Al and Codey talk about their hopes and dreams for the future of Coral Island


00:00:00: Theme Tune
00:00:30: Intro
00:03:23: What Have We Been Up To
00:09:10: News
00:09:23: Game Releases
00:16:41: Game Updates
00:37:51: Other News
00:58:51: Coral Island Hopes And Dreams
01:41:49: Outro

Chill Town Early Access
Of Life and Land Early Access
Critter Crops Release
A Tiny Sticker Tale on iOS and Android

Paleo Pines 1.3 Update
Travellers Rest “Fishing” Update
One Lonely Outpost Apology
Stardew 1.6 Update

Sugardew Island Kickstarter
Pixelshire PS5 and Switch

Forager Tease

Window Garden


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(0:00:31) Al: Hello and welcome to another episode of The Harvest Season. My name is Sleepy Al.
(0:00:37) Codey: And my name is Hyper Cody.
(0:00:39) Al: And we’re here today to talk about Cottagecore games!
(0:00:43) Codey: Whoa.
(0:00:44) Al: Oh no! Oh yeah, what was that?
(0:00:46) Codey: Whoa.
(0:00:48) Codey: In a recent, I don’t know, I tried to like do the whole,
(0:00:51) Codey: let’s go, like energy.
(0:00:53) Codey: And it kind of just came out a little different.
(0:00:56) Codey: I don’t know.
(0:00:57) Al: I don’t think we need to make the energy differential any higher than it is, like an American and a Scottish person, when the Scottish person is tired and it’s late at night. Yeah. I also suspect you just go hyper when you’re tired.
(0:00:57) Codey: Uh… [laughs]
(0:01:03) Codey: U.S.A.
(0:01:11) Codey: Well, I appreciate you doing this later.
(0:01:22) Codey: I do.
(0:01:23) Codey: Except for if it’s like really really like I go hyper and then I go like brain can’t word good when it like hit a certain point and so yeah but I am definitely at the hyper
(0:01:29) Al: And that’s funny. Yeah. Rona my wife is the opposite. She goes like completely like comatose to start with and then it hits a point and then she goes hyper. And when she goes hyper you’re like, no, no, you should have already gone to bed by now. Yeah. All right, cool.
(0:01:39) Codey: Mmm.
(0:01:47) Codey: Why are you still conscious?
(0:01:51) Codey: Mmm-hmm.
(0:01:52) Al: So transcripts for the podcast are available in the show notes and on the website. This episode
(0:01:55) Codey: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
(0:01:59) Al: we are going to talk about coral island speculation slash once. I haven’t figured out a good way to word this. Hopes, once, whatever. We’re going to talk about what we want
(0:02:10) Codey: I like hopes and dreams.
(0:02:10) Al: in coral island. Hopes and dreams. Coral island, hopes and dreams.
(0:02:15) Codey: Yes.
(0:02:15) Al: I was once in, here’s a fun fact for you, I was in as a child a Christian musical
(0:02:24) Al: called hopes and dreams. It was quite something.
(0:02:26) Codey: Oh okay. I was in a Christian musical called Children of Eden.
(0:02:29) Al: the M. Wow they don’t [laughs]
(0:02:34) Codey: Um, yep not. I am a non theist so it’s very very interesting but that’s what when you’re in high school and your director is like this is what we’re doing then you don’t really have a choice.
(0:02:47) Al: I’ve got to love that separation of church and state over there.
(0:02:52) Codey: Oh, you are very aware that that is non-existent.
(0:02:55) Al: Don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re gonna talk about Carl Island, what we want from the game now that it’s hit 1.0 and we have some idea of what’s coming out in the next few updates. What do we want else that they haven’t said? Because there’s a bunch of stuff that they said they’re adding and I don’t think anything in our list is those.
(0:02:56) Codey: In… yeah.
(0:03:16) Al: So, what else?
(0:03:17) Al: Before that, we have quite a lot of news. It’s been a very busy week, but first of all, Cody, what have you been up to?
(0:03:27) Codey: Well the reason we had to record later in your evening was because my morning was spent getting a party shiny wurmple tattoo holding a pride flag so that is my most recent thing he’s a he’s just a little guy and he’s on my arm and his hat is glittery I will put him in the discord for what the slack for people
(0:03:56) Al: It’s like we have a discard news to me we actually we do but me and you are the only people on it
(0:03:58) Codey: I think we do have a disc, we do well I know I’m throwing him in the in the slack right now so that I’ve been doing that I’ve also been still working on fox craft my minecraft fox the head is complete so now I just have to do the body which is like at least twice the size of the head so it’s gonna take a a very long time.
(0:04:27) Codey: But most of my time has been spent furiously preparing a bunch of specimens.
(0:04:34) Codey: Just from my May sample from last year, I have 7,000 insects that I have prepared and identified.
(0:04:41) Codey: And I did that so that I could make a poster for a conference I’m going to this weekend.
(0:04:46) Codey: So, woo! Research. It is actually really exciting. I’ve had a lot of, um…
(0:04:57) Codey: papers moving along and chapters getting published and stuff like that.
(0:05:00) Codey: So, I’m feeling like a scientist. It’s very interesting.
(0:05:04) Codey: I’ve also had people like… I know, right?
(0:05:06) Codey: I also had people reaching out to me and being like, “You’re a recognized expert in the field of forest pollinators.
(0:05:11) Codey: Can you review this paper about forest pollinators?”
(0:05:13) Codey: And then another email that was like, “Hey, we’re putting together a journal in special edition about forest pollinators.
(0:05:22) Codey: Do you have a paper that you would like to submit?”
(0:05:25) Codey: And I was like, “Man, I don’t right now.”
(0:05:27) Codey: But like, next year I totally would.
(0:05:31) Codey: So pretty much riding the highs of PhD life with, I don’t know if I’ve been medicated yet since I’ve been telling people, but I am medicated for ADHD now.
(0:05:43) Al: I don’t believe you.
(0:05:44) Codey: It does not dull my shine.
(0:05:45) Codey: It hones me.
(0:05:47) Codey: I am honed.
(0:05:49) Codey: I can, I can focus on things now.
(0:05:54) Codey: Wow, rude.
(0:05:55) Codey: - About what?
(0:05:55) Al: About being able to focus, I mean, not about the shine, what was it, shine, shine, sparkle.
(0:06:02) Codey: - It’s dulling my shine, dulling my sparkle.
(0:06:06) Al: I do love, I do love how we talk about sparkle and it’s like, what exactly is the sparkle you’re talking about?
(0:06:06) Codey: No, I can–
(0:06:12) Al: the sparkle of it.
(0:06:13) Al: No, I know, I know. I know.
(0:06:14) Codey: Well, so some people, when you get some type of medication for that kind of stuff, some people get a little zonked,
(0:06:21) Codey: but I’m clearly not zonked.
(0:06:25) Codey: Clearly not.
(0:06:29) Al: I have been playing uh spells and secrets uh which is not I mean it’s the worst kept secret right because on two episodes ago me and bev said we were going to play it and then talk about it but shh don’t tell anyone um I won’t I won’t give any opinions on the game just now because you know I need to actually say something on the episode that we may or may not be doing
(0:06:40) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:06:44) Codey: Okay, I’ll keep it.
(0:06:54) Al: so that’s it i’ve been playing it and I will have some opinions
(0:06:59) Al: um i’ve also been playing pokemon uh doing all those raids enjoying enjoying those we’re on blast ice now enjoying those blast ice raids getting all the herba mystica
(0:07:12) Codey: Mm-hmm. Are you coming to Go Fest in New York City?
(0:07:14) Al: yeah
(0:07:18) Al: I think you know the answer to that question
(0:07:22) Al: no you think I would you think I would be uh doing well no no no
(0:07:27) Codey: Come back soon.
(0:07:29) Al: you think I would do two uh us you know cross atlantic transatlantic flights in in a year
(0:07:36) Codey: yeah I do mm-hmm New York City is a lot easier because then you don’t have to like I mean I’m assuming your flight didn’t go from what would you fly out of Belfast London to like straight to LA right like you probably had something it did that is disgusting I am sorry yeah that is very disgusting um yeah well that never mind with the point I was trying to
(0:07:48) Al: London.
(0:07:52) Al: It did. Yeah. It was long. It was 11 and a half hours long.
(0:07:59) Al: It was. It was not fun.
(0:08:06) Codey: but you should still come to New York City so that we can hang out no I’m kidding it is it is it’s expensive it’s long I get it okay
(0:08:16) Al: Yeah, not this year. I would like to do it sometime, but not this year.
(0:08:21) Codey: per hapith next year cuz it’s I think it’s gonna happen again next year
(0:08:25) Al: I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised that people seem to like that place where they did that event.
(0:08:32) Al: It was getting a lot of positive stuff, and they have done it for two years in a row.
(0:08:36) Codey: Mmm, this will be the second year.
(0:08:36) Al: And I don’t think any… I think Chicago is the only other place that’s had two go-fests.
(0:08:45) Al: And certainly, I think it’s–
(0:08:46) Al: the only one that’s had two in a row, so…
(0:08:50) Codey: I think someone said something about how they’ve like booked New York for three years, which would be cool I
(0:08:56) Al: That sounds like something that somebody just made up.
(0:09:00) Codey: I saw it on the internet and it the internet is correct always
(0:09:01) Al: Yeah, cool. Awesome. Wow. Shall we get into this long list of news?
(0:09:13) Codey: Mm-hmm
(0:09:14) Al: So we have, I’m doing that thing where there’s so much news that I’ve split it up into sections.
(0:09:17) Codey: Mm-hmm
(0:09:20) Al: So our first section is releases. So we have four releases.
(0:09:26) Al: First of all, Chill Town have announced that they’re releasing in early access on the 22nd of March.
(0:09:33) Al: So this is one that I have backed on Kickstarter, so I will get that code and I will maybe play the game.
(0:09:40) Al: We’ll see. I quite like the look of this one. I think it’s going to be interesting to see whether it does anything unique.
(0:09:49) Al: I like its art style. It’s kind of chibiesque. So I guess we’ll see what happens when it actually…
(0:09:55) Codey: It’s giving animal crossing, but without animals,
(0:09:56) Al: …releases.
(0:10:00) Codey: and with a 3D camera, and I guess there’s animals,
(0:10:04) Codey: but it’s like your villagers aren’t animals.
(0:10:07) Al: - Yes.
(0:10:07) Codey: They’re people.
(0:10:08) Codey: And like you have a cat that follows you around.
(0:10:11) Al: - Yeah.
(0:10:13) Codey: But, which is not my cup of tea,
(0:10:16) Codey: but excited to hear your thoughts on it, when you, when it,
(0:10:21) Codey: are you gonna play the early access then?
(0:10:22) Al: No promises. We will see. We’ll see. I mean, let’s, let’s be honest, right? It’s coming out three days after Stardew 1.6, uh, and like a week before I go to the Isle of Man for two weeks. So I’m not promising anything at this point, but, uh, I will play the game at some point, whether I play it in early access or not. I don’t know. Um, I don’t even know like how long the early access will be. So well, uh, as of just now.
(0:10:25) Codey: Womp womp.
(0:10:26) Codey: Okay.
(0:10:31) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:10:35) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:10:44) Codey: Okay.
(0:10:48) Codey: And is that just steam?
(0:10:53) Al: Um, just windows as well. Uh, not that it matters to me cause I’ll be playing on the steam deck.
(0:10:53) Codey: Okay, cool.
(0:10:58) Codey: Cool.
(0:11:02) Al: Right. Uh, they estimate three months for early access. There’s no way that that’ll be three months in early access. Absolutely. No way. Absolutely. I would bet money on that.
(0:11:12) Codey: Like you’re saying it’ll take longer for it to go from early access to 1.0, okay.
(0:11:21) Al: three months.
(0:11:22) Al: Like what are you even doing in three months?
(0:11:25) Al: Three months is nothing.
(0:11:28) Al: That’s wild.
(0:11:32) Al: That’s wild that they’re suggesting that.
(0:11:34) Al: Three months.
(0:11:36) Codey: Ambitious.
(0:11:36) Al: And it mark my words, right?
(0:11:38) Al: Somebody clip this, mark my words.
(0:11:40) Al: In a year, it’ll still be in early access.
(0:11:42) Codey: Wow.
(0:11:43) Al: There’s no way, there’s no way it is going to be not in early access in the next year.
(0:11:50) Codey: okay okay not very trusting of something you put your money to right
(0:11:56) Al: Well, look, I’m not saying they won’t release a good game.
(0:12:00) Al: I’m just saying, if they’re releasing Early Access on the 22nd of March,
(0:12:02) Al: that is not coming to one out of Early Access in three months.
(0:12:06) Al: It’s just not happening.
