I Want To Be A Cult Leader

Al and Bev talk about Cult of the Lamb, again


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Bloom 1.1
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Cult of the Lamb


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[00:00.000 –> 00:27.000] [Theme Music]
[00:30.000 –> 00:37.140] Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season. My name is Al and my
[00:37.140 –> 00:46.880] name is Bev and we’re here today to talk about farming, no cottagecore games. Apparently
[00:46.880 –> 00:52.320] that is just like muscle memory for my brain now because it’s been going on for so long.
[00:52.320 –> 00:56.960] I was actually thinking while I was doing that intro, how do people with multiple podcasts
[00:56.960 –> 01:02.360] do it? I don’t know. How do they remember which podcast they’re introing? Maybe like
[01:02.360 –> 01:07.120] they I don’t know if they just had like some sort of routine that gets it into like into
[01:07.120 –> 01:11.840] the specific podcast. Yeah yeah like this is this is the thing I do before this podcast
[01:11.840 –> 01:17.080] and it’s like you juggle or something yeah yeah that would work. There’s a friend in
[01:17.080 –> 01:23.880] my D&D group who like she had like a Scottish character like a Scottish dwarf and every
[01:23.880 –> 01:28.960] time she she couldn’t do the accent unless she did like this little like song beforehand
[01:28.960 –> 01:33.360] so she would do the song and then just like talk in a Scottish accent for like the rest
[01:33.360 –> 01:39.600] of the day. But she could not get started without it so yeah just some sort of routine
[01:39.600 –> 01:46.200] I guess that triggers it. Yeah I I mean I’m going to guess that the accent was probably
[01:46.200 –> 01:51.800] not great anyway. I don’t know I thought it was pretty great but yeah but how do you what
[01:51.800 –> 01:56.000] do you what do you think about Shrek’s accent that’s the real question? Uh I mean I don’t
[01:56.000 –> 02:05.160] know no I could no it’s not okay I mean it’s Shrek. I mean I’m not saying it would be Shrek
[02:05.160 –> 02:09.200] but I think that’s a good indication of whether people think something is a good Scottish
[02:09.200 –> 02:12.800] accent or not and if they think that Shrek is a good Scottish accent then they don’t
[02:12.800 –> 02:16.880] know what a Scottish accent is. I guess I don’t know I watch a lot of Outlander so I
[02:16.880 –> 02:22.880] feel like I have a better representation maybe. I have heard of that I have no idea what it
[02:22.880 –> 02:30.440] is. Okay I would recommend it’s a if you like like historical fiction it’s essentially someone
[02:30.440 –> 02:34.760] going back in time to like the I don’t know seven goodness I don’t even know like what
[02:34.760 –> 02:40.860] 1700s maybe in the Scottish Highlands. Oh my word like they’ve actually got like proper
[02:40.860 –> 02:50.280] Scots in this as well. Mm-hmm I’m gonna watch it. Probably not. Okay. Interesting mm-hmm
[02:50.280 –> 02:57.160] it’s Lionsgate. Mm-hmm yeah so it’s like behind a payroll there’s the first like three seasons
[02:57.160 –> 03:04.700] I think are at least the US like Netflix but not all of them. I mean basically basically
[03:04.700 –> 03:11.120] nothing’s on Netflix anymore other than Netflix stuff mm-hmm where is it it is on yeah it’s
[03:11.120 –> 03:17.320] on well they’re calling it stars now but that’s one of those it’s one of those Amazon Prime
[03:17.320 –> 03:21.360] channels that you have to have Amazon Prime and then you also have to pay for this extra
[03:21.360 –> 03:28.120] channel on top. Right yep I hate it. Alright let’s move away from subscriptions please
[03:28.120 –> 03:40.160] I’m all tied out. Alright this is a podcast about Cottagecore games. Uh-huh. We this episode
[03:40.160 –> 03:45.960] we’re gonna talk about Cult of the Lamb this is our second harvest on Cult of the Lamb
[03:45.960 –> 03:51.840] the previous episode will be in the show notes if you want to listen to that first by Kevin
[03:51.840 –> 03:59.320] and Kelly mm-hmm but me and Bev had some thoughts and it’s been a while since I we decided to
[03:59.320 –> 04:03.960] do this so I can’t remember what my thoughts were but I’m sure they’ll come back. Uh-huh
[04:03.960 –> 04:09.680] I it’s yeah it’s also been a while but I did start up playing it today so I can revisit
[04:09.680 –> 04:16.400] this world and try to create some thoughts. Yeah I talked a little bit about it in the
[04:16.400 –> 04:23.280] game of the year episode as well but mm-hmm anyway. Before that oh I need to say this
[04:23.280 –> 04:28.840] I need to get into the habit of saying this right up front. Transcripts for the podcast
[04:28.840 –> 04:32.360] are now available in the show notes and on the website and they say it’s best to say
[04:32.360 –> 04:37.920] it as early in the podcast as possible for obvious reasons so there you go. Beautiful.
[04:37.920 –> 04:42.600] So we’re gonna talk about Cult of the Lamb before that we’re gonna have some news but
[04:42.600 –> 04:48.200] first of all Bev what have you been playing? I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew ever since
[04:48.200 –> 04:56.400] I saw that concerned ape treat for the seven years I’ve just been immersed and I think
[04:56.400 –> 05:03.440] I’m finally going to reach like one point the 1.5 update finally so I’m excited to reach
[05:03.440 –> 05:08.060] this new venture in this game that I haven’t actually played yet. Did you do a new save
[05:08.060 –> 05:13.680] or are you on top of one of your old ones? I did a new one. Wow mm-hmm fair enough mm-hmm
[05:13.680 –> 05:19.760] how about you what are you been playing? I have been playing a couple of things so I’ve
[05:19.760 –> 05:26.080] been playing Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity I think it’s called the newer one whatever
[05:26.080 –> 05:29.480] I’ve just slowly been playing through that I think I talked about that in the last episode
[05:29.480 –> 05:34.320] that I did so yeah I’ve just been slowly playing through that I’m not sure when I’ll finish
[05:34.320 –> 05:40.600] it I’ll probably take a break this week because the new Kirby game just arrived at my house
[05:40.600 –> 05:48.440] so I’m gonna play that. Exciting. Yeah yeah very exciting I’ve also been playing the Bloom
[05:48.440 –> 05:55.680] update which I’ll talk about more in the news soon bear with and I’ve also been playing
[05:55.680 –> 06:02.640] the new Mario Kart levels and I actually I had not I hadn’t actually finished playing
[06:02.640 –> 06:06.240] the previous ones because I can’t remember when they must have been like just before
[06:06.240 –> 06:09.720] Christmas or something so it was just really busy with lots of other things so I ended
[06:09.720 –> 06:16.340] up not not three starting them so I’ve been doing that and then moving on to the new ones
[06:16.340 –> 06:22.240] as well so yeah. Is this Mario Party 8? Yes. Okay so I was gonna say a new one I haven’t
[06:22.240 –> 06:28.900] heard of a new one coming out. No but it’s interesting because so they say so when they
[06:28.900 –> 06:33.640] announced this DLC they announced at the beginning of last year or middle middle of the beginning
[06:33.640 –> 06:38.840] of last year sometime early last year and they said they were going to be six waves
[06:38.840 –> 06:47.000] over basically two years so up till the end of this year and then that kind of string
[06:47.000 –> 06:54.660] that that text on the DLC has kind of has been deleted so that’s interesting and people
[06:54.660 –> 07:00.440] are leading to believe to think that that means there’s going to be more it possibly
[07:00.440 –> 07:04.600] could mean that this is not all going to be done by the end of this year I would be surprised
[07:04.600 –> 07:09.200] if that was the case right because like there’s only two more waves to go and not managing
[07:09.200 –> 07:14.840] to do two more waves this year would be surprising so I’m also probably leaning towards the idea
[07:14.840 –> 07:21.260] that there’s possibly more coming but also adding to that speculation in this DLC pack
[07:21.260 –> 07:31.240] sorry wave need to use the right terminology this DLC waves are transient why would you
[07:31.240 –> 07:36.080] use wave when you’ve got when you want people to continue playing things don’t use terminology
[07:36.080 –> 07:43.740] about transient things well it like the well waves always sure they’re like transient but
[07:43.740 –> 07:48.240] there’s always a wave after the wave yeah but that’s that’s well exactly so it makes
[07:48.240 –> 07:56.000] it worse right I don’t know it’s gonna be infinite infinite number of waves right like
[07:56.000 –> 08:00.360] you never stop the waves and they’re all transient and I just it doesn’t feel like the right
