Less Ethical Consumption

Al and Kelly talk about what they think could still be added to Stardew


00:00:00: Theme Tune
00:00:30: Intro
00:02:27: What Have We Been Up To
00:07:40: News
00:22:53: Stardew 1.6
00:56:47: What Is Still Missing In Stardew
01:21:22: Outro

Echoes of the Plum Grove Release Date
Bunny Haven
Mika and the Witch’s Mountain Dev Update
Potion Permit Update
Len’s Island Roadmap
Chill Roadmap
Stardew 1.6.3


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(0:00:30) Al: Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season.
(0:00:34) Al: My name is Al and we are here today to talk about Cottagecore Games.
(0:00:36) Kelly: and I’m Kelly.
(0:00:41) Al: Ah welcome back Kelly, it’s been a while.
(0:00:46) Al: What was your last episode?
(0:00:47) Kelly: Um, was it the pumpkin heart?
(0:00:47) Al: It was.
(0:00:49) Al: Oh no pumpkin panic!
(0:00:52) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:00:53) Al: No!
(0:00:54) Al: Oh I talked to, was it Bev I talked about that?
(0:00:56) Kelly: Ahhh. (laughs)
(0:01:00) Al: There was a couple of weeks ago and they had not listened to that episode and eventually went and watched like one of the speedruns and I was like just be warned and they were like yeah it’s terrifying.
(0:01:08) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:01:13) Kelly: Yeah, that is absolutely the least cottagecore game that I think we’ve discussed.
(0:01:15) Al: Yeah.
(0:01:18) Al: Oh yeah don’t yeah.
(0:01:21) Kelly: And listen, I have some anxiety attacks playing Stardew in the mines, but that’s nothing.
(0:01:30) Al: We’ll talk about it later but I’m in the volcano just now on Ginger Island so I’m having fun there.
(0:01:31) Kelly: Yes.
(0:01:39) Al: Cottagecore and not Cottagecore there is an overlap there anyway.
(0:01:43) Al: So yeah welcome back it’s been six months good to have you back.
(0:01:48) Kelly: It’s good to be back, I’m always happy to come back.
(0:01:50) Al: We are going to talk more about Stardew 1.6 because we are going to eke out all the content we can from this update I guess that’s the fun of me and Johnny covering.
(0:02:01) Al: It’s going to be less than a week after it comes out is there’s always going to be stuff that we miss and so fun to come back and chat especially with with with you Kelly who obviously you weren’t on the last episode so you’ve got probably different thoughts probably some similar thoughts but anyway before we get into that transcripts are available in the show notes and on the website the there’s a bunch of news to talk about but first of All Kelly, what have you been?
(0:02:30) Kelly: Besides playing Stardew, you know, I had five days off last week, and I spent three of them playing Stardew until four in the morning.
(0:02:42) Kelly: So that was really rough to go back to work the next week. So now I’ve been trying to roll it in at about one o’clock in the morning.
(0:02:48) Kelly: But, you know, that never works, because it’s always just one more day.
(0:02:52) Kelly: So it’s like 1.30 I’ve been going to bed playing Stardew. So, you know, it’s been going.
(0:03:00) Al: I mean is the original solitaire not a roguelike?
(0:03:02) Kelly: But besides that, I’ve been playing Solitaire Battle. It’s like a roguelike RPG solitaire game where you battle other things.
(0:03:18) Kelly: We had this discussion in Slack. I said it as a joke, but it 100% is.
(0:03:23) Al: It is!
(0:03:24) Al: There’s nothing like it’s just it’s a single run and then once it’s done nothing matters and you can start again.
(0:03:28) Kelly: Yep, you got what you got in that run and then you don’t get that same thing ever again
(0:03:34) Kelly: and you know what, it made me realize, maybe that’s just the games that I like
(0:03:40) Al: Yeah. Each to their own. So what makes this different? Is it an RPG? Did you say an RPG?
(0:03:40) Kelly: to my core
(0:03:54) Kelly: Sort of so like you get you you you go against a different like character each round and you
(0:04:03) Kelly: Obviously want to try to get more matches and more cards in them, but you also
(0:04:07) Kelly: Have power-up cards, so you have like a tack move
(0:04:10) Kelly: You have like some Stat boosters and stuff like that you can get like extra draws
(0:04:16) Kelly: so you’re kind of just like looking to kill their health bar before your health bar goes down and
(0:04:21) Al: Oh, interesting.
(0:04:24) Kelly: Three three levels with three levels in each it’s it’s a unique little take on
(0:04:29) Kelly: Solidary Dallin and introduce me to it
(0:04:32) Al: is there a story? No. Okay. Well, let’s not get into the discussion of what an RPG is.
(0:04:34) Kelly: No
(0:04:36) Kelly: So maybe not RPG maybe I’m just saying letters and words
(0:04:41) Kelly: No
(0:04:44) Al: People complain about me talking about that all the time. Okay. Do you gain cards for winning and stuff like that? Is that how you get the power up? Okay. And then you buy the power-ups with the money.
(0:04:46) Kelly: My hands are up I am done
(0:04:55) Kelly: Uh, no, you actually gain money.
(0:04:58) Kelly: So, like, yeah, yeah, you buy the cards.
(0:05:00) Kelly: So it’s like, oh, you linked seven different cards at once, you get more money.
(0:05:06) Al: sounds like a rogue light to me rather than a rogue like every time every time I talk about this I think I know the difference and then I say something and someone’s like oh maybe not
(0:05:09) Kelly: I don’t know the difference.
(0:05:18) Kelly: Yeah, I’ve given up. I’ve decided it’s funnier this way.
(0:05:23) Al: see I’m I’m my current understanding is that a rogue like is where everything resets between runs and the only thing that improves is your skill and a rogue
(0:05:36) Al: light is where you gain things between runs to improve the runs in other ways
(0:05:42) Kelly: So I think it would be more of the first but you do gain characters
(0:05:48) Kelly: to play as
(0:05:49) Al: Yeah, but you’re also gaining money, right? Which gives you paradox and stuff like that so that
(0:05:52) Kelly: Oh, yeah But so it’s like that’s one run and then I’d go back and like, you know do a different run So I guess it would be the second one because you’re keeping the cards through the nine levels that you’re playing I don’t know man. I don’t know
(0:06:04) Al: Who cares? Whatever. I wouldn’t like it either way. There’s still only one that I’ve actually enjoyed as a whole game, so. Oh, what have I been up to? I mean, Stardew, like, is there is that enough? I mean, basically, I’m now at 60 hours played of Stardew 1.6.
(0:06:07) Kelly: Who cares whatever
(0:06:10) Kelly: Yeah, no you wouldn’t like it. I just think it’s fun
(0:06:12) Kelly: I need to make fun of this conversation every time it gets brought up.
(0:06:28) Kelly: Oh, nice.
(0:06:35) Al: And we are currently recording on Thursday, so it’s quite an early episode for nearly a week before it’ll come out, but yeah, so it’s a week and two days since it came out,
(0:06:49) Al: almost exactly. So, 60 hours.
(0:06:54) Kelly: Too bad, I’ve put 30 hours in,
(0:06:55) Kelly: but I did not start playing until Saturday night.
(0:06:58) Al: Ah, yeah. Yeah, I was ready for it. The whole of Tuesday I was like, “Right, it’s going to be late. It’s going to be late today because I know that Concerned Ape is in Pacific time,
(0:07:09) Al: but I’m going to keep paying attention anyway.” And then it came out at like 9pm my time and I was like, “Ugh, great.” Yeah, well, exactly. Exactly. So I am tired. I don’t think I’ve be doing anything else, sadly not games wise.
(0:07:18) Kelly: Dangerous time to start.
(0:07:29) Al: I keep trying to start Princess Peach show time, but I’ve got stuff to do in Stardew.
(0:07:35) Kelly: It’s hard starting with such a commitment.
(0:07:38) Al: Yeah, but we’ll talk more about that soon.
(0:07:40) Al: Let’s talk about some news.
(0:07:42) Al: First off, we have Echoes of the Plum Grove have announced that they are releasing on the 29th of April this year.
(0:07:48) Al: Kelly, I suspect you haven’t heard of that yet.
(0:07:52) Kelly: I have not, um, I like the title.
(0:07:56) Al: So, I mean, the summary of this is it is a life sim where you can kill people.
(0:08:04) Kelly: Oh.
(0:08:08) Kelly: It’s such a cute artwork, I did not suspect that.
(0:08:12) Al: Yes, yes. It’s very Paper Mario-esque. I’m trying to find the wording because it’s quite a… I can’t find the wording, but I’m pretty sure this is the one where you can kill people.
(0:08:14) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:08:23) Kelly: I like that. I think that’s a nice way to stand out.
(0:08:25) Al: Yes, I’m all for different things. You also have to survive winter. I think you can die because of the season. I don’t know if I like that or not, but I’m certainly willing to try it. I mean, I’ve backed it on Kickstarter.
(0:08:33) Kelly: Oh, I like that too
(0:08:44) Kelly: Yeah, I mean, also I’m saying I like that, but I’m sure also if I played it and put like 40 hours into the game and then I died, I’d be pissed.
(0:08:50) Al: So I believe that if I, okay, so you you have children and then you grow old and I believe…
(0:09:00) Kelly: Oh, I think I have heard of this.
(0:09:04) Al: I’m not sure I need to double check but I’m not sure if it says for certain but I think you can then continue as your child when you die. We’ll find out because it comes out soon,
(0:09:13) Al: comes out in one month. Was this on Switch or was it just on Steam? Not that it matters anyway because even if it comes out on Steam, it will…
(0:09:21) Al: Even if it comes out on Switch, it will come out on Steam first,
(0:09:23) Al: so I’ll probably just play it on my Steam deck.
(0:09:26) Al: I’m not seeing Switch.
(0:09:27) Al: Anyway, so yeah.
(0:09:28) Al: Next we have Bunny Haven.
(0:09:30) Al: Bunny Haven is out now.
(0:09:33) Al: I don’t think there’s much to say about this game.
(0:09:35) Al: There’s bunnies.
(0:09:36) Al: Adopt rescue bunnies,
(0:09:38) Al: care for them, and transform your garden into the haven in this cozy cafe sim.
(0:09:42) Kelly: Okay, cute
(0:09:43) Al: Yeah, out now.
(0:09:45) Al: Will you play this?
(0:09:47) Kelly: Maybe I’m I’m like is that a phone game or is it like a yeah, I’m like weird about phone games I’ll like the idea of something but in the long run. I just go back to playing dungeon cards
(0:09:58) Al: Oh, what is dungeon cards?
(0:09:59) Kelly: so
(0:10:02) Kelly: It’s a roguelite card game
(0:10:06) Kelly: So yeah, it’s just like a silly little card game
(0:10:14) Al: Mika and the witch’s mountain.
(0:10:18) Al: This is your witch delivering packages.
(0:10:24) Kelly: okay what is this like the poly art style is that what that is
(0:10:29) Al: Oh, yeah, there’s a I know what you’re trying to I know what you’re trying to say, but it’s not that, and I can’t remember.
(0:10:39) Al: Shaded, is it shaded?
(0:10:42) Kelly: Oh, Cell…
(0:10:43) Al: Cell shaded, yes, that’s it.
(0:10:44) Kelly: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think a lot of games can be really fun in the start style.
(0:10:49) Al: I agree, I think this works really well.
(0:10:52) Al: They have not announced their release date, but they have released that they’re planning to release they have announced.
(0:10:59) Al: They’re planning to release before summer.
(0:11:02) Kelly: Okay
(0:11:03) Al: I don’t know if this is a translation thing because the team is Italian.
(0:11:05) Al: So they’re, you know, there’s a, there’s an aspect of that, that they’re not kind of native English speakers, but that feels like before summer.
(0:11:15) Al: I mean, I always have issues of using seasons, right?
(0:11:17) Al: Because as we have discussed many, many times, there is no one universal definition of the seasons.
(0:11:25) Al: Not everywhere has four seasons, some places have two, some places have three, some places have five, and even the places that do have four, they don’t all have them the same.
(0:11:35) Al: So it always annoys me when the people do this, but like what is I don’t know whether they actually mean before summer or whether they mean before the end of summer, so it could either be like any time between now and what June, or it could be any time between now and September. There we go.
(0:11:52) Kelly: Yeah, it could be anything.
(0:11:56) Kelly: I think they intentionally did that just to be vague for their own benefit.
(0:11:59) Al: Yeah, yeah, we are putting all the team’s efforts to have Mika and the Witches Mountain out before summer this year. Yes, we will see. I want to play that game, although not right now,
(0:12:08) Kelly: I mean, it’s better than nothing.