(0:12:08) Al: Of life and land, they have announced that their Early Access release will be on the 2nd of April.
(0:12:18) Al: Woo!
(0:12:18) Codey: I hadn’t looked at this, I don’t think, before, so I am very intrigued after I watched the trailer and I kind of looked at it.
(0:12:30) Codey: It’s giving like Age of Empires, but Zoo Tycoon at the same time.
(0:12:40) Codey: And I love both of those games, so I am curious.
(0:12:45) Codey: So we’ll see.
(0:12:46) Codey: I didn’t back it or anything, though, and I, again, like…
(0:12:48) Codey: I think I also am a little sketched out by early access nowadays, so I probably also want…
(0:12:54) Codey: But, like, when it hits 1.0 in a million years, according to you, um…
(0:12:54) Al: Well, can I just point out they’re being a lot more realistic. They’re saying it will take a few years. So they are much more, and they’re not even saying like a year or two years, they’re saying a few years. Like that is the absolute right way to do not tell us when it will be out of early access. You don’t, you just don’t know. I think if you know when you’re going to give us a non early access, you probably shouldn’t have done early access.
(0:13:10) Codey: Yeah.
(0:13:14) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:13:24) Codey: true
(0:13:26) Codey: So, yeah, I I will keep my eye on that game slash
(0:13:33) Codey: Listen to the podcast and and keep your ear my eye on it
(0:13:39) Codey: Listen to when you say
(0:13:48) Al: - Yes, this was the one that was called Circle of–
(0:13:52) Codey: Well, I still didn’t know what that was, so…
(0:13:56) Al: Yeah, I’m just, I’m just saying, I’m just saying.
(0:14:01) Al: I don’t think, I don’t think this was, was a Kickstarter.
(0:14:08) Codey: think so it’s just
(0:14:14) Al: not running out to buy it, but yeah. I want to see it succeed. I like its graphics. I don’t like management games, it’s not my thing, so maybe we need to get Kevin on this one.
(0:14:32) Codey: - And Kevin.
(0:14:35) Al: Critter Crops is launching, I believe not in Early Access, so they’re just launching 1.0
(0:14:42) Al: on the.
(0:14:44) Al: The 15th of April what is with this that’s that’s less than a month we’ve got these three games releasing so it’s gonna be busy.
(0:14:54) Codey: yeah this this one I meh I think that the the art style was really cute but um not not hooked
(0:15:06) Codey: so listeners tell us how it is when it’s out
(0:15:07) Al: you don’t you don’t want to grow magical critters
(0:15:16) Codey: Especially like this like April 15th that time is like when I’m gonna be starting my field season. So
(0:15:24) Codey: Your girls not gonna have the time
(0:15:26) Al: This feels like it might be a fun game to play in October.
(0:15:30) Codey: This is like a cozy like cuddle up when it starts getting too cold outside game and then by then they’ll have
(0:15:38) Al: if there are any come on a tiny sticker tail is now out on ios and android uh so if you were wanting to play that game but you didn’t want to play it on pc or mac or a switch or steam deck now you can do it on your phone or your tablet
(0:16:02) Codey: it does look very cute like using stickers to design landscapes but also like collect little critters and stuff it showed someone like putting a fishing pole sticker on a spot where there was like a black like space like a you know like in games when you’re fishing and there’s like a shadow they put like a fishing pole sticker on it and then when they clipped it
(0:16:32) Codey: clicked it again. It was a fish. It was very cute. Um but yeah, not not my bag.
(0:16:42) Al: Next we have a bunch of updates for games. So first of all we have Paleo Pines. They have released the
(0:16:48) Al: 1.3 update which includes chocolate eggs and new dinosaur colors. They’re like gray scale.
(0:16:59) Codey: well so I think what they’re doing is they’re currently grayscale like so that you can’t see it because it’s like supposed to be a mystery but like in the thing it has fake it has like letters
(0:17:03) Al: Oh I understand. Yes.
(0:17:15) Codey: almost like a hangman style thing and I legit cannot think of like I’m like looking at all of these colors and I’m like what what
(0:17:15) Al: it’s like uh yeah that’s what I was thinking like hangman yeah
(0:17:29) Codey: like what color has two s’s in the middle of it
(0:17:32) Al: So apparently the Stegosaurus is sunflower?
(0:17:38) Codey: okay how do you know this
(0:17:42) Al: comments the t-rex is tyrant that doesn’t fit these are people saying in the comments but I presume they’re saying they found them so I’m presuming in-game
(0:17:46) Codey: look at you having a brain
(0:17:51) Codey: like tyrant colors are these confirmed or are these people’s
(0:18:01) Codey: Tyrant does fit.
(0:18:09) Al: Yeah, but there’s only two spaces after the R.
(0:18:12) Al: Oh, no, I’m looking at the wrong one.
(0:18:13) Al: T, Y, R, even T.
(0:18:14) Codey: Oh yeah yeah. The other T-Rex.
(0:18:15) Al: Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.
(0:18:21) Codey: Is the one with two S’s Nissan? Because I really want it to be Nissan.
(0:18:26) Al: I don’t know.
(0:18:31) Al: The comments are mixed, shall we say.
(0:18:44) Al: So if you want some other coloured dinosaurs, they’re not black and white, apparently, I misunderstood that, and you want chocolate eggs, go update your paleopines now.
(0:18:55) Codey: it says that there’s only five chocolate eggs and they basically like max out or make a
(0:19:02) Codey: I almost said pokemon make a dinosaur your friends like really easily um so yeah yep
(0:19:09) Al: Instantly befriend. Instant befriending.
(0:19:15) Codey: I mean anyone that gives me chocolate is instantly my friend too let’s be real so
(0:19:21) Al: Travellers Rest have a fishing update. I just feel that I haven’t written with it.
(0:19:27) Al: Yes it is out now. So this adds a new fishing system. It’s not just the first fishing system because Travellers Rest keep adding things in that were like I don’t how did you not have
(0:19:39) Al: this already but no they did have a fishing system before this is just a new one and also new recipes new decorations a new area and new characters
(0:19:40) Codey: they’ve just updated it okay
(0:19:53) Codey: yep so the new area was the beach and there are new characters associated with the beach
(0:20:01) Codey: eyes again not a game i’m playing or likely to play but I did really like one of the decorations that looked like um it’s like a painting that has a teal border on it um I think it’s part of the decorations are like the beach set decorations looks very good
(0:20:17) Al: Yeah, you know, I think I’m starting to think that farming games are not a great early access candidate because like, I mean, if, you know, if I’d played Stardew the first time and you just couldn’t go to the beach, that’d be weird. I’m not sure I’d continue playing.
(0:20:34) Codey: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(0:20:41) Codey: Yeah, well, and then like also you have at least a little bit of understanding of what the mechanics are.
(0:20:47) Codey: And so like if you, for example, don’t really like the mechanics, but it’s like say that you later would have played the game and you didn’t like the mechanics, but you really liked the exploration, then you don’t really have that in that early access.
(0:21:00) Codey: So it kind of like…
(0:21:04) Codey: limits that, I don’t know.
(0:21:08) Codey: I do think, I think early farming games are weird to have in early access for sure, because like hitting like a time wall or hitting a, like not having all of the features is just.
(0:21:23) Al: or even just story suddenly stopping.
(0:21:28) Codey: Hint, hint, perhaps, talk about it later.
(0:21:29) Al: Which we may talk about later.
(0:21:34) Codey: That was also a little weird, so, but yeah, cool that they’re still.
(0:21:40) Al: yes, yes, yes, yes. One Lonely Outpost. Oh boy, do we love a post like this? So they’ve apologized for the silence. They believe in their game and then I’ve put in brackets,
(0:21:58) Al: your mileage may vary. Whether you believe in the game or not is up to you. You’ve quoted Did you want you want to or should I?
(0:22:00) Codey: Oh, I was wondering what that meant.
(0:22:09) Codey: Yeah
(0:22:10) Al: I quote this and you can just say what your response was because I think you’re, I think maybe that works best.
(0:22:15) Codey: Okay, go for it
(0:22:16) Al: So, Corey has quoted some of the article and it’s, “We know many of you have concerns about the amount of content currently in-game and how long it is taken to get where we are today.
(0:22:28) Al: It has been a long and bumpy road, but we wholeheartedly believe in the path ahead and are excited to begin sharing upcoming content now that we have handled the majority of bugs and made some highly requested,
(0:22:42) Codey: - Okay.
(0:22:47) Al: - Yeah, it feels like a weird, like, at this point, right?
(0:22:53) Al: Like, if you’re being silent for months and then you’re coming back,
(0:22:59) Al: I think that you need to give people something.
(0:23:01) Al: And yeah, sure, you’ve got quality of life improvements,
(0:23:03) Al: but like, there’s five different updates in this,
(0:23:07) Al: but like, it’s added run toggle with left shift or L3.
(0:23:13) Codey: Or like you don’t freeze in this certain spot anymore or it’s… yeah.
(0:23:13) Al: Like. Yeah, like.
(0:23:17) Al: Nothing is particularly, it’s now possible to manually save your game.
(0:23:22) Al: Like, nothing is like, wow, this makes this game so different and so exciting.
(0:23:22) Codey: » [LAUGH]
(0:23:28) Al: Like, I feel like if you’re gonna, if you’re gonna come back with something,
(0:23:31) Al: you need to come back with something big.
(0:23:33) Al: No, here’s five releases with a few quality of life fixes and a bunch of bug fixes.
(0:23:39) Al: And I promise we have more stuff coming.
(0:23:43) Codey: Well, and these a lot of these should have just been like small patches that like you there were five like they have
(0:23:50) Codey: It’s like patch five six seven eight not and it’s just
(0:23:54) Codey: So much in all of those patches and like why didn’t why didn’t each of these patches just have like a small post along with them
(0:24:01) Codey: like why did you not
(0:24:03) Codey: Like why I can’t I guess I don’t understand if they’re releasing these all now like they just hit like a mass
(0:24:09) Codey: release the patches button
(0:24:12) Codey: or. (laughs)
(0:24:13) Al: No, they have been releasing them over time. I do think they’ve been posting them on Steam.
(0:24:15) Codey: But they haven’t been commenting?
(0:24:18) Codey: ‘Kay.
(0:24:20) Al: So there is that. But yeah, it’s I mean, the last one was in January. The last update,
(0:24:30) Al: which they don’t even talk about here. They don’t even talk about that update in this post. And that was nearly two months ago. Their communication really needs to improve.
(0:24:43) Codey: And they said that it’s going to, they said that going forward, they’re going to be a lot more transparent and give updates more frequently.
(0:24:49) Codey: And that’s great.
(0:24:50) Al: Cool, I don’t believe them.
(0:24:50) Codey: Do that, um, for people.
(0:24:53) Al: I don’t, like, I don’t, if you say,
(0:24:53) Codey: Yeah.
(0:24:57) Al: if you say that our communication is going to improve,
(0:25:00) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:25:01) Al: you need to communicate better in that post.
(0:25:04) Codey: Yeah.
(0:25:04) Al: They’re not even doing that.
(0:25:07) Codey: Yeah, so I mean
(0:25:08) Al: The game came into early access on the 28th of June last year.
(0:25:13) Al: And as of now, every update has been basically just quality of life.
(0:25:20) Al: They haven’t done any new content in, what is that, eight months?
(0:25:26) Al: This is why I’m saying that, you know, games aren’t in early access for three months.
(0:25:28) Codey: Games shouldn’t be in early access.
(0:25:31) Al: and I’m.
(0:25:31) Codey: Yeah.
(0:25:36) Codey: We’ll believe, well, positively optimistic,
(0:25:39) Codey: cautiously optimistic, perhaps.
(0:25:42) Al: Okay, if you say so. I mean, this game has been had issues for quite a while, right?
(0:25:46) Codey: Just respond, okay.
(0:25:53) Al: Because the original development team were essentially pushed out by the publisher, and the publisher put in a new development team, and then they completely changed the art style,
(0:26:05) Al: and then they released an early access in June. They basically haven’t updated anything other than some bug fixes and quality of life improvements in 8 months.
(0:26:13) Al: They’re now saying that they are going to get better at communicating after months of saying nothing.
(0:26:19) Al: They don’t communicate well in the post when they apologize about not communicating well.
(0:26:24) Al: And the every single comment on the post is, “Where’s the switch release?”
(0:26:32) Al: The switch release, I don’t think, is going to come, like, and if it does come, it’s going to be terrible.
(0:26:38) Al: I think this is just the standard now, is terrible switch ports.
(0:26:43) Al: You played you played Carl Island on switch, right?
(0:26:46) Codey: Yeah, sorry. No, no, no, I’m playing it on game pass. Um, I will say apico good switch port
(0:26:46) Al: How was that?
