Radiation Rock

Al and Codey talk about Farm RPG


00:00:00: Theme Tune
00:00:30: Intro
00:02:32: What Have We Been Up To
00:12:18: Game News
00:37:47: New Games
00:40:15: FarnRPG
01:24:16: Outro

Len’s Island “Frozen Lands” Update
Ooblets “Spring 2024” Update
Sugardew Island Delay
One Lonely Outpost Roadmap
Flotsam “0.8.0” Update

Cozy Grove 2 Announcement


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(0:00:30) Al: Hello farmers, and welcome to another episode of The Harvest Season.
(0:00:35) Al: My name is Al, and we are here today to talk about Cottagecore Games!
(0:00:36) Codey: And my name is Cody!
(0:00:41) Al: Woo!
(0:00:42) Al: Whoop-e-doo!
(0:00:43) Al: Scooby-doo!
(0:00:44) Al: And Al, Isle of Man and Tired edition.
(0:00:48) Codey: Scoopity bop bop. This is Cody basement edition.
(0:00:57) Al: Thank you.
(0:00:58) Codey: You’re gettin’ us at our best, y’all.
(0:01:00) Al: Oh yeah, here we go.
(0:01:04) Al: As usual, transcripts are available on the show notes and on the website.
(0:01:10) Al: We’re going to talk about Farm RPG, which we’re not going to talk about just now.
(0:01:12) Codey: It sure is a name, too.
(0:01:15) Al: We’re going to talk about later.
(0:01:16) Al: I’ll explain what it is.
(0:01:18) Al: I know it is better than the name would suggest.
(0:01:24) Al: Let’s put it that way.
(0:01:26) Codey: Do not judge a game by its name, because… dang.
(0:01:27) Al: we definitely not
(0:01:31) Al: Well, yeah, we can talk we can talk about that because because this has been on the list for years this one before we finally decided to do it. Yeah, yeah.
(0:01:34) Codey: Yeah.
(0:01:38) Codey: Really?
(0:01:39) Codey: Oh wow, okay.
(0:01:42) Al: Years before I decided that we were gonna
(0:01:43) Codey: I was just told to do it and I was like, cool.
(0:01:46) Codey: And then I’m doing it now.
(0:01:50) Al: Yeah, I can’t remember when exactly I have it. The first time I created it on notion was October last year, but like I had been thinking about it for quite longer than that.
(0:02:01) Codey: Mm-hmm, it’s been in your heart for longer than that.
(0:02:01) Al: I’ve had it installed on my phone for years and I hadn’t opened it up until this week.
(0:02:06) Codey: Oh my gosh, that’s ridiculous.
(0:02:07) Al: So, I know, I know.
(0:02:10) Al: - No.
(0:02:10) Codey: I do need to offload some of the games that we’ve played on the podcast that I still have on my phone.
(0:02:15) Codey: But I’m like so, ‘cause I finally 100%ed Usagi Shima and now I’m like what if I get rid of it and it gets rid of my save data too?
(0:02:23) Codey: And then something new comes out and I’m like,
(0:02:24) Codey: “Oh, I’ll open it back up,”
(0:02:25) Codey: and then I have to do it all over again.
(0:02:30) Al: We’ve got some news, obviously, but first of all, Cody, what have you been up to?
(0:02:36) Codey: I have been wondering where the month of May went, um, that’s just been flying by.
(0:02:45) Codey: Uh, this is the month where my other, my second job starts back up.
(0:02:49) Codey: So on top of being a PhD student, they don’t pay us enough.
(0:02:53) Codey: So, um, I also have a coffee shop job.
(0:02:58) Codey: Um, and I only do it, yeah.
(0:03:00) Codey: Uh, well, it’s actually a trailer, but it’s basically a coffee shop.
(0:03:03) Codey: Um, that we move, we move it to…
(0:03:06) Codey: to, like, different farmers markets and then there’s also, correct, it’s a mobile coffee shop. Um, I serve beef acts because people are like, and then people are like, “Oh, you’re the owner, that’s so, that’s so funny.” Because the owner and I are actually, like, really good friends. We were friends before I started working there, um, and they’re like, “Oh, no wonder you called up these needs.” And I was like,
(0:03:06) Al: It’s a moveable coffee shop
(0:03:10) Al: Do you also serve bees?
(0:03:27) Codey: “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, stop me.”
(0:03:28) Al: Do you wear a little sticker that says “Ask me about bees”?
(0:03:32) Codey: No, but people know most of…
(0:03:32) Al: You should.
(0:03:36) Codey: the people are local, like people that know me and will be like, “Oh, give us…”
(0:03:41) Codey: Like one little kid is like, “Give me a B fact.”
(0:03:43) Codey: And every day I give him a new B fact.
(0:03:46) Codey: Um, so I’ve been pretty busy with that.
(0:03:49) Codey: And then also I started doing Rover, um, which is dog sitting.
(0:03:54) Codey: And some of it’s pretty easy.
(0:03:55) Codey: It’s like, you know, for the weekend, someone drops off their puppy and I watch them or they drop their dog off for the day and then I just like still do work from home, but I just have a dog.
(0:04:04) Codey: But it takes more mental space.
(0:04:06) Codey: so time has seemed to be flying but still been playing video games did obviously farm RPG I finally got all of my villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley to a hundred percent I’m trying to think of how to say how to say that level 10 they’re all level 10 they’re all like max leveled mm-hmm and then now I’m trying to finish the parks quest because so I didn’t care about doing all these
(0:04:36) Codey: and getting all this stuff because I was like I don’t want to build these like theme park rides I don’t care but then I found out there was an achievement so catch me catch me doing a daily every day just so I can make make five different popcorn buckets and get the achievement popcorn enthusiast still also Fox crafting so the Fox we’re building a shrine now on the Fox’s back
(0:04:43) Al: Hehehehehehehehehe always with the achievements.
(0:05:06) Codey: uh yeah it’s a shrine it’s a shrine to Fox’s and inside of it is gonna be a small Fox like a couple small Fox statues and then there’s gonna be it’ll go into a cave system and the cave system when you go like into it into it will have a giant Fox statue that I’m going to make out of diamond blocks because I can’t be done with this game I guess
(0:05:33) Al: I don’t know what to say. Do you have any like actual foxes yet? OK.
(0:05:36) Codey: And yeah, we have, so we set up, so have I told, do you know how to get foxes in?
(0:05:43) Al: No, I don’t think I think the last kind of animal that they launched since I actually was playing was wolves. So if it’s similar, then I know vaguely how to do it,
(0:05:50) Codey: Okay
(0:05:52) Al: but not not foxes. OK.
(0:05:53) Codey: No, it’s not so you can’t tame foxes and you can’t put I mean I guess you can put a leash on foxes But they’re so far away from where we are we like we live in our we’re on an island in the middle of the thing and you can’t bring them in a boat with You and so what you have to do is you have to mate
(0:06:08) Al: You build a land bridge
(0:06:10) Codey: We we did that a little bit you mate two foxes together and then they make a baby
(0:06:18) Codey: and then you can put the baby
(0:06:20) Codey: on a leash and then that baby is less freaked out than the adults are. It’s more tame. It’s not tamed. It’s just more tame.
(0:06:28) Al: So, so what you’re saying is yeah, I was just going to say so what you say is you make you make foxes have a baby and you steal their child and in its confusion it doesn’t attack you, right?
(0:06:32) Codey: And then you kidnap the child.
(0:06:36) Codey: Yep. Yes.
(0:06:40) Codey: Yep. Yes. And then we had to bring it through the nether. So we brought it through the nether portal.
(0:06:49) Al: So you can’t put it on a boat,
(0:06:50) Codey: no yeah so we had to do that twice because we needed two foxes and then once and now we have just a big ol incestuous fox colony started - so yeah there’s like a hundred they self propagate but we also just have a bunch of juniper berries that we just yeah but it doesn’t even they don’t oh my god
(0:06:51) Al: but you can take it through a nether portal.
(0:07:14) Al: How big is this island?
(0:07:20) Codey: the hundred doesn’t even like they’re still spread out enough on the top of the head of the Fox that it seems like it’s sparse and there’s still the back of the Fox I think I feel like I need I did take pictures and I forgot to post them I’m sorry people I promised and then I did not deliver I do need to post the pictures but I’m thinking I also just need to record a video of it I need figure out how to like screencap something.
(0:07:46) Al: Yeah, I feel like the scale is difficult to get because I’ve seen, I’ve seen our picture.
(0:07:50) Codey: Yeah, no, the scale is really hard to get.
(0:07:51) Al: I don’t know if you posted it in the slack or whether you just sent it to me, but I can’t like I was not imagining it was as big as you were implying.
(0:07:56) Codey: Uh, yeah, so it’s the head of it is like 16 blocks times, like another 16.
(0:08:11) Codey: So 300 and some odd blocks.
(0:08:14) Codey: I don’t know math.
(0:08:15) Codey: I’m not.
(0:08:16) Codey: No, it’s not 300.
(0:08:17) Codey: It’s a lot of blocks, though.
(0:08:20) Codey: I think 16, I think it’s more than 16, actually.
(0:08:23) Codey: I don’t know.
(0:08:24) Codey: It’s big.
(0:08:25) Codey: Um, people, I show up to people in real life and they’re like, why?
(0:08:29) Codey: And I’m like, because the tism tells me, um, and then I still do my coloring app every day too.
(0:08:36) Codey: And I’m actually running low on money, which is surprising because you make like a lot of in game currency just from coloring and like checking it every day, but I’m finishing them too fast.
(0:08:50) Codey: But yeah, that’s uh, that’s how I spend my days. What about you?
(0:08:54) Al: Let’s see, I’m a little bit… I’ve mostly been in between things because I finished…
(0:09:02) Al: What was I playing before? No, what did I just cover with… Was it Johnny? Homestead Arcana with Kevin, that’s what it was. So it’s like I was procrastinating playing that so I wasn’t really playing anything and then we recorded the podcast and I didn’t open the game again and then I was waiting because it was like only a week until…
(0:09:04) Codey: Moonstone Island?
(0:09:06) Codey: Oh, yeah.
(0:09:24) Al: Starstruck Vagabond came out and I was like I definitely need to play this game so I wasn’t really doing much until that came out so that’s why we ended up playing Farm RPG so that’s basically what I’ve been doing, Farm RPG. Now it’s two days since Starstruck Vagabond has come out so I have played it a little bit now as well but yeah that’s pretty much it. Pokemon GO obviously as usual but yeah that’s about it. A lot of time in… Well as much time as you can actually put into that.
(0:09:55) Al: Which we’ll discuss later, but yeah, yeah, that’s that’s about it. I’m watching Through the Purge movies
(0:10:02) Codey: Okay, interesting. How many are there?
(0:10:04) Al: There are five currently
(0:10:06) Codey: Okay, I just watched the trilogy the Planet of the Apes trilogy that from the 2011 2010s because um
(0:10:13) Al: yeah yeah I went back and watched them as well before the new one but I went right back to the beginning I watched all the planet of the apes films um I think so the first one the first planet of the apes film I think is the best planet of the apes films um the second one is is good
(0:10:22) Codey: Yeah, I haven’t done that. Is it worth it?
(0:10:27) Codey: Oh, okay.
(0:10:36) Al: the other three are a wild ride a wild ride to be on um
(0:10:43) Al: then there’s a random one from 2001 that was tim burton because tim burton needs to have every possible film franchise uh and that was it was a tim burton film
(0:10:48) Codey: Yeah.
(0:10:52) Codey: Yeah.