(0:12:14) Al: I’m playing Stardew, so you know maybe they can wait.
(0:12:15) Kelly: The tarot cards look cool.
(0:12:17) Kelly: I like the art for them.
(0:12:19) Al: I haven’t actually seen that. Is that in this update?
(0:12:20) Kelly: They’re collectibles.
(0:12:24) Kelly: Uh, I’m on the page you sent me, but I don’t think it’s from this update.
(0:12:28) Al: Oh yes, no, it is the update, yeah, yeah, well I know I do, that’s my thing.
(0:12:30) Kelly: Oh, okay.
(0:12:31) Kelly: Who doesn’t love collecting things?
(0:12:38) Al: Potion Pyramid, did you play Potion Pyramid?
(0:12:40) Kelly: Yeah, I did a podcast with Bev and Maddie.
(0:12:43) Al: You did one on it, yeah.
(0:12:45) Al: So there’s an update out now with new romanceable characters, I wasn’t even aware they had romance in that, I don’t remember you discussing that on the podcast, were you aware they had romance in this game?
(0:12:49) Kelly: Mm.
(0:12:57) Kelly: We were, um, I think it was kind of
(0:12:58) Al: Hehe. Surprise, surprise.
(0:13:00) Kelly: lackluster compared to some other
(0:13:03) Kelly: romance-able games, so that’s probably why you don’t remember us talking about it.
(0:13:08) Al: Yeah, probably, probably. They’ve also added some extra languages and a cinematic opening
(0:13:17) Al: animation to the game. Is this in? Is it still in early access? Was it in early access? I can’t.
(0:13:24) Al: It is not in early access.
(0:13:26) Kelly: I was gonna say, I think he was out.
(0:13:27) Kelly: They definitely seem to have been fixing a lot of bugs,
(0:13:31) Kelly: ‘cause there definitely were a lot of bugs,
(0:13:33) Kelly: I know, when we talked about it.
(0:13:35) Al: Yeah, I feel like adding an opening animation, it doesn’t feel like an after 1.0 thing to do.
(0:13:44) Kelly: No, also kind of feels weird when there’s like other things that I probably would have
(0:13:50) Kelly: Spent the time on fixing
(0:13:51) Al: Yeah, I will say that it won’t be the same people doing those two things,
(0:13:55) Kelly: Mmm, yeah
(0:13:55) Al: right? Like the developers would have gone, oh great, here’s the animation, right? That’s it in,
(0:13:59) Al: right? There’s not much work for them to do after this is made.
(0:14:02) Kelly: Yeah, but that’s still budget money, right, you know?
(0:14:06) Al: » Sure, that doesn’t mean that if they hadn’t done it,
(0:14:09) Al: they would have spent money on fixing.
(0:14:10) Kelly: That’s true, that’s that’s very true.
(0:14:12) Al: You can’t just throw more developers at a team and get quicker, faster bug fixes.
(0:14:19) Al: It’s not how it works.
(0:14:20) Kelly: Listen, I played Software Inc., it is how it works.
(0:14:25) Al: Please never run a development team.
(0:14:29) Kelly: My company was so successful.
(0:14:32) Al: There’s a fun– I can’t remember the name of it,
(0:14:34) Al: but there’s a fun.
(0:14:35) Al: Principle in companies that says that people get promoted until they are no longer doing the job well and then instead of getting demoted back down to where they were doing a good job they continue to be in the job that they weren’t doing well and that’s why it always feels like management are terrible what they’re doing because they are.
(0:14:55) Kelly: Mm-hmm. Yes, I’ve heard the same exact thing about managers and
(0:14:56) Al: So.
(0:15:01) Kelly: It definitely applied to my past manager. Now I have a good manager. So
(0:15:06) Al: Ah, well, I’m sure you won’t have them for long because they’ll get promoted into something that they’re not good at.
(0:15:14) Kelly: That’s the fingers crossed
(0:15:17) Kelly: On a side note, I don’t know if you you’re interested in playing a work game after work, but software ink was fun
(0:15:24) Al: Ah, maybe, maybe when I’ve had like a long holiday or something,
(0:15:25) Kelly: Mm-hm, yeah, there you go.
(0:15:29) Al: we’ll see. Certainly not right now. Maybe when I’m in a new job, maybe when I’ve got a new job.
(0:15:34) Kelly: When you’re filled with hope and, you know, a new will to survive.
(0:15:39) Al: Lens Island have updated their roadmap again. They now have six updates coming,
(0:15:48) Al: no four updates coming over the next three months, which I’m sure will go great.
(0:15:54) Al: They have the end of March, which is now. They have the community update. At the end of April,
(0:16:01) Al: they have two different updates coming. They both say end of April. That’s very weird.
(0:16:08) Al: One of which is the camp. Yeah. Yeah. So realistically, that’s one update, isn’t it?
(0:16:08) Kelly: But they’re tied together.
(0:16:15) Kelly: Mm-hmm. They wanted to showcase both.
(0:16:15) Al: I don’t know why they’re calling it two different updates. That’s fair, but like don’t say it’s four different updates. That’s not how it works.
(0:16:24) Al: Oh, that is totally something that someone would do. That’s the camera orbiting update,
(0:16:24) Kelly: They’re going to be on two separate dates.
(0:16:39) Al: which is such an overly complicated name for. I mean, it’s a very good and impressive feature to implement, right? Like you have a freeform camera in a game that never had a freeform camera before. That’s good. But my word, I do hate.
(0:16:54) Al: that name. Freeform camera, yeah. Camera. Like what is the camera orbiting? And camera orbiting implies that it’s like always moving, right? Because like an orbiting thing isn’t moving at will, it is moving at a general constant orbital speed. So I. And as always happens in these games when you’ve got moveable cameras.
(0:16:54) Kelly: Is that what you would say though instead free-form camera? Yeah, I think that sounds better than camera orbiting update
(0:17:08) Kelly: Yeah
(0:17:13) Kelly: You’re just trying to play the game and like hope that you can see the right way while you’re doing
(0:17:24) Al: The controls change when you’re moving the camera, so you’re just running around in circle.
(0:17:24) Kelly: mhm, mhm
(0:17:32) Al: Oh, that sounds terrible.
(0:17:34) Kelly: That’d be a fun, like, challenge form.
(0:17:38) Al: Yeah, yeah.
(0:17:41) Al: Anyway, and the other update at the end of April is the completionist update.
(0:17:49) Al: New starter guide, collections page, and quest objectives will be added.
(0:17:54) Al: Then at the end of May, they have the frozen lands update,
(0:17:58) Al: which is a new Arctic world, new weapons, enemies, and animals, new major boss.
(0:18:03) Al: Major boss.
(0:18:04) Al: Is that not just a boss?
(0:18:06) Kelly: They really want to spice things up, Al. Let them be.
(0:18:11) Al: a new vehicle and more. And then it looks like the full release has been pushed a little bit because it was originally scheduled for July, but it’s now coming out in Q3. Technically July is in Q3, but in fact they’re now saying Q3 rather than July. I suspect that means September. But thank you for saying Q3 and not saying summer. I appreciate that. Although you do get into the question of like, well, what are we talking?
(0:18:30) Kelly: Yeah, I would also think that.
(0:18:41) Al: Or are we talking financial calendar? In which case, which financial year?
(0:18:47) Al: There is here. Yeah, it’s April to March. Technically, it’s the, I think the fifth of April to the fourth of April the next year. Don’t ask me why, it just is. Yeah, so if you talk about the financial year here that’s what
(0:18:49) Kelly: Is there even a standardized fiscal year?
(0:19:11) Al: people need. And that will include multiplayer and the I don’t know what they mean by the act 5 major update that sounds like it’s the final bit of the story possibly but I’m not sure. And a new hardcore mode.
(0:19:26) Kelly: Are the stories called acts because like also technically this would be the fifth update
(0:19:31) Al: It would be the fifth update this year but there have already been lots of updates to this game.
(0:19:41) Al: It came out in 2020-2021, so yeah, I don’t know why I started saying 2000, right?
(0:19:44) Kelly: I thought you were going to say 2012 for a second.
(0:19:49) Al: I’ve not, I’ve not said 2000 and something for years, 2021, I don’t, I think even back in 2012, I was still calling it 20, I think it was back in 2009.
(0:20:04) Kelly: That’s fair. I think I switched back and forth until like-
(0:20:06) Al: Yeah, I find it funny because, like, I would never say…
(0:20:10) Al: You would always say, like, 1901, 1905, 1922, you wouldn’t say 1905, yeah.
(0:20:16) Kelly: Because that sounds ridiculous.
(0:20:20) Al: But we knew that saying 2000 dand would sound ridiculous at some point as well, so why did we ever start saying, uh, it doesn’t matter, don’t matter, doesn’t matter.
(0:20:29) Al: We don’t have time to get distracted by this pointless stuff.
(0:20:32) Al: It is quarter to 11.
(0:20:34) Al: Milltown have released their roadmap as well.
(0:20:36) Al: They just came into Early Access last week, I wanna say.
(0:20:42) Al: The day before or the day after Stardew 1.6, so I haven’t played it yet.
(0:20:50) Al: So their first update will come out apparently this month, which presumably means like tomorrow.
(0:20:58) Al: Because I don’t think they’re gonna be doing it all at the weekend.
(0:21:02) Al: So it should be out by the time you’re listening to this episode.
(0:21:04) Al: And that will have some bug fixes.
(0:21:06) Al: Performance fixes etc etc and full controller support.
(0:21:11) Al: Look, if you’re gonna release controller support like less than two weeks after your early access,
(0:21:16) Al: just wait the two weeks.
(0:21:23) Al: Boy oh boy.
(0:21:24) Al: And then they’ve listed the other updates that are coming out,
(0:21:27) Al: or some of the other updates that are coming out with no dates on them,
(0:21:30) Al: which is probably a sensible thing to do.
(0:21:32) Al: do.
(0:21:32) Kelly: Yeah, I feel like that doesn’t set the expectations badly seems like some pretty good updates along the lot like down
(0:21:37) Al: Yeah, I do need to play this game, it is on my list.
(0:21:44) Al: I do own it, cuz of course I backed on Kickstarter.
(0:21:51) Kelly: Some people are hoarders, some people, you know,
(0:21:53) Kelly: back everything on Kickstarter.
(0:21:55) Al: I feel like we’re about to come into a really busy period for games coming out, I just have that feeling. It was three days, it was three days after Stardew 1.6 came out that it came out.
(0:22:00) Kelly: Yeah, I trust-
(0:22:05) Al: In fact, in that case, it was last Friday that this game first came out, less than a week.
(0:22:13) Al: And the final piece of information, which will be a lovely segue into our main topic,
(0:22:18) Al: is that Stardew 1.6.3 is now out, which includes the most important update, Kelly.
(0:22:24) Al: you can access clinche
(0:22:25) Al: shop while your tool is being upgraded.
(0:22:28) Al: That was three updates ago, come on get with it!
(0:22:28) Kelly: I thought you were gonna say, “You could drink mayonnaise.”
(0:22:37) Kelly: No, uh, when I saw the Clint update, I was so ecstatic.
(0:22:41) Al: the Clint update.
(0:22:43) Kelly: I hate him. I never want to see him.
(0:22:46) Kelly: But this is the best update that could have been applied to him besides he turns into nothingness and you can become your own, uh, blacksmith.
(0:22:54) Al: Well, let me tell you so I have so listeners will have heard this is when I segwaying into this is the this is The main main point of the episode now. We’re just gonna talk some more about stardew
(0:23:05) Al: Kelly’s gonna talk about some of their feelings on the 1.6 update and
(0:23:11) Al: I will probably talk about some of the 1.5 stuff that I’ve now accessed in the last few days because I haven’t stopped playing and
(0:23:19) Al: then we might talk about some things that we think are still missing from the game.
(0:23:24) Al: With the massive caveat that we obviously don’t expect anything else,
(0:23:28) Al: and if this game never gets another update that will be completely acceptable,
(0:23:34) Al: we’ve had six massive updates for this game.
(0:23:35) Kelly: We love you, Concerned Dave. We don’t expect anything from you. Please just be nice.
(0:23:42) Kelly: You’re so nice.
(0:23:42) Al: Um, but yeah, Clint, I have an update. So people will know that I was, uh, I’m romancing Emily in this game. Um, and yeah, well, exactly. So, um, Johnny said that I’m running the full evil run in this version. Cause obviously I’m doing Junimo Kelly. You were the first person to find that out. Literally two hours before we recorded the last podcast, I got A message from Kelly going.
