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Codey and Bev talk about Research Story


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00:02:23: What Have We Been Up To
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Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley Update
Mika and the Witch’s Mountain Trailer
Coral Island Summer Update
Rune Factory 3S US Special Edition

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[00:00.000 –> 00:30.000] music
[00:30.000 –> 00:35.000] Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season.
[00:35.000 –> 00:40.000] My name is Cody and my name is Bev and we’re here today to talk about cottage core
[00:40.000 –> 00:44.000] games.
[00:44.000 –> 00:49.000] What so so we we say hello farmers because it used to be only a
[00:49.000 –> 00:54.000] farming podcast but now we’re like rebranding. So what do we say like hello cottage core
[00:54.000 –> 00:59.000] workers. This is a question. That’s a great question.
[00:59.000 –> 01:04.000] Listeners right in. Join the slack and tell us what we should call you.
[01:04.000 –> 01:09.000] Listeners maybe. Hello listeners. Hello.
[01:09.000 –> 01:14.000] We’ll workshop it. Yeah sure. Definitely
[01:14.000 –> 01:19.000] tweet at us please. So there is a quote here.
[01:19.000 –> 01:24.000] I don’t know how you wanted me to say this. But for
[01:24.000 –> 01:29.000] folks that would like transcripts transcripts are available in the show notes and
[01:29.000 –> 01:34.000] on the website. So any transcripts for I’m assuming any
[01:34.000 –> 01:39.000] episode at least this episode will be available there.
[01:39.000 –> 01:44.000] So if you mention anything or if I say something weird and you’re like what was that word.
[01:45.000 –> 01:50.000] You can look it up. So today we are here to talk
[01:50.000 –> 01:55.000] about our main topic which is a research story. So this is part two technically.
[01:56.000 –> 02:01.000] The first episode which you can find in our on our feed was Bev and I talking about our
[02:01.000 –> 02:06.000] experiences in research. And they said that you had a they had a very cool
[02:06.000 –> 02:11.000] monkey poop thing. Yes. So if you’re
[02:11.000 –> 02:16.000] yeah if you’re like not not sure what what monkey poop what go back
[02:16.000 –> 02:21.000] and listen to that right. Please. And we do have some news.
[02:21.000 –> 02:26.000] But before we get to that Bev what have you been up to.
[02:26.000 –> 02:31.000] I have been struggling just in general.
[02:31.000 –> 02:36.000] But I at least like what I’ve been playing. I’ve been on a weird
[02:36.000 –> 02:41.000] solitaire kick lately. Like I was at a conference last week and that’s what got
[02:41.000 –> 02:46.000] me through the conference was just playing solitaire while I was listening. Do you have
[02:46.000 –> 02:51.000] like a specific like with with cards or do you have a specific. There’s like an app.
[02:51.000 –> 02:56.000] I think it’s like a game pass app or whatever. I don’t know.
[02:56.000 –> 03:01.000] I have it for Xbox and I download it on the phone because I was like I wanted something that I could play
[03:01.000 –> 03:06.000] Spider solitaire on and also bring my solitaire and free
[03:06.000 –> 03:11.000] sell and everything but not have to download like five different apps for it. So yeah.
[03:11.000 –> 03:16.000] I know exactly what you’re talking about actually. The second thing you said Xbox I was
[03:16.000 –> 03:21.000] like oh I used to do that all the time. So I used to have a Microsoft service
[03:21.000 –> 03:26.000] and which is a laptop for those for those that didn’t know
[03:26.000 –> 03:31.000] that was like the Microsoft laptop. And it came with the
[03:31.000 –> 03:36.000] the games and quote unquote one of the quote unquote games was solid was that solitaire pack. And
[03:36.000 –> 03:41.000] they have dailies like you can do them every day. Yes I’ve been doing the dailies.
[03:41.000 –> 03:46.000] I loved it. Oh OK.
[03:46.000 –> 03:51.000] So you’ve been solid. Which one’s your favorite. I feel like freestyle is my favorite. OK
[03:51.000 –> 03:56.000] I didn’t really like freestyle. What’s the one with the polar bear the Klondike one. There’s like there’s the polar
[03:56.000 –> 04:01.000] that’s like that’s like regular solitaire. They call it Klondike and I don’t know why Klondike
[04:01.000 –> 04:06.000] right right right. No there was another one the pyramid one maybe. Oh the pyramid one.
[04:06.000 –> 04:11.000] Is that like the one we have to do like the math and like add it up to like 13.
[04:11.000 –> 04:16.000] Yeah. I also like that one. Like I never heard of that one before until I played
[04:16.000 –> 04:21.000] this game. Like this is so fun. Yeah. Yeah.
[04:21.000 –> 04:26.000] Well what else other than solid.
[04:26.000 –> 04:31.000] I feel like that’s that’s been mostly like other than the research story I’ve been on like
[04:31.000 –> 04:36.000] right. Like I was doing stardew and then I went on the conference and then I couldn’t really
[04:36.000 –> 04:41.000] play it and then got obsessed with solitaire. So like I moved from my stardew like obsession
[04:41.000 –> 04:46.000] to solitaire and I’ll probably go back to start. I feel like we’ll see. It’s that time of year.
[04:46.000 –> 04:51.000] Like I feel like this time of year when things start changing and like you get that springy feel to the to the
[04:51.000 –> 04:56.000] air. Everyone’s playing stardew right now. Like all of my friends are like I’ve just been really enjoying
[04:56.000 –> 05:01.000] stardew. I need to replay it because I have never made it past. I’ve never
[05:01.000 –> 05:06.000] made it through the second year. Yeah. Yeah. That was why I picked it up again because
[05:06.000 –> 05:11.000] I was like I need to do this. And then I made it past second year and now I’m like finally 1.5
[05:11.000 –> 05:16.000] content. So do it and maybe we can talk about it because we haven’t really talked about
[05:16.000 –> 05:21.000] the 1.5 update. So do it. That’s true. Is the 1.5 update free?
[05:21.000 –> 05:26.000] Yes. It’s free. I think it’s on all platforms by this point. Like even on mobile. I
[05:26.000 –> 05:31.000] have it on steam or not steam switch. So do it.
[05:31.000 –> 05:36.000] I have been playing research life.
[05:36.000 –> 05:41.000] IRL research story.
[05:41.000 –> 05:46.000] IRL research. I’ve been planning a new field season and this one is going to be different
[05:46.000 –> 05:51.000] than what I’ve done before. And so I need to actually construct some traps. So I’ve purchased a
[05:51.000 –> 05:56.000] bunch of acrylic and then I have to go like buy. I have to go like buy
[05:56.000 –> 06:01.000] these buckets. I basically played go get my
[06:01.000 –> 06:06.000] PI’s credit card and go spend money.
[06:06.000 –> 06:11.000] But it’s my research money. But like it’s through someone else’s
[06:11.000 –> 06:16.000] card. But it was really fun to like quote unquote fun to go to like Home Depot. Just drop down
[06:16.000 –> 06:21.000] for shopping. Home Depot is a lot of fun. It can be a lot of fun.
[06:21.000 –> 06:26.000] It was also really fun because I brought Stella because you can bring dogs.
[06:27.000 –> 06:32.000] And she did so good. Oh that’s that’s even more fun. Like I
[06:32.000 –> 06:37.000] feel like Home Depot’s like should have more dogs because it’s like no one cares. So
[06:37.000 –> 06:42.000] we want more dogs at Home Depot or like Lowe’s. That day I took her to let’s see we went to
[06:42.000 –> 06:47.000] Petco obviously can bring pets in their Michaels. You can bring pet dogs
[06:47.000 –> 06:52.000] into Michaels and Joanne’s. That sounds like a disaster.
[06:52.000 –> 06:57.000] Well and it was so funny because she loves to pick trash up off the floor. So every time she
[06:57.000 –> 07:02.000] picked something up like and like people I mean things fall off of things
[07:02.000 –> 07:07.000] at craft stores all the time. Oh yeah. If you buy like a floral like a fake floral display
[07:07.000 –> 07:12.000] like these fake flowers fell off and they were just on the ground and she just kept picking trash up
[07:12.000 –> 07:17.000] and I kept taking it from her. So by the time I got up to the register I was just like here’s all this trash.
[07:19.000 –> 07:24.000] But she also picked up this this DMC claw DMC floss
[07:24.000 –> 07:29.000] like floss that you’d use for like cross stitching or whatever. And I do that. And so I was
[07:29.000 –> 07:34.000] like I’ll just buy this. And they were like are you sure you don’t have to. And I was like she picked it up. I was I’ll just
[07:34.000 –> 07:39.000] buy it’s fine. She slobbered all over this like this poor floss. Yeah like her saliva
[07:39.000 –> 07:44.000] is on this. I’ll just buy it. And then I took it home and I actually looked at it.
[07:44.000 –> 07:49.000] It’s actually a color of used a lot. So I was like OK good good. I’m glad like you can never
[07:49.000 –> 07:54.000] have too much floss. I feel like she was just looking at. Yeah. Yeah. And like you know sometimes you have to
[07:54.000 –> 07:59.000] use a little bit of saliva to like make it work anyway. She just is helping you
[07:59.000 –> 08:04.000] preemptively. That’s true. That’s true. You have to like kind of get it get it together because you pull
[08:04.000 –> 08:09.000] strands together. Mm hmm. Other than that my partner
[08:09.000 –> 08:14.000] came here for the weekend and he brought overcooked to
[08:14.000 –> 08:19.000] this game on steam. And I’m obsessed.
[08:19.000 –> 08:24.000] We played it for like I say two hours. He says three hours straight. I
[08:24.000 –> 08:29.000] wanted to play more. He was like I need a break. And I was like we need to keep playing.
[08:30.000 –> 08:35.000] Basically did you ever play like Diner Dash. No I don’t think so.
[08:35.000 –> 08:40.000] OK. It’s like that. It’s basically OK. It’s like you’re like building
[08:41.000 –> 08:46.000] there’s recipes that come across the screen and then you’re supposed to build them. So like if a
[08:46.000 –> 08:51.000] salad comes across the screen then you have to grab a lettuce and a tomato and chop them up
[08:51.000 –> 08:56.000] and then serve them on a plate and then put them on the like outgoing thing.
[08:56.000 –> 09:01.000] So it’s like an assembly game essentially. Yeah it is an assembly game. But the fun part of it
[09:01.000 –> 09:06.000] quote unquote fun part about it is that you. So it’s if you’re playing by yourself
[09:06.000 –> 09:11.000] you control two people like you
[09:11.000 –> 09:16.000] just switch to switch between the two people. But if you have two people it puts one of you on one
[09:16.000 –> 09:21.000] one side of the of the kitchen or whatever and then one on the other side. And like
[09:21.000 –> 09:26.000] so I might have all of the food and then he has the cutting
[09:26.000 –> 09:31.000] boards and then maybe I have the fryers and then he has the plates. And
[09:31.000 –> 09:36.000] so I literally have to like throw stuff to him so he
[09:36.000 –> 09:41.000] can cut it up and then he throws it back to me and like there’s a barrier in between. So like you can’t
[09:41.000 –> 09:46.000] go on the barrier. You’re throwing stuff around both both directions and then
[09:46.000 –> 09:51.000] like trying to serve it up. And then also at one point there’s like dirty dishes. So someone has to clean them and you’re
[09:51.000 –> 09:56.000] basically trying to like do this cooperation. And if you don’t do the order
[09:56.000 –> 10:01.000] fast enough you like lose your tips and you like
[10:01.000 –> 10:06.000] lose points for that and stuff. And the whole point I guess is that it’s
[10:06.000 –> 10:11.000] it’s got a loose story where there’s the king
[10:11.000 –> 10:16.000] onion guy of the world accidentally made undead zombies
[10:16.000 –> 10:21.000] and they’re called the unbred. OK I’m totally fine with zombies.
[10:21.000 –> 10:26.000] I mean you never see the zombies. The thing is like that you’re trying
[10:26.000 –> 10:31.000] to learn how to cook to feed them to start to
[10:31.000 –> 10:36.000] stave them off so that they don’t eat the people I guess is the whole point.
[10:36.000 –> 10:41.000] Makes sense. I see that. OK. So you’re just having like pet zombies essentially.
[10:41.000 –> 10:46.000] You never I like you never see them. OK that’s
[10:46.000 –> 10:51.000] I need I need an overcooked version where there’s more zombie interaction. Yeah.
[10:51.000 –> 10:56.000] Yeah. So we played that and then we also
[10:56.000 –> 11:01.000] started playing board games. So last night Jeff
[11:01.000 –> 11:06.000] and I introduced my roommate to Catan. She’d never played.
[11:06.000 –> 11:11.000] And we played we played one game and in the beginning of the game she was
[11:11.000 –> 11:16.000] like I don’t like this. I don’t know if this is for me. And then by the end she lost by the end of the game.
