30 Million Beetles

Codey talks through all of the recent news, and gives us some insect facts.


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Of Life and Land Early Access
Rusty’s Retirement Release Date
Botany Manor Release Date
Len’s Island “Community” Update
Steamworld Build “Mechanized” DLC
Disney Dreamlight Valley “Eternity Isle”
Moonstone Island Fisholutions
Critter Crops Delay
Poglings Dev Update


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(0:00:30) Codey: Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season
(0:00:35) Codey: My name is Cody and I am here today to talk about cottagecore games. Whoo
(0:00:42) Codey: I am just doing a solo episode today. We had a scheduling issue and
(0:00:49) Codey: Like frantically tried to get a news episode together and I was the only person available
(0:00:54) Codey: Which I’m totally fine with al has done this before al has done solo episodes before he said it’s like hard for something
(0:01:01) Codey: I don’t know. So we’re gonna find out if it is
(0:01:04) Codey: Check back in here. I’m actually gonna add it to the show notes right now
(0:01:09) Codey: Check back in is solo
(0:01:15) Codey: Uh, I think it’s going to be hard
(0:01:19) Codey: But uh I’m just gonna imagine
(0:01:23) Codey: Listening to everyone responding to this
(0:01:25) Codey: And so that is gonna be great. And honestly if y’all enjoy it, I would
(0:01:31) Codey: No to doing this again if absolutely needed
(0:01:35) Codey: So today is just gonna be a news podcast but because people have been clamoring for insect facts in
(0:01:44) Codey: The slack and just in general in my life people are just really into insects
(0:01:49) Codey: In between each news item. I’m going to dive into a fact about an order of insects
(0:01:55) Codey: So insecta is a clade and inside of that clade there are many orders
(0:02:01) Codey: I don’t know the number off the top of my head So I’m gonna go into it like some quick facts like maybe a minute of facts about each order
(0:02:08) Codey: We’re not covering all the orders in this episode
(0:02:11) Codey: It’s just like the ones that that jumped out to me or that I thought had some cool facts
(0:02:16) Codey: and so for that reason
(0:02:20) Codey: Now I will say the transcripts are available in the show notes on the website if you don’t like insects if they freak you out I really tried to make sure that some of the facts aren’t too like scary gruesome or whatever
(0:02:30) Codey: Um, but I also am biased and don’t think that insects are scary gruesome at all
(0:02:36) Codey: So if you do have an entomophobia or anything like that do check out those transcripts and the show notes
(0:02:43) Codey: On the website harvest season club so that you can get your news content
(0:02:48) Codey: Without the insect content also if that is the case for you do let us know you can
(0:02:54) Codey: If you’re not subscribed you can email us again at harvest season club And then I will avoid doing this type of episode in the future.
(0:03:00) Codey: I definitely do not want to push people away, but I have a feeling that people who listen to this podcast and enjoy farming games are going to like the bug content. So we’re going to find out how that goes.
(0:03:13) Codey: So bug content news. And first, of course,
(0:03:17) Codey: we always talk about what we have been up to.
(0:03:21) Codey: So I have been doing a lot of different games.
(0:03:26) Codey: My grandma got me back into this phone game, um, called cross-stitch.
(0:03:30) Codey: It’s literally like a color by number, but with cross stitches, cross-stitching, um,
(0:03:36) Codey: it’s really helped me with my ADHD lately, trying to stay focused on tasks.
(0:03:40) Codey: Like if I’m in an environment that’s really distracting or if I’m losing focus on a conversation or something that I’m trying to pay attention to, um, that I, that I genuinely care about,
(0:03:51) Codey: I’ll just whip out that game and like color.
(0:03:53) Codey: And then I can 100% mean maintain focus on, um, whatever conversation or show or pot or seminar or whatever it is that I’m
(0:04:00) Codey: listening to so I highly recommend that for our fellow ADHDers and fellow crafters it’s really it’s really fun I will say I have mentioned it in a while Tetris game I think I think she’s dead y’all I hadn’t played it in a while and I realized that the other day and so I opened her up and yeah they do shifting baselines I am pretty sure because I checked and there are no cruises available right now. I have almost 2 million coins.
(0:04:30) Codey: And there are no cruises showing up. What is showing up is I can use like a certain amount of my coins for
(0:04:37) Codey: X money off of a cruise or something like that. So
(0:04:41) Codey: Yeah, I just have to take the L there y’all
(0:04:45) Codey: But I can still use those points for things but they’re all like places or things that I’m not gonna be doing like
(0:04:52) Codey: Going to Vegas and spending money at the Luxor or whatever. I’m like, I’m not gonna I’m not gonna do that
(0:05:00) Codey: So yeah, rest in peace that game
(0:05:03) Codey: More pertinent to to y’all. I’ve been playing a lot of Disney Dreamlight Valley. I finally hit credits
(0:05:09) Codey: So I am done on the main story and I am almost done with the realms that are available
(0:05:16) Codey: and maximizing the
(0:05:20) Codey: Villagers that I have right now So I think the only realm that is currently available that I have not yet unlocked with Dreamlight is Monsters Inc.
(0:05:28) Codey: So I just did the Lion King.
(0:05:30) Codey: and the Toy Story Realm and I have a lot of my people at max level but for some of them like Olaf I tried to max his level and it was like to do this you need to have Buzz Lightyear in your valley and I was like what the heck.
(0:05:44) Codey: So I’m going through and doing that and it’s just it just scratches a good itch when I am not fox crafting because I’m still doing that as well.
(0:05:53) Codey: My Minecraft fox has a full tail outlined now.
(0:05:59) Codey: The head is complete and we have–
(0:06:01) Codey: my bestie Devin and I have begun construction of the fox sanctuary.
(0:06:06) Codey: We went and kidnapped some foxes and drug them through the nether
(0:06:10) Codey: and put them on top of the fox island and have been building a little fox army with them
(0:06:20) Codey: and so I have those available and I’m just like outlining the tail and outlining all and all of that stuff.
(0:06:30) Codey: Told up the sides of it, and then we’re continuing to create the sanctuary.
(0:06:34) Codey: Very fun.
(0:06:35) Codey: I’ve also been playing window garden.
(0:06:37) Codey: I don’t talk about that too much right now because of reasons.
(0:06:42) Codey: Stay tuned for–
(0:06:43) Codey: watch this podcast feed.
(0:06:45) Codey: And then I’m also setting up– this is my last field season of my graduate degrees–
(0:06:52) Codey: I guess degrees–
(0:06:54) Codey: my graduate education, as it were.
(0:06:57) Codey: Tomorrow I’m going into the woods with a forester.
(0:07:00) Codey: And we’re he’s going to be slingshotting some stuff into the into the trees for me so that I can put ropes up there and pull my traps up and I’m going to do the final set up the rest of the week and then start next week with my last trap effort.
(0:07:16) Codey: It’s really bittersweet I cannot believe that I am about to be done with the field work that will culminate in my dissertation.
