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Al and Bev talk about Coral Island


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Grave Seasons

Coral Island


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[00:00.000 –> 00:23.960] Theme tune
[00:23.960 –> 00:38.000] Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of The Harvest Season. My name is Al. And
[00:38.000 –> 00:45.240] my name is Bev. And we are here today to talk about cottagecore games. Woo! I still called
[00:45.240 –> 00:51.800] them farmers. I mean, they’re always going to be farmers to us, I feel like. And I also
[00:51.800 –> 01:00.920] discovered that goblincore is actually a real thing. And that is my vibe. I thought
[01:00.920 –> 01:10.600] it was a joke. I didn’t realize it was real. And now I’ve accepted. Yeah, absolutely. Awesome.
[01:10.600 –> 01:16.060] Um, cool. Well, let’s just get straight into it. And today we’re going to talk about Coral
[01:16.060 –> 01:21.720] Island. We finally got here. We finally doing this episode. I feel like we’re right at the
[01:21.720 –> 01:25.920] wrong time to talk about this game, right? Because it’s not just in early access. But
[01:25.920 –> 01:30.400] we’re also like, not just about to have the fight the 1.0 release. So we’re just kind
[01:30.400 –> 01:37.120] of like in that awkward middle. But the summer update is coming in like two weeks, I think
[01:37.120 –> 01:42.280] maybe one week, something like that. So maybe maybe that’s good enough. And so we’re going
[01:42.280 –> 01:47.200] to talk about that. Lots of thoughts. Before that, we’ll have some news. And but first
[01:47.200 –> 01:56.720] of all, Bev, what have you been up to? I am starting my best farming life IRL. I recently
[01:56.720 –> 02:04.800] bought a coop and built it. And we just got two little chicks yesterday. So we are chicken
[02:04.800 –> 02:11.960] owners and they are adorable and they’re going to be our inside pets. And they’re so cute
[02:11.960 –> 02:17.880] and so cuddly. And one purrs and one is just they like they’re only three days old, I think
[02:17.880 –> 02:23.200] and they already have personalities. And I’m really excited about this. And I really hope
[02:23.200 –> 02:29.800] my cats don’t eat them. That feels like it would be like the kind of bare minimum you’d
[02:29.800 –> 02:37.880] want. Right, right. Like can we just not cats? Can we can we not? So the younger one who
[02:37.880 –> 02:43.760] always has always been inside. He is just very curious and confused by them. He thinks
[02:43.760 –> 02:48.280] they are toys and like, why can’t I play with the toys? I think it’s the older one that
[02:48.280 –> 02:52.560] we’re a little bit more worried about because she used to be an outside cat. Right? Yeah.
[02:52.560 –> 03:00.840] So she’s she could shoot. Yeah. So we’ll just we’ll just take it slow and see how it goes.
[03:00.840 –> 03:07.880] Not eat the chicks. That’s the that’s that would be a good plan.
[03:07.880 –> 03:13.800] And I’ve been playing roots of Pacha and have been obsessed lately, I guess with just random
[03:13.800 –> 03:20.400] mobile games. I don’t know why. But like solitaire and the ads are getting to me. So I’m just
[03:20.400 –> 03:24.280] constantly downloading the new ones and be like, Oh, let me try this and see if I actually
[03:24.280 –> 03:33.840] like this. Cool. How about you? I have been playing a ridiculous amount of Coral Island,
[03:33.840 –> 03:38.920] right? Like, we, we decided to do this episode. Well, we’ve been planning to do this episode
[03:38.920 –> 03:44.040] for quite a while. Like, I think we must have decided this like, I don’t know, like, six
[03:44.040 –> 03:47.760] months ago, we decided we were going to do this episode. But we never actually put in
[03:47.760 –> 03:51.880] the time, mainly because they didn’t have like the controller support to start with.
[03:51.880 –> 03:58.380] And I was not playing this on the PC. No, you can’t make me. So we were waiting on on
[03:58.380 –> 04:04.400] controller support first. And then eventually, we got there. I think just like life got in
[04:04.400 –> 04:08.440] the way. So eventually, you were like, Oh, yeah, we can I can do this next week. And
[04:08.440 –> 04:14.160] I was like, Okay, all right, let’s do this then. And I have put 25 hours into it this
[04:14.160 –> 04:21.840] week, which is a lot of time like I don’t normally play 2425 hours of a game in a week.
[04:21.840 –> 04:27.480] But I was like, I need to do this one properly. So that is most of my gaming time. I’ve been
[04:27.480 –> 04:34.000] playing a bit of Pokemon, not Pokemon Snap, Marvel Snap. And Pokemon Go. You know, the
[04:34.000 –> 04:41.520] usuals. Nothing too special. And yeah, just bits and pieces here and there. Coral Island.
[04:41.520 –> 04:42.520] That’s about it.
[04:42.520 –> 04:48.480] Beautiful. Yeah, I’ve, I think I put up in about the same amount of time in a short while
[04:48.480 –> 04:52.800] I’ve taken a little break from it since since rooster pacha came out. But yeah, I was the
[04:52.800 –> 04:59.240] same. You want to go for that prehistoric farming sim instead? Uh huh. I was excited
[04:59.240 –> 05:04.720] about it. And it’s not early access. So do you have any first thoughts on it? Obviously,
[05:04.720 –> 05:09.920] we’re not in a proper episode on that yet. Yeah. Any first thoughts? I am enjoying it
[05:09.920 –> 05:15.680] a lot. It’s a like I, you know, like you look at these farming sends and like often you’ll
[05:15.680 –> 05:19.800] have to compare it to Stardew because of course, that’s where they’re based off of.
[05:19.800 –> 05:27.480] Yeah. And I feel like this is like, like new enough that it it’s exciting and doesn’t quite
[05:27.480 –> 05:32.560] feel like it’s just a Stardew in a different world. Yeah. Because it’s a whole different
[05:32.560 –> 05:39.240] mechanics. I, I thought we would almost get like a completely capitalistic free like game.
[05:39.240 –> 05:44.640] But there’s still a currency. But where I think they just can’t do it. It’s like an
[05:44.640 –> 05:51.100] exchange system. But yeah, okay. Okay. But like the there’s like this, I don’t know,
[05:51.100 –> 05:56.200] I don’t want to get too into it. But I’ve been I mean, just to be fair currency doesn’t
[05:56.200 –> 06:02.000] equal capitalism, right? Like, you can have currency without being capitalistic, I guess
[06:02.000 –> 06:07.880] like there’s, there’s almost two different types of currency. There’s like, like overall
[06:07.880 –> 06:13.760] contribution. So there’s a contribution. And that’s like what you use for purchasing, like,
[06:13.760 –> 06:18.600] upgrades and, and furniture and stuff. And then there’s another one that I forget what it’s called,
[06:18.600 –> 06:24.560] that just continues to add up. And that’s just like the value of your society. Yes.
[06:24.560 –> 06:31.240] Okay. GDP. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’ve implemented GDP in a prehistoric game.
[06:31.240 –> 06:38.160] It’s fun. It’s cute. The animals are cute.
[06:38.160 –> 06:46.360] All right, fair enough. Well, we’ll see how that continues. I think we have a we have a planned,
[06:46.360 –> 06:52.480] hopefully planned episode for that upcoming. So we’ll see what people think of that. I haven’t
[06:52.480 –> 06:58.560] played at all. I might at some point, but like, there’s enough, there’s enough people playing it
[06:58.600 –> 07:02.800] that I can, I’m going to at least wait until the episode comes out. To decide,
[07:02.800 –> 07:05.920] I can actually use my podcast. So the way that I want my podcast to be used,
[07:05.920 –> 07:10.400] I just don’t get to use it like that very often, right? Because I’m normally the one playing things
[07:10.400 –> 07:15.040] and telling people what it’s like. But this way, I can actually listen to it and decide whether I
[07:15.040 –> 07:20.360] want to play or not. Because weirdly, I never backed that one. Like, it’s I don’t know why
[07:20.360 –> 07:28.440] I backed almost every single Kickstarter farming game for the past five years. And didn’t with that
[07:28.480 –> 07:37.480] one. And I’m not sure why. I don’t know. Maybe just too many games. That’s why. Yeah, but I feel
[07:37.480 –> 07:43.080] like if not, I didn’t really feel that, that there’s too many games until the last few months
[07:43.080 –> 07:48.240] released, or maybe last year. And this, this was like, quite a few years ago, this, this game,
[07:48.240 –> 07:52.960] when it started, I feel like it was like three years ago, it was a 2021 maybe a Kickstarter
[07:52.960 –> 07:57.080] or something like that. I don’t know. It’s been a while. Well, yeah, there’s too much to remember.
[07:57.080 –> 08:09.560] Anyway, shall we talk about some news? News. So first of all, research story. We’ve got a 0.2
[08:09.560 –> 08:14.920] update coming out. And Bev, this has something that I think you might be excited about. I am
[08:14.920 –> 08:23.120] very much so. Because that means I can not have to play handheld on my Steam Deck. Controller
[08:23.160 –> 08:30.200] support. Whoo. Realized I hadn’t actually said the words. We’re pretty much a fan of controller
[08:30.200 –> 08:34.680] support on this podcast. Yeah, I think this was the one of the big things that you had on the on
[08:34.680 –> 08:39.040] the podcast episode about this was the lack of controller support, causing issues for for both
[08:39.040 –> 08:43.920] of you, I think. Even though Cody doesn’t have a Steam Deck, it was still causing some issues. So
[08:43.920 –> 08:50.720] good that that is that is coming out. It’s out. Yes, it’s out now. So you got that there. And
[08:51.600 –> 08:56.160] we’ll see how that goes. It looks like they have proper remapping as well. So if you have any
[08:56.160 –> 09:02.480] issues with with the the automatic mapping, you can change change what control does what,
[09:02.480 –> 09:08.400] which is the good way to do it, not just for you and me, but for you know, accessibility and stuff
[09:08.400 –> 09:12.800] like that, as well as always, always very important. It has some other things as well,
[09:12.800 –> 09:22.320] like cloud saves and support for 5120 by 1440 resolution. You got to love that 32 by nine
[09:22.320 –> 09:30.560] resolution. So if you’ve been wanting to play an eight bit graphics game on a 32 by nine screen,
[09:30.560 –> 09:33.600] you can you can now do it without the start menu being caught off.
[09:34.480 –> 09:36.480] Beautiful.
