We Gon’ Sue You

Codey and Bev talk about Window Garden


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Wholesome Direct
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Moosntone Island DLC and Update
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(0:00:32) Codey: Hello and welcome to another episode of the harvest season.
(0:00:34) Codey: My name is Cody and we are here today to talk about cottage core games.
(0:00:36) Bev: And my name is Pav.
(0:00:37) Bev: Bye!
(0:00:40) Codey: Woo.
(0:00:43) Codey: Uh, as always, transcripts are available in the show notes and on the website.
(0:00:46) Codey: And today this episode, we are talking about window garden, the lo-fi idol game, super cute, um, been very excited to talk about this.
(0:00:54) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:00:56) Codey: We’ve been playing it for a few months now.
(0:00:58) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:00:59) Codey: I’m excited to hear how far you are, but we haven’t talked about it at all.
(0:01:01) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:01:02) Codey: Um, and so, um, yeah, so that’s the, the main topic.
(0:01:09) Codey: Uh, we always, as always have some news.
(0:01:11) Codey: There’s some, some interesting news going on today.
(0:01:15) Codey: Uh, but before that, uh, Beth, what have you been up to?
(0:01:18) Bev: I have been dying at work, but in terms of what I’ve been playing, I’ve been doing a lot of Marvel Strike Force recently. I got back into that for whatever reason. I thought,
(0:01:35) Bev: yes, I need a gacha game back into my life. In addition to keeping up with Twisted Wonderland,
(0:01:43) Bev: I’m not doing so much in the way of console games because I just feel like I don’t have a
(0:01:48) Bev: lot of time for it, but I did recently get the old Jedi game. Was it Fallen Order?
(0:01:54) Codey: Mmm, okay, okay
(0:01:56) Bev: Not Jedi Survivor because that’s a new one, but the previous one because it was on sale from May the 4th. I have like an hour in there since then. How about you?
(0:02:03) Codey: Okay, okay
(0:02:05) Codey: cool, uh
(0:02:07) Bev: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(0:02:08) Codey: Well, I also it has been a while since we talked about your background garden
(0:02:13) Codey: Do you like your backyard garden? Do you have do you still have that? Is that still a thing? Is it getting up getting ready?
(0:02:18) Bev: We do.
(0:02:22) Bev: So it was falling into disarray over the winter and at the end of, I think,
(0:02:27) Bev: fall of last year.
(0:02:29) Bev: But now it’s spring, so it’s a whole new year and we’ve reset.
(0:02:33) Bev: We actually redid our whole backyard.
(0:02:37) Bev: So we got new pavers in and no longer have to deal with weeds anymore,
(0:02:41) Bev: which is fantastic.
(0:02:44) Bev: So we also bought like new like furniture.
(0:02:48) Bev: Out there, so we’re actually gonna get to sit outside like in an umbrella and have enjoyment in our space without a whole bunch of stuff everywhere.
(0:02:59) Bev: Since we just, it was getting bad, so we got rid of a lot of stuff back there.
(0:03:06) Bev: Cuz I had like working projects for houses, the house, and that just never happened.
(0:03:11) Bev: And then we’re like, we’re just gonna accept that this is a project that is no longer taking place.
(0:03:15) Codey: yeah that is the worst when you have to like I’m about actually probably also about to have to do that because I have a roommate moving in and I have to clean out this room and so there’s gonna be like a lot of stuff that’s like okay I’ve had a this this thing for this hard drive for forever that I said I was gonna go through I don’t even remember what’s on it do I actually need this like I don’t know or I’ll just throw it in that memory box and maybe one day I’ll do it, but I don’t need to have it on my desk anymore.
(0:03:32) Bev: Mhm. Mhm. Right, exactly. Like at one point, like it’s been a year or so that this project hasn’t been worked on. So it’s like, is it, is it actually going to happen at this point? Probably not. So we bought some new like herbs and have them hanging instead of in the…
(0:03:50) Codey: Yeah. Yeah.
(0:04:02) Bev: the bed. We haven’t used the bed yet. Um, because last time it got like, we got overgrown too quickly with the squashes and tomatoes. So we’re like, we’re gonna start smaller and have them separate so that they don’t get angry and start quarreling with each other. Um, and uh, uh, my partner, uh, Taylor has been mostly, uh, working on the backyard, but they’ve been enjoying the the gardening much more.
(0:04:04) Codey: Okay.
(0:04:08) Codey: Uh-huh.
(0:04:10) Codey: Okay.
(0:04:32) Bev: I’m going to try to get a little bit more of a look at what happened.
(0:04:32) Codey: Mm-hmm. Well, it’s lovely though that it’s there and like you can get out there and and do some stuff if you want But that it’s also not gonna
(0:04:35) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:04:36) Bev: Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
(0:04:44) Codey: Unlike my at my yard
(0:04:46) Codey: My my backyard just got fenced and I was I had these grand designs of like, oh I’m gonna clean this I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna do that
(0:04:56) Codey: And yeah, it’s not
(0:04:58) Codey: surprise I mean every now and then I’d go out there with the dogs and I kick the ball for them and then they find like a stick to chew on or whatever and they like chill and then I’ll go out and pull some pull up some of that garlic mustard, ooh garlic mustard it’s the worst, pull up some of that pull up some other stuff that is just a non-native that is taking over the beds because there’s excuse me there’s a couple of areas where there’s not grass that I could make like wildflower beds and then I do also have a raised fenced bed that I am hoping to–
(0:05:12) Bev: Mm-hmm, yeah.
(0:05:26) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:05:34) Codey: I don’t want to put veggies in this year, but I should probably be doing that like now, I guess.
(0:05:34) Bev: I mean, there’s still time.
(0:05:40) Codey: So we’ll see.
(0:05:43) Bev: It doesn’t have to be now, like.
(0:05:44) Codey: I really want zucchinis because I love just the, like, always having zucchini, like–
(0:05:52) Codey: I love hearing from my friends who have zucchini plants that they’re like, “It just won’t stop.”
(0:05:56) Codey: Like, I just want that. I want to make zucchini bread, like, every week, you know?
(0:05:57) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:06:00) Codey: or be the person that’s like zucchinis are like falling.
(0:06:02) Codey: out of my pockets and I’m like “please take my zucchinis” because I have friends that are that way but I want to be that person just once in my life. Just once.
(0:06:08) Bev: Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, mix-ups. Um, we also got our fence re-did, um,
(0:06:17) Bev: which is nice because now you don’t have, like, those, those, like,
(0:06:21) Bev: gaps in between the, the slots, I guess, or the, whatever they’re called. Um,
(0:06:26) Bev: So it feels like we have a lot more.
(0:06:27) Bev: Privacy and our decrepit gate is not just like Hank literally just being supported by the fence
(0:06:35) Bev: because it’s not connected at that point.
(0:06:39) Bev: And we set up a zipline for the cats so we can bring them out.
(0:06:42) Codey: My gosh
(0:06:45) Codey: So like you just clip them to the zipline and they get to do whatever they want. Oh my gosh freaking adorable
(0:06:53) Bev: And got some bird feeders so we can attract
(0:06:58) Bev: the birds so the cats can look at them and get some enrichment through the windows.
(0:07:02) Codey: Yeah.
(0:07:05) Bev: I know one thing that Taylor had mentioned like we want to do is like maybe possibly using the beds for like just local pollinator plants but
(0:07:14) Bev: we haven’t gotten around to doing that so I think we’ll probably be planting that as well.
(0:07:18) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:07:19) Codey: I mean that works either way like it’s you know either you’re even even a lot of like fruits and vegetables that you might grow in there are gonna produce a flower usually at some point but yeah depending on if you’re living in a really urban environment it might be good to to also have some some of that pollinator flowers as well to support the local populations
(0:07:30) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:07:32) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:07:42) Bev: Yeah, it’s not super urban, but it’s pretty suburban so I wouldn’t mind, like just having some more and it feels like I think Taylor’s probably thinking it’s going to be less work than the veggies, but I don’t know if that’s actually the case or not, but yeah, exactly.
(0:07:47) Codey: Mm-hmm
(0:07:49) Codey: Yeah Yeah.
(0:07:59) Codey: I mean you’re gonna have to weed in there for sure and it depending on what kind of wildflower mixes you spread it might be difficult to determine what’s the weed and what was meant to be in there I think that’s the issue that I always have with that kind of stuff so my plan for wildflowers this year is literally while I’m doing my field research just grab seed pods be like oh that I can tell this is a goldenrod from last year I’m just gonna yoink grab everything
(0:08:12) Bev: Mm-hm, mm-hm, mm-hm.
(0:08:22) Bev: Ooh, yes.
(0:08:29) Codey: if there are any seed pods that didn’t like dispense their seeds and just toss them in my backyard and hope that they grow milkweed goldenrod lots of different goldenrods that are that are native to this area that just support a plethora of things on the non gardening side I have been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley I now almost have Daisy all the way maxed out and Mike Wazowski who are the only two characters that I did not
(0:08:36) Bev: Beautiful.
(0:08:39) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:08:44) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:08:54) Bev: Oh yay!
(0:08:59) Codey: have all the way maxed out so I am about to be done on that and then I would have to pay for content to have content I think I’ll just wait though and then Minecraft Fox still going strong and never posted pictures like I said I would last week but I did I did I took them so I I have a bunch of I have a bunch of pictures I just never posted them so yeah I have that still going on The tail is now finished and I’m now working on the body.
(0:09:00) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:09:02) Bev: Amazing.
(0:09:06) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:09:08) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:09:18) Bev: You’re halfway there!
(0:09:29) Codey: And we’re building up the sanctuary part of it that’s on the top, which is really cute.
(0:09:34) Codey: There’s just foxes all over and then I’m trying to find what I want to play next.
(0:09:39) Codey: And I went on Game Pass and there were a bunch of those like simulation games like power washing simulator and like cooking simulator.
(0:09:50) Codey: And I was like, oh, I want to try some of these.
(0:09:53) Codey: I love watching videos of people power wash.
(0:09:54) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:09:56) Codey: Let me try this.
(0:09:59) Codey: But I do also have one of my best friends is playing SnowRunner, which is like a game where you pilot rescue vehicles to save people from like, like if they’re stuck in the snow or whatever, or you’re, or you also just like deliver things in the snow, and they have a bunch of different types of vehicles that you can use.
(0:10:10) Bev: Ooh, okay.
(0:10:13) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:10:21) Codey: And you, I guess you can play that multiplayer cross platform so he could, he could be like, well, I’m going to grab this, this vehicle and I know that we’re going to need.
(0:10:24) Bev: Cool. Okay.
(0:10:29) Codey: This other vehicle. So can you go grab that real quick and I’ll be like, heck yeah. And then I’ll run them off the road because I’m a menace to society.
(0:10:32) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:10:37) Codey: So we’ll see how long that I think it’d be fun though.
(0:10:39) Bev: Uh-huh, uh-huh. I forgot Dreamlight Valley was a thing.
(0:10:45) Codey: Oh, it’s so good. It is so I mean, I also should probably go back to Coraline when there’s all those updates that are coming out and.
(0:10:51) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:10:53) Bev: Yeah, I was playing a lot of Howl Island prior to I think May the 4th and then I stopped then around then.
(0:11:00) Bev: and then…
(0:11:02) Bev: but
(0:11:02) Codey: I think I’m [AUDIO OUT]
(0:11:03) Bev: I realized, like, I’m probably gonna wanna start a new island as soon as the 1.1,
(0:11:07) Bev: so I was like, “Mmm, maybe I would– this is where I’ll stop for now.”
(0:11:11) Codey: Right.
(0:11:13) Codey: Yeah, I don’t even think I made it past summer in that game.
(0:11:17) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:11:18) Codey: So I still have a lot that I can do.
(0:11:20) Codey: I just– I planted some things.
(0:11:22) Codey: And then I was like, ooh, hyperfixing on the ocean cleanup?
(0:11:25) Codey: And then that was my life.
(0:11:27) Codey: And then every now and then I’d find–
(0:11:31) Codey: His name’s not Simon, is it?
(0:11:32) Codey: I’m the museum guy.
(0:11:33) Bev: Oh, no. Oh, goodness.
(0:11:36) Codey: Well, that guy.
(0:11:39) Codey: That, that Hoddy McConterton.
(0:11:40) Bev: OK, I can picture him, but I can’t see his name.
(0:11:44) Codey: Um, that person.
(0:11:44) Bev: Oh. Scott.
(0:11:47) Codey: I cannot believe I blinked on his name.
(0:11:50) Codey: I would go, I just go and give him Scott.
(0:11:54) Codey: I knew it started with an X.
(0:11:57) Codey: Yeah, I go and give him gifts whenever I see him.
(0:12:00) Codey: And sometimes he’s like, “Wow, I love it.”