(0:07:24) Codey: I do still have a full year and a half of my research of my doctor at left because I do have a full year to finish writing, finish specimens, all of that stuff and I have so many specimens.
(0:07:38) Codey: So, yeah, we will see how that goes I’m very excited though.
(0:07:44) Codey: And, yeah, very sad, very exciting. And with that, let’s get into some news. So our first bit of news here is for of life and land of life and land is now out in early access.
(0:07:58) Codey: game is 20 is basically 30.
(0:08:00) Codey: $30 USD on Steam, but it has a 10% discount currently.
(0:08:04) Codey: So you can get it for 27.
(0:08:07) Codey: Also available for purchase right now is a supporter pack for $5 or 450.
(0:08:12) Codey: Again, it’s 10% off right now.
(0:08:14) Codey: Um, and in that supporter pack, you get things like a desktop wallpapers,
(0:08:18) Codey: some digital art posters, paper, Fox folding instructions, and some 3d models,
(0:08:27) Codey: but paper fox excuse me
(0:08:31) Codey: These people
(0:08:33) Codey: These people
(0:08:36) Codey: They know what I like. So this thing is so hanging cute. It’s basically it looks like
(0:08:42) Codey: It’s just something that you would print out
(0:08:45) Codey: So you’d print out these instructions you print out the pages that have the bits that you would fold
(0:08:51) Codey: On like the colored paper whatever colored paper so probably orange and white But you could also probably honestly do like a purple box. I’d be super cute
(0:09:00) Codey: And then you fold it and it makes really cute little fox design and I have personally never wished that I had thirty dollars
(0:09:07) Codey: More in my life so that I can get the game and the fox folding. Um
(0:09:12) Codey: But I probably will wait on this game until
(0:09:16) Codey: 1.0. Um, i’m just
(0:09:18) Codey: I Really? I don’t I have limited time for games right now. So I am always going to wait at this point. Um, unless
(0:09:25) Codey: asked by by people to cover a game before it is in 1.0.
(0:09:32) Codey: Game looks really cute, though.
(0:09:33) Codey: It’s like Age of Empires, but cozier, and I played the crap out of Age of Empires when I was a kid.
(0:09:37) Codey: So I would love to play this game.
(0:09:40) Codey: And yeah, so we’ll see how their, how their early access goes and just keep watching them and maybe find this paper, fox, folding instructions. The developers, is it correct? I think it’s Corozan.
(0:10:02) Codey: I believe, Kurzovan. Oh, I was so close.
(0:10:04) Codey: Kurzovan developers, if you’re listening right now, I will literally pay $5 just for the paper, fox, folding instructions.
(0:10:10) Codey: Actually, I might be able to do that, actually.
(0:10:13) Codey: Anyway, like without buying the base game, we’ll find out.
(0:10:17) Codey: Anyway, so end of the first news item.
(0:10:20) Codey: So here I’m going to talk about an insect order.
(0:10:22) Codey: So I picked for the first four insect orders.
(0:10:26) Codey: I picked the big four orders which comprise
(0:10:31) Codey: of insects that comprise the most biodiversity in insecta and so the one of these is coleoptera which is the beetles it is possibly the most diverse order so approximately one of every four species of life this includes plants animals bacteria and fungi one of every four species is a beetle is wild and
(0:11:01) Codey: they’re so underrepresented if you ever see any games or anything like it’s like oh here’s all these mammals and then maybe like one beetle and it’s like really this should flip the script it should be 800 beetles and then one mammal this is crazy so there are currently about 400,000 described species of beetles but that only refers to beetles that we know and have like written down and acknowledged why they’re different and why they are unique species.
(0:11:31) Codey: Some scientists think that there’s possibly a million beetles. I’ve seen up to like 30 million. I don’t know. That’s pretty crazy. I would be really sad if there were 30 million beetles and we’ve only described 400,000. Oh my gosh.
(0:11:45) Codey: So yeah, probably a million species of beetles, which is wild. I mean, if you think about it, there’s only like 4,000 mammals or something. I’m actually not sure on that species of mammal. 6400. Yeah, 64.
(0:12:01) Codey: 400 species of extant mammals. So that’s so little. And that’s what most people think of when they think of animals, but beetles are just crazy. One of my favorite quotes about this is by British evolutionary biologist and geneticist JBS Haldane. He was talking about beetles once and he said that if there were a god or some type of divine being that has created all of the living organisms on the Earth, then that creator must–
(0:12:31) Codey: have a quote, “inordinate fondness for beetles.”
(0:12:35) Codey: So basically, they must really like beetles because there’s so heck and many of them.
(0:12:40) Codey: Oh my gosh, there’s so many of them.
(0:12:42) Codey: And I’m trying to learn the families right now.
(0:12:45) Codey: Not fun.
(0:12:46) Codey: Not– not fun.
(0:12:49) Codey: But I need– I need to–
(0:12:52) Codey: I do want to learn it.
(0:12:53) Codey: It’s just a lot of– it’s just a lot.
(0:12:55) Codey: It’s a lot.
(0:12:57) Codey: What is not a lot–
(0:13:01) Codey: I’m going to be on fire today, y’all.
(0:13:03) Codey: Well, it’s not a lot because it’s awesome and is not a lot of work, question mark.
(0:13:09) Codey: Is Rusty’s retirement coming out in its 1.0?
(0:13:15) Codey: Its release is the 26th of April.
(0:13:18) Codey: Oh my gosh.
(0:13:19) Codey: The end of this month, then we get Rusty.
(0:13:24) Codey: And I’m also not sure if it’s been confirmed in the pod before, but rusty is non-binary.
(0:13:31) Codey: Which makes sense.
(0:13:32) Codey: Like robots probably don’t have, um, I mean, I guess they could choose to have gender if they want, but, um, the developer just says in this, in this trailer, they say they, um, and that you can help rusty on their quest to
(0:13:47) Codey: rebuild a little farm.
(0:13:49) Codey: Very cute.
(0:13:50) Codey: Um, and they have more information about how you can like build more housing,
(0:13:56) Codey: build more, more like buildings for different.
(0:14:01) Codey: Things you recruit other robots.
(0:14:04) Codey: It’s this game looks so hecking cute.
(0:14:06) Codey: I’m so excited for it to come out.
(0:14:07) Codey: Yes, I will be playing this game.
(0:14:09) Codey: It will be on the bottom of my, of my screen.
(0:14:13) Codey: Um, I am trying to figure out if I want to put it on my laptop or not.
(0:14:18) Codey: Um, or if I’m going to get too distracted by that, we will find out.
(0:14:23) Codey: But I will be playing it.
(0:14:25) Codey: Um, one of the things that I love about rusty’s retirement whenever I see the little things is the little beads.
