We Saw Horse

Al and Kevin talk about the people they wish were marriage candidates


00:00:00: Theme Tune
00:00:30: Intro
00:02:18: What Have We Been Up To
00:07:01: Marvelous Game Showcase
00:28:38: New Games
00:33:40: Other Game News
00:49:36: People We Want As Marriage Candidates
01:15:43: Outro

Marvelous Game Showcase
Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home
Gourdlets Release Date
Slime Rancher 2 0.5.0 Update
Paleo Pines 1.4.3 Update
Minami Lane 1.1 Update
Potion Permit Complete Edition
Sakuna Anime


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(0:00:31) Al: Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of The Harvest Season.
(0:00:37) Al: My name is Al and we’re here today to talk about cottagecore games, woohoo, woohoo, wow.
(0:00:38) Kev: My name is Kevin last I checked
(0:00:45) Kev: Whoo
(0:00:46) Kev: Like cottage snore games. I’m kidding. No, actually it’s very exciting today. We have a lot of views
(0:00:51) Al: I was gonna say, I was gonna say, are you Johnny?
(0:00:54) Al: Like that’s, feels like something he would say.
(0:00:56) Kev: No, no, I just I I don’t think that jokes been made yet. Um, I had to seize the opportunity
(0:01:01) Al: I’ll need to search through the transcripts to see if it’s been said or not, but you’re
(0:01:05) Al: right, I don’t remember it being said.
(0:01:08) Al: All right, this episode, our main topic, if you will, although I suspect it will be the
(0:01:15) Al: smallest part of the episode, but we’ll see, our main topic is people in cottagecore games
(0:01:22) Al: that we want as marriage candidates that currently are not available as marriage candidates.
(0:01:27) Al: This is the third of the trilogy of our marriage candidates.
(0:01:30) Kev: Yeah, I get that the new that’s the you know, the last of news regards last minute last minute is so big
(0:01:38) Kev: Like I forgot that’s what we’re here to talk of
(0:01:39) Al: You’re like, oh, yeah, we’re actually we’re going to do that.
(0:01:42) Al: Yeah, we’ve got that bit to do as well.
(0:01:43) Kev: Yeah, I’m glad you also specified a
(0:01:47) Kev: Cottagecore games, right because unfortunately I can’t talk about Jenny from high school
(0:01:55) Al: Before that, we have some news.
(0:01:58) Al: We have just some generic news.
(0:02:01) Al: We also have some new games announced and we have we’re going to talk about
(0:02:06) Al: marvellous games showcase, that’s marvellous
(0:02:09) Al: the games company not marvel the comics company marvellous so we’re going to
(0:02:16) Al: talk about that but first of all Kevin what have you been up to
(0:02:21) Kev: Um, so, not, I mean, okay.
(0:02:25) Kev: A lot of my pre times being consumed by fable them, the 1.0 came out.
(0:02:29) Kev: I picked it up.
(0:02:30) Kev: I’m playing it.
(0:02:31) Kev: I’m enjoying it.
(0:02:32) Kev: It’s, it’s the village builder I wanted.
(0:02:36) Kev: I’m doing it.
(0:02:37) Kev: Um, you know, I, like, I could go into detail, but that’s probably better for
(0:02:42) Kev: another time, um, just, it’s really good.
(0:02:43) Al: Yes. Yes, I’m sure you’ll go into detail on it on a future episode.
(0:02:45) Kev: I enjoy it.
(0:02:45) Kev: Thumbs up.
(0:02:46) Kev: Um, when uh, uh,
(0:02:51) Kev: um, uh, so that’s when I need the chill to, you know, brain dead game, more or less.
(0:02:59) Kev: Uh, when I do feel like actually playing, I picked up some fighting games this week.
(0:03:05) Kev: Uh, again, in particular, uh, Street Fighter 6 is the big one because they had, uh, the last of their wave of season one DLC or whatever dropped.
(0:03:16) Kev: They added Akuma, who’s a big scary guy, both as a character.
(0:03:21) Kev: I’m enjoying getting back into that. I am bad, I have lost everything, I feel worse than ever, but I am still playing.
(0:03:32) Kev: So, you know, fighting games.
(0:03:32) Al: when you when you said that you’re you’re bad I was going to say obvious the
(0:03:35) Kev: What about you, Al? What have you been up to?
(0:03:38) Kev: Okay, go ahead.
(0:03:40) Kev: Mm-hmm.
(0:03:42) Al: important thing is that you’re enjoying it and then you immediately followed up
(0:03:45) Al: with I feel worse than ever about it so I was like mmm well awkward well we love
(0:03:51) Kev: Yeah, well, look, we’re Pokemon fans.
(0:03:55) Kev: We’re gluttons for punishment.
(0:03:58) Al: Okay, what have I been asking for?
(0:04:02) Al: I have picked up Starstruck Thagobond, which came out about a week ago as we’re recording.
(0:04:10) Al: And yeah, I’m enjoying it so far. We’ll see where it goes and how much I enjoy it, etc, etc.
(0:04:20) Al: I also may well go into more detail on that in the future episode.
(0:04:26) Kev: Okay. [laughs]
(0:04:28) Al: I’ve…
(0:04:32) Al: Yes, yes it does. I have also been playing more farm RPG, which was,
(0:04:39) Al: I don’t know if you’ve listened to this week’s episode or not, Kevin, because it’s only two days
(0:04:42) Al: since it came out. Well, that’s what we were talking about me and Cody, and I have continued
(0:04:42) Kev: I’m… Yeah, no, I have not caught up on that.
(0:04:49) Al: to play it, so I don’t know how long I will continue to play it for, but it is, it’s very
(0:04:52) Kev: Hey, well, there you go.
(0:04:55) Al: much my just, I’ve just been kind of tapping buttons on mobile when I feel like it sort of thing for it,
(0:05:01) Al: So.
(0:05:03) Al: Yeah, I have been, I have been playing that. I don’t know if enjoying is the right word.
(0:05:04) Kev: You enjoy the number go big some people do
(0:05:09) Al: It’s like, do you, it’s like if you play cookie clicker, do you enjoy that?
(0:05:13) Al: Is it? I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah. Enjoy is just an interesting word for it. Anyway,
(0:05:21) Kev: That’s that
(0:05:23) Al: we don’t need to get into that. And I’ve been playing some more Pokemon, as usual. It’s,
(0:05:28) Al: It’s raid weekend, Kevin, so I’ve done the raid this weekend.
(0:05:32) Al: I thought you were going to say Street Fighter 6 has Swampert.
(0:05:32) Kev: Who’s rate or what is being attacked? What is that a Swampert? You know, what’s crazy?
(0:05:41) Kev: What if I told you Street Fighter 6 introduced rates
(0:05:48) Kev: No, no, I wish
(0:05:49) Al: How does a raid work in a fighting game, a one-on-one fighting game?
(0:05:54) Kev: Yeah
(0:05:56) Kev: Basically, you’ve got to beat up a bunch you beat up X number of opponents or whatever and you
(0:06:02) Kev: Earn attack points and then those attack points are used to fire a big cannon at a big scary version of Akuma in this case
(0:06:12) Kev: To whittle down. It’s held to a zero and rewards are based on how much you contribute yada. Yada
(0:06:18) Kev: Obviously, it’s not actually like a
(0:06:20) Al: Yeah, yeah, it’s it’s like a yeah, it’s a it’s a whole world sort of get a big number type thing.
(0:06:22) Kev: You know cooperative thing
(0:06:27) Kev: Yeah, yeah, it’s a goal like like those Sun and Moon events you remember back
(0:06:32) Al: Yes, I do.
(0:06:33) Kev: 8 billion eggs or whatever. Yeah, I like that. But okay Swampert’s cool. I like Swampert. They should bring
(0:06:42) Al: Well maybe they will with this upcoming game.
(0:06:46) Kev: I hope so.
(0:06:46) Kev: Yeah, I know.
(0:06:48) Kev: I’m so excited.
(0:06:48) Kev: Oh my gosh, we’re back.
(0:06:51) Al: Excited but excited-ish. Excited for what could be.
(0:07:00) Kev: Yeah, yeah.
(0:07:02) Al: All right let’s talk about we’re gonna first talk about the Marvelous game
(0:07:06) Al: showcase. It’s interesting. Marvelous game showcase. It’s not games.
(0:07:12) Al: It makes it sound like they’re just showcasing one game but it was definitely
(0:07:15) Al: multiple games. Well it was multiple games kind of because we didn’t really
(0:07:20) Al: get any details about anything. Are you excited about Far Magia?
(0:07:22) Kev: Speaking of being excited for what COULD be…
(0:07:29) Al: The concept of it anyway.
(0:07:31) Kev: Uh, okay. So…
(0:07:35) Kev: What is the concept?
(0:07:36) Al: Well that’s a good question. So Far Magia is their first. They
(0:07:41) Al: He originally announced this game a year ago.
(0:07:42) Al: This is going to be, you’re going to hear this a lot in this section.
(0:07:47) Al: They originally announced this game a year ago at the Marvelous Game Showcase
(0:07:50) Al: 2023 as Project Magia, and they didn’t really say anything about it.
(0:07:55) Al: They just said, we’re making it.
(0:07:57) Al: And then they’ve shown a little cut scene, game introduction type thing with a bunch
(0:08:04) Al: of characters and they went into detail about some of the characters.
(0:08:07) Al: And that’s, that’s it.
(0:08:08) Al: We still don’t have any game, game footage, gameplay.
(0:08:12) Al: We don’t have any real information about the game itself, like what actually is it.
(0:08:18) Al: I’m assuming it’s going to be a farming game based on the name, but I might be wrong.
(0:08:24) Kev: That would, that would be why, I mean, yep, right.
(0:08:24) Al: Because my assumption is it’s farm, magia, as in like magic farm, that’s my assumption.
(0:08:32) Al: But it could, it might be far. It might not be farm, it might be far.
(0:08:38) Al: Because we didn’t even hear them say the name because it was said in Japanese.
(0:08:42) Kev: Oh, no, you’re right
(0:08:42) Al: I assume a lot of things, but my current assumption is it’s farm, magia.
(0:08:48) Al: And it’s going to be a magic based farming game.
(0:08:48) Kev: Well, and I mean, you know
(0:08:53) Kev: Given this company’s history you would expect that right?
(0:08:56) Al: You would, yeah, you would think so.
(0:08:58) Kev: But like I don’t yeah, yeah, that’s a reasonable assumption
(0:09:03) Kev: But like at the same time, I don’t think we actually saw any sort of form ish related thing
(0:09:08) Al: No, nothing.
(0:09:10) Kev: But we did see Wasmoth.
(0:09:12) Kev: Monster collecting, or monster fighting, yeah I don’t know.
(0:09:14) Al: Monster fighting. I don’t think there was any collecting, but there was there was definitely fighting of some kind.
(0:09:18) Kev: Well, there were different kinds of monsters it might be collecting, who knows.
(0:09:23) Kev: It’s popular with the kids.
(0:09:25) Kev: Um, and, yeah, I want to be excited, oh okay, okay.
(0:09:30) Al: Oh we do actually see a farm. We do see a farm. I’ve just noticed four minutes and 58 seconds into
(0:09:37) Al: the video, the showcase, we see what we see. This looks like a farm with moving plant,
(0:09:39) Kev: Okay let me, let me look at that.