(0:26:47) Al: No, you didn’t, right? Okay.
(0:26:50) Al: Oh, yes.
(0:26:54) Al: Yes.
(0:26:56) Codey: Hashtag not all cottagecore games, but um
(0:26:59) Codey: But yeah, I you know If you’re struggling to communicate effectively at this level and then you try and add a whole
(0:27:06) Codey: Like I know from like el talking about that like porting apico to the consoles was pain in the butt
(0:27:14) Codey: So if you’re already
(0:27:16) Codey: struggling with basic stuff, like just being a bit more bit ambitious perhaps.
(0:27:22) Al: Yeah, okay, Carl Island is…
(0:27:28) Codey: Yeah, I’m playing it on game.
(0:27:30) Al: Yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. I think I’m mostly disappointed because I was originally very excited about this game because I think it could be really cool. I do own it. I haven’t played it. I kick-started it. And I haven’t played it because I’m not enthused by it. And it’s in early access and they basically haven’t done anything. So I’m not really sure why I would be enthusiastic about that at all.
(0:27:56) Codey: Would you say that you’re not mad?
(0:27:59) Al: I would say I’m not mad, I’m just-
(0:28:00) Al: Disappointed, yeah, I would I would definitely say that there’s something about the new art style. That’s just weird
(0:28:08) Al: It’s like bad paper Mario, it’s like if paper Mario does
(0:28:14) Codey: I especially after playing Coral Island, I just don’t think I like the like spritish.
(0:28:25) Al: Yep. Fair. Fair. Yeah. I think, I suspect, I think, so pixel art, I think only really exists now for nostalgia, right? Like it’s a thing that people do because it reminds them of the past. I think that probably the only reason you still like Stardew is because of nostalgia, but not nostalgia for pixel art, nostalgia for Stardew specifically. Right?
(0:28:30) Codey: Stardew being the exception, I guess.
(0:28:47) Codey: Yes, 100%.
(0:28:51) Codey: Correct.
(0:28:54) Al: Stardew is not the best farming game.
(0:28:56) Al: That doesn’t mean it’s bad, right?
(0:28:59) Al: It is, absolutely.
(0:29:01) Al: It doesn’t mean that Stardew’s bad, and I don’t think it should be drastically different from what it is, but it does mean that it is essentially nostalgia.
(0:29:13) Al: And even when we get updates, and I’m absolutely going to play the 1.6 update, and I’m sure I’m going to love it, but a lot of that is because it’s Stardew.
(0:29:21) Al: Like if I hadn’t played Stardew and I was coming to Stardew now.
(0:29:25) Al: I wouldn’t be playing it. And that’s okay. That’s fine. Like we don’t have to always like the same things. It’s been eight years since Stardew came out. You can’t expect to like something forever.
(0:29:38) Al: It’s just a lot of games eight years ago, well probably more like seven years ago when it came out in Switch, decided to make that but X and a lot of them are finding that it’s really hard.
(0:30:01) Al: Why is it 100 minus 100 Celsius in this game?
(0:30:07) Al: There’s a screenshot I’m looking at on Steam and the guys outside farming and
(0:30:11) Codey: Okay, is this one the only outpost still?
(0:30:14) Al: yeah, and it says minus 1000 degrees Celsius.
(0:30:17) Codey: 1,000, okay.
(0:30:18) Al: No, 100, sorry, sorry, 100, 100.
(0:30:20) Al: Minus 1000 wouldn’t make any sense.
(0:30:22) Al: That’s below absolute freezing.
(0:30:23) Al: Minus 100 degrees Celsius.
(0:30:24) Codey: isn’t isn’t uh one lonely outpost like on a planet yeah it’s very it’s very cold on
(0:30:29) Al: It’s on Mars, yeah, but…
(0:30:32) Al: Yeah, but I think it’s the point not that you’re…
(0:30:36) Al: …terraforming it.
(0:30:38) Al: And he’s out there without a spacesuit.
(0:30:42) Al: Is he meant to be in a dome then? Is that the idea?
(0:30:44) Codey: If I mean if he’s in a dome and it is still negative 100 Celsius
(0:30:48) Al: Well, I’m presuming the -100 is on the…
(0:30:51) Al: If you’re in a dome, it’s on the outside of it.
(0:30:53) Al: But it doesn’t look like that.
(0:30:53) Codey: Yeah
(0:30:54) Al: And I’m just very confused as to why it’s saying -100 and he’s just outside.
(0:30:58) Codey: I mean, maybe they’ll just wave it hand wave technology. He took the warm potion
(0:31:06) Al: Why is it exactly minus 100 as well? That’s weird. Suspicious. Also, there’s running water.
(0:31:14) Codey: at minus 100? Are you sure it’s water? Okay.
(0:31:16) Al: Yeah. Yeah. He’s watering crops with it, so…
(0:31:24) Al: Minus 100. That’s where, like, boiling water freezes immediately, right?
(0:31:28) Codey: Yeah.
(0:31:32) Al: You’re not watering crops in minus 100. I need to…
(0:31:34) Codey: You also shouldn’t be alive in minus 100.
(0:31:36) Al: Yeah, that too. Like, if he was in a suit, sure, but still, the watering wouldn’t make any sense.
(0:31:41) Al: Right, let’s stop talking about this game.
(0:31:42) Codey: Okay, moving on.
(0:31:45) Al: Last thing, there’s a romance update coming, right? Because that’s all we need.
(0:31:49) Codey: Okay.
(0:31:49) Al: It’s absolutely definitely what we need in the space farming game, is romance.
(0:31:54) Codey: Can you romance aliens?
(0:31:57) Al: Stardew 1.6. We have the date. Stardew 1.6 is coming out on the 19th of March.
(0:32:04) Codey: Wow, very close.
(0:32:05) Al: That is…
(0:32:06) Al: One week after this… Less than one week after this episode comes out.
(0:32:12) Al: So I hope you’re all excited.
(0:32:15) Al: Interestingly, Concerned David did a interview with Polygon,
(0:32:23) Al: and he said, I quote, “There’s a lot more of the update than people think.”
(0:32:30) Al: And so I’m very intrigued to this because he’s already told us a lot of things.
(0:32:35) Al: So, what’s he been doing?
(0:32:40) Codey: Well, so I have you read Brandon Sanderson books
(0:32:40) Al: No.
(0:32:44) Codey: Okay, there’s an author named Brandon Sanderson and like he went on vacation once for a little bit And when he got back from vacation, he was like, hey, that was very restful I wrote four more books and like I feel like that’s also how concerned ape is is like he’s he’s like You know, I needed to take a break from making games. And so I made these other games
(0:33:05) Codey: And I feel like so him saying that I’m like yep
(0:33:10) Codey: makes sense like not surprised at all you know people are probably gonna be really excited there’s probably more than what he’s saying or he’s just a content machine he’s just pumping it out I also was really shocked so I thought that he was like a secret of who he was like secret identity type of thing and so I saw the picture in the polygon article the picture of him like at the Manhattan Orchestra concert thing that they had first of all
(0:33:28) Al: » [LAUGH]
(0:33:36) Al: The concert. Yeah.
(0:33:40) Codey: if I had known he was physically gonna go I would have gone second of all not not what I expected a handsome dude yeah I don’t know I was just I was like oh he’s making an appearance and then very very shocked so but man are you excited Are you did have you blocked out like a week?
(0:34:09) Codey: week.
(0:34:11) Al: A week. Um, some time. Blocked out some time for playing this game and definitely haven’t put a completely unrealistic timeline on myself. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, totally. Totally. It’s all going to be fine. Um, it’s all going to be fine. Sarcasm or just like fear?
(0:34:20) Codey: okay
(0:34:26) Codey: the sarcasm um
(0:34:31) Codey: oh hopefully not fear yike please don’t
(0:34:32) Al: Not sure. We’ll see. We’ll see. Love, love to stress myself. Um, too late. Too late!
(0:34:40) Al: Bye!
(0:34:42) Al: Cool.
(0:34:46) Al: Yeah, I really don’t know what to think because like he’s already said that there’s a new major festival, two mini festivals, newly gained content which expands on each of the skill areas,
(0:34:57) Al: a whole bunch of new items and crafting recipes, Georgia alternatives to some of the end game quests, a hundred plus lines of dialogue, winter outfits for the visitors, new type of reward for for completing billboard requests, support for 8-player multiplayer.
(0:35:11) Al: A new farm type, a new secrets, and he’s still saying that we have no clue how much there is like, “Dude, yeah, I’m really intrigued.”
(0:35:18) Codey: Like there’s, but wait, there’s more like overwhelmed.
(0:35:25) Al: It was funny, I was thinking the other day, I was thinking I’m going to start a new save for this update because he says that there’s stuff all through the game that he’s added when I really want to kind of experience that stuff as it comes, rather than just getting dumped into all an endgame.
(0:35:39) Al: in the end game.
(0:35:41) Al: And I was like, oh, maybe I should start the save now, just like get it ready.
(0:35:45) Al: And then I was like, no, I need to know what this new farm is before I decide what I’m doing, right?
(0:35:47) Codey: Gotta do the new farm, yeah.
(0:35:49) Al: Like, not necessarily do the new farm, right?
(0:35:51) Al: Because if it was something like the beach one where you can’t use sprinklers, right?
(0:35:55) Al: I’m not doing that.
(0:35:58) Codey: what if what if it’s a blimp a sky farm I don’t know I have no idea I just like thought of that in my brain and I was like that’d be really funny so if it comes out and it’s a blimp I’m just really smart my subconscious was very excited yeah
(0:35:58) Al: But we’ll see.
(0:36:03) Al: In the sky, what is this, what is this room factory?
(0:36:16) Al: Well, we’ll see. We will see. Yeah, I do. Your point about, like, taking a break from making games to make games is very funny because, yeah, 100% what happened was he had an idea for a new game, so he started working on that. And then as he was doing that, his brain went,
(0:36:36) Al: “What about all these other things you could do to your other game?” And so he paused and went into them.
(0:36:38) Codey: Yeah. Yeah. Some of these people are so freaking creative and like I bow to them because the ability to just churn out things and things that are enjoyable, like it’s just magical and I am incapable, incapable of doing that. Um, the creation of
(0:36:58) Al: Well, I mean, that’s the thing, like you look at Stardew and it’s like everything he adds is good.
(0:37:07) Codey: Mm-hmm
(0:37:07) Al: You’re just like, I don’t, you know, we’ll see eventually, eventually.
(0:37:12) Codey: He can’t miss I mean he probably could miss like there’s probably something that he could do but I
(0:37:20) Codey: Feel like he’s gonna you know He’s gonna let it die the hero versus having the game live long enough to see itself become the villain
(0:37:29) Codey: I think we’ll be fine
(0:37:36) Codey: I will listen to the podcast. I cannot get sucked back into that game.
(0:37:41) Codey: I have a field season to plan.
(0:37:46) Codey: I know. I’m gonna hear- I’m gonna listen to the podcast and just be like, “Dang it!”
(0:37:52) Al: Next, we have Sugar Dew Island. This game, we talked about it a couple of weeks ago.
(0:37:59) Codey: and how the name is stupid.
(0:37:59) Al: The name is stupid. We don’t need to talk about the name again. I don’t even… Well,
(0:38:03) Al: okay. No, we do need to talk about the game again, the name again, because for some reason they address this in the Kickstarter. So, okay. Point of the news… That was words.
(0:38:15) Al: Point of the news is that the Kickstarter’s live and it has hit the base goal.
(0:38:22) Al: So, the game’s being made. Apparently, it’s coming out in August this year. So, whatever.
(0:38:30) Codey: 1.0?
(0:38:34) Al: Good question. We’ll find out. It doesn’t say. Well, no, it does actually, because it says, yeah, there’s an early access tier and they say, we expect that you’ll be able to play two to six weeks earlier, which by the way, what a weird time. Two to six weeks.
(0:38:52) Al: Like, what? That’s not early access. That’s just paid.
(0:38:52) Codey: Yeah.
(0:38:56) Codey: Well, so I guess that’s the actual word of early access.
(0:39:01) Codey: Instead of it being early access being a trial period,
(0:39:05) Codey: it’s more of that you paid for it,
(0:39:07) Codey: so you’re getting access to the game earlier than other humans.
(0:39:12) Al: OK, right, if I have to put my money on it just now, Early Access is coming out this year, main game is not coming out this year. We’ll see. I mean, it’s not real money, right?
(0:39:20) Codey: - You’re putting your money down on a lot of things this episode.
(0:39:25) Al: Like I’m not actually betting anything. Yeah, so the name, the name, the name, the name.
(0:39:28) Codey: Okay.
(0:39:32) Al: They said, I need to quote this because this is just stupid. OK. You know what? You know No, it’s right. Right. Okay. Wait, no, right.