(0:23:50) Kelly: Oh no, so arch rival Clint.
(0:24:04) Kelly: It was the first person to shame you on it too.
(0:24:13) Al: What have you done?
(0:24:15) Al: As I had just finished completing the Georgia Community Center equivalent.
(0:24:23) Al: I don’t even know what it’s called.
(0:24:26) Kelly: I don’t either, but I open Steam and what do I see?
(0:24:30) Kelly: But Al has completed the Jojo, Jojo Mart, whatever thing.
(0:24:36) Kelly: I don’t think I know anybody who’s done that.
(0:24:38) Al: Well, now you do.
(0:24:41) Al: Let me see what it was actually called.
(0:24:42) Kelly: This is the genocide run of Stardew.
(0:24:46) Al: genocide. Wow.
(0:24:50) Kelly: It’s an Undertale reference.
(0:24:52) Al: All right, I did not.
(0:24:54) Al: I played Undertale.
(0:24:58) Al: I didn’t enjoy it.
(0:25:01) Al: We don’t need to talk about that.
(0:25:04) Al: So the actual the actual achievement is Georgia Co-member of the year.
(0:25:08) Al: Look, it’s my rarest achievement, 4.3% of players of this achievement.
(0:25:14) Kelly: There you go. Well, I saw that on Steam, and how could I not publicly shame Al for this? I mean…
(0:25:26) Kelly: Oh, I will say, so I– to the listeners, I’ve only played Stardew on the Switch before this,
(0:25:33) Kelly: and it is so nice to have the achievements.
(0:25:36) Al: Yeah. You do get them in the Switch version, but they’re only in-game. It’s really nice to be able to go and see them. I don’t know why Nintendo insists on not doing achievements.
(0:25:40) Kelly: Yeah, it’s not the same.
(0:25:48) Kelly: It makes me so mad!
(0:25:49) Al: It feels like something they could do with… It’s not like it’s no work, but the majority of the work is on the developers’ sides. They need to build an API that allows people to put in some information, and then they need a UI that shows you it. That’s really all you need to do.
(0:26:07) Al: I’m not saying it’s very, very easy,
(0:26:09) Al: but I am saying it’s not the hardest thing they’ve ever done.
(0:26:09) Kelly: It’s such a small thing that’s like completely unnecessary, but it just feels so nice.
(0:26:12) Al: And I think it would make playing the switch much more fun.
(0:26:22) Al: Yeah I’m wrong actually it’s not it’s not my rarest achievement anymore. I got the unforgettable soup today. Yeah only 0.7% what did you put in to get that? Oh wow yeah love me an easy soup I put in I put in a gold truffle yeah I oh nice wow impressive that’s pretty good
(0:26:22) Kelly: I will say.
(0:26:28) Kelly: I got that a few days ago.
(0:26:40) Kelly: Oh, fancy. I’m early in the game still. This was my first spring, or summer, or whatever.
(0:26:52) Al: no I put it I put in the gold truffle purely because I accidentally walked into the beach and went oh no it’s soup time do I have anything in my bag I had one food item and it was a gold truffle look because I had the gold truffle it was fine right I was I was like this is a perfect thing for a soup this will be great
(0:27:04) Kelly: Oh, you are so lucky.
(0:27:06) Kelly: You are, I would have savescombed.
(0:27:08) Kelly: I would have absolutely just shut the game down and restarted the day.
(0:27:14) Kelly: Yeah, no, yeah.
(0:27:16) Kelly: Yeah, you got luck, you lucked out.
(0:27:18) Kelly: That’s awesome.
(0:27:19) Kelly: No, I would have absolutely just shut the game down and like close my eyes for a second and then restarted everything.
(0:27:26) Al: Oh dear, it was funny because I was going over, I was actually planning to go to Ginger Island.
(0:27:31) Kelly: Oh, man.
(0:27:32) Al: So I was going to the beach to go to the boat, and then I was like,
(0:27:36) Al: “Oh, guess I’m not going to Ginger Island today.”
(0:27:36) Kelly: Good thing you didn’t just, like, use a totem or whatever.
(0:27:43) Kelly: Can you use a totem for Ginger Island?
(0:27:44) Al: You can, but I had never, this was my first time going to Ginger Island, so I didn’t,
(0:27:44) Kelly: I can’t…
(0:27:45) Kelly: You can, right?
(0:27:46) Kelly: Oh!
(0:27:47) Kelly: Also, “Plans Interrupted” by the Lueo.
(0:27:50) Al: I didn’t, I didn’t have any to-
(0:27:52) Al: Oh, sorry, I interrupted you.
(0:27:57) Kelly: That’s pretty lucky.
(0:27:59) Kelly: I don’t know what I was saying.
(0:28:01) Al: “Achievements”.
(0:28:02) Kelly: Oh, I was going to say that was my best achievement.
(0:28:06) Al: Oh, so I interrupted, I interrupted you, telling me about an unforgettable soup,
(0:28:07) Kelly: That’s what I was about to say.
(0:28:10) Kelly: I was going to brag about the fact that, yeah, I was going to say I have you beat.
(0:28:13) Al: by telling you about my unforgettable soup.
(0:28:19) Al: Apparently, so I’ve also, the Ginger Island one, which…
(0:28:22) Al: just get to Ginger Island, only has 1.2% of players.
(0:28:24) Kelly: Well that’s even with the soup one, I’m not doing great in the summer, I’m doing well,
(0:28:26) Al: Yeah, that is really, that’s so much smaller than I was expecting.
(0:28:29) Al: The soup one as well. You just need a gold and anything.
(0:28:38) Kelly: you know, like I’m having a good run through, but I’m not doing anything crazy and yeah I started with the new meadow thing so I have chickens and eggs, that’s like a step up.
(0:28:48) Al: - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(0:28:50) Kelly: Which is great, I love them.
(0:28:51) Al: Yeah, so you did the new farm then.
(0:28:52) Kelly: Yes.
(0:28:54) Al: So tell me what you think about that then just in general.
(0:28:55) Kelly: I think it’s really cute. I think it is kind of you kind of give yourself a little boost by getting the chickens for sure, because it doesn’t take long for you to get like a mayo maker and then that’s like, even without the mayo maker, you’re still like dedicated getting a few hundred dollars a day at the beginning, which is like such a big thing. Yes, it is.
(0:28:57) Al: ‘Cause me and Johnny had to chat about that as well,
(0:28:59) Al: ‘cause we both went for that, absolutely.
(0:29:04) Kelly: It’s kind of you kind of give yourself a little boost by getting the chickens for sure, because it doesn’t take long for you to get like a mayo maker and then that’s like, even without the mayo maker, you’re still like dedicated getting a few hundred dollars a day at the beginning, which is like such a big thing. Yes.
(0:29:20) Al: Yeah, which is huge to start with.
(0:29:26) Kelly: I’m not selling my foraged goods and then trying to save some so I have something to eat.
(0:29:30) Al: Yeah, selling wood and stone.
(0:29:32) Kelly: Yeah, exactly.
(0:29:36) Kelly: Like, yes, of course, I am a fisherman through and through when it comes to stardew, so that is always my go-to for money.
(0:29:43) Al: interesting. Let me tell you, I am not a fishing person so much so that I am at level ten for everything in in this save except fishing of which I am far.
(0:29:58) Kelly: Oh wow, no, I got like Iridium Fish by day 10 of spring.
(0:30:05) Kelly: And I was like, oh, is this gonna be harder on like computer?
(0:30:08) Kelly: Because like, you know, I’m using the mouse instead.
(0:30:11) Kelly: But no, I think it might even be easier.
(0:30:14) Kelly: I love fishing, I think it’s so much fun.
(0:30:16) Kelly: But you make so much money.
(0:30:16) Al: I dislike it less once I’ve gone up the levels, right,
(0:30:23) Al: because it becomes easier as you go up.
(0:30:24) Kelly: Yeah, yeah, it definitely does.
(0:30:26) Al: And you do get a lot of money early game,
(0:30:29) Al: but then by the time I actually have bothered to try it,
(0:30:32) Al: I’m already making lots.
(0:30:34) Al: Like I’m now trying to push up the levels because I’m like, I wanna get to level 10 on fishing by the end of year two.
(0:30:34) Kelly: Yeah
(0:30:40) Kelly: Yeah, yeah cuz otherwise you can’t get the legendaries right
(0:30:40) Al: I’m currently midway through summer year two.
(0:30:46) Al: You get them the next year.
(0:30:48) Al: But no, I want to get it for the granddad’s evaluation.
(0:30:53) Al: Although I think I just hit my last thing that I needed to do for my granddad’s evaluation.
(0:30:54) Kelly: Well, yeah, that’s part of it too.
(0:31:01) Al: But that last point that I needed to get was having your pet at full happiness.
(0:31:09) Al: And the problem with that one is I don’t need to keep him at full happiness,
(0:31:13) Al: which isn’t hard normally,
(0:31:15) Al: but I’m trying to do a lot of stuff in general.
(0:31:16) Al: look, Emily’s at home, I’ve already married Emily, she can be looking… yeah. I don’t
(0:31:20) Kelly: Yeah, and then not come home.
(0:31:36) Kelly: Because you committed animal neglect?
(0:31:42) Kelly: You’re married already?!
(0:31:46) Al: know how much I’ve played this game in the last week, Kelly.
(0:31:49) Kelly: No, I just I truly don’t care about marrying people and so I think that’s always the last thing that I focus on
(0:31:55) Al: I oh yes so that’s what I was going to talk about so my yes I was going to talk about Clint because I was talking about Clint. So last episode I had mentioned that I was romancing Emily and I had previously romanced Hailey. Hailey was my my first instard you and let me but we’re not in the same save file. So come on I’m not that and not that terrible although that would be interesting.
(0:32:00) Kelly: Yeah, so we got so sidetracked, oh my god
(0:32:14) Kelly: The sisters?
(0:32:18) Kelly: Oh, okay.
(0:32:25) Al: No, I I I romanced Hailey in my first Stardew game and the reason why I did that is I suspect the same reason everybody does Hailey is she’s mean to you when you first talk to her and you’re like “oh well I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have to change that”. Feels like a challenge.
(0:32:38) Kelly: Umm, yeah, that’s what I did with Alex, cause he’s just mean to you.
(0:32:49) Al: Yeah, yeah same thing.
(0:32:50) Kelly: Yeah, I mean it makes sense cause there are each other’s, you know, counterparts or whatever.
(0:32:55) Al: Yeah, yeah exactly, exactly. So that was my first one and then my second one I did
(0:32:59) Kelly: Okay. Mm-hmm.
(0:33:00) Al: Leah just as something a bit different. I thought she was quite a different character so I thought I’d go for her and then this one I don’t know why I decided with Emily. I just I just did and then the whole Clint stuff and I was like well this sounds fun and then so when I recorded the last episode, I was just kind of in the middle of romancing Emily.
(0:33:23) Al: and…
(0:33:25) Al: Johnny had mentioned how that was obviously because I was doing that and the Georgia stuff I was doing the full evil run
(0:33:31) Al: Um, and I was like, ah, you know clint’s a wimp. Um, he doesn’t even try
(0:33:34) Kelly: No, wait, wait, wait, what do you mean, what do you mean the evil run, you are, this is negating the horrors of your Jojo Mart because you are saving Emily from Clint.
(0:33:44) Al: Well, because it’s… I don’t think she needs saved from Clint, I’ll be honest with you.
(0:33:52) Kelly: No, but I mean, I hate him, so…
(0:33:55) Al: Yeah, well, exactly. This was my point, is that I didn’t think it was that bad, because I think that Clint is just pathetic, and he doesn’t even bother trying, he just kind of mopes around. And then, so, I am now married to her, so I have officially broken his heart,
(0:34:04) Kelly: Mmhmm.
(0:34:08) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:34:15) Al: but the best bit was it was amazing. There’s one of the heart, I think it’s… I’m assuming it’s a heart event for Emily. You turn up at Mayor Lewis’s house, and Emily is doing some clothes related, try out some new clothes thing with a bunch of people. And so, you do this and like a bunch of different people.
(0:34:38) Kelly: Oh, I think I know what you’re talking about, yeah.
(0:34:44) Al: It’s just you and Emily left and you have a moment with Emily and it’s all lovely.
(0:34:57) Al: And then Clint walks back in and he sees you both and he’s like, “Oh, I guess I interrupted something.”
(0:35:04) Al: And just before he leaves, he says, “Well, you win,” and walks away.
(0:35:08) Kelly: Oh god, but see that’s why he’s such a sad sack little loser no he’s just like he’s the mopey kid in the corner
(0:35:10) Al: And you’re just like, “Wow!