(0:10:57) Codey: It sure was made by Tim Burton.
(0:10:59) Al: yeah you can you can see the tim burton all over the place he he tim burtoned on everything um
(0:11:06) Codey: Hey.
(0:11:06) Codey: Yup.
(0:11:08) Codey: Correct.
(0:11:10) Al: It’s fun. I feel like he just like there are some
(0:11:13) Al: films from Tim Burton that I just think are absolutely fantastic, like Nightmare Before Christmas, one of the best films, just full stop, like absolutely fantastic. And then there’s just some things that you’re just like, I don’t understand what you’re doing.
(0:11:27) Codey: Yep, but all you have to say is “because Tim Burton” and then the…
(0:11:28) Al: What is this? And why does it why does it exist? So, yeah. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So,
(0:11:39) Al: So, no, I would recommend, I mean, they obviously they are different continuities these
(0:11:43) Al: the three, the originals, the Tim Burton random, and then the new ones, but I think they’re all they’re worth it.
(0:11:50) Codey: okay yeah I just um because I’m dog sitting for my advisor right now and I always remember at the last minute that he has like Disney+ and Amazon Prime and like all this stuff and so I’m like like trying to watch as many things and I saw those were on it and I was like oh my gosh I haven’t I hadn’t seen two of them and I know the new movies like coming out or it’s already out I remember yeah That’s what we’ve been up to.
(0:12:08) Al: Hehehehehehehe
(0:12:16) Al: Cool It is let’s talk about some game news
(0:12:21) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:12:22) Al: First of all, we have a new update from lens Island the frozen lands update
(0:12:27) Al: This is coming out on the 27th of May which is in the past as you’re listening to this. So it’s already out
(0:12:35) Al: Cody why why why should people care about this?
(0:12:39) Codey: Man, so this is the first like big update that they put out ever since they changed the camera angle stuff and it just hits different.
(0:12:49) Codey: The trailer is really cool if you watch it, like seeing your character, being able to like manipulate your camera around your player entirely is really cool.
(0:13:01) Codey: They have these enemy stronghold islands that you can go to, there’s a bunch of different like new dungeons, new boss fights, new all of that kind of stuff.
(0:13:09) Codey: I really like the cherry blossom islands that they added in this update are just beautiful aesthetically.
(0:13:17) Codey: You can just really see how far they’ve come from when we first covered them two years ago and where they are now. It’s just so cool.
(0:13:27) Codey: Plus just a bunch of other stuff. That’s just the stuff that jumped out to me in the trailer.
(0:13:32) Codey: And here is my weekly “Gosh, I want to get back into this game.”
(0:13:38) Al: Yeah, I should really play it, I mean, I think when we first covered it, it was just one guy, basically, and he has now a big like a company and a team and stuff like that building it, which is it’s always nice to see when that.
(0:13:39) Codey: Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. And he’s, there’s just, they’re putting out so much more. Like, back then it was one camera angle. They didn’t really have a combat system. They didn’t really have, like, much of anything. It was just the bare bones. And now, to see, I don’t know.
(0:14:06) Codey: It’s really cool to see a game be literally built up from the bottom.
(0:14:09) Codey: And have been a part of that and this game like even back then I even really liked it I put it like multiple hours into it. I actually wonder if I can look at that while we’re talking
(0:14:18) Al: Cody, I have some bad news for you. You said two years, it’s longer than two years.
(0:14:19) Codey: What’s up?
(0:14:21) Codey: Yeah
(0:14:23) Codey: My gosh
(0:14:26) Al: So we probably first talked about it over three years ago.
(0:14:29) Al: It’s been in early access for more than two and a half years now.
(0:14:33) Al: It was November 2021 that it entered early access.
(0:14:37) Codey: That is benign.
(0:14:39) Al: Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see how what they say in there.
(0:14:44) Al: Because when you do an early access, you have to answer the question approximately how long will…
(0:14:48) Al: game be in early access and it’s always funny because they’re almost always so so underestimated
(0:14:56) Al: so let’s see what they said lens island is expected to release out of early access with co-op multiplayer in q3 2024 several large content updates will also release prior to the full release i’d be surprised if they’re actually correct but that is much better than I was expecting have they released the schedule
(0:15:14) Codey: They’re on, I mean, they’re on that timeline now.
(0:15:18) Al: oh there we go okay they are still expecting that interesting interesting and this is this is the frozen lands update is their last release before the the the one the multiplayer update which is is meant to be 1.0.
(0:15:19) Codey: I don’t think so.
(0:15:20) Codey: But like that, oh, here we go, updated roadmap.
(0:15:24) Codey: Q3 2024, full release.
(0:15:27) Codey: But yeah, they’re still respecting it.
(0:15:37) Codey: - Yeah, yeah, that’s crazy.
(0:15:40) Codey: Yeah, see, they’re…
(0:15:42) Codey: See, so this gets back to like games.
(0:15:47) Codey: Okay, so with games, but also with books,
(0:15:52) Codey: there are the architects and there are the gardeners, right?
(0:15:57) Codey: Have you heard this before?
(0:16:01) Codey: So their gardeners are gonna be your George R.R. Martins,
(0:16:06) Codey: You’re Patrick Rothfuss’s.
(0:16:08) Codey: Those are those are authors.
(0:16:09) Codey: They’re the type that like create the the world right and then they like trim some stuff here trim some stuff there But it kind of just like grows on its own and then after a while You don’t know how to get out of the garden like there’s no way to finish
(0:16:23) Codey: The thing and I think that a lot of game developers do this too where they start developing it Then like oh I could do this. Oh I could do that Oh, I could do that and they like just kind of jump off and then they’re like I don’t know where the end is anymore
(0:16:35) Codey: versus engineers or architects.
(0:16:37) Codey: At the very beginning, they’re like, “Okay, I’m going to do this, and then I’m going to do this,”
(0:16:41) Codey: and this is going to be your Brandon Sanderson, who pumps out eight million books a year.
(0:16:47) Codey: He’s crazy.
(0:16:49) Codey: He is like, “Here’s the dotted dashed outline of, in this book, this character is going to do this thing,
(0:16:58) Codey: and in this book, this character is going to do this thing.”
(0:17:00) Codey: And then all you have to do is fill in the scaffolding.
(0:17:04) Al: All all you have to do is make it actually is make it a good read.
(0:17:07) Codey: All you have to do, but it’s more structured.
(0:17:10) Codey: And I think that’s what Lens Island has been doing.
(0:17:12) Codey: They’ve been doing a great job with, they had the scaffolding,
(0:17:16) Codey: they had that foundation, they built it, and then they stuck to what they said they were gonna do.
(0:17:20) Al: Yes, yeah I think it’s what I’m impressed by is if they do manage that timeline they’ve managed that a three-year timeline when they started with fewer people than they’re currently working on it.
(0:17:36) Al: Like the funny thing about software development is that when you add people it doesn’t speed up the process, at least not to start with, it actually slows it down to start with.
(0:17:42) Codey: - Yeah.
(0:17:44) Codey: - Yeah.
(0:17:48) Al: it does speed it up if you are a good team.
(0:17:50) Al: And when I say to start with, I mean like for several months, it slows you down.
(0:18:00) Al: Because it takes a lot of work to get people up to speed on multiple years of software development.
(0:18:06) Codey: I mean, yeah, it’s the same in science too. Like if I were to try and have someone help me
(0:18:11) Codey: with my specimens, it’s like there’s there’s alert
(0:18:14) Al: There’s so much to explain about your processes and yeah, what you’ve already done.
(0:18:17) Codey: So much to explain and I’m like, you know what I’m just gonna do it by myself
(0:18:21) Al: Yeah.
(0:18:21) Codey: I don’t I don’t want to do that. That sounds awful
(0:18:22) Al: Yeah, yeah, it can be because like, the good thing about it is that if you if you if you have to do it once, you if you figure out what you did to explain it to that one person,
(0:18:25) Codey: I’m just gonna
(0:18:35) Al: you can get that down to a fine art.
(0:18:37) Al: So like my current team before I joined it, it was three people and then I joined it three
(0:18:44) Al: months ago, now it is nine people.
(0:18:47) Al: So like, over that three month period, we’ve gotten down to fine art how to explain to people what this project is and what to do.
(0:18:54) Al: It’s like here is your list of things.
(0:18:57) Al: Ask us if you have any questions, you know.
(0:18:58) Codey: Yeah wild good job lens island looking great
(0:19:01) Al: All right, cool.
(0:19:03) Al: At this point, Cody, you’re probably just waiting for the 1.
(0:19:08) Codey: Yeah, I really am and I’m not even gonna like keep it going with what I had
(0:19:14) Codey: I’m just gonna wait for the 1.0. Yeah, just complete new save file
(0:19:19) Codey: New experience, but I am like every single time I see it. I’m excited and I’ve already paid for it because I paid for it
(0:19:26) Codey: literally years ago
(0:19:27) Al: Yeah, I have I have also, I’ve never played it, but I own it. I think I kick started it.
(0:19:28) Codey: I
(0:19:33) Al: So I’ve had it for nearly three years. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So I tell you, I’ve just remembered what happened. So I opened it up, and I started to save. And I found that it didn’t have controller support, so I closed it. And they now have controller support, but I just haven’t got back into it. It was like, and now is the time to play it. And I went, Nope, now is not the time to play it and put it away. All right, ooblets have released a 2024 spring update. So yeah, you thought it was done. It’s not done. There’s more and more stuff.
(0:19:34) Codey: Think you opened it once because or something because steam says that you’ve other game other friends who have played this game
(0:19:50) Codey: Oh, yep.
(0:19:58) Codey: Yeah.
(0:20:04) Codey: You lost me, yep, for sure.
(0:20:20) Codey: More let’s to ooob
(0:20:21) Al: The Glimmy Globe crafting system is back.
(0:20:27) Codey: Mm-hmm
(0:20:28) Al: I honestly can’t remember this. I don’t know. Like I don’t remember this being in the game.
(0:20:31) Codey: Hey, all I see is that there’s four new potted plants to decorate your house with and I am
(0:20:37) Al: This update also adds a bunch of quality of life features that people have been asking for. Notes, just a list of your previously opened mail, and a log of the discoverables sorting. You can now sort your inventor inventory and containers.
(0:20:51) Codey: - Yep, that is the biggest thing for me.
(0:20:54) Codey: Like when I saw that one, again, I haven’t played this game.
(0:20:57) Codey: I don’t own it yet.
(0:20:58) Codey: But when I saw that you can sort your inventory,
(0:21:01) Codey: I was like, “Oh, sweet.”
(0:21:03) Codey: ‘Cause Disney Dreamlight Valley has ruined me on that.
(0:21:06) Al: Yeah, yeah, I always have, I don’t generally like, so okay.
(0:21:08) Codey: I need sorting.
(0:21:16) Al: So like in stardew, let’s take stardew as an example. I will never deliberately sort my bag,
(0:21:23) Al: my rucksack, because I want things to be in a very specific order. So my first line on my bag
(0:21:30) Al: is all my tools in very specific order. That is pickaxe, axe.
(0:21:37) Al: Hoe. It’s been a while, I’m trying to remember.
(0:21:39) Codey: No, just I can literally like see you with your like looking up like remembering this the very
(0:21:47) Codey: specific order I see it like
(0:21:50) Codey: Like not visually because there’s nothing on zoom but like it’s coming through
(0:21:59) Al: And then, and this is where he gets all the way at the right hand side. Sword. Now the reasoning
(0:22:03) Codey: Oh, oh interesting
(0:22:07) Al: is that when I go in the caves, in the mines, I can then be sitting on one with my pickaxe,
(0:22:15) Al: and I’m pickaxing things. And then if I need to use my sword, I go one to the left,
(0:22:21) Al: and I’ve got my sword. But if I am not in the caves, and I’m pickaxing something on my farm,
(0:22:21) Codey: Yeah. Yep.
