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[00:00.000 –> 00:28.020] Behind the Scenes
[00:30.000 –> 00:34.080] How do we start this hello farmers, I think that’s what
[00:35.640 –> 00:39.800] Welcome to the harvest season a very special episode where
[00:41.320 –> 00:45.440] Johnny and I here aren’t in the most ideal state, but we’re going for it
[00:46.840 –> 00:48.840] We are going for it
[00:49.740 –> 00:53.820] We talked about cottagecore games allegedly here
[00:55.640 –> 00:58.720] Al’s not here, so it’s gonna be a wild ride today
[01:00.480 –> 01:05.020] That’s that’s not a pun off the wildflowers that that was the last episode
[01:05.760 –> 01:10.400] Um hi Johnny. Yeah, I introduced you. This is Johnny you all know Johnny yay
[01:11.640 –> 01:16.000] He’s here. I’m back, and I’m surprised that I keep getting invited back
[01:16.000 –> 01:18.960] But we’ll do my best to not get invited back after this one
[01:19.560 –> 01:26.460] I’m surprised. I’m still here for so many episodes. I think it’s just what is it beggars can’t be choosers
[01:31.000 –> 01:32.160] But
[01:32.160 –> 01:35.200] Yes, we are here, and we’re here to talk about terranil today
[01:35.840 –> 01:38.200] and important to note up front that
[01:39.040 –> 01:43.080] Transcriptions are available in the show notes and on the website
[01:44.760 –> 01:48.960] But it would help if I actually knew the website off the top of my head harvestseason.club
[01:50.800 –> 01:53.840] So if you’re after transcripts, there’s awesome little
[01:54.720 –> 01:57.560] accessibility piece that Al’s added to the show so
[01:58.360 –> 02:06.140] Great go and check those out the question is will they’ll be able to transcribe this nonsense that remains to be seen
[02:08.760 –> 02:13.240] All right all right Johnny what it what have you been up to what have I been up to well like
[02:13.400 –> 02:15.800] Kevin it’s you and I we’ve got to talk a little Marvel snap
[02:17.320 –> 02:19.320] We’ve been on so many episodes
[02:19.880 –> 02:26.760] We always talk about Marvel snap, but last season. I hit infinite. I am I am a problem. I love Shuri
[02:27.600 –> 02:34.440] Infinite with Shuri. I’m gonna play her until she’s if they put in a small nerf yesterday. Let me tell you that’s not enough
[02:34.440 –> 02:38.180] I’m playing Shuri. She’s she’s so good. She’s so good
[02:38.960 –> 02:41.120] But I love Marvel snap at the moment
[02:41.240 –> 02:46.280] And I think honestly if you Marvel snap is a game that you’re kind of on the fence about you’ve played some games before
[02:46.680 –> 02:49.080] now it’s the time to get in like I feel like the
[02:50.000 –> 02:56.900] monetization aside right monetization in these games is always terrible just put that out of your mind, but the the latest
[02:57.600 –> 03:03.720] Developer update it was really clear communication about what they’re looking to do with the meta game for Marvel snap
[03:03.840 –> 03:11.120] And we’re talking about making small changes week on week like which is what I’m excited about because I like to win when I play
[03:11.120 –> 03:17.320] This game, so I’ll play the best deck and if the best deck is current is constantly changing then that’s kind of exciting for me
[03:17.320 –> 03:20.040] So I’ve been snapping up a storm
[03:20.600 –> 03:26.720] Can you be playing any any models now? Oh gosh. Yes the boy. This is number one. This is the real podcast here
[03:28.080 –> 03:34.600] Okay, so let me let me slow down for one second first off for people unfamiliar for infinite. That’s like the top rank
[03:35.680 –> 03:39.020] Johnny is now legend among our little snap friends
[03:39.880 –> 03:42.180] Incredible absolutely incredible hats off to you good, sir
[03:43.780 –> 03:51.180] Second of all the meta game the balance has really been in flux the last couple weeks. It feels like
[03:52.320 –> 03:55.880] With a lot of the top decks being dethroned except Shuri Johnny’s deck
[03:56.800 –> 04:00.800] And yeah the update they well to your point
[04:00.800 –> 04:06.480] I think in general they’ve the dev team is really good at communicating in Marvel snap their little blog updates
[04:06.480 –> 04:08.480] I was very clear and to the point
[04:08.720 –> 04:10.000] and
[04:10.000 –> 04:15.820] They address fan stuff or stuff that the community is talking about frequently, so that’s good
[04:17.560 –> 04:24.360] So I am I have been playing Thanos after finally saving enough the little tokens for him
[04:25.360 –> 04:28.520] I’m having a lot of fun. Thanos deck is
[04:29.760 –> 04:31.760] really flexible and interesting
[04:33.000 –> 04:39.380] Yeah, it’s not the beast it was before the nerf, but it’s still fun to play I
[04:40.400 –> 04:44.800] Pretty good, and it’s it’s interesting now with some hitch monkey in the field as well
[04:44.800 –> 04:49.240] Yeah, and how much that sort of disrupted things which I don’t think I predicted
[04:49.800 –> 04:55.800] Most things I didn’t understand the interaction that I had with Mysterio which makes it pretty dang awesome
[04:55.800 –> 05:00.120] Yeah, like this you know if Shuri just gets that knock down a little bit
[05:00.120 –> 05:04.520] I feel like we’re in for a really fun time in Marvel snap. Yeah, I totally agree and
[05:05.560 –> 05:11.240] I think there will probably some fun cards being added. I can’t wait for Kitty to come back
[05:12.640 –> 05:16.360] Because I think she has a lot of interesting options including with hip monkey
[05:17.360 –> 05:21.320] But yeah Marvel snap good times, I’m nowhere near as high as in
[05:22.480 –> 05:23.800] but
[05:23.800 –> 05:27.000] I am enjoying the game a lot nonetheless
[05:28.200 –> 05:29.840] did
[05:29.840 –> 05:33.640] Did you see the the variants in the shop today? They’re really good
[05:37.560 –> 05:42.760] So they released three variants in this month is all sort of animal themed and so they’re all good puns
[05:43.000 –> 05:47.980] And and I think the one that takes the cake is ant ant instead of ant man
[05:49.560 –> 05:52.760] variant of ant man, that’s just an ant which was just
[05:54.880 –> 06:01.560] It’s so dumb that it’s genius and it’s almost got me enough to buy it cuz like that
[06:01.560 –> 06:07.060] They’re all cool variants. It’s only five bucks. That’s like the cheapest thing they’ve ever had in the game
[06:08.280 –> 06:11.000] But I don’t play any of these cards enough to actually
[06:13.040 –> 06:17.120] Actually justify buying variants for it. Yeah, I’m getting it for sure
[06:17.120 –> 06:22.080] Um, yeah ant ant is great the strength and ant with the strength and the size of an ant
[06:25.080 –> 06:29.520] Mooster fantastic is probably the best. Mr. Fantastic ever will be
[06:30.240 –> 06:37.440] And it was a third all like cat cat. I don’t even captain me our they did it kept they did captain America
[06:37.440 –> 06:41.160] Which I was like, I feel like of all of the ways to do that pun
[06:42.160 –> 06:47.920] Captain America, I feel like cat tan America was the way to go
[06:47.920 –> 06:52.100] But I like captain. I’m yeah worker. But yeah, no, yeah like
[06:52.620 –> 06:56.560] Agree, that’s that’s good. They kind of picked the worst of all the available. Yeah
[06:57.400 –> 06:59.920] That’s probably that’s probably enough of our
[07:00.440 –> 07:06.920] Bible snapcast join us again in a few weeks when Kevin I find some other game that you know can be an inroad for us
[07:06.920 –> 07:12.680] To secretly talk about Marvel’s net of the game that I’ve been playing which I don’t really want to admit to but I have been
[07:12.680 –> 07:16.200] Playing it. I started playing runescape again and like
[07:21.800 –> 07:29.320] It’s so bad it’s been my like so I played old-school runescape before it was called old-school runescape when it was called runescape. Um, I
[07:30.680 –> 07:36.620] I you know eventually lost that account when they took the transition to old-school runescape at some point
[07:36.620 –> 07:41.780] I started again and every few years I check in again and I make some more progress. I’m like
[07:42.980 –> 07:44.980] I’m in the hole. Yeah
[07:45.260 –> 07:47.260] That’s a farming game
[07:48.420 –> 07:50.420] It is a farming game
[07:50.600 –> 07:54.060] It’s not a good farming game. It’s not even a good game. Oh
[07:55.380 –> 08:02.660] Oh man, that’s what I’m playing it. That’s classic the baby’s first MMO like the world’s first
[08:04.540 –> 08:06.540] Your internet whatever
[08:06.620 –> 08:10.300] Man, that’s a blast from the past. That’s all man. Good stuff
[08:10.940 –> 08:12.060] It is
[08:12.060 –> 08:14.620] the best thing about that game is the writing is like
[08:15.560 –> 08:18.220] surprisingly good, um, mostly because it’s all like
[08:19.160 –> 08:21.580] Basically just people trying to meme the whole time
[08:23.340 –> 08:29.180] And and for people that aren’t up to date on on old-school runescape, they’re currently like pitching doing a new skill
[08:29.260 –> 08:33.340] so like the game still gets tons of updates, which is just wild to me that in like
[08:34.220 –> 08:41.500] 2023 runescape is still getting like content updates. I didn’t know that. Oh, man. Oh, I’m gonna have to check it out
[08:41.780 –> 08:49.380] Please check it out. Let’s we’ll become runescape friends and wallow in the misery that is like doing anything in runescape
[08:50.980 –> 08:54.660] Anyway, I don’t want to let’s not link on that any longer. What have you been playing?