(0:35:14) Al: Way to do it.”
(0:35:16) Al: Like, “Oh, my word!
(0:35:17) Al: So pathetic!”
(0:35:18) Al: I’m just like, “You didn’t even try!
(0:35:26) Al: What are you doing?”
(0:35:28) Al: And he’s like, “Oh, can you give this thing to Emily?”
(0:35:32) Al: It’s like, “Give it to yourself!
(0:35:33) Al: You want me to give Emily a rock?
(0:35:36) Al: You’re the rock guy!
(0:35:37) Al: That’s your thing!”
(0:35:38) Al: This is the thing, he is literally - all of Emily’s favourite things, except Cloth and and will are rocks.
(0:35:44) Al: Basically, right? She likes all the things you get that he gives you.
(0:35:45) Kelly: Mhmm.
(0:35:49) Kelly: Mhmm.
(0:35:50) Al: You just- he- he could eat-
(0:35:53) Kelly: No, I fully support this because he is…
(0:35:57) Kelly: He’s the little loser kid in the corner who thinks that for some reason, he is getting ignored.
(0:36:05) Kelly: But he’s not doing anything. All he has to do is take a step forward.
(0:36:06) Al: Yeah, yeah, yeah, give her a rock.
(0:36:09) Kelly: Just be normal. Go talk to her like a person.
(0:36:14) Kelly: Like, it’s so simple.
(0:36:15) Al: Weird isn’t necessarily bad though, that’s the thing, you just need to actually try.
(0:36:15) Kelly: Just… just talk to her like you talked to me, Clint, but maybe not ‘cause you’re still weird.
(0:36:23) Kelly: No, I don’t mean weird in that way. I mean, he’s… I don’t like his mentality.
(0:36:27) Al: I agree.
(0:36:30) Al: He feels like he is the victim despite never even trying in it.
(0:36:32) Kelly: He’s the victim.
(0:36:36) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:36:36) Al: Agreed.
(0:36:37) Kelly: He’s the victim who put himself in a hole.
(0:36:40) Kelly: Yeah, well…
(0:36:42) Al: So, yeah, I have defeated him and broken his heart and now I’m married to Emily and all is good with the work.
(0:36:49) Kelly: Yeah, that’s good.
(0:36:51) Kelly: I’m happy for you.
(0:36:52) Al: Anyway, sorry, I interrupted you. So, yeah, the new farm, you have enjoyed having chickens and getting mayo.
(0:37:00) Al: I love also, I don’t know what you think about this, but I love how you can drink mayo now, not because I’ve ever done it,
(0:37:06) Al: just because like in terms of the game, it’s a really good energy source really early on for this farm.
(0:37:12) Kelly: Oh, I actually did not try it.
(0:37:15) Kelly: Um, but I do know that it upsets the people around you if you do drink it around people.
(0:37:20) Al: Yes. I mean, most of the time you’re not eating in front of people, right? Like, most of the time you’re downing something as you’re halfway down the mine. Let’s not pretend like, you know,
(0:37:26) Kelly: Yeah, yeah.
(0:37:29) Al: the people who are finding out that people don’t like seeing you drink mayo, they’re doing it just to see what happens. You’re not– Yeah, sure, but you– Sure, but you don’t go into Mayor Lewis’s house to drink some mayo, right? Like, that’s just not a thing you do.
(0:37:35) Kelly: I mean, listen, sometimes I get caught opening trash cans when people are around.
(0:37:39) Kelly: Sometimes I don’t think about stuff.
(0:37:43) Kelly: No.
(0:37:44) Kelly: No.
(0:37:47) Kelly: Um, but no, I thought that was a funny little update.
(0:37:50) Kelly: Just like a silly little thing.
(0:37:52) Kelly: Who doesn’t love silly little things?
(0:37:54) Al: how is your farm so far then you’ve you’re at your at the end of summer is that
(0:37:58) Kelly: Um, I am, I think, day 18 of summer?
(0:38:04) Al: the 18th of summer year one
(0:38:06) Kelly: Yeah, so, good so far, I do need to get more into the mines because I need a sprinkler,
(0:38:14) Kelly: so I need, I miss them.
(0:38:16) Kelly: It’s just like, I want to grow everything, but then I don’t want to have to water everything,
(0:38:19) Kelly: and yeah, it’s really nice to have your watering can updated, but it’s still not enough.
(0:38:23) Kelly: And it takes so much time and so much energy, but it’s going good so far, I moved everything,
(0:38:29) Kelly: I like the setup of the farm so far, I think I have a good idea of where I want to put my barn and stuff.
(0:38:35) Kelly: Um, but I did move all of my crops down to the, is everybody’s farm different, and it’s just like similar concepts, or are they, the same, right?
(0:38:41) Al: No, it’s the same layout, yeah.
(0:38:44) Kelly: So I moved it down to, by that lake at the bottom left.
(0:38:48) Al: OK, I’m still using the top, the stuff just underneath your farm because I have the greenhouse.
(0:38:52) Kelly: That’s what I was using at first, I got fed up with the, the watering can.
(0:38:57) Al: Yeah, fair.
(0:38:59) Al: Yeah, that is one big disadvantage is that you are quite far away from water up there, but everything’s sprinkled for me now.
(0:39:04) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:39:07) Kelly: Yeah, see, once I get to that stage,
(0:39:08) Kelly: it’s like, okay, I can pick and choose how I wanna do it.
(0:39:11) Kelly: Although last time I used that area for fish,
(0:39:17) Kelly: whatchamacallit,
(0:39:20) Al: Oh, fish buns.
(0:39:20) Kelly: yes, the roe, the roe pons.
(0:39:21) Al: Right, I was like, you just have fish lying on the ground?
(0:39:27) Kelly: So I used that area in my last different farm for that.
(0:39:33) Kelly: But I like missing room with the layout.
(0:39:34) Kelly: I like literally draw them out in notebooks and like figure everything out.
(0:39:37) Al: Yeah, I don’t.
(0:39:38) Kelly: Yeah, no, I mean I write out
(0:39:41) Kelly: the information on like how much each fruit costs, how long it takes to grow,
(0:39:46) Al: I see I’m definitely, I’m just at the point now where I’m just like well I’m just growing.
(0:39:47) Kelly: how much it costs to pickle.
(0:39:53) Kelly: Yeah, now you’re having fun. Yeah.
(0:39:54) Al: Ancient fruit, ancient fruit in my greenhouse and whatever one specific crop is the best one to do outside, which is summer just now so it’s star fruit.
(0:39:57) Kelly: Yeah, exactly.
(0:40:01) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:40:04) Kelly: Yeah, but no, I like the aspect of making my little lists.
(0:40:10) Kelly: I like making lists.
(0:40:14) Kelly: I got green rain the other day.
(0:40:16) Al: The green rain is great. I got that for the second time today.
(0:40:18) Kelly: I’ve never had it, my God, it was so cool.
(0:40:22) Kelly: Cuz it’s only in summer, right?
(0:40:24) Al: It is. I’m pretty sure it’s the seventh of summer it happens on, because I’m sure that was the same both years for me, but it might.
(0:40:30) Kelly: Oh, see, I heard it could be different. I heard it’s rare and it doesn’t-
(0:40:34) Al: Well, I’ve had it both summers, so I don’t think it’s that rare.
(0:40:39) Kelly: okay but oh my god what a cool little event it made the insides of the houses so dark and eerie
(0:40:43) Al: Yeah.
(0:40:46) Al: I really like it. I especially the second time around, I noticed that it also makes all your trees suddenly grow to full height, which is cool.
(0:40:49) Kelly: I got so much moss
(0:40:55) Kelly: yes because I got a lot of my trees back in my yard um
(0:40:59) Al: Yeah. Which was especially good for me because I was growing the hardwood trees at that point,
(0:41:04) Al: and so I suddenly had 10 hardwood trees, and I was like, “Yes! All the hardwood! Fantastic!”
(0:41:05) Kelly: oh that’s nice. That is so nice.
(0:41:10) Kelly: I really liked that they had those fiddlehead fern trees in the forest area, down below your house, because I don’t have access to secret woods yet.
(0:41:16) Al: - Yeah.
(0:41:21) Al: - Yes.
(0:41:27) Al: - Yeah, I think that’s also what I mentioned in the last episode.
(0:41:30) Al: That’s another really good thing about this farm is it has both hardwood logs on it.
(0:41:34) Kelly: Mm-hmm
(0:41:36) Al: And the big hardwood log, you have to have a gold ax for,
(0:41:40) Kelly: Mm-hmm, which I’m not up to yet
(0:41:40) Al: but the, no, but the smaller one,
(0:41:43) Al: you just have to have an iron axe for.
(0:41:45) Kelly: Yes, which I am very close to
(0:41:46) Al: And so you can get hard with much quicker.
(0:41:49) Kelly: Yeah, which is so nice cuz there’s so many things that for crafting you need to you need the hardwood
(0:41:55) Al: Yeah. Yeah. I think, do you not even need that for, I think, is it cheese maker you need that for?
(0:42:00) Kelly: Yeah, because I was gonna go make one and I was like ah hardwood, and I have some hardwood, but I don’t have enough hardwood
(0:42:03) Al: Yeah. Frustrating.
(0:42:08) Kelly: What else I really like that now when your menu it like
(0:42:13) Kelly: Blips the community bundle button
(0:42:18) Al: I will say it has done that since 1.4, it’s just it seems to be something that people just keep
(0:42:20) Kelly: Has it okay, well
(0:42:23) Kelly: You know what?
(0:42:27) Al: realizing every time they play it again. It’s like oh this is cool that it’s something a bunch of new people learn because I’ve seen because I’ve seen concerned a tweet about it three different times over the last five years and everyone’s like oh wow that’s a great new feature and is like no no I’m just reminding people because I yeah because I
(0:42:32) Kelly: You know what?
(0:42:32) Kelly: Maybe it’s just the best feature.
(0:42:40) Kelly: Well, I just learned about it.
(0:42:48) Al: because I’ll tell you how I know that it was definitely 1.4 is because I didn’t do community center this time. I didn’t play 1.5 but I used that feature quite a lot so there you go.
(0:42:59) Kelly: Uh, okay.
(0:43:02) Kelly: The sea jellies and the river jellies are very interesting. I don’t know what they’re for yet, but they’re cool-looking.
(0:43:06) Al: You can eat them, but also there’s a specific one crafting that I know of that uses it.
(0:43:10) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:43:15) Kelly: Yeah, I figured there would, I figured there would be something. I’m very much in the…
(0:43:19) Al: It’s something you’re going to like, personally.
(0:43:21) Kelly: Okay, okay, but I’m, no, I’ll wait. I’m very much in the…
(0:43:23) Al: Do you want to know what it is or not?
(0:43:25) Al: No.
(0:43:26) Al: OK.
(0:43:27) Al: I need you to tell me what you think of it when you get it, because I think you’ll like this new item.
(0:43:29) Kelly: » Okay, I’m excited.
(0:43:34) Kelly: But I’m very much in the mentality of hoard things first and then later I don’t have to deal with it as much.
(0:43:38) Al: Oh, for sure. Absolutely. Yeah, like it took me three months to figure out what the Moss was for. Yeah.
(0:43:46) Kelly: Yeah, I’m still waiting on that one, I don’t know yet.
(0:43:49) Kelly: I got so much moss though from that rain.
(0:43:51) Kelly: I was like, my God, we’re going ham.
(0:43:53) Kelly: And then I love how after a whole bunch of trees are still covered in moss.
(0:43:58) Al: Yes Not just on your farm as well
(0:44:00) Kelly: It’s like, this is the residue.
(0:44:03) Kelly: Mm-hm, but also great for just fiber in general,
(0:44:06) Kelly: because fiber can kind of be hard to come by sometimes.
(0:44:10) Al: Yeah, especially if you want to grow tea saplings,
(0:44:13) Kelly: Mm-hm, so that was really cool.
(0:44:15) Al: which is a good source of early game money.
(0:44:16) Kelly: I think overall, I just really liked that event.
(0:44:18) Kelly: and I looked at the camera and I thought, “Oh, I’m gonna do it.”
(0:44:20) Al: I agree. My first time on it, I didn’t do very much on it because I didn’t have a lot of energy and obviously it runs out early, but I literally got my second one today and I cut down every single tree that I found and I cut up all of the moss on the ground. I think I had like like 200 moss or something by the end of it.
(0:44:40) Kelly: Yeah, I think that’s- I think that’s about what I got. I was like, I’m just gonna take food with me and empty my pockets and go.