(0:39:32) Codey: The name.
(0:39:42) Al: Hmm. You know that it’s stupid when they have to have a part of their Kickstarter addressing the name. Right. They say the name sugar dew island and then they have a little picture of your currency in the game and say an arrow that points to it and said this is sugar dew. Okay, great. Fantastic.
(0:39:53) Codey: okay
(0:40:06) Al: Thank you. As our in-game currency is called Zukertal in German.
(0:40:12) Al: Zukertal translates to sugar dew in English and is a central aspect of our game. Yep. That’s how currencies work. It was crucial for us to include it in the game’s name. Given the island setting sugar dew island was a natural choice. Wow. Congratulations. Your imagination knows no bounds.
(0:40:37) Al: You have a currency and you’re on an island. Well done.
(0:40:42) Codey: just like my favorite my favorite game uh money valley and gold island
(0:40:43) Al: It’s just, while we’re aware of similarities to other titles, although it wasn’t intentional,
(0:40:58) Al: after much deliberation, we unanimously agreed that sugar dew island best encapsulates the game.
(0:40:58) Codey: i’m sure
(0:41:04) Codey: What I hear from that is we don’t have an imagination and we don’t want to come up with anything else.
(0:41:10) Al: And then they’re like, “We also asked the community in a big survey, and the majority thought the name ‘Sugar-Jew Island’ was more fitting than ‘Sugar-Drop Island’.”
(0:41:20) Al: And I’m like, “Oh, okay, like those aren’t the only two possibilities, though. It’s not like it has to be one or the other. Wha- what are you doing? I don’t- like you could have just literally called it like.
(0:41:30) Codey: - German, German currency island.
(0:41:36) Codey: - Yeah, that’s funny.
(0:41:40) Al: The other thing that really amused me about this Kickstarter is in their platforms, they say, “We’re currently planning to release the game on PC slash Steam.”
(0:41:42) Codey: - Yeah.
(0:41:51) Codey: - Yep.
(0:42:06) Al: I don’t know why that’s a slash, but whatever.
(0:42:22) Al: They’re, they’re gonna, and they haven’t put up their stretch goals, but it sounds like what they’re saying is a stretch goal will be boating to the switch too.
(0:42:32) Al: Don’t do that. Console doesn’t exist yet. Don’t do that. You have no idea what this console is.
(0:42:37) Codey: Yeah.
(0:42:40) Codey: Don’t even mention it.
(0:42:40) Al: You cannot guarantee, you cannot guarantee that you will be on this console when you don’t even know what it is.
(0:42:48) Codey: Well, and also doesn’t it depend on like if they actually want it to be on like you have to like, I’m pretty sure you can’t just like throw money at Nintendo and be like, let me put my game on your console like okay.
(0:42:59) Al: No, no. But, I mean, basically Nintendo lets anyone on now, right? Like, unless there’s something very specific that they don’t like, they basically like anybody, you know? Like,
(0:43:07) Al: which I think is the better way to do things than what they had been doing previously,
(0:43:10) Al: which was it was really difficult to get on the 3DS. But yeah, like, you just literally have no idea. You have no idea what this console is going to be. You have no idea if it would even make sense. You don’t know that there ever is going to be another console for certain.
(0:43:27) Codey: I was going to say, have they announced another console I was like, did I miss a big okay.
(0:43:27) Al: Do not, do not promise.
(0:43:30) Al: Do you want this to be on this console?
(0:43:33) Al: No.
(0:43:36) Al: No, they have not.
(0:43:38) Al: No, you did not.
(0:43:42) Al: Also, there’s a very big chance,
(0:43:44) Al: there’s a very big chance that when the Switch 2 does come out, that it will.
(0:43:47) Codey: Is it called the switch too?
(0:43:48) Al: No, we don’t know that, of course, we don’t know that.
(0:43:49) Codey: Okay.
(0:43:50) Codey: Okay.
(0:43:50) Al: I’m just that’s just what people are referring to as just now.
(0:43:51) Codey: Okay.
(0:43:56) Al: I wonder, do you think they called the Wii U,
(0:43:59) Al: because somebody said the Wii 2 and they misheard it.
(0:44:02) Codey: It’s going to be the switch do.
(0:44:08) Codey: Oh, and then they have to be on it.
(0:44:09) Al: I switched you switched you island And…
(0:44:14) Codey: Switch do island.
(0:44:17) Codey: Just double down that it’s going to be on the new switch thing and that they’re going to call it the switch do.
(0:44:22) Al: Oh, like at this point just ask an AI for a name, you’d be like it’s a bad name. Right,
(0:44:28) Al: whatever. Sugardew Island somehow is getting a lot of traction from people and I really don’t understand why. Yeah, but it doesn’t look like it’s doing… Okay, right. Full disclosure,
(0:44:28) Codey: probably will. It, I mean it, it looks cute. It’s not, it’s not…
(0:44:40) Al: I have backed this game, of course I’ve backed this game, right? Like you don’t need to get into this. If it weren’t for this podcast, I wouldn’t be backing this game because nothing about this This is exciting!
(0:44:50) Codey: that you know. What if it’s on the switch do?
(0:44:53) Al: » I just like, I mean, it looks cute.
(0:44:58) Al: I will agree with that, but everything else looks pretty standard.
(0:45:02) Al: The only different thing is, oh, you can run a shop.
(0:45:05) Al: And that has never been done with.
(0:45:08) Codey: I liked running the shop in Garden Paws, which is a game that Bev and I covered, but I mean it was just fun because you just throw stuff up in the shop and then there’s a never-ending line of the little characters that come up and just buy all your stuff and then you have to keep putting new stuff out and accepting all their money and stuff.
(0:45:15) Al: Yeah, I didn’t try that one, so I guess it could be good in that, but I highly doubt it.
(0:45:38) Codey: But like, and it’s really cute, but I wouldn’t say it was like the best.
(0:45:46) Al: See, my problem with running a shop is, generally, you’re either very limited in how much you can sell, or you have to haggle and you have to figure out the right way to get enough money, which is just annoying, or it takes time out of your day, which is just without adding any fun gameplay, like, sure, it’s adding some gameplay, but that doesn’t mean that it’s fun gameplay.
(0:46:16) Al: Maneko’s Night Market was fine, but only in so much as like that was a thing that happened as part of the week, like it was a process where okay now is when you go to the night market and there were lots of things that happened there and also you went and sold - you chose the things to take with you and you sold them and they did the haggling in such a way that you can make a loo-
(0:46:46) Al: lot of money very quickly.
(0:46:48) Al: I think that’s what it needs to be.
(0:46:50) Al: Not just like, “Oh, you can make 10% more if you know the right thing to do.”
(0:46:54) Al: No, it needs to be you can make five times as much if you know what you’re doing.
(0:46:57) Codey: Yeah
(0:46:58) Al: Like it needs to be worth it.
(0:47:01) Codey: Yeah What if it so I could I could foresee like a game that?
(0:47:06) Codey: You run a shop with friends. So you have someone that like is the storefront manager and
(0:47:14) Codey: Organizes everything and then you have someone who like supplies the store. So you
(0:47:22) Codey: Dude I want the shop owner. I would love that. Okay, cool
(0:47:27) Codey: » When we get shop owner Villa game, the game.
(0:47:36) Al: already a better name than Sugardew, I nearly call this Sugardew Valley, that’s part of the problem, right?
(0:47:41) Codey: I will be the, yeah.
(0:47:46) Al: Okay, fine. I feel like I’m finishing everything recently with let’s stop talking about this game.
(0:47:54) Codey: Let’s just move on before my hope in humanity goes any further.
(0:47:57) Al: Yeah, if you if you are interested in this game, go back it. If you’re not, then that’s fine. We’re not going to talk about until there’s something new about it. I’m not going to keep you up to date.
(0:48:04) Codey: backed it. You backed on.
(0:48:05) Al: I’m not going to keep you up to date on.
(0:48:06) Al: Kickstarter every moment of every day.
(0:48:10) Al: I did, yes, because I’m giving the people what they want.
(0:48:13) Al: Because apparently what the people want is my pain.
(0:48:17) Al: Well, I mean, look forward to next week’s episode, if that’s what you want.
(0:48:21) Codey: Oh no.
(0:48:24) Al: Pixel Shire. Pixel Shire have announced that they’re coming to PS5 and Switch.
(0:48:24) Codey: Unfortunate.
(0:48:30) Al: So that’s cool. It sounds like they didn’t.
(0:48:34) Al: Well, I mean, why, what is good about this is the…
(0:48:36) Al: I’m pretty sure the game’s done or almost done, and they wanted to get it all together and all ready before they actually said they were going to do it.
(0:48:47) Al: I don’t think they’d ever said anywhere that they were going to be in these two consoles until now.
(0:48:52) Al: So it sounds like they’ve done everything the right way.
(0:48:54) Al: And it looks like, at least on my shop front, everything’s listed in pounds.
(0:48:59) Al: So I don’t know exactly how this is working, but at least here it says the game is set to launch in summer 2024.
(0:49:06) Al: Sounds to me like it’s all coming together at the same time, they’re going for, you know, cross platform simultaneous release.
(0:49:14) Al: This team says 2024, I suspect in a month or so, a month or two months or something, we’ll get some idea.
(0:49:24) Al: We, I mean, we mentioned at the end of last year that they’d said they weren’t going to do early access and just release 1.0 in 2024, so.
(0:49:34) Al: Yeah, we’ll see what happens.
(0:49:36) Al: But, I mean, I think they’re doing the right thing if they’ve got it all ready and they’re going to release it all at once and they haven’t told us until they know they can definitely do it.
(0:49:46) Al: Which is good.
(0:49:47) Al: So.
(0:49:48) Al: There we go.
(0:49:50) Al: Blah, blah, blah.
(0:49:53) Al: Forager.
(0:49:54) Al: My word.
(0:49:55) Al: Never thought I’d be talking about forager again.
(0:49:58) Al: So a little bit of history with forager.
(0:50:00) Al: Forager came out in 2019, I think the first version was?
(0:50:05) Al: Mm-hmm.
(0:50:07) Al: I’m going to tell you, yeah, April 2019, the first version of Forager.
(0:50:10) Al: Fantastic.
(0:50:11) Al: They released three updates to the game with significant content.
(0:50:17) Al: And then they were working on a multiplayer
(0:50:20) Al: version and a multiplayer update, which in.
(0:50:26) Al: Three years ago, 2021, they canceled the multiplayer update.
(0:50:32) Al: Then there was a little bit of
(0:50:34) Al: I mean, they said they said
(0:50:36) Al: around, you know, kind of people who had previously been on the team, not being happy with the main guy and some nothing like significant, nothing like, you know, abuse or anything like that, just more kind of, you know, not being a great person and maybe being offered things that were not great and leaving the team and et cetera, et cetera. And then we got a post nearly two years ago.
(0:50:49) Codey: - Right.
(0:50:53) Codey: Just grottled, yeah.
(0:51:06) Al: That said, don’t worry, Forager is not abandoned, we’ll hopefully have some news for you this year.
(0:51:17) Al: So that was 2022.
(0:51:18) Al: May of 2022, that was the last day.
(0:51:21) Al: And then yesterday as we’re recording, so Wednesday the 6th of March, 2024, we suddenly get a post from Hopfrog the Creator saying, “I hope everyone likes adventure.”
(0:51:36) Al: And a screenshot of something with the Forager guy in it.
(0:51:42) Al: And another comment that said, “You guys have no idea how much stuff I have to announce.”
(0:51:48) Al: So there’s nothing much to say at this point because they haven’t announced anything, except the fact that they have stuff to announce.
(0:51:54) Codey: okay but but we were ghosted for two years
(0:52:01) Al: They were ghosted for two years, and now suddenly he’s back.
(0:52:05) Codey: I don’t know if i’m ready to be heard again I didn’t play this game though you played this game right you enjoyed it yeah
(0:52:06) Al: I did, I really liked Forager, I really liked it.
(0:52:16) Al: I’m not really sure like the Forager guy is big enough to hold up a franchise, which is what it looks like.
(0:52:23) Al: This screenshot that I will post in the show notes if I remember, this isn’t the Forager game, right?
(0:52:32) Al: That’s not how the game looks.
(0:52:35) Al: So I don’t know what this is.
(0:52:36) Al: It’s not forager forager is like a top-down isometric game this is a side on platformer maybe I don’t know what we’re looking at here
(0:52:48) Codey: It’s giving platformer rides.
(0:52:51) Al: so I don’t know what we’re looking at whether it’s I mean it could I guess be forager it like it could be a specific mode in forager it could be a forager -
(0:53:03) Al: It could be something else, I don’t know.