[08:55.180 –> 08:58.600] Turn in next week for the new runescape runescape cast
[08:59.620 –> 09:01.140] I
[09:01.180 –> 09:06.820] Have okay marvel snaps the big one. Um, I played this game they called terranil
[09:08.820 –> 09:10.820] This sunk some time into that and
[09:13.060 –> 09:18.700] Aside from that my whole world has been consumed until about two days ago
[09:19.940 –> 09:21.100] wildflowers
[09:21.100 –> 09:24.020] That game is good. Holy moly
[09:24.860 –> 09:31.460] Um, so last week’s episode was about wildflowers, I haven’t seen anything yet
[09:32.100 –> 09:37.380] Nothing. Oh, man. We are a full disclosure. We’re already planning a follow-up episode because
[09:38.020 –> 09:43.620] Holy moly, that game is incredible and has all sorts of stuff till the very end
[09:44.920 –> 09:47.580] mechanics wise it uh, it’s
[09:48.300 –> 09:52.480] Wow might be one of the best in this genre in my opinion
[09:53.480 –> 09:57.360] Okay, I’m going to talk about one mechanic here it’s not a spoiler but
[09:57.960 –> 10:04.240] We didn’t address it in the first episode because neither of us reached it yet. But so there’s these machines called whirligigs
[10:04.240 –> 10:11.320] They’re like little flying robot drones, but with like faces the little happy face robots. And what they do is they’ll do they
[10:12.120 –> 10:17.120] Automate your farming tasks and I mean like everything there’s a one for fishing mining
[10:17.720 –> 10:19.440] farming
[10:19.440 –> 10:21.440] livestock chopping wood
[10:22.160 –> 10:28.640] So you give it some resources and it’ll go and do that stuff for X amount of days and just give you a whole bunch
[10:28.640 –> 10:30.640] Of stuff it’s an incredible
[10:30.960 –> 10:32.760] incredible mechanic
[10:32.760 –> 10:35.280] That really let you automate whatever you want to do
[10:37.760 –> 10:44.000] And aside from that like we mentioned last week this game actually has story and
[10:45.360 –> 10:51.040] It’s not like Pulitzer Prize winning story, but it’s really engaging
[10:51.560 –> 10:55.960] And holy mackerel like that the story went places. I didn’t imagine
[10:57.040 –> 11:01.200] It’s and it’s just such a good game. I can’t recommend it enough
[11:02.360 –> 11:08.780] And yeah, like I said, we’ll actually be doing another episode. So I will save more thoughts for them. But wildflowers is just really a plus
[11:10.360 –> 11:14.040] I listened to that episode this week and I’m really like
[11:14.800 –> 11:19.340] I’ve been on a little bit of statue kick the last few months like sort of off and on
[11:20.340 –> 11:21.740] And
[11:21.740 –> 11:24.780] I have to say like wildflowers was kind of one of those games
[11:24.780 –> 11:29.080] I put into the start to valley clone esque style camp and I was like, yeah
[11:29.080 –> 11:33.340] I probably won’t check it out and after listening to the the episode from from two weeks ago
[11:33.340 –> 11:37.980] It’s definitely like hmm. I really want to check this out now. You should like I
[11:39.140 –> 11:46.860] also put it in stardew clone and yeah, I mean it’s hard to say that because it’s like in the farming genre so like clearly
[11:46.980 –> 11:48.380] You know with
[11:48.380 –> 11:50.740] Stardew is always gonna be in the room and people are gonna look at it
[11:50.740 –> 11:54.220] But it’s I think it stands enough to be its own thing
[11:54.740 –> 12:02.120] So I like hardly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed stardew. Oh, yeah good stuff. Um, but aside from that
[12:03.180 –> 12:06.460] But well, actually no, that’s that’s kind of it Marvel snap. Um
[12:07.580 –> 12:11.940] Wildflowers Terran L. That’s that’s pretty much would have been up to it’s been very busy week for me
[12:11.940 –> 12:13.940] otherwise I say as I
[12:14.180 –> 12:16.180] Didn’t see like a hundred hours
[12:17.220 –> 12:21.040] Wildflower, I just want to like do like a mini chicken on you know
[12:21.040 –> 12:23.800] sort of games of the year because I know
[12:24.260 –> 12:27.340] At the start of the year when I was on the episode about games for 2023
[12:27.340 –> 12:32.380] I was a little bit down on games for this year and I feel like the last few weeks, you know with the the wild flies
[12:33.020 –> 12:35.020] wildflowers coverage and the
[12:36.220 –> 12:38.060] research story coverage from last week
[12:38.060 –> 12:38.700] like
[12:38.700 –> 12:45.140] Those are two games that I am really excited to get into and to play like I wonder if this is actually the year
[12:45.140 –> 12:52.020] We’ve got a bunch of games that look like stardew valley clones and then you start really getting into them and you’re like hmm
[12:52.300 –> 12:54.420] Turns out there’s something more going on here
[12:54.420 –> 12:59.380] It turns out that there’s some really good games that are coming out to see it like 2023 might be the year of the sleeper
[12:59.380 –> 13:05.140] Hits like oh, I mean, yeah granted wallflowers last year, but I get your point. Um, and
[13:05.780 –> 13:07.780] Yeah, I don’t know. There’s still
[13:07.980 –> 13:09.980] Menechos night market and
[13:10.500 –> 13:12.500] Mika
[13:12.540 –> 13:15.140] Whatever delivery search what if I get what’s called
[13:16.140 –> 13:20.700] No, this is a very strong year for our little corner of the internet. I fully agree and
[13:21.660 –> 13:26.740] To totally ruin the segue that I had set up but like to kind of go with it
[13:26.740 –> 13:33.260] There’s another game that’s coming out very soon that could potentially be a sleeper hit of the year with some roots of patcher
[13:35.700 –> 13:40.820] Use the 1.0 release coming out on the 25th of
[13:43.100 –> 13:50.100] April which is really exciting. So for those who don’t remember roots of patcher is stardew valley, but prehistoric
[13:51.500 –> 13:57.580] So they’ve got the 1.0 coming out. It’s coming out on Steam for Windows and Mac, which is actually
[13:59.300 –> 14:01.300] Exciting for me because the
[14:01.940 –> 14:06.100] Computer that I have the most easy access to is is a Mac
[14:06.820 –> 14:10.900] They sort of have indicated that it’s a 40 plus hour game
[14:11.580 –> 14:17.620] Which when I sort of interpret that it kind of means it’s a finished game in the farming genre in the stardew esque
[14:17.700 –> 14:21.340] Genre because you know once you’re in sort of 40 plus hour territory
[14:22.220 –> 14:24.220] It could mean just about anything
[14:25.340 –> 14:27.340] They’ve added more
[14:27.560 –> 14:33.580] Character customization options which you know is is always good to see I’m not familiar with the current character
[14:33.860 –> 14:35.860] customization options that they’ve had so far
[14:36.620 –> 14:38.980] but probably the most important thing is
[14:39.620 –> 14:41.340] 15 skin tones available
[14:41.340 –> 14:46.860] So, you know like as a big fan of inclusion in video games and people be able to represent themselves
[14:47.740 –> 14:49.300] accurately
[14:49.300 –> 14:51.840] Seems like they’ve put in the work there, which is really
[14:52.980 –> 14:55.940] Exciting. There’s there’s a bunch of other updates of things that I’ve included
[14:55.940 –> 15:00.780] I’m assuming that if you’re you know paying attention to roots of patcher and you’ve been involved in some of their
[15:02.660 –> 15:07.580] Pre 1.0 content and you’ll be all across this. Otherwise, I’m sure you’ll be excited to
[15:08.300 –> 15:09.860] sort of
[15:09.860 –> 15:11.620] Duck in and get into this
[15:11.620 –> 15:17.740] I’m not gonna talk through everything that they’ve got coming up because there’s a ton of stuff but I have to say I
[15:18.100 –> 15:22.820] Remember in the you know sort of episode for the year when we talked about roots of pasture
[15:22.820 –> 15:26.940] I was I probably wasn’t that excited about it because it did look like
[15:27.740 –> 15:32.140] Stardew but prehistoric but looking through some of the stuff that they’ve got for
[15:32.860 –> 15:34.380] 1.0. Um
[15:34.380 –> 15:37.380] I’m feeling the bug like I’m feeling the baby
[15:37.380 –> 15:42.420] This is a game that I’m gonna gonna be buying come April 25th and get into like it’s just
[15:42.940 –> 15:49.660] It’s taking a lot of my boxes. Like it looks really really good. I’m excited for this one. Oh, man, like I I
[15:50.620 –> 15:56.860] I’ve been so excited. I also talked about it on like up games of the year, but like
[15:57.820 –> 16:02.420] 2021 episode or whatever a year will you year before your episode?
[16:04.260 –> 16:10.860] I’m very excited. I mean it still looks like a Stardew clone, but it has mammoth
[16:10.860 –> 16:15.600] So that’s like already enough for me. Um, I haven’t paid attention really to
[16:16.380 –> 16:21.540] What’s been going on? Cuz uh, I’m as I’m in fist infamously known. I’m not very
[16:22.140 –> 16:27.920] Keen on betas and early access and all that. So but who cares it’s coming out in a few weeks
[16:28.620 –> 16:34.900] And I’m very excited to play it and maybe talk about it somewhere someplace. Who knows?
[16:36.380 –> 16:38.380] Roots of Pacha good stuff
[16:40.340 –> 16:42.340] One day
[16:43.620 –> 16:44.940] That oh
[16:44.940 –> 16:50.820] Man, that’s yeah, that’s very excited. I’m and I took a tiny peek through some of this stuff
[16:50.820 –> 16:52.820] It looks like it’s really coming to its own
[16:53.180 –> 16:56.820] 40 hours is really good. That’s that’s pretty significant
[16:56.820 –> 17:01.820] I think for this corner of the internet or at least the indie stuff
[17:03.180 –> 17:04.660] So good on that
[17:04.660 –> 17:06.180] particularly to be like
[17:06.180 –> 17:10.040] advertising 40 plus hours, right because I think it’s one of those things with you know, like
[17:10.260 –> 17:14.260] Mm-hmm farming games where they run through the seasons. They naturally take a lot of time
[17:14.260 –> 17:20.020] Yeah, but it’s very easy to bounce off these games before you even hit the end of you know spring
[17:20.020 –> 17:25.220] And I don’t I don’t know if it’s a touch as his seasons like other games
[17:25.220 –> 17:27.980] But it’s very easy to bounce off these games early
[17:27.980 –> 17:32.660] so I feel like it’s kind of a bold move to put out you’ve got 40 plus hours of with the content because I like
[17:33.180 –> 17:38.660] Your experience with what flowers is it implies is actually a story or something that you want to pull it through
[17:38.660 –> 17:45.220] I’ve never seen start your valley be like we’ve got X many hours with content because and there’s not really a story to
[17:45.740 –> 17:49.820] Start your belly. Yeah, you know, it’s kind of just play until you’re bored and then yeah
[17:50.820 –> 17:52.820] Yeah, that is an interesting thing
[17:53.100 –> 17:59.900] because yeah, I agree like 40 plus hours denotes some sort of end goal and and
[18:00.740 –> 18:07.660] You know, like I said, maybe story or linear track some sort of objectives to hit that 40 plus hour mark, right?
[18:08.100 –> 18:12.060] So it’ll be very interesting to see especially in this setting that could mean
[18:12.640 –> 18:15.940] Something very different from what we’re used to so I’m very excited
[18:16.940 –> 18:23.180] You know, what else is a 40-plus hour game and that’s without the billions of side quests
[18:24.820 –> 18:28.820] Like this game it’s getting an update so I can like it more
[18:31.300 –> 18:33.300] So, yeah wildflowers has been
[18:34.020 –> 18:35.660] working on
[18:35.660 –> 18:37.660] updates consistently and
[18:37.940 –> 18:43.940] They’re just now releasing or announced the fabulous farming update
[18:43.940 –> 18:49.760] Um, we can get oh my gosh, so they’re adding a whole bunch of farming upgrades
[18:50.380 –> 18:52.700] You can get pigs you can get
[18:53.340 –> 18:56.660] based off the little Twitter pic looks like ducks
[18:57.880 –> 18:59.880] llamas and a
[19:00.020 –> 19:02.700] magical flying pig with fairy wings somehow
[19:04.660 –> 19:06.660] I’m excited for that
[19:07.020 –> 19:09.020] And we’re also getting other
[19:09.320 –> 19:10.560] updated farm buildings
[19:10.560 –> 19:15.320] I don’t know what that means. But uh, I went through the patch history of
[19:16.120 –> 19:23.000] Wild wildflowers when I started playing and the updates are pretty significant usually so I’m very very excited to
[19:23.480 –> 19:29.880] See what this is and most importantly I think this will be the first time I’ll be farming pigs that actually fly
[19:30.440 –> 19:32.440] So, you know, they can’t wait for that
[19:33.680 –> 19:38.520] It looks pretty cool on the llama. It could also be an alpaca. Oh, yeah
[19:39.420 –> 19:44.640] Alpaca farming is a real thing. Yeah, I may know someone that owns an alpaca farm
[19:44.640 –> 19:47.920] that’s my weird bit of trivia to add to the wildflowers update, but
[19:48.920 –> 19:52.280] Other than I like the name fabulous farming updates like yeah
[19:53.760 –> 19:57.800] Okay, that’s yeah, this is really exciting because the farming
[19:59.200 –> 20:05.300] Not that it’s lacking but there’s definitely room to grow in wildflowers and well here we are. There’s the room to grow
[20:06.260 –> 20:11.860] That’s yeah, so look forward to the wildflowers update coming wait, do we have a day?
[20:11.860 –> 20:17.420] I don’t think we have a date. No, just oh wait. No, I feel 26. I lied 28th. I can’t see. Okay
[20:18.260 –> 20:23.660] Yeah, April 28th. That’s that’s oh no. Oh, no, I’m gonna be torn between roots of patch
[20:26.700 –> 20:30.020] I have two hands. I can do two controller
[20:32.460 –> 20:34.460] Good luck with good luck with that
[20:35.020 –> 20:40.020] And kind of while we’re talking about games that you know certain people on the show might be well known for
[20:40.160 –> 20:43.500] Disney dreamlike Valley is also getting an update
[20:44.420 –> 20:51.280] And this is I guess is sort of you know, they’ve been pretty consistent at putting out updates. This is the biggest one
[20:52.420 –> 20:59.200] To date it’s the pride of the valley update adds a Lion King realm where you can get Simba or Noah
[21:00.340 –> 21:03.940] Which is pretty much exciting for anybody with a pulse
[21:05.380 –> 21:09.240] Add some some some twitch integration, which is really exciting to see
[21:09.740 –> 21:17.140] As yeah, I don’t I don’t really understand it says twitch drops and like I’m not really a twitch person. So
[21:17.900 –> 21:25.180] I don’t really understand what well, I mean, it’s the sort of game where drops will make sense, right?