(0:09:42) Kev: No, so there’s, there’s don’t.
(0:09:47) Al: they look like they might be creatures. It’s it’s like literally shown for a second.
(0:09:54) Al: And it’s like little tails waggling.
(0:09:54) Kev: going through but yeah I mean that I mean you know obviously there’s a few
(0:10:00) Kev: people there’s a few does room fact like someone’s never actually played a room
(0:10:04) Kev: factory game does room factory combined monsters with your farming and whatnot
(0:10:08) Al: Yeah, it’s basically it is essentially just a farming game, but with much more emphasis
(0:10:14) Al: on the fighting.
(0:10:16) Al: So think of it, I mean, it’s actually not miles away from what Stardew is right with
(0:10:23) Al: the cave and with the skull cavern and stuff like that because Stardew has quite a few
(0:10:28) Al: different areas now with monsters.
(0:10:32) Al: But it’s much more like there is a story to that, to the monster fighting as well.
(0:10:38) Al: Like you’re going out and trying to find your way through an area for a story whereas in
(0:10:39) Kev: - Yeah.
(0:10:43) Al: Stardew you’re doing it because it’s there, you know.
(0:10:48) Kev: OK, right. I get you.
(0:10:52) Al: So yeah, the fighting isn’t the unique thing, the kind of the story around why you’re fighting
(0:10:52) Kev: Well, hopefully. OK.
(0:10:57) Al: and what you’re doing and why you have amnesia.
(0:10:58) Kev: Now, OK, I get you.
(0:11:01) Kev: Well, hopefully this does combine the two, maybe a bit more.
(0:11:09) Kev: You know, I’m always down for that, right?
(0:11:11) Kev: Because I feel like at this point, we’ve had a handful of games
(0:11:14) Kev: trying to combine the monster catching and the farming.
(0:11:17) Kev: but I don’t feel like
(0:11:18) Kev: any have actually done it that well
(0:11:22) Kev: meshing the two together not not just having them both in the game but
(0:11:24) Al: Oh, you’re right, it does look like Monster Collection, because it definitely looks like
(0:11:25) Kev: actually you know
(0:11:26) Kev: working together that’s what I want to see like paleo pines is the one that i
(0:11:31) Kev: can think of that i’ve
(0:11:37) Al: they’re telling monsters with cards what to do.
(0:11:42) Kev: Yup, that you go triple A, level, I don’t know whatever A, this is Moonstone Island, maybe, who knows.
(0:11:42) Al: So it looks like it might be a deck builder.
(0:11:50) Al: A farming creature collector deck building.
(0:11:52) Kev: Marvelous Moonstone Island, there we go.
(0:11:59) Kev: Maybe, who knows. One, one other thing, like, I don’t, I’m gonna, you haven’t mentioned it,
(0:12:07) Kev: So I’m guessing it doesn’t hold much weight for you, but they got Hiromashima to work on
(0:12:12) Kev: the art, which is pretty cool for people not familiar. He’s a Japanese bengaka. He has
(0:12:18) Kev: some pretty big hits. I think most notably he’s called Fairy Tail. The art for the characters
(0:12:23) Kev: he has. Very distinct that those eyes are like his trademarks. But anyways, personally
(0:12:29) Kev: that excites me. I like Hiromashima, so that’s pretty cool. That’s a good get.
(0:12:32) Al: enough so they say this game is in development and will be releasing this
(0:12:38) Al: year I don’t think it’s releasing this year like if this is I mean it’s June
(0:12:40) Kev: which is wild
(0:12:44) Al: basically right it’s June and they they’ve not even shown any game footage
(0:12:45) Kev: yeah
(0:12:50) Al: or even really given us a good idea of what the game is and they say it’s
(0:12:52) Kev: yeah that’s wild to me
(0:12:55) Al: coming out this year doubt it we’ll see we’ll see six months you can do a lot in
(0:12:57) Kev: I don’t I don’t know
(0:13:01) Kev: we’ll see
(0:13:02) Al: a guess me I mean it’s it’s very possible that they just don’t want to
(0:13:04) Kev: that you can
(0:13:06) Al: hype it up too quickly and too fast and actually they are on track to be ready
(0:13:09) Kev: - Yeah.
(0:13:11) Kev: Yes, I will say that I haven’t, okay, I haven’t kept up with Marvelous'
(0:13:17) Kev: released schedule history, but I haven’t heard bad things about it at least, right?
(0:13:22) Kev: Like, I haven’t heard huge delays or whatever. But, um, the real question is,
(0:13:24) Al: no they don’t they don’t they don’t tend to do they don’t tend to have delays
(0:13:30) Kev: yeah. Yeah, so we’ll see. I think 20, 24, it’s, I think it’s possible.
(0:13:35) Al: oh except for Rune Factory 5 that was delayed by multiple years but
(0:13:40) Kev: Well, yeah, touche.
(0:13:42) Al: to everyone that’s listening and screaming Rune Factory 5 yes yes yes
(0:13:43) Kev: The question for me is when or if it will get localized.
(0:13:54) Al: Yeah, yeah, that’s always a good question because they have… I’m trying to remember
(0:13:54) Kev: That’s what I wanna know.
(0:13:59) Al: if any… I think Pioneers of All of Town may be released the same time over here, but yeah,
(0:14:06) Al: I don’t think they generally… Oh, and the newer Doraemon game, Doraemon, Story of Seasons,
(0:14:14) Al: Friends of the Great Kingdom, that released at the same time everywhere, but I think in
(0:14:21) Al: general, like a wonderful life was
(0:14:24) Al: was like a couple of months, wasn’t it?
(0:14:26) Kev: Yeah
(0:14:27) Al: And the Friends of Minero Town remake was a couple of months
(0:14:30) Al: and Rinfactory 5 was like three or four months.
(0:14:31) Kev: Yeah
(0:14:33) Kev: Well, I mean that’s a reasonable time right like question the bigger question is the if all right because
(0:14:40) Kev: You know, this is a new title and franchise whatever right?
(0:14:43) Al: Well, let’s, I mean, let’s put it, let’s put it this way. I, I mean, this was the English
(0:14:43) Kev: So I don’t know if they’re gonna feel like it’s gonna hit in the States or outside
(0:14:53) Al: language version of their showcase. Now granted it was in, it was all of, they didn’t have
(0:14:59) Al: it dubbed, but they did have it subbed and it was a specific version of the video for
(0:15:05) Al: the English language YouTube channel.
(0:15:06) Kev: That is true, and we get in English official English title for major. You know I take it back
(0:15:11) Kev: It’s gonna get localized. Doesn’t think about that
(0:15:13) Al: I think Farmagia is just, is just the name. I think that’s what they’re calling it in
(0:15:14) Kev: and they
(0:15:17) Al: Japan as well. Yeah.
(0:15:17) Kev: Oh is it okay
(0:15:19) Kev: Well there you go
(0:15:22) Kev: Well, they said showed it like in English. I don’t know and that could have been the name in Japan in Japan
(0:15:25) Al: Yeah, they called it…
(0:15:27) Kev: But with Japanese characters you know I mean
(0:15:30) Al: Yeah, I just listened to it, and yeah, they called it “Pharmagia” is what they called it in the in the Japanese.
(0:15:30) Kev: But we’ll see
(0:15:32) Kev: Okay, Mike. I hope sir hi
(0:15:36) Kev: All right, there you go.
(0:15:41) Kev: And also, they very clearly labeled other things in the showcase as Japan only.
(0:15:43) Al: They did, yeah. That’s a good point. They had one of the arcade cabinets was Japan only, the Pokemon one, and one of the mobile games was Japan only.
(0:15:54) Kev: In the crane game we don’t get fluffy cow plush
(0:15:56) Al: Oh yeah, the crane game. Well, you say game. I do feel like it’s like, is it a game? Like, this is stretching game quite a lot, like gambling box.
(0:16:06) Kev: Okay, that one, that one I don’t know.
(0:16:11) Kev: Other crane games, I, yes, I think they are,
(0:16:14) Kev: but that one did specifically.
(0:16:16) Kev: I don’t know, that was a weird design.
(0:16:16) Al: it was very different it was very it definitely looked a very large plush
(0:16:18) Kev: But who cares?
(0:16:19) Kev: I just want the cow inside.
(0:16:25) Kev: Yeah, yeah.
(0:16:27) Kev: So just, we gotta plan our trip to Japan
(0:16:30) Kev: so we can review the cow plush.
(0:16:34) Al: Subscribe to our Patreon!
(0:16:38) Al: I promise, Kevin, if we get enough patrons to mean that I can afford to take me and you
(0:16:41) Al: to Japan, I will do it.
(0:16:43) Al: It’s not gonna happen, but…
(0:16:44) Kev: that’d be great yeah yeah we need okay that’s
(0:16:48) Al: Next we have Story of Seasons.
(0:16:50) Al: So in the grand tradition of this video of not giving us any real information, we got
(0:16:55) Al: No real information about this either!
(0:16:58) Kev: Nope.
(0:17:00) Al: So we got the same little video that we got last year
(0:17:04) Al: of the chickens and the cows.
(0:17:05) Al: And then they showed us a little bit more of the seasons
(0:17:11) Al: and the weather and someone looking up at the sky
(0:17:14) Al: and seeing fireworks.
(0:17:16) Al: And we saw a horse.
(0:17:18) Al: And the one gameplay feature difference that we’re seeing
(0:17:21) Al: is there’s a glider, which is interesting.
(0:17:24) Kev: Yeah, I don’t know how about it. I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t know how gliders you’re gonna fit in
(0:17:29) Kev: But I guess we’ll see
(0:17:31) Al: I mean, it definitely leans towards the fact that this is going to be, if possibly not
(0:17:36) Al: open world, but certainly a full 3D exploration kind of farming game type thing, more like
(0:17:41) Kev: I imagine, at the very least, I bet they’re gonna have a big wild area type of area, where
(0:17:46) Al: how the… yeah, they’re going to do something.
(0:17:53) Kev: you can maybe catch canvas or something, I don’t know.
(0:17:57) Kev: The one thing that I haven’t paid attention to previously when they nest or whatever,
(0:18:02) Kev: but they did emphasize, like, they’re putting a lot of focus on the visuals, and it is absolutely
(0:18:07) Al: Yeah, it looks, it looks, it looks fine, but like, I mean, I’m also just okay. Fine. Like,
(0:18:09) Kev: the prettiest story of season’s game ever.
(0:18:19) Al: but why? Like, I just, I don’t know what I have to be excited about it, other than,
(0:18:25) Al: yeah, it looks, looks, looks nice.
(0:18:28) Kev: We get HDTaos.
(0:18:29) Al: Yes, but what is this game? Like, I don’t know, what is it? I want to know what it
(0:18:30) Kev: That’s exciting for me.
(0:18:37) Al: is. And like, what was the last game they actually released that was actively exciting?
(0:18:37) Kev: That, eh, validating, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(0:18:45) Al: I know you liked A Wonderful Life, but you liked A Wonderful Life because you like A
(0:18:49) Al: Wonderful Life, right? Like somebody who had not played that before would not be excited
(0:18:51) Kev: Yes.
(0:18:54) Al: about that. The second Doraemon game was okay, but it wasn’t like exciting and different
(0:18:55) Kev: They should be.
