Wylde Story

Kev talks about all the story spoilers he held back on in the last Wylde Flowers episode


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Homestead Arcana Release Date
Fabledom Early Access
Koa and the Five Pirates Kickstarter
Cult of the Lamb Update
Let’s Build a Zoo Update and DLC
Ooblets New Ooblet


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[00:00.000 –> 00:28.500] for watching.
[00:30.400 –> 00:36.480] Hello fellow members of the coven and welcome to the harvest season where we talk about
[00:37.200 –> 00:44.160] whatever I want to. I thought this is a very special episode as my name is Kevin and I am the
[00:44.160 –> 00:52.960] only host today uh here I am Kevin home alone on this uh harvest season farm whatever you want to
[00:52.960 –> 01:01.360] call it um due to a number of circumstances uh I am doing this episode solo uh one of those
[01:01.360 –> 01:09.760] circumstances being uh the today’s topic uh which will be wildflowers once again um so last time we
[01:09.760 –> 01:17.120] talked about it we had only done a brief hover we only touched on certain topics and we weren’t very
[01:17.120 –> 01:24.480] far into the game either al or I um I have since beaten the game as I said last week and uh I have
[01:24.480 –> 01:29.280] a lot more to talk about so today I will be doing a deeper dive and there will of course be spoilers
[01:29.280 –> 01:36.480] today um but before that there will be plenty of news and other items etc um before I begin that
[01:36.480 –> 01:44.480] I should note that we do have as always uh transcripts available on the website that is
[01:44.560 –> 01:52.400] harvestseason.club where you can also find our show notes and links to all the news items etc
[01:52.400 –> 01:58.880] that will be covered in this episode and uh so with that let’s dive on into the news um now the
[01:59.600 –> 02:03.920] first piece of news I want to talk about is actually related to one of the few things I
[02:03.920 –> 02:07.280] ended up doing this week that I wanted to talk about which was uh let’s build a zoo
[02:07.280 –> 02:12.240] um I just so happened to see on my steam page that uh it had an update and so of course I updated
[02:12.240 –> 02:20.480] that and looked right into it and uh it here it is on our news docket the spas excuse me the
[02:20.480 –> 02:26.560] sloths and spa update uh this is a free update that is already available and uh at least on
[02:26.560 –> 02:32.480] steam I do not know if it’s out for switch already I’ll have to look into that but um it introduces
[02:32.480 –> 02:37.760] sloths into the game which that’s wonderful sloths are incredible little critters um I’m
[02:37.760 –> 02:41.360] amazed they weren’t they weren’t in the game already um I didn’t even realize it
[02:41.920 –> 02:49.680] um and introduces spas a new mechanic slash feature uh under a uh attractions category
[02:49.680 –> 02:55.360] um I have not unlocked it yet so I can’t really attest to what it’s like but it looks to be like
[02:55.360 –> 03:01.760] a new sort of metric for you to keep track of um in terms of keeping your zoo guests happy etc
[03:01.760 –> 03:08.480] um but alongside this was a perhaps bigger announcement of the next big expansion for
[03:08.480 –> 03:15.760] let’s build a zoo the aquarium odyssey update uh this is a big update that like dino island
[03:15.760 –> 03:23.040] dlc seems to be a separate area uh where you can build an aquarium um it’s going to introduce over
[03:23.040 –> 03:28.720] 50 new species all sorts of fish and aquatic critters which I am very very very excited for
[03:29.280 –> 03:36.240] um as for those of you who do not know I grew up along the coast of california my father’s
[03:36.240 –> 03:42.000] discuba dive my uncle used to fish so I spent a lot of time down there by the bay and have a very
[03:42.000 –> 03:48.560] deep nostalgic fondness for so many of these secrets um so yeah I will definitely be getting
[03:48.560 –> 03:55.440] that and playing a good bit of it uh it might be worth who knows doing an episode on the future
[03:55.440 –> 04:03.040] on all this dlc since this has been significant amount of content that has dropped um as as for