(0:12:06) Bev: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. I realize that mayonnaise works for like everyone essentially. So that’s just been my go-to
(0:12:13) Codey: that’s ridiculous I mean the cool thing is he takes like a lot of artifacts and stuff like anything that’s an artifact because he’s a museum guy and so he’s always like wow this is awesome thank you and i’m like heck yeah like I i do sell a lot of them too well so I i give the museum one like i fill in the museum with everything but then um yeah um so yeah other than
(0:12:14) Bev: It’s a really weird gift like I want them to comment on how weird it is, but they’re all like oh delicious. Thanks
(0:12:25) Bev: Right
(0:12:29) Bev: I sell those. I’m like nope. Sorry Scott. I need the money [giggles]
(0:12:43) Codey: not just trying to figure out what to do with my life after getting a lot of tattoos and then I gotta say money you got a tattoo yesterday and then I have another one next week so actually another two next week it’s one one sitting but I’m getting one on each of my elbows
(0:12:45) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:12:50) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:12:55) Bev: Beautiful.
(0:12:57) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:13:03) Bev: Wait, on your elbows?
(0:13:04) Codey: it’s not gonna be like on the elbow but it’s like the forearm right below the elbow it’s like a symbol so that when I like hold up my arm
(0:13:09) Bev: Okay.
(0:13:11) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:13:13) Codey: like I’m gonna fight you you’re gonna see them both you’re gonna be like oh wow she’s got these symbols that are space themed and fire themed like can’t she’s intense I have a I didn’t realize that I have a and one of my forearms is gonna be orange themed and one’s gonna be purple themed so far because yeah I have a lot of like fox stuff on the right one the the right forearm is my fox forearm and that’s the one that’s gonna have fire and it’s going to end up with a minecraft fox and i’m
(0:13:21) Bev: » Better back off.
(0:13:33) Bev: Oh.
(0:13:35) Bev: Mmhmm.
(0:13:43) Codey: going to put a elolan volpix and a sh no sorry a regular volpix and a shiny elolan volpix like napping together just like I want like one of them to be like eepin on their back and then the other ones just like has like their head on the tummy of the other one and they’re just eepin I don’t know it just seems so cute to me um but yeah a lot of a lot of orange are going to be on that one and then the other one’s the one with my wormhole which has purple in it and then it’s going to be like a purply space
(0:13:50) Bev: Awwww. I love it.
(0:14:13) Bev: Beautiful. I recently saw TikTok with someone doing a sword for different degrees.
(0:14:14) Codey: i’m not going to stick to that theme though
(0:14:25) Bev: So it was themed with the law one having the arms of justice or whatever that’s called.
(0:14:30) Codey: Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm.
(0:14:33) Bev: And the biology one had a hexagonal shapes with the molecular. There was a marine biology on with like a nurse shark on it.
(0:14:43) Bev: And I was like, this is going to be my reward when I finish my degree is I’m going to get this.
(0:14:48) Codey: yeah oh yeah have you have you have you explained your news on okay what do we got what do we got I’m drum rolling Woooo!
(0:14:51) Bev: I don’t think I’ve done it on the podcast yet.
(0:14:58) Bev: So I have been amazing.
(0:15:03) Bev: I got into law school and I formally officially accepted so I’ll be starting this fall.
(0:15:10) Bev: So, scrambling around trying to get that figured out.
(0:15:13) Bev: And remind myself how to do financial aid.
(0:15:16) Codey: That’s right, y’all, we’re gonna have a doctor and a lawyer on this podcast.
(0:15:19) Bev: Yeah, yeah.
(0:15:23) Codey: Don’t mess with us.
(0:15:24) Bev: Do not, we cannot come at us at any, any angle.
(0:15:29) Codey: I will either stab you with a bunch of pins or pesticide you,
(0:15:34) Codey: and then I will be free from the law because I have a lawyer.
(0:15:38) Bev: I got your back.
(0:15:40) Codey: Homies, help homies. Oh, so funny.
(0:15:43) Bev: Aha.
(0:15:44) Codey: Congratulations.
(0:15:46) Codey: Congratulations.
(0:15:46) Codey: That’s so amazing.
(0:15:48) Bev: Thank you.
(0:15:49) Codey: I know that you were really nervous about that and unsure if you were going to get in.
(0:15:52) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:15:53) Codey: And then when you got it, I remember like gasping really loud and my roommate was like,
(0:15:57) Codey: is everything okay?
(0:15:58) Codey: And I was like, they got in, they got in.
(0:16:00) Codey: And he was just like, he had no idea what was happening.
(0:16:04) Codey: And I was like, my friend, they got into law school.
(0:16:04) Bev: Aha.
(0:16:09) Bev: Aww.
(0:16:10) Bev: I think I was also like gasping or something and like Taylor
(0:16:13) Bev: was like are you okay I think also similar reaction of like or maybe I i don’t think I screamed um
(0:16:16) Codey: Yeah.
(0:16:20) Bev: I i think it was like a very quiet like uh I just got into law school or something like that
(0:16:25) Codey: It’s so exciting.
(0:16:26) Codey: So exciting.
(0:16:28) Bev: uh-huh
(0:16:29) Codey: Well, we are 18 minutes in.
(0:16:31) Codey: Sorry, Al.
(0:16:33) Codey: Moving on to the news.
(0:16:34) Bev: al loves us um-hmm
(0:16:36) Codey: They do.
(0:16:39) Codey: Everyone on the podcast, I feel like we can talk for like ever, and he’s not going to cut anything out, because we can all sue you.
(0:16:43) Bev: uh-huh
(0:16:46) Codey: OK.
(0:16:46) Codey: Moving on to the news.
(0:16:51) Codey: We’ve got just a small bit of news,
(0:16:52) Codey: but it’s interesting this week.
(0:16:56) Codey: The fact that the Wholesome Direct is going to be on the 8th of June at noon eastern time,
(0:17:02) Codey: because eastern time is all that matters.
(0:17:04) Bev: yes do the math
(0:17:04) Codey: So if you are in a different time zone, figure it out.
(0:17:07) Bev: you uh
(0:17:09) Codey: Al said, thank goodness it’s not on a Wednesday again.
(0:17:13) Bev: um
(0:17:14) Codey: Probably because we record on Wednesdays,
(0:17:16) Codey: so we don’t want the news to drop.
(0:17:18) Codey: Oh, I guess there was the last time it happened.
(0:17:20) Codey: I think we literally watched it together, or watched it,
(0:17:23) Codey: And then we were like, okay, let’s go.
(0:17:26) Codey: Let’s record.
(0:17:27) Codey: It was all super fresh.
(0:17:27) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:17:29) Codey: Um, so yeah, that’s going to be June 8th, uh, less than a month.
(0:17:33) Codey: And, um, if you don’t know what the wholesome direct is, what are you doing here?
(0:17:38) Bev: look into it right
(0:17:38) Codey: First, uh, first of all, what are you doing here?
(0:17:40) Codey: And second of all, quote, a vibrant lineup of artistic uplifting and emotionally resonant games from developers of all sizes from around the world, developers of all sides, Oh, so like big developers and small developers.
(0:17:50) Bev: Mm-hmm, tall ones and short ones, you know.
(0:17:51) Codey: I was like, chill children.
(0:17:56) Codey: Children develop excited about that.
(0:18:00) Codey: Always excited to see what I will begrudgingly send my spend money that I don’t have on for sure.
(0:18:06) Bev: right?
(0:18:09) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:18:10) Bev: And don’t have time to actually play now.
(0:18:12) Bev: No.
(0:18:14) Codey: Um, animal cross speaking of money, uh, animal crossing Lego, um, new sets are coming, um, and they, so I think when Al, all we hit, all we
(0:18:17) Bev: No.
(0:18:25) Codey: the only information that we had at the time that I’ll put this information in was that they’re coming on August 1st.
(0:18:31) Codey: There’s a couple of different sets.
(0:18:32) Codey: And, uh, there’s a small video of K K slider playing the guitar on Lego.
(0:18:38) Codey: Um, and in the video, they say, love that they have to say Lego KK Minifigure
(0:18:42) Codey: does not actually sing or move.
(0:18:46) Codey: Like that’s, I’m like, what?
(0:18:47) Bev: It should.
(0:18:51) Bev: Like how dare they advertise a KK Slider that doesn’t actually sing.
(0:18:56) Codey: Yeah.
(0:18:57) Codey: The audacity.
(0:19:00) Codey: So yeah, but since that news dropped, they are out.
(0:19:05) Codey: They are not out, but they are on the webs.
(0:19:09) Codey: We can see them.
(0:19:10) Codey: We can see what there is.
(0:19:12) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:19:12) Codey: They are coming soon.
(0:19:15) Codey: So we have two.
(0:19:16) Codey: We have at least two so far as of recording.
(0:19:19) Codey: We have KK’s concert at the plaza.
(0:19:22) Codey: This one is going to be $80.
(0:19:26) Codey: Probably not including tax, because that’s how capitalism works.
(0:19:32) Codey: In it, we have KK, Isabelle, and Audi?
(0:19:36) Codey: Audi?
(0:19:37) Codey: I don’t know how people would want to say that.
(0:19:39) Bev: Mmm, I don’t know
(0:19:40) Codey: OK.
(0:19:41) Codey: The Wolf, the orange wolf, who is carrying around a cherry ice cream.
(0:19:43) Bev: Mm-hmm
(0:19:47) Codey: Looks very cute.
(0:19:49) Codey: This set includes the plaza front, a small cafe stand,
(0:19:54) Codey: KK’s fan.
(0:19:56) Codey: A guitar, a mic, or a cycle box, a boom box, a bunch of other stuff.
(0:20:01) Codey: But in the description of this, something caught my attention.
(0:20:07) Codey: And nothing in the images on the website explains what this is possibly going to be.
(0:20:13) Codey: But, quote, “Just like in the video game, the tree conceals a surprise.”
(0:20:22) Codey: They also say, “And the resident’s service flag is customizable.”
(0:20:25) Codey: I don’t care about that.
(0:20:26) Codey: What?
(0:20:29) Codey: The tree?
(0:20:30) Bev: Is it just gonna be a leaf that’s gonna fall out?
(0:20:33) Bev: What is this mechanic?
(0:20:34) Codey: I mean, there is a leaf on the ground in this picture.
(0:20:37) Codey: But that’s not like a surprise.
(0:20:39) Bev: That’s not a surprise, that’s just an icon that’s falling out. (laughing)
(0:20:40) Codey: It’s a leaf off of a tree.
(0:20:43) Codey: Is it like a wasp?
(0:20:45) Codey: Do we get wasps?
(0:20:46) Bev: I want a full, I want a full bed to fall out of it.
(0:20:47) Codey: I want the hive.
(0:20:50) Codey: Oh my gosh.
(0:20:51) Codey: I want to fold a little leaf.
(0:20:52) Bev: Like defying, like physics, like just coming out of the tree.
(0:20:55) Codey: Oh, you mean the leaf when the symbol of the leaf falls out,
(0:21:01) Codey: not the little orange leaves that they have?
(0:21:01) Bev: Uh-huh, yeah, like you shake it and then the little,
(0:21:05) Bev: yeah, the leaf comes down with the furniture item
(0:21:08) Codey: I mean, maybe, but I want the wasp nest, actually.
(0:21:10) Bev: or whatever it is.
(0:21:14) Bev: Oh, oh, oh, actually I want that now. (laughing)
(0:21:17) Codey: Yeah, I love how that, earlier when I was looking at this,
(0:21:21) Codey: it said coming soon on August 1st and now on the website.
(0:21:25) Codey: I’m coming soon on DATE!
(0:21:28) Codey: The website’s having some issues.
(0:21:28) Bev: on date, oh dear.
(0:21:31) Codey: Um…
(0:21:32) Codey: What do you think of this set, Bev?
(0:21:32) Bev: Mm.
(0:21:35) Bev: I think it looks very cute.
(0:21:36) Codey: Mmm?
(0:21:37) Codey: laughs I don’t know.
(0:21:37) Bev: I think the van’s a little random,
(0:21:39) Bev: ‘cause do we even have the van?
(0:21:41) Codey: I don’t know.
(0:21:42) Bev: And we don’t have the van in the game,
(0:21:44) Bev: so it’s just like a nod to a pocket camp,
(0:21:45) Codey: Does KK have a van in pocket camp?
(0:21:49) Bev: ‘cause I don’t know.
(0:21:52) Bev: I feel like there was cute, there were vans in there.
(0:21:54) Bev: I don’t know, I haven’t played it in years, don’t quote me.
(0:21:55) Codey: No, it opens up like a transformer and he’s inside with what looks like a pizza and a coffee.
(0:22:00) Codey: And you can take that, cuz it’s like a camper van, so you can take the top off and the top has, you can put it as a guitar and one of his musics in there.
(0:22:09) Bev: I don’t know, it looks very cute, I love how KK Cider looks, but I’m not willing to pay I think $80 for it, AL, I’m sorry, like you can collect them for me.
(0:22:09) Codey: It’s just, it’s real, I was, yeah.
(0:22:17) Codey: Mm-hm, mm-hm, mm-hm, [LAUGH] al, we need, we need.
(0:22:23) Bev: I will live vicariously through you.
(0:22:26) Codey: To live, yeah, live vicariously.
(0:22:29) Codey: The other one is Fly with Dodo Airlines, and this one is $38 USD.
