Do We Always Need The Romance

Al, Kev, and Nama talk about using other cultures in video games


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[00:30.000 –> 00:36.560] Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the Harvest Season. My name is Al.
[00:36.560 –> 00:41.360] My name is Kevin. Hello, my name is Nama. And we are here today to talk about
[00:41.360 –> 00:43.720] cottagecore games.
[00:43.720 –> 00:45.720] Wooooooh.
[00:45.720 –> 00:49.080] Don’s saying so excited Kevin.
[00:49.080 –> 00:53.160] I didn’t I didn’t match it. I did not match it this time.
[00:53.160 –> 00:57.000] Kevin, you can you can do whatever you want. You normally do.
[00:57.000 –> 01:03.640] Well, you’re right. You’re right about that. So welcome to first time guest Nama.
[01:03.640 –> 01:12.120] Hello. Yeah, it’s me. People probably know who I am, but if not, I’m a I’m I’m Nama the
[01:12.120 –> 01:15.000] nerd from small-time bazurri.
[01:15.000 –> 01:21.400] Yeah, cool. So we’re going to I didn’t really rehearse in my head what I was going to see here,
[01:21.400 –> 01:26.200] but we’re basically we’re going to talk about in this episode we’re going to talk about
[01:26.200 –> 01:33.720] the use of cultures, specifically different cultures from the one that you know developers are
[01:33.720 –> 01:38.600] in their video games when it’s appropriate, etc, etc. There’s a lot to talk about there,
[01:38.600 –> 01:43.240] but that’s what we’re going to talk about. And I thought that Nama would be a good
[01:43.240 –> 01:49.640] person to get on to chat about this because Nama you are what is the correct terminology
[01:49.640 –> 01:50.920] that you would use.
[01:50.920 –> 01:57.320] Well, I think the term that people use on the internet right now is Native American. I’ve
[01:57.320 –> 02:04.680] grown up in a family of Native Americans that call ourselves Indians, but I am a member of the
[02:04.680 –> 02:07.480] Comanche tribe if you want to get in particular.
[02:07.480 –> 02:11.080] Well, I didn’t know that. Okay. So that’s the tribe. Cool. I do know the Comanche. It’s the
[02:11.080 –> 02:15.080] knowing that was your tribe. Very cool. Sure. Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t say that was getting
[02:15.080 –> 02:22.040] particular. I would say that would be like actually saying what you are, right? Like, I’ve
[02:22.040 –> 02:27.240] got my ID card in my wallet. We have our own, you know, thing of a mob. So I’m sure we’ll get
[02:27.240 –> 02:32.040] into this discussion. But like, yeah, because because quite often we can we can talk about
[02:32.040 –> 02:38.600] Native American like it is one, you know, homogenous group. Yeah, one nebulous thing there,
[02:38.600 –> 02:44.040] which it has never been. But anyway, I’m sure we’ll get into that discussion later on.
[02:44.040 –> 02:48.680] Okay. Okay. Okay. We’ll save it for them. We’ve got plenty to talk about before then.
[02:48.680 –> 02:53.960] Before that, we have a bunch of news. Apparently everybody was really was announcing release dates
[02:53.960 –> 03:02.120] this week. But before that, now me, what have you been up to? Well, that is, you know, a big question.
[03:02.680 –> 03:11.800] I have, I’m a kids librarian. And so I do all kinds of programs and stuff. I read to the
[03:11.800 –> 03:17.400] little five year olds, but I also do video game programs with, do with key majors. So right now
[03:17.400 –> 03:23.320] at work, all of, it’s all been about getting summer reading programs, ready to go. Some people are like,
[03:23.320 –> 03:30.280] what summer? It’s February. But they, they are doing the middle of March. We got a book that
[03:30.280 –> 03:35.800] performers. We got to decide what we’re doing. So that has been occupying a lot of my brain space.
[03:35.800 –> 03:42.200] But in terms of like my gaming to do this every day around Pokemon day, which is very close at
[03:42.200 –> 03:49.240] the time of recording, I, like, since the 25th anniversary, I’ve been going back to an old game
[03:49.240 –> 03:55.960] and doing like kind of the post game content that I never was able to do. So for the 25th anniversary,
[03:55.960 –> 04:03.480] I got to credits in stadium one. And then last year, I got to credits in stadium two. And so this
[04:03.480 –> 04:10.360] year, I’m preparing to do the battle frontier in Emerald, which I’ve never done before. So that means
[04:10.360 –> 04:16.440] like breeding a team and EV training and all in generation three of Pokemon. And it is, uh,
[04:16.440 –> 04:23.160] I’m not looking forward to it necessarily. But I’m very excited to do it. But it’s like,
[04:23.160 –> 04:27.960] it’s like bucket list for me. So I’m not going to judge you is all I’m going to say.
[04:27.960 –> 04:35.640] I don’t know. I’m not judging you, but for that, that hurts just to hear good luck.
[04:36.280 –> 04:38.200] We’ll see where I am six months for now.
[04:38.920 –> 04:44.280] Yeah. Cool Kevin. What have you been up to? I have been up to all the same. My life is just
[04:44.280 –> 04:54.840] dominated by battle passes and so on. I play unite. I play snap. I play snap, which has hurt me
[04:54.840 –> 05:01.240] by the way, they’ve got a lot of good variants and dropped a little money. Um, I, uh, that said,
[05:01.240 –> 05:07.080] though, this week, my brother Calvin introduced me to a new mobile game. I’ve become more and more
[05:07.080 –> 05:14.520] of a mobile gamer to much to my own dismay. Um, it is called the battle cats. Um, have either of
[05:14.520 –> 05:20.840] you heard of this. I have never never heard of this battle cats are the battle cats with an S
[05:20.840 –> 05:28.280] plural. Oh, my word. This looks so cute. You’re looking enough. Right. Okay. So it is called,
[05:28.280 –> 05:33.000] it is made by a company called Pono’s, which I’m not, I’ve not been familiar with, but apparently
[05:33.000 –> 05:40.280] they have a wide assortment of titles using these cats. There’s like the burglar cats, I think,
[05:40.280 –> 05:44.760] they even had one for the 3DS, like a match three puzzle game using these cats. They have a
[05:44.760 –> 05:50.360] handful of games. So, um, they’re pretty prolific and harder than, but anyways, so the battle cats
[05:50.360 –> 05:56.040] is a, essentially tower defense, but like you’re trying to take down their tower, they’re trying
[05:56.040 –> 06:01.800] to take down yours. It’s just 2D left, right, whatever. Um, you’re just generating units. Um,
[06:01.800 –> 06:07.160] I just don’t matter, right or whatever. Um, and I love tower defense games. So like natural
[06:07.160 –> 06:15.240] as inclined, but the real seller is, as you said, Al, the art style, which is, uh, my card to, I don’t
[06:15.240 –> 06:19.880] mean, if you guys have played under, or anyone’s familiar with Undertale, as a character called
[06:19.880 –> 06:25.000] the annoying dog, and it looks a lot like that. Um, so it’s just like black and white cats, and
[06:25.640 –> 06:34.200] the cats are very cartoony and goofy. You have UFO cats, dragon cats, gross cats, which has just like
[06:34.200 –> 06:41.160] giant, enormously long legs. You have Thor cat. Um, and it’s a gotcha game. So you pull for cats,
[06:41.160 –> 06:47.400] and then they become your units for your team and your little missions. It’s fun. It’s a
[06:47.400 –> 06:53.560] detective. It has an energy system. So it actually manages to keep my addiction in check, but um,
[06:54.280 –> 06:59.160] but yeah, it’s, it’s really fun. Um, and I, especially to notice because they had a cross
[06:59.160 –> 07:06.600] over street fighter actually, um, what? Yeah, not only do they have cats model after some of the
[07:06.600 –> 07:12.440] villains. Um, if people know what em bison looks like, he has like a cape and an evil dictator hat.
[07:12.440 –> 07:18.920] So they gave, uh, a cat, an, an em bison outfit. Um, but you could also just get the characters
[07:18.920 –> 07:24.760] themselves. My brother pulled like Ryu and em bison. So as these goofy cartoony cats, and then
[07:24.760 –> 07:30.920] he’ll summon like Ryu was doing the dokens. Um, the game is chaotic and goofy and hilarious and
[07:30.920 –> 07:36.120] a lot of fun. Um, so it is taken over my week largely. It’s actually cut into my snap time,
[07:36.120 –> 07:43.560] which is crazy. Um, but yeah, aside from that, uh, just the usual, um, what about you out? What
[07:43.560 –> 07:49.720] have you been up to? Well, I have finished my Pokemon Scarlet Professor Oak Challenge.
[07:51.560 –> 08:00.360] I’m done for you. Um, congratulations. It was kind of ridiculous. So it took me, so my final,
[08:00.360 –> 08:08.280] so I got 60 hours to get to the first gym. So I was catching 355, 1, 60 hours. And I think,
[08:08.280 –> 08:12.760] let me just double check. I think it was like 72 or something to the rest for the rest of the game.
[08:12.760 –> 08:19.240] So like another 12 hours. Um, that’s pretty good. Yeah. It’s quite insane. Realistically,
[08:19.240 –> 08:22.840] the only thing that actually took me a time while the two things that took the,
[08:22.840 –> 08:32.360] took most of that time up was, uh, the cutscenes. So so many cutscenes in the gyms, um, like that,
[08:32.360 –> 08:38.120] just that took about half of the total time, I think life was just the, the talking,
[08:38.120 –> 08:43.880] which I have, uh, what’s it called? Um, the split pad. So I just stuck on the turbo button for that,
[08:43.880 –> 08:49.400] get through all that nonsense. Um, and the other thing that took a surprising amount of time was
[08:49.400 –> 08:57.240] there, after you, after you finish, after you hit his credits, you can unlock the five star
[08:57.240 –> 09:02.040] raids. And when you’ve got the five star raids on locks, there are three Pokemon that you can
[09:02.040 –> 09:10.840] only get at that point. And that’s Caesar, Finneon, not a Finneon, uh, what’s it called? Finneon,
[09:10.840 –> 09:16.840] Finnezin, no, the other one, Palafin. Yeah, Finnezin, you can get for Palafin. Um, and
[09:16.840 –> 09:24.440] smoking. And that took me a surprising amount. I took me a bit three days to get those three
[09:24.440 –> 09:29.320] Pokemon in raids, because obviously you’re having to go around all of your raids and check if they’re
[09:29.320 –> 09:34.520] there, then you actually have to defeat the raid and blah blah blah. So like that took a lot of
[09:34.520 –> 09:39.240] time, but I was like, I could just skip this bit, but then like, I’ve not actually fully completed
[09:39.240 –> 09:45.640] it. So I may as well just like do this last bit. Oh, that was quite a lot of work. And then I went
[09:45.640 –> 09:51.000] back to Violet and called the exclusives and sent them over and have their shiny charm. So I’m
[09:51.000 –> 09:58.040] done with that. And wow. So I’m now going to put myself down to significant less significantly
[09:58.040 –> 10:03.640] less. I’m in a time playing in that game. Maybe one day a week, get a shiny or, or, uh, um,
[10:03.640 –> 10:09.080] a raid event, if there’s a raid event on that week. You say that, but Pokemon day is Monday
[10:09.080 –> 10:15.160] and then you’ll be right back in. I mean, I thought I don’t think even the most optimistic
[10:15.160 –> 10:21.080] person assumes that the DLC will be an announced and released on month. I mean, like that would be
[10:21.080 –> 10:25.800] quite, it doesn’t have to be the DLC could be just something else small up that you know,
[10:25.800 –> 10:29.080] it’s not going to, whatever it is, it’s not going to be more than a couple hours work, right?
[10:31.480 –> 10:36.680] So there’s that. And then I picked up Mario Rabbid’s spark of hope. So that’s the second one.
[10:37.240 –> 10:40.840] And I was like, let’s get this game done. Um, because I played a wee bit of a
[10:40.840 –> 10:45.400] lot when it came out. And then I got distracted by a bunch of other things because I think it came
[10:45.400 –> 10:52.440] out a few weeks before Pokemon did. And, um, this game really frustrates me because the battles
[10:52.440 –> 10:56.040] are so much fun. And I think the battles in this game are better than the previous one.
[10:56.600 –> 11:01.240] I wasn’t hugely excited about the lack of the grid system in this one, but I think it actually
[11:01.240 –> 11:05.480] works really well. I think it’s a really fun. It gives you more different possibilities,
[11:05.480 –> 11:13.800] more ways to do things, which is good fun. But then they padded out the game with all this ridiculous
[11:13.800 –> 11:21.640] like exploration nonsense between the battles that just is not fun. There’s like random pointless
[11:21.640 –> 11:26.840] puzzles that you have to like figure out where you’re going to get. It’s like the first game,
[11:26.840 –> 11:32.760] I found that a bit annoying, but it was mostly just like one of these maps that like the 2D
[11:32.760 –> 11:37.640] Mario games have, like world or whatever, where you would just like kind of walk along the map.
[11:37.640 –> 11:41.160] And it was like, this is kind of pointless, but whatever. It’s nice and quick. You’re just basically
[11:41.160 –> 11:45.240] walking through catching some coins and then going to the next battle. But this one, this
[11:45.240 –> 11:50.200] full on like exploration things and you have to go through these caves and figure out how to get
[11:50.200 –> 11:53.160] out of the cave and you have to figure out how to get to the top of a lighthouse and you have to,
[11:53.160 –> 12:00.280] and it’s just that I do not care. I didn’t buy this game to be a platformer or an exploration.
[12:00.280 –> 12:03.880] This is not what I’m looking for in this game and everything that does outside of the battles
[12:03.880 –> 12:10.680] is not fun. It’s badly done and therefore I have stopped. I’m not finishing that game
[12:10.680 –> 12:16.600] because I’m not enjoying myself outside of the battles. It’s so weird because the first game was so
[12:16.600 –> 12:21.800] well done. Like, yeah. I’m surprised they bungled them up like that. I haven’t heard much or played
[12:22.600 –> 12:27.400] that. I think it might depend on who you are and maybe some people enjoy that. I don’t know.