(0:53:08) Al: But it’s not what Forager was anyway, but that is the Forager guy.
(0:53:16) Al: So yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see.
(0:53:21) Codey: Mean as the forage or fan of the pod what it what do you what does this do for your heart?
(0:53:28) Al: Well I don’t know because I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what to think.
(0:53:33) Al: Like if it’s like oh here’s a roguelite then no, you know like I don’t know what is coming.
(0:53:41) Al: If it’s like oh here’s a random game that you don’t want care about but forage a guy isn’t it?
(0:53:46) Codey: Yeah, that’s fair.
(0:53:46) Al: Then no I don’t care about that.
(0:53:49) Al: So yeah I don’t know, I need to see what we’ve got.
(0:53:52) Al: We have no clue what it is, when it’s coming, any of that.
(0:53:58) Al: There’s a piece of tease that says things are coming.
(0:54:01) Codey: Forager guy is the next smash character.
(0:54:07) Al: Sure I’d play that for at least 10 minutes.
(0:54:19) Al: We’ll see.
(0:54:20) Al: It’s just it’s too random and too out of the blue not to mention but we know nothing.
(0:54:25) Al: So, window guard.
(0:54:28) Al: Window Garden is a new game that is out now on iOS and Android and apparently Cody’s already played it.
(0:54:34) Codey: I am playing it in this moment.
(0:54:39) Codey: I am tapping butterflies to earn gold.
(0:54:42) Codey: I mean, it’s just a cute little like,
(0:54:44) Codey: you have different rooms.
(0:54:47) Codey: I mean, I only have the one room right now,
(0:54:48) Codey: but like you basically have plants that you take care of.
(0:54:54) Codey: It tells you whether or not your plant is happy or not.
(0:54:59) Codey: So I only have one plant right now and it is an aloe vera.
(0:55:03) Codey: and basically it shows.
(0:55:04) Codey: you how much it wants to be watered every day, and how much sunlight it wants every day.
(0:55:09) Codey: And you capture sunlight by opening windows and tapping little sun icons, and then you can give them to your plants. And then you have a watering can, and you can collect water by tapping on things,
(0:55:21) Codey: and then you make sure not to overwater them. And the thing that I was really excited about this,
(0:55:27) Codey: so I typed out what is on the Apple store, because I have Apple, of what the game is.
(0:55:35) Codey: quote “window garden is a cozy game that allows you to create and decorate your own virtual indoor garden. With aesthetic, cottagecore, and wholesome gameplay,
(0:55:44) Codey: learn how to grow plants, succulents, fruits, and vegetables, mirroring realistic gardening experiences.”
(0:55:52) Al: I’m sorry, this is the game that you just said you capture the sun and you feed it to your plant.
(0:55:59) Codey: But I, so I think that like what they’re getting at is that it’s realistic gardening like, you know, aloe vera wants this much water and this much sun.
(0:56:10) Codey: Um, and so if you have an aloe, like now, if I were to go buy an aloe vera plant, I would know it doesn’t want to be over watered.
(0:56:16) Codey: It only wants like a moderate amount of water and to give it full sun.
(0:56:20) Codey: Like I wouldn’t, I would then know that.
(0:56:23) Codey: Which this is, if you remember, this is like what I asked Elle for was a game.
(0:56:29) Codey: That kind of has realistic, like indoor plant care to teach me how to take care of my plants, which thanks Elle.
(0:56:38) Codey: You didn’t make it, but I have killed very few plants lately.
(0:56:42) Al: Yeah, Al’s too busy making frog game.
(0:56:44) Codey: So I am learning.
(0:56:47) Codey: That’s true. Frog game is really cute.
(0:56:49) Codey: Um, it’s called mud born.
(0:56:52) Codey: It’s a play on blood born.
(0:56:54) Codey: blood-borne. Um, but yeah. Yeah, did you not get that?
(0:56:57) Al: Oh!
(0:56:58) Al: to frogs like mud
(0:56:59) Codey: Uh, so yeah, like I haven’t, they do like mud. They do.
(0:57:05) Codey: Sometimes they like hang out in mud. Um, but yeah, so this is really interesting to me, like learning how to take care of plants and kind of, um, I mean, again, like you’re saying, like it’s not realistic to like click on sunlight and whatever, but,
(0:57:22) Codey: um, just looking at the little page for my aloe vera and knowing that it wants moderate sun, or sorry, it says full sun.
(0:57:29) Codey: And moderate water is good.
(0:57:32) Codey: So I literally did not know that this game existed until I was reading through the show notes.
(0:57:37) Codey: So I don’t have too, too much to mention on it.
(0:57:42) Codey: It looks cute.
(0:57:43) Codey: I also love it’s very tongue-in-cheek that the person is like,
(0:57:46) Codey: “Hey, you’re taking over my house and I have a bunch of plants in here.
(0:57:50) Codey: Would you like to take my plants?”
(0:57:52) Codey: Like they are a little wealthy, but, you know, if you could take care of them,
(0:57:56) Codey: that’d be great because then I don’t have to take them with me.
(0:57:58) Codey: And you’re like, “Okay.”
(0:57:59) Codey: And then it’s like, “Hey, I forgot your name.”
(0:58:01) Codey: And you never give it your name.
(0:58:03) Codey: You’re just like…
(0:58:04) Codey: The little character is like, “I forgot your name.”
(0:58:06) Codey: And you’re like, “Eh, maybe I’ll tell you later.”
(0:58:09) Codey: Or they just kind of like…
(0:58:10) Codey: All the moments where you give the person your name,
(0:58:13) Codey: you just gloss over it.
(0:58:15) Codey: And just be like, “Meh, doesn’t matter.”
(0:58:19) Codey: Which is funny to me.
(0:58:23) Codey: But yeah, I will…
(0:58:25) Codey: I mean, perhaps I will cover this.
(0:58:30) Codey: Which is only something I’m saying now.
(0:58:30) Al: No promises.
(0:58:32) Codey: I mean, I could cover it all by myself.
(0:58:37) Codey: But yeah.
(0:58:42) Al: awesome cool that’s the news only took us an hour we could have just done that but no we’re going to talk about more because we’re going to talk about our coral island hopes and dreams so
(0:58:58) Al: me and Cody have both played a lot of coral island probably me more than you I suspect
(0:59:04) Codey: Probably. I don’t really know how to look up how many hours I have in it. Um, but yeah, probably
(0:59:09) Al: I’m at about a hundred hours now.
(0:59:14) Codey: Yeah, you win [giggling]
(0:59:14) Al: So, just a little background, yeah, so the game 1.0 came out in November last year and the roadmap has three upcoming updates of which I saw them comment to someone on Twitter saying they expect to get 1.1 and 1.2 out this year.
(0:59:39) Al: So, it’s not gonna be super fast, that’s fine, just it is what it is.
(0:59:47) Al: 1.1 basically includes all of the stuff that I think should have been in 1.0, so it like actually gives you merfolk stuff, it gives you the town rank S, which didn’t exist, adds access to the Savannah. It’s the Buffalo.
(1:00:09) Al: It adds the tourist system, which also includes the backer NPCs, which we talked about in the last episode. Stop thirsting over the real people that they’re putting into the game. Still weird. Stop it.
(1:00:29) Codey: Yeah, people were pretty thirsty though. I also liked the
(1:00:30) Al: Bye.
(1:00:33) Codey: The fact that some people were like why is there only one guy and like all these other people are either
(1:00:38) Al: because they’re the ones that backed. Oh dear. A 1.2 is basically the multiplayer update.
(1:00:39) Codey: Non-binary or fem or a female and I was like maybe because
(1:00:44) Codey: We’re the ones who have acted
(1:00:48) Codey: This game is is has a has an audience
(1:01:02) Al: It’s also apparently adding a Merfolk festival, which is interesting. And then the one point three is children. I mean, yeah, fair. So we’re going to talk about what other things that we would want, assuming that they would continue to develop after these updates, which obviously it’s important to note that they don’t have to. I think if they finish, if they get to the end of this 1.3 update and they say that’s the game done, that’s fine. You know, I think that That would be, I think it’s important for us as.
(1:01:38) Al: Game players to accept when games are done and that not every game is Stardew Valley, nor should it be, and games generally will not be supported for ten years after their release. That’s not a thing that people do.
(1:01:54) Al: But if they get to 1.3 and they decide that they want to add more, what do we want? Cody, you give us one thing.
(1:02:02) Codey: Um okay so a couple of ours kind of overlap. Um but the first thing that I thought of uh when I saw like what do we want is to have more pets at one time. So I straight when I like went so first of all for a while you can’t access a pet adoption. Um I think that you have to like reach a certain town rank to access it um if I’m remembering.
(1:02:26) Al: yep
(1:02:30) Al: I wouldn’t know because I because I forgot I didn’t know it existed until you told me and i’d already I was way up there already
(1:02:36) Codey: » Okay, yeah, I don’t remember what it is, but you trigger it.
(1:02:41) Codey: And so I finally was able to adopt a pet and one of the dogs is exactly like my Australian Shepherd.
(1:02:49) Codey: It’s Bode, I think is the dog’s name, but I renamed her Stella.
(1:02:53) Codey: It looks straight up like my dog, so I immediately got that dog.
(1:02:57) Codey: And then I went back the next, or the next time I had enough money and And I was like, okay, now I’ll buy another bed.
(1:03:02) Codey: And I’ll get this other thing, or like I’ll buy a tank and I’ll get the bearded dragon, because my goodness the bearded dragon.
(1:03:09) Codey: And then yeah, you can’t.
(1:03:11) Codey: You can only have one pet at a time.
(1:03:14) Codey: And I feel attacked. I want to be an animal hoarder. And why can’t I do that?
(1:03:20) Al: Yeah, I agree. I’ve had this down as well. It feels like a weird restriction and it also feels like something that shouldn’t take too much work for them to give us such a significant update. So it’s like, yeah, especially weird that you can buy multiple beds and only one pet. Like that’s just weird. I would also add to this that I think it’d be nice if they Did something?
(1:03:48) Al: Like it just kind of feels like they’re cosmetic.
(1:03:50) Al: And I don’t think it’s a good thing to be putting out to the world that pets are…
(1:03:59) Codey: Yeah, I
(1:04:02) Codey: Don’t really know
(1:04:04) Codey: What else so like I’m trying to think of like what my animals get
(1:04:08) Codey: Give to me in the real world
(1:04:10) Al: Yeah, I mean it doesn’t need to be realistic, right? Like, I think it was trio of towns where your dog would just bring you random gems every so often. Like, it doesn’t need to be much. It doesn’t need to be much. Like, one every week. One cheap thing. Like, it would just be a fun little thing that it would do.
(1:04:20) Codey: Oh, that’d be cute. Yeah, Stella definitely does that.
(1:04:30) Codey: The other thing, so I put, I just got a pet bed and I put it in my house and she never leaves the bed.
(1:04:40) Codey: She never goes anywhere.
(1:04:42) Al: Big mood.
(1:04:45) Codey: Maybe she’s just lazy, but I mean, do you,
(1:04:50) Codey: do you have your pet inside, outside?
(1:04:52) Codey: What are you, what’s your situation?
(1:04:53) Al: I can’t remember. I haven’t played it in a few months.
(1:04:54) Codey: Okay, ‘cause I was just curious,
(1:04:58) Codey: Like, I was expecting that they’ll–
(1:05:00) Codey: kind of like in Stardew, like they’ll roam around and then they’ll come back to their bed,
(1:05:05) Codey: but not that they’re just 100% of the time going to be in their bed.
(1:05:10) Codey: Because they’re roaming around– like, they’re all over town.
(1:05:14) Codey: When they’re not your pet, I would be fine with them still being all over town.
(1:05:19) Codey: It’s just that they come home to me and give me cuddles.
(1:05:26) Codey: So yeah, I was a little surprised by that.
(1:05:28) Codey: like I was expecting to see.
(1:05:30) Codey: her running around my farm and that’s not happening so have more pets just an improvement to the pets in general have more pets have them do something have them leave their bed I’m trying to remember there was also a game where you had like a pet bowl that you had to feed them in was that harvest moon
(1:05:52) Al: stardew has that doesn’t it I don’t think you don’t think you had to water it but
(1:05:54) Codey: probably uh so yeah I mean that as well
(1:05:59) Al: if you did if you filled it up they would drink from it
(1:06:00) Codey: yeah
(1:06:04) Al: yeah yeah you do stardew you do have that it might be another ones as well but yeah just double checked it definitely is my first thing is I would really like alternate farm layouts
(1:06:10) Codey: yeah so that’s what I would say that’s my first thing
(1:06:17) Al: um I really like this is one of the things that I think stardew did amazingly and nobody
(1:06:22) Al: has done no other game has done this right if you’re gonna look at stardew the biggest farming game and you’re gonna say yeah this is great let’s do it better why have none of you done alternate farm layouts and I think the coral island is the game that should do it because
(1:06:39) Al: it’s great and I think it would be fantastic I think I would also say like go even further and let me choose what my layout is because it’s like I i just want a big square right like I really
(1:06:53) Al: like the the shape changes and there’s like a bulge out here and there’s a and I know that’s how like land works that’s fine but I i want I want a big square so I can lay it out how I want
(1:07:05) Al: but whatever I mean I think it would be fun to have something different about
(1:07:09) Codey: Or like random generation…I don’t know. Something.
