Fish That Song

Al and Codey talk about all the news from Summer Game Fest and the Wholesome Direct


00:00:00: Theme Tune
00:00:30: Intro
00:01:39: What Have We Been Up To
00:07:41: Game Release Info
00:23:01: Game Updates
00:33:48: New Games
00:57:06: Outro

Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home
The Garden Path
Moonstone Island
The Palace on the Hill
Ova Magica
Above Snakes

Turnip Boy “Pride” Update
Terra Nil “Vita Nova” Update
Fae Farm “Skies of Azoria” Update
Usagi Shima “Bunny Paradise” Update
Travelers Rest “Story and City” Update

Go Go Town Gameplay Video

Letter Bunny
Harvest Hills
Lou’s Lagoon
Space Sprouts
Dragon Shelter


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(0:00:30) Codey: Hello, farmers, and welcome to another episode of the harvest season.
(0:00:33) Codey: My name is Cody.
(0:00:34) Al: What’s happening? My name’s Al.
(0:00:38) Codey: And we’re here today to talk about Cottagecore games.
(0:00:42) Al: No, I don’t like this.
(0:00:45) Codey: OK, you can do it.
(0:00:46) Al: That was very uncomfortable.
(0:00:50) Al: We’re going to talk about lots of stuff, lots of news.
(0:00:51) Codey: Why?
(0:00:54) Al: That’s the main topic. The main topic is news.
(0:00:56) Al: There’s news. We are recording this a few hours after the Wholesome Games…
(0:01:02) Al: Wholesome Direct, not the Wholesome Games Direct.
(0:01:04) Al: The Wholesome Direct, Smack Bang in the middle of Summer Game Fest.
(0:01:11) Al: So the main summer game fest, whatever they call it, show was yesterday.
(0:01:17) Al: Wholesome Direct was today.
(0:01:19) Al: It was, I’m sure there’ll be stuff announced tomorrow.
(0:01:22) Al: We’ve got the Xbox showcase tomorrow.
(0:01:25) Al: Devolver is sometime, there’s a bunch of stuff.
(0:01:28) Al: So we’ll probably be out of date by the time this episode comes out.
(0:01:31) Al: But I don’t think I want any more news in
(0:01:34) Al: it is Smack Bang Full of News.
(0:01:38) Al: So we’re going to go through that in sections.
(0:01:40) Al: But first of all, Cody, what have you been up to?
(0:01:42) Codey: I have three jobs, bow, bow, bow, bow, and a fate, a fake job.
(0:01:46) Al: And a fake job.
(0:01:50) Al: Yeah, the game that’s on your list there.
(0:01:52) Codey: Oh yeah.
(0:01:52) Codey: Power watch emulator.
(0:01:54) Codey: That’s what gets me going.
(0:01:55) Codey: That’s what gets me through the world.
(0:01:57) Codey: Um, is being able to just come home and just listen to an audio book.
(0:02:03) Codey: I’m currently listening to the eye of the world by Robert Jordan.
(0:02:06) Codey: Um, hate the writing, uh, asked me about that in the
(0:02:12) Codey: Slack, uh, but yeah.
(0:02:15) Codey: So when I’m, I’m doing that and playing power wash simulator, absolutely
(0:02:19) Codey: love power wash simulator.
(0:02:20) Codey: I think it’d be super fun to do, um, a greenhouse about that.
(0:02:25) Codey: So listeners, if you are interested, head on over to the
(0:02:27) Codey: patreon, um, ths pod, uh, patreon and talk, do the monies and then talk
(0:02:34) Codey: to me on Slack and tell me about how cool power wash emulators and how
(0:02:37) Codey: you’d like to listen to an episode about it.
(0:02:40) Codey: Yeah, other than that, I’ve been slilling in coffee
(0:02:42) Codey: and dogs while doing a PhD.
(0:02:44) Codey: Super fun.
(0:02:47) Codey: Uh, going a million miles an hour.
(0:02:49) Codey: After this, I’m taking a bath and probably going to sleep.
(0:02:52) Codey: Yes, it’s five o’clock.
(0:02:53) Codey: Uh, I am tired.
(0:02:55) Codey: How are you?
(0:02:57) Al: Mm. I’m also tired, but it is like five hours later for me.
(0:03:03) Al: So, you know, different, different reason for being tired.
(0:03:06) Al: Well, no, I mean.
(0:03:08) Codey: You also slinging coffee, watching dogs, and doing a PhD?
(0:03:11) Al: No, none of those things.
(0:03:16) Al: Yeah, weirdly, today is like the only actual day off I’ve had.
(0:03:23) Codey: period, ever.
(0:03:25) Al: Yeah, because I wasn’t working and I wasn’t really doing.
(0:03:28) Al: And I didn’t have my kids, but still I am shattered.
(0:03:32) Codey: Sometimes those days, like sometimes the day where you don’t have anything and you can genuinely like unmask and just relax are the most hiring days, but we need those to rest and relax.
(0:03:44) Codey: It doesn’t feel restful, it doesn’t feel relaxing, but we need it.
(0:03:48) Al: Yeah. Well, I have been playing Starstruck’s Vagabond. I’ve been continuing that. We’ll
(0:03:57) Al: see where that goes. And I have also been continuing to play farm RPG even after the
(0:04:03) Al: episode. So there we are. Let’s see. I think I’ve just done 65.
(0:04:05) Codey: How many bottles are you on?
(0:04:12) Codey: Okay. This is, uh, for people who have not listened to that episode,
(0:04:15) Codey: there’s a quest line called 99 bottles. Uh, and it’s 99 bottles, one,
(0:04:20) Codey: 99 bottles too. And it’s basically doing the old nursery rhyme.
(0:04:24) Codey: I don’t know what that’s called song thingy. Um,
(0:04:28) Al: 99 bottles. It’s not nursery rhyme because it’s 99 bottles of beer on the wall and I don’t think a
(0:04:30) Codey: what?
(0:04:33) Al: nursery rhyme has beer in it. Yeah but that’s not what it is.
(0:04:35) Codey: You can do juice 99 bottles of juice on the wall.
(0:04:39) Al: Like okay, I will accept that that is a version you could do, right? But what I would say is that
(0:04:46) Al: that I don’t think was the original. I’m pretty sure the original was beer, therefore not a nursery.
(0:04:52) Codey: Bear, I think I made it to like 15 before I uninstalled the game.
(0:04:55) Codey: Again, not because farm RPG is a bad game, but because I am incapable of losing that
(0:05:01) Codey: much of my life to a video game right now.
(0:05:03) Codey: Uh, and yeah, you’re at 65.
(0:05:06) Codey: I’m really excited to see what happens after 99.
(0:05:08) Codey: I want them to have that like joke 100, but if it goes past that, it’s just ridiculous.
(0:05:10) Al: Well, so the way that it’s working is that you only get each level after your farming
(0:05:20) Al: and crafting levels hit that, right? So I’m at crafting level 69, but only farming level
(0:05:25) Al: 65, so I can only have 99 bottles 65 because that’s the lower of the two. And I think it
(0:05:25) Codey: Nice.
(0:05:26) Codey: Yeah.
(0:05:33) Al: maxes out at 99, there’s no level 100. So once you get to 99, you’ll get 99.
(0:05:37) Codey: But it also makes you use what like 65 hops and 65 bottles
(0:05:42) Codey: I just like what you get to 99. I want it to be 100 and 100 because it can do that
(0:05:43) Al: But then it would miss and then it would skip a number.
(0:05:52) Al: Yeah, I guess.
(0:05:55) Codey: We’ll see. Keep us posted. I’m very, very curious about that.
(0:05:57) Al: Yes, I just spent 100 million on getting an upgrade to mean that every day I get another
(0:06:07) Al: two.
(0:06:08) Al: So I’m up to 10 inventory space added every day.
(0:06:11) Al: So I’m on and I did.
(0:06:13) Al: it today because today was the point where I go back to a thing me of what’s it called
(0:06:20) Al: a thing me of 10. Yeah, that’s not the word I mean, there’s a mathematical word.
(0:06:26) Codey: if this is gonna bother me, I’ll figure it out.
(0:06:30) Codey: I think he’s googling it y’all he’s doing factor I was that was my next guess I was so
(0:06:32) Al: Factor. Factor of 10.
(0:06:38) Al: So I couldn’t upgrade it to 10 when I wasn’t on a factor of 10,
(0:06:41) Al: because then I would never get back to being a factor of 10.
(0:06:44) Al: So that’s where we are now.
(0:06:48) Al: So I’m making maybe like 15 million a day, something like that now.
(0:06:52) Codey: Ridiculous.
(0:06:53) Codey: Awesome though.
(0:06:54) Al: Yeah, so.
(0:06:56) Codey: That game just expanded.
(0:06:58) Al: Yeah, I feel like I’ve plateaued.