[09:36.480 –> 09:43.680] Absolutely bizarre. I think there was some issues if you have played the game on multiple devices,
[09:43.680 –> 09:48.000] and you hadn’t had cloud save set up. If you’ve only played on one device, and it’s not an issue,
[09:48.000 –> 09:54.960] but yeah, so if you if you’ve played research story, before this update, and you have played
[09:54.960 –> 10:01.120] it on multiple devices with the same steam account, you’ll need you might need to do some
[10:01.200 –> 10:07.680] jiggery pokery with with the cloud. Is that not a term you would know?
[10:09.360 –> 10:16.000] Um, I feel like that is so actually googling it is gives up with a different definition than what
[10:16.000 –> 10:24.560] I would assume. So Google says deceitful or dishonest behavior. I would just mean like,
[10:24.560 –> 10:30.240] kind of fiddling around with things. Anyway, so you might need to fiddle around with things
[10:30.240 –> 10:35.360] in your data structure to get it to work. But they’ve got on steam, they have instructions
[10:35.360 –> 10:42.560] on how to do it if if you come up with an issue. Beautiful. And that will be linked in the show
[10:42.560 –> 10:49.360] notes. It has like UI improvements as well, which I greatly appreciate as well that they took the
[10:49.360 –> 10:55.520] time to like put in very small quality of life improvements. So there you go. I’m done. Yeah,
[10:55.520 –> 11:03.360] there’s a bunch of what we’ll have to fill the full update notes in the show notes. Which,
[11:03.360 –> 11:08.560] yeah, a lot of these small changes will probably not make it not be important to anybody who other
[11:08.560 –> 11:14.080] than people who’ve played it. But yeah, this this, that’s a good point. They are they are improving
[11:14.640 –> 11:19.040] things, not just adding what they wanted to, but also changing things based on feedback,
[11:19.040 –> 11:23.840] which is always good. I mean, that’s why you do early access. You don’t just do early access
[11:23.840 –> 11:27.440] to get your game out earlier. That’s a bad way to do early access, you do early access
[11:27.440 –> 11:35.040] to get feedback from the community. Our next update is Sun Down version 1.2. So this is the
[11:35.040 –> 11:44.640] one that is from the developers of Sun Haven. And it’s, I think it’s meant to be a rogue light,
[11:44.640 –> 11:52.480] or is it just your favorite? I’ve just to come. I lose track of these things. Look,
[11:52.480 –> 11:56.560] there’s lots of, it looks like it’s heavily focused on combat. Yeah, that’s what it looks
[11:56.560 –> 12:01.200] like. I’m just confused. I’m just confused as to the difference between it and Sun Haven.
[12:02.080 –> 12:07.680] But I’ve not played either of the games yet. Yeah, same. Although Sun Haven, Sun Haven wouldn’t
[12:07.680 –> 12:13.760] change my switch code to a steam code when I got steam deck. So I haven’t been able to play it yet.
[12:13.760 –> 12:19.760] Oh, sad. Yeah. Anyway, so the update has a bunch of a bunch of stuff. I mean, nothing that’s like,
[12:19.760 –> 12:23.360] this is really important. If you’ve played the game, the link will be in the show notes.
[12:23.360 –> 12:25.440] If you haven’t played the game, you don’t care about what there is.
[12:27.520 –> 12:32.320] But it’s just a generic update with characters and content and stuff like that. So
[12:33.280 –> 12:39.280] and the third update news, apparently almost all the news is update news this week
[12:39.280 –> 12:44.160] is the Apico 2.0 update. So that was the butterflies update, which is already on PC
[12:45.040 –> 12:51.760] is coming to PlayStation and switch on the 11th of May. Very exciting. Yeah, yeah. Uh huh.
[12:52.320 –> 12:55.120] I still haven’t played this update. So I need to do it at some point. But
[12:55.840 –> 12:59.040] I haven’t gotten to the point where I can actually take advantage of it.
[13:00.800 –> 13:06.400] Yeah, but I just want to go in to meet Cody. Right. I haven’t met Cody yet either. Yeah,
[13:06.400 –> 13:09.440] I want to get to that point. Because yeah, I said this is the butterflies update,
[13:09.440 –> 13:14.640] but really is the Cody update. Mm hmm. Yes. So if you want the Cody update,
[13:14.640 –> 13:18.080] and you’re only you’re playing the game on PlayStation or switch, you can get it
[13:18.720 –> 13:25.360] in just over a week. Yes. Excited. You can get it two days before the Eurovision Eurovision final.
[13:25.360 –> 13:29.200] Oh, goodness. Yes. It’s not time. It’s not time.
[13:31.840 –> 13:37.360] And the final piece of news that we’ve got is about a new game being announced. We don’t have
[13:37.360 –> 13:42.560] a huge amount of information about this game. Because it’s like literally just been talked
[13:42.560 –> 13:47.360] about, like we don’t have any kind of information on what is coming out on blah, blah, blah. But
[13:47.360 –> 13:55.120] this is called grave seasons. It’s an upcoming project. And it is a farming sim, where each time
[13:55.120 –> 14:02.480] you load a new game, randomly one of the villagers is selected to be a serial killer. So it is a
[14:02.480 –> 14:13.200] murder mystery farming game. Uh huh. And I love this so much. I so much. Is this sarcasm? I can’t
[14:13.200 –> 14:18.240] tell. No, no, no. I think it’s amazing. Well, this is the thing like we were talking about
[14:18.240 –> 14:24.640] so many games are just like, Oh, it started you. But it’s this, but it’s that right? Whereas this
[14:24.640 –> 14:29.520] is like, completely. Well, it’s not completely different. But like actually has a hook that’s
[14:29.520 –> 14:36.640] interesting, not just like words in space. It’s like no one of the one of the people is out to
[14:36.640 –> 14:48.400] kill you. So you get to get you can keep track of who’s been murdered. And I just, I love it.
[14:48.400 –> 14:53.760] It’s great. I want this game. I want this, but I’m also a little confused by it. Like,
[14:53.760 –> 14:58.640] is this a rogue blight? Where like, like, what does it mean when you start the game? Because I
[14:58.640 –> 15:03.280] like every time you open up the game? No, no. So it’s like each each new save file, right? So I
[15:03.280 –> 15:06.560] don’t think it’s meant to be like, rogue lite. So it’s not meant to be like you play for half
[15:06.560 –> 15:12.880] an hour and figure it out. But I think it’s like, okay, I think the idea is that you’ll probably
[15:12.880 –> 15:18.080] play this more than once. So it’s kind of, I guess I see what you can think in terms of like,
[15:18.080 –> 15:22.160] is it like a rogue like? And I guess the kind of the answer is like, well, you could probably play
[15:22.160 –> 15:26.960] it like that and just play until you either. I don’t know whether you can die. You either play
[15:26.960 –> 15:30.960] till you die or you figured out who the murderer is. And then you can start a new one and start
[15:30.960 –> 15:36.960] again. Like that’s that would probably be like a unexpected way to play this. But you can probably
[15:36.960 –> 15:40.240] also just play it like a normal farming sim. And if you figure out who the murderer is,
[15:40.240 –> 15:47.280] then you just keep going without them. So, uh huh. Okay, yeah, this is this is good. This is
[15:47.280 –> 15:53.120] this is I’m excited for it. Yeah. Now that I know maybe hopefully a little more understanding of what
[15:53.120 –> 15:57.120] it might actually look like. Yeah, I mean, well, this is the thing like, oh, there’s so much still
[15:57.120 –> 16:03.040] unknown. Like we don’t have any idea like, can you be murdered? Can you keep playing after you’ve
[16:03.040 –> 16:09.040] figured out the murderer? Can you accuse somebody and it turns out they’re not the murderer? What
[16:09.040 –> 16:13.920] happens then? You know, like, there’s just so many unknowns. What happens if everybody’s murdered
[16:13.920 –> 16:19.920] except you? Like, what do you do about these things? I’m just I’m really fascinated to see
[16:19.920 –> 16:26.320] what they do with it. I love the idea. Yes, more like this. Yeah. And now we just need somebody to
[16:26.320 –> 16:30.720] make the one where you can break up the couples because that’s the one. Oh, my goodness. Uh huh.
[16:31.920 –> 16:37.040] I won’t shut up about it till somebody does it. Someone will eventually. I hope so. Yeah,
[16:37.040 –> 16:44.160] I’m sure they will. It’s gonna happen. I just need to get like properly famous and then I can
[16:44.160 –> 16:48.560] like pay someone to do it. Right. That’s I don’t want to make it myself, right? I don’t want to
[16:48.880 –> 16:55.600] figure all that out. I just want it to exist. I want to play it. Mm hmm. You know? Yeah.
[16:56.560 –> 17:02.000] We clearly have a lot of ideas on this podcast. So we need to just partner up with a dev, I guess,
[17:02.000 –> 17:06.480] and figure out how I don’t even want to partner up. Right. I just want someone to do. I will.
[17:08.480 –> 17:13.440] I will. I am a visionary, right? Like, I come up with the overall ideas. I’m like, I want
[17:14.080 –> 17:19.040] this. And then I just like, just make it. I don’t, I don’t really care about the details,
[17:19.040 –> 17:23.360] right? I’ll care about the details when I’m playing the game. Uh huh. Anyway,
[17:25.600 –> 17:28.320] speaking of caring about the details when we’re playing a game,
[17:28.320 –> 17:33.600] should we talk about Coral Island? Yes, let’s do it. Alright, so just some quick
[17:34.240 –> 17:38.880] overall information before we get down into the ridiculously deep depths of mechanics,
[17:38.880 –> 17:47.280] which we always end up doing in this game. We are going to talk about Coral Island. It is
[17:47.280 –> 17:55.120] currently in early access on Steam and Game Pass. It’s also going to come out on Xbox, PlayStation,
[17:55.120 –> 18:00.240] and Switch at some point. But obviously, early access don’t tend to come to them.
[18:01.200 –> 18:08.720] It came in early access on October, in October last year. And there has been two updates so far,
[18:08.720 –> 18:14.000] and there’s a third one just about to come out. And I think it’s literally less than two weeks.
[18:14.000 –> 18:21.200] I’m so excited. In nine days. I checked. And then I think is it two more updates that are slated
[18:21.200 –> 18:26.480] before the final version? I think so. I can’t really scroll on like the screen where it has
[18:26.720 –> 18:38.880] the roadmap. So I’m not entirely sure. As far as I can see, they’ve said that the full release is
[18:38.880 –> 18:45.280] probably coming out this year. But who knows? Who knows? I’m excited. I hope so.
