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Al and Jonnie talk about their first impressions on the 1.6 update for Stardew Valley.


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00:00:30: Intro
00:01:19: What Have We Been Up To
00:10:59: News
00:39:12: Stardew 1.6
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Fae Farm “Spring” Update
Ikonei Island “Blooming Beginnings” Update
Steamworld Build “Mechanicsl Meadows” Update
Palia 0.178 Update
Travelers Rest “Fishing” Update
Tales of the Shire Teaser

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Anime


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(0:00:30) Al: Hello farmers, and welcome to another episode of the harvest season.
(0:00:34) Al: My name is Al, and we’re here today to talk about cottagecore games.
(0:00:36) Jonnie: and my name is Johnny!
(0:00:42) Al: Today, well first of all transcripts are available on the show notes and on the website, as usual.
(0:00:50) Al: Today we’re going back to our roots.
(0:00:53) Al: Today we are going to talk about Stardew Valley 1.6, it’s finally here, and we have lots of thoughts.
(0:01:00) Al: And I have 30 hours of stard you played this week.
(0:01:10) Al: So we were going to talk about that.
(0:01:13) Al: We’ll leave all that for the main section.
(0:01:17) Al: Before that, we’ve got a bunch of news to talk about.
(0:01:19) Al: First of all, Johnny, have you been playing anything other than stard you?
(0:01:23) Al: » Okay. » Ooh.
(0:01:24) Jonnie: Uh, I kind of have been so alongside alongside statue I’ve been slowly getting back into old-school landscape
(0:01:32) Jonnie: Uh, I have a few friends who are playing
(0:01:35) Jonnie: and
(0:01:37) Jonnie: I don’t know what to tell you for a game. It’s terrible. It’s pretty fun terrible game and
(0:01:44) Jonnie: I’ve been having a bit of fun playing that with with some with some friends and
(0:01:48) Jonnie: Joking about it like it has farming in it, but it’s never a game that we would cover on the show
(0:01:52) Jonnie: Uh, I I think the summary is
(0:01:54) Jonnie: farming in that game pretty bad but you know pretty much everything in that game is pretty bad so yeah but I did do a quest last night that was all about frogs kind of taking over to humanity and you murder a frog unintentionally it’s it’s pretty great
(0:02:16) Al: I accept our new frog overlords. They probably will do a better job than humans.
(0:02:24) Jonnie: I don’t know, these frogs seemed pretty terrible.
(0:02:28) Jonnie: I would be much more in favour of the penguins rolling over us.
(0:02:32) Jonnie: Which is an entirely different story.
(0:02:36) Al: Uh, dear. Cool. Uh, well, I mean, I don’t, yeah, I’ve, I don’t think I’ve
(0:02:40) Jonnie: But that’s it, that’s it. What if you’ve been up to well?
(0:02:46) Al: had any time for anything other than Stardew with my 30 hours this week. Uh, that’s almost a full-time job. Um, I am tired, but I did want to talk about my Animal Crossing Lego again. Um, do you have anything to say, Johnny? Which ones did you get?
(0:03:02) Jonnie: yeah I have I have two of the animal crossing lego things um I i got the um tom nook and
(0:03:12) Jonnie: blue cat I don’t know what the name of the cat is um
(0:03:15) Al: Do you not have the box in front of you to look at?
(0:03:18) Jonnie: uh I do not have the box in front of me the box in the other room
(0:03:22) Jonnie: I got that one and I got the island camping um set and they are pretty great
(0:03:31) Al: the island camping, what is that? The Bunnies Outdoor Adventures one.
(0:03:36) Al: What I really like about, so I’ve done that one, I’ve built that one. I’ve not built the Tom Nook one. I’ve built the Bunnies Outdoor Adventure, the birthday party one, and
(0:03:49) Al: the farming one. I’ve built those three. I haven’t built the Tom Nook one or Captain’s
(0:04:01) Al: Boat one, but what I will say is, so Bunnies Outdoor Adventure, I love how, so they’ve got the little river bit, and Bunnie has a stick that goes into a bit that can then
(0:04:15) Al: act like your, you know how early game you use the stick to get across the rivers?
(0:04:20) Al: It’s like, it’s built into it. So yeah, so it’s built into it. So there’s a bit behind the river where you put the stick in and then they can literally vault over the river. It’s really
(0:04:20) Jonnie: Yeah, it’s like the pole vault.
(0:04:31) Al: really nicely done. I think it’s very close.
(0:04:34) Jonnie: Yeah, I think that set is really well put together and as far as LEGO sets go it’s like pretty, uh, pretty affordable.
(0:04:46) Al: Okay. Okay, I mean, I guess that’s one way of putting it, right? They are cheaper than other sets, but they’re also smaller than other sets. So I guess they’ve erred on the side of making them more affordable rather than making them bigger, and that’s fair.
(0:04:49) Jonnie: Like, like a lot of LEGO sets are like into the hundreds of dollars and this one is not in the hundreds of dollars.
(0:05:02) Jonnie: Yeah, I think when I say affordable, I think that it’s not very complicated to put together,
(0:05:15) Jonnie: but it’s a cool set to have, and there’s a lot of modularity within the set. I think for
(0:05:23) Jonnie: what you pay for a set of this size, I was relatively impressed.
(0:05:32) Al: Yeah, I’ve also built the Isabelle one as well, I’ve been joining them all together as I build them, because they all have the same connections to put together, because they’re built on those, if you’ve had any of the Mario sets, you’ll know the same sort of things, it’s like the same small base plates that it’s all made up of, so you can, as you say, they’re modular, you can put them together how you want. So yeah, as I finish one I just connect it together. So I’ve just got this
(0:06:02) Al: mess of an island growing beside my desk. It’s quite fun. I also I meant to mention this on the last podcast, but I completely forgot. I also went to the the Animal Crossing Lego Make and Take event at the Lego store because they were doing them and they did them and well, they did it in Edinburgh, but I was I didn’t go to the Edinburgh one. I actually went to the Glasgow one in Scotland and it was good fun.
(0:06:08) Jonnie: Great. I love that.
(0:06:32) Al: A little, it’s like a really maybe like a five to one scale version of the building that you get in the Isabelle one. So it’s because it looks it looks almost identical just tiny and it’s fun to have the two versions together like it’s a it’s a really small one like the base plate is eight eight by eight whereas the the fill size one is like.
(0:07:02) Al: It’s probably about the same size as Nook’s Cranny that you’ve got in that set. It’s kind of like decent sized, but it’s fun to have the two of them together. But it was fun because it was my first Make and Take event that I’d been to at a Lego store and it was quite fun because you go up and obviously because it’s Animal Crossing it was really popular so really busy. A lot of not children there I will say probably not surprisingly and you stood in a queue for about half an hour.
(0:07:32) Al: And then you got in and they had like all the different pots with all the different pieces and then you followed the instructions to put them together.
(0:07:39) Al: They did say that if you wanted to, you could just grab a bag and put all the pieces in it and take it all home rather than building it there.
(0:07:44) Al: But I was like, well, I’m here with my kid.
(0:07:47) Al: Let’s do it while we’re here.
(0:07:48) Al: Why not?
(0:07:49) Al: And it was good fun to do that.
(0:07:52) Jonnie: Nice, and do your kids get involved in helping you build the LEGO sets, or do they not even know they exist and you do them in secret?
(0:07:57) Al: No, so Craig does… I mean Nathan doesn’t really care about Lego, right? He doesn’t have. It is just a care. Craig really likes Lego, but me and him do not build Lego together because I am not good at sharing that. And so much as like I just get really frustrated with how he does things. So thankfully Rona is a lot better than that at me, so she builds with him and then.
(0:08:27) Al: I have my sets that I build on my own, so it’s fun to see him build it Lego and he’s like really creative with it as well, with not obviously not the sets like you build the sets like you build the sets and he’s quite good at following the instructions and I think with this one because it was such a small set it was it worked well kind of going right here’s the piece Craig where does this piece go and he would look at the instructions put it on
(0:08:53) Al: but when it’s like a bigger set it just drives me insane trying to do it I would be the same with
(0:08:57) Al: right it’s it’s not about him it’s just about the fact that I’m a control freak right so I need to do it myself but yeah so Rona quite often buy like will buy sets that are like the Lego city and stuff like that that they build together which is basically his sets and when he’s a little bit older he’d probably just build them by himself but he enjoys building
(0:09:14) Jonnie: Nice. Yeah, I did the…
(0:09:20) Jonnie: Awesome, I did the Animal Crossing sets with my niece, who’s five, and
(0:09:25) Jonnie: we had a lot of fun, but it was very much the like “I’m trying to follow the instructions” and she’s like “Let’s put this piece here because it looks cool” and it’s just… so it was a lot of chaos and then when she went home, I immediately took apart everything she’d done because it’s not how it’s supposed to be.
(0:09:30) Al: I suspect I’ll let him play with these once I’m finished because I think he’ll have fun putting them together and making a story out of it. He has that creative aspect of things.
(0:09:50) Al: But yeah, not while I’m building them. He enjoys playing like I did a bunch of Mario builds like the Bowser’s Airship was particularly fun.
(0:10:00) Al: And he loves to play with that.
(0:10:01) Al: So I’m totally fine with him playing with these things.
(0:10:03) Al: It’s just like when I’m building it, I like to build it.
(0:10:06) Al: And it’s like involving anybody in that process takes all the fun out of it for me, you know?
(0:10:15) Jonnie: Yeah
(0:10:17) Al: But the small make and take event was fun enough to do it.
(0:10:21) Al: Because I went into it knowing, this is a me and Craig event.
(0:10:24) Al: This is what we’re going to do.
(0:10:27) Al: It’s small enough.
(0:10:28) Al: It was like 25 pieces or something.
(0:10:30) Al: Like that. So it’s small enough that you’re not kind of getting overly stressed about anything.
(0:10:36) Al: The biggest stress was trying to find the pieces because you had 10 people crowded around a table with 25 different boxes of different pieces. It was, it was. I can understand why some people would just take the pieces and leave because it’s, yeah. But I was like, no, I want to get it done here. I think it’s fun and we’re here. Why not? So, yeah, it was good fun.
(0:10:44) Jonnie: Yeah, in many ways that sounds like a nightmare.
(0:11:00) Al: Should we talk about some news? We have, this is going to be the episode of updates because there are so many updates. I don’t know why this week has suddenly been the
(0:11:11) Al: let’s post an update. But the first of the updates is Fae Farm. They have their spring update,
(0:11:16) Al: which is out now. It looks like they have kind of three main things, which is stuff on stuff,
(0:11:22) Al: where you can put like things on, you can put items on tables and other things, presumably.
(0:11:31) Al: Yeah, it looks like you put things on tables, barrels, crates, desks, display stands, carts,
(0:11:42) Al: and a stack of books. Or does that mean you can put a stack of books on a stack of books?
(0:11:47) Al: Need to see how tall a stack of books you can make.
(0:11:52) Al: They also have a bunch of new cosmetics. Yes.
(0:11:52) Jonnie: A question for you, Al.
(0:11:55) Jonnie: Are you like this is a sort of update that’s like some people get really excited about but I’m like
(0:12:02) Jonnie: If I don’t get into that phase of the designing phase of a game it within my first playthrough It’s highly unlikely that I’m ever gonna get there and I don’t know that this is the sort of thing It’s gonna bring in where are you at in terms of like designing farms cuz I don’t know if it’s anything that we’ve really discussed that much
(0:12:17) Al: Yeah, I think I’m not very good at designing things. I will, like if we think about the stardew run I’ve been doing just now, I have been laying out my farm in a very specific way,
(0:12:32) Al: but it’s very much like as many straight lines as possible. So it’s like I want to be able to go
(0:12:40) Al: from the entrance to my greenhouse in a straight line sort of thing. So I will build paths.
(0:12:48) Al: And fences in a way that makes it easy for that to do. I’m not really the sort of person that’ll be like, “Oh yeah, here’s our five by five bit and then I’ll put some bushes between this five by five crop section and the next five by five.” I’m like, “No, I don’t really care about that.”
(0:13:10) Al: I’m very much a do the things, not necessarily make it look nice.
(0:13:18) Al: So yeah, I mean, the fact that you can now put things on a table is definitely not going to encourage me to come back to this game, nor the extra cosmetics and stuff like that.
(0:13:28) Al: I mean, they do have a bunch of extra things in the character creator, which is obviously good.
(0:13:32) Al: But I tell you, there’s one thing that could possibly bring me back,
(0:13:37) Al: which is the double day length setting that they’ve added into the game.
(0:13:42) Al: So the standard setting for Faith Arm is an 18 minute day. The double day gives you…
(0:13:48) Al: 36 minutes.