(0:19:00) Al: from the first, really. The first Doraemon story of season’s game, that was probably
(0:19:05) Al: the last actually exciting.
(0:19:07) Al: and pioneers of all of town was fine but it wasn’t amazing it didn’t do it I mean
(0:19:10) Kev: Well, yeah, I guess we’ll have to see, won’t we?
(0:19:18) Kev: Right.
(0:19:19) Kev: Yeah.
(0:19:20) Al: it wasn’t bad right but nothing about it is memorable like as bad as bad as the
(0:19:23) Kev: It was whelming.
(0:19:27) Al: most the last to harvest moon games have been at least they’re memorable like
(0:19:33) Kev: It is better to be a trash fire than just a mediocre.
(0:19:34) Al: pain.
(0:19:38) Al: Yeah. So I hope they’re doing something rather than just going, what if story of seasons,
(0:19:45) Al: but 3D, you know, like, I hope it’s more than that.
(0:19:50) Kev: Yeah
(0:19:51) Kev: Well, yeah, well, yeah, that’s a good question. I will have to see who knows
(0:19:56) Al: But I’m also, well possibly, I’m also just a little bit surprised by
(0:19:57) Kev: Maybe for Magia be the winners
(0:20:04) Al: we got maybe a little bit
(0:20:07) Al: more than the amount of footage we got last year, a year ago. We still don’t have a name,
(0:20:13) Al: we still don’t have any actual gameplay, just some pre-rendered cutscenes. And no idea about
(0:20:18) Al: what this game actually is, a year later, after the first initial indication that this
(0:20:21) Kev: Yeah, that’s a good point, yeah.
(0:20:23) Al: game was coming. And that’s not the last time I’m going to say this. But the other thing,
(0:20:28) Kev: When will you say it again?
(0:20:35) Al: before we get on to that. The other thing that I’m surprised
(0:20:38) Al: by is last year they announced there were two Story of Seasons games coming. This one
(0:20:41) Al: that they’ve been talking about now, a single player focused one, but also a multiplayer
(0:20:45) Al: focused one. We got no indication that they’re even still doing that at all. It wasn’t even
(0:20:50) Al: a like ‘oh we’re still doing this’. Nothing at all. They didn’t mention it at all. They
(0:20:55) Al: talked about one Story of Seasons game. So has that second Story of Seasons game died?
(0:21:01) Al: Have they decided to just stop talking about it until it’s closer?
(0:21:04) Kev: I don’t know became became the nude Damon ex machina. That’s what happened
(0:21:12) Al: Right, okay, next we have Rune Factory, Rune Factory Project Dragon, which is not Rune
(0:21:16) Kev: So what what else did they talk about?
(0:21:24) Al: Factory 6, because as I’ve just mentioned for the Story Seasons multiplayer game, they
(0:21:29) Al: didn’t mention Rune Factory 6, even though they mentioned Rune Factory 6 a year ago.
(0:21:32) Kev: Yep.
(0:21:37) Al: Yeah, I don’t know why…
(0:21:37) Kev: I’m starting to get the impression
(0:21:39) Kev: they may have made some questionable PR decisions.
(0:21:42) Al: Whoever decided what they were going to tell us all that information last year, like,
(0:21:47) Al: just silly, silly decision, you should not do that.
(0:21:52) Kev: Yeah, although they did give the small disclaimer at the beginning that they were there were gonna be games
(0:21:58) Kev: They talked about last year that they were gonna talk about this year
(0:22:01) Kev: So they acknowledged it
(0:22:02) Al: Yeah, but for what reason, though? This is the thing. They didn’t say why. Right? So
(0:22:07) Al: this is my thing. It’s like, don’t announce a game. Because they did this with Rune Factory
(0:22:08) Kev: That is fine
(0:22:14) Al: 5, right? They announced, “Oh, we’re making Rune Factory 5.” And then it took four years,
(0:22:19) Al: was it? Until they actually released Rune Factory 5, and they basically gave no information
(0:22:28) Al: for most of that time.
(0:22:30) Kev: Yeah, mmm, so look forward to farm Asia is the theme of this showcase
(0:22:36) Al: Fine, let’s talk about Project Dragon.
(0:22:40) Al: So they said that this is a game where you save the world through dance,
(0:22:41) Kev: Dance
(0:22:46) Al: but all the stuff they showed us was just pretty standard combat.
(0:22:46) Kev: And I didn’t see dancing
(0:22:50) Kev: Yeah, I was about to say that it looks you know what it looks like it looks like genshin impact boy, that’s that’s some genshin impact
(0:22:58) Kev: Okay.
(0:23:00) Al: I’ll take your word for it. I haven’t actually played
(0:23:00) Kev: Um, I mean, I haven’t played that much either, but I’ve seen Genshin Impact gameplay and it, it looks very similar.
(0:23:08) Kev: Um, but yeah, it, like one thing ever and down here is like, it, there’s no farming that we really saw.
(0:23:16) Kev: Is it just the combat oriented one?
(0:23:18) Kev: Maybe because brand.
(0:23:18) Al: I feel like why would they call it Runefactory if it didn’t have farming in it?
(0:23:22) Al: But then I feel like if they were going to do that, they would have called Farmagia one of, they would have called it a Runefactory.
(0:23:29) Kev: Well, you know what? The thing is, this isn’t a mainline room factory game. It’s a side game.
(0:23:36) Al: I mean you’re right though they didn’t say anything about farming so we don’t know if
(0:23:42) Al: it’s got farming in it. We do know it’s got combat which they claim is dance. I didn’t
(0:23:42) Kev: Yeah.
(0:23:48) Kev: I didn’t see dancing. I wish it were. I’d be excited if it were actually fight dancing.
(0:23:50) Al: see dancing either. I guess there’s a bit that I’m watching where they’re they’re fighting
(0:23:59) Al: a wooly and it does look like they don’t actually have a weapon and they’re doing moves like
(0:24:03) Al: you have a weapon and it’s shooting off fireballs.
(0:24:06) Al: That just looks like standard magic stuff in these games, right?
(0:24:10) Kev: Yeah
(0:24:10) Al: Like it doesn’t…
(0:24:11) Al: I don’t…
(0:24:12) Al: What makes this dance?
(0:24:13) Kev: Yeah, it doesn’t it’s probably just the story whatever it’s probably not actually the game
(0:24:16) Al: Yeah.
(0:24:18) Al: No information on when it’s releasing.
(0:24:23) Al: I think they’d originally said this was meant to be coming out this year.
(0:24:26) Al: It’s probably not.
(0:24:28) Kev: Yeah, who knows?
(0:24:28) Al: Yeah.
(0:24:29) Al: Yeah.
(0:24:29) Kev: So far, Meiji, uh-huh.
(0:24:30) Al: I don’t…
(0:24:32) Al: It certainly weirdly seems like the one that’s closest to release, and also the
(0:24:36) Al: one that’s possibly most exciting out of these.
(0:24:37) Kev: Yeah.
(0:24:39) Kev: Because it feels the most real.
(0:24:42) Al: Maybe that’s…
(0:24:43) Al: Maybe that’s why.
(0:24:44) Kev: Yeah, I mean, yeah, like,
(0:24:46) Kev: even though we didn’t get the gameplay trailer,
(0:24:48) Kev: first of all, we get the release date,
(0:24:50) Kev: which implies they’re close to completion to some degree.
(0:24:52) Al: Well, we got released year, year, yeah, but I like it’s, it’s a very wide way.
(0:24:55) Kev: Release year, oh yeah, yes, year, right?
(0:24:58) Kev: Release window, let’s say that, right?
(0:25:00) Kev: There is a number.
(0:25:02) Al: It’s a six month long window at this point.
(0:25:04) Kev: Sure, sure.
(0:25:06) Kev: Yeah, but I mean, the others have a much wider window.
(0:25:12) Kev: At least, they’re telling us that this game
(0:25:15) Kev: will very likely exist from Asia,
(0:25:19) Kev: from Agia, whatever they call it.
(0:25:21) Kev: And hey, like, what we can in French on the trailer,
(0:25:24) Kev: you know, monster catching farming,
(0:25:26) Kev: It all sounds fun, so.
(0:25:28) Kev: So, yeah, I’m excited about it, and hey, yep, yeah, the Dracula one, yep, that’s, uh, it’s fine.
(0:25:30) Al: Yeah, they had a little indie section in the middle as well where they talked about a few
(0:25:36) Al: of the games that they are publishing, including Moonlight Peaks, which is one we’ve talked
(0:25:41) Al: about before, which is interesting. They’ve apparently said it’s coming out in 2026 now,
(0:25:48) Kev: Okay, sure, take your time. I’m in a rush. I’m keen on the game.
(0:25:49) Al: which before it was saying they didn’t have any date before, so just updating my list.
(0:25:58) Kev: You know how your grandpa.
(0:26:00) Al: That is, that is the first game. That’s the first game on my list to say 2026. Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing.
(0:26:06) Kev: You know how it’s always your grandpa or whatever who judges your farm?
(0:26:14) Kev: Does this mean we’ll get Dracula to judge our farm?
(0:26:15) Al: Yeah.
(0:26:18) Kev: I like that.
(0:26:24) Kev: There was that Death by Guitar game.
(0:26:26) Kev: game. It wasn’t Cottagecore, but you played it.
(0:26:28) Kev: It plays an electric guitar. I think that’s red.
(0:26:30) Al: Yeah, I kind of vaguely paid attention to that, but I was like, I don’t have the headspace
(0:26:34) Al: to figure out what is happening. And there was a…
(0:26:34) Kev: And that’s fine. And Pokemon– who thought– I didn’t know Pokemon actually would ever hear one of these, but there we are.
(0:26:38) Al: Yeah, the…
(0:26:42) Kev: It’s not Cottagecore, it’s an arcade game. Very excited-looking children, but…
(0:26:42) Al: Yeah.
(0:26:45) Al: I think it actually looked kind of cool because it was like too stuck together and you can
(0:26:53) Al: play them individually or you can join up for co-op and it covers all both screens for
(0:26:56) Kev: Yeah
(0:27:01) Kev: Yeah, arcade machines are cool and like they do really cool stuff in Japan with them
(0:27:06) Kev: So it’s a pity they’re dead pretty much everywhere else, but that there you go
(0:27:12) Kev: No cow plushie for us
(0:27:12) Al: There was a Metroidvania as well, which looked fine, but it looked like a pretty standard
(0:27:16) Kev: Yeah, I do I
(0:27:18) Al: Metroidvania, right?
(0:27:19) Al: There’s nothing like, “Oh wow, it was amazing,” but it was fine.
(0:27:20) Kev: Followed Hollow Knight did the Stardew thing where it’s just kind of ruined
(0:27:27) Kev: Genre, why why did you have to give it the cape like the Hollow Knight?
(0:27:35) Al: I’m looking for my first farming Metroidvania.
(0:27:39) Kev: Oh
(0:27:42) Kev: I’m trying to think you know Hades 2 has farming. It’s not metroidvania. Oh, no, I’m not it has farming. Absolutely
(0:27:47) Al: Oh please tell me you’re joking.
(0:27:52) Al: So it’s more like Cult of the Lam.
(0:27:55) Kev: And maybe?