[18:45.280 –> 18:50.400] Let me just double check the roadmap. Oh, there’s more than just two updates. So there’s the summer
[18:50.480 –> 18:56.080] update is just just about to come out. And then there’s the merfolk update, the fall update,
[18:56.080 –> 19:01.200] the winter update, the end game update, the marriage and children update, and then the 1.0.
[19:02.160 –> 19:07.040] Wow. Okay. Yeah, this game isn’t this game isn’t releasing finally this year. Like,
[19:07.040 –> 19:13.120] we’ll be lucky if it’s next year. I’m fine with that, honestly.
[19:13.120 –> 19:17.440] Oh, sure. Sure. I’m not complaining about it. I’m just saying like, they it’s it’s just one of
[19:17.440 –> 19:20.640] these classic things, right? Where they’re like, Oh, yeah, it’ll take us about a year to get all
[19:20.640 –> 19:29.120] of the updates. You’re like, nah, no, no chance. No chance, mate. Like every time I see us on early
[19:29.120 –> 19:33.680] access, and one of the things you have to answer when you’re doing early access is how long do you
[19:33.680 –> 19:39.840] expect this to be an early access? And they’re always like six months or a year. And you’re
[19:39.840 –> 19:43.680] like, come on, at least give us something realistic, right? Like, nobody is ever going
[19:43.680 –> 19:47.360] to complain that you do it too early. Right? Say three years, it will take me three years,
[19:47.360 –> 19:51.600] because like, it could take you three years. And if it doesn’t, everyone’s going to be like,
[19:51.600 –> 19:54.480] wow, that’s amazing. They did it in last time than they said they would.
[19:54.480 –> 20:00.880] True. Yeah, more people should take that route. Like, over overshoot instead of undershoot.
[20:01.840 –> 20:04.960] Absolutely. More people should listen to what I see. Oh, my God.
[20:04.960 –> 20:13.200] I agree. Cool. So I guess just overall, this is a very much a Stardew like,
[20:14.240 –> 20:18.880] and we can, we’ll have debates, I’m sure later on about whether it does the thing that we want,
[20:18.880 –> 20:24.640] which is being different, or whether it’s just the same, but in a different skin on a different
[20:25.200 –> 20:32.560] place, etc, etc. But it’s very definitely Stardew. Like, that is absolutely what it’s taken a lot of
[20:32.640 –> 20:36.960] stuff from. There’s a lot of stuff in this that are like, is like, that was that was Stardew,
[20:36.960 –> 20:41.520] right? Like, yeah, that’s what Stardew did. And therefore, that’s what they do. They have done a
[20:41.520 –> 20:47.920] bunch of things on top of that. And I guess the biggest thing is it is a, it is set on an island.
[20:48.640 –> 20:54.400] I think it’s meant to be a tropical island. Yeah. Oh, it’s definitely a tropical. I think
[20:54.400 –> 21:01.440] that’s the only place that coral actually grows right in the tropics. And they kind of will get
[21:01.440 –> 21:06.240] to the specifics of the mechanics. But there’s this, you can go underwater is basically the big,
[21:06.240 –> 21:12.080] the big functional change, obviously, like, story wise and stuff. It’s kind of built more around.
[21:13.360 –> 21:19.840] It feels like it’s meant to be Pacific Island type thing. But it’s hard to like, it’s obviously not
[21:19.840 –> 21:23.760] like setting itself in a specific place. But that’s kind of the vibes I get from
[21:24.800 –> 21:31.120] I think it definitely is set in a specific place. Because they reference pokio all the time.
[21:31.440 –> 21:41.760] So I think it’s like, maybe like a an island off of Japan is where I’m thinking it would
[21:41.760 –> 21:47.280] like geographically land. I mean, I think that would make sense. Because I need to double check.
[21:47.280 –> 21:55.200] But I feel like they’re the company’s based in something like, as Indonesia, I was thinking the
[21:55.200 –> 22:01.760] Philippines, but Indonesia. Yeah. So that would kind of make, it’s obviously not this exactly
[22:01.760 –> 22:06.320] there. But like, that’s, that’s the kind of vague, vague area where we’re talking.
[22:08.720 –> 22:16.800] So yeah, kind of West Pacific. And I feel like I would also describe this game as like Sturdy
[22:16.800 –> 22:23.120] Valley meets Animal Crossing, more so in the environment. Yeah, that’s, that’s a very good
[22:23.120 –> 22:27.760] point. There is a lot that it takes from Animal Crossing as well. I, I think I guess it’s,
[22:27.760 –> 22:31.920] it’s really easy to merge those two together. So like, if we talk, for example, about like,
[22:31.920 –> 22:38.080] the museum, the museum is very much Animal Crossing. Whereas, you know, Sturdy’s, it’s,
[22:38.080 –> 22:44.240] if you actually think about it, Sturdy’s museum is very simple, right? Like, it’s, it’s, it’s just
[22:44.240 –> 22:49.440] the artifacts, it doesn’t have anything else. Whereas this is very much, very much Animal
[22:49.440 –> 22:54.000] Crossing inspired museum. Which I appreciate. That’s a good, that’s a good point. And there’s,
[22:54.000 –> 22:56.960] yeah, there’s some other things and stuff, obviously, like, it’s island based. So you
[22:56.960 –> 23:04.480] could argue that blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, no, that’s fair. Is that a good introduction?
[23:04.480 –> 23:08.000] Have I missed anything introduction wise that we want to talk about? No, I think it’s good.
[23:08.000 –> 23:12.640] It’s good. I mean, other than like, the art style being 100% different than Sturdy.
[23:12.640 –> 23:17.040] Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s, that’s fair. So let’s, let’s get, let’s go into that first
[23:17.040 –> 23:22.160] then. Should we talk about the look and feel, the art style, the music, that sort of stuff?
[23:22.720 –> 23:29.520] What are your thoughts? I absolutely love it. I think it’s so pretty. Everything is just,
[23:29.520 –> 23:34.880] I don’t know, like, like the, the menu screen is just so very pleasing to look at, like the font
[23:35.440 –> 23:45.040] choices, the NPC art, the animals, like, I don’t have any complaints, like, about the art style.
[23:46.000 –> 23:49.840] I absolutely love it. I think it’s gorgeous and beautiful.
[23:51.520 –> 23:56.720] Yeah, I think I’d agree with that is it’s very good looking art. They’ve clearly put a lot of
[23:56.720 –> 24:02.720] time and effort into, as you talk about the portraits, the character portraits are really
[24:02.720 –> 24:10.720] good. I will say the 3d models of the characters a little bit weird. The kind of the way that they
[24:10.800 –> 24:18.160] stand and walk is a little bit awkward. But yeah, like the the character portraits in particular
[24:18.160 –> 24:26.240] lovely. The most of the other non people models are great. I don’t know, it might be deliberate,
[24:26.240 –> 24:30.960] the kind of weirdness of how they stand and walk. I think so, like a little bit of a swagger,
[24:30.960 –> 24:36.880] or like an attempt at swagger. It just, it just feels weird to me. And maybe that’s just a
[24:36.880 –> 24:41.200] personal preference thing. I’m not sure but and it doesn’t, it doesn’t kill me. Like it
[24:41.200 –> 24:45.840] doesn’t cause me great issues. Right? Like most of the time, I’m not really seeing them anyway.
[24:47.280 –> 24:53.600] Because I’m going to be honest, I just basically completely ignored the people in this game.
[24:54.640 –> 24:59.520] Other than like, story wise, and the giants, like everyone else, I just completely ignored.
[25:00.240 –> 25:02.400] Because there’s only so much you can do.
[25:03.360 –> 25:06.720] Yes, you have to focus your time on things.
[25:06.720 –> 25:11.680] And so I ignored relationships. Like I have no relationships with anybody other than the giants.
[25:11.680 –> 25:13.520] I’ve also taken the same route.
[25:15.280 –> 25:23.120] Okay, so we’ll probably talk about the people in another episode. I suspect we’ll end up doing
[25:23.120 –> 25:28.560] like a blitz where we do a one panel episode as well. But we’ll see. Maybe we can talk about
[25:28.560 –> 25:33.920] people in that episode. I think a lot of it is like, there’s obviously a lot of the relationship
[25:33.920 –> 25:39.120] based stuff that isn’t fully implemented as well. So it kind of feels like a sensible one to kind
[25:39.120 –> 25:42.960] of skip out at this point. But I know some people really love the relationship stuff.
[25:44.240 –> 25:51.200] I don’t hate it in all games, but like, I’m fine with just ignoring that for for something. So
[25:53.040 –> 25:55.360] yeah, okay, cool. So music, what about music?
[25:55.680 –> 26:02.080] Oh, I feel like I don’t hear the music as much. Even with like, having it like all the way up.
[26:02.640 –> 26:08.400] I mostly maybe I just like go into the settings and, and fix that. So I can’t really comment on
[26:08.400 –> 26:12.560] the music because I haven’t really like noticed anything. How about you?
[26:12.560 –> 26:17.280] I’ve liked the music, I will say it’s the one place I’ve noticed some performance issues.
[26:17.280 –> 26:22.320] So I think if we talk about this game in general, like a lot of early access games go early access
[26:22.320 –> 26:27.760] to like bug fix. This is done the thing that I like, when they do early access that ooblets did
[26:27.760 –> 26:34.800] as well, which was this is like a fully functional part of a game. And the bits that we don’t have
[26:34.800 –> 26:40.080] are bits that you can’t do. And you know, it’s not we’ve implemented everything, but it’s all
[26:40.080 –> 26:45.200] slightly buggy, and we’ll fix it at some point. It’s no the core loop is there and so solid,
[26:45.760 –> 26:50.400] the and the bits that we’ve implemented in terms of like story and all these things,
[26:50.400 –> 26:56.640] they are there and they are good and you will not complain about them. You know, there are going to
[26:56.640 –> 27:03.040] be missing bits, but that’s mainly content and some features. It’s not, it’s not really bugs.
[27:03.040 –> 27:08.800] So I find it to be pretty stable. But yeah, the one issue I found is that sometimes the music can
[27:08.800 –> 27:16.400] be a bit clippy, like it will stutter a bit. And so hopefully that will be fixed at some point.