[04:03.040 –> 04:09.680] the date all we know that is coming in 2023 but no specifics beyond that uh but there is a trailer
[04:09.680 –> 04:17.040] on the steam page uh so go check it out and be excited alongside me now uh next up on our news
[04:17.840 –> 04:24.720] we it’s a game called homestead arcana so we have a release date
[04:25.680 –> 04:34.080] april 21st which will be just within a few days of uh this episode dropping um about five days
[04:34.080 –> 04:42.560] from today’s recording here um and so there is a steam page with a trailer for you to check out for
[04:43.280 –> 04:50.400] people who have missed it myself included uh we have here a magic pottagecore game
[04:51.280 –> 04:59.360] what a what a coincidence huh um so it that said though it actually looks pretty impressive as far
[04:59.360 –> 05:09.440] as pottagecore type games go um so it is a full 3d with rotating camera bigger sort of scalar
[05:09.440 –> 05:18.880] scope than wildflowers um and you play character named huckleberry and you grow crops with magic
[05:18.880 –> 05:26.480] there’s crafting you’re building your home oh the usual cottage core works um but the selling point
[05:26.480 –> 05:32.720] or whatever you want to call it is that there is a miasma that you have to deal with that’s the
[05:32.720 –> 05:39.520] primary issue uh now this kind of reminds me of harv stella to a degree but uh you’re going into
[05:39.520 –> 05:44.640] this miasma and trying to reclaim the land from it right you’re trying to grow things in it you’re
[05:44.640 –> 05:52.800] trying to find artifacts and recipes etc um there might be combat it was a little unclear from the
[05:52.800 –> 05:57.520] trailer but there were hints at that as there were creatures being mentioned but i did not
[05:57.520 –> 06:03.360] see an actual combat um but there is beer and potions and things for you to upgrade as you
[06:03.360 –> 06:11.280] prepare for trips into miasma so there will be some degree of challenges and obstacles in there so
[06:11.280 –> 06:19.520] it’ll be very interesting to see um overall i’m intrigued by this um the game does have a very
[06:19.520 –> 06:26.000] nice presentation i think the art style is decent enough i think it’s stronger than say wildflowers
[06:26.720 –> 06:34.960] um but uh like i said it’s a full 3d game um which is you know again impressive given the
[06:34.960 –> 06:44.080] usual fare we have on this show um and perhaps most mind-blowingly uh at least the primary
[06:44.080 –> 06:52.160] character huckleberry will be voice acted by one yuri lowenthal um for people not familiar with
[06:52.160 –> 06:58.320] that name that is a very very big name at the voice acting world he has done all sorts of
[06:58.320 –> 07:05.040] characters uh i think he’s been in the persona series and honestly the number one role most
[07:05.040 –> 07:12.640] notably uh he is sasuke from in our series in the english dub um oh he was also spider-man in the
[07:12.640 –> 07:19.920] ps4 game so i know al would be excited to hear that um so yeah um and he’s also narrating this
[07:19.920 –> 07:26.000] trailer and he you know he’s very good at his craft and very excited um but anyway so all
[07:26.000 –> 07:31.200] that to say the presentation is very strong so i’ll be keeping my eye on this one this game again
[07:31.200 –> 07:39.040] is called homestead arcana um dropping it just a few days in april 21st it will be on steam and
[07:39.040 –> 07:48.320] bucks game pass i believe um oh one item i did see just looking at the uh xbox versus windows thing
[07:48.800 –> 07:53.120] uh the mouse controls seem a little awkward there’s like points we have to grab plants and
[07:53.120 –> 07:57.600] i don’t know it just seems a little awkward but that might just be a me thing um overall though
[07:57.600 –> 08:03.200] very very strong trailer um i suggest you check it out and speaking of things to check out i’ll
[08:03.200 –> 08:10.960] definitely be checking this one out uh fable them is the next item on our list here and as of last
[08:10.960 –> 08:18.560] thursday april was it sorry april 13th i believe yes thursday april 13th this game is now
