The Philosophy Of Marriage Candidacy

Codey and Jonnie talk about how much they hate marriage in games. Also who their favourite marriage candidates are.


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00:11:13: News
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Fabledom Release Date
Stardew Valley 1.6.4
Fae Farm Languages
Lonesome Village on iOS and Android
Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 10
Collectors Cove


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(0:00:30) Codey: Hello and welcome to another episode of the harvest season. My name is Cody and
(0:00:36) Jonnie: and my name is Jonny.
(0:00:37) Codey: We’re here today to talk about cottagecore games
(0:00:40) Jonnie: Whoooo!
(0:00:42) Codey: That’s a good whoo that was a simultaneous whoo
(0:00:47) Codey: As always transcripts are available in the show notes and on the website
(0:00:52) Codey: And today we’re talking about
(0:00:54) Codey: marriage candidates again Bye!
(0:00:58) Jonnie: Whoo! Apparently it’s marriage month here at The Harvest.
(0:00:58) Codey: - Whee!
(0:00:59) Codey: you
(0:01:01) Codey: I guess it is, I guess it is. So the idea was that we did, not we but Al and Kev did an episode recently talking about marriage candidates and midway through the episode they were like we’re only mentioning female marriage candidates we should get someone who might choose a guy and then also on top of that it was also or someone who can talk about why like marriage candidates at all like why Why do marriage candidate?
(0:01:31) Codey: So this is gonna be more of like the philosophy episode about marriage candidate candidacy in games
(0:01:40) Codey: Plus plus like who we would choose or why we choose what we choose blah blah blah blah
(0:01:47) Codey: So that’s going to be the main topic we do have a small bit of news, but before that Johnny, what have you been up to?
(0:01:55) Jonnie: What have I been up to? So if you’re on the internet, you might get an advertisement for this game called AFK Journey. It’s a terrible gacha game, I’m playing it. No further comments.
(0:02:07) Codey: That is that that’s all you’re doing
(0:02:12) Jonnie: Game-wise, yeah, that’s about all I’m doing at the moment. It’s a mobile game,
(0:02:16) Codey: Okay, okay
(0:02:16) Jonnie: it’s kind of mindless, it’s a thing you can do in the background. I wish I had time this past week to play other things, but I have no idea.
(0:02:25) Jonnie: I feel good about it. I don’t recommend it to other people who play it.
(0:02:27) Codey: You’ve… you’ve prioritized brain rot.
(0:02:29) Jonnie: It’s a mobile gacha game, right? Like, it exists to try and take your money.
(0:02:33) Codey: Heh.
(0:02:34) Jonnie: That’s its whole reason for being. The problem is now, in that phase,
(0:02:39) Jonnie: where even the games that are designed to take your money are actually pretty okay games,
(0:02:44) Jonnie: which is concerning.
(0:02:46) Jonnie: So, I think that’s a good thing.
(0:02:48) Jonnie: So, in that phase, I think that’s a good thing.
(0:02:55) Jonnie: It’s not just concerning, because they’re no longer just terrible.
(0:02:57) Jonnie: Like, this is actually a pretty good game.
(0:03:01) Jonnie: It’s just not one that I would ever recommend another human being play.
(0:03:06) Codey: Okay, um, yeah, I mean I have negative money right now, so
(0:03:15) Codey: Yeah, I wouldn’t I don’t need any gotcha games
(0:03:20) Jonnie: Yeah.
(0:03:21) Codey: Yeah, that’s that’s all you’re playing
(0:03:24) Jonnie: That’s- that’s literally all I’m playing. What have you been up to, Cody?
(0:03:28) Codey: So I have again, I think I mentioned this in the last podcast that Tetris is dead Tetris is dead to me
(0:03:36) Codey: So I’m not whoo, bye Tetris as in do not goodbye Tetris do not do not consume the Tetris media
(0:03:46) Codey: So what I have been playing is
(0:03:49) Codey: So my grandma got me on this game called cross touch world. I think I’ve mentioned it on the pod before
(0:03:53) Codey: It’s actually Just like kind of like a color by number game. It’s on it can be on your phone It can be on a iPad. It can be on whatever you want it to be
(0:04:02) Codey: It’s basically like a Facebook affiliated game
(0:04:06) Codey: and I actually have been playing a decent amount of that because it helps me focus. So it’s one of my like
(0:04:14) Codey: ADHD tactics I guess for staying in the moment in during like a
(0:04:20) Codey: Zoom meeting or you know want to brain rot and watch a new movie But I don’t want to get distracted by the by anything in the new movies So I want to like really it’s funny because it looks like I’m not paying attention to things but I am
(0:04:33) Codey: Like it helps me to pay attention because it turns off the part of my brain that tries to wander.
(0:04:39) Codey: So I’ve been playing that.
(0:04:40) Codey: Um, and then I’ve also been playing a lot of
(0:04:46) Codey: Disney Dreamlight Valley.
(0:04:49) Codey: So I’ve like jumped back into it.
(0:04:51) Codey: I hit credits and now I’m trying to five star or not 10, five star, 10, level 10, like max out all of my people.
(0:05:00) Codey: Um, I now have every character except for Prince Eric.
(0:05:06) Codey: Who I’m pretty sure I’m going to get at the end of one of the other characters lines, um, like one of their quest lines.
(0:05:15) Codey: Um, I’m trying to get all of the menu, all of the recipes and trying to get a bunch of the achievements and I am seriously considering buying rift in time.
(0:05:30) Codey: Um, I think it’s like $25.
(0:05:33) Codey: Um…
(0:05:34) Jonnie: And what do you get out of Riftonton?
(0:05:36) Codey: So Rift in Time has kind of like three acts to it.
(0:05:42) Codey: So think of kind of think of like Scarlet and Violet, where you buy the DLC and then you have like two phases of the DLC.
(0:05:51) Codey: It’s the same, same, same.
(0:05:52) Codey: So you get three different phases of this paid content.
(0:05:58) Codey: And it adds a new tool.
(0:06:01) Codey: It adds like new things that you can do, new islands that you go to.
(0:06:06) Codey: It adds Gaston and Eve, and I believe another character.
(0:06:10) Codey: Oh, probably it says a mystery character or whatever, but I’m pretty sure it’s an Atlantean.
(0:06:15) Codey: So I think it’s like Milo, Thatcher, whatever.
(0:06:19) Codey: I did also, after I played, after I mentioned this on the last podcast,
(0:06:23) Codey: I went, if you like go into, in Disney Dreamlight Valley,
(0:06:27) Codey: if you go into like furniture or if you’re trying to like sort something by either.
(0:06:36) Codey: like is it cool? is it cute? is it from this realm? is it from that realm? it shows you like all of the realms that are going to come. it has like a super long list. it includes things like hocus pocus or Atlantis is on there. hilariously the Beauty and the Beast from 2017 is separate from the 1997 one.
(0:07:01) Codey: or whatever it is um so there’s
(0:07:06) Codey: a lot of content coming in that in that game and I’m also I don’t know it’s something I’m just like I do every day I log on the characters I don’t have to level 10 I see what their favorite gifts are for the day and I get all of them and and I’ve paid forever I’ve upgraded everything so money is useless to me now but I still am getting a lot of it
(0:07:30) Jonnie: Do you think, um, because they’re adding a lot of content to the game and obviously I’ve done a couple of episodes on Disney Dreamlight Valley,
(0:07:37) Jonnie: um, and I also hit credits and kind of bounced off when I was trying to level 10 all of the characters,
(0:07:43) Jonnie: because I kind of felt like while they were adding content in terms of new characters,
(0:07:50) Jonnie: um, there wasn’t much being added that made the game more interesting, right? Like a lot of the quests were just,
(0:07:57) Jonnie: This character wants you to go and collect 10.
(0:08:00) Jonnie: Who’s a what’s it and build a thing and that’s you know like it was just a loop that kind of I got bored of eventually are they are they making it more is it more diversity of gameplay or is it just more characters but the core gameplay loop is still very.
(0:08:18) Codey: Um, so I think it’s definitely that the, the gameplay loop is the same.
(0:08:23) Codey: Like once you’ve maxed out a character and completed all of their storyline or whatever, they just don’t have any requests for you.
(0:08:30) Codey: Um, and you won’t get the random quests where they’re like, I need you to go get 10 who’s a what’s it’s, um, they just won’t have those anymore.
(0:08:39) Codey: They do have them for, uh, seasonal things.
(0:08:42) Codey: So there was just an Easter event and Wally wanted me to help him make a
(0:08:48) Codey: K but it was the, like, it was a daily thing.
(0:08:51) Codey: Like he wanted me to do it every day and you got these like eggs from it,
(0:08:55) Codey: like Easter eggs and there’s really no purpose for them.
(0:09:00) Codey: So I didn’t really like in, I don’t know, there wasn’t really a, a drive
(0:09:07) Codey: for me to do that, uh, for very long.
(0:09:11) Codey: They do also have like, they just had an event that was called, I think the lovely monsters, and it was a Monsters Incorporated.
(0:09:18) Codey: Moon, I don’t know what they’re, what exactly they’re called, but it was like one of the ones that you can use the in-game currency to like pay for things and get, get different items from Monsters Incorporated.
(0:09:35) Codey: I have a ton of the in-game currency.
(0:09:38) Codey: You actually get a decent amount just from playing.
(0:09:41) Codey: I have not had to pay for anything or put any money into this game at all.
(0:09:47) Codey: So I’m going to go ahead and do a little bit of a quick tour of the city.
(0:09:48) Codey: I definitely like that, but if one of those events aren’t going on, once you’ve maxed everyone and if you don’t give a crap about the achievements, I don’t really know what
(0:10:02) Jonnie: Okay, yeah, and that’s it’s a bit unfortunate because I think that game has a lot of potential and it’s already fun, right?
(0:10:08) Jonnie: I would still highly recommend people go and and to play it but as as sort of that
(0:10:14) Jonnie: Live service, you know daily play in game. I just wish there’s a little bit more variety in terms of what you could do day-to-day
(0:10:22) Codey: Yeah, yeah, once you’ve maxed out a character, there’s really, like all of the characters,
(0:10:27) Codey: there’s not as much of a reason, so, and that’s my plan is like max out all the characters,
(0:10:32) Codey: go through all the story stuff, get the achievements that I care about, and then probably just put it down until more content comes.