[08:00.360 –> 08:04.420] terminology they would want to use for this thing come on I mean they haven’t come out
[08:04.420 –> 08:08.960] with a Mario Kart like 9 so I think that is what they’re doing is just trying to like
[08:08.960 –> 08:14.160] string this game out for as long as possible before they come up with a new one oh who
[08:14.160 –> 08:24.340] knows who knows so the other the other speculation is in this wave they released Birdo as a playable
[08:24.340 –> 08:31.180] character in the game hmm which Birdo has been available in previous games and fun fact
[08:31.180 –> 08:37.240] I don’t know whether you’re aware of this Bev Birdo the only canonically trans character
[08:37.240 –> 08:45.180] in Mario what I did not know this yeah okay was confirmed canonically as trans in something
[08:45.180 –> 08:56.460] like 1993 wow obviously obviously the terminology is not great so you have to bear in mind that
[08:56.460 –> 09:02.340] this was the early 90s I’m still incredibly progressive to have a trans character in a
[09:02.340 –> 09:10.440] video game coming out of like Japan well yeah yeah yeah that’s a good point okay my new
[09:10.440 –> 09:17.240] favorite character is now Birdo Birdo also you can get in all nine colors that you can
[09:17.240 –> 09:21.540] get the Yoshi’s in which is fun I’ve been playing as the light blue Birdo I just okay
[09:21.540 –> 09:29.980] just because it’s fun but in the game on the character selection screen they didn’t just
[09:29.980 –> 09:36.220] add Birdo they also added I think it was five question marks as well so the speculation
[09:36.220 –> 09:41.820] is that there are five more characters coming to the game that sounds about right now if
[09:41.820 –> 09:46.420] they were to do let’s say for example the two more waves that they were planning to
[09:46.420 –> 09:51.460] do this year they do them this year and there’s also a character in them that would leave
[09:51.460 –> 09:57.500] three characters left to come which if they were to do another year the same as they have
[09:57.500 –> 10:03.140] been doing these two years that would be another three waves so all of that speculation to
[10:03.140 –> 10:08.540] come would imply possibly theoretically that there would be three more waves coming next
[10:08.540 –> 10:15.860] year that’s a lot considering this game came out in well how many years has it been now
[10:15.860 –> 10:22.060] so I was actually looking at this the other day I love to look at these things I mean
[10:22.060 –> 10:28.680] first of all right the the game is insane like the amount of sales is just quite insane
[10:28.680 –> 10:35.860] right so if you look at the sales right the set up until recently the best-selling Mario
[10:35.860 –> 10:44.500] Kart game was Mario Kart Wii right okay and Mario Kart Wii sold in total 37 million copies
[10:44.500 –> 10:55.160] which is a lot for a video game right that made it in the top like 15 I think best-selling
[10:55.160 –> 11:03.620] video games okay wow okay roughly and it’s obviously these things are not static so certainly
[11:03.620 –> 11:09.580] until recently it was in the top 15 best-selling video games of all it’s currently the 16 okay
[11:09.580 –> 11:18.700] Mario Kart 8 so ignoring 8 so just the switch version has sold 52 million copies okay 52
[11:18.700 –> 11:30.100] million copies making a revenue of 2 billion dollars oh my goodness that’s a lot I can
[11:30.100 –> 11:35.740] see why it’s okay it’s much more on the switch because I feel like this people are people
[11:35.740 –> 11:41.380] like this which much more than people liked the Wii this is Wii not DS Wii oh sorry well
[11:41.380 –> 11:48.540] it’s also on the DS so isn’t it not Mario Kart Wii Mario Kart Wii was just on the Wii
[11:48.540 –> 11:55.840] well no Mario Kart 8 that was on the Wii U okay well never mind I don’t know I’m tired
[11:55.840 –> 11:59.780] I’m gonna blame you on that so if you if you include if you combine the two Mario Kart
[11:59.780 –> 12:04.420] 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe right because they’re basically the same game it’s just that they
[12:04.420 –> 12:09.940] have now added more content like the only recently until last year Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
[12:09.940 –> 12:14.980] was just Mario Kart 8 with the DLC right it was the exact same game everything else
[12:14.980 –> 12:18.940] was exactly the same it was just on the switch so if you include if you combine the two of
[12:18.940 –> 12:27.100] them they have sold 60 million copies oh my goodness in total Mario Kart have sold 166
[12:27.100 –> 12:35.620] million copies in total so Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe have together it’s over a third of
[12:35.620 –> 12:42.780] all Mario Kart sales that’s pretty okay so I could definitely see why they they’re they
[12:42.780 –> 12:48.380] are making waves and trying to prolong this as long as possible absolutely they sold four
[12:48.380 –> 12:55.420] million copies in the last quarter of last year oh goodness Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U
[12:55.420 –> 13:02.980] only sold 8 million copies so half of what they sold on that game in the last quarter
[13:02.980 –> 13:09.580] of last year the the first Mario Kart only sold 8 million copies the second Mario Kart
[13:09.580 –> 13:15.860] sold 10 million copies the GBA version which is the third one sold 6 million copies right
[13:15.860 –> 13:21.860] like it’s just it’s absolutely insane the numbers on this I can’t I just I cannot get
[13:21.860 –> 13:29.980] over how absolutely crazy it is anyway we were talking about dates Mario Kart Wii came
[13:29.980 –> 13:35.740] out in 2008 Mario Kart 7 which was the 3DS version came out okay that’s what I was thinking
[13:35.740 –> 13:43.940] of 2011 so there was three years between Wii and 7 and Mario Kart 8 which was the Wii U
[13:43.940 –> 13:50.940] the first version of this was on the Wii U was 2014 so between Wii and 8 that was six
[13:50.940 –> 13:56.940] years okay and that was 2014 nine years ago so it’s been nine years since my oh my goodness
[13:56.940 –> 14:02.860] nine years okay next year will be 10 years maybe they’re waiting for that 10 years maybe
[14:02.860 –> 14:07.260] they’re like intentionally pushing it back I would not be surprised I think at this point
[14:07.260 –> 14:12.060] they’re just waiting for the next console whatever that is are we look are we like looking
[14:12.060 –> 14:18.320] at a console yeah of course like would that just be the switch pro no I mean I don’t I
[14:18.320 –> 14:22.180] think at this point they’re not doing a switch pro yeah I think they’ve done their their
[14:22.180 –> 14:26.540] stuff right they’ve done the the OLED that I think that’s all they’re doing I don’t think
[14:26.540 –> 14:30.620] they’re doing any more than that but fine let me get them let me get the dates out again
[14:30.620 –> 14:37.260] shall I I did these I did this before but I can’t remember exactly what it was but I’m
[14:37.260 –> 14:46.380] pretty sure that this is the like second longest between consoles Nintendo consoles now the
[14:46.380 –> 14:53.220] it depends how you count them I’m basically counting Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS
[14:53.220 –> 15:03.260] and NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch right so I’m counting kind of those
[15:03.260 –> 15:08.260] gaps yeah I think the only gaps the only gaps that were bigger than the current gap are
[15:08.260 –> 15:15.340] NES to SNES and Gameboy to Gameboy Advance okay the Wii U came out in 2017 and it was
[15:15.340 –> 15:20.260] five years until the Switch came out the Wii came out in 2006 it was six years until the
[15:20.260 –> 15:25.460] Wii U came out okay well there’s a pattern here because the SNES the NES to the SNES
[15:25.460 –> 15:30.900] so you just added super in front of it and Gameboy and Gameboy Advance they just added
[15:30.900 –> 15:37.100] advance to the end of that and Wii, Wii U yeah yeah yeah I know but but what I will
[15:37.100 –> 15:41.380] say is those ones tend to be less successful uh-huh I don’t think they’ll just do like
[15:41.380 –> 15:46.420] a Switch 2 or I think well they might they might they might jump onto the branding but
[15:46.420 –> 15:51.740] like I think Switch 2 would be better than like Switch U or something like that because
[15:51.740 –> 15:57.580] the problem is like Wii U and Gameboy Advance they kind of sound like they don’t sound like
[15:57.580 –> 16:01.980] new consoles they sound like uh like the problem that we use people always thought it was just
[16:01.980 –> 16:07.220] an accessory for the Wii right not a new console in and of itself so they just add super in