[21:25.180 –> 21:31.540] There’s there’s costumes for your character skins for your house. Yes, they call them skins. It’s really weird, you know
[21:31.900 –> 21:35.800] There are alternate styles for the the villagers
[21:35.800 –> 21:39.900] So there’s tons of things that I’m sure will be contained within the the twitch stuff
[21:41.180 –> 21:47.260] If you are the highlights because it’s it’s so much they couldn’t contain it all and in one tweet, there’ll be some new quests
[21:47.860 –> 21:51.060] Apparently you can hover around the valley. That sounds kind of cool
[21:52.660 –> 21:54.120] Kind of just a ton of updates
[21:54.120 –> 21:56.740] So, you know if you’re looking for you know
[21:56.740 –> 22:02.240] a push to get into Disney Dreamlight Valley and you go back and listen to the episode where Ellen I covered it because I
[22:03.380 –> 22:05.380] the game has no
[22:05.460 –> 22:11.920] Right to be as good as it is. It should just be a cash grab and it’s not it’s a really good game
[22:11.920 –> 22:16.340] I will admit I haven’t stuck with it overly much after you know
[22:17.100 –> 22:22.620] The episode that we did on Disney Dreamlight Valley. That’s not a criticism of the game
[22:22.620 –> 22:26.440] It’s more just you know, these games that require you to check in daily
[22:26.440 –> 22:29.300] I find it really hard for me to keep up with so
[22:30.040 –> 22:32.400] It’s something I plan on going back to once
[22:32.760 –> 22:39.920] It probably goes into 1.0 and is officially released and there’s just tons of tons of content out there for me to explore
[22:41.000 –> 22:44.240] But Disney Dreamlight Valley is a good game
[22:44.420 –> 22:51.040] You should probably play it if you like Disney or if you’re listening to this show because it means you like Cottagecore games because it
[22:51.240 –> 22:53.240] You know all of those things
[22:53.360 –> 23:00.080] This game rules and this update looks really exciting and maybe I will go back and play this the more I look at
[23:00.080 –> 23:03.480] What’s what’s in because it’s a ton of there’s a ton of little things in here
[23:03.480 –> 23:06.780] I’m not gonna read them through them all but yeah, it looks really exciting. Oh
[23:07.580 –> 23:11.360] Yeah, I mean, I’m a fan of Disney. I’m on this show
[23:11.360 –> 23:15.500] I should probably playing this um, and I probably will once 1.0 comes out
[23:16.680 –> 23:19.920] nothing wrong with it right now from what it looks like, but just
[23:20.680 –> 23:25.880] It’s more like everything else is crowding it out right now in my life. But um, I mean Lion King
[23:25.880 –> 23:29.240] That’s that’s a big one for me. So good on them
[23:30.120 –> 23:34.040] I can’t I’m very excited to see how this game will come out
[23:35.000 –> 23:39.480] And when it goes from fruit rum paying money to free
[23:39.840 –> 23:44.280] So you don’t end up like Micah paying for free. Oh
[23:45.640 –> 23:48.000] Was one of the funniest bits of the year
[23:48.840 –> 23:50.000] So
[23:50.000 –> 23:53.880] Let’s see. What else is getting? Oh, oh, you know, what else is
[23:54.960 –> 23:56.960] Making me excited question mark
[23:57.560 –> 23:59.160] harvest moon
[23:59.160 –> 24:02.440] Winds of anthos cuz that game looks good
[24:03.160 –> 24:10.000] They dropped a few more screenshots. You can see some of the animals you can see the horse the cow
[24:10.640 –> 24:11.640] etc
[24:11.640 –> 24:13.280] um
[24:13.280 –> 24:18.760] It’s not a lot to go off but man that I just visually that game looks very nice
[24:19.720 –> 24:24.200] More effort than I would expect from them and pretty much anything in a harvest moon game
[24:24.320 –> 24:29.040] So I I want to agree with you right because the first set of screenshots they released
[24:29.040 –> 24:31.560] I was I was really excited about I thought they looked really good
[24:31.560 –> 24:36.240] Like I’m a big fan of the chibi esque path style that they’re going for
[24:36.680 –> 24:40.080] This this update kind of killed that a little bit
[24:40.080 –> 24:45.200] They’ve gone they’ve gone too much down the Pokemon route where man that world looks empty
[24:45.200 –> 24:49.120] They’ve got this this picture of a character holding a chicken
[24:49.640 –> 24:55.200] standing in front of a horse and man this world looks empty and boring and kind of dull and
[24:55.720 –> 24:57.960] I kind of looked at and I was like, hmm
[24:58.400 –> 25:02.220] Yeah, this looks like some some harvest moon nonsense
[25:02.240 –> 25:04.120] It’s just gonna be some harvest moon nonsense
[25:04.120 –> 25:05.400] And I’m not sure that I’m into it
[25:05.400 –> 25:12.360] like they should have stuck with the close-ups of all their chibi chibi nonsense because the chibi nonsense is great chibi nonsense, but
[25:15.320 –> 25:20.920] I’m losing it. I’m losing just one screenshot that could actually just be one angle like I granted
[25:20.920 –> 25:26.760] I don’t expect it to be a full lush world or whatever, but I’m I’ll still be cautiously
[25:27.600 –> 25:35.120] Optimistic like they put the screenshot on the internet. They could have picked any other screenshot, but this is the one they chose
[25:35.520 –> 25:39.600] Look not to me historically is not great and making decisions
[25:43.080 –> 25:46.240] But we will see do you ever really say for that I don’t remember
[25:46.760 –> 25:51.980] Keep I don’t think so. Well, just keep you know, keep listening to this show cuz we’ll
[25:52.560 –> 25:58.980] Every update we’ll be talking about it and hemming and hauling and going back and forth as to where we like it exactly
[25:59.980 –> 26:07.180] Next on the list for news spirit of the island and I have to admit I don’t remember spirit of the island at all
[26:08.300 –> 26:11.220] But this is one point three point four
[26:11.980 –> 26:16.580] and and probably the most important update that any game can
[26:16.820 –> 26:20.660] Put into its patch notes is you can now pitch your pits
[26:21.500 –> 26:26.780] so if you’re playing spirit of the island, this is probably a good reason to go in and
[26:27.780 –> 26:33.400] To be honest, I like I don’t remember spirit of the island, but this has a really cute aesthetic going on
[26:34.140 –> 26:42.520] They released a roadmap for q2 of 2023. So in April you’re about to change the starting island you can
[26:44.400 –> 26:47.460] Have a bigger building area with some of the new islands
[26:48.380 –> 26:53.840] For May they have something that’s just called the amusement park release, which it just sounds exciting
[26:54.700 –> 26:56.100] and
[26:56.100 –> 26:58.100] And then in June they’re gonna add some
[26:58.660 –> 27:00.300] some new
[27:00.300 –> 27:04.100] quests and so a cross-platform version release which
[27:04.820 –> 27:10.020] For a game that I knew nothing about before I was looking into you know, what we’re covering this episode
[27:10.340 –> 27:17.720] This is a game that I’m like really want to dig in and try because this kind of looks pretty awesome
[27:18.060 –> 27:23.600] Those are some big updates. Um, once eight consoles, I’ll probably dive in myself because I agree hits
[27:23.600 –> 27:28.240] I didn’t remember either but just looking at this. It looks this looks good. Um
[27:29.080 –> 27:31.080] I’m I’m excited for this
[27:31.920 –> 27:35.160] Boy, welcome to the episode of boy. We’re excited for things now
[27:37.960 –> 27:42.480] I feel like this is very not on brand for us. I feel like we’re supposed to be more pessimistic. No
[27:44.960 –> 27:49.440] Cody and Bev are gonna be like real annoyed with us because we’re stealing they’re gonna be excited
[27:49.440 –> 27:51.440] And
[27:52.680 –> 27:58.080] Shout out to can you pet the dog continuing to influence game dev across the internet?
[28:00.760 –> 28:09.640] Good stuff, uh, let’s see here. What else next up another game? I don’t remember but looks kind of cute
[28:11.480 –> 28:12.860] Factory town
[28:12.860 –> 28:14.860] Idol. Oh
[28:15.020 –> 28:19.460] Wait, do I not know cuz oh wait, yeah, I don’t know cuz it’s a new game. That’s why I don’t remember it
[28:20.180 –> 28:25.980] From the makers of factory town. Oh, hey, look at that. It’s called factory town. Idol. I’ll be darned
[28:26.940 –> 28:29.700] We have a new game that is coming
[28:30.540 –> 28:35.460] Actually very soon April 20th. That’s right around the corner. It’s a
[28:36.580 –> 28:38.940] Incremental style town builder. What does that mean?
[28:39.420 –> 28:47.100] See here you build houses and buildings sign workers to craft stuff sell your goods and keep your townspeople happy
[28:49.580 –> 28:55.100] Endless research and upgrades so it’s just like keep making your town bigger and so on and so forth
[28:56.100 –> 29:00.060] But looking at the screenshots, it looks well, first of all, I see menus
[29:00.060 –> 29:05.420] That’s like half the screenshots are menus boy. If you like menus, you’ll be happy with this game
[29:05.420 –> 29:11.860] Um, well, this is a this is an idle game, right? So this is the like, you know
[29:12.580 –> 29:19.000] Finally cottagecore has a game where you do nothing and somehow it takes over your life
[29:19.460 –> 29:26.940] And I’m terrified because I can very easily be sucked into these sorts of games. I
[29:28.500 –> 29:33.180] I am afraid if this is the last episode I appear on is because my life has been
[29:33.900 –> 29:36.580] Taken over by a factory town idol. I
[29:38.540 –> 29:45.140] I am terrified. I am legitimately terrified of this game. Like this is a you know, if you think of a
[29:45.820 –> 29:52.460] The cottage core click at the clicker suck. Yeah, it’s it’s a cottage core clicker like it’s that’s that’s what it is
[29:52.460 –> 29:58.820] You know paper. What was the paper clips one called? I don’t remember but but you know it
[29:59.340 –> 30:01.420] Yeah, it’s it’s one of those
[30:03.420 –> 30:07.700] I’m terrified for the future of my existence with a cottage core clicker coming
[30:08.620 –> 30:13.700] Every news. I’m already playing runescape. I’m already playing a clicker at least that one of his graphics
[30:15.820 –> 30:21.740] Every update is every news article just Johnny is just filling Johnny with more and more dread. Oh
[30:23.660 –> 30:30.540] Gosh, um, let’s see here. Well, actually what is next? Tell me Johnny. What’s next?
[30:31.340 –> 30:34.820] Last thing last thing on our news list is communite which
[30:35.540 –> 30:40.820] You know, I had not heard a game another game. I had not heard about before. I
[30:42.460 –> 30:45.660] Was looking through what we were talking about this episode
[30:47.100 –> 30:54.460] Copy night in the year of 2023. We have pretty bad names for control games. This might be the worst
[30:55.060 –> 30:57.260] It’s a terrible name for okay
[30:58.180 –> 31:02.540] It raises all sorts of things that I do not want to be thinking about when I am playing a
[31:04.820 –> 31:09.660] It for me it goes so bad I kind of like it oh
[31:12.300 –> 31:17.060] What is communite let’s see it’s a it’s a multiplayer city builder
[31:18.180 –> 31:22.840] Where you use your kindness to help others create your perfect world together
[31:23.580 –> 31:25.580] Which sounds both?