(0:10:43) Codey: They did say, oh, later in the news there will be, talk about something.
(0:10:52) Codey: We’ll hear about something in the news.
(0:10:55) Codey: I guess we can just get to the news to talk more about DTV, but the other thing that I’ve been doing is fox crafting.
(0:11:03) Codey: The fox’s tail is almost complete and writing a manuscript and submitting manuscripts.
(0:11:08) Codey: Woo!
(0:11:09) Codey: PhD.
(0:11:10) Codey: And I have failed season starting next week.
(0:11:14) Codey: Woo!
(0:11:15) Codey: Okay, I was gonna say speaking of next week, I was gonna try and do a transition, but it’s It’s actually a couple weeks away.
(0:11:23) Codey: Fabledom, jumping into the news,
(0:11:25) Codey: Fabledom is coming out of early access.
(0:11:28) Codey: So it’s coming into 1.0 on the 13th of May.
(0:11:32) Codey: This is the cottage core-esque city builder.
(0:11:39) Codey: And there’s, for some reason, a flying pig that’s flying all over the screen in the trailer.
(0:11:45) Codey: I don’t know if you choose to farm pigs or something.
(0:11:51) Codey: I haven’t played it.
(0:11:52) Codey: Clearly because it’s in early access, but uh, have you looked at this?
(0:11:52) Jonnie: I have talked about it on a few episodes as it’s been sort of getting ready, fabled in like a city builders probably aren’t super my thing I think if they were gonna be a thing this is this is one that would be quite interesting to me I just like the sort of more laid back vibes so yeah if if you like the concept of a city builder I think it’s definitely worth
(0:12:22) Jonnie: it looks good do we know how much it’s gonna be
(0:12:26) Codey: uh if I believe if I remember correctly I think it’s $20 $21 they just increased the yeah they said that they had increased the price um it originally was a lower price but then after all the content or after all the like changes that they made to it and stuff they change they increase the price uh up by five dollars which is it’s definitely worth $21 um so yeah for people who who have $21.
(0:12:44) Jonnie: Yeah, I mean, it looks very- it looks very pretty, right? Like, it’s a great art style.
(0:12:53) Jonnie: Yeah. Actually, it’s one of those things, right, where I’m like, “It’s not my vibe,
(0:12:56) Jonnie: but at the price point,” I’m like, “Maybe I will buy it and just give it a go.”
(0:12:58) Codey: There you go.
(0:12:59) Jonnie: Um, so, who knows? Watch this, baby.
(0:13:00) Codey: Yeah, future episode perhaps.
(0:13:04) Codey: We’re not promising anything.
(0:13:08) Codey: Apico, everyone’s favorite bee simulation, beekeeping simulation game,
(0:13:12) Codey: but also butterfly and solitary bee conservation game,
(0:13:18) Codey: is about to have a 4.0.
(0:13:20) Codey: So this is the third free content update.
(0:13:26) Codey: And Elle, the developer, has said that it is the final free content update.
(0:13:30) Codey: But Al has a comment saying, yeah, you know who else has said that multiple times?
(0:13:36) Codey: Concerned eight.
(0:13:38) Codey: So I think he’s pointing at the fact that final, final version, whatever.
(0:13:46) Codey: There might be more updates in the future, is what Al is trying to say.
(0:13:52) Codey: save but it sounds like Elle is saying that it’s this is a
(0:13:57) Codey: And it adds a bunch of cute little mechanics
(0:14:03) Codey: So it adds automation
(0:14:06) Codey: Automation so things like hoppers
(0:14:08) Codey: and sprinklers and
(0:14:11) Codey: It looked on the screen. It looked pretty cool like how there was a beehive and then there was just like a
(0:14:19) Codey: frame full of honey just like hopping over to
(0:14:22) Codey: To get the honey extracted and and then the honey extracted
(0:14:26) Codey: comb was like hop to something else and so it looks like you could really do some crazy things with automation here.
(0:14:36) Codey: Different honey core mechanics. So that’s the kind of like an ore in the in the world. It says cute pets but there’s no images of the pets so we don’t know what pets are gonna come out. There is there is like in the trailer a little bee or a butterfly following you.
(0:14:57) Codey: Um, did you watch the trailer at all, John?
(0:14:59) Jonnie: I don’t know, like for me, Epico is too much crafting, so my interpretation of this update is if you are really into Epico, I think all of this stuff sounds awesome, but if you’re not into Epico, I don’t know that this will change that significantly.
(0:15:01) Codey: Okay.
(0:15:20) Codey: I mean the automation definitely might bring in some people who because the one of the biggest complaints of people is that this is basically like menu uh menu management simulator because there’s a lot of menus that you can pull up there’s a lot of different pieces which as as a scientist is really cool because that’s true of beekeeping like when you do beekeeping they’re like you take the frame to the uncapping and then after you’ve uncapped it then you move it to the
(0:15:50) Codey: do all this stuff and then you have to clean it and then you have to so like it makes sense to me
(0:15:54) Codey: um and for some people it’s gonna uh scratch that itch but not for everyone for sure um
(0:16:02) Codey: and so yeah I get that uh cute pets there’s also seasonal events um so the two that are mentioned which are probably the two that there are are hivemas and hallow bean love it love the puns
(0:16:20) Codey: um so they’ll trigger in real life like hivemas will be all the month of december and hallow bean will be I think it’s like october 27th to november 7th or something like that um so if you’re playing during those times they’ll trigger but you can also just toggle it on or off through the accessibility menu um a bunch of new decorations new music new bees new butts um butts being butterflies um yeah big ol content I tried to read through the patch notes
(0:16:50) Codey: and it was long so um very interesting uh speaking of patch notes that are super long um
(0:16:58) Codey: starting valley uh 1.6.4 is out now because there’s never never enough apparently is what concerned ape says um there’s new alternate mine and volcano layouts so it said like when you reach the base of the mine there’s like a new layout down there or something um
(0:17:19) Jonnie: So once you’ve reached the base of the mine, I think it unlocks these new mine layouts to appear.
(0:17:25) Codey: okay interesting I don’t understand what that means like so then if you go back to 25 it might look different okay cool we also have fish frenzies which I was not sure what that meant so I pulled a quote quote fish frenzies in Stardew Valley air a new random event where several of the same fish spawn all at at once, which is pretty interesting.
(0:17:26) Jonnie: That was my interpretation.
(0:17:31) Jonnie: Ah, so like…
(0:17:35) Jonnie: Correct.
(0:17:56) Codey: Cat in the slack calling you out cat
(0:17:59) Codey: Just said as of like a I guess this was a lot earlier, but I just saw it
(0:18:05) Codey: Quote I got a fish frenzy. It was neat I don’t know if I’d go out of my way forward a lot though, but cool for early game
(0:18:11) Codey: Pretty cool. If you’re wanting a certain fish or if there’s a certain fish that costs that sells a lot of money That might be a good thing to do
(0:18:20) Codey: And if you have been playing and you’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t want any more mom
(0:18:25) Codey: I don’t want moss on my trees anymore
(0:18:29) Codey: Concerned Dave heard heard you and you can now put vinegar on your trees and that will make no more moss on your trees
(0:18:38) Codey: Have you been playing 1.6?
(0:18:40) Jonnie: Yeah, so Alan and I did the initial episode on 1.6, I think I added a bunch of cool stuff.
(0:18:50) Jonnie: I know that there’s a lot in this 1.6 update, but it’s all to me in the very small, not even quality of life, it’s almost just a random brain dump of stuff that concern Dave needed to get out of their brain into the game.
(0:19:05) Codey: Okay.
(0:19:05) Jonnie: none of it I really look at it go like oh this is gonna pull me back in it’s
(0:19:05) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:19:10) Jonnie: Like it’s all it’s all stuff and there’s a lot of the stuff
(0:19:14) Jonnie: But yeah, I don’t know there’s anything super exciting in here
(0:19:19) Codey: uh i’m just so far out of stardew valley that i’m kind of I think al mentioned this in that episode he’s like what is a 1.6 thing versus a 1.5 thing like if I were to play now i’d be like wow this this there’s this new thing and someone might be like yeah that was like a year ago and i’d be like oh um I just I burnt myself out on that game and I need to get it’s in timeout um speaking of being in time out, Fey Farm, um, I think is in
(0:19:49) Codey: some people’s times out, right? You’re one of the people who did Fey Farm? Or you like–
(0:19:54) Jonnie: Uh, I like the… mechanically, I like what Fei Fan is trying to do.
(0:19:58) Jonnie: Um…
(0:20:00) Jonnie: But the surrounding narrative aspect of the game is severely lacking.
(0:20:06) Codey: so it’s in timeout. But it is also now available in Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.
(0:20:13) Codey: Very interesting that it’s Hong Kong specific. Not going to get into politics. So you can check out
(0:20:21) Codey: the free demo if you are in any of those places and you’re like not really sure if you want to play the game or not. You can check out the free demo on Steam or Nintendo Switch.
(0:20:36) Codey: Definitely on Nintendo Switch because I’m seeing it on the tweet. But you can check out the free demo and if you end up really liking it, you can port that demo save to your real save.
(0:20:50) Codey: Which I love when places do this because I hate playing all the intro stuff and then having to play the intro stuff again. Big sad when you have to do that.
(0:21:06) Codey: Steam getting ported to new things or just up increasing what platforms it’s on is Lonesome Village. It is now available on iOS and Android. It looks real cute but I can’t. I can’t do it on mobile.
(0:21:23) Jonnie: Yeah, I
(0:21:25) Jonnie: Like I like Lonesome Village actually think a port to mobile makes a lot of sense for
(0:21:30) Jonnie: what that games trying to do like there was some controller weirdness with it that I think a
(0:21:36) Jonnie: Mobile interaction would actually lend itself better to so I think it’s a good port for the sort of game and
(0:21:43) Jonnie: It’s mostly sort of puzzle based
(0:21:46) Jonnie: So I can see that being being pretty good
(0:21:50) Codey: Yeah, and it is $5.99, I just checked, on IOS, decent price.