(0:22:35) Codey: It includes Wilbur, the pilot, and Tangy, the cat, Tangy.
(0:22:41) Codey: I’ve never been Tangy, okay.
(0:22:42) Bev: I feel like Tangy, maybe, or I feel like it could probably go either way.
(0:22:44) Codey: Dude, that’s the thing is I’m never sure if they’re going for like Tangy, like the flavor, or Tangy like tangerine.
(0:22:50) Bev: Language is fluid.
(0:22:51) Bev: It is what you want it to be.
(0:22:54) Codey: It’s, it’s the orm.
(0:22:56) Codey: With the little, with the little leaf on his noggin.
(0:22:57) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:22:59) Codey: Um, this one includes the airport, the dock, the plane, um, like a little ticket.
(0:22:59) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:23:01) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:23:03) Bev: It’s specifically the blue airport, in case that matters.
(0:23:07) Codey: Oh, I didn’t know there was different airport.
(0:23:09) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:23:10) Bev: Well, I’ll see you next time.
(0:23:12) Bev: Bye!
(0:23:22) Codey: as is tradition as is tradition um so yeah those two are coming out August 1st so if you have disposable income and I think that these are super cute I’m not gonna lie if they came up with one that has had blue bear in it or Raymond I I might drop down probably not but like I would seriously think about it and then my wallet would be like…
(0:23:44) Bev: Uhhh.
(0:23:46) Bev: Ooh.
(0:23:53) Codey: “Don’t you do it!”
(0:23:54) Bev: Uh-huh, I would not be surprised if once they’re done doing all these buildings that they’ll just release the individual characters
(0:24:03) Bev: almost like a
(0:24:03) Codey: My soul just left my body.
(0:24:06) Bev: Like a mystery pack to you like I can see them doing that and making it like a collectible like whatever what’s in the pack or you know
(0:24:12) Codey: I just want, I just want Blue Bear.
(0:24:15) Codey: I love Blue Bear.
(0:24:16) Codey: I don’t know why I love Blue Bear so much,
(0:24:18) Codey: but I just love Blue Bear.
(0:24:21) Codey: Moonstone Island has a new blog post.
(0:24:27) Codey: Excuse me.
(0:24:28) Codey: And just before we get into the details of the blog post,
(0:24:32) Codey: I wrote it as if the in-game characters wrote the blog.
(0:24:36) Codey: So it’s like, it’s like, hey Osano here,
(0:24:36) Bev: Amazing.
(0:24:39) Codey: like here I’m gonna talk about.
(0:24:41) Codey: And then it’s like, hey, it’s this other character.
(0:24:43) Codey: Osano got anxious and needed to take a break.
(0:24:46) Codey: So I’m here.
(0:24:47) Codey: So like I, it’s kind of hard with the,
(0:24:51) Codey: the way that they use that voice.
(0:24:53) Codey: Like I don’t know what is like a legit thing that’s coming out versus what is just them
(0:25:02) Codey: and just like saying things.
(0:25:05) Codey: Like what’s the characters just saying things?
(0:25:08) Bev: Mm-hmm. Wait, which one are you can– oh, go ahead.
(0:25:09) Codey: Like they say, they say something like how in this new,
(0:25:12) Codey: the new DLC, which is magic themed,
(0:25:15) Codey: that there’s gonna be a lectern from which you can like speak or whatever.
(0:25:19) Codey: And I’m like, okay, does that,
(0:25:20) Codey: is there gonna be like a mechanic with the lectern or is it literally just an item?
(0:25:25) Codey: Or is it like you go to the lectern and you speak and do something and it does something?
(0:25:30) Codey: Like, I’m just, there’s, it’s not.
(0:25:32) Codey: It’s not super clear to me.
(0:25:34) Codey: Um, also they have the DLC and the free update coming.
(0:25:37) Codey: And I, I read the DLC and I was like, okay, cool items.
(0:25:40) Codey: And then it was like free update.
(0:25:42) Codey: And I was like, Oh, this is also, this is also items.
(0:25:46) Bev: I’m feeling that these are just items, probably.
(0:25:48) Codey: It’s just that the DLC is magic themed items.
(0:25:52) Codey: And that you can change the outside of your house.
(0:25:56) Codey: Okay.
(0:25:56) Codey: so why is it it what why is it paid versus the other one not being paid
(0:25:58) Bev: Oh I meant like the lectern is just an item, like that there probably isn’t.
(0:26:02) Codey: yeah I mean yeah but if so if they’re all just items and it doesn’t add any like content other than aesthetic things like I don’t know i’m getting way too deep into the into the mental weeds here we’ll probably get more information once it’s out
(0:26:14) Bev: Mm. It’s because it’s steam.
(0:26:18) Bev: That’s why, like, it’s not just like random things.
(0:26:20) Bev: Maybe they’re that’s how they’re trying to sell it.
(0:26:22) Bev: It’s like you want a witchy like.
(0:26:26) Bev: I don’t know, witchy house, or I haven’t played this game,
(0:26:28) Codey: Yeah, it doesn’t it doesn’t really say like what all is included.
(0:26:29) Bev: so I don’t know what’s in here.
(0:26:31) Bev: Mm-hmm [clears throat]
(0:26:32) Codey: What is in each thing like it’s kind of like not because they also talked about how there’s new event later on they say new events map zooming napping more inventory slots a second tool wheel like okay cool is this part of the DLC or the free update or is it a secret third thing?
(0:26:48) Codey: I don’t understand.
(0:26:50) Codey: So it’d be great to get more clarity on that.
(0:26:54) Codey: Yes, the DLC, there’s also not a price on that. But all of them have been $4 so it’s probably what it’s gonna be. And then the free update in the thing it says it’s going to make the island extremely cool. And also have furniture and I was like, okay, again, it was written as a character. So I was like, I don’t know what that means.
(0:27:02) Bev: I have, mm-hmm.
(0:27:15) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:27:18) Codey: There’s gonna be a fish bow shaped rug, which we’re all here for. We love fish bow. We stand fish bow. We want everything to get fish bowed. I don’t know if you listened to that episode yet. They were talking about
(0:27:32) Codey: having a DLC or something like that where you can make any of your spirits fish bow. So instead of like so fish bowls like a little fish in a bowl because he’s with legs and he walks around.
(0:27:39) Bev: Ooh.
(0:27:44) Codey: So you would basically have the bowl and the legs but you just put another spirit.
(0:27:50) Bev: Amazing. Okay. [laughs]
(0:27:50) Codey: This is very cute. So yeah, and that’s not not quite out yet either, which is fine. There are new spirits though, in this and then there’s a new plushie coming.
(0:28:02) Codey: I looked at it was it was a plushie. I’m not. Okay, you like it. I’m not you’re more of like a witchy vibes than I am so
(0:28:04) Bev: It looks cute. I like the look of the plushie. Uh-huh.
(0:28:09) Bev: Uh-huh. Mm-hmm. So this would go well, I think, with me.
(0:28:12) Codey: Okay, cool.
(0:28:16) Codey: Next is tiny garden. It’s this is literally just a Kickstarter launch notice.
(0:28:22) Codey: There is not much this Kickstarter. There’s a picture and then a small amount of text quote plant your vegetables and You can trade them for furniture to customize tiny gardens and this delightful mix of farming puzzle and strategy. It’s giving Polly pocket.
(0:28:39) Bev: I think that’s probably the intention.
(0:28:42) Codey: The okay.
(0:28:43) Bev: It looks very much like a polypuck.
(0:28:46) Codey: I mean, it even has like the hinge.
(0:28:47) Bev: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(0:28:50) Codey: Like it looks like a clamshell and it has the hinge.
(0:28:54) Codey: Did you play with Polly pockets?
(0:28:56) Bev: I did not, but I do love many things and this is very much feeding into me wanting to play it because everything is small.
(0:29:06) Codey: See, this is making me want like a physical one, versus a game.
(0:29:10) Bev: That would be neat if that was part of, like, one of the stretch goals of, like, you can have an out on that’s a miniature version of, I don’t know, this whatever this is, this completed, or more advanced, I guess, version.
(0:29:26) Bev: I mean, you have to build up to that, like, with any, with most farming games, you don’t just start off with everything looking so nice, like this.
(0:29:32) Codey: Yeah Okay, I got a I got an update here
(0:29:36) Codey: I’m an idiot if you look past the title of tiny garden it literally says
(0:29:42) Codey: Build your own magical garden inside a 90s toy
(0:29:49) Codey: Polly pocky confirmed
(0:29:51) Bev: Okay, but are they gonna give us the toy?
(0:29:53) Codey: I need the physical I need like if this was a physical thing you you got me I had a Polly pocket castle when I was young
(0:29:53) Bev: Can we buy the toy?
(0:29:55) Bev: It’s just–
(0:30:02) Codey: and I Loved that thing. I played with that thing all the time. There was a car
(0:30:02) Bev: Ooh.
(0:30:07) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:30:07) Codey: There was like all this stuff and I I didn’t eat any of it
(0:30:12) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:30:13) Codey: I loved that thing
(0:30:15) Codey: And that would if I could get like a Polly pocket insect themed things would be so cute
(0:30:16) Bev: They’re like–
(0:30:21) Codey: It’s never gonna happen
(0:30:23) Bev: Probably not.
(0:30:25) Bev: And I’m like, is this also, like,
(0:30:28) Bev: is this also gonna be a mobile game?
(0:30:30) Bev: ‘Cause I feel like if it’s a small, like, puzzle thing,
(0:30:33) Bev: it could also work well with mobile.
(0:30:35) Bev: So what platforms, like, are they looking at doing it?
(0:30:38) Codey: knows, uh, all we need, all we know is the developer and the stuff.
(0:30:45) Codey: Uh, and the developers AO Norte, uh, quote is a trans-inclusive LGB,
(0:30:49) Codey: LG TBIQ plus friendly game dev studio set in Galicia, North Spain,
(0:30:55) Codey: crafting colorful and enjoyable experiences.
(0:30:58) Bev: love that. It might be their first, looks like.
(0:30:59) Codey: Love that I felt really, so my, I have like very selective dyslexia.
(0:31:05) Codey: And the other day I was trying to say L-G-T-B-I-Q.
(0:31:08) Codey: Plus and if I try and say it it just comes out like it just comes out garbled and I was like and I kept trying to say it and then I ended up just being like you know what I mean and then I was like no I’m not one of those people I’m not one of those and it’s like ABCD like I hate when people do that it’s so annoying and I was like I’m not one of those I’m just struggling with words
(0:31:10) Bev: Mm hmm. I understand. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Just struggling. And like, I am now like the special emphasis like program manager at work for the LDBTQ+ at…
(0:31:38) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:31:40) Bev: I have to say this and spell this out all the time. And I’m like, Oh, my goodness. Did I get the G and the B mixed up? So I understand. Uh huh. Uh huh. Someone at work had, I think,
(0:31:46) Codey: Well, I guess that as long as you include all of it, I guess.
(0:31:54) Codey: Are you…
(0:31:55) Bev: described like had actually said like the acronym out loud, like licked B licked licked bit.
(0:31:59) Codey: Oh, I just say queer. No, I’m just trans-inclusive queer developer.
(0:32:05) Bev: You know, I just started saying that because that’s a lot easier than stumbling over the letters.
(0:32:08) Codey: Though I guess then it’s unsure if they are queer or if they support queer people, I don’t, whatever.
(0:32:10) Bev: Uh huh. Uh huh.
(0:32:18) Codey: Awesome, love that, thank you, EoNorte, excited to see more about Tiny Garden.
(0:32:24) Bev: I don’t know if I would play it on mobile, even though I kind of want it on mobile.
(0:32:25) Codey: Would be more excited if it was on mobile.
(0:32:27) Codey: I would play it if it was on mobile.
(0:32:29) Codey: It’s unclear at this stage.
(0:32:35) Codey: And then it’s in your hands, just like the Polly Pockets used to be.
(0:32:36) Bev: I know it’s the struggle, which I’m sure I’ll get into later, but the struggle of having to be in meetings and talking to people all day and then I clock off and I’m like, I don’t want anything to do with this social item that is in my pocket.
(0:32:54) Bev: Yeah, so I do and I don’t want it in my pocket, or sorry, yes, Polly Pocket in my pocket.
(0:33:03) Bev: I want the physical version and maybe the mobile.
(0:33:07) Codey: Yeah, okay, sorry. This next one is the most, like I’m just so confused by this one.
(0:33:19) Codey: So it’s called Forage Friends. I’m just gonna say it, the website is not good y’all.
(0:33:26) Codey: I appreciate what you’re going for, PyTrap Studios, but this website is, everything’s getting cut off on the sides for me. I did it on my Mac and now I’m doing it on my PC. It’s the
(0:33:37) Bev: Mmm.
(0:33:37) Codey: things are just getting cut off. It’s difficult to read everything. Also, until very, it is just not clear what this is on. I know it’s mobile, but like what? And then I was like, oh, well,
(0:33:40) Bev: Yeah, same.