(0:07:01) Al: I don’t know how I’m…
(0:07:02) Al: meant to make more and more and more money but we’ll see we’ll see or I’ll
(0:07:07) Al: get bored who knows what we’ll find out only time and ADHD will tell so we
(0:07:14) Al: we’re gonna get into some game news I will add the wholesome direct and the
(0:07:20) Al: summer game fest main shows the links to them in the show notes in case you
(0:07:26) Al: want to go watch them all but I suspect if you’ve not already watched them you
(0:07:30) Al: You probably don’t want to watch them all and you want us to tell you what
(0:07:32) Al: you should care about. Well, we’re going to spend the same amount of time going through…
(0:07:34) Codey: Mm-hmm going through a smaller amount of content
(0:07:42) Al: Okay, first of all, we’re going to go into information about games that are coming out.
(0:07:47) Al: So just a small thing on… So have you listened to this week’s episode, Cody?
(0:07:53) Al: We talked about this game a little bit. This is the Harvest Moon Home Sweet Home, which is the new
(0:07:57) Al: Harvest Moon mobile game that we know almost nothing about, other than it comes out in
(0:08:02) Al: August. But Cher from Fogoo, which is a big story of seasons and Harvest Moon website,
(0:08:15) Al: she says, recognising that some fans may be wary of a game published on Android or iOS
(0:08:21) Al: because of potential monetisation. Now, Sumi confirmed with me that the game does not contain
(0:08:26) Al: microtransactions. Harvest Moon Home Sweet Home will be a one-time purchase without added
(0:08:32) Al: or downloaded content. So, that is good.
(0:08:34) Codey: All I can, all I can contribute to that is Harvest Moon Home Sweet Home’s, uh, acronym is, hmm, hush, and I love that.
(0:08:42) Al: It’s certainly something, and as to me I’ve also put a second tweet about the game that
(0:08:43) Codey: And I think that’s, and I think that’s, yeah, after saucepoot, I think that’s beautiful.
(0:08:54) Al: give us no real information, but I’m going to read it to you anyway!
(0:08:57) Al: We’re excited to bring a fresh New Harvest Moon experience back to mobile gamers with
(0:09:02) Al: Harvest Moon Home Sweet Home, featuring the traditional Harvest Moon style that fans know
(0:09:05) Al: and love.
(0:09:06) Al: I don’t know what they mean by that.
(0:09:08) Al: Along with some familiar faces, we hope this will be a cosy farming adventure for you.
(0:09:12) Al: We look forward to welcoming you home this summer.
(0:09:18) Codey: Okay, I await further information.
(0:09:22) Al: Yes. Okay, next we have the Garden Path. I’ve announced they’re releasing on the 30th of July.
(0:09:32) Al: Um.
(0:09:34) Codey: Cute, cute little game, very interesting art style, very interesting graphics that I had
(0:09:41) Codey: not ever really noticed before.
(0:09:43) Codey: I don’t think I’ve seen this before, or if I have, my brain was bleached.
(0:09:48) Codey: It also runs in parallel with the real world.
(0:09:50) Codey: You can leave it alone and your garden will grow at the same time.
(0:09:53) Codey: Yeah, I look forward to, it’ll be on Linux, PC and Nintendo switch.
(0:10:02) Codey: Um, Mack, I’m crying.
(0:10:04) Codey: Yeah, I’m crying and Mack right now.
(0:10:06) Codey: Um, and yeah.
(0:10:06) Al: It does say Mac on their Steam page though, I don’t know why they didn’t list it in the
(0:10:08) Codey: Yeah, so thank you.
(0:10:10) Codey: Um, I don’t blame it.
(0:10:12) Codey: Oh, it does say Mack.
(0:10:14) Al: post.
(0:10:14) Codey: Oh my gosh, they said PC, but they meant both of the things.
(0:10:19) Codey: So yeah, we’ll see, um, what I end up doing.
(0:10:24) Codey: Um, I also see that they are, we’ll see what, how I end up feeling about this or if I’m going to be getting it.
(0:10:31) Codey: I love that they have merchants that range from a grumpy toad.
(0:10:34) Codey: To Baal. To Larto, a seasoned musk ox fisherman with a love for songfish.
(0:10:40) Codey: I don’t know what song fish is, but he loves them.
(0:10:42) Al: I think they’re exactly what they sound like, fish that song.
(0:10:45) Codey: Fish.
(0:10:46) Codey: Fish that song.
(0:10:49) Codey: Yeah.
(0:10:50) Codey: So excited to look at that more and determine if I have the fun/desire to play it.
(0:10:58) Codey: Really interesting art style.
(0:11:00) Codey: It’s on my list.
(0:11:01) Codey: It’s on- it’s- it’s- I’m watching it.
(0:11:05) Codey: Also watching Kama Eru.
(0:11:05) Al: Camaro, Camaro, Camaro, is that what it is, have announced that they are out now.
(0:11:14) Codey: On Switch, Steam, and Xbox.
(0:11:16) Al: Yes, when I initially wrote this in the thing,
(0:11:19) Al: I was like, oh, it’s coming out in the 8th of June.
(0:11:20) Al: And then I realized today that today is the 8th of June.
(0:11:23) Al: And then during the Wholesome Direct, they were like, oh, it’s out now.
(0:11:26) Al: OK, cool. Just done. Go get your frogs.
(0:11:28) Codey: surprise. Yup. Go get your frogs. It’s very, uh, Usag. It’s giving Usag. Usag. Oh my gosh.
(0:11:36) Codey: Usagishima. Um, so you restore the wetlands and you collect frogs, you breed them together,
(0:11:41) Codey: which is not Usagishima, but that’s cool. Uh, decorate. There’s mini games and crafting.
(0:11:45) Codey: Um, I think it’s really cute. Yeah. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yeah. I’m going to see if this is
(0:11:46) Al: Yeah I think it’s a bit more than Asagashima because you can also like crossbreed your frogs I think.
(0:11:52) Al: Um so yeah.
(0:11:55) Codey: on Xbox Game Pass.
(0:11:58) Codey: It is a PowerMosh simulator might have.
(0:12:02) Al: I saw that Aislinn was streaming a bit of Camaeru today.
(0:12:08) Codey: I don’t know, it seems up her alley for sure.
(0:12:11) Codey: There’s other games that look up her alley as well.
(0:12:14) Codey: Check out the greenhouse episode for that, next.
(0:12:20) Al: Sunnyside have announced that their console release has been delayed until the 16th of
(0:12:26) Al: August. Their Steam release is still releasing on the 14th of June, two days after this episode
(0:12:27) Codey: Take your time.
(0:12:31) Codey: Cool, that’s sweet.
(0:12:35) Codey: And then the console is PlayStation 5 and Xbox
(0:12:39) Codey: X/S, I believe? Yep.
(0:12:43) Codey: So yeah, take your time. Figure it out. It takes longer. Microsoft
(0:12:48) Al: Delays are funny. I don’t think we’re talking about Little Lands later on because they didn’t
(0:12:55) Al: actually announce anything new other than that they’ve got a demo coming out. But literally
(0:13:00) Al: as soon as they announced that they had the demo coming out, they tweeted saying actually
(0:13:05) Al: it’s not coming out. We had to delay the demo. But by the time they decided to delay it,
(0:13:06) Codey: laughs Oh noooooo.
(0:13:10) Al: it was obviously too late to change the video. Very unfortunate.
(0:13:13) Codey: Ugh. Well, they got people’s attention, so…
(0:13:18) Al: Speaking of timing, Moonstone Island, surprise, surprise, is coming to Switch. I wasn’t expecting
(0:13:28) Al: this. I was actually expecting a shadow drop today just because the way they were announcing
(0:13:31) Al: it, they were being so obvious that some news was coming with the Wholesome Direct and I
(0:13:36) Al: thought it was going to be a shadow drop. But no, they’ve decided that they’re releasing
(0:13:39) Al: it on the 19th of June on Switch, which is the last day that they could still technically
(0:13:45) Al: say that they’re releasing in spring based on their definition of spring.
(0:13:48) Al: 19th of June is not spring and I don’t care what anybody says, it is not spring.
(0:13:51) Codey: Getting you on technicalities, Al.
(0:13:55) Codey: It’s not.
(0:13:58) Codey: It’s not.
(0:13:58) Al: Your definition of spring is stupid if it includes the 19th of June.
(0:14:03) Codey: I was working the farmer’s market today,
(0:14:06) Codey: and there was a big breeze coming through.
(0:14:07) Codey: And someone was like, oh, I love that fall breeze.
(0:14:09) Al: I find people with the weather is very funny, right? Because it’s like, we do this thing
(0:14:09) Codey: And I was like, my guy, you skipped the whole season.
(0:14:14) Codey: It did feel like a fall breeze, though.
(0:14:17) Codey: Climate change is crazy.
(0:14:22) Codey: Uh-huh.