(0:14:31) Codey: They have bee hives. I’m not sure if they’re real bees or if they are like little mechanical robot bees. Very excited to find that out. Speaking of bees,
(0:14:42) Codey: transition on point, the next insect order, the next order that is within the big four are hymenoptera. So these are, this order includes sawflies, ants, wasps,
(0:14:57) Codey: and bees and just cuz I’m never sure
(0:15:01) Codey: if people know this bees are just vegetarian wasps about a hundred million years ago when flowers started evolving and diversifying in this great radiation event in flowers occurred some of the wasps were like bet like I see this I see this I see these resources and I want them and they started eating the plant pollen plant pollen and they became the first bees and since then there’s been this evolutionary arms race between bees and flowers as they They continue to evolve and specialize with each other.
(0:15:32) Codey: flowers developed nectar to draw bees in closer so that bees would definitely collect pollen.
(0:15:39) Codey: Bees then developed branched hairs which allowed them to become more efficient at collecting pollen and they just kept going back and forth and there’s all kinds of really wacky evolutionary stories there about the different evolutionary things that bees or flowers have done for each other.
(0:15:56) Codey: But I think my favorite is orchids and orchid bees.
(0:16:00) Codey: There are orchids that literally.
(0:16:02) Codey: Look like female bees and they, and they put out volatiles and pheromones and scents that smells like female bees of, of this very specific group.
(0:16:14) Codey: The, I think it’s the euglossine bees, the orchid bees.
(0:16:18) Codey: That’s what they’re called.
(0:16:19) Codey: And they mimic female bees.
(0:16:21) Codey: So the males come in, they think they see a female, they jump on it and they end up getting stuck and have to like, when they pull themselves out, they take a pollen.
(0:16:32) Codey: A polynia, which is like a little bundle of pollen.
(0:16:35) Codey: And then when they get tricked by another flower, they end up transferring the pollen from one flower to another.
(0:16:42) Codey: Wild, super wild, very cool insects.
(0:16:47) Codey: They’ve, they just have, because they’re so short lived, they don’t have these super long lifespans like we do.
(0:16:53) Codey: Evolution happens so fast with them.
(0:16:55) Codey: So you have this huge radiation of different lifestyles.
(0:17:00) Codey: Different life histories is what I meant to say.
(0:17:02) Codey: Different life histories, different adaptations.
(0:17:04) Codey: Crazy.
(0:17:05) Codey: So cool.
(0:17:07) Codey: Another thing that’s really cool is botany manor.
(0:17:11) Codey: I am super excited for this game.
(0:17:13) Codey: I have been since we first talked about it on the pod and it is now going to be releasing by the time you are listening to this podcast.
(0:17:21) Codey: It is already out.
(0:17:22) Codey: She’s out on Steam for PC.
(0:17:27) Codey: Again this is a game where you’re a botanist in 1890 and you are trying to
(0:17:32) Codey: It seems like you’re trying to revive flora that have become missing or are misunderstood or just not poorly not not well understood.
(0:17:42) Codey: I’m here for it.
(0:17:44) Codey: So you’re basically learning about these different flowers evolving these are not I guess you’re evolving the different flowers and kind of doing an artificial selection on the flowers.
(0:17:54) Codey: This game is published by white thorn games, which is the same publisher as friend of the pod a backhoe. Love that.
(0:18:02) Codey: And yeah, I mean in this trailer that they showed where they talked about their release date, they showed the manner they showed mysteries of the manner Morse code you use Morse code at some point like legitimately you learn Morse code and use Morse code to solve some of the puzzles.
(0:18:20) Codey: I mean teaching me to do something like that is useful in the real world say less.
(0:18:28) Codey: It also looks like there might be cooking.
(0:18:32) Codey: Tending to a plant in what’s clearly a kitchen environment.
(0:18:36) Codey: You tend to plants in general.
(0:18:37) Codey: So there’s like a compost bin.
(0:18:39) Codey: There’s seeds you water things you plant things in different places.
(0:18:45) Codey: One thing that caught my eye in this trailer was a moth calendar.
(0:18:49) Codey: So it’s it looks like it’s this like spinning wheel calendar.
(0:18:54) Codey: That tells you what season different moths come out.
(0:18:59) Codey: like you see you you’re like oh may and it’s like
(0:19:02) Codey: oh in May these are the moths that you’ll see which I would love that I mean I use iNaturalist which is a an application to basically try and figure out what diversity is popping up around me but like a cute little kind of cute little thing that you can rotate and it tells you you’re just like oh look what kind of stuff is gonna be here in September I think that’s so cute so yeah check out Botany Manner if you haven’t already.
(0:19:32) Codey: steam for pc, because i’m recording pre-release, I don’t know the amount.
(0:19:39) Codey: i’m not sure of the price of this game, but I would drop down probably like 20 bucks on this game if I had the time to play it. and if it was on mac, because steam, again, I usually don’t use my desktop for anything anymore, unfortunately. speaking of cool moths, the next
(0:20:02) Codey: insect order in our big four is Lepidoptera, which i’ve already talked about before on a previous pod. so these are the moths and the butterflies. and although many people know a lot about like the big showy butterflies and moths, like the monarchs of swallowtails, atlas moths, luna moths,
(0:20:20) Codey: you see the big caterpillars like the hickory horned devil or the tobacco hornworm, like these
(0:20:29) Codey: caterpillars that just have these crazy adornments.
(0:20:32) Codey: Some of my favorites are in the family Lycenidae or Lycanidae depends on how you want to pronounce the C in that word and these are the blue butterflies.
(0:20:44) Codey: So these are really actually fairly small in my area the eastern tailed blue is probably the most common and it’s when it folds its little wings up it’s probably no bigger than like a quarter.
(0:20:55) Codey: It might be a little bit bigger than a quarter.
(0:20:59) Codey: I don’t know the size of a Euro.
(0:21:00) Codey: I don’t really know.
(0:21:02) Codey: Like other audiences and what might explain to them, maybe like a, it’s way smaller than like a bottle cap.
(0:21:10) Codey: It’s probably the size of a bottle cap.
(0:21:12) Codey: Let’s just say it’s a bottle cap.
(0:21:15) Codey: So these caterpillars of the family Lecenidae have a partnership with ants.
(0:21:20) Codey: They’re actually called mermechophyllus.
(0:21:22) Codey: So mermecho means ant, phylee means love.
(0:21:26) Codey: So they’re literally ant-loving butterflies.
(0:21:29) Codey: So these caterpillars literally pay the ants.
(0:21:33) Codey: They excrete secretions on their backs that provide a sugar-rich nectar source for the ants.
(0:21:39) Codey: So they’ll come up to some ants in the wild, you know, wherever their mother laid their egg.
(0:21:48) Codey: They’ll find some ants and they’ll just start releasing this nectar, sugar-rich nectar source.
(0:21:53) Codey: And ants are like, “This is awesome. This thing just poops out deliciousness.”
(0:22:00) Codey: And then they carry the-
(0:22:02) Codey: The ants house this caterpillar and protect it while it grows bigger and bigger and bigger, and I think sometimes the caterpillar also like just eats their food.