(0:13:50) Al: However, having said that, I always feel like days are too long at the beginning
(0:13:55) Al: of a game and too short at the end of a game. Do I really want a 36 minute day
(0:14:03) Al: when I have almost no stamina?
(0:14:06) Jonnie: - Yeah, I don’t know, like, to be honest, in general,
(0:14:09) Jonnie: I’m kind of like, I know this is becoming a standard feature.
(0:14:14) Jonnie: I think this is a feature that actually does a disservice to a lot of these games.
(0:14:20) Jonnie: Like I understand why people think they want a longer day,
(0:14:26) Jonnie: but one of the big limitations I think in these sorts of games is that people don’t often get all the way through, you know, a year.
(0:14:36) Jonnie: Yeah, I think you and Bev talked about in the last episode, like people don’t necessarily always get to year two, right?
(0:14:42) Jonnie: It’s lucky, you know, people are like excited that they hit winter in these sorts of games.
(0:14:48) Jonnie: And doubling the day length, I think, means that there’s a large portion of the games that people will miss out on.
(0:14:53) Jonnie: Coral Island has this feature and it’s not something that I think is a great choice to put in.
(0:15:06) Jonnie: Once you get into the flow of one of these games, about a, you know, that 15 to 20 minute day length is about the right length.
(0:15:12) Jonnie: I just, yeah, I don’t, we played FIFA and never felt like I wanted a longer day but I
(0:15:22) Al: yeah I mean I didn’t want a longer day in fey farm but that’s probably because I didn’t really want to be playing it like I think as we discussed at the time I think the biggest thing that i enjoyed about fey farm was the traversal which I still stand on I still think that more games need to do that better but that was I mean nothing else about that game made me go this is amazing I need to keep playing this in general so yeah I didn’t want the day to be longer for that - Yeah.
(0:15:52) Al: And I’m the same person that, you know,
(0:15:54) Al: in the last episode I talked about how I speed run the game at the beginning anyway, because there’s not enough energy
(0:16:03) Al: to do what you want to do.
(0:16:04) Al: So just get through it and you get to the next day and that’s fine, you can do it then.
(0:16:12) Al: Oh, it’s Friday, I need to go to the traveling cart.
(0:16:14) Al: Sorry, I’m not playing the game.
(0:16:19) Al: Yeah, I think it’s interesting.
(0:16:23) Al: Also, I think I am more leaning towards trying out new things like Sugar Jew,
(0:16:31) Al: what is that game called?
(0:16:32) Al: Sugar Jew Island?
(0:16:35) Al: Goodness me, get a better name.
(0:16:38) Al: And it’s lack of a specific amount of day anyway,
(0:16:45) Al: like it’s just you play the day and then you finish the day when you want to finish the day sort of thing.
(0:16:52) Al: So being something like that would probably be more interesting to me than just, oh, it’s a longer day.
(0:16:58) Jonnie: Yeah, I think that makes sense.
(0:17:00) Jonnie: I think I’m with you, and it’s something Cody and I talked about on the “Palea” episode there.
(0:17:07) Jonnie: I think I’m kind of just a bit over the regular day/night cycle.
(0:17:13) Jonnie: And I’m more interested in games that are trying something different or just more tied to real time and getting rid of stamina mechanics.
(0:17:21) Jonnie: My favorite thing about “Palea” is still the fact that they–
(0:17:24) Jonnie: instead of stamina being this limiting thing,
(0:17:26) Jonnie: They have a similar mechanic.
(0:17:28) Jonnie: But it gets you more rewards for having high stamina and you just eat food to replenish it.
(0:17:34) Jonnie: To me, that’s one of the best stamina variations that exist.
(0:17:40) Al: Yeah, definitely try new things, let’s see what you can do.
(0:17:45) Al: It does look like this setting is something you can change as you’re playing, so it’s the sort of thing I could definitely see myself going, oh, just having the normal day length,
(0:17:53) Al: but then if I’m getting close to a point in the minds that I want to, just making the day longer at that point, I could see myself doing something like that.
(0:18:02) Jonnie: Yeah, but even then the mines like the they’re not
(0:18:08) Jonnie: The time is not a real limiting factor for them right because it’s because you can teleport to every floor
(0:18:10) Al: I think it depends. I think, sure, okay, but wait, okay. More thinking, Skull Cavern. Like if you’re trying to go get Iridium, which is the thing that becomes a real limiting thing in these games at some point, is you need to go to Skull Cavern. And if you are,
(0:18:35) Al: you know, 70 levels down, you’re getting really close to the area where there’s lots of stuff
(0:18:40) Al: you’ve probably brought a bunch of food to keep your stamina up. There’s no way for you to extend the time that you can be down there for. And there’s a whole bunch of other stuff as well,
(0:18:53) Al: but there’s stuff around characters and relationships. I’m sure they’ve not
(0:18:58) Jonnie: I agree, look, I think where I’m at at Fae farmers, like we played it for the show, I thought there was a lot of potential there, but ultimately the game fell flat and there’s just so much else coming out, I can’t say that.
(0:19:11) Al: Yeah, I still have, I bought the game physically and I still have it in my pile here and every time I go to sell some games, I’m like, I don’t think I’m going to play it, but I feel like I want to keep it just in case, but then I keep not playing it. So I think I need to set a deadline on myself. If I’ve not played it by me, then I get rid of it. I couldn’t,
(0:19:38) Al: I, oh, no, I.
(0:19:41) Al: I need to double check what there was a video and they said the name of the game and it was different. Ikone. It said, yes, so the it’s Ikone. That is what the video said Ikone.
(0:19:48) Jonnie: I would guess, which is always a safe thing to do with pronunciation, econy?
(0:19:58) Al: Ikone Island. So there you go. Finally learned I’ve been saying this name wrong the whole time.
(0:20:06) Al: Ikone Island have released their Blooming Beginnings update.
(0:20:11) Al: This marks the time where they are also out on PlayStation and Xbox.
(0:20:16) Al: It looks like there’s lots of small things. The only kind of big thing that I can see is they have completely redone their UI. So if you have played this game,
(0:20:27) Al: get ready to be annoyed by it changing. That’s my experience with with the The UI is changing and games is just being frustrated with it, even if it’s better.
(0:20:40) Jonnie: Correct because you get used to whatever terrible things have been done and then it changes and your brain has to reset
(0:20:47) Jonnie: It’s why it’s why UI is one of the most difficult things to get right in games
(0:20:50) Al: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think that’s kind of all I really want to talk about there. The patch notes are in the show notes. If you have played it and you want to go look at it.
(0:21:03) Jonnie: I think it’s cool that it’s out on PlayStation Xbox, this is kind of one that was like on the back burner of my mind
(0:21:09) Jonnie: Just because I think I prefer playing these games on on a console and so now that it’s on a console It’s something I’m like thinking about a little bit more
(0:21:18) Al: Yes, and hopefully them releasing it at the same time as an update means that they’re going to then continue with updates coming to both at the same time. That’s always, I mean, that’s the advantage of bigger teams.
(0:21:31) Jonnie: - Yeah, that would be…
(0:21:35) Al: Steam World Build also have an update. Mechanical Meadows, they have a lovely little
(0:21:44) Al: six bullet points of the things that they’ve added. They’ve added 11 player placeable decors,
(0:21:50) Al: five environment decors, 10 mine decors, three agent decors, one tumbleweed,
(0:21:58) Al: and one custom light and post. There you go, lots of things to decorate.
(0:22:06) Al: Oh, that should be decor then, isn’t it?
(0:22:08) Al: That’s why, that’s what that word is.
(0:22:11) Al: That’s just the start of decorate, isn’t it?
(0:22:13) Al: Decor, decorate.
(0:22:14) Jonnie: I said your pronunciation, it was funny because your pronunciation was like just marginally off not but not enough that I was like not enough to mention it until we’ve now mentioned it
(0:22:22) Al: I think I… I think I said “decor”, didn’t I? But it’s… If it’s short for “decoration”,
(0:22:28) Jonnie: uh yeah yeah I was like ah whatever it’s
(0:22:32) Al: I don’t say “decoration”, so it would be “decoration decor”. Anyway, if you want to decorate your town, I guess it’s a town? In Steam World Build? That’s out now. Speaking of updates,
(0:22:42) Jonnie: I don’t know. Yeah, it must be town.
(0:22:48) Al: Cali also have an update. They’re 0.17
(0:22:52) Al: update is out now. I mean at this point just call it update 178. I don’t know why it’s 0 point, right? People are so obsessed with 1.0 I don’t think it means anything. Just give us the number. It’s just update 178.
(0:23:07) Al: Do you think you’re suddenly at 1 point going to go to 1.0? You’re not gonna do that when you’re at 0.178.
(0:23:16) Jonnie: They will but they’re just gonna go at that after like, you know update 197 or something
(0:23:20) Al: The theme of this patch is all about spring. They have added the temple of the roots, which is a new temple. Is temples a big thing in Palia? I still haven’t played it.
(0:23:35) Jonnie: Yeah, so so temples are temples are kind of the big thing and it was missing one
(0:23:42) Jonnie: They could always add more but the the setup was
(0:23:43) Al: Well, well, yes, it says it says it won’t be the last temple, but they’re not going to say anything else about that now.
(0:23:45) Jonnie: was for
(0:23:49) Jonnie: Yeah
(0:23:51) Al: That’s what it says in the in the thing.
(0:23:52) Al: So.
(0:23:53) Jonnie: No, that’s that’s not a surprise they’re kind of like the so they’re that they’re effectively like the big dungeons that a lot of the story
(0:24:01) Jonnie: hangs off of in in Palia
(0:24:05) Jonnie: They are interesting because it’s interesting to see the implementation of dungeons in a game with no combat
(0:24:11) Jonnie: And some of them I think are really good
(0:24:12) Al: Oh, there’s no combat in this.
(0:24:17) Jonnie: Yeah, oh, I guess there technically is if you want to think of hunting
(0:24:22) Jonnie: Animals and you know one-sided murder as combat, but there is nothing that attacks you back I guess
(0:24:25) Al: One-sided murder.
(0:24:32) Jonnie: Yeah
(0:24:33) Al: I think that’s just called murder.
(0:24:35) Jonnie: I Mean I guess but but you could always like you could try to move to someone and they can fight back right like this
(0:24:37) Al: Yes, that’s not two-sided murder.
(0:24:44) Al: That’s just not murder.
(0:24:46) Al: That’s called attacking someone.
(0:24:48) Al: It’s not murder.
(0:24:50) Al: Oh dear.
(0:24:50) Jonnie: Yeah okay, that’s fair. Look, it’s very early, and I’m saying things that barely make sense, so…
(0:24:55) Al: [LAUGH] Fair enough.
(0:25:03) Jonnie: But yeah, there is nothing that can attack you in the game, is probably the point. So I’m interested to see another dungeon of roots kind of make sense in the theming that all of the dungeons have been and what we got so far. I think there’s like a wind one.
(0:25:20) Jonnie: There’s a lava one. There’s the first one that is kind of quite short and basic, and I don’t really remember if it had a theme or if the theme was “Hey, it’s a dungeon”. Yeah, a little bit,
(0:25:30) Al: Was… yeah, was the theme tutorial.
(0:25:36) Jonnie: if I remember rightly. So I haven’t really jumped back into Pahlia since we did the episode,
(0:25:45) Jonnie: because it kind of felt like there was features missing, and I was waiting.
(0:25:51) Jonnie: And this is getting me pretty close to thinking like “Okay, there’s probably enough stuff that’s been added that it might be a good time to jump back in and see what’s different in Pahlia.”
(0:26:00) Al: That’s always the problem with these lots of little updates, right? Like with Stardew,
(0:26:05) Al: it’s been like two and a half years since the last update. And so, you know, if you want to jump in,
(0:26:11) Al: now’s the time to jump in with all these like little updates every month or two. You’re like,
(0:26:18) Al: “Well, what point do I do this?” And I understand why they do it, right? Because if you’re,
(0:26:23) Al: well, first of all, it’s obviously a game that they want to encourage people to be constantly playing, right? Like, that’s just how they’re doing things.
(0:26:31) Al: But equally, they just want people to have stuff if they want to continue playing the game all the time, right?
(0:26:37) Al: Like, there’s always new stuff for people.
(0:26:41) Jonnie: Yeah, I think that’s a good point. I do consider there to be a bit of a difference though, like Stardew can afford to do that because it has such great brand recognition that a big update will cut through a lot of things and people are likely to jump back in.