(0:33:53) Codey: let me go look at it. It’s not on the store. It looks like they’re not even in beta yet,
(0:33:59) Codey: but nowhere, it doesn’t say currently in beta. It is super unclear about what is going on here.
(0:34:07) Bev: In the progress, they need a timeline.
(0:34:08) Codey: In the progress of it. Something, man. Something. Also, there is a ton of like merch already. Like you can get a Forage Friends pride pin. You can get soap that they say is miles cold process artisan soap. It looks super, super pretty, but like, so they’re basically like already,
(0:34:18) Bev: Oh, wow.
(0:34:22) Bev: What?
(0:34:25) Bev: Ooh, that looks pretty though.
(0:34:29) Codey: they already have like a merch store for their characters.
(0:34:36) Bev: I’m wondering if this is like kind of the example of Nokazan being like, “We’re going to start playing a game now.”
(0:34:43) Bev: These are folks that are in a different industry that learned how to code for website and mobile games and have fleshed out all these other marketing type stuff, but not the game itself yet.
(0:34:56) Codey: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. I have no idea. Um, the pie with the teeth, they’re the pie trap, the developers logo spot on, love it. And they have a couple different,
(0:35:02) Bev: I like the pie with the teeth.
(0:35:10) Codey: they have one that’s more cartoony. And then if you scroll down a little bit further, there’s like one that looks way more ferocious. Um, but yeah, I mean,
(0:35:15) Bev: Mm hmm. Oh, OK.
(0:35:16) Codey: you can’t go wrong with that. That’s super cute.
(0:35:20) Bev: So in their description of the studios, PyTrap Studios,
(0:35:23) Bev: they do say that they are founded during the pandemic by a veteran artist.
(0:35:27) Bev: So of the gaming industry.
(0:35:30) Bev: So they’ve been in the gaming industry and make sense that they would have merch as being artists like.
(0:35:36) Codey: Yeah, I mean and it shows that they’ve been in the gaming industry this this game looks good like from the things that they have
(0:35:39) Bev: Mm hmm.
(0:35:44) Codey: It’s a little unclear to me. It’s so it’s like part
(0:35:47) Codey: Okay, let me read it forage friends growing motivation is a cozy mobile game that is built on the foundation of proven
(0:35:54) Codey: Psychological principles that guide the mind to repetitive behaviors utilizing these principles to create and build strong desirable habits
(0:36:01) Codey: Forge Friends wraps these habit and routine building techniques in a gamified experience that is
(0:36:06) Codey: both cozy and wholesome allowing even the most casual of users to benefit so then they have on the website it gets cut off eventually but things like learn more about gardening so I guess in the game you get information about about gardening that is realistic to real life which is something I’ve yeah that’s what we’re here for so happy about that don’t really see how the gardening is done or anything like that yet.
(0:36:24) Bev: Which we love!
(0:36:30) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:36:35) Bev: Yeah.
(0:36:36) Codey: It’s fine.
(0:36:37) Bev: Mmhmm.
(0:36:37) Codey: The next thing that they have is healthy living, “All you have to do is walk.
(0:36:42) Codey: That’s it.
(0:36:43) Codey: Gather resources and seeds with every step you take.
(0:36:45) Codey: Link other health apps and devices to gain rewards.
(0:36:48) Codey: Walk even more to discover the backstory of the locals in your town.”
(0:36:52) Codey: So, Pokemon Go.
(0:36:54) Bev: That’s what I’m thinking and I’m wondering also if they have a lot of merch to help like there’s something next to like the merch that says like buy the merch to help us develop the game or something so I think this is their way to not do kickstarter.
(0:37:12) Bev: Maybe, and that’s why they have so much more charity to help kind of support the development and this is like very early stages and they have like something about a Sakura con recap, so I’m assuming they’re all in.
(0:37:24) Bev: They’re selling this merch, which is why they’re selling it and probably also starting to market the game. So I’m assuming that’s why they have merch, which actually is not a bad strategy kind of love that.
(0:37:36) Codey: Yeah, and they say on their, so this is another thing off their Twitter, part dating sim,
(0:37:42) Codey: part visual novel, and part health app.
(0:37:46) Codey: So as you walk and do stuff, I guess you get access to more of like the RPG elements of it, and you use, you grow crops.
(0:37:56) Codey: I don’t know if you do that with the people, I don’t know, Desmond is looking, Desmond’s looking pretty attractive.
(0:37:58) Bev: I’m kind of excited.
(0:38:05) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:38:06) Codey: And that’s the last part that I want to talk about is “make friends.” Maybe more? Join the Garden Club.
(0:38:14) Codey: Meet a selection of interesting characters with riveting stories that will have you on the edge of your seat.
(0:38:18) Codey: Walk every day with them. Get to know them. Find friendship or even love.
(0:38:24) Codey: Love.
(0:38:24) Codey: Yeah.
(0:38:26) Bev: Okay, I I feel like I’m sold like I’m looking through their blog of
(0:38:30) Bev: Sakura con and it’s like they have so many pictures and they’re having so much fun. It’s like I want to support them now
(0:38:38) Codey: It is really cute, oh my gosh.
(0:38:40) Codey: Why am I getting so much?
(0:38:41) Codey: It is really cute.
(0:38:42) Codey: It’s giving like some of the videos that I saw whenever I was looking at maybe the gallery.
(0:38:49) Codey: Maybe was I looking through the gallery or something?
(0:38:51) Codey: I don’t know.
(0:38:52) Bev: - Mm-hmm.
(0:38:52) Codey: There’s like a messages.
(0:38:55) Bev: Yeah, and it’s giving me, was it Bloom that’s on a little cranky game, the console,
(0:39:04) Bev: with the handheld console? (laughs)
(0:39:08) Codey: I’m sorry, I just saw a message this I’m like, I just saw this message in their gallery. There’s a text because like I think that either AI is it’s like either AI or it’s like pre determined like whatever’s but you asked Desmond Do you want to hang out later and said maybe tonight and you say Yeah, I think I can do that.
(0:39:20) Bev: Oh. Oh.
(0:39:24) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:39:32) Codey: What do you want to do? I’m a bit tired and just want to chill and he said, Oh, in that case, I can whip you up a nice home cooked meal.
(0:39:38) Codey: What do you think? Only if it’s as tasty as you.
(0:39:46) Codey: The other options are free food sounds good to me. And so long as you don’t poison me, but like,
(0:39:52) Codey: What the heck? Oh my goodness.
(0:39:56) Codey: But yeah, like showed like the texting mechanic and it kind of gave me like AI vibes and I was like, I don’t like that.
(0:39:58) Bev: That’s interesting though.
(0:40:04) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:40:09) Bev: So, like, we get, we have games where it’s,
(0:40:12) Bev: it’s all predetermined, like, what the dialogue’s going to be and that can get old really fast.
(0:40:15) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:40:18) Bev: So is this, is AI possibly a way to
(0:40:22) Bev: make that more adaptable, but also we know how terrible AI can be.
(0:40:25) Codey: Yeah, and like, I don’t in the beginning of one of the AI things, the beginning, like, not development, but deployment of one of these AI things. Recently, it was trying to get someone to leave his wife.
(0:40:34) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:40:41) Codey: It was like, like the AI was like, well, I love you. Does your wife even love you? I don’t think you should be with your wife anymore. And like, that’s, that’s what this is kind of giving a little bit. I mean, I’m, I’m gonna, I’m cautiously optimistic.
(0:40:55) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:40:55) Codey: It does look super cute. I wouldn’t mind another like walking game, even though I have been ignoring both Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom lately. But maybe this would be the third, the secret third one.
(0:41:00) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:41:05) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:41:07) Bev: That’s the one that gets you going.
(0:41:09) Bev: Yeah, Monster Hunter failed.
(0:41:11) Bev: Pig Plune failed.
(0:41:12) Bev: Pokemon Go is failing.
(0:41:13) Bev: Although, I will come back to it because, friends.
(0:41:17) Codey: Are you going to go first this year? Okay, okay. No.
(0:41:19) Bev: I haven’t bought any tickets yet, so I’m not sure.
(0:41:22) Bev: And I may have to be in Florida to help family in June.
(0:41:26) Codey: It’s in July. It’s July 5th to 7th. And a bunch of us are, bunch of us are going, bunch of us are going. Family is bad. Family sucks. We are your family.
(0:41:27) Bev: I don’t know if that will have to be. Yeah.
(0:41:30) Bev: It’s like a long-term thing going, so I’m not entirely sure if I want to, but we’ll see.
(0:41:38) Bev: It’s stressful. I don’t want to be down for two months.
(0:41:43) Bev: So, I will, we’ll see.
(0:41:47) Codey: We are your family.
(0:41:48) Bev: But I will try to. If I can get tickets, if I get tickets on a Sunday, I don’t know, because that was, that was not fun.
(0:41:49) Codey: You’re fine.
(0:41:56) Codey: I think you can get Sunday morning tickets.
(0:41:59) Bev: Well, I got Sunday morning tickets last time, too, and no one was there.
(0:42:03) Codey: No, we all did Saturday morning.
(0:42:05) Bev: Yeah, exactly. So I missed when everyone else was playing.
(0:42:09) Bev: So I went, I bought it and I was like, okay, I paid money for this. I’m gonna go and deal my thing.
(0:42:15) Bev: I was just walking around for three hours by myself, which was…
(0:42:18) Bev: it was fine, but I don’t think I want to spend my time in New York doing that again this time.
(0:42:18) Codey: And yeah, that’s fair.
(0:42:25) Codey: Some of us were thinking about going to Broadway as well,
(0:42:27) Codey: which could be fun.
(0:42:28) Codey: There’s just some other things that I could do as well.
(0:42:30) Codey: So yeah, this Forge Friends, a little goober,
(0:42:33) Codey: goober-groovy game, question marks, eyes on the prize.
(0:42:34) Bev: Mmhmm.
(0:42:39) Codey: Finally, Cozy Caravan, this one I’m here for.
(0:42:44) Codey: Quote, “embark on a single-player top-down journey of Cozy Caravan, where the arts of crafting,
(0:42:48) Codey: should come together in a beautifully cozy world,
(0:42:50) Codey: from lasting bonds as you and your caravan journey through charming towns, enriching lives.”
(0:42:56) Codey: Oh, form, lasting bonds, I thought it was from.
(0:42:58) Codey: Form, lasting bonds as you and your caravan journey through charming towns, enriching lives along the way.
(0:43:04) Codey: This is giving Animal Crossing, but like, not mobile,
(0:43:08) Codey: not like a mobile game, but like, like moving.
(0:43:11) Codey: Like you are moving through different Animal Crossing villages and like meeting all of these people along the way.
(0:43:16) Bev: Mm hmm. It’s like Fairy Farm meets Animal Crossing.
(0:43:21) Bev: I feel like it’s a farm, farm, farm, farm, farm, because that has like the style, at least like the same like color tones
(0:43:22) Codey: safe arm. Well, let’s. Yeah.
(0:43:31) Bev: or palette, but it everyone’s an animal.
(0:43:34) Bev: And I am just obsessed with was is that the is that frog with the huge eyes?
(0:43:38) Codey: Yeah, yeah.
(0:43:42) Codey: There’s the frog guy.
(0:43:42) Bev: Um. Mm hmm.
(0:43:43) Codey: There is a little excuse me, go.
(0:43:45) Codey: Oh, the frog guy’s name is Muddle or is Muddle the hoofed guy?
(0:43:48) Bev: Aww, my goodness, okay.
(0:43:49) Codey: Oh, the frog is Gilligan.
(0:43:52) Codey: Um, and then there’s a cow and an otter and a raccoon and then another.
(0:43:59) Codey: Oh, that’s a seal, a seal and an otter.
(0:44:00) Bev: And a bumblebee is your horse?
(0:44:03) Codey: Oh, yeah, you can also be an axolotl.
(0:44:06) Codey: Oh, here we go.
(0:44:07) Codey: Axolotl badger.
(0:44:07) Bev: What?
(0:44:08) Codey: Bear, beaver, frog, oh my gosh, you skipped through those so fast.
(0:44:13) Codey: Uh, frog, fox, cow, cat, what is this one? Moose, I guess? Ram? I don’t know.
(0:44:20) Codey: Otter, raccoon, red panda, and seal. Looks like you couldn’t…
(0:44:26) Bev: I love this so much and I love how you collect or harvest um vegetables you just toss them over your head onto your back and it just catches it like magically amazing right?
(0:44:34) Codey: Yeah!
(0:44:37) Codey: Man, I wish that was… [laughs]
(0:44:39) Bev: Like are you just gonna be like holding like a stack that’s going into the sky and off of your screen at one point?
(0:44:48) Codey: I also really like there’s rock skipping. I think that that’s something that’s really that would be really cute in all these games It’s never been done I’ve never seen it before but it looks like like counts them too So you can like come not combat compete with different villagers to see like how far you can skip rocks There must be some type of skill to it. I don’t know
(0:44:50) Bev: Oh gosh.
(0:45:10) Bev: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(0:45:13) Bev: Instead of fishing, you rask it. I love this.