(0:22:17) Codey: Um, and yeah, so it basically gets this defense and this protection from these ant- from this ant colony.
(0:22:26) Codey: And then they’ll either, depending on the species, I think they either pupate within the ant colony and then they’ll-
(0:22:32) Codey: emerge as an adult butterfly, you know, in the spring or whatever, um, or they might come out of the ant colony, crawl out of the ant colony, find a place to pupate and then pupate and then do the same thing.
(0:22:44) Codey: Super crazy though, that they just- because you’ve heard of ants farming fungus before, but what about butterfly larvae farming ants basically, or manipulating ants? Super wild.
(0:22:59) Codey: Uh, next bit of news is Len’s island.
(0:23:02) Codey: Um, so the community update is out now, this adds Korean, Russian, French, Portuguese, and an update to the update to the Thai translations.
(0:23:11) Codey: So I guess the original Thai translations might have been sub par, um, or just had hadn’t been finalized yet.
(0:23:18) Codey: Um, so they are, they’ve taken that into consideration and have updated that.
(0:23:22) Codey: Love that.
(0:23:23) Codey: Um, they’ve also added a lot of things to the game.
(0:23:25) Codey: There’s some small changes, um, some bug fixes, some things, some balancing issues.
(0:23:32) Codey: There were some things that might’ve been too difficult or too easy or what have you.
(0:23:36) Codey: Um, so they’ve changed all of that.
(0:23:38) Codey: And every time we talk about this game, I want to jump back into it immediately.
(0:23:42) Codey: Like every time I see the word lens Island words, lens Island, I’m like, man, I would love to jump back into that game.
(0:23:49) Codey: Like at this very moment, because I really did enjoy it.
(0:23:51) Codey: I put many hours, like probably like 20 or 30 hours into this game.
(0:23:55) Codey: Um, just like jumping into the mines, trying to explore the dungeon, trying to, I mean, it was.
(0:24:02) Codey: It was a pretty big slog in the beginning to level, to like, level up your weaponry and get the things that you needed.
(0:24:10) Codey: I would go for like a 10 or 15 minute jaunt around the Island just to get like all the food that I could get before I went in the dungeon.
(0:24:18) Codey: And then I would still probably end up running out of food and dying.
(0:24:20) Codey: Um, it’s way easier now, but I just really want to jump back into it.
(0:24:25) Codey: But I really also want to wait until 1.0 to get the full effect of having not played this game since its first release.
(0:24:33) Codey: Um, so I will be on the lookout for that 100% lens Island.
(0:24:38) Codey: Don’t you worry.
(0:24:40) Codey: No cool transition here.
(0:24:41) Codey: Just the final of the big four or back to bugs.
(0:24:44) Codey: Uh, the final of the big four is diptura.
(0:24:46) Codey: These are the flies.
(0:24:47) Codey: Um, diptura literally means two wings and that’s because flies only have two wings.
(0:24:52) Codey: Um, most everything else has either four wings or Beatles have, um, hind wings that are super soft.
(0:24:59) Codey: often than forewings that have been hardened into…
(0:25:02) Codey: elytra but diptra just straight up have two wings they have on the back instead of having a second pair of a pair of hind wings they have what are called hull tiers and there are these organs that kind of help them balance in the air and orient there are all kinds of really cool flies including beef lies just the family bomb a lady they just look like fluffy little clouds I mean if you’re here a Pokemon fan and you think of cutie fly it just looks like that
(0:25:33) Codey: Um, uh, hoverflies and flower hoverflies or flower flies.
(0:25:38) Codey: Those are two names for the exact same thing.
(0:25:40) Codey: They’re flies in the family’s surfady.
(0:25:42) Codey: Um, these flies are actually also really efficient pollinators.
(0:25:45) Codey: They tend to be fairly hairy.
(0:25:47) Codey: Um, and they can look like bees as well, uh, bees or wasps.
(0:25:50) Codey: And they do this to fake out predators.
(0:25:52) Codey: So they look, they look fuzzy.
(0:25:54) Codey: They have the coloration of bees or wasps and then predators see them.
(0:25:58) Codey: And they’re like, I’ve eaten a bee before it didn’t go well for me.
(0:26:01) Codey: So I’m going to leave this thing alone.
(0:26:03) Codey: Super cool, cool form of mimicry, but I think I’m going to go with, uh, for some of my favorite diptarins is going to be dance flies, um, or flies in the family and piddity.
(0:26:15) Codey: So the males actually find, um, what they call, what is called a nuptial gift.
(0:26:20) Codey: They find something that they want to give to the female.
(0:26:23) Codey: It could be some food, could just be something cool that he found or whatever.
(0:26:26) Codey: Um, and then he wraps it in a little package of silk and then he flies, um,
(0:26:31) Codey: carrying package of like a
(0:26:33) Codey: silk on a string and he presents it to a female and then if she likes it she’ll take it she’ll open it she’ll look at it and if she likes it cool you you’ve you’ve successfully won her hand in marriage and if she doesn’t then she just tosses it and you have to go the male has to go find another gift wrap it again in silk and try again next time super cool I have never seen these in the And I’m so sad like of this this thing, but I did have a friend once
(0:27:03) Codey: sent me this he’s a friend who’s an ornithologist and he was like Do you know what the heck is going on here?
(0:27:08) Codey: And he sent me a picture of a fly with a like in the air flying with this little thing under it And I was like, oh my gosh, that’s a dance fly and I lost my mind and he was like you are exactly right That’s that was really cool
(0:27:21) Codey: So yeah catch me in
(0:27:24) Codey: Gosh, where is he Kentucky in probably like August trying to find him pitted?
(0:27:30) Codey: Okay, next bit of news here is
(0:27:33) Codey: steam world build now has a DLC called mechanized out.
(0:27:40) Codey: You can go get this, get this DLC now.
(0:27:43) Codey: This DLC basically adds a bunch of stuff,
(0:27:46) Codey: including an NPC named mech that can help you solve puzzles to help get you off the planet.
(0:27:53) Codey: And it also introduces a new big bad called the abomination that tries to thwart you and goes through your area
(0:28:02) Codey: and just.
(0:28:03) Codey: Destroyes things that you’re doing or impedes your your attempt to leave the planet it looks like a really cool puzzle game I’ve actually never looked at steam world build before
(0:28:13) Codey: It’s giving
(0:28:15) Codey: Gosh not Forrester or forager or oh my gosh. I can’t believe I’m not thinking of this game right now
(0:28:23) Codey: Another game where you’re doing computery things. It’s probably it’s literally on my desktop. Isn’t it factorial?
(0:28:29) Codey: I guess I’ve played this with my partner. It’s giving factorial.
(0:28:33) Codey: Vibes, but in more of a puzzle-y 3d format. Very cool.
(0:28:39) Codey: Um, and for a limited time,
(0:28:41) Codey: you can save money when bundling the DLC with the main game on steam.