[08:18.560 –> 08:25.520] available for early access on the steam page uh for 20 dollars i’m sorry 16 dollars
[08:26.720 –> 08:33.520] yes um i apologize i am looking at the price um anyways uh i’m having difficulty because it’s
[08:33.520 –> 08:40.160] actually on sale for 10 off right now in these first seven days um luckily by the time this
[08:40.160 –> 08:44.800] episode releases you will still have a couple of days to check it out if you like to to get that
[08:44.800 –> 08:53.440] early access um now for people who may not remember how fable them is this village builder i
[08:53.440 –> 08:59.840] would call um where you’re you know kind of like the civilization or actually i say i haven’t
[08:59.840 –> 09:04.640] played civilization where you’re just trying to build this village i mean you’re kind of overseeing
[09:04.640 –> 09:12.640] it um now i think we talked about this with al last time um where it’s really focused on like
[09:12.640 –> 09:17.680] village rustic lifestyles you’re not going so far as to progressing to cities and whatnot
[09:18.320 –> 09:24.800] um i think the art style is very cute it’s 3d very looks very nice the art style reminds me of uh
[09:24.800 –> 09:33.120] overcooked if you people are familiar with it um the characters uh one of the primary little
[09:33.120 –> 09:39.040] characters they show on this has a mustache that reminds me a lot of the onion king um anyways i
[09:39.040 –> 09:45.280] look think it looks nice um and i like seeing the villagers interacting with the actual village and
[09:45.280 –> 09:51.840] helping build it so i am looking forward to it very much let’s see there’s also a flying pig
[09:52.480 –> 10:00.240] on the title image or whatever you want to call it um and i i don’t know what that is about that
[10:00.240 –> 10:07.680] but uh flying pigs excite me um so yeah that again that is already out for early access and
[10:07.680 –> 10:16.720] you have just until uh thursday whatever date that is seven days after the 13 uh april 20th i guess
[10:16.720 –> 10:24.320] uh to get the 10 off on that early access now uh for another game that uh i don’t know if it’s
[10:24.320 –> 10:30.960] doing early access but our next item is koa and the five pirates let me make sure i got that name
[10:30.960 –> 10:38.640] correctly correct excuse me oh yes come on the five pirates will be launching about excuse me
[10:38.640 –> 10:44.720] the kickstarter will be launching on may 4th um there’s not much to go off because the kickstart
[10:44.720 –> 10:52.320] hasn’t launched but this is the next entry in the chibi games universe right uh koa is the
[10:52.320 –> 10:59.920] protagonist from summer and mara if i recall correctly um and you know they did encora and
[10:59.920 –> 11:06.960] alt and is it violent i forget the name of that i apologize but the point being uh we’ve covered
[11:06.960 –> 11:12.240] a lot of those games here and they’ve been all over the place so it will be interesting to see
[11:12.800 –> 11:19.200] absolutely um and so again that is may 4th and just a few weeks we’ll have the kickstarter and
[11:19.200 –> 11:25.040] definitely have more information than uh something else that we have information and a lot more
[11:25.040 –> 11:37.760] information is cult of the lamb a cult classic playing off myself here folks um so we have a
[11:38.960 –> 11:45.600] big update coming soon and it is free it is called relics of the old faith it is
[11:45.600 –> 11:53.360] a whole new post game story slash campaign there is a lot new really it feels like
[11:53.360 –> 12:00.400] a little bit of everything new enemies new dungeons new bosses etc etc new abilities um
[12:01.280 –> 12:06.480] so on the tweet uh twitter thread that where they talk about it one of the items they note
[12:06.480 –> 12:13.040] is some of the feedback they asked for was uh or that fans asked for was more depth to the
[12:13.040 –> 12:17.440] battle system a little more challenge and so that seems to be a lot of the focus um
[12:18.400 –> 12:26.080] so this storyline has you listening to some other odd featured deity thing um
[12:27.680 –> 12:33.040] the trailer shows a lot only little bits of it right so you just get just the taste of what’s