(0:27:56) Al: Damn, am I gonna have to play this stupid game?
(0:27:58) Kev: Because I don’t know if you remember Hades one had the fishing right so they like they said we’re gonna kind of expand on
(0:28:04) Kev: That and they threw in farming now
(0:28:05) Al: Yeah, the thing the thing is, right, the fishing is just like, it’s not really interesting to me,
(0:28:11) Al: because it’s just all of the stuff in Hades between the runs was just things you did
(0:28:11) Kev: Yeah
(0:28:15) Kev: Yeah, yeah, yeah
(0:28:16) Al: to make the runs better, right? Whereas the thing about Cult of the Lamb was the runs
(0:28:21) Al: were to make your your village better, not the other way around.
(0:28:24) Kev: Yeah
(0:28:26) Kev: That’s a good point. I don’t know how far goes into that. I just know farming exists in the game
(0:28:32) Kev: I haven’t played it myself or anything
(0:28:34) Al: I don’t want to play this game. Don’t make me play this game.
(0:28:36) Kev: Cottagecore
(0:28:39) Al: Speaking of games that I’m gonna play but I don’t expect to enjoy, we have a new Harvest
(0:28:45) Al: Moon game being announced, Harvest Moon Home Sweet Home, but this is a mobile game. It
(0:28:52) Al: is coming to iOS and Android in August of this year. So in two months, between two and
(0:28:58) Kev: Ha!
(0:28:58) Kev: Mm-hmm.
(0:28:59) Al: three months, but we didn’t get any gameplay footage or screenshots of this game at all.
(0:29:04) Al: in this announcement. And it very much feels like they went, “Oh,
(0:29:08) Al: the Marvelous Showcase is tomorrow. Let’s announce our new game, even though we’re not ready to.”
(0:29:14) Al: Because it was announced literally 24 hours before the Marvelous Showcase.
(0:29:18) Kev: Look, there’s no denying that Marvelous has done better than Natsume, but Natsume likes
(0:29:25) Kev: to hold up that Harvest Moon logo just to remind them.
(0:29:28) Al: Yeah, so they announced this game, all they did was one tweet and it says “Harvest Moon
(0:29:29) Kev: Just to rub the salt on their one win.
(0:29:33) Kev: And it works!
(0:29:34) Kev: It hurts me to see it!
(0:29:42) Al: Home Sweet Home is coming to iOS and Android August 2024. Home is where the heart is. After
(0:29:48) Al: 10 years of city life, you’re ready to head back home in Harvest Moon Home Sweet Home.
(0:29:53) Al: Your childhood friend has convinced you to move back to your hometown to try to revitalize
(0:29:58) Al: to be easy going. The town of Alba, I’m assuming it’s Alba, not Alaba, because I don’t know.
(0:30:04) Al: Did we have this conversation around the other game? What was it called? Alba Wild Life Adventure,
(0:30:08) Kev: I mean, there’s Jessica Alba, right, so I’m going with that.
(0:30:17) Al: because the word Alba is also, that spelling is a Gaelic word to refer to Scotland, but
(0:30:28) Al: it’s not pronounced Alba, it’s pronounced Alapa. So it’s like, I’m assuming you’re correct in this
(0:30:31) Kev: Well, the invisible woman lied to me.
(0:30:35) Al: Alba, but I can’t read it and not think about that, the fact that it could theoretically be
(0:30:43) Al: Scotland. I doubt it, but anyway, we’ll move on. Back to the quote. “The town of Alba,” I’m just
(0:30:49) Al: going to say Alba for now, “has seen better days and not all its residents are happy to see a city
(0:30:53) Al: slicker like you back. Can you convince even the negative naysayers?
(0:30:58) Al: That you truly have the village’s best interests at heart? And can you revitalize Alba with the
(0:31:03) Al: help of your childhood friend and other villagers on your side? You definitely can.
(0:31:08) Kev: okay so there’s there’s nothing here like uh let’s be clear but but it’s giving me some ideas
(0:31:11) Al: No.
(0:31:13) Al: Yeah, that was a lot of words to tell us nothing.
(0:31:17) Kev: but it’s giving me some ideas and we get a cottage poor farming game where the residents
(0:31:26) Kev: all are hateful and and discriminating and and not nice i’d be down for this
(0:31:32) Al: We should do it where you like you get to choose um I don’t know if this is really bad
(0:31:39) Al: or not but I’m going with it anyway I’m leaning in you get to choose what minority you are
(0:31:44) Al: and then everybody in the village hates that specific minority and you have to justify
(0:31:47) Kev: Yeah
(0:31:53) Kev: Yeah
(0:31:54) Al: justify why you should exist oh no
(0:32:01) Kev: Somebody get on this. This is gold. Mmm. Oh
(0:32:04) Al: don’t know how I feel about even talking about that. That’s dreadful. Oh my word. No!
(0:32:09) Kev: You could you could do some mean stuff at one point they have to burn your crops, you know when they have to
(0:32:15) Kev: - Thank you.
(0:32:17) Al: - No.
(0:32:17) Kev: - Yeah, it’s good stuff. (laughs)
(0:32:22) Kev: Hmm.
(0:32:24) Al: Yeah, so there’s nothing here about this game, we don’t have any information about it, because
(0:32:29) Al: like all of this is saying is basically the plot of every farming game.
(0:32:35) Kev: Yep, yep, this this description gave me an another angle to another idea
(0:32:41) Kev: Why don’t we do the reverse where you move to the city to?
(0:32:46) Kev: Gentrify the village to modernize it ruin ruin the lifestyle. Let’s see that. Let’s see that angle. Come on
(0:32:53) Kev: Be the this slick real estate guy
(0:32:57) Al: It’s just taking the, um, the Georgia route to the extreme.
(0:33:02) Kev: Yeah, yeah, basically
(0:33:05) Kev: Thank you harvest moon for in announcing these ideas in my head
(0:33:05) Al: You know, you know, there’s a fun.
(0:33:10) Kev: Heh heh heh.
(0:33:10) Al: There’s a fantastic bit in, you know, how on, in the 1.6 stardew update,
(0:33:15) Al: you can pay to find the walnuts on ginger Island.
(0:33:18) Kev: Yeah, yeah.
(0:33:19) Al: If you do that, there’s a fantastic cut scene where, uh, what’s, isn’t
(0:33:24) Al: Morris is sitting on our bed.
(0:33:27) Al: Deck chair in the middle of the island with bags of cash sitting around him while his
(0:33:29) Kev: Yeah.
(0:33:32) Al: parrots go and find all the walnuts is fantastic okay so that’s that’s all of this the marvelous
(0:33:32) Kev: You’re the last.
(0:33:35) Kev: It’s good, that’s good, I like that.
(0:33:39) Kev: That’s, that’s strong.
(0:33:44) Al: stuff and the natsume stuff so we have some other game news as well which is a little
(0:33:50) Al: bit more concrete shall we say so first of all we have gourdlets gourdlets have announced
(0:33:57) Al: they’re releasing in summer 2024 so just to summarize this this was this is it describes
(0:34:05) Al: itself as an easy-going sandbox game about building towns for cute vegetable folks yeah
(0:34:12) Kev: That’s exactly what it looks like.
(0:34:16) Al: you love when you’ve got a description of a game and you’re like yeah that is yeah okay
(0:34:19) Al: sure and it’s very sad it like it’s very sandboxy like there’s some bits of them actually just
(0:34:25) Al: putting just making.
(0:34:27) Kev: It’s that isometric
(0:34:29) Kev: You know view with you see the whole island and clearly you can add to it and cubicle or whatever
(0:34:36) Kev: Yeah
(0:34:37) Kev: Those are some Pikmin vegetable people
(0:34:40) Al: I. I mean.
(0:34:40) Kev: Yeah, all right. That’s cute. When do they add the turnip boy crossover to ruin everything?
(0:34:47) Kev: Does he fit in?
(0:34:47) Al: I’m intrigued as to see how well this will work with controller,
(0:34:50) Al: because it does say it will have controller support.
(0:34:53) Kev: Hmm
(0:34:54) Al: I’m intrigued to see how well that will work, because it looks very mouse based.
(0:34:57) Kev: It does, one of those vegetable people is cooking, okay.
(0:35:03) Kev: I don’t know, they don’t have hands, I don’t know how they do it, but they do it.
(0:35:06) Al: You don’t need to question these things
(0:35:10) Kev: Also, this isn’t their fault, but
(0:35:14) Kev: Ooblets has really claimed their stake on that name and
(0:35:20) Kev: the
(0:35:20) Al: let’s hmm well we’ll see what we’ll see what comes of it so they’re releasing in
(0:35:27) Al: the summer and I don’t think that’s early access I think that’s just 1.0
(0:35:32) Kev: Yeah, their demo’s out now, so probably.
(0:35:34) Al: slime rancher 2 have announced that they have just released a 0.5 update it
(0:35:42) Al: doesn’t seem like there’s much to talk about if you don’t already have played
(0:35:46) Al: the game. There’s stuff about a new shop.
(0:35:50) Kev: Okay. Look, I, well, I get, like, I get marketing has to be a thing, but you can announce your early access. I get that. But after that, I don’t want to hear anything about it until 1.0.
(0:36:03) Kev: It feels so weird to me to announce these half updates or whatever. Like it’s wild.
(0:36:12) Al: Am I part of the problem Kevin? Speaking of weird update numbers,
(0:36:15) Kev: No, you’re not. You’re, no, no, no, no, not by any means. It’s, it’s like,
(0:36:21) Al: Paleopine’s 1.4.3 adds the now let me see if I got this,
(0:36:21) Kev: ha ha ha.
(0:36:28) Al: if I can pronounce this properly, Sarcosuchus, or Sarcosuchus?
(0:36:32) Kev: Uh, circus sutures, I’d say sutures, but it could be, because I don’t, you might be right.
(0:36:38) Kev: It might be circus, circus, circus, circus, circus, circus.
(0:36:39) Al: A new dinosaur.
(0:36:41) Kev: I don’t know which one.
(0:36:43) Al: - It adds a new dinosaur, that’s what matters.
(0:36:46) Al: And if you, listener, are like, I love dinosaurs,
(0:36:50) Al: but I specifically wanted the Sarkosuchus,
(0:36:52) Al: and I wasn’t gonna buy paleopines until that was in the game.
(0:36:56) Al: Now’s your time.
(0:36:57) Kev: there you go um I think then that’s a plushie too yep there’s a plushie of it yep a good old
(0:37:05) Kev: makeshift um I do think it’s cool that they add more dinosaurs to this game because you know
(0:37:11) Kev: obviously that’s going to be the appeal right but but I want a really big on the 2.0 update that adds
(0:37:18) Kev: like a whole new class of dinosaurs like the sauropods they were in the game they were just cut
(0:37:22) Al: You’d rather wait six months and then get 10 dinosaurs than get one a month.
(0:37:28) Kev: Yes, absolutely, absolutely.
(0:37:30) Al: I think that’s fair, and maybe there’s a time we need to have a conversation about
(0:37:34) Al: this on the pod properly, but I do feel like there’s something big about that, like
(0:37:39) Al: there’s something exciting about like the Stardew updates every two or three years.
(0:37:45) Kev: Yeah, and like, I think, because like, I mean, it’s Hello Pines is very much in the vein of monster collect the right maybe not as as intense as other games but it’s a lot of the same bones right of collecting dinosaurs right.