[31:26.580 –> 31:28.580] Amazing and terrifying
[31:32.300 –> 31:38.640] Yeah, it looks very yeah, that looks very sort of like cute and wholesome, you know in a
[31:39.420 –> 31:41.600] 2d mobile style way
[31:45.900 –> 31:49.920] Apparently it’s coming for Windows iOS and Android which is good because you know
[31:49.920 –> 31:53.700] My first instinct looking to this is it looks like a great fun game. Yep
[31:54.700 –> 31:56.700] So so that sounds good
[31:58.020 –> 32:03.260] I’m interested to see what they do from a multiplayer perspective, you know, like
[32:04.060 –> 32:09.940] multiplayer and cottagecore is not something that you see that commonly and when you do see it it tends to feel
[32:10.300 –> 32:12.300] Not great, you know
[32:12.460 –> 32:17.980] I’m personally not a fan of the way stardew does multiplayer. Not that it’s bad
[32:17.980 –> 32:20.300] I can’t think of a way that they could do it better
[32:20.300 –> 32:25.900] But it just doesn’t it’s just not the vibe that that game is going for right, you know
[32:25.900 –> 32:27.460] I’ve never really played a multiplayer game
[32:27.460 –> 32:30.860] It’s got past like day ten because you start a game and then yeah
[32:30.860 –> 32:33.800] You can never get that same group of people back to play it again, right? So yeah
[32:34.380 –> 32:36.860] It’s a tough call. It’s a curious
[32:38.100 –> 32:40.700] Yeah, of course don’t lend themselves to multiplayer
[32:40.700 –> 32:46.860] so I I am also curious how they can do that and being a city builder like I
[32:47.660 –> 32:52.760] Feel like there’s a little more wiggle room for multiplayer. I’m interested to see what they’ll do for sure
[32:54.780 –> 33:00.680] One interesting note you can actually play the alpha if you look at the tweet in the show notes and scroll down like the
[33:00.680 –> 33:03.100] Next comment is them posting a link to the alpha
[33:03.840 –> 33:05.760] for PC and
[33:05.760 –> 33:07.940] Android I don’t see an iOS one, but
[33:09.460 –> 33:13.740] Check it out and I’ll definitely keep my eyes and just to see how it works
[33:14.500 –> 33:21.180] Because it’s very interesting multiplayer city builder, you know what though right if you’re tired of building cities
[33:21.220 –> 33:24.960] How about we just write that in Tara? No
[33:25.980 –> 33:28.220] Okay, let’s let’s get into it Johnny
[33:29.220 –> 33:31.940] Let’s start with the the first question. What?
[33:32.660 –> 33:36.700] Do you like the game Tara nil? I like the game. I
[33:37.820 –> 33:43.260] Had this game on my list for games that I was most anticipating for this year. I do not like it as
[33:44.340 –> 33:49.340] Much as I hoped I would huh, but that’s not to say it’s bad. You know, it’s just
[33:50.140 –> 33:56.220] It’s good, but it needs some work. That’s that’s kind of like, you know, my takeaway for this game is it’s good
[33:56.220 –> 34:01.640] You should definitely play it but it needs some work. So like I’m still I’m like a tentative thumbs thumbs up
[34:01.640 –> 34:07.580] Yeah, that’s that’s where I’m at. Yeah, I feel similar. Like you said it’s there’s nothing
[34:08.100 –> 34:13.340] Bad about it per se for me. I think it’s I’ve been thinking a lot about it
[34:13.860 –> 34:15.860] like why I’m
[34:16.340 –> 34:21.260] What feels lacking and I think it might be a question of scale or content
[34:21.900 –> 34:27.620] Which I hate to say that because not every game needs to be big or whatever but like full disclosure
[34:27.620 –> 34:32.960] I’d a hundred percent of this game in like three days after it came out. Um, it’s only 15 bucks
[34:32.960 –> 34:36.760] I don’t feel bad and I enjoyed what was there but yeah, I don’t know
[34:36.760 –> 34:40.380] I feel like I was expecting to do a little more to
[34:41.220 –> 34:43.420] Like break down the steps of the
[34:43.940 –> 34:45.940] Wood terraforming and all that
[34:46.980 –> 34:53.020] But I get let’s just get into the detail. Well, first of all, hold on I played on PC through steam
[34:53.020 –> 34:57.260] That was my experience, but you played through Netflix. So let’s talk about that first because that’s
[34:58.140 –> 35:02.380] Interesting and different for most games. Yeah, so this game is available through
[35:03.020 –> 35:05.900] through PC on Steam and on
[35:06.860 –> 35:08.860] Your mobile device through Netflix
[35:09.180 –> 35:10.900] And
[35:10.900 –> 35:12.900] the Netflix
[35:13.260 –> 35:16.620] gaming thing has been a little controversial I would say because
[35:16.980 –> 35:23.500] The first sort of big scale game they brought was into the breach if you haven’t played into the breach and you’re into
[35:24.620 –> 35:30.600] Strategy style games into the breach is probably the greatest game that has come out in the last 10 years
[35:31.940 –> 35:33.940] And I know it’s pretty dang good. It’s
[35:34.820 –> 35:36.820] It’s so good
[35:36.980 –> 35:42.240] And I know that annoyed a lot of people because you know required a subscription to Netflix
[35:42.780 –> 35:49.580] to to do and and that happened before the you know, you have to log into a device in
[35:50.120 –> 35:56.580] You know the physical location the buckle which for the purposes of this conversation we will put to the side
[35:57.780 –> 36:02.540] but I think what’s interesting is the idea of these streaming platforms that produce TV, you know, or
[36:03.300 –> 36:06.340] Movie content sort of getting into the idea of gaming
[36:07.500 –> 36:12.880] And I have to say I’m I’m largely for it. Like I think you know the idea of
[36:14.380 –> 36:15.820] Supporting
[36:15.820 –> 36:20.740] Relatively indie developers, which I think the Netflix gaming thing has largely done right like Terra
[36:20.740 –> 36:23.900] Nil is not made by a big studio. I believe they’re based out of
[36:24.580 –> 36:28.180] South Africa into the breach. I don’t know who that’s made by
[36:28.180 –> 36:35.260] Maybe it’s made by a big studio. Maybe it’s not but I actually think this is a good way for you know
[36:35.260 –> 36:41.340] Companies like Netflix which are looking for ways to retain subscriber numbers, you know to retain their business model
[36:42.220 –> 36:44.220] To do something good
[36:44.500 –> 36:47.940] And to you know, make mobile gaming
[36:48.820 –> 36:50.820] more of a thing
[36:51.340 –> 36:55.940] So to bring awesome games to mobile platforms like I
[36:56.340 –> 36:57.780] I
[36:57.780 –> 37:03.260] Feel like this is a little bit of a win-win like I have a Netflix subscription
[37:03.860 –> 37:07.780] if some of that money is going towards supporting the people that
[37:08.140 –> 37:13.220] Do Terra Nil then I feel better today about that about my Netflix subscription
[37:13.220 –> 37:17.900] Then I did two weeks ago before Terra Nil was a game that was available via their platform
[37:19.020 –> 37:21.500] But I’m part of the ecosystem
[37:21.500 –> 37:27.420] So I guess Kev I’m keen to see what your take on that is, you know when you played this game not through Netflix
[37:29.340 –> 37:30.780] Okay
[37:30.780 –> 37:35.140] Not playing it not through Netflix. Like it feels like it’s just a steam game
[37:35.900 –> 37:41.700] And you know, that’s not good or bad. Just like I don’t just felt like a game on the whole streaming stuff
[37:41.700 –> 37:46.460] I just want to comment like first of all, I am in the rare rare
[37:47.100 –> 37:50.340] Subset of people that has never had a Netflix subscription
[37:52.220 –> 37:57.780] But so I haven’t played any of their offerings but that said I agree with you
[37:57.780 –> 38:03.620] I do think it’s a good cool idea for these big companies to fund
[38:04.540 –> 38:06.600] Indie developers making these games
[38:07.420 –> 38:14.860] Fun fact I wondered how dry dock studios who I’ve never heard of before and I don’t I didn’t look into if they made anything else
[38:15.500 –> 38:19.720] Was able to make wildflowers turns out they were produced by Apple
[38:19.720 –> 38:25.620] So they got that Apple money to make that beautiful game for their Apple arcade. And so yeah same idea
[38:26.240 –> 38:28.560] So I do agree. That’s good
[38:30.360 –> 38:32.760] Putting Terra Nil through Netflix just to
[38:33.880 –> 38:36.600] Just so they can get funded and make these cool games. Um
[38:37.720 –> 38:40.440] But let’s let’s talk about the game now. Um
[38:41.760 –> 38:47.320] So for people who haven’t paid attention to our hype for the last X amount of episodes
[38:48.240 –> 38:50.240] Terra Nil is a game where you are
[38:51.560 –> 38:52.840] terraforming
[38:52.840 –> 38:56.720] polluted world into a nice pretty lush
[38:57.680 –> 38:59.680] biodiverse world
[39:00.160 –> 39:02.160] and
[39:02.960 –> 39:04.960] Okay here
[39:05.260 –> 39:06.760] The
[39:06.760 –> 39:09.560] The way you go about it is through
[39:10.520 –> 39:16.140] Menus and clicking on tiles. How would you describe you’re probably but I don’t have the best word for this
[39:17.320 –> 39:22.940] Yes, I would describe it as a city builder. So, you know if you put in your mind something like a
[39:24.080 –> 39:26.080] Sim City or
[39:27.520 –> 39:31.520] Civilization or a cities and skylines but take away the time element, right?
[39:31.520 –> 39:36.080] So so this game doesn’t operate on time as a dimension. There’s a kind of core
[39:37.280 –> 39:39.640] currency that controls it but ultimately you are
[39:40.320 –> 39:45.780] Building buildings to help you build more buildings that influence the world around you
[39:46.540 –> 39:48.140] And
[39:48.140 –> 39:52.820] eventually sort of the the spoiler and the twist that they put on this is towards the end of your
[39:53.820 –> 39:58.980] instruction to this landscape you tear down all of those buildings and buildings and recycle them all so the
[39:59.820 –> 40:01.860] Environment that you created is sustainable
[40:01.860 –> 40:07.780] so if you’re into the idea of something like a sub city, but you’re kind of put off by the
[40:09.140 –> 40:13.460] You know the fact that the world keeps progressing and things keep turning over
[40:13.460 –> 40:20.580] That’s not a concern in this game. So so the term I would use is this kind like an idol strategy game, right?
[40:20.580 –> 40:26.340] You can think about your next move for as long as possible and the game won’t punish you for doing that
[40:26.340 –> 40:33.460] You can even undo one move which is a very nice little feature, which I may have learned now before we started this show. Oh
[40:37.100 –> 40:43.040] That’s rough buddy, oh gosh, I want to see that playthrough. Oh man. Um, okay, so
[40:43.580 –> 40:49.280] The game is split up into three. Well it so there’s what like ten levels total like
[40:49.900 –> 40:55.500] Five levels and then like a variant of each and it oh my god. I said ten. Yeah, wait
[40:56.460 –> 41:03.320] Did you know the other five? So okay. This is this is I am currently on the third level
[41:03.380 –> 41:07.660] Okay, and the way the bar was there was like a progress bar, right?