[12:27.400 –> 12:31.560] There must be a reason that they’ve added so much more between the battles. But like,
[12:31.560 –> 12:35.160] personally, I would, I would have preferred if they take in the first one, put on the battle
[12:35.160 –> 12:39.240] system for the second one and then removed all those bit between the battles. It’s just give me a
[12:39.240 –> 12:44.760] list. Just let me play the battles. I don’t, no, I’m not buying this game to explore. I’m playing it
[12:44.760 –> 12:51.160] to play these battles. That is not just you. That is like the game. That’s what they’re selling you.
[12:51.160 –> 12:56.120] And yeah, it’s weird that they fill it up with so much more. Absolutely bizarre.
[12:56.120 –> 13:02.120] Yeah. So I played for another maybe like three hours or something. So I’ve put in almost 10 hours
[13:02.120 –> 13:07.720] in that game. And I think that’s enough to say that I do not. The battles are good, but they’re not
[13:07.720 –> 13:13.480] good enough to make me want to power through the absolute dreadfulness that is everything else.
[13:14.440 –> 13:19.720] So I’ll put that back down again and I’m selling the game. The other thing, the other thing that
[13:19.720 –> 13:24.360] I’ve been then picked up, I only picked that up today. So I’ve not done a huge amount of it. But
[13:24.360 –> 13:29.480] I’m enjoying it so far is Hyrule Warriors or what’s this one called? The Calamity.
[13:31.000 –> 13:37.400] Go back to the wild one. Oh, it’s an original one. No, no, no, no, no, no, I like to play the
[13:37.400 –> 13:41.480] newest game of something. And then it means that I never enjoy playing the older ones because they’re
[13:41.480 –> 13:48.840] not as good. Oh, that might not be the case here. We’ll see. We’ll see. I’m enjoying it. Obviously,
[13:48.840 –> 13:56.840] the battle system is not the same as in Breath of the Wild. But it almost feels like they’re trying
[13:56.840 –> 14:06.120] to make it very similar. So like you have all of the extra abilities, like your magnesiums and your
[14:06.120 –> 14:11.160] ice thing or whatever they’re called, but they work differently. And obviously you’re doing it in
[14:11.160 –> 14:18.280] like high-paced combat rather than using it to solve puzzles. And so it’s fun, but it’s also a little
[14:18.280 –> 14:22.280] bit weird. And I think it might confuse me going into Tears of the Kingdom because it just,
[14:22.680 –> 14:29.160] it’s, it’s that weird kind of combination of kind of similar, but also kind of different in that way.
[14:29.160 –> 14:37.880] It looks, it looks so much like Breath of the Wilds down to the, down to the menu UI and the sound
[14:37.880 –> 14:44.360] effects and the music. They did a great job making it seem like a seamless step into this game from
[14:44.360 –> 14:49.480] Breath of the Wild. So yeah, I hope that you don’t go if you’re weird blash with Tears of the
[14:49.480 –> 14:54.840] Kingdom because, yeah, I mean, perhaps to them for it. Yeah, I don’t think so. I think I’ll go into
[14:54.840 –> 14:58.840] Tears of the Kingdom and be like, no, this is, this is the combat I prefer because I do,
[14:59.560 –> 15:05.960] I’m not enjoying it as much as I enjoy Breath of the Wild. Partly because I think this game
[15:07.000 –> 15:10.040] wants to just throw you into battles and it does that straight away. It’s like, hey,
[15:10.040 –> 15:15.560] he has a battle goal and I like that, but then it also then puts in some of the exploration side
[15:15.560 –> 15:20.760] of things that Breath of the Wild had, but not fully featured obviously. It’s like not an open world
[15:20.760 –> 15:26.680] game like that. So it just kind of feels like those are kind of tacked on, but unlike Mario
[15:26.680 –> 15:32.520] and Rabbid Spark of Hope, those are really short, right? So you’re like, oh, you need to get to this next
[15:32.520 –> 15:38.600] bit. Okay, run to it. That’s fine. But as soon as you finished all of the battles within that chapter,
[15:38.600 –> 15:42.360] you then back to a menu and you can select the next chapter and you’re immediately there.
[15:43.720 –> 15:48.600] That’s the bit that Mario Rabbids didn’t do, which you should have done, minimize the
[15:48.600 –> 15:55.160] extra bits between what we’re actually there for, right? So yeah, I’m enjoying that so far.
[15:55.160 –> 15:59.640] Good. I like the person who is better. I’ve nearly finished the first chapter. It’s a real
[15:59.640 –> 16:05.160] loop. So yeah, well, we’ll see. I mean, yeah, the age of climate is fine, but just the original
[16:05.160 –> 16:10.600] high rewards. There’s a real love letter to the Zelda series, which is really fun. Interesting.
[16:10.600 –> 16:15.880] But I’m glad you’re enjoying it. So yeah, I think that’s me. Not played any snap, played a little
[16:15.880 –> 16:21.080] bit ago. That’s about it. That’s about it. I mentioned three big games there. Shall we talk about
[16:21.080 –> 16:30.120] some news? Should we? Let’s do it. So research story is now out in early access. That’s not news.
[16:30.120 –> 16:35.720] We already knew that was coming, but they have also released their early access roadmap. So they’ve
[16:35.720 –> 16:42.840] listed one, two, three, four, five big updates coming over the time. It’s obviously a roadmap
[16:43.800 –> 16:51.720] without any dates because of course that’s a sensible thing to do. Yeah. I like at least an estimate
[16:51.720 –> 16:58.600] on my roadmap, personally. Like, I mean, I’m not like trying to hold them to anything or be
[16:58.600 –> 17:04.040] disappointed. I’m saying this just in general, not specifically about this game, but yeah, I don’t know.
[17:04.040 –> 17:09.080] I just like to have some ballpark of idea of what they estimate because just the list of things
[17:09.080 –> 17:14.760] they want to do. Yeah, I don’t know. That could take a while. I mean, I will say that they have said
[17:14.760 –> 17:21.880] that they expect their early access to take about six months to a year. So presumably at this point
[17:21.880 –> 17:26.040] in time, they’re expecting all of those five updates to be finished within a year’s time.
[17:26.040 –> 17:30.840] It’s not going to happen, but that’s what they’re expecting at this point. It feels like
[17:31.640 –> 17:37.800] in our little corner of the video games world in the cottage court, it feels like this happens a lot.
[17:38.520 –> 17:43.320] It does. And I think I think that everyone just tries to add too much into their games.
[17:44.360 –> 17:49.880] Like, I mean, just looking at again, I haven’t touched research story or don’t have anything
[17:49.880 –> 17:56.360] against them, but they have the romance stuff. Is that, oh, do we always need the romance? I don’t know.
[17:56.360 –> 18:02.200] But anyway, so that’s that’s just me. Research story specifically as a game does feel like it
[18:02.200 –> 18:06.760] doesn’t need romance, right? Like it’s a game where you’re the researcher and the focus is on
[18:06.760 –> 18:10.920] the researching things. Not to say the researchers can’t have relationships. I’m not saying you
[18:10.920 –> 18:18.120] can’t have a relationship, Cody. Like it does feel like the focus is on like when you’re doing
[18:18.120 –> 18:22.920] something like Stardew or Harvest Moon or a story of seasons, like the focus is on this,
[18:22.920 –> 18:27.240] you’re just, you’re just living a life, right? There’s no like specific thing. And then other
[18:27.240 –> 18:31.880] ones are like, we’re focusing on like, if you imagine if like farming simulator that actually had
[18:31.880 –> 18:36.680] romance in it, that would be weird because the focus was on running a big commercial farm.
[18:36.680 –> 18:39.720] So yeah, I agree with you. This feels a bit weird to have that.
[18:39.720 –> 18:46.440] Yeah. Um, but I mean, yeah, but I mean, good luck to research story regardless.
[18:46.440 –> 18:51.800] Yeah, but discord can join it if you want to help with their growth and whatnot. It is nice
[18:51.800 –> 18:56.680] to see them interacting with the community like that. Yeah, that’s nice. Yeah. Yeah. I will say
[18:56.680 –> 19:00.520] just because we were talking about like dates and stuff like that, just to give you an idea,
[19:00.520 –> 19:05.880] Sunhaven, which we were about to talk about, they came into early access in June 2021,
[19:05.880 –> 19:12.360] and they said that their early access would be six months long. So, um, um, uh,
[19:12.360 –> 19:18.600] look, six months, two years, close enough. We sometimes you just got to put asterisks over your
[19:18.600 –> 19:23.160] dates. That’s where you don’t give a date. This is my opinion. Like, having one states, I say,
[19:23.160 –> 19:29.400] don’t give a date. Just do what you do. Give a, give a date and hold your, not again, not a specific
[19:29.400 –> 19:34.280] date, but like, if you realize it’s getting too big, then cut down. That’s, that’s my opinion.
[19:34.280 –> 19:38.040] Look, we live. This is the genre with religion, didn’t it? Okay. Like,
[19:38.040 –> 19:46.200] uh, I live released now, right? They’re no, they’re no, um, have you played it yourself? Is it true?
[19:46.200 –> 19:52.200] Is it true? Is it true that it’s out? Yes. Is it not all just, it’s true that you can download
[19:52.200 –> 19:59.160] to the game. I haven’t actually tried to play it for all. We know it’s no Moneko. Moneko has been longer.
[19:59.160 –> 20:05.160] Has Moneko been longer? Oh, yeah. They were only two, they were only when we on the first episode,
[20:05.160 –> 20:09.080] they were only two games that we announced that hadn’t been released last year. One of them
[20:09.800 –> 20:13.560] was re-legined and one of them is Moneko. Moneko hasn’t come out yet.
[20:13.560 –> 20:18.360] When was Moneko’s first announcement? 2018. Okay. Never mind taking hold of Moneko,
[20:18.360 –> 20:22.600] but Moneko will be worth it though. Oh, sure. Oh, absolutely. Moneko’s going to be a
[20:22.600 –> 20:27.640] graduate game in the re-legend. I don’t think anybody would be arguing about it. Yeah. Okay.
[20:27.640 –> 20:32.840] Anyways, all right. Let’s talk about the other game with. Yeah. So some hate in questionable
[20:32.840 –> 20:40.840] date. So they have announced their 1.0 release date. So there’s 0.8 update. I don’t know why
[20:40.840 –> 20:48.520] they’re doing weather. Right. Their next free 1.0 release is out and that adds, oh, look, it adds
[20:48.520 –> 20:59.400] romance. And the, so that’s out now. And the 1.0 release date is currently scheduled to release
[20:59.400 –> 21:06.200] on the 10th of March, which is only like two weeks away. That’s that bet. No. I see this
[21:06.200 –> 21:11.320] bad deal. Between the two really. Yeah. I will say, looking at this art style for this game,
[21:11.320 –> 21:16.760] how could it not have a romance? Similarly. This seems like it’s designed for it.
[21:16.760 –> 21:22.200] Yeah. I mean, it’s knocking off Stardew. Yeah. It’s, it’s Stardew, but with magic, right? That’s
[21:22.200 –> 21:28.920] what it’s like. Yeah. It’s like a higher fantasy. Yeah. I would say, I think this has better
[21:28.920 –> 21:36.040] pixel art quality than Stardew. It’s quite nice. But oh, for sure. So I would say, it depends
[21:36.040 –> 21:42.760] what you mean. It has higher resolution on everything, right? Like it’s less pixel. I would say
[21:42.760 –> 21:51.800] it’s more complex. Yeah. I mean, like, like I recognize like every day, every, I judge pixel art by
[21:52.520 –> 21:57.800] what they do in their limitations, right? Because there’s like, you look back at older,
[21:57.800 –> 22:01.800] NES games or whatever. They have fantastic pixel or like some of those final fantasy games or whatever.
[22:01.800 –> 22:07.480] Anyways, I just look at like the octopus that you see on the same page. I have like this giant
[22:07.480 –> 22:11.560] octopus or like stuff inside it. That is great design right there. I don’t think Stardew has
[22:11.560 –> 22:16.680] anything as nicely designed as that. Interesting. But regardless, that is, that’s just a completely
[22:16.680 –> 22:21.720] subjective opinion here. I certainly don’t. I certainly, I certainly look at this game and think
[22:21.720 –> 22:26.680] it looks nice, right? It’s not like one of these art styles where you’re like, oh, they just,
[22:26.680 –> 22:30.200] they just wanted, they wanted to make a game and they didn’t really know how to make it look good.
[22:30.200 –> 22:38.280] Like it does look good. Absolutely. But I just, I think that I, it is obviously higher resolution
[22:38.280 –> 22:42.280] and in some, you could definitely argue it looks better than Stardew. But I still think
[22:42.280 –> 22:48.280] the Stardew looks really nice. It’s just, no, yeah, it’s, it’s not bad. I mean, clearly, yeah,
[22:48.280 –> 22:54.840] okay. I mean, yeah, you can write a line in this one, right? Oh, well, there you go.
[22:54.840 –> 22:59.480] There’s a crab house. The house with a big grab on it started doesn’t have one of those.
[22:59.480 –> 23:05.640] That’s very true. But you can, you can, you turn your kids into delves in this game.
[23:05.640 –> 23:15.640] Oh, ouch. Oh, see, you know what? I’d rather games copy that than the romance.
[23:17.720 –> 23:21.960] But I guess you need the romance have kids first. Well, no, yeah, just do it to random
[23:21.960 –> 23:28.280] people. I don’t like you in the game. I’m going to turn you into delves. The other thing is,
[23:28.280 –> 23:34.360] obviously, they’ve still got their Nintendo Switch release to come. Um, that is coming soon.