(0:38:02) Kev: I think monster collectors in general like, because Moonstone Island does the same thing every couple of months they’ll release like one or two new creatures or whatever which in a game we’re collecting
(0:38:15) Kev: is a big deal like, I think it’s just not exciting to collect one new one you know, like, I mean, Pokemon right they do they drop, you know, a whole
(0:38:20) Al: Yeah, well that’s actually, Pokemon’s a really good example of that actually because I still
(0:38:30) Al: play Pokemon Go all the time, Pokemon Go specifically, but I really miss when every
(0:38:38) Al: few months they had here’s 10 new Pokemon, right? And now that it’s like every so often
(0:38:45) Al: there’s one new Pokemon, you know, because they’re obviously slowing down because they can’t create
(0:38:47) Kev: Yeah, or can they?
(0:38:50) Al: Pokemon to add in, they can only work with what they’re given.
(0:38:57) Kev: We don’t know what what gen 10 will be, could be released exclusively through Go.
(0:39:01) Al: Well sure, but that’s still the Pokemon company and Game Freak making the Pokemon up, right? Niantic
(0:39:03) Kev: I know, I’m, yeah, I know, I’m messing, but yeah.
(0:39:07) Al: cannot create new Pokemon, they can only work with what they’ve got, and so they’ve slowed
(0:39:13) Al: that down massively so that they don’t run out, but that just makes it less exciting, right?
(0:39:20) Al: Oh, here’s a Pokemon, you’re like, oh great, I’ll go out and catch that one new Pokemon.
(0:39:24) Al: It’s not exciting. Yeah, I would agree.
(0:39:26) Kev: yeah yeah yeah so um yeah but yeah so that and and again paleo going back to the paleo
(0:39:35) Kev: pines thing like it’s like dinosaurs are cool and I appreciate but just and I know they’ve shown
(0:39:41) Kev: they had a lot of content or things they were planning to add so I feel like they’re gonna
(0:39:46) Kev: plan a 2.0 some sort of big update with a bunch of dinosaurs and I don’t know like I said I personally
(0:39:50) Al: It’s possible that they are doing that. I will also say that Paleopine’s works a bit
(0:39:53) Kev: Well wait, but it does keep it in the news cycle.
(0:39:59) Al: differently to like normal creature collection and you can’t - it’s hard to like just go
(0:40:02) Kev: Mm-hmm.
(0:40:05) Al: out and collect everything, right? So actually having that steady release of here’s a new
(0:40:06) Kev: Yeah, it is, yes.
(0:40:10) Al: one means that you might always have something that you haven’t got yet, which is possibly
(0:40:16) Kev: - That is true, that is true.
(0:40:16) Al: a good thing. It’s a difficult one.
(0:40:20) Kev: Yeah.
(0:40:20) Al: My point is I don’t think there’s a “this is always the best way” because I think we’ve
(0:40:24) Al: talked about it before and that I don’t think everybody can do the stardew thing because
(0:40:29) Al: you’re not going to be constantly interested in every game releasing a massive update every
(0:40:35) Al: two years. You’re also not going to be interested in every game releasing an update every month
(0:40:36) Kev: Yeah, I guess.
(0:40:40) Al: but be that as it may. Speaking of updates, Minami Lane. Minami Lane. Minami Lane.
(0:40:41) Kev: Yeah, that’s true.
(0:40:48) Kev: What? Oh, minomulate? I don’t know, whatever.
(0:40:50) Al: Minami Lane. Anyway, they’ve released an update 1.1. It has gamepad support and six new languages
(0:40:58) Al: and a bunch of quality of life and improvements and
(0:41:02) Al: fixes etc. But the main thing is that the controller support and the languages.
(0:41:07) Kev: This is the one with that raccoon, the war veteran, right, I think?
(0:41:11) Al: No, that was Akka was the war veteran.
(0:41:14) Kev: Oh, yeah, no, you’re right, that is that guy.
(0:41:18) Al: Yeah, I know this one’s a
(0:41:20) Al: a small village builder. It’s not really a town builder. It’s a village builder.
(0:41:26) Al: It’s more like a street. It’s like one street.
(0:41:26) Kev: almost like a neighborhood builder yeah okay yeah that’s there’s that isometric sandbox again
(0:41:36) Al: we love it I have owned this I do own this game I haven’t played it yet
(0:41:43) Al: because do you want to guess why I haven’t played it yet
(0:41:43) Kev: Okay
(0:41:47) Kev: You’re playing Stardew Valley no, I don’t know
(0:41:49) Al: nope it didn’t have controller support
(0:41:52) Kev: Now I was that I was about to actually guess that after I said that I don’t know I was like I look like oh
(0:41:58) Al: if you release a game on steam and it doesn’t have controller support i’m not
(0:42:01) Al: playing it until it has controller support because i’m playing it on my
(0:42:04) Al: my Steam Deck, that is where I’m playing it.
(0:42:06) Kev: Yeah, even as someone who doesn’t have this thing, I feel very similarly.
(0:42:14) Al: I feel like if I was like a student now rather than 15 years ago, instead of building a gaming
(0:42:23) Al: PC, I would have just bought a Steam Deck, I think, because the portability is such a
(0:42:28) Al: huge thing. And you can still use it like a standard PC by plugging it into monitors
(0:42:35) Al: and stuff like that. But obviously it didn’t exist back then. Sad.
(0:42:37) Kev: Mm-hmm
(0:42:40) Kev: Yeah, that’s yeah, yeah, that’s fair. Yeah, I think so and
(0:42:45) Kev: steam tech saw like it’s a big appeal of
(0:42:49) Kev: The consoles for me or just open the box and play the thing right like in steam deck is very much in the line
(0:42:52) Al: Exactly. And yes, sure, it’s something you might have to update more often than you would if you
(0:42:59) Al: were putting a lot of money into a high-end PC. But one, you’re still spending less money,
(0:43:02) Kev: …Right.
(0:43:04) Al: right? Because high-end PCs cost a lot of money. People go, “Oh, well, you can get a lot more for
(0:43:04) Kev: Mm-hmm.
(0:43:09) Al: your money in a PC, sure, but you have to spend a lot to get something better than a console.”
(0:43:13) Kev: We have updating you don’t need to update as much.
(0:43:15) Al: And two, I can’t remember my number two. What was my point? What was I arguing about?
(0:43:21) Al: Yeah. You.
(0:43:23) Al: Yeah, it’s just it’s one of the oh, yes, I remember the steam deck is like the baseline now for games. So if you have a game, a steam deck, you know, it’s going to be able to run most games, most games are going to be able to run on it. Not all, but most games will be able to run on it.
(0:43:38) Kev: Yeah, mm hmm.
(0:43:41) Al: And so even though they might not run the best and they might not have the best graphics, it’s still, you know, you’re going to be able to run it. Whereas if you have like a cheap PC you’ve put together with a bunch of things or you have.
(0:43:52) Al: Like a cheap laptop or something, no guarantees there, you know, having that guaranteed hardware that, you know, that someone has played someone, someone else in the world has played this game on that hardware.
(0:44:05) Al: You know that you can guarantee that there is somebody that has played this game on a steam deck. And if if there’s an issue with it, they will have told the developer, whereas your random PC that you’ve shoved stuff together may well have some really weird edge case bug.
(0:44:20) Kev: Yeah, yeah, you’re right. Yeah, it’s absolutely the
(0:44:30) Kev: Consistency that’s around looking for here consistency, right? That’s that’s a big appeal
(0:44:32) Al: Yep, exactly. Potion Pyramid have released their Complete Edition. The Complete Edition
(0:44:39) Al: will contain the base game of Potion Pyramid and all paid DLC, with over 30 cosmetic pieces
(0:44:46) Al: of furniture to decorate your potion house. The Complete Edition will be available as a physical
(0:44:50) Al: version on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. A Complete Edition DLC pack will be available
(0:44:56) Al: digitally for those that own the base game and want all the available DLC.
(0:45:00) Kev: Yeah, I do appreciate get doing the big everything’s here release including the physical
(0:45:02) Al: Yeah, it also seems to be 66% discounted just now. The complete bundle. You can get the whole
(0:45:18) Al: bundle for £18, which is only £1 more than the base game is at its standard price.
(0:45:26) Kev: Well there you go.
(0:45:27) Al: And I assume it’s a similar sort of price in the US, but I’m looking at the non-US price.
(0:45:31) Kev: Yeah.
(0:45:32) Al: So if you have been… no, you go, nope, you go.
(0:45:33) Kev: Yeah.
(0:45:34) Kev: Look, I’m sorry.
(0:45:35) Kev: Just go in.
(0:45:38) Kev: I would just get it.
(0:45:38) Kev: Look, I’m sorry.
(0:45:39) Kev: Like potion permanently.
(0:45:40) Kev: Good for you.
(0:45:41) Kev: And I’m looking at the next news items so harder.
(0:45:45) Al: All right well let’s go for it then. I could have added this into last week’s episode but
(0:45:49) Al: I felt like I needed to leave it for this one because Kevin the Sakuna anime is now going to
(0:45:52) Kev: I’m so excited. It’s so pretty oh
(0:45:56) Al: be airing in Japan from the 6th of July. It does look really good.
(0:46:01) Kev: That’s so close it looks so good. Holy mackerel. They got I didn’t realize that Toho animation like that is a
(0:46:10) Kev: An anime I don’t know how to describe it like um
(0:46:15) Kev: I mean, so this is Toho animation the studio that produces a lot of big ones right now like
(0:46:22) Kev: And my hero academia and so on and so forth including some
(0:46:28) Kev: Even like films not just anime series. So they are very good with their animation quality and
(0:46:36) Kev: Holds up in this trailer. I am very very excited
(0:46:39) Kev: Excited.
(0:46:40) Al: Still no information on localized version sadly, but I am sure that somebody will put together a translation for it
(0:46:48) Kev: Yup. I’m working on it right now. I’m learning Japanese as we speak.
(0:46:55) Al: Someone gives this man a job so he doesn’t start learning Japanese just to translate a Sakuna anime. Come on
(0:47:05) Kev: I do have time.
(0:47:11) Kev: So like I am like Sakuna. I love Sakuna for its gameplay, of course.
(0:47:18) Kev: Like it hit me just right for me, but I think there is a lot of appeal to the story and obviously not a lot of people are going to get that story because that gameplay is not for everyone.
(0:47:32) Al: Yep. Hi. It me.
(0:47:32) Kev: There’s a lot of hurdles to overcome.
(0:47:35) Kev: Yup, so I’m excited to see people to at least get to experience some of the story beats and twists and fun things.
(0:47:46) Kev: And even just from the trailer, they’re…
(0:47:48) Kev: Clearly going for a very emotional punches and tones.
(0:47:54) Kev: Um, so I’m, uh, and it’s also looks like the side characters are going to get a lot more limelight,
(0:48:02) Kev: which of course makes sense in an anime.
(0:48:05) Kev: Um, so I think that’ll be very fun.
(0:48:07) Kev: I am looking forward to this very much.
(0:48:10) Kev: So, um, July 6th, oh man, I, uh, moving to Japan.
(0:48:10) Al: Yeah. Yeah. Definitely for me, the story was the most interesting part about the game.