[11:16.000 –> 11:21.000] And she like like I won. I just like and I did the
[11:21.000 –> 11:26.000] classic like build two roads take longest road and I have this like secret
[11:26.000 –> 11:31.000] development card that gives me a bonus point and I won like bam. Like like I went from like three points away
[11:31.000 –> 11:36.000] to winning to like bam I won. Beautiful. And she was just like she was like no
[11:36.000 –> 11:41.000] and she like stood up and walked away. She’s like I hate this game and then she turns back
[11:41.000 –> 11:46.000] around. She’s like we’re playing again.
[11:46.000 –> 11:51.000] I love that. But I mean Jeff and I really want to play more board games. So we went to a card shop
[11:51.000 –> 11:56.000] today. A couple card shops today. One game. I don’t know if you’ve seen it’s called arch ravels.
[11:56.000 –> 12:01.000] Arch ravels? Why ravels or ravels? Ravels because you knit.
[12:03.000 –> 12:08.000] It’s a knitting board game. Oh my goodness.
[12:08.000 –> 12:13.000] I’m going to find it for you and then put it in the chat or something. I feel like I need this because it
[12:13.000 –> 12:18.000] and it looked like I was like oh it’s probably really expensive. It’s only like 20 bucks.
[12:18.000 –> 12:23.000] That’s amazing. Or at least like so some places have like 31. It’s
[12:23.000 –> 12:28.000] somewhere between like it’s under 40 for sure. And I was I don’t know board games are expensive. So
[12:28.000 –> 12:33.000] so I was like I didn’t bring my wallet and like I wasn’t going to make Jeff pay for it
[12:33.000 –> 12:38.000] because he’s not a knitter. Yeah. You compete with fellow knitters to collect
[12:38.000 –> 12:43.000] wool finish patterns and make a masterwork. So it looked really amazing. But we
[12:43.000 –> 12:48.000] ended up getting a game called love letters which is a card game where you are trying
[12:48.000 –> 12:53.000] to like woo a princess. OK. And you’re trying
[12:53.000 –> 12:58.000] to like win favors to woo the princess and you just like go back and forth and you try and
[12:58.000 –> 13:03.000] make sure that you have the best card. I don’t know. We haven’t played it yet. OK. We also looked
[13:03.000 –> 13:08.000] at there were other like really pretty games. There was wingspan
[13:08.000 –> 13:13.000] there which I really enjoyed. It’s a fun game. It’s they didn’t have parks.
[13:14.000 –> 13:19.000] And I know since we’re talking about parks I just for the fiftieth time have to
[13:19.000 –> 13:24.000] apologize for spilling coffee. It’s fine. It’s 100 percent fine.
[13:24.000 –> 13:29.000] This is why I sleeve meticulously every single thing that can possibly
[13:29.000 –> 13:34.000] sleep. Like my partner spilled water on the table and
[13:34.000 –> 13:39.000] like got onto like some of our card like our open boxes that we have and I’m like it’s it’s fine. Yeah.
[13:39.000 –> 13:44.000] Like everything’s either in plastic or cardboard. Like I don’t care about the box. It was like it was fine.
[13:44.000 –> 13:49.000] We played. Gosh we went down. We you and I both went down to D.C.
[13:49.000 –> 13:54.000] to go play like a community day like two or three years ago. I don’t remember.
[13:54.000 –> 13:59.000] It’s been a hot minute. And they brought all their all their games and we play parks
[13:59.000 –> 14:04.000] with some other friends and it was really fun. And then at one point I spilled coffee and I was just like
[14:04.000 –> 14:09.000] I immediately was like I will buy you a new one.
[14:09.000 –> 14:14.000] It feels so bad. And I’m like it’s fine.
[14:14.000 –> 14:19.000] It haunts me to this day. You’re completely fine. Yeah. Oh you are just going to have to
[14:19.000 –> 14:24.000] come over and accidentally spill something on one of your games.
[14:24.000 –> 14:29.000] Please do. Please do. Oh yeah. I mean so that’s I don’t
[14:29.000 –> 14:34.000] I mean I’ve still been playing Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom and stuff like that but
[14:34.000 –> 14:39.000] I’ve not really been playing a ton of games but it’s cool. It’s a weird time.
[14:39.000 –> 14:44.000] It is a weird time. So jumping into the news.
[14:44.000 –> 14:49.000] First bit of news is that Disney Dreamlight Valley has an update launching
[14:49.000 –> 14:54.000] April 5th. So very soon and update is called
[14:54.000 –> 14:59.000] the Pride of the Valley update. And so it’s it adds adult Simba
[14:59.000 –> 15:04.000] and adult Nala and it’s about you know like Lion King.
[15:04.000 –> 15:09.000] So there’s not a ton of information about it. It just says like a new realm
[15:09.000 –> 15:14.000] opens there’s new characters more surprises. They said that there’s a path to
[15:14.000 –> 15:19.000] celebrate the Disney parks. Interesting. So I think it’s just going to be
[15:19.000 –> 15:24.000] like a theme park thing. I don’t know. I haven’t played Disney so. I haven’t either. I love
[15:24.000 –> 15:29.000] Simba and if Simba is voice acted in here by the original like
[15:29.000 –> 15:34.000] Simba I think. Oh I doubt it. I doubt it. I know I highly doubt it. But just the voice actor
[15:34.000 –> 15:39.000] for Simba is just like I definitely had a crush on Simba.
[15:40.000 –> 15:45.000] Oh my gosh. I don’t even know if Matthew Broderick is still around. What is he doing
[15:45.000 –> 15:50.000] nowadays. I don’t know. But I need to hear more of him. He’s 61. He is married to Sarah Jessica
[15:50.000 –> 15:55.000] Parker. Oh that’s OK. Wow.
[15:55.000 –> 16:00.000] I did not know that. He’s a good egg. He’s done a lot. So yeah
[16:00.000 –> 16:05.000] that is Disney Dreamlight Valley. Pride of the Valley
[16:05.000 –> 16:10.000] is like interesting because I understand why it’s called Pride of the Valley. But it made me think it was like
[16:10.000 –> 16:15.000] like Pride Month something. I was like I got excited. That’s fair.
[16:15.000 –> 16:20.000] That is very fair. Some people. So apparently like Pride of the Valley is
[16:20.000 –> 16:25.000] something at the parks. Interesting. So they’re trying to like market. That’s smart
[16:25.000 –> 16:30.000] for Disney to market their physical location I guess.
[16:30.000 –> 16:35.000] I don’t know because someone said something about like one of the comments on Twitter or something was like this is my
[16:35.000 –> 16:40.000] favorite part of the parks. So I don’t know. OK. I haven’t been to Disney
[16:40.000 –> 16:45.000] years. I’m going to have to change that. And then now my partner hasn’t either. I’m like we
[16:45.000 –> 16:50.000] need to go. We need to go. I’ve never been. But like now I’m just like it’s
[16:50.000 –> 16:55.000] so freaking expensive. And I mean it probably was always expensive
[16:55.000 –> 17:00.000] but like it just seems like hell to me honestly.
[17:00.000 –> 17:05.000] Especially in the heat depending on where you’re
[17:05.000 –> 17:10.000] going. I just came back from California so I should have like the last time I went to California I went to
[17:10.000 –> 17:15.000] Disneyland for the first time. But it’s like a beautiful weather over there. I definitely would not go to the Florida one.
[17:15.000 –> 17:20.000] I actually someone a previous partner invited me
[17:20.000 –> 17:25.000] to go to the Florida one and he was like I’ll pay for everything. And I was
[17:25.000 –> 17:30.000] like hmm but Florida. But Florida.
[17:30.000 –> 17:35.000] Understand. Well as a Floridian I 100% understand.
[17:35.000 –> 17:40.000] Maybe go to the California one. He does it every year though. So I don’t know. OK.
[17:40.000 –> 17:45.000] Next piece of news Mika and the Witch’s Mountain. There is a new trailer.
[17:46.000 –> 17:51.000] It is very cute.
[17:51.000 –> 17:56.000] The trailer is very cute. There’s like music behind it. It’s a minute and a half long and you kind of
[17:56.000 –> 18:01.000] just like see there’s part gameplay and part like animation
[18:01.000 –> 18:06.000] of the game. And it just looks really cute. It’s just Mika
[18:06.000 –> 18:11.000] like doing her business delivering stuff and you get to see a bunch of the
[18:11.000 –> 18:16.000] other characters. And yeah. Did you get a chance to watch the
[18:16.000 –> 18:21.000] trailer at all. No but I know I
[18:21.000 –> 18:26.000] will watch it after this. But I am very excited for this game
[18:26.000 –> 18:31.000] just because I love the other games in this world. I guess this universe.
[18:32.000 –> 18:37.000] So looking forward to this and I’m a little behind on the Kickstarter updates
[18:37.000 –> 18:42.000] but I’ll get in there. Yeah. It’s still just had the planned release date
[18:42.000 –> 18:46.000] of 2023 so question mark. Yeah.
[18:46.000 –> 18:51.000] Mary Little Witch and you develop to deliver packages. The flight looks really cute like the flight
[18:51.000 –> 18:56.000] of this game. Oh my goodness. It seems like it’s. The Studio Ghibli. Yeah. Yeah.
[18:56.000 –> 19:01.000] I’m really excited for just being a little witch doing a little delivery service.
[19:01.000 –> 19:06.000] You just did a little cute witch. Yeah. It’s very cute.
[19:06.000 –> 19:11.000] I know Kevin is also very excited. Likely something that would be covered on this podcast.
[19:11.000 –> 19:16.000] Very likely. Yeah. I think several of us are backers
[19:16.000 –> 19:21.000] at this point. So we’ll definitely at least play it at some point. Have a couple triple
[19:21.000 –> 19:26.000] million harvests. Next is Coral
[19:26.000 –> 19:31.000] Island. So there is a summer update for Coral Island coming out on May
[19:31.000 –> 19:36.000] 3rd. No just as May 2023. So somewhere sometime in May there will be an update
[19:36.000 –> 19:41.000] for the summer. And there’s a lot of things in this
[19:41.000 –> 19:46.000] update. The first thing is that a lot of the characters are going to be getting summer outfits.
[19:46.000 –> 19:51.000] So I am here for you. Yes. I know. I love the idea of
[19:51.000 –> 19:56.000] characters like changing with the seasons. I know Animal Crossing does this where like every now and
[19:56.000 –> 20:01.000] then someone has one of your characters has like a new outfit or
[20:01.000 –> 20:06.000] is it only if you give them something like give them the shirt. I think they just change
[20:06.000 –> 20:11.000] that. Like there there were some times where I just was like where did you get that. And then I talked to them because like
[20:11.000 –> 20:16.000] they can give each other stuff as well. So you can talk to them and they might be like oh someone
[20:16.000 –> 20:21.000] gave me this and so sweet. I don’t need this other shirt anymore. Go ahead and have it.
[20:21.000 –> 20:26.000] You know something like that. So I also love that these like
[20:26.000 –> 20:31.000] NPCs like have their own original style. So like I’m sure you can dress people essentially in Animal Crossing
[20:31.000 –> 20:36.000] but these these these are like holistic characters who like what they like. And I
[20:36.000 –> 20:41.000] am here for these outfits and want some of these shirts too. Yeah
[20:41.000 –> 20:46.000] like give me this give me this wah banana shirt. And I want
[20:46.000 –> 20:51.000] real life. It’s a banana that looks like a dolphin.
[20:51.000 –> 20:56.000] Banana dolphin shirt.
[20:56.000 –> 21:01.000] They can make so much money by selling these shirts.
[21:01.000 –> 21:06.000] There’s also a new festival called Pet Day. The Pet Day Festival. In it there’s a couple
[21:06.000 –> 21:11.000] different things. There’s a rodeo called the Wild Ride. So you ride this like bowl
[21:11.000 –> 21:16.000] which is super cute. You just like push a button super super fast to try and make sure
[21:16.000 –> 21:21.000] that you stay on the bowl. They have a cow competition where you
[21:21.000 –> 21:26.000] try and like race your cows against other people
[21:26.000 –> 21:31.000] and your cow might get distracted. You have to like pull them back to reality. There’s a chicken
[21:31.000 –> 21:36.000] competition. I don’t know what this is about. When I first saw it I was like oh I don’t
[21:36.000 –> 21:41.000] like chicken fighting like that doesn’t look good. But then when you’re doing like
[21:41.000 –> 21:46.000] when when it shows that you’re like hitting buttons they don’t do anything.
[21:46.000 –> 21:51.000] They just kind of like stare at each other which I’m here
[21:51.000 –> 21:56.000] for. Yeah just chickens being chickens.