[27:16.960 –> 27:21.920] But that’s, that’s the only thing I’ve really noticed performance wise, or kind of buggy,
[27:21.920 –> 27:26.560] bugginess wise. There’s been a couple of bits here and there. But like, if this,
[27:27.360 –> 27:32.800] if this was the quality of a released game, I think it was perfectly acceptable. Like the
[27:32.800 –> 27:39.680] bugs are not huge bugs. It’s like, occasionally, like, I mean, you know, I’ve played a year in this
[27:39.680 –> 27:47.520] game. And three times I have tried to go out my house, and it’s just put me back in the house
[27:48.560 –> 27:53.040] three times in a year. Right. So like that, that’s the sort of level of bug we’re talking about.
[27:53.040 –> 27:57.840] It’s not a huge amount. It’s something that hopefully will be fixed. But it’s not like,
[27:57.840 –> 28:00.560] oh, I can’t believe they put this out sort of thing, you know.
[28:01.280 –> 28:07.760] I feel like the only bugs I’ve experienced thus far have been like starting the day. So I like
[28:07.760 –> 28:13.200] every time I get to the TV and might like restart, or it will crash and then I’ll have
[28:13.200 –> 28:17.840] to restart the day. But I had that twice as well when checking the weather, it crashes when checking
[28:17.840 –> 28:23.760] the weather. Yeah. I forgot about that. That’s literally happened twice in my year as well. And
[28:23.760 –> 28:31.360] yeah, you check the weather every single morning. So that’s not a high number of times. It was
[28:31.360 –> 28:36.800] happening pretty consistently at some point for me, like every day. Oh, interesting. Again, like,
[28:36.800 –> 28:41.440] it’s such a low complaint because it’s the start of the day. It’s literally the first
[28:41.440 –> 28:46.800] thing you do. Yeah. It’s like the annoyances. Oh, I have to load the game up again. Yeah,
[28:46.800 –> 28:51.840] I don’t care as much. So I’m just glad that I haven’t lost like a whole day’s worth of like,
[28:51.840 –> 28:57.360] yeah, process. That’s true. I haven’t haven’t had a single crash other than that. So I’ve not had
[28:57.360 –> 29:02.480] any time where I’ve had to redo something in a day. I thought I had one today, but I didn’t.
[29:02.480 –> 29:09.200] It was just being a bit slow waking up. So that’s good, because I’ve had them in stardew. I’ve had
[29:09.200 –> 29:15.760] stardew crashes. You know, so like, it’s pretty impressive that they had not a single one where
[29:15.760 –> 29:21.280] I’ve had to redo a thing in a day, other than check the weather, which is not difficult.
[29:22.320 –> 29:30.960] So that’s pretty impressive. Okay, cool. So that’s kind of just generic look and feel and sound and
[29:30.960 –> 29:37.200] how we feel about it as a whole in terms of quality. Let’s talk about some mechanics. So
[29:37.200 –> 29:41.440] I guess there’s a bunch of things that are kind of standard mechanics that we can quickly chat
[29:41.440 –> 29:44.800] through, but I don’t think we’ll have a huge amount to talk about. So like the farming,
[29:45.360 –> 29:51.440] it is standard farming, some farming, right? There is nothing special here. There’s nothing special,
[29:51.440 –> 29:57.440] and there’s nothing that really drives me insane. And there’s a few kind of like, whatever, where
[29:58.240 –> 30:02.720] as far as I can see, there’s no seed maker in the game yet. Yeah. Or it is in the game,
[30:02.720 –> 30:08.160] you just can’t get it. It looks like they had it available, and then they put a level cap on,
[30:08.160 –> 30:14.240] so now you can’t get it. Stuff like that, that’s just a bit annoying. And presumably, at some
[30:14.240 –> 30:21.200] point, there will be a seed maker that you can get. And, you know, there’s just a bunch of kind
[30:21.200 –> 30:29.120] of small things like that, that are just like the scythe, you can’t upgrade for some reason.
[30:29.120 –> 30:33.280] Yeah, which is interesting. Very odd, especially as it’s such, we’ll come back to that when we talk
[30:33.280 –> 30:38.320] about diving, but it’s like such a fundamental tool that you can upgrade, which is bizarre to me.
[30:38.320 –> 30:45.360] Or equipped stuff to it, I guess, like the whatever magic upgrades. You can do that. Oh,
[30:45.360 –> 30:49.520] it’s just because you can’t upgrade it, you can only do one. Okay, maybe I did do that. I just
[30:49.520 –> 30:54.640] forgot. Okay. Yeah, because I checked that yesterday. I did one. Okay, nevermind. I
[30:54.640 –> 31:02.240] will check that. You can add the enchantments, I think it’s called. Okay. But yeah, you can upgrade
[31:02.240 –> 31:08.560] it. You can only do one enchantment. It’s a bit annoying. Yeah, I mean, I don’t really have
[31:08.560 –> 31:13.520] anything really interesting to say about the farming specifically. I mean, I think that the
[31:13.520 –> 31:19.040] farming is interesting in that there’s a difference, the different materials needed for crafting the
[31:19.120 –> 31:23.600] sprinklers, which I thought was an interesting choice. Yeah, I’m annoyed about that.
[31:25.120 –> 31:28.080] I’m not because I let me tell you, I’m annoyed about that.
[31:29.840 –> 31:34.800] So I don’t like I’m not against them doing different things, right? And that’s fine.
[31:35.840 –> 31:42.400] But my annoyance with it is, it’s basically as far as I can tell, it’s actually impossible without
[31:42.400 –> 31:46.880] spending an insane amount of money to do that. Because you can’t actually get the gold kelp in
[31:46.880 –> 31:55.520] the game. Yeah. So you have you can buy it, but it’s like 1500 pair gold kelp, and you need five
[31:55.520 –> 32:02.480] gold kelp and five silver kelp to build a build a decent sprinkler. There’s a there’s a three by
[32:02.480 –> 32:09.120] three sprinkler sprinkler, but that’s basically useless, right? So that is just a bit annoying
[32:09.120 –> 32:15.360] that you have that something so kind of fundamental to me, a sprinkler is so difficult
[32:15.440 –> 32:21.040] to do. And even the three by three, you have to progress the diving so far to get to that point,
[32:21.920 –> 32:27.120] where you can actually do that, you know, it seems like it’s so hard to do, it feels like it’s almost
[32:27.120 –> 32:32.480] like a level higher than it should be. Right? Like the the five by five should be the one that has
[32:32.480 –> 32:37.600] silver kelp, the three by three should have bronze kelp. And then there should be another one on top
[32:37.600 –> 32:43.200] that does the the gold kelp that it kind of feels like they’re missing a sprinkler there.
[32:43.200 –> 32:48.160] I don’t know, I kind of disagree, because I almost feel like, like, I got it in a normal
[32:48.160 –> 32:54.000] progression, I feel like, as I would have started, had I just been upgrading them via,
[32:54.000 –> 33:00.000] you know, bars, iron bars, or gold bars, or what have you. So I feel like it, the progression
[33:00.000 –> 33:06.000] made sense in terms of like, the different obstacles they put in place to slow you down
[33:06.000 –> 33:11.280] with that development. Like, I think I got to summer, and I was able to, to upgrade them to
[33:11.280 –> 33:17.840] the eight by eight. And that worked fine for me. So I would kind of, I think, disagree there.
[33:17.840 –> 33:19.440] You mean the five by five ones?
[33:19.440 –> 33:21.120] Yes. Wait.
[33:21.120 –> 33:22.880] So how did you get the gold kelp?
[33:22.880 –> 33:26.880] Oh, no, no, I like the eight tiles were ill. The three by three.
[33:26.880 –> 33:30.080] Yeah, the three by three. Yeah, yeah, the three by three is the basic one.
[33:31.280 –> 33:35.200] And they’re reasonably easy to get. It doesn’t take a ridiculous amount of time to get to them.
[33:35.200 –> 33:38.800] But like, I’m in the second year, and I have not even had a single thing of gold kelp.
[33:39.760 –> 33:44.480] I feel like my current complaint is not really about like, the being able to access the the
[33:44.480 –> 33:49.360] highest gold kelp one. It’s the fact that sprinkler one and sprinkler two are essentially the same
[33:49.360 –> 33:54.800] thing. Like they both do three by three tiles, like eight, eight around and there’s no
[33:55.920 –> 33:56.560] Check this out.
[33:57.360 –> 34:02.880] Because I thought I was just aware of two sprinklers. And I thought it was three by
[34:02.880 –> 34:08.080] three and five by five. Yeah, it is. Sprinkle two is sprinkle two is five by five, not three by
[34:08.080 –> 34:14.480] three. I don’t know. I feel like that’s okay. Well, that’s what it is. That’s what it says.
[34:14.480 –> 34:20.800] That’s what it says in game. That’s weird. Okay. Great. I’ve seen spring. No, it doesn’t.
[34:20.800 –> 34:24.800] No, it doesn’t. It says it says in game eight. Yeah. In game it says eight.
[34:27.920 –> 34:34.560] The wiki says 24. Oh, is it just labeled mislabeled? And I never tried building a higher
[34:34.560 –> 34:40.640] one for that reason. I think it might be. I suspect it’s an incorrect label. It’s also
[34:40.640 –> 34:44.560] it’s also incorrect when it says because it says a radius of eight tiles. It doesn’t mean a radius
[34:44.560 –> 34:50.160] of eight tiles. That would that would be that would be what? So eight and eight. That’d be 16
[34:50.160 –> 34:58.480] by 16, which would be incredible. Yeah, it’s unclear exactly what it does then because I
[34:58.480 –> 35:03.600] haven’t been able to craft one. Because you need five gold kelp for it and haven’t even had one.
[35:04.560 –> 35:11.520] Um, you can buy the gold kelp. But if you were to buy that five gold kelp, it would be 7500,
[35:11.520 –> 35:17.200] which I mean, I have the money for now. But like, I would just be buying if I like,
[35:17.200 –> 35:27.840] I’m currently at the point where I have, I’ve got 11 22 by 22 farming plots, right? So to try and
[35:27.840 –> 35:35.280] cover that with, I would need 20 sprinklers to cover everything with sprinklers, 20 of those
[35:35.280 –> 35:46.960] those five by five ones. And so that would give us 100 gold kelp, which would cost 150,000,
[35:47.520 –> 35:50.640] which obviously I don’t have them. Oh, my goodness. Yeah, that’s gonna take that’s like
[35:50.640 –> 35:55.920] endgame stuff. I think that’s my point. I think that’s my point is the sprinkler two feels
[35:56.800 –> 36:02.240] so difficult to get to that. And I don’t even know if it’s possible because I have not seen
[36:02.240 –> 36:07.520] Have you seen any gold kelp in the game? I haven’t. But like, part of the so I think
[36:07.520 –> 36:12.400] the issue with the gold kelp is that the the area that it’s located is not accessible right now.