(0:22:27) Al: I can go right to get to my axe for the trees.
(0:22:32) Codey: See, my panic, I panic in the middle of all of that stuff,
(0:22:38) Codey: usually, so I can’t have things be on the left like that.
(0:22:38) Al: Yeah, no, I like being able to go like left, right, left, right, left, right, that’s what I’m doing.
(0:22:45) Codey: Yeah, now I can’t do that.
(0:22:47) Al: But I - and then my bottom line is like all my oars and stuff like that, like it doesn’t matter.
(0:22:54) Al: I don’t need to get into the specifics of that, but my point is I can’t - the sorting is never sorted in a way that I would ever want it to be sorted for my rucksack.
(0:23:01) Al: However, I do sort chests because I don’t really care what order they’re in, right?
(0:23:06) Al: I just care that the stuff is there.
(0:23:08) Al: I do have some issues, and I would really love to talk to Concerned Ape and figure out why he did some of the sorting that he did, because some of them are very weird sorting.
(0:23:21) Al: If you sort the ores, they’re not in the order I would expect them to be.
(0:23:25) Al: I can’t remember what they are, but you would expect it to be copper, iron, gold, whatever the next one is.
(0:23:30) Codey: Yeah like quality level.
(0:23:34) Al: What do they what do they call is not our no, it’s not
(0:23:39) Al: Every Fermi game has a different name for that one iridium iridium iridium and yes iridium and stardew and then
(0:23:42) Codey: Is it iridium? Okay.
(0:23:49) Al: Radiate radiation rock I can’t remember what it’s called
(0:23:52) Codey: It’s fine.
(0:23:54) Al: Stardew radiation rock radioactive or
(0:23:58) Al: But it’s not that order and I can’t remember which order it is, but it’s not that order It’s no it’s not even that either. I’ve tried that I’ve looked in that as well And they just some things you’re like I don’t
(0:24:02) Codey: Was it alphabetical or something?
(0:24:08) Al: Understand this order is really weird anyway
(0:24:10) Codey: Mm hmm. It would be cool if like they had sorting,
(0:24:15) Codey: but you could also lock certain like slots like I want to lock these slots.
(0:24:20) Codey: So I’ll sort things except for I want these in this in the order I want them in like this. This goes here. This goes here. This goes here.
(0:24:25) Al: yeah I feel like that would probably be quite complicated a UX to figure out but anyway so I was my point I don’t I don’t yeah sorting sometimes useful sometimes weird I don’t understand the reasonings that people have for some sorting it could pop up you I
(0:24:30) Codey: Well, they do it. No, I’m kidding.
(0:24:35) Codey: Ooblets.
(0:24:42) Codey: Yeah.
(0:24:46) Codey: Well, I understand the reasonings of this Steam Bundle.
(0:24:50) Al: okay tell me about this steam bundle while I go turn on my light
(0:24:54) Codey: Tell me how good that translation was first, though.
(0:24:55) Al: it was amazing
(0:24:59) Codey: Thank you.
(0:25:00) Codey: So there’s a Steam Bundle that’s called the Cute and Cozy Collection,
(0:25:03) Codey: and it includes Ooblets, plus Baron Breakfast, Moonstone Island, and Potionomics.
(0:25:09) Codey: Uh, it’s normally $94 and 96 cents, but right now…
(0:25:12) Codey: It’s currently 16% off, so it is $80, which is pretty heckin cool, especially because Ooblet itself is 30 bucks.
(0:25:21) Codey: So I think Bear and Breakfast is also $30, but these are all really nice games.
(0:25:26) Codey: Um, actually I can’t.
(0:25:28) Al: I would probably consider, we have not, I would probably consider buying this if I didn’t own all of them except potionomics.
(0:25:29) Codey: Have we covered Potionomics?
(0:25:31) Codey: Okay.
(0:25:32) Codey: Yeah.
(0:25:33) Codey: Yeah, you…
(0:25:34) Codey: But like, if…
(0:25:37) Al: This is always my problem with these bundles is I own too many of the games.
(0:25:42) Codey: If you’ve heard us talk about Bear, Breakfast, Minset Island, and Ooblets, and you’re like,
(0:25:46) Codey: been tottering, now would… this is a good time, because you can get all three plus a bonus one that we haven’t talked about.
(0:25:53) Codey: So, very cute.
(0:25:54) Al: Although I don’t own Ooblets on Steam, I have it on Epic.
(0:25:55) Codey: Woo!
(0:25:56) Codey: Ooblets.
(0:25:57) Codey: Oh yeah, this would be a difference, or a different thing.
(0:26:06) Al: And I have Bear and Breakfast on Switch.
(0:26:08) Al: But I have Moonstone Island on Steam, so I have one of them on Steam.
(0:26:13) Codey: on steam it’s three different
(0:26:18) Al: Sugardew Island, in the shock of the year that nobody was expecting this.
(0:26:24) Al: Sugardew Island has been delayed.
(0:26:25) Al: What?
(0:26:26) Al: I’m shocked.
(0:26:28) Al: I can’t believe this.
(0:26:29) Al: I was not expecting that they wouldn’t manage to release only two months after their Kickstarter.
(0:26:36) Codey: I had no idea.
(0:26:38) Codey: Also, they said that, in this update where they talk about how they have to delay it,
(0:26:47) Codey: they’re also like, “We also made a character editor!”
(0:26:50) Al: Well, that’s one of the reasons why it’s delayed is because they decided that they were going to add in a bunch of stretch goals, but no.
(0:26:57) Codey: but like the stretch goals should not be something that delays the thing.
(0:27:01) Al: I know, I know, we agree in this, right?
(0:27:04) Al: Like absolutely, if you’re adding things on top of the game that aren’t necessarily the base game then that should be something that comes in a future update.
(0:27:12) Al: I don’t feel like a character editor is something that should come in a future update, I do I do think it’s probably something that should come with the base game, but it feels weird.
(0:27:20) Al: to add it in as a stretch goal, like I just feel like either you want this or you don’t want this and if you’re not going to have - because I don’t think every game should have a character editor, right?
(0:27:20) Codey: It also shouldn’t have…yeah, it shouldn’t have been a stretch goal.
(0:27:25) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:27:30) Codey: Yeah.
(0:27:30) Al: I don’t think that’s something that we need in every game.
(0:27:34) Al: I do think that probably farming games is the game that you probably want it in and Sugardew Island doesn’t look like it’s a story focused game so much as you’re going to create yourself in the game sort of game.
(0:27:50) Al: The question, as always, with these games is, will you be able to be bald or not?
(0:27:54) Al: Because it’s so rare.
(0:27:55) Codey: Well, yeah, four colors of skin, four colors.
(0:27:55) Al: Four colours of hair!
(0:27:57) Al: Blonde, brown, black and red.
(0:28:01) Codey: Yeah, but but not like ginger, like, like red, like the red car that just drove by you that is going to get pulled over because it is that color red.
(0:28:02) Al: No, red.
(0:28:13) Al: So what I’m always amazed at when they do these things is like, why not just do the like RGB values, right?
(0:28:20) Al: Because yeah, sure, it’s a bad experience for users, but so is having four colours.
(0:28:28) Codey: Yeah.
(0:28:28) Al: Just it’s really weird, like just let them
(0:28:31) Codey: The thing that gets me,
(0:28:32) Codey: the thing that gets me is,
(0:28:34) Codey: I want to see what all of these options are,
(0:28:36) Codey: ‘cause one is just face.
(0:28:38) Al: Oh yeah, ’energetic’ is the selected one!
(0:28:39) Codey: And it just says energetic.
(0:28:41) Codey: And I’m like, what is,
(0:28:41) Al: What are the other… Also, look at the… look at the characters…
(0:28:44) Codey: can one of them be like depressed?
(0:28:46) Al: But look at the character’s face, does that look energetic to you?
(0:28:52) Codey: Maybe it’s like an animation style of energetic.
(0:28:54) Codey: I don’t know.
(0:28:55) Codey: Also outfit.
(0:28:56) Codey: Functional, like what are the other options?
(0:28:59) Codey: Non-functional.
(0:29:03) Codey: Outfit void.
(0:29:04) Al: I’m gonna so love covering this game when it comes out. Look, I am so willing to be wrong about this and I want games to be good and I want games to be fun and I want people to enjoy these things and I want people who make games to be successful, especially indie and other small games. This game just does not instill any confidence in me.
(0:29:28) Codey: This is not spark joy.
(0:29:31) Al: No, no, it does. It definitely sparks joy. There is so much…
(0:29:34) Codey: Yeah.
(0:29:34) Al: …so much joy. My face is a massive smile. I am so joyous right now and I realise it doesn’t sound it in my voice.
(0:29:40) Codey: Okay.
(0:29:43) Al: I just… this whole thing is fascinating. Anyway, let me quickly reword there…
(0:29:48) Al: …because I always like to use their own words when they’re talking about delays.
(0:29:51) Codey: uh-huh
(0:29:55) Al: “We’re working on the implementation of the other stretch goals. Thanks to your great support and the successful Kickstarter campaign, we were able to unlock some stretch goals.
(0:30:03) Al: But this also means more work for us.
(0:30:04) Al: And this is why everything is taking a little longer than initially expected.
(0:30:09) Al: We will probably not reach the original release date in the second quarter of 2024.
(0:30:14) Al: Which is why the release date is realistically more likely to be in the third quarter of this year.
(0:30:18) Al: We hope for your understanding, because we want to use the time to provide you with a great game and realise all your well-deserved features.
(0:30:25) Codey: I love how there’s still like some room for doubt like we probably won’t make it
(0:30:29) Al: Oh yeah, no, the…
(0:30:31) Codey: Like dude, just say no. It’s like when it’s like when I tell my advisor
(0:30:35) Al: Yeah, they’ve got a month. There’s a month left of Q2.
(0:30:37) Codey: Yeah, I love when I tell my like when I tell my advisor Oh, I’ll get to it tomorrow and he’s like dude. You’re just gonna keep doing that for a week
(0:30:45) Codey: Just say that you’ll get it to me next week cuz yeah, I’m just gonna keep pushing kicking that can down the road
(0:30:50) Al: I don’t think this is coming in Q3 either, but we’ll see.
(0:30:54) Codey: Yeah
(0:30:55) Codey: Speaking of Q3 Heh.
(0:30:56) Al: Oh, nice. One Lonely Outpost have updated their roadmap and their next update’s coming out in Q3.
(0:31:05) Al: It’s been a while since we’ve had anything from them, hasn’t it?
(0:31:09) Al: They went a little bit Radio Silent.
(0:31:09) Codey: I think so, yeah.
(0:31:12) Codey: Well, they were working hard.
(0:31:13) Al: Yeah, Witch Team.
(0:31:17) Codey: Oh, no.
(0:31:18) Codey: Oh, no, no, no.
(0:31:21) Al: Seasons, Weddings, two new map locations, OmniTool and Colony upgrades, new festival and new minigames.
(0:31:30) Al: That’s what’s coming in Q3.
(0:31:32) Codey: so since today has become nitpick day I would like I would like to pick a nit on the steam page of this of this um update in the like banner there’s a time that says p.m. 1810 if you’re in military time it does not you don’t have to say p.m.