[21:56.000 –> 22:01.000] There are 20. They’re talking about an animal shelter that will have 20
[22:01.000 –> 22:06.000] adoptable pets. And then they have the outline of all of the pets. They’re very cute. And there’s a little lizard
[22:06.000 –> 22:11.000] and so cute. And there’s some bunnies and then many dogs and cats
[22:11.000 –> 22:16.000] and one of the dogs looks like it could possibly be an Australian Shepherd. And I am
[22:16.000 –> 22:21.000] here for it. Very cool. I
[22:21.000 –> 22:26.000] have officially gotten it because I think I will be playing it for the podcast. Spoiler alert.
[22:26.000 –> 22:31.000] So I am here for one the bathing suits
[22:31.000 –> 22:36.000] and also here for the outfits and now this pet festival thing. Yeah.
[22:36.000 –> 22:41.000] Oh wait maybe this is like a staring competition. Maybe.
[22:41.000 –> 22:46.000] That’s what I’m wondering. That’s what it looks like. They’re glaring at each other.
[22:46.000 –> 22:51.000] The little squinties. Yeah. I don’t think chickens really
[22:51.000 –> 22:56.000] blink. Anyway there’s also a new customization and it shows
[22:56.000 –> 23:01.000] a beard customization where you can put it put flowers in your beard. I love that.
[23:01.000 –> 23:06.000] Oh my goodness. OK. And then I’m trying to scroll down to the thing that is the most important thing to me.
[23:06.000 –> 23:11.000] OK. There’s also fruit plants and you can find critters. Here it is. Insect
[23:11.000 –> 23:16.000] and critter traps quote as part of the catching mystery
[23:16.000 –> 23:21.000] you will unlock now unlock traps used to catch insects and critters. You can place these on the
[23:21.000 –> 23:26.000] ground and in the ocean. There are four traps two for insects and two for critters. Here’s a look at the tracks in
[23:26.000 –> 23:31.000] action and it shows you catch an insect and then it’s a cute
[23:31.000 –> 23:36.000] little caterpillar. Oh. So
[23:36.000 –> 23:41.000] I’m here for that. Yeah. This is like everything about this game is
[23:41.000 –> 23:46.000] beautiful. OK. I’m really excited about this.
[23:46.000 –> 23:51.000] It’s like I believe it’s still in early access. Is out now. Early access is out now. Yeah.
[23:51.000 –> 23:56.000] Oh wow. It’s from Indonesia. I did not know. Yeah. I bought it with the intention of
[23:56.000 –> 24:01.000] playing it but I had to put more time into our main topic for today.
[24:01.000 –> 24:06.000] So I haven’t touched it yet. Yeah. Yeah. So that is that.
[24:06.000 –> 24:11.000] And then the last bit of news is about Rune Factory 3 Special
[24:11.000 –> 24:16.000] Golden Memories Edition. So this is an edition
[24:16.000 –> 24:21.000] of Rune Factory 3 Special that has a custom box
[24:21.000 –> 24:26.000] on the outside custom outer box. I don’t really know what that means and a copy of the game.
[24:26.000 –> 24:31.000] But you also get an acrylic standee of a bunch of the characters.
[24:31.000 –> 24:36.000] The original soundtrack CD. A custom planner.
[24:36.000 –> 24:41.000] Excuse me. I know. That sounds awesome. I kind of want this
[24:41.000 –> 24:46.000] just so I could have all the goodies. Really. They look so cute. Yeah. Like the CD is
[24:46.000 –> 24:51.000] as true. Beautiful. It really is. Yeah. Maybe this will be
[24:51.000 –> 24:56.000] what makes me want to play Rune Factory 3 Special.
[24:57.000 –> 25:02.000] It’s all you, Min. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.
[25:02.000 –> 25:07.000] There’s also an exclusive swimsuit mode DLC. Sure.
[25:07.000 –> 25:12.000] Okay. Sure. Interesting. Yeah. So that
[25:12.000 –> 25:17.000] they have announced it and preorders for that will open soon.
[25:17.000 –> 25:22.000] TM. And there’s apparently if you
[25:22.000 –> 25:27.000] preorder on the XSEED store you can add a golden wooly keychain for
[25:27.000 –> 25:32.000] $5 more. And I wouldn’t say it looks cute but it looks
[25:32.000 –> 25:37.000] it still looks like something I would want. Maybe.
[25:37.000 –> 25:42.000] I don’t know. Yeah. Looks a little like. Oh the wooly is ridiculous.
[25:42.000 –> 25:47.000] Right? Yeah. Like it’s not cute but it’s like ridiculous and I love it just for it being ridiculous.
[25:47.000 –> 25:52.000] Yeah. Very cute. I mean it’s weird.
[25:52.000 –> 25:57.000] Uh huh. Uh huh. Exactly. There’s like a blank stare to its face.
[25:57.000 –> 26:02.000] Yeah. Okay. I don’t play Rune Factory.
[26:02.000 –> 26:07.000] So yeah. That is the news.
[26:07.000 –> 26:12.000] So.
[26:13.000 –> 26:18.000] Moving on to our main topic. Uh huh.
[26:18.000 –> 26:23.000] I’m laughing because I am I am shame.
[26:23.000 –> 26:28.000] I have played three minutes
[26:28.000 –> 26:33.000] of this game. And I feel so bad but I just have
[26:33.000 –> 26:38.000] it’s been a it’s been a heck of a time. It’s been a month. Mentally,
[26:38.000 –> 26:43.000] emotionally, physically. It’s been a year. Literally. I don’t know.
[26:43.000 –> 26:48.000] So I mean I have thoughts about the game. Like I’ve looked at it.
[26:48.000 –> 26:53.000] I’ve I’ve played three. So but I figured
[26:53.000 –> 26:58.000] I would just kind of like go over like kind of read what has been said about the game.
[26:58.000 –> 27:03.000] Like what they have said on their steam.
[27:03.000 –> 27:08.000] And then also just kind of like interview you because you play more than three minutes.
[27:08.000 –> 27:13.000] I just how my playtime and it’s a very cursed number.
[27:13.000 –> 27:18.000] Sixty six hours. Nice.
[27:18.000 –> 27:23.000] You can’t play anymore. I can’t. I have to put it down right here.
[27:23.000 –> 27:28.000] Yeah. Right here. Okay. So just to remind people this
[27:28.000 –> 27:33.000] is what the bio of research story on steam quote set out to
[27:33.000 –> 27:38.000] discover and record plants and creatures for the Violet archive. Grow crops,
[27:38.000 –> 27:43.000] tame animals and build the perfect farm. Forge friendships along the way as you begin your life as a
[27:43.000 –> 27:48.000] researcher. Unquote. So yeah you’re kind of like you’re like a
[27:48.000 –> 27:53.000] scientist in this area which is why both of us were like blessed.
[27:54.000 –> 27:59.000] Yes. And it is important to note that this game still
[27:59.000 –> 28:04.000] is in early access. They would they said that they would like it to be in early access
[28:04.000 –> 28:09.000] for somewhere between six to six months to a year max.
[28:09.000 –> 28:14.000] So it’s I mean it just came out
[28:14.000 –> 28:19.000] of early acts like to like to buy and to play like a couple weeks ago.
[28:19.000 –> 28:24.000] Maybe a month ago. Yeah. So and they said that when it
[28:24.000 –> 28:29.000] goes from early access to a full game like the price will go up. So if you are
[28:29.000 –> 28:34.000] interested in this or you know. Yeah. Get it now because you will get it for less
[28:34.000 –> 28:39.000] expensive. Yes. So I will read a little bit more of
[28:39.000 –> 28:44.000] the additional content and features that they plan to include in the full version. They
[28:44.000 –> 28:49.000] said that they want to have more creatures fish and crops and to expand on the
[28:49.000 –> 28:54.000] researching mechanics. They’re going to have more NPCs more romance
[28:54.000 –> 28:59.000] bowls which I’m assuming means romance like options more heart
[28:59.000 –> 29:04.000] events and they want to have like a marriage system. So think of like Stardew Valley. Yeah.
[29:04.000 –> 29:09.000] Additional features such as festivals more content for
[29:09.000 –> 29:14.000] decoration and building and then very importantly controller support.
[29:14.000 –> 29:19.000] So currently does not have controller support which has been interesting since I’ve been playing it on
[29:19.000 –> 29:24.000] Steam Deck. So it’s it’s been a good way to actually
[29:24.000 –> 29:29.000] test run I think non controller games on the Steam Deck and it’s
[29:29.000 –> 29:34.000] actually not that bad. Like I can right click or left click with the right trigger
[29:34.000 –> 29:39.000] and like right click with the left trigger. So it’s been actually pretty nice and I almost kind
[29:39.000 –> 29:44.000] of even still prefer it even though it doesn’t really have this controller support on the
[29:44.000 –> 29:49.000] Steam Deck itself. So that’s that’s my review for the Steam Deck. It’s it’s still playable.
[29:49.000 –> 29:54.000] That’s good. Yeah. I was going to say I had it just on Steam because it is
[29:54.000 –> 29:59.000] only on Steam. I think that’s my big downfall is that
[30:00.000 –> 30:05.000] the computer in this room. So my other computers and Mac and most games are only available on
[30:05.000 –> 30:10.000] Windows. And so and if I come and play a game in this room I have to like put both my
[30:10.000 –> 30:15.000] dogs away and like just kind of not just like a sit down and play a
[30:15.000 –> 30:20.000] game and have fun like it’s kind of its own thing. So
[30:20.000 –> 30:25.000] but I digress like if it was on Switch like if
[30:25.000 –> 30:30.000] they had it on Switch I probably would have played it because I can play that on my couch.
[30:30.000 –> 30:35.000] Yeah. So before we jump into like what the early access version has
[30:35.000 –> 30:40.000] specifically and then I kind of like ask you about these different aspects.
[30:40.000 –> 30:45.000] What are your first impressions? Like what do you think of the graphics and the sound and the
[30:45.000 –> 30:50.000] like the overall gameplay? I will say first impressions are overall good.
[30:50.000 –> 30:55.000] I feel like it’s it’s a very cute game. Like it has like it has more of a
[30:55.000 –> 31:00.000] little wood I think like feel to it than than like pixel
[31:00.000 –> 31:05.000] pixels like Stardew. So it’s more like chibi I think kind of.
[31:05.000 –> 31:10.000] But the art for like there’s like a research book and the art for that is like really good. I really
[31:10.000 –> 31:15.000] like the drawings of like all the things that you’re like interacting with.
[31:15.000 –> 31:20.000] Some of the character like pixels aren’t like since they’re so small
[31:20.000 –> 31:25.000] it can be a little hard to like differentiate but at the same time they’re like it’s like a fantasy
[31:25.000 –> 31:30.000] setting so there’s like different species like there’s like elves and like druids and stuff. So just
[31:30.000 –> 31:35.000] having that different coloration of like skin types helps a little bit with that. Like
[31:35.000 –> 31:40.000] who am I talking to? Oh yeah it’s Theo.
[31:40.000 –> 31:45.000] But yeah I it’s it’s very I will say it’s very Stardew-esque.
[31:45.000 –> 31:50.000] It feels a lot like Stardew and maybe that’s why it was like so easy like to jump into this since I’ve
[31:50.000 –> 31:55.000] been on such a like Stardew like kick. Like you have like the four
[31:55.000 –> 32:00.000] seasons like they’re looking to do the marriage system adding festivals. So I think it’s essentially going
[32:00.000 –> 32:05.000] to be a research version of Stardew which I don’t
[32:05.000 –> 32:10.000] mind. I am here for it. Exactly. There’s definitely
[32:10.000 –> 32:15.000] just as much to manage I think as there is in Stardew. So there’s a whole bunch of
[32:15.000 –> 32:20.000] things. There’s so many more different animals than in Stardew.
[32:20.000 –> 32:25.000] And we’ll get into that I think later but it’s it’s good. I would
[32:25.000 –> 32:30.000] I would recommend it. Mm hmm. Cool. I was also just trying to see if they have it planned that
[32:30.000 –> 32:35.000] they want to go to Switch. I hope so. I would I would
[32:35.000 –> 32:40.000] think if I don’t know anywhere in there if they had enough like buy in I think if
[32:40.000 –> 32:45.000] they like. Yeah this game does well enough. I’m sure they can afford to port it.
[32:45.000 –> 32:50.000] So it might just be time or if they want to spend their time elsewhere
[32:50.000 –> 32:55.000] in another game or something. I don’t know. OK. So the first topic this is
[32:55.000 –> 33:00.000] like so this is what they have said like quote the early access version of research story
[33:00.000 –> 33:05.000] features core systems and gameplay. And then so I’m just going to like mention it and then ask you
[33:05.000 –> 33:10.000] like what your thoughts are on it. So the first core gameplay system is
[33:10.000 –> 33:15.000] to research farm tame and fish. And it says quote players can complete
[33:15.000 –> 33:20.000] research scrolls by observing different species growing crops
[33:20.000 –> 33:25.000] taming animals and fishing. There are currently 60 plus. Why not just say
[33:25.000 –> 33:30.000] the number researchable so crops creatures and fish. Maybe
[33:30.000 –> 33:35.000] because they like planning to like add like more as they go on.