(0:26:59) Jonnie: I don’t know that that’s as true for a game like Palia. Like I don’t know if there’s as much benefit for them to have a big update versus a bunch of little updates and hope that people pick up like,
(0:27:11) Jonnie: but I see Palia pop up from time to time. It seems like they’re doing a lot in that game, so maybe it’s worth checking out.
(0:27:18) Jonnie: I wonder if there’s sort of two different approaches that can both work based on the size and cut through.
(0:27:23) Al: That’s fair, but it doesn’t need to be, you know, either you do it every two and a half years or you do it every two months, right? You can have a… you can do it every six months and have bigger updates that way, right? Like, and I don’t think that would… I don’t think suddenly people are going to forget that your game exists if you take six months
(0:27:44) Jonnie: Yeah, I think with weird games like Palia or Ato, I would rather have, particularly if I’m playing that game, I would rather just have consistent updates, because there’s still, you know, there’s still enough phase where there’s lots of little quality of life things and I wouldn’t like them to sit on that for six months to wait for a new temple to be done, right?
(0:28:01) Jonnie: I would rather just have some of those stuffs built.
(0:28:04) Al: Yeah, that’s fair. I mean, I guess you know being an online game. It’s it’s always gonna be slightly different anyway
(0:28:11) Jonnie: - Yeah, and I guess to your point though,
(0:28:13) Jonnie: I have been kind of ignoring a lot of their small updates because it’s just quality of life,
(0:28:18) Jonnie: waiting to see something like this.
(0:28:20) Jonnie: And I’m like, oh, okay, now they’ve got a new temple out.
(0:28:23) Jonnie: This is the time that I personally want to jump back in
(0:28:28) Al: Yeah. Yeah, I don’t think there’s an easy answer to these things. I just think it’s interesting.
(0:28:36) Al: They also have climbing updates. I don’t know what that means. It doesn’t really describe
(0:28:42) Jonnie: Yeah, I’m…
(0:28:44) Al: just an improvement to climbing and traversal in the game.
(0:28:49) Jonnie: Climbing was pretty…
(0:28:54) Jonnie: I wonder if it’s just making it a little bit easier to understand, ‘cause you can climb up a lot of surfaces,
(0:28:59) Jonnie: if I remember rightly.
(0:29:01) Jonnie: It felt a little bit janky, but I don’t remember it feeling bad, maybe a bit slow, but it also wasn’t something…
(0:29:05) Al: Yeah, I literally no idea what they’re talking about here because they just say we’ll be adding in the first of several changes behind the scenes that ultimately will result in an improvement to climbing. It doesn’t describe what is this.
(0:29:20) Jonnie: Yeah, so I would guess that’s probably just more about the way like climbing was a little bit janky when you’re trying to get in and out of this, like just a little bit of like running into walls and stuff like that.
(0:29:30) Jonnie: So hopefully it just feels a little bit more seamless.
(0:29:32) Jonnie: But to be honest, climbing was one of those things that existed in the game, but you don’t really need it that much from a traversal perspective.
(0:29:39) Jonnie: So it’s not like it’s huge, and maybe some of that’s because it felt janky, but I think I think this would just be one of those things that’s like,
(0:29:48) Jonnie: if they didn’t say it, you would just be like,
(0:29:50) Jonnie: this feels slightly better, but you wouldn’t actually notice when, right?
(0:29:54) Al: yeah. And they have also - I just lost my tab - added in some placeable flowers and trees and more decor and outfits.
(0:29:55) Jonnie: So, that’s cool.
(0:30:12) Jonnie: Cool.
(0:30:14) Al: So again, probably something you don’t care about based on our previous conversation.
(0:30:14) Jonnie: Um, Hank?
(0:30:18) Al: You’re not going to jump in and do a bunch of stuff with that, but good for the people who do care about, making their own.
(0:30:26) Jonnie: Yeah, I am curious with the new outfits. So a lot of the outfits early in the game were
(0:30:39) Jonnie: microtransactions, right? So you paid a premium currency for them, which to be clear is not a criticism. It was an effective way of monetizing the game, right? You can spend money if you’re really into this and have your character model look a bit different, but it doesn’t actually impact anything else in the game.
(0:30:56) Jonnie: So when they say new outfits, I’m curious if they mean a wider range of outfits that you don’t have to pay for, or we’ve put in new things for you to buy.
(0:31:05) Al: Yeah, good question. They don’t specify. So I guess we’ll need to see.
(0:31:10) Jonnie: Yeah, but I will say I’m very excited for this update, and I might be jumping back into some more palettes soon.
(0:31:18) Al: Speaking of updates. This is our last update, I promise. So many updates. Oh my word, everybody’s updating.
(0:31:22) Jonnie: Just every transition, just speaking of updates.
(0:31:27) Jonnie: Look, we could even use this transition in the main topic.
(0:31:31) Al: Travellers Rest have their fishing update out now as well. I do need to clarify something I said wrong in the last episode. I said that… I’m pretty sure I said that fishing is an update to the fishing not the not that the fishing is new turns out that’s wrong fishing is new so there wasn’t fishing before this update now there is fishing before this update so yet another question of what was even in this game and so there we go fishing now in travel
(0:32:08) Jonnie: Yeah, look, the “What is this game?” question is mostly just…
(0:32:14) Jonnie: Every time I see an update, I’m very confused as to what this game had in it when it launched.
(0:32:18) Jonnie: Because from what I can gather, it was nothing. You had a character model, and that was it.
(0:32:24) Al: Yeah, because it didn’t have fishing, it didn’t have farming, it didn’t have your bar, which is the whole point of it. It’s an inn, you’re running an inn, and the inn didn’t serve drinks.
(0:32:36) Al: So yeah, I really don’t know what the game had, but. Oh, I don’t even.
(0:32:38) Jonnie: Maybe just maybe just hit romance [cries]
(0:32:46) Al: Sugardew Island, please don’t add romance, I beg of you. I’m going to say this every episode now, please don’t do it.
(0:32:54) Al: I know. Yeah, and there’s a trailer for the fishing update. So
(0:33:01) Al: go have a look at that. That will be in the show notes.
(0:33:05) Al: And the last piece of game news before the last piece of news is very much not news,
(0:33:15) Al: but we’re talking about it anyway, because I mean, let’s be honest, especially on an episode with me and you Johnny, we’re going to take any opportunity to talk about this game is that we
(0:33:24) Al: have a new, would you call this a trailer? A new, very small, well even it’s a video with sound and it shows, I don’t know, it’s not even, it doesn’t even feel like it’s long enough to count as a teaser. Yeah, it’s an animated picture, that’s what it is, but with a little bit of sound in the background. This is Tales of the Shire.
(0:33:28) Jonnie: No.
(0:33:42) Jonnie: It’s basically one step removed from just being a picture.
(0:33:54) Al: I realised I hadn’t said the name of the game, so Tales of the Shire, which I feel like - so now underneath says “A Lord of the Rings game”. I feel like it didn’t say that in the previous stuff, but I might just not be remembering that.
(0:34:06) Jonnie: I do not recall, but hopefully, you know, that’s obvious, but…
(0:34:09) Al: It did. It did, because I was just talking nonsense. So yeah. There’s nothing new. They’ve just decided to remind us that the game is coming. And the replies are full of people
(0:34:24) Al: give us a game please. So it’s meant to be coming this year. Still literally no information about the game, no screenshots, no nothing. Just it’s coming.
(0:34:34) Jonnie: Yep, look, I’m very rapidly getting to the point of like, I will believe this game is coming when we actually, you know, get a release date, like, and, you know, some, some information I just, I just don’t want to become like those Silksong fans right who are like, it’s coming.
(0:34:52) Jonnie: It’s coming. Trust me, it’s coming. We’re so excited. It’s coming and like, that game doesn’t exist.
(0:34:58) Al: To be fair, I think we have more about this game than we do about Silksong, to be fair.
(0:34:58) Jonnie: And that’s, that’s, that is entirely…
(0:35:04) Jonnie: I just don’t want to get too excited until until we actually see some details, right, we have something to dig in. So, I mean, it’s good news that they’re posting and, you know, posting a thing because it does mean that the game still exists.
(0:35:18) Jonnie: So, yeah, but, but there’s nothing to talk about.
(0:35:18) Al: It’s been six months. It’s been six months since they announced the game and this is their first thing since that right six months ago They said hey, this is a game and we went collectively ah
(0:35:30) Al: This is a game and now six months later. We’re getting the same information
(0:35:36) Al: This is a game with I guess a slightly more detailed image, but it’s still not a screenshot or anything
(0:35:44) Jonnie: No.
(0:35:46) Jonnie: Definitely not.
(0:35:46) Jonnie: Do you want to spend half an hour, like, analyzing every aspect of the image, or show you?
(0:35:52) Al: Well, I see people in the comments speculating on characters in the game,
(0:36:00) Al: but that would require us knowing the time in which this game is happening.
(0:36:06) Jonnie: Yeah, I feel like, you know, pretty much any of this requires like a knowledge of, you know, anything related to this game, and we have none of that, so…
(0:36:14) Al: So I do think this game will have fishing, cause I see someone fishing, so sorry about that.
(0:36:20) Jonnie: I feel like that is so I am anti-fishing because I just don’t think it’s necessary in a lot of games I
(0:36:28) Jonnie: think for a lot of the rings game it would be kind of silly to not have fishing given that like
(0:36:35) Jonnie: It’s part of some of their
(0:36:38) Jonnie: their law to an extent right like when
(0:36:44) Jonnie: Smeagol found the ring they were in a boat, and I’m pretty sure they were fishing Um…
(0:36:50) Jonnie: You know, so it’s it’s established that hobbits fish so I think I think
(0:36:56) Al: I also see a chicken and a sheep, so presumably you will have ranching in the game.
(0:37:03) Al: I also see what is either presumably a duck with a helmet on.
(0:37:10) Al: And I’m very interested as to what that is about.
(0:37:10) Jonnie: Maybe it just wants to feel…
(0:37:13) Al: Why does a duck need armour?
(0:37:19) Al: I mean, in the Shire, the safest place ever.
(0:37:23) Al: I’m intrigued by that.
(0:37:26) Al: There’s a bunch of different foods, cooked foods.
(0:37:29) Al: So presumably they will be cooking in this game as well.
(0:37:31) Jonnie: Oh my god, sorry, I just looked up there, that duck is super cute.
(0:37:36) Jonnie: I’m a big fan of him wearing a helmet, like I don’t know.
(0:37:38) Jonnie: I don’t understand what your problem is now.
(0:37:39) Jonnie: Why, why are you so anti this?
(0:37:42) Al: I’m not, not against the duck.
(0:37:45) Al: I see a horse in the background.
(0:37:48) Al: Yeah, OK, I’m done.
(0:37:51) Al: There’s only so much we can talk about this game.
(0:37:54) Al: Let’s overanalyze about something.
(0:37:57) Al: Just before we talk about Stardew, we’re going to get there very soon, I promise.
(0:38:02) Al: I know that’s why you’re all here this episode.
(0:38:05) Al: But before that, we need to talk about the fact that Sakuna of Rice and Run is getting an anime.
(0:38:14) Al: And I don’t know what to think about this.
(0:38:14) Jonnie: I… I don’t know what any of this means.
(0:38:19) Al: So Sakuna of Rice and Run, the game which was the
(0:38:23) Al: ridiculously unnecessarily realistic.
(0:38:26) Al: Rice growing game where you are, I mean Sakuna is basically like a god, I think,
(0:38:35) Al: who was stripped of her powers and sent down to earth. I know, I know, it’s classic.
(0:38:40) Al: And then you have to farm rice. I’m not sure why I really, really didn’t play that game very much. I apparently they’re making anime for it, so maybe I will watch that and finally understand the story, rather than having to play the game again. You’ve literally nothing to say. All right, let’s get into trouble talking about something else, which is Stardew Valley 1.6. It’s finally here, it is now out on PC, Mac, Linux, Steam.
(0:39:00) Jonnie: Cool I have like I have literally I I know nothing about any of this I have nothing to say and I if I say anything I’m just gonna get myself into trouble
(0:39:26) Al: GOG, all of the non-console places you can get it, which I mean is basically just Steam. Okay, yeah, not on console or mobile. Yeah, tablet, etc. I have been playing it on my Steam deck. What have you been playing it on, Johnny?
(0:39:35) Jonnie: Also not on.
(0:39:54) Jonnie: Ah, just on my laptop.
(0:39:56) Al: Fair enough. We will have a link to the patch notes in the show notes if you want to go and have a look at them. There will obviously be spoilers in that. And if you want to play this game without having any information about the game, maybe stop listening to this episode now and come back when you’ve played it. Because we’re going to talk about a lot of things that we found, some things that are very obvious and some things that are maybe not as obvious.
(0:40:23) Al: There’s not many, like, story-related things.