(0:22:00) Codey: We’ve made it back to Disney Dreamlight Valley, here we are.
(0:22:05) Codey: Adding to what you were talking about, about character needing more reasons to play on a daily or whatever,
(0:22:14) Codey: villagers are going to start sending you things in the mail.
(0:22:17) Codey: A lot of people in the comments on Twitter–
(0:22:19) Codey: Just post it on Twitter.
(0:22:21) Codey: Um, a lot of people said like, Oh my gosh, this is a lot.
(0:22:25) Codey: Like, uh, if it’s a lot, if it is a lot like, um, animal crossing,
(0:22:30) Codey: that’ll be really cute.
(0:22:31) Codey: So, and I would love to see what Wally would send you.
(0:22:35) Codey: And like, if there’s a letter with it and Wally just like wrote his name a million times or like, you know, the, the, cause he doesn’t say real words, like if the the letter had just like Wally speak and then it’s
(0:22:50) Codey: just like a a plane.
(0:22:54) Jonnie: Yeah, that would be great.
(0:22:57) Jonnie: I am interested in exclusively receiving–
(0:23:00) Jonnie: I want to receive gifts from Wally and from Ariel.
(0:23:02) Jonnie: I think that they’re new, too.
(0:23:04) Codey: Which is funny ‘cause they interact at one point.
(0:23:07) Codey: ‘Cause they both love collecting things.
(0:23:07) Jonnie: Yeah, their interaction is one of my favorite things
(0:23:09) Codey: Yeah, they both get so excited because they both love collecting human objects.
(0:23:18) Codey: Super cute.
(0:23:19) Codey: I was trying to think of other characters I might want to get mail from.
(0:23:24) Codey: And honestly, a lot of the like Mickey Mouse and Friend characters,
(0:23:28) Codey: I just want them to go away.
(0:23:32) Jonnie: - Yup.
(0:23:33) Codey: I would love to receive mail from them.
(0:23:33) Jonnie: They’re not interesting.
(0:23:34) Codey: If I can banish them from the valley and then I only receive mail from them and that’s it.
(0:23:40) Codey: Because I don’t care about Mickey or Minnie or Donald or Goofy and I only care about Scrooge because he has a store. Yeah so they’re gonna start sending you mail in update 10 which is coming quote unquote spring. Spring is here. Spring is almost gone. So where it at? There
(0:23:46) Jonnie: I am right there with you
(0:24:04) Codey: interesting very exciting. I’m excited to see how that game changes because it’s already changed so much and there’s so much possibility in it. So excited to continue to see what happens there.
(0:24:21) Codey: And then we do have one new game that we’re talking about today called Collector’s Cove.
(0:24:29) Codey: so this game is currently has a steam page and on the steam page it says
(0:24:34) Codey: “Set sail on a cozy farming adventure aboard your boat in Collector’s Cove. Explore diverse climate zones with your animal companion and discover a multitude of rare crops and fish.
(0:24:46) Codey: Enjoy cozy solitude while completing your collector’s compendium and rise to the rank of a named collector.” What’d you think of this trick?
(0:24:57) Jonnie: I like the idea of traveling around on a giant Lapras. That, to me, is cool.
(0:25:08) Jonnie: The trailer showed, like, yeah, there’s cozy elements to the game.
(0:25:13) Jonnie: I need to see more about, like, what the angle is. Like, I like the idea of collecting.
(0:25:20) Jonnie: But, to me, this game, my interest in it will be entirely dependent on seeing more of the action.
(0:25:27) Jonnie: The trailer’s relatively light on that, which is fine, right? It’s the announcement trailer.
(0:25:32) Jonnie: It has me interested, but not. Like, I just want to see more.
(0:25:38) Codey: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I mean that’s how I feel too, like, you’re basically, so it says, just from like,
(0:25:46) Codey: I highly recommend people go watch the trailer, because just from reading that blurb, it doesn’t convey the fact that your boat is basically either is the back of a laparous or is on the back of a laparous. It doesn’t seem like you are steering the boat so much as you are living on the back of…
(0:26:08) Codey: And we’re saying Lapras. It’s clearly not Lapras because it is not a Pokemon game, but it’s a Lapras. It looks exactly like a Lapras.
(0:26:20) Codey: And I need more information about this thing.
(0:26:27) Codey: They barely mention it, barely comment about it.
(0:26:31) Codey: I wasn’t sold on the trailer until you fish something up and then you throw it to your
(0:26:39) Codey: animal companion and it eats it and catches it and eats it. I was like, “That is adorable actually.”
(0:26:46) Codey: So yeah, I’m definitely gonna be waiting for more information about this game and we’ll see what happens.
(0:26:54) Codey: I’m not sold.
(0:26:56) Codey: So that is the end of the news. So on to the main topic, which is
(0:27:02) Codey: our favorite marriage candidates, but before we get to who we
(0:27:08) Codey: are as a marriage candidate or whatever, and some of the games that we’ve played, we have some discussion to have.
(0:27:16) Codey: So Al has slotted…
(0:27:19) Codey: I made some of these other sections, but Al specifically put section for Johnny to complain about marriage candidates.
(0:27:26) Codey: So Johnny, here’s your floor. Take it away.
(0:27:30) Jonnie: my problem with marriage candidates right and like it’s been like I like doing these sorts of episodes because it actually makes me think more about like why do I feel the way that I feel and in large part like I think I talked about this when we did fishing month and apparently we just do months based on mechanics that I actively dislike but for me a lot of it is like the cottage core genre suffers from I think a lot of developers copy and pasting the mechanics because there is
(0:28:00) Jonnie: this perception that a Cottagecore game has to have fishing and has to have marriage candidates and it has to have, you know, growing crops and all of these sorts of things that they absolutely do not have to have but they copy them because they think that’s the standard and there’s no intentionality behind why it exists in the game. And so we now live in a state where marriage candidates or romance or whatever version you want to put exists in these games where it really
(0:28:30) Jonnie: exists, right? And for me, I think that the biggest example of this at the moment is Coral Island. You know, you get married in that game and your partner stands in the house and does nothing. Like getting married actively makes the character worse, which to me is just so
(0:28:49) Jonnie: much of a signal that the people making that game had no real concept behind why marriage is supposed to exist.
(0:29:00) Jonnie: And like Stardew does it well, not amazingly, but pretty good, right, that the whole concept of that game is you are frustrated with your corporate life, you move to a small town,
(0:29:10) Jonnie: you integrate yourself into a community, which ultimately ends in you marrying one of the people that’s part of that community, they move in with you, they help out around the farm, you know, the end, right?
(0:29:24) Jonnie: Is it the best story?
(0:29:25) Jonnie: No.
(0:29:26) Jonnie: Is it a story that makes sense in the context of the game?
(0:29:28) Jonnie: Absolutely.
(0:29:30) Jonnie: So many of these games now, it’s like, hey, we’ve got marriage candidates, they exist,
(0:29:34) Jonnie: you should marry one of them, and they do literally nothing, right?
(0:29:38) Jonnie: Fae Farm, which we talked about earlier, horrendous dating system, it just shouldn’t be in that game.
(0:29:45) Jonnie: That game is about, like, dealing with theories and magical lands, like, I don’t need to date anyone in that game for that story to be told, and then the fact that the marriage candidates just have like bland generic dialogue, zero personality.
(0:30:00) Jonnie: It’s just not something that needs to exist, and so I really have come to dislike it in most games because it’s not done with any intentionality.
(0:30:10) Jonnie: And I think with this feature in particular, it’s very off-putting to a lot of people, right?
(0:30:16) Jonnie: A lot of people, like dating sims as a game genre, are not something that a lot of people want to play.
(0:30:22) Jonnie: And I know a couple of people that avoided playing Stardew Valley for a long time because they thought it was a dating game.
(0:30:30) Jonnie: And they did not want to play a game, like they didn’t want to have to do that, and the perception was that it was something that had to be done.
(0:30:30) Codey: Oh no.
(0:30:40) Jonnie: And eventually they tried it, and they were like, “Oh, I didn’t realise that you could, despite being told that it wasn’t really a part of the game.”
(0:30:48) Jonnie: And they were like, “Oh, I didn’t realise that you could literally ignore it, and it wouldn’t really lock anything out for you, or it doesn’t lock anything important out for you.”
(0:30:56) Jonnie: Um, so I I just kind of wish that
(0:31:00) Jonnie: it was something that was approached with a lot more thoughtfulness behind it, other than just it’s now
(0:31:09) Codey: yeah I mean I agree I think that I only dislike my major dislike of the cons like whether a game has one or not is if you get something from the marriage system that you wouldn’t otherwise get
(0:31:26) Codey: so like I think isn’t it in stardew that you if you don’t complete a certain if you after like a certain time if you haven’t gotten married you don’t you’re not going to be able to
(0:31:40) Jonnie: I think getting married does count towards your grandfather’s rating, but I don’t believe there’s a time for it So it might be that if you want to do if you want to do it by the first time grandpa gives you his rating
(0:31:44) Codey: Okay.
(0:31:55) Jonnie: That I guess technically yes, but there’s no real time lockout on that
(0:32:00) Codey: Okay, but still I mean and I think that that’s that’s true of of real life
(0:32:09) Codey: Which is like not what I want in my games that I’m gonna disappoint someone if I don’t do XYZ like if I don’t have kids if I don’t have a
(0:32:19) Codey: Marriage partner like that some like a family member is gonna be disappointed
(0:32:26) Codey: It’s it’s less about like
(0:32:28) Codey: you being happy
(0:32:30) Codey: and it’s more about like fitting the mold of society and what people think that you should be doing and I think like a lot of the time it perpetuates that and people say like, “oh well who did– what marriage candidate did you pick because you have to pick one, right?”
(0:32:48) Codey: and it’s like, “I don’t– I have some big ADHD like– I don’t remember what it’s called but like when people tell me to do something, I’m like, “well now I’m not gonna do it.”