(0:44:46) Al: It’s definitely worth it. Did you talk to anyone during the event?
(0:44:49) Kelly: Yeah, I went to the salon, which I was actually kind of pissed about because I wanted…
(0:44:51) Al: Oh yeah, saloon, not salon, different things.
(0:44:54) Kelly: Whatever. Yeah, I know.
(0:44:56) Kelly: Listen, I know what the word is and what I’m gonna call it in my head are two entirely different things.
(0:45:01) Al: It’s all right, I call it a pub anyway because saloon is a very American word.
(0:45:06) Kelly: Yeah, yeah.
(0:45:07) Kelly: Um…
(0:45:10) Kelly: But I went there because I was like, “Oh, I’ll buy some more salads so that I have a ton of energy today, and then tomorrow if I want to go in the mines or something, I have a salad or something with me.”
(0:45:22) Kelly: And then I went in there and you couldn’t even buy anything because everybody was just in panic mode.
(0:45:27) Al: Yeah, yeah, did you find Demetrius?
(0:45:30) Kelly: No, I did not because I was like, “You know what? I don’t care. I’m gonna go cut the trees down.”
(0:45:34) Al: He’s so funny, he’s up by his house,
(0:45:37) Al: dressed up in a hazmat suit.
(0:45:40) Kelly: No, I did see a tweet about that, actually. Damn.
(0:45:42) Al: He’s so funny.
(0:45:42) Kelly: I wish I wanted to see that. I forgot that those were the connected events.
(0:45:47) Al: Everybody else goes to the pub.
(0:45:49) Al: He’s out in a hazmat suit.
(0:45:52) Kelly: He’s an interesting little man, you know?
(0:45:54) Al: Yes, yes he is.
(0:45:56) Kelly: But no, I was like, “You know what? I gotta find these fiddlehead ferns, so I need to get out of here.”
(0:46:02) Kelly: I was like, “Back to cutting down trees. This is too much interaction.”
(0:46:08) Kelly: What else there was
(0:46:10) Kelly: There was other things and now I can’t think of them
(0:46:12) Al: So, this game is a lot about kind of the small quality of life updates, how have you found,
(0:46:20) Al: obviously we talked about the new farm, are there other kind of day-to-day things you’ve been doing that you found different in the game?
(0:46:31) Kelly: And that’s what I’m trying to think. I feel like there was, and now I cannot think, um…
(0:46:36) Al: Feel free to get the patch notes up for on the stardew website.
(0:46:40) Kelly: That’s what I’m literally…
(0:46:42) Al: I presume you haven’t been to the desert festival?
(0:46:44) Kelly: No, no, no, no, not yet, um…
(0:46:46) Al: It’s very hard to get that in the in the first year but I’ve just been to it and I I very much enjoyed that. It’s good fun. It ties together a bunch of different things in the desert
(0:46:48) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:46:56) Kelly: Oh, I’m excited for the the fishing derbies tomorrow. Today. Today!
(0:46:57) Al: which is good fun.
(0:47:03) Al: Yes.
(0:47:05) Al: T-t-today.
(0:47:06) Kelly: Um, I like that that um, I haven’t really experienced it yet but I saw something about the mastery system which I think is very interesting and I am excited to see how that plays out.
(0:47:15) Al: I’m so close I just need to get my fishing up to 10 and then I can do it.
(0:47:17) Kelly: Ah. Um, what else? Oh, the prize machine!
(0:47:23) Al: Yes have you done that?
(0:47:24) Kelly: Yes, I got two tickets so far.
(0:47:26) Kelly: And I got an apricot tree.
(0:47:28) Al: Nice.
(0:47:29) Kelly: Pretty happy about that.
(0:47:30) Al: Yeah I-
(0:47:30) Kelly: Oh, and the bookseller!
(0:47:32) Kelly: What a cute little weird thing.
(0:47:34) Kelly: The books are interesting. I like that.
(0:47:36) Al: Yeah I presume you haven’t bought any books yet?
(0:47:38) Kelly: No, but I found them.
(0:47:39) Al: You found some- yeah yeah I think that’s quite fun because it- I especially found it fun when when I phoned a fishing one.
(0:47:45) Al: I was like, yes, I don’t need to do as much fishing.
(0:47:46) Kelly: I got a I got a mining one and I was like sick
(0:47:47) Al: I can just learn it from a book.
(0:47:52) Al: Yeah.
(0:47:53) Al: Yeah.
(0:47:53) Al: No, it’s really, but there’s lots of other things as well.
(0:47:55) Al: Like there’s one that makes you walk faster.
(0:47:58) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:47:58) Al: There’s one that makes your horse faster.
(0:48:00) Kelly: Oh, that’s…
(0:48:01) Al: Um, there’s loads of other things.
(0:48:03) Al: Like there’s a couple of ones that make you take less damage from bombs.
(0:48:08) Kelly: Uh, I got a monster one.
(0:48:11) Al: Yes.
(0:48:11) Al: What is it that that one does?
(0:48:12) Kelly: I don’t remember what that one does.
(0:48:16) Kelly: I got it in the mine, so I just, like, ate it immediately, you know.
(0:48:22) Al: it makes, it gives you a 3% chance for Manassas to drop double loot. Yeah. Oh, apparently it will show you apparently on the in the menu, there’s a new bit that shows you all the different things you’ve got from reading
(0:48:28) Kelly: Sick, that’s awesome.
(0:48:30) Kelly: Um…
(0:48:32) Kelly: Oh!
(0:48:40) Kelly: Oh that’s cool. I like that too. I did just get the scene card of, who is it, Chi flying over with his airplane? Yeah, I don’t know what that is about yet, but I… no, they literally dropped and then I shut the game down. So I have not had a chance. I really like the like “wild” quote-unquote new crops, like carrots and squash.
(0:48:51) Al: Oh yeah, the mystery boxes. Yay. Have you not found any mystery boxes yet?
(0:48:59) Al: Ah, fair enough.
(0:49:10) Kelly: No. You can only find them. Yeah, so that’s very interesting. What else? The dehydrator. I have not used it yet because I don’t have enough mushrooms, but I like that as an idea. Oh, all the bait too! I have… I really like that. That’s… that…
(0:49:11) Al: Yeah, because you can’t buy them, you can only get them, which is fun.
(0:49:32) Kelly: there’s like a ton of specific bait now for fishing, and then there’s like… I got a sonar sonar.
(0:49:35) Al: What’s on the line? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I currently have the one that makes you lose like it gets off your line slower because I’m still not great at the fishing and I’m only level five.
(0:49:40) Kelly: Um, Laura that tells you which fish is gonna be, that’s awesome.
(0:49:48) Kelly: That’s great for like endgame when you’re like really specifically trying to go out and catch a fish.
(0:50:03) Al: Once I’m up to level 10, maybe I’ll change
(0:50:05) Al: it out to something else. Yeah, I haven’t actually tried that. Do you just have it in your inventory and then go and press A on the pet? What do I look like? Someone with a mouse? I’m on my Steam Deck, come on. Oh, yes. Oh, I forgot there’s one other… I don’t I don’t know if this is a new thing, but the other thing…
(0:50:08) Kelly: Oh, and you can place hats on your pets.
(0:50:18) Kelly: Ah, I’m using a mouse, so I just clicked, uh, right-click.
(0:50:24) Kelly: What do I look like? Someone with a steam deck?
(0:50:35) Al: I got, which was on the Clint storyline, is, this might be from 1.5, but I got a geode crusher,
(0:50:41) Al: so I don’t even need to talk to him over with the geodes anymore. It’s fantastic.
(0:50:42) Kelly: yes that is great and I love that
(0:50:47) Al: The best thing is he sends it to you and says, “Hope this doesn’t make me redundant,” and I’m like, “Clint, I’m never talking to you again.” Yeah, I’ve only got two left to upgrade to the final point as well, although I will say there is one thing that it can’t do. It’s not a geode,
(0:50:52) Kelly: yeah like buddy once my tools are upgraded you’re gone [laughs]
(0:51:03) Al: It’s something that only Clint can do.
(0:51:06) Al: Which is a little bit frustrating, but you’ve not experienced it.
(0:51:10) Kelly: okay okay um but no yeah the geode crusher is a real game changer
(0:51:15) Al: it’s great it’s fantastic because it means instead of me just like constantly building up piles and piles of geodes and then going and spending five hours with clint I can just do them whenever i’m out in the farm us all the time especially when it’s like yeah you like I only really care about the omni geodes realistically now so it’s like if I got a normal geode what do I do with that I can just throw it in the geode crusher but yeah I think that was a one point
(0:51:20) Kelly: - Mm-hmm.
(0:51:24) Kelly: - And then like running out of room in your inventory.
(0:51:42) Kelly: Yeah, cuz Cuz I played 1.5 like two years ago That’s the last time See like and this paid off because I’ve been talking about wanting to play stardew again for like two years since that and I have Put it off and it’s all been worth it because now I have this
(0:51:54) Al: Yep.
(0:52:00) Kelly: I’m trying to think if there’s any other
(0:52:03) Kelly: Things that I’ve experienced yet. I feel like there probably was. Oh, I like that you could see the different Thank you.
(0:52:12) Kelly: Pickle. Things.
(0:52:14) Al: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the different.
(0:52:17) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:52:18) Kelly: Oh, and then kicking- um, hitting- hitting chests too is so nice.
(0:52:22) Al: Oh, I’ve used that so many times.
(0:52:26) Kelly: Oh my god. Because it was like, otherwise, usually I could empty one chest and then I’d kick the rest of them.
(0:52:34) Al: It’s great.
(0:52:34) Kelly: But now you don’t even have to do that. You just- you just hit ’em.
(0:52:39) Al: I kicked one when I was standing in front of it, in front of the farmhouse, and it hopped up onto the porch, which I didn’t even know it could go there.
(0:52:44) Kelly: Oh that’s awesome.
(0:52:48) Kelly: I didn’t know that either.
(0:52:51) Kelly: But I know there’s a lot more.
(0:52:53) Kelly: I am excited to see the things.
(0:52:57) Kelly: Is there anything that like really stood out to you?
(0:53:00) Al: I think the farm is the biggest thing for me like it can completely change how you play the game and I’ve always really liked animals but I’ve never gone hard enough into them because by the time you’re doing that you probably you often have quite a good farming setup anyway whereas this way it’s like no no you have animals now and then you can build it up so I now have I think I’ve got 20 animals now and I’m just I’m building up my second coupon bar and up to
(0:53:30) Al: the top level so I can then fill that up full of pigs and void chickens so yeah it is good fun and I actually yeah I’ve actually got my first two ones all the way up to the top and with an auto grabber and an auto petter so I can just leave them and and come back later which oh yeah which is important for ginger ginger island so I think the only main
(0:53:51) Kelly: Oh, you’re fully set, yeah.
(0:53:55) Kelly: Yes.
(0:54:00) Al: I don’t have yet are I don’t have a dino which is annoying because I went down skull cavern I got to a dino level and then I ran out of time and I hadn’t got a dino egg and I was so annoyed and I haven’t gone ostrich but I think that’s a ginger island thing so I’ll get there eventually it’s just taking some time so I think those are the only two animals I don’t have yet and I technically don’t have the blue chicken either but who cares
(0:54:18) Kelly: Yeah, if I remember correctly, I believe so.
(0:54:23) Kelly: Have–so we–ah.
(0:54:26) Kelly: Ugh. I care. That’s the other best trickin’.
(0:54:30) Al: I will care eventually but I’m not like it doesn’t give you anything different I know I don’t I just I don’t care about making friends with people unless I have to it was like I got Caroline up to my her two hearts so I had so I could get the tea and I’m currently working on currently working on Linus so I can get sashimi recipe. I don’t want to have to work on Shane as well.
(0:54:34) Kelly: If you still gotta talk to Shane–
(0:54:42) Kelly: I fully agree.
(0:54:44) Kelly: I fully agree.
(0:54:46) Kelly: I fully agree.
(0:54:48) Kelly: I fully agree.
(0:54:55) Kelly: Mm-hmm see Linus is the only person that I care about being my friend because it breaks my heart every time He’s like don’t throw rocks at me
(0:55:03) Al: I know, yeah, I think I talked about this in the first Stardew episode we did four years ago, five years ago, five years ago.
(0:55:09) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:55:11) Kelly: Linus is always my best friend first.
(0:55:14) Al: He is such a good character in so many different ways.
(0:55:18) Al: It’s not even just that like he breaks your heart, but it’s like if you get an opportunity to build him a house and he says, “No, no, I like my tent.”
(0:55:26) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:55:27) Al: And you’re like, “Oh, why are we doing this?