(1:07:16) Al: Yeah, I mean the problem, I mean the fun thing about Stardew’s farm layouts is like they all have different advantages and disadvantages. Like you’ve got the four corners and the mining one that give you some ore that you can mine, you know, on your farm. The disadvantage is that’s less area to farm, but the advantage is that you can obviously get more ore, especially really quickly, right? So that’s the advantage of them.
(1:07:46) Al: Random generation, procedural generation, has a big, like you don’t get to choose. You don’t get to go, “Oh, this is what I want to do.” Like I will take the benefit of this with the disadvantages that it also gives. It just goes, “Ah, here you go. Here’s a bit that you don’t want in your farm.” I don’t think that’s good.
(1:08:06) Codey: okay yeah that makes sense um and I guess like in stardew they do it in the way that if you you can have different resources that spawn in your island um
(1:08:25) Codey: My next one is I so the thing that I really love about this game is that there are non-binary characters and queer relationships and so I would like to have more either non-binary or genderfluid characters in general and currently there’s two non-binary characters there’s Dippa and Raj and
(1:08:55) Codey: Dippa is married so non-romancible so the only romanceable character that is non-binary is Raj and they own the coffee shop and honestly I’ve been going for Scott but I am now torn because I looked up a little bit more of Raj’s page and they are okay so yeah I mean I would just like more of that I like that they have that
(1:09:26) Codey: that as an option in the game maybe some of these backer visitors will be I guess are they romanceable I can’t remember okay naymind but yeah so that’d be cool and then another thing that I wrote here just as an aside is or
(1:09:46) Al: Luke, you know what? I’m always going to back up that suggestion. I think that it’s fine.
(1:09:50) Codey: yeah like if you if you go to someone in like you just go up to Dippa or something or you go to one of the other character I don’t know a lot of their names we’ll go up to a character that the carpenter husband and you go up to him and you’re just like hey how’s your day and he’s like I am upset and then it ends up that like his marriage is dissolving and then you can like console them.
(1:10:24) Al: I think there is a lot of interesting dynamics you could do in allowing you to break up any marriage in the game. And I would absolutely expect that some are easier than others to break up, right? Like you wouldn’t expect every marriage to be easy to break up. But I think you could have a lot of fun dynamics in that, in so much as like, you know, maybe some
(1:10:54) Al: people need to be, you know, flirted with and they need to be felt like somebody cares about them because they feel like their spouse isn’t caring about them anymore. Or maybe, yeah, maybe you say maybe one was already mentally checked out and they don’t need much convincing. And maybe one of them needs to, you know, think that their spouse is cheating on them. Or, you know, there’s so many things and you could even be the person that does that, you know, you could tear them apart from both ends. There’s loads of, and I know this, there are people who are
(1:11:22) Codey: So…
(1:11:24) Al: gonna absolutely hate. I know, I know you people, you don’t like the way that I really want this thing. It’s, I just find it fascinating. I find people interesting, and obviously this is something I would not do in real life that’s games for you, but I find the challenge of that really interesting,
(1:11:35) Codey: Yeah.
(1:11:45) Al: right? Like my first marriage in Stardew was Hailey, because Hailey seemed like the most difficult to get to know.
(1:11:54) Al: And the one that felt like most of a challenge.
(1:11:57) Al: And that’s the only place where I really find interest in these things.
(1:12:02) Al: And that’s, I suspect that’s probably why I went for Lily in Coral Island,
(1:12:06) Al: because she’s pretty much a loner, right?
(1:12:09) Al: And I felt like that would be the biggest challenge as well.
(1:12:14) Al: So I like, I just think it’s really interesting.
(1:12:17) Al: And so, yeah, I’m going to, I’m going to back you up on that one.
(1:12:19) Codey: I mean or like so another I think there’s another game. I don’t think it’s Coral Island I cannot remember we talked about it once upon a time, but there’s a character in a game
(1:12:28) Codey: That is coming up. That is an older human
(1:12:32) Codey: like Not having all of the marriageables be
(1:12:36) Codey: 20-something
(1:12:39) Codey: Hotties basically
(1:12:42) Codey: And because like you
(1:12:44) Codey: can be in a you can be married and and be unhappy
(1:12:50) Codey: it’s like have it just mutually be like you know what this isn’t working for us and it doesn’t have to be this huge heartbreaking thing like you’re not a frickin home wrecker for doing this like but even just being the friend that can tell one of the characters like hey like you don’t seem happy and then you’re like my gosh I’m not and then they talk to their partner and they’re like wow they’re not either or like a character maybe that was married before like I I was married in the real
(1:13:14) Al: There is one. What’s her name? One of the twins is divorced.
(1:13:17) Codey: Oh, okay.
(1:13:19) Codey: Okay, well, good on you for that, but yeah, so I think this is the game. This is a game that or the game at least in my mind right now, that has the potential for kind of allowing for that kind of stuff and like breaking the mold in that, that you know, just because you get married doesn’t mean happily ever after and doesn’t mean that your issues go away.
(1:13:40) Codey: Um, and it doesn’t. And yeah, and that people in their thirties can need a relationship to.
(1:13:49) Codey: Or, or older.
(1:13:51) Al: But also a relationship doesn’t make you a full human. Also important to point out, single is valid. I will agree with you on everything you said, but I will also say let me be a home wrecker if I want to be as well. Yeah, I think my point was just like, yeah, it doesn’t always need to be that. It doesn’t need to be a massive thing, but I think it would also be fun if that was a possibility as well. And I think that would be fun, right?
(1:13:55) Codey: Correct. You are. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
(1:14:06) Codey: - Correct, yeah.
(1:14:21) Al: Like if every couple had a specific way to break them up, and some of them, it was just saying the right thing as a friend, because they already know that that’s not working and you’re just there to help them work through that. And some of them, it’s other more complicated things. I think that would be fun. I would also add, I would like more datable characters,
(1:14:51) Al: I would like Senja to be a datable character, or at least just even get to know her or even have any dialogue at all. I need to know about her. I’m fascinated, right? Because she’s in the
(1:15:04) Al: den of, what’s it called, the den of thieves or whatever, the group of people that do the monster hunting. Yeah, she doesn’t live in the town. She lives somewhere else. She comes here
(1:15:08) Codey: Yeah, I know what you’re talking about.
(1:15:12) Codey: Well, and I saw her around town as well, like…
(1:15:21) Al: really fascinated by that. I want to know more about her. Possibly. That’s possible.
(1:15:32) Al: Possible, but I still don’t think she’s datable though. I think that’s, but I would like her to be. My next one is, I want ways to actually interact with your spouse. So like once you get Married.
(1:15:49) Al: Nothing really happens.
(1:15:51) Al: This doesn’t really do anything, and they just exist in the house, and just kind of stand there the entire time, and very occasionally they will give you a present when you talk to them, and they have like 10 lines of dialogue.
(1:16:05) Al: It feels like they become less of a person when you marry them, and what a bad message that is.
(1:16:10) Codey: mean that’s how it works, right? You take two fully you take two fully interesting people and you make one somewhat interesting and one lesser shade of a human. No, I’m kidding. No, it’s not helping. If I just described your relationship, evaluate things.
(1:16:15) Al: It’s not how it should work.
(1:16:21) Al: I mean, I will say that that does happen. I think that’s not healthy.
(1:16:39) Al: Yeah, yeah, maybe. Yeah, I just I would like them to exist as a human in the world,
(1:16:45) Al: like even leaving the house, because as far as I can see, Lily never leaves my house.
(1:16:52) Al: Anymore.
(1:16:53) Codey: That would break my heart, like, especially because I’m wooing Museum Man,
(1:16:57) Codey: and like, if he just was never doing museum stuff anymore…
(1:17:00) Al: There’s no way that will happen. No, yeah. It may well be because of the one I’ve chosen,
(1:17:02) Codey: How heartbreaking though!
(1:17:07) Al: like Lily mostly spent time around her house and occasionally went out, but at least when she was in her house, she was doing her job. She doesn’t do anything in the house. At all,
(1:17:20) Al: she stands next to the bed and does nothing the entire time. And I think it’s my biggest disappointment with this game is how
(1:17:24) Codey: I mean
(1:17:28) Codey: So you’re
(1:17:30) Al: nothingness it is. I’m hoping this gets fixed in the in the next update because I do know that the the lines of dialogue are nearly doubling in the game so I’m
(1:17:32) Codey: So you’re telling me we can’t have two pets it’s just that one of them is a spouse
(1:17:40) Codey: That’s all that the pets do it’s just stand by their bed
(1:17:58) Codey: Wow. Yeah.
(1:18:01) Al: I’m hoping that this this changes stuff but we’ll see I guess all right what’s
(1:18:10) Codey: So, one of my biggest downfalls in relationships in all of these games is understanding how to increase friendship by giving gifts.
(1:18:23) Codey: I know that gift giving is something that increases your friendship level a lot more than just talking to them, and so I always try and figure out what they want, but for For some characters, it’s like not…
(1:18:40) Codey: very obvious? Like how am I supposed to know that X person likes Y thing?
(1:18:46) Codey: For some people it’s more obvious. I mean so for Museum Man I’ve just been giving him artifacts and every single time he’s like I love it and I’m like well yeah of course you do you’re a Museum Man. But like if I wanted to make him food I don’t know what kind of food he likes. And it’s not really something that they ever mention in their dialogue that I have seen where they’re just like man I could go for a salad right now.
(1:19:07) Al: yeah if you successfully yeah if you give them something that they like it will show in their bio in your your thing but yeah there’s no hints as far as I can see up front yeah yeah no i’m not i’m not saying you’re wrong i’m saying yeah that they have something but it’s not good enough
(1:19:17) Codey: Yeah, but you have to like do it first
(1:19:26) Codey: Yeah but if like you went to the museum and found Scott’s like journal or something and invaded his privacy and read it and he was like man I could kill for a salad right now
(1:19:38) Codey: or like he has a picture of a potato with a heart around it and you’re like oh cool he loves potatoes. I don’t know something something that like made it obvious. I’m assuming he doesn’t love potatoes as a gym rat.
(1:19:56) Codey: so carbs you’re right but they generally like protein though my my my gym rat really likes donuts so yeah I that’s that’s something that I would really like is some indication like maybe even just talking to someone and having because I think there’s my brain is potato um there’s a game that I was
(1:19:56) Al: Potatoes are one of the best carbohydrates.
(1:20:26) Codey: that had it so that like you could talk to someone and be like hey do you know what this person likes and then they’d be like yeah they really like this and so it kind of like does that and I just was like wow this is a way better mechanic than then in other games so I cannot for the life of me figure out what came that is oh well so yeah just some indication or some idea or maybe like them sayings. Oh, it was Palia.
(1:20:56) Codey: It was Palia. Where, like, you can talk to someone and they can be like, “Oh, my son really likes whatever.” And they’re kind of like little easter eggs that you drop and it reminds me of… did you ever play Banjo-Kazooie? There’s… throughout the game there’s like these trivia answers about one of the characters and then at near the end of the game you literally do like a game show style thing and the character is like gonna kill you if you don’t answer questions about her correctly.
(1:21:26) Codey: And it’s things like, “What was the name of my band that I was in in high school?” And throughout the game like her sister is giving is saying like, “My sister sucks and she was in this band that was called this thing.” And so you kind of have to like write these things down like as you go and I would…
(1:21:50) Codey: So yeah, that me.
(1:21:59) Al: I want new areas to explore, and I know we’ve got the savannah coming, but I want other areas as well.
(1:22:07) Al: I don’t know what I want them to be, I just want some more areas.
(1:22:11) Al: It’s not that the town feels small, but I feel like it could be bigger.
(1:22:20) Codey: it does to me it feels huge
(1:22:25) Codey: the first couple times I walked around I was like I am lost
(1:22:29) Codey: I had to open up the map multiple times but I get that I was trying to sorry go for it
(1:22:30) Al: Yeah. I agree. I think to start with, it does feel quite big. So these are things that I think you would unlock as you go. I think it would be too overwhelming for them to be available at the beginning. But I do think, just as a side note, the map is very good for helping you not feel as lost. I think it’s very good for helping you figure out your way around. And, you know, I’m now at the point where I can get to where I want get really quickly. Not least because it’s
(1:23:00) Al: the warp points.