[23:34.360 –> 23:38.120] They haven’t really, it’s a bit cryptic what they’ve said. They’re, they’re like,
[23:38.120 –> 23:42.120] we’re waiting on Nintendo. But my question with that is like, are you waiting on Nintendo
[23:42.120 –> 23:47.480] because you’ve, you’re applied for it to go in? And therefore, it’s already, and you just
[23:47.480 –> 23:52.600] need Nintendo to approve it, or are they waiting on something else from Nintendo? Like, they
[23:52.600 –> 23:59.880] don’t actively say we have, we have put in approval for this to go in the store, right? So I’m
[23:59.880 –> 24:06.920] a bit more exactly other saying here. I’m not sure. I mean, yeah, but again, another cornerstone
[24:06.920 –> 24:14.280] of our genre, uh, the Switch tax always longer releases, the laid releases on that. Um, yeah.
[24:14.280 –> 24:18.680] Well, at least now, I have a steam deck so I can stop waiting for the Switch release.
[24:21.160 –> 24:26.840] You’re not wrong. Next, we have another release date, because as I said, this is the release
[24:26.840 –> 24:32.760] date episode. The next one is we have a release date for Terra Nil. So this is the game where
[24:32.760 –> 24:40.520] you’re turning wasteland into a luscious, uh, Greenland, and then leaving it untouched by humans.
[24:40.520 –> 24:49.000] Um, this one is releasing on the 28th of March busy month. This game, I, you know, I believe it was
[24:49.000 –> 24:54.360] Cody was on the first time. This was discussion. She’s so hyped about it. Um, I don’t know. Her excitement
[24:54.360 –> 25:03.080] has made me more excited about this game. Um, it’s, I saw it. Terraforming is a cool concept. Um,
[25:03.080 –> 25:10.040] um, and just looking at that turning, uh, empty plot of dirt into a vibrant forest or
[25:10.920 –> 25:15.480] ocean river from whatever. That’s pretty cool. Um, I’ll be excited. I will probably give
[25:15.480 –> 25:23.160] in this to world. I mean, to PC and Netflix. So there’s the interesting thing. I don’t think we had
[25:23.160 –> 25:28.520] any idea that it was coming to presumably mobile devices. If they don’t actually give the details,
[25:28.520 –> 25:32.600] but as far as I know Netflix are only doing games on mobile devices, I don’t think we had
[25:32.600 –> 25:37.560] any indication that this was coming to mobile. And yeah, I suddenly like, oh, hey, we’re coming
[25:37.560 –> 25:45.960] out on the 28th. Also on Netflix. I mean, like, oh, okay. Thank you for that. Right. Fine. I guess
[25:45.960 –> 25:52.920] that’s a thing. Um, yeah. I mean, Netflix are doing well with choosing games for their service. I think
[25:52.920 –> 25:57.480] I guess I don’t have Netflix at all. I don’t know.
[25:57.480 –> 26:05.720] Oh, yeah. So I know that they, they have had, um, some good ones. Uh, they had, I believe,
[26:05.720 –> 26:13.480] spirit fader. Um, all that is a good one. Good for them. So well, it was also fair in this.
[26:13.480 –> 26:21.080] Yeah. Oh, they had, um, the Ninja Turtles game. Yep. That’s like, oh, wow. Okay. Now that somebody
[26:21.080 –> 26:25.800] there knows what they’re doing. Um, they do. They really do. There was something else as well that
[26:25.800 –> 26:32.120] was like, uh, like a traditional game that people really liked and I can’t remember what it was.
[26:32.920 –> 26:37.080] Oh, wow. They have a lot of games. I’m just looking into the into the breach. That’s the
[26:37.080 –> 26:43.080] other one. It’s like, yeah, into the breach. That was, that’s a dope game. Um, obviously they have
[26:43.080 –> 26:48.600] some that are based on, um, stranger things, stranger things, which apparently the stranger
[26:48.600 –> 26:53.160] things game is very good. Oh, um, they’ve got an exploding kit. They got exploding kittens on it.
[26:53.160 –> 26:59.160] Oh, there you go. But I’m, I’m just, it’s quite a lot of games. Quite a lot of games.
[26:59.160 –> 27:03.320] Some of them look like the fake mobile have games that you see. They do something in their
[27:03.320 –> 27:07.880] religious games. Maybe it’s just something about the icon square. I think they launched it with
[27:07.880 –> 27:12.760] all those games, all those really like, oh, we have like 20 games and you’re like, yeah, they’re
[27:12.760 –> 27:19.160] all terrible. And then they finally got some money to actually buy some good games.
[27:19.160 –> 27:26.040] Oh, a spearfarer that icon makes me so happy. Still just being happy. Now may have you played
[27:26.040 –> 27:33.400] Spinnerfader yet. Um, I gotta be honest. No. Nope. Thank you for coming on the podcast.
[27:33.400 –> 27:39.560] Yeah. See you around because the pleasure having you. So I am curious, like this, uh,
[27:39.560 –> 27:45.160] the Netflix games are those like, do you download them? Yeah. So they are, they’re just,
[27:45.160 –> 27:48.360] they’re just standard mobile games. But you have, when you download the game, you then have to
[27:48.360 –> 27:54.120] log into Netflix to prove you have a subscription. Okay. But yeah, it just is like a standard game
[27:54.120 –> 27:59.160] that you download is not cloud gaming or anything like that. That’s, that’s an, it’s a neat idea.
[27:59.160 –> 28:05.000] Um, but anyways, uh, one, one thing I do want to say more about Tarnell, um, they’re donating
[28:05.000 –> 28:10.520] a portion of their profits from steam, not, not for expanding to the endangered wildlife trust.
[28:10.520 –> 28:14.440] So good for them putting their money where their mouth is very, very cool. Yeah.
[28:14.440 –> 28:18.440] Neat. I suspect the Netflix money helped with that, right? Cause they need a problem with
[28:18.440 –> 28:24.520] money. You can pay. Yeah. Yeah. I probably, so thank you Netflix, I guess.
[28:25.880 –> 28:32.440] In a weird way. But yeah, so that’s good. And we got our Spinnerfader reference in for the slack.
[28:32.440 –> 28:40.040] They love when there you go. Uh, next we have, I really hope I can remember how to say, I think
[28:40.040 –> 28:45.240] it’s Chia. That’s what I’d assume. That’s what I would guess. Um, this is the game that’s based
[28:45.240 –> 28:50.920] in New Caledonia. Uh, we have a release date for this game as well. This is coming out on the 21st
[28:50.920 –> 28:57.720] of March. I should have done these in, in data audition nine. Oh, wow. Um, this is releasing on
[28:57.720 –> 29:04.680] Epic games and on PlayStation, both PS4 and PS5 and it’s going to be included in the PlayStation
[29:04.680 –> 29:08.760] Plus extra. So if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus extra, you get the game for free.
[29:08.760 –> 29:16.520] So, um, first of all, for people who might not be aware of New Caledonia is a real place. Um,
[29:16.520 –> 29:22.360] still don’t know that was a real place. Uh, just to be sure, I don’t know, like it’s at least
[29:22.360 –> 29:26.520] you in the US, New Caledonia is in a place you here, come too often, come up too often.
[29:26.520 –> 29:31.160] Um, well, sure. Sure. It’s not like something that comes up in everyday conversation. Yeah.
[29:32.120 –> 29:35.960] But it’s like when I, when I, when I first saw this game and it’s always based on New Caledonia,
[29:35.960 –> 29:41.720] oh, you look awesome. I had to look it out. I saw it and it said, that sounds like a country
[29:41.720 –> 29:48.280] and they looked it up and it’s like, oh, yeah, that is a country. Um, I didn’t know. Okay. Um, so
[29:49.320 –> 29:56.440] I’m looking at this trailer. I don’t know if any of this is gameplay. Um, so I don’t like that.
[29:58.360 –> 30:04.760] Yes, but again, if it’s a, you know, pre rendered cutscene type footage, yeah, would look good.
[30:04.760 –> 30:11.080] And so yeah, that’s, that’s why I’m bringing it out because that’s always a big, big asterisk for any
[30:11.080 –> 30:16.440] trailer in my opinion. Listen, Bailey. Um, I like to see actual gameplay. I don’t know if we’re
[30:16.440 –> 30:22.680] actually seeing any here. Um, but the concept is cool. They are really going for, you know, uh,
[30:22.680 –> 30:28.200] well, hey, culture, right? Where it’s specific culture out there. Um, we’ve got non white folks
[30:28.200 –> 30:33.080] as the lead and most of the Kevin, Kevin, yes, he Kevin, this is in my list. He’s in my list
[30:33.080 –> 30:38.120] for discussion in the meantime. Yeah. Okay. Okay. You know what I’m just saying. Okay. Um,
[30:38.840 –> 30:42.440] on. Okay. But anyways, I don’t even know what the game’s supposed to be playing like to be on.
[30:42.440 –> 30:47.320] It is. Yeah. I think it’s an, it’s more of a kind of like exploration game, but you’re not. There’s
[30:47.320 –> 30:53.480] no like combat or anything. You’re, um, I guess it kind of is more actually that did you ever play
[30:54.200 –> 31:00.280] what’s it called? Oh, my word. Why am I so bad with names? Sometimes the Alba, Alba, I keep getting
[31:00.280 –> 31:05.080] that one messed up because there’s a Scott’s word, which is spelled the same as the Spanish name,
[31:05.080 –> 31:10.680] but it said differently, right? Alba, the wildlife. Oh, no, I didn’t. Yeah, that’s probably a good
[31:10.680 –> 31:16.920] comparison. But without the, like, obviously you’re not taking pictures. You are instead going
[31:16.920 –> 31:21.960] around. And I think the idea is that you’re meant to be hearing for animals. Uh, okay. There’s,
[31:21.960 –> 31:26.760] so looking at the YouTube trailer, there’s a blurb here face off against your foes and opening
[31:26.760 –> 31:32.360] counters where your creativity is the key of victory, transform into any of the over 30 animals or
[31:32.360 –> 31:37.640] hundreds of objects at your disposal, uh, uncover your secrets and make new friends as your jam on
[31:37.640 –> 31:43.960] your fully playable ukulele in this tropical adventure. That sounds cool. I don’t see that in this trailer
[31:43.960 –> 31:50.200] area. At least in terms of the gameplay, like I see where they’re hinting at animals and transforming,
[31:50.200 –> 31:55.240] but I don’t know how that’s utilizing the game, but uh, yeah, I think it’s, I think it’s meant to be
[31:55.240 –> 32:00.200] like a puzzle thing. So you might need to, to use certain animals to get certain places and stuff like
[32:00.200 –> 32:06.760] that. It says foes. It says foes. That’s, that’s, it does interesting. Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe
[32:06.760 –> 32:12.840] there is combat then that I didn’t realize. March. I see the ukulele in the very last shot of this
[32:12.840 –> 32:18.040] trailer. The ukulele is prom. Yeah. There is a rhythm game, I believe with that. I mean,
[32:18.040 –> 32:26.680] regardless, we’re going to find out soon because, uh, that’s just a few. Yes. Man, March 21st,
[32:26.680 –> 32:34.600] 2023. Very cool. Epic game store PS4 and PS5. Um, and yeah, this, this game will 100% come up
[32:34.600 –> 32:41.960] in our main conversation about culture and video games. And it’s perfect timing. Yeah. Okay.
[32:41.960 –> 32:48.360] But, uh, next we have, uh, technically a release date, but a release date for an update.
[32:49.000 –> 32:55.400] That’s awesome. Uh, uh, the wondering village. This is where you’re, you have a farming, it’s
[32:55.400 –> 33:01.160] basically a farming life sim, but you’re on the back of a big creature. So they have added,
[33:01.160 –> 33:07.640] this update is adding gamepad support and therefore steam deck compatibility and a bunch of other
[33:07.640 –> 33:11.160] stuff that I’m not really going to talk about because that’s all I really care about. Steam
[33:11.160 –> 33:17.400] is going to be over here. Yeah, that’s the big one, right? Yeah. Yeah. This is my first time
[33:17.400 –> 33:23.480] looking at the game and it looks very impressive. Like, I really like this shot of the, of the,
[33:23.480 –> 33:29.080] the, the big creature walking through. And as I understand it, that’s not like to the typical game
[33:29.080 –> 33:36.200] play, but I still like looking at it. Yeah, it’s a cool. I haven’t heard or played anything of this
[33:36.200 –> 33:43.080] game. I’m just wondering like, does the creature inter like, does that affect your village?
[33:43.080 –> 33:49.000] I believe it does affect things. Yeah. So I believe that your creature can get into battles
[33:49.000 –> 33:53.640] with other creatures, for example. Oh, yes. Yes. Yeah. That does sound familiar. It’s a very
[33:53.640 –> 34:01.160] cool concept. Um, it’s interesting because like the art of the world, like the bigger world where
[34:01.160 –> 34:08.280] you see the creatures like detail, painted, lovely art style. And then when you zoom in on the
[34:08.280 –> 34:13.160] village, you get like little cartoony people. Um, they’re cute. It’s a fun juxtaposition. I just
[34:13.160 –> 34:18.840] think that’s a neat idea to do it. Um, yeah, no, it looks cool. Um, very, yeah, we get game pad. I
[34:18.840 –> 34:23.160] feel like, I feel like I don’t play games unless they get, I’d say that I’ve done it before,
[34:23.160 –> 34:26.360] but I really would like to play every game with a game pad and then like the keyboard.
[34:26.360 –> 34:33.880] Uh, next we have brand new game announcement, farming simulator 23 is releasing this May.
[34:34.520 –> 34:42.120] This was very funny to me. It is funny just in general, right? Like, I find it really funny
[34:42.120 –> 34:48.680] that they’re still doing this to releases a farming simulator. So the one year they release the
[34:48.680 –> 34:54.760] main game that comes out on PC and PlayStation and Xbox. And then the next year they’ll do one that
[34:54.760 –> 34:58.600] comes out on mobile and switch. And it’s just really funny that they’re still doing that.