(0:55:30) Al: Why are you doing this to me?”
(0:55:33) Al: It’s like when you find him eating out of the bins and stuff like that, and then Gus agrees to give him food instead, it’s just this whole thing.
(0:55:44) Kelly: Yeah, but you know I I just I just try to talk to people if I run past them
(0:55:49) Kelly: Or if I like know it’s their birthday, and I’m like oh, I don’t have something hyper specific. I need to be doing right now I guess I’ll give you something
(0:55:57) Al: I’ve not even I’ve not even got Marnie up high enough to get the Mayor Lewis’s shorts.
(0:56:00) Kelly: I can’t get the shorts. Yeah, that’s that’s ten years down the line
(0:56:06) Al: I’m in year two, I really should be at that point. It shouldn’t be this difficult.
(0:56:09) Kelly: Yeah
(0:56:09) Al: She likes quartz. I just need to give her some quartz. I have a hundred of them.
(0:56:14) Kelly: To be fair I just I just give them foraged items all the time. I’m like okay. This works
(0:56:19) Al: My problem is just like trying to find people. Like where, especially Marnie, where are you Marnie?
(0:56:25) Kelly: So to change topics
(0:56:28) Al: Oh! Oh, just before you do, I got the ability to access Marnie’s shop when she’s not there. That’s that’s one of the books. Yeah.
(0:56:36) Kelly: Oh that’s a big one. Because when it’s wintertime and there’s no more hay left and she’s not there!
(0:56:40) Al: She’s never there! Right, change the subject. Go for it.
(0:56:43) Kelly: Never there!
(0:56:46) Kelly: Um, I was gonna say, you know, if there was something I would love to have in the game.
(0:56:53) Kelly: It would just be people trackers. Just show me where they are on the map.
(0:56:56) Al: - Yes.
(0:56:57) Kelly: Just tell me, please, because otherwise I’m just on the Wikipedia.
(0:57:00) Kelly: I got the wiki open, in front of me, on my phone, scrolling through that like crazy,
(0:57:06) Kelly: what day of the week it is, and where this person is. It drives me nuts.
(0:57:10) Kelly: I have no problem looking up, you know, their favorite items if I need to give them an item.
(0:57:13) Kelly: That’s fine. Because nine times out of ten I’m just giving them a universal loved or liked item.
(0:57:19) Kelly: Anyway. And if it backfires, it backfires. Unless it’s like super specific.
(0:57:25) Kelly: But just show me where the person is. If I finish a quest and it’s like, you know, seven o’clock at night and I need to run around to find them just so I can get my 150, like, gold.
(0:57:30) Al: Have you played Coral Island? Because this is something…
(0:57:36) Kelly: No, I keep meaning to you. It looks so cute, but I just have other games.
(0:57:44) Al: I would highly recommend it, it’s very fun. But yeah, that’s one thing it does on the map and when I started that up and played that, I was like this is amazing. I love that you can do this, you can just see where people are. And it doesn’t mean that they’re going to stay there necessarily, so it’s not like you’re just immediately warped to them.
(0:58:00) Kelly: Mm-hmm
(0:58:03) Kelly: What was it roots of patcha did this too and I thought it was it’s so helpful It just makes your life It’s just like such a nice quality of life thing and the town is so big and you’re so slow And I got so many things to do in a day. I’m a farmer
(0:58:17) Al: Yep. I agree. I agree. So yeah, okay. So we’re going to talk about some things that we think are symbolism. So that’s one thing. Just before we get deep into this, I want to make it very clear to people, we are not saying that concerned apes should give us more. That is not what we’re saying. If stardew never gets another update, it’s already way better than it ever should have been.
(0:58:17) Kelly: I’m working for my living You
(0:58:40) Kelly: Mm-hmm absolutely and if you really need this like I’m gonna I I know there’s a mod for this I just have not taken the time to delve into
(0:58:50) Al: Yeah, I’m always mixed on mods. I really like mods, but also I don’t want to get too used to them because I
(0:58:56) Kelly: Well, Concerned Ape is for them.
(0:58:58) Al: Still no, no just because I have my main save on my switch
(0:59:03) Kelly: Ah, okay.
(0:59:03) Al: So I don’t want to get too used to the mods and then be like I can’t use them on my switch
(0:59:08) Kelly: Yeah, that’s fair.
(0:59:09) Kelly: I just, they look so cute.
(0:59:11) Kelly: There’s so many fun options.
(0:59:13) Kelly: I wanted it more for the aesthetics than anything,
(0:59:16) Kelly: and then I saw that you could, you know,
(0:59:18) Kelly: update your map for that, and I was like,
(0:59:20) Kelly: “That’s a cool quality of life update.
(0:59:22) Kelly: I’ll take that one.”
(0:59:23) Kelly: But mostly I just want cute houses and stuff like that.
(0:59:23) Al: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, my biggest thing is I feel like it’s still a little bit lacking in automation. So, I really want, Carl Island had some automators for chests. So, what you could do is you could tie like a chest to a mayonnaise machine and it would, it would put an egg in the mayonnaise machine and then once the mayonnaise is made it would put it
(0:59:26) Kelly: I want some more hairstyles.
(0:59:53) Al: another egg in and it was actually really clever. You could tie it up, like you could put them up to so many, you could put one chest and connect it to multiple different machines and it would do
(1:00:03) Al: the things it was meant to do, right? Like it would put the milk in the cheese machine,
(1:00:06) Al: it would put the egg in the mayo machine, it would put the ore in the the furnace,
(1:00:11) Al: it would do all of these things as you expect it to and I just really like the idea of, I mean,
(1:00:16) Al: these things wouldn’t obviously be accessible really early game. They’re presumably something you would have to use iridium for.
(1:00:23) Al: I’ve got it tied up into this mega system where I can have everything done because I sure my
(1:00:36) Al: coop in my barn are self-sustaining now but I still have to go in there and get all the things and then I have to manually put one egg in each mayonnaise machine and one truffle in each oil machine and one milk in each cheese machine and it just takes forever and like when
(1:00:53) Al: you get to the point where you have so much of it, it becomes not fun.
(1:00:56) Kelly: Yeah, I agree. I fully agree.
(1:01:01) Kelly: It’s like, I’m…
(1:01:01) Al: And I know there’s a mod for that one, but I haven’t tried it.
(1:01:04) Kelly: Yeah, no, no, no. I’m like, for…
(1:01:06) Kelly: I’m not against that stuff, because I do think it is really helpful.
(1:01:11) Kelly: But I don’t think it’s something that I necessarily would like, go out of my way to use.
(1:01:15) Kelly: Because I feel like at that point, like, I’m just mostly focused on wine.
(1:01:20) Al: Yeah. So I would say that it doesn’t, in my experience, I don’t think it changes how I play the game. It just means that I’m not focusing on the pointless automation. You’re freed up to do other things. Exactly. Exactly. Whereas I’m like, I want to go to Ginger Ellen for a few days and do a bunch of stuff, but I might come back and I’ve now got a hundred eggs to deal with.
(1:01:21) Kelly: And that takes so long.
(1:01:33) Kelly: Like, it gives you, mmhmm, yeah, like you can go to Ginger Island for a few days and not be, yeah, yeah.
(1:01:50) Kelly: Oh no, yes, I know, I know, I know.
(1:01:51) Al: You know?
(1:01:54) Al: Or at least let me, at least let me tell Emily to do something, right?
(1:01:56) Kelly: God, Emily, can’t you be helpful?
(1:01:57) Al: She’s there all day on the farm doing nothing.
(1:01:58) Al: Let me make her do something.
(1:02:04) Kelly: You just, what, sit around all day?
(1:02:06) Kelly: Sewing?
(1:02:07) Al: Playing with your crystals.
(1:02:07) Kelly: Making clothes?
(1:02:08) Kelly: Come on.
(1:02:09) Kelly: No, yeah.
(1:02:10) Kelly: Oh, that’s a nice gift.
(1:02:11) Kelly: I, okay, here’s my gift.
(1:02:11) Al: She gave me an omni geo yesterday.
(1:02:12) Kelly: Okay, here’s my gift.
(1:02:13) Kelly: Here’s my gift.
(1:02:14) Al: She was just like, good morning.
(1:02:14) Kelly: It’s a nice gift.
(1:02:15) Al: Here’s a geode.
(1:02:16) Al: Okay.
(1:02:17) Al: I won’t complain about that one.
(1:02:20) Kelly: Here’s my other complaint.
(1:02:20) Kelly: I would like to be able to marry Crobus.
(1:02:24) Al: So he was at the– not Crobus– Concerned Abe was at the Vancouver concert, Stardew Valley concert the other day, and he explicitly said, “No, I’m not going to add Crobus as a marriage candidate.”
(1:02:30) Kelly: Okay, yeah, yeah.
(1:02:42) Al: But you can live with Crobus, and 1.6.3 now gives the portrait for Crobus.
(1:02:46) Kelly: Yeah, he’s- he’s been my roommate.
(1:02:51) Kelly: Oh, okay.
(1:02:53) Kelly: Okay, yeah, no, he’s been my roommate. He’s fine, he’s cool.
(1:02:56) Al: Everything but the legal.
(1:02:59) Kelly: Yeah.
(1:03:01) Al: Oh, no, this just sounds like when it was the whole civil partnership thing for same-sex couples.
(1:03:09) Al: It’s like, oh, it’s basically marriage.
(1:03:12) Al: It’s like, oh, no.
(1:03:13) Kelly: Health insurance.
(1:03:15) Al: Well, not a thing here, but yes.
(1:03:17) Kelly: Whatever. Laughing Sorry.
(1:03:20) Al: We are pro-Krobis relationship on this podcast.
(1:03:25) Kelly: Honestly, it’s not even just Crobus though. I just wish-
(1:03:28) Kelly: I saw someone say that they could wish that they could like break up marriages, and I was like that would be- I would love that.
(1:03:33) Al: Yeah, that’s me. I say that and-
(1:03:34) Kelly: Which- which gets really complicated. I know that too, but
(1:03:39) Kelly: Listen Al, I grew up playing The Sims.
(1:03:41) Al: I’m not necessarily saying that I want that in Stardew.
(1:03:43) Kelly: No line for mean.
(1:03:46) Al: I think it would be good in Stardew, but I’m not saying I need it in Stardew.
(1:03:50) Kelly: No, yeah
(1:03:50) Al: I do want our farming game to be focused around that.
(1:03:53) Al: I think that it would be good.
(1:03:54) Al: I don’t think every farming game should have romance.
(1:03:54) Kelly: Yeah
(1:03:57) Al: I think that they should only have it if they think they can do it well.
(1:03:59) Al: But what I really want is a romance-focused one, where I can break up characters for multiple different reasons as well.
(1:04:07) Al: So who was that I was talking to?
(1:04:09) Al: It was Cordy, I was talking to her about a few weeks ago.
(1:04:11) Al: And saying how you could have different couples where you have to do different things to break them up, right?
(1:04:16) Al: Because not every couple should be the same, you know?
(1:04:16) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:04:20) Al: Most people probably wouldn’t cheat on their spouse.
(1:04:23) Al: So there should only be a couple in the game that would actually do that, you know?
(1:04:27) Al: And that’s one way to do it with them.
(1:04:29) Al: And then maybe some of them, you have to treat them.
(1:04:32) Al: Maybe they’re feeling like they’re not being treated in the right way in specific things.
(1:04:37) Al: Like, there’s so many different ideas you could have with that.
(1:04:39) Kelly: - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(1:04:41) Al: Yeah, exactly, exactly.
(1:04:41) Kelly: Like gifts, gifts, gifts of affirmation,
(1:04:45) Kelly: like physical gifts, like stuff like that.
(1:04:46) Kelly: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(1:04:49) Kelly: You know, you just gotta make the game.
(1:04:51) Kelly: We’ll call it like cottagecore or homewrecker edition.
(1:04:56) Kelly: Or something like that, I don’t know.
(1:04:57) Al: But specifically, specifically about Stardew,
(1:04:58) Kelly: Farming up the drama.
(1:05:00) Al: I think it would be fun if after you got married, the other singles could pair off.
(1:05:05) Kelly: Yes, yes
(1:05:07) Al: Not all of them, right?
(1:05:08) Al: I think it’s important to highlight again
(1:05:11) Al: being married does not make you more of a person than someone who is not married.
(1:05:15) Kelly: Thanks, Al
(1:05:18) Al: But I think it would be fun to start you to see some of that happening, right?
(1:05:21) Al: Because it is weird that they all continue to be single after you’ve married for years.