(0:31:35) Al: Yeah, knit all the picks.
(0:31:57) Al: Well, no, it’s not just that. It just doesn’t make any sense. Right. I don’t. First of all,
(0:32:01) Al: I don’t. Can you not? Why military time? Like, can I just ask all Americans,
(0:32:05) Al: please stop calling it military time. Just call it 24 hour time as the rest of the world does. It’s not military time. It’s just 24 hour time.
(0:32:07) Codey: Oh. Well, the only Americans that use it are the people in the military.
(0:32:18) Al: Clearly not, because it’s being used here. Right. And this isn’t military.
(0:32:22) Codey: Are they Americans? I don’t know. I also use a 24-hour time frame, time format for my research.
(0:32:24) Al: Where was where was I’m actually seeing this
(0:32:33) Al: I use it in just general life, like all of my clocks are in 24 hour time.
(0:32:33) Codey: it’s not just but that’s just but that’s
(0:32:37) Codey: like that’s what we learned it as is military now but like yeah if you have it in 24-hour date format you don’t have to have PM so that’s my nitpick right there
(0:32:42) Al: yeah yeah it’s not but it’s also not just it’s not that you don’t have to it’s it doesn’t make any sense it actively doesn’t make any sense to put the bm yeah yeah is it that’s only that’s it’s only uh it’s not quite as bad as when people say uh 5 a.m in the morning oh it’s supposed to 5 a.m in the afternoon
(0:32:49) Codey: yeah
(0:32:52) Codey: like what is what is 18 a.m. 18 10 a.m. what is that when is that
(0:33:08) Codey: » Yeah, correct.
(0:33:12) Codey: The five morning afternoon time.
(0:33:15) Codey: So that was my nitpicking.
(0:33:17) Codey: And then Q4, they are going to be doing localization and console porting.
(0:33:25) Codey: It says heading towards 1.0 launch.
(0:33:28) Codey: No idea what that means.
(0:33:29) Codey: Like that’s very vague.
(0:33:32) Al: Yeah, so I think what they’ve said is, in Q4, they’ve said “Q4 will be a big quarter for the game as localization and console porting will officially begin.
(0:33:32) Codey: - Thank you.
(0:33:45) Al: That means the game will be heading very quickly to a 1.0 launch around that time.”
(0:33:51) Al: And just before anybody gets excited, the game is not coming out on consoles this year.
(0:33:56) Al: If they’re starting console porting in Q4, you’ll be lucky if you get it next year.
(0:34:02) Codey: Is that, are you saying that from your own brain or from the next paragraph?
(0:34:02) Al: About both.
(0:34:07) Al: They do, they do, but I don’t think that, I don’t think they’re, because what they say is “that doesn’t mean for sure that consoles will be launched in the fourth quarter.”
(0:34:08) Codey: Because they literally say that in the next paragraph, so, but yeah.
(0:34:19) Al: No, no, no, no, it means for sure they won’t be, right?
(0:34:20) Codey: Yep.
(0:34:24) Al: Like they, again, like with the Shugaju Valley or Shugaju Island, off of my word.
(0:34:32) Al: When Shugaju Islands, we’re like, “We think we probably won’t be able to get this in Q2.”
(0:34:37) Al: And we’re like, there’s no way that, you know, don’t, it’s not, they’re not coming out this year in common consoles, like just, it’s not happening.
(0:34:42) Codey: Yeah
(0:34:45) Al: Don’t have any hope at all, right?
(0:34:46) Codey: My sweet summer child, yeah
(0:34:48) Al: Like because, as they point out, this is an approval process, the approval process will take, will take a quarter.
(0:34:54) Codey: yeah that’s we learned that with apico and then sometimes the the msrb comes at you and is like you have a cute little b game rated m because you have alcohol
(0:34:55) Al: Like it’s, it takes a long time.
(0:35:06) Al: Yeah, and well, this is the thing, like, even like Stardew Valley, right? Has it been two months now since 1.6 came out? And no console version yet. So if Stardew can’t, and I highly doubt it will be in the next month. So if Stardew can’t do it in a quarter, in one quarter,
(0:35:14) Codey: yeah that sounds right
(0:35:26) Al: you can’t do it in one quarter, right? Because Concerned Ape isn’t making the console versions.
(0:35:32) Al: He has a team that he gets to port these things.
(0:35:36) Al: And they know what they’re doing, they’ve done multiple versions now,
(0:35:38) Al: they’ve massively sped up the process, it doesn’t take a year anymore,
(0:35:43) Al: but it’s not happening in a quarter.
(0:35:45) Codey: yeah not gonna happen but yeah people are gonna cover that when it comes out not me people are well I’m when it goes to 1.0 I’m sure we’ll still cover
(0:35:52) Al: we’ve had we’ve had an we’ve had an episode on it already I think
(0:35:57) Al: have we what maybe we haven’t have we not had an episode on it
(0:36:05) Codey: Is it out in beta yet, early access?
(0:36:08) Al: Uh yes it is, hmm maybe we haven’t, okay I guess we need to do that game, yay.
(0:36:09) Codey: Oh, okay.
(0:36:21) Al: Okay uh well what’s next, sorry I got distracted by searching, flotsam!
(0:36:24) Codey: Flotsam they added farming. That’s it. Whoo
(0:36:28) Al: That’s it, that’s the news!
(0:36:31) Al: We don’t have any information on this, it’s just a tweet from the creator with a video And it says we added farming.
(0:36:38) Al: So, I’m guessing this is not in a released version, so I’m guessing it’s coming, at some point.
(0:36:42) Codey: Yep, yeah.
(0:36:48) Codey: And it sure does look like farming.
(0:36:50) Al: I forget what state this is.
(0:36:50) Codey: It’s trying to…
(0:37:00) Al: It is an early exit.
(0:37:04) Codey: But yeah, it just sure looks like farming on floating island.
(0:37:07) Al: Oh wait, no, the farming is apparently out now.
(0:37:10) Al: Farming 0.8, farming update came out in April. How did I miss this?
(0:37:15) Al: When’s this tweet from? It’s from May. May 4th.
(0:37:19) Al: Okay, I need to get up on the flotsam updates now that it’s officially a farming game.
(0:37:24) Codey: See, that’s the thing, before this it wasn’t really on our radar.
(0:37:30) Al: Yeah, well, I was following them on Twitter
(0:37:34) Codey: Not for the pod though, right?
(0:37:36) Al: Yeah, yeah
(0:37:37) Codey: Okay.
(0:37:38) Codey: Speaking of Twitter, I’m just going to key up the transitions for you.
(0:37:40) Al: We got new game announcement
(0:37:48) Al: We have a new game announced cozy Grove to the and
(0:37:54) Al: Anticipated sequel to cozy Grove cozy Grove - is is, um…
(0:38:00) Al: I need to put more work in to actually looking at this.
(0:38:04) Codey: Uh, that’s cute.
(0:38:10) Al: The second game is called Cozy Grove Camp Spirits, apparently.
(0:38:14) Al: It’s the first game.
(0:38:16) Al: Cozy Grove is a game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island.
(0:38:20) Al: As a spirit scout, you’ll wander the island’s forest every day, finding new hidden secrets…
(0:38:26) Al: Oh, that sounds like a rogue-lite.
(0:38:27) Al: light, finding new hidden secrets and so on.
(0:38:30) Al: helping soothe the local ghosts and cozy grove to swear the scout oath once again as a spirit scout on a haunted island you’ll once again befriend and assist an unusual assortment of trouble that ghostly bears in this heartwarming sequel to cozy grove coming soon to netflix games
(0:38:49) Codey: Wait, is this a bear ghost that has become colored pencil box?
(0:38:54) Al: a maybe
(0:38:54) Codey: Okay, so if people haven’t looked, that makes sense actually because it looks like a bear.
(0:39:02) Codey: You’re right next to you.
(0:39:03) Codey: There’s just like a colored pencil box that has come to life and now that I see it is definitely a bear.
(0:39:10) Codey: But like why am I friends with a
(0:39:12) Al: you’ll need to find out. So is this game just coming to Google Play and the Apple App Store?
(0:39:22) Codey: No, this is Netflix.
(0:39:22) Al: Because… no, I know. Yes, I know. That is not contradictory to what I just said.
(0:39:24) Codey: To Netflix, game for iOS and Android.
(0:39:32) Al: That is how Netflix games work. But generally, not all Netflix games are exclusive to Netflix,
(0:39:41) Al: and quite often also released.
(0:39:42) Al: on steam and the original game was on steam but I don’t see any information about that
(0:39:48) Al: cozy grove runs in real time and is optimized for one to two hours
(0:39:53) Codey: Wow. I’m just scrolling through the developer.
(0:40:04) Al: we should look into this game more both of them that’s the new game
(0:40:05) Codey: We should we sure should and that’s the news
(0:40:15) Al: so this episode we’re going to talk about farm rpg
(0:40:21) Codey: I can’t get over this game name.
(0:40:23) Al: uh so getting away from the name because it’s farm role-playing game
(0:40:29) Al: as opposed to all those other farming simulators that you don’t role play in
(0:40:34) Al: this is a text-based farming game
(0:40:40) Al: so it has all your standard farming features in a farming game but it’s all text-based almost all text-based i’ll get the almost in a minute it is for android and ios and also there’s
(0:41:00) Codey: It’s giving me, what is the game that you can play online? It’s like a stick figure game?
(0:41:10) Al: Dickman games? I don’t know what you’re talking about.
(0:41:11) Codey: Mmm, no.
(0:41:13) Codey: Text-based. Kingdom of Loathing.
(0:41:17) Al: Kingdom of Loathing
(0:41:18) Codey: Yeah, so if anyone ever played Kingdom of Loathing it gives those vibes.
(0:41:24) Codey: Which was just a very fun text-based RPG
(0:41:30) Codey: back in the early, like mid-2000s, you know when we were ancient.
(0:41:34) Al: So I do feel like calling this an RPG is a little bit over the top. There are some
(0:41:43) Al: mechanics that could be considered RPG-esque, but it’s not really the main focus of the game.
(0:41:49) Al: The main focus of the game is, well, farming. So I mean, should we just talk about the individual mechanics? Because I feel like that’s probably the best way to get into it. Starting with farming is you have a farm and
(0:42:04) Al: you buy seeds and you plant them in individual plots and they take a certain amount of time I think they start off the first one’s like a minute it takes a minute to grow
(0:42:14) Al: and then they kind of increase over time depending on what crop it is up to like days some of them take literally days here’s what rice rice will take 240 hours which is 10 days why did I not do I can’t do that in my head.
(0:42:28) Codey: 10 days
(0:42:36) Codey: But yeah But to do it you just you just like go you you don’t like walk a character. There’s no like visual component
(0:42:38) Al: So you…
(0:42:46) Al: Yeah, it’s just buttons, it’s buttons, you press the buttons.
(0:42:47) Codey: Where like it’s just yeah, you just hit a button. That’s like
(0:42:52) Codey: Go to town Buy seeds like and then yeah - Yeah.
(0:42:54) Al: Yeah.
(0:42:56) Al: It’s all menus. It’s all menus.
(0:42:58) Al: You can click on “My Farm” and then you can press to plant a seed and then you can press to harvest the plant and then you click to go to the shop to buy more seeds.
(0:42:59) Codey: - If you don’t like menus.
(0:43:08) Codey: Yep, yep, yep
(0:43:08) Al: It’s all button pressy. That’s it.
(0:43:12) Al: Except there is one thing that we’ll come to next, which is fishing.