[36:13.120 –> 36:16.480] So well, that’s, that’s, that’s the question. I don’t know whether that’s the case or not.
[36:16.480 –> 36:20.400] So part of the problem with this game is that it tells you about things that don’t exist in
[36:20.400 –> 36:24.800] the game yet. And so it’s hard to know whether something is possible in the game. And it’s just
[36:24.800 –> 36:31.440] telling you about it or not possible in the game. I promise you that it will be I think possible
[36:31.440 –> 36:38.080] because I have like looked at the map and I have like mapped it out in that I’ve tried to access
[36:38.080 –> 36:43.600] every single part of the map. And I physically cannot access like the north eastern corner.
[36:43.600 –> 36:50.480] Like there’s just barriers there that the underwater Yeah, right. Yeah. So I think it
[36:50.480 –> 36:56.240] will be there. It’s just gonna I think it’s a content that they need a update. It’s a content
[36:56.240 –> 37:00.720] update that they haven’t gotten around to yet. I think this is probably my only thing that I
[37:00.720 –> 37:06.080] think they needed to do better as an early access is do better with telling us what is available and
[37:06.080 –> 37:11.840] not. Because it’s a bit frustrating to get to the point where like, okay, well, I’m aiming towards
[37:11.840 –> 37:15.360] this. Okay, I’ve got to the area where I’ve got the silver kelp. That’s great. I shouldn’t be
[37:15.360 –> 37:20.080] too much longer till I get to the gold kelp. And then you just never get it. Yeah. And you don’t
[37:20.080 –> 37:25.200] know whether you’ve done something wrong, or whether it’s not available. And it’s not a problem
[37:25.200 –> 37:29.920] these things aren’t available. But I think they need to make it clear. Like, first of all,
[37:29.920 –> 37:39.200] why give you the why have they given the crafting blueprint to us? Like, why is it possible to get
[37:39.200 –> 37:45.360] crafting blueprint that you can’t do? That’s the weird thing to me. Like I have the crafting thing
[37:45.360 –> 37:51.360] for the second sprinkler. But I can’t get the kelp to do that. That that feels like a kind of
[37:51.360 –> 37:59.120] mismatch there and, and expectations of the game. I feel like it could it could be a little bit of
[37:59.120 –> 38:07.120] wanting to appease people who want a more efficient way to farm, but are willing to grind
[38:07.120 –> 38:12.960] for that method. And but you can’t grind Oh, you mean because you can get the you can buy the gold
[38:12.960 –> 38:20.400] cap. Yeah. And I just I feel like there needs to be a way in game that they would tell you that
[38:20.400 –> 38:27.680] that’s the case. Like, I mean, I suspect with other things, like they’ve told you with other
[38:27.680 –> 38:33.200] things like this is not accessible yet. Like, there’s a couple events like scenes or cut scenes.
[38:33.200 –> 38:40.160] So they, in a way they have, they just fail to tell you that there’s the gold is not the gold
[38:40.720 –> 38:47.120] kelp is not accessible other than buying it. Yeah, it’s not just that. And so there’s also the
[38:47.120 –> 38:52.240] the osmium ore is not possible to get in game either. And you can still get things
[38:52.240 –> 38:58.720] crafting resources and blueprints for that that would I’d like you can, and you can assume that
[38:58.720 –> 39:02.960] it’s not available because you can’t get to the final bit of the mine. But like, that’s an
[39:02.960 –> 39:07.760] assumption. That’s not a definite, right? So there’s a there’s a few other things as well
[39:07.760 –> 39:15.280] that’s like that what is it gives you something that you could craft or or buy that requires
[39:15.280 –> 39:18.640] something that you can’t get in the game. And there’s no indication that you can get that in
[39:18.640 –> 39:24.800] the game. And with the osmium ore, you can’t even buy that one. Maybe, maybe in an update,
[39:24.800 –> 39:32.000] they’ll update what you can again. Because I think they tried it, they made the attempt at telling
[39:32.000 –> 39:36.400] you like, this is physically not available in the game right now, or, you know, virtually whatever
[39:36.400 –> 39:41.520] you want to call it. But then they just, I think, miss these portions and then forgot to
[39:42.880 –> 39:50.240] the implemented it for events. Yeah, and areas. They didn’t implement it for items. Okay. That’s
[39:50.240 –> 39:56.880] like, I don’t I’ve not been aware of any item where it is shown on screen, you can’t get it
[39:56.880 –> 40:00.880] and they tell you that you can’t get it. Right? You always just have to assume that for that.
[40:01.680 –> 40:07.520] And I like, you know, for example, like, so we have the, there’s the temple, the sea, the
[40:08.240 –> 40:12.960] Lake Temple, which is your, here we go, we’re always comparing back to Stardew.
[40:12.960 –> 40:17.520] It’s your community center, right? Like you have, you go there and you give offerings of
[40:17.520 –> 40:24.800] certain things. There’s no, so first of all, there’s no way to go on to the things actually
[40:24.800 –> 40:30.080] know what they’re called. Right? So like, if I’m looking at a list of things in a in a bundle,
[40:30.080 –> 40:35.600] there’s no way to know what’s in that bundle, except by just guessing based on the the image,
[40:35.600 –> 40:39.920] which in some is obvious, right? Like, oh, that’s clearly a daisy, right? You know, that’s a daisy
[40:39.920 –> 40:44.720] because that’s a daisy you can you can buy daisy seeds. That’s easy. That one’s clearly wheat.
[40:44.720 –> 40:49.440] But like, Brussels sprouts. Did you know what the Brussels sprouts was before you find a
[40:49.440 –> 40:54.960] Brussels sprout? No, it is not obvious. Yeah, yeah, that’s a little frustrating. And I think
[40:55.200 –> 41:01.440] Google it. Yeah, so that’s one. And secondly, there are a bunch of bundles that you can’t
[41:01.440 –> 41:05.360] complete yet, because there are things you can’t get in the game. Yeah. And that isn’t a problem.
[41:05.360 –> 41:10.960] But again, they are, there’s no indication that you can’t do them, you know. And I guess the
[41:10.960 –> 41:16.160] problem is that you knowing that information changes how you play the game. So there’s a bunch
[41:16.160 –> 41:21.040] of stuff where you’re like, I would probably spend less time on this if I knew I couldn’t do it.
[41:21.360 –> 41:25.600] Mm hmm. And spend more time on something else that I knew I could do at that point.
[41:27.040 –> 41:32.800] That’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s a hard thing to do with early access, where you’re going,
[41:32.800 –> 41:36.720] because when you’re at, I think this is the difference, right? With Stardew,
[41:37.280 –> 41:41.200] the first version was like a fully released game with all the content that there was
[41:41.200 –> 41:47.520] meant to be in that game. And the updates added more content. But it wasn’t like,
[41:47.520 –> 41:53.280] core stuff that was in the game, right? Whereas here is like, they’ve clearly decided this is the
[41:53.280 –> 41:58.240] point where we’re going to have the game, right? And we’re not, we’re not going to go like, Oh,
[41:58.800 –> 42:03.680] this content isn’t available yet. Right? And, and other stuff that they might add in the future,
[42:03.680 –> 42:09.840] because they’ve got at least one update detailed for after the 1.0 release, which is the multiplayer
[42:09.840 –> 42:13.760] one. So presumably, they’re going to continue working on the game after release. But like,
[42:13.760 –> 42:18.480] those will be extra things afterwards, right? Like, the extra stuff that was added on top of
[42:18.480 –> 42:23.840] Stardew was very definitely like, just more stuff. It was never clearly meant to be the core game.
[42:23.840 –> 42:28.400] Whereas this is like, there’s a mine you can’t go in. And there’s areas in the ocean that you
[42:28.400 –> 42:31.920] can’t get to. And there’s items that are shown in the game that you can’t get. And that’s not
[42:31.920 –> 42:35.600] a problem. It’s always, it’s going to be difficult. Like, I’m not saying it’s an easy problem to
[42:35.600 –> 42:42.160] solve. But I think that when you’re saying to people, we are releasing this in early access,
[42:42.160 –> 42:48.000] it’s not just, hey, buy our game, you get what you get, we don’t care, right? Like,
[42:48.000 –> 42:55.680] that’s not what they’re doing. It’s please, will you play this game to test it? Please, will you
[42:55.680 –> 42:59.520] keep going with us? Please, will you work with us to get to this point? And I think there’s a
[42:59.520 –> 43:06.080] different expectation and what people will want. We don’t expect it to be complete, but we expect
[43:06.080 –> 43:12.000] the communication there. That’s, I think, the point. And you’re right, they have put in the
[43:12.000 –> 43:17.840] effort to do that for areas. And that’s good. Although there are a couple which is less clear,
[43:17.840 –> 43:22.000] and it’s more, they just say, WIP, work in progress. And you’re like, well, does that mean
[43:22.000 –> 43:28.640] I can do it? Or does that mean I can’t do it? And it was not quite clear. But that’s fine. At least
[43:28.640 –> 43:31.760] you know, it’s not going to be complete, right? You don’t know to what point it’s going to be
[43:31.840 –> 43:36.160] complete. But you know, it’s not going to be complete. But yeah, it’s the showing you
[43:36.160 –> 43:40.400] something, giving you the ability to craft something without giving you the thing to do it.
[43:41.440 –> 43:44.960] And yeah, you’re right, the sprinkler is less of an issue because you can buy the kelp.
[43:46.640 –> 43:49.840] But it would be nice to know that I couldn’t get the kelp normally.
[43:50.640 –> 43:54.640] Yeah, without having to like navigate the full mouth and be like,
[43:54.640 –> 43:59.440] maybe I would have put less effort into the ocean at this point,
[44:00.160 –> 44:06.240] especially until we can upgrade the scythe. I enjoyed it. I like I feel like it ties to like,
[44:06.240 –> 44:11.760] a lot of the in like the story, I guess, and just the feel good, like environmentalism,
[44:11.760 –> 44:20.000] like that’s in this island. Absolutely. So you get to a point where the trash is more and more
[44:20.000 –> 44:25.920] difficult to get rid of. Oh, yeah. And that’s the point where I’m like, if I knew that you
[44:25.920 –> 44:29.200] one, couldn’t upgrade the scythe because I hadn’t actually realized that at that point.