(0:33:00) Codey: I can’t make me do Amy.
(0:33:04) Codey: But like I see it as a bonus but not like it’s something– it’s like an extra feature that you can do but it’s when you feel like you have to or– or that’s when I’m like, “eh, it’s– it misses me a little bit.”
(0:33:22) Jonnie: Yeah, and I mean, there’s a really great example of that, right? Which is in Stardew, the summer festival, the spring dance, right? I think.
(0:33:34) Jonnie: Is that what it’s called? The flower dance.
(0:33:36) Jonnie: And the fact that that’s like the first one. And I get why, right? Like you’re new to the town, so you don’t have a partner to dance with.
(0:33:44) Jonnie: But like, it’s not the greatest feeling in the world when it’s like, yeah, no one here really likes you enough to like, you know, dance with you in this very important way.
(0:33:52) Jonnie: Town event, right? Like it’s a little bit of like a, you know, because it does sort of put that like, by the time it rolls around next year, you don’t want to have that that feel bad moment where no one wants to dance.
(0:33:53) Codey: Yeah.
(0:34:05) Codey: Yeah Yeah, it’s not great
(0:34:09) Codey: so I guess like the main takeaway from that would be from that whole like part of the conversation is it’s not necessary in games and
(0:34:19) Codey: Even if it isn’t a game it shouldn’t be necessary for you to do or I
(0:34:26) Codey: Guess I don’t which I guess it’s not but I don’t I don’t like
(0:34:31) Codey: And I thought about this like the the other day cuz I was like
(0:34:35) Codey: what other games have I like married people in and legit like the only game I can think of is The Sims. When I would literally make me and whatever person I was interested in at the time I would make us sim characters and then I would get us married within like five minutes of playing the game because like I know how to like talk so that you have enough friendship so that you can flirt so that you can kiss so that you can do other things.
(0:35:05) Codey: so that you can get married and it’s just like I just get it out of the way like I don’t care about any of this just get it out of the way it’s just not a part that it’s not something that everyone is interested in so I’m
(0:35:22) Jonnie: Yeah, but you’re right, it’s not something that everyone is interested in, and I think this would be a good time to talk about maybe one of the big reasons that everyone is not interested in it is because there’s maybe not a huge diversity in marriage candidates it gives.
(0:35:39) Codey: - Yeah.
(0:35:42) Codey: Yeah, and that was my next point is that all marriage candidates in games, for the most part,
(0:35:48) Codey: but some newer games are getting away from it and I am happy about it.
(0:35:52) Codey: But they’re usually young, they’re usually attractive,
(0:35:56) Codey: they’ve usually never had a relationship so that they’ll say like, “Oh, you’re my first girlfriend,”
(0:36:02) Codey: or “Oh, you know, this is all new for me,” or whatever.
(0:36:08) Codey: Like it’s.
(0:36:09) Codey: Doesn’t seem like a lot of them have history, like sometimes they’ll have, you’ll have characters like I think we were talking about, was it Clint and Emily? Who’s the other character that Clint likes?
(0:36:22) Jonnie: Yeah, Molly, yep.
(0:36:23) Codey: How like, you know that he has a crush on her. And so you know that like there is the potential there, but that they aren’t dating. They’re they don’t have history. They’re just friends. And one of them hasn’t has
(0:36:39) Codey: Is interested, but won’t speak up.
(0:36:43) Codey: So
(0:36:44) Jonnie: We can say it. Clintus friggin’ loser. Clintus.
(0:36:47) Codey: Don’t be a Clint.
(0:36:51) Codey: I mean, and I get like being cautious, but you just you have to shoot your shot. Just get it out there.
(0:36:59) Codey: Yeah, I remember listening to that episode and being like, oh wow, Clint actually reminds me a lot of one of my exes who didn’t make a move.
(0:37:08) Codey: and it sucked.
(0:37:10) Codey: Don’t do that. Don’t do it.
(0:37:12) Codey: Especially Disney say, like, “I guess you won. Like, if you start dating her.” That’s disgusting.
(0:37:16) Jonnie: Yes, that’s the like a lot of a lot of his initial traits are like understandable, right?
(0:37:21) Jonnie: Like it’s fine to have anxiety or fear or uncertainty about it
(0:37:26) Jonnie: But like the the treating it like it’s a competition
(0:37:30) Jonnie: with a prize is
(0:37:32) Jonnie: Gross and pathetic
(0:37:36) Codey: um yeah so but they’re all I mean i’m glad that there are flawed characters but like they don’t
(0:37:45) Codey: they’re just all kind of a carbon copy it’s like how would a young hot jock look like what would a young hot computer nerd look like what would a young like insert career here
(0:37:59) Codey: and then what would they look like you know what maybe this one would have a fun hair color maybe let’s give this one heterochrome.
(0:38:06) Codey: you know for giggles like it just there’s like you were saying intention there needs to be intention behind some of these characters and their back stories which as I’ve said some some games are getting good at but for a long time like it just seemed like it was based on like who you think is hot but yeah I guess before we move on to like why people choose marriage candidates
(0:38:36) Codey: step of that did you have anything to say about like the lack of diversity in marriage candidates or anything specific
(0:38:44) Jonnie: Yeah, I think there’s a few things and like I totally support like, yeah, everyone is
(0:38:51) Jonnie: like too young and too attractive, which is kind of like already like a bit odd,
(0:38:56) Jonnie: right? Because these are video game characters, they’re not real people, they’re often like pixel art. So doing diversity should be way easier. But also like, gamers are getting older, right?
(0:39:11) Jonnie: like I’m I’m sure a lot of people’s parents
(0:39:14) Jonnie: at this point try to start you valley right um divorce is surprisingly common right why are there no older characters that can you know be um the marriage candidates like it’s just a lot of you know yeah like you said it’s it’s kind of like as you were talking I was like it kind of reminds me of like really old pro wrestling right where everyone’s gimmick was like you are a wrestler and a dentist or a wrestler and a garbage man and it’s just
(0:39:44) Jonnie: like that that feels like the era we’re in for marriage candidates it’s like you are
(0:39:49) Jonnie: a nurse and also young and hot and single and all of the all of the old gross people they’re all married so don’t worry about them
(0:39:53) Codey: Yeah
(0:39:58) Codey: Yeah, or they’re
(0:40:01) Codey: not available
(0:40:03) Codey: like and someone mentioned to me Harvey, so there’s probably a bunch of people yelling that Harvey
(0:40:09) Codey: It’s probably not your traditionally attractive human or whatever
(0:40:15) Codey: But I’m gonna be honest I didn’t realize for a very long time that he was a marriage candidate
(0:40:21) Codey: Because again, they go with the old
(0:40:24) Codey: Or sorry the youngs and so if there’s anyone who looks like they might be a little bit older or someone who is more
(0:40:31) Codey: Like progressed into their life because he’s like the whole the whole doctor thing like I
(0:40:37) Codey: Do not even I’m like, oh, that’s not one of them because it’s not the young one
(0:40:43) Codey: And I will say Stardew Valley is not the one that like started this I’m actually not entirely sure who started started it, but I do
(0:40:50) Codey: remember in a
(0:40:54) Codey: Which I did play and I also went for Celia like Kev did
(0:40:59) Codey: They were all the just the young women in the town
(0:41:02) Codey: It’s like do you want the one that helps run the farm the one that helps run the tavern or the rich one?
(0:41:10) Codey: That is in the house. And then there was another one that I don’t even remember but yeah
(0:41:14) Jonnie: Yeah, and this actually just reminded me of another frustration that I have around
(0:41:20) Jonnie: marriage candidates in gaming. It’s actually just like the process of going through it,
(0:41:23) Jonnie: right? Because it’s all primarily driven off of giving people gifts,
(0:41:29) Jonnie: which is like super lame and super uninspired and kind of super reductive about how, you know,
(0:41:36) Jonnie: relationships work, you know, like whether they’re like, you know, romantic or just friendship-based,
(0:41:41) Jonnie: how they work in general.
(0:41:43) Jonnie: I think there needs to be…
(0:41:44) Jonnie: more waiting in these systems towards interacting with the characters in any form, right?
(0:41:50) Jonnie: Because occasionally in some games you’ll get a small boost for just talking to them from a friendship point perspective.
(0:41:56) Jonnie: But why can’t it be?
(0:41:58) Jonnie: If I go to Clint’s shop every day and have him crack open geodes, I don’t know.
(0:42:06) Jonnie: I feel like our relationship would improve.
(0:42:08) Jonnie: I have a relationship with the people at my local coffee store because I go there every day.
(0:42:12) Jonnie: I see them every day, and it’s not like
(0:42:14) Jonnie: you know we’re not probably above two hearts but you know we have a rapport right so um I kind of wish that was that there was more diversity in not just the candidates themselves but also
(0:42:27) Jonnie: what it was required to form bonds with these people you know um even with uh i’ll stick with stardew because it’s like no one right like a character like leah or elliot they’re very artistic driven characters, maybe you have to have lots of art in you.
(0:42:44) Jonnie: It’s something common and that can make you play the game in an actual different way.
(0:42:57) Codey: I really like that idea because it is one-sided. It’s like, here are the people you get to pick from, and it doesn’t matter if you’re their type, or you are someone that they would be interested in.
(0:43:14) Codey: Like, what if Clint became more interested in you because you clearly mined a lot, and they were like, “Wow, you really like mining, don’t you?”
(0:43:24) Codey: like someone you’d fish a lot.
(0:43:27) Codey: and you’d go and talk to someone and they’d be like “wow you smell like fish I actually don’t like fishing”
(0:43:31) Codey: and so like you almost have to like change… well like I guess like change who you…
(0:43:39) Codey: how you play the game to be attractive to those people.
(0:43:42) Codey: That would be really interesting.
(0:43:45) Codey: Kind of reminds me of… there’s a show… do you watch Love is Blind?
(0:43:49) Codey: in the first episode of the most recent season in the American one.
(0:43:57) Codey: there’s a person who asks… he has got like a piece of paper and he asks a question of a woman and she says “well what do you think? like what’s your answer?” and he was like “oh I didn’t realize this goes both ways”
(0:44:08) Codey: he’s like “I honestly haven’t even thought about my answer” and it’s like “are you kidding me right now?”