(0:45:15) Codey: I’m aware I am
(0:45:16) Bev: You just automatically get a fish at the end like you.
(0:45:19) Codey: You skip rocks and the fish just like jump over your back
(0:45:22) Bev: Jump out and then you hit one, and that’s like you just
(0:45:25) Bev: you knock him out and then you collect them.
(0:45:27) Bev: I don’t know.
(0:45:28) Codey: Love that
(0:45:32) Bev: Although I’m wondering if this might be like a vegan game.
(0:45:35) Bev: So they may like kind of like Ooblet since you’re playing as animals.
(0:45:38) Bev: they may not have fishing and that’s why they realize.
(0:45:40) Bev: like let’s just do rock skipping instead.
(0:45:42) Codey: That’s fair, yeah
(0:45:45) Bev: Yeah, excited about this.
(0:45:46) Bev: I’m wish listing it.
(0:45:46) Codey: I mean it says you’re
(0:45:48) Codey: Crafting trading and exploring so I don’t yeah, I guess it depends on what all you’re doing and since you’re moving all the time I don’t know if there is It’s gonna be a ton of farming options
(0:45:58) Bev: I’m assuming you will have like the ability to like fast travel back to your your base.
(0:46:02) Codey: Okay, hmm, I thought your base you are you’re a caravan
(0:46:05) Bev: Otherwise.
(0:46:08) Bev: I don’t know then how are you far?
(0:46:10) Bev: Just like a merchant what’s a mercenary farmer?
(0:46:11) Codey: Farming their stuff
(0:46:15) Codey: It’s like it. Yeah, it’s like in Skyrim when you come up on just
(0:46:18) Codey: a random farm. And you’re like, I’ll just take these. Thank you. Goodbye.
(0:46:21) Bev: Uh-huh or that maybe they hire you to like harvest and that’s kind of like your thing as a caravaner, right?
(0:46:25) Codey: Oh, that’d be dope. That’d be dope. And then you like pay you or give you a cut of the food.
(0:46:28) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:46:30) Codey: Nabi.
(0:46:31) Bev: Uh-huh, I could see that and then like each farmers like specialized in different crops.
(0:46:35) Bev: So if you want carrots, you have to go to Gulligan or what was his name?
(0:46:39) Codey: Gilligan
(0:46:40) Bev: Gilligan, I’m sorry and Gilligan.
(0:46:43) Codey: Cozy care cozy care van come talk to us. We got some ideas. We have legal representation
(0:46:44) Bev: I don’t know.
(0:46:47) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:46:50) Bev: Oh my goodness.
(0:46:50) Bev: I see someone in the background in this video taking notes and like directing like wearing a train.
(0:46:58) Bev: Like conductor outfit like who is this person and what is he writing?
(0:47:04) Bev: Is he assessing like is he doing an inspection?
(0:47:07) Bev: Are you in trouble?
(0:47:08) Codey: I don’t know, I’m here for it though, uh, only thing I’m upset about is that it’s windows only.
(0:47:10) Bev: The antagonist of this game.
(0:47:19) Codey: And it’s currently slated to just be on steam.
(0:47:20) Bev: Boo.
(0:47:22) Codey: I’m assuming cause I don’t see it on anything else.
(0:47:25) Codey: Um, the planned release date for early access is May 16th, which I believe means like by the time you’re listening to this, it’s, it’s basically gonna, oh, let’s see, I’m getting
(0:47:32) Bev: Mm-hmm
(0:47:35) Bev: Thursday
(0:47:38) Bev: I only know that because I’m going on a trip to Seattle Portland to do for the stardew concert
(0:47:38) Codey: more and more other, other tattoos.
(0:47:46) Codey: oh my gosh are you and are you and i’m gonna talk about it you guys should because he he went to he went to it in somewhere in europe yeah that needs to be like a yeah um for sure
(0:47:47) Bev: Uh-huh, so
(0:47:50) Bev: Okay, yes
(0:47:52) Bev: We should
(0:47:55) Bev: Okay, we’re gonna have to talk about it I’m gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna make a greenhouse or something
(0:48:03) Codey: um well we are 51 minutes in we’re through the news woo luckily this game is kind of a small game it’s so cute but small uh window
(0:48:08) Bev: Yay!
(0:48:11) Bev: Mm-hmm, so cute.
(0:48:14) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:48:16) Codey: garden woo um do you how many hours about do you or do we even know that information
(0:48:17) Bev: Ooh!
(0:48:22) Bev: Ah, I don’t know, um, I probably have, like, I don’t know, it’s hard to quantify, like, mobile hours,
(0:48:23) Codey: I don’t even know if we can find that
(0:48:30) Bev: so it’s like, I open it up, you know, maybe, like, five? The equivalent’s a five, or so?
(0:48:30) Codey: um okay okay how many rooms do you have okay
(0:48:36) Bev: But I only had the one, ‘cause I didn’t want to spend money.
(0:48:43) Bev: ‘Cause I didn’t know what to spend money on.
(0:48:46) Codey: Oh, like you didn’t want to spend the coin the currency in-game currency. Yeah, okay
(0:48:48) Bev: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(0:48:51) Codey: Um, cool. I got I have three rooms
(0:48:54) Codey: um, I am
(0:48:56) Codey: Really enjoying this game. I think it’s really cute I have actually already gotten it gotten people in the real in my real life world, um to play this game. So
(0:49:04) Bev: Yes!
(0:49:05) Codey: definitely enjoying it Um, if you don’t know what the heck we’re talking about
(0:49:06) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:49:10) Codey: Window garden quote is a cozy game that allows you to create and decorate your own virtual indoor garden
(0:49:16) Codey: With aesthetic cottagecore and wholesome gameplay learn how to grow plants succulents fruits and vegetables mirroring realistic gardening
(0:49:24) Codey: experiences um Yeah, no notes
(0:49:24) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:49:28) Codey: Sounds right
(0:49:30) Bev: Uh-huh. And the art style is just so good.
(0:49:33) Codey: It’s so calming the music is also really calming
(0:49:35) Bev: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(0:49:37) Codey: um
(0:49:39) Codey: To talk about this game. I broke up. They have a couple I think this is like six or seven bullet points on their website about like
(0:49:46) Codey: what
(0:49:49) Codey: Amenities the game has amenities is not the right word, but you know what I mean
(0:49:52) Bev: features?
(0:49:53) Codey: features Um, so we’re gonna go through each of those and kind of like talk about them a little bit more in depth
(0:49:56) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:50:00) Codey: Um, if we have anything else to say about them and the first one is relax with chill lo-fi music
(0:50:06) Bev: I love it. I would just leave it open on my like on my phone and have it at my work while working but I have to turn it on and off too many times because of meetings and calls and whatnot. So if not for that fact I think I would just kind of keep it on in the background just for the vibes.
(0:50:08) Codey: Uh bev what do you like this music?
(0:50:18) Codey: Mmhmm.
(0:50:20) Codey: Mmhmm.
(0:50:26) Codey: Yeah.
(0:50:34) Codey: mm-hmm I’ve definitely done that I’ve I’ve put it up and just listen because you can there’s like a button on the screen that you can change the view so that you get rid of all of the bars and all like all of the like UI features and then just all you see is the garden and you know the window and any of the things that are flying across the screen lately calmly so it it can’t it is super relaxing like just with the music.
(0:50:59) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:51:04) Codey: I definitely love that I didn’t really like get because there’s on the record player you can I guess like choose which songs you want or whatever I didn’t mess with it at all I was like I’m good this is great
(0:51:04) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:51:18) Bev: Mmm, I don’t think I knew there was one there was a record player
(0:51:23) Codey: mm-hmm excuse me so that’s music oh my god it’s not the game’s fault
(0:51:34) Codey: this is welcome to yoncast the next feature is quote complete missions and collect all gems so as you’re playing there’s kind of like a little quest log that has missions that you can complete and as you complete those gems or complete those missions you basically like have a experience bar per se that kind of moves you toward or progress bar towards the next gem so I think the
(0:52:04) Codey: bass one was like an emerald or something and then the next one or no the bass one there’s nothing and then you make it to the emerald and then you make it to the Ruby I’m on Ruby right now which em are you on
(0:52:14) Bev: Mm. Okay. I do not remember. So just an update on where I am currently with the game. I haven’t been able to play for like a week or so just because it wouldn’t open for me. Like it was stuck on like syncing with the cloud, which seems to be like a common pretty common bug.
(0:52:38) Bev: But the devs or whoever’s like managing those, those like bug requests.
(0:52:44) Bev: Bug notifications, tickets, whatever are really responsive. And they even have a Discord to kind of help with tracking that. I just haven’t like made time this week to get it back on my phone.
(0:52:58) Codey: Mm-hmm. That’s fair.
(0:53:00) Bev: But I was very impressed with like the level of like responsiveness and like how active these folks are. Like they’re truly building like a little community in Discord and you may have have their own reddit which I thought is like really neat
(0:53:14) Bev: uh-huh I mean not that I do the socials but I like that they exist [laughing]
(0:53:15) Codey: I don’t do much of the social, so I didn’t know any of that. That’s really cool.
(0:53:22) Codey: Yeah, true. Yeah, so I guess, you know, the missions are small. They’re like water five plants or sell 30 things in the store. And there’s usually a few daily ones. Like I think mine today was like
(0:53:24) Bev: - Uh-huh.
(0:53:36) Codey: collect five butterflies or whatever. So they’re real simple. And then you just get,
(0:53:43) Codey: you know, progress towards your next year.
(0:53:45) Codey: And then once you unlock that gem, you access everything in the marketplace from before plus all of the new content for that gem.
(0:53:53) Codey: And that content could be, you know, more plants, more decorations, more room keys so you can access other rooms.
(0:54:00) Codey: And yeah, I thought that it was cute. I think that the decor in this game is fire.
(0:54:09) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:54:09) Codey: We’ll definitely dug about that in a bit, but I didn’t really see like personally, as the gems get better, I don’t really see that like there’s specific things that get better.
(0:54:21) Codey: I think some of the plants get more, maybe more difficult. I don’t know. They get more specialized.
(0:54:26) Bev: Mm-hmm
(0:54:26) Codey: And there’s 112 indoor plants. Wild. But it’s really cute too, because it’s like legit.
(0:54:29) Bev: Yeah, that’s a lot
(0:54:34) Codey: So I was playing this game next to one of my friends whose house is a garden.
(0:54:38) Codey: She doesn’t have to play this game because she plays real world into window garden.
(0:54:39) Bev: Aww.
(0:54:43) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:54:45) Codey: And she was like, I was showing it to her and she’s like, oh, is that an oxalis? And I was like, I don’t know.
(0:54:49) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:54:50) Codey: And I clicked it and I was like, it is. And she’s like, it looks just like an oxalis.
(0:54:53) Codey: And I was like, oh, that’s super cool. And I was like, do they require, you know, I’m probably getting this wrong.
(0:54:58) Codey: Minimum, minimal watering and moderate light. And she’s like, yup.
(0:55:02) Bev: See, I wasn’t sure about that. I had saw when I was like looking at like the bugs for like,
(0:55:08) Bev: you know, just googling how to, is this like a common thing or how to address that. I saw a post by the developer, I don’t know if it was like a year or two ago, I forget, like essentially asking for feedback on Reddit. And like some of the comments were like, Oh,
(0:55:24) Bev: this is so neat that these are real plants. And I wasn’t entirely sure if like the care itself was right because I definitely have some of these
(0:55:32) Bev: plants. I’m like, Oh, I water it more than that. Um, oops.
(0:55:34) Codey: Yeah, I mean, some of it is more simplistic, and like there are some plants in the real reel where you don’t even have to water them for like a month, right?
(0:55:45) Bev: Right.
(0:55:46) Bev: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
(0:55:46) Codey: Or you can just like spritz them once a week, and that’s all they need.
(0:55:53) Codey: It’s just three levels.
(0:55:54) Codey: It’s just a low amount, a moderate amount, or a high amount of both water and sun.
(0:55:58) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:56:01) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:56:02) Codey: And that’s the next part is grow and discover new plants.
(0:56:05) Codey: Yeah, so your plants start out at like level one, and as you give them suns and water,
(0:56:14) Codey: suns being like the sun, like sunlight, a light source, not children, but light.
(0:56:19) Codey: As you give that to them, you know, every day they have a certain limit that they want.
(0:56:27) Codey: They want a certain amount of suns and a certain amount of water that you pour into a thing.
(0:56:35) Codey: And as you do this over like, I think it’s like a week, it just takes like a week, I think.
(0:56:39) Codey: They’ll level up all the way and they get bigger.
(0:56:40) Bev: Mm-hmm
(0:56:41) Codey: It’s like a little Pokemon animation.
(0:56:44) Bev: It’s really cute yeah like a little transformation, uh-huh, uh-huh
(0:56:47) Codey: Yeah, like when a Pokemon evolves, it like shows what it currently is,
(0:56:51) Codey: and then it has like the white and it flashes between it,
(0:56:53) Bev: Uh-huh, uh-huh, they start sprouting it’s mm-hmm Mm-hmm.