(0:14:26) Al: every year when it’s like we get spring and then it gets cold again and people go, oh,
(0:14:30) Al: so much for spring. And you’re like, no, no, that’s called spring. Spring is kind of like
(0:14:34) Al: a mix of summer and winter weather. That’s just what spring is. You can go
(0:14:39) Al: Oh, it was warm. No, it’s not. I guess it’s not spring now. No, no, that is spring. You know what
(0:14:45) Al: spring is, you do it every single year, you shouldn’t now be surprised by it. And then we
(0:14:50) Al: get to summer, and you have lovely hot days. And then you have rainy days. And people go, Oh,
(0:14:56) Al: so much for summer. And you’re like, it still rains in summer. We don’t live in the in one
(0:15:02) Al: of these places that has dry and wet seasons. What summer is called summer, it’s not called
(0:15:09) Al: season. Like you don’t live in the desert. You live in Scotland.
(0:15:14) Codey: Yeah, here if we get, so in Pennsylvania, if we get rain during the summer, when it
(0:15:21) Codey: is considered summer, there’s like a 95% chance that that rain will be accompanied by a thunderstorm.
(0:15:29) Codey: And that’s when I do the differentiation.
(0:15:29) Al: Uh-huh
(0:15:31) Codey: Like if it just rains and it’s just rain, it’s spring or fall.
(0:15:35) Codey: But if it rains and there’s like a thunderstorm associated with it, we’re in summer, y’all.
(0:15:41) Codey: We’ve been in it for a few weeks.
(0:15:44) Codey: I, in my opinion, I almost said IMO, but people might not know what that is in my opinion.
(0:15:49) Al: Yeah, we don’t really get Thunderstorms.
(0:15:50) Codey: So that is very sad.
(0:15:53) Codey: I love thunderstorms.
(0:15:55) Al: Yeah, we might get one a year ago.
(0:15:58) Codey: You know what else I love?
(0:16:00) Codey: Chai.
(0:16:01) Codey: And you can help run a local chai shop in the pallets on the hill, which is out now.
(0:16:07) Codey: Um, this is a rural India slice of life game.
(0:16:10) Codey: um you’re a teenage kid and it’s the first day of
(0:16:14) Codey: summer holidays and you help out on the farm you take off
(0:16:16) Codey: some summer jobs you clean you cook um in the local chai shop
(0:16:20) Codey: you can explore old ruins and make paintings look really cool
(0:16:23) Codey: um i’m interested it’s definitely on steam I don’t know if it’s on anything
(0:16:28) Al: I don’t think it is. I think it’s just team. The funny thing about this one was they, I
(0:16:33) Al: think they were meant to come out in like 2022, the end of 2022, and they announced
(0:16:39) Al: that they were coming out. And then like a week before they were meant to be coming out,
(0:16:43) Al: they’re like, “Oh, no, we’re not coming out.” And it’s like, “Okay, that’s fine.” And
(0:16:47) Al: now it’s like a year and a half later.
(0:16:49) Codey: I do remember seeing this before, and this is one that’s on Mac.
(0:16:52) Codey: So what’s your price?
(0:16:54) Codey: What’s your price 20 bucks?
(0:16:56) Codey: Maybe I’ll think about it.
(0:16:56) Al: It’s a solid maybe.
(0:17:01) Codey: Your girl has credit card debt.
(0:17:04) Codey: Um, yeah, so we’ll figure that out.
(0:17:06) Codey: Uh, I’ll see if I’m interested.
(0:17:07) Codey: If we’re going to play that, if I will play that, um, no, I’ve, I
(0:17:10) Al: What’s a little bit more credit card debt, you know, like, uh, fair enough.
(0:17:13) Codey: have literally cut that card.
(0:17:15) Codey: So, and.
(0:17:20) Codey: And no more money is going on to it.
(0:17:21) Al: Obviously on, on the, on the harvest season podcast, we do not condone getting yourself
(0:17:28) Codey: Correct. Also, even if your grad school is going to give you pay for you and pay your tuition and everything, you might still get set.
(0:17:40) Codey: Don’t have knee surgeries, don’t have cars break down, don’t have dogs have to go to the hospital, woo!
(0:17:48) Codey: Don’t eat food. Don’t use electricity. Don’t you do it.
(0:17:52) Codey: I do have food stamps, so that’s pretty cool. OVA MAGICA!
(0:17:55) Al: I put- Early Access is coming from the 23rd of July, so many times.
(0:17:58) Codey: We’ve talked about this game. We’ve talked about this game a lot. Little circle, spherical egg dudes. I know there’s a really cute bee one.
(0:18:10) Al: Blobs, blobs.
(0:18:12) Codey: Blobs. Blobs. What I wrote.
(0:18:15) Al: It’s a farming creature collector with blobs that you can cross-bead and yeah, it’s cute.
(0:18:18) Codey: Woo!
(0:18:20) Codey: Make crazy things.
(0:18:21) Al: I’m going to play this game at some point, probably not in Early Access.
(0:18:22) Codey: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
(0:18:26) Al: Yeah, I mean, it’s one of these things where this game has been in development so long,
(0:18:31) Al: which is not a problem, but it does mean that a lot of the ideas that it
(0:18:36) Al: came up with, or maybe not was the original original, but certainly was not,
(0:18:40) Al: it wasn’t everywhere. A lot of them are now just standard things in a lot of farming games,
(0:18:45) Al: which is a bit sad. You can use your blobs to help farm and stuff like that. There are
(0:18:50) Al: lots of games that do that now. That’s, I guess, the problem with law.
(0:18:55) Al: game development times, which when you’ve got one person working on a complicated game
(0:18:59) Al: like that, it can take a while. But yeah, yeah, I guess it’s more like I really hope
(0:19:02) Codey: Yeah, we understand.
(0:19:08) Al: that people still play the game. You know, and I feel like, was this one a Kickstarter?
(0:19:11) Codey: Yeah.
(0:19:15) Al: Sure, did I kickstart this one? Have I already bought it? Check.
(0:19:16) Codey: It’s a great question.
(0:19:20) Codey: It wasn’t my job to watch your…
(0:19:25) Al: Yes, I have kickstarted this already. Quite a while ago. Yeah, so I won’t be buying it
(0:19:35) Al: because I’ve already bought it. Yay. I’m guessing. So the other thing about this is,
(0:19:38) Codey: - Yay.
(0:19:44) Al: originally, it wasn’t going to be coming to Early Access. It was just going to go, yeah,
(0:19:50) Codey: You’re just going to go straight to 1.0?
(0:19:51) Al: But that I mean, that’s that’s fine. That is what it is.
(0:19:54) Codey: Yep, yep.
(0:19:55) Al: I think it probably I suspect that anybody who kick started to get the early access because there
(0:20:00) Al: wasn’t an early access tier. But obviously, don’t take my word for that. We’ll see what happens I
(0:20:07) Al: guess. Yeah, well, it’s not unusual for people to go like, oh, pay this to get the 1.0 and pay this
(0:20:08) Codey: Would be weird to make you pay for it.
(0:20:16) Al: to get early access. But it’s less common. But it is a thing that some people do.
(0:20:17) Codey: Oh, interesting, okay.
(0:20:23) Al: Thank you.
(0:20:24) Al: Thank you very much.
(0:20:24) Codey: know what else people do nowadays, VR.
(0:20:25) Al: Oh yes, okay, Garden of the Sea. Garden of the Sea.
(0:20:31) Al: So this is a VR farming game, which is already out on Quest and presumably something else.
(0:20:40) Al: I don’t really care about other ones. I only care about the one I have.
(0:20:46) Codey: Which one do you have?
(0:20:46) Al: The Quest 3. So it’s now coming to Steam and Switch, which is interesting.
(0:20:48) Codey: Oh, OK.
(0:20:55) Al: I wonder how it’s going to work, because it’s very much based around,
(0:21:00) Al: you use your hands in the game to do things. And if you watch the trailer in the Wholesome Direct,
(0:21:09) Al: you definitely saw the hands that you normally see when you’re playing the game. It has these
(0:21:14) Al: kind of fake hands when it finds your hands. And so my question is, how’s that going to work?
(0:21:21) Al: Because what’s the interaction there if you’re not doing it in VR?
(0:21:24) Codey: That’s a great question.
(0:21:26) Codey: I have no idea.
(0:21:27) Codey: All I could think of with like the switch is maybe physical movements, but like holding
(0:21:33) Codey: your switch up or whatever, or like your joy con, having your joy cons just like separated,
(0:21:40) Codey: but that is not crazy accessible.
(0:21:43) Codey: So I’m not sure about that.
(0:21:44) Al: Yeah. Yeah. So if you want to play this game not in VR, that will be possible soon.
(0:21:55) Codey: in a way that we don’t know.
(0:21:58) Codey: Yeah.
(0:21:58) Al: We’ll see. I mean, I mean, Elaine have announced that they’re coming to Switch this year.
(0:22:04) Al: So if you wanted to play that game, but you wanted it on Switch soon.
(0:22:08) Codey: I like how many cats they threw into that trailer.
(0:22:11) Codey: It was really cute.
(0:22:12) Codey: There were many cats.
(0:22:13) Codey: And then they were like, you can have cats.