(0:28:46) Codey: So if you’ve been wanting to try out steam world, and you’re like, no, really,
(0:28:48) Codey: sure, then, uh, now’s a great time to jump back in.
(0:28:52) Codey: Cause you can save money, um, on not only the main game, but also the DLC.
(0:28:58) Codey: Um, the next group. So we’ve already covered the big four.
(0:29:01) Codey: of the big four being Beatles.
(0:29:03) Codey: Um, coleoptera, hymenoptera, diptra and lepidoptera.
(0:29:08) Codey: Um, so those are the big four that I just wanted to get out of the way, um, just because they’re the most diverse, but the next, so the other ones that I’m going to talk about are the ones that I think are just really cool and show, uh, I mean, I think they’re all really cool honestly, but these I thought were accessible, um, and just interesting to people. So, uh, the first order is Oda Nada,
(0:29:31) Codey: which is the damsel flies in the
(0:29:33) Codey: dragonflies. So these are some of the best flyers in the animal kingdom. They have really insane musculature in their thorax and they actually can fly in any direction because of this. Each of their wings has its own musculature and can move independently of the others. So this allows them to move in any direction. They can move forward, backward, up, down, side to side. They can do whatever they want. Whereas most insects, they’re restricted to flying forward and in
(0:30:03) Codey: a different direction, they have to like turn their body. So they like use their wings to like turn in a different direction, but they can’t just go backwards. They can’t fly backwards or go up or down or whatever. This makes them really successful predators in the animal kingdom. Most predators have a really low success rate. So think of like the lion on the savanna. Most of the time not going to be successful. Most of the time not getting a wildebeest or or whatever it’s trying to, whatever she’s trying to catch.
(0:30:34) Codey: The dragonflies, I think it’s like 75% success, bonkers.
(0:30:39) Codey: They also will take, some of them will take like bees,
(0:30:43) Codey: other flies.
(0:30:44) Codey: I mean, I think that they’re not really that picky.
(0:30:45) Codey: Some will take other dragonflies, crazy.
(0:30:49) Codey: They also, this is, (laughs)
(0:30:51) Codey: nothing I’ve said is a lie so far.
(0:30:54) Codey: And I don’t plan on lying, this seems made up.
(0:30:59) Codey: They make a really cute heart shape when they mate.
(0:31:02) Codey: So when they mate, they connect.
(0:31:04) Codey: They’re like the end of their abdomen to the top of the head of the other one, and they end up making a really cute heart shape.
(0:31:13) Codey: I highly recommend people look up Dragonfly mating.
(0:31:17) Codey: It’s not graphic or anything. It just looks goofy.
(0:31:22) Codey: Speaking of goofy, look at me with these transitions. Disney Dreamlight Valley.
(0:31:28) Codey: The act two of the paid DLC has been announced to be coming out.
(0:31:35) Codey: The paid DLC is a rift in time, and this DLC includes three acts.
(0:31:42) Codey: Some people on this tweet, when they mention in the Twitter that the next part of the act of this expansion DLC is going to be coming out.
(0:31:57) Codey: Some people were like, “Oh, wait. Do I have to pay more for this? I’ve already paid for a rift in time.”
(0:32:02) Codey: And they’re like, no, no, like, this is–
(0:32:04) Codey: part of the paid DLC.
(0:32:05) Codey: So if you’ve already paid for a Rift in Time,
(0:32:09) Codey: which I believe is only like $25 or $20,
(0:32:12) Codey: you don’t have to pay again.
(0:32:13) Codey: You’re going to get all three of these acts.
(0:32:17) Codey: So Act 1 was Eternity Isle.
(0:32:19) Codey: This is available now.
(0:32:20) Codey: You can do this now.
(0:32:21) Codey: If you have paid for it, I will say I have the game on Xbox Live, like Game Pass.
(0:32:31) Codey: So I didn’t pay for the game.
(0:32:33) Codey: playing it free to play.
(0:32:34) Codey: through game pass and if you want to do rift of rift in time you have to pay on top of that and so I haven’t done this. but I’m also like nowhere near done with with the content that is free so I’m not gonna be worried about it. so yeah act one adds eternity isle adds Rapunzel Gaston and Eve as the player goes to what is called Eternity Isle.
(0:33:04) Codey: Seems like this place where you can mess with time, you can get a tool.
(0:33:09) Codey: It looks like it’s Jafar’s staff and it can allow you to turn back time to see different artifacts.
(0:33:16) Codey: Interesting, I guess.
(0:33:20) Codey: I don’t really, I really need to rewatch the Aladdin movies.
(0:33:24) Codey: I don’t think he can mess with time.
(0:33:27) Codey: Maybe he can in like one of the second or third ones, I don’t remember.
(0:33:33) Codey: So yeah, that is already out.
(0:33:35) Codey: Um, so coming quote unquote spring, which spring’s almost done y’all.
(0:33:42) Codey: Isn’t spring like at the end of may mid may, I don’t know when you would end spring, but, uh, the second act is called the spark of imagination.
(0:33:53) Codey: And in the spark of imagination, you will quote, explore ancient landing to uncover more of its secrets and befriend a very lucky villager.
(0:34:04) Codey: So there are some spec, there’s some speculation about who this villager could be.
(0:34:08) Codey: Um, I, I’m trying to think of like what Disney character could be called lucky.
(0:34:17) Codey: Um, but what I think this is is probably Atlantis.
(0:34:22) Codey: Um, the symbol on this looks a lot like the cave that is on Dazzle beach was it,
(0:34:28) Codey: which is the current Disney dream light Valley.
(0:34:30) Codey: Um, one of the places in the current game.
(0:34:32) Codey: and it gives big Atlantis-
(0:34:34) Codey: when you are in that cave there are Atlantean symbols and people have already like decoded them
(0:34:41) Codey: because there’s an Atlantean alphabet um and just the thought of like going back in time and thinking about like Atlantis as this land lost to time or whatever i’m thinking i’m thinking it’s milo thatch y’all but it could also be the I don’t remember her name but the princess from atlantis who’s
(0:35:04) Codey: awesome human like is she atlantean
(0:35:08) Codey: um it could be her too uh who knows but um I think that’s who it is someone else like I saw someone else say something it could be like daf not daffy duck uh donald duck’s brother cousin something I was like I don’t that sounds way way out of left field I don’t think I don’t think that’s true um so yeah the spark of imagination is the second act in um eripton time the third act
(0:35:34) Codey: coming out quote unquote summer 2024 is treasures of time.
(0:35:40) Codey: So this is the final act of a rift in time.
(0:35:43) Codey: And in this you will foil Jafar’s schemes,
(0:35:48) Codey: whatever that means.
(0:35:50) Codey: So we’ll see how I feel about this.
(0:35:51) Codey: I don’t know about y’all.
(0:35:53) Codey: If you’ve been playing DTV, as I call it,
(0:35:58) Codey: let me know.