(0:43:14) Codey: Oh, yeah
(0:43:16) Al: Not entirely.
(0:43:20) Al: It’s slightly different.
(0:43:22) Al: Well, it still is pretty much button pressy, but it’s slightly different.
(0:43:26) Al: It’s slightly more interactive, but we’ll get to that.
(0:43:28) Al: So, I mean, the farming is very much, I don’t know if you’ve found this,
(0:43:34) Al: but it’s not my main source of income after the first day.
(0:43:40) Al: Like, the first day it was, because there wasn’t much else you could do to start with,
(0:43:44) Al: But because you’re very limited in how…
(0:43:46) Al: I now have 24 crops, but I had to spend a million silver to get my last four, right?
(0:43:56) Al: If I want another four plots, I now have to spend 10 million silver.
(0:44:02) Al: Which really doesn’t feel worth it, because the thing is…
(0:44:02) Codey: Yep, it it’s a shifting baseline for sure
(0:44:06) Al: But what I find is the amount you make per crop is very much not a lot.
(0:44:14) Al: So if I look at pumpkin for example which is a 12 hour crop it costs 9,000 silver 9,360 silver to buy a seed once it’s grown after 12 hours I get 10,800 silver for that which is a profit of 1,440 [mumbling]
(0:44:40) Codey: about 1000. Yep.
(0:44:47) Al: 15% of the original purchase price, okay?
(0:44:52) Al: That’s not a lot of money, right?
(0:44:55) Al: So 15% increase per crop.
(0:44:58) Al: It’s not a lot and that’s for 12 hours, right?
(0:45:02) Al: So in 12 hours you’re increasing your money by 15%.
(0:45:06) Al: There are many better ways to make money in this game.
(0:45:10) Codey: - Yeah, yeah, I don’t do much of that.
(0:45:15) Codey: I am mostly doing the quests,
(0:45:20) Codey: so the special requests from different people.
(0:45:24) Codey: I just do those, and the only time I’m ever farming is I look, I’m like, what does this person need?
(0:45:33) Codey: Trying to find the first one that has probably that one.
(0:45:38) Codey: right now that, uh,
(0:45:40) Codey: buddy, one of the characters in game characters wants the,
(0:45:45) Codey: the quest says buddy believes the last thing he needs to perfect this drink is some tea leaves. If you bring some, he will share his drink with you. Um,
(0:45:54) Codey: and so I have to bring him 20 tea leaves. So I have to go like find them,
(0:45:58) Codey: plant those question mark. Oh no, I find those. Just kidding.
(0:46:00) Al: So let me tell you, so yeah, yeah, okay, that’s interesting. So you’ve been, so here’s the reason I’ve not been focusing on these requests is because it’s really time-consuming to look through them. So I currently have 53 active requests, 53, and there is no way to filter them there is they don’t show you
(0:46:04) Codey: But like say, say it’s like tomatoes. Then I’d be like, okay,
(0:46:06) Codey: I’m going to go plant tomatoes because I need that for the quest.
(0:46:10) Codey: I don’t do it for money.
(0:46:20) Codey: Yeah, yes.
(0:46:24) Codey: That is horrifying.
(0:46:30) Al: you want the same screen you have to individually click on it see what these all this one needs 200 corn let’s look at the next one it needs 100 wheat the next one needs two aquamarine rings two emerald rings two lemon quartz rings two ruby rings and two mystic rings okay the next the next one needs one spider the next one I don’t know why he wants a spider but whoever the next the next one needs 200 apples.
(0:46:54) Codey: Just one spider
(0:46:58) Al: So it takes so long, there’s no way to filter.
(0:47:00) Al: It does show you when you have all the items for that quest but it doesn’t tell you when you’ve almost got everything and it’s like if you click.
(0:47:09) Al: This game is so close to being like perfect right so if you go into your inventory right and let me click on antler right so click on antler that’s an item and you can look through you can get all the information on it how many you got in your inventory how how much they sell, how much the XP was to get it.
(0:47:30) Al: how much they sometimes cost at the flea market, what pets give you them, what the rarity is,
(0:47:35) Al: and then it tells you how many help requests left are there that use this item.
(0:47:42) Al: Now that’s great, but that number is not how many you have active, that’s how many in the game there are.
(0:47:50) Al: It doesn’t tell you how many that you currently have active that have them.
(0:47:50) Codey: - Yep.
(0:47:54) Al: If it did, you could click on it and go “Oh great, these are the ones that I have this for
(0:48:00) Al: and there’s no way to filter this list and it’s just driving me insane.”
(0:48:05) Al: It’s like I go into some items and it says “Oh, there are 20 quests that you still have to do that use this.”
(0:48:10) Al: But I might not have any of them active just now.
(0:48:10) Codey: Yep. Yep.
(0:48:13) Al: I have no way of knowing that without manually clicking on each one of these 53 quests!
(0:48:20) Codey: Yeah. And like, even then, so like, I would see the benefit of if you click something, like if I quick, quick, clicked an aquamarine. And I looked at it, and it said that there were no quests that need it anymore. Be like, cool, I can sell this whenever.
(0:48:36) Al: Yes, yes, but that that’s gonna take a long time to get to that point though. This is the thing
(0:48:41) Codey: Oh, it’s not, I’m not gonna ever be it to that point. But, but yeah. Um, so.
(0:48:43) Al: Well exactly
(0:48:47) Al: And probably by the time you’re doing that money is not your problem
(0:48:47) Codey: So–
(0:48:50) Codey: Correct. I mean, money isn’t my problem now either.
(0:48:56) Al: I wonder if there’s a way… do you know if there’s a way to see how much you’ve…
(0:49:01) Codey: In total…
(0:49:02) Codey: I
(0:49:10) Codey: in the library or not the library the museum because the museum check your game progress
(0:49:12) Al: or maybe in the li- maybe
(0:49:22) Al: it doesn’t seem to have that just out of interest while we’re in the museum, what’s your percentage
(0:49:28) Codey: Oh, let me scroll up. Two hundred and seventeen. Twenty-eight percent.
(0:49:32) Al: Oh nice, I’m at 249 which is 30
(0:49:43) Al: I have 53 of 100…
(0:49:48) Codey: I’m really I really like the achievement side of this game. Oh, I have three things to open in the locksmith
(0:49:55) Codey: So yeah, I mean I just
(0:49:59) Codey: Like I’m basically playing the game to finish these quests
(0:50:03) Codey: But then like you said there’s constantly more quests like the other day. I only had 20 and now I have 29
(0:50:06) Al: There’s going to be hundreds, like, yeah, every time you create one, it gives you more,
(0:50:12) Al: which is good in a way, if there was a way to filter it better, I think, but it feels like it’s exponentially increasing.
(0:50:16) Codey: Yeah Well, and I remember looking the there’s the one guy who the quest is called 99 bottles and then you finish it.
(0:50:29) Codey: He just wants hops and then glass bottles because he’s drinking.
(0:50:34) Al: Yeah
(0:50:36) Codey: And then when you complete that one, it’s like 99 bottles too.
(0:50:39) Codey: And I’m like, oh, no, no.
(0:50:39) Al: Yeah [laughs]
(0:50:42) Codey: And then when you do 10, it like has the song.
(0:50:46) Codey: Of like 10 bottles of beer on the wall, 10 bottles of beer, whatever.
(0:50:49) Codey: And like, like it like says the whole thing all the way down to zero.
(0:50:52) Codey: So I was like, Oh, okay.
(0:50:52) Codey: They’re only going to make me a go to 10.
(0:50:54) Codey: That’s nice.
(0:50:55) Codey: And then the next day he was like 99 bottles, 11.
(0:50:58) Codey: And I was like, Oh no.
(0:50:58) Al: Yeah, I’m only on five. I gave up on that one. I’m at five. Oh my word.
(0:51:05) Codey: Yeah, I’m on, I think 14 right now.
(0:51:10) Codey: Cause I just bought a bunch of nope.
(0:51:13) Codey: This is 15.
(0:51:14) Codey: I’m on 15.
(0:51:16) Codey: Then yeah, right now he wants 15 of each.
(0:51:19) Codey: And yeah, I’m just supporting someone’s alcohol addiction.
(0:51:20) Al: I wonder where that’s going.
(0:51:24) Al: Yeah, a clearly increasingly problematic problem as well.
(0:51:30) Codey: I do like another thing I really like about the items because you were mentioning this, like you can go to any items screen and the items it tells you how many you have, what the sell price is, experience, but it can also tell you where you can find it either through exploring or fishing. So like it says that I can find this thing that I need at this one exploration area which we’ll talk about next but I can just literally from that menu click that and then say explore that location.
(0:51:58) Al: Yeah, yeah.
(0:52:02) Al: This game was made by people who like game wikis.
(0:52:06) Al: So they made the game its own wiki.
(0:52:08) Codey: The game itself is a wiki that you’re basically just maneuvering through.
(0:52:10) Al: It’s exactly it’s, it’s, I think it’s, I think it’s fantastic.
(0:52:17) Al: Yeah, because this happens like, so if you there’s, there’s a thing in the game called the community center, and this is every day, everyone in the world can contribute to
(0:52:17) Codey: Yeah.
(0:52:28) Al: a goal.
(0:52:29) Al: So today’s goal was to get 2,234,900 carats.
(0:52:34) Al: And you can give as few as zero, if you but if you give zero, you you will not get the reward.
(0:52:38) Codey: one. Yeah. Yeah.
(0:52:43) Al: You can give one and get the reward, you can give a billion and get the same reward.
(0:52:49) Al: But it’s a fun little thing.
(0:52:51) Al: But the thing is, right, you click on the community center, like, okay, here’s this random thing, like, obviously, today’s carrots, that was really easy to do, you didn’t need
(0:52:58) Al: that.
(0:52:59) Al: But if it’s a random thing, and you’ve no idea what it clicking on it, and yeah, going to where you get it from is fantastic.
(0:53:07) Al: Because then you’re like, for example, you’re like, oh, here’s this random fish that I’ve never heard of, oh, it’s from this fishing pond, you click on it, you go to the fishing pond, you do some fishing, you catch it, you click back, you donate.
(0:53:19) Al: It’s like, it’s so nice, the integration they have with all these different parts.
(0:53:22) Codey: yeah I think that’s where this game really shines and where I really like it oh there’s something else okay okay yeah
(0:53:25) Al: No.
(0:53:28) Al: No, no, I’ll talk about it later. There’s a bit later on that is my favorite thing about this game.
(0:53:34) Al: Let’s talk about fishing though, seeing as how we’re talking about that.
(0:53:36) Al: So this is a little bit different from the other things in that when you go fishing like this.
(0:53:41) Al: With fishing and with exploring that will come, which is basically like mining, but it’s slightly different, but we’ll come to that.
(0:53:48) Al: You have like a bunch of different places you can fish and you start out with just a small pond and then you get bigger and bigger ones.
(0:53:56) Al: ones, and then, you know.
(0:53:58) Al: As you increase your fishing level, you unlock other ponds that give you different fish.
(0:54:05) Al: You click on one and it shows you like a little kind of water area and shadows of fish.
(0:54:09) Al: You click on a fish shadow and then you get a bar with a moving ball, you click the ball,
(0:54:15) Al: you catch the fish.
(0:54:16) Al: Ooh, I just caught a gold drum, wow, rare, exciting.
(0:54:20) Codey: I have a lot of those.
(0:54:21) Al: Oh, I don’t fish very much.
(0:54:24) Codey: Oh okay, I fish a lot.