(0:22:14) Codey: And I was like, I had no idea.
(0:22:16) Al: Cats!
(0:22:18) Codey: This was a mystery to me.
(0:22:22) Codey: It was a very cute trailer though.
(0:22:23) Al: Speaking of games that are coming to consoles, above snakes have announced they are coming to Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.
(0:22:34) Al: Obviously it was that good. I don’t think so.
(0:22:34) Codey: I mean, we’ve definitely like, we’ve, okay.
(0:22:39) Al: I think I have it sitting on the planning board with some people’s names on it, but it hasn’t happened yet.
(0:22:46) Codey: Okay, that was mostly that I was I know the game, but I just didn’t know if we had covered it yet
(0:22:46) Al: No, we haven’t covered it properly.
(0:22:48) Al: No, we haven’t, we haven’t covered it properly.
(0:22:53) Codey: Very excited for when that happens and now there’s
(0:23:00) Al: Yeah.
(0:23:00) Al: OK, so that’s all the news about release games, releases for games, game releases.
(0:23:08) Codey: I feel like all of our episodes just dissolve into madness, but I also think that people
(0:23:10) Al: What is this, I deserve?
(0:23:11) Al: I’m so tired.
(0:23:14) Al: Because you decided to go and get a job, so now we have to do them later in the day.
(0:23:16) Codey: are here for it, so.
(0:23:19) Codey: Surprise, I’ve had multiple jobs this whole time.
(0:23:23) Al: Come on.
(0:23:25) Al: OK, get a job that has specific hours.
(0:23:27) Codey: Just Saturdays, man.
(0:23:30) Al: On a Saturday, when we used to record.
(0:23:31) Codey: Next time we, next time we could do Sundays, but I don’t know if you like Sundays.
(0:23:37) Al: Well, I couldn’t do Sunday this week, but that’s not the point, right?
(0:23:39) Al: Don’t try and, like, let me just be annoyed.
(0:23:39) Codey: » Don’t put this on me.
(0:23:47) Codey: Yep, I mean, if you wanna pay me, let’s see, 12, okay.
(0:23:47) Al: I’m not actually annoyed, listeners.
(0:23:50) Al: Nope.
(0:23:52) Codey: [LAUGH] Game updates though.
(0:23:56) Al: The podcast barely pays for itself.
(0:23:56) Codey: Speaking of pay, speaking of paying and needing money.
(0:24:03) Codey: Have you ever thought about robbing a bank like Turna Boy did, but
(0:24:06) Codey: you wanna do it with pride?
(0:24:08) Codey: Bank with pride, and by pride I mean, [LAUGH]
(0:24:10) Al: I rolled my eyes when I saw this comment.
(0:24:15) Codey: Turna Boy has a new update to celebrate Pride Month,
(0:24:19) Codey: where there are new flower crowns and pride flag hats, and it’s awesome.
(0:24:26) Codey: Yep, love it, happy pride, woo.
(0:24:28) Al: Woo. Speaking of updates, Terranil have announced that they’ve got a new update coming out,
(0:24:34) Al: Vita Nova. It’s coming on the 24th of June.
(0:24:38) Codey: It’s a free update major free update. Uh…
(0:24:40) Al: Oh yes, free update. Yes, not DLC. Free update.
(0:24:44) Al: Woo!
(0:24:45) Codey: Correct. I also want to click on this because I want to see… Oh, it’s currently on sale
(0:24:50) Codey: for $25. This is a game I want. Is it available? Oh, it’s Matt. What? Okay.
(0:24:54) Al: Stop. Don’t. I. Don’t. No money.
(0:25:00) Codey: Uh, but yeah, maybe one day when this comes out, uh, maybe I’ll have enough money and I can do a
(0:25:09) Al: So they’ve said that they’re bringing a new world map.
(0:25:13) Al: Is that a new world or a new map on the world?
(0:25:17) Al: Like, are we going to a different planet?
(0:25:19) Codey: I don’t think that the way that I read it is that there’s like you’re on the same world, but you’re in a different area
(0:25:25) Codey: Like maybe like it because it says new biomes
(0:25:28) Al: Yes, and both of those things, though.
(0:25:30) Codey: But I guess yeah, I guess perhappeth
(0:25:35) Al: Who knows?
(0:25:37) Al: Who knows?
(0:25:40) Codey: it looks like if you look at the map in the this thing that this is a blog post yeah the post on
(0:25:49) Al: post. Yes, but yeah, but like, that shows that it already has
(0:25:51) Codey: steam um it looks like there’s different continents um so maybe you’re going to like a new continent
(0:26:00) Al: those and like, there’s, like, there’s probably no point in us
(0:26:03) Al: trying to figure this out. We’ll find out soon.
(0:26:06) Codey: It does say we’ll release more details about these new features over the next few weeks so
(0:26:09) Codey: listeners listen to the episodes and we will tell you later our confusion and your confusion will
(0:26:14) Al: Hope you’re listening
(0:26:17) Codey: be cleared up in the next few weeks. We have a new world map, new levels, an animal system overhaul,
(0:26:22) Codey: very interesting, new biomes, new buildings, new climate conditions, and a new animal species.
(0:26:27) Codey: What could it be? I think it’s gonna be a beaver. I also don’t know what the
(0:26:36) Al: a beaver.
(0:26:37) Codey: A beaver.
(0:26:41) Codey: Fun fact, the reason I chose beaver
(0:26:43) Codey: is because you said antelope.
(0:26:44) Codey: And the family that the pronghorn antelope
(0:26:47) Codey: is in, untillocaprity.
(0:26:49) Codey: And the family that the–
(0:26:53) Codey: gosh, what kind of beaver?
(0:26:53) Codey: It’s like a specific beaver.
(0:26:56) Codey: And the two families that are endemic to North America–
(0:26:59) Codey: the only two families that are only in North America.
(0:27:02) Al: Oh, he’s a honey badger.
(0:27:02) Codey: Yep, I can’t–
(0:27:04) Al: Daddy.
(0:27:04) Codey: No, it’s a beaver.
(0:27:07) Codey: Beaver Family Endemic to North America.
(0:27:10) Codey: Uh, Cas- oh, it’s just the Castor- Casoridae?
(0:27:16) Al: Skies of Azoria. This is Fae Farm’s next DLC coming on the 20th of June.
(0:27:23) Al: Did you know that High in the Clouds over Azoria was a land that you can visit?
(0:27:29) Al: Wait, was a land that you can visit? Grammar is a bit complicated there.
(0:27:34) Al: An amazing place with new paths to explore, full of adorable characters in need of your help.
(0:27:39) Al: Yes, because that’s what Fae Farm needs, more one-dimensional characters.
(0:27:44) Codey: I was going to say, no news on if–
(0:27:47) Codey: we do not know if this new content update contains
(0:27:51) Codey: new story or better characters that are not
(0:27:54) Al: or any story, any characters, with actual…
(0:27:55) Codey: one dimensional or any story.
(0:27:57) Codey: You can just fly and explore new areas above Azoria.
(0:28:01) Al: There seem to be portals.
(0:28:04) Codey: Yeah.
(0:28:05) Al: I don’t know if you go into this guy to get to the portals, or if the portals are taking you to this guy.
(0:28:05) Codey: We’ll have our– no idea.
(0:28:10) Codey: We’ll have our Fae Farm correspondence return to us
(0:28:14) Codey: in these details about if the story exists.
(0:28:16) Al: Or maybe they won’t.
(0:28:18) Al: That’s coming out the 20th of June.
(0:28:22) Al: It’s included with the deluxe version on PC and with the standard version on Switch.
(0:28:27) Al: So just like the last one.
(0:28:31) Al: Speaking of updates, it’s Sagishima.
(0:28:34) Codey: - Yay.
(0:28:36) Al: This is the Bunny Paradise update is out now, I didn’t write down, is it out now?
(0:28:42) Codey: uh I assume it is because I just opened the game because I was like oh no did I uninstall this game
(0:28:51) Codey: and I had but luckily um yeah I just and so I just opened it and I now have three new bunnies on
(0:28:52) Al: Yes, it is up. It is out.
(0:28:58) Codey: like literally just opened the game and there’s three new bunnies in my island three out of the
(0:29:00) Al: Three out of the five.
(0:29:02) Codey: five I believe so let me check my bunny book button book yep three out of five I only have two left
(0:29:03) Al: Because you had everything before this update, didn’t you?
(0:29:11) Al: Bun book.
(0:29:11) Codey: Um… bye.
(0:29:12) Codey: Oh, yeah.
(0:29:14) Al: So five new bunnies, new buildings, hats and toys and an endless bunny runner
(0:29:19) Al: mini game. Also, Usagi Shima have launched merch.
(0:29:22) Al: So if you need to spend some money,
(0:29:27) Al: that’s how you can do it.