(0:40:26) Al: But I know a lot of people are finding it fun to kind of go and find all the new stuff without knowing that it’s there.
(0:40:36) Al: So if you’re that kind of person, you’re probably already turned off.
(0:40:40) Al: So I think we need to start off, Johnny, by talking about the new farm layout.
(0:40:46) Al: I obviously chose that.
(0:40:46) Jonnie: I did.
(0:40:47) Al: I think you chose the new farm layout as well, didn’t you?
(0:40:51) Al: So you start out by getting your new farm late.
(0:40:56) Al: It’s got a lot of water.
(0:41:00) Al: It’s got like a big river that goes through it and a couple of small ponds.
(0:41:04) Al: And there’s a lot of grass on it to start with and a lot of trees.
(0:41:08) Al: But you also start up with a coop and two chickens.
(0:41:11) Al: And
(0:41:13) Al: this shouldn’t be surprising, but I was a little bit surprised when you wake up and you open up the package in your house and there aren’t parsnip seeds.
(0:41:19) Al: There’s hay there instead.
(0:41:21) Al: And it makes sense based on the farm, but I wasn’t expecting that.
(0:41:24) Al: It was quite a fun.
(0:41:26) Al: difference to be like, oh, this is not the same as what I’ve played before.
(0:41:30) Jonnie: Yeah, I really liked it like it was just a nice indication of oh, this is actually different right and it was just one of those really clever little things of like
(0:41:41) Jonnie: You know just just change that little brain itch to be like, hey, this is this is subtly
(0:41:46) Jonnie: Not quite what you what you’re used to
(0:41:50) Al: And your first quest, instead of growing parsnips, is get an egg from your chicken, which, yeah,
(0:41:56) Al: is good fun.
(0:41:59) Al: I also noticed there’s a lot of hardwood in this farm, and there’s the two different kinds of stumps.
(0:42:05) Al: You have both of the two stumps.
(0:42:07) Al: So you can get hardwood really quickly because you’ve got the big logs that you can only get with, I think, the golden axe, which, you know, there’s one
(0:42:20) Al: of them to get into the other wood, the other forest that you can get the other stumps from.
(0:42:27) Al: But the smaller, the stumps, rather than the log, you can get with an iron axe.
(0:42:37) Al: But in normal games, you can’t actually access those ones because you have to have the gold one to get into the area that has those stumps.
(0:42:45) Al: So it was quite fun.
(0:42:46) Al: farm, you’ve got both of those so you can get hardwood as soon
(0:42:50) Al: as you’ve got your second level of axe.
(0:42:54) Jonnie: Yeah, it’s a nice little upgrade to to the farm and to the progression within a within a new server
(0:43:04) Al: So, I think this is quite an animal-focused farm, obviously. There’s still a decent amount of area you can use for farming crops, but I think the idea of this one is you’re generally meant to be using animals, which I quite like because I’ve always been kind of like get animals as quickly as possible because they’re a steady thing. Without having to put much money into them, you can get regular money, right? You can very quickly get like several Programmed a day without…
(0:43:34) Al: Putting any money into it
(0:43:37) Al: After the initial cast obviously [clears throat]
(0:43:40) Jonnie: Yeah, I I really like this as a set up I think a lot of these games I’m like I would I always go in with the intent of like I would like to do a
(0:43:51) Jonnie: An animal based farm But by the time you get all of the set up to get the money to get the animals
(0:43:57) Jonnie: You have a pretty decent regular farming setup And at that point transitioning to animals feels like it’s gonna waste a lot of well not not waste money
(0:44:06) Jonnie: but you’re kind of like
(0:44:10) Jonnie: Back in terms of progress a lot so you kind of just keep going with the farming and animals always kind of feel like this thing off to the side And putting them front and center is
(0:44:20) Al: Yeah, agreed. I think it’s also, it’s made me more money focused. And this is where I admit on the podcast that I have gone the Joja route this time. So let me explain. Let me explain. Let me explain. Don’t worry. Right. Okay. Well, okay. How about before I explain myself, let me, let me tell you that I feel really bad about what I’ve done, especially
(0:44:30) Jonnie: What?
(0:44:33) Jonnie: Ow. Ow.
(0:44:35) Jonnie: No, no, I’m just gonna sit here and judge you and talk over the start of your sentences.
(0:44:50) Al: what, so I’ve, I’ve completed the Joja warehouse version of the community center. Right. I’ve got all of those upgrades. And let me tell you the cut scene where you’ve, when you’ve done that and you walk into the area and you go up to the Joja warehouse and all of the staff are out applauding you and you get told what a wonderful person you are for doing all this, it felt so bad. I was like, Oh no.
(0:45:20) Al: What have I done? This is terrible. Um, was not a fan of that. Uh, but the reason why I did this is because I wanted to focus on money as any good capitalist does. And I wanted not to have to think about the bundles for once. And I thought it would be fun. I feel like as a professional.
(0:45:50) Al: I’m a farming game podcaster. I need to understand all aspects of this game, and that includes doing the Jojo route.
(0:46:00) Al: So that is my defense of myself.
(0:46:01) Jonnie: So look this is where I’m gonna say I did not follow the Jojo route and that is so far is my biggest criticism of the 1.6 update is the bundles do not really work for the new farm
(0:46:18) Jonnie: because you have the second set of bundles, the crop bundles, and all of a sudden you’re kind of reminded of, oh, I still have to actually engage.
(0:46:31) Jonnie: With the farming piece, and look, I think, you know, getting a pass nip, a cauliflower, whatever is fine, but having five of the gold ones for that bundle, it was a huge disappointment that that hadn’t been changed to, uh, like five high quality animal products, right?
(0:46:50) Jonnie: Like five gold lard jigs or something like that, um, because I got to like day, you know, 10 or 11 or whatever it was when I started to like, think about the community center.
(0:47:01) Jonnie: And I get some of those things unlocked and I was like, oh, well, I’m probably not gonna hit the, the five gold pass nips, you know, this, this month.
(0:47:12) Jonnie: And I don’t really want to try the five gold balance and it was a bit disappointing and I kind of wish that.
(0:47:18) Al: Yeah, yeah, it’s interesting. I wonder, have you ever looked at the remixed bundles
(0:47:28) Al: for the community centre? Because I know there is an option to do the remixed ones, but I don’t know.
(0:47:34) Al: Ah, no, you’re still required. The quality crops bundle still exists. But it looks like there’s multiple different possible ones you can have, but you still have to have some gold crops.
(0:47:47) Al: So, yeah.
(0:47:48) Al: Yeah, I think it could be could have been fun to have done stuff like that.
(0:47:53) Al: But this is where you have the option just to go the Georgia route.
(0:47:56) Al: You can do it.
(0:47:57) Al: It’s a thing you can do, you know.
(0:48:00) Jonnie: Yeah, look, I think it’s the right thing to do.
(0:48:01) Al: And you’re.
(0:48:08) Al: Yes, I agree.
(0:48:11) Al: It’s a good thing to do.
(0:48:12) Al: Go the Georgia route.
(0:48:14) Al: You definitely won’t feel bad and you definitely won’t have your friends saying,
(0:48:17) Al: What have you done when the achievement comes?
(0:48:19) Al: Which happened to me today?
(0:48:24) Al: Kelly noticed that I got the achievement yesterday, and they were very disappointed in me.
(0:48:32) Al: show.
(0:48:34) Jonnie: I mean, look, they were right to be disappointed, but what’s the point in friends if you don’t have money?
(0:48:40) Al: Exactly, exactly. So I think it’s been quite fun doing that, it makes you think about the game differently.
(0:48:50) Al: And I do think that if you’re playing your first stardew through, the bundles is a really good way to be like,
(0:48:58) Al: here are all the different things you can do in the game, do them all please. I think that’s really fun.
(0:49:04) Al: But also as someone who’s played this game, hundreds and hundreds of hours, just going.
(0:49:10) Al: I’m going to do as much as I can to make as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, and unlock as much of it as possible.
(0:49:18) Al: I’m currently in winter of year one, I’ve not even finished the first year yet, and I have completed all of that.
(0:49:26) Al: All five of the things to unlock with the community centre of Georgia, which is fun.
(0:49:36) Al: like being at that point. It’s really hard to do that in…
(0:49:40) Al: In fact, it’s impossible in year one unless you have the setting to make it possible in year one.
(0:49:45) Al: So you have to wait till the second year.
(0:49:48) Al: And even if you do have that setting on, it’s still really hard because you have to go really hard on the crops.
(0:49:54) Al: Gold crops aren’t very easy to get.
(0:49:59) Al: So yeah, that’s fun. It’ll be interesting to see. I know that the…
(0:50:03) Al: I know that Ginger Island has some Georgia stuff in it as well if you go that route.
(0:50:07) Al: it will be interesting to see that, although I’ve still never been to Georgia Island.
(0:50:10) Al: I’m currently grinding to get the bars to unlock the boat to get to Georgia, to get to Ginger Island.
(0:50:24) Al: As usual, I’ve hit my wall is I’m at Skull Cavern and trying to get as much of the ore as possible to actually get what I want.
(0:50:34) Al: That’s always my frustration with this game, is I love everything about this game.
(0:50:37) Al: I hate skull cavern.
(0:50:38) Al: I hate trying to get.
(0:50:41) Al: Why have I forgotten the name of this?
(0:50:43) Al: What’s it called again?
(0:50:44) Al: The purple stuff.
(0:50:45) Al: Iridium.
(0:50:45) Al: Yeah.
(0:50:46) Al: I, I hate getting Iridium.
(0:50:48) Al: It is the thing I, I just cannot stand with this game.
(0:50:52) Al: So maybe I’ll just try and focus on doing year two as quickly as possible while getting enough to, to pass granddad’s test and then get the, the
(0:51:14) Jonnie: Yeah, that sounds like a good plan, and I’m right there with you. I’m not a fan of Skull Kid, and I think the combat’s just not good enough in a game like this to really support what they’re trying to do.
(0:51:27) Al: Yeah I think at this point you just you have to just save up as much stone as you can to get
(0:51:35) Al: stairs to go down as quickly as you can find as much ore. Yeah it’s not the best and especially having played Coral Island like Coral Island I feel like has the balance better in terms of the minds and getting to know them.
(0:51:57) Al: I’m getting the max of the, I can’t remember what they call their, they have another name for their above gold one, something like that.
(0:52:08) Jonnie: Uhm, Oricallium.
(0:52:12) Jonnie: Uhm, yeah, because I just recently completed the, uh, the mines in, uhm, in Coral Island and I think that was just significantly better, the accessibility of the, the fourth tier, uhm, or was, it was just way more plentiful, right?
(0:52:28) Jonnie: And it was just like, cool, this is nice, like it’s just the next version of it, it’s the next level of progression and it doesn’t feel horrendous, like, yeah.
(0:52:36) Al: Yeah and it doesn’t need to be easy, I think it just needs to be not horrifically difficult and
(0:52:43) Al: certainly nothing in this update has made it any easier and I think it’s the thing that frustrates me most about this game that I would really like slightly changed. Obviously there is the thing you can get from your grandad when you’ve got a certain amount of stuff after year two but
(0:52:59) Al: that only gives you a few per day which is obviously better than nothing but yeah it’s It’s just, it’s so slow to get.
(0:53:06) Al: And to get to Ginger Island, you need 5 bars, which is 25 iridium ore.
(0:53:12) Al: And obviously that then implies you haven’t used it for anything else.
(0:53:16) Al: And you need, yeah, ugh, iridium.
(0:53:20) Al: Need iridium.
(0:53:22) Al: So, we’ll see.
(0:53:26) Al: Um, okay, farm, anything else to say about the new farm?
(0:53:30) Al: I think, oh yes, I had one small thing.
(0:53:32) Al: very niche, but the layout of it is much easier.
(0:53:36) Al: To line things up for paths and crops.
(0:53:38) Al: One thing that really frustrates me about the, about Stardew is how
(0:53:44) Al: things don’t overlap in the way that they should, right?
(0:53:47) Al: So for example, in the greenhouse, it’s not a perfect number of
(0:53:52) Al: the biggest sprinkler, right?
(0:53:56) Al: It’s like 2.5 sprinklers wide and tall.
(0:54:01) Al: And that, and the farm, if you have a path
(0:54:06) Al: going from the entrance to the farm left, you’ll not line up nicely with things.
(0:54:12) Al: And if you want to come down from the top to the bottom,
(0:54:16) Al: you can’t just have one path that goes all the way down from the entrance.