(0:48:22) Kev: Yeah
(0:48:25) Kev: Yeah, yep, and like and it’s it’s gonna it’s it’s a really hard sell because there’s two
(0:48:32) Kev: There’s two gameplay things you could not like you could not like the car
(0:48:36) Kev: I’m at with farming right and they’re both pretty important
(0:48:40) Kev: So it’s a tall ask for people I can get that it’s a very specific niche taking but um
(0:48:48) Kev: And hey, the brand lives like oh, I’m so happy. Oh more sucking as
(0:48:52) Kev: always a good thing. Yeah, I think I had a novel in Japan
(0:48:53) Al: Yeah, it must have been successful enough that they decided to make this anime, right? And I know that and it
(0:49:00) Kev: to um, sequel novel here.
(0:49:00) Al: Oh really, yeah
(0:49:03) Al: And I know that anime can actually be made reasonably quickly so it’s not like
(0:49:10) Al: They decided to do this five years ago and they were like, oh well, we have to do it now
(0:49:14) Al: You know, it’s it’s something that they it’s I suspect they probably
(0:49:19) Al: decided to do it after
(0:49:22) Al: seeing how
(0:49:24) Kev: Yeah, I agree. Um, yeah, which is that makes my heart happy
(0:49:30) Kev: So BRB on my way to Japan to get my cow plushy to watch Sakuna
(0:49:33) Al: already. So our main topic, main topic for this episode, people that we want in
(0:49:43) Al: Godage Corps games as farming candidates, that are currently not farming candidates.
(0:49:48) Al: So before we get into that, I just want to quickly, I’m having a back and forth
(0:49:53) Al: apparently with Cody and Johnny about marriage candidates, because they said in the previous
(0:49:59) Al: episode that they didn’t like how marriage was
(0:50:03) Al: required in stargy. And so what I’m going to say is, I agree I don’t like when marriage
(0:50:09) Al: is required in a game, I don’t think it should be, but marriage isn’t required in stargy.
(0:50:15) Al: Let me explain why. So they say that it’s required because you need it to get the evaluation,
(0:50:20) Al: you don’t. And it’s not even a significant amount in the evaluation, in grandpa’s evaluation.
(0:50:26) Al: So there are a total of 21 possible points in the evaluation and you need 12 of them
(0:50:33) Al: to pass. Marriage gives you one point, one single point, and that’s only if you actually
(0:50:41) Al: marry and have a full house expansion. So it’s not even just the marriage in and of itself.
(0:50:48) Al: But to compare that, if you earn a million currency in total, that gives you seven points.
(0:50:54) Al: Completing the community centre gives you three points, having max friendship with your
(0:50:59) Al: Your pet gives you one point, which is the same level of requirement to the game.
(0:51:03) Al: As having complete max friendship with your pet, it’s absolutely not necessary.
(0:51:07) Kev: Well, there you go.
(0:51:07) Al: You don’t even need it. You don’t even need it for perfection, right, as someone
(0:51:09) Kev: Just like real life.
(0:51:14) Al: who has now completed perfection in Stardew. You don’t even need it for that.
(0:51:17) Al: All you need for perfection is to max out friendship with everyone. The only
(0:51:21) Al: thing, there’s one thing that it’s necessary for, and that’s there is an
(0:51:25) Al: achievement on Steam, which is get married and have two kids. But there’s
(0:51:31) Al: There’s also a steam achievement which is complete.
(0:51:33) Al: Complete the Prairie King game without dying, which I don’t think anybody would suggest
(0:51:36) Kev: Not well, not if you’re bad, you won’t.
(0:51:38) Al: is a necessary thing in the game.
(0:51:41) Al: So I don’t think…
(0:51:46) Al: My problem is I know there are three steam achievements I don’t have, one of which is
(0:51:52) Al: completing Prairie King without dying.
(0:51:54) Al: It’s just fun.
(0:51:56) Al: You can get perfection in Stardew without actually having 100% of the achievements,
(0:51:59) Al: so there’s three achievements I don’t have.
(0:52:01) Al: of which is the complete
(0:52:04) Al: community centre because of course I did a Jojo run on Steam and my community centre is on Switch.
(0:52:10) Al: So I haven’t actually got that achievement. And then the other two are complete
(0:52:14) Al: finished Prater King and finished Prater King without dying.
(0:52:20) Al: So I will maybe get two of those at one. I mean obviously I’ll do the I will do the
(0:52:26) Al: community centre one at some point but I’m not exactly rushing. If it was my final one that I
(0:52:30) Al: hadn’t done I would probably be rushing to do
(0:52:33) Al: it as soon as I had finished perfection but I still wouldn’t have a
(0:52:37) Al: hundred percent of them so anyway so yeah that’s my point I agree marriage
(0:52:43) Al: should not be required in stardew marriage is not required in stardew
(0:52:47) Al: cool should we talk about the marriage candidates that we want that we don’t
(0:52:51) Al: get in the game
(0:52:52) Kev: I mean, I’ve got a - it took me a second - but I’ve got a handful.
(0:52:57) Al: cool awesome
(0:52:58) Kev: I mean, let’s start with, again, as always, Stardew, right? Because that’s the big one.
(0:53:01) Al: Yeah.
(0:53:02) Al: Okay.
(0:53:04) Al: I think I know who your stardew on is, but go for it.
(0:53:05) Kev: Well, I’ve told this story. Everyone knows who it is. It’s Robin, of course.
(0:53:09) Al: It’s Robin!
(0:53:10) Kev: I wanted the alternate timeline where I did get to woofer right off the bat and not just
(0:53:17) Kev: everyone curb-stomping on me and my affections. And that’s it.
(0:53:23) Kev: The story aside, I do like Robin as a character. Looking at the list, she’s like
(0:53:29) Kev: one of the most well-put-together characters, right? She runs a pretty successful business.
(0:53:38) Kev: Runs a family, basically. Robin’s a beast. Yeah, she’s awesome. I like her. What about you?
(0:53:46) Al: Yeah. I also have a stardew one and that’s Jodie. And my main reason for Jodie is not that,
(0:53:50) Kev: Jody, okay.
(0:53:54) Al: oh, I definitely want to marry her in game. It’s more just like, I think she’s unhappy and I want
(0:54:02) Al: her to have a happier life. Like there, if you go through her heart events, there’s a point where
(0:54:08) Al: she says, I don’t regret having my kids. And you’re like, oh, this is a, this is a great start.
(0:54:16) Al: Basically, she’s not happy with her life, right? It’s very clear that she’s not happy with where
(0:54:20) Al: she is now. And she wouldn’t change what she did, but she, it’s clear that she wants a change of
(0:54:27) Al: direction in life, but doesn’t feel like she can do it because of the expectations on her. And
(0:54:36) Al: I think it would be nice if she could have more than that. And I just write a written down here,
(0:54:42) Al: Maybe she wants to live in a farm, you know?
(0:54:44) Kev: that could be a good change of pace like and she clearly has a lot on her plate right because
(0:54:54) Kev: she’s single parenting for a bit right and even when Kent returns like he’s he has a lot of
(0:55:03) Kev: she still has to support him a lot probably more than he supports her you know what I mean
(0:55:06) Al: Yeah, and it’s a difficult one, right? Because it’s like, you don’t want to pass judgment
(0:55:12) Al: on people, right? And we’re not trying to say that people that have PTSD are somehow
(0:55:20) Al: not worthy of love and not worthy of being taken care of, right? Not trying to say that
(0:55:24) Kev: Right, no, absolutely.
(0:55:26) Al: at all. But it doesn’t feel like Kent is trying to move on and trying to—oh, not move on,
(0:55:32) Al: wrong word. I should not say that. Not trying to improve.
(0:55:34) Kev: Yes, well, no
(0:55:36) Al: Not trying to improve himself and not trying to improve
(0:55:39) Al: him and Jodie’s life but his dwelling on things.
(0:55:42) Kev: Right I won’t even yeah, I won’t even hold like improving himself against him because that’s a very tall order for anyone right but at least for the family you should be you know if I were in his position I’d make an effort right even with my own baggage to take care of the others or whatever right and and we you’re right like we see Jody do that more a lot more than Kent does and yeah again absolutely no
(0:56:12) Kev: I don’t want to I’m not counting his PTSD against him or anything but yeah he’s he’s not putting that effort like you said I think that that’s the that’s the big one right just even just the attempt right.
(0:56:16) Al: No, of course not. Yeah, I want to be very clear that I am not trying to judge anybody
(0:56:28) Al: for their PTSD, and the moment you have with him and his PTSD, I don’t think he does anything
(0:56:33) Al: wrong in those at all. And how he reacts after the fact to Jodie could probably be a bit
(0:56:43) Al: improved, but he does apologise and
(0:56:46) Al: he understands what he did was not okay. The actual having the PTSD is not
(0:56:50) Al: something he can control and not something that he should be judged by,
(0:56:52) Kev: Right.
(0:56:53) Al: but it’s how he reacts after that that’s the problem where he basically blames
(0:56:57) Al: her for something that she didn’t know was going to be an issue. He then does
(0:57:00) Kev: Yep.
(0:57:02) Al: apologise if you choose the right option and he apologises and that’s good,
(0:57:07) Al: it’s good that we apologise. My issue is more just like I think he is the kind
(0:57:13) Al: he’s the kind of person who
(0:57:16) Al: believes in very strict gender roles, but in their current situation, it’s clearly
(0:57:26) Al: not working and he’s not willing to accept that it’s not working and not willing to think
(0:57:34) Al: of maybe I can help in different ways than what I have been conditioned by society to
(0:57:39) Al: think is what I should be doing.
(0:57:40) Kev: Yep, yep, absolutely right, like.
(0:57:41) Al: Oh my word.
(0:57:43) Al: This is not where I ever saw this episode going.
(0:57:46) Kev: Well, yeah, I mean, it is a good one.
(0:57:47) Al: PTSD and gender roles.
(0:57:51) Kev: Like it’s because like, again, going back to Jody, right?
(0:57:55) Kev: Like it is a strain on their relation.
(0:57:57) Kev: Like she has to support him more than you and Jody, right?
(0:58:00) Kev: And that can be difficult, but the question is, yeah, is can’t, you know, you
(0:58:06) Kev: going to make the effort to, yeah, to, to.
(0:58:10) Kev: Move past that for the sake of the other, not move past it, but to, to work around it.
(0:58:14) Kev: You know what I mean? To, to help support his family.
(0:58:17) Kev: But it’s, it’s, it’s still not, you know, he’s not, he’s just still not going all the way for that.
(0:58:23) Kev: And so it can be difficult for people.
(0:58:26) Kev: So that, that makes a lot of sense.
(0:58:28) Kev: Oh, yeah, that was a good pick.
(0:58:31) Kev: Um, I like how we have this in-depth discussion as to why their relationship wouldn’t work.
(0:58:36) Kev: And then for Robin, I’m just like, because he’s a loser.
(0:58:40) Al: Oh, my word. Yeah, Demetrius is just… He’s… I think, yeah, so he… He is not willing
(0:58:41) Kev: Sorry to me, Jesus, you’re just, you’re just too, Robin’s too good for you, man.
(0:58:49) Kev: I’m sorry.
(0:58:54) Kev: Look, he’s, he’s clearly the sugar mama in this case.