[34:58.600 –> 35:02.920] I don’t know why that’s still funny to me, but it is still fun. It’s bizarre. It is bizarre,
[35:02.920 –> 35:09.480] but I mean, hey, like, they have a community. I don’t want to, and listen to you. I mean,
[35:09.480 –> 35:17.880] they keep keep this game going game. It looks like the best fun simulator game. Um, and we’ll say
[35:17.880 –> 35:25.960] that of farming games. It is. Yeah. It really is. Um, so good good for those people. I read through
[35:25.960 –> 35:32.680] those updates and additions and they mentioned crops. I don’t even know what is sorghum. That’s
[35:32.680 –> 35:39.160] a new crop. Sorghum. Okay. I don’t know what that is. You can grow grapes and olives too.
[35:40.120 –> 35:43.880] It’s funny that it is. If I find it funny, they didn’t have grapes up to this point.
[35:43.880 –> 35:47.800] Olives sure. They’ve seen quite niche, but it’s funny that they didn’t have grapes.
[35:48.680 –> 35:53.400] Yeah. Can I say that for the next game? You know, like the keep on your toes. Yeah.
[35:54.440 –> 35:58.440] Yeah. Four is around the bend, but also I interestingly adding an AI helper.
[35:59.000 –> 36:05.240] Oh, that’s wonderful. See, it’s an auto generate crops to see. I don’t know. They’ve not said
[36:05.240 –> 36:11.640] anything about it. Just it’s a thing. I will say like for as much as almost the meme as it is in
[36:11.640 –> 36:18.280] our corner here and on this podcast, like I think farming simulator does its job very well.
[36:18.280 –> 36:22.200] I think some of these other gibs probably could take a few notes from them.
[36:24.120 –> 36:31.000] Just again, like so many other things are very stardew derivative. It’d be nice to see a little
[36:31.000 –> 36:40.520] more emphasis on the actual farming, but that just me. And apparently sorghum is grown as cereals
[36:40.520 –> 36:46.920] for human consumption and in some in pastures for animals. Okay. There you go. So exciting.
[36:48.440 –> 36:54.040] It’s a nice well-known grain in the world. Yeah. Well, I’m sure their community is hyped over it.
[36:54.600 –> 37:00.120] It comes a distant fifth for most produced grades. I’m like fifth. Fifth seems quite high to me.
[37:00.120 –> 37:07.880] My body rice wheat and corn. So it’s above oats. It’s more it’s it’s produced more than oats.
[37:07.880 –> 37:14.600] What? That’s way. I didn’t know that oats wasn’t in that list. Was it farming simulator?
[37:14.600 –> 37:17.960] Does it drop again? Here’s a live on the podcast, educating us.
[37:19.160 –> 37:25.240] I need to find out the real estate. Most produced grains. You’ve got to think what’s that
[37:25.240 –> 37:30.840] soy must be pretty high, right? I would think so. But yeah, did we say the date for that May
[37:30.840 –> 37:37.800] 23? I get that. Corn is the top. Then wheat, then rice, then barley, then sorghum, then oats,
[37:37.800 –> 37:43.320] then rye. Oh, I don’t I don’t see a soy not a grain. Is that what it is? It’s a pedantic thing.
[37:43.880 –> 37:47.800] I think it is. What is soy? So it is not a grain. It is a bean.
[37:47.800 –> 37:55.800] Pulse. Oh my. What? It’s a it’s a little just got fog. Okay. Lagoon. Okay. Yes. I know the
[37:55.800 –> 38:05.800] Gooms. Yes. Like a peanut. Yeah. Another bean. Not a not. Right. Moving on from the very niche conversation.
[38:06.520 –> 38:11.720] Wait. I think this is more why I think this is more on topic than anything else we could
[38:11.720 –> 38:17.240] buzz a little bit. This is why we changed. This is why we changed the cottage core.
[38:17.240 –> 38:25.960] No. Final piece of news is there’s a new game that’s just come out called Don groan.
[38:27.080 –> 38:30.840] And this I’ll just read the blub for this one. A short adventure about healing people’s
[38:30.840 –> 38:37.160] inner worlds from corruption and confront emotions in this refreshingly cute adventure about
[38:37.160 –> 38:40.840] cleansing people’s inner worlds of doubt and pain. You are as you’re the frog.
[38:40.840 –> 38:47.000] Journey from the foliage floating in the sky to the minds of the afflicted as you cleanse
[38:47.000 –> 38:53.640] their rich inner worlds from the dark ooze that corrupts them. Okay. Um, the, um, sorry,
[38:53.640 –> 38:58.680] good. No, go ahead. You can give your thoughts. Oh, well, I was just going to say like looking at
[38:58.680 –> 39:06.520] all of these trailers from indie developers and I see their subscriber count at like 30, 47, 10.
[39:06.520 –> 39:12.040] And I’m like, oh, look at these guys. They’re, they’re really, they’re really working. Yeah. Yeah.
[39:12.040 –> 39:18.200] No. I mean, that, that’s pretty common in our neighborhoods too. Um, but I mean, hey, that’s,
[39:18.200 –> 39:23.160] that’s part of this with this podcast is we’re right. Uh, okay. So I have three things to say about
[39:23.160 –> 39:28.200] this game. One, uh, the pixel art very nice, very stylish. I like it. Mine to be a bull. There’s
[39:28.200 –> 39:35.240] all the games. Um, two, that said, the game cannot be as posi. There’s no way could ever be as
[39:35.240 –> 39:41.800] possibly cute as the, uh, the like actual, uh, art of the frog, like the little title art with
[39:41.800 –> 39:47.240] him. That is it. Oh, yes. I thought the same thing. Like the, like the, the, the cover image.
[39:47.240 –> 39:52.680] Yeah. It’s that frog is too cute and, and I feel bad for them that they could never replicate
[39:52.680 –> 40:00.040] that with pixels and nothing against them. That’s just the Herculean task. Um, and three, it’s a
[40:00.040 –> 40:08.440] novel, an interesting idea. Um, it’s basically power simulator, but like on a 2D plane, um,
[40:08.440 –> 40:12.520] or power washing simulator, it gets to any minute. You guys know what I meant? Um, I did.
[40:12.520 –> 40:16.360] Yeah. You’re just, right. Well, actually, assumed you had said to the whole sentence.
[40:17.560 –> 40:26.680] Yeah. I’m sure different most people. Um, but yeah, which is a cool idea. I don’t know how
[40:26.680 –> 40:32.280] the emotional stuff will work. I think this, this game might live or die by that. Um, yeah,
[40:32.280 –> 40:37.720] but it’s a cool idea. Um, power washing simulator, that games, that games go in places,
[40:37.720 –> 40:43.880] doing cross over Final Fantasy. Um, but dongrook game looks very fun. Yeah, dongrook. And it’s
[40:43.880 –> 40:49.000] out now. It’s only like what? Five bucks. Yeah, six bucks in the US at least. Um, so that’s
[40:49.000 –> 40:54.680] really cute. Go. This would be a good game for mobile, I think. Um, I hope it can do that at some
[40:54.680 –> 41:03.640] point. I think my big question, my big question about this game is whether or not we get the stories
[41:03.640 –> 41:09.800] of people. And if so, how good they are. And yeah, I think it that could make that could
[41:09.800 –> 41:15.160] move it from. Oh, this was fun to this is a great game. Yeah. No, yeah. That’s what I meant by it.
[41:15.160 –> 41:19.480] It’s going to live or die by that. Um, and we say people, but I don’t actually see any humans.
[41:19.480 –> 41:25.320] There’s a one eye ghost named Bloco and a son lady named Damien. I mean, I guess this is,
[41:25.320 –> 41:30.760] I’m assuming this is a spirit fair type thing with their metaphors. I guess maybe I don’t know.
[41:31.400 –> 41:35.560] Because it does say people. It says people. How does it says a short adventure about healing
[41:35.560 –> 41:41.320] peoples in our worlds? Oh, huh? Obviously now, now I’m interested if it is metaphorical.
[41:41.320 –> 41:45.880] I suspect it’s true. Oh, see, we got to hype this game up. Maybe we can get a crossover going
[41:45.880 –> 41:55.080] with spirit fair at something. Well, we’ll see, we’ll see how that goes. Okay. Well, that’s the news.
[41:55.880 –> 42:01.720] We’re now going to talk about our main topic, which is using cultures in video games. I
[42:01.720 –> 42:06.440] have undecided as to whether it’s using other peoples cultures or whether it’s just using cultures
[42:06.440 –> 42:14.360] because like that’s a complicated line. Well, I mean, that’s all the topic. It’s all intertwined.
[42:14.360 –> 42:19.880] Yeah. Yeah. So I guess I’ll get I’ll give a little bit of a summary of how we got here. So we
[42:20.680 –> 42:24.440] had for those who haven’t listened to the previous episodes where we talked about this,
[42:24.440 –> 42:30.680] we were talking about a game called Above Snakes, which is firstly, important point developed by
[42:31.880 –> 42:41.880] German person who I believe has no specific connection to any Native American cultures.
[42:41.880 –> 42:47.080] Nama, have you seen this Above Snakes? Have you seen the stuff? Not before being approached about
[42:47.080 –> 42:51.400] this. Okay. All right. Well, I’m just curious because it’s probably important to see this.
[42:51.400 –> 42:56.520] Yeah. I shared, I shared the link with them a couple weeks ago. Okay. Cool. So he’s not being,
[42:56.520 –> 42:58.760] he’s not just being jumped, he’s not just jumping on him right now.
[43:00.760 –> 43:04.120] Whether he, whether he read it or not is not my problem.
[43:04.120 –> 43:14.360] Yeah. So this game is a game set in the Wild West and is the main character
[43:15.400 –> 43:23.000] was and is using a lot of imagery from some North American cultures. And we brought up at the time
[43:23.000 –> 43:28.760] that if this was just one person developing at that point and it was someone from Germany who
[43:28.760 –> 43:33.880] wouldn’t necessarily have the intimate knowledge that you would need to do this respectfully,
[43:33.880 –> 43:41.000] obviously we would want that to be done properly. And since then, he has released an update,
[43:41.000 –> 43:45.000] he’s updated a bunch of the imagery, which is an interesting thing that we can probably get into
[43:45.000 –> 43:49.480] if we want to talk about that specifically. I don’t know whether we do or not. And also talking
[43:49.480 –> 43:55.480] about the things that he has done to understand these cultures better and talk to people who
[43:55.480 –> 43:59.800] actually know rather than making lots of assumptions, because it looks like from what he said,
[43:59.800 –> 44:05.080] he did make a lot of assumptions and got a lot of things wrong. Which is, I mean,
[44:05.080 –> 44:08.680] understandable when you don’t do it, but when you don’t know and you didn’t drop in these
[44:10.600 –> 44:14.680] cultures, right? Like you can’t know everything. But that’s why it’s important to do research
[44:14.680 –> 44:19.000] and to talk to people who do know. So that’s our kind of summary of how we got to this point.
[44:19.000 –> 44:23.400] I thought it would be good to talk about these things. I’m not, you know, I’m saying this is about
[44:23.400 –> 44:27.240] using cultures and video games. I’m not expecting to come out of this with, he does what you need
[44:27.240 –> 44:32.120] to do to respectfully use somebody else’s culture. Oh, that’s what I’m here for here.
[44:32.120 –> 44:36.920] That’s what we’re doing here. We’re just, we’re here to talk about this. And I guess maybe
[44:36.920 –> 44:40.920] before we get into the meat of it, maybe we should just have a quick summary of who we are,
[44:40.920 –> 44:45.480] because obviously it’s important to understand our backgrounds for this conversation.
[44:45.480 –> 44:54.600] I am obviously, you can probably hear my voice, a very white guy. I am Scottish. I have white
[44:54.600 –> 45:00.680] everywhere, like my entire family tree is basically white from different places in Europe.
[45:01.480 –> 45:07.720] That’s, that’s about it. So obviously I will try and not talk very much during this conversation.
[45:08.520 –> 45:15.000] No, we need you to talk. This is where this is, this is how we find out. We gotta, we gotta
[45:15.000 –> 45:18.360] wrestle with you. You need me to say the embarrassing things, right? Yes.
[45:21.000 –> 45:24.920] All right. First thing you want to, do you want to talk about you? I’d like to hear
[45:24.920 –> 45:29.000] not mate, like this story was about the Native American stuff. Well, sure. I was going to,
[45:29.000 –> 45:32.680] I was going to leave not me for the end just because he’s newest, but that’s fine. If we’re
[45:32.680 –> 45:36.360] going to go in that order, that’s fine. Oh, are we just, oh, you want me to describe my background?
[45:36.360 –> 45:41.960] Okay, sure. Yeah, just background. Yeah. All right. Um, so for people who don’t know my family
[45:41.960 –> 45:48.280] is from Mexico, basically, Mexican by culture and by blood. I first generation American technically.