[16:07.220 –> 16:13.580] front of Switch and it’ll just be SN I guess no no no wow yeah yeah that’s not gonna be
[16:13.580 –> 16:23.460] great no I’m sorry did you hear that as it came out your mouth yes I did no no please
[16:23.460 –> 16:35.340] Nintendo that feels like something Nintendo would do I know I’m scared now cuz I I feel
[16:35.340 –> 16:39.420] like the biggest complaints I was just performance for a switch I could definitely see them working
[16:39.420 –> 16:45.580] hard to that’s really yeah there’s nothing else right now like people like oh what but
[16:45.580 –> 16:48.860] this what but that right but that’s not really something that’s kind of widely accepted like
[16:48.860 –> 16:52.940] it’s it’s it’s performance people just want it to be more performance maybe they like
[16:52.940 –> 16:57.700] some people want 4k I don’t know if we’re gonna get 4k I don’t really care right like
[16:57.700 –> 17:04.860] does it really matter if Mario Kart’s in 4k or 1080p yeah just want it to be more performant
[17:04.860 –> 17:11.500] mm-hmm can you imagine scarlet and violet on a more powerful console yeah I want it
[17:11.500 –> 17:21.660] I want it anyway um is have I talked about everything yeah that’s all that’s what we’ve
[17:21.660 –> 17:28.380] been playing uh-huh should we talk about some news yes let’s do it otherwise we’re gonna
[17:28.380 –> 17:40.340] be the Nintendo yeah Nintendo power mm-hmm so we had the playdate update last week which
[17:40.340 –> 17:44.100] announced a number of things and one of the things that they announced was that there’s
[17:44.100 –> 17:53.660] a new update of my favorite game on the playdate bloom bloom 1.1 is out now the main thing
[17:53.660 –> 18:01.280] is some new story and new flowers but there’s a couple of other cool things for example
[18:01.280 –> 18:06.740] they have like lo-fi beats mode so you know that you know I’m talking about the kind of
[18:06.740 –> 18:12.540] youtube videos of the person studying with the music they basically implement and implemented
[18:12.540 –> 18:17.300] that into the game they called it simple mode and you’re just in the game and you just press
[18:17.300 –> 18:23.520] the the button and you go to simple mode and it just plays that music or chill mode sorry
[18:23.520 –> 18:31.380] okay I was gonna say like how how is it a mode like are you just changing the soundtrack
[18:31.380 –> 18:37.020] to why call it a mode and so I guess it’s not it takes you out of the game essentially
[18:37.020 –> 18:41.700] and it puts you into like the screen just shows what you see in those youtube videos
[18:41.700 –> 18:45.740] okay so the idea is that it’s meant to just be like oh I’m not playing the game just now
[18:45.740 –> 18:53.740] but I like the music you turn it on it’s a music player now basically yeah okay interesting
[18:53.740 –> 19:00.340] I I don’t I feel like it’s not worth that battery well the screen’s not changing right
[19:00.340 –> 19:04.260] I suppose but it’s still wasting like it’s a tiny little thing and you’re just playing
[19:04.260 –> 19:09.740] music well look it’ll be great it’ll be great once you got the stereo dock on yeah I’m very
[19:09.740 –> 19:17.300] excited for that mm-hmm okay I want this game but I don’t think it’s worth buying a playdate
[19:17.300 –> 19:24.980] for yet au contraire it is absolutely worth buying a playdate just for this game this
[19:24.980 –> 19:32.380] game does not cost ten dollars this car this game costs ten dollars plus a playdate that’s
[19:32.380 –> 19:39.460] so if we’re going by like the assumption that every dollar is worth like an hour worth of
[19:39.460 –> 19:46.520] gameplay that’s like 280 hours of gameplay I mean I don’t so I don’t subscribe to that
[19:46.520 –> 19:51.100] I I strongly disagree with that theory I don’t think that you should I do not think the game
[19:51.100 –> 19:55.460] should be ranked based on how many hours they have because that’s how we end up in a situation
[19:55.460 –> 20:00.660] where games end up having pointless stuff in them yeah I completely I understand that
[20:00.660 –> 20:04.940] like I my only argument is maybe like the sixty eighty dollar games that are like you
[20:04.940 –> 20:15.980] know ten hours long no well I don’t know like if mmm I’m on the fence like I see I see the
[20:15.980 –> 20:23.500] point of it and at the same time I want games to be cheaper for like that level of like
[20:23.500 –> 20:28.420] gameplay I think it depends on what you get out of the game right and I think my point
[20:28.420 –> 20:37.260] is like personally I would rather the game was shorter and more concise and better than
[20:37.260 –> 20:42.740] you know takes me 200 hours to get through I don’t want to have to spend that long in
[20:42.740 –> 20:52.180] a game it just it feels pointless to me it’s not fun well that depends on the game like
[20:52.180 –> 20:58.760] I can look at your Pokemon scarlet violet hours and say you know this was probably worth
[20:58.760 –> 21:05.740] the sixty dollars that Nintendo was was was you know charging for that so it’s it’s not
[21:05.740 –> 21:11.380] so much about like the length of the game maybe but maybe more so replayability even
[21:11.380 –> 21:17.380] like it I don’t I’m also really tired of 200 plus hour games I don’t have enough time I’m
[21:17.380 –> 21:20.840] not like a full-time streamer I don’t have time to play these games and complete them
[21:20.840 –> 21:27.940] the way that I would like to but if you have like a really nice short game that is fantastic
[21:27.940 –> 21:34.540] to play again over and over like you know maybe like turnip boy means evades tax evasion
[21:34.540 –> 21:43.060] or I haven’t played this but a slow hike like those games have like a lot of replayability
[21:43.060 –> 21:48.420] and they’re done very well and I feel like they probably would be worth you know maybe
[21:48.420 –> 21:54.040] twice as much as they’re being charged for so I think I find this I find it a funny idea
[21:54.040 –> 21:59.660] the the concept of replayability right because like every game is replayable right other
[21:59.660 –> 22:05.500] the other than say for example detective games where once you’ve figured out it’s not fun
[22:05.500 –> 22:14.140] anymore right I the idea of this game is replayable like I don’t surely it’s just about whether
[22:14.140 –> 22:20.500] you want to replay it or not right like I very rarely replay games so Pokemon is basically
[22:20.500 –> 22:27.140] my exception right Pokemon is the game that I will infinitely play and I will put insane
[22:27.140 –> 22:40.300] amounts of hours into right like that is my exception and possibly no so I think so no
[22:40.300 –> 22:44.640] I keep going back to Mario Kart to finish the new stuff because I enjoyed completing
[22:44.640 –> 22:49.420] the new stuff but I don’t go and play Mario Kart if I’ve or if there’s nothing that I’ve
[22:49.420 –> 22:55.900] not completed so I would the only time other times I would play Mario Kart is when I’m
[22:55.900 –> 23:00.980] a gathering of people and we want to play something right so party games are different
[23:00.980 –> 23:05.300] yes right we I don’t think we can compare party games and single-player game I don’t
[23:05.300 –> 23:10.620] think that makes any sense well I mean it has that level we play like like if you just
[23:10.620 –> 23:14.780] depending on how you define replayability like even if it is only a party game you are
[23:14.780 –> 23:21.620] playing it again like replaying it sure but like that’s the point uh-huh I feel like we’re
[23:21.620 –> 23:28.500] just hard we’re just arguing semantics now I know yeah we are I don’t know where I dove
[23:28.500 –> 23:34.580] into this hole and I want how to get out of it I want game stories to be shorter I and
[23:34.580 –> 23:38.780] that’s all I was saying okay I don’t know how we got to that point well because because
[23:38.780 –> 23:44.540] you’re saying the play date is worth it’s worth buying just for bloom and I don’t want
[23:44.540 –> 23:53.740] to drop to this one game obviously obviously I’m joking uh-huh right bloom is a fantastic
[23:53.740 –> 23:58.660] game and I think that if you can afford a play date mm-hmm and you have that sort of
[23:58.660 –> 24:03.260] money to just drop on something like that which I understand most people do not then
[24:03.260 –> 24:07.460] it’s worth it okay if you don’t have that sort of money then it’s absolutely not worth
[24:07.460 –> 24:16.340] it okay all right I’m happy with this yeah I am very much enjoying it the all the other
[24:16.340 –> 24:21.620] fun it’s like they’ve got lots of other other random little things like in your phone you
[24:21.620 –> 24:27.940] have you can now change the background you and there’s like loads of little cute pictures
