anybody can just pick up the Pokemon God see Ash game, but, you know, in a hundred years.
(1:12:48) Codey: No, anyone, anyone designed it.
(1:12:54) Codey: I’m sure Nintendo would be fine if you do that.
(1:13:00) Al: Um, awesome.
(1:13:02) Al: Well, thank you, Koda, for joining me.
(1:13:03) Al: Where can people find you on the internet?
(1:13:06) Codey: I just sent my name on a lot of things like Twitter or, gosh, what is it, Blue Sky?
(1:13:16) Codey: then on Instagram.
(1:13:18) Codey: I’m @hikingbeagle and it’s mostly dog content there.
(1:13:23) Al: as the name would suggest.
(1:13:26) Codey: Yeah. What about you?
(1:13:27) Al: People can find me as thescotbot on and on Twitter.
(1:13:34) Al: You can find the podcast on Tumblr and Twitter at THSPod.
(1:13:40) Al: You can find links to all of these things
(1:13:42) Al: and a feedback form on our website,
(1:13:48) Al: One of those links is a link to our Patreon.
(1:13:52) Al: if you want to support the…
(1:13:53) Al: podcast financially, you can do that there and also get access to our Slack where lots of fun conversations happen and also our bonus episodes of the podcast, The Greenhouse.
(1:14:06) Al: We should probably do some more…
(1:14:08) Al: Some more greenhouses, not that one, in two weeks.
(1:14:09) Codey: We should also, I would love to hear people’s takes on their own wildlife or not wildlife games.
(1:14:19) Codey: Well, I do want to hear that too, but cottagecore games, like what cottagecore games do you think would be really beneficial?
(1:14:24) Codey: And what would you like to see?
(1:14:25) Codey: Or do you agree with our definition of what a cottagecore game needs?
(1:14:29) Codey: Do you disagree?
(1:14:30) Codey: What like, I want to, I want to know that.
(1:14:33) Codey: Let’s start that conversation in our slack.
(1:14:35) Codey: Join us.
(1:14:36) Codey:
(1:14:38) Al: Awesome. Thank you listeners for listening. Thank you, Cody, again for joining me.
(1:14:43) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(1:14:44) Al: And until next time, farmers, have a good harvest.
(1:14:46) Codey: Have a good harvest. Oh, that was so good.
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