[12:33.040 –> 12:40.560] coming but overall it looks very very hefty and again this is a free update uh no bait they’re
[12:40.560 –> 12:48.640] working on this and they put the final touches i believe um and i don’t know if that includes
[12:48.640 –> 12:57.600] let me check switch i wager that might be a little delayed uh yeah no i am uh it doesn’t specify but
[12:58.160 –> 13:03.200] uh keep an eye out because that update will be coming hopefully soon and honestly give me a
[13:03.200 –> 13:07.680] reason to get back in because i’ve been thinking about cult of the lamb it’s a great game i want
[13:07.680 –> 13:12.560] to see the polish on it and just seeing more for free is is just absolutely wonderful what a great
[13:12.560 –> 13:20.560] what a great game uh let’s see here and our final item on the news list here ooblets another update
[13:21.120 –> 13:30.080] um we know two things primarily first we are getting a spring event in ooblets
[13:31.040 –> 13:41.360] uh i don’t know if we have a date yet uh the one thing that is rather clear is that it looks like
[13:41.360 –> 13:49.120] a bunny uh which sure spring easter it makes sense um that said though i think it’s a little
[13:49.120 –> 13:54.800] tough because i still think the king of easter events is zipperty and of course you can’t compete
[13:54.800 –> 13:59.040] with that um but that’s it go check it out there’s a little teaser trailer showing the
[13:59.040 –> 14:04.880] silhouette of this new ooblet um for you fans i’m hopeful it’s good for you uh and you guys
[14:04.880 –> 14:11.840] are excited but uh yeah no no other information other than that right now okay and that more or
[14:11.840 –> 14:18.240] less covers the news for today a little lighter today since it’s just me um i know some of the
[14:18.240 –> 14:26.960] other news items will be uh moved to next week’s episode um which uh i know at least there’s one
[14:26.960 –> 14:33.200] game i’m very excited to talk about um and spencer if you’re listening you know exactly
[14:33.200 –> 14:40.880] what it is um anyways uh oh before i get into the primary topic since some people might want to
[14:40.880 –> 14:47.840] talk about the spoilers i want to uh just announce one important item that uh next week’s episode as
[14:47.840 –> 14:53.280] of right now we are planning a mailbag episode i know we’ve been talking about and we’ve gotten
[14:53.280 –> 15:00.720] a few questions um but uh next week we will be dedicating a good amount of the episode to that so
[15:00.720 –> 15:06.400] uh please if you’re in the slack feel free to drop questions in the feedback and questions
[15:07.200 –> 15:14.320] or thread or reach out to al via twitter versus the email all the usual links and places you can
[15:14.320 –> 15:20.160] find in the harvest season and drop as many questions as you’d like because uh i know
[15:21.040 –> 15:24.800] it’s gonna be fun to see what the hosts have to say about it
[15:24.800 –> 15:32.000] who will be on it i will not say it’s me um i as of right now at least i’m planning to be on it
[15:32.000 –> 15:39.680] along with one other person who i will uh let that be a surprise um anyways so yeah keep that
[15:39.680 –> 15:48.080] in mind for next week and now with uh that little announcement out of the way let’s uh dive right on
[15:48.080 –> 15:55.360] into the main topic which is me talking about how much i love wild flowers all right this is uh
[15:56.080 –> 16:02.080] i this is a spoiler alarm i’m going to try to ease into the spoilers so you know
[16:03.680 –> 16:11.280] your mileage may vary on how much you want to hear or not um i will not be i will not be
[16:11.280 –> 16:17.360] covering the most like blatant end game spoilers right because there’s mysteries and some questions
[16:17.360 –> 16:23.200] and i won’t be covering every nook and cranny i believe some stuff for people to to explore and
[16:23.200 –> 16:32.080] enjoy on their own um but there is plenty to talk about on this story which i think might attract
[16:32.080 –> 16:39.120] people to this game which i bring can’t uh suggest enough of it’s already an amazing game like even
[16:39.120 –> 16:47.040] just knowing the core mechanics and such um but yes so again once again here is your spoiler warning