(0:58:56) Al: to understand… Oh yeah, but he’s not willing to understand Robin’s problems and Robin’s
(0:59:04) Al: opinions on things. And that is… He is obviously… I think…
(0:59:10) Al: I think canonically he’s autistic.
(0:59:12) Kev: Is he I don’t I don’t even remember
(0:59:18) Al: I think he does say in one of the in one of his heart events oh no he’s not it doesn’t explicitly
(0:59:25) Al: say that he’s autistic but he talks about uh what was it it talks about not understanding
(0:59:31) Al: social situations basically so I think we’re essentially led to believe that he’s autistic
(0:59:34) Al: he’s certainly autistic coded um but I don’t think he would I don’t think he’s willing to
(0:59:42) Al: understand what that means and that I think it is important when you have somebody who is
(0:59:48) Al: neurodiverse and someone who’s neurotypical in a relationship it’s important to discuss
(0:59:51) Al: these things between you and discuss how it makes both how you can both live your life
(1:00:00) Al: in this way to mean that you have a better living situation right in that in that situation
(1:00:10) Al: you both have to adapt in some kind of ways and obviously autistic people should not have
(1:00:15) Al: have to change who they are, but you also–
(1:00:18) Al: cannot use that as an excuse for hurting other people and, you know, and not being
(1:00:26) Al: willing to understand these things, even if– or not necessarily understand, but like adapt
(1:00:32) Al: to these things, right? Because as an autistic person myself, a lot of the expectations of
(1:00:39) Al: society are very difficult to understand, but you learn to adapt to them even if you
(1:00:44) Al: don’t fully understand them. And, you know,
(1:00:48) Al: me and Rona have these conversations regularly about why certain things happen
(1:00:52) Al: and how I can do things to improve our situation as well as how she can do things to understand
(1:01:00) Al: what my brain is doing in those certain situations and therefore hopefully not get into that
(1:01:05) Al: situation in the first place, but also then how I can stop getting into that situation as well.
(1:01:10) Al: And that is a hugely important thing and I feel like he was very much making it one-sided
(1:01:15) Al: in going, “Oh, I’m bad at social situations.”
(1:01:18) Al: And just, therefore, expecting to get away with anything in that situation.
(1:01:18) Kev: Yeah. Yeah.
(1:01:22) Al: Like, “It doesn’t matter. Oh, I’m bad at social situations. Therefore, forgive me.”
(1:01:26) Al: And it’s like, “But you didn’t actually say sorry. You didn’t kind of try to understand the situation.”
(1:01:32) Kev: Right. It’s fascinating. It’s fascinating that really, it’s very much in vain with the same
(1:01:39) Kev: thing of Kent, different difficulties that they’re dealing with, but it’s, again, making the attempt
(1:01:46) Kev: to work around what you’ve got going on, right? To make it work with somebody else in a relationship.
(1:01:53) Kev: And yeah, that involves a lot of communication and whatnot. And it can absolutely be a strain
(1:02:00) Kev: in on a relationship.
(1:02:02) Kev: Yeah, that’s that’s a fascinating way to look at both of these cases.
(1:02:06) Al: Yeah. Yeah. And the problem is that both of these situations, it seems like they are refusing to
(1:02:16) Al: even accept that there’s things that they could be doing to improve the situation and they want
(1:02:20) Al: everything to be one-sided. And as I keep saying, like, if you look at any type of media that has,
(1:02:26) Al: so the thing, the point where I realized this was when watching through Gilmore Girls again.
(1:02:31) Al: Have you seen Gilmore Girls? Have you seen Gilmore Girls, Kevin?
(1:02:32) Kev: Okay, alright.
(1:02:37) Al: So if you ever watched through Gilmore Girls, which by the way, it’s really good. I really
(1:02:41) Al: like it. I think it’s absolutely worth a watch. It’s very funny. And yeah, anyway, the every
(1:02:48) Al: single relationship that breaks down in that show is because of lack of communication every single
(1:02:56) Al: time. And I found this after I realized that, I then start seeing it everywhere. Every piece of
(1:03:02) Al: media, basically every relationship that breaks down in every piece of
(1:03:06) Al: media is because of lack of communication. You know, and. Exactly, exactly. That’s my
(1:03:10) Kev: Oh, here’s the kicker, Al, that’s true in the real world too, almost!
(1:03:17) Al: point. And that, and it was that point where I realized like, obviously, you know, communication
(1:03:21) Al: is important, right? But then you realize, oh wait, communication isn’t important. Communication
(1:03:23) Kev: Yup.
(1:03:26) Al: is vital in relationships. Absolutely vital.
(1:03:28) Kev: It’s… it’s… absolute, like…
(1:03:32) Kev: Yeah, I mean, it’s, I would say, really the foundation of any relationship, right?
(1:03:38) Kev: romantic, platonic, whatever.
(1:03:40) Kev: Um, the communication aspect of it, and, you know, having it go both ways and reciprocated and so on and so forth. Right? Because, yeah, everyone’s got different things going on. So how do you get 2 people to to be together to work together? Oh, you gotta communicate. You gotta talk and work your way through that stuff.
(1:03:58) Al: Well, that’s the thing because no two people have ever gone through the exact same stuff.
(1:04:03) Al: And you need a way to be able to communicate how you’re feeling about those things and
(1:04:07) Al: how these things have affected you and made the person you are and therefore, and it’s
(1:04:13) Al: not about deflecting responsibility, but you need to understand why what you have been
(1:04:18) Al: through led to you doing certain things.
(1:04:22) Al: And sometimes that can be used as an excuse and sometimes that can be used to then build
(1:04:28) Al: yourself up and make yourself better.
(1:04:30) Al: And even if you then still make the same mistakes in the future, because we all do, it’s about,
(1:04:35) Al: oh, I have made this mistake.
(1:04:37) Al: These are the reasons I’ve made this mistake.
(1:04:40) Al: What can I do to stop those reasons leading to the exact same thing again?
(1:04:45) Kev: Mm-hmm. Yeah.
(1:04:46) Al: Okay, great.
(1:04:49) Al: Do you have any more stardew ones?
(1:04:51) Kev: No, not not stardew ones.
(1:04:54) Al: I have two more stardew ones then.
(1:04:55) Al: So before we move on to other games…
(1:04:55) Kev: I do. Well, I’ll let you go. I have a question, but I’ll save for the end.
(1:04:58) Al: So I want to be able to romance Marnie just to be mean to Lewis.
(1:04:59) Kev: Okay, let’s hear the other two stardew ones.
(1:05:06) Kev: All right.
(1:05:08) Al: And I want to romance, who doesn’t want to be mean to Lewis?
(1:05:09) Kev: I like blue ones, but you know what? That’s fine, though.
(1:05:15) Al: [LAUGH] And I want to romance Sandy.
(1:05:16) Kev: Yeah, no, that’s fair.
(1:05:21) Al: I’m a little bit sad because when they added Emily as romanceable,
(1:05:26) Al: which I’m very happy with.
(1:05:28) Al: I wouldn’t want to not have, Emily is a romanceable, Sandy was the other option and people chose
(1:05:34) Al: Emily. And that’s fine. Why couldn’t we have both? You know, I feel like Sandy, I feel
(1:05:38) Kev: Yeah, why not both what is it doing?
(1:05:40) Al: like Sandy is very lonely out in the desert. She clearly doesn’t want to live there, even
(1:05:44) Al: if she lives, if she works there. So she can come live with me in my farm and teleport
(1:05:49) Al: to work each day. I have an obelisk.
(1:05:52) Kev: Hey
(1:05:53) Kev: That’s great. Well, I get it. Okay. Yeah, that’s good changing their whole
(1:05:58) Kev: Situation like that and still making it work. I like that. That’s good. Okay. Um
(1:06:03) Kev: Okay, he’s going back to the marriage thing the the rating for the grandpa evaluation. Does the probis one count? Oh
(1:06:10) Al: Not as marriage, no.
(1:06:13) Kev: I was just curious. Oh, well, okay. All right
(1:06:15) Al: I don’t think so. Let me double-check.
(1:06:19) Al: Oh! Apparently it does. It does count.
(1:06:22) Kev: Okay, there you go, sick, sick, okay, all right, all right, so that’s Stardew.
(1:06:29) Kev: Good times, Stardew, always.
(1:06:32) Kev: All right, I’m gonna pivot to Rutes Apache cuz I got two
(1:06:37) Kev: characters from here that I want to bring up.
(1:06:43) Kev: All right, the first, I think I talked about this when I played Rutes Apache or
(1:06:47) Kev: when I did the Rutes Apache episode.
(1:06:49) Kev: But basically, I had the exact same
(1:06:52) Kev: Scenario with Robin happened in Brutes of Pontia. The first character you meet is the
(1:06:56) Kev: construction lady. Her name is Acre
(1:06:59) Kev: She’s cool. She even has her hair in a ponytail like Robin
(1:07:04) Kev: And I’m like, oh hello and and guess what she’s made
(1:07:09) Kev: So there you go, Acre just do Robin 2.0
(1:07:13) Kev: the other one here
(1:07:16) Kev: I’m gonna post that her image and not like this one’s in the chat
(1:07:22) Kev: This is Oka. Oka? It’s two K’s. I don’t know how to pronounce it
(1:07:27) Kev: um
(1:07:28) Kev: She is uh
(1:07:30) Kev: I don’t know how to better describe her other than a beast master. She contains the wolves for the clan
(1:07:34) Al: Okay.
(1:07:37) Kev: She’s awesome. She’s just really cool. That’s that’s the main thing I want to
(1:07:42) Kev: She’s married to
(1:07:44) Kev: And unfortunately, even if I did I don’t know how well because she’s she’s with a woman so I don’t know
(1:07:49) Kev: she’s bi or just a lesbian but uh
(1:07:52) Kev: either way even if you regardless there’s you can’t she’s not an option at all but um
(1:07:57) Kev: But yeah, she wears a wolf hood, and she tames wolves. That’s really cool. I want that in a partner
(1:08:07) Kev: That’s all I got for roots of pacha just just some very fun characters that unfortunately was not made available. Just like stardom
(1:08:16) Al: Yeah, yeah fair enough
(1:08:17) Kev: All right, um, what let’s see. All right. What are the
(1:08:22) Al: So I feel like I’ve mentioned this one before but I just need to bring it up again in Coral Island
(1:08:27) Al: There is a character called Senja. She is a hunter character. So there’s a band of hunters, which is like the
(1:08:36) Al: Academy of what is called the other the group of
(1:08:40) Al: monster
(1:08:41) Al: catchers in near the
(1:08:42) Kev: Band of smiles.
(1:08:44) Al: Yeah, they called the band.
(1:08:46) Al: And you don’t know much about her. She doesn’t live in Coral Island. She lives somewhere else. We don’t know where. And there’s very little known about her. But I feel like it could be fun. And obviously, this is quite a big ask. But it’d be really fun to go and explore the minds together. Because she’s a Hunter character, right? And she is Exploder. I think that would be really fun to be able to do. And because she’s a bit of a mystery, I want to know more and get to know her.
(1:09:10) Kev: Yeah
(1:09:14) Kev: Yeah, also that is good art I like that design yeah, that’s that’s good I’m down for that that’s it that’s a shame she is not
(1:09:16) Al: If there’s anything that Coral Island does well, it’s the art and the characters.