[44:29.200 –> 44:33.360] And two, there was no gold kelp, right? I was just trying to go as far as I could to get the
[44:33.360 –> 44:37.600] gold kelp. I wanted that gold kelp. If I knew that those two things were true, maybe I would
[44:37.600 –> 44:42.960] have stopped when it started getting more difficult. And obviously, I didn’t know that.
[44:42.960 –> 44:48.160] So I just kept going. I didn’t mind having to go back down there just because I needed it for
[44:48.160 –> 44:55.840] compost. Like I wasn’t getting enough trash unless I started diving. So I myself did not mind that
[44:56.800 –> 45:02.800] barrier, I guess. And at a certain point, like, it doesn’t quite matter. Like, I haven’t done a
[45:02.800 –> 45:07.120] full year yet. I’m at the end of fall. But I feel like at this point, like, I don’t really care
[45:07.120 –> 45:13.840] about energy. So even if it takes me two or three, like hits, I can just eat something. And I’m
[45:13.840 –> 45:21.120] completely fine. Yeah, that’s fair. That’s fair. But it’s more the wanting to know that information,
[45:21.120 –> 45:26.960] you know, like, and if I’d waited to 1.0 to play this game, I would have played it in the same way
[45:26.960 –> 45:31.920] I’m playing it now. Right? Because I would be like, the way that I play these games is like
[45:31.920 –> 45:37.680] grind to get the automation. And then do what I want to do after that. The problem was I was
[45:37.680 –> 45:43.440] grinding to get the automation that didn’t exist. Yeah, yeah. I hear you. I hear you.
[45:43.440 –> 45:48.560] Yeah. So yeah, I guess that would be my main complaint about the farming is that second.
[45:48.560 –> 45:56.000] It just, to me, it just feels and yeah, sure, people can disagree. But to me, it feels like
[45:56.000 –> 46:03.040] it’s one step more difficult than it should be to get each of those sprinklers. But that is it is
[46:03.040 –> 46:10.880] what it is. I will say so let’s talk about the mining and diving together. Because clearly diving
[46:10.880 –> 46:19.200] is just mining. Right? Right. Like, functionally, they are the same thing. And you get stuff from
[46:19.840 –> 46:24.800] the diving that is replacing what you would might get from mining in an in another farming game.
[46:24.800 –> 46:30.080] Uh huh. Without the combat. Without the combat, that’s fair. That is absolutely fair.
[46:30.720 –> 46:35.280] But I think it’s, they feel like they fit together. So mining, pretty much exactly the
[46:35.280 –> 46:40.480] same as fine mining in a normal in stardew, right? It’s basically the same. The only difference is
[46:40.480 –> 46:46.320] the mine is split up into four different mines. So instead of going from level zero to level 40,
[46:46.320 –> 46:54.080] you’re going once you’re going zero to 44 times. And the interesting so the interesting thing,
[46:54.080 –> 46:59.600] and I think this is both good and bad, is that each mine has a specific type of ore. So the
[46:59.600 –> 47:03.600] first one has copper, the second has silver, the third has gold, and presumably the fourth will
[47:03.600 –> 47:11.200] have osmium. But we don’t have access to that yet. And this is good, because it means you can
[47:11.200 –> 47:17.360] focus on a specific ore if you want to. But it’s also bad in that if you need multiple ores, you
[47:17.360 –> 47:23.200] have to go into multiple mines to get it right. Whereas what what would be nice in stardew is
[47:23.200 –> 47:28.560] like, I can’t remember the exact levels, but let’s say it’s like 10 to 20 is copper and 20 to 30 is
[47:28.560 –> 47:33.760] silver, you could go down to 15, and then just go for 10 levels and get a bunch of copper and a
[47:33.760 –> 47:38.560] bunch of silver. Whereas here, you have to go into one and go down a bunch of levels to get a bunch
[47:38.560 –> 47:43.600] of copper and then go and get up and out and into the next mine and go down and get a bunch of
[47:43.600 –> 47:49.280] silver. You know that it just the it’s not you’re never going to get a perfect solution here. I like
[47:49.280 –> 47:54.400] what they’re doing. It’s it’s interesting. The there is a bunch of story to the mines,
[47:55.360 –> 47:59.920] which I don’t think we wanted. I don’t think we want to go into too much. But yeah, I will say
[47:59.920 –> 48:05.120] that that story is quite nice. I don’t know why the characters are called giants. They’re smaller
[48:05.120 –> 48:11.760] than me. But it’s a fun it’s a fun little story. I look forward to seeing how that completes. I’ve
[48:11.760 –> 48:18.960] done all of the stuff that’s available so far. And it’s Yeah, I don’t know. Any thoughts on that?
[48:19.280 –> 48:26.160] Completely agree. Like, I don’t know, like, I could see them maybe having like an additional
[48:26.160 –> 48:30.720] mine outside of like the mines because it looks like there might be a mine down in the ocean.
[48:31.840 –> 48:37.280] Yes, I noticed that. So it’s got the same door on it. It might be like a skull like,
[48:37.280 –> 48:42.480] like cavern type thing where eventually you will get to a place that’s like over leveled
[48:43.040 –> 48:48.400] and much more difficult. But you’ll be able to get all types of ore like much easily.
[48:48.800 –> 48:52.320] If you just wanted to gain a little bit of everything,
[48:52.320 –> 48:55.040] but as long as I don’t have to be floating in the water for that.
[48:57.680 –> 48:58.800] Not a fan of that physics.
[49:00.080 –> 49:05.760] And I feel like I’m just gonna like, oh, I say like, I prefer this game over stardew.
[49:06.400 –> 49:12.160] Even as it is, just because I feel like they took, I don’t know, like, I love, I love, love,
[49:12.480 –> 49:20.800] all the story. I love the different mines. I think it’s more, almost more realistic. Like,
[49:20.800 –> 49:26.720] you’re gonna have different pathways into like a real mine and like the ore you’re looking for
[49:26.720 –> 49:33.840] more likely is going to be not by level but by area. And the fact that they’re tied to
[49:33.840 –> 49:39.040] like a specific story element as well is just very cute. And I appreciate that.
[49:39.680 –> 49:41.120] Um, so I don’t know.
[49:41.120 –> 49:44.320] Well, you know me, I love I love my realism in my games.
[49:48.560 –> 49:52.880] No, I don’t. I don’t really care about that. I think I think it’s an I like how they did
[49:52.880 –> 49:56.720] something different, right? Like, it’s hard to do these things differently as we’re talking about.
[49:57.600 –> 50:03.360] It’s not like fundamentally different, right? It doesn’t really make a difference. But this
[50:03.360 –> 50:06.560] the story title is quite fun. I will see.
[50:06.640 –> 50:10.640] It’s different enough that I’m happy with it. And I don’t feel like it’s like a cheap knockoff. Like
[50:10.640 –> 50:17.120] they took the time to think about it. So I mechanically is identical.
[50:19.120 –> 50:25.840] I will say I think the combat is not terrible. It’s Yeah, kind of terrible. Yeah. I’m like,
[50:25.840 –> 50:33.280] in stardew. I feel I feared for my life in several areas. And then this area, I’m like,
[50:33.280 –> 50:36.960] the monsters, like, I don’t know if they’re just going to add more monsters later,
[50:36.960 –> 50:41.520] but they didn’t really change throughout the mines. No. And there was, I think,
[50:41.520 –> 50:46.000] maybe one monster that was in the gold one that wasn’t in the previous day. And that was that was
[50:46.000 –> 50:56.000] about it. I never once I never once died and ever once got half close to dying. I, I believe
[50:56.000 –> 51:01.840] the summer update is bringing a combat chain like a change to how the combat works. Or maybe it’s
[51:01.840 –> 51:06.000] the summer update. Or maybe it’s the next one. I’m not sure. I saw a screenshot of on Twitter,
[51:07.200 –> 51:12.560] literally today. So I’m not sure the details of that. But they’ve just said there is a combat
[51:13.120 –> 51:17.760] change coming. So hopefully, that will change things. Hopefully, you can actually get a second
[51:17.760 –> 51:23.600] weapon, rather than just the blunt sword. And that they keep talking about in the game.
[51:24.160 –> 51:29.600] Yeah, yeah. Clearly, there’s like, they put in the bare minimum of the combat. And that’s fine.
[51:29.600 –> 51:36.240] Right. It does the job. It will be fun to go back in the mines in a year’s time,
[51:36.240 –> 51:42.400] and be utterly terrified of the new enemies. Because we’ve not, we go straight into the,
[51:42.960 –> 51:49.120] the Osmium mine, and not upgrade any of your weapons, and you’re dead within five minutes.
[51:49.120 –> 51:52.160] Destroyed. I would enjoy that. That would be fun. That would be funny.
[51:52.160 –> 51:59.920] Yeah, yeah, I think it would be funny. But yeah, I will say there’s a couple of things. Yeah,
[51:59.920 –> 52:04.480] the combat is not great. So first of all, so you have a dash in the game, which is is fun.
[52:05.520 –> 52:14.400] You cannot, you can’t, you can’t swing your sword and then dash. Right? There’s a timeout on that.
[52:14.400 –> 52:18.080] And it is very annoying, because it makes it really difficult to actually dodge.
[52:18.640 –> 52:25.440] Right. The timing has to be on point to dodge. And the problem is that I never feel like
[52:26.080 –> 52:30.800] so when in in games with combat, what you really want is to feel like when you’ve been hit is your
[52:30.800 –> 52:35.360] fault. Yeah, so much of this game, I feel like when I’ve hit that it’s because the controls
[52:35.360 –> 52:40.880] aren’t good enough for that. Yeah. And as you say, it’s not a problem, because the combat isn’t
[52:40.880 –> 52:46.800] difficult. None of the enemies are difficult, but it still feels a bit meh. Yeah, for sure. I agree.
[52:46.800 –> 52:52.000] And like, it’s so easy to just walk away from like, the slaves, the slime goo, I like do a
[52:52.000 –> 52:56.560] couple of hits, walk away, and then I kill it. And that’s it. It’s done. Yeah, like, I can’t,
[52:56.560 –> 53:02.160] I there’s no point in dashing because of that time. Yeah, whatever that Yeah, so it’s just
[53:02.160 –> 53:08.400] easier to walk away, which is a feels counterintuitive. Like I used to dash not
[53:08.400 –> 53:14.960] for actual combat, but just for walking around. Yeah, I’m just constantly dashing. I look like
[53:15.440 –> 53:18.640] I’m a speedrunner trying to get through it as quickly as possible. Like there’s a
[53:20.400 –> 53:27.840] frame glitch or something like that. I also think it’s funny that whenever you’re like,
[53:27.840 –> 53:31.040] sometimes when you have your sword out, like when you’re walking around the town,
[53:31.040 –> 53:35.920] people actually comment on that. Oh, I had noticed that. What are you doing?