(0:54:26) Al: I fished a lot early on, but not-
(0:54:28) Al: much anymore. You can then also unlock fishing nets which will catch a bunch all at once and you have different bait that you can use that change how it works so for example you’ve got the default ones which is just worms they’re just that’s what you need to catch fish. You have gummy worms which are make a quick fish and they give you three times XP. You have grubs which give you two times fishing XP
(0:54:58) Al: You have minnows, which make the catch fish faster. I think they just spawn quicker.
(0:55:07) Al: You have mealworms, which are my favorite, because that’s single tap fishing.
(0:55:12) Codey: Mmm-hmm. You don’t have to do the second part of it. Yeah.
(0:55:12) Al: So you just click the fish and you’ve caught it. I love them. Exactly. They’re fantastic.
(0:55:20) Al: And the fishing nets, they do a bunch of automated ones. So I think they catch Catches 10 fish basically
(0:55:28) Al: or if you go a big fishing net I don’t even know how many I think it’s like a hundred or something like that
(0:55:34) Codey: Yeah, um, the big fishing net, or it’s like also in the exploring as like an Arnold Palmer, like you, it gives you a hundred resources from that thing and gives you the experience of a hundred resources and it’s crazy.
(0:55:44) Al: Yeah it is 100 right okay yeah yeah so yeah it’s it’s the most the least text-based bit in the game because you’ve actually got water visible that you’re clicking fish on but it’s still kind of the same sort of interaction but it is slightly real-time compared to everything else I think it’s really good early on for getting money like what I was doing early
(0:56:14) Al: some crops and I was going fishing and then I would sell the fish I would harvest the crops I’d sell the crops and then I’d buy more crops and you just slowly built up your money that way I don’t really do it now unless I need specific things because I mean you just end up with so
(0:56:30) Codey: Yeah, I mean, you can either sell them or give them to people through the mail system.
(0:56:38) Al: Oh, I want to kill that feature so badly.
(0:56:43) Al: But let’s talk about that later.
(0:56:47) Al: So exploring is kind of like fishing in so much as the way I would describe it.
(0:56:52) Al: If there wasn’t mining coming later in the game, apparently that’s not doesn’t exist yet.
(0:56:57) Al: But it’s basically like mining, right?
(0:56:59) Al: You go into a place and you instead of clicking on a fish, you click to continue and you move through this cave system or they’re not all caves.
(0:57:09) Al: There are different areas that give you different resources, basically.
(0:57:13) Al: So the forest gives you wood and other things.
(0:57:16) Al: The mine gives you stone and other things.
(0:57:18) Al: And then you unlock more that give you things like iron and nails and stuff like that.
(0:57:23) Codey: Um, and there are like, there are some things in each one that are super, super rare to get, so you have like a one in a thousand chance, so, and you have like stamina, so you’d go through and it’d be like, you have a hundred stamina left.
(0:57:35) Codey: So you’ll literally just like click the button, like click, tap the screen like a hundred times, and it says stuff like, here, I’ll go to the forest.
(0:57:42) Codey: You enter into the forest and then I can hit continue.
(0:57:46) Codey: You wander on the forest on your property.
(0:57:47) Codey: The forest feels like it hasn’t been bothered by man for hundreds of years.
(0:57:51) Codey: Click.
(0:57:52) Codey: The woods here are full of animal life.
(0:57:53) Codey: This could be a good place to hunt.
(0:57:55) Codey: Click.
(0:57:56) Codey: You found a wood.
(0:57:58) Codey: So, not every click is going to guarantee that you get something.
(0:58:02) Al: Yes, until, until you upgrade your exploring efficiency. And then, so I like one of them I’ve my my exploring efficiency means that I in for every click I do 16 clicks. So it like massively speeds up, which by the way, when you have when you suddenly when you suddenly have 3000 stamina like I did today, right? Oops, how did that happen? What kind of stamina?
(0:58:03) Codey: Um, and then also…
(0:58:05) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:58:07) Codey: Yeah.
(0:58:08) Codey: Yeah, you can upgrade, yeah.
(0:58:28) Codey: - Yeah.
(0:58:32) Al: Well, to come to that, you don’t want to click 3000 times. So yeah, that’s why you’ve got things like the the exploring effectiveness. And also, as you mentioned, the the Arnold Palmer or is it lemonade? Is that the other one? Orange juice? No, not orange juice. Orange juice just gives you stamina, doesn’t it? Yeah, yeah, orange juice gives you 100 stamina.
(0:58:46) Codey: - Orange juice, yeah.
(0:58:52) Codey: Oh, you’re right.
(0:58:52) Codey: It is lemonade.
(0:58:53) Codey: Yeah.
(0:58:55) Codey: Yeah.
(0:58:55) Al: It’s lemonade. And, and yeah, that will massively speed up your clicking you default.
(0:59:02) Al: With 550 stamina, and once you’ve used up, you have to wait and it builds up, but you can get it in so many different ways. Oh, does it? Oh, interesting.
(0:59:06) Codey: Or you can, you can fish in the farm pond and that rebuilds your stamina.
(0:59:13) Codey: Yeah.
(0:59:14) Codey: So the farm pond, every time you fish gives, gives you five stamina back.
(0:59:19) Codey: So I will literally like go explore something until I don’t have any stamina left and then go back to the farm pond and fish for like a minute and then I’ll be full on stamina and then I’ll go back, back and forth.
(0:59:32) Al: Aw, fishing net doesn’t give you that.
(0:59:33) Codey: No, no, you have to do it.
(0:59:34) Al: You have to manually fish.
(0:59:35) Codey: - Let’s do it.
(0:59:37) Codey: No automation for you.
(0:59:42) Al: Yeah, and you have different foods. So you’ve got food that gives you stamina, they’ve got food that uses up the stamina. Yeah, anything else about exploring?
(0:59:52) Codey: It’s fun?
(0:59:53) Al: Yeah. Okay. Crafting. Now, this is where things go fun. So you can craft and you can create things and you can either then use those to create other things or you can sell them.
(1:00:05) Al: Cody, this is how I’m making my money just now is through crafting. So I, in fact, I’m
(1:00:12) Al: going to talk about the automated crafting just now, rather than splitting that into a separate section. Have you experienced the automated crafting yet?
(1:00:18) Codey: I don’t think I have. What do you mean?
(1:00:20) Al: So this is a thing called craft works. And it will do automated crafting for you. So if you go in and you say, Oh, I want to add, let’s let’s use board as an example, right?
(1:00:31) Al: So if you have two wood, you can make a board from that. If you put board in the craft works,
(1:00:36) Al: anytime you have two wood, it will make a board automatically without you having to do anything.
(1:00:42) Al: You’re limited to one but you can then increase the number and I currently have three making
(1:00:48) Al: different things and so that combined with the the sawmill, which I will talk about in a minute,
(1:00:56) Al: means that like every time I open the game I have like a hundred or two hundred of
(1:01:01) Codey: Yep.
(1:01:02) Al: the fancy pipe and the sturdy shield which sell for so much money. So if I look just now
(1:01:12) Al: I have none just now because I’ve just sold them all.
(1:01:18) Al: But the fancy pipe sells for five thousand silver the sturdy shield sells for four thousand silver and yeah like every two or three hours I go into the game and I have a hundred of each
(1:01:29) Al: right you can make so much money that way.
(1:01:30) Codey: Yeah, I haven’t been doing that, but that makes sense.
(1:01:36) Al: Like, I think I’ve made about 10 million today. Excluding the money that I made last night from the stake market. Did you invest in the state market yesterday? Cody, yesterday was an incredible day. Like, I doubled my money overnight by using it. I went from 13 million to 26 million overnight.
(1:01:37) Codey: That’s wild.
(1:01:41) Codey: I just I have not invested in the stake market.
(1:01:53) Codey: I am not, I am not, not into…
(1:02:00) Codey: that type of like in the real in games I just don’t I don’t do it it’s the stop it stonks this is yeah
(1:02:06) Al: So there’s a stock market, but it’s called the stake market, right? And it’s fantastic
(1:02:15) Al: because each day, so as I said, it’s an online game. So it’s like there’s a combined thing.
(1:02:21) Al: And I don’t know for certain, but I feel like it might actually be connected to what people do in game, right? Because yesterday the price dropped to 27,000 and then obviously a lot of people bought.
(1:02:28) Codey: - Okay.
(1:02:36) Al: A lot of stakes because it was very, very cheap. And then today it was 56,000. So it was quite a jump. It is risky just now. Yeah. Well, no, I mean, you can’t, you can’t just wait because like
(1:02:42) Codey: right now it says it’s risky so don’t don’t do it
(1:02:52) Al: it was wild when it was a 27,000 and I bought and it went up, right? You just got to be okay with waiting, right? That’s the key. You cannot, you can always make your money back with this. It’s,
(1:03:02) Al: I don’t think the stake market is ever going to go down to zero and stay there, right? I think you’ll
(1:03:07) Al: it’s just, Oh, I might not have it for a week. So you got to check. But yeah, I invested all of my,
(1:03:13) Al: I bought 500 stakes yesterday at 27,000 and then sold them and made 13 million, so much money.
(1:03:20) Codey: But what if it went down?
(1:03:22) Al: Then I would wait another day and it would have gone up. Like if you look at the history,
(1:03:26) Al: it is like, it doesn’t, it doesn’t go down to 27,000. Like that is, that is such a rarity. I hadn’t seen it below 35,000.
(1:03:36) Al: in the last 90 days so
(1:03:39) Codey: Number, number go big, number go down, number go brrrrr, like I just.
(1:03:45) Al: look you can say what if it went down I made 13 million overnight right I don’t care I made the money it worked don’t do this in real life I don’t at the stock market is dangerous place to be you can lose lots of money but this was so much fun last night doing [Laughter]
(1:03:52) Codey: I’m so– it’s horrifying.
(1:03:58) Codey: Yeah.
(1:04:00) Codey: Yep.
(1:04:03) Codey: Don’t do this in real life, but oh my gosh.
(1:04:06) Codey: You should have rode those stakes to the moon, Al.
(1:04:10) Al: I did! That’s what I did! I bought the most I could!
(1:04:12) Al: No, there’s no way it’s going up tonight, it’s going down tonight.
(1:04:15) Codey: You needed– you needed to hodl.
(1:04:17) Codey: total.
(1:04:18) Al: Definitely not.
(1:04:20) Al: Let’s buy some pumpkins. Sorry, I’ve just harvested some mushrooms.
(1:04:24) Codey: Don’t worry, I’ve completed like ten quests while we’ve been talking.
(1:04:28) Al: Okay, so the stake market, the automated crafting is fantastic. I do wish I could unlock more of that, like it costs gold.
(1:04:38) Al: So I’ve only got three just now because it cost me 150 gold to increase to four, right?
(1:04:44) Al: Like it’s a lot, it’s a lot to do that.
(1:04:44) Codey: And the gold is the currency that, like, you buy. You do get it while you’re playing, but you don’t get a ton of it, you know?
(1:04:46) Al: but…
(1:04:58) Codey: So.
(1:04:58) Al: yes yeah yeah I think once you’re really far into it once you’ve I think if you get a 10 000 of any individual items so this is the mastery system and you get like when you get hit certain amounts of getting things so when you’ve got 10 of a thing you get was a 100 silver it’s a thousand and then when you get 100 you get 10 000 etc when you get to 10 000 you also get five gold
(1:05:16) Codey: A thousand silver? Yeah. Oh, okay.
(1:05:25) Al: and then when you get to a hundred thousand you get
(1:05:28) Al: gold. So I think once you hit a point you suddenly start raking in the gold.