(1:05:24) Kelly: Yeah, when they’re so clearly, that’s not like how they’re meant to be.
(1:05:30) Kelly: It’s also like, I get why they don’t do it, because I do get it would become complicated because you can divorce your spouse and marry somebody else.
(1:05:36) Al: Yeah, okay, but I mean then that’s where you tie in the breaking up couples thing, right
(1:05:37) Kelly: But…
(1:05:38) Kelly: Yeah, exactly, exactly.
(1:05:41) Kelly: So there you go.
(1:05:42) Kelly: Now it all works.
(1:05:42) Al: Also, you could absolutely do it where it’s like you see the signs coming and so you’re like, oh
(1:05:44) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:05:45) Kelly: I’m gonna step in.
(1:05:46) Kelly: Yeah.
(1:05:47) Kelly: This is the end.
(1:05:48) Al: They’re about to get married. I better go get divorced so I can you know
(1:05:54) Kelly: This is messy stardew.
(1:05:56) Al: But this is the thing right this is things this would not be new to stardew you can date all of them in the city in Stardew and they catch you and if you don’t have a lucky rabbit’s foot in your
(1:06:00) Kelly: No!
(1:06:02) Kelly: Yes! And they catch you!
(1:06:04) Kelly: No!
(1:06:06) Kelly: No!
(1:06:06) Al: pocket, it all goes badly, right? Like, it’s not a new concept to Stardew, they have
(1:06:08) Kelly: No!
(1:06:10) Kelly: No!
(1:06:13) Al: this sort of thing in it and I think it would be fun to, like, isn’t that really fun? Have you,
(1:06:18) Kelly: No, I’ve only seen the one where you get like ripped apart after you get caught.
(1:06:18) Al: I mean, have you seen what happens if you have a rabbit’s foot in your pocket when you do those scenes? They basically all just, they don’t notice, like, nobody notices that this is what’s happened and it just plays out completely differently and you can continue dating them all. Isn’t it? It’s It’s amazing!
(1:06:29) Kelly: Oh really?
(1:06:34) Kelly: That’s crazy.
(1:06:36) Al: It just sounds exhausting to me.
(1:06:37) Kelly: That’s like…
(1:06:38) Kelly: That’s like some people’s dreams.
(1:06:41) Kelly: Yeah, that’s exhausting for me in a video game.
(1:06:44) Al: That’s too many people to keep happy on a regular basis.
(1:06:48) Kelly: Yeah.
(1:06:48) Al: Yeah, never mind real life.
(1:06:51) Al: Like, I’m the sort of person who I finally got to 14 Hearts with Emily today,
(1:06:56) Al: and I’m like, “Oh, thank goodness, I don’t need to keep giving you gifts,
(1:06:59) Kelly: Yeah, yeah, no, literally.
(1:07:00) Al: because their friendship now will never go down.”
(1:07:03) Al: I’m like, “Yes, I’m finally there!”
(1:07:05) Kelly: Yep, I hate I hate friendship degradation in games.
(1:07:06) Al: I can stop putting in the effort.
(1:07:11) Kelly: Yeah, oh, I’m done now.
(1:07:12) Al: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(1:07:14) Kelly: This is who you’ve married.
(1:07:18) Al: I think your pet is the only thing in the game that you can’t get to a point where you can remove the degradation, right?
(1:07:28) Al: Because you’ve got the auto-petter for the farm animals, and you’ve got 14 hearts for for your marriage candidate or your space.
(1:07:30) Kelly: I wonder if when you get a second pet if it does anything
(1:07:37) Al: I haven’t seen anything about that, but…
(1:07:41) Kelly: Because you can’t get a second pet until you fulfill the first one
(1:07:48) Al: fulfill, which I just got to today, so I’m waiting for the ability to get a second pet.
(1:07:56) Kelly: What’d you pick on the first one?
(1:07:56) Al: But then I just, it was a dog, it was the, I think he’s meant to be like a golden retriever possibly. He’s like a light brown, floppy, eared one. But no, there’s only one second pet I want, and that’s the purple turtle that costs half a million gold.
(1:08:16) Kelly: Oh, you have to buy the second pet?
(1:08:19) Al: Oh yeah, Marnie sells them.
(1:08:22) Kelly: Oh.
(1:08:22) Kelly: Why can’t I just go steal a parrot from Ginger Island?
(1:08:25) Al: Oh, so here’s a fun thing that you won’t experience, but on Ginger Island in the 1.6 update, there’s now a Joja bird, if you do the Joja route, which you can pay, Joja parrot. You can, you can pay it. Yeah, it’s blue. It’s right at the top. It’s like next to the volcano. You Compare 1.13.
(1:08:36) Kelly: A Joja bird?
(1:08:39) Kelly: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no. Is it like blue?
(1:08:48) Al: 1.25 million and it will get you all of the all of the walnuts, the golden walnuts.
(1:08:54) Kelly: They’re not even that hard to find
(1:08:56) Al: Nobody just gets you all of them, we’re done.
(1:08:59) Kelly: For 1.2
(1:09:01) Al: 1.125 million, one and a quarter.
(1:09:03) Kelly: What a deal, I’m sorry
(1:09:05) Kelly: Wow Do you say you don’t get a discount because you helped revitalize Jojamart and oh
(1:09:05) Al: Not one and a quarter, one and an eighth.
(1:09:11) Al: Maybe that is the discount, I don’t know, it’s a lot of money.
(1:09:13) Kelly: God, it probably is
(1:09:15) Al: I think I need to make it clear.
(1:09:18) Al: I realized when I was looking at the grandpa’s evaluation points is that going the Georgia root makes it harder because there are three
(1:09:18) Kelly: I
(1:09:21) Kelly: Don’t know I saw you
(1:09:28) Kelly: I saw that you earned a million dollars recently
(1:09:39) Kelly: I like spying on people
(1:09:48) Kelly: ‘Cause you’re breaking grandpa’s heart.
(1:09:48) Al: points that you can’t get because there are three points you cannot get if you go the Georgia route so you get one for completing the community center bundles and you get two for the community center event that the unveiling event so if you do those two you get three points and those are three points you cannot get if you do the Georgia route and there’s not an equivalent for the Georgia route
(1:10:04) Kelly: Yeah, cause Joja sucks.
(1:10:15) Al: Luke, I mean, how else are you going to get the auto pay?
(1:10:18) Al: Well, good for you. You’re a better person than me, clearly.
(1:10:19) Kelly: I pet all my animals myself, obviously.
(1:10:28) Al: I am full capitalist this game.
(1:10:33) Kelly: I mean, to be fair, as the farmer, I-
(1:10:34) Kelly: I don’t think it’s less capitalist. I think it’s less evil. Maybe. I don’t know, that’s not the right word, but you know what I’m going for. There’s something.
(1:10:38) Al: There is no ethical consumption under capitalism, but there is more and less ethical.
(1:10:46) Kelly: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(1:10:50) Kelly: But listen, one of these paths, I help Junimos, and one of them I don’t.
(1:10:53) Al: Well, you can still buy the Junimo Hat, even if you go to the Jojo rate.
(1:10:58) Kelly: That feels hollow.
(1:11:00) Al: It does.
(1:11:02) Kelly: So, wait, if you do the jot…
(1:11:04) Kelly: root do you still leave trash in the river that gets cleaned up right if I do the community bundles I don’t know I don’t know if I’m making this up like there’s all that trash in the river from Jojo Mart
(1:11:12) Al: - What’s the trash in the river one?
(1:11:18) Al: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
(1:11:20) Al: ‘Cause the bundles are unlocking the mine carts,
(1:11:25) Al: doing the fixing the bus.
(1:11:26) Kelly: no I just I just mean like just because you went the jojo mart root if that doesn’t get cleaned up
(1:11:33) Al: I don’t remember getting the…
(1:11:35) Kelly: I don’t know if it gets cleaned up either I think I made this up
(1:11:39) Kelly: I might have I think I did we can cut this
(1:11:40) Al: I don’t know.
(1:11:43) Al: I just know… No, I’m keeping it in.
(1:11:46) Al: I just know that if you go the not Joja route,
(1:11:50) Al: the only way to get auto petters is in Skull Cavern,
(1:11:55) Al: whereas you can just buy them from Joja.
(1:11:57) Al: So yeah, there is a benefit to going Joja as well.
(1:12:01) Al: I had- I had all- because it’s all-
(1:12:03) Al: money-based. I had them all unlocked in fall of year one, I think? No, I did. I had it all-
(1:12:10) Kelly: but you couldn’t get them.
(1:12:12) Kelly: Oh, oh, okay.
(1:12:13) Al: I had- I had all of the community upgrades done in fall of year one. Because you just need something like 120,000 in total to buy them all. Which like isn’t- isn’t insignificant,
(1:12:18) Kelly: Oh, oh, yes, I see.
(1:12:24) Kelly: Oh, no, that’s not bad at all.
(1:12:27) Al: but it’s a lot easier than doing the bundles. I still- I do think just for the record, I said
(1:12:33) Al: last episode, I will say it again. I do think that if you have not played Stardew before and you’re playing it for the first time, definitely do the community center. It is a better way to understand the game and to give your broader idea of what the game does. It is miles better. And also
(1:12:50) Al: it just feels better. Doing the Georgia Root is fun as a- another one that you’ve done. This is like my
(1:13:01) Al: third proper playthrough.
(1:13:03) Al: And my fifth act, like, fifth save, um, but third time actually getting a decent amount through something.
(1:13:11) Al: And it’s the first time I’ve done Joja, but let me tell you, it’s not fun when you get congratulated by the the Joja boss guy for doing all of that and there’s a there’s a celebration for you by Joja.
(1:13:23) Al: Yep, so creepy.
(1:13:26) Al: I haven’t done the cinema yet, because that one cost you half a million to do.
(1:13:33) Kelly: Oh not there yet.
(1:13:34) Al: Not yet.
(1:13:36) Kelly: You gotta save up all that money so you can pay off the Joja parrot.
(1:13:39) Al: I just, I just keep buying more things, this is the problem, there’s always stuff to buy,
(1:13:44) Al: you know.
(1:13:44) Kelly: It’s almost like real life.
(1:13:45) Al: The autopetters cost 50,000 each, so I just, I just dropped 100k before I started exploring Ginger Island.
(1:13:53) Kelly: You can put a price on love.
(1:13:54) Al: Yeah.
(1:13:58) Kelly: It is $100,000.
(1:14:04) Al: Yeah, I mean, someone gave me 100,000.
(1:14:08) Kelly: I’d be pretty happy.
(1:14:09) Al: I wouldn’t say I would love them necessarily, but I would feel nice, I would feel better towards them.
(1:14:12) Kelly: No, I think I would like to think it takes more than that to buy my love.
(1:14:19) Kelly: Yeah, would I feel indebted to them?
(1:14:24) Kelly: Probably.
(1:14:28) Kelly: But yeah, I think it’s been a lot of fun doing this play through again.
(1:14:32) Kelly: I think waiting was such a nice thing to do ‘cause it makes the game feel fresh again.
(1:14:37) Al: I feel like not many people could do this where you wait two and a half years between updates and suddenly you’re everybody’s favourite developer again and everybody’s talking about you.
(1:14:38) Kelly: No.
(1:14:48) Kelly: like the echo chamber but no I don’t think that’s true because he does exist outside of whatever bubble
(1:14:50) Al: And I don’t know if it’s just my algorithm on TikTok but half of my videos are on Stardew.
(1:15:04) Al: Well, just to prove the point, the Stardew went over its highest ever concurrent player’s peak on Steam last week, so it definitely isn’t just us. There were more people playing Stardew last week than there were at any other individual point in time on Steam.
(1:15:14) Kelly: - Mm-hmm.
(1:15:25) Kelly: Which is so impressive for such a, you know, indie little game.
(1:15:29) Kelly: But also, like, what a… it’s an evergreen game, I think.
(1:15:34) Kelly: I truly think it’s like…
(1:15:35) Kelly: Even if, like you said, this is the last update he ever does,
(1:15:38) Kelly: I would play this game again in 20 years.
(1:15:40) Al: I think this is the interesting thing is that I, so I don’t know if you’ve heard me say this or not Kelly, I think that Coral Island is now a better game than Stardew Valley.
(1:15:52) Al: However, it is unclear as to whether it will have the same longevity for me.
(1:15:58) Kelly: Hmm and see that’s that’s something. I don’t think anyone can really predict and
(1:16:04) Al: Yeah, yeah.