(0:29:28) Codey: you know me now I always need to spend money I can’t even say it without crying on the inside
(0:29:30) Al: You know, it’s like, did you ever, it’s like when you have a large meal, right? And
(0:29:40) Al: then you’re stuffed, you’re full, you can’t eat anything else. And then someone brings
(0:29:45) Al: out dessert and you’re like, “Oh, okay, I can eat a little bit more.” And it’s like,
(0:29:48) Codey: You got the– yeah, the dessert stomach.
(0:29:48) Al: we always joked about having a second stomach just for pudding, right? It’s like that, right?
(0:29:54) Al: Like you have the special fake money just for games, right?
(0:29:59) Codey: I mean, I do–
(0:30:00) Codey: I am using some of my tips that I get for cash as like–
(0:30:04) Codey: because it doesn’t exist, right?
(0:30:05) Codey: It’s cash.
(0:30:08) Codey: But yeah, that doesn’t somehow magically go into my steam
(0:30:12) Codey: or anything.
(0:30:12) Codey: I’m trying to get one of these little buddies
(0:30:14) Codey: to want to do the running game thing.
(0:30:16) Codey: Uhhh…
(0:30:18) Al: Speaking of.
(0:30:18) Codey: Yep, so I did uninstall it, but if you connected your like iPhone name thing to it,
(0:30:26) Codey: um, then it will…
(0:30:29) Codey: Oh, it’s called Bun Run. Oh my gosh.
(0:30:32) Codey: Um, if you’ve connected your like Apple game store,
(0:30:38) Codey: yeah, then even if you uninstall it, all of your stuff is still saved.
(0:30:42) Codey: So 10/10 recommend that.
(0:30:43) Codey: Oh, Bun Run! It begins.
(0:30:45) Codey: Help your bunny jump over obstacles tapping where to jump.
(0:30:48) Codey: The longer you hold your tap, the higher the jump.
(0:30:50) Al: I’ll put it down just now, because you don’t care about Traveler’s Rest.
(0:30:51) Codey: Okay, cool.
(0:30:52) Codey: Let’s talk about the next one.
(0:30:53) Codey: Nope, you can talk about this next one.
(0:30:54) Codey: I don’t really care.
(0:30:55) Codey: Nope, I’m going to play bone run.
(0:30:57) Al: Traveler’s Rest, I’ve announced that they’re a new update, the Story and City update,
(0:31:00) Al: which by the way, is just very funny saying like, “Hey, we’ve added story.”
(0:31:08) Codey: That is a thing that happened.
(0:31:10) Al: I’m constantly fascinated by this game, and I really want to go back to the first version
(0:31:14) Al: they brought out and see what existed in the game. It’s coming July, that’s all.
(0:31:20) Codey: Yep, an update, I hit the first obstacle and button run, so that’s gone.
(0:31:20) Al: That’s the story, because I didn’t have the story.
(0:31:27) Al: That’s sad. Maybe you should talk about Go Go Town instead.
(0:31:31) Codey: There’s a new gameplay video. I did not watch all of it. It was nine minutes long.
(0:31:35) Al: It was 9 minutes long, I was very long. Thankfully, it came out yesterday,
(0:31:38) Al: so I could watch it yesterday. Everything, every time I see something about this game,
(0:31:41) Codey: But I did tap through it and yep, still interested. It doesn’t…
(0:31:50) Codey: And it’ll be fun to play together. Maybe will we be able to play this?
(0:31:53) Codey: This will be our first game that we’ll be able to play together.
(0:31:56) Al: That’s a good question, because I think it does have multiplayer,
(0:32:00) Al: but I don’t know whether it has online multiplayer or not.
(0:32:04) Al: Well, yeah.
(0:32:05) Al: Because that’s much more complicated than local multiplayer.
(0:32:08) Codey: It basically looks like kind of like Fortnite.
(0:32:09) Al: What?
(0:32:11) Codey: It’s got like the vibe steam cloud remote play together.
(0:32:16) Al: Look, we don’t even know when this game is coming out yet, right? Let’s talk about playing
(0:32:18) Codey: It gives.
(0:32:21) Al: it together when it’s actually out. One thing that I don’t think we knew before this was
(0:32:22) Codey: Hey, Hey, 2024 2024 is London.
(0:32:30) Al: that you can use your villagers and you can like tell them to do things. So like there’s
(0:32:37) Al: stations for different things like for farming and for wood gathering and mining and stuff
(0:32:42) Al: like that. And you can do something and then you can go, hey, tell this villager to do
(0:32:46) Al: this thing. And then they’ll just go and do that thing. So I really like that idea
(0:32:51) Al: of automation, which is, hey, villager, do this thing that I just did. Yeah, that’s pretty
(0:32:58) Codey: broadcasting right now and it looks like
(0:33:03) Al: Um, the one thing that I’m not sure how I feel about the game is the inventory
(0:33:09) Al: seems pretty limited.
(0:33:11) Al: I think that’s a design decision and I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about it,
(0:33:14) Al: but we will see.
(0:33:16) Al: I’m willing to be open-minded about it, but yeah, also like you water the crops
(0:33:22) Al: with a little literal water hose, like a fireman’s hose.
(0:33:26) Codey: Yeah, yeah, they have
(0:33:29) Al: Yeah, I know they have multiplayer.
(0:33:31) Al: The question is whether or not it worked online or not.
(0:33:34) Al: Look, it’s fine.
(0:33:36) Codey: They’ve been broadcasting this for 42 hours.
(0:33:39) Codey: That’s a choice.
(0:33:39) Al: I suspect they have not actually been doing that.
(0:33:44) Codey: It says 42 hours, 22 minutes,
(0:33:46) Codey: and it was adding up the seconds.
(0:33:47) Codey: It was wild.
(0:33:50) Codey: Yeah, but we also have some brand new games
(0:33:53) Codey: that we’ve never talked about before coming up here
(0:33:55) Codey: that we can talk about.
(0:33:56) Al: And this is only this isn’t everything. This is just this is just what I decided was close enough, because all my word Cody, I think there are too many games now.
(0:33:58) Codey: No, no, it is not.
(0:34:08) Codey: My, I just had a list of a word document
(0:34:12) Codey: as I was watching the Wholesome Direct up
(0:34:14) Codey: and I was like typing stuff in
(0:34:15) Codey: and then starting a new line
(0:34:16) Codey: every time there was a new game.
(0:34:18) Codey: She was four pages long.
(0:34:20) Al: There was a bit with 10 minutes to go where they were like, oh, we’re nearly finished.
(0:34:25) Al: But now we’re going to show you even more, oh my word, and it was literally nine minutes
(0:34:26) Codey: And it was rapid fire.
(0:34:32) Codey: Yeah.
(0:34:33) Al: of like 10 seconds of each game.
(0:34:34) Codey: Yep.
(0:34:34) Codey: Yep.
(0:34:35) Al: There were so many games.
(0:34:36) Codey: Some of them look really cool though, so it’s on my list whether we talk about it here or
(0:34:37) Al: I lost.
(0:34:38) Al: I missed so many in my first watch through.
(0:34:48) Codey: whether surprise, surprise we talk about it in a greenhouse episode that will be coming
(0:34:53) Codey: out soon.
(0:34:56) Al: Yeah, right, let’s go through these. We’ve got Letter Bunny.
(0:35:03) Al: Take on a cosy adventure as Anne, a small and determined bunny with a heart of gold.
(0:35:08) Al: Explore the peaceful island, deliver many, many packages, and discover that behind every letter is a unique story.
(0:35:14) Al: Make new friends, help people out, and most importantly, have fun. Those are some long years, Cody.
(0:35:22) Codey: they are very long that is quite the bunny um also if the ears are that long it’s not a bunny
(0:35:29) Codey: anymore it’s a hair um mammal facts up in this yeah uh they are very lorg um so if it’s a bunny
(0:35:30) Al: Whoa here here here are very
(0:35:38) Codey: it should be a lot they should be like more than half as short um also I just want like i’m just
(0:35:46) Codey: as you read this I was like what if inverse so what if like take on a chaotic adventure
(0:35:52) Codey: and a large and lazy bunny with a heart of evil explore the uh violent island like
(0:36:02) Al: Now, I love the idea of like, it’s a delivery game, but you’re trying to like open up packages
(0:36:10) Codey: but you’re violet
(0:36:11) Al: and steal things without getting caught, or you’re trying to like…
(0:36:14) Codey: untitled goose game but you’re a delivery bunny pretty much also I loved the
(0:36:18) Al: That’s a whole different vibe.
(0:36:20) Codey: discover that behind every letter
(0:36:22) Codey: is a unique story? Correct. Yes.
(0:36:25) Al: I don’t know. I do get multiple of the same letter from companies sometimes.
(0:36:32) Codey: But I do I do that too. But like if it’s from a human I, I
(0:36:37) Al: Do people still send letters?
(0:36:37) Codey: doubt though this would yes, I doubt that it is that like
(0:36:38) Al: Oh.
(0:36:44) Codey: you’re sending you’re like talking to corporate bunco and
(0:36:49) Codey: and Bunko is like, send these.