[53:37.120 –> 53:43.520] It’s funny because if you have it hovered over in the in the tool belt, yeah, for some reason,
[53:43.520 –> 53:47.440] the sword and the sword alone, you’ll you’ll see your character holding it,
[53:47.440 –> 53:50.800] even when you’re not using it. And yeah, we thought you’d just be running around,
[53:50.800 –> 53:58.480] like dashing around the time holding this. It just looks so funny. Yeah. So I appreciate that
[53:58.480 –> 54:05.440] they like to like almost, I guess, like the I don’t know, the meme of like hitting people with
[54:05.440 –> 54:10.720] your like sword and stuff. And so I do and like made a made a thing about it, like actually
[54:10.720 –> 54:18.800] implemented into the game where people are like, offended. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so then diving.
[54:20.240 –> 54:25.040] So this is the, I guess, the biggest difference between this and other farming. Oh,
[54:26.640 –> 54:34.480] sorry, I just remembered bugs are also a mechanic in here that we different from Serdo.
[54:34.480 –> 54:38.480] Yeah, okay, sure. We’ll talk about so this fishing, which is just like Stardew,
[54:39.280 –> 54:45.920] but slightly less annoying minigame. Oh, okay, right. Here’s a good description of this fishing
[54:45.920 –> 54:52.560] minigame. It’s like a cross between Stardew and Spirit Fader. Yes. I will say my one gripe about
[54:52.560 –> 54:58.720] the fishing is that it doesn’t stop the time like it does in Serdo. I hadn’t noticed that.
[55:00.160 –> 55:06.560] So I’m like, I can catch so much more fish in stardew and now time just runs away from me.
[55:06.560 –> 55:14.640] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re gonna have to have this this fishing minigame ranking episode
[55:14.640 –> 55:19.600] at some point. I feel like I need to have more of an opinion on fishing minigames. They’re all bad.
[55:20.640 –> 55:25.040] It’s fine, right? Like I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. It’s it is what it is.
[55:26.480 –> 55:32.080] There’s bug catching. It’s, it’s Animal Crossing bug catching, right? Yes, that’s it. But it’s
[55:32.080 –> 55:39.200] less good. It’s, it’s whatever. I don’t really care. The number of times that I’ve like crept
[55:39.200 –> 55:45.840] up to a thing, it’s still noticed me and run away. Very annoying. I think that just means
[55:45.840 –> 55:49.760] you need a better net and that’s just gonna be an upgrade thing. Like those butterflies that
[55:50.560 –> 55:53.840] will always notice you. But it’s before, it’s before I, it’s before I even get to it. That’s
[55:53.840 –> 55:58.560] the thing. Like how does upgrading my net mean it doesn’t notice me? That doesn’t make any sense.
[55:58.560 –> 56:04.960] Well, there’s, there’s one, wait, there’s one upgrade that makes you quieter. I don’t quite
[56:04.960 –> 56:08.880] understand the upgrade for the net. Lore-wise, lore-wise, I don’t understand how that makes
[56:08.880 –> 56:16.560] any sense. How does the net change how loud I am? No, there’s in the tree. So that’s another
[56:16.560 –> 56:22.880] thing to the, when you level up your skills, there’s a skill tree. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
[56:22.880 –> 56:26.000] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What do you,
[56:26.000 –> 56:33.360] oh, you mean in like, it’s not actually a skill tree. It’s not. It’s just, just, it’s just some
[56:33.360 –> 56:36.800] skills you have played. But you can choose which one you want to upgrade. You can choose,
[56:36.800 –> 56:41.280] you can choose, but it’s not a tree, right? Cause tree implies that you can only do ones
[56:41.280 –> 56:46.400] after other ones. Okay. So there’s one that I see what you mean. So there’s a,
[56:46.400 –> 56:51.200] there’s a bug catching one that makes you quiet, quieter. Okay. Light feet. I see. Okay.
[56:51.200 –> 56:55.840] So that, that helped me. 10% less aware. I did notice an, like an improvement in my bug
[56:55.840 –> 57:01.600] catching after that. Some of the butterflies I still can’t do. But I’m assuming, I don’t know,
[57:01.600 –> 57:06.320] at some point there’ll be some sort of upgrade, whether it’s, whether it’s like a sound dampening
[57:07.600 –> 57:14.000] bug net. Yeah, bizarre, bizarre. I don’t know. I haven’t really done the bug catching as much
[57:14.000 –> 57:19.440] as I probably should, which is probably the reason that my museum’s so low in stuff.
[57:20.320 –> 57:27.280] But whatever. I don’t find, I don’t find that fun. I found the animal crossing one fine. I didn’t
[57:27.280 –> 57:32.480] actively enjoy it, but it was fine. This one, I just feel like it’s not done very nicely. Like
[57:34.240 –> 57:41.360] the, the, most of the bugs I don’t even notice until they’re running away from me.
[57:43.200 –> 57:48.560] Because I’m not walking around slowly around the island, right? You’re, you’re running around and
[57:48.560 –> 57:53.840] then if you’re, if you’re not paying the closest attention, you don’t notice that they’re aware
[57:53.840 –> 57:58.480] of you. And that’s it. They’re gone. So like I spend most of my time going, Oh, I could have
[57:58.480 –> 58:06.800] caught that if I’d noticed it before. And half of the time, I miss them anyway, because the aiming
[58:06.800 –> 58:15.280] is really bad. It’s 2D aiming. It’s 2D aiming, but you’ve not got a good field of view. So you
[58:15.280 –> 58:19.760] can’t tell whether you’re going to catch it 3D wise, right? It’s 2D aiming, but you still have
[58:19.760 –> 58:24.640] to catch it properly in 3D, right? If it flies up high, too high, you don’t catch it. Yeah. But
[58:24.640 –> 58:30.240] there’s no way to, to know other than by looking in the field of vision isn’t very good for that.
[58:30.240 –> 58:35.200] Yeah. The bug will highlight when it’s in your catching range. So that’s, I suppose,
[58:35.200 –> 58:40.560] Oh will it? I hadn’t noticed that. It turns like a light green or something. I don’t know. Is that
[58:40.560 –> 58:46.320] the actual bugger? Is it the little catching triangle? The bug itself will like, will change.
[58:46.320 –> 58:53.440] So maybe it can, I don’t know, they could probably do it better. Like, I wonder if that’s affected
[58:53.440 –> 59:00.640] by the colorblindness like feature that they have. But maybe that’s something that needs to be more
[59:00.640 –> 59:04.000] apparent, like make it a brighter color. Yeah, I hadn’t noticed that at all. Don’t make it the
[59:04.000 –> 59:08.080] same color as like the radius or a slightly different variation of the color of the radius.
[59:08.080 –> 59:14.160] Or, you know, the grass. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That’s interesting. I hadn’t noticed that.
[59:15.920 –> 59:18.880] But yeah, so I’ve just I’m just not finding it fun. So I’m not really doing it.
[59:20.320 –> 59:25.920] That’s fine. I think it’s cute that they have the option to catch little critters on the floor,
[59:25.920 –> 59:32.720] though. Yeah, it’s fine. This is just another thing that they clearly have been inspired by
[59:32.720 –> 59:39.040] Animal Crossing rather than Stardew there, which is fair. And I guess then the museum,
[59:39.760 –> 59:44.080] as we discussed, is kind of pretty much just the Animal Crossing museum, but a slightly different
[59:44.080 –> 59:49.440] design. Slightly different. I haven’t upgraded it. Does it change? Because I know that he’s trying
[59:49.440 –> 59:53.600] to upgrade it. And once you get to a certain point, it’ll upgrade. Does it change fundamentally
[59:53.600 –> 59:59.440] when you upgrade it? Or is that not implemented? It expands significantly. Okay. So you have like,
[01:00:00.320 –> 01:00:05.440] whole wings, like pretty much you do in Animal Crossing. Right. Okay. So like, I think I would
[01:00:05.440 –> 01:00:10.160] still prefer I think I would still say I prefer the museum in Animal Crossing. I think it’s just
[01:00:10.160 –> 01:00:16.880] more dynamic and interactive. Maybe you can individually see the critters you bought,
[01:00:16.880 –> 01:00:24.800] you caught whereas like in this updated one with pick starter. I think that’s I think that’s a
[01:00:24.880 –> 01:00:32.080] fundamental difference between how the like the field of view and the graphics like it’s not you
[01:00:32.080 –> 01:00:38.640] just can’t notice them as well because it’s still that like 45 degree angle zoomed out quite a bit
[01:00:38.640 –> 01:00:43.760] sort of view, which is fine. But the problem is that when you can’t, you can’t notice detail as
[01:00:43.760 –> 01:00:48.160] much, right? You just you just fundamentally can’t. Whereas Animal Crossing is much more
[01:00:48.160 –> 01:00:54.240] further down and zoomed in. You’re noticing the detail much more. Whereas you go into the museum
[01:00:54.240 –> 01:00:58.800] and you’re like, Oh, yeah, there’s a bunch of stuff here. What stuff? I don’t know.
[01:01:02.240 –> 01:01:06.560] And maybe that’s something to work on with like future updates that actually individually like
[01:01:06.560 –> 01:01:11.360] characterize each of the different bugs in there. I could see that being a very, very low like
[01:01:11.360 –> 01:01:17.920] priority thing for them to update. Yeah, I don’t quite as much care. I don’t. Well, I don’t really
[01:01:17.920 –> 01:01:21.760] care either. Like because I’ve never been a massive fan of these sorts of museums. Anyway,
[01:01:21.760 –> 01:01:26.640] like I don’t really care. I’m not actually building it right. Like I’m just, I’m just
[01:01:26.640 –> 01:01:33.520] adding stuff. It doesn’t really feel like it’s mine. It does feel, I don’t know, it’s different
[01:01:33.520 –> 01:01:39.440] than like the Animal Crossing or Museum, sorry Museum Stardew Valley one and that it feels much
[01:01:39.440 –> 01:01:46.240] more involved like your your contribution to this museum because of the fact that you started a pig
[01:01:46.240 –> 01:01:54.320] starter campaign to increase it to, you know, make expand it to, to bring in more, you know,
[01:01:54.320 –> 01:02:00.800] artifacts and pieces in there. So it I don’t know, I like that it felt more inclusive.