(1:16:04) Kelly: I don’t even know if I could explain to you
(1:16:08) Kelly: What it is about stardew that makes me feel that way
(1:16:13) Kelly: and I’m sure part of it has to do with the fact that like
(1:16:17) Kelly: For me it was one of not only the first it was the first switch game that I got
(1:16:23) Al: It was certainly up there for me. It wasn’t the first one I got, but that summer there was so little to play and I’d already finished Zelda and there was Mario Kart and that was basically it. So yeah, that’s when I got started. I mean, that’s why this podcast happened,
(1:16:26) Kelly: No, this is the first one. I was gonna get
(1:16:28) Kelly: Kirby. Mmhmm. Yeah. That’s–that’s–I was a year late to getting the Switch, so my intent had been to get Kirby with it, and then I was like, “No, I’m gonna play indie games.” And then I only bought like indie games for a year, and it was great. And now Now I only buy indie games and it’s great.
(1:16:42) Al: is because of that summer we’d started.
(1:16:56) Al: Yeah?
(1:16:58) Kelly: But my hands, I gave myself almost arthritis playing the game on the switch.
(1:17:05) Kelly: Because I would just play for so long holding the switch in my hands that my hands started to hurt.
(1:17:12) Al: And that was back before you had any sort of grips for the Switch.
(1:17:12) Kelly: Yeah, that was playing with the Joy-Cons.
(1:17:15) Al: It was just the just the Joy-Cons, and you’re like, “I have claws for hands!”
(1:17:17) Kelly: Yeah, yep, yep, yep.
(1:17:22) Kelly: But I don’t know if for me, yes, I’ve played other games that have farming.
(1:17:29) Kelly: But Stardew was my first real farming game.
(1:17:34) Kelly: So I’m sure that has something to do with it also, but obviously it’s not just that because so many other people also…
(1:17:42) Al: Yeah, yeah, it’ll be… I don’t… I can’t explain it either. There’s just something about the game that has so much care and love put into it and everything that has been done to this game is great, right? Like, there are things that I think could be slightly better,
(1:18:01) Al: but there’s nothing that you go, “I don’t like that.” It’s like, “Oh, maybe that would be nice if it did this or whatever,” but like, there’s nothing that’s bad about this game.
(1:18:07) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:18:10) Kelly: Even Clint serves his purpose.
(1:18:12) Al: Yeah, I mean, we’re obviously designed to feel this way about Clint, right? Like,
(1:18:14) Kelly: Yeah, yeah. No.
(1:18:16) Al: it’s not done by accident. So, I just looked up the numbers. The peak last week was 236,000 people playing at once, and that is up from the second highest peak of January 2021, which was 94,000.
(1:18:31) Kelly: Is that when 1.5 came out?
(1:18:34) Al: Just after, yeah, December of 2020. Yeah, so just after. But that’s more than double that peak.
(1:18:36) Kelly: Okay, because I think I played that march.
(1:18:41) Kelly: That’s crazy. And even crazier.
(1:18:44) Al: In fact, that might be… Is that triple? It is not far off. It’s like 2.7.
(1:18:49) Kelly: Okay.
(1:18:51) Kelly: But even crazier, if you think about it, is like, okay, January 2021, that’s still
(1:18:57) Kelly: Covid like, you know more people were out and doing things but like that was
(1:18:58) Al: But tell me how. Yeah and tell me how this game is eight years old and it’s peak. Like I know that like Mario Kart does some crazy things with sales numbers and that’s fantastic for them but it’s I mean they do I think it’s unmatched in some of it’s number.
(1:19:01) Kelly: still a lot more restricted and there was still way less people playing.
(1:19:18) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:19:21) Kelly: That’s a different story. I don’t view that the same.
(1:19:28) Al: But like the idea that we are eight years into this game and only and they’re 2.7 times the peak the previous peak three years ago.
(1:19:28) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:19:33) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:19:38) Kelly: Yeah, and like let’s like let’s be
(1:19:42) Kelly: real, yes there are things that you can do differently each playthrough, but at the base of the game it’s the same exact thing every time.
(1:19:50) Al: It’s still the same game. Yeah. And most people are just marrying the same person each time,
(1:19:59) Kelly: Yeah, yeah.
(1:20:02) Al: doing the exact same stuff, because that’s the whole point of the game is just doing the same.
(1:20:03) Kelly: Yep.
(1:20:06) Kelly: I will say I did make myself also marry Sebastian at one point and I did regret regret that.
(1:20:12) Kelly: And I think I dumped him for Crobus.
(1:20:15) Al: I saw someone on TikTok who has married and divorced three different people,
(1:20:20) Al: the moment they got married they got the egg.
(1:20:23) Kelly: Yeah, it’s just like, ugh, god.
(1:20:26) Kelly: But like, honest, I didn’t even want to marry him that much in the first place,
(1:20:30) Kelly: but I was just like, “Okay, you have the most hearts. I need to get married, whatever.”
(1:20:34) Al: Yeah, yeah.
(1:20:36) Kelly: Goodbye.
(1:20:37) Kelly: And then I regretted it, and that’s why you don’t get married on a whim, kids.
(1:20:39) Al: That’s why you don’t get married because of your granddad’s expectations.
(1:20:45) Kelly: Exactly.
(1:20:46) Al: Yeah, it gets you.
(1:20:47) Kelly: Does it get you points?
(1:20:49) Kelly: Yeah, that’s what I think. I think that’s why I did it.
(1:20:50) Al: Well, you have to married and have the two times expansions.
(1:20:54) Kelly: Yes, yeah, I think that’s what is this, like the green card?
(1:20:54) Al: If you just have the one expansion on the farmhouse, it doesn’t count.
(1:20:58) Al: You have to have the second one.
(1:20:59) Al: You have to be ready to have kids, which is basically what it’s saying, right?
(1:21:04) Al: Have the kids room.
(1:21:04) Kelly: The green card of like Stardew Valley.
(1:21:07) Al: Oh dear, it’s funny.
(1:21:13) Al: But you don’t need to do those things.
(1:21:13) Kelly: Um… No.
(1:21:14) Al: They’re just like, there’s a total of 21 points and you need 12 to get your granddad’s thumbs up.
(1:21:21) Al: But yeah.
(1:21:22) Al: Great.
(1:21:23) Al: Well, it’s nearly tomorrow for me.
(1:21:26) Al: So I’m going to wrap this up.
(1:21:26) Kelly: Yes.
(1:21:27) Al: Thank you, Kelly, for joining me to talk about one point is Stardew Valley 1.6.
(1:21:31) Kelly: Thank you for having me.
(1:21:33) Kelly: It’s always fun.
(1:21:34) Al: Where can people find you?
(1:21:39) Kelly: If you type in Rallamew into Google, you will find me.
(1:21:43) Kelly: Good luck.
(1:21:44) Al: Enjoy spelling it.
(1:21:49) Kelly: Yeah, you’ll figure it out.
(1:21:51) Kelly: I’m proud of you guys.
(1:21:52) Kelly: I know you can do it.
(1:21:56) Al: You can find me on mastodon.scot and on twitter @thescotbot.
(1:22:01) Al: You can find the podcast on tumblr and on twitter @thspod.
(1:22:05) Al: You can find links to everything to do with the podcast and a feedback form on our website harvestseason.club. One of the links on the website is a link to our Patreon.
(1:22:14) Al: where you can support the podcast get access to our slack and access to bonus episodes of the podcast there are lots of them if you sign up now you will get like 50 bonus episodes of the podcast straight away it’s a deal of the century
(1:22:33) Kelly: It’s a bigger deal than spending 1.5 million dollars to get some walnuts.
(1:22:38) Al: to get all the walnuts all of them either go
(1:22:40) Kelly: Ah, all the walnuts.
(1:22:43) Kelly: And they’re gold.
(1:22:46) Al: and Luke will I save up to get all that I don’t know maybe I’m trying to get to the Forge at the top of the volcano just now I got to level nine today and then I ran out of time and fell asleep
(1:23:00) Kelly: that the volcano annoyed me like it’s not the worst but I think I just hate being timed and knowing that like I can’t just
(1:23:07) Al: yeah if you if you could even just pitch your tent in the volcano and sleep and then try again the next day it would be so much less stressful but it’s like I hit midnight and I was on level
(1:23:12) Kelly: yeah yeah
(1:23:21) Al: eight and i’m like oh no i’m so close and I got to level nine with like an hour to go and I was like what is this level how am I meant to get to the end of this level I don’t even know what i’m doing here so drastically different the last level
(1:23:28) Kelly: Yeah, and then…
(1:23:30) Kelly: They get really Maisie at the end.
(1:23:37) Al: all the other ones i’m like what is this nonsense
(1:23:38) Kelly: Yeah.
(1:23:40) Kelly: And then at that point, it’s like, I’m just gonna die here.
(1:23:43) Al: yeah yeah exactly
(1:23:44) Kelly: Like, okay, goodbye.
(1:23:46) Kelly: Like, find my body, drag me home, I don’t care.
(1:23:48) Al: willy yeah willy dragged you out of the volcano
(1:23:52) Kelly: How did Willy get up there so easily?
(1:23:54) Al: yeah it’s also funny he’s you get a letter saying that he he he you hadn’t come back to the boat so he went to find you what if I used a totem willy what if I warped home would you be going to find would you be going to find me or yeah going to tent or something like what you doing you gonna come and find me in my tent
(1:24:06) Kelly: Or, what if you just…
(1:24:09) Kelly: Yeah!
(1:24:14) Kelly: Oh, oh, she pitched a tent over there.
(1:24:16) Kelly: Okay, she’s good. She’s good. You don’t have to worry about her.
(1:24:18) Al: I’m so annoyed at how close I was.
(1:24:18) Kelly: It’s fine. It’s good.
(1:24:19) Kelly: You can go home, Willy.
(1:24:23) Kelly: You’ll get there. I believe in you.
(1:24:25) Al: I know, I know.
(1:24:26) Al: It’s just annoying because it was like 10 minutes before the episode and I was on level nine and I’m like, I’m going to do it and I didn’t do it.
(1:24:28) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:24:31) Kelly: Yeah.
(1:24:33) Al: Maybe next time.
(1:24:34) Kelly: Just you gotta gotta get it that.
(1:24:34) Al: Great.
(1:24:36) Kelly: 1000 coffees.
(1:24:36) Kelly: Yeah! Coffee! Coffee is the best part of this game.
(1:24:37) Al: Yeah.
(1:24:38) Al: Coffee, I can move faster with coffee.
(1:24:40) Al: That’s how you do it.
(1:24:44) Al: I did actually have a hundred coffees.
(1:24:46) Al: and…
(1:24:48) Al: And then I lost them because I died in…
(1:24:50) Kelly: Aww, and they targeted your hundred coffees.
(1:24:54) Al: They stole all my coffee.
(1:24:57) Kelly: That’s unfortunate.
(1:24:58) Al: Oh, there’s another fun thing. Last thing, OK? Just before we sign off, see when you complete the Georgia route.
(1:25:04) Al: You get a little Georgia vending machine, and every day it gives you a Georgia colour.
(1:25:06) Kelly: That’s kinda cute.
(1:25:09) Kelly: Okay, that’s kinda nice, just one though, right?
(1:25:12) Al: Just the one, just the one. But it’s like a little extra speed in the morning, you know?
(1:25:12) Kelly: The rusty, yeah, of course.
(1:25:16) Kelly: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(1:25:18) Al: You can zoom to your animals. It’s great.
(1:25:19) Kelly: Yeah.
(1:25:21) Kelly: No, that’s the next thing I have to do is set up my coffee.
(1:25:24) Kelly: That’s the time.
(1:25:24) Al: Yeah, you get so many beans from coffee plants.
(1:25:30) Al: I have eight coffee plants, and I’m drowning in coffee beans.
(1:25:34) Al: Right, OK, I’m done. I’m done, I promise.
(1:25:36) Kelly: Okay
(1:25:38) Al: Thank you for listening. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
(1:25:42) Al: Until next time, have a good harvest.
(1:25:44) Theme Tune: The harvest season is created by Al McKinlay, with support from our patrons, including our pro farmers, Kevin, Stuart and Alisa.
(1:25:44) Kelly: Bye
(1:25:59) Theme Tune: Our art is done by Micah the Brave, and our music is done by Nick Burgess.
(1:26:03) Theme Tune: Feel free to visit our website, harvestseason.club, for show notes and links to things we discussed in this episode.
(1:26:18) Kelly: It’s a roguelite card game.
(1:26:30) Kelly: I couldn’t have set that up any better.
(1:26:30) Al: I think…
(1:26:32) Al: I think you killed me.
(1:26:34) Al: laughing I am dead.
(1:26:34) Kelly: I’m trying so hard not to cough.