[24:27.940 –> 24:33.300] of like the two the main character and her girlfriend like and you just like rotate it’s
[24:33.300 –> 24:38.940] so cute who do you have as what is your current background then I mean it’s just it’s one
[24:38.940 –> 24:43.100] of those pictures of it’s okay I think there’s some other I think there’s like some flower
[24:43.100 –> 24:47.940] ones as well but I just find one that I liked I will leave a screenshot in the show notes
[24:47.940 –> 24:53.380] for people beautiful of the background that I chose that I thought was particularly cute
[24:53.380 –> 25:04.540] to have all right go play bloom ooblets 1.1 localization update is out now so if you if
[25:04.540 –> 25:08.900] you speak French German or Spanish and you don’t speak English you’re not listening to
[25:08.900 –> 25:15.900] this podcast unless you’re bilingual sure if you would if you’re bilingual and you would
[25:15.900 –> 25:21.780] prefer to play the game in your native language go do it now or if maybe you’re like me and
[25:21.780 –> 25:27.100] you want to practice a second language go play this game now his game is really the
[25:27.100 –> 25:34.020] best way to do that like that feels yes no like I’ve struggled in the past with Pokemon
[25:34.020 –> 25:38.080] so I’ve I’ve learned I can’t do that with a new game I should at least play it once
[25:38.080 –> 25:44.700] before before trying to play in Spanish but I’ve spent a lot of hours in ooblets and it
[25:44.700 –> 25:49.380] would be very interesting to see how they translated all their like quirky little sayings
[25:49.380 –> 25:59.900] into Spanish so now I’m very intrigued the the update did cause a big bug that basically
[25:59.900 –> 26:05.100] meant the game crashed anytime you tried to open it but that’s fixed so that’s all good
[26:05.100 –> 26:09.540] I am really intrigued as to how like that because it sounds like it happened for most
[26:09.540 –> 26:15.700] people so there’s obviously something that they forgot to test that basically happened
[26:15.700 –> 26:22.180] for everybody I am fascinated as to how that happened but anyway I don’t know whether we’ll
[26:22.180 –> 26:27.940] ever know I guess not unless they talk about it in one of their news they have been reasonably
[26:27.940 –> 26:33.740] open about things so who knows at verdant village I’ve not talked about this a huge
[26:33.740 –> 26:40.160] man on the podcast but it’s a game that’s in early access they’re rewriting it in a
[26:40.160 –> 26:45.280] different game engine so realistically there’s going to be almost no updates for the next
[26:45.280 –> 26:52.560] like year or two probably they don’t have a time frame they said that they won’t update
[26:52.560 –> 26:57.960] until it’s got close to feature parity of what they currently have and I don’t know
[26:57.960 –> 27:03.780] about the two engines whether there’s it’s easy to put things between them my like gripe
[27:03.780 –> 27:17.540] about this update is that they have a tldr but it’s in the middle it’s also like it’s
[27:17.540 –> 27:23.540] not really a tldr it’s tldr for some of it yeah for the tldr game is made in construct
[27:23.540 –> 27:28.900] 3 construct 3 has many issues in my opinion that cause weird bugs and other issues uh-huh
[27:28.900 –> 27:33.120] okay but you’re missing the big part which is we’re going to rewrite and not construct
[27:33.120 –> 27:41.660] 3 yeah yeah oh yeah it’s it’s a little a little bizarre but you know it’s fine it’s fine um
[27:41.660 –> 27:46.660] I you know it’s a lot of information in there so I you know I generally appreciate when
[27:46.660 –> 27:52.660] devs are more you know forthcoming than not um so I mean you don’t have to read it if
[27:52.660 –> 27:59.980] you don’t want to so it’s fine and we have a couple new games um so the first one is
[27:59.980 –> 28:07.180] before the green moon a science fiction farming simulator game set in a small community at
[28:07.180 –> 28:12.620] the base of a space elevator during the days and seasons leading up to your departure for
[28:12.620 –> 28:19.780] the moon this one looks I don’t know like I like the landscape style but I don’t think
[28:19.780 –> 28:31.340] I like the like character styles I yeah so I don’t like to be too harsh on indie games
[28:31.340 –> 28:37.260] uh-huh but I’m not a huge fan of any of these graphics mm-hmm there is like a green like
[28:37.260 –> 28:45.100] overall like vibe to this and I guess I like that it’s on brand with green boom I guess
[28:45.100 –> 28:51.220] yeah the green moon is it’s I mean this is very definitely not on earth like the moon
[28:51.220 –> 29:00.060] I mean it looks like a brain right it’s like wrinkly and all very interesting um I don’t
[29:00.060 –> 29:06.780] yeah I oh just everything about these everything about this graph these graphics just makes
[29:06.780 –> 29:14.780] me feel uncomfortable it feels very like gamecube like graphics I feel like yeah oh that’s what
[29:14.780 –> 29:18.900] they’re doing isn’t it yeah I’ve talked about this on the podcast before but we don’t need
[29:18.900 –> 29:26.540] nostalgia for every everything right we don’t need nostalgia for the bad 3d graphics of
[29:26.540 –> 29:32.420] the early 2000s we just don’t need it don’t bring us back there mm-hmm I will say at the
[29:32.420 –> 29:37.180] like comparing this to like verdant village at the very least this looks like a completely
[29:37.180 –> 29:44.260] new like concept from I think what I’ve seen where I spurred it village like I open it
[29:44.260 –> 29:51.260] up and I thought it was stardew so I will even though we’re not like huge fans of this
[29:51.260 –> 29:55.860] style I will say at least they’re not they’re trying something different and not just what
[29:55.860 –> 30:01.500] creating what looks different to you other than just the back story well I mean just
[30:01.500 –> 30:06.940] like the the overall style of it like none of these buildings look like anything I’ve
[30:06.940 –> 30:12.180] seen before although I haven’t like played many yeah even this like landscape shop like
[30:12.180 –> 30:17.220] the trees like it looks like a completely new world okay yeah no that’s fair because
[30:17.220 –> 30:22.860] like um just like concept wise and gameplay wise it looks very similar to most farming
[30:22.860 –> 30:28.420] games the only thing I can really see is that it says they’ve got wet and dry seasons which
[30:28.420 –> 30:33.500] would be slightly different from the four standard seasons that we get which I actually
[30:33.500 –> 30:39.140] might like to play with because I spent some time like sitting abroad in a place that had
[30:39.140 –> 30:44.420] wet and dry seasons and I think the place I grew up in like in Florida South Florida
[30:44.420 –> 30:52.220] was mostly wet and dry seasons because there was just no winter so I I like that I’ll take
[30:52.220 –> 30:57.900] it yeah whereas I mean it’s an interesting concept to me the idea of a wet and dry season
[30:57.900 –> 31:04.420] because like in Scotland we have the the wet warm season the wet cold season and the kind
[31:04.420 –> 31:16.540] of the other wet seasons uh-huh um the other new game is season a letter to the future
[31:16.540 –> 31:27.500] this looks beautiful yes so I will say that is true I will say the name is terrible yes
[31:27.500 –> 31:35.700] I I was very confused by a letter to the future like what but what what does that mean is
[31:35.700 –> 31:40.260] it gonna be time travel uh well that’s that’s what you’re that’s what you’re intrigued by
[31:40.260 –> 31:46.860] right that’s what gets you into the I suppose is it though like a question shouldn’t be
[31:46.860 –> 31:53.220] a hug I think it’s a I think it’s a time capsule thing rather than a time travel thing you
[31:53.220 –> 31:59.380] are collecting memory so maybe they are going towards that but they could have just said
[31:59.380 –> 32:05.220] time capsules I don’t know well the time capsule is a letter to the future right it is but
[32:05.220 –> 32:12.540] that and what we do now of the point sure and what we do now that is a letter to the
[32:12.540 –> 32:18.180] future I think it’s met I think it’s a metaphor for okay okay and how we can affect the future
[32:18.180 –> 32:22.980] generations by what we do now okay so maybe just call it a letter to the future don’t
[32:22.980 –> 32:29.300] put season in front of eggs yeah I don’t know I don’t know why they’ve done that and seasons
[32:29.300 –> 32:37.300] all caps like that’s another choice that I don’t understand in a different font this
[32:37.300 –> 32:44.660] appears to be on PlayStation and steam and epic I haven’t actually looked too much into
[32:44.660 –> 32:50.980] this mm-hmm I meant to do that I mean I I love the introduction to the characters in