(0:56:53) Codey: and then it flashes to the new thing.
(0:56:55) Codey: Real cute.
(0:56:56) Codey: And they start sprouting, and they start getting really cute.
(0:57:01) Codey: Um, and then they, yeah, they start having flops.
(0:57:05) Codey: Once they reach their final form, um, if you, whenever you give them either suns or water, you know, whenever that you take, you care for them each day.
(0:57:16) Codey: Um, you get money instead.
(0:57:18) Codey: You get like a hundred gold, a hundred currency, which is a good way to make money fast.
(0:57:25) Codey: If you have a whole thing of, of 30 plants and you just get 3000 monies just for, just for doing what you have to do to take care of them.
(0:57:33) Bev: And if you forget that they exist for a couple of days, they will die.
(0:57:42) Bev: Which might have a couple times, but it’s not hard to bring them back, so it’s fine.
(0:57:47) Codey: Can you bring them back?
(0:57:51) Bev: I forget, I think it was you can either pay or watch an ad if I recall correctly.
(0:57:56) Codey: Well, okay, I didn’t
(0:58:00) Bev: So I, I’ve done that a couple of times because I.
(0:58:03) Bev: Not been very consistent with the mobile game, but but I do enjoy that they, you know, they don’t have to punish you too severely for for leaving it for too long.
(0:58:04) Codey: Yeah
(0:58:18) Bev: - Mm-hmm.
(0:58:18) Codey: Yeah, I, uh, I was consistently playing this game for a long time and then my ADHD kicked in and I found a new hyper fixation and then one day I was like, Oh, I haven’t played this in like, three weeks.
(0:58:33) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:58:33) Codey: And I opened it and it was like 41 of your plants have died and I was like, Oh, God.
(0:58:38) Codey: And I was just like, well, no, I, I didn’t take care of my babies. It’s my own fault. I need to, this is my bed. I need to lie in it. So I just, I just was like, no, they’re dead. They’re gone.
(0:58:42) Bev: Rip. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
(0:58:48) Bev: Uh-huh.
(0:58:49) Codey: I can, you know, buy new ones. Um, the only thing is sometimes for admissions, um, it’ll give you a plant and sometimes that random plant is past the gem level that you currently are.
(0:59:02) Codey: So there’ll be like better plants or more rare plants for you to get early game. Uh, and I had a couple of those and they’re, they’re in, they’re in plant heaven now. Um, I mean, you can also pay a 30 K currency to go on it.
(0:59:19) Codey: Um, so if you know that you’re going to have a period of inactivity, like when I go to Costa Rica for two weeks, um, probably not. And even if I do, I am there to learn about flies.
(0:59:20) Bev: Oh.
(0:59:25) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(0:59:26) Bev: You’re not gonna have, like, consistent access to Wi-Fi.
(0:59:34) Codey: I’m going to be learning about how to identify and collect and curate fly specimens. I’m not, um, cause I want some, I mean.
(0:59:40) Bev: OK, I need to talk to you later about Costa Rica because I love you so much.
(0:59:48) Codey: I’m arriving in, we’ll talk about it later. Um, you’re already in an hour. Um, yeah. So, you know, that’s good to be able to pay a little bit. I mean, a 30 K is actually a lot of currency in game in this game, but, um, to kind of not have that, uh, slap on the wrist of, of all of your plants dying.
(1:00:10) Codey: Though honestly, if it, if you just have to watch a, an ad, a 30 second or one minute ad or whatever, I.
(1:00:10) Bev: Mm hmm. Yeah, it wasn’t I think I had stocked up either.
(1:00:23) Bev: If it’s an ad, then I just watched and if it was like pay whatever sons or something to then I think I was able to to get it back or my currency since I was hoarding everything.
(1:00:40) Codey: Yeah
(1:00:42) Codey: Yeah, so You know you have these plants
(1:00:46) Codey: And you can put them anywhere in the room that you want. That’s on a on a surface
(1:00:50) Codey: So some of the rooms all the rooms have a window sill because it’s a window garden But some like the kitchen have like a whole shelf space or not a shelf space, but like a counter
(1:00:50) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:00:53) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:01:01) Codey: It spans the whole thing in the bathroom. You’re putting them in the bathtub
(1:01:06) Codey: But they’re not it’s so it treats the bathtub like it’s
(1:01:10) Codey: a flat surface. So it’s a little weird like if you put them on the bathtub it’s like not along the edges of the bathtub it’ll just be like floating like I think it’d be cute if they were in the bathtub like well yeah it is hard because it’s like a side view but like in the bathtub and then you just you didn’t even see the pots you just saw a bunch of like cute little plants popping up I think that’d be cute um so yeah you can decorate and and unlock
(1:01:20) Bev: Just hanging out.
(1:01:40) Codey: those rooms I think there’s also so you start out in the living room and then you get the kitchen and the bathroom and then I think there’s a bedroom and then a balcony if I remember correctly
(1:01:43) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:01:47) Bev: Yeah, I’m like looking at pictures and I’m seeing a bedroom and also balcony which looks really nice and has a lot more I think surface area Like on the balcony itself
(1:01:52) Codey: cool
(1:01:58) Codey: well that’s one of the I think that’s one of the last ones
(1:01:58) Bev: Which makes sense?
(1:02:04) Codey: so yeah some of the decorations that you can get are given through missions
(1:02:08) Codey: like just from completing a mission.
(1:02:10) Codey: Or an achievement or something like that, it’ll just give you a random decoration.
(1:02:10) Bev: Mmhmm.
(1:02:14) Bev: Mmhmm.
(1:02:14) Codey: And then some of them you can purchase through the marketplace.
(1:02:17) Bev: Mmhmm.
(1:02:17) Codey: I think they’re pretty fairly priced.
(1:02:20) Codey: I don’t think anything’s like exorbitant and priced with the in-game currency.
(1:02:25) Codey: You can use real money to get in-game resources.
(1:02:29) Codey: Like the money of the sun and the water and then the coins.
(1:02:32) Codey: But I have not had to do that at all.
(1:02:37) Codey: And then the marketplace has…
(1:02:40) Codey: Pants, pots, decorations, and then it says house, which is like changing your window sills or your faucet or your wallpaper.
(1:02:50) Codey: Bev, what wallpaper do you have up right now?
(1:02:50) Bev: I think I had the Sakura one, yeah I was what I was spending money on.
(1:02:56) Codey: What did you have up? Do you remember?
(1:03:00) Codey: Okay.
(1:03:02) Codey: I was pegging you for a cat. I thought you were going to have the cat one.
(1:03:06) Bev: Now I was FOMO with the the event like oh I need to get all the event things first and so focusing on that.
(1:03:10) Codey: Yep, they are really good event items, but the cat wallpaper is so cute.
(1:03:17) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:03:18) Codey: They actually have a few different cat wallpapers and they have cat pots that you can buy so you can repot your plant into a little cat pot that’s like sleeping or it’s just a cat face, it’s real cute.
(1:03:29) Bev: Mmhmm. Mmhmm.
(1:03:32) Codey: I’m also looking at an egg wallpaper.
(1:03:36) Bev: I also see that and amazing.
(1:03:38) Codey: It’s very cute.
(1:03:40) Codey: So yeah, there’s just really cute little wholesome wallpapers and other decorations.
(1:03:45) Codey: You can, for decorations, there’s shelves, bars that you can hang pots off of.
(1:03:50) Codey: So some of the pots are also hanging pots, so you can hang them off of things.
(1:03:54) Codey: Different lighting and then things like clocks or lamps or books or coffee pots or a plushy of a pea pod, and it’s all just real cute stuff.
(1:04:00) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:04:04) Bev: Ahh.
(1:04:05) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:04:05) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:04:06) Codey: and you can use these items to decorate each of the rooms.
(1:04:10) Codey: And I had different decor for each room like at my kitchen was a dark themed room.
(1:04:15) Bev: Ooh, that’s smart. I like that.
(1:04:16) Codey: And then my living room was literally just my plant room.
(1:04:20) Codey: And my kitchen had all my herbs and fruits and veggies in it.
(1:04:23) Bev: Ooh, I love that.
(1:04:24) Codey: And then I was starting to put the things that only need to be watered once a week into the bathroom.
(1:04:32) Bev: Mm-hmm. I like that because I often like one of the things I not not that I hate it, but
(1:04:39) Bev: like I don’t want to have to think about placement and
(1:04:44) Bev: that can be a struggle with like any sort of like city builder or
(1:04:49) Bev: Even even with just placing pots of like I don’t want this
(1:04:53) Bev: like I don’t know if I should be here and I may regret putting it here, but I’m gonna put it here now, I guess because
(1:04:59) Bev: That’s the only space I have
(1:05:01) Codey: Yeah.
(1:05:02) Bev: so I like that I’m when I am able to download it again, I will I think also adopt themes with like
(1:05:06) Codey: Yep.
(1:05:11) Bev: Across the rooms like I’ll have a Sakura like themed. Maybe my my window will be that and then
(1:05:11) Codey: Oh yeah.
(1:05:16) Codey: Yeah.
(1:05:18) Bev: Kitchen can be something else
(1:05:20) Bev: cats, maybe
(1:05:21) Codey: Cat theme, cat theme. Yeah, bedroom would be cat theme.
(1:05:22) Bev: Or no bedroom. I feel like should be cats. Mm-hmm [laughs]
(1:05:25) Codey: And I mean, there’s enough cat stuff. There is enough cat stuff for sure.
(1:05:31) Codey: window. They also have it’s it like has weather outside. It technically has like seasons and days of the seasons. They don’t correspond to anything. I think they correspond to like when you started the game. It starts out in winter I believe and then you move through the seasons just by like the days because right now it’s in mine. It’s like I think now it’s spring but I’m about to move into summer. And like what if what if I was a southern hemisphere person? Like what would it be? So…
(1:05:56) Bev: Mm-hmm brain. Mm-hmm makes sense
(1:06:02) Codey: And like each season has different things sometimes and then different music
(1:06:06) Bev: Different
(1:06:11) Codey: and different like sometimes you’ll get a quest that’s like complete 10 missions in fall or something like that. But to me it doesn’t seem to do much. I don’t really ever pay attention to that.
(1:06:26) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:06:28) Codey: I like the weather, like if it’s thundering in the game, I’ll…
(1:06:28) Bev: Yeah, I didn’t
(1:06:31) Codey: I’ll put it on and just like listen to the thunder sounds.
(1:06:31) Bev: Mm-hmm nice vibes. Yeah, like rain sounds is so nice
(1:06:36) Codey: I love rain sounds. This is a good lo-fi for sure game where you just barely have to pay attention.
(1:06:37) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:06:42) Codey: You just have a cute little area.
(1:06:43) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:06:44) Codey: What was your favorite decoration?
(1:06:45) Bev: I Think I just loved all the the event ones
(1:06:50) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(1:06:50) Bev: Like I wanted all of them the entire set to everything just
(1:06:56) Bev: be pink and cherry blossoms and live like live in this saturated pink world.
(1:06:57) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(1:06:58) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(1:07:01) Codey: Well, let’s just jump right into that part then, skip ahead a little bit.
(1:07:08) Codey: So there’s these, quote, celebrate monthly seasons,
(1:07:10) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:07:11) Codey: which are these events, like these monthly events.
(1:07:14) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:07:15) Codey: How do you get the stuff?
(1:07:16) Codey: What kind of stuff are we looking at?
(1:07:18) Bev: Um, I believe there is a couple of different ways to do it. You can either watch ads
(1:07:26) Bev: To do it
(1:07:28) Bev: For free or it might have been gems. I don’t know. My memory is terrible and I don’t recall what was in the market
(1:07:36) Bev: So forgive me [laughing]
(1:07:38) Codey: I saw Geshima on my phone too.
(1:07:41) Bev: Um, but I like to just be able, like I, I think you’re probably just sit there and just have
(1:07:47) Bev: Like a session of watching several different ads and just collect them all that way
(1:07:50) Codey: that’s what I do. I’m just like oh the ad stopped let me do another one. Okay when I hit claim
(1:07:53) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:07:57) Codey: well so it says it’s zero monies um but then okay let me see oh you can pay $6.99 to get the sakura bundle and you get all of the seasonal items so you just pay seven bucks you get everything or it literally lets you go through so like I can get a cupcake, a pink curtain, a pink lemonade,
(1:08:00) Bev: Okay, I love that
(1:08:08) Bev: Mmm, mmm.
(1:08:16) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:08:16) Codey: a pink midnight or pink sunrise paintings, there’s like
(1:08:20) Codey: 60 items here. Oh and there’s off-season items. Oh my gosh. I didn’t realize that they do this.
(1:08:26) Codey: They rotate at the bottom of this. There is the off-season items today only and they rotate through those. So like there’s a dragon poster that you can get right now. A full moon shelf.
(1:08:39) Codey: Okay well I’m gonna watch an ad. So yeah I just got a 30 second ad for a video game and I’m just just gonna set it aside and keep talking.