[45:49.560 –> 45:56.760] So I, like, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia in the south and in Savannah, which is a much
[45:56.760 –> 46:04.760] more quote unquote southern place. Um, so I definitely experienced this sort of racial culture
[46:04.760 –> 46:12.520] clash, whatever you want to call it, on a day-to-day basis, um, in real life. So I definitely have
[46:12.520 –> 46:18.600] many thoughts that are applicable for how this applies to media, right? It’s not just video games,
[46:18.600 –> 46:25.480] like media in general, but, um, right. Um, and I have plenty of examples we can talk about. Um,
[46:26.280 –> 46:31.400] but, uh, yeah, and yeah, and obviously like at least for people in America in the past year,
[46:31.400 –> 46:39.160] few years with the focus on racial issues here in America, like I’ve given all of this a lot
[46:39.160 –> 46:44.120] more thought and definitely have plenty of things to talk about. Go ahead, Nama. Okay. Well,
[46:45.160 –> 46:51.320] as I said at the beginning, um, I kind of primarily identify as Native American, uh, but I am
[46:51.320 –> 47:00.040] a melting pot of a person. I am one fourth Comanche that is my grant, my, my paternal grandmother,
[47:00.040 –> 47:10.040] my dad’s mom is full Comanche. Um, my, I’m also a fourth Mexican, my, um, paternal grandfather,
[47:10.040 –> 47:19.480] my dad’s dad is full Mexican. And I’m half German of all things. Yeah. Okay. Um, my,
[47:19.480 –> 47:25.640] my mom is full German and her parents are both full Germans. So I’m technically, if you just
[47:25.640 –> 47:31.160] look at the, the numbers, I’m more white than anything else, but I’m, I’m half white and half
[47:31.160 –> 47:37.720] other. What a surprise. Yeah. I know. I mean, so much of these things are not necessarily your
[47:37.720 –> 47:44.520] genes, but about, yeah, no, no, of course, you know, of course not. Yeah. And so I grew up in a very,
[47:45.640 –> 47:51.640] uh, just as I am a melting pot, I have a lot of, you know, uh, traditions and things that I’m
[47:51.640 –> 47:58.760] aware of on my radar from all of these different things, like I, uh, and, and pretty familiar with,
[47:58.760 –> 48:05.000] like the Comanche powwow and all of that, but I’m also, you know, pretty also fairly rooted in,
[48:05.000 –> 48:09.880] like, just your regular basic white culture as well. So like there’s, there’s a lot that I,
[48:09.880 –> 48:15.880] that I, that I, that I, that I’ll have on my radar as, as, as it were. Um, and before we talk about,
[48:15.880 –> 48:20.920] um, the, the game and the culture and all this stuff, Kevin, when we first started recording,
[48:20.920 –> 48:25.400] I sound like you were going to ask me something about like, about, oh, yes, yes, yes, this is
[48:25.400 –> 48:32.360] experience. Um, I think she’s mentioned something like, I just, well, okay, I didn’t realize like
[48:32.360 –> 48:38.040] you’re like, obviously Native American tribes have their own status as a nation or whatever. And
[48:38.040 –> 48:45.480] I was curious if you get any sort of citizenship under that. Uh, yes, uh, the Comanche nation has
[48:45.480 –> 48:50.520] their own government or their own flag. We have, uh, elections and stuff like that. I just got
[48:50.520 –> 48:57.960] something in the mail for another election coming up. Uh, they’re based in Oklahoma. And, uh,
[48:57.960 –> 49:05.080] yeah, I, I have my own tribal ID. I have, um, a number that’s associated with me that they
[49:05.080 –> 49:11.640] can identify with me with. Uh, and it, uh, maybe the most important thing on that is it shows
[49:11.640 –> 49:19.640] what percentage I am. Um, you are able in, in the Comanche nation, uh, to receive certain benefits
[49:19.640 –> 49:26.760] and stuff like that, um, by being an enrolled tribal member. And up until very recently,
[49:26.760 –> 49:31.640] the, the most you could be in order to receive those benefits was one fourth, which is what I am.
[49:31.640 –> 49:38.920] Okay. Um, but there was, there was a conversation, and maybe five years ago, uh, to, to lower that
[49:38.920 –> 49:46.280] to one eighth as, as, I don’t want to say the bloodline, but as, as the, um, as these percentages
[49:46.280 –> 49:52.680] get less and less common to be full, right? Uh, and to be more and more, you know, closer to an
[49:52.680 –> 49:58.280] eighth, to allow it to be an eighth would let another, like our kids, you know, another generation
[49:58.280 –> 50:05.160] to just be included in, uh, these customs and these, these, um, these, these great things that
[50:05.160 –> 50:13.000] we want to share, but also with the, the, the, the profits and, uh, the, the, you know, help get them
[50:13.000 –> 50:18.360] in there to help make the decisions, you know, as we go further along in life. Hmm. That’s
[50:18.360 –> 50:25.000] fascinating. Yeah. Cause it’s interesting. Cause it is interesting. Cause like the, the way that the
[50:25.000 –> 50:29.320] United States and I believe Canada has some similar things in terms of how they, they deal with,
[50:30.280 –> 50:36.280] um, the native American tribes. The way that works is, it’s such a unique thing that being
[50:36.280 –> 50:42.040] European have only really learned about in the last few years, as I, you know, actually tried to
[50:42.040 –> 50:47.080] understand these things. Um, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually realized that
[50:47.080 –> 50:51.560] the United States isn’t everything within what I, we traditionally think of as the United
[50:51.560 –> 50:57.960] States, right? Like there are the tribal lands as well, which are a complicated status,
[50:57.960 –> 51:07.000] shall we say? And these, and it’s, it’s such a unique area that I think, you know, America gets a
[51:07.000 –> 51:11.240] lot of flack for a lot of things. And I’m not going to say that they did this perfectly, the
[51:11.240 –> 51:19.160] absolute. But it is a uniquely positive thing, I think, I mean, maybe it’d be interesting to get.
[51:19.160 –> 51:23.640] I don’t know. Are we here to talk about this? I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t want this to balloon
[51:23.640 –> 51:29.880] into like, we need your perspective. So go ahead. Keep going. Yeah. You can make your point.
[51:29.880 –> 51:34.840] At my point is just like, I think that there are very few things that we can look to the United
[51:34.840 –> 51:39.240] States and say that is something that we should maybe think about in other areas. But I think
[51:39.240 –> 51:44.520] the, I think we can. And like some countries are looking at that, like, you know, we’ve had
[51:44.520 –> 51:49.000] Johnny on the podcast. He’s talked a bit about how New Zealand is trying to deal with its
[51:51.000 –> 51:55.480] indigenous indigenous peoples. Yeah. That was the word. I was like, what’s the word? I’m looking
[51:55.480 –> 52:01.240] for indigenous and how the different cultures interact and how you respect everything there.
[52:02.040 –> 52:05.880] And I’m not necessarily seeing that the way that America has done it is right. Obviously,
[52:05.880 –> 52:11.080] there are many cases where the American government has not got followed through on promises
[52:11.080 –> 52:18.120] that they have made it. Shall we see? But it’s an interesting way of doing things. And these
[52:18.120 –> 52:24.280] things are very complicated. And what makes a person a person is very complicated. And I just
[52:24.280 –> 52:27.880] find it really, really interesting because it is such a unique situation.
[52:27.880 –> 52:34.760] Now in the interest of like representing accurately, I think all of what you said is valid,
[52:34.760 –> 52:38.760] because there are cases like that with different tribes that the government, that the United
[52:38.760 –> 52:45.640] States government comes in and provides a little something. But what I’ve said about like
[52:46.200 –> 52:51.080] Comanches getting their benefits and stuff, that all comes with it from within the government
[52:51.080 –> 52:57.000] of the Comanches themselves. Yeah, we have. Yeah, sorry. To clarify what I was saying was about
[52:57.000 –> 53:03.160] the, the agreements between the United States and the tribes in actually respecting their,
[53:03.160 –> 53:10.120] their land. Yes, that was more was affected. Not necessarily federal funds or anything like that.
[53:10.120 –> 53:15.480] And as I mentioned, they have not not followed through on all the promises. But the idea that
[53:15.480 –> 53:19.880] there are areas within what people outside of the United States would think of as the United
[53:19.880 –> 53:25.480] States, the aren’t technically United States, can have that in and of itself is a unique
[53:25.480 –> 53:34.680] thing that I think is important to, to think about. Okay, cool. So that’s a lot of background
[53:34.680 –> 53:40.600] for now what we’re going to talk about, which is like, I have no idea how we’re going to do this.
[53:40.600 –> 53:44.920] Well, like I said, let’s do an army starts on the whole above snakes thing. I think that’s
[53:44.920 –> 53:51.880] what I want to say is I don’t want this to be a Hanami. Come on and tell us whether you think
[53:51.880 –> 53:55.480] this is right or not. That’s not what I don’t think. I don’t think we should be doing that.
[53:55.480 –> 53:59.960] I don’t think it’s fair to Nama to say judge this developer and tell us whether they’ve done
[53:59.960 –> 54:06.840] enough. You know, judge. I mean, more. I mean, judge if you want to, but like, I don’t,
[54:06.840 –> 54:10.840] I don’t want to force you into that because it’s, it’s completely right. Sure.
[54:10.840 –> 54:17.080] One here’s thoughts. Yes, that’s right. So let’s go for it. So what, what are we doing? Yes, I, I mean,
[54:17.080 –> 54:22.200] I understand like, I’m all on board for that. So, but how are you, how are we dipping our toe into
[54:22.200 –> 54:28.120] this camera? I probably should have thought about that. Yeah. I think, I think the thing is right,
[54:28.120 –> 54:32.920] there’s, there’s specific questions and then there’s way to questions and the way to questions.
[54:32.920 –> 54:37.480] Do you say you didn’t bring them on to judge? But at the same time, like, I think that’s what we
[54:37.480 –> 54:44.280] need so people understand, like, what’s cool, what’s not what was done well, what can be done better.
[54:44.280 –> 54:49.560] Um, I mean, I think no, I may just go for it. Just, just start giving us your thoughts on the whole
[54:49.560 –> 54:56.760] thing, but you saw what you think. Sure, go for it. So this is, um, definitely kind of an outside
[54:56.760 –> 55:01.960] looking in because I wasn’t aware of this controversy until it was brought to my attention by you
[55:01.960 –> 55:09.560] guys. Um, but I do understand like, oh, here it is. It’s a, um, it’s, it’s, it’s an outside
[55:09.560 –> 55:14.360] developer. We don’t need to say white necessarily because it could have been any group from coming
[55:14.360 –> 55:22.680] from another group. Um, yeah, I mean, he is white, but you know, adapting a culture for the purposes
[55:22.680 –> 55:28.840] of their game. Yes. The question is, right? Probably there’s probably two big questions that you can
[55:28.840 –> 55:35.480] ask. One, was there any consultation with the group being represented? And we know that answer to
[55:35.480 –> 55:42.920] be no, uh, maybe now it’s a yes, but originally it was a no. Yeah. And two, how are they choosing to
[55:42.920 –> 55:48.840] represent the culture within this game? So I, we, we’ve mentioned that we’re going to be talking
[55:48.840 –> 55:56.200] about Tia a little bit in this conversation and comparing the two right now, the, the influence of
[55:56.200 –> 56:01.880] the, uh, of the culture from, let me see the name of this, uh, of the country again. And you
[56:01.880 –> 56:07.240] know, don’t you? Caledonia, Caledonia. So New Caledonia, I mean, it’s right in the name of the title of
[56:07.240 –> 56:14.280] the game, right? They’re saying this is what it is. And it, it seemed like down from the music to the,
[56:15.000 –> 56:21.000] to like the imagery, uh, that they’re using and stuff like that. They seem really dedicated to
[56:21.000 –> 56:27.560] positively representing the culture. Now compare that to what I’m seeing with the trailer from
[56:27.560 –> 56:32.360] above snakes. Again, I’m only looking at this official gameplay trailer. Uh, it’s just kind
[56:32.360 –> 56:38.520] of like a costume that it’s putting on. And I know that might be a charged word, but like we’d
[56:38.520 –> 56:43.320] said, okay, here’s the, the farming game that we would have. And now we’re just going to cover it
[56:43.320 –> 56:50.360] with like a coat of native American paint, um, for flavor, you know, like, are you using it for
[56:50.360 –> 56:55.320] flavor? Are you using it because you believe in what you’re representing? Those are the, the big
[56:55.320 –> 57:04.440] questions when it comes to, yeah, representing well. The, uh, I, I’m going to turn to what, um,
[57:04.440 –> 57:09.640] some animated studios have done in a lot of their, uh, movies specifically, let’s, uh, let’s,
[57:09.640 –> 57:16.040] let’s say Moana, the Disney movie. Um, and this applies to different movies as well. But they assembled
[57:16.760 –> 57:22.840] kind of a cultural table, uh, full of different people with different experiences that all,
[57:22.840 –> 57:29.880] that all identify as, um, uh, what’s the word? Uh, but, you know, the people that, uh,
[57:29.880 –> 57:35.480] that Moana’s the, the Pacific Islanders, you know, and think people like that. Um, they, they assembled
[57:35.480 –> 57:41.400] a group and said, keep us in check, you know, what do you think of this? What do you think of this?
[57:41.400 –> 57:49.480] Like, is this in, um, is this reflecting how you guys want to be represented? And they did that
[57:49.480 –> 57:57.000] similarly with movies like Coco, they did that with, um, Ryan, the last dragon, really like
[57:57.000 –> 58:04.200] nestling into the culture and talking to them, having a dialogue. I think as long as you, you know,
[58:04.200 –> 58:10.600] have good intentions and to have a dialogue, you kind of avoid this like, yeah, putting on the,
[58:10.600 –> 58:18.600] the, the Native American code of paint kind of situation. Um, does that mean that there is a bad
[58:18.600 –> 58:24.920] intention from the developer? Certainly not, right? But there is a difference between, uh,
[58:24.920 –> 58:31.400] good intentions, bad intentions and thoughtful this and unthoughtfulness. Yeah. Yeah. So that,
[58:31.400 –> 58:36.280] that is my first, uh, impression. I think that’s, that’s totally fair. I, I, I did want to talk
[58:36.280 –> 58:42.040] about Gia because I think that Gia is, is different because I will know that the, the founders of
[58:42.040 –> 58:47.880] the development company for Gia grew up in New Caledonia. So it is different. Sure. But one thing
[58:47.880 –> 58:53.800] that I noticed in the first stuff I saw about it was that not everybody is from there, just the two
[58:53.800 –> 58:58.920] founders, right? It’s a development team in Montreal. But what they did, what the founders did was
[58:58.920 –> 59:06.040] they took everyone to New Caledonia and like kind of immersed them in that place. And so as
[59:06.040 –> 59:09.880] someone who didn’t grow up there, they cannot know everything. They cannot know what it was like to
[59:09.880 –> 59:15.480] grow up there, but they can get a flavor of it and they can meet people and they can see the place
[59:15.480 –> 59:21.320] and they can figure out what, what, what is it like to be there at the very least? And I suspect
[59:21.320 –> 59:26.120] having the founders being there and deciding the direction of the game is probably a big part of it.