[41:07.660 –> 41:12.220] So after I finished the first the first level I was at like 22% of the progress
[41:12.540 –> 41:14.820] So I assumed that there was four levels
[41:15.700 –> 41:18.900] So I got to the third level and I’m stuck on the third level
[41:20.940 –> 41:27.120] Okay, I am currently in a situation where I might need to restart on the third level because so
[41:27.700 –> 41:29.500] when you said this game was
[41:29.500 –> 41:33.840] Because we were planning this episode and and Kevin finished by the time I was on this day
[41:33.840 –> 41:38.980] I was like, huh? Well, I’ve explored like 75% of the game. That’ll be perfectly fine
[41:42.220 –> 41:48.820] You know one thing I should say we call a strategy game but it it really feels like a puzzle game at times because
[41:49.900 –> 41:56.380] It’s not because you have limited resource like energy to do things you can
[41:56.900 –> 42:01.660] Fail by running out of resources and not achieve the objectives. I
[42:02.660 –> 42:04.660] Restarted a few levels myself
[42:05.020 –> 42:10.580] Because yeah a few of them are challenging now if you disclosure like a full disclosure. Excuse me
[42:10.580 –> 42:16.480] Um, I say ten levels, but they’re just variants on the first five. That’s the second five like different
[42:17.220 –> 42:19.020] general layouts
[42:19.020 –> 42:21.620] one more thing that we should say each level is
[42:22.780 –> 42:26.740] Randomized kind of the specific layout is different
[42:27.380 –> 42:31.580] every time you generate a new one, which is kind of fun because that you know, then you can
[42:32.300 –> 42:37.120] That’s the replayability a little bit if you enjoyed lower want to retry tackling it again
[42:37.880 –> 42:43.040] Yeah, absolutely, so so maybe let’s um talk about the phases because I will hopefully
[42:43.760 –> 42:45.760] Help this make a little bit more sense. So
[42:47.320 –> 42:54.920] When you first, you know come up on a biome like Kip said it’s it’s sort of randomly generated and and you have I guess
[42:54.920 –> 42:56.520] a bit of a
[42:56.520 –> 43:02.240] Set up phase and so generally at least in my experience in the setup phase you are
[43:03.200 –> 43:08.720] Building sources of power. So in the very first level this comes in the form of windmills
[43:09.880 –> 43:14.400] And you’re putting down and I probably should have looked up the names of the buildings ahead of us
[43:14.400 –> 43:18.880] But you’re putting up buildings that help I guess put some
[43:19.960 –> 43:22.680] grass into into the land and
[43:23.400 –> 43:27.560] Kind of becomes your your irrigators. That’s toxin scrubbers and I
[43:28.520 –> 43:29.360] Toxin scrubbers
[43:29.360 –> 43:29.520] Yes
[43:29.520 –> 43:35.380] It’s you’re kind of cleansing some of the the natural pollutants from the land using the energy that you’re generating
[43:35.800 –> 43:42.600] And using that to introduce some some low level biodiversity. Yep. Yeah, basically just in the
[43:43.760 –> 43:49.120] Ground itself right like the actual quote-unquote biomes not any critters or anything
[43:49.840 –> 43:57.200] Well, no that no I say that no because the second phase is biome creation because once you’ve let’s say cleaned up the pollution
[43:57.240 –> 44:01.360] and have grass growing your next step is the next phase is to
[44:02.400 –> 44:08.800] Generate different actual biomes like flower fields forests wetlands, etc
[44:08.800 –> 44:10.800] Those are from the first level from what I recall
[44:11.940 –> 44:13.940] Generally, I think there are three per level
[44:15.920 –> 44:18.500] Four four, okay. Sure four. Yeah
[44:19.160 –> 44:26.200] And and the cool thing about the biome creation is they have different conditions for creating them, right?
[44:26.200 –> 44:28.080] so
[44:28.080 –> 44:30.000] You know if you want to create wetlands
[44:30.000 –> 44:35.480] They obviously need to be near a water source in order to be created if you want to grow forests
[44:35.600 –> 44:40.680] You first of all need to burn some of that grass that you’ve grown around it to create some fertile ash
[44:41.960 –> 44:43.960] which trees can grow out of
[44:45.280 –> 44:48.720] There’s you know, sort of like flower fields and and they need
[44:49.520 –> 44:52.480] some bees and other things around to
[44:53.040 –> 44:58.240] To produce them so that I think one of the things that this game has done really well is they’ve really thought about what?
[44:58.240 –> 45:04.040] Is the biome that we need to create and what are the sort of environmental factors that would need to be present?
[45:04.760 –> 45:08.080] In order to create those biomes. So I think once you get to you know
[45:08.080 –> 45:12.480] once you get through the setup phase one of the things that starts to become available is
[45:13.480 –> 45:15.320] some
[45:15.320 –> 45:18.600] Sliders that indicate things like what’s the humidity?
[45:19.480 –> 45:21.480] And a temperature
[45:21.880 –> 45:24.980] Region that you’re populating. Yeah, what’s what’s the climate right?
[45:25.520 –> 45:31.400] And if you there’s sort of optional goals that you can try and complete about the the climate that you know
[45:31.520 –> 45:36.360] Introduce little flavor things that make it feel like you actually want to hit all of those optional goals
[45:38.400 –> 45:44.520] And you can only create and some later levels you can only create certain biomes once you have certain climate conditions
[45:44.760 –> 45:46.760] Sometimes they’re in opposite directions
[45:47.520 –> 45:53.440] Like sometimes you need to be above X temperature to create a climate but then you need to be below X temperature to
[45:54.240 –> 45:59.260] Create a different biome or hit a certain objective, which is a fun little twist on the challenge
[45:59.480 –> 46:02.560] It is right and that’s kind of where I’m stuck at the moment is
[46:03.360 –> 46:09.520] The the level I’m on which is a sort of tundra, you know ice land style climate
[46:09.520 –> 46:14.600] I kind of was just approaching it like I approached some of the previous levels where it’s just like I went through the setup phase
[46:14.600 –> 46:20.560] Kind of you know a little bit mindlessly and didn’t really think about what I was doing too much and you know
[46:20.560 –> 46:25.960] Try to check off a bunch of optional goals and now I’m in the biome phase and I’m like, oh my god
[46:25.960 –> 46:27.960] I need to reduce the temperature by so much
[46:28.400 –> 46:34.680] To create some of these biomes and I don’t know. I I don’t think I have the resources to do this
[46:34.680 –> 46:39.480] I think I actually have to reset and and start again. Yeah. No, it’s
[46:40.480 –> 46:43.440] This is again, this is where like the puzzle feels coming in because
[46:44.120 –> 46:46.480] Actually the variant of that level you’re talking about
[46:46.640 –> 46:52.280] It’s called like a fjord or something like that was by far in my opinion the hardest level. I had to restart a link
[46:52.960 –> 46:54.960] couple of times and
[46:55.000 –> 47:01.400] It’s it’s fun because especially on the variants they they turn it up a notch and sometimes you have to figure out
[47:02.080 –> 47:04.080] specific little tricks that
[47:04.600 –> 47:11.240] Isn’t quite direct but makes sense like for instance in the level where there’s a lot of lava or whatever if you can make
[47:11.240 –> 47:16.680] It rain all that stuff will start to cool down and the whole climate changes
[47:17.760 –> 47:25.480] so it is I think this second level the second phase is really the bulk of the game and where the puzzle and
[47:26.240 –> 47:29.400] really trying to manage your resources and plan your your
[47:30.200 –> 47:32.560] Little biomes that you’re building up comes in
[47:33.280 –> 47:36.000] But be I agree
[47:36.000 –> 47:42.760] it’s one of those phases that like I think the the magic of this game really comes out right because it’s
[47:43.640 –> 47:49.120] The first level it’s very easy to play through like you can’t be kind of hard to make mistakes, right?
[47:49.120 –> 47:50.440] You just kind of know
[47:50.440 –> 47:55.560] do what it tells you and you follow the tutorial and it kind of comes out of right and then you get to the
[47:55.560 –> 47:57.560] second level and
[47:57.840 –> 48:00.960] The second level is a sort of tropical area
[48:01.440 –> 48:06.120] You need to create beaches and tropical forests and mangrove
[48:07.480 –> 48:10.040] mangrove forests and all sorts of different things and
[48:10.200 –> 48:16.240] actually thinking about where are you gonna place things in order to create all of these different things and to get enough of each of
[48:16.240 –> 48:18.240] These biomes to rehabilitate the area
[48:18.720 –> 48:20.720] becomes a real sort of
[48:21.120 –> 48:25.880] Challenge and and then I kind of hit the third level right where you need to create all of these things as keeps it
[48:25.960 –> 48:27.960] With different
[48:28.000 –> 48:30.960] that need different conditions in different directions and
[48:31.560 –> 48:37.700] I’m struggling to create like even small percentages of the things with the resources that I’ve got because I
[48:37.960 –> 48:42.560] planned so poorly right I was just not thinking about the need to create biomes and
[48:42.960 –> 48:46.240] It’s one of the things I think is really magic about the game
[48:46.240 –> 48:51.360] So the game has three difficulty levels and I started playing on the middle difficulty level. Oh, I did too
[48:52.200 –> 48:57.320] Yeah, and so I think on the easy difficulty level, you know some of that resetting stuff that we talked about
[48:57.320 –> 49:02.520] I don’t think that that’s an issue on the easy difficulty that we can kind of just you know
[49:03.840 –> 49:10.120] It’s a lot more freeform and creative. It’s kind of close to a creative mode from from what I understand. Okay, that makes sense
[49:10.120 –> 49:15.720] I wondered why where that was. But yeah, that would be on the easier level just no resources. I would guess. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah
[49:16.240 –> 49:17.480] exactly
[49:18.360 –> 49:23.240] But the the puzzle element of it is actually just like compelling and
[49:24.320 –> 49:26.320] it feels
[49:27.080 –> 49:32.920] Punishing in the way that it’s like, oh if I had understood the information that you had told me better
[49:32.920 –> 49:35.480] I wouldn’t have made this mistake, right?
[49:35.560 –> 49:42.400] which is really hard for puzzle or strategy based games to do and I think it’s one of the magic things about this game is
[49:43.320 –> 49:48.240] Actually if I had understood better I could have made better decisions
[49:48.240 –> 49:54.040] And I often don’t feel like it’s the game not telling me things which is a real risk with a game like this
[49:54.040 –> 49:56.040] Yeah, I agree. Um
[49:57.000 –> 49:58.480] sometimes like
[49:58.480 –> 50:01.520] Yeah, like I believe is the third level where you really because yeah
[50:01.520 –> 50:06.320] the first two levels are for pretty straightforward and then the third level throws a few curveballs at you and
[50:06.640 –> 50:11.600] It catches you off guard, but they make sense. It doesn’t feel unfair
[50:13.400 –> 50:15.400] So, yeah, I agree with you
[50:15.400 –> 50:22.760] Yeah, no, you’re you’re totally right because that’s the other aspect is it’s not that the games the the things that feel difficult feel
[50:25.040 –> 50:32.760] Challenging within the way the games set up but they make so much sense in terms of what you’re trying to achieve in the world, right?
[50:34.120 –> 50:41.120] In the level that I’m stuck on the biomes that I’m trying to create some of them require really low humidity to enable
[50:41.120 –> 50:46.520] You know certain things to grow and follow flourish and other things require really high humidity
[50:47.240 –> 50:52.840] And needing to balance that and to think about oh, I need to focus on creating this biome
[50:53.360 –> 50:57.880] then I need to raise the humidity and create the second biome is like a
[50:58.560 –> 51:05.840] Really nice sort of little logic puzzle to go through it and and it makes perfect sense in terms of those two different biomes
[51:06.200 –> 51:12.400] Absolutely, right because yeah the tundra right you got to make it cold to make snowy areas, but
[51:13.120 –> 51:18.880] Before you got it you gets too cold. You got to build a forest or else they won’t grow and makes total sense
[51:19.320 –> 51:25.480] I will give one little piece of advice to anyone who wants to try this out the little optional tasks
[51:25.800 –> 51:31.800] that I think they are very helpful because one they will reward you more resources to play with and and to I think they
[51:31.800 –> 51:35.440] Can help guide you along these little challenges sometimes?
[51:36.360 –> 51:38.040] or
[51:38.040 –> 51:41.200] Alternatively they also just throw a curveball make an interesting
[51:41.840 –> 51:46.880] Extra challenge to go for but definitely keep an eye out on those extra optional goals
[51:48.480 –> 51:53.920] So one thing that I want to chat about a little bit in the second phase because it was it’s a very
[51:54.440 –> 52:00.200] Interesting mechanic that I’ve not seen before and in any of these city builder games is the the idea of the monorail
[52:01.200 –> 52:07.600] So the monorail that the idea behind it is that you can transport buildings and you might have to build a building building in a
[52:07.600 –> 52:09.200] certain environment
[52:09.200 –> 52:12.400] But it will have a different effect once you transport it to
[52:13.240 –> 52:16.320] Another sort of location. So I think that the mathem on currently
[52:16.320 –> 52:21.360] There’s a certain building that I can build and it’ll create a bunch of lichen on rocks that narrow it when I build it
[52:21.360 –> 52:25.840] And if I can move it into the water, it will create some sort of coral reef
[52:25.840 –> 52:27.840] The
[52:28.640 –> 52:30.360] Interesting thing about it is it requires
[52:30.360 –> 52:36.080] You know certain placement of your monorails and being able to link things and it requires you to be very
[52:36.440 –> 52:38.440] Intentional about where you’re placing things
[52:39.680 –> 52:44.340] I’m curious how you found that mechanic so far. So well
[52:45.280 –> 52:46.640] looking
[52:46.640 –> 52:50.240] Like back. I haven’t played many city builders, right?
[52:50.240 –> 52:54.920] So and this is definitely interesting mechanic compared to well the rest of the game
[52:56.040 –> 53:03.080] At first it threw me for a loop. I think I botched my first monorail system, but once you understand it
[53:03.080 –> 53:05.080] I think it’s a pretty neat
[53:05.840 –> 53:10.600] Mechanic and it’s yeah because like you said it becomes a question of
[53:10.900 –> 53:13.440] Where you’re placing things being very careful, right?