[16:47.840 –> 16:55.040] everything will be spoiled but i am planning to cover the gist of the plot um as it’s pretty
[16:55.040 –> 17:02.400] jam-packed um which again one of the i think most amazing things about this game is that we have a
[17:02.400 –> 17:10.000] sort of bonafide story um not often the case in these cottage core type games that we often cover
[17:10.000 –> 17:18.240] here um and so let’s uh so to begin this i i think i’m just gonna have to kind of go
[17:19.440 –> 17:25.680] chronologically because this game takes the story you hit credits after your quote-unquote
[17:25.680 –> 17:33.520] one-year anniversary of uh terra wild moving into the uh into the uh gosh fair haven excuse me the
[17:33.520 –> 17:39.680] town of fair haven um oh once again if you want to hear we al and i did an episode i think about
[17:39.680 –> 17:44.240] two weeks ago covering this game if you want to hear the general mechanics and things like that
[17:44.240 –> 17:50.000] i suggest to go give it a listen first um it’s it’s absolutely fantastic and i won’t cover too
[17:50.000 –> 17:59.840] much of that um but anyway so yeah so uh the game you open in spring where you the well terra wild
[17:59.840 –> 18:06.720] you playing as terra wild move into this town called fair haven um and you’ll meet your
[18:06.720 –> 18:17.040] grandmother hazel wild um that’s wild with a y and uh she and so she introduces you to the
[18:17.040 –> 18:24.320] farm that she runs she is getting in on her age and terra has decided to uh start a new life
[18:24.320 –> 18:32.240] as uh she had a rough time she lost her job recently and she uh had a fiance who broke
[18:32.240 –> 18:37.600] off the engagement so you know that’s a pretty rough start and it makes a lot of sense to go
[18:37.600 –> 18:44.880] help your aging grandmother run enough harm uh it’s a it’s a pretty win-win situation for her
[18:44.880 –> 18:51.840] at least given her circumstances um and so you start off the game you know as so often these
[18:51.840 –> 19:00.240] games though learning about the farm learning the town right and this town it is full of so
[19:00.240 –> 19:07.360] many characters um i am considering doing a separate section on the characters i am
[19:08.000 –> 19:13.840] still debating that at the moment um but uh i will keep that in a separate section
[19:14.720 –> 19:20.160] but uh anyways i digress um and so in meeting these various characters you also
[19:21.360 –> 19:28.720] meet some people with masks and robes and these are the witches of fair haven which of course it
[19:28.720 –> 19:36.720] turns out hazel is a member of and hazel introduces hera to the coven um she’s initiated into the
[19:36.720 –> 19:41.760] coven and so she starts to learn this kind of balance between this farm that she has to run
[19:41.760 –> 19:48.800] and uh these responsibilities as a witch uh because it turns out they play a pretty pivotal
[19:48.800 –> 19:54.960] role in fair haven they control the weather and the seasons um pretty pretty thingy all things
[19:54.960 –> 20:01.360] considered um and so in doing that first ritual to change the seasons from spring to summer
[20:01.360 –> 20:07.840] this is our first big story point as our grandma hazel actually passes away
[20:08.720 –> 20:16.400] um kind of a big deal at the start of the game i was strongly you you strongly see that
[20:16.960 –> 20:22.320] from the beginning that she’s really really having a rough time she’s on medications etc
[20:22.320 –> 20:26.240] um but i didn’t expect it like just after that first season that she would passed away
[20:26.800 –> 20:31.200] um but given that uh terra is now fully in charge of the farm so
[20:31.920 –> 20:40.080] uh come summer that’s a lot of responsibility on her shoulders etc and so summer you get into
[20:40.080 –> 20:48.960] the rhythm of the barn etc and you actually meet a few new characters in summer some people who
[20:49.680 –> 20:58.960] move in um one of them is uh geva a meteorologist who lives kind of out in the mountains to study
[20:59.600 –> 21:07.920] and the more no well let’s say central to the plot character a rancher by the name of marty um