[59:26.120 –> 59:32.760] You know, I’m not, it’s, it’s completely different from someone being completely outside of that
[59:32.760 –> 59:37.320] culture and then trying to figure out what you want, right? So there’s always that person that
[59:37.320 –> 59:41.000] developers can also say, what do you think about that? They don’t need to go outside of the company
[59:41.000 –> 59:46.520] for that. But I think that was my key question when we first saw above snakes was, I don’t know
[59:46.520 –> 59:51.080] whether this has been discussed with anybody, you know, and whether that dialogue has happened.
[59:51.800 –> 59:57.960] It does now look like that dialogue has happened, but I think the key point is, I think this post
[59:57.960 –> 01:00:04.680] proves that there wasn’t a dialogue initially because even just in the clothing that the main character
[01:00:04.680 –> 01:00:09.720] was wearing, it seems like they’re aware of some. And I don’t know whether this is like, it could
[01:00:09.720 –> 01:00:15.560] well be that this is different depending on which Native American tribe you’re from. But it looks
[01:00:15.560 –> 01:00:20.440] like there were some things that were kind of incorrect in how it would be traditionally used
[01:00:21.880 –> 01:00:25.000] in terms of, you know, different clothing and different things on clothing and stuff like that.
[01:00:25.960 –> 01:00:29.400] One thing that kind of rubs me the wrong way is when
[01:00:31.480 –> 01:00:36.840] when Native American characters, especially Native American women are kind of portrayed as like
[01:00:36.840 –> 01:00:44.120] these like, I don’t know, like, amazons, you know what I mean? Like, and I’m not saying that the
[01:00:44.120 –> 01:00:50.920] character in this game is like hyper sexualized or anything, but like the way that the clothes are
[01:00:50.920 –> 01:00:57.160] fitting and like the, I don’t know, the presentation of it, it’s like, oh, look at the beautiful
[01:00:57.800 –> 01:01:02.760] date of America, but you know what I mean? That just kind of comes down to like, how are you
[01:01:02.760 –> 01:01:07.640] representing women in video games? Oh, yeah. As well. And that’s intersectionality,
[01:01:07.640 –> 01:01:18.040] huge conversation. Yeah. But, but yeah, that, that kind of thing kind of informs the attitude
[01:01:19.480 –> 01:01:26.040] with the, with the overall structure, something to make. Yeah. Because as far as, as far as, as far as
[01:01:26.040 –> 01:01:30.280] I can tell, just looking at these trailers, I mean, I could pull up different, different gameplay
[01:01:30.280 –> 01:01:36.200] or even check out the game myself. That’s the only like, I don’t, maybe not the only, but the
[01:01:36.200 –> 01:01:41.560] main point of representation is in this one playable character. Yeah. I’m looking at these,
[01:01:41.560 –> 01:01:47.000] these, these huts and these, these houses and these cottages and that’s just all kind of
[01:01:47.800 –> 01:01:52.840] basic. Like, your, your main point in the representation here is with that playable character.
[01:01:52.840 –> 01:01:56.840] Yeah. That is actually a thing. I don’t think I’ve verbalized this before, but it was something
[01:01:56.840 –> 01:02:04.600] I was kind of wondering is, is this, is this whitewashing things? Is this going to take
[01:02:05.480 –> 01:02:11.000] what was a very difficult time in, you know, in the history of North America,
[01:02:11.800 –> 01:02:19.160] where we have these white settlers coming over and maybe I should maybe what European settlers,
[01:02:19.160 –> 01:02:26.360] however you want to do it, right? Coming over and essentially taking over, right? Like, we can,
[01:02:26.360 –> 01:02:30.920] we can dress it up however we want, but that’s what they were doing. That was the entire point
[01:02:30.920 –> 01:02:37.560] of it. That’s what colonialism is, is taking over. And so I, I have not played the game,
[01:02:37.560 –> 01:02:41.640] I know it, I know it’s in, or it was not in early access yet. It’s just, no, you can’t play,
[01:02:41.640 –> 01:02:47.240] I told you. Um, but I, I, the whole was has been a little bit in me of worrying of, is that going
[01:02:47.240 –> 01:02:52.440] to whitewash things? Are we going to see any conflict? Or are we just, is this the wild west,
[01:02:52.440 –> 01:02:57.160] but you just happen to be playing a Native American character that probably should be white
[01:02:57.160 –> 01:03:02.680] based on how things are going in this article? I do recall seeing in one of the, in the update,
[01:03:02.680 –> 01:03:07.320] and when they discussed the getting some, you know, consulting with other people, um,
[01:03:07.960 –> 01:03:12.920] they mentioned the effort, I don’t know the character’s name, the protagonist, she is actually
[01:03:13.560 –> 01:03:20.600] half of the Native American culture and half colonists, I believe. So I think they are actually
[01:03:20.600 –> 01:03:25.080] going to bring that up to the forefront. I don’t know, like, to what degree or what like,
[01:03:25.080 –> 01:03:30.600] but I think it’s just like the meaning that metaphorically, I think, or no, so it does,
[01:03:30.600 –> 01:03:33.800] or I’ll read this, I’ll just read this. I hope they go for it. Find the paragraph you’re talking about.
[01:03:33.800 –> 01:03:39.160] Thank you. Um, over the past two years, we’ve noticed she is often mistaken as a fully native
[01:03:39.160 –> 01:03:44.280] character when in actuality. I don’t, is that meant to be, is it Ayana? Do you think is that
[01:03:44.280 –> 01:03:50.520] hope probably? Possibly. Is an individual that represents both the tribes of above snakes and its
[01:03:50.520 –> 01:03:56.040] colonists? Um, Ayana’s father descends from a tribe while her mother is a colonist from Carp’s Creek.
[01:03:56.040 –> 01:03:59.880] That’s all we can say without spoiling it. As we’re needing the eventual for release of above snakes
[01:03:59.880 –> 01:04:04.520] is felt more important than ever to capture the essence of both in Ayana’s design. I don’t know
[01:04:04.520 –> 01:04:08.840] if that’s better or worse. Yeah, well, that’s what I’m thinking as well. Like that, that could be
[01:04:08.840 –> 01:04:16.440] because they do say that it’s not actually set in the wild west. It’s not set in America. It’s
[01:04:16.440 –> 01:04:22.040] set in a different place, a different thing that’s kind of based on the wild west. But that almost
[01:04:22.040 –> 01:04:26.920] feels like a cop out, right? Yeah, that just means that anything that we get wrong, we can just
[01:04:26.920 –> 01:04:30.760] point to that and say, oh, but it’s not. It’s like, oh, it’s fantasy. It’s not real. Exactly.
[01:04:31.320 –> 01:04:36.680] It’s a difficult one. Yeah, I don’t know. I think that I might get reaction there is that it
[01:04:36.680 –> 01:04:43.640] does make it a little worse to not just commit and say, hey, yeah, this is a Native American
[01:04:43.640 –> 01:04:49.080] coded character. And there’s no, there’s no middle ground. It seems like that there, it’s like,
[01:04:49.080 –> 01:04:54.600] oh, it’s bold so that they can kind of have their cake at eight to two, you know, I don’t know.
[01:04:54.600 –> 01:05:00.280] I mean, yeah, I might have, I might be looking at it a little more positively thinking they’re
[01:05:00.280 –> 01:05:05.960] going to look at the themes of these conflicting forces, but it could also totally be a
[01:05:05.960 –> 01:05:11.560] the trash fire and like you’re saying, uh, just a cop out. Well, that’s, well, that’s the thing
[01:05:11.560 –> 01:05:17.080] is it could be, it could be done. The could be a story. Yes, because that’s actually does a big
[01:05:17.080 –> 01:05:23.480] ring. Right. That’s it. Yeah. Yeah. It does happen for sure. That’s it. I mean, that’s
[01:05:23.480 –> 01:05:29.720] me. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Right. Even me, unlike racially, I’m not split, but like culturally,
[01:05:29.720 –> 01:05:35.560] we’re growing up in one place and having the family culture of another, like it’s, it’s very
[01:05:35.560 –> 01:05:42.440] a much an important story and can be told well. Yeah, I will say that, um, you know, I’m being
[01:05:42.440 –> 01:05:49.240] very careful about like how this is the optics of this, but personally, I’m not that offended by
[01:05:49.240 –> 01:05:55.800] it. Um, really at all. Yeah. Sure. Sure. I mean, this isn’t necessarily meant to be all like,
[01:05:55.800 –> 01:06:00.360] oh, I can’t believe you’ve done this. You’ve offended only to the Americans. Right. Yeah. That’s
[01:06:00.360 –> 01:06:04.120] not what we’re trying to do. Nobody’s, nobody’s grabbing pitch for it. So we’re just trying to have
[01:06:04.120 –> 01:06:09.800] a conversation. Of course. Like how, how to best go about this as opposed to, no, they should,
[01:06:09.800 –> 01:06:14.920] this game needs to be canceled. And as with every group of people, there will be people that disagree,
[01:06:14.920 –> 01:06:19.720] right? So there will be, there will be people in Nama’s exact position who completely disagree on
[01:06:19.720 –> 01:06:23.880] it. And that’s fine. Like these things are, these things are complicated and people are
[01:06:23.880 –> 01:06:31.000] people in differences or differences. Yeah, absolutely disagrees. Um, so don’t be coming out as
[01:06:31.000 –> 01:06:36.440] saying, oh, well, I know native American and they think it’s fine yet. Sure. Okay. That’s fine.
[01:06:36.440 –> 01:06:41.400] People have different opinions. That doesn’t make what we said wrong. All right. So let me,
[01:06:41.400 –> 01:06:46.280] let me, let’s try this from the other angle. Nama, what, what would you like to see
[01:06:46.280 –> 01:06:51.960] given this premise, this situation here, right? Like, obviously the ideal thing would be,
[01:06:51.960 –> 01:06:56.920] you know, people of a certain tribe making the game or whatever, right? But given the currency
[01:06:56.920 –> 01:07:01.080] circumstance, what would you like to see? And let’s just say this specific example above snakes?
[01:07:01.080 –> 01:07:07.800] Well, I don’t think that it needs to have a native American team or even one member on the team.
[01:07:07.800 –> 01:07:14.440] I think that you are able to make a game like this. But like I said, are you having a dialogue with
[01:07:15.640 –> 01:07:20.200] who you’re representing? That needs to be important. Or at the very least, if you have,
[01:07:20.200 –> 01:07:25.720] if the internet is not available to you and you cannot talk to anybody, can you at least do your
[01:07:25.720 –> 01:07:33.800] research and and represent? But I think that either from the story of the game or the gameplay of
[01:07:33.800 –> 01:07:39.960] the game, you need to think, okay, if we’re going to do this, how do we keep it just from being,
[01:07:39.960 –> 01:07:44.840] like I keep saying, a code of paint, you know, how do we make this either integral to the story
[01:07:44.840 –> 01:07:49.480] to where if you remove the native American element or it, you know, apply your culture here,
[01:07:49.480 –> 01:07:58.200] if you remove the element is something lost. And if it’s not lost, then that needs to be addressed.
[01:07:58.200 –> 01:08:06.280] Just as anything and what you’re creating, it becomes, it becomes, you know, maybe forgive my
[01:08:06.280 –> 01:08:15.000] brazenness, but a tool in your kin by making something the best that it can be. That applies to,
[01:08:15.000 –> 01:08:20.680] you know, to, to things in your game. It applies to like songs and a musical. If you take it out,
[01:08:21.320 –> 01:08:27.880] is something lost. So like I said, they, they need to either decide is, is the culture
[01:08:27.880 –> 01:08:33.560] integral to the story of the game? Or is it integral to the gameplay of the game? And then try to
[01:08:33.560 –> 01:08:38.440] further integrate it in either of those choices or both, you know, if it’s both.
[01:08:38.440 –> 01:08:44.520] Yeah. I think, yeah, I think the interesting thing for me is, is like when you, when you make a,
[01:08:44.520 –> 01:08:52.520] when you make a game and the playable character is a character, rather than just the generic
[01:08:52.520 –> 01:09:00.840] protagonist, you immediately have expectations on that, because that character is meant to be a
[01:09:00.840 –> 01:09:07.160] fully formed character. They have an identity, whereas if you have a game where you have just
[01:09:07.160 –> 01:09:11.320] generic protagonist that you design yourself, that completely changes it, right?
[01:09:11.320 –> 01:09:15.320] Yeah. Which I don’t think we know for certain, but I mean, from what they’ve saying, it does sound
[01:09:15.320 –> 01:09:22.360] like you play as this character. Yeah. What was the name? I, Ianna. And there isn’t choices around
[01:09:22.360 –> 01:09:28.120] that, which is fine. I’m not against that. Yeah. I’m against that when all games are just generic
[01:09:28.120 –> 01:09:34.520] white guy, right? Because then you’re raising things from a huge population of the world.
[01:09:34.520 –> 01:09:41.080] I’m not against characters that you can’t create yourself. But I think that when you do that,
[01:09:41.080 –> 01:09:48.360] you are putting expectations on things. You are creating more work for yourself. And it becomes
[01:09:48.360 –> 01:09:52.920] more difficult to be respectful. I also will say that you say you don’t need to have someone on
[01:09:52.920 –> 01:09:57.480] on the team specifically. You need to have the dialogue. I would say that one, I think that
[01:09:57.480 –> 01:10:01.960] the dialogue needs to be a business transaction. Someone, someone needs to be getting paid
[01:10:02.600 –> 01:10:07.720] for that, right? Don’t just be getting people’s free opinions on the internet. That’s not fair.