(0:54:20) Al: Like these things are really niche and probably don’t annoy many people,
(0:54:24) Al: but they annoys me and I find the layout of this one is much easier to make it
(0:54:30) Jonnie: I agree. I really like the layout of this farm and and yeah, just it removes some of those minor annoyances like I
(0:54:38) Jonnie: My current feeling is that even if you don’t want like if you just want to do a regular farm
(0:54:46) Jonnie: This is probably still this is probably the best layout to go for I think it visually looks really good
(0:54:56) Jonnie: The only limitation is that the actual crop area is
(0:55:00) Jonnie: It’s smaller But I think it’s big enough, right? Like I don’t think it’s tiny. I think this is probably the
(0:55:09) Al: you have a couple of different areas as well that you can use for crops it’s not just the one area
(0:55:15) Al: and you obviously have the greenhouse as well which is a decent amount it’s 120 if you don’t use any sprinklers and it’s what 115 if you use iridium sprinklers so you know I’ve been mostly just using the greenhouse now and just been farming pumpkins and making a lot of money that way
(0:55:35) Al: and then building up my my animals and getting as a
(0:55:40) Al: afford to get. I’m at the point now where I’ve unlocked like the the auto grabber. So, I’m like, I am not going to buy any more barns or coops or upgrade anything else until everything has an auto grabber. So, I can do as little as possible with those animals. Go in.
(0:55:58) Jonnie: But it gets that point right where it’s like otherwise it takes like an hour and a half out of your morning to just pet it
(0:56:03) Al: Exactly. Exactly. You know, I love my automation. I have also been really
(0:56:09) Al: frustrated with I really want automation with chests. So I’ve been using the seed maker to make seeds out of my pumpkins when I’ve done it. So I use like half of my pumpkins for the next batch of seeds and sell half of them, and then I never have to buy any. And that’s all great, but I spend a whole day just standing there pressing the button, making a seed, press the button, make a seed, press the button.
(0:56:38) Al: Make a seat.
(0:56:39) Al: I really, really want some chest automation, like many other games have now, just being able to say like, put it between it and say, when this is a seed maker, if I put something in here and make a seed from it, right, and just putting a whole stack of them in there and leaving it and doing its job, I think that would be really fun.
(0:56:58) Al: I’m not saying, concerned it, you need to make a new update, but if you do make a new
(0:57:04) Jonnie: Yeah, I think one of my feelings now going back to Stardew is that from a quality of life perspective, the game is feeling a little dated. And like, yeah, like, exactly. Like, it’s just,
(0:57:14) Al: It’s feeling eight years older, is it, perhaps?
(0:57:19) Jonnie: you know, sometimes, like, games always have that sort of drop off and, look, Stardew’s done well,
(0:57:25) Jonnie: but I think it’s getting to that point where a lot of the little frustrations now have been solved by other games.
(0:57:34) Jonnie: So that this doesn’t feel as fun as it once did right and I never got to it but I believe there’s a quality of life upgrade there’s like a bigger furnace that can hold more can produce more bars but the fact that that’s still not the bait like a basic furnace is still put in one.
(0:57:56) Jonnie: You know take it out put in the next I it’s just it feels unnecessarily.
(0:58:04) Jonnie: And frustrating I’m yeah that sort of like production aspect of the game just feels like other other games are doing it significantly.
(0:58:16) Al: Yeah, and it doesn’t even need to be many, right? Like, just having, like, I think Carl Island let you put in five at once, if I remember. Like, that is significant. Okay. Anyway, like,
(0:58:22) Jonnie: yes, I
(0:58:25) Jonnie: Can’t call I live depends on the
(0:58:27) Jonnie: It depends on the machine some do like five some do three some do 20
(0:58:34) Al: if you did something like five, that would allow you to put in five, go do your day and come back and everything that you want. Like, you know, I got to the point where it’s like,
(0:58:42) Al: I don’t need 10 mayonnaise makers.
(0:58:46) Al: I need 10 mayonnaise makers because they only take one at a time and I don’t want to be standing in my farm all day waiting for it to refresh, to put in another one.
(0:58:48) Jonnie: I’m sorry, what? You need 10 mayonnaise maker.
(0:59:00) Al: I realistically need two and I can put five in each and I go about my day and I come back and I have my 10 mayonnaise.
(0:59:08) Al: I don’t want to have to deal with that so I just make the 10 mayonnaise makers even though there’s absolutely no need for me to have that.
(0:59:16) Al: I drink it and it’s something that I think was charming about Stardew for a while and it’s now got to the point where it’s like, I think we’ve moved on from this now.
(0:59:18) Jonnie: And then you go back and you bathe and you’re made.
(0:59:32) Al: And yeah, it just feels frustrating when other games have done that so much better and I still love this game and I’ve put in 30 hours into this game this week and it’s not because I’m doing this.
(0:59:42) Al: I mean, it’s partly because I’m doing this podcast, but it’s, it’s also.
(0:59:46) Al: Because I am having fun and I still really like this game, but it’s like,
(0:59:51) Al: as he’s adding quality of life improvements, I want more and more
(0:59:56) Al: because we see them in other games and we see how other games have thought about these things and solve these problems in better ways.
(1:00:04) Jonnie: Yeah, absolutely. Can we can we talk about the fact that you can now drink mayonnaise because this is like my favorite bit of the entire update?
(1:00:10) Al: What I love about this is how the characters react if you drink mayonnaise in front of them.
(1:00:16) Al: Everybody’s disgusted by it, and all in their different ways, I think.
(1:00:18) Jonnie: I
(1:00:22) Jonnie: Have not drunk mayonnaise in front of another character. I do that in the privacy of my own home
(1:00:26) Al: It’s actually, I mean, legitimately it’s a real, especially on this farm, it is a great early game energy.
(1:00:27) Jonnie: But that’s that is great
(1:00:37) Jonnie: - Yeah.
(1:00:37) Al: Like until you can make cheese, it’s probably the best thing you can do.
(1:00:44) Jonnie: And it’s one of those like really nice little updates where it’s just like we’ve taken something that was in the game. It’s a little bit silly
(1:00:51) Jonnie: Uh, like I feel like the the drinking mayonnaise has taken off in a way that probably could say that didn’t operate
(1:00:58) Jonnie: Um, and I’m guessing it was
(1:00:58) Al: Oh, I don’t know, I bet he predicted it.
(1:01:01) Jonnie: Yeah, I I I think it was exactly that though. Like it’s like it’s just takes, you know
(1:01:05) Jonnie: um The the thing you’re producing into a decent early game food source
(1:01:11) Jonnie: And yeah, I just I love drinking.
(1:01:14) Jonnie: I’m drinking mayonnaise. That’s…
(1:01:16) Al: it’s not a it’s not a coincidence that he did it in the same update that he added a farm where you get chickens at the start
(1:01:26) Jonnie: Exactly. How much mayonnaise have you drunk in real life since you started playing L?
(1:01:30) Al: I’ve eaten a lot, but I’ve never drunk any, because…
(1:01:39) Jonnie: Look, after we get off this call, we’ll both do a shot of mayonnaise. How does that sound?
(1:01:45) Al: Right, what have we got next? So, there’s a whole bunch of stuff. I really like the prize machine. So, this is a thing where you can, the default is you get prize tickets for doing the quests outside the town centre, and also the, what’s the other board? The board down at Mayor Lewis’s house, what’s that called? The projects board, is it? It’s something. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. The other board, the board-
(1:02:03) Jonnie: The, um, ah, god dammit, I forgot, nah, let’s like that, but not that, yeah, anyway.
(1:02:15) Al: which gives you stuff that takes a week to two weeks to do rather than the board that gives you stuff that takes two days to do. You can get prize tickets from these. You can also get them other ways. You can get them in mystery boxes and there’s a couple just lying around the place and you can buy some at the festivals and stuff. And in Mayor Lewis’s house there’s a machine that takes a prize ticket and gives you a thing. And you can see what the thing is going to be. I presume it’s it’s a static list.
(1:02:45) Al: I presume it’s not different depending on your save seed I haven’t actually paid attention to that.
(1:02:49) Jonnie: Yeah, my assumption was that it was a static loop.
(1:02:53) Al: I think it’s a fun little thing it encourages me to do some of the
(1:02:57) Al: the tasks that I otherwise wouldn’t care about because it’s like oh this one comes with a prize ticket I’ll do this one then and and and that’s fun you get a little thing especially early game I got some extra seeds that I could do that were really useful stuff like
(1:03:10) Jonnie: Yeah, I think it’s a cool little addition just to make you interact with some stuff that otherwise like if you’re kind of a
(1:03:20) Jonnie: You know if you’re a longtime player, those are the sorts of things that you kind of fall off doing
(1:03:26) Jonnie: The quickest because you don’t necessarily care about the relationship the rewards for them aren’t
(1:03:31) Jonnie: Necessarily that good compared to just focusing on whatever it is that you’re doing like they are better but not significantly better enough that it’s worth doing a bunch of stuff that you employ.
(1:03:41) Jonnie: Anyway, so some little bonuses like that.
(1:03:42) Al: Yeah. Oh, great. I get I get I get some, you know, 400 G for getting this random fish.
(1:03:49) Al: So exciting, you know, but instead you get the prize ticket.
(1:03:53) Al: Yeah, not much more to say, but it’s fun. Little edition. I think it’s great.
(1:03:59) Al: The mastery system. Now I’m presuming neither of us have done this because to do the mastery system you have to be at level 10 for all five of the.
(1:04:09) Al: they called. I’m so bad with names.
(1:04:12) Al: That’s it, yes. And I’m at level 10 and only farming so far. I think I’m at eight in three of them and then I’m at two for fishing.
(1:04:23) Jonnie: Yeah, I have not done this, but I am very interested in what this is. I think this seems pretty cool.
(1:04:29) Al: Yeah, so I guess just an overall, once you’re at ten for all of them, there’s a new area in
(1:04:34) Al: Cindersapwood where you can enter and there’s a bunch of challenges. And when you do those specific challenges you then get.
(1:04:42) Al: I think it’s good as well, but I don’t know why this is locked behind very end-game content.
(1:04:58) Jonnie: That is amazing.
(1:05:10) Al: But I feel like by that point you’ve probably got the Junimo huts and you’re probably not going to need to use the scythe.
(1:05:18) Jonnie: That is an excellent point.
(1:05:21) Al: Like it feels like a mid-game thing this one like I understand why you wouldn’t want to add it in for very early but it feels like something you should be able to get once you’re you know
(1:05:32) Al: you’ve got a large number of crops but you’re not at the point where you’re able to do the Junimo huts. I think that would be the good.
(1:05:38) Jonnie: What does the gold scythe do? I can’t remember.
(1:05:44) Jonnie: Don’t you upgrade it in the – there’s that death caton.
(1:05:51) Al: Let me check golden. Oh there is a golden scythe. The golden scythe is tilting at the end of the single floor quarry mine from the statues of Grim Reaper.
(1:06:03) Al: Its radius is larger than standard scythe. 75% chance per swipe to harvest hay from grass up from 50% and it inflicts 13 damage up from 1 to 3. So it’s just basically slightly better scythe.
(1:06:17) Al: It doesn’t have any new functionality.
(1:06:21) Al: I forgot about that. I don’t think I ever actually did the Quarry Mine. I need to go and do that then.
(1:06:26) Jonnie: It’s a fun little side-to-version.
(1:06:28) Al: Yeah, I’ve been in it but I’ve never really gone very far in it.
(1:06:32) Jonnie: It’s not very big, so…
(1:06:34) Al: Yeah, no, I literally, I get in it, see there’s a bunch of enemies and go, “Oh, I’m not in the mood for this.”
(1:06:39) Jonnie: Right. Yeah.
(1:06:41) Al: So yeah, I should just, I should just do it. I need to, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, cool.
(1:06:48) Al: That’s on my to-do list for tomorrow.
(1:06:52) Al: Okay, really small thing, you can now move the farmhouse and this is a fantastic update. That’s all.
(1:07:02) Jonnie: So I get that people want to do this.
(1:07:06) Jonnie: I don’t see where you could possibly want to move the farmhouse to.
(1:07:09) Al: Okay, let me, it’s not, and let me tell you why.
(1:07:09) Jonnie: It’s in the best location.
(1:07:13) Al: I have moved it, and this is gonna sound ridiculous.
(1:07:16) Al: Bear with me.
(1:07:18) Al: I have moved this two spaces back.
(1:07:23) Jonnie: Amazing. Okay, either this is the sort of movement that I am I am I am here for okay. This is this is an acceptable answer
(1:07:31) Al: Because I don’t want,
(1:07:34) Al: like the space behind the farmhouse is useless.
(1:07:39) Al: You’re never going to use that for anything,
(1:07:42) Al: but you move the farmhouse back two spaces,
(1:07:44) Al: you suddenly have two new spaces that are useful in front of it instead for all of my pointless chests.