[21:09.040 –> 21:14.320] now off of that you can see marty has some questionable history as it’s already implied
[21:14.320 –> 21:23.600] he’s using a false surname um but uh moving into the town also opens up your ability to get
[21:23.600 –> 21:30.320] animals on which is you know pretty core part of any farming game uh but i digress um during the
[21:30.320 –> 21:37.200] summer season uh there’s a the kind of the end note for the summer season is this summer festival
[21:37.920 –> 21:42.480] where uh terra is of course crowned the summer queen i forget the exact title but
[21:43.200 –> 21:50.240] at this moment during this festival she’s accidentally transported to a new location
[21:51.520 –> 21:59.760] kind of in fairhaven it’s called ravenwood hollow and it is this magical forest area with
[21:59.760 –> 22:11.760] magical inhabitants um we’re talking a fairy a werewolf a gnome her etc uh and uh
[22:12.480 –> 22:20.880] so right like this is halfway point of the year and the status quo has changed pretty significantly
[22:20.880 –> 22:26.640] right you can see okay there’s a lot more to this game um it’s it i think it was a really well
[22:26.640 –> 22:32.080] placed move and just really as someone who had already been enjoying it at that point just
[22:32.080 –> 22:35.840] really hooked me and like i wanted to see what was going on now because clearly
[22:35.840 –> 22:44.320] there was a lot more to explore um let’s see here and i apologize okay and so after
[22:45.680 –> 22:52.720] this summer festival um an interesting event well circumstance occurs let’s say
[22:53.280 –> 22:58.800] right because once again as part of the coven you have to change the seasons but now you actually
[22:58.800 –> 23:04.960] have some pressure to change it because after the summer festival a drought kicks in and this
[23:04.960 –> 23:11.600] actually starts affecting the gameplay you will run out of water in your well certain shops can’t
[23:11.600 –> 23:18.400] function etc you actually have a bit of pressure to change the seasons because it costs you if you
[23:18.400 –> 23:24.800] don’t right and so you uh right you put in that effort and once you actually do change the seasons
[23:24.800 –> 23:31.440] enters the next chapter which is fall now fall is where the story really starts to gain traction
[23:32.080 –> 23:38.800] um the i think the first event that happens right away in fall is the announcement of an election
[23:39.520 –> 23:46.800] um which is really surprised me because there the mayor in this town uh his name is auto
[23:47.520 –> 23:56.400] uh a very mayoral type let’s say um and it didn’t even occur to me that there would possibly a change
[23:56.400 –> 24:01.600] in the status quo um and it just so happens that marty the aforementioned rancher is the one
[24:01.600 –> 24:09.440] running against him um and so uh that’s when uh as i said this is when the story starts to pick
[24:09.440 –> 24:12.960] up because the town life becomes a little more interesting a little more dynamic with the
[24:12.960 –> 24:20.240] selection and also with the introduction of raven one hollow the magic uh inhabitants etc you learn
[24:20.240 –> 24:25.200] a bit more from that side as well right and some of the history of the coven and some of the
[24:25.200 –> 24:30.160] lingering issues right uh one of the key elements from the beginning of the game is
[24:31.120 –> 24:36.400] hazel wanting to unite the town’s people with the coven who are hiding in the shadows and so
[24:36.400 –> 24:43.280] you start digging into that issue a little more now uh i i will say with the election i was
[24:44.880 –> 24:51.120] unfortunately disappointed because you do vote in it but you can’t actually affect the outcome um
[24:51.200 –> 25:00.160] much to my disappointment um auto will retain uh the title as mayor which is uh actually still
[25:01.120 –> 25:05.360] it’s a little disappointing but it makes sense because it is pivotal to the story later on
[25:05.360 –> 25:13.440] um i digress um but with mayor with mayor auto having hit one reelection he
[25:13.920 –> 25:23.360] the story starts going in an unexpected direction as there’s how should i put this it starts really