[33:35.000 –> 33:40.000] There are currently providing like a specific number
[33:40.000 –> 33:45.000] then they would need to keep updating it with new updates. That’s true. So
[33:46.000 –> 33:51.000] yeah. So what what are you. So let’s start with the research
[33:51.000 –> 33:56.000] scrolls by observing the different species. What is how does that work. So there’s three different
[33:56.000 –> 34:01.000] sorry there’s four different types of research things researchable
[34:01.000 –> 34:06.000] as I guess is what they’re calling it. And they usually like there’s a lot of foraging
[34:06.000 –> 34:11.000] involved in this game and that’s honestly I think the easiest way to make money early game is
[34:11.000 –> 34:16.000] it’s not a huge map. So just literally during like a route like every day.
[34:16.000 –> 34:21.000] So the first thing you do with like anything that you collect is find it first
[34:21.000 –> 34:26.000] and then like if it’s specifically like a plant if it’s like an herb or
[34:26.000 –> 34:31.000] really calling flowers and herbs or vegetables and fruits. The first thing you
[34:31.000 –> 34:36.000] do is like harvest the thing. Then you have to like put it into your little mic like there’s a little
[34:36.000 –> 34:41.000] microscopic. What’s the
[34:41.000 –> 34:46.000] thing that lets you like zoom in closer. Microscoping glass. No it’s like
[34:46.000 –> 34:51.000] the hand held glass. There we go.
[34:51.000 –> 34:56.000] The microscope in your hand. Yes. The portable
[34:56.000 –> 35:01.000] microscope. So so there’s like a different tab for that
[35:01.000 –> 35:06.000] and there’s like different goals to I guess fully research
[35:06.000 –> 35:11.000] quote unquote research a thing and that’s how you earn you earn the resource scroll. It’s very
[35:11.000 –> 35:16.000] very much similar to the legends of archaea system kind of.
[35:16.000 –> 35:21.000] Yeah. So you have like four four like three to four maybe three to five different tasks
[35:21.000 –> 35:26.000] for each item. And then once you complete all their tasks you officially have locked to
[35:26.000 –> 35:31.000] your scroll you can put in the library and you’ve officially researched this thing to its
[35:31.000 –> 35:36.000] extent. And most of it is observing it
[35:36.000 –> 35:41.000] like the first the first one the first task is usually observing it out
[35:41.000 –> 35:46.000] like in the wild or whatever. So before you can collect seeds for plants you have
[35:46.000 –> 35:51.000] to observe it like two to three times and then you can collect the seeds and then you have to actually grow the thing on your farm.
[35:52.000 –> 35:57.000] And that’s how you do the you do the thing.
[35:58.000 –> 36:03.000] And like the little research page that like pops up in like your research journal it’s
[36:03.000 –> 36:08.000] like pretty detailed like it has like a description. So like I’m looking at camel meal it’s like a small
[36:08.000 –> 36:13.000] flower with a sweet herbal scent. It shows you like what it drops. So obviously like the flower and the
[36:13.000 –> 36:18.000] seeds and then the information that takes three days to grow edible blooms said to be good for brewing tea.
[36:18.000 –> 36:23.000] And then it has growing conditions and foraging locations. So each.
[36:23.000 –> 36:28.000] Wow. So yeah it’s very in-depth. So like you could just look at this thing and see exactly
[36:28.000 –> 36:33.000] when like what season it grows in. Does it have to be close or far away from water.
[36:33.000 –> 36:38.000] Does require a different type of like fertilizer. Does require a different type of soil.
[36:40.000 –> 36:45.000] So it’s pretty in-depth. I really like that aspect and got a little frustrated sometimes
[36:45.000 –> 36:50.000] kept planting like tomatoes and I was like why why isn’t this thing growing. And it’s because
[36:50.000 –> 36:56.000] it needs to be next to a light source. So like they have like little lanterns and they even have like a shade cloth
[36:56.000 –> 37:01.000] for things that need to be partial shade which is really cool. Wow. So it’s a it’s
[37:01.000 –> 37:06.000] pretty in-depth. I don’t know like I can’t like I’m not super familiar with some of these plants I can’t tell
[37:06.000 –> 37:12.000] like if that’s exactly the conditions you need to grow them. But I would assume they did that research
[37:13.000 –> 37:18.000] research going into this game. I would hope that the
[37:18.000 –> 37:23.000] game that has research in the name was researched. Right. Right. Exactly.
[37:23.000 –> 37:28.000] So a couple of them I think might be like a little made up like the creatures
[37:29.000 –> 37:34.000] like they have chicken but then they also have a sprout kitten which is just a cat like and
[37:34.000 –> 37:39.000] has like a little plant on its head. You don’t have a sprout kitten.
[37:39.000 –> 37:44.000] I don’t but I need one now. Like that is like the two
[37:44.000 –> 37:49.000] like vibes that I want is like plants and cats. So it makes sense that you would
[37:49.000 –> 37:54.000] put them together. Uh-huh.
[37:54.000 –> 37:59.000] And like they have a grass bun which is essentially a bunny. They have a fox.
[37:59.000 –> 38:04.000] The one that you are excited about is literally just called the mountain pup.
[38:05.000 –> 38:10.000] Uh-huh. Yeah it’s probably supposed to be a Burmese mountain dog. Uh-huh. But the colors.
[38:10.000 –> 38:15.000] So Stella my Australian Shepherd puppy she has the color like everyone says like oh
[38:15.000 –> 38:20.000] Burmese. And I’m like no she’s an Australian Shepherd actually.
[38:20.000 –> 38:25.000] And like I think that the tri color is actually like I’m going to look this up because
[38:25.000 –> 38:30.000] I keep saying this and I don’t know if this is right. But the
[38:30.000 –> 38:35.000] tri color is the original color of Australian
[38:35.000 –> 38:40.000] Shepherds. Oh it just says black and white. Well
[38:40.000 –> 38:45.000] dogs are so weird. Like their breeds are don’t make any sense. They’re all one species. So
[38:45.000 –> 38:50.000] I don’t know. I don’t quite understand it. But yeah so she’s a so she’s a black
[38:50.000 –> 38:55.000] tri. So she gets she has some she looks like a little Burmese.
[38:55.000 –> 39:00.000] And but so I mean that means that the the quote
[39:00.000 –> 39:05.000] unquote mountain dog and research story looks like my dog.
[39:05.000 –> 39:10.000] So I saw it in the trailer and I was like I need it. I know. She is a little mountain
[39:10.000 –> 39:15.000] pup. Oh my gosh I haven’t. She’s in my little mountain. Uh-huh. She is.
[39:17.000 –> 39:22.000] OK. What about the fishing. Well actually there’s a lot more to the creatures too. So
[39:22.000 –> 39:27.000] like let me keep going. Sorry. Keep going. Creatures. Oh you’re fine. I’m just like going in order of like this
[39:27.000 –> 39:32.000] research journal. It’s like that’s the next tab. I’m like I want to go in this next order. OK.
[39:32.000 –> 39:37.000] So like looking at the creatures like the same thing like you see them out in the wild to you
[39:37.000 –> 39:42.000] like you pet them which we don’t recommend petting wild animals because
[39:42.000 –> 39:47.000] you don’t have wild animals. Yeah please don’t. You’re going to get hurt and it’s not good for
[39:47.000 –> 39:52.000] them. But anyway in this game you pet them you collect one of their like little like dropped
[39:52.000 –> 39:57.000] animals like for the mountain pup. It’s a tricolor for and
[39:57.000 –> 40:02.000] then you observe them out in the wild and then build a creature pen on your farm
[40:02.000 –> 40:07.000] and you can house them in these creature pens which is very cute.
[40:07.000 –> 40:12.000] And you just like build up like your friendship level by like feeding them and and
[40:12.000 –> 40:17.000] petting them every day and then eventually they’ll like provide like some sort of produce. So the mountain pup
[40:17.000 –> 40:22.000] produces bones for example and the wood ram produces milk for whatever reason.
[40:22.000 –> 40:27.000] I guess it’s supposed to be a goat. I don’t know. And like the fox drops meat.
[40:27.000 –> 40:32.000] My personal. I understand. My personal mountain
[40:32.000 –> 40:37.000] pup finds trash.
[40:38.000 –> 40:43.000] Any walk that we go on she finds every piece of trash and she
[40:43.000 –> 40:48.000] wants to just chew it. But I’m going to try and teach her to like trade it so that she can
[40:48.000 –> 40:53.000] so that like I’ll just start bringing trash bags or like garbage bags. And you can just clean up everything. That’s
[40:53.000 –> 40:58.000] exactly. And then she finds trash and then she can bring it to me and then she puts it in the bag I’ll give her a treat
[40:58.000 –> 41:03.000] and then she can find another one. And so like I need to figure out how to make it a trick.
[41:03.000 –> 41:08.000] So the fox. So I know foxes can sometimes like if they have too much food
[41:08.000 –> 41:13.000] like if they catch something or find something that is too much for them at that time they might
[41:13.000 –> 41:18.000] like hide it like hide part of it. So maybe that’s the point. Like maybe
[41:18.000 –> 41:23.000] the joke is that like the dog finds bones and like buries bones and then
[41:23.000 –> 41:28.000] fox buries meat. This makes more sense. I love this. OK. OK.
[41:28.000 –> 41:33.000] I love that. OK. That’s like a cool little thing. I didn’t know that boxes and it’s really
[41:33.000 –> 41:38.000] neat. I will say that also like each creature has three different types of possible
[41:38.000 –> 41:43.000] traits. So you can bring like you can like right click and bring
[41:43.000 –> 41:48.000] these animals along with you for walks. And like for example the chickens have a possible tree
[41:48.000 –> 41:53.000] if like collecting more seeds when you’re harvesting plants. So some of them are like
[41:53.000 –> 41:58.000] really helpful for just like you know day to day foraging and stuff. But I could just see
[41:58.000 –> 42:03.000] like you’re a little mountain pup having a trash picker up.
[42:03.000 –> 42:08.000] So because because this is a research story and I am a researcher
[42:08.000 –> 42:13.000] I wanted to double check my my fox thing. So I googled
[42:13.000 –> 42:18.000] fox food hoarding or whatever and I found food availability
[42:18.000 –> 42:23.000] and food hoarding behavior by red and Arctic foxes. It’s a September 1996
[42:23.000 –> 42:28.000] Arctic article. And yet so both red and Arctic foxes
[42:28.000 –> 42:33.000] cache food. So they either can do it in scatter hoarding which is hiding
[42:33.000 –> 42:38.000] single or small numbers of prey at very dispersed sites or larger hoarding where they just put it
[42:38.000 –> 42:43.000] all at one at one spot. Interesting. OK. I love that. So it’s kind of like they don’t want to eat
[42:43.000 –> 42:48.000] all at one time. Look at that. So yeah they read they did their they did their homework.
[42:48.000 –> 42:53.000] I love this. OK. Oh OK. This is this might be like
[42:53.000 –> 42:58.000] surpassing stardew because you learn
[42:58.000 –> 43:03.000] you learn new things. And we talked about this in the last part one that
[43:03.000 –> 43:08.000] we need more games like this where like little facts like that. I didn’t know and I wouldn’t
[43:08.000 –> 43:13.000] have known of not playing for this game or watching a documentary about it. Yeah. OK. Love that.
[43:13.000 –> 43:18.000] Love that. I think that’s all. What is your favorite. What is your favorite creature that you
[43:18.000 –> 43:23.000] found so far. Oh that’s a hard one. I know I haven’t seen them
[43:23.000 –> 43:28.000] all because new ones get introduced with each season and I’ve only gotten up to summer so far.
[43:28.000 –> 43:33.000] Oh OK. I kind of like that. I don’t know they’re all and I’m sure they’re all more.
[43:33.000 –> 43:38.000] Yeah. Oh maybe. OK. I like the water. It’s like an otter
[43:38.000 –> 43:43.000] but it has horns. Oh my gosh that sounds
[43:43.000 –> 43:48.000] adorable. Right. They’re small blue antlers are a distinctive feature.
[43:48.000 –> 43:53.000] They only appear at night and the antlers help them call
[43:53.000 –> 43:58.000] camouflage against. Oh wait is this drive to scroll. Wait I can scroll on this.
[43:58.000 –> 44:03.000] OK. I just learned something new. There’s a scrolling feature. There’s more more information.
[44:03.000 –> 44:08.000] Yeah. Against predators. So antlers apparently help them camouflage. I don’t
[44:08.000 –> 44:13.000] quite understand how but sure.
[44:13.000 –> 44:18.000] Maybe maybe like just like their little bush or whatever. Like hiding. I don’t know.