(1:05:33) Codey: I have I have put no money no I’ve put no money into this game I know I am broke
(1:05:33) Al: Now the key question is did you buy the the five dollar get 200 gold thing?
(1:05:42) Al: There’s like a special offer one-off purchase thing that I definitely bought.
(1:05:48) Al: Fair enough, fair enough, fair enough.
(1:05:52) Al: Okay um there’s also I’ve just like this this episode’s all over the place.
(1:05:58) Al: But there’s also there’s also a bunch of things you can get in your farm that automatically generate things. So for example you can have chickens that every every day will lay a lay a egg lay an egg and give you a feather. You can get cows that give you milk. You can create so you’ve got a sawmill that will get you wood. You’ve got an orchard which can give you apples oranges and and lemons, you have a stone.
(1:05:58) Codey: You can put two ADHD people.
(1:06:28) Al: What’s it called? A stone quarry which will give you stone, you’ve got the ironworks which give you iron and nails and these will all happen automatically and when you put more money into it they’ll give you more each day.
(1:06:42) Codey: I will say you also have to spend, especially for the chickens and the cows, it’s not worth it unless you have to get that many, unless you have the thing, the perk that allows you to pet all of them at once.
(1:06:42) Al: So I currently have 100 chickens, 200 chickens, I have 100 cows, I have 50 apple trees, 50 orange trees and 50 lemon trees.
(1:07:08) Al: Cody, you know I bought that, you know I bought that the minute I was able to.
(1:07:12) Codey: If you’re going to play this game, I highly recommend one of the first things you do is check out, you go into town and you go to the farm supply and you just look at the upgrades that are available so that you know, because I didn’t know for a long time until I had like 30 chickens.
(1:07:32) Al: but it’s also it’s really good at telling you these things as well though because if you read if you could if you read at the top of the chicken coop it literally says you can buy this thing to let you pet them all at once
(1:07:32) Codey: It was like three days in a row that I pet 30 chickens.
(1:07:36) Codey: It is if you listen, but I don’t listen.
(1:07:39) Codey: I don’t know.
(1:07:42) Codey: I’m not…
(1:07:45) Codey: It took me three days to notice that.
(1:07:48) Al: um and my sawmill is currently generating 150 boards per hour and 100 wood per hour my quarry is producing
(1:08:02) Al: 320 stone per hour and 10 coal i’ve not figured out anything for coal yet I don’t care i’ll get there when I get there and my iron works is producing 300 iron and 900 nails every hour you can now see why i’m making all the money from the the pipe because it’s just like every every hour I go in and I have another hundred of these things to sell and they make so much money It’s fantastic.
(1:08:26) Codey: Yeah, yep.
(1:08:32) Al: Okay.
(1:08:32) Codey: Okay.
(1:08:32) Al: Oh, and yes, the exploration and fishing charters.
(1:08:38) Al: You can hire people to do the exploration and the fishing for you, which when I started off, I was doing all the time because it was only five gold for five hours and you got so much stuff.
(1:08:48) Al: But then I ended up spending all my gold on something else and now I can’t afford to do the charters anymore.
(1:08:54) Codey: Yeah, I’ve never done the charters, not gonna lie.
(1:09:00) Al: so it’s it’s don’t do them because it’s
(1:09:02) Al: it’s a little bit addictive right because you click on it and then five hours later you come back and you have 500 stone and 500 of every fish it’s wild how much you get from that don’t do it
(1:09:12) Codey: Okay, yeah, I know I also need to upgrade my
(1:09:21) Codey: The amount that I can have at one time
(1:09:23) Al: Yes, yeah. So have you unlocked the storehouse? So the storehouse lets you upgrade your max inventory for free. But very slowly. So basically, by default, every day you go in, you click a button and it increases your max inventory by two. And then if you you can then spend more money. So I’m currently, oh, I can do it. I know. I know it’s wild, right?
(1:09:34) Codey: Oh, okay, okay.
(1:09:50) Codey: That hurts my heart though.
(1:09:53) Codey: By two, I want it.
(1:09:53) Al: By two. But I’ve, but if you, but if you spend more money, you can increase it. So I’m currently,
(1:09:55) Codey: It needs to be even.
(1:10:01) Codey: Like gold or silver.
(1:10:01) Al: I’m currently in silver. So I’m currently increasing it by six every day. And I really need to get up. I really need to get up to that 10. But I can’t, I can’t do that until i’ve got it back to a round number because otherwise it will forever not
(1:10:11) Codey: I still hate that.
(1:10:14) Codey: Yeah, you need that done.
(1:10:23) Al: be a round number I know I know it’s all right don’t worry we’ll get there we’ll get there because my current my current max is 552 552 I hate it with a passion
(1:10:25) Codey: It has to be a round number.
(1:10:26) Codey: I can’t.
(1:10:31) Codey: My heart.
(1:10:38) Codey: It’s the worst.
(1:10:45) Al: in three days it will hit 570 and then I can spend 110 million silver
(1:10:53) Al: to 10 per day I don’t think there is I don’t think there is an end to this game
(1:10:58) Codey: See, so I was thinking about this the other day.
(1:10:59) Codey: I was like, what is the end?
(1:11:00) Codey: What does the end of this game look like?
(1:11:02) Codey: Like what, when would I hit a point where I’m like,
(1:11:08) Codey: yep, I did it.
(1:11:10) Al: 100 of items is that the end goal
(1:11:14) Codey: Oh, I hit the wrong button.
(1:11:16) Codey: Whomp, whomp, whomp.
(1:11:18) Codey: Yeah, I guess like just that you have 100% of everything.
(1:11:25) Codey: Maybe.
(1:11:26) Al: Yeah, I don’t know, I suspect what’s going to happen for me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens for you as well, is one day you forget to open the app and then it’s dead to you.
(1:11:36) Codey: - No, I’m just gonna uninstall it when we’re done.
(1:11:38) Al: Oh, you’re done are you today?
(1:11:41) Codey: So the thing is, I like it, but I can’t,
(1:11:46) Codey: I like it too much.
(1:11:47) Al: But, but this is, but this is that if you have all the automated stuff, the beauty of it is once you’ve, you know, what, what’s you, what’s your highest level? No crop. Yeah.
(1:11:47) Codey: It needs to not exist in my world.
(1:12:00) Codey: skill
(1:12:03) Codey: Like the one that I can buy
(1:12:12) Al: Cabbage. Okay, so that one is eight hours, right? You’re not far off being able to do a 12 hour one or a 24 hour one. Once you get wheat 24 hours, right? Then you can go in plant plant your wheat. Do a couple of things. Close the app. Come back tomorrow.
(1:12:12) Codey: scroll. Cabbage! Yep.
(1:12:36) Codey: It doesn’t work like that because, because, here let me show you, let me look at it.
(1:12:42) Al: I- I- I understand, right? Trust me, I understand. I don’t do daily games. This is not a thing I do.
(1:12:50) Codey: Because Vincent wants a hundred tomatoes.
(1:12:50) Al: But somehow…
(1:12:53) Al: Well, this is- this is the problem, is this is- this is- this is- you got stuck into the people.
(1:12:57) Al: You cared about the people. I didn’t care about the people. I just want the money.
(1:12:58) Codey: George wants a hundred onions
(1:13:02) Codey: Yeah
(1:13:03) Al: Have you done- have you done any friendships?
(1:13:06) Codey: Yeah, yeah, so you go down you do friendship levels and then you can I do it So like if I’m full up on some items
(1:13:14) Codey: I know like let me click Rosalie for each person
(1:13:19) Codey: Basically, like think of it as stardew how you can give people a gift and then you find out if they hate it Or if they like it or if they neutral to it or whatever
(1:13:28) Codey: You can do that with this too With the gosh, how many people are there like 18 or something?
(1:13:36) Codey: So you go in and I just like try and give them all one of one of everything
(1:13:42) Al: 21.
(1:13:42) Codey: I Just go and try and give them all one of everything
(1:13:47) Codey: Until I find out what they like and some of them
(1:13:49) Al: that’s I just I that just sounds like so much effort
(1:13:51) Codey: Some of them it’s easy
(1:13:53) Codey: Thomas likes to fish so he likes fish Um…
(1:13:58) Al: yeah I just like why would I care about these people
(1:13:59) Codey: And fishing related things.
(1:14:03) Codey: They give you benefits.
(1:14:06) Al: wow is that all friendship is to you cody
(1:14:08) Codey: Yeah, no.
(1:14:13) Codey: No, they can help you in different areas.
(1:14:17) Codey: I think they give you more stuff if you have a higher level.
(1:14:20) Codey: There’s also rewards that they’ll give you as you level them up.
(1:14:24) Codey: So it’s rewards at level 10 and then there’s some at level 20 as well.
(1:14:30) Codey: My gosh.
(1:14:33) Codey: Thomas’ public bio says you miss 100% of the fish you don’t catch.
(1:14:40) Al: I mean, it’s not wrong.
(1:14:40) Codey: [LAUGH] And then it says Lorne Thomas.
(1:14:46) Codey: They just have some of the flavor text on these things.
(1:14:48) Codey: It’s just really, really awesome.
(1:14:50) Codey: Wow, I completed a whole day worth of stuff.
(1:14:53) Codey: Look at me, I did it.
(1:14:55) Al: Today’s going to be the first day I don’t in a week, I think, because I’m not doing a personal request.
(1:14:56) Codey: Cool.
(1:14:59) Codey: Yeah, so every day there’s like, it’s like here’s five tasks.
(1:15:05) Al: The daily chores.
(1:15:09) Codey: Yeah, five chores to do today and then you collect, you say, okay, I did it.
(1:15:13) Codey: And then it’s like, okay, cool.
(1:15:15) Codey: And then if you do it for a week straight or something, it gives you in game.
(1:15:19) Al: I don’t think it’s straight, I think it’s just if you do it for 7 days full stop.
(1:15:23) Codey: Within, okay, in the month, yeah.
(1:15:25) Codey: So it incentivizes you like checking in every day and doing this.
(1:15:28) Codey: I don’t know it’s one of those things like I can see myself losing my life to this game and trying to min-max it and I don’t I’m not into that right now because I’m already kind of doing that I started doing it with Stardew Valley this worked out well because or not Stardew Valley Disney Dreamland Valley this worked out well because I was away from home a lot and I played Disney journal at value on my xbox
(1:15:41) Al: Yeah, that’s fair. That’s fair.
(1:15:58) Codey: one but here in the next huh?
(1:15:59) Al: Ah.
(1:16:01) Al: You escaped.
(1:16:04) Codey: I escaped for a while I went to New York City twice in the last two weeks and got three tattoos at the same time. I’ve been not home I have a lot more tattoos now in a lot of concerts I saved for these all year. It’s one of the reasons I was poor. I was like, I really want this I’ve been wanting this and I want it from this.
(1:16:28) Codey: specific artist and I’m only here for not like less than two years no but I’m probably gonna start dog sitting my tattoo artists dog and then we’re for tattoo credit
(1:16:41) Al: I don’t know what to say yeah
(1:16:42) Codey: isn’t that cool I’m just gonna have an extra dog at my house for fun and he’s a cutie little Doberman Pinscher
(1:16:49) Al: I feel like we’ve gone off topic a little bit so this I’ve got I’ve got I’ve got written down multiplayer stuff I don’t know there’s this stuff we talked about the community center
(1:16:51) Codey: what I don’t know what you’re talking about this is totally part of farm RPG
(1:16:59) Codey: I mean I don’t even there’s yeah you can also like trade with mm-hmm you can trade with people there’s a chat function you could chat with other people yeah but right by the home button there’s a little thing on the bottom it says chat okay but yeah you can chat there’s five different chats there’s There’s help, global trivia, giveaways, and trade.