[53:13.440 –> 53:16.300] Because you don’t want to waste resources and put a bunch of them close together
[53:16.320 –> 53:21.280] but you still have to connect and be able to access different parts of your
[53:21.840 –> 53:23.840] setting or whatever to
[53:24.000 –> 53:25.960] Get your
[53:25.960 –> 53:27.960] building from point A to point B
[53:28.320 –> 53:30.640] So I really enjoyed it. It was a fun
[53:31.320 –> 53:33.240] mechanic and
[53:33.240 –> 53:40.220] It and then it becomes even more interesting in the third phase, which I think are you ready to talk about third base?
[53:40.640 –> 53:43.960] Yeah, I guess just before we quickly jump there
[53:43.960 –> 53:48.600] I kind of had the same take on the monitor right where when it was first introduced
[53:48.760 –> 53:55.320] Kind of like a little bit annoyed and I think I also botched my first monorail implementation
[53:57.400 –> 54:01.520] And then as I came to understand what that mechanic was doing more in the game I
[54:02.080 –> 54:08.320] really came to appreciate how much depth that was adding to the level that I was playing and
[54:08.920 –> 54:15.780] That’s kind of been my feeling so far is everything that I find that they introduced and they say oh this thing has this limitation
[54:15.780 –> 54:21.540] Right, you can only place this building here and you have that initial like but I just want to place it, right?
[54:26.540 –> 54:28.060] It’s one of them
[54:28.060 –> 54:36.260] Yeah, it’s so masterful that what they’ve done in this game that it’s like actually all of these limitations. They make sense they
[54:37.220 –> 54:44.340] They add to the puzzle and strategy complexity of the game. Like there is something
[54:45.220 –> 54:51.740] Truly magical and what the developers have managed to achieve here with striking the right balance between this is an interesting puzzle
[54:51.980 –> 54:58.860] It’s not insurmountable and it makes sense in the world that we have constructed for you. Yeah, definitely that is
[54:59.980 –> 55:03.380] Maybe the game’s greatest strength as a game at least
[55:04.540 –> 55:09.420] Like mechanics wise and whatnot and it is that’s why I stuck with it
[55:09.420 –> 55:12.140] Like I just kept playing it non-stop
[55:12.660 –> 55:19.020] Until I 100% it because I just enjoyed that aspect of it so much and now that I remember there’s a hard most probably gonna
[55:19.020 –> 55:21.020] Go back
[55:21.340 –> 55:28.540] Yeah, and the monorail I think is kind of the best example of that because it’s it’s a pretty clever and fun
[55:28.700 –> 55:31.500] Mechanic to add to the game. Absolutely
[55:32.140 –> 55:34.300] And I will say that like, you know
[55:34.300 –> 55:39.180] I think the reason I haven’t a hundred percent of this is this game requires a lot of thought
[55:39.700 –> 55:42.660] And I have been going through work stuff TM
[55:43.460 –> 55:46.000] this means I get home and I don’t have a lot of like
[55:46.380 –> 55:52.060] Brain space available and I’ve opened Terra know many times that I want to play it and I look at my next decision point
[55:52.060 –> 55:54.060] I’m like
[55:54.380 –> 55:56.540] I don’t know if I can make this right?
[55:56.540 –> 56:02.080] So this is the game that I know once I have those mental spoons available to deal with I will be
[56:02.360 –> 56:05.960] 100% going through and completing it on the current difficulty and
[56:06.160 –> 56:12.120] I cannot wait to go back and try and complete it on the hardest difficulty and I bet that is going to be
[56:13.040 –> 56:20.680] Exceptionally difficult in a really fun. Yeah. Oh gosh. Yeah, I’m scared because some of those later levels are real real tough already
[56:20.680 –> 56:25.280] So, oh gosh, I can’t wait to try hard mode. I’ll definitely do that like right after this
[56:27.080 –> 56:29.920] But I’ve stopped you talking about phase three for like
[56:33.080 –> 56:34.240] Fine
[56:34.240 –> 56:39.840] Phase three is the cleanup phase which this is an interesting spin on
[56:40.800 –> 56:44.280] this sort of game and really in line with the
[56:45.360 –> 56:49.240] message of the game where all the stuff that you’ve built to re
[56:50.760 –> 56:55.280] To terraform the land and and clean up the pollution now you have to tear it down
[56:56.800 –> 56:58.800] You have to
[56:58.960 –> 57:02.160] Yeah, yet recycling drones or whatever and
[57:03.440 –> 57:07.260] Tear down your buildings and you actually build like a little airship
[57:08.280 –> 57:11.720] to to exit the planet or the area and
[57:12.360 –> 57:19.360] Let just yeah, just let the animal the biomes take over and this is also where the animals come in where you have to start
[57:19.360 –> 57:21.360] introducing animals
[57:21.720 –> 57:25.880] So yeah, so I wanted to talk about the animals a little bit because
[57:26.680 –> 57:31.520] You know, I know we talked before about the the puzzle of creating the biomes as being sort of the
[57:32.320 –> 57:37.400] Magic of where the game comes in. Mm-hmm the place where you understand that magic is in
[57:38.080 –> 57:44.280] Reintroducing the other ones right because there’s there’s getting enough of each biome to to meet the requirement
[57:45.440 –> 57:52.200] But actually to this there’s six animals on each man unless that changes some in later maps
[57:52.640 –> 57:58.720] Six animals each other. Yeah, and so each animal has specific requirements that they need to be
[57:59.480 –> 58:05.480] Reintroduced so I think for example, you know in the first map deer require wide open plans
[58:05.480 –> 58:08.040] Right, really really easy requirement to hit
[58:09.480 –> 58:11.760] In later maps animals will require
[58:12.600 –> 58:19.720] more conditions to be met and it’s a really fun way of kind of assessing how well you’ve done in terms of setting up your
[58:19.960 –> 58:23.040] Your biomes and the way you’ve restored this world
[58:23.720 –> 58:25.920] Is how many animals can you actually?
[58:27.080 –> 58:33.400] Reintroduce if you can reintroduce all six then you’ve nailed it. You only need three. I think that is to
[58:34.080 –> 58:38.000] To complete the level but it kind of sets this nice little stretch goal
[58:38.000 –> 58:44.600] That’s like did you do this really well or did you kind of do it and like the easy way and get huh?
[58:44.600 –> 58:49.760] You know, like I think it’s a really it’s it’s such a smart way of turning this phase of the game
[58:49.760 –> 58:53.280] It could just be tear everything down go through the motions
[58:53.280 –> 58:58.640] like it’s it’s kind of a you know, the easy slope if you’ve completed the hard challenge and
[58:58.840 –> 59:02.840] It turns them into something that’s like this like bit of anticipation
[59:03.200 –> 59:05.200] bit of like do I have the
[59:05.240 –> 59:06.440] resources to go and like
[59:06.440 –> 59:10.800] you know put an extra forest or whatever I need in this little space to
[59:10.960 –> 59:17.320] Try and get this final animal that I’m meeting it’s a really really fun little mechanic at the end
[59:17.320 –> 59:19.320] but I think just is
[59:19.440 –> 59:20.840] again, like
[59:20.840 –> 59:24.840] I’ve said the word magic a lot, but I think so much of what these guys have done is just
[59:25.480 –> 59:32.320] It’s just magic. It’s so good. And I think the animals the reintroducing animals mechanic is a great example of that
[59:32.320 –> 59:33.920] It’s a great way of doing
[59:33.920 –> 59:35.920] Assessing how well you’ve done
[59:36.080 –> 59:39.360] Without being like you got an A-grade for this map
[59:40.000 –> 59:43.520] absolutely, um and in like the game doesn’t
[59:44.520 –> 59:49.440] Really give you a grade or judge you on anything aside from maybe like the the progression bar
[59:50.480 –> 59:53.800] But it definitely sucks when you realize oh
[59:53.800 –> 01:00:00.140] I can’t introduce this animal because I don’t I didn’t build a forest next to the beach or whatever
[01:00:00.140 –> 01:00:02.340] I didn’t do the right conditions
[01:00:03.340 –> 01:00:09.060] And and that’s all on you and yeah, it’s a very fun and clever way
[01:00:09.780 –> 01:00:15.820] I really in yeah, it’s it’s a really nice touch for the last phase of the game
[01:00:16.980 –> 01:00:18.980] and
[01:00:20.500 –> 01:00:26.660] Absolutely on your first planet, why would you know that you need to place a forest next to the beach? There’s nothing
[01:00:27.660 –> 01:00:34.420] That they’re not giving you knowledge that you shouldn’t have yup, right the that knowledge comes from the fact that oh
[01:00:35.540 –> 01:00:36.580] I’ve
[01:00:36.580 –> 01:00:38.020] tried to
[01:00:38.020 –> 01:00:44.820] Recruit the last animal that I needed and it’s not hitting this one requirement. Like I I think on the second map it was
[01:00:46.340 –> 01:00:50.820] One of the animals. I just didn’t quite have the right number of
[01:00:51.620 –> 01:00:55.780] beach mangroves and ocean to get one of the animals and
[01:00:56.700 –> 01:00:59.720] I tried so many spots and I scanned and I scared
[01:01:01.620 –> 01:01:06.700] And ultimately I had to give up and say that I just didn’t have the right spot for the signal
[01:01:06.700 –> 01:01:11.260] But I wouldn’t have known that going in and it’s actually given me a reason to be like, ah
[01:01:11.260 –> 01:01:14.980] I really want to go back and replay that and think about how would I have done that?
[01:01:15.020 –> 01:01:18.700] And obviously the next time it’ll be a slightly different version of that
[01:01:19.700 –> 01:01:26.420] Of that map, but it’s yeah and and it’s a really compelling reason to go back and replay to reiterate
[01:01:26.420 –> 01:01:31.820] It doesn’t feel unfair exactly because it makes sense. You just wouldn’t know about it
[01:01:31.820 –> 01:01:35.740] But and but yeah, it just gives you a reason to go back and say okay next time
[01:01:35.740 –> 01:01:40.180] I’m gonna go with that in mind to try to build the forest next to the beach or whatever
[01:01:41.340 –> 01:01:47.820] And yeah, absolutely. It’s the it’s the consequence of your action and ultimately I feel like you know
[01:01:47.820 –> 01:01:50.620] I think every time I’ve been on the show this year
[01:01:50.620 –> 01:01:51.660] I’ve said, you know
[01:01:51.660 –> 01:01:53.780] the one thing I want is for games to have a point of
[01:01:54.140 –> 01:01:58.500] Of you and something that they want to say and and Tyranil is not just a game about
[01:01:59.220 –> 01:02:01.820] Restoring a planet. It’s also a game of you know
[01:02:02.340 –> 01:02:08.740] Consequences of your actions because you make can make some choices really early on in the playthrough of a map in Tyranil
[01:02:08.780 –> 01:02:13.100] That ultimately will mean come the end of the game when you need to reintroduce some animals
[01:02:13.100 –> 01:02:19.280] You may not be able to introduce that last animal and to kind of say that’s okay
[01:02:19.280 –> 01:02:22.780] You only needed three out of six to finish the map
[01:02:22.800 –> 01:02:25.260] You know obviously is as people that play games
[01:02:25.260 –> 01:02:28.380] We like to get to six out of six because that’s what I’ve been trained to do
[01:02:28.860 –> 01:02:31.100] But part of this game is saying, you know
[01:02:31.660 –> 01:02:35.780] You didn’t know and that’s that’s okay and it’s okay to
[01:02:36.500 –> 01:02:39.260] To move on and to progress in the game
[01:02:39.260 –> 01:02:44.520] you can come back and and try again later and try and get a perfect but that’s not sort of the
[01:02:45.460 –> 01:02:47.460] initial point of this game
[01:02:47.500 –> 01:02:49.360] Which at which I really?