[44:18.000 –> 44:23.000] Very cute. So you just like see their antlers like out of a bush.
[44:23.000 –> 44:28.000] Yeah. And they drop seashells which is also very applicable for the ottery.
[44:28.000 –> 44:33.000] Yeah.
[44:33.000 –> 44:38.000] Cute. And I will say there’s like different creatures
[44:38.000 –> 44:43.000] like in different areas too. So like you have like the ones that are just ranging and then you have
[44:43.000 –> 44:48.000] ones in the mines. But we’ll get into mines later. But fishing
[44:49.000 –> 44:54.000] fishing fishing. How is the fishing mechanic in this game.
[44:54.000 –> 44:59.000] The fishing mechanics actually not bad. It’s much easier than stardew. So you’re not like just
[44:59.000 –> 45:04.000] you know trying to mash a button and get it within range of this
[45:04.000 –> 45:09.000] bar or whatever. It’s like a circle that keeps moving around and you have like this thing that moves around
[45:09.000 –> 45:14.000] the circle and you just have to like click in the shaded area. So it can
[45:14.000 –> 45:19.000] be a little complicated depending on how fast the circle is moving or how like how thin the
[45:19.000 –> 45:24.000] shaded area is. But for the most part I haven’t had like too much trouble
[45:24.000 –> 45:29.000] with it. So I would say it’s not it’s not the worst mechanic that I’ve seen. Was that how garden
[45:29.000 –> 45:34.000] paws was as well. Was it. I feel like that was kind of how
[45:34.000 –> 45:39.000] garden. I don’t remember. I don’t remember it being bad. Like I
[45:39.000 –> 45:44.000] remember like being OK with this fish. Yeah. OK. Cool. OK.
[45:44.000 –> 45:49.000] So what what types of fish have you caught so far. There’s I think two
[45:49.000 –> 45:54.000] different types of fish in the game. So there’s like regular fish that you can
[45:54.000 –> 45:59.000] catch like pike perch grass
[45:59.000 –> 46:04.000] cod etc. But then they have researchable type fishes
[46:04.000 –> 46:09.000] that you can only. Oh OK. Yeah. Like the regular fish don’t
[46:09.000 –> 46:14.000] have like their journal pages because I’m assuming they’re just common fishes that everyone knows about and the
[46:14.000 –> 46:19.000] researchable ones are probably like more rare I guess. I don’t know. But the way
[46:19.000 –> 46:24.000] that you find them is like you have like little sparkling like sections the water that are bubbling
[46:24.000 –> 46:29.000] and you fish in that area and you pull up like a research item
[46:29.000 –> 46:34.000] or research object like a shell or like the blue crayfish has one of their
[46:34.000 –> 46:39.000] like claws that you fish out of. So you have to like go to the fishing
[46:39.000 –> 46:44.000] shack and like put this little item in their little research box and
[46:44.000 –> 46:49.000] like do like a small mini game where you just like move like
[46:49.000 –> 46:54.000] like it’s like it’s not hard. Like you just like press like different
[46:54.000 –> 46:59.000] directions or whatever and then you get in you get it. OK. It was a little some of them
[46:59.000 –> 47:04.000] were tricky because it was like moving around in a circle I guess. And I couldn’t figure out how to do
[47:04.000 –> 47:09.000] that on the steam deck. But then I just reset it and it was it went back to like left
[47:09.000 –> 47:14.000] right left or whatever. That was very easy. So you find
[47:14.000 –> 47:19.000] the item you put in the box and then and then you have to start fishing them with different
[47:19.000 –> 47:24.000] types of bait. So there’s I think five different types of bait in the game. There’s like berry,
[47:24.000 –> 47:29.000] veggie bait, seafood bait, regular bait and pink bait,
[47:29.000 –> 47:34.000] which is just cherry blossoms and bait. OK. That’s really cute.
[47:34.000 –> 47:39.000] Uh huh. So they’re like each species. I’m googling if you can catch fish with cherry. Yes. Right. It’s very cute.
[47:39.000 –> 47:44.000] Very cute. I love it. I love it. So like the research aspect is just figuring out what like
[47:44.000 –> 47:49.000] bait they like and then catching more of them at the right specific location in time.
[47:49.000 –> 47:54.000] Mm hmm. So very it’s it’s very well done. I will say
[47:54.000 –> 47:59.000] like there’s a lot to do even in early access. And some of it can be a little
[47:59.000 –> 48:04.000] frustrating because I can’t just go on the wiki and like figure out what it is I have to do next.
[48:04.000 –> 48:09.000] But that’s just me being impatient and wanting to spoiler everything myself.
[48:09.000 –> 48:14.000] Oh, sorry, I’m googling if cherry blossoms, if there are fish that go after cherry blossoms.
[48:14.000 –> 48:19.000] Ooh. I’m just going to keep googling things.
[48:19.000 –> 48:24.000] No, I love it, please. Like it says so there’s a couple of things that it’s like
[48:24.000 –> 48:29.000] Japan’s unique cherry blossom shrimp fishing season. And then there’s something called from Chesapeake
[48:29.000 –> 48:34.000] light tackle. There’s the cherry blossom shad. It brings cherry blossoms
[48:34.000 –> 48:39.000] and there it’s fish for Chad.
[48:39.000 –> 48:44.000] I keep saying Chad. Chad. It’s a really weird
[48:44.000 –> 48:49.000] thing to say. I don’t know. OK. I don’t I don’t see an answer quickly, so I’m not going to keep wasting time.
[48:49.000 –> 48:54.000] OK. But I would not be surprised if there was one fish or something that
[48:54.000 –> 48:59.000] collected flower puddles instead of seashells or something. Yeah.
[48:59.000 –> 49:04.000] I did see someone I saw a video the other day of someone that has been
[49:04.000 –> 49:09.000] finding like they go outside and they find these little pink rolled
[49:09.000 –> 49:14.000] like flower petal rolls and they were like really confused. And when I saw it
[49:14.000 –> 49:19.000] immediately, I was like, I know what it is because of the bees. And
[49:19.000 –> 49:24.000] basically these like mining or these leaf cutting bees had been cutting leaves out of or
[49:24.000 –> 49:29.000] cutting petals out of their their little pink. They had a bush that had a bunch
[49:29.000 –> 49:34.000] of pink blooms on it at that time. And they were making nests in their wind chimes.
[49:34.000 –> 49:39.000] And every now and then, if it was really windy, the nest would like fall out of the wind chime.
[49:39.000 –> 49:44.000] And so you would it was like a little roll. And then there were big bees in there.
[49:44.000 –> 49:49.000] It was just really cute. That’s really cute. OK. I did not know that there were leaf cutter bees.
[49:49.000 –> 49:54.000] I’m obsessed with leaf cutter ants, but leaf cutter bees are maybe a new.
[49:54.000 –> 49:59.000] I’ll send you a video of one cutting a leaf because they roll it. So like they cut they
[49:59.000 –> 50:04.000] munch the leaf and they munch it in like a little circle and then they like roll up the leaf
[50:04.000 –> 50:09.000] while they’re eating it and then they’ll use that. It’s so cute. I have some really good videos of it.
[50:09.000 –> 50:14.000] OK. Excited. But no, like my brain thought of like, is there
[50:14.000 –> 50:19.000] a fish that uses cherry blossoms to make a nest?
[50:19.000 –> 50:24.000] I just imagine like stirring up like the under like the silt
[50:24.000 –> 50:29.000] at the bottom of a thing and like having all these like petal nests like come up. But that definitely does.
[50:29.000 –> 50:34.000] Like, I don’t think that happens. But my brain was like, I wonder if fish do this.
[50:34.000 –> 50:39.000] You never know. Maybe there is just the one fish that were out there. I will I will
[50:39.000 –> 50:44.000] say that you mentioned that like some of the fish don’t have
[50:44.000 –> 50:49.000] like pages or whatever because they’re probably super common. I hate that.
[50:49.000 –> 50:54.000] I know I want all of them. I want it all.
[50:54.000 –> 50:59.000] The other thing is that like so when people came to America, to
[50:59.000 –> 51:04.000] North America, like this continent, they didn’t like document
[51:04.000 –> 51:09.000] the Atlantic tuna, I think it is, because it was everywhere. And they were just
[51:09.000 –> 51:14.000] like, we don’t like this is everywhere. We don’t have to know about this. And so people would document
[51:14.000 –> 51:19.000] like things that are considerably more, you know, quote unquote rare or whatever.
[51:19.000 –> 51:24.000] But pretty quickly they fished out the entire Atlantic
[51:24.000 –> 51:29.000] tuna like fishery like and decimated all that
[51:29.000 –> 51:34.000] population. And so now there’s like no truly and salmon.
[51:34.000 –> 51:39.000] So now there’s no like truly wild tuna or salmon that is
[51:39.000 –> 51:44.000] caught off of the Atlantic. I’m pretty sure. Like it’s just it’s all hatchery at this point.
[51:44.000 –> 51:49.000] And the reason like the reason we don’t have as much information, like you can find information of people saying like
[51:49.000 –> 51:54.000] the ocean was churning with these fish, but you don’t have any information about the fish
[51:54.000 –> 51:59.000] themselves because people are like it’s everywhere. And
[51:59.000 –> 52:04.000] like they also do that with like like I heard someone talk about that with like horses. So
[52:04.000 –> 52:09.000] no one really like describes what a horse is because we all know what a horse is.
[52:09.000 –> 52:14.000] But imagine like if horses went extinct for whatever reason.
[52:14.000 –> 52:19.000] And then there’s all these like cave drawings or pictures of horses with no description of what that
[52:19.000 –> 52:24.000] is. Just like what the heck is this?
[52:24.000 –> 52:29.000] It’s like the same thing. So no matter, this is your PSA, y’all. No matter how common something is,
[52:29.000 –> 52:34.000] document it. Record it. Write about it.
[52:34.000 –> 52:39.000] I think this was intentional. Like I could like if it’s reflective.
[52:39.000 –> 52:44.000] For the very small population of people who know this
[52:44.000 –> 52:49.000] like history of fish to not exclude like not include
[52:49.000 –> 52:54.000] a research area or page for like comable fishes like
[52:54.000 –> 52:59.000] fish up and maybe it will be like a DLC story or something. I don’t know.
[52:59.000 –> 53:04.000] Like who’s the publisher for this? Who’s the dev? Come
[53:04.000 –> 53:09.000] at us with like ideas. I wonder if like in later years like you’ve caught
[53:09.000 –> 53:14.000] so many of X fish for whatever reason and then suddenly it becomes a researchable fish because
[53:14.000 –> 53:19.000] it’s like there’s not as many of these now because you’ve been catching a lot of them.
[53:19.000 –> 53:24.000] And so now we need to know a little bit about them before they’re gone. Exactly.
[53:24.000 –> 53:29.000] I would really enjoy that. That would be a really cool like endgame story and maybe
[53:29.000 –> 53:34.000] like component of it. And like you can see like there is an area for
[53:34.000 –> 53:39.000] like information like basic information about these fish in the shack. There’s like a
[53:39.000 –> 53:44.000] poster that shows what season and where you can catch fish.
[53:44.000 –> 53:49.000] So there is some sort of documentation for each of these fishes but
[53:49.000 –> 53:54.000] they’re not like they don’t get their own like unique page. And so that’s a
[53:54.000 –> 53:59.000] choice. I’m not quite understanding why they did and it’s not really explained yet in the story
[53:59.000 –> 54:04.000] if it’s going to be explained at all. But it would be really cool to make that connection
[54:04.000 –> 54:09.000] somewhere in here. Do you have anything
[54:09.000 –> 54:14.000] else to say about research, farm, tame and fish? I feel like I got into it all.
[54:14.000 –> 54:19.000] Cool. Well again this is early access so there might be this isn’t all encompassing.
[54:19.000 –> 54:24.000] Yeah. There will be more. But I guess I guess my one question
[54:24.000 –> 54:29.000] are there are there any of the creatures that you discover insects?
[54:29.000 –> 54:34.000] There are insects in this game but they’re not researchable
[54:34.000 –> 54:39.000] as far as I’m aware. I need to find the devs. I’m going to have some words with them. Right.
[54:39.000 –> 54:44.000] Right. I found like I didn’t find any bugs until summer started
[54:44.000 –> 54:49.000] and all of a sudden I was finding ladybugs out of like forgeable
[54:49.000 –> 54:54.000] things like bushes and trees I think. Okay. One of the
[54:54.000 –> 54:59.000] NPCs talked about cicadas but I don’t have
[54:59.000 –> 55:04.000] that recorded anywhere so I forget exactly what their conditions are for finding a cicada.
[55:04.000 –> 55:09.000] But that would be a really cool addition later on. Like there’s
[55:09.000 –> 55:14.000] room for more tabs on this research journal. So make an insect tab please.