[32:50.980 –> 32:55.940] this small like video of them where they’re just showing like candid shots of each of
[32:55.940 –> 33:03.420] them just staring at the camera hmm I don’t know so it feels it feels very cinematic leave
[33:03.420 –> 33:08.020] home for the first time to collect memories before a mysterious cataclysm washes everything
[33:08.020 –> 33:13.480] away ride record meet people and unravel the strange world around you immerse yourself
[33:13.480 –> 33:20.300] in the world of season a third-person meditative exploration game another word for cottage
[33:20.300 –> 33:27.060] core I guess meditative I mean I mean our new name there is definitely no farming in
[33:27.060 –> 33:30.380] this while they say that they don’t say anything about farming but it definitely feels cottage
[33:30.380 –> 33:37.980] core to me it does it looks yeah yeah the whole vibe feels very like you’re trying well
[33:37.980 –> 33:42.060] I mean you’re exploring so you’re not necessarily like building a cottage core life but yeah
[33:42.060 –> 33:48.380] the graphics are very breath of the wildest mm-hmm but I mean it’s done fine I don’t it’s
[33:48.380 –> 33:53.300] quite nice looking I like the shot of like the keepsakes to like the just the way that
[33:53.300 –> 34:04.260] they’ve portrayed a collage or scrapbook it’s very very neat yeah definitely mm-hmm all
[34:04.260 –> 34:09.060] right so that I that’s out now I don’t know if I said that and before the green moon is
[34:09.060 –> 34:15.940] coming out this year something okay all right so that’s the news we are going to talk about
[34:15.940 –> 34:22.820] cult of the lamb so as I mentioned before we have done an episode on cult of the lamb
[34:22.820 –> 34:29.220] already mm-hmm Kevin and Kelly did that last year sometime maybe November something like
[34:29.220 –> 34:38.220] that sounds about right but as always happens other people had opinions on the game and
[34:38.220 –> 34:44.980] Bev has played it and I have played it and people were very surprised on the game of
[34:44.980 –> 34:50.300] the year episode that this was one of my top games of the year mm-hmm and I think that’s
[34:50.300 –> 34:59.460] probably because it is a roguelite game mm-hmm so let me just address this because I think
[34:59.460 –> 35:04.600] some people may have been put off the game by being called a roguelite uh-huh and I understand
[35:04.600 –> 35:12.220] I hate roguelikes I’m not a fan of roguelites to me roguelites are like roguelikes but less
[35:12.220 –> 35:21.580] bad right like they still have some of the annoyances of a roguelike but less of it because
[35:21.580 –> 35:25.220] you don’t lose everything all the time mm-hmm because you get to keep some of the stuff
[35:25.220 –> 35:28.700] you don’t lose everything it’s not like you just play it and then at the end you have
[35:28.700 –> 35:33.420] if you die you have to restart mm-hmm so I’m not a huge fan of them even the roguelites
[35:33.420 –> 35:38.620] because I I just I find that even though you’re like building stuff up around like between
[35:38.620 –> 35:44.700] the runs I still feel like it’s not satisfying to go oh sorry you have to go back even if
[35:44.700 –> 35:48.940] you’re more powerful and you have more weapons and that sort of stuff I still I’m like I
[35:48.940 –> 35:53.140] want I want somewhere in it I want to restart somewhere in it right I don’t want to have
[35:53.140 –> 35:57.660] to go all the way back to the beginning and that’s what annoys me mm-hmm but let me tell
[35:57.660 –> 36:04.300] you cult of the lamp has done it really well it has so mm-hmm your base is always fine
[36:04.300 –> 36:08.860] right like you never like your base is never reset right there’s no risk of that your your
[36:08.860 –> 36:14.620] village your villagers they’re all fine you can lose stuff but not like through the village
[36:14.620 –> 36:19.100] there’s risk in the village but it’s not like it’s not like you die in a run and therefore
[36:19.100 –> 36:23.300] half of your village disappear that’s not a thing that happens yeah you can lose things
[36:23.300 –> 36:28.460] in the village but it’s through you not dealing with things properly that’s that’s how you
[36:28.460 –> 36:36.500] can lose things and how it happens is so you go out from your village to do one of the
[36:36.500 –> 36:39.720] the runs which is basically you go through a bunch of dungeon you go through a bunch
[36:39.720 –> 36:46.580] of dungeon areas to get stuff and you know sometimes to like get new followers sometimes
[36:46.580 –> 36:52.800] to do certain things for the demon blah blah blah blah blah and if you die during that
[36:52.800 –> 36:59.700] run you then lose some of the stuff that you got on that run and that’s all you really
[36:59.700 –> 37:05.380] lose when you die yep and so i’m fine with that like that that to me makes sense right
[37:05.380 –> 37:10.700] because you’re going out into the wilderness to dangerous place and you’re doing stuff
[37:10.700 –> 37:14.300] and if you die and you’re brought back to life you don’t get to keep everything that
[37:14.300 –> 37:20.300] you were getting in that thing but you don’t then lose other stuff and it’s not like there’s
[37:20.300 –> 37:23.560] also like once once you’ve done that one it’s like you don’t really care about the runs
[37:23.560 –> 37:27.180] it’s not like here’s a level and you’ve got tight 10 levels and you have to get through
[37:27.180 –> 37:32.820] all 10 10 levels it’s like different random orientations of dungeons put together and
[37:32.820 –> 37:37.660] different things that can happen through it like it’s so much better than any roguelike
[37:37.660 –> 37:43.340] or roguelite yes i have played i feel like i’m gonna go on a limb here and say this game
[37:43.340 –> 37:52.860] is not a rogue light it is a stardew level-esque type of game because you have like your base
[37:52.860 –> 37:59.900] that you’re you know contributing continuing to upgrade and upkeep and you know you have
[37:59.900 –> 38:04.860] other places to explore within this world but then you go into the mines or the dungeons
[38:04.860 –> 38:09.020] in this case for additional resources that you can’t get anywhere else other than the
[38:09.020 –> 38:14.700] mines maybe this is why you like this yeah i mean possibly like i don’t i don’t really
[38:14.700 –> 38:19.940] want to get into the the genre discussion right but no i don’t generally calls this
[38:19.940 –> 38:27.460] a roguelite um yes and and and i would agree that like it’s not like other roguelites but
[38:27.460 –> 38:34.340] like i mean what are even what even are genres i think my point is like don’t get put off
[38:34.340 –> 38:40.740] by people calling this a roguelite if you don’t like roguelikes and road lights it is
[38:40.740 –> 38:49.180] it is not like that no yes exactly so and the loss that you get makes perfect sense
[38:49.180 –> 38:54.780] and i’m completely fine with that like i’ve funnily enough i like ironically enough this
[38:54.780 –> 39:01.620] podcast was the one that introduced me to roguelites via atomic grabs oh that is an
[39:01.620 –> 39:05.760] example of one that i absolutely hate right because it’s like sure you’re building like
[39:05.760 –> 39:12.060] stuff up between your runs but like the idea that i’m gonna die and then i lose my farm
[39:12.060 –> 39:17.540] is just so incredibly frustrating to me that i hated it so much we did that together didn’t
[39:17.540 –> 39:26.820] we yes we did i hated that game with an absolute passion uh-huh i so like i enjoyed it but
[39:26.820 –> 39:31.220] i what i feel like that game could have done better it was having that base like that place
[39:31.220 –> 39:38.060] you come to between runs where you pick your character whatever having that be more interactive
[39:38.060 –> 39:43.620] and that’s really where like where cult of the lamb excels is having the capability of
[39:43.620 –> 39:48.420] saying i don’t feel like doing a roguelite right now i that’s gonna stress me out i just
[39:48.420 –> 39:55.660] want to farm and take care of my villagers and have fun that way which is great i think
[39:55.660 –> 40:01.260] and i feel like most of the mechanics in this game are just really nice and like not stressful
[40:01.260 –> 40:07.860] or like even the fishing one is fine like it’s actually enjoyable to to do fishing so
[40:07.860 –> 40:12.060] i just feel like a lot of these components like every small little component in this
[40:12.060 –> 40:18.540] game they just did so well um yeah so you were you were comparing it to stardew and
[40:18.540 –> 40:25.300] i think that’s fair um in terms of that combat i will say the combat in this game so much
[40:25.300 –> 40:31.900] better than stardew yes so much better like the stardew one isn’t bad but it’s not good