[25:24.000 –> 25:30.960] you can start seeing the some conflicts arising in the town regular town’s life um right and it
[25:30.960 –> 25:35.920] begins with this program he calls the neighborhood watch as some people have started to take notice
[25:35.920 –> 25:42.720] of some of the questionable people in the forest at night you know implicating the coven
[25:43.360 –> 25:51.920] the witches etc right and so this leads to actual bona fide witch trials as neighbors start accusing
[25:51.920 –> 26:00.400] each other of being witches etc um it’s very dramatic for this type of game to be quite frank
[26:00.400 –> 26:08.160] like emotions are in high i got terribly upset at certain people and so on and so forth they just
[26:08.640 –> 26:16.240] the trails and treacheries um there is a bit more to it that plan a bit into the details again not
[26:16.240 –> 26:22.000] trying to spoil every single item but there is again being this town being so linked to this
[26:22.000 –> 26:30.240] magical world right there’s some impacts from that side of it as well and as a member of the coven
[26:30.240 –> 26:38.240] terra has to address those issues and and resolve the unfortunate magical implications going on
[26:40.000 –> 26:48.320] and this is all tying into issues from the magical world itself which is suffering sort of imbalance
[26:51.760 –> 26:56.240] there’s an item called the wellspring which is the source of magic and has to be replenished
[26:56.240 –> 27:02.720] and kept in balance and as that is suffering from balance issues it’s leaking over into these
[27:02.720 –> 27:12.400] witch trials and the life of the townspeople etc um so a lot of the fall season is spent with this
[27:12.400 –> 27:20.640] setup of them right you know leading up to the primary conflict the kendo the climax right um
[27:20.640 –> 27:28.480] and so during this time you do move over to winter the final season which actually is a
[27:28.480 –> 27:33.520] fairly sizable season compared to the others that felt like um because again there’s some
[27:33.520 –> 27:40.640] more witch trials and the whole issue with the uh the wellspring and the balance of magic on
[27:40.640 –> 27:48.800] the island comes kind of to a head um as there is a another masked witch not part of the coven
[27:48.800 –> 27:55.680] that’s discovered that is running around right and so this becomes a central issue and all leads
[27:55.680 –> 28:02.080] to this climactic conflict at the end of the game which uh again i’m not going into details here but
[28:02.720 –> 28:10.800] was quite a finale to be honest it went places i didn’t expect they were again betrayals treachery
[28:10.800 –> 28:19.280] and then just a really big finale sort of final sequence um and it’s it’s just so interesting to
[28:19.280 –> 28:26.400] see in this kind of game uh attempt that right because this isn’t a pulitzer prize winning story
[28:26.400 –> 28:32.320] right it’s it’s not it’s strong suit you know looking in the general video game world there’s
[28:32.320 –> 28:39.040] much better stories and so on but in a farming cottagecore game like this stands out for sure
[28:39.840 –> 28:47.200] um i enjoyed parts of it absolutely it was maybe predictable or you know not
[28:48.320 –> 28:55.520] really um treading new ground etc but overall i enjoyed it right and and so much of it comes from
[28:55.520 –> 29:01.600] the characters right the the dialogue the personalities which are all really really well
[29:02.160 –> 29:10.480] um and so uh yeah so i i was still engaged even if it felt maybe weak or you know
[29:12.400 –> 29:18.560] standard story whatever you want to call it right um but i i was still engaged throughout the whole
[29:18.560 –> 29:24.960] way and genuinely interested in seeing where things went um and it’s why should i put this
[29:25.040 –> 29:32.400] one of the interesting aspects that i think i think it’s pretty clear that a lot of the themes
[29:32.400 –> 29:40.000] are very reflective of relatively current events at least in the us here right the election the
[29:40.000 –> 29:48.560] witch trials i think are very reflective of uh you know not getting into specifics but real world