[55:14.000 –> 55:19.000] Mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm. I’m going to reach out to them.
[55:19.000 –> 55:24.000] Tell them.
[55:24.000 –> 55:29.000] I will help with this. Yeah. So
[55:29.000 –> 55:34.000] I’m going to my goal. This is not my goal at all and this was never my intention is to become
[55:34.000 –> 55:39.000] an NPC for all insect things in all games. Now that
[55:39.000 –> 55:44.000] you’ve become one in one game. Now that I’ve become one. Which was a shock
[55:44.000 –> 55:49.000] when when Elle like showed me my character model
[55:49.000 –> 55:54.000] and stuff and was like I was like whoa. That’s so cute.
[55:54.000 –> 55:59.000] It’s so cool. It is really cool. I need to play that update.
[55:59.000 –> 56:04.000] Cool. So the next part after research farm tame and fish is explore the caves
[56:04.000 –> 56:09.000] and mines. So they say players can also explore the mines for mine
[56:09.000 –> 56:14.000] for ores and gems forage mushrooms and solve puzzles in the caves.
[56:14.000 –> 56:19.000] So what is what’s your thought about this. What I haven’t really quite
[56:19.000 –> 56:24.000] explored the caves and mines yet. So there is a cave you can access
[56:24.000 –> 56:29.000] and the mines become accessible later as a part of a quest
[56:29.000 –> 56:34.000] line. So the cave that’s where I found like one of the
[56:34.000 –> 56:39.000] creatures which is the rocks rock sand salamander. I think it’s what it’s called. Yeah. Rock. Sorry.
[56:39.000 –> 56:44.000] Rock salamander. And they’re just like little salamanders that have rocks on their backs are very cute.
[56:44.000 –> 56:49.000] I love it. So I like I finished that area and did
[56:49.000 –> 56:54.000] like that puzzle. There was a puzzle to unlock more of the cave in that
[56:54.000 –> 56:59.000] section of it. And I’ve accessed the mines and have gone
[56:59.000 –> 57:04.000] like it seems like it’s probably going to be similar mechanic to stardew where they have
[57:04.000 –> 57:09.000] an elevator. But it’s not every five floors. I think it’s every
[57:09.000 –> 57:14.000] 20 floors the elevator activates and it has like a magic forge that you need like certain materials
[57:14.000 –> 57:19.000] to run the magic forage to make the elevator run which I haven’t done yet.
[57:19.000 –> 57:24.000] So I haven’t quite unlocked the elevator yet. And I think that’s just because I haven’t devoted enough
[57:24.000 –> 57:29.000] time to to going into the mines. I need like a full day of
[57:29.000 –> 57:34.000] just mining in there. But it seems like pretty cool. Like it has
[57:34.000 –> 57:39.000] like you know rocks and stuff that you can harvest. Sorry mine. It has like
[57:39.000 –> 57:44.000] the fiber you can harvest there as well. There’s creatures there aren’t monsters.
[57:44.000 –> 57:49.000] So there’s no like as far as I’m aware there isn’t any combat. But you can befriend
[57:49.000 –> 57:54.000] and like entice the creatures to come back home so you can build them a pen
[57:54.000 –> 57:59.000] and research them further. Uh huh. So I
[57:59.000 –> 58:04.000] I’m excited. There’s like I like I’m making it my personal like my new goal in the game
[58:04.000 –> 58:09.000] now is to get to like level 20 and higher because it’s like a different biome in that level of the
[58:09.000 –> 58:14.000] cave. It’s like sand. It’s a sand cave I guess or sand mines I don’t know. And that’s
[58:14.000 –> 58:19.000] where I need to go from one of my fishing research things.
[58:19.000 –> 58:24.000] So there’s there’s still a lot more of this game. Like I’ve put in a sizable amount
[58:24.000 –> 58:29.000] of time. I did not realize like 6 6 6 amount of time
[58:29.000 –> 58:34.000] in here and there’s still so much more to do. So I think this
[58:34.000 –> 58:39.000] is going to be like a huge game kind of like Stardew. And I’m
[58:39.000 –> 58:44.000] really excited to continue playing it. I guess I progress through like the mines and the different
[58:44.000 –> 58:49.000] seasons and see what additionally they add to it.
[58:49.000 –> 58:54.000] Yeah. I’m interested in the solve puzzles.
[58:54.000 –> 58:59.000] Like what does it mean? Does it mean like like the whole like move
[58:59.000 –> 59:04.000] this rock do that like do that or is there like what is do you have you seen that?
[59:04.000 –> 59:09.000] I’ve done one but I also forget like one of them had was like a space on the floor and
[59:09.000 –> 59:14.000] I was like figure out what needs to be placed on this item a place on this spot on the floor
[59:14.000 –> 59:19.000] and for the mines there’s there’s like a room there’s two rooms you go into
[59:19.000 –> 59:24.000] before you actually start like going down into the mines. So there’s like this entrance
[59:24.000 –> 59:29.000] like entry area that has five different pedestals and
[59:29.000 –> 59:34.000] you need to figure out what to put onto these pedestals. And I guess part of the quest line or whatever you figure out like
[59:34.000 –> 59:39.000] the mechanics for figuring out how what it is that you need on there. So I don’t know if this is like a spoiler.
[59:39.000 –> 59:44.000] So I’m just going to say spoiler alert if you don’t want this puzzle. Like I haven’t solved it
[59:44.000 –> 59:49.000] yet. So I don’t it’s like a pre-spoiler whatever just you’ve been
[59:49.000 –> 59:54.000] warned. Yeah. At night the there’s like images that appear
[59:54.000 –> 59:59.000] on the wall but only at night and their shapes. So you have to figure out what to
[59:59.000 –> 01:00:04.000] put on each pedestal based off of that shape. So I haven’t finished yet but I think
[01:00:04.000 –> 01:00:09.000] I have a feeling like I know what three to four of them are I think but
[01:00:09.000 –> 01:00:14.000] I haven’t actually put them on yet and I’m still missing one. So I’m assuming it’ll fall. I’ll figure it out.
[01:00:15.000 –> 01:00:20.000] That’s really cool though. Like it’s kind of like the community center
[01:00:20.000 –> 01:00:25.000] in Stardew. Kind of. Yeah. Because you have to like fill in
[01:00:25.000 –> 01:00:30.000] but but like kind of more of a mystery because the community center is very like here here’s what
[01:00:30.000 –> 01:00:35.000] you need. Yeah. Yeah.
[01:00:35.000 –> 01:00:40.000] I will say it’s like so much less things that you need. It’s only like five
[01:00:40.000 –> 01:00:45.000] or six items. So that’s it’s like significantly less onus. You still have to play a significant portion of the game
[01:00:45.000 –> 01:00:50.000] to figure it out. But it’s not going to be like super
[01:00:50.000 –> 01:00:55.000] like invested in like Stardew is what the community center. So that’s
[01:00:55.000 –> 01:01:00.000] cool. And there’s like a second area in the in the mines where it’s just it’s
[01:01:00.000 –> 01:01:05.000] like there’s a specific room. I think I think it has a name in the wiki but I don’t remember what it’s
[01:01:05.000 –> 01:01:10.000] called. And that’s where you have like the stone forge where you can actually use to like
[01:01:10.000 –> 01:01:15.000] forge you know your your copper bars or whatever. They have a sink and a magic
[01:01:15.000 –> 01:01:20.000] forge which I think both is required to use the elevator.
[01:01:20.000 –> 01:01:25.000] So there’s like there’s a lot of crafting. I guess we haven’t really. Oh there’s going to be a crafting area.
[01:01:25.000 –> 01:01:30.000] OK. Yeah. We’re almost there.
[01:01:30.000 –> 01:01:35.000] So that’s the caves in the mines. Next we’ll just move on to Befriend NPCs and go on dates.
[01:01:35.000 –> 01:01:40.000] So you can meet and befriend over 15 townsfolk learn some of their backstories along
[01:01:40.000 –> 01:01:45.000] the way. You can also schedule that what schedule dates and hang
[01:01:45.000 –> 01:01:50.000] out with six of them and enjoy various activities while on a date so you can schedule it.
[01:01:50.000 –> 01:01:55.000] I’m assuming it means that there are six romance ables
[01:01:55.000 –> 01:02:00.000] and that you can go on dates with them. What is what is that about. Have you gone on a date. I have not gone on any dates.
[01:02:00.000 –> 01:02:05.000] I haven’t quite figured out what the friendship feature is. Like I haven’t given like anyone gifts.
[01:02:05.000 –> 01:02:10.000] I don’t have time to invest into building this relationship. And that was something
[01:02:10.000 –> 01:02:15.000] that the heart events. Oh I guess heart events is kind of like after you reach a certain amount of hearts.
[01:02:15.000 –> 01:02:20.000] Yeah. So that’s not quite. Yeah. And there isn’t as obvious as
[01:02:20.000 –> 01:02:25.000] there are do like there’s only one heart on here and it’s like purple and yellow.
[01:02:25.000 –> 01:02:30.000] So maximum like it tells you what the maximum heart color is. But I don’t understand.
[01:02:30.000 –> 01:02:35.000] Do I have maximum heart already. I think they’re they’re planning on expanding more on this
[01:02:35.000 –> 01:02:40.000] and like later updates. I know I think I recall seeing a post by them
[01:02:40.000 –> 01:02:45.000] that says like only the romance able ones have like a friendship meter essentially
[01:02:45.000 –> 01:02:50.000] at this point. So I think that’s probably why I haven’t invested too much time into it yet
[01:02:50.000 –> 01:02:55.000] because I just know that there’s more to come later and maybe you’ll become
[01:02:55.000 –> 01:03:00.000] clearer. But they do have like the little icon that says like I’ve already chatted
[01:03:00.000 –> 01:03:05.000] with them today or I’ve already given a gift or not. And a little thing
[01:03:05.000 –> 01:03:10.000] says they’re single.
[01:03:10.000 –> 01:03:15.000] OK. Yeah. What do you think of the backstories? Like are they rich
[01:03:15.000 –> 01:03:20.000] or does the characters feel a little one dimensional? Again this is early access so if they do
[01:03:20.000 –> 01:03:25.000] like not necessarily going to be the end of the world or anything. But what are your thoughts?
[01:03:25.000 –> 01:03:30.000] They’re definitely one dimensional at this point. And they don’t have like a lot of dialogue
[01:03:30.000 –> 01:03:35.000] options. So several times like in a very specific area like this PC
[01:03:35.000 –> 01:03:40.000] will only say one thing in that one specific spot. But there’s been a lot of repeat dialogue
[01:03:40.000 –> 01:03:45.000] options or dialogue things whatever dialogue boxes.
[01:03:46.000 –> 01:03:51.000] So I would hope that they would flush these out a little bit. There’s definitely like
[01:03:51.000 –> 01:03:56.000] like hinting more of a back story I think. But they just probably have
[01:03:56.000 –> 01:04:01.000] put more time into the actual research portion of the game which I don’t blame them.
[01:04:01.000 –> 01:04:06.000] Yeah totally fine. That’s what this game’s about. Are the other people like do they just
[01:04:06.000 –> 01:04:11.000] like live in the city or are any of them researchers as well?
[01:04:11.000 –> 01:04:16.000] There are a few researchers. So there’s like a
[01:04:16.000 –> 01:04:21.000] building. I forget what this building is called. But so
[01:04:21.000 –> 01:04:26.000] I think every single person in this town for the most part has some area of expertise.
[01:04:26.000 –> 01:04:31.000] So there is like a magic researcher there is a geologist like
[01:04:31.000 –> 01:04:36.000] researcher. So each of them I think kind of have their own like little
[01:04:36.000 –> 01:04:41.000] niche which is also really cool. Like you’re not the only one in here
[01:04:41.000 –> 01:04:46.000] that does you know research or whatever. Like there’s a potion master and that’s
[01:04:46.000 –> 01:04:51.000] like all they do. Yeah. There’s there’s also a bar and like you
[01:04:51.000 –> 01:04:56.000] know a food place the tavern or whatever it’s called. And I’m assuming that person
[01:04:56.000 –> 01:05:01.000] doesn’t do anything. And then you have this myth and blacksmith and carpenter and stuff. So like clearly
[01:05:01.000 –> 01:05:06.000] those are more like like professional like in the
[01:05:08.000 –> 01:05:13.000] like a different profession than the research. But yeah there’s
[01:05:13.000 –> 01:05:18.000] there’s one geologist in here that I can remember. Yeah that’s good. I mean
[01:05:18.000 –> 01:05:23.000] because that is something like I wonder if I wonder like I wonder if like in a future expansion
[01:05:23.000 –> 01:05:28.000] again research story devs come at us. But like you can choose if you
[01:05:28.000 –> 01:05:33.000] want to be the geologist or if you want to be the
[01:05:33.000 –> 01:05:38.000] non geologist or whatever you are right now because it seems like you’re more of like a
[01:05:38.000 –> 01:05:43.000] every whatever or like maybe a deal a DLC would be like be the geologist instead
[01:05:44.000 –> 01:05:49.000] because I have a friend that would do that. I have a geologist
[01:05:49.000 –> 01:05:54.000] friend for sure. Well I have a background in geology so I would
[01:05:54.000 –> 01:05:59.000] definitely love that. And I will say there’s like books in this like archival
[01:05:59.000 –> 01:06:04.000] area whatever it’s called. There’s like sections that are specifically for you to insert your
[01:06:04.000 –> 01:06:09.000] scrolls. But then they also have areas like other bookshelves that are more like different
[01:06:09.000 –> 01:06:14.000] other like areas of you know knowledge. So they have like a geology
[01:06:14.000 –> 01:06:19.000] like bookshelf where you can read like very simple like here are the three different types
[01:06:19.000 –> 01:06:24.000] of like. What is it. Hold on let me find it.