[40:31.900 –> 40:39.120] it’s fine um but you don’t really feel like you have a huge like it’s basically like hit
[40:39.120 –> 40:46.180] the button at the right time right like there’s not any real strategy to it um sure there
[40:46.180 –> 40:50.300] are different weapons and stuff like that but it’s not amazing whereas this i think
[40:50.300 –> 40:55.280] is like a legitimately good combat and i’m very picky on combat there are very few games
[40:55.280 –> 41:02.380] that i actively like the combat in this is definitely one of them and i at least for
[41:02.380 –> 41:06.780] in terms of combat i tend to prefer like the really fast like like melee weapons because
[41:06.780 –> 41:12.940] i’m just spamming buttons and not really like paying attention to the combat but yeah for
[41:12.940 –> 41:17.060] like the first time ever i’ve enjoyed playing a hammer or an axe something that’s heavy
[41:17.060 –> 41:23.300] to swing because it just feels i don’t know it’s so easy it just feels like it just flows
[41:23.300 –> 41:28.820] so naturally to be using any weapon in this game um so i definitely agree that it’s just
[41:28.820 –> 41:36.060] fantastic um and now i’m wondering why it wasn’t on the top like three of my game of
[41:36.060 –> 41:42.660] the year and i don’t remember where it was a couple months ago um but it was just so
[41:42.660 –> 41:49.060] good i love it and yeah and it’s just so silly too i think that’s the thing like it just
[41:49.060 –> 41:57.100] it takes such a ridiculous concept and makes it ridiculous it’s not serious at all oh absolutely
[41:57.100 –> 42:04.220] yeah and and this is the thing in like i love i love ridiculousness um but it’s like ridiculousness
[42:04.220 –> 42:13.820] in a very cute way like like it just the con the idea of like the cutest lamb right in
[42:13.820 –> 42:20.300] the world right like it’s so well designed like and then it is like standing at the front
[42:20.300 –> 42:25.020] of like uh a church like brainwashing people
[42:25.020 –> 42:37.580] yeah or yeah exactly like i just i cannot i cannot elaborate too enough on how ridiculous
[42:37.580 –> 42:44.060] that is just that everything about it is so ridiculous um the character design is really
[42:44.060 –> 42:51.740] good they’re all pretty simple but they’re all really good um the i also like how obviously
[42:51.740 –> 42:55.660] i mean this is my dream game right because there’s automation everywhere right like you
[42:55.660 –> 43:00.860] you you can do all the automation right from the start because you can you can basically
[43:00.860 –> 43:04.900] i mean it takes a little bit yeah you have to go through some tutorials to unlock everything
[43:04.900 –> 43:09.740] but basically from very early on in the game you can get your villagers to do things for
[43:09.740 –> 43:13.420] you yeah and you don’t have to do them and that’s that’s perfect for me i love it’s great
[43:13.420 –> 43:25.540] you just want to i want to be a cult leader um we got an episode title um and and but
[43:25.540 –> 43:29.980] it’s not like oh then you know you never get any more automation because obviously the
[43:29.980 –> 43:34.020] more villagers you get the more you can do so you still have to do some things for yourself
[43:34.020 –> 43:37.300] at the beginning right it’s not like oh i’m never going to do any farming no you you’ll
[43:37.300 –> 43:41.180] have to do some farming because well first of all you don’t start with very many villagers
[43:41.180 –> 43:45.060] obviously you start with one right that’s how a cult works well actually i don’t know
[43:45.060 –> 43:50.820] i’ve never been in a cult is it how a cult works i don’t know you have to start somewhere
[43:50.820 –> 43:56.220] you do you do but also like would you ever be the first person to join a cult i mean
[43:56.220 –> 44:03.780] but i think you do that how would that work i feel like you don’t know it’s a cult yet
[44:03.780 –> 44:11.060] if you’re the first i don’t know i don’t know that it is yet this is a pretty obvious cult
[44:11.060 –> 44:17.180] right like this is not a subtle cult this is yes but this is also very extreme on the
[44:17.180 –> 44:23.740] very extreme ends of things like you don’t sell it like just murdering and like sacrificing
[44:23.740 –> 44:33.860] people or giving them poop to feed i find cults fascinating and i just like the idea
[44:33.860 –> 44:37.940] of like how did they start is fascinating because like most of the stuff you find out
[44:37.940 –> 44:42.660] about cults are how they end which are almost always tragic or how they are in the middle
[44:42.660 –> 44:48.420] which is again almost always just so tragic and you know people are taken advantage of
[44:48.420 –> 44:53.360] and abused in so many different ways yeah i just fascinated as to how they start like
[44:53.360 –> 44:58.980] how do i just like i guess i could see one example of like where one cult will start
[44:58.980 –> 45:05.260] with like a group of people because they witness something miraculous maybe yeah um like thinking
[45:05.260 –> 45:09.740] like we’ve we’ve been watching we watching game of thrones lately so you know watching
[45:09.740 –> 45:14.980] denarius target and walk out of the fire might be the start of the cult where they’re just
[45:14.980 –> 45:21.700] worshiper as a fire god or something yeah sure and i guess there’s other other cases
[45:21.700 –> 45:32.340] like the you know the spoilers for the last of us um the the the cult oh yeah um the seraphites
[45:32.340 –> 45:36.540] i don’t know that’s what they’re called seraphites is that what they’re called i don’t know if
[45:36.540 –> 45:40.980] they actually said that in the tv show or not not well i don’t think they’ve gone that
[45:40.980 –> 45:45.220] far like we’re only in part one in this tv show okay well there’s there’s definitely
[45:45.220 –> 45:51.660] a cult in the first we’ve had a cult in the atv show with the that was the last episode
[45:51.660 –> 45:56.220] okay but that wasn’t the seraphites like that’s a completely different group i don’t see it
[45:56.220 –> 46:02.820] was them i didn’t say it was them you’re the one that said it was them i did okay i said
[46:02.820 –> 46:09.580] the cult the cult well that’s assuming like that there’s only one cult in the last okay
[46:09.580 –> 46:15.640] i haven’t played the game i’m watching the tv show all i’m saying is we just had an episode
[46:15.640 –> 46:21.080] with a cult okay right this is my point yes um and i can see how that happened because
[46:21.080 –> 46:24.420] obviously it was the end of the world and they were looking for someone to save them
[46:24.420 –> 46:32.700] right like but like these examples are not really normal no but cults still happen all
[46:32.700 –> 46:36.780] the time yes and i’m just fascinated just how that they start out like i can see how
[46:36.780 –> 46:40.220] someone could be convinced because there’s this massive group that all believe something
[46:40.220 –> 46:46.860] and they convince you in but like oh yeah there’s one dude one dude is trying to convince
[46:46.860 –> 46:52.860] you to come live in his commune with you like i don’t know that sounds a little bit sketchy
[46:52.860 –> 46:58.860] like well i feel like a commune am i thinking you don’t start off with a commune is that
[46:58.860 –> 47:04.860] what you’re saying yeah yeah i feel like communes are fine like i’ve i’ve had past roommates
[47:04.860 –> 47:09.100] who’ve lived in communes and they’ve oh sure sure i’m not saying the concept of a commune
[47:09.100 –> 47:14.300] is creepy but i’m saying like it’s when it’s when someone’s like trying to convince you
[47:14.300 –> 47:20.700] oh yeah we’re just worshiping or like revolving around exactly exactly yeah yeah yeah i think
[47:20.700 –> 47:27.540] i think that these alternate ways of of doing society and cult communities is good but yeah
[47:27.540 –> 47:32.740] that there are red flags and when there’s a commune of one person that’s a red flag
[47:32.740 –> 47:38.820] yes but then maybe maybe with cults maybe with cults the commune comes end game maybe
[47:38.820 –> 47:42.300] that’s not early maybe that’s part of the problem point why are we talking about cults
[47:42.300 –> 47:48.580] so much oh yeah we’re talking about cult of alarm this is a bizarre episode i mean another
[47:48.580 –> 47:58.100] way to start a call is to die and then have like the one who waits sure sure i mean i’m
[47:58.100 –> 48:02.420] going to be honest if someone raises me from the dead probably going to do whatever they
[48:02.420 –> 48:07.500] say yeah i don’t think in some cases you don’t have a choice that’s true that’s true like
[48:07.500 –> 48:16.600] yeah um in uh daredevil with the hand raising electro i mean electro was brainwashed then