[29:48.560 –> 29:55.280] issues that at least here in america we’ve had to deal with um in recent years let’s say right um
[29:56.000 –> 30:04.480] the polarization of people and these conflicts that arise from that like yeah right they’re
[30:04.480 –> 30:13.200] using witches and in malcolm says stand-ins for several groups i think um which again it’s not
[30:13.200 –> 30:18.080] particularly deep because i think it’s a little a little clear where’s it a little on sleeve
[30:19.040 –> 30:24.080] you know again for a farming game this is this is death right we don’t see that in farming games so
[30:24.080 –> 30:33.200] it’s it’s really fun to actually be able to see and think about that um so with that said um i
[30:33.200 –> 30:38.960] think i’m trying to think what other items need to be addressed um right because as you’re
[30:38.960 –> 30:44.000] progressing through the story you’re constantly unlocking more mechanics and locations and things
[30:44.000 –> 30:49.040] like that um right when you as i mentioned give this meteorologist lives out and kind of like the
[30:49.040 –> 30:55.840] mountain area that’s a whole new area you have to unlock um and a whole bunch of new resources and
[30:55.840 –> 31:02.320] things to see right as you progress relationships with a village or you know towns people and what
[31:02.320 –> 31:06.240] not you unlock different facilities different things right there’s the mine and there’s
[31:06.880 –> 31:11.200] a whole little backstory with the mind too and learning about that is interesting
[31:13.280 –> 31:20.080] seeing again these conflicts of people being accused and sometimes unintentionally or or
[31:20.080 –> 31:24.160] well i don’t know if unintentionally is the right way but again as people try to repair
[31:24.160 –> 31:30.240] relationships and and how these story events actually affect the daily routines that you see
[31:30.240 –> 31:35.120] the accounts people go through and and doing and whatnot affecting their moods right some
[31:35.600 –> 31:39.840] characters won’t be smiling during certain times right certain characters will
[31:39.840 –> 31:50.400] avoid certain locations etc um so it’s all again none of this is i think mind-blowing or or maybe
[31:50.400 –> 31:56.400] not super notable in the grand scheme of things but for a farming game you know the type of
[31:56.400 –> 32:04.000] content we cover on this podcast it’s really really impressive to see and and well done i
[32:04.000 –> 32:10.560] don’t think any of it was really bad maybe a little weak a little meh at times then you know
[32:10.560 –> 32:21.920] your mileage will vary um but i enjoyed it um and so yeah i think with that said really the uh
[32:22.720 –> 32:28.400] i think that more or less covers all i really want to talk about for this game um again that’s
[32:29.360 –> 32:36.880] not covering a lot of more specific spoilers i think i think i did an okay job of leaving out
[32:36.880 –> 32:45.920] a lot of these answers and questions um so i i really invite you to play this game um right
[32:45.920 –> 32:51.120] because all this talk was primarily story but if you listen back to the other episode there is
[32:51.840 –> 32:58.320] so much um in regards to the uh to the mechanics and just the gameplay which is all super enjoyable
[32:59.280 –> 33:06.240] um so i cannot recommend wildflowers enough it is a wonderful wonderful game and so uh yeah thank
[33:06.240 –> 33:12.800] you very much dear listener for uh entertaining this talk about wildflowers again um there’s you
[33:12.800 –> 33:17.120] know more content coming out i don’t know if there’ll be more story it would be kind of nice
[33:17.120 –> 33:22.400] to see because i think there are some some things you could go some directions you could work with
[33:22.400 –> 33:31.360] um but i will probably be bringing up this game as stuff comes and goes um but until then um
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[35:17.680 –> 35:24.960] um so keep an eye on there and uh thank you very much again listeners thank you al for
[35:24.960 –> 35:31.280] letting me solo this um i hope you all enjoyed it uh blast al on twitter if you hated it because
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