[01:10:07.720 –> 01:10:14.360] Um, you sure paid them as consultants. Yeah. Or at least come to an understanding about,
[01:10:14.360 –> 01:10:20.600] like, to wear both members of the party or something. To be like, if somebody is happy,
[01:10:20.600 –> 01:10:26.040] go ahead. Yeah. Well, I was just going to say, to be honest, I think I honestly don’t,
[01:10:26.040 –> 01:10:31.880] I would rather have a better representation even if it wasn’t paid, like if people volunteered for it,
[01:10:31.880 –> 01:10:37.320] I think I’d rather have that than then. Yeah. Yeah. It just feels like a cop out to me. Like,
[01:10:37.320 –> 01:10:40.360] there’s always going to be someone who’s like, I think, I think the people should be,
[01:10:41.000 –> 01:10:45.560] I mean, I think that in this case, they should be required to have that dialogue, right? I think
[01:10:45.560 –> 01:10:50.200] the developer should be having that dialogue. And I think, I don’t think anybody’s going to say,
[01:10:50.200 –> 01:10:54.360] oh, no, don’t pay me. Like, I think, I think they should be getting, yeah. I mean, yes, if you’re
[01:10:54.360 –> 01:11:01.240] right. Well, yeah, I mean, I do world, right? But like, I wouldn’t like the above snakes developer to
[01:11:01.240 –> 01:11:07.080] say, I can’t have that dialogue because I can’t afford to pay it or whatever. Like,
[01:11:08.280 –> 01:11:14.120] I would rather see that dialogue happen even if it didn’t give it. But again, like, again, in the
[01:11:14.120 –> 01:11:20.760] ideal world, yes, I’d like to say. Just say, just important to say that this is not a lone developer
[01:11:20.760 –> 01:11:25.960] who has no money behind him anymore. Sure. Like, he has a massive team and he has a publisher behind
[01:11:25.960 –> 01:11:30.280] okay. Good point. I think that we don’t, I think that we don’t have any money excuses. Okay. Okay.
[01:11:30.280 –> 01:11:35.160] You know, that’s a good point. Anything else, if anything else, you can promise a person,
[01:11:35.160 –> 01:11:42.280] like a percentage of the sales, like maybe like, I mean, you can be really generous with 15
[01:11:42.280 –> 01:11:46.840] or say, hey, this is what we can afford. It will give you five that kind of. Yeah, no, absolutely.
[01:11:46.840 –> 01:11:51.080] I mean, they have currently 10,000 people following them on steam. It doesn’t mean that
[01:11:51.080 –> 01:11:54.920] everybody’s going to pay them, right? But like the game we talked Don Grove that we talked about,
[01:11:54.920 –> 01:11:59.560] they have 100 people following them on steam, right? So that’s a hundredfold difference there.
[01:11:59.560 –> 01:12:05.240] Like we’re not talking about a tiny game that has no followers. So yeah, I have hopefully paid
[01:12:05.240 –> 01:12:10.520] another question. Okay. If so, this is more in general, not just the buffs next.
[01:12:10.520 –> 01:12:16.760] No, mate, do you have successful examples of representation? Do you like to point to or
[01:12:17.480 –> 01:12:21.320] like, this is how you do it? This is I enjoyed this, etc, etc.
[01:12:21.320 –> 01:12:27.400] Well, I think I brought it up in a few minutes ago, but I’m looking at some movies,
[01:12:27.400 –> 01:12:34.360] specifically, like, I think, um, Moana, I like I said, I think Lilo and Stitch, Lilo and Stitch is a
[01:12:34.360 –> 01:12:37.240] really strong representation of that culture and the people.
[01:12:37.240 –> 01:12:43.720] I guess was the question, mortar rounds, uh, like cultures of your, like your cultures,
[01:12:43.720 –> 01:12:48.440] sort of thing rather than, oh, sure, specifically in general. Oh, well, heck, I mean, do you,
[01:12:48.440 –> 01:12:52.520] do you got 20 minutes for me to talk about pray that came out last year? It was, right?
[01:12:52.520 –> 01:13:00.680] Go for it. Yes. Yeah. The, uh, no, the, I’m talking about the, uh, the, uh, the, uh, predator
[01:13:00.680 –> 01:13:07.880] movement. Oh, I haven’t seen that yet. I haven’t seen that yet. That was a movie, um, uh,
[01:13:07.880 –> 01:13:11.960] about the Comanche track and there’s two cuts of that movie. There’s the, there’s the English
[01:13:11.960 –> 01:13:16.440] track and there’s the Comanche full track. Well, I didn’t know they did that. That’s awesome.
[01:13:16.440 –> 01:13:24.040] Yeah. Okay. Uh, we were all of us about it. There was like showings at our, at our, uh, tribal
[01:13:24.040 –> 01:13:31.080] complex. It was a big deal. We were very pleased. I have, um, uh, the star, uh, Amber Midthunder,
[01:13:31.080 –> 01:13:36.840] I have her, uh, all right. So cool. Well, this definitely bumped up my list. It’s been on my list
[01:13:36.840 –> 01:13:41.480] for a while, but I know I just thought it was just some, I thought it was just a generic predator.
[01:13:41.480 –> 01:13:46.920] No, no, I forgot about that. I knew the premise, but I, I totally forgot and didn’t realize
[01:13:46.920 –> 01:13:55.480] like, oh, man. Yeah. Yeah. It takes place like in the, the, the 1800s, etc. Um, and yeah, it’s
[01:13:55.480 –> 01:13:59.640] about, uh, this is about the Comanches, but yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, there you go. No, no,
[01:13:59.640 –> 01:14:06.280] important. Right? Yeah. So that in the past. Yeah. It takes place in the best. Yeah. Um,
[01:14:06.280 –> 01:14:10.360] so yeah, it was great. It was, it was really, that was a really strong specifically of a Native
[01:14:10.360 –> 01:14:15.640] American specifically of me, of my, of my people. That was a really strong case. And it was just, uh,
[01:14:15.640 –> 01:14:20.440] just a few months ago. Yeah. It’s funny because like, she’s a woman too. I want to,
[01:14:21.960 –> 01:14:27.160] I want to preface what I’m about to say with. I, um, obviously very white and very privileged
[01:14:27.160 –> 01:14:33.960] in lots of ways, but being Scottish is an interesting one. Yes. In that a lot of things tend to be
[01:14:33.960 –> 01:14:41.560] kind of like, just bundled into like British or European at another level. And it was when brave
[01:14:41.560 –> 01:14:52.120] came out. Yes. Yeah. That legitimately was so great to have like a fully Scottish, like a Scottish
[01:14:52.120 –> 01:15:00.200] voice team, like built around Scottish, um, folklore and all these things. And it was, it was great
[01:15:00.200 –> 01:15:06.200] to see that in like such a high well-known thing from, from, from Disney. It was a Pixar thing
[01:15:06.200 –> 01:15:13.320] from Pixie. Yeah. Right. Like that. And, and my point of this is just to say like, I’m Scottish
[01:15:13.320 –> 01:15:19.240] and I had that experience. And that kind of gives me a vague kind of small glimpse into what it
[01:15:19.240 –> 01:15:23.800] must feel like when you finally start seeing your culture. Yes. It did somewhere in our
[01:15:23.800 –> 01:15:29.640] respectful and accurate way. So two things. First of all, I laughed because I forgot Bray
[01:15:29.640 –> 01:15:32.760] was the Pixar movie. I thought you were going to talk about Brave Hop. We don’t want to love
[01:15:32.760 –> 01:15:41.320] gifts. That Braveheart can get in the bin. All right. But, um, but to your point. No, that’s,
[01:15:41.320 –> 01:15:46.520] that’s totally valid out. And, and yes, that’s exactly, or well, that’s yes, that’s pretty much
[01:15:46.520 –> 01:15:52.440] the feeling, I think. Um, and I think most people can relate to that, right? Because we’re talking
[01:15:52.440 –> 01:15:58.360] about race and culture here, but there’s other bits that people relate to like location, right? New
[01:15:58.360 –> 01:16:03.880] Yorkers care about how New Yorkers represented, et cetera. Um, but yeah, I don’t know, like
[01:16:04.920 –> 01:16:09.000] representation matters in lots of different ways. And, and I’m glad you brought that up,
[01:16:09.000 –> 01:16:15.000] because I think I would hope most people can find something that they feel represented them well,
[01:16:15.560 –> 01:16:21.000] or get represented a certain thing they care about themselves well. Um, and yeah, no, that’s like
[01:16:21.000 –> 01:16:24.840] a very good example in light. You brought it up. Yeah, it was just something that kind of pops into
[01:16:24.840 –> 01:16:31.560] my brain. Like, I think it’s important that we don’t, we don’t equate these things, right? Like,
[01:16:32.120 –> 01:16:37.560] it’s not the same thing. Well, of course not, but it’s the closest thing we are one of the
[01:16:37.560 –> 01:16:42.600] closest things. So it’s very good to bring up. Um, I’m going to let it. Yeah, I think it is, I think it is
[01:16:42.600 –> 01:16:48.280] similar. I think that you can make an argument that you can. I think so too. No, I do.
[01:16:48.280 –> 01:16:54.520] You said it, not me. Yeah, like, I, yeah, I get your dancing right now, but no, I think it’s fair.
[01:16:55.080 –> 01:16:59.240] It’s a culture. It’s still a culture. It’s not necessarily a racial thing, but it is a culture.
[01:16:59.240 –> 01:17:03.320] Yeah, sure, right? And you, I’m just, I’m trying, I’m not trying to equate what happened to Scottish
[01:17:03.320 –> 01:17:06.680] people as well as happened to Native American, of course. Yeah, well, no, that’s a whole,
[01:17:06.680 –> 01:17:11.720] yeah. Scott, you’re, you’re talking about the feeling of sure. Yeah,
[01:17:11.720 –> 01:17:17.240] representation, that’s the thing you’re right. It’s different experiences, but it’s, it’s the act
[01:17:17.240 –> 01:17:23.800] of the representation that’s we can equate. Absolutely. Um, yeah, no, um, how man I feel like we’ve
[01:17:23.800 –> 01:17:30.280] gone on. There’s so much I want to talk about here. Um, like I do want to bring up one, um,
[01:17:30.280 –> 01:17:36.120] because this was just announced just like this past week. Um, so Street Fighter Six, which has a
[01:17:37.240 –> 01:17:44.840] quite a history with racial representation. Um, they actually announced a, uh, a native
[01:17:44.840 –> 01:17:51.640] American Mexican character just this past week. Her name is Lily. Uh, she’s a smaller girl. Um,
[01:17:52.360 –> 01:17:59.880] I am not, well, I do have some native American Mexican blood in me. I don’t necessarily identify
[01:17:59.880 –> 01:18:05.720] or have that culturally, but, um, but just looking at it, like here, I can post the picture for
[01:18:05.720 –> 01:18:14.520] you guys to see. Like, oh man, this, this looks awesome, just seeing a cool character. Um, uh, again,
[01:18:15.160 –> 01:18:20.920] who looks like me again, you know, Mexicans coming all sorts of different shades, but, um,
[01:18:21.480 –> 01:18:27.000] but yeah, who’s clearly Mexican, they got the background that looks very Mexican and I, and this
[01:18:27.000 –> 01:18:33.560] is even more specific, um, the native American Mexican, which is really cool to see. Um,
[01:18:33.560 –> 01:18:39.800] yeah. That’s fun. And like, at the same time, this also brings up a question of like,
[01:18:40.440 –> 01:18:46.360] Street Fighter characters also are kind of cartoony and almost caricature, um, at times.
[01:18:46.920 –> 01:18:51.560] And that’s not always a bad thing, necessarily. All I mean, a lot of times, yes, it is, but like,
[01:18:51.560 –> 01:18:55.160] like I look at this image I showed you guys with Lily, you see somebody with some
[01:18:55.160 –> 01:18:59.960] rare own the back. Like, I don’t know that I haven’t been to Mexico in a hot minute to be fair,
[01:18:59.960 –> 01:19:04.280] but that, at least for my experiences, that isn’t super common, but it’s fun to see because it
[01:19:04.280 –> 01:19:11.240] gets the message across. Um, right? Like, uh, a speedy Gonzalez is another great example,
[01:19:11.240 –> 01:19:16.520] where that, you know, an actual Looney Tunes cartoon, but he is so popular in Mexicans. He’s
[01:19:16.520 –> 01:19:21.720] everyone loves him. Yeah. Yeah. He’s, I think this is the thing is, it’s probably expectations are
[01:19:21.720 –> 01:19:29.240] different. So when, when, um, when speedy Gonzalez would have first debuted, like that probably
[01:19:29.240 –> 01:19:36.200] would have been like a massive thing, like a huge, um, a huge thing for representation, right?
[01:19:36.200 –> 01:19:43.640] Even if it was highly exaggerated on, you know, all these things. If that came out nowadays,
[01:19:43.640 –> 01:19:50.920] I suspect it would probably be reacted to differently, shall we see? Because your expectations are
[01:19:50.920 –> 01:19:56.120] different. There’s, when there’s more representation, you’re less accepting of the highly
[01:19:56.120 –> 01:20:02.920] stereotypical stuff. I don’t know, because like, I mean, like I said, it can be a character
[01:20:02.920 –> 01:20:08.920] at your time, says that’s not inherently wrong. Like I look at speedy Gonzalez in, in a vacuum,
[01:20:08.920 –> 01:20:14.680] like if he was released today, I, as an ex can, I think I’d still like him because, and a big part
[01:20:14.680 –> 01:20:21.320] of it is because one, they’re not, they’re not negative stereotypes necessarily. And two, he’s also,
[01:20:21.320 –> 01:20:24.760] the quote unquote, winner of the Looney Tunes cartoons, when you’re not smarting,
[01:20:24.760 –> 01:20:29.560] so Western, what all that, right? He goes fast. It’s fun. He’s a, he’s a fun dynamic character.