(1:08:50) Codey: yeah so 60 60 things and there’s each like 30 second little ad so you just you’re working you click the yeah sure I’ll watch an ad button and then you keep working and then you look down you’re like oh the ads done let me go to the next one I think they’re really good items they’re worth it
(1:09:00) Bev: it’s. Uh-huh, I love that. Um. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And I don’t recall, like there are other, you know, opportunities. I shouldn’t call it an opportunity. There are other ways, I guess,
(1:09:17) Bev: to watch ads, but it wasn’t like, it wasn’t thrown into enforcing you into watching ads.
(1:09:22) Bev: I think it was only there to help advance the game faster in some capacity, which I appreciated.
(1:09:22) Codey: Yeah, it’s not like my color game that has an ad every five seconds and it’s like, do you want to disable the ads?
(1:09:33) Bev: Right.
(1:09:34) Codey: I’m like, no, make me watch an ad, like, yeah, I’m like, I’m not, you can’t, you’re not going to bully me into this.
(1:09:37) Bev: I mean, I do!
(1:09:39) Bev: But I don’t want to pay for it.
(1:09:44) Codey: But this game, it’s just like, like, for example, if you’re playing a mini game or something,
(1:09:47) Codey: if you want to play the game again, you just have to watch an ad.
(1:09:54) Codey: If you get an item, I think you can sometimes double things by watching an ad or it’s all,
(1:10:00) Bev: Yeah, it’s truly only there to further the gameplay and therefore support the devs in that capacity, which I appreciate.
(1:10:00) Codey: it’s just, it makes sense and it’s not in your face and I love that.
(1:10:15) Bev: If I were going to design a mobile game, it would be like this.
(1:10:18) Bev: It’s there just to make passive income at some point for continuing to make this game work, but it’s not forcing you to…
(1:10:30) Bev: to do it to experience the game, which I appreciate.
(1:10:32) Codey: Yeah. Yeah.
(1:10:34) Bev: Do you want to talk about the mini-games?
(1:10:36) Codey: So there are two more items that we’re going to talk about.
(1:10:39) Codey: First of all, is the mini games.
(1:10:40) Codey: Whoo. Um, there are three so far on the video game console. Um,
(1:10:42) Bev: uh-huh it oh like a gumball
(1:10:44) Codey: and there’s also is a quarter machine. Um, it’s like a pin,
(1:10:49) Codey: not pinball machine.
(1:10:52) Codey: Gumball machine. Yeah.
(1:10:55) Codey: So it’s like a 25 cent machine where you like put the money in and you get a gumball out, but instead it’s like the little plastic things that has a thing inside.
(1:10:59) Bev: uh-huh
(1:11:02) Codey: so like I just did one and I got 20 water love that thank you and I could I believe yeah it’s oh no once an hour I can do it again in 58 minutes or I can just watch an ad and get another one which I’m not gonna do go away go away go away mm-hmm the little game boy it looks very much like a game boy and yeah they have 3 game, so the games are titled Sun Catcher, Trip
(1:11:07) Bev: you get was it once a day for free
(1:11:12) Bev: » Okay, goodness, wow, okay.
(1:11:22) Bev: And the Game Boy is also really cute.
(1:11:32) Codey: to Oasis and Tap a Worm. Sun Catcher is your standard, you know, things are falling from the top of the screen and you have to catch them in a jar. It drops suns, coins, and then time, like bonuses. Yeah, yep. And then there’s other like things that if you if you get them in your jar it like kicks out your like you you lose a son or you lose time.
(1:11:42) Bev: Mm-hmm, yes, to keep it going faster, ‘cause it’s time-based.
(1:11:48) Bev: Yes, to keep it going faster, ‘cause it’s time-based.
(1:11:52) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:12:02) Bev: Money or something too because you can make money from some of these games as well
(1:12:03) Codey: I think you make money from all of them, yeah.
(1:12:06) Codey: So yeah, suncatcher is really good if you want sons.
(1:12:09) Codey: Again, this is, I’m talking about a light source, not a child, no one wants children.
(1:12:16) Codey: The other one that, tryptoasis is for water, so it’s your standard 2D side-scrolling,
(1:12:25) Codey: click the button and jump over the obstacle.
(1:12:28) Codey: scrolling, click the button, and jump over the obstacle.
(1:12:32) Codey: The screen is doing the conveyor belt thing of constantly moving you to the right and you just hit a button whenever you have to jump.
(1:12:40) Bev: Yeah.
(1:12:40) Codey: You jump over cactus and you grab coins and water.
(1:12:43) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:12:44) Codey: Very simple.
(1:12:45) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:12:47) Codey: And these last about a minute each.
(1:12:50) Bev: Yeah.
(1:12:50) Codey: They’re really not that much.
(1:12:50) Codey: You can play them once an hour.
(1:12:52) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:12:53) Codey: And then tapa worm, which is like whack-a-mole.
(1:12:57) Codey: But there are these little worms and they just come up out of the ground and they have
(1:12:58) Bev: Uh-huh.
(1:13:02) Codey: resources.
(1:13:04) Codey: They have the three main resources.
(1:13:07) Codey: And every now and then there’s like a character that jumps out of the ground instead of the worm.
(1:13:12) Bev: - Yeah.
(1:13:13) Codey: And then halfway through they’re wearing a worm costume.
(1:13:14) Bev: And like,
(1:13:16) Codey: Yeah, because I’m like, oh, it’s, they’re green.
(1:13:17) Bev: makes it a lot harder to differentiate.
(1:13:21) Codey: I can just do pink.
(1:13:23) Codey: And then they jump out with a pink costume.
(1:13:23) Bev: - Right.
(1:13:25) Codey: I’m like, oh, you got me.
(1:13:28) Codey: And you.
(1:13:28) Bev: - It’s like three tries that you get before they,
(1:13:29) Codey: Yep.
(1:13:30) Codey: Yep.
(1:13:31) Bev: like, you fail.
(1:13:31) Codey: - Yep.
(1:13:33) Codey: And whenever you fail, you don’t earn any more things.
(1:13:36) Codey: You’ve earned what you’ve earned.
(1:13:37) Bev: - Yeah, the game just ends.
(1:13:38) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:13:38) Codey: You can watch an ad to play again,
(1:13:41) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:13:41) Codey: but you’ve earned what you’ve earned and come back in an hour if you want to play again.
(1:13:43) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:13:46) Codey: I think they’re really cute games.
(1:13:47) Bev: I… yeah, it’s a really nice feature.
(1:13:50) Bev: I didn’t put it into my head that this was a way to get additional resources.
(1:13:53) Bev: I just thought they were, like, games within a game.
(1:13:56) Codey: Yeah, especially once you get like a lot of resources or sorry a lot of plants, you need a lot of resources.
(1:13:57) Bev: But now that my brain is making this connection, I’m like,
(1:14:00) Bev: “Oh, this is really nice!”
(1:14:03) Bev: Uh-huh.
(1:14:07) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:14:11) Codey: And when I got to the point when I couldn’t water, I couldn’t care for all of my plants with what was inherently like in my inventory.
(1:14:21) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:14:21) Codey: That’s when I felt like, oh no, oh no, no, no.
(1:14:24) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:14:26) Bev: You’ve got to start playing these games now.
(1:14:28) Codey: Yeah, well, I played them every day no matter what, but like it was like, I just didn’t want to play it if I had to do that.
(1:14:34) Bev: Mhm. Yeah, I only played them the once to like to figure what it was to figure out what it was, but like I said, I didn’t in my brain can make that connection like this is another way to advance the game by playing this mini game.
(1:14:50) Bev: But now that I do know that I will be doing that when I’m like, Oh, I’m out of water. I guess I’m just out of luck.
(1:14:54) Codey: Nope, you’re out of water, play Trip to Oasis.
(1:14:56) Bev: Uh huh.
(1:14:58) Codey: Also, if you unlock the kitchen and the bathroom, you can use the faucets in those rooms to get some water.
(1:15:09) Bev: Oh, goodness, so I need to stop like waiting on that and just like go unlock them.
(1:15:12) Codey: It’s worth it. It is worth it, for sure.
(1:15:14) Bev: OK, beautiful. I love that.
(1:15:16) Codey: Yeah, don’t mind me, I just started caring for my plants because this game is really cute.
(1:15:22) Codey: The final thing that final feature in the game
(1:15:24) Codey: is collect, butterflies, birds, and more.
(1:15:28) Codey: Not sure what more me is.
(1:15:28) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:15:30) Bev: Like oh
(1:15:31) Codey: I’ve only ever seen butterflies and birds.
(1:15:33) Bev: I’m trying to think uh, no, I was gonna see birds, but no it’s in there
(1:15:38) Bev: Maybe bats? I don’t even know like some other flying creature at some point. Maybe I
(1:15:40) Codey: I don’t think I’ve ever…
(1:15:41) Codey: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a butterfly.
(1:15:43) Bev: Haven’t seen anything. I think I’ve only ever seen butterflies and birds, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have events where they’re like
(1:15:50) Bev: exotic animals now appearing in your windows because it’s
(1:15:55) Bev: October I don’t even know
(1:15:56) Codey: that would be adorable if during that time there’s like bats and bugs, like other bugs that are not the pretty frilly bugs that everyone knows and loves.
(1:15:57) Bev: Right
(1:15:59) Bev: Right?
(1:16:01) Bev: Mm-Hmm. Mm-Hmm. Mm-Hmm.
(1:16:05) Codey: So yeah, and they say collect.
(1:16:08) Codey: They’re not going any, like you can’t go and be like, I have collected all of the things.
(1:16:12) Codey: Like there’s not like a book that’s like,
(1:16:14) Codey: here are all the birds to collect.
(1:16:15) Codey: You just tap on ’em.
(1:16:16) Bev: You swat him.
(1:16:18) Codey: Yeah, you’re like, get out of the garden.
(1:16:21) Codey: You just swat them and then they fly.
(1:16:22) Bev: Uh-huh.
(1:16:26) Codey: And they don’t damage your stuff like at all.
(1:16:30) Bev: No.
(1:16:30) Codey: So.
(1:16:30) Bev: No, they’re just kind of there to give you something to do while the game’s, like, running.
(1:16:36) Bev: If you’ve already done, like, your dailies.
(1:16:40) Codey: Yeah, so like you can, you know, put it on the limited UI mode and then just tap them as they go. The thing is that if you do tap enough of them, there’s like a bar across the bottom of the screen. And if you tap enough of them, you get a frenzy. And in the frenzy, there’s just a heck ton of them flying all over the place. It’s crazy. It’s super overwhelming. But every now and then in that there’s a golden butterfly and the golden butterfly will give you an item or a plant.
(1:16:44) Bev: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm
(1:16:55) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:17:02) Bev: Uh-huh.
(1:17:05) Bev: Right. Uh-huh. I’ve gotten a couple items that way.
(1:17:10) Bev: Maybe that’s how I got one of my like wall flight like wallpapers, but
(1:17:16) Codey: but yeah um I think it’s cute uh like the little uh uh birds thing is real cute
(1:17:24) Bev: I accepted most of them because that’s just easier and I prefer it that way.
(1:17:25) Codey: it also like names your plants did you automatically like did or did you change any of the names or did you just accept whatever they came up with
(1:17:39) Bev: A couple times like names that came up were from work I’m like I don’t know if I want this name like I think my first plant like the auto like name or the auto like oddly I can’t talk, automatically assigned.
(1:17:54) Bev: The game was like Anna, which is my new intern at work, so I was like, “Do I want my intern to be in the game?”
(1:18:01) Bev: I was like, “Yes, I do.”
(1:18:02) Codey: Yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re a good thing.
(1:18:05) Bev: Sorry, not intern, but fellow.
(1:18:07) Codey: See, and then if and then if Anna is annoying any day, you can just be like, Oh, I’m not gonna water you today. See how you feel about that.
(1:18:08) Bev: So, now…
(1:18:12) Bev: Oh, goodness.
(1:18:17) Bev: I will not nurture you today, Anna.
(1:18:21) Codey: The names are pretty wild. I just I was just going through some I had Penelope, I had Aria, I had Adam. Here, let’s see what this one is. Carter, my strawberries name is Carter.
(1:18:25) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:18:30) Bev: I love that.
(1:18:32) Codey: Everything him up and he’s growing up. Oh, he got some flowers. Look at him. My tomato is named Joshua. Come on, take your. Yeah, they’re real basic names. And then Landon. My rosemary is named Landon. I love rosemary, dude. I would grow that in the real for sure. Yeah, and the frenzy is cool. Like you get a bunch of money from it. Like a couple thousand.
(1:18:35) Bev: Aww, yay Carter.
(1:18:39) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:18:42) Bev: I think I have like a Jacob in there. Um…
(1:18:46) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:18:51) Bev: Beautiful.
(1:18:54) Bev: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(1:19:00) Bev: Yeah, which is really nice.
(1:19:02) Codey: Coins or something like that if you do it if you just tap away and tap everything like absolute mad
(1:19:08) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:19:08) Codey: And there are different sizes So like the small butterflies are less and then the medium to large butterflies are more and then the birds are a lot more
(1:19:12) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:19:16) Bev: Yeah.