(0:36:00) Codey: Some of these villains, I wish I could just,
(0:36:03) Codey: I mean, honestly, some of the–
(0:36:05) Codey: like, old-timers, too.
(0:36:06) Codey: Like, sometimes I’m just like, can I just not see Mickey anymore?
(0:36:09) Codey: I’m sick of it.
(0:36:10) Codey: I’m not a big Mickey Mouse fan.
(0:36:12) Codey: I’m not a big Minnie Mouse fan, not a McDonald Duck fan.
(0:36:15) Codey: I like, just get these kids out of here.
(0:36:17) Codey: I don’t– I don’t care.
(0:36:18) Codey: And I feel that way about some of the villains as well.
(0:36:20) Codey: Like, one of the villains is Mother Gothel.
(0:36:22) Codey: Every time she walks up, she, like, is just so gaslight-y.
(0:36:26) Codey: And the way she talks to you is just so disrespectful.
(0:36:32) Codey: And so I’m not, at least like Ursula.
(0:36:34) Codey: When you talk to her, she seems to like meet, respect you and like meet you at your level.
(0:36:41) Codey: And then Scar, I mean, he’s delusional.
(0:36:43) Codey: He just thinks that he should be the King.
(0:36:45) Codey: So I get it.
(0:36:46) Codey: But Jafar has always given me the ick.
(0:36:53) Codey: In Aladdin, like the way that he treats Jasmine and like the way that he feels like he needs to like own her or whatever is just very ick.
(0:37:02) Codey: So I don’t know.
(0:37:04) Codey: I don’t know how I feel about this about, I don’t know how I’m going to feel about Jafar or if they can kind of like, update him to be not as ick as he was, that’d be lovely.
(0:37:16) Codey: But I also have not paid for this deal to you yet. I honestly probably will once I complete all of the current free to play content because this game has given me a lot.
(0:37:26) Codey: And if you haven’t played it and you have game pass, I highly recommend it. If you have expendable income and nothing to do with your life for the next-
(0:37:34) Codey: forever, no, you could probably play this game in like a month. You probably get through everything.
(0:37:42) Codey: I do recommend it. I’m getting a lot of enjoyment out of it.
(0:37:48) Codey: I just don’t like the ick of some of the villains. And speaking of ick, the next group of insects is the order Phasmata.
(0:38:00) Codey: And this is the stick stick
(0:38:04) Codey: and leaf insects.
(0:38:06) Codey: Um, I as I was looking over like the orders of insects and I saw Phasma that my I just like my heart grew three sizes.
(0:38:15) Codey: You will never know greater joy than I did when I was working in the field in 2019 here in Pennsylvania.
(0:38:22) Codey: And I found a stick insect in the wild like in the woods because sometimes you’ll find them on like a building like they’ll because they do show up in in rural areas every now and then.
(0:38:34) Codey: And it’s like, okay, like that it’s going to stick out.
(0:38:38) Codey: Hot stick sticks is a stick insect.
(0:38:40) Codey: Like it it you see it when it’s against a building super obvious,
(0:38:44) Codey: but when you find one in the wild like I was just like doing a survey.
(0:38:49) Codey: I was walking a transect was just literally a line.
(0:38:52) Codey: I was walking a line for 30 minutes to look at the bees that were there and I just was like that is a stick insect on that bush.
(0:39:02) Codey: and I had to pause my survey because I–
(0:39:05) Codey: I played with that thing for like an hour.
(0:39:08) Codey: I put it on my face.
(0:39:09) Codey: I have pictures that–
(0:39:10) Codey: I put so many insects on my face and take pictures, y’all, it’s crazy.
(0:39:14) Codey: Took a picture of it, just lost my mind and just had so much joy in watching this thing and just, I set it down.
(0:39:22) Codey: I watched it for like 10 minutes as it walked around.
(0:39:25) Codey: So cool.
(0:39:27) Codey: They’re super hard to find because of their amazing camouflage abilities.
(0:39:30) Codey: So their whole evolutionary strategy for all stick and leaf insects like this whole order.
(0:39:34) Codey: Is just fake out the predators don’t don’t look like something to eat look like a stick be a stick
(0:39:43) Codey: and there are other than that I mean they’re just pretty they can be pretty breakable though there can be some in tropical areas that have will have some pretty gnarly cuticular defenses like they’ll have some spikes or thorny protrusions and they’re pretty um sclerotized so when you touch them like
(0:40:05) Codey: hard they’re not squishy and they hurt and so I’ve never really seen these before we we have had some in the insect zoo some um leaf insects that had some of that but um again evolution what are you doing uh moonstone island um they did an april fool’s haha on everyone um on twitter and they basically showed everything evolving into a version of fish bow
(0:40:35) Codey: a fish bow? I haven’t played Moonstone Island. This is wild to me. I had to go down the rabbit hole a little bit to know what the heck I was talking about here. But basically, fish bow is like one of the spirits, I believe. And it’s literally a fish bowl that has legs.
(0:40:50) Codey: It’s just a fish bow, fish bow. So they tweeted a graphic, kind of like a meme from Pokemon,
(0:40:58) Codey: and it showed like a fish bow becoming a fish bow or like something becoming a fish bow.
(0:41:06) Codey: All your little guys is evolving. So it’s basically like all your guys, they’re just little guys,
(0:41:12) Codey: they’re all evolving right now. And it alludes to the fact that all of your spirits can become fish bowed, as a verb, fish bowed. So it’s like if you have another spirit, it would just become the spirit instead of the fish in the bowl, it’s that spirit in the bowl.
(0:41:31) Codey: And this might actually come to the game in the tweet they said that if they’re
(0:41:35) Codey: If they get 1,000 likes on the tweet, they’ll do it but they’re clearly excited to do it with or without the likes They already have some pictures of different sprites that they’ve put or spirits that they’ve put in the fishbowl. Very cute
(0:41:48) Codey: Let us and the Moonstone Island devs know what spirit you want fish bowed. Maybe they’ll make it happen
(0:41:56) Codey: Okay, just a couple more things here. But next up is a another order of insects and here we have a macoptera
(0:42:05) Codey: Scorpion flies and I specifically I’m going to be talking about the family of panorpity
(0:42:10) Codey: Hilarious name panor. I love saying it. These guys look wild
(0:42:17) Codey: So these even though they’re called scorpion flies, they aren’t actually flies just like butterflies aren’t flies they’re they’re something completely different
(0:42:25) Codey: So scorpion flies do look like flies
(0:42:28) Codey: But they have four wings. They’re not they didn’t evolve They’re not a part of that evolutionary chain and the males
(0:42:35) Codey: literally have scorpion like tails. Like their reproductive organ looks like a scorpion tail. Doesn’t sting you can’t hurt you just looks like a scorpion. They also this really like
(0:42:51) Codey: goober looking snoot. Very funny. They’re super, super weird.