(1:23:02) Codey: Yeah, those help a lot. I do really like the war point system in this game.
(1:23:07) Codey: Um I think like along with that like new area thing. I think it would be really cool
(1:23:12) Codey: like some of one of the things about this these games that
(1:23:16) Codey: I kind of don’t like as much is the fact that everything is it’s just all the same constantly
(1:23:21) Codey: Like I wonder if there was there would be a way for them to make like a procedurally generated hike or something
(1:23:27) Codey: or like a proceed like kind of like the caves how the caves are like
(1:23:32) Codey: Not procedurally generated, but they’re like randomized every time
(1:23:34) Al: Well, they are. Yeah, they are procedurally generated. That’s the correct use of-
(1:23:42) Codey: are what even are the caves for like it doesn’t it doesn’t make any sense to me um so like the cave like they’re just for getting more resources right but like I just want more like as you progress through the rooms things would get better quality but that doesn’t happen correct
(1:23:51) Al: What do you mean?
(1:24:10) Al: That’s why you yeah, that’s why you have different minds in this one so that the progression is unlocking the other
(1:24:12) Codey: yeah
(1:24:16) Codey: yeah because I would just think like have the case oh sorry I mean caves like in the I mean I guess it’s the same as caves and the mining system but also in the ocean yeah there I mean
(1:24:28) Al: Oh, yeah, no, I hate the caves. Pointless. Yeah, make them actually fun and useful.
(1:24:36) Al: I went in one, I spent like 20 minutes going, “What on earth is happening? I’m just getting trash everywhere. There’s nothing happening.” Yeah, I’m expecting there’s something coming in the Marifolk update, because they just feel like they’re… It feels like everything else in the Merfolk area, it just feels unfinished and…
(1:24:59) Al: …missing a huge amount of…
(1:25:01) Codey: Yeah, like if it would the further into the cave you get the underwater cave you get like the better quality items get dropped, as you advance through the rooms or whatever that would be awesome but right now it just seems.
(1:25:11) Al: Yeah, yeah, some oh just anything that’s not trash literally anything
(1:25:18) Codey: Yeah, because it’s all tried so it’s all I mean you can get like chests and the.
(1:25:23) Al: Can you can you actually cuz I’m pretty sure I went through like 20 or 30 of them and found nothing but trash
(1:25:25) Codey: Yeah, you do.
(1:25:29) Codey: - No, you do.
(1:25:30) Codey: You do.
(1:25:31) Codey: Um, like I’ve gotten a couple,
(1:25:33) Codey: but like it’s not very often, I guess?
(1:25:38) Codey: I don’t know.
(1:25:39) Codey: It’s, it just seems correct.
(1:25:39) Al: It needs to be better, whatever it is, it needs to be better and I’m hoping there’s more coming in that because they do talk about in the 1.1 update one of the things is ocean farming and ranching and so hopefully that also means the mining in there is going to be better as well, but we’ll see.
(1:25:42) Codey: It seems a little pointless.
(1:25:44) Codey: Bye.
(1:25:58) Codey: So yeah, like that was in addition to yours, so my next thing is, so I, don’t get me wrong,
(1:26:07) Codey: mad respect to them for the insects that they have in this game.
(1:26:10) Codey: They have a lot of different butterflies and moths, they, lepidopterans, it is the order that includes butterflies and moths.
(1:26:14) Al: Yeah, what was that word you were trying to say there?
(1:26:18) Al: Okay.
(1:26:22) Al: Okay, okay.
(1:26:23) Codey: the insect order.
(1:26:24) Codey: Um.
(1:26:24) Al: So say that word again, because is this a word I can use instead of saying moth or butterfly and having someone correct me?
(1:26:31) Codey: Yeah, so lepidoptera is the order that includes moths and butterflies, so if you wanted to include both of those things you would just say an insect in the order lepidoptera or just lepidopterin.
(1:26:33) Al: Lepidoptera. All right.
(1:26:46) Codey: Yep.
(1:26:46) Al: lipodopterin. Right. That’s all. That’s it. I’m never saying butterfly or moth again,
(1:26:53) Al: because I don’t know the difference. I don’t care. Moving on. No.
(1:26:57) Codey: Do you want me to tell you the difference?
(1:26:59) Codey: Okay.
(1:27:01) Al: Well, okay. Okay. Right. I probably shouldn’t say no, because then someone will complain in this lack that you didn’t say it. So tell me what’s the difference.
(1:27:08) Codey: Okay, so the main difference is
(1:27:10) Codey: Like when you’re looking at a leopard operon and you’re like, what the heck is this?
(1:27:14) Codey: Look at the antennae if the antennae have a little club on the end of them
(1:27:18) Codey: so they have their little their little feelers in the front and if there’s a little like
(1:27:23) Codey: Extra bit at the end of it. It is a butterfly and
(1:27:29) Codey: If it’s just a either a plain antennae or one that looks like a feather
(1:27:34) Codey: Then it’s a moth
(1:27:36) Al: I’ll be honest, I’m not getting close enough to them to see the antenna.
(1:27:38) Codey: Which is hilarious, I’ve heard of people that are afraid of butterflies and moths, and that’s hilarious to me because
(1:27:46) Al: It’s not that I’m afraid of them, it’s just that if I get close to them, they’re going to fly in my face and I don’t like things in my face.
(1:27:53) Al: The number of times, I don’t know what that noise was, the number of times I’ve had a butterfly or a moth, sorry, a Lepidopteran, fly in my face is more than five, and I do not like it. I would like things not to be in my–
(1:27:58) Codey: Just broke
(1:28:05) Codey: There you go
(1:28:10) Codey: Non-zero
(1:28:13) Codey: That’s fair
(1:28:16) Codey: That’s fair
(1:28:16) Al: Right? It’s second only to walking through a spider–
(1:28:21) Codey: Mm-hmm, that is the one of the worst things I when I’m working out in the field and I have a spider’s web
(1:28:27) Codey: like walk through one, that sucks
(1:28:28) Codey: um yeah so that would be so right right so they have a lot of those um and that’s about it they have a lot of butterflies a lot of moths a lot of caterpillars they have a saddleback caterpillar which I am in love I’m so happy if I hadn’t gotten a worm pull tattoo today I was gonna probably get a this Autobot caterpillar tattoo today.
(1:28:30) Al: horrifying.
(1:28:58) Codey: I love that. They have one. Um, but where are my, here you go.
(1:29:04) Codey: Where are my hymenopterans and my dipterans? Where are they at?
(1:29:06) Al: Just say the word! Say the word!
(1:29:08) Codey: Where are they at? So hymenoptera includes ants, bees, and wasps.
(1:29:13) Al: Bees!
(1:29:14) Codey: Diptera is a flies. So there’s, I mean, there’s like,
(1:29:18) Al: There is fly.
(1:29:21) Al: I love it. It’s like, it’s literally just called fly.
(1:29:24) Codey: yeah. And there is,
(1:29:25) Codey: So that’s, it’s funny to me because like fly,
(1:29:28) Codey: oh, many flies. I am literally.
(1:29:30) Al: Well, it’s something you could have chosen so many flies that normal people know flies, right?
(1:29:32) Codey: It’s funny to me because like fly, I am literally.
(1:29:34) Codey: So that’s funny to me because like fly, I am literally.
(1:29:36) Codey: I am literally.
(1:29:37) Al: It’s not like, it’s, it’s, you know, if you, if you, blue bottle, just do a blue bottle.
(1:29:41) Al: Everybody knows a blue bottle, right? Don’t call it fly.
(1:29:42) Codey: I am, I am literally going in August to Costa Rica for 12 days to learn about flies.
(1:29:54) Al: It’s okay, fly just small.
(1:29:54) Codey: There are so many, and even then I’m like, how are they going to fit all of the flies into 12 days?
(1:30:03) Codey: They are, they can be large, but they’re mostly small.
(1:30:07) Codey: But like, how are they going to fit all those families in there?
(1:30:10) Codey: They’re not.
(1:30:12) Codey: Like, I’m, I’m so happy.
(1:30:15) Codey: They really respected lepidopterans.
(1:30:18) Al: It’s just bizarre fly I got I can’t get over it the fact that it’s just called fly
(1:30:18) Codey: They did, they did a great job.
(1:30:20) Codey: There could be more, there could be more.
(1:30:23) Codey: There’s also, there’s also wasp, which I am a, I am a, no, no, no, they nailed it.
(1:30:28) Al: Yeah
(1:30:30) Al: You’re gonna tell me it actually isn’t a wasp or something
(1:30:34) Codey: It’s, well, it’s a specifically a Vesped wasp, so even whatever, but, so there are, but there are other wasps, like there are other things that you can have.
(1:30:41) Codey: So just encourage.
(1:30:42) Codey: And expanding and Coral Island, I have experience consulting as a consultant for video game people for helping improve insect diversity within video games.
(1:30:58) Codey: So reach out to me.
(1:30:58) Codey: I would specifically like to see bees.
(1:31:00) Codey: There’s no bees.
(1:31:02) Codey: Period.
(1:31:02) Al: Yeah, I just find it so funny, it’s like they’ve got the Assam silk moth, the banded wooly bear,
(1:31:08) Codey: Oh, yeah.
(1:31:08) Codey: - I did it.
(1:31:11) Al: the blue morpho butterfly, and they have fly. Fly and wasp.
(1:31:14) Codey: » Yeah, yes, so in insects, there are the big four.
(1:31:22) Codey: It’s the four orders that have the majority of the diversity.
(1:31:25) Codey: There’s lepidoptera, they nailed it.
(1:31:26) Codey: There’s coleoptera, which is the beetles.
(1:31:28) Codey: There’s some beetles, but there’s not a ton of beetles.
(1:31:31) Al: Yeah, at least they have multiple, like they don’t just have beetle.
(1:31:34) Codey: Yeah, and then there’s diptura and hymenoptera.
(1:31:37) Codey: So the ones that I just mentioned, and they have one member of each of those Gigantic order.
(1:31:44) Al: Fly and Wasp, but they have the Western Tiger Swallowtail and the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, the Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly.
(1:31:45) Codey: Fly and wasp, so, would just love…
(1:31:53) Codey: Yeah, and those are different things.
(1:31:58) Codey: Which, yeah, but can be confused with,
(1:32:00) Codey: so the Eastern Swallowtail butterfly has a morph that looks like the Spice Bush.
(1:32:04) Codey: So like, these are all, like,
(1:32:06) Al: Oh, they also have snail, snail.
(1:32:07) Codey: they went ham on the butterflies.
(1:32:11) Codey: So for bees, specifically.
(1:32:12) Codey: Here are some options, these are for free.
(1:32:15) Codey: Coral Island, green sweat bee, mason bee, bumble bee, mining bee and sweat bee.
(1:32:20) Codey: Those are all mostly native bees or they are native bees and they they are generalizable. So just those are for free. Just a little a little taste.
(1:32:33) Al: When you say native bee, is Caro Island based?
(1:32:34) Codey: It isn’t North America I guess. I don’t know. I don’t know where Norrell. You know what?
(1:32:43) Codey: Tell me where you’re based and where the island is supposed to be based. I’ll give you some bees.
(1:32:46) Al: I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be in Oceania or Southeast Asia, one of
(1:32:51) Codey: Okay then there’s then there’s blue-banded bee. There’s still carpenter bees. You could do carpenter bees. There’s still gonna be bumble bees down there. Orchid bees. There’s a bunch of stuff that you could do. Hit me up.
(1:33:06) Al: You could also just do a bee.
(1:33:07) Codey: Or us. You’re doing so.
(1:33:10) Al: I’m so sorry.
(1:33:12) Al: Oh, wow.
(1:33:12) Codey: Okay I’m gonna try and limit this. I understand that some of these insects are harder to catch than others but they literally have insect traps in this game. So butterflies are easy for you to catch with a net. So sure I get it. I get why you have a ton of butterflies. But you did add insect traps into this game. So you should be able to get these things.
(1:33:14) Al: No?
(1:33:42) Codey: And then they have I think they have a few different like spiders as well.
(1:33:44) Al: They literally have like 20 Lepidopteran in the game, and they have fly wasp snail
(1:33:55) Al: They do they do they have got the wolf spider the widow spider they have a few others as well
(1:33:58) Codey: Praying mantis right? Well no but like that’s another thing that they have.
(1:34:03) Al: That’s not a spider I don’t think I
(1:34:07) Al: Know I’m just like it’s nearly 11 p.m. Just I this is what we’ve got to
(1:34:13) Codey: Yeah.
(1:34:14) Al: Bees get bees in the game not also, maybe a second fly. I don’t know
(1:34:17) Codey: Bees.