(1:07:55) Al: There you go.
(1:07:55) Jonnie: Yep, look, I will admit that I was wrong.
(1:08:00) Jonnie: Yep, that is a totally fine reason to move your house.
(1:08:09) Al: I just love how I was like, this is the most ridiculous way to move it,
(1:08:13) Al: but it was the one thing that convinced you of the feature.
(1:08:16) Jonnie: yep
(1:08:18) Jonnie: but like nowhere else makes sense because the house like model is too big and it will like block too much other stuff that’s like worth
(1:08:24) Al: Exactly! That’s why you move it back, because then there’s nothing behind it. It’s perfect.
(1:08:27) Jonnie: yeah yeah yeah exactly yep
(1:08:30) Al: I also, because I never played the 1.5, I never was able to move my greenhouse before.
(1:08:35) Al: I’m very much appreciating being able to move my greenhouse.
(1:08:40) Al: So I have, just for reference, I have put my greenhouse next to the exit at the top.
(1:08:50) Al: So that’s where my greenhouse is.
(1:08:50) Jonnie: Is that where the, wait, to the left where the coop was?
(1:08:56) Al: Uh, yeah. Yeah, basically there.
(1:08:58) Jonnie: So you move the coop
(1:09:00) Al: Oh yeah. Yeah, I wasn’t going to leave it there, because I’m never going to just have one,
(1:09:03) Al: and I need them all to be in the same area. So.
(1:09:06) Al: So.
(1:09:06) Jonnie: I have taken a much more chaotic approach to this file.
(1:09:11) Al: As I said, my farm is lines.
(1:09:15) Al: Lines and aligning, aligning things.
(1:09:18) Al: Things must be aligned.
(1:09:20) Al: I have always been annoyed by the fact that the barn is one space long,
(1:09:26) Al: like deeper than the barn, the coop.
(1:09:30) Al: So you either have them lined up at the back,
(1:09:33) Al: in which case there’s a gap at the front,
(1:09:36) Al: or you have them lined up at the front,
(1:09:38) Al: in which case there’s a gap at the back.
(1:09:39) Al: back. And I have never.
(1:09:42) Jonnie: or you don’t have them next to each other.
(1:09:43) Al: No, no, I do next to each other, but like if they’re they’re.
(1:09:46) Jonnie: No, I’m saying that’s another option is to not have them next to each other.
(1:09:48) Al: Oh, but then what would it no, because then but no, no, no, no,
(1:09:54) Al: you need you have them in a line. I’ve got them in a line.
(1:10:00) Al: Anyway, each each save I decide on a different way of how I’m going to align them. This time I’ve decided to align them at the front.
(1:10:09) Al: I might move it. I’m not sure. I don’t know if this is a reasonably new thing, but it does seem to be really easy to move them now as well. You can move them just like a tiny bit. You don’t need to move them somewhere and then move them all the way back if you just want to move them by one. That wasn’t a feature before, was it? Is that a 1.5 thing?
(1:10:26) Jonnie: I recall that from 1.5, but equally we play so many of these games I could be
(1:10:30) Al: Yeah, I am sure that is a 1.5. It must be a 1.5 thing.
(1:10:34) Jonnie: remembering a feature from a different game
(1:10:40) Al: I remember having to move them a whole six spaces to move it back five spaces to get it in the one space that I wanted. There’s no time. You go in and you move a building,
(1:10:55) Al: it’s moved immediately. There’s no time to make it move. You can just go and rearrange your farm. This is one of those ones where I’m like, “Yes, give me the good functionality the endgame over the realism. I don’t care about the realism.
(1:11:09) Jonnie: Yeah Well, particularly when it comes to the building stuff, right because it’s not like it’s realism
(1:11:14) Jonnie: It’s like that. Hey a building’s built and or moved overnight So like just make it instantaneous who cares
(1:11:21) Al: The building, it takes a full day, not just overnight, but yeah. I get your point.
(1:11:26) Al: It still doesn’t take a day to build a building. Fair enough.
(1:11:31) Al: Yeah, so I’m just, I know that’s not a 1.6 feature, it’s a 1.5 feature for the moving of buildings, but my goodness has that been so satisfying compared to the previous ones.
(1:11:41) Al: I also moved my shipping box, and that’s equally as silly. I moved it two spaces forward.
(1:11:47) Jonnie: Where did you move that to?
(1:11:51) Al: I just, I love that all of my movements is like tiny movements. This is out of line by one space.
(1:11:52) Jonnie: Yeah, that makes that also makes sense
(1:12:07) Al: I need to move this, please. If I could redirect the river up two spaces, I would do that because currently I have a, I have a path from the entrance at the right.
(1:12:21) Al: And it can’t align up with my coops and barns because my coops and barns are pushed up against the river, but the river’s too, too down too far so that they are in the way of my path.
(1:12:35) Al: So I have to go down first, which is not too bad because it comes across, I’ve got a path that goes all the way down to the south end exit. And so I just, it’s not like it just goes down for nothing,
(1:12:49) Al: it goes down to the south exit and then I also brag
(1:12:52) Al: to go to the coops and barns, but if I could move them up too, I would do that because that would be nice.
(1:12:56) Jonnie: That’s a bit far.
(1:12:59) Al: I’m sorry, what? What do you mean that’s a bit far? The functionality doesn’t exist,
(1:13:04) Al: right? So that’s fair, but if I could move that two up, I would be moving it two up and you would say that was fine if I could do it. You don’t think that would be… Come on.
(1:13:12) Jonnie: Mmm, I don’t know I don’t know
(1:13:19) Al: I don’t know why that’s the too far.
(1:13:21) Al: I think they’re moving the shipping bin too down and it seems ridiculous but…
(1:13:22) Jonnie: Neither it just is
(1:13:25) Jonnie: No, the shipping been moving down to makes total sense because then it’s just lined up with where you walk into the
(1:13:31) Al: I haven’t figured out what I want to do with the little island with Grandpa’s shine on it.
(1:13:36) Jonnie: Uh, blow it up.
(1:13:37) Al: It doesn’t feel big enough to do anything with.
(1:13:40) Jonnie: Just song your heritage, get rid of Grandpa.
(1:13:44) Al: Not until I’ve got my iridium statue. I need to get that daily iridium first.
(1:13:51) Jonnie: Once I have plumbed my grandfather for all of his inheritance, then I will decide.
(1:13:54) Al: He’s already dead. He’s already dead.
(1:13:57) Jonnie: Okay.
(1:14:00) Al: Pets. Shall we talk pets? So you can now get multiple pets. Once you’ve maxed out the friendship with your starting pet, you can then go buy another pet bowl and buy some pets from Marnie,
(1:14:00) Jonnie: Uh, yep.
(1:14:16) Al: which is fine. I’m glad I’m not probably not going to do multiple pets except one, which which I’ll come to that in a minute.
(1:14:24) Al: There’s some new dogs and cats, which is great for people.
(1:14:27) Al: I’m not a massive dog and cat.
(1:14:29) Al: I had a dog, I love my dog.
(1:14:31) Al: Dog’s great, but I’m not like I must have lots of dogs.
(1:14:34) Al: But let me tell you what I want.
(1:14:38) Al: I want the half a million gold turtle.
(1:14:44) Al: It’s a purple turtle and it costs half a million gold and that is what I want.
(1:14:50) Jonnie: That is also what I want. This is, look, I just think you should be able to start with the turtle.
(1:14:55) Jonnie: I don’t really care about pets in these sorts of games. They don’t do anything.
(1:14:59) Jonnie: Like, I get that people like cats and dogs. I like cats and dogs, in real life.
(1:15:03) Jonnie: I don’t need some pixels that just want me to click on them once a day to not do anything.
(1:15:10) Jonnie: Yeah, that’s, so I just want the turtle, and I don’t want to pay half a million gold for it, but, um…
(1:15:16) Jonnie: I was gonna say I get why. I don’t get why. It’s stupid. Just give us a friggin’ turtle.
(1:15:20) Al: artificial scarcity in a single-player game yeah I want a turtle also I want more different colored turtles please and thank you give me a rainbow turtle I
(1:15:40) Jonnie: Rainbow Turtle would be so cool.
(1:15:42) Jonnie: Another thing on pets quickly is that once they’re at five stars, they will bring gifts.
(1:15:47) Jonnie: I have no idea what those gifts are or if they’re any good, but that’s a thing that they can do.
(1:15:52) Al: Oh nice I have I have been trying so hard this save to pet and my dog
(1:16:01) Al: and water his bowl every day I have been trying so hard but I keep forgetting
(1:16:06) Jonnie: Yeah, it’s
(1:16:07) Al: and I’m sorry I’m sorry to all the people that probably think I am a terrible person because I’ve not been watering my dog’s bowl but it just
(1:16:16) Jonnie: They don’t think you’re a terrible person because of that. They think you’re a terrible person because you went to judge for it This is just confirming it for them
(1:16:24) Al: Look, I have saved people’s jobs, OK? Right, you have all been putting them out of a job.
(1:16:32) Jonnie: Yeah, this is and this is Al as CEO like be grateful to me look at all of this stuff that I’ve done for the
(1:16:32) Al: It’s not like- it’s not like the sh-
(1:16:40) Al: I have spent so much money on this town to give us all these things!
(1:16:45) Al: Granted, one of them was just my greenhouse, but I just crashed the local economy with an-
(1:16:48) Jonnie: Are you sitting there with your iridium statue?
(1:16:54) Al: a statue that infinitely produces the most expensive ore.
(1:17:01) Al: Oh dear.
(1:17:03) Al: OK, so I think that’s all the big things. There’s also a lot of small things I want to talk about.
(1:17:11) Al: Is there anything else big, or anything that’s not in this list of Misk stuff?
(1:17:16) Jonnie: uh so we haven’t really talked about it and I haven’t really had a chance to experience them
(1:17:23) Jonnie: but the there’s new festivals um have you have you had a chance to experience the desert festival
(1:17:26) Al: Yes, I have not, because I unlocked the desert in autumn, so I’ll get to that in.
(1:17:40) Jonnie: So that will, okay, cool.
(1:17:42) Jonnie: I don’t know much about it,
(1:17:43) Jonnie: but I’ve heard generally positive things.
(1:17:46) Jonnie: And from what I’ve seen, it looks pretty cool.
(1:17:47) Jonnie: So I’m excited to get to try that one out.
(1:17:49) Al: Yeah, I think it looks - I’ve seen some stuff for it. I think it’s fun because there’s like a bunch of - I think like every villager has a shop there, which is fun. Or at least most of them. I don’t know if it’s actually all of them. And they all have like different things that you can buy, which is fun. And other than that, it’s kind of just a standard festival where there’s like stuff to get a currency and your currency can buy you.
(1:18:19) Al: Things and this stuff to win. Um, I mean, yeah, it looks fun. I look forward to trying out next next summer. And, uh, maybe we’ll talk about that on the next, the next episode we do on stardew 1.6 because there’s no way we’re going to only.
(1:18:36) Jonnie: Yeah, absolutely. Cool. No, that was only the big thing I had on my…
(1:18:40) Al: Okay, cool. Let’s talk about these small things. The books of power, books that you can find randomly while mining or cutting down trees for some reason. Why are there books in trees?
(1:18:51) Al: Or the bookseller has some of them. These are books that you read and you gain a power,
(1:18:58) Al: and I think they’re quite fun. Some of them give you faster speed, some of them give you XP in one of your areas. They’re quite wide-ranging in what they can do, and I think it’s a fun way to get
(1:19:11) Al: little quality of life improvements through the standard gameplay.
(1:19:16) Jonnie: I totally agree. I think these fall into the category of, that I think is true through, like, every Starjaw update of, like, a little thing that you didn’t really know you wanted, but now that we’re at this stage in the game’s life cycle, it’s just nice to, like, have it, right?
(1:19:33) Jonnie: So, you know, if you’re like me and not super into fishing, the ability to say, like, I’m just not gonna interact with fishing until I get a few of the fishing books and level up that way.
(1:19:44) Jonnie: way. And I don’t know how much it’s giving.
(1:19:46) Jonnie: Yeah, because I didn’t have enough money to actually buy one, but like, it’s just nice to have those alternate pathways.
(1:19:54) Al: Yeah, yeah, no, that’s fun because, I mean, that’s the thing about starges that we’ve always really said is a good thing is that you don’t need to care about all areas unless you care about perfection. And now, if you care about perfection, there’s other ways to get to that as well. Like,
(1:20:08) Al: you will still need to fish if you want to get to perfection, right? Like, that is just a thing you need to do because you need to catch every fish. But you can use these books to improve your fishing level which makes it easier to fish.