[01:02:49.360 –> 01:02:53.520] Which I really like and I think you know final point on the animals is just the
[01:02:53.960 –> 01:03:00.580] or final point for me on the animals is that reintroducing them is about making you reintroduce them to
[01:03:00.880 –> 01:03:04.920] Stabilize the ecosystem that you’ve created right so to say yep
[01:03:04.920 –> 01:03:06.920] I the human have created this ecosystem
[01:03:07.240 –> 01:03:13.200] But either human and not the way to keep this ecosystem to say it was really important that animals are there to do that
[01:03:13.280 –> 01:03:21.540] Yeah, it’s and it really makes it it’s the really nice cherry on top that makes the whole ecosystem come to life
[01:03:21.540 –> 01:03:27.240] Because I feel just a little more dynamic and bustling and it’s really nice to see
[01:03:28.040 –> 01:03:34.680] One of my little favorite features of this game is when you actually finish the level you have an admire button
[01:03:35.120 –> 01:03:39.000] That was called. I don’t remember it something like that. You click on it just to look at your landscape
[01:03:40.400 –> 01:03:42.400] It’s so good
[01:03:43.400 –> 01:03:49.840] Again right that’s one of those little things that I feel like the developers of this game have put in because they understand
[01:03:50.400 –> 01:03:57.440] why someone who is playing Tyranil is coming to Tyranil the fact that it’s not just about the
[01:03:57.900 –> 01:04:03.620] Getting to the next level. It’s not about getting a hundred percent, but actually sometimes it can be about creating something
[01:04:04.200 –> 01:04:11.940] That means something to you and recognizing that you created that and just giving you the chance to look over that right like to me
[01:04:11.940 –> 01:04:13.940] That’s one of those little features
[01:04:13.940 –> 01:04:15.060] Doesn’t need to be there
[01:04:15.060 –> 01:04:20.540] But it totally speaks to the mindset that has been brought to Tyranil and why there’s a high
[01:04:20.780 –> 01:04:28.200] Likelihood that if you are listening to the show you should be playing this game. Yeah, and one more important item
[01:04:28.200 –> 01:04:30.200] I think that
[01:04:30.660 –> 01:04:35.300] Probably should have opened with but I think it’s like 10% of
[01:04:35.820 –> 01:04:42.080] Sales or something like that goes to I can’t remember what charitable organization to you know help with
[01:04:42.980 –> 01:04:46.500] Ecological conservation and animal stuff. I know again
[01:04:46.500 –> 01:04:52.580] I don’t know the specifics, but they’re really putting their money where their mouth is. So, you know hats off to Tyranil
[01:04:53.580 –> 01:04:58.940] That said though. Do you have any criticisms or see any flaws with the game Johnny?
[01:04:59.980 –> 01:05:01.980] one minor criticism
[01:05:02.660 –> 01:05:10.140] And to be honest, I don’t know how you would fix it, but I think there could be a little bit more they do from a
[01:05:11.580 –> 01:05:14.500] Tutorial information perspective. So there’s kind of a
[01:05:15.240 –> 01:05:21.020] Guide book or a book that you read for each so and that sort of gives you some information. I
[01:05:22.460 –> 01:05:25.780] Personally feel that I would like a little bit more
[01:05:25.780 –> 01:05:30.900] There’s a few instances where I felt just a little bit confused
[01:05:30.900 –> 01:05:33.840] You know the first time working out how the animal scanning worked
[01:05:33.840 –> 01:05:40.980] I thought the animal building could only scan in its region because that’s it’s a pretty much every other book
[01:05:41.300 –> 01:05:43.660] Building that you build works in a certain
[01:05:44.380 –> 01:05:48.780] Region, so I thought I had to build animal buildings all around the map to scan
[01:05:48.780 –> 01:05:53.100] I didn’t understand that you could just build one and then it would scan. Yeah
[01:05:53.100 –> 01:05:57.300] So I think tutorial could use work
[01:05:58.380 –> 01:06:06.020] But I also think that’s true statement for both games. Like tutorials are really hard to do. So I don’t want to
[01:06:06.540 –> 01:06:08.340] overstate that criticism
[01:06:08.340 –> 01:06:13.300] But it is really important for a strategy puzzle style game like Tyranil that you really understand
[01:06:13.580 –> 01:06:18.800] How each decision you make is impact. Yep, and to jump ahead a little here
[01:06:19.440 –> 01:06:25.960] They’ve already announced that they’re working on updates, of course and and and you know refinements
[01:06:25.960 –> 01:06:33.120] And I’m sure that will be addressed because I imagine that’s one of the bigger pieces of feedback that they’re getting from
[01:06:33.320 –> 01:06:38.840] The community because it feels like it’s one of the few you can’t actually talk about because the game’s so well done
[01:06:39.800 –> 01:06:43.760] So I’m you know optimistic they’ll address that in the future, but it but I do agree
[01:06:44.120 –> 01:06:51.720] Um, I one thing I want to say is and this is not a knock on the game think this is just my own personal preference
[01:06:51.720 –> 01:06:58.200] I think I just want a little more from the game and that’s a good thing because like I enjoy the game so more
[01:06:58.200 –> 01:07:00.200] I’m so much I want more
[01:07:01.280 –> 01:07:05.480] Not that it feels necessarily small feels an adequate size but like
[01:07:06.320 –> 01:07:11.400] Six animals per map. I’d love to see that double to 12 or whatever. I just like animals. So, you know
[01:07:11.880 –> 01:07:17.400] Or a few more juggling a few more biomes per level would be fun, too
[01:07:19.360 –> 01:07:23.200] Could they add in the future maybe I kind of expect it hope for it
[01:07:23.200 –> 01:07:27.080] Um, but again that that’s kind of a personal preference thing
[01:07:27.680 –> 01:07:32.180] And really a compliment to how well the game is because I want to experience more of it
[01:07:33.580 –> 01:07:40.080] Yeah, I think that’s a great point right because I like, you know, clearly I’m not as far towards the end of the game
[01:07:40.080 –> 01:07:42.080] as I thought I was
[01:07:42.600 –> 01:07:47.420] But I had a similar thought right that’s like well, you know when I thought I was you know, one two levels away from
[01:07:48.960 –> 01:07:50.120] Finishing
[01:07:50.120 –> 01:07:50.760] You know
[01:07:50.760 –> 01:07:56.240] I was kind of like I didn’t want to play through it too fast because I wanted to experience as much of it as possible
[01:07:56.520 –> 01:08:02.400] And I see huge potential for you know, Terra to have those sort of you know
[01:08:02.960 –> 01:08:05.400] Freestyle modes where maybe you need to you know
[01:08:05.400 –> 01:08:09.980] Combine some like it’s almost like go super procedurally generated where it’s like
[01:08:10.480 –> 01:08:17.120] Will this even be possible to complete sort of deal right like oh, that’s a good mode difference between each of the maps
[01:08:17.120 –> 01:08:20.560] Is yeah, right and you could imagine certain map
[01:08:21.040 –> 01:08:26.160] Structures where it’s like can I do this? And if you can do it, it’s like man, that would be a real accomplishment
[01:08:26.400 –> 01:08:30.740] That’s genius randomizer mode. Oh, that’d be so good. Oh
[01:08:30.740 –> 01:08:32.740] Oh
[01:08:33.100 –> 01:08:34.980] I’d love that
[01:08:34.980 –> 01:08:36.260] Yeah
[01:08:36.260 –> 01:08:42.380] But again to bring up, you know news article that our news bit that we shifted to this section there
[01:08:43.140 –> 01:08:44.940] there
[01:08:44.940 –> 01:08:48.020] Announced well, first of all, they’re taking a break and will deserve good on them
[01:08:48.020 –> 01:08:51.800] Right good for any dev team to take time off after getting the game out
[01:08:52.900 –> 01:08:58.440] But they are going to first one address the bugs and some feedback
[01:08:58.440 –> 01:09:04.920] That’s it. I didn’t really encounter any bugs or significant performance issues, but anyways
[01:09:05.640 –> 01:09:07.800] And then after that they will look into
[01:09:08.480 –> 01:09:16.120] Expansions and you know content updates so no specifics or timelines from what I see, but that’s fine. They can take their time
[01:09:17.000 –> 01:09:18.660] in the meanwhile just
[01:09:18.660 –> 01:09:24.000] More people should play this game. There’s a hard mode that I’m going to revisit after this because I forgot about it
[01:09:25.000 –> 01:09:32.280] But overall Tara no, I enjoy it thumbs up from me you have any other closing thoughts on the matter Johnny
[01:09:32.880 –> 01:09:38.880] Some thumbs up for me as well and playing on mobile. I haven’t really experienced any bugs or anything. Although I will say if it’s
[01:09:40.720 –> 01:09:48.120] It’s probably better set up to play on Steam, you know playing on a phone screen is just a tad small for
[01:09:48.120 –> 01:09:55.880] Yeah, absolutely even on PC like zooming in to admire some the stuff was kind of hard because it’s I
[01:09:56.000 –> 01:09:59.760] Know just such a big overview like zooming in so yeah, I imagine on phone
[01:09:59.760 –> 01:10:04.700] It’s a bit tough other than that would totally support everything you said like if you’re if you’re listening to the show
[01:10:04.700 –> 01:10:09.240] There’s a high likelihood that you will enjoy. Yeah, and it’s for a good cause again
[01:10:09.240 –> 01:10:16.300] The charitable donation is that they make is very admirable and I encourage even if you might not play it encourage
[01:10:16.300 –> 01:10:23.040] It’s only 15 bucks in US American dollars, so I or if you have Netflix and want to play on your phone
[01:10:23.040 –> 01:10:25.040] It is. Alright, there you go
[01:10:25.100 –> 01:10:27.980] So go ahead. Give it a download. Give it a buy
[01:10:28.860 –> 01:10:33.060] Tara nil good on them. I’m I don’t think the game disappointed
[01:10:33.060 –> 01:10:34.740] I want a little more but again
[01:10:34.740 –> 01:10:39.900] I think that’s a compliment and I look forward to the future because we live in 2023 where this
[01:10:40.140 –> 01:10:42.600] It’s not necessarily end of the game. So
[01:10:43.080 –> 01:10:47.560] Very much looking forward to the future and just one final comment. So I’ve looked up the outside
[01:10:48.520 –> 01:10:55.240] 8% of all of their profits from steam sales steam sales will be donated to endangered wildlife trust
[01:10:55.240 –> 01:10:59.560] Which is a South African based conservation organization whose work?
[01:11:00.520 –> 01:11:04.840] Really resonated with the team that produced this game. I think I mentioned earlier. There are
[01:11:05.880 –> 01:11:08.400] South African based development studio
[01:11:09.200 –> 01:11:11.720] So I really like to see you know
[01:11:12.560 –> 01:11:14.980] local producers supporting local charities
[01:11:15.640 –> 01:11:17.640] and that that money will go to
[01:11:18.440 –> 01:11:24.240] Works that involves habitat preservation protection of endangered species and biodiversity preservation
[01:11:24.240 –> 01:11:29.780] So, you know just totally aligned with the the core of this game. So
[01:11:31.000 –> 01:11:34.060] I’m probably gonna go on and like just buy this on steam just
[01:11:35.640 –> 01:11:41.400] Support them. Yeah, that’s the spirit. It’s worth it and try it out on PC
[01:11:41.440 –> 01:11:43.440] Maybe he’ll enjoy it more again or more
[01:11:45.360 –> 01:11:51.620] Absolutely, yeah, there you go folks. I think well first of all, I guess we can wrap that up for Tara nil
[01:11:52.360 –> 01:11:54.360] Johnny do you want people to find you on the internet?
[01:11:54.800 –> 01:12:01.100] If you want to find me on the internet, there’s this really cool thing that you can do and that’s called going to
[01:12:02.280 –> 01:12:04.280] patreon.com slash
[01:12:04.620 –> 01:12:08.860] Ths pod and signing up for the patreon that gives you access to a slack channel
[01:12:09.740 –> 01:12:14.620] That I participated in which is the place where you can complain about my opinion
[01:12:14.620 –> 01:12:17.540] I usually say we can complain about my opinions, but I’ve been weirdly positive
[01:12:19.100 –> 01:12:25.500] Just like come and be excited with the rest of us about you know, the rest of 2023 come be excited about Tara nil
[01:12:26.260 –> 01:12:29.980] Come be excited about roots of patcher and all of the other amazing
[01:12:30.620 –> 01:12:35.900] And actually I jumped the gun a bit here because I forgot we agreed to do this. Um
[01:12:36.700 –> 01:12:42.180] One thing you can do on this amazing little flank is post questions and suggestions. You can also do that through the
[01:12:43.100 –> 01:12:45.580] harvest season website harvest season club
[01:12:46.580 –> 01:12:48.580] If that’s correct, I hope I got that right
[01:12:49.400 –> 01:12:54.880] But anyways, we didn’t want to address our first question from said channel
[01:12:56.460 –> 01:13:01.960] So let’s let’s do that real quick because it’s a fun one and not I don’t think it’s too deep here
[01:13:02.720 –> 01:13:04.540] cat from the slack
[01:13:04.540 –> 01:13:05.500] asks
[01:13:05.500 –> 01:13:11.520] What in your opinion makes a game a stardew clone and does that make you want to play it more or less usually?