(0:36:49) Al: you’re just delivering bills
(0:36:52) Codey: generated letters to all of these things like it’s probably gonna be
(0:36:58) Codey: I’m just a person and if they can’t pay then you gotta peacefully beat them up
(0:37:03) Al: no you’re you’re the postal officer you’re not a bailiff
(0:37:09) Codey: postal officer and judge and executioner
(0:37:15) Codey: letter bunny no this is very cute
(0:37:17) Al: You’re trying so hard to make this.
(0:37:19) Al: It’s something it’s not.
(0:37:20) Codey: I want-
(0:37:21) Al: There are plenty of games that we’re going to talk about
(0:37:22) Codey: I crave violence.
(0:37:23) Al: that have a creepy side to it.
(0:37:24) Codey: I-
(0:37:24) Al: You don’t have to add it in to other games.
(0:37:26) Codey: I cra-
(0:37:28) Codey: I crave violence.
(0:37:30) Codey: Um…
(0:37:30) Al: Speaking of violence, we’ve got Humblitz.
(0:37:32) Codey: Really?
(0:37:34) Codey: Does this one feel violent?
(0:37:35) Al: Well, this one says
(0:37:37) Al: “A cozy survival game
(0:37:39) Al: set in a fantasy world
(0:37:41) Al: filled with cute pet companions
(0:37:43) Al: and adventures across many biomes.”
(0:37:46) Al: Now, my problem with this
(0:37:49) Al: is that I don’t think
(0:37:51) Al: cozy and survival
(0:37:53) Al: fit together, right?
(0:37:55) Al: Like, if I’m cozy,
(0:37:57) Al: I’m not fighting for survival.
(0:37:59) Al: Those two things are opposite.
(0:38:02) Codey: So people just farm if they’re, as a pastime, as like a side gig.
(0:38:08) Al: Are you trying to say that farming games are survival games?
(0:38:12) Codey: I mean, you’re farming.
(0:38:14) Al: Yeah, OK, and in Stardew, if you don’t eat, what happens?
(0:38:19) Al: You go to sleep and you wake up fine in the morning.
(0:38:23) Al: That’s not a survival game.
(0:38:25) Codey: Not realistic. I try and do that. And then I wake up. I wake up with a headache. It’s not fun.
(0:38:27) Al: Yeah, of course, it’s not realistic.
(0:38:32) Al: Of course, it’s not realistic.
(0:38:35) Codey: Yeah. Yeah.
(0:38:36) Al: This is I just I don’t I don’t understand how you can have a
(0:38:39) Al: that is about fighting for survival and call it cosy.
(0:38:42) Codey: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I’m not sure. Um, we know almost nothing about this except for that one line.
(0:38:49) Codey: That’s it. It’s a new Kickstarter. Currently 671 followers. Kickstarter’s not even live.
(0:38:56) Codey: Um, the picture’s really cute though. It looks like a little teacup house. That’s it.
(0:39:00) Al: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the image is definitely giving cozy rather than giving survival.
(0:39:06) Al: We will. We will see. Could be.
(0:39:07) Codey: Could be violence could be violence cozy violence
(0:39:12) Al: Harvest Hills. Harvest Hills is a charming and relaxing farm simulator that allows you to run your own rancho,
(0:39:22) Al: cultivate various crops, take care of animals and produce homemade products,
(0:39:26) Al: Sell the goods to the local market to earn money.
(0:39:30) Al: And use it to upgrade or automate the farm.
(0:39:32) Al: Rancho, really?
(0:39:32) Codey: I think well isn’t that is that not what it’s called in the South America
(0:39:34) Al: Is that?
(0:39:40) Al: Oh, is it?
(0:39:41) Al: Oh, is that?
(0:39:42) Al: is just a… Oh.
(0:39:44) Codey: yeah Rancho is just a ranch plural is ranchos a hut or a collection of hut for
(0:39:50) Codey: herders laborers or travelers because yeah the I think developers but well the
(0:39:52) Al: - Well, there you go, my bad.
(0:39:59) Codey: developers called red beans and I guess I can’t see more than that.
(0:40:02) Codey: There’s a demo out now I do too oh my gosh one of my friends made a dessert
(0:40:09) Codey: bean pie the other day don’t recommend this looks really cute though I like the
(0:40:15) Codey: idea of that so like as you’re doing things in the game you put down flags
(0:40:21) Codey: kind of like think of like when you play Sims and you tell your person like do
(0:40:26) Codey: this and then do this and then do this and then you have like a task list
(0:40:29) Codey: basically, it looks like you do that for your character in this game.
(0:40:32) Codey: to which I like, I like to, like, look at it be like, Okay, cool, do all of these things. And then I can do something else with my brain, because I don’t like paying attention. You like, delegate, yeah, you like delegate a bunch of tasks. Yeah, looks, looks cool. I will be watching
(0:40:41) Al: Ah yeah, yeah I hadn’t noticed that I’m watching the video that’s a good point it does seem to be
(0:40:46) Al: like yeah do you tap on things. I quite yeah okay okay I’m I’m feeling it I’m feeling it.
(0:40:57) Al: I like the build mode as well I do like a good build mode in one of these games because I find
(0:41:02) Al: them much easier.
(0:41:06) Codey: Windows only, wah, wah, uh, cool.
(0:41:10) Al: Wow, wow. It’s on Kickstarter. It has a very modest goal and hasn’t hit it yet.
(0:41:18) Al: Yeah, yeah. I mean, most Kickstarters get nothing in the in the middle 27 days.
(0:41:25) Al: It’s like the first day and the last day.
(0:41:28) Codey: The game is controller friendly, won’t be on Steam Deck, Steam for Windows.
(0:41:32) Codey: Uh, they’re hoping for Q4 2024.
(0:41:36) Codey: Um, even if it does get released, it’ll be no later than May 2025.
(0:41:42) Codey: Um, will Steam Deck, Steam Deck be supported?
(0:41:42) Al: What do you mean “won’t” to be on the Steam Deck?
(0:41:47) Codey: No.
(0:41:47) Al: Where does it sit at?
(0:41:51) Al: And also, what does that mean?
(0:41:53) Al: Because you can play almost any game on the Steam Deck,
(0:41:56) Al: and if it has controller support, it will work on the Steam Deck.
(0:42:01) Al: Is that in the FAQ?
(0:42:03) Al: Yeah, I don’t know what that’s meant to mean.
(0:42:06) Al: I suspect– I mean, if what they mean is,
(0:42:08) Al: we’re not going to put in the effort to make sure
(0:42:10) Al: that it works perfectly on Steam Deck,
(0:42:13) Al: and then fine, but, like, you…
(0:42:15) Codey: It won’t be developed for the Steam Deck is how I read that.
(0:42:17) Al: Yeah, but…
(0:42:20) Al: Yeah, no, that’s not how I read it at all.
(0:42:22) Al: What I read is, like, we’re not going to bother
(0:42:25) Al: putting any effort into it, which is fine.
(0:42:27) Al: But also, like, if you’ve got the controller support,
(0:42:30) Al: you’re 90% there anyway.
(0:42:33) Al: Like, I would just put in the tiny– anyway, it doesn’t matter.
(0:42:37) Al: Wonder Stop. Wonder Stop. Wonder Stop.
(0:42:40) Codey: Wander, stop, wander, stop, wander.
(0:42:42) Al: Wonder.
(0:42:44) Al: Wonder.
(0:42:46) Al: Yeah, I guess I would say Wonder.
(0:42:50) Al: Wonder.
(0:42:50) Codey: The way that you’re saying it sounds like wonder,
(0:42:52) Al: I know. I know. I say those…
(0:42:52) Codey: like, oh, the wonderful world.
(0:42:55) Al: I say those words the same way.
(0:42:57) Codey: Oh, that’s so weird.
(0:42:58) Codey: You did it.
(0:42:59) Codey: You had another one that you said the same way
(0:43:00) Codey: that I don’t remember what it was.
(0:43:01) Codey: This is like wander as if like wandering,
(0:43:04) Codey: like you are wandering through the world.
(0:43:06) Codey: And this game is from the creator of the Stanley Parable
(0:43:09) Codey: the beginner’s guide.
(0:43:10) Codey: It is a narrative-centric cozy game about change and tea.
(0:43:15) Codey: Okay.
(0:43:15) Al: Yeah, I don’t know what to think about this game. I was not massively impressed by what
(0:43:22) Al: I saw in the Wholesome Direct. And then I saw Stanley Parable and went, Hmm, okay. Because
(0:43:30) Al: I very much like the Stanley Parable. I think it is one of the best games full stop. So
(0:43:38) Al: like, yeah, I don’t know. But this is not giving me anything.
(0:43:41) Codey: ever played that.
(0:43:43) Codey: Yeah, I don’t know.
(0:43:45) Al: The Musics by C148, 418, sorry, which is the guy who did the Minecraft.