(1:20:23) Jonnie: Yeah, so you don’t have to battle through some of those lower levels where you’re just not that great at fishing.
(1:20:31) Jonnie: So, yeah, it’s pretty awesome.
(1:20:33) Jonnie: And I love it when the bookseller comes to town.
(1:20:37) Jonnie: Again, it’s just one of those spots that probably, I think it’s a new area, but it just fills out the map a little bit more.
(1:20:42) Al: I don’t know how how does he I don’t know how he does this so well where when he adds a new area and you go over there and you’re like wait this area wasn’t always here but it doesn’t feel tacked on.
(1:20:54) Al: How does he keep doing this? I don’t know. He is very good at what he does.
(1:20:55) Jonnie: Yes.
(1:21:00) Jonnie: Yeah, the level design for, that feels like it’s a really, that’s kind of underselling it.
(1:21:08) Jonnie: But the level design of the world is pretty incredible in that regard.
(1:21:13) Jonnie: And even things like the mastery room, I stumbled across that pretty early.
(1:21:18) Jonnie: And it’s nice to be able to stumble across things and be like,
(1:21:21) Jonnie: Oh, okay. This is a thing that I have to come back to later rather than needing to-
(1:21:25) Jonnie: -find out about it through reading something or watching a YouTube video or listening to a great podcast like this one.
(1:21:32) Al: But it’s also stuff like the, and this is from the 1.5 update, but the shortcuts that you can do from upgrading Robin later on, where you can get like a shortcut from the beach to Leah’s house, and you can get like, there’s just, there’s like six different shortcuts you can add into it. And each of them is in an area that like, when you look at it, before the shortcuts there, and you look at it after it, you’re like, you feel like he designed the world to have those shortcuts.
(1:22:02) Al: Five updates down the line, but obviously, that’s not what he did.
(1:22:08) Jonnie: Yeah. Yeah.
(1:22:08) Al: Do you know what I mean?
(1:22:11) Al: It’s weird.
(1:22:13) Al: It’s very impressive.
(1:22:16) Al: Green rain, have you had the green rain?
(1:22:19) Al: The green rain is really fun,
(1:22:21) Al: so it’s like you get you wake up and it’s weird.
(1:22:25) Al: It’s like your house feels green and there’s a weird aura about things and you
(1:22:29) Al: out and you get a phone call from…
(1:22:32) Al: Gus, and he says, “I don’t know if you’ve seen the weather forecast, but we’re all going to be in the pub if you want to come.”
(1:22:40) Al: And you walk outside and it’s all green, and it’s green rain, and this is to give you, like, you can get a whole bunch of moss this way, which is one of the new items.
(1:22:50) Al: And all these random moss trees have popped up all over the place, which are only there for the day.
(1:22:58) Al: and so you can cut them down and you get 20 wood per tree,
(1:23:02) Al: but they only cost the same energy to cut down as a normal tree does.
(1:23:05) Al: So you can get a lot of wood this way and you get some moss from that as well.
(1:23:10) Al: And it covers all your normal trees and moss as well.
(1:23:13) Al: So when you cut them down in the future, you get moss from them as well.
(1:23:18) Al: And then you go over to the pub and you go inside and everyone’s talking about the rain.
(1:23:27) Al: And it’s like, they say, or they say it’s not harmful,
(1:23:32) Al: and then Demetrius is in a hazmat suit because he’s obviously worried about it. It’s just a very nice little touch.
(1:23:38) Jonnie: What a nerd.
(1:23:41) Jonnie: But like, I like that sort of update.
(1:23:45) Jonnie: It’s something I kind of wish that there was more of in Cottagecore Games in general is just like things that are happening, that aren’t events,
(1:23:53) Jonnie: that just kind of mix up what the people in the town are doing to just makes it feel like a little bit more
(1:24:02) Jonnie: lived in or, I don’t really know what the right word is,
(1:24:05) Jonnie: but I think you get what I mean, right?
(1:24:06) Al: Yeah I think was it I feel like it was the newest story of seasons game what was that one called pioneers of all of town I think that had hurricanes where and this isn’t probably the best way to do it because you basically can’t go outside you can’t do anything it’s basically a wasted day
(1:24:07) Jonnie: A thing is happening this day and everyone is reacting to the thing that’s happening.
(1:24:36) Al: but something like that would be fun where you can like venture outside but maybe there’s a danger to doing it or something like that yeah just some other environmental effect
(1:24:44) Jonnie: It’s
(1:24:48) Jonnie: Is the green rain like is there any explanation for it like is it related to the witch or
(1:24:53) Al: I don’t think so. I think the wizard tells you that it’s safe. If you go and talk to him, he tells you it’s perfectly safe. Don’t worry about it. But it’s just, it’s just weather.
(1:25:04) Al: Like if you look at the forecast the day before, it will say it’s coming. But yeah, there’s no bigger explanation that I’ve seen. And I’ve not unlocked the witch yet, so I don’t think it’s related. I forgot how to even do that. I need to. There’s so many different things to unlock that I just keep forgetting.
(1:25:23) Al: about. I’m doing the Mr. Chee line just now to get into the casino.
(1:25:31) Al: What we got next? Mystery boxes. If you have the mystery boxes.
(1:25:37) Al: So it’s another event where one of the like night time events where it’ll pop up and Mr. Chee will be flying in a plane throwing out mystery boxes and it will say you can now find mystery boxes and as you are mining or
(1:25:53) Al: cutting down trees or even just farming or, you know, hoeing the ground or whatever,
(1:25:58) Al: you can come across mystery boxes. They’re basically like another, uh, geode. They’re like another geode, but they’re not a geode. They’re a mystery box, but you do them in the exact same way. You take them to Clint and you can open them and they have things in them.
(1:26:17) Al: Like they can have some seeds and they can have some ore and stuff like that. But the fun thing I found is they can also have mystery boxes in them.
(1:26:23) Al: So I opened a mystery box and it had two mystery boxes inside it.
(1:26:33) Jonnie: Amazing, I love that.
(1:26:34) Al: And then one of those two mystery boxes I opened up and it had two mystery boxes inside of it.
(1:26:43) Al: I had a chain, a chain of mystery boxes. I’d love to know the like probability of that to get two from one and then two from one of the two that you got.
(1:26:54) Al: I’d love to know the probability of that. But yeah, I think it’s just another fun
(1:26:58) Al: thing where you can get more stuff just by playing the game and doing things.
(1:27:04) Al: I’ve got quite a lot of the flower seeds from that. Have you had the flower seeds?
(1:27:11) Jonnie: uh you mean just like the tulips or whatever the in-season flowers
(1:27:15) Al: No, the mixed flower seeds. So it’s like the normal mixed seeds where you plant them and you you get, you know…
(1:27:23) Al: they’re like random crops from it, but this is mixed flower seeds. They’re like pinkish colour, but you plant them and they can be any flower for that season.
(1:27:31) Jonnie: That’s cool. I have not come across that but I love that
(1:27:32) Al: Yeah.
(1:27:35) Al: They’re good fun. I’ve got quite a few of them, and it’s fun just to plant them. Because I’m never going to buy flower seeds unless I need them for something, but being given 10 mixed flower seeds means you can plant them in a season and get all the flowers for that season, which is quite fun.
(1:27:53) Jonnie: Yeah, that’s very cool
(1:27:54) Al: So, I think you get them in mystery boxes. I don’t know if you get them anywhere else, but I’ve been getting them in mystery boxes, that’s for sure. How far are you in this save?
(1:28:04) Jonnie: Uh, I think I’m, like, just getting into it.
(1:28:08) Al: Ah, okay. It might be that the mystery boxes happen, because it happened in summer for me, so it might be like a specific day, because you know some of the things in Stardew happen on the same day every…
(1:28:22) Jonnie: Yeah and actually speaking of, I believe in your save you got the fairy on the first night.
(1:28:31) Jonnie: Did you… so I had… so I didn’t plant crops until like day 10 but on the first night I planted the crops. I also got the fairy. So I wonder if on the new save or on a new like 1.6 farm I wonder if you get the fairy on the first night.
(1:28:52) Jonnie: Or if we just had one of the biggest coincidences.
(1:28:52) Al: So, having a look in the patch notes. It does say it rebalanced the crop fairy event. The chance no longer depends on the number of planted crops. It can no longer happen on the last day of the season to avoid growing crops that might die overnight, fair enough,
(1:29:12) Al: and it can no longer choose dead crops to grow. It looks like there’s a 1% chance of fairy happening every day except in winter yeah i’m not
(1:29:23) Al: being guaranteed so it it may well just be yeah just the most ridiculous chance
(1:29:30) Jonnie: because uh I planted like every sort of seed on day one uh oh on the like on the day that I actually planted things so I got my beans fully grown which was very nice
(1:29:43) Al: Fascinating.
(1:29:44) Al: Well, there you go.
(1:29:49) Jonnie: Actually if you’re up there and you play you’ll be playing 1.6 and you also got the fairy then let us know because that Would be I am genuinely curious is like whether or not it’s a like there’s a scheduled fairy
(1:30:03) Al: feel like we would know already if that was the case. I don’t know. Oh, the other thing is I came across an event that I’ve never had before, which I don’t think is a new one, but I got the stone owl. Have you ever had the stone owl?
(1:30:23) Jonnie: I don’t think I have had this done.
(1:30:24) Al: This is the weirdest event. So you just get an owl sound effect overnight and
(1:30:33) Al: then the next day, there’s a stone owl on your farm. It doesn’t tell you that’s happening. It’s not like one of the ones where it pops up and says, “Oh, there was a bang,” or, “You see something happening.” It was just an owl noise, and then I walked over and next to my greenhouse was a stone owl, and you click on it and it says, “You can break it down and put it into your inventory,” and it It says, “It’s not clear where this came from, but it looks very fine.”
(1:31:04) Al: That’s it.
(1:31:06) Jonnie: That’s so weird.
(1:31:06) Al: It’s just a statue of an owl.
(1:31:11) Al: It just ran- Apparently it has a 0.5% chance of happening.
(1:31:15) Al: There you go.
(1:31:17) Al: Stone owl.
(1:31:26) Al: What else is in my list?
(1:31:28) Jonnie: Can we can we talk about the you feel like you or the live lot pop-up messages? I can’t
(1:31:33) Al: Yes! Oh, this is fantastic.
(1:31:35) Al: This is so unnecessary, but I love it so much.
(1:31:38) Al: Where you are mining, or you’re farming, and you level up.
(1:31:43) Al: And it goes, “You’ve had some new ideas to sleep on.”
(1:31:46) Al: And then that just means you’ve leveled up.
(1:31:48) Al: And when you go to sleep, you’ll get the upgrade thing.
(1:31:51) Al: It doesn’t change anything.
(1:31:53) Al: But it gives you that information, and it’s really nice to go, “Oh, nice.
(1:31:56) Al: I’m gonna go to sleep and I’m gonna have a level up.”
(1:31:59) Al: That expectation is fun, rather than just like the surprise
(1:32:04) Jonnie: it’s so good. It’s just a cool little thing that pops up. And the first time it popped up I was like, is this new? Surely this is, but you have that moment of this is new, right?
(1:32:18) Al: This has been me the whole time, especially as I didn’t really play 1.5.
(1:32:23) Al: I’m constantly having to search through the patch notes to see, was this a 1.61, or was it a 1.51?
(1:32:30) Al: Is this something I need to talk about or not?
(1:32:32) Al: Because there’s so many things.
(1:32:34) Al: And it was–
(1:32:35) Jonnie: Yeah but like look if drinking mayo is like the best part of this update which it is that’s just like that’s not a subjective thing it’s it’s oh yeah it’s not objectively true. This is very easily the second best feature of this.
(1:32:52) Al: Yeah, I love it. It’s brilliant. And it’s so small and pointless, but I love it.
(1:33:01) Al: One thing that isn’t small, well, it is small, but it’s not pointless, is that you can move while you’ve powered up a tool. And this has completely changed my watering, because now you power up your watering can, you let go, you immediately press down, and then as it’s powering up you hop a few spaces and you’re ready to…
(1:33:22) Al: go rather than having to move and set yourself up and then press the button and the number of times I would be like I’d power up and I’m like oh I’m not where exactly where I want to be and then you end up wasting some water or wasting time whereas this is just you just bump up a little bit you’re in the right place it’s fantastic I love this change it’s so good
(1:33:45) Al: there’s so much more we could talk about in this game but I think
(1:33:52) Al: I think we probably need some more time to keep going before we have more stuff having just entered winter I will say it’s fun to see them on their winter outfits now that’s all Eh.