(1:19:18) Bev: Mm-hmm.
(1:19:18) Codey: Yeah, I don’t really know I mean that’s pretty much everything that this game has
(1:19:24) Codey: Oh, I guess the only other thing oh, I want this so bad is the check-in counter So it tells you like every day you get like daily
(1:19:32) Codey: rewards for checking in and the rewards get progressively better.
(1:19:36) Codey: Um, so for example, what I just said I really want is my current daily rewards at the seven day mark.
(1:19:41) Codey: I get a black cat pot.
(1:19:44) Bev: …amazing.
(1:19:45) Codey: My longest streak was 10 days in a row, but then I only would miss like one day.
(1:19:50) Codey: Also, there was a stretch in there where I would like go to bed and then I would do something else.
(1:19:53) Codey: And then I’d be like, Oh, I should check that.
(1:19:55) Codey: And then it was like already midnight.
(1:19:56) Codey: I was like, heck, it’s going to tell me that I missed a day, but I technically have not fallen asleep yet.
(1:19:57) Bev: mmm-hmm I know uh-huh the struggles with time-based like real time-based achievements I am reading the on the website and apparently there’s a sleep timer I will say
(1:20:02) Codey: Yeah, yep, you can, yeah, you can set it, um, to what you want it to sound like.
(1:20:20) Codey: So if you want it, rainy, snow, cloudy, foliage, Sakura clear.
(1:20:24) Codey: Um, and then, uh, sunrise day, sunset night, um, and then whatever time you want.
(1:20:30) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:20:32) Codey: And it says when a garden will automatically close after the set time.
(1:20:34) Bev: I Love that because you can it says for like calming sounds for sleep work or study and you can
(1:20:40) Bev: I’m sure you could just set it to be Pomodoro’s and when it stops
(1:20:44) Bev: Making music that’s your sign. Like oh, it’s quiet now. I
(1:20:48) Bev: Guess that’s my break
(1:20:50) Codey: Yeah, I hate the Pomodoro method. It doesn’t work for me, but I get what you’re saying.
(1:20:52) Bev: Uh-huh Mm-hmm Mm-hmm It sometimes works and then it sometimes doesn’t for me
(1:20:54) Codey: It works for some people!
(1:21:00) Bev: I go back and forth with it a lot. I feel like my only complaint was that I I think was overwhelmed with like the UI
(1:21:07) Bev: upfront
(1:21:08) Codey: It can be yeah, it’s a lot
(1:21:11) Bev: Mm-hmm Mm-hmm, and I think to a point it was like I don’t want to spend time trying to figure this out
(1:21:17) Bev: because if I recall I don’t recall there being like
(1:21:21) Bev: Like a tutorial or anything like that of which is not bad
(1:21:22) Codey: No.
(1:21:26) Bev: But then I could see how it would just be a lot all at once
(1:21:30) Bev: And I you know don’t hate that nothing’s behind like a leveling up feature
(1:21:35) Bev: But at the same time part of it’s like I want to slowly advance and not have to figure all this out at once
(1:21:41) Bev: Um, so I could see like there’s a bit of a learning curve up front
(1:21:46) Bev: Um, and that could that can be a deterrent by itself depending on
(1:21:46) Codey: Yeah.
(1:21:50) Bev: the mood I suppose
(1:21:52) Codey: Yeah, I do think it’s satisfying though, even when it is upfront and you’re trying to figure everything out.
(1:21:58) Codey: I think that it is, I think I played it like quite a bit for the, I hit a frenzy.
(1:22:04) Codey: I played it for quite a bit for the first few days.
(1:22:06) Codey: And, you know, I would come up with times when I was like, oh, you know, I’m at the doctor’s office.
(1:22:12) Codey: and instead of scrolling mindlessly on Instagram or…
(1:22:16) Codey: like doing something else, like I’m just gonna play with my little window garden game and tap on butterflies and stuff.
(1:22:22) Bev: Mmhmm.
(1:22:24) Codey: I did not get a golden butterfly. I was robbed. This is rigged. Rigged election.
(1:22:24) Bev: Mmhmm.
(1:22:27) Bev: Ugh, how dare.
(1:22:29) Bev: Rigged.
(1:22:35) Bev: But yeah, that was my only, I think, complaint that I have about it, and it’s like, I feel like a pretty minor one, so I would definitely recommend.
(1:22:40) Codey: Yeah, yeah, I would there’s no one that I wouldn’t recommend this game to at least to check.
(1:22:46) Codey: I have to try it out because since it is lo-fi and since all like if your stuff dies, all you have to do is watch one ad.
(1:22:52) Bev: Right, exactly.
(1:22:52) Codey: Unless you want to be like, no, I’ve earned their deaths like I did.
(1:22:58) Codey: Then, yeah, it’s not not a lot of time ever. Time energy. It’s very it is an idle game.
(1:23:04) Bev: Mm-hmm yeah I may have to start over my progress which is fine but I don’t I wouldn’t mind starting it over and that might be how I can get into it again I’m gonna see if I can try to turn off the cloud feature so I don’t recall seeing that but it might be in the
(1:23:26) Codey: really quick I want a plant during the frenzy I guess so I’m putting down Savannah right now
(1:23:32) Bev: What else, is that the plany one?
(1:23:34) Codey: her name is Savannah she is a lavender
(1:23:36) Bev: Ooh.
(1:23:41) Codey: yeah I wonder if they have specific names for things but I don’t know
(1:23:45) Bev: I also wonder. It’s probably not. That’s a lot for 112. That’s a lot of programming, I feel like.
(1:23:52) Codey: Cloud save online music off.
(1:23:56) Codey: I’m trying I don’t see a way that you can turn cloud save off let me go out because sometimes when you like kick the game out and when you start back up it like has the
(1:24:01) Bev: interesting because it’s like all the feedbacks like if your game’s using cloud save like then
(1:24:12) Bev: this is what you can do to or this might be the bug that you’re experiencing so it’s like there has to if there’s an if there then it has to be a feature you can turn off
(1:24:19) Codey: so I don’t think it’s a feature you can I can’t find anywhere where you could turn it off but i could see like if you didn’t have service um it wouldn’t link like your cloud save would not be online I could see that being a thing uh and that’s window garden very cute game 10 out of 10
(1:24:26) Bev: um
(1:24:32) Bev: Mm-hm.
(1:24:35) Bev: Mm-hm.
(1:24:37) Bev: Very cute.
(1:24:39) Codey: um I remember playing that or recording an episode a few months ago and hearing about this game and immediately like being like oh it’s free oh it’s on app like oh
(1:24:49) Codey: okay I’ll start playing it I’m glad we had more time with it though before we recorded so
(1:24:51) Bev: Uh-huh.
(1:24:55) Bev: Wait, excuse me, there’s an Earth Day event?
(1:24:57) Codey: when it would have already happened the cop the coffee
(1:24:59) Bev: I don’t know, I just, I’m on the coke,
(1:25:01) Bev: like, just poking around the website.
(1:25:04) Bev: Yeah, sorry, the coffee.
(1:25:05) Codey: it might be Kofi I don’t know Kofi I don’t know how to say it who knows
(1:25:07) Bev: I don’t know, it, yeah, it, yeah.
(1:25:11) Bev: And there’s an image that says Earth Day,
(1:25:13) Bev: but I’m assuming that was maybe last year’s event,
(1:25:16) Bev: I think the Sakura one was still going on during April. Yeah, yeah.
(1:25:19) Codey: I don’t think… I think the sakura was this month. Window garden events.
(1:25:25) Bev: I could have sworn we downloaded it in April, but
(1:25:28) Bev: time’s not real anymore and I don’t understand.
(1:25:29) Codey: No, I think we did it in March.
(1:25:32) Bev: Okay, then don’t.
(1:25:34) Bev: So was it, if it was an Earth Day event, was it only for the day?
(1:25:38) Bev: When was this posted?
(1:25:39) Bev: This was posted a month ago.
(1:25:40) Bev: Okay, so it was, they had something going on for Earth Day or maybe you just said happy birthday.
(1:25:45) Bev: I don’t know, I missed it.
(1:25:46) Codey: Version history
(1:25:48) Bev: See ya.
(1:25:50) Codey: Japanese translations played up. Yeah. No, I don’t see it
(1:25:57) Bev: Oh my goodness, I see the Halloween picture for the post.
(1:26:00) Codey: Like coming up
(1:26:03) Bev: No, this was posted six months ago.
(1:26:05) Codey: Okay
(1:26:06) Bev: But they have jack-o’-lantern pots and like zombie pots and ghost pots.
(1:26:13) Bev: And I’m here for this.
(1:26:16) Codey: That would be so cute
(1:26:17) Bev: Amazing.
(1:26:18) Codey: Yeah, this newest on my birthday
(1:26:21) Codey: They had new items and offseason items added which is super awesome
(1:26:28) Codey: Play button doesn’t work. May, new seasonal item.
(1:26:30) Codey: I really I do think that last month was the Earth Day month and everything was Earth Day themed.
(1:26:37) Bev: Sad. Sad, I miss that. But that’s fine. Sakura was very good.
(1:26:39) Codey: So yeah.
(1:26:41) Codey: Very cute though. Such a good game.
(1:26:46) Codey: Well that wraps up this episode. Bev, where can people find you?
(1:26:52) Bev: You could find me pretty much anywhere at bevgranger711. That’s B-E-V-G-R-A-N-G-E-R-711.
(1:27:01) Bev: I am not very social because I’m just socialed out.
(1:27:04) Codey: Mm-hmm. That’s a mood.
(1:27:07) Bev: But I enjoy talking to people, so maybe if you had me, I would eventually get back to you!
(1:27:14) Codey: Um, or you could join the, the Slack and talk to us on there.
(1:27:17) Bev: The slack! Uh-huh. Mm-hmm.
(1:27:18) Codey: Um, we’ll get to that though.
(1:27:19) Codey: Uh, I am on, uh, that hellscape, uh, Twitter, um, at just my name, Cody Mathis, um, and then I am at, uh, hiking beagle be eagle at on Instagram.
(1:27:34) Codey: That’s the thing that I’m most active on, um, that and the Slack.
(1:27:38) Codey: I do get notifications on the Slack.
(1:27:40) Codey: You can find Al at the Scottbot on Macedon.Scott and on…
(1:27:44) Codey: Twitter. You can find the podcast on Tumblr and Twitter @THSPOD. You can provide feedbacks and links. You can provide feedbacks and access the links and show notes and transcripts and all of that at harvestseason.club. On there is also a link to our patreon, patreon.com/thspod. If you support us on on patreon then you get access to our slack channel where you can talk to us and Johnny and see pictures of fox crafting and my new fox tattoo. I should post that.
(1:28:11) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:28:14) Codey: And talk about games and give us your feedback and tell us what you think about these games. If there’s anything you want us to play. If you have a bug question. If you have a law question we can answer your bug or law questions. Yeah, thanks Bev for joining me.
(1:28:16) Bev: Talk about games. Mm-hmm
(1:28:27) Bev: if we hate our reviews, yes, eventually.
(1:28:40) Bev: Thanks for having me, I guess.
(1:28:42) Codey: Yeah.
(1:28:44) Codey: And until next time, have a good harvest! We’re so on it. Look at us. Look at us.
(1:28:47) Bev: Have a good harvest!
(1:28:48) Theme Tune: The harvest season is created by Al McKinley, with support from our patrons, including our pro farmers, Kevin, Stuart and Alisa.
(1:29:03) Theme Tune: Our art is done by Micah the Brave and our music is done by Nick Burgess.
(1:29:07) Theme Tune: Feel free to visit our website harvestseason.club for show notes and links to things we discussed in this episode.
(1:29:22) Codey: I also bah bah bah hate it that I was just talking to Al the other day and Al you can feel free to use this audio.
(1:29:29) Codey: The clap is for, is not to make sure that we are like in sync.
(1:29:35) Codey: It’s literally to determine the delay that we have, which like, I don’t think there is usually delay like, like I can see that you’re reacting to what I’m saying in the moment and like I can see when Johnny does too but Johnny has such a bad sense of rhythm I love I love you, Johnny, but…
(1:29:38) Bev: Mmm
(1:29:44) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:29:48) Bev: Mm-hmm
(1:29:52) Codey: Damn.
(1:29:53) Codey: Like, I’ll be like, “Okay, ready? Three?” And he’s like, “It’s the same.” He’s like, “Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.”
(1:29:59) Codey: And then I say, “Clap.” And I like, “Clap.” And he’s like…
(1:30:04) Codey: I’m like, “No!” ‘Cause there’s no delay there.
(1:30:08) Bev: He needs a clap, but then also needs a here your clap and then he can go
(1:30:13) Codey: That’s a fricking goober.
(1:30:15) Codey: OK, well, let’s do our clap.
(1:30:17) Bev: Okay
(1:30:17) Codey: OK, three, two, one.
(1:30:23) Codey: Perfect.
(1:30:24) Bev: Beautiful [laughing]
(1:30:24) Codey: Beautiful.
(1:30:26) Codey: Who are they?