(0:44:13) Codey: like you thought you were just coming into these pods and talking to these people and that was it?
(0:44:13) Jonnie: Wow, that’s amazing.
(0:44:18) Codey: like getting there and then you get to pick like that.
(0:44:22) Codey: that you also need to this is a two-way street by guy um
(0:44:27) Codey: yeah no I think like if it was like that where you know how you play the game what you do in the game maybe decisions you make in the game like if you go the jojo route like someone is like
(0:44:38) Codey: automatically like nope not interested in you um that would be really interesting um
(0:44:44) Jonnie: Yeah, I agree. And if you do go to the JoJo route, all of a sudden Shane’s like, “Yo, what up? It’s me, Shane.”
(0:44:49) Codey: yeah exactly he notices you more so I asked this is actually transitions around
(0:44:50) Jonnie: laughs Ahhh.
(0:44:57) Codey: really well into the next part that I wanted to talk about which is how people why people choose the marriage candidates that they do like what what makes you choose whoever you chose blah blah um and I asked this I was I was recording I was researching for this podcast like looking at different marriage candidates for different games and like trying to figure out which ones I thought were the most compelling um and I was in a room of other entomology graduate students And someone like looked over at my screen and they’re like, wait, start without.
(0:45:28) Codey: And everyone was like, starting Valley.
(0:45:30) Codey: And so I was like, Hey guys, like, I actually have a question for you.
(0:45:33) Codey: Why do you choose the people that you choose?
(0:45:36) Codey: Um, and some of the answers that I got were, um, things like if they have a compelling backstory or, uh, vibes, um, like he just looks magical talking about Elliott, um, perfect gentlemen, um, seems nice.
(0:45:52) Codey: Someone said that they’ve never chosen anyone.
(0:45:54) Codey: They’ve played the game for five years, and…
(0:45:57) Codey: They have just never done the marriage.
(0:46:00) Codey: And actually multiple people were like, “I’ve just not done it.
(0:46:03) Codey: Not interested.”
(0:46:04) Codey: Which was really interesting to me, that there are, you know, I always, from playing the game and talking to people, I always feel like a lot of other, like the majority of people are choosing people and doing the whole marriage route, but it’s from that discussion with 20 entomology students, I was surprised.
(0:46:27) Codey: So, yeah, I guess like, Johnny, do you know, before I like kind of talk about what I, why I think people choose marriage candidates, do you have any, like, like, why would you go after, you know, now that we’ve gone through, okay, marriage candidacy exists, okay, they’re all young and hot, they shouldn’t be, but like, past all of that and assuming that all of that is true and knowing all of that is true, like, how do you choose someone in these games?
(0:46:53) Jonnie: So I feel like the way I choose someone in this game is based off of like if someone who knows me walked in and saw me playing and would be like oh you chose that character I want them to say that makes sense right like so it’s more about how I think other people see me and kind of just picking someone that’s like yeah that makes sense like I could see that you would pick that right so like this aren’t you like most people when I have this conversation they’re Like, you obviously picked Larry, and I’m like…
(0:47:08) Codey: Okay.
(0:47:13) Codey: My gosh.
(0:47:23) Jonnie: Yes, you are correct. Like, right?
(0:47:27) Codey: So is that because she aligns with who you would go for in the real?
(0:47:31) Jonnie: I think it aligns with people’s perception of who I would go for in the real.
(0:47:35) Jonnie: Which, there’s different overlap, right?
(0:47:37) Jonnie: Like, of my preference, but it’s the reductive sort of, you know, version, right?
(0:47:44) Jonnie: So, like, and part of it’s like, I’m not interested in using a game like this for me personally to explore uh, why I may or may not.
(0:47:53) Jonnie: I might be interested in certain types, right, of people, like that’s, for me, that’s something that I do in the real world so it’s kind of like a little bit of like a path of least resistance, you know, yeah.
(0:47:55) Codey: Yeah.
(0:48:00) Codey: Yeah.
(0:48:05) Codey: Okay.
(0:48:06) Codey: Yeah, I think that that’s so that’s what it seems to boil down to for like people that I talked to and also just thinking about it then then hearing people talk about it is it’s either people are either trying like if they do are choosing a marriage candidate they’re not being that group of well I don’t want to even have Choose a marriage candidate. They usually either
(0:48:25) Codey: are going for someone that they would go for in the real.
(0:48:31) Codey: Someone who might be similar to their partner if they have one.
(0:48:36) Codey: I know, you know, Al had talked about how he has Rona.
(0:48:39) Codey: Like he was already married to Rona when he started playing the game.
(0:48:44) Codey: I actually don’t remember if he talked about if Hailey is similar to Rona or the other person that Emily, I don’t remember if either of those are similar to Rona.
(0:48:55) Codey: I found that like for me, for some games, like I go for someone and then I realize, oh my gosh, this is my partner actually.
(0:49:03) Codey: Now that I’m starting to get to know this person more, like I gravitated towards them, but, um, and then I’ve also had it be like, Oh, this is like the classic.
(0:49:11) Codey: Again, like you’re saying, like people would be like, this is who you went for.
(0:49:14) Codey: Right.
(0:49:14) Codey: And I was like, yes, you’re right.
(0:49:17) Codey: Um, there are people, I mean, there’s definitely people cause this is an escapism game who might go for something completely wild.
(0:49:25) Codey: Um, or fantastical, you know, like go for the person that they wouldn’t normally go for, maybe not to see how it would work out in real cause this is not real life.
(0:49:34) Codey: Um, but it might, for me at least it did inform, it did make me look inward and be like, dear God, why am I making the choices that I’m making?
(0:49:46) Codey: And I need to reevaluate myself.
(0:49:47) Codey: Um, so, huh?
(0:49:48) Jonnie: But that’s just all choices in your life, right?
(0:49:51) Jonnie: That’s just all choices, you’re like, “Why? Why am I making these?”
(0:49:55) Codey: Correct.
(0:49:56) Codey: Um, yeah.
(0:49:59) Codey: Uh, so yeah, I guess, well, I’d say here, I will tell, I will tell the anecdote of,
(0:50:01) Jonnie: Just getting the date cuts in.
(0:50:06) Codey: so as similar to you, as I was researching this, I realized I I’ve been doing this subconscious thing, um, for a really long time that I didn’t even realize I was doing, where I am.
(0:50:25) Codey: kind of judging everyone based on the Stardew candidate that I chose and didn’t like in real life.
(0:50:35) Codey: And why, thinking about why I chose them.
(0:50:38) Codey: So when I first played this game, many moons ago, I was younger then.
(0:50:45) Codey: I went in Stardew for Sebastian.
(0:50:51) Codey: I didn’t care a hoot about his story.
(0:50:54) Codey: I was just like, oh my god.
(0:50:55) Codey: gosh, there’s an emo boy.
(0:50:57) Codey: I want to date the emo boy, which was very much me in real life.
(0:51:02) Codey: I always went for the more alternative looking guys, the more–
(0:51:08) Codey: and I say guys, but I am pan.
(0:51:13) Codey: But I am too shy to go for women and have not been single in a time where I would be dating a not-
(0:51:25) Codey: binary human though I have crushes on a couple non-binary people but I am happily in a relationship but we’re getting off track so I went for Sebastian because I was like oh my gosh it’s an emo boy I can be with an emo boy that’s amazing and then as you talk to him like he’s really kind of dismissive like very one-word answers to you in the beginning of your guys’s conversations And honestly it rung true. I was like I always
(0:51:55) Codey: in the real in real like in high school I would go for like the alternative looking guys and they would drip feed me like social interactions and I would just take it and be like “he smiled at me when I gave him something oh my gosh”
(0:52:12) Codey: and it’s like has nothing to do with it like doesn’t mean he likes me but I was just like oh my gosh this person that I want to be with like blah blah blah Meanwhile, I had people who were genuinely good.
(0:52:25) Codey: And then I ended up, you know, as you, as you progress in Sebastian’s story, I get spoilers for Sebastian’s story, um, he ends up marrying you or you end up marrying him and then, and I also like remember him being like really into the city and really into motorcycles and I was like, well, I don’t want to live in the city and I don’t like motorcycles, but this is, but this is the alternative guy.
(0:52:51) Codey: This is, but this is the alternative guy.
(0:52:55) Codey: into him who he actually was.
(0:52:57) Codey: It’s just into the fact that he was the alternative guy.
(0:53:00) Codey: And then you marry him.
(0:53:02) Codey: And I remember going home.
(0:53:03) Codey: First of all, it’s like very similar where he’s just in the house all day.
(0:53:07) Codey: Kind of like you were saying about Coral Island,
(0:53:09) Codey: which makes me very sad about Coral Island.
(0:53:11) Codey: And I came home and I got this text.
(0:53:14) Codey: And I went through all of his like dialogue to find this.
(0:53:19) Codey: And he said, “I did some work on the laptop today.
(0:53:21) Codey: I was actually brainstorming some ideas a game I want to make.
(0:53:25) Codey: If you’re farming income, I can afford to do what I want with my life.
(0:53:28) Codey: It’s pretty amazing.
(0:53:29) Codey: Thank you.
(0:53:30) Codey: And I read this and I was like, this freeloading piece of poop, like, are you serious?
(0:53:36) Codey: He’s not doing anything?
(0:53:38) Codey: And I don’t, I don’t think he actually helps you on the farm at all.
(0:53:42) Codey: There are some things that he says to you that are really like encouraging or he’s like,
(0:53:46) Codey: you’re doing so good.
(0:53:47) Codey: I love you.
(0:53:48) Codey: Like you’re awesome.
(0:53:49) Codey: But like, he doesn’t, he just becomes a bum.
(0:53:52) Codey: He just becomes a bum in your house.
(0:53:55) Codey: - Which I guess is just what happens to all of these people, but I just thought,
(0:53:59) Codey: I was just like, I just thought it was Sebastian.
(0:54:03) Codey: So then I looked at it, I like looked internally in my brain, in my heart and was like,
(0:54:11) Codey: that makes sense actually.