(1:17:03) Al: that’s about the main thing I think you can send other people items I don’t care I’m not doing that
(1:17:20) Al: Aw man I just closed the game, I’m not opening it again.
(1:17:29) Codey: I’m assuming it’s just people throwing out things to the poor and yeah I didn’t I didn’t really like I didn’t really ever I haven’t done anything with that I think it would be cute if you could like send your friends like just be like send my friend something today or if you were like oh I need a hundred hide and I’m like I have so much hide please take it like I think that would be really fun
(1:17:32) Al: oh well now i’m opening the
(1:17:58) Codey: but I, yeah, no, nope.
(1:18:00) Al: Yeah, no, I’m not I’m not talking to people to get stuff. I thought it was just like no no no no
(1:18:07) Al: There’s so much more we could talk about this game right we’ve we’ve not covered the whole game There’s so many other things in this game and like I love how we have taken such different ways to playing this game You’re like I’m going to deal with all the people and give them all the things they want and I’m like I’m gonna create an
(1:18:11) Codey: Not at all, not at all.
(1:18:21) Codey: Yep, yep.
(1:18:23) Al: Automation system that builds me shields and pipes that I can sell [laughing]
(1:18:28) Codey: Yep. You were like, “I’m going to make an empire.” And I was like,
(1:18:34) Al: Yeah!
(1:18:36) Codey: “What does Lorne need today? Oh, he wants more leeks. Okay.”
(1:18:38) Al: Like, I…
(1:18:40) Al: Like, I do really wish I could see the total money you’ve made,
(1:18:43) Al: because I think I’m probably, like, close to 50 million made in total.
(1:18:48) Codey: I’m like maybe at 3 million, maybe a little bit higher than that, but yeah not a lot.
(1:18:56) Codey: Because yeah I just don’t really care.
(1:18:58) Codey: I think this would be really fun if I were to play it on not my phone, like on the computer
(1:19:08) Al: Yeah. Oh, I found you can get your net worth, but that is not how much money you’ve made in total, because that is less than what I’ve made today. I think that’s how much you currently have in money and how much everything you have is worth. So if you were to sell everything,
(1:19:22) Codey: Oh, yeah.
(1:19:26) Al: how much you would have. But like, that’s 4 million for me. Like, I made 13 million last night on stakes, you know. Oh, have you done the vault?
(1:19:37) Codey: - Yes, I did it once.
(1:19:38) Al: Okay. I needed it once. Oh, it’s fun though. It’s like doing a wardrobe and getting money from it.
(1:19:41) Codey: Yeah.
(1:19:43) Codey: It is a wordle, basically.
(1:19:47) Codey: I mean, it was only like 20K.
(1:19:48) Al: It increases over time. Like, I got 150k.
(1:19:51) Codey: Oh.
(1:19:54) Codey: But yeah, it’s basically,
(1:19:56) Codey: it’s like a wordle where it’s like,
(1:19:58) Codey: guess the four digit number,
(1:20:00) Codey: and then it has a certain color if it’s where it’s supposed to be,
(1:20:04) Codey: and a different color if it’s in a…
(1:20:07) Codey: different spot, so it’s nice.
(1:20:14) Codey: You reminded me that I haven’t done the Wirtle.
(1:20:18) Codey: No, I mean, I think it’s,
(1:20:18) Al: Yeah, sorry, I got distracted again.
(1:20:21) Codey: I think it’s a really good game and I could definitely get sucked into it a little bit more.
(1:20:28) Codey: It’s just, again, I’m not at the point in my life where I’m looking for a game like this that needs my attention in such a constant manner.
(1:20:36) Al: that is fair yeah well so this is what I like about this game and this is why I’m always growing something is because then it gives me the notification and I go oh yeah this game so so what so so what well it only gives me a notification when crops are ready right so what I’m doing is I currently I’m doing during the day I’m doing two hour crops so every
(1:20:37) Codey: Cuz I will forget about things for days, so.
(1:20:50) Codey: Yup. Oh, I turned off notifications. Mm-mm.
(1:21:06) Al: two hours I’ll get a notification I’ll click in I’ll harvest it I’ll sell everything I’ll plant some more and I’ll see if there’s anything else I want to do at that point and then I’ll go away but I don’t generally spend more than five minutes on it at that time and then at night I’ll do a 12 hour one overnight and then it will notify me in the morning etc so like I quite like that thing that process like my as I’m not very much like you I will forget that things exist and so be getting this notification every
(1:21:31) Codey: Oh, yeah
(1:21:36) Al: two hours means that I’m actually regularly playing this game without sunk sinking my whole life into it which I really like yeah I really like it I will probably continue playing it for at least a little bit I don’t know I feel like I’m probably hitting that point where I lose interest because there’s not really any challenge anymore because I’ve built up such an efficient system and because there are so many people and so many quests It’s basically impossible to 100%.
(1:21:42) Codey: Yeah, that’s fair.
(1:22:06) Al: So I’m not even going to even bother trying, you know, like I have 200% I either go for it because it’s achievable or I don’t go for it because it looks impossible, even though it will be possible.
(1:22:22) Al: I’m just like it’s so far away that it may as well be impossible and I don’t even bother doing anything towards it then and stardew felt like that for a long time for me, interestingly,
(1:22:32) Al: It felt like it’s so, but then when I actually started trying with the, because it.
(1:22:36) Al: It was my thing that always stood in my way was the people right when I actually started trying actively like I managed to best friend everybody in Stardew in like half a half an in game year when I was actually trying so I actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it was but anyway let’s not talk about stardew sorry yeah I think.
(1:22:55) Codey: But it hit but okay. Redacted. Redacted.
(1:23:04) Codey: Yeah, good game. Yeah, good game. Liked it. Um, deleted. Not because it’s a bad game.
(1:23:06) Al: I think I think we’re clear on the game. Dangerous game.
(1:23:15) Al: Okay go go play it if it sounds interesting don’t play it if it sounds dangerous.
(1:23:19) Codey: Yeah, it sounds dangerous. It’s giving me… It was dangerous.
(1:23:25) Codey: For me. ‘Cause I’d be like… ‘Cause I’d be like, “Oh, I’m just gonna finish this quest for Lorne.” And then I’d finish it, which took me like 20 minutes, and then I’d finish it and… ‘Cause he wanted very specific things and I have to like go explore for it. I’d finish it and then the next quest in the quest line would pop up and it would be like, “Oh, you already have the stuff for this.” And I’m like, “Oh, cool.” And then like I would do that for, you know, a couple quests maybe and then some other random quests would pop up and I’d be like, “Oh, cool. Like I’ll
(1:23:27) Al: It’s giving, it’s giving losing my whole life.
(1:23:55) Codey: complete those too.” And then it’s like, “Oh, all I have to do is get 50 wood?” I can do that really easily. It’s the worst. But that’s only for people that have difficulty regulating their attention.
(1:24:10) Al: Yeah, I’m just glad I didn’t care about that bit because I probably would have fallen in that hole if I if I was but great. Well, thank you for joining me to talk about farm RPG Cody, where can people find you on the internet.
(1:24:12) Codey: Yeah.
(1:24:20) Codey: yeah of course people can find me technically on X at Cody Mathis which is my name mostly I’m on Instagram at hiking beagle be eagle where you can see pictures of my dogs and probably my tattoos coming up here and I mostly just like retweet or not retweet but like share funny videos that I relate to on on my story, so if you like things.
(1:24:50) Codey: about Australian shepherds or metal music,
(1:24:52) Codey: then you’ll see a lot of stuff on that.
(1:24:54) Codey: That’s me.
(1:24:56) Codey: Where can they find you all?
(1:24:58) Al: yes they can find me on mastodon.scott and twitter at thescottbot you can find the podcast on tumblr and on twitter at thspod you can find our links to everything we’ve talked about
(1:25:16) Al: and everything relating to the podcast on our website harvestseason.club where you can also find a feedback form to send us feedback send us feedback tell us tell us things have you played
(1:25:28) Codey: Have you played did you like it does our ADHD mess you up do you want us?
(1:25:28) Al: an RPG please stop
(1:25:37) Codey: Say focus [laughing]
(1:25:43) Al: you can also find a link to our patreon patreon.com/thspod where you can access our slack
(1:25:52) Al: and also our backlog of additional random episodes
(1:25:58) Al: I just put out what did I just put out ddd the oh yes xmen97 me and kevin just just did xmen97 now it’s a tv series and then that’s just after two eurovision ones that me and cody did um i’m looking forward to people hearing the next one as well which uh I don’t think I want to say out loud just now but an exciting one coming on saturday I really hope I hope people like it.
(1:26:04) Codey: was something really interesting? Yeah. Is that a game?
(1:26:23) Codey: Okay
(1:26:28) Al: Um, we’ll see. Exciting.
(1:26:34) Al: Yeah, I think that’s everything.
(1:26:35) Al: Thank you for joining me again, Cody.
(1:26:37) Codey: Thank you for having me in my basement.
(1:26:39) Al: Thank you, listeners, for listening.
(1:26:42) Al: And until next time, have a good harvest!
(1:26:44) Codey: Have a good harvest!
(1:26:44) Theme Tune: The Harvest Season is created by Al McKinley with support from our Patrons including our pro farmers Kevin, Stuart and Alisa. Our art is done by Micah the Brave and our music is done by Nick Burgess. Feel free to visit our website harvestseason.club for show notes and links to things we discussed in this episode.
(1:27:22) Codey: Sorry, I feel like my attention like got very bad there at the end
(1:27:26) Al: Hehehehe, I know the feeling.
(1:27:28) Codey: Which is funny because I was like literally watching a spider crawl up my wall
(1:27:37) Codey: It’s a cellar spider so they just have a lot of like their legs are just very long
(1:27:42) Al: I don’t know, a settler spider did you say, settler spider, oh settler, oh yeah I hate those ones.
(1:27:44) Codey: Cellar like the basement is also a cellar
(1:27:53) Codey: Mm-hm, really tiny little spindly bodies and then very long spindly legs.
(1:28:00) Codey: They’re living their best life down here, I don’t.
(1:28:02) Al: look I know that spiders are good but I i don’t have to like them you can’t make me
(1:28:07) Codey: No, just don’t kill me.
(1:28:09) Al: I don’t I don’t generally kill them like if there’s a massive spider that jumps on me in my bed that’s going in the hoover but if they’re just doing their own thing in their own place i will just leave them ah is that not is that not like a venomous one
(1:28:21) Codey: oh there’s also a wolf spider right here hi baby that one’s bigger
(1:28:32) Codey: The biggest venomous spiders that we have to worry about here in Pennsylvania are the widows and yellow sac spiders.
(1:28:38) Al: Oh, just a, just a, just a widow. Nothing else. No problem.
(1:28:43) Codey: We have six different widow species I think and there is one in the garage but she’s okay.
(1:28:50) Al: Okay, I’m going to stay here. I’m going to stay in non-venomous spider land.
(1:28:58) Codey: You don’t wanna come visit and see?
(1:29:00) Al: No, no, nope. You can come here. Don’t bring the spider.
(1:29:01) Codey: Knowing that I willingly leave alive in this place.
(1:29:10) Codey: Okay, she’s a good egg.
(1:29:14) Codey: We also have a false widow living in our bearded dragon’s cage.
(1:29:18) Al: Okay, I’m going to bed. Bye.
(1:29:20) Codey: Okay, thank you friend.