[01:13:12.120 –> 01:13:14.500] You know what factors art style etcetera
[01:13:15.220 –> 01:13:18.940] Okay, so this is I think a very fun first question for us to address
[01:13:19.940 –> 01:13:22.800] I’ll give you the floor Johnny. What are your thoughts on stardew clones?
[01:13:23.440 –> 01:13:29.740] So I think that the first thing that makes me think something’s a statue clone is just kind of a combination of
[01:13:30.460 –> 01:13:32.460] farming fishing
[01:13:32.580 –> 01:13:39.260] Combat in a mine some low-level date, you know dating some style aspect and kind of that, you know
[01:13:40.140 –> 01:13:44.460] I’ll say the wrong word and you can correct me but like sort of 2.5 D ish style
[01:13:44.460 –> 01:13:50.060] Yes, stardew was done that kind of just like makes me think stardew and and you know
[01:13:50.700 –> 01:13:53.420] I’ve talked about how excited I am for roots of Pacha
[01:13:54.860 –> 01:14:01.020] This episode and it’s taken a while for me to get there right because a lot of my instinct for that was that was
[01:14:01.420 –> 01:14:02.760] stardew valley
[01:14:02.760 –> 01:14:07.240] Clone but prehistoric right and it’s kind of because those mechanics
[01:14:08.500 –> 01:14:12.700] There the art style is there. It’s kind of just got
[01:14:13.280 –> 01:14:19.260] You know, it’s like 80% feels like stardew and they’ve just sort of tweaked that that tweet
[01:14:19.260 –> 01:14:24.420] You know often when I’m looking for something to differentiate itself from a stardew valley clone. It’s like
[01:14:25.000 –> 01:14:27.520] one of those core things need to be
[01:14:28.900 –> 01:14:30.900] significantly
[01:14:31.020 –> 01:14:38.620] Different there’s a another game that’s come out recently. It’s is it Sun Sun Haven Sun harvest Sun Haven
[01:14:38.620 –> 01:14:39.700] There we go
[01:14:39.700 –> 01:14:45.580] And to me that just looks like stardew valley, right and I’ve seen a little bit about it
[01:14:45.580 –> 01:14:50.060] It looks like a really fun game. It looks really cool. But ultimately am I excited to play it?
[01:14:50.640 –> 01:14:55.540] Not really because I’ve played stardew valley. I played a lot of studies. I’m still
[01:14:56.100 –> 01:15:01.580] Really do I want to play new stardew valley where I need to relearn a bunch of stuff
[01:15:02.300 –> 01:15:05.780] unless that game has something really interesting going on I
[01:15:06.700 –> 01:15:10.420] Don’t know that I do. So so when I see it’s just stardew valley clone
[01:15:10.580 –> 01:15:17.700] My initial instinct is I’m not that excited about it, right? There’s the one coming out maybe this year
[01:15:17.700 –> 01:15:20.380] I can’t remember the name of it, but you’re running it in
[01:15:21.060 –> 01:15:23.060] and it has
[01:15:23.620 –> 01:15:27.140] Mining it has all of the same things that I expect from stardew valley
[01:15:27.820 –> 01:15:32.860] but for me if you’re running it in right like make it based around hops and
[01:15:33.540 –> 01:15:36.200] making beer and making wine and you know
[01:15:36.860 –> 01:15:41.060] Killing a bore and roasting that over a spit right like make it really focused on
[01:15:41.620 –> 01:15:46.020] running it in don’t make it like go and harvest 20 more carrots cuz
[01:15:46.020 –> 01:15:47.820] I
[01:15:47.820 –> 01:15:54.340] harvest so many things like I just want to do something different and it’s not because stardew is bad
[01:15:54.340 –> 01:15:56.680] But I’ve played stardew right to play something
[01:15:57.340 –> 01:16:04.380] Different or something new or at least have something to say in the construct of telling that sort of stuff, right?
[01:16:04.700 –> 01:16:08.060] Okay. Oh, that’s that’s very good thoughts. Um, I
[01:16:08.620 –> 01:16:14.660] Okay, this is might be a slight deviation. But here’s a small question for you. Um, did you
[01:16:15.140 –> 01:16:19.900] Play any farming games before stardew Johnny? Well, so
[01:16:21.940 –> 01:16:23.940] Does runescape count
[01:16:24.740 –> 01:16:28.380] So in the way we think about cottage core games today, okay
[01:16:29.580 –> 01:16:32.980] Stardew is my okay. All right, that’s good enough
[01:16:33.700 –> 01:16:36.380] that’s a good enough answer because here here’s the
[01:16:36.900 –> 01:16:39.300] Because I’m interested because I think this
[01:16:40.180 –> 01:16:42.180] second question I’ve asked
[01:16:42.420 –> 01:16:45.740] Affects our answer to cats question because I played
[01:16:46.820 –> 01:16:50.260] the original harvest moon on the game cure that the one on the game killed the
[01:16:50.780 –> 01:16:57.260] Wonderful life the original one before stardew, right? So for me a lot of those
[01:16:57.980 –> 01:17:00.620] mechanics and things aren’t necessarily
[01:17:01.500 –> 01:17:03.500] stardew because
[01:17:03.620 –> 01:17:06.260] Stardew was the harvest moon clone originally, right?
[01:17:06.260 –> 01:17:08.260] So
[01:17:08.540 –> 01:17:14.500] For me to answer cats question, I think a lot of it comes to the presentation the the art style, right?
[01:17:15.180 –> 01:17:17.820] What screams stardew clone to me is?
[01:17:18.580 –> 01:17:21.620] When I see a 2d pixel, you know
[01:17:23.140 –> 01:17:24.460] You
[01:17:24.460 –> 01:17:27.020] similar art aesthetic to stardew valley
[01:17:27.860 –> 01:17:33.620] And again roots of pacha has that rights to deep pixelated and like very similar
[01:17:33.940 –> 01:17:39.460] Proportions and kind of general art direction of stardew that for me is what screams
[01:17:41.060 –> 01:17:43.980] Stardew clone right because looking at wildflowers
[01:17:44.740 –> 01:17:51.200] It has all the hallmarks of mining and fishing and farming and relationships and so on
[01:17:51.300 –> 01:17:57.340] But does it feel like stardew clone and not not really like I say that for a point of reference
[01:17:57.340 –> 01:17:59.340] Um
[01:17:59.940 –> 01:18:01.300] But
[01:18:01.300 –> 01:18:07.520] Wildflowers really stands on its own like you look at the screenshots when you play it doesn’t feel like a stardew game per se
[01:18:07.520 –> 01:18:09.520] It feels like its own game, right?
[01:18:09.860 –> 01:18:14.140] and I think some of this is a
[01:18:15.620 –> 01:18:17.560] Self fulfilling
[01:18:17.560 –> 01:18:23.020] Prophecy kind of problem for lack of a better way of describing it right because so we’re both Pokemon fans, right?
[01:18:23.240 –> 01:18:29.540] Anytime a monster collecting game comes out it’s gonna get compared to Pokemon because it’s the Titan in the room, right? I
[01:18:30.140 –> 01:18:32.840] Think we have a similar issue in this corner
[01:18:33.620 –> 01:18:40.220] Where any game that comes out in this genre is gonna get compared to stardew because that’s just the Titan in the room
[01:18:41.820 –> 01:18:48.840] So so because of that yeah, and I think the presentation the visual style is really what takes it from me and
[01:18:49.640 –> 01:18:53.920] The farther you get from it obviously the better for me because I think that’s really where you can
[01:18:54.400 –> 01:18:56.400] Get your own identity as a game
[01:18:56.560 –> 01:18:58.440] yeah, I think that’s a
[01:18:58.440 –> 01:19:05.600] Really good point the idea of stardew being the Titan and I think ultimately it’s like so if you want to do
[01:19:06.440 –> 01:19:12.620] What that what that Titan is doing you need to have that unique point of view because if you’re gonna copy it
[01:19:13.500 –> 01:19:17.100] Ultimately, it’s going to be I hesitate to say a worse version
[01:19:17.620 –> 01:19:22.580] But you need to be you’re almost doing something that makes it not
[01:19:22.900 –> 01:19:28.660] Comparable right because once you’re entering the arena of you need to be compared against stardew valley
[01:19:29.540 –> 01:19:34.300] It’s a hard comparison because I have got such a positive framing. Okay. Yep
[01:19:34.300 –> 01:19:41.340] And you know, it’s it’s in the video game zeitgeist people have spent so many hours on it
[01:19:41.340 –> 01:19:46.940] Like it’s you know, if stardew came out right now, how would it compare to other games, right?
[01:19:46.940 –> 01:19:50.820] That’s it’s a whole different thing, but it’s the one that’s kind of leading the pack
[01:19:50.820 –> 01:19:56.260] And so yeah, how are you gonna stick out compared to stardew? That’s the ultimate challenge
[01:19:56.260 –> 01:19:59.980] Yeah, and ultimately if it’s an yeah, if it’s an incremental improvement
[01:19:59.980 –> 01:20:03.620] It’s like but I put so much time and energy into stardew
[01:20:03.740 –> 01:20:09.820] Do I really want to put that energy time and energy into a game? That’s only an incremental improvement on stardew valley
[01:20:09.820 –> 01:20:13.540] No, I don’t right like that’s that’s ultimately the answer
[01:20:13.540 –> 01:20:19.400] So it needs to be a stepwise change or a stepwise improvement on what stardew valley is doing
[01:20:20.060 –> 01:20:26.100] One final note on this. I want to point out Kat added a comment that her thing is
[01:20:27.420 –> 01:20:30.380] That when they have the little, you know, the rectangle tool
[01:20:30.900 –> 01:20:37.780] UI bar at the bottom that screams stardew corner and that’s that’s definitely a red flag for stardew clones
[01:20:38.620 –> 01:20:42.980] Because you know, that’s a UI thing that’s definitely a little more wiggle room that you could play around with
[01:20:44.940 –> 01:20:48.660] And I think that’s something that we’ve talked about before on the show, right
[01:20:48.660 –> 01:20:52.700] It’s like the one thing that stardew valley does not do well is inventory management
[01:20:52.700 –> 01:20:58.900] And yet that’s the one thing that everybody seems to copy and it’s not good. Just do it better. Let us have infinite inventory
[01:20:59.420 –> 01:21:01.660] I’m sick of building chests. No
[01:21:02.660 –> 01:21:09.820] I just let us carry stuff. It doesn’t matter every other game genre. Does it just let us carry?
[01:21:11.740 –> 01:21:18.860] Mmm, I forgot about that’s been a hot man. I forgot about building chests. Oh good. Good time. So, um, thank you
[01:21:18.860 –> 01:21:20.860] Kat for that question. That was fun
[01:21:21.140 –> 01:21:26.820] So yeah, please feel free to join. No, no, don’t feel more than free. Go do it
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[01:21:44.400 –> 01:21:51.340] Every now and then art I’ll post it which is 2d and pixelated but not stardew style. It’s Pokemon style. That’s what I do
[01:21:51.500 –> 01:21:53.020] You
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[01:22:27.940 –> 01:22:32.380] I think that roughly covers all the general housekeeping
[01:22:33.100 –> 01:22:39.340] Thank You Johnny for joining me on this very special episode of Tara nil. Thanks kid. This has been a lot of fun
[01:22:40.300 –> 01:22:48.140] Everyone go play turtle. Yep, please do and thank you al and until next time dearest listeners. Have a good harvest
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[01:23:37.700 –> 01:23:42.360] And I was a bit sleep-deprived there’s your post credit sequence