[48:16.600 –> 48:22.700] you know basically had no choice i’m also thinking of carnival row where they do something
[48:22.700 –> 48:32.980] similar but it’s like like creepy more zombie like i think more zombie like um what was
[48:32.980 –> 48:39.860] my point that it’s just fantastic well no it is i mean yes no cults are not fantastic
[48:39.860 –> 48:45.300] no the game is fantastic the game is yes i feel like like i’m sure it would be just as
[48:45.300 –> 48:50.140] good if they did take themselves seriously but i don’t i don’t think it would have been
[48:50.140 –> 48:57.740] as popular maybe if they weren’t just so outrageously ridiculous yeah i don’t i don’t know if it
[48:57.740 –> 49:02.460] would have been as good yeah like i think it depends how you do it like if you’re if
[49:02.460 –> 49:09.980] you’re doing the whole right we’re take would be we’re taking it seriously but like in a
[49:09.980 –> 49:16.220] like this is the joke kind of way but like we we never give up on that like no no i’m
[49:16.220 –> 49:21.020] 100 serious but like really they’re not but they’re they’re selling the fact that they’re
[49:21.020 –> 49:25.340] serious like that could be funny yeah but if it was like oh this is this is meant to
[49:25.340 –> 49:29.860] be serious wink wink nudge nudge then i think it becomes not yeah right it just then becomes
[49:29.860 –> 49:36.620] a bit kind of like sad yeah and it would also be very weird if they were trying to be serious
[49:36.620 –> 49:44.580] and it was very cutesy at the same time i mean let’s i think we can all agree the ridiculousness
[49:44.580 –> 49:49.420] cutesy version of it is the best version yes yes so they they made some good calls with
[49:49.420 –> 49:56.980] it and i love that they’re continuing to update it um yeah like they had was it that new oh
[49:56.980 –> 50:03.780] goodness i saw their like update this past week i think where they had like a new um
[50:03.780 –> 50:10.460] a new housing type where multiple people could live in in one interesting uh it hasn’t been
[50:10.460 –> 50:15.780] updated yet it looks like this oh this came out february 23rd um so maybe not that new
[50:15.780 –> 50:20.260] oh that’s pretty that’s pretty new that’s like two weeks ago is it i don’t know time’s
[50:20.260 –> 50:28.340] weird it feels like yeah literally literally two literally two weeks ago was the 25th of
[50:28.340 –> 50:36.020] february um so i i i just that just reminded me of like i think there’s so much about this
[50:36.020 –> 50:39.500] game where you’re just like i love how ridiculous that is and i know we’ve talked about this
[50:39.500 –> 50:43.380] but like i just you were reminded because of the the housing i love how you start off
[50:43.380 –> 50:48.420] this game and like they just sleep on the floor and they’re like i’d really like something
[50:48.420 –> 50:55.620] better than sleeping on the floor and you’re like okay have a have a sleeping bag and they’re
[50:55.620 –> 51:00.420] like oh thank you so much i’m so glad you gave me a sleeping bag and then like the next
[51:00.420 –> 51:06.940] thing you do is you build your like church building and see they built this ridiculously
[51:06.940 –> 51:13.820] large ornate church building and they’re still sleeping outside and sleeping bags the weather
[51:13.820 –> 51:22.180] must just be very good there because they just don’t care it’s just it’s it’s very funny
[51:22.180 –> 51:28.500] uh-huh i like even then like their best upgrade like this upgrade comes with i think housing
[51:28.500 –> 51:34.540] that can be shared that won’t like disintegrate over time but they still have roommates like
[51:34.540 –> 51:40.020] this is not that great i was saying it’s great for the cult leader but not great for the
[51:40.020 –> 51:44.340] followers yeah i i don’t need to i don’t need to keep fixing up your housing yeah
[51:44.340 –> 51:52.740] oh they’re also coming up with a perfect landlord housing a kitchen so someone can cook for
[51:52.740 –> 51:59.320] you as well nice uh-huh so even more automation to come it looks like i love it i love it
[51:59.320 –> 52:06.540] more automation give me more have you got a lot of decorating in this game of course
[52:06.540 –> 52:13.020] i haven’t come on babe well come on babe how long have we known each other i know but there’s
[52:13.020 –> 52:17.700] some but there’s some things in here that have actual purpose even though they’re more
[52:17.700 –> 52:28.260] decorative than anything really yeah oh they also have organized farming coming so you
[52:28.260 –> 52:34.260] could put like little signs next to your pots and the villagers will put only like specific
[52:34.260 –> 52:40.220] seeds there which sounds amazing nice huh even more automation uh-huh well that’s not
[52:40.220 –> 52:44.780] it’s not automated it’s not but it’s like organization it allows you to organize the
[52:44.780 –> 52:51.940] automation because they already plan things automatically is there anything you don’t
[52:51.940 –> 53:01.140] like about the game i i feel like there aren’t a lot of them and i personally didn’t experience
[53:01.140 –> 53:07.740] a lot of like issues or glitches with the game but i have noticed i i have it on steam
[53:07.740 –> 53:12.500] um okay yeah mostly playing on steam death i think i think most of the bugs have been
[53:12.500 –> 53:20.480] on switch i did notice one today though where i had a dissenting follower and i successfully
[53:20.480 –> 53:31.220] re-educated him as as we do um and his eyes didn’t change it was still like red and angry
[53:31.220 –> 53:35.700] so i was very confused like are you actually dissenting or are you not so i put him back
[53:35.700 –> 53:41.300] in prison and he’s like i i’m not dissenting but he still had the eye so i don’t know it
[53:41.300 –> 53:47.200] was weird but it went away after a while um so that was an interesting like bug he just
[53:47.200 –> 53:53.320] had some irritated eyes uh-huh uh-huh what are some things you don’t like about this
[53:53.320 –> 53:57.420] game al that’s a good question and i probably should have thought about that because i answered
[53:57.420 –> 54:03.380] asked the question initially um i mean a lot of the things that i mean most of the things
[54:03.380 –> 54:08.420] that i’m not a huge fan of the game are like small things and are mostly things that they’re
[54:08.420 –> 54:14.180] fixing right so like as you say like the cooking like the fact that you had to manually do
[54:14.180 –> 54:18.180] the cooking all the time was just a bit annoying it’s like you can you can automate almost
[54:18.180 –> 54:23.300] everything but you still have to go in and manually cook um and so being able to to get
[54:23.300 –> 54:27.460] a villager to do that it just makes sense right it’s just a continuation of that system
[54:27.460 –> 54:33.220] that they built which i like um i don’t think as i don’t think there’s anything huge i think
[54:33.220 –> 54:38.220] the thing is right like if you if there was anything huge it would be the concept of the
[54:38.220 –> 54:42.080] game yeah but i like the concept of the game and as we’ve discussed i like the combat i
[54:42.080 –> 54:46.480] like the farming i like the the i like how the runs work i think it’s actually really
[54:46.480 –> 54:51.060] clever i actually think it’s better than stardew in that aspect of things because you were
[54:51.060 –> 54:54.020] like oh it’s kind of like stardew where if you go into the mine you can then lose yeah
[54:54.020 –> 55:01.300] sure but in this game you can only lose what you get on the run yes where’s stardew if
[55:01.300 –> 55:05.460] you forget that you’ve got something in your pocket and you go with it you could lose that
[55:05.460 –> 55:10.020] well technically that’s all you have gold what do you mean i mean it’s in your pocket
[55:10.020 –> 55:15.220] so you have it you have the capability of taking them out of your pockets sure sure
[55:15.220 –> 55:21.300] but like in this game you don’t really you don’t you have that stuff you don’t have pockets
[55:21.300 –> 55:27.060] to go in in in the dungeons with exactly so so you can’t accidentally take something in
[55:27.060 –> 55:30.460] and lose it uh-huh that’s my point uh-huh you’re only losing what you’re gaining which
[55:30.460 –> 55:36.940] makes which is better yes for sure and uh okay i two things that i want to say before
[55:36.940 –> 55:45.440] i forget um i love that the dungeon crawls are so short like at longest i think it was
[55:45.440 –> 55:51.660] 45 minutes and that was maybe when i was doing like like i’ve already beaten the one one
[55:51.660 –> 55:59.860] of the four and continued on um yeah so it it’s so refreshing after playing hades because