(0:54:12) Codey: Like it makes sense to me that people in real life that are drip feeding me attention,
(0:54:18) Codey: that I am fighting tooth and nail to get any scrap of attention from them.
(0:54:22) Codey: and then they finally deign to like.
(0:54:26) Codey: Yeah, of course they’re gonna be bums.
(0:54:28) Codey: They’re gonna be like the kind of bum that just is like you do everything.
(0:54:33) Codey: Because I did everything in the relationship.
(0:54:36) Codey: And I was actually dating someone who I ended up marrying in real life.
(0:54:40) Codey: Yes, I’m divorced.
(0:54:41) Codey: I ended up marrying in real life a Sebastian.
(0:54:45) Codey: Like 100%.
(0:54:47) Codey: And that was our plan.
(0:54:50) Codey: Was that I was gonna get a job in entomology which does not pay.
(0:54:55) Codey: And he was just gonna stay home and do nothing.
(0:54:59) Codey: And I was like this is not what I want.
(0:55:01) Codey: And so I’m not with that person anymore.
(0:55:04) Codey: But like it really just like made me personally look and be like I have just been going for this like for the like vision like what I think I want or whatever and not actually considering people for who they are.
(0:55:20) Codey: And I realized like you’re saying like a lot of these things are shallow.
(0:55:25) Codey: It’s not deep.
(0:55:31) Codey: It’s not like which I get like you can’t do that all.
(0:55:36) Codey: You can’t do it to the same level as like an in real life relationship.
(0:55:40) Codey: Right.
(0:55:41) Codey: But like it’s so shallow.
(0:55:44) Codey: And it sucks that one of my relationships was that shallow.
(0:55:50) Codey: And it, like, opened me up to the fact that I needed to, like, do better and choose better.
(0:55:55) Codey: And not have the same choices in real life.
(0:55:59) Codey: But, yeah, I guess, like, from then on, I’ve never, in all of these games, I don’t go, I don’t do the marriage stuff.
(0:56:07) Codey: I can see, like, who I would go for, and they’d be like, “Yeah, if I was to choose a marriage candidate, that’s probably who I’d go for.”
(0:56:15) Codey: And I will, like, you know, get the heart events with them and stuff like that, but I never actually, like, take the leap to, like, marrying them.
(0:56:23) Codey: them because I just don’t think there’s a point and it also feels just like a like a capture of them I guess or like an own owning of them like now now they’re mine and but nothing comes of it you know
(0:56:38) Jonnie: Yeah, it’s like having them is the point, not like you get to that point and then that opens up this new features or new possibilities or new stories.
(0:56:52) Codey: Yeah, and that’s I mean, and that’s what that was my experience in real life too.
(0:56:57) Codey: When I ended up marrying the human, like I was like, Oh, oh, this is it.
(0:57:02) Codey: Like, oh, which is not true of all marriages.
(0:57:06) Codey: I’m not saying don’t ever get married in real life.
(0:57:08) Codey: I’m just saying like, I’m just saying like, check why you go for the people that you go before and if they’re actually good for you or if you actually like match
(0:57:09) Jonnie: I will say, don’t ever get married.
(0:57:22) Codey: with them because for a long time like I you know I was with that person for a very long time and I realized after a while that my selection criteria were shallow as hell and then I was just in it
(0:57:32) Jonnie: I’m just saying, why get married? Why get married? You can be in a long-term relationship, government doesn’t need to be involved in that, and then, you know, you can leave, and it’s way easier.
(0:57:40) Codey: Uh in the United in the United in the United States, it’s you do get benefits of being married. There’s tax benefits
(0:57:41) Jonnie: Just saying, don’t get married. Marriage is a scam.
(0:57:48) Jonnie: America is a scam. Step one, don’t live in America. Step two, don’t get married.
(0:57:49) Codey: You’re right
(0:57:52) Codey: You’re right, you’re right
(0:57:55) Codey: But yeah, I mean so it is it was interesting to me that like and now I now like in real life I’ll look at someone. I’ll be like that’s a Sebastian like that person is
(0:58:06) Codey: Not gonna give you the time of day is not gonna put effort into you is not like
(0:58:11) Codey: I have to chase after someone it ain’t happening and I did I hilariously did did be with someone after that that I had to chase after who was a clint very much a clint but then I was like no no screw this and then made it like waited for someone who is intentional and actively chose me and that’s my human now so it was just so interesting to me like as I was going down this rabbit whole, I was like, that really was like doing that.
(0:58:40) Codey: Playing the game really was like kind of a pivotal point for me of like, why, why do, why, why am I like this?
(0:58:50) Jonnie: Why are we like this?
(0:58:52) Jonnie: Um, shall we talk about our favorite, since that’s the, I think that’s the actual topic, but um.
(0:58:58) Codey: Yeah, sure.
(0:59:02) Codey: And I guess, Al, you can cut all of that if you don’t think it’s relevant.
(0:59:07) Jonnie: No, Al could not, I’m gonna be mad if Al, like he will not cut any of that, because that was all of it.
(0:59:07) Codey: Cody’s therapy time can be cut.
(0:59:14) Codey: The rest of it was interesting.
(0:59:17) Codey: Yeah, so I guess, so I have four different games that I have picked out as games that have marriage candidates in them that I have found compelling marriage candidates.
(0:59:28) Codey: So I don’t know what you have picked out.
(0:59:32) Codey: Okay, so should I go through mine first?
(0:59:33) Jonnie: I have three. Yeah. Yes.
(0:59:36) Codey: Or we can go side by side.
(0:59:39) Codey: I mean, the number one is Stardew, right?
(0:59:40) Codey: So in Stardew, the marriage candidates that are my quote-unquote favorite,
(0:59:47) Codey: I have one of each assumed gender.
(0:59:52) Codey: So Elliot, I think that he is, he was-
(0:59:58) Codey: I was the person who I was like, “Oh, he’s very mysterious, seems very gentlemanly.”
(1:00:02) Codey: I agree with my friend who said that he’s magical and a perfect gentleman.
(1:00:08) Codey: He feels that way.
(1:00:09) Codey: He feels very deep.
(1:00:10) Codey: He feels very, seems like he’s very contemplative, you know, he’s a writer, makes sense.
(1:00:18) Codey: And I will say a little bit of a spoiler here for his heart events, but early on in his hard events he’ll ask you what your favorite genre of book is.
(1:00:28) Codey: And then later in his hard events he has you’re attending like a signing or something of a book that he’s written and it’s whatever your favorite genre is. So if you said that your favorite genre was mystery, he’s written a mystery novel, sci-fi it’s a sci-fi novel, etc etc. Well I just thought that was really cute. Like just seems really like that that’s a thing I’d like in real life honestly.
(1:00:50) Codey: Um and then the female uh character is Leia clearly. She’s just really caring.
(1:00:58) Codey: And she seems dimensional.
(1:01:02) Jonnie: Yeah, uh look I also have Leia as you know as I think I mentioned before as one of my stardew uh and then the other one I have on my list from from a stardew perspective is Emily because
(1:01:14) Jonnie: I really wish I could swear but like if Clint you know I hate that dude I like I like dating Emily to you know mess with Clint because that dude sucks
(1:01:18) Codey: to save her Franklin oh no
(1:01:24) Jonnie: yeah not even to save her just to mess with him like it’s almost like really disrespectful towards There is a character cuz it’s like I don’t even
(1:01:32) Jonnie: Care about you. I just like that
(1:01:33) Codey: yeah yeah that’s fair so yeah that’s stardew I think like the other character at least the other guy characters are really
(1:01:48) Codey: two-dimensional and one of my friends I was like looking at them and one of my friends said that her red flag is that she chose Shane and then later like someone wasn’t in the room when we were talking about it and then later someone came in someone else came in and we were talking about who we chose in Stardew and that person just turned to the other person was like you chose shade, didn’t you? She was like, “No!”
(1:01:57) Jonnie: Yeah, that is a pretty bad red flag.
(1:02:18) Codey: And that is a way to insult your friends, tell them that you think that they would choose Shane.
(1:02:24) Codey: What is… Is that Stardew? What’s another game that you have?
(1:02:31) Jonnie: So Coral Island, I really like Yuri as a character. I think part of it is just like the, you know,
(1:02:40) Jonnie: we talked about the problem with everyone being like hot version of job but like I think there are some jobs where that’s more okay and I think nurse or like you know being a medical professional is one of those. I think one of the things that I like about the marriage candidates
(1:03:01) Jonnie: and Coral Island in particular, this is kind of before you marry them, is they’re not all presented as like super idealized versions like they don’t all have you know really influential jobs or like you know they’re not all amazing right like because I was like I was going to mention Yuri and I was also going to mention Eva who like just bakes at her dad’s shop right like they and it’s
(1:03:31) Jonnie: shame I think of Coral Island is like the characters themselves are really compelling when you first meet them and it’s just a shame that that doesn’t carry through into the marriage side so yeah.
(1:03:36) Codey: Yeah
(1:03:41) Codey: Yeah Yeah, like especially like they seem to have really full lives and then it’s like when they marry you then their life goes away
(1:03:51) Codey: It’s like no no like I still want you to do what you’re doing
(1:03:53) Jonnie: See?
(1:03:55) Codey: Like I just because you marry like you don’t stop being an individual human
(1:04:00) Codey: Like in in these games, but also in real life [laughs]
(1:04:00) Jonnie: No, this is- this is- this is great.
(1:04:04) Jonnie: Coral Island is like how marriage works in real life. You get married and your life is over. You become a soulless husk.
(1:04:10) Codey: Yeah, you give up your whatever, which is not how it should be.
(1:04:14) Jonnie: Yup.
(1:04:15) Codey: So yeah, I think that that’s probably a reason why I’m probably not gonna do it with the marriage ceremony in Coral Island at all.
(1:04:24) Codey: Not that I was gonna, anyway, but I mean, yeah, my marriage candidates.
(1:04:30) Codey: I do think that Coral Island is the game that has the best diversity of marriage candidates and the best.