[01:06:24.000 –> 01:06:28.000] Blinking. This is so.
[01:06:29.000 –> 01:06:34.000] So they have an astronomy and astrology section and like this is just says constellation of groups of stars
[01:06:34.000 –> 01:06:39.000] that form a particular shape. Every major and minor god has a constellation etc.
[01:06:39.000 –> 01:06:44.000] So like very entry level stuff for astrology. This is the gods of religion
[01:06:44.000 –> 01:06:49.000] which is currently empty. So I forget how we fill these areas up more. I think it might be through
[01:06:49.000 –> 01:06:54.000] the relationships. There’s a social history one. There’s let’s
[01:06:54.000 –> 01:06:59.000] see what is this. This is the magic history one which is like forging magic.
[01:06:59.000 –> 01:07:04.000] So I think teach you a little bit more about how magic actually works here. This is a magic studies one.
[01:07:04.000 –> 01:07:09.000] So there’s differences between forging magic and just magic overall.
[01:07:09.000 –> 01:07:14.000] This is the mycology. There’s a mycology bookshelf. So they have like an entry on
[01:07:14.000 –> 01:07:19.000] edible mushrooms, shrooms and compost, medicinal mushrooms which are cool. I haven’t read those yet
[01:07:19.000 –> 01:07:24.000] because I just unlock those I think by collecting forgeables. I’m trying to find where the geology
[01:07:24.000 –> 01:07:29.000] one is. Oh here’s a geology. So they have the Kars Cave which is different
[01:07:29.000 –> 01:07:34.000] formations and shimmer brooks. So this is it specifically talks about like
[01:07:34.000 –> 01:07:39.000] this is this is the actual geological formations within this area which is cool
[01:07:39.000 –> 01:07:44.000] where limestone is commonly seen once such cave has discovered either the cliff, level
[01:07:44.000 –> 01:07:49.000] blah. Was there I thought there was one about like oh
[01:07:49.000 –> 01:07:54.000] here we go. There we go. The rock cycle. Okay. So I’m not like like blanking on this.
[01:07:54.000 –> 01:07:59.000] They do talk about the three different types of like igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic
[01:07:59.000 –> 01:08:04.000] rocks. Very entry level like geology. And
[01:08:04.000 –> 01:08:09.000] I think that’s all they have. Well they had more stuff. I’m not going to like read it read it all.
[01:08:09.000 –> 01:08:14.000] They have gembrarity in here. There’s there’s there’s some stuff in here.
[01:08:14.000 –> 01:08:19.000] I’m assuming they’ll probably add more entries into each of these different areas of study.
[01:08:19.000 –> 01:08:24.000] Which would be really cool to actually like delve into some of
[01:08:24.000 –> 01:08:29.000] the more specifics of like you know if you’re really interested in the Kars like
[01:08:29.000 –> 01:08:34.000] formation you will find out more I don’t know about how this formation has formed
[01:08:34.000 –> 01:08:39.000] over time or what have you. That’s really cool though like
[01:08:39.000 –> 01:08:44.000] they kind of add you know the real you know you can learn about the different rock
[01:08:44.000 –> 01:08:49.000] cycle and I don’t know this game is really cool.
[01:08:49.000 –> 01:08:54.000] It is. And I will say like most of these bookshelves are like you know more
[01:08:54.000 –> 01:08:59.000] fantasy related because like a lot of them had the magic and you know
[01:08:59.000 –> 01:09:04.000] God’s religions. I’m assuming it’s going to be more so about this world. But it would be cool to see
[01:09:04.000 –> 01:09:09.000] more different areas of study like in addition to geology and mycology like obviously those are things that
[01:09:09.000 –> 01:09:14.000] the individual themselves like interact with on a day to day but have something that’s
[01:09:14.000 –> 01:09:19.000] completely out there like primatology
[01:09:19.000 –> 01:09:24.000] or even anthropology to discuss a little bit more about this. Like there’s a
[01:09:24.000 –> 01:09:29.000] social history or so I guess maybe that’s like where they’re delving into it. I don’t know.
[01:09:29.000 –> 01:09:34.000] It would be really cool to have like a bigger like round like rounding this like
[01:09:34.000 –> 01:09:39.000] education aspect of it out open for.
[01:09:39.000 –> 01:09:44.000] I mean it sounds like the framework is there. So like they’re planning to do it.
[01:09:44.000 –> 01:09:49.000] It sounds like. And a lot of these bookshelves are empty so I’m assuming
[01:09:49.000 –> 01:09:54.000] like they’ll be adding a lot more in here as you progress through the story maybe and they have
[01:09:54.000 –> 01:09:59.000] additional updates. I don’t know. I’m I’m really excited in here. Yeah.
[01:09:59.000 –> 01:10:04.000] Yeah. It’s it’s surprisingly like a very
[01:10:04.000 –> 01:10:09.000] very cool game. I was I think skeptical when I first saw it like saw it
[01:10:09.000 –> 01:10:14.000] like the trailer and stuff for it. But I’ve I’ve been thoroughly impressed
[01:10:14.000 –> 01:10:19.000] so far. Awesome. OK. We’ll just do this last part. So there’s
[01:10:19.000 –> 01:10:24.000] two last. The very very last part is to complete complete main story quests and it just like uncover the reasons
[01:10:24.000 –> 01:10:29.000] behind the different appearances. That’s just that’s self-explanatory. But
[01:10:29.000 –> 01:10:34.000] Bev talk about crafting and building. So the quote is here
[01:10:34.000 –> 01:10:39.000] add decor and useful items to your farms such as creature pens shade cloths and sun lamps.
[01:10:39.000 –> 01:10:44.000] I guess you kind of talked about those already. That’s so cool. Like to me. Right. Right. Continue.
[01:10:44.000 –> 01:10:49.000] Go for it. Go for it. My ADHD. There will also be
[01:10:49.000 –> 01:10:54.000] crafting stations such as the stone forge in the composter where players can craft more items. So it sounds like that’s something that’s
[01:10:54.000 –> 01:10:59.000] planning. Yep. If not already. It’s in here already. Oh OK. Yeah.
[01:10:59.000 –> 01:11:04.000] So I have both like the sworn forge and the composter. There’s a crafting
[01:11:04.000 –> 01:11:09.000] menu and that’s like very similar to stardew. That’s could be like
[01:11:09.000 –> 01:11:14.000] a little bit more intuitive instead of like having just like pages on pages on pages like stardew has like they have
[01:11:14.000 –> 01:11:19.000] tabs for different sections. So here’s your furniture tab. Here’s your creature tab. Here’s your
[01:11:19.000 –> 01:11:24.000] your farming tab or whatever. So that
[01:11:24.000 –> 01:11:29.000] that’s very good and very intuitive. The crafting stations themselves I feel like could be
[01:11:29.000 –> 01:11:34.000] better. Like there isn’t like a window that pops open when you like approach a crafting station
[01:11:34.000 –> 01:11:39.000] like the sworn forge. It just has like you have to hover like your mouse over and then it says like what it needs.
[01:11:39.000 –> 01:11:44.000] So I feel like having like a pop up window would probably be
[01:11:44.000 –> 01:11:49.000] better for understanding how they work initially. I could see how it would just
[01:11:49.000 –> 01:11:54.000] be faster to kind of like throw in stuff later on and not have like another
[01:11:54.000 –> 01:11:59.000] window pop up before. But yeah they’re not very intuitive at first.
[01:11:59.000 –> 01:12:04.000] So I struggled a little bit with like trying to figure out what exactly they needed and had to
[01:12:04.000 –> 01:12:09.000] like refer back a lot to the you know the guide or whatever that came
[01:12:09.000 –> 01:12:14.000] up when they initially when I initiated locked in. OK.
[01:12:14.000 –> 01:12:19.000] What do you like what are you making these out of? Like what is the materials that you use?
[01:12:19.000 –> 01:12:24.000] Let me go back to my farm. Is it like is it things that you’re like foraging for
[01:12:24.000 –> 01:12:29.000] or like like you chop down so you get wood from like chopping down trees things like that?
[01:12:29.000 –> 01:12:34.000] It’s a little bit of both. It’s like a lot of the wood stuff is like obviously based off of
[01:12:34.000 –> 01:12:39.000] you know chopping wood. So there’s there’s let’s see there’s
[01:12:39.000 –> 01:12:44.000] sticks that you could get from chopping as well as saplings from each
[01:12:44.000 –> 01:12:49.000] different thing. So here’s your seeds instead of seeds as saplings I guess the tree drops I don’t know why.
[01:12:49.000 –> 01:12:54.000] And they have like chestnuts and then you know your logs your basic logs
[01:12:54.000 –> 01:12:59.000] and then you need to make a lot of the time the logs into
[01:12:59.000 –> 01:13:04.000] wood planks. So just another version a more
[01:13:04.000 –> 01:13:09.000] construction version of the basic material whatever. A lot of a lot of the basic
[01:13:09.000 –> 01:13:14.000] recipes require like either just the logs or the wood planks and
[01:13:14.000 –> 01:13:19.000] fiber like a lot of the creature pens that’s what they require. A couple of them like the more
[01:13:19.000 –> 01:13:24.000] like niche creature pens like the cave one I
[01:13:24.000 –> 01:13:29.000] think requires like something specific that you can only find in caves or what have you.
[01:13:29.000 –> 01:13:34.000] I don’t know if that kind of answers that. I mean yeah just like wanting to know like what it
[01:13:34.000 –> 01:13:39.000] what it’s using. Some of them like do require like ore or like stone
[01:13:39.000 –> 01:13:44.000] bricks and iron bars and stuff. So that’s some of it you will need you know later
[01:13:44.000 –> 01:13:49.000] game like stone forges or gold ore or higher levels of ore
[01:13:49.000 –> 01:13:54.000] for more fancy things. And there’s there is a tool upgrade system via like the blacksmith.
[01:13:54.000 –> 01:13:59.000] So that’s I think all pretty similar to Stardew. Okay. Yeah
[01:13:59.000 –> 01:14:04.000] I mean just some games use different things so I was just not sure.
[01:14:04.000 –> 01:14:09.000] And like I guess like what could you use like are there different styles
[01:14:09.000 –> 01:14:14.000] of things for the decor for example like is there bone decor that you can get from here?
[01:14:14.000 –> 01:14:19.000] You can use the bones from your from your mountain dog.
[01:14:19.000 –> 01:14:24.000] I’m maybe I think there is like there is a little like
[01:14:24.000 –> 01:14:29.000] there’s a furniture tab which I think is your more like day to day
[01:14:29.000 –> 01:14:34.000] stuff that you will need on your farm like the chest sawhorse.
[01:14:34.000 –> 01:14:39.000] There is a campfire. I don’t know if that allows you to cook there. Oh there is a cooking mechanism
[01:14:39.000 –> 01:14:44.000] in here but I haven’t unlocked the house yet for that because a lot of the complete early
[01:14:44.000 –> 01:14:49.000] You don’t have a house? Well an upgrade of my house I have unlocked the
[01:14:49.000 –> 01:14:54.000] upgrade to my house. No I’m just living in the forest with my
[01:14:54.000 –> 01:14:59.000] creatures. I built a creature pen for myself.