(1:09:23) Kev: Within their designs these that is an attractive person yes, sir e
(1:09:28) Al: Everyone in the game is. Let’s not lie.
(1:09:31) Kev: Yeah
(1:09:33) Kev: All right, let’s stick with all those are good. I’m in the jacket
(1:09:39) Kev: But yeah, okay, so
(1:09:42) Kev: This is
(1:09:43) Kev: You know, I could use this as a transition point right because like in general like that your big ass gig
(1:09:48) Kev: You know would be the ideal thing in any of these games, right?
(1:09:52) Kev: Where your partner actually contributes to either your farm or you help them, you know, do you do things together, right?
(1:10:00) Kev: Because at best you’re the characters can do still do things but they’re still kind of doing it separate, right?
(1:10:05) Kev: You don’t really get to interact things together and boy, it’d be nice
(1:10:10) Kev: To do those things together, right and it could go both ways. It could be
(1:10:15) Kev: I’m just I’m just thinking like in star dude’s and I’m right where their interest is
(1:10:20) Kev: I don’t know what gems or
(1:10:22) Al: Yeah, yeah, I think that would be the most fun bit is if it was dependent on the character
(1:10:23) Kev: Certain things and you help them find
(1:10:29) Al: what you could do, right? So if you marry Hailey, she’s not going to go to the mines
(1:10:31) Kev: That would be so cool, and hopefully we’ll get there one day, right?
(1:10:33) Al: with you. But Abigail might. You know, like, I think that would be super fun.
(1:10:44) Kev: Because as much as I complain about the romancing mechanics being always included, I think people
(1:10:54) Kev: are trying to iterate and improve a little here and there every now and then, or at least
(1:11:00) Kev: it gives.
(1:11:02) Kev: It gives people ideas on how to improve like this, right?
(1:11:05) Kev: And I bring this up because I’m going to pivot to my next one, Cassette Beasts.
(1:11:11) Kev: Again, the romanceable characters in this game are your partners that you actually fight with.
(1:11:17) Kev: So, you know, the different kind of game, different scenario, but you’re still actually doing things with your partner, which is enjoyable.
(1:11:26) Kev: they could add a little more flavor, like once you’re in the relationship, maybe some
(1:11:30) Kev: more dialogue or something about it.
(1:11:31) Kev: But I just liked that idea of I’m actually doing stuff with my partner, right?
(1:11:37) Kev: Um, you know, uh, while I do like to accept these options, uh, there is just one, uh,
(1:11:44) Kev: her name is, uh, uh, my months Clements.
(1:11:47) Kev: I don’t know how to pronounce it.
(1:11:49) Kev: She’s French.
(1:11:50) Kev: Um, she runs the cafe here.
(1:11:51) Kev: I’ll show her image.
(1:11:53) Kev: Um, I just think she’s cool.
(1:11:55) Kev: She’s friends.
(1:11:56) Kev: She has, she’s French.
(1:11:57) Kev: She has a tattoo.
(1:11:59) Kev: As you might compare.
(1:12:01) Kev: That’s all I got.
(1:12:04) Kev: You know
(1:12:05) Kev: except everyone’s already dealing with the nonsense of living in this weird boy dimension.
(1:12:10) Al: Yes, yeah, you mentioned it’s like, yeah, everybody’s come from somewhere else.
(1:12:11) Kev: So.
(1:12:15) Kev: Yeah, right.
(1:12:16) Kev: So like everyone’s already kind of dealing with the same nonsense.
(1:12:19) Kev: So it’s not like these care.
(1:12:20) Kev: I mean, of course they all have their own backstories and whatnot.
(1:12:23) Kev: But the bigger problem is everything everyone’s already dealing with.
(1:12:28) Kev: So, you know, it wouldn’t be that hard to pivot.
(1:12:31) Kev: She’s a.
(1:12:32) Al: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I like the color matching between the hair and the tie
(1:12:32) Kev: She’s yeah, I dig her.
(1:12:36) Kev: Yeah, right.
(1:12:37) Kev: Yeah, I love it.
(1:12:38) Kev: Yeah, I dig it.
(1:12:38) Al: Oh tattoos you don’t often see tattoos on people in color
(1:12:42) Kev: Yeah, I know.
(1:12:43) Kev: Oh, and she likes motorbikes.
(1:12:45) Kev: She’s just she’s just cool.
(1:12:46) Kev: She’s a cool girl.
(1:12:47) Kev: And unfortunately, you don’t get to date her.
(1:12:50) Al: I have one final one. My final one is in Harvest Moon, the last two Harvest Moons, there is
(1:12:51) Kev: But anyways, that is.
(1:12:52) Kev: Yeah, that’s my one ask from cassette piece.
(1:12:55) Kev: Oh, let’s see.
(1:12:57) Kev: What?
(1:12:58) Kev: Oh, you got you got another one.
(1:13:08) Al: one character that’s in both of those games, and that is Doc Jr. And I want to be able
(1:13:14) Al: to romance Doc Jr. just because, just for the memes, because I think it would be funny
(1:13:18) Kev: that’s a good character that’s a good character I like them with the long
(1:13:23) Kev: sleeves yeah I dig it give me a weirdo lab person like that I like it
(1:13:28) Al: Yeah, well, this is the thing, like he just does whatever, right? And it’s just like,
(1:13:34) Al: I’d love the idea of being, you know, married in the game to just crazy person who just
(1:13:40) Al: does whatever crazy stuff pops into his head. Yeah.
(1:13:42) Kev: To a chaotic neutral
(1:13:47) Kev: Yeah, that’s good I’m down for that that would be rad
(1:13:52) Kev: All right, I’ve got one a last one
(1:13:56) Kev: From originally harvest moon story of seasons a wonderful life
(1:14:02) Kev: Name is poor. I think I talked about it on the episode
(1:14:07) Kev: She is I think like actually she is romancible in some other weird virgin
(1:14:12) Kev: Of a harvest moon game with a lot of the wonderful life characters. But um, anyways, she is
(1:14:19) Kev: An assistant to the archaeologist guy. She’s always at the dig site. They’re digging just 24/7 pretty much
(1:14:27) Kev: and and she’s like a sweet
(1:14:30) Kev: Nurdish girl, but you know, she’s got glasses and she’s always come at her love of the history and whatnot
(1:14:36) Kev: and so I like her personality and whatnot, um, but you get an added bonus because
(1:14:41) Kev: car this.
(1:14:43) Kev: You there is another character in the game. His name is there. He is a literally mad scientist here. I’ll show you his picture and and he is very interested in floor and that’s kind of a repeating thing, but he’s kind of a creepy weirdo about it. Like I don’t think intentionally, but he’s always like little. A lot of times actually in the bushes staring from afar and I’d love to.
(1:15:14) Kev: From myself in the mix there and and and agitate him just because he’s such a a ball of energy. He’s a bit of a weirdo, but yeah, now that that’s it for it. She’s she probably would have been my pick if she were available, but she was not, but yeah, that’s all I got. Good, good old, the real marriage candidates make all the other ones look like garbage.
(1:15:42) Al: Well, fair enough. Listeners, tell us, contact us, to tell us who you would like to romance
(1:15:55) Al: in our Garchico game that you cannot. You can do that by finding us on the internet.
(1:16:02) Al: Kevin, where can people find you on the internet?
(1:16:04) Kev: Find me at Koopa Press on Twitter, @spritersport if you want to see my art, or find me @RainbowRoadRadio,
(1:16:11) Kev: the Mario podcast I do with our mutual friend Alex.
(1:16:15) Kev: We’ve recently done a bunch of the classic Mario games.
(1:16:18) Kev: Super Mario World is a good one.
(1:16:21) Kev: I don’t know what we’ll be doing soon, but Mario will be there, I’m sure.
(1:16:26) Al: Yeah, you can find me on mastodon.scot and on twitter @thescotbot. You can find the podcast
(1:16:26) Kev: What about you, Al?
(1:16:38) Al: on twitter @thspod and on tumblr, same name. If you would prefer to contact us a different
(1:16:47) Al: way you can find a feedback form on our website harvestseason.club where you can also find
(1:16:54) Al: links to everything to do with the podcast.
(1:16:56) Al: including a link to our patreon where you can get access to our slack and talk to us there where we have lots of fun there are it’s ever increasing ever increasing
(1:17:02) Kev: there’s cool people there and us unfortunately but the other ones are
(1:17:12) Kev: yeah yeah I get so hyped when I see a new person join oh that’s great spread the word people get
(1:17:18) Al: You also get access to our bonus episodes of the podcast. We had… What was the one
(1:17:19) Kev: your family to listen late play it in the card on those road trips they’ll get hooked
(1:17:30) Al: with me and Cody did one, I think? Oh no, me and you. It’s the… Our X-Men one was
(1:17:34) Kev: Was it? I haven’t listened to the Eurovision episodes. Yeah, we did X-Men.
(1:17:40) Al: the last one. That’s the most recent one. Although when this episode comes out, the
(1:17:44) Al: most recent one will be me and Rona, my wife, talking about the Stardew Valley concert.
(1:17:48) Kev: Whaaaaat? Whaaaaat?
(1:17:48) Al: Which I am super excited for people to hear. So if you want to hear…
(1:17:52) Kev: There you go folks, that alone is worth the price of admission in the Patreon. Go to that Patreon sign up. I’m excited for that. I’m… Mhm.
(1:18:02) Al: Well the reason why it’s exciting is because Rona is a musician, like that is what she is.
(1:18:06) Kev: Oh!
(1:18:09) Al: That’s what her degree was music teaching. So that’s her expertise.
(1:18:16) Kev: I’m unsubscribing from the Patreon just so I can sign up again to get access.
(1:18:18) Al: I think we’ve nearly caught up with our greenhouse episodes. We’ve got a few more
(1:18:33) Al: to do and then we’ll be up to date.
(1:18:34) Kev: Yeah, which means we’ve got to come up with other things to talk about this.
(1:18:43) Al: Yeah so I think that’s everything. Thank you Kevin for joining me.
(1:18:46) Kev: All right.
(1:18:47) Kev: Thank you all for having me on.
(1:18:48) Al: Thank you listeners for listening, and until next time, have a good harvest.
(1:18:52) Kev: I have a good purpose.
(1:18:54) Theme Tune: The harvest season is created by Al McKinlay, with support from our patrons, including our
(1:19:04) Theme Tune: pro farmers, Kevin, Stuart and Alisa.
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(1:19:19) Theme Tune: in this episode.
(1:19:29) Kev: okay you know jenny from high school that that’s a real one
(1:19:33) Kev: he was probably my biggest stretch of mine still
(1:19:36) Kev: I asked her to prob but she went with someone else
(1:19:40) Al: I can barely remember anybody from high school.
(1:19:40) Kev: i’m kind of myself for asking
(1:19:43) Al: I’m sure I had had some similar things, but I cannot remember anybody from high school.
(1:19:49) Al: It’s so long ago.
(1:19:50) Kev: You know what, there’s a greenhouse we can talk about in all my romantic history and the trash fire that is.
(1:19:58) Kev: That’s an episode.
(1:20:01) Al: I think I’ll say no to that one.
(1:20:04) Al: Yeah.
(1:20:04) Kev: Fine, I’ll save for my therapist.