(0:43:53) Codey: Well, that’s intriguing. I don’t usually listen to music but when I do it’s usually Minecraft
(0:44:00) Codey: So like most games I turn that off because ADHD
(0:44:05) Codey: Yeah, I don’t know. It has very witchy vibes like it had like a almost like a potion looking creation
(0:44:12) Codey: screen
(0:44:14) Codey: And I don’t know why I’m just a big old hipster when it comes to witchy things. I don’t know
(0:44:18) Codey: I just see witchy things and I’m like, but I mean the art looks really nice
(0:44:23) Codey: It looks well put together looks good. Yeah
(0:44:26) Al: Yeah, we’ll see. I’ll keep an eye on it. Speaking of keeping an eye on something,
(0:44:33) Al: we’ve got Lou’s Lagoon, a cosy, you can always tell whether someone’s American or not based on
(0:44:40) Al: how they spell cosy, a cosy open world adventure about running a seaplane delivery service,
(0:44:46) Al: customize your character to discover new islands, harvest goods, solve a family mystery, and work to
(0:44:53) Al: to keep an adorable island community.
(0:44:56) Codey: again I want a hideous island community I want things like that no this looks really cute um
(0:45:04) Codey: I don’t know what the family mystery is that’s interesting uh but yeah you’re a sea plane
(0:45:10) Codey: very cute they also spelled customized
(0:45:13) Al: Yes.
(0:45:15) Al: Next, we have discounting, which is what happens if you take a game that is just
(0:45:22) Al: you’re playing as Joja.
(0:45:25) Al: Now, Cody’s going to like this one.
(0:45:28) Al: Manage your own supermarket, organize and restock shelves, check customers out.
(0:45:32) Al: Also, when they say check customers out,
(0:45:35) Al: is that like checking out their stuff or like checking them out?
(0:45:38) Codey: Okay, so that must be an American term.
(0:45:42) Codey: So when you go, when you’re purchasing your items at the end, Oh, maybe we could do both.
(0:45:45) Al: No, I know. Both things mean checkout. I know what it means when you check someone out of a shop,
(0:45:51) Al: right? You get their stuff and you… But then it also means to check them out. You
(0:45:53) Codey: I don’t know.
(0:45:56) Codey: Yeah.
(0:45:57) Al: check out what they look like in a generally positive… Well, positive, you know what I mean.
(0:45:58) Codey: Yep.
(0:46:04) Al: Like it can be very creepy in some cases. I’m going to stop talking. Make local trade deals
(0:46:08) Al: and befriend a quirky cast of characters. Salvage a failing shop in the once thriving town and grow
(0:46:14) Al: it into a thriving business empire.
(0:46:15) Al: But be warned, not everyone in town wants you to die.
(0:46:18) Codey: So first I might just want to literally stock shelves
(0:46:21) Codey: I really enjoyed doing inventory and stocking shelves when I worked at a supermarket
(0:46:27) Codey: I
(0:46:29) Codey: Can’t believe I didn’t know about my autism at that point
(0:46:34) Codey: Because that was my I was like customers
(0:46:37) Codey: Let me do inventory and scan everything and double-check all of this stuff forever
(0:46:43) Codey: Plus here’s my stream of consciousness as I was watching this in the wholesome direct quote
(0:46:48) Codey: Run your own supermarket cursed, but curious. Oh my gosh personally tired of the 2d bit graphics
(0:46:55) Codey: But shrug, but oh my gosh, this trailer is hilarious and it sure did catch my interest steam console 2025
(0:47:02) Al: Yeah, I pretty much agree with you. I mean, this is very much… this is giving me anti-Catholicist vibes.
(0:47:10) Al: Um…
(0:47:10) Codey: But it’s okay, but you’re okay, but…
(0:47:13) Al: Yes. Yes.
(0:47:18) Al: Did you watch the trailer?
(0:47:20) Codey: I did also the bus is called Z bus and I love that yeah
(0:47:22) Al: Thank you.
(0:47:24) Al: Like, the trailer is very much satire.
(0:47:27) Codey: you’re right yes correct currently to be determined whether it’s gonna be
(0:47:34) Codey: Windows only or Windows and Mac yeah I mean this is this is coming out a long
(0:47:41) Codey: long time from now
(0:47:42) Al: Let’s talk the 2D, you know, the 8-bit graphics, the pixel art. Let’s go pixel art.
(0:47:44) Codey: yeah yeah
(0:47:48) Al: Then maybe Kevin won’t share it as. I think I’m on the same page as you with that just now. Like,
(0:47:55) Al: it’s not that I dislike pixel art. And I think that pixel art can look really good. And I still
(0:48:01) Al: absolutely love like, you know, looking at like what Kevin does with his pixel art and stuff like
(0:48:05) Al: that. I still think it looks fantastic. But I feel like I’m kind of getting a bit over it in games
(0:48:11) Al: just now.
(0:48:12) Al: And I don’t know why.
(0:48:12) Codey: It always it gives me a sense of taking a step back
(0:48:17) Codey: Like it’s like when we play the Pokemon games
(0:48:20) Codey: We play these awesome 3d worlds and then you play an old one and it’s this 2d side-scrolling pixel graphic
(0:48:26) Al: I mean for me it’s not even the 2D aspect of it, like, I still, like, take Carl Island
(0:48:33) Al: is essentially 2D, right, it’s 3D graphics but it’s 2D gameplay, and I still actually
(0:48:36) Codey: - True.
(0:48:37) Codey: - True, pixel art.
(0:48:40) Al: quite like that in some ways for some things, and I’m not saying I will never play a pixel
(0:48:46) Al: art game again, I’m just like, we’ve done that, and it’s like, I don’t always, like,
(0:48:53) Al: There’s a big heavy nostalgia thing there.
(0:48:56) Al: I’m not, Kevin, you don’t need to reply to the saying,
(0:49:00) Al: oh, it’s not entirely nostalgia.
(0:49:01) Al: Yeah, sure, OK, fine.
(0:49:02) Al: My point months ago when I said it was entirely
(0:49:05) Al: based on nostalgia, yeah, probably a bit over the top.
(0:49:08) Al: But I do think there’s a very heavy nostalgia thing there.
(0:49:11) Al: And I kind of feel like I’m over that for just now.
(0:49:14) Al: I can see myself maybe like a wave
(0:49:17) Al: and coming back at some point in a couple of years
(0:49:19) Al: and being like, oh, I need all the pixel art stuff again.
(0:49:21) Al: But I think part of the problem with these things
(0:49:23) Al: is games are always lagging.
(0:49:26) Al: I think it’s been 7 years, but the games are only just coming out and we’re starting
(0:49:49) Al: to see the trend away from that, but it’s not fully gone at all.
(0:49:53) Codey: - Yeah, yeah.
(0:49:54) Codey: Well, and part of me, like, part of me feels like
(0:49:56) Codey: if it wasn’t, if it was pixel art, but it wasn’t like,
(0:49:59) Codey: like this is almost like chibi style.
(0:50:01) Codey: Like the characters are real, real tiny and I’m,
(0:50:04) Al: See, I’m actually I feel like that’s drawing me more towards it
(0:50:08) Codey: okay.
(0:50:08) Al: personally
(0:50:10) Al: It’s not a bad-looking game
(0:50:10) Codey: I can be really bad about details in games
(0:50:14) Codey: and like noticing really fine details.
(0:50:16) Codey: So when your character is so heck and tiny,
(0:50:21) Codey: I just, I, it.
(0:50:26) Al: The other thing is, to me, that’s not like, “Oh, it’s inaccurate.” It’s more like deliberately silly,
(0:50:30) Codey: Yeah. Yeah.
(0:50:33) Al: and that’s when I like these things. It’s like, yeah, if they try and make it really accurate,
(0:50:37) Al: and it’s slightly off, that’s annoying. But if they’re trying to just be silly, it was like with
(0:50:42) Al: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokemon games. I’m not saying those are good games,
(0:50:46) Al: but I actually really like the art style, because it’s trying to do something different and silly
(0:50:53) Al: looking and it’s like if they were
(0:50:56) Al: trying to do realistic graphics and it was just slightly off, I would really hate it.
(0:51:01) Al: But because they’re trying to deliberately be ridiculous, that’s why I like about it.
(0:51:06) Codey: Yeah, I mean, I like the without the graphics part of it. I like the premise and I will I
(0:51:14) Codey: Will have my eye on it and maybe in 2025 will be debt-free
(0:51:21) Codey: But a girl can dream thanks
(0:51:22) Al: could joke. Space Sprouts. Now this, this is an example of, I think, a 2D game that,
(0:51:32) Al: I think, well, it looks absolutely gorgeous. And I like the graphics here and I think this,
(0:51:40) Al: the 2D, like, I think 2D gameplay can work really well in some cases. I’m definitely
(0:51:44) Al: not over 2D gameplay. And I’m intrigued to see what happens with this one. So let me
(0:51:49) Al: just blurb this one and bark on a journey.
(0:51:52) Al: A journey filled with cosy cosmic chaos and dive deeper into the mysteries of your solar
(0:51:58) Al: punk spaceship with each replay.