[01:20:30.600 –> 01:20:34.280] Um, so I, I think he would be positive or still even peeking out today.
[01:20:34.280 –> 01:20:40.600] I think it does depend. And I also think it depends on what your stereotypical culture is also
[01:20:40.600 –> 01:20:45.960] normally shown as, right? Sure. So if we take for, for Speaker Gonzalez, in example,
[01:20:45.960 –> 01:20:49.880] or if we take, say, for example, I can’t remember his name, but you know, there’s like the big
[01:20:49.880 –> 01:20:56.840] fat Scottish guy in Austin Powers, I don’t, I have nothing else. There’s like a ridiculously
[01:20:56.840 –> 01:21:01.000] over-the-top Scottish guy in Austin Powers who’s like, oh, I’m going to get, you’re going to get
[01:21:01.000 –> 01:21:05.880] my belly. I’m going to eat you. Um, and he’s just like ridiculously like obviously very,
[01:21:07.800 –> 01:21:14.600] shall we say, um, not, shall we say, yeah, a bit fat for big, right? Okay. But if we ignore
[01:21:14.600 –> 01:21:19.720] that bit of things, like really very stereotypical Scottish and a lot of Scottish people
[01:21:19.720 –> 01:21:25.720] love that sort of stereotypical Scottishness. And a lot of people really hate it. But I suspect,
[01:21:25.720 –> 01:21:32.360] like if we look at how, for example, traditionally native Americans would have been, uh, for
[01:21:32.360 –> 01:21:38.680] showing in media, it would tend to be a lot more like, um, you know, like savage type thing in
[01:21:38.680 –> 01:21:44.040] this, right? Well, sure, sure. Well, I would just refer you to a sort of stereo, no speedy or
[01:21:44.040 –> 01:21:48.600] no, absolutely. But yeah, absolutely. I’m, I’m trying to more generalize it. Yeah. So like, when
[01:21:48.600 –> 01:21:54.280] your stereotypes are more negative, like, oh, savage native Americans or whatever, please do not
[01:21:54.280 –> 01:22:02.600] clip that. It’s too late. They’re coming. Boy, that’s, you know, that’s quite a bold title,
[01:22:02.600 –> 01:22:12.440] you pick their al for the podcast. It becomes a lot more problematic, right? And, and these things
[01:22:12.440 –> 01:22:17.640] are just, it’s just different depending on the context as with everything. Okay. Yeah. No,
[01:22:17.640 –> 01:22:22.440] I mean, yeah, no, it’s, it’s, and like we mentioned earlier, it’s going to depend my person. And
[01:22:22.440 –> 01:22:29.080] there’s, there’s, there’s a lot of new ones to it. Um, that’s hard to, here’s an anecdote for you.
[01:22:29.960 –> 01:22:35.160] There’s a baseball team in the, uh, in the United States. They’re called the, they’re now called
[01:22:35.160 –> 01:22:42.840] the Cleveland Guardians. But, uh, for decades, they were called the Cleveland Indians. And, uh,
[01:22:42.840 –> 01:22:50.680] their mascot was, you know, an Indian and Native American. And they haven’t, they’ve had
[01:22:50.680 –> 01:22:56.200] pressure on them for a long time to, um, to kind of cut that out to stop it to change their name.
[01:22:56.840 –> 01:23:03.480] That being said, when they finally changed their name, um, members of my family drove up,
[01:23:03.480 –> 01:23:10.360] I don’t know how long the driver has put several hours, um, to go see the Indians last baseball
[01:23:10.360 –> 01:23:15.720] game before the name changed because they were like, well, this was, you know, something in baseball
[01:23:16.600 –> 01:23:21.320] that had us on there. And now we’re not going to be there anymore. And it’s just going to be a
[01:23:21.320 –> 01:23:26.120] blanket guardians team, you know, what, how do you even represent that? And they went to
[01:23:27.000 –> 01:23:32.760] that final game. And they’re like, well, this is the end of something. And it was kind of,
[01:23:32.760 –> 01:23:37.160] I don’t want to say a sadness because, you know, it’s not going to ruin their lives or anything.
[01:23:37.160 –> 01:23:43.560] But they did, they did go to Martin occasion of this thing. You know, as problematic as it was,
[01:23:43.560 –> 01:23:50.360] it was still some form of representation that they, um, I mean, it’s, it’s a little bit sad in a way
[01:23:50.360 –> 01:23:57.640] that the problematic representation is like representation. Yeah,
[01:23:57.640 –> 01:24:03.640] representation representation can be so sparse. So, boy, you hold on to anything how problematic it
[01:24:03.640 –> 01:24:08.440] is. And I’m not saying that that’s wrong. Like, no, no, I, I mean, it’s complicated.
[01:24:08.440 –> 01:24:14.680] Oh, yeah. Yeah, it is. Um, yeah. Oh, cool. Yeah, that’s a great example.
[01:24:14.680 –> 01:24:19.000] So anyway, video games. No, I think it’s important to talk about these things as well,
[01:24:19.000 –> 01:24:24.840] because video games are not a not a vacuum. No, they are the intermingle with everything. Yeah,
[01:24:24.840 –> 01:24:29.560] absolutely. Yeah, I agree. Yeah, I think it’s important to talk about all these things
[01:24:29.560 –> 01:24:33.960] because culture is what culture is. And we cannot talk about video games without talking about
[01:24:33.960 –> 01:24:38.440] other, yeah. Well, I mean, the episodes culture, that’s the topic, not video games. It’s called
[01:24:38.440 –> 01:24:44.600] yeah. That’s what it is. All right. Are we done? Is that, are we happy? Anything else?
[01:24:44.600 –> 01:24:51.080] I think so. I think so. I’m just wanting to say we said, we’re talking about this,
[01:24:51.080 –> 01:24:56.440] but at the same time, we’re all Pokemon fans and boy, what would it take to get them to do a little
[01:24:56.440 –> 01:25:02.360] better with their culture? Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Yeah. Remember when you could like,
[01:25:03.480 –> 01:25:08.200] when they first broke character customization into Pokemon. Oh, my word. And then your mom was
[01:25:08.200 –> 01:25:19.960] always white. Oh, it was an ambiguous color. I actually really like subtle representation as well.
[01:25:19.960 –> 01:25:27.720] Also, there’s a kids cartoon in in the UK called Hey doggy. I suspect this ridiculous
[01:25:28.360 –> 01:25:33.560] characters are like a dog. And he has like is clearly based on like, you know, the scouts.
[01:25:33.560 –> 01:25:37.160] Yeah. But it’s like younger kids. So he’s got them there and they’re like, do challenges every
[01:25:37.160 –> 01:25:42.360] week and they get a badge for blah, blah, blah. But you see at the beginning of each episode,
[01:25:42.360 –> 01:25:47.480] it’s like, you see them all arriving there like with their families. Yeah. And there are different
[01:25:47.480 –> 01:25:52.680] animals. So like one of them is like a crocodile, one of them’s an elephant, one of them. So
[01:25:52.680 –> 01:25:56.600] I can’t even remember, but that’s not important. The important thing is they all arrive with
[01:25:56.600 –> 01:26:01.880] their parents. And one of them is a crocodile and arrives with, I think it’s an elephant parent.
[01:26:01.880 –> 01:26:08.760] And so like that can be nothing else other than an adopted child. Right. They never mention it.
[01:26:08.760 –> 01:26:14.280] They never mentioned that this child is adopted, but it’s so clear when you think about it. And
[01:26:14.280 –> 01:26:20.440] you’re like, that is so good. Like the idea that you can so subtly add in representation
[01:26:20.440 –> 01:26:25.160] for someone without making it a big song and dance. And there might be some kids out there who go,
[01:26:25.160 –> 01:26:31.160] oh, that person doesn’t look like the parents either. Like I, I’m, I’m represented in that small
[01:26:31.800 –> 01:26:35.160] subtle way. And you can even do that in kids media. I think is really great.
[01:26:36.520 –> 01:26:36.840] Yeah.
[01:26:38.440 –> 01:26:40.040] Okay. Congratulations.
[01:26:40.040 –> 01:26:44.760] Side thought, we’re just a gentleman, we saw cultural representation in media.
[01:26:46.760 –> 01:26:52.760] That’s it. The difficult word on this podcast. Yeah. I mean, that one isn’t even called
[01:26:52.760 –> 01:26:58.280] the culture. No, I know. I know. It’s just in general. I’m just booked. Yeah. Yeah. It’s just
[01:26:58.280 –> 01:27:03.880] representation. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Well, thank you. Now me for joining us for your first
[01:27:03.880 –> 01:27:08.760] episode. I hope it didn’t stay. It would take me too much by bringing you on for a discussion of
[01:27:08.760 –> 01:27:16.120] anything. That’s okay. I forced myself in my check is in the mail. It’s very, it’s very,
[01:27:16.120 –> 01:27:19.800] it’s kind of pleasing to me. I didn’t realize that you were, um, you were half German as well.
[01:27:19.800 –> 01:27:23.080] It’s very pleasing to me that we got you on an episode to talk about a German developer making
[01:27:23.080 –> 01:27:31.960] a native American game. Oh, that was not lost on my eyebrow race. Oh, look at that.
[01:27:31.960 –> 01:27:37.880] What are the chances? Amazing. Thank you, Kevin, for joining me as well. Thank you. Well,
[01:27:39.080 –> 01:27:43.000] Nama, if people want to find you on the internet, where can they do that? If you just want to see
[01:27:43.000 –> 01:27:50.600] when I’m up to you can go to my Twitter at Namathenerd. And if you want to, um, join my, uh,
[01:27:50.600 –> 01:27:57.400] my quest for the battle frontier and emerald, you can tune into, uh, my Twitch at Namathenerd.
[01:27:57.400 –> 01:28:02.040] Um, yeah, there you go. Nice. I thought you were going, I thought you were going to say if you
[01:28:02.040 –> 01:28:06.040] want to join in my quest and do it as well. And I was like, I do that. I definitely do that.
[01:28:07.080 –> 01:28:11.480] Join you on Twitch. We might do that a couple times. Yeah. The awkward thing of being in
[01:28:11.480 –> 01:28:17.400] Europe is of course most Americans tend to, to stream when I’m in bed. But, uh, occasionally I get
[01:28:17.400 –> 01:28:21.960] to catch some people. Kevin, where can people find you on the internet? Uh, head cover,
[01:28:21.960 –> 01:28:28.440] press on Twitter. Um, I mostly retweet things there. Uh, that’s all that really mattered right now.
[01:28:28.440 –> 01:28:36.440] And last, you want to give me more call outs on the slack on the THS lock, uh, which you can join
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[01:28:47.480 –> 01:28:53.480] And everything else related to this podcast on the website harvest
[01:28:54.440 –> 01:28:58.200] I should have mentioned this at the top, but we are going to be doing transcripts for the podcast.
[01:28:59.560 –> 01:29:03.240] If you made it this far through without knowing there’s a transcript, but needing a transcript
[01:29:03.960 –> 01:29:09.800] impressive. Uh, so they, they should just be in the show notes after all the notes that should
[01:29:09.800 –> 01:29:14.120] be a transcript there if you need it. I believe some podcast apps are starting to integrate them into
[01:29:14.120 –> 01:29:18.680] it with a specific tag, but it’s not very widespread. Yeah. So I haven’t integrated that yet,
[01:29:18.680 –> 01:29:24.040] but it’s on my to do list. Um, but yeah, well, we’ll see how that goes. Uh, we did have transcripts.
[01:29:24.040 –> 01:29:28.280] They were originally written down by Raschelle when, when we started, but it turns out that was
[01:29:28.280 –> 01:29:33.800] a lot of work. So she’s not doing that. Yeah, that sounds hard. Especially with an episode like this.
[01:29:33.800 –> 01:29:40.280] You’re well. Yeah. Oh, man. Uh, whereas now I, I get my computer to do it. So I have finally figured out
[01:29:40.280 –> 01:29:46.120] a reproducible three way to get my transcripts. And so I’m going to start that hopefully from this
[01:29:46.120 –> 01:29:51.640] week. I haven’t decided which one is the best one to use yet, but there we go. Yeah. Uh, if you do
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[01:30:18.760 –> 01:30:26.600] I think that’s that’s the good stuff. Uh, and, uh, near some point in the near very near future,
[01:30:26.600 –> 01:30:33.480] we’re going to talk about our predictions for Pokemon. Yay. It should, it should be the past.
[01:30:33.480 –> 01:30:38.680] It should already be. Is it? It’s our, I don’t know. I think that already came out. You could
[01:30:38.680 –> 01:30:43.960] go listen to it right now. I’m not promising that it’s going to be out on Monday, but I will
[01:30:43.960 –> 01:30:49.640] try my hardest to get out on Monday. Regardless, it should be out. All right, we’re going to be
[01:30:49.640 –> 01:30:56.680] dead wrong about everything. So go, go listen to how long we were. We will probably do another one
[01:30:56.680 –> 01:31:06.440] in, in a week or two talking about what actually happened. Um, and how wrong we were. I’m not
[01:31:06.440 –> 01:31:11.880] sure exactly who’ll be on that. Oh, they’re there locally. What’s nice about the schedules we can
[01:31:11.880 –> 01:31:18.120] just do whenever with whoever now there were we. All righty. That’s great. What more? I think that’s
[01:31:18.120 –> 01:31:22.920] everything. Thank you all for listening. Thank you. You too for joining me. Thank you. You’re welcome.
[01:31:22.920 –> 01:31:29.160] Thanks, Sue. Until next time, have a good harvest. Good. Yeah, go harvest.
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[01:32:08.040 –> 01:32:23.960] uncomfortable, I mean, I won’t like like especially white people. I’m sorry, I’ll button it.