(1:34:20) Codey: Maybe go wild through a second flight, just for a treat.
(1:34:27) Al: I would like
(1:34:27) Codey: just
(1:34:29) Al: More ways to increase the time rank because I feel like when I hit B it became rehab be when I hit turn rank be
(1:34:38) Al: Buzz buzz and it got really difficult to increase it any further, and I’ve got a whole tooth
(1:34:44) Al: Levels to go
(1:34:47) Al: So yeah, I would like more ways. I do they’re adding in a new way to do it. I believe
(1:34:54) Al: Attractions But that’s only once you’ve hit turn rank a
(1:34:58) Al: So I need some way to make it
(1:35:00) Codey: I’m sorry, what? Attractions?
(1:35:04) Al: Attractions yeah, you can build a ramen stand a solar garden a
(1:35:07) Codey: So let me get this straight.
(1:35:10) Codey: This is a game.
(1:35:12) Al: A gym?
(1:35:13) Codey: Where, okay, these aren’t really, these are like amenities.
(1:35:15) Al: An arcade?
(1:35:18) Al: Look, it’s called attractions. I don’t know what to tell you. They might be temporary things. I’m not sure.
(1:35:26) Al: I’m guessing the solar garden isn’t temporary. Maybe they’re not temporary.
(1:35:30) Codey: Okay.
(1:35:31) Codey: I guess like
(1:35:32) Al: They’ve not said much about it. Attractions is a new Town Rank category that becomes available after you’ve reached Town Rank A.
(1:35:40) Al: You’ll help the town build new attractions that will benefit townies and attract visitors.
(1:35:45) Al: Okay, yeah, it sounds like they’re permanent. Hot air balloon!
(1:35:50) Codey: so uh sky farming confirmed I guess i’m just like a little blown away because i
(1:36:03) Codey: like i’m trying to I feel like I missed something because my my understanding of the game was you come in and people are like this person boo this person’s trying to make this place a tourist place boo and then you like kick them out and like stop them from like
(1:36:20) Codey: tainting the waters
(1:36:20) Al: No, it’s not touristy. They’re trying to extract oil, I think. It’s capitalism. It’s not tourism necessarily, but it’s like generic… Not necessarily. Tourism can be a part of capitalism,
(1:36:27) Codey: Okay.
(1:36:31) Codey: T-Tourism is capitalism.
(1:36:35) Codey: Okay.
(1:36:40) Al: but it’s like… I’m just saying it’s generic capitalism. It’s like they are generic big business. Boo big business. They’re trying to take advantage of…
(1:36:44) Codey: Okay. Okay.
(1:36:50) Al: of us without giving us any benefit, blah, blah, blah. So I don’t think it’s specifically tourism,
(1:36:57) Al: and I don’t think it’s like capitalism as a whole, because obviously you are a farmer who is selling things and they have shops. So I think it’s more big business exploiting in the environment.
(1:37:16) Codey: I redact my my outrage um okay so you said uh increase waste increase transfer town rank
(1:37:22) Al: Cool, yeah. I just want to be able to do that faster. It feels a real drag at this point trying to get to rank A. Which I suspect is probably deliberate, because if they haven’t even implemented turn rank S yet, the turn rank S stuff is other things that you need to do to get there.
(1:37:32) Codey: that’s fair
(1:37:44) Al: So you presumably just need to 100% everything that is currently in the game to get to A,
(1:37:49) Al: which okay fine but that feels
(1:37:53) Al: weird to me but whatever
(1:37:54) Codey: Yeah, I mean, they gotta throttle it, right?
(1:37:56) Codey: They gotta make sure that you don’t just guzzle the game super easily.
(1:37:59) Codey: But also…
(1:37:59) Al: My one to guzzle the game let me guzzle
(1:38:04) Codey: Podcast title, let me guzzle.
(1:38:06) Codey: Okay, um, next.
(1:38:08) Codey: My- not next, last.
(1:38:08) Al: No
(1:38:10) Codey: My last thing.
(1:38:11) Codey: So I want more animals in the overworld.
(1:38:13) Codey: Um…
(1:38:14) Al: Well have I got good news for you they are adding more yeah yeah
(1:38:15) Codey: Really?
(1:38:18) Al: I don’t know what they haven’t said but they said that the current version has
(1:38:22) Al: 25 and the new version coming out has 40
(1:38:26) Codey: But these are like farm animals, correct?
(1:38:29) Al: Nope that’s the wildlife
(1:38:32) Codey: Cool.
(1:38:33) Codey: Then I guess this is also redacted.
(1:38:35) Codey: ‘Cause I was just gonna say like,
(1:38:36) Codey: I love when you go into the ocean and there’s like jellyfish and fish and turtles,
(1:38:40) Codey: like all just kind of like going around and you don’t interact with them.
(1:38:44) Codey: They just exist and they’re just like there.
(1:38:46) Codey: And I don’t really see that as much in the overworld.
(1:38:50) Codey: So like I don’t see, or at least I haven’t like encountered when you’re walking through like the foresty area,
(1:38:55) Codey: like seeing a raccoon fox or deer or like.
(1:38:56) Codey: Just like run away from you or anything like like a bunny.
(1:39:04) Al: Yeah, I think there are some, but yeah, maybe just don’t notice them as much.
(1:39:09) Codey: Yeah, maybe they’re few and far between. I don’t know
(1:39:14) Codey: But yeah, that was the other thing I just I felt like and this may be also kind of like goes back to my pet and how my pet just sits on a bed, um It makes when you’re in the in the ocean and you see those ocean critters like doing like living their life and going around like it
(1:39:30) Codey: Makes it feel alive. Like it makes it feel more of like a lived-in world
(1:39:35) Codey: And so having more of that would be awesome
(1:39:39) Al: Yeah. Agreed.
(1:39:40) Codey: And not making them pets and not making them something that you can catch because wildlife are not pets
(1:39:48) Al: No, the hence the word wild.
(1:39:53) Codey: Well I’m saying, so I guess like this might not be as common in Scotland, but in the United States people frequently are like “I’m going to tame a fox” or “I’m going to tame a coyote” and it’s like, that is, uh…
(1:40:02) Al: Oh like that Netflix show with the lions. I know it’s not the same thing.
(1:40:07) Codey: Yeah, no, but like that’s basically what they do. They find these like animals that are still wild, like still not tame, not domesticated,
(1:40:21) Codey: could randomly hurt you.
(1:40:24) Codey: If they randomly hurt you, it’s not your fault, it’s the animal’s fault, and the animal gets euthanized.
(1:40:29) Al: I also feel like we’ve probably domesticated enough animals now, like we probably don’t
(1:40:34) Codey: Yeah, but people still try and do it.
(1:40:37) Codey: The exotic pet trade is still really ridiculous.
(1:40:40) Codey: And at the Wildlife Center, we get animals all the time that are like, oh, this fox is too familiar with people because it was raised to be with people.
(1:40:49) Codey: Or people bring in a squirrel and they’re like,
(1:40:52) Codey: oh, we found this squirrel a month ago when it was a baby and we fed it kitten formula,
(1:40:58) Codey: and now it doesn’t have fur and it’s biting me.
(1:41:02) Codey: And it’s like, well, yeah, kitten formula is–
(1:41:04) Codey: That’s not what you need to feed squirrels.
(1:41:07) Codey: It actually, like, messes them up.
(1:41:09) Codey: And they guess once they get to a certain age, they will bite you.
(1:41:16) Codey: They’re a wild animal.
(1:41:18) Codey: So animals that are in the overworld that are not pets and that you can’t interact with,
(1:41:26) Al: Yeah, don’t do the, don’t do the Harvestman thing of “there’s a bear, you can pet it,
(1:41:31) Al: don’t pet the bear” There we go. That’s the title. I’m not putting that as a title. That is one way to get our family friendly title revoked.
(1:41:32) Codey: don’t pet the bear
(1:41:36) Codey: Okay No, I want the guzzle [laughs]
(1:41:48) Codey: Ugh, okay, well…
(1:41:50) Al: Thank you Cody for joining me to talk about Coral Island. We’ll see whether any of this
(1:41:57) Al: comes to fruition. Coral Island devs, if you’re listening, I love the game. We love the game.
(1:42:06) Al: I think it’s the best farming game ever. Please make it even more better.
(1:42:09) Codey: Same, same, more, better, and if you want Coral Island devs and talking to you specifically everyone else don’t listen.
(1:42:20) Codey: If you want help designing them, designing insects, more insects in the game, you can find me @hikingbeagle on Instagram and @codymathis on Twitter, yeah.
(1:42:34) Al: if you want to complain to me about how I constantly want to break up marriages and games,
(1:42:41) Al: which by the way, the best way to get me to stop talking about this is to actually give me a game where I can do it. Yeah, then I’m done. Exactly. If you want to complain to me about that,
(1:42:45) Codey: And then you’re bored, and then you’re like,
(1:42:47) Codey: well, this isn’t actually, okay.
(1:42:53) Al: you can do that at thescotbot on mastodon.scot and on Twitter.
(1:43:01) Al: if you want to follow the podcast anywhere or just-
(1:43:04) Al: Whatever, you can do that on Tumblr and on Twitter @THSPod.
(1:43:10) Al: You can find links to all of that stuff on the website, harvestseason.club,
(1:43:16) Al: where we also have a feedback form where you can, if you want to complain in a very specific way,
(1:43:22) Al: you can do that there. If something goes into the feedback form, I read out the podcast,
(1:43:27) Al: that’s just what happens. One of the links you can find on the website-
(1:43:34) Al: is to our Patreon, patreon.com/thspod. We should have our me and Kevin talking about the upcoming Pokemon game. That should be up on the Patreon when this episode comes out. I haven’t edited it yet,
(1:43:54) Codey: But on the Patreon, if they subscribe on the Patreon,
(1:43:57) Codey: they’ll get access to the Slack where you can see my shiny party warmple, party hat warmple,
(1:44:02) Al: Yeah. You also get sneak peeks in other things, like I’ve told people about the next episode.
(1:44:03) Codey: with his little pride flag.
(1:44:10) Al: Well, some of it anyway. So if you want to hear about that, you can go with that there.
(1:44:12) Codey: Yeah, you’ve teased it.
(1:44:18) Al: And yeah, we have lots of other bonus episodes of the podcast. Much more to come.
(1:44:24) Codey: When are we doing Eurovision?
(1:44:26) Al: Well, it’s March, so May is when it happens.
(1:44:28) Codey: Yeah, I don’t know when, it may?
(1:44:30) Codey: Is that when it is?
(1:44:32) Al: So we’ll probably want to do the pre-episode in a week before, two weeks before, something like that.
(1:44:32) Codey: Okay.
(1:44:40) Codey: Okay.
(1:44:40) Al: Yeah.
(1:44:41) Al: I was thinking about that the other day.
(1:44:42) Codey: Okay.
(1:44:42) Al: Yeah.
(1:44:43) Al: We should figure it out.
(1:44:45) Al: We’re still missing like six songs and a massive controversy.
(1:44:47) Codey: So listeners, if you really like Eurovision and you want to listen about that,
(1:44:52) Codey: that’s another reason to do Patreon
(1:44:55) Codey: the Greenhouse because that’s where we talk Eurovision every year.
(1:44:58) Codey: Because this is what, the third year in a row?
(1:45:00) Codey: That
(1:45:02) Codey: the first year, Al had me watch stuff from Eurovision and then we started doing comment episodes about it and now we’re doing it again this year because it is the third year in a row.
(1:45:14) Al: I look forward to seeing your reactions.
(1:45:16) Codey: So I specifically, until they have all of the songs,
(1:45:19) Codey: I’m not listening, like I’m waiting.
(1:45:21) Codey: Which is why you have not seen me talk about Eurovision in other schools.
(1:45:24) Codey: I want to have all of them and then I just want to binge them.
(1:45:32) Al: one came out today and we’re still waiting on another five, and maybe a sixth, or that sixth,
(1:45:40) Al: not participating and being kicked from the the tournament. Let’s not talk about that one!
(1:45:48) Codey: talk to me about it on slack. Uh, but, uh, yeah, so no, I’ll look it up. Um, so yeah,
(1:45:56) Codey: that’s another reason to go to patreon.com/dhspod and support the show. Um, yeah, thanks for having me out.
(1:46:06) Al: Thank you for joining me. It was fun. Thank you listeners for listening.
(1:46:10) Al: And until next time, have a good harvest.
(1:46:12) Codey: Have a good harvest!
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(1:46:47) Codey: Okay, I am also look why is the Sims 4 trying to launch
(1:46:52) Al: It’s been a while, you must play me!
(1:46:54) Codey: No
(1:46:57) Codey: It’s like it’s like blame me no, okay