(0:42:56) Codey: And they’re known mostly among entomologists for the fact that they look weird. But they are also thought to have helped in early pollination before the evolution of bees.
(0:43:05) Codey: And they are used for forensic entomology currently.
(0:43:10) Codey: So for, I just thought this would be a cool moment to like shout out what,
(0:43:13) Codey: what forensic entomology is super cool.
(0:43:15) Codey: It’s using insects to solve crimes.
(0:43:17) Codey: So often it’s used to try and time when, uh, like time of death, like when someone
(0:43:26) Codey: died based on what insects have come to the body at that time.
(0:43:29) Codey: So scorpion fly larvae can be some of the very first to find a cadaver.
(0:43:34) Codey: So if.
(0:43:35) Codey: They’re there and if they’re present and how, how much they’ve, um,
(0:43:40) Codey: developed can tell you how long the body has been in that area and how long it’s been since, since deceasement, um, new word, uh, forensic entomology is super cool.
(0:43:54) Codey: Um, there’s actually a forensic entomologist that I met, um, who’s out in New Jersey, New Jersey, and she kind of, she can tell you like vague stories,
(0:44:04) Codey: but she can’t tell you so.
(0:44:05) Codey: This is a legitimate thing that people do sometimes, like as a career, so cool, not for me, but cool.
(0:44:20) Codey: Other insects that can be used in forensic entomology include flesh flies of the family Sarcophagidae,
(0:44:28) Codey: blow flies, family California, rove beetles, which is the family Staphylenidae, and
(0:44:35) Codey: carrion beetles, which is the family Sulfagidae.
(0:44:39) Codey: Super, super cool.
(0:44:42) Codey: Next on news is critter crops, so critter crops has been delayed to quote-unquote later this year.
(0:44:49) Codey: So this was meant to release on the 15th of April, and I just think it’s funny.
(0:44:54) Codey: I bet that they probably just heard Al say that this looks like a good game to play in October during the last Coral Island episode, and they were like, “That, let’s do it. Let’s delay it.”
(0:45:06) Codey: That’s not true, but I do like the idea of that.
(0:45:10) Codey: They delayed because testing is taking longer than they expected.
(0:45:14) Codey: And in their launch delay note in Steam News, they said that they’re literally playing the game over and over again to test it and make sure that everything works.
(0:45:27) Codey: So I’m not super surprised that it’s taking longer than they expected.
(0:45:31) Codey: I’m assuming people probably get fatigue if you try and play a game over
(0:45:36) Codey: over again. Um, even if, especially if you’re the one that developed it,
(0:45:39) Codey: honestly, you know, everything. Um, but yeah, it’s not,
(0:45:44) Codey: not surprising. Take your time. Um, totally fine with the delay.
(0:45:49) Codey: All of the comments that I saw were also very positive about the delay.
(0:45:52) Codey: Like you do you have out it. Um, okay.
(0:45:57) Codey: This is, this is it y’all. This is the final order,
(0:46:01) Codey: but it’s also kind of a bonus because there are four sub orders.
(0:46:06) Codey: that are very important so this order is Hemiptera and this has four sub orders in it and I’m gonna go through these and I am never sure if I’m pronouncing this first one correctly. I think it’s Coleo Rinca, could also be Celio Rinca, they don’t occur in the United States so I don’t know but these are called the moss bugs. Another one is Eucanarenca so this includes cicadas and leafhoppers. Another suborder is
(0:46:36) Codey: sternaryncha, which is aphids, white flies, and scalins, and others. But the one that I really wanted to talk about is heteroptera. So this is the suborder within hemiptera. It’s called heteroptera. And these are the true bugs. So while we call things bugs all the time, like, and people will call something a bug, even if it’s not an insect, like they’ll call like a spider a bug or whatever. While we do call all kinds of things bugs all the time this is the.
(0:47:06) Codey: This is the suborder that these are the ones that are actually bugs. These are called the true bugs crazy. So the true bugs include families, things like stink bugs, which is Pentatomity, Assassin bugs, Reggi Viti, kissing bugs. I actually don’t remember that bed bugs, submissity, but my favorite family is tingity.
(0:47:30) Codey: Or the lace bugs. These things literally look like if you knitted something and
(0:47:36) Codey: it grew legs and walked away like you like you made something out of lace a very very small small
(0:47:42) Codey: Lacey thing and it grew legs and walked away
(0:47:45) Codey: That’s what these things look like and I never I had never seen one before and then I just started going through my samples from last year and I’m finding a
(0:47:54) Codey: Good number of them actually like like at least like 10 and I every single time I’m like I have this like child like
(0:48:01) Codey: Giddy giggle cuz I’m just like oh, they’re so cute, and they just look like little
(0:48:06) Codey: Delicate creations, they look like little art artwork. I mean, they’re not the only things that look like artwork There’s a lot of other things that are brightly colored metallic colored
(0:48:17) Codey: What have you but the lace bugs the tinges they’re just they’re so cute
(0:48:24) Codey: Okay final bit of news y’all you’re almost done with me hang in there poglings
(0:48:36) Codey: So the news is about poglings, but
(0:48:39) Codey: I just had to go on a tangent here for a second about pog
(0:48:44) Codey: Or pogs so that every time I see this game name I think that it’s about pogs which are the collectible tabs tags that we like
(0:48:53) Codey: Collected in the 90s and played with
(0:48:56) Codey: which if you are a 2000s, baby look these things up because
(0:49:02) Codey: It just we collected I mean I guess people do
(0:49:06) Codey: things like this. Now they collect pieces of cardboard and trade them and stuff. But this is basically what we did. It’s this little circle that you collected and you would find cool ones and trade them with your friends or do like a different game super crazy. And I was trying to like look those up and be like, why are happened to those? And I went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. And I’m just going to take you guys with me for a minute here about pogs. This is not about this game at all. I’ll get to that in a second. This is about 1990s in my childhood. So this is straight from Wikipedia, quote, milk caps is a children’s game played with fat flat circular cardboard milk caps. Players make a stack of these caps and take turns to drop a heavier slammer object onto it, causing the caps to be disrupted. Each player keeps any face up caps and is to restock the face down caps, repeating the process until none land face down, at which point the player who collected the most caps wins the game.
(0:50:06) Codey: I lost the game. The game is also known as pogs under which name it was sold commercially in the 1990s. So I think like the circular milkboard caps that they says me going off of the quote, the circular milkboard caps. This is just like you buy, I think, a milk and you take that like tab that’s on the inside of it and you play with play it with that. So that was just like that.
(0:50:28) Codey: But these pogs that were sold and commercialized, they had so many different pieces of art on them. So some
(0:50:36) Codey: were like I’m just like at a loss to even begin to say what’s on me there’s like art like someone drew like a flower on it there’s some that are are like a Tasmanian devil like so there’s some that were like Looney Tunes there’s some that you could have found them in any like
(0:50:56) Codey: anything that said that it was okay for POG to put its likeness on them there were just so many many different kinds and they they were pretty good
(0:51:07) Codey: as well and I never played because with this because the like milk caps game itself because I didn’t want to if I’d collected it and I wanted it I didn’t want to get it get rid of it and I don’t know where my hogs are and I’m upset the end of the Wikipedia blurb here is that the name originates from POG which is a brand of juice made from passion fruit orange and guava and the use of the juice’s caps to play the game.