[01:14:59.000 –> 01:15:04.000] I haven’t done a lot of cooking so I don’t know how that works yet but
[01:15:04.000 –> 01:15:09.000] that’s something they added like in response to I think a lot of early on
[01:15:09.000 –> 01:15:14.000] complaints so that it’s very nice to see with early access that they’re listening to people
[01:15:14.000 –> 01:15:19.000] like in their Discord people complain about the energy system that it doesn’t take
[01:15:19.000 –> 01:15:24.000] a lot to tire you out essentially you don’t want to have energy so they’re trying to balance that out more
[01:15:24.000 –> 01:15:29.000] which I appreciate but there is there is like a there’s a thing that has like a fence
[01:15:29.000 –> 01:15:34.000] symbol on one of the tabs and all I’ve unlocked right now is the wood fence and there’s two
[01:15:34.000 –> 01:15:39.000] other things that I haven’t unlocked yet but there are decorations like I’ve I found a random
[01:15:39.000 –> 01:15:44.000] statue I think in the mines and there’s in the summer there’s
[01:15:44.000 –> 01:15:49.000] like a little Sunday market where I bought cherry blossom paintings so they
[01:15:49.000 –> 01:15:54.000] I think will be adding more decorations as we move forward but there’s not a lot
[01:15:54.000 –> 01:15:59.000] currently. Okay I mean that makes again early access. Yeah early
[01:15:59.000 –> 01:16:04.000] understandable. Yeah I mean like I guess I mean that’s all
[01:16:04.000 –> 01:16:09.000] of the all of the points that they had brought up so I guess like the gist of it
[01:16:09.000 –> 01:16:14.000] is that it’s seems like it’s really based on research and that but like it’s
[01:16:14.000 –> 01:16:19.000] like you said it’s like Stardew Valley but you’re a researcher instead which I am here for.
[01:16:19.000 –> 01:16:24.000] I am definitely here for it like like as I like I would
[01:16:24.000 –> 01:16:29.000] not mind a game that was like more kind of like a APCO where it’s
[01:16:29.000 –> 01:16:34.000] more more into one specific type of like area of city
[01:16:34.000 –> 01:16:39.000] it’s very specialized this game has
[01:16:39.000 –> 01:16:44.000] a broader brushstroke I guess with reaching different types of
[01:16:44.000 –> 01:16:49.000] or different other areas of study but I wouldn’t mind like that would be a really
[01:16:49.000 –> 01:16:54.000] cool thing to have like end game or post game is to specialize in something because that’s
[01:16:54.000 –> 01:16:59.000] usually the route of a scientist like you start off with a great intro stuff and then you figure out what it is
[01:16:59.000 –> 01:17:04.000] that you’re actually interested in studying and become the expert in that one area.
[01:17:04.000 –> 01:17:09.000] Yeah and then when anyone asks you anything else you’re like
[01:17:09.000 –> 01:17:14.000] oh I don’t yeah yeah I don’t do that actually.
[01:17:14.000 –> 01:17:19.000] Yeah exactly. I mean I mean it sounds really
[01:17:19.000 –> 01:17:24.000] cool and like I’m excited I mean I’m just excited to play it anyway because I was I bought it for a reason.
[01:17:25.000 –> 01:17:30.000] But just like talking about it like having you talk about it like makes me more excited.
[01:17:30.000 –> 01:17:35.000] Right? Yeah. I would 100% recommend.
[01:17:35.000 –> 01:17:40.000] Like if I had to recommend it I would say it’s definitely worth
[01:17:40.000 –> 01:17:45.000] however much it costs currently. It’s currently like 14 dollars.
[01:17:45.000 –> 01:17:50.000] It’s not a lot. It’s like similar to Stardew like initial pricing if not current pricing
[01:17:50.000 –> 01:17:55.000] I think Stardew is still around 15. So I would I would definitely recommend.
[01:17:55.000 –> 01:18:00.000] And there’s plenty to do even though it’s only early access.
[01:18:00.000 –> 01:18:05.000] Yeah $13.99. OK. Well Bev where can people
[01:18:05.000 –> 01:18:10.000] find you? I am pretty much everywhere at Bev
[01:18:10.000 –> 01:18:15.000] Granger 7-1-1 so B-E-V-G-R-A-N-G-E-R 7-1-1
[01:18:15.000 –> 01:18:20.000] How about you Cody? I am on Twitter at literally just my name Cody Mathis
[01:18:20.000 –> 01:18:25.000] C-O-D-U-I-M-A-T-H-I-S. Wow I have almost 1500 followers.
[01:18:25.000 –> 01:18:30.000] Nice. Why? Because bees. Bees.
[01:18:30.000 –> 01:18:35.000] You’re much better at social media than I am. I mean I literally just check
[01:18:35.000 –> 01:18:40.000] Twitter like once or twice a day and I just tweet I just like retweet a bunch of things that people
[01:18:40.000 –> 01:18:45.000] say and then or I say things like this and I guess this is I would love to say this on the podcast.
[01:18:45.000 –> 01:18:50.000] A couple of days ago was trans day of visibility.
[01:18:50.000 –> 01:18:55.000] And so to all of our trans followers you and this is what I said on
[01:18:55.000 –> 01:19:00.000] Twitter. You matter. I see you. I’m here for you and keep being your awesome selves.
[01:19:00.000 –> 01:19:05.000] The other thing about being trans is that it’s not always safe.
[01:19:06.000 –> 01:19:11.000] Unfortunately. And so a lot of people were talking about how trans day of visibility
[01:19:11.000 –> 01:19:16.000] making yourself self more visible feels like a trap if you don’t have protection.
[01:19:16.000 –> 01:19:21.000] So that is another thing like I wanted to add to my tweet and
[01:19:21.000 –> 01:19:26.000] say here is I will also fight for my trans friends and trans listeners.
[01:19:26.000 –> 01:19:31.000] You matter your people. Yeah. So I
[01:19:31.000 –> 01:19:36.000] I completely missed that. I saw like all the notifications come out for it and was like like I
[01:19:36.000 –> 01:19:41.000] identify as trans and like failed in that. But I also blame being at a conference for
[01:19:41.000 –> 01:19:46.000] all of last week. That’s why. Yeah I know I was. Yeah. Yeah.
[01:19:46.000 –> 01:19:51.000] I appreciate that. I love you Cody. You’re so good. I love you too.
[01:19:52.000 –> 01:19:57.000] Support trans folks. So yeah if you want to know more about it or understand
[01:19:57.000 –> 01:20:02.000] what the gender spectrum is or anything like that or you can find a safe center
[01:20:02.000 –> 01:20:07.000] near you where you can either help or support or learn more. You can go to
[01:20:07.000 –> 01:20:12.000] trans lifeline dot org. I was actually like
[01:20:12.000 –> 01:20:17.000] this. Sorry go ahead. No you’re fine. I was going to say this this tangent
[01:20:17.000 –> 01:20:22.000] brought to you by Cody forgetting her Twitter.
[01:20:22.000 –> 01:20:27.000] See I’m going to extend the tangent myself and say like please. I was at a water
[01:20:27.000 –> 01:20:32.000] infrastructure conference this weekend this weekend last week and I realized that there isn’t really
[01:20:32.000 –> 01:20:37.000] a good space at least in the U.S. for you know a TBTQ plus whatever
[01:20:37.000 –> 01:20:42.000] whatever. I can’t. I added the plus. There’s a lot of acronyms.
[01:20:42.000 –> 01:20:47.000] Yeah I am tired but it’s important. Forgive me for forgetting these out of order.
[01:20:47.000 –> 01:20:52.000] But that’s something I think I’m going to work on creating maybe because there isn’t
[01:20:52.000 –> 01:20:57.000] there isn’t a space and we exist in the water infrastructure industry obviously because I’m
[01:20:57.000 –> 01:21:02.000] here. And that’s something that I personally want to work on. And I’m down
[01:21:02.000 –> 01:21:07.000] with my also trans visibility tangent.
[01:21:07.000 –> 01:21:12.000] Yep. Yeah. So I the conference that I was
[01:21:12.000 –> 01:21:17.000] at too. So this is why research story has been kicked back a couple of weeks is because we were both
[01:21:17.000 –> 01:21:22.000] at conferences. And the conference that I was at was the entomology
[01:21:22.000 –> 01:21:27.000] Society of America’s Eastern branch conference. And that conference the theme was entomology
[01:21:27.000 –> 01:21:32.000] for all casting a wider net. And it was about you know making sure that
[01:21:32.000 –> 01:21:37.000] entomology like entomology is for everyone. It’s for anyone no matter what your
[01:21:37.000 –> 01:21:42.000] race your gender your orientation your anything like
[01:21:42.000 –> 01:21:47.000] period. You are like it is a science for everyone. And there were some really good
[01:21:47.000 –> 01:21:52.000] talks about making entomology safer for people like LGBT
[01:21:52.000 –> 01:21:57.000] the LGBT community. And by that like LGBT is is representative
[01:21:57.000 –> 01:22:02.000] of all queer all queer all trans all non-binary all of that. So
[01:22:02.000 –> 01:22:07.000] and then also for people of color and then someone had a really good talk about
[01:22:07.000 –> 01:22:12.000] mental health as well. Because that’s something that is not as talked about like the
[01:22:12.000 –> 01:22:17.000] accessibility side of things both physical and mental disabilities and compensate
[01:22:17.000 –> 01:22:22.000] or not compensating accounting making sure that your game
[01:22:22.000 –> 01:22:27.000] is accessible to those folks like you
[01:22:27.000 –> 01:22:32.000] know sometimes I’ve been trying to like look at games nowadays and be like
[01:22:32.000 –> 01:22:37.000] how could this be more accessible for my ADHD. I don’t know
[01:22:37.000 –> 01:22:42.000] for some games like some people are like oh I love this game you should try it. And I’m like
[01:22:42.000 –> 01:22:47.000] or just talking to my roommate they were talking about how they really liked the movie
[01:22:47.000 –> 01:22:52.000] everywhere everything everywhere all at once. Which is
[01:22:52.000 –> 01:22:57.000] it’s a great movie. I’m glad that they swept the Oscars. I’m here for more
[01:22:57.000 –> 01:23:02.000] more Asian representation more like a woman winning you know an Asian woman
[01:23:02.000 –> 01:23:07.000] winning for the first time and all of that. But that movie like I
[01:23:07.000 –> 01:23:12.000] could tell that it was a really good movie but my ADHD man
[01:23:12.000 –> 01:23:17.000] was on fire. I mean I watched it but I was
[01:23:17.000 –> 01:23:22.000] just like my brain was just all over the place and so I don’t know it’s just I’ve
[01:23:22.000 –> 01:23:27.000] been trying to think of like how to make games more accessible for folks with ADHD
[01:23:27.000 –> 01:23:32.000] and I just don’t really know how. So if you know or if you have anything or if you have
[01:23:32.000 –> 01:23:37.000] comments about our accessibility hour
[01:23:37.000 –> 01:23:42.000] or support for our trans friends go ahead
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[01:24:22.000 –> 01:24:27.000] Well yeah thank you so much Bev for joining. Thank you.
[01:24:27.000 –> 01:24:32.000] I’m so glad we got here. It’s been a struggle to get here but we’re here.
[01:24:32.000 –> 01:24:37.000] Well fortunately for us I think the next game that you and I are going to cover together
[01:24:37.000 –> 01:24:42.000] if Notion is correct is Capybara Spa. Oh my goodness. Which is
[01:24:42.000 –> 01:24:47.000] a lot smaller of a game. Yes it is.
[01:24:47.000 –> 01:24:52.000] Made by Lemon Cake. Or not Lemon Cake. Cozy
[01:24:52.000 –> 01:24:57.000] Bee Games who also made Lemon Cake. Yes Lemon Cake is another game by them.
[01:24:57.000 –> 01:25:02.000] So that’ll be a smaller investment. But yeah
[01:25:02.000 –> 01:25:07.000] thank you for joining me and having a good time
[01:25:07.000 –> 01:25:12.000] and until next time have a good harvest.
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[01:25:46.000 –> 01:25:51.000] My ADHD rant at the end of that. My goodness. Al like in an episode just
[01:25:51.000 –> 01:25:56.000] recently said something like how do people with multiple podcasts do it? Like how do
[01:25:56.000 –> 01:26:01.000] you remember how to say hello farmers or whatever and I am on
[01:26:01.000 –> 01:26:06.000] four podcasts now. Oh my goodness. And the answer Al is I don’t
[01:26:06.000 –> 01:26:11.000] know man. I kind of just try and look at it like. Have really
[01:26:11.000 –> 01:26:16.000] good really good notes. Episode notes. Yeah. Well and that’s the thing
[01:26:16.000 –> 01:26:21.000] two of the podcasts that I’m on we don’t use like it’s usually
[01:26:21.000 –> 01:26:26.000] just like I don’t really do any like I just show up and talk. I don’t really do any like research
[01:26:26.000 –> 01:26:31.000] or anything like that. So it’s a little different than ISE. It’s super effective in this podcast
[01:26:31.000 –> 01:26:36.000] and so there are times when I go on there and I want to start it and I almost say like hello
[01:26:36.000 –> 01:26:41.000] farmers. No wait wait wait. Get that please.
[01:26:42.000 –> 01:26:47.000] So but yeah it do be a time.
[01:26:48.000 –> 01:26:53.000] But yeah that’s that’s this podcast is the harvest season so
[01:26:53.000 –> 01:26:55.000] support us. Support us.