(1:04:36) Codey: Like options, um, like there’s people that are flawed.
(1:04:40) Codey: There are, there are some non-binary people.
(1:04:43) Codey: Um, there are, you know, very interesting, like there’s an ex-military human.
(1:04:50) Codey: Um, all of that kind of stuff.
(1:04:52) Codey: Very interesting.
(1:04:53) Codey: It’s just that the system is not the system, the mechanic is still flawed, which sucks.
(1:04:59) Codey: Um, so I actually couldn’t, I picked three people for Coral Island.
(1:05:04) Codey: Um, so the–
(1:05:06) Codey: the first one is Scott.
(1:05:06) Codey: That is who I go for.
(1:05:08) Codey: It’s who I automatically–
(1:05:09) Codey: I feel like in these games, the people that I’m usually interested in are the people who are either,
(1:05:14) Codey: like, quiet and contemplative or are super, super nerdy about the thing that they are into.
(1:05:20) Codey: And Scott is the nerd.
(1:05:21) Codey: Like, he is very into the museum.
(1:05:23) Codey: He’s so excited.
(1:05:24) Codey: He gets really excited if you bring him things.
(1:05:27) Codey: I think, again, spoilers for his heart events.
(1:05:31) Codey: I read through the wiki and stuff.
(1:05:32) Codey: And one of his final heart events is he
(1:05:36) Codey: takes you through the museum and he’s put like rose petals like on a path and he like takes you and tells you about how he remembers when you brought this trilobite in and he remembers when you brought this other thing in and how everything in the museum reminds him of you and how he really cares about you I would die I would die in a puddle if that happened to me in real life it’s so cute but again you he’s such a dork and I love him and then
(1:05:58) Jonnie: He’s such a dork.
(1:06:06) Codey: so and then he’s like kind of a buffer guy looks like he takes care of himself and this is very this person is very my current partner like this is my current partner this is that he just and as I was playing and I was talking to Scott Moore I was like this is just this is him this is oh you know which was surprising but also very awesome um looking at some of the other characters because I didn’t really like get I really suck at trying to like
(1:06:36) Codey: meet everyone and do all like, take, like figure out who everyone is in these games. So I just went through the wikis for it. I did find out that there is a divorcee in this game. Suki, who is the twin with the purple hair, and
(1:06:52) Codey: she was married to someone who now lives off island and has a child. Apparently one of the children named like Valentina,
(1:07:00) Codey: I believe is her child. And she’s very into taking care of her child. She’s very proud of her child. She’s very
(1:07:06) Codey: protective of her child. But you can also marry her like she is a marriage candidate. She also in her picture has visible stretch marks on her stomach because she’s had a child. So
(1:07:19) Codey: 10 out of 10. I mean, she still looks, she still looks young and hot. I’m glad that they’re having people that have these types of backstories, and including these more because that is much needed.
(1:07:34) Codey: Um…
(1:07:36) Codey: The last person that I mentioned, Coraline Linde, is Raj.
(1:07:40) Codey: Raj is the non-binary, um, coffee human, is what I wrote.
(1:07:45) Codey: Um, and 100%, I also wrote 100% my current vibe.
(1:07:50) Codey: Um, I’ve worked in coffee shops for a long time.
(1:07:53) Codey: I still work in a coffee shop now, even during my PhD.
(1:07:56) Codey: Um, a lot of the people that I work with are either non-binary or queer in some way.
(1:08:01) Codey: Um, and they’re just really…
(1:08:03) Codey: It’s just my heart I saw him
(1:08:06) Codey: and I saw he works in coffee and I was like, sorry, they, I saw them and that they work in coffee. And I was like, yep, be still my heart. Like, like, I can relate to you. I can relate to that. It’s the type of person that I would hang out with. You know, if something were to happen, I could probably fall for them eventually. But it just seemed, I was like, I just gravitated and was like, you know, there was enough of the backs, their backstory that I was like, yeah, that’s, I would, I would.
(1:08:36) Codey: with and possibly be with that human, depending on if we meshed. Very, very cool, very happy that there’s that non-binary representation in the game, even if I messed up pronouns.
(1:08:52) Codey: Uh, I was reading Scott’s name when I was talking. Uh, what is another game that you have, Johnny?
(1:08:59) Jonnie: so last game I’ll talk about is cassette beasts and so all of the partners they travel around with in that game are romanceful and I really enjoyed the story with Kaylee in that game this is also going to be like an annoying teaser for the greenhouse episode that Kev and I recorded on cassette beasts and we go in-depth like cuz the reason I like that
(1:09:30) Jonnie: that romance is cuz it is directly tied into the story for the game
(1:09:35) Jonnie: and it makes certain moments significantly more impactful
(1:09:41) Jonnie: and cohesive with the overall narrative that they’re saying and like that they’re telling in the game.
(1:09:46) Jonnie: You don’t get married like it’s no marriage. It’s just a, you know, a romance option.
(1:09:53) Jonnie: But yeah, that was to me, that is the best implementation of
(1:09:59) Jonnie: I was not expecting it and then when I saw it I was like really and then by the end of the game I was like, nope, they knew what they were doing that was like fully intentional and that was really well done. So
(1:10:09) Jonnie: Kaylee but really realistically you could put in like any of the the romanceable candidates from cassette beasts and cassette beasts It’s just a magical magical game.
(1:10:17) Jonnie: There’s a greenhouse coming out sometime soon
(1:10:21) Jonnie: With Kevin and I talking for about an hour on why that game isn’t critical
(1:10:25) Codey: Yeah, I definitely need to. I think it’s been on my list because you’re super into it and then I listened in the most recent episode and Kev was talking about how he’s back in it too,
(1:10:36) Codey: into it as well. So, but I don’t have much to say about cassette pieces other than that.
(1:10:41) Codey: Um, so yeah, I have two, two more games that I have mentioned people. Um, so, uh,
(1:10:51) Codey: Roots of Pacha, it actually took a while for me to–
(1:10:56) Codey: of looking through the marriage candidates to find one who I have a mild interest in.
(1:11:02) Codey: And even then, it’s not necessarily as a marriage candidate, it’s just as a person.
(1:11:06) Codey: It was a really cute backstory.
(1:11:08) Codey: So it’s Took, and he is a very strong hunter.
(1:11:13) Codey: He’s got this hard exterior.
(1:11:15) Codey: He becomes available when you unlock the savannah.
(1:11:19) Codey: All of his heart events show him raising a small boar.
(1:11:25) Codey: So he’s hunting in one of the earlier heart events,
(1:11:28) Codey: and he finds a very, very small boar,
(1:11:31) Codey: and he shoes it away or saves it so that it doesn’t get hunted.
(1:11:37) Codey: And then later on, he just is raising it.
(1:11:41) Codey: And then it shows his family not understanding or accepting his boar pet,
(1:11:45) Codey: and then him having a boar pet and stuff.
(1:11:48) Codey: And I just thought that was really a cute idea.
(1:11:55) Codey: It endears me to him, but again, not enough to form a union with him in that game.
(1:12:02) Codey: And all the other characters are just your generic young–
(1:12:06) Codey: like we’ve talked about, like here’s the young cloth maker, here’s the young fire guy.
(1:12:11) Codey: I mean, some of them have backstories that are compelling that I learned about on the wiki,
(1:12:17) Codey: but it wasn’t clear to me as I was playing the game.
(1:12:20) Codey: don’t always pay attention to these things,
(1:12:22) Codey: so it would 100% could just be me.
(1:12:25) Codey: But I remember talking to Kev about it and being like,
(1:12:28) Codey: “The people who are compelling,”
(1:12:29) Codey: and then I’m like, “Oh, I want to marry that person.”
(1:12:31) Codey: They’re either already married or they’re old,
(1:12:34) Codey: and so they’re not an option.
(1:12:38) Jonnie: And as we established earlier, old people are gross, right? That was the take away.
(1:12:42) Codey: Yeah, old, divorced people are disgusting,
(1:12:44) Codey: and probably vain,
(1:12:47) Codey: or used to choose partners based on vanity.
(1:12:53) Codey: Okay, so the last game,
(1:12:55) Codey: I had to bring this one up because when I asked all of my friends about marriage candidates and how they go for marriage candidates in game,
(1:13:02) Codey: one of my friends said, “Skyrim?”
(1:13:06) Codey: Yeah, there are marriage candidates in games,
(1:13:09) Codey: and this episode is just about marriage candidates,
(1:13:12) Codey: not necessarily farming game marriage candidates,
(1:13:14) Codey: so I’m gonna talk about it.
(1:13:17) Codey: Did you play Skyrim, Johnny?
(1:13:18) Jonnie: Edit.
(1:13:19) Codey: Okay.
(1:13:20) Codey: Did you get married in Skyrim?
(1:13:22) Jonnie: Yeah, because they turn into like a person that can like follow you around and store stuff, right?
(1:13:26) Codey: Yeah, and they also, they can become a pack mule and they can, so that you can like tell them to follow you.
(1:13:26) Jonnie: Like, they just like a packed meal.
(1:13:32) Codey: But they can also become like a vendor and then you can get like a hundred coin from them every day or something like that.
(1:13:39) Codey: Very interesting.
(1:13:40) Codey: Um, there are 30 female characters and 36 male characters that are marriageable in Skyrim, so there’s 66 marriage candidates.
(1:13:48) Codey: One of my issues with the people who are marriage candidates are that anyone, so in the game, you basically like increase your reputation in a region enough to earn a house and earn the title of being a thane.
(1:14:07) Codey: And when you become a thane, you get someone who’s known as your house Karl and they will stay in your house and you can ask them to follow you around, etc, etc.
(1:14:17) Codey: And they’ll fight with you and they’ll do all this stuff.
(1:14:19) Codey: Anyone who becomes your house Karl, you can then marry.
(1:14:25) Codey: And when people come your house Karl, you can just be wearing an amulet of Mara and go up to them and they’re like, “Oh, you want to marry me?”
(1:14:31) Codey: And you can be like, “Yeah.”
(1:14:32) Codey: Which…
(1:14:32) Jonnie: Yeah, I marry I like I that’s the main reason I employ people is I can try to marry
(1:14:38) Codey: It’s a job!