[55:59.860 –> 56:07.100] i love hades but it takes like an hour and a half to do a full run and it’s a stretch
[56:07.100 –> 56:17.500] um and uh i did just think of one thing that i do not like uh in fact and that is that
[56:17.500 –> 56:24.460] my cult goes like haywire when i’m on my runs i come back and everything is like on fire
[56:24.460 –> 56:31.880] not not not actually on fire but you know my loyalty or what is it um is it loyalty
[56:31.880 –> 56:39.660] yes my my loyalty is like zero and everyone’s starving and getting sick everywhere i’m like
[56:39.660 –> 56:45.500] can you just please take care of yourself for like two days so they are very dumb they
[56:45.500 –> 56:51.140] really are very dumb um and i know like some late game stuff or you know some upgrades
[56:51.140 –> 56:59.020] help with that but it it feels like more frustrating i guess to do because it makes me not want
[56:59.020 –> 57:03.980] to go out and collect stuff and do the dungeons and um move forward with the plot or you know
[57:03.980 –> 57:08.340] the story because i want to come back and everything’s on fire like i know i can put
[57:08.340 –> 57:13.180] out the fire very quickly but it’s still slightly annoying to have to do that every time yeah
[57:13.180 –> 57:18.400] yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s fair um they are it would be nice if you could like maybe even
[57:18.400 –> 57:23.560] if you had to work towards that like say you you had to like you had to build a school
[57:23.560 –> 57:29.620] or something or like some way to like make it education in some way that would be different
[57:29.620 –> 57:36.700] um yeah and i think they’ve tried to address some of this like i have i just built a janitor
[57:36.700 –> 57:45.620] like place um but i don’t really have seen anyone working it i’m still going around cleaning
[57:45.620 –> 57:50.160] it up so i’m hoping i i don’t know maybe i just haven’t figured it out yet or i haven’t
[57:50.160 –> 57:55.860] assigned someone yet um when i should be able to assign them like when there’s actually
[57:55.860 –> 58:02.780] something on the ground that needs to be cleaned up um yeah so yeah ooh what is your cult name
[58:02.780 –> 58:12.020] oh it’s never like i am bad have we not talked about naming things before bev i’m bad at
[58:12.020 –> 58:20.260] naming things i’m also bad um so i have a name that i name every single farm and every
[58:20.260 –> 58:25.920] single anything that is like the place that i’m playing um it’s the same name as the name
[58:25.920 –> 58:30.100] of my house so i’m not really going to share it okay um but yeah it’s just it’s just my
[58:30.100 –> 58:35.360] standard name that i use for everything i also struggle with this um like literally
[58:35.360 –> 58:39.700] the past like two weeks while i’ve been playing stardew every time i got a new chicken or
[58:39.700 –> 58:45.140] animal i asked my partner for names like i can’t i can’t name it and i know they come
[58:45.140 –> 58:49.940] with their own names but it still feels like i have to name them um but i named oh no i
[58:49.940 –> 58:54.060] just go i i always give them the same the name they came with like oh yeah if i get
[58:54.060 –> 58:57.580] the option not to name them i am not naming them i have not named them here because it
[58:57.580 –> 59:03.620] feels like they like they die too quickly for me to care about them well i think this
[59:03.620 –> 59:07.520] one has a like a random button as well that you can choose like yeah which is fun which
[59:07.520 –> 59:11.280] i loved in stardew and i love in this it’s great everything that makes you name something
[59:11.280 –> 59:16.180] should have a random button i do love that yeah sorry continue your cult name it’s cult
[59:16.180 –> 59:27.300] of the bevatron oh dear um so i am quite proud of that um name i think it’s fun i don’t i
[59:27.300 –> 59:34.040] don’t know what to say bevatron is a real thing did you know i i did not hold on let
[59:34.040 –> 59:40.580] me go there’s there’s a wiki page on a bevatron it’s a particle accelerator yes it is so it’s
[59:40.580 –> 59:53.020] like my i i’m i’m adopting it specifically a weak focusing proton synchro and ta on six
[59:53.020 –> 01:00:04.940] proton synchro synchro time secret on that sounds right drawn synchro tron synchro tron
[01:00:04.940 –> 01:00:12.500] all righty i mean uh-huh i’m gonna be honest i don’t understand what it does so it makes
[01:00:12.500 –> 01:00:16.820] sense that i wouldn’t be able to say the name i don’t know i just think it’s a it’s a i
[01:00:16.820 –> 01:00:21.740] i thought it was a made-up word because someone like i think jokingly called me that to make
[01:00:21.740 –> 01:00:26.580] me sound like a cyborg i guess and and then i google it and i found out that it was an
[01:00:26.580 –> 01:00:34.780] actual thing and i loved it well there you go uh-huh okay i think that’s that’s that’s
[01:00:34.780 –> 01:00:43.060] our cue to start wrapping up yeah uh good fun thank you for i mean i don’t think we
[01:00:43.060 –> 01:00:48.880] have much more to add just i don’t think so because like um i don’t think we would disagree
[01:00:48.880 –> 01:00:55.700] with the original episode and we would agree that people should play this for sure for
[01:00:55.700 –> 01:01:01.040] sure especially now that they fix a lot of the issues the early on issues and they’re
[01:01:01.040 –> 01:01:06.860] continuing to give uh you know content updates and they have that really cool twitch feature
[01:01:06.860 –> 01:01:11.280] that makes it more interactive when you know people are streaming so i think it’s just
[01:01:11.280 –> 01:01:19.740] fantastic all around um and you know if i had a second choice or a second top three
[01:01:19.740 –> 01:01:28.180] i think it would have been in there uh come december last december
[01:01:28.180 –> 01:01:35.260] all right thank you bev for joining me um thank you listeners for listening bev where
[01:01:35.260 –> 01:01:42.060] can people find you on the internet i am uh bev granger 711 at everywhere um you know
[01:01:42.060 –> 01:01:47.100] on twitter on mastodon uh i see you’re on mastodon uh also i should go follow you on
[01:01:47.100 –> 01:01:55.340] that because i’m trying to use that more um yeah b v g r a n g e r 711 uh yes i am on
[01:01:55.340 –> 01:02:01.780] mastodon i am specifically on the mastodon dot scott server of course at the scott spot
[01:02:01.780 –> 01:02:06.260] on that so i joined i signed up when like there was like the big russia people signing
[01:02:06.260 –> 01:02:10.980] up uh-huh and i was like this is a federated social network i don’t want to go on one of
[01:02:10.980 –> 01:02:15.500] the big ones like that defeats the purpose so i was like well let me see what else there
[01:02:15.500 –> 01:02:20.740] is and i found this scottish one and i was like well why not so i am at the scott pot
[01:02:20.740 –> 01:02:28.020] on mastodon scott and i’m also still on twitter for some reason so um you can find the podcast
[01:02:28.020 –> 01:02:35.420] on twitter at ths pod you can’t find it on mastodon so uh what i’m hearing is that listeners
[01:02:35.420 –> 01:02:41.220] you need to comment on this and see what you prefer
[01:02:41.220 –> 01:02:45.460] yeah i mean the listeners won’t have heard the 10-minute argument we just had about they’re
[01:02:45.460 –> 01:02:53.780] not out this is this is prime content it’s uh is it is it though is it it could be why
[01:02:53.780 –> 01:02:57.420] don’t you put it in a greenhouse episode we could just cut it and use this as a mini greenhouse
[01:02:57.420 –> 01:03:04.660] episode it’s a very mini greenhouse episode um you if you would like to send us feedback
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[01:03:32.780 –> 01:03:38.740] talk more about farming games and you know sometimes sometimes or make fun of some of
[01:03:38.740 –> 01:03:46.420] the host oh i mean let’s let’s not lie make fun of me right like but we love you we do
[01:03:46.420 –> 01:03:49.180] have love you know they might not have to you know they might not have to cut out of
[01:03:49.180 –> 01:03:53.700] every episode that i’m not on just talking about me my word you people are obsessed with
[01:03:53.700 –> 01:04:04.500] it’s a thing now like it has to happen now it’s it’s comedic value al i think that’s
[01:04:04.500 –> 01:04:13.220] everything um thank you again bev for joining me yep thank you and and yep and until next
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[01:04:50.460 –> 01:04:56.380] because you don’t lose everything all the time sorry about that my doorbell going you’re
[01:04:56.380 –> 01:05:06.020] fine shut up i i hope you include these include that in the the end like after postcard it’s
[01:05:06.020 –> 01:05:10.340] just yelling at your doorbell