(0:51:36) Codey: the game’s commercialization which is wild to me because I just went to Hawaii and POG is
(0:51:43) Codey: is a Hawaiian beverage and I lost my mind because it’s delicious and when I got it in Hawaii it is so smooth and I got it everywhere like every single place I went to I was like do you have POG and they said yes and I was like that is what I would like to drink please um and I found it on the west coast but you cannot find it on the east coast of the United States and your girl’s about to to drop like 50 bucks.
(0:52:06) Codey: I can’t do that.
(0:52:07) Codey: But if I could, I would drop 50 bucks to get some of this stuff delivered to me.
(0:52:13) Codey: Well, pogs, pog the juice, poglings the game.
(0:52:18) Codey: Here we are.
(0:52:20) Codey: They just announced on Kickstarter that the development team will be changing.
(0:52:24) Codey: So the person who is the creator of poglings, his name is Chad.
(0:52:30) Codey: He is just not, he is still going to be staying on.
(0:52:34) Codey: but another team that had
(0:52:36) Codey: agreed to help him develop poglings is not going to be able to continue on for unknown reasons. Um, and he, the, in the post, it’s very, very clear that it’s, it’s, you know, not,
(0:52:48) Codey: not something to have drama over. Like this happens. The game industry is really difficult right now. Developing is really difficult. Some people have been losing their jobs. Like it’s kind of hard to make money in this. So he’s super understanding and he’s looking for, um,
(0:53:00) Codey: other development teams to help him finish this project, product, project. Yeah. Both words work.
(0:53:06) Codey: Um, so yeah, uh, the reasoning’s pretty generic there. Uh, the development team will be changing and this was obviously going to delay the game. Um, and he just, you know, says this and says,
(0:53:17) Codey: you know, I’m sorry for the lack of, um, whatever. Uh, yeah. And, and that the game was going to be delayed. The response is pretty positive. Um, you know, a lot of people saying,
(0:53:30) Codey: you know, take your time. We understand gaming is really the game development industry is really
(0:53:36) Codey: important and I’ll thank you for your transparency. Um, and yeah, all of, all of those things echoed back. Um, I think that it’s good that they’re being transparent and open about it. And, um,
(0:53:48) Codey: I hope they find us a new development team to partner with them and wish them the best so that we can see this game. And if they chab, chab, this is just, just for you. If you put passion for orange and clava juice in this game and you at me or reach out.
(0:54:06) Codey: To me in some way and you tell me that you did this, I will buy this game a hundred percent,
(0:54:12) Codey: a hundred percent. Well, that is all of the news and I have no more orders for you there. I,
(0:54:20) Codey: there are a lot more orders y’all. So let me know if this was fun. Let me know if you want me to dive into a specific insect topic. I can make this a greenhouse thing. I can, I can podcast about green how the insects forever. Um, so this is the end. So I’m going to check back in is solo
(0:54:36) Codey: card. It’s not easy. I will say there have been some tangents I’ve gone on where I’m like,
(0:54:45) Codey: is this interest? Am I, am I interesting? Is this boring people? There’s not that person to like check you and be like, stop talking. Um, it is a little difficult. I’m not gonna lie. Uh, not undoable though this was
(0:55:06) Codey: pretty pretty manageable especially when I sprinkled in talking about insects in the middle of it so
(0:55:13) Codey: so yeah let us know listeners did this work did this not I’m not going to be upset if it didn’t work this is not something that I’ve been like really wanting to do or anything this is just it just had it just happened and that’s okay but so yeah if you’re like no never never let cody
(0:55:31) Codey: solo on a mic again this was awful but thanks thank you thank you for the feedback
(0:55:37) Codey: You can tell me that or you could tell me other cool things that are positive on Instagram @hikingbeagle. That is my Twitter handle or Instagram handle. I also have a Twitter. It’s just my name @kodimathis. I am not on Twitter much anymore, y’all. It’s mostly Instagram for me. So find me there.
(0:56:03) Codey: If you want me to be fired from the podcast
(0:56:08) Codey: at the scottbot on massadons.scott and on twitter I think he’s mostly using massadon.scott You can also follow the podcast on tumblr and twitter at THSPod You can also provide that feedback at harvestseason.club where you can get feedbacks, you can get links to the show notes other episodes, links to the patreon patreon.com/THSPod and that allows you access to the greenhouse Um…
(0:56:38) Codey: There might be a future Greenhouse episode with other co-hosts.
(0:56:42) Codey: I’m not promising things, but this is possibly a promise.
(0:56:46) Codey: Al’s not here to be like, “Cody, stop promising things.”
(0:56:50) Codey: Maybe we’ll talk about more insects, and we’ll talk about our favorite insects.
(0:56:54) Codey: Maybe some other people and I will get together.
(0:56:57) Codey: Maybe I’ll talk about the other insect orders that I thought might be too graphic for the main pod,
(0:57:02) Codey: and I realized I should probably check before I talk about them.
(0:57:06) Codey: What could be too graphic?
(0:57:08) Codey: What insect order is so weird and goober that I didn’t know if I could talk about it or not?
(0:57:16) Codey: What could that possibly be?
(0:57:17) Codey: You should probably subscribe on patreon.com/thspod and keep your eye on the greenhouse feed to find out.
(0:57:25) Codey: So yeah, that is this news/insect episode.
(0:57:29) Codey: I hope y’all enjoyed it.
(0:57:31) Codey: Al, I hope you enjoyed editing it.
(0:57:35) Codey: I’m sorry, but I am the way–
(0:57:38) Codey: And this has been an hour long escapade into the brain of me
(0:57:43) Codey: And you will catch me later catch me on a different pod with another human hopefully tempering tempering my
(0:57:52) Codey: Distracted insanity, but until that time have a good harvest
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(0:58:32) Codey: Hello, Al, I am recording.
(0:58:37) Codey: Okay, so I’m recording, this is just for you.
(0:58:40) Codey: I’m recording, I’m not gonna do a Zoom recording ‘cause that doesn’t make sense.
(0:58:45) Codey: So I’m just gonna skip all of that.
(0:58:47) Codey: This is my local recording.
(0:58:49) Codey: I have already checked that it is using my microphone and not my webcam.
(0:58:54) Codey: I will not three, two, one clap, you cannot make me.
(0:58:59) Codey: Yeah, so I’m just gonna jump right in.
(0:59:02) Codey: And some stuff in the show notes,
(0:59:03) Codey: I’m sure you’ll see them when you awaken.
(0:59:07) Codey: And with that, I’ll just get started.