(1:14:40) Codey: It’s disgusting.
(1:14:43) Codey: Okay, so I didn’t go through all of 66 marriage candidates to see what their story was.
(1:14:47) Codey: Some of them are very bland.
(1:14:49) Codey: It’s just like, here’s a person in this part of the world and they seemed like they would be good.
(1:14:55) Codey: So one of them is a female character.
(1:14:58) Codey: She’s an orc.
(1:14:59) Codey: Her name is Borgak the Steelheart.
(1:15:02) Codey: She is…
(1:15:03) Codey: So apparently the orcs’ marriage ceremonies or whatever is that a female becomes of age and then she gets basically like arranged marriage off to a chieftain of another clan.
(1:15:19) Codey: And when you meet her, she’s like, “You know, I live here. I don’t want to go to another clan.”
(1:15:25) Codey: I feel like a cow like blah blah blah and it’s like correct, that’s the bad feeling.
(1:15:30) Codey: So you can just pay her dowry and if you do that, it frees her, but then you can also marry her.
(1:15:41) Codey: Like I think she it endears her to you and so it’s not like oh I’m gonna pay her dowry now you marry me.
(1:15:49) Codey: It seems like it’s like she’s like so thankful that she’s willing to like be with you then
(1:15:55) Codey: I thought that was really interesting though of like the you can just free her and be like go live your life.
(1:16:00) Codey: She’s like well thanks, she’s cool.
(1:16:03) Codey: The ones that if I were, well other than Ayla the Huntress who’s in the Companions who is a very awesome female character in the Companions, the Companions being the werewolf storyline in White Run.
(1:16:18) Codey: Farkas and Vilkas are twins in the Companions.
(1:16:21) Codey: Farkas is known as the strong one and Vilkas is known as the brains one or the smart one.
(1:16:26) Codey: In my opinion they’re both total sweethearts and I would go for either of them.
(1:16:32) Codey: They’re just very, they don’t want to use their werewolf powers for evil.
(1:16:36) Codey: Very cute.
(1:16:38) Codey: And then this one I thought was hilarious because here we are complaining about you can’t marry someone who’s old and Skyrim’s got us.
(1:16:46) Codey: You can marry Aktiv San who quote says quote “I’m too old to work but that don’t make
(1:16:55) Codey: me old to drink.”
(1:16:56) Jonnie: Right favorite marriage candidate we’ve talked about today
(1:17:01) Codey: So his daughter Yvette takes care of him, she’s critical of his age, he drinks and gambles heavily due to his gambling problems, I don’t know, I don’t know, maybe she’s just like you should be a better human which is probably true, yeah so due to his gambling problems He’s accumulated a large-
(1:17:12) Jonnie: Wait, how can you be critical of someone’s age?
(1:17:14) Jonnie: Don’t be so old.
(1:17:25) Codey: sum of debt, and if you help pay off his debt, he offers to train you in two-handed weapon combat. Raises up your level for two-handed.
(1:17:33) Jonnie: So what I’m getting from Skyrim is you can exchange.
(1:17:36) Codey: That’s correct. Yes. Yeah, so if you pay off all of his debt, he will also marry you. Could marry you if you’re wearing the amulet of Mara. But I just love- I was like oh my gosh, you can literally marry this like old drinking drunken gambler.
(1:17:56) Codey: It’s just so stupid, but also awesome. Like that- I would- I want to do that just to see what happens, and then they can follow you around. I think he’s a non-
(1:18:08) Codey: non- gosh, what did they call it? He doesn’t come back if he gets killed.
(1:18:13) Codey: Restore. Revive. I don’t remember, but if he dies, he’s just gone. Sucks. But yeah, I just had to mention Skyrim. I love Skyrim. I put so many hours into that game.
(1:18:26) Codey: So yeah, that was our thoughts on marriage candidates and the marriage candidacy as a mechanic. Did you have any final thoughts, Joni?
(1:18:36) Jonnie: No. No.
(1:18:38) Codey: No notes. Cool. Thank you. I hope, listeners, you have thoughts about who in Skyrim you should- you should woo. Or has Stardew changed your in real updating life? Let Let us know.
(1:18:54) Codey: You can find me
(1:18:55) Codey: @kodimathis on twitter/x, @hikingbeagle, on instagram, or in the slack, which is accessible through the patreon,, and that’s also where they can find you, correct Johnny?
(1:19:12) Jonnie: Correct.
(1:19:13) Codey: The only place we can find him.
(1:19:15) Codey: He is nowhere else on the internet.
(1:19:18) Jonnie: You can find me at my house.
(1:19:19) Codey: I don’t know where that is.
(1:19:20) Jonnie: Just sayin’, like I am, I am here most of-
(1:19:21) Codey: I don’t know where that is.
(1:19:23) Codey: You can find Al at the Scott Boss.
(1:19:25) Codey: If you have any feedbacks or links, tell us what your favorite marriage candidate is or how you feel about their marriage system and how people might be able to fix it.
(1:19:44) Codey: Make it less shallow.
(1:19:45) Codey: Make it intentional.
(1:19:50) Codey: At the website, you can again access the Patreon link,, support our show.
(1:19:55) Codey: Keep us going.
(1:19:57) Codey: Maybe hear us talk about, uh, bugs.
(1:20:01) Codey: Hear about our new bug podcast that we’re thinking about making.
(1:20:04) Codey: Um, yeah.
(1:20:05) Codey: So thanks, Johnny, for joining me today.
(1:20:08) Jonnie: Thanks Cody, this is a lot of fun.
(1:20:10) Jonnie: I always like talking about mechanics that I’m not a huge fan of.
(1:20:12) Jonnie: I always feel like I learned something about why I don’t like them,
(1:20:14) Jonnie: and it’s often that I don’t like the mechanic, it’s that I don’t like the way it’s implemented.
(1:20:18) Jonnie: So, this was fun.
(1:20:20) Codey: yeah I agree like I think that if we hadn’t had this conversation I wouldn’t understand why I don’t like this and I mean it doesn’t it doesn’t really change the fact that I don’t like it and then I’m probably not gonna do marriage in any of these games but now we know a little bit more about ourselves and hopefully listener you do too um so yeah uh until next time have a good
(1:20:45) Jonnie: Have a good harvest.
(1:20:46) Theme Tune: The harvest season is created by Al McKinlay, with support from our patrons, including our pro farmers, Kevin, Stuart and Alisa.
(1:20:47) Jonnie: Have a good harvest.
(1:21:02) Theme Tune: Our art is done by Micah the Brave, and our music is done by Nick Burgess.
(1:21:06) Theme Tune: Feel free to visit our website,, for show notes and links to things we discussed in this episode.
(1:21:22) Codey: Yeah, I don’t know. There’s not really like a podcast that does that.
(1:21:28) Codey: The podcasts that I know of are like educational or informative,
(1:21:34) Codey: but not just like bug person gets to rant about whatever, like, yeah.
(1:21:42) Codey: I don’t know. If it’s only like 20 minutes or so, I’m not gonna say no, right?
(1:21:46) Codey: I mean, right here, right now, and like, it could be literally like,
(1:21:48) Codey: What did people ask me about bugs this week?
(1:21:52) Codey: So like two weeks ago it was, oh someone wants me to, one of my friends is a piano teacher and she wants me to talk to her class.
(1:22:04) Codey: They’re doing a piece called the golden butterfly.
(1:22:08) Codey: She wants me to talk to them about butterflies for like five minutes.
(1:22:08) Jonnie: Mm-hmm.
(1:22:12) Codey: So I’m going to zoom in and talk to this like piano class about butterflies.
(1:22:12) Jonnie: See?
(1:22:15) Jonnie: Great.
(1:22:15) Jonnie: So I feel like that has like…
(1:22:18) Jonnie: That sounds like a good episode one, right?
(1:22:20) Jonnie: Where it’s like a little bit of the backstory of like…
(1:22:22) Codey: Yeah, yeah, exactly.
(1:22:23) Jonnie: You know, how this request came about, you know, go to Butterfly.
(1:22:28) Jonnie: And then basically just whatever you were going to say to that class, right?
(1:22:31) Jonnie: You could just do some of that.
(1:22:33) Jonnie: Okay.
(1:22:33) Codey: Or like I was asked to go to a comedy club in New York City and talk about b-sex.
(1:22:33) Jonnie: Ah.
(1:22:39) Jonnie: Wait, what? Is that a…
(1:22:40) Codey: And I did.
(1:22:41) Codey: I did that.
(1:22:41) Jonnie: See? Okay, this is 100%, this is 100% a show, right?
(1:22:42) Codey: I did that last year.
(1:22:45) Jonnie: Because, like, the Apacoast, like, Apacoast is a story for this show.
(1:22:47) Codey: Yeah.
(1:22:49) Jonnie: Like, um, okay. Uh, we’ll work on this.
(1:22:52) Codey: There’s also like, so my one now, someone, and it could also just be like listeners write in with your questions.
(1:22:58) Codey: And I can answer your question in like a 20 minute episode.
(1:22:59) Jonnie: Yes.
(1:23:00) Jonnie: 100%.
(1:23:01) Codey: So like Will from the PKMN cast just emailed, just messaged me the other day and he was like,
(1:23:07) Codey: “Explain how bumblebees breathe underwater.” And then he linked this.
(1:23:11) Jonnie: What? Okay, yeah, we are 100% doing this. This is amazing.
(1:23:12) Codey: Yeah, he linked.
(1:23:17) Codey: Okay, I mean do we want it to be a part of the greenhouse or just like a whole other thing?
(1:23:20) Jonnie: No, no, I think it I think it needs to be its own show right like
(1:23:22) Codey: I’m willing to do it with you if you’re willing to edit it.
(1:23:27) Jonnie: Yeah, oh look let’s let’s we’ll work on name I’ll do the editing the logistics all of that sort of stuff
(1:23:32) Codey: Okay, and then worst case scenario we can just bring in another bug person.
(1:23:38) Jonnie: Yeah, 100%
(1:23:39) Codey: So, okay, well we should probably do this.