(0:52:01) Al: Oh, this is a roguelike, isn’t it?
(0:52:03) Codey: Well, you lost him.
(0:52:05) Al: Oh, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky, um, it doesn’t say roguelike in its tags.
(0:52:14) Codey: It doesn’t, I was just looking at that.
(0:52:17) Al: Get entangled in the ship’s unique physics and make this place your new home.
(0:52:23) Al: I can’t tell you how many times I think a game looks amazing, and then it surprised Roguelike.
(0:52:28) Codey: A surprise.
(0:52:29) Codey: They really like alliteration.
(0:52:31) Al: They did. I noticed that.
(0:52:31) Codey: Space sprouts.
(0:52:33) Codey: Cosmic cozy chaos.
(0:52:35) Codey: Dive deeper.
(0:52:36) Codey: Wow.
(0:52:37) Codey: Yeah, this…
(0:52:38) Al: Is this going to be one of these, is this like a mystery rogue-like, so it’s like you’ve
(0:52:43) Al: got a certain amount of time to figure out the mystery and then you die.
(0:52:48) Codey: I don’t know. It looks it seems like kind of almost like a platforming kind of thing and like you mess with the physics of the thing
(0:52:55) Al: Yeah, there’s fun gravity stuff, and there’s puzzles, and you can also grow plants,
(0:52:58) Codey: Mm-hmm dynamic graphic
(0:53:05) Al: which is how this ended up in here. Surprise, plants!
(0:53:09) Codey: Oh wow.
(0:53:12) Codey: Everything is physical.
(0:53:13) Codey: Everything around you is physically simulated.
(0:53:15) Codey: All objects have weight and react to impact and gravity.
(0:53:18) Codey: All items are connected.
(0:53:20) Codey: Fruits emit signals.
(0:53:21) Codey: Signals activate buttons.
(0:53:23) Codey: Buttons activate machines.
(0:53:24) Codey: Machines convert items.
(0:53:26) Codey: Items get thrown into black holes.
(0:53:30) Al: This isn’t the cottagecore game, is it?
(0:53:33) Al: Oopsie-doopie.
(0:53:38) Al: This game might look cool.
(0:53:40) Al: I can’t decide.
(0:53:41) Al: We’ll see.
(0:53:42) Al: I’ll keep an eye on it.
(0:53:42) Codey: Oh yeah, your first journey is very short, but can be replayed again and again.
(0:53:43) Al: Maybe.
(0:53:48) Al: Boo.
(0:53:49) Codey: Gather more and more knowledge to progress faster and further each time.
(0:53:53) Al: Boo.
(0:53:57) Codey: Well, one that definitely does fit the bill of this podcast, which is our final game. Oh my gosh,
(0:54:03) Codey: we’re almost there, y’all. Again, this is not the only things that were mentioned in the,
(0:54:07) Codey: we’re probably skimming the 10% of what was what was covered.
(0:54:12) Al: I had like at least three more that I was like, do these count or not?
(0:54:17) Al: And I was like, I can’t.
(0:54:19) Al: I decided not because they were like really borderline.
(0:54:20) Codey: again dragon shelter does count it is a farming sim set in a fantasy world take
(0:54:28) Codey: on the role of a hero who will reignite the long-lost friendship between humans
(0:54:32) Codey: and dragons take care of wondrous creatures explore the magical world and
(0:54:36) Codey: restore destroyed biomes exclamation point it looked
(0:54:40) Al: Now tell me see in the second screenshot is that like is that a dragon as well because it looks kind of like an axle
(0:54:47) Al: Oh, I like a giant axolotl with wings. Oh
(0:54:49) Codey: It looks like Toothless, which is a dragon, but yeah, it does.
(0:54:52) Al: Yeah, I guess maybe yeah, okay, I love this this game looks gorgeous
(0:54:58) Codey: It looks like you have different types of dragons and they help you, maybe, with your
(0:55:02) Al: - Yeah, presumably.
(0:55:05) Al: Yeah, one of them looks like it may be a watering one.
(0:55:07) Al: One of them looks like a fiery one, et cetera.
(0:55:11) Al: Yeah, or furnace oars.
(0:55:15) Codey: Oh, yeah, I see a furnace as well.
(0:55:19) Codey: Yeah, farming, farming furnace cuddled.
(0:55:19) Al: Dude, he’s cuddling a dragon.
(0:55:23) Al: I want to cuddle the dragons.
(0:55:28) Codey: Take care of dragons
(0:55:31) Codey: Each one has its own special trait. These dragons can sense people’s needs and use their unique powers
(0:55:37) Codey: You do actually make your dragons happy by giving them love and playtime
(0:55:42) Codey: you restore the
(0:55:42) Al: Playtime with the dragon.
(0:55:44) Codey: Dragon please restore the farm melt the hearts of townsfolk. Is that like like here’s again
(0:55:49) Codey: Are we melting their hearts or are we melting their hearts?
(0:55:53) Codey: Are they are we using the dragons to literally engulf their hearts and flames?
(0:55:58) Codey: And make them goo
(0:56:00) Al: No, it’s metaphorical, Cody.
(0:56:01) Codey: We also cleanse the biomes
(0:56:04) Codey: Cleanse the biomes explore the world full of wonderful creatures super cute
(0:56:08) Al: I’m sorry, cleanse the biomes.
(0:56:10) Al: Does that not sound a little bit genocid?
(0:56:15) Codey: Oh
(0:56:16) Codey: No, oh no, no explore new biomes and revitalize them by eliminating corruption to bring them back to life
(0:56:18) Al: Cleanse the biomes.
(0:56:24) Al: Eliminate what? Eliminate who you eliminate?
(0:56:28) Codey: Oh no
(0:56:32) Codey: Watches the darkness retreats and feel how through your hard work the world regains its former beauty
(0:56:40) Al: Yeah, there’s not a huge amount, you know, about this, but I think it looks nice and
(0:56:44) Al: I’m definitely, definitely interested.
(0:56:48) Codey: dragons are very cute. We’ll say if they make a dragon plush… I’m tempted.
(0:56:55) Al: - All right, is that us, is that all the news?
(0:57:00) Al: And now for our main,
(0:57:02) Codey: laughs And now the wholesome direct! laughs
(0:57:07) Al: No, yeah, there’s the, yeah, as Godi said,
(0:57:10) Al: there’s a lot more in the Wholesome Direct
(0:57:13) Al: that we haven’t covered,
(0:57:16) Al: mainly because it’s not really arguable,
(0:57:19) Al: there’s content core.
(0:57:21) Al: So we’re gonna talk about them in a greenhouse episode.
(0:57:24) Al: So if you wanna hear that.
(0:57:24) Codey: Not all of them, yep.
(0:57:26) Al: If not, not all of them.
(0:57:27) Al: We’ve got a few that we’re interested in each that we’re going to talk about.
(0:57:33) Al: So if you want to listen to them, you got to sign up for the Patreon.
(0:57:37) Al: You can get that at or you can find it on a link from our website,
(0:57:42) Al:, where you can find links to everything else on the website,
(0:57:46) Al: including a feedback form to send us feedback.
(0:57:49) Al: Cody, where can people find you on the internet?
(0:57:51) Codey: uh you can find me on x I check it about once a week uh at cody mathis which is just my name
(0:57:58) Codey: you can find me on instagram at hiking giggle be eagle um I don’t post a lot but I add a lot
(0:58:06) Codey: of stuff to my stories and I send a lot of people reels so I see a lot of things that I relate to
(0:58:13) Codey: you’ll see stuff about metal music australian shepherds uh adhd and autism and coffee
(0:58:21) Codey: and bugs that’s like what my thing is curated for bugs where can they find
(0:58:29) Al: you can find me on and twitter at thescotbot. You can also find the podcast
(0:58:35) Al: on tumblr and on twitter @thsbod and all the other stuff I said before because I did this in a weird
(0:58:42) Al: order. Thank you Cody for joining me. Thank you listeners for listening and until next time
(0:58:51) Al: have a good harvest!
(0:58:51) Codey: Have a good harvest
(0:58:52) Theme Tune: The harvest season is created by Al McKinlay, with support from our patrons, including our
(0:59:02) Theme Tune: pro farmers, Kevin, Stuart and Alisa.
(0:59:06) Theme Tune: Our art is done by Micah The Brave, and our music is done by Nick Burgess.
(0:59:11) Theme Tune: Feel free to visit our website,, for show notes and links to things we discussed
(0:59:17) Theme Tune: in this episode.
(0:59:26) Al: Ooh, let’s do this.
(0:59:30) Codey: whoa I said whoo but I said it very I went I went I guess it did sound like a
(0:59:35) Al: Why are you a dog?
(0:59:36) Al: I don’t.
(0:59:39) Al: I thought you were whiffing.
(0:59:40) Al: I was like, why are you whiffing?
(0:59:44) Al: You’ve gone feral.
(0:59:44) Codey: bark dude it’s pride it’s my feral time