(1:34:07) Jonnie: Ah actually, because there’s new dialogue for most NPCs, have you noticed it?
(1:34:15) Jonnie: Like does it feel different I guess from your perspective interacting with the villagers?
(1:34:16) Al: So, part of my problem is I’m romancing someone I haven’t romanced before, so I’m not sure.
(1:34:27) Jonnie: Out of curiosity, who?
(1:34:29) Al: I’m romancing Emily this time.
(1:34:32) Jonnie: Oh, breaking Clint’s heart.
(1:34:34) Al: Look, Clint, he could do something if he wanted to, he is a big wimp.
(1:34:36) Jonnie: You’re really going like, this is the full evil run.
(1:34:46) Al: Deal with it. Nobody likes Clint, anyway.
(1:34:46) Jonnie: No, I am on team clint is a wimp.
(1:34:54) Jonnie: Like there’s been a number of playthroughs where like I 50/50 like romance Emily on the side because I’m just like I just do it because he’s so pathetic and it’s very funny.
(1:35:02) Al: Yeah. Yeah. Because it’s not even like he has ever tried to do anything. He just won’t do anything and just assumes that it’s going to go wrong. And you’re like, you have no idea. You know, it’s just my word annoys me. Oh, have you done a big chest yet? Have you
(1:35:31) Jonnie: I have not made a big chest yet, but I think it’s cool.
(1:35:38) Al: I do too, but I am yet again frustrated by the fact that you can’t craft with stuff that’s in your chests.
(1:35:45) Jonnie: Uh, yeah. I mean, it is what it is at this point.
(1:35:49) Jonnie: And, like, maybe this is a good time to, like, just talk about kind of where I’m at on Stardew,
(1:35:55) Jonnie: ‘cause, like, I have had an okay time playing Stardew this time around, but…
(1:36:03) Jonnie: I don’t know. I feel like I’m pretty close to being done.
(1:36:08) Jonnie: Like, I’ve definitely enjoyed this a lot less than previous, like, it’s fun to see the new things.
(1:36:15) Jonnie: Unfortunately, it just feels like the world has moved on enough that, um…
(1:36:24) Jonnie: Like, I would kind of just want to go back and play more Coral Island, or, um…
(1:36:27) Al: I was going to ask the question, “Is this just making you excited for 1.1 in Coral Island?”
(1:36:33) Jonnie: It really is. It just hasn’t grabbed me.
(1:36:38) Al: I think I am very much looking forward to Coral Island 1.1 as well, but I have really enjoyed this and I’m not stopping here with this update. I need to go more. I need to do more. Yeah, I think…
(1:36:57) Al: I understand your feeling and I think that I am frustrated by some of the things that have not updated that are better in Coral Island and I think this has increased my opinion that Coral Island is now a better game than Stardew, but that doesn’t mean that somehow Stardew is now a bad game and it doesn’t mean that I now don’t enjoy playing.
(1:37:27) Al: When I am playing Stardew, I very much do. I am very much enjoying this and I think there is space in my life for both of them and I will probably go through ups and downs of
(1:37:40) Jonnie: - Yeah, and I think that’s a fair point.
(1:37:42) Jonnie: Probably where I’m, a large part of where I’m at is the fact that I still have more to do
(1:37:53) Jonnie: in Coral Island.
(1:37:54) Jonnie: And I’m more excited to do what I have to do in Coral Island than I am to get through.
(1:37:59) Jonnie: And part of it is like the grind of starting a new farm,
(1:38:02) Jonnie: right, where everything’s just like a little slow and you’re like kind of going through the motions of stuff that you’ve done before.
(1:38:04) Al: Oh, for sure.
(1:38:09) Jonnie: Dica that that is
(1:38:10) Jonnie: Absolutely a huge part of what I’m feeling whereas coral island. It’s it’s all new
(1:38:16) Al: - Yeah, yeah, no, that’s totally fair.
(1:38:19) Al: I do think that I found the beginning of a little bit of a grind as well,
(1:38:25) Al: but it was lessened by the new farm being different.
(1:38:32) Al: And I’m definitely at the point now where I’ve got a good groove, I’m making money steadily.
(1:38:41) Al: I’m just a little bit frustrated by the iridium as usual,
(1:38:44) Al: but other than that, I’m enjoying.
(1:38:47) Al: I’m back into the swing of things.
(1:38:48) Al: I’m past that grind, standard grind.
(1:38:52) Jonnie: Yeah, and, like, I’m almost tempted to go back and just start a Jojo run,
(1:38:59) Jonnie: because I feel like I might enjoy that slightly more. Just because it gets over the hurdle.
(1:39:01) Al: can do it you can still do it you can do it at any point before finishing the community
(1:39:07) Jonnie: Oh, really? Okay, I might just have to…
(1:39:08) Al: you just need you just you just need to go into the Georgia shop and buy your membership and that’s it you’re you’re now on Georgia and the only time it stops being able to do that is when you completed the community center and the Georgia shop shuts down which obviously then there’s no point in becoming a Georgia member because you’ve already unlocked everything so you can still go do
(1:39:28) Jonnie: Okay, great.
(1:39:32) Al: and that’s probably going to be quicker than starting a new save and starting again
(1:39:36) Jonnie: Yeah, that absolutely will be, um, and like, I feel like this is, this is the least conical episode we’ve ever done out because it’s like, what’s the conclusion from it?
(1:39:39) Al: do it do it go Georgia
(1:39:47) Jonnie: Capitalism is good and we should all be doing capitalism.
(1:39:53) Al: look I think I I would say to people if you have never done a Georgia run try it out it’s fun I don’t think this is I don’t
(1:40:01) Al: think this should be the first time you do it I think that if you’re doing if you’re playing stardew for the first time absolutely do the community center it is the more well-rounded but I also think you should be doing just the standard farm if you’re doing that as well like just it’s the more well-rounded way to get a feel of what the game is but at this point when you’ve played it for hundreds of hours why not do a jojo run it is it’s interesting to say the least.
(1:40:31) Al: Apparently, if you do Georgia, one of the things on Ginger Island is being able to pay to bypass the perfection, so you can get to perfection just by paying money. You can actually have caught all fish by just paying, which I think is just a perfect analogy of capitalism, right?
(1:40:48) Jonnie: Amazing.
(1:41:01) Al: I think the bad way of doing things in this game and still having to feel that, oh, I’ve done a bad thing, you can then still mock capitalism by just paying your way to everything.
(1:41:13) Al: I love it. It’s great.
(1:41:15) Jonnie: Is it mocking capitalism or is it just capitalism?
(1:41:19) Al: No, I do think it’s mocking capitalism. It can be both.
(1:41:27) Jonnie: Look all I’m saying is it sounds like you’re just exchanging money for you know
(1:41:32) Jonnie: doing things that other people have to work for and if that’s not capitalism I don’t know what the
(1:41:34) Al: Uh-huh. Yeah, of course it is capitalism, but it is mocking capitalism in and of itself.
(1:41:41) Al: Special orders, that’s what the other board, the orders board is called. Special orders.
(1:41:47) Al: Sorry, I just read it somewhere.
(1:41:53) Al: Excellent. I think we’re done here. I guess we’ll see what happens. Oh.
(1:41:59) Jonnie: Oh. Sorry, I have one other question. Maybe this is a pika tree. I read something about there being like a big tree, and there’s like a new quest line, and…
(1:42:08) Al: Oh the big tree! The raccoon family! Spoiler alert for the raccoon family. So yeah, I presume you haven’t had the big tree falling down then. So the big tree, if you go south from your farm down to Cindersap Forest, there is a big tree. I don’t know how else to describe it. Like there’s a massive tree where it’s so big that it goes off the screen, you can only see the trunk of it.
(1:42:39) Al: And then one day the tree falls down. There’s like a big windstorm and you get one of the overnight events and it says the tree fell down basically. You go down, you see the tree and it’s now just a stump. Then there’s a quest line where you start off by restoring it. It says restoring it but you turn it into a little house basically. And then a raccoon moves in and then the raccoon’s hungry so you have to get him some specific fish so you get him some specific fish.
(1:43:08) Al: Once you’ve done that he then gets a little family and it’s just a fun little quest where you help a little raccoon family.
(1:43:18) Jonnie: Amazing, but I’m very excited for it.
(1:43:21) Al: So yeah, I’m part of the way through that quest line, and I’m enjoying it very much.
(1:43:25) Al: All right, I think we’re done here then. There’s so much more we could talk about,
(1:43:29) Al: but let’s not continue forever because I’m tired and I want to go to bed.
(1:43:34) Jonnie: I’m also tired, but I need to get a coffee.
(1:43:37) Al: Thank you, Johnny, for joining me to talk about Stardew. I’m so glad this game,
(1:43:41) Al: this update is finally out and I actually have played it. Can’t believe I never got back to to playing 1.5.
(1:43:48) Jonnie: Yeah, and I feel like I’m excited to hear your thoughts on 1.5 and it’s nice to be doing this episode, you know, the week as 1.6 came out rather than a 1.5 update, which was like 1.5 years after 1.5 came out.
(1:44:00) Al: Oh man, I think it was actually longer than that but I can’t even. Yes, yes. I am impressed we managed to get this that quickly. I did say I’m not going to stop playing the game. I might take a little break from my 30 hours and do something else for a week or so but I’m definitely going to get back into it again. Great, thank you for joining me Johnny.
(1:44:30) Al: Is there any point in me asking you a bit where to find people or just skip it entirely?
(1:44:34) Jonnie: I mean, there’s a point and that’s just to kind of extend the episode for me saying, “No, don’t find that on the internet.”
(1:44:42) Al: You can find me on and on twitter as thescotbot. You can find the podcast on tumblr and twitter @thspod. You can find all the links to everything to do with this podcast
(1:45:00) Al: at where there is also a feedback form if you want to tell us what one small quality of life feature is the thing you most enjoyed from the 1.6 Stardew update
(1:45:14) Al: or tell us that you’re frustrated because you’re a console player and you’re waiting for the update.
(1:45:21) Al: You can also find a link to our patreon on the website that is where you can pay me money.
(1:45:30) Al: And I guess in exchange for that you can also get some stuff, come and be part of our Slack community where we talk about these things.
(1:45:40) Al: I have been posting stuff about the fun things I’m finding in the game as I go, and also people have been mocking me lots.
(1:45:48) Jonnie: That’s me. That’s most of what we do in the slack as we just make fun of them
(1:45:54) Al: Erm…
(1:45:58) Jonnie: I mean, I said it like it’s a joke, but it’s really not that much of a joke.
(1:45:58) Al: There’s a-
(1:45:58) Al: as a result.
(1:46:00) Al: It’s really not and there was a point where Bev this week DMed me and said,
(1:46:08) Al: “Am I taking it too far?” And I said, “No, no, no, the sad faces are a joke.
(1:46:13) Al: I’m totally fine with people mocking me.”
(1:46:14) Jonnie: I assume- I assume, oh no, I’ve taken it too far when you stop inviting me, I’m not sure.
(1:46:21) Al: You can also get bonus episodes of the podcast called The Greenhouse,
(1:46:26) Al: which we will do more soon, I promise.
(1:46:30) Al: I’m doing that same thing I did last year, which is like doing almost none at the beginning.
(1:46:34) Al: So in April and May, we’re going to end up doing like one a week for the whole of the two months.
(1:46:41) Al: I will make sure there’s at least two a month. That is how it will work. They might not be in the month that they’re meant to be, but in the year, we will average out to two a month.
(1:46:50) Jonnie: Well, and look, I think it’s fair to say that this year has started out pretty hot for cottage core games, and we’ve put a lot of time into actually playing the games, and there hasn’t been a lot of time for doing other things, which is usually what we talk about in a greenhouse.
(1:47:08) Jonnie: I’m sure as things let up, there will be there will be more space for more greenhouse. I greenhouses greenhouse pods. Greens house. There we go. I like it.
(1:47:14) Al: Greenhouses. Green’s House. And on that, thank you Johnny for joining me. Thank you listeners for listening, and until next time, have a good harvest.
(1:47:36) Theme Tune: The harvest season is created by Al McKinlay, with support from our patrons, including our pro farmers Kevin, Stuart and Alisa.
(1:47:50) Theme Tune: Our art is done by Micah the Brave and our music is done by Nick Burgess.
(1:47:54) Theme Tune: Feel free to visit our website for show notes and links to things we discussed in this episode.
(1:48:10) Jonnie: I always felt like I now overthink that, am I?
(1:48:14) Jonnie: I don’t know why.
(1:48:15) Jonnie: It’s become a thing.
(1:48:16) Jonnie: I overthink it.
(1:48:17) Jonnie: Then every time I say it, I’m like, “Wow, that sounded terrible.”