[01:02:00.800 –> 01:02:06.320] Kind of, but it’s not really. It’s not really my campaign, though, right? Like it’s the museum
[01:02:06.320 –> 01:02:11.440] guys campaign, right? I’m just helping. Yeah, but he wouldn’t be able to do it without you. And
[01:02:12.400 –> 01:02:16.320] yeah, but that’s, of course he wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m the only person donating stuff to it.
[01:02:16.320 –> 01:02:20.960] I just, my point is just like, I never feel connected to these because they’re not my thing.
[01:02:21.680 –> 01:02:25.680] They’re someone else’s thing. I am just contributing to them. And like, that’s not a
[01:02:25.680 –> 01:02:31.680] problem. I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it like that. I’m just saying,
[01:02:31.680 –> 01:02:38.960] I therefore don’t care about it. Like I struggle to engage with it because it’s not something I’m
[01:02:39.040 –> 01:02:46.480] doing. It’s something that is being done to me, you know? And like, I am contributing,
[01:02:46.480 –> 01:02:50.640] but I’m contributing because you have to do that to get through the game. I’m not contributing
[01:02:50.640 –> 01:02:56.080] because I actively want to, you know? Whereas building up your farm, you can build up your
[01:02:56.080 –> 01:03:01.360] farm however you want. It doesn’t really matter, you know? I was fine with it because like I knew
[01:03:01.360 –> 01:03:06.480] it was kind of like being like a team member of a project at work, right? Like, I understand my
[01:03:06.480 –> 01:03:14.640] contribution of it. I was recognized in the award ceremony at the time and I don’t necessarily have
[01:03:14.640 –> 01:03:20.240] to be the owner of it to still feel appreciated and involved. But that’s just me personally,
[01:03:20.240 –> 01:03:24.400] I guess. Well, and that’s the fact. I’m not saying that that’s a problem, right? Like,
[01:03:24.400 –> 01:03:30.080] I’m not saying that nobody will be, will enjoy this. I’m just saying like me. I don’t engage
[01:03:30.080 –> 01:03:35.920] with it, so I don’t really care. That’s all my point. Like, it’s fine. It is what it is.
[01:03:36.480 –> 01:03:41.600] Yeah, it’s fine. Can we actually talk about the diving now then?
[01:03:43.200 –> 01:03:48.800] I’m sorry. This was like, this is like core mechanic that we forgot to mention that was
[01:03:48.800 –> 01:03:55.360] different. That was different from Stardew Valley specifically. So I guess this is the,
[01:03:57.280 –> 01:04:02.480] the biggest thing that’s different from both Stardew and Animal Crossing, right? So there’s
[01:04:02.480 –> 01:04:07.600] things that it takes from both. And this is the one thing that feels unique to it.
[01:04:09.360 –> 01:04:13.280] And before you start going, Oh, no, but Animal Crossing has diving. It’s not the same.
[01:04:15.280 –> 01:04:21.840] It’s not. So my explanation of it before was it’s basically just mining but underwater.
[01:04:23.040 –> 01:04:27.760] And that’s kind of true, but also kind of not right. So the way that it works is like you go
[01:04:27.760 –> 01:04:36.960] underwater and you are getting rid of rubbish using the scythe, basically like you’re mining.
[01:04:36.960 –> 01:04:47.520] But yeah, it’s rubbish and using the scythe, not rocks and using the pickaxe. But I guess
[01:04:47.520 –> 01:04:53.280] it is a whole other place underwater, right? There’s a huge map. It’s huge.
[01:04:53.600 –> 01:05:00.160] Um, not I wouldn’t say too big. I would say big enough that they need a proper map
[01:05:01.040 –> 01:05:11.120] to find your way around there. Around the map is fine. What map? For the diving? What map?
[01:05:11.120 –> 01:05:15.520] Oh, my goodness. It’s the same map as it is when you’re above ground. So if you were to open up
[01:05:15.520 –> 01:05:21.920] your map in your menu, it would show you the map of the diving area. What are you talking about?
[01:05:23.280 –> 01:05:28.880] I just blow your mind. What are you? What are you? What are you doing? All right, go dive.
[01:05:29.760 –> 01:05:34.080] I’m going diving. I’m going diving. It takes time. It takes time to do things.
[01:05:35.280 –> 01:05:41.840] All right, I am underwater. And you’re saying, I just need to open the map. What?
[01:05:44.080 –> 01:05:47.760] I have blown your mind. There’s nothing on the map, though. It’s just like,
[01:05:47.760 –> 01:05:52.080] just I mean, sure, right? It gives you some indication of where you are. Yeah,
[01:05:52.160 –> 01:05:56.400] in this labyrinth, but there’s nothing. There’s no indication of things that you found.
[01:05:57.040 –> 01:06:00.960] And stuff like that. That’s like, we’re like, where was the initial location? Like,
[01:06:00.960 –> 01:06:06.960] I have no idea where I’ve been on this map. Because this is the first time I’ve opened it.
[01:06:06.960 –> 01:06:12.880] I think they they when you find things they might, they might reference it later. Because I feel like
[01:06:12.880 –> 01:06:19.520] I recall seeing it. Like when when you get to like, there’s a bridge area or whatever.
[01:06:20.480 –> 01:06:25.680] Um, and I don’t know if this, I feel like this is gonna be a spoiler for you. Should I say it?
[01:06:26.320 –> 01:06:31.840] Do it. And I don’t care. I’ll cut it. Okay. You do meet mermaids down there.
[01:06:31.840 –> 01:06:37.120] Oh, no. Yeah, that’s not a spoiler. Okay. Okay. I just wasn’t sure. Because I feel
[01:06:37.120 –> 01:06:43.040] like I didn’t actually interact with them. Like, they have names until. Okay. Okay. Okay,
[01:06:43.040 –> 01:06:46.400] then whatever. It’s fine. I mean, it’s very clear that there’s a whole
[01:06:47.120 –> 01:06:51.520] mermaid story there. Right? Like, apart from anything, it’s on their roadmap.
[01:06:53.120 –> 01:06:56.720] And a whole like mermaid civilization. Like, I think there’s an underwater city that will be
[01:06:56.720 –> 01:07:02.080] able to access it. And I’m so excited. Yes. I’m looking forward to seeing how that all all pans
[01:07:02.080 –> 01:07:05.680] out. But there’s not there’s not been a huge amount of it so far that I’ve noticed. But yeah,
[01:07:05.680 –> 01:07:14.640] I have met I have met the initial ones. Yeah, the map needs to be better. They also need to tell you
[01:07:14.640 –> 01:07:21.280] the map exists. How did you find that? Did you just randomly open your map to see if
[01:07:21.280 –> 01:07:24.960] there was a map? Uh huh. And then I was like, Oh, this is this is really nice.
[01:07:28.320 –> 01:07:34.640] Whatever. Whatever. Okay. Yeah, I don’t think it’s too big. But I will say that it’s not easy.
[01:07:34.640 –> 01:07:39.520] It’s easy to get lost in there. Yeah, for sure. The map will help. I think now that I know that
[01:07:39.520 –> 01:07:45.920] exists. But it needs it needs more of an indication as to you know, where things are on
[01:07:45.920 –> 01:07:52.800] the map. It’s not it’s it’s not a map. It’s, it’s like, I’m trying to think it’s a map without a
[01:07:52.800 –> 01:07:59.280] legend. Yeah, but it’s also not really it’s not really showing any points of interest without a
[01:07:59.280 –> 01:08:03.440] legend, right? It’s not even going, there’s a thing here, right? Like it’s just going,
[01:08:03.440 –> 01:08:08.880] here is the kind of vague lay of the land. I feel like we’re entering into like the phase of like
[01:08:08.880 –> 01:08:17.600] philosophy of what is a map? It’s a topographic map. Uh huh. There you go. Is that better?
[01:08:17.600 –> 01:08:22.880] A little bit. Which is legitimately a map, right? I’m not saying that topographic map isn’t a map.
[01:08:22.880 –> 01:08:31.040] I’m saying it’s not hugely useful to most people. Yeah. For most things. Right. If you if you if you
[01:08:32.720 –> 01:08:38.320] if you asked for a map of of New York City, and you got a topographical map, you would be like,
[01:08:38.320 –> 01:08:44.240] this is useless, right? I don’t know where anything is on this. Okay, okay, valid, valid.
[01:08:45.280 –> 01:08:47.360] But yeah, that knowing about it will certainly help.
[01:08:49.360 –> 01:08:51.920] So I guess it’s time to print that out and figure out where I’ve been.
[01:08:53.760 –> 01:09:00.000] We need let me tell you see the the Breath of the Wild heroes journey. Have you seen so that’s like
[01:09:00.000 –> 01:09:07.520] on the on in the DLC on the map, you can see where you’ve been in your entire journey. Oh, yes, yes.
[01:09:08.240 –> 01:09:12.400] That has spoiled so many other games. And I’m like, this needs to be in every game.
[01:09:12.400 –> 01:09:16.320] Like, I need to know where I have been so I can go and figure out where I need to go
[01:09:16.960 –> 01:09:23.120] for other things like Pokemon, Scarlet and Violet needs it 100% needs. All these open
[01:09:23.120 –> 01:09:27.360] world games need to this feature. And if they don’t have it, they are not as good as Breath
[01:09:27.360 –> 01:09:33.760] of the Wild just fundamentally. Yeah, a huge quality of life upgrade if every open world game
[01:09:33.760 –> 01:09:41.360] had that. I completely agree. Okay, so yeah, so you’ve got this whole other map, a map
[01:09:42.800 –> 01:09:47.440] underworld water. And the idea is you’re going around and you’re getting rid of the rubbish and
[01:09:47.440 –> 01:09:53.520] in the rubbish, you find these little seed type things that you press and then they go and like
[01:09:53.520 –> 01:09:59.440] clear a bunch of the pollution away from the coral. It’s like magic coral, or like advanced
[01:09:59.440 –> 01:10:07.040] coral or whatever they call it. Yeah. And you get a bunch of stuff in here, you get the kelp
[01:10:07.040 –> 01:10:11.520] for different upgrades, and you get the rubbish for turning into other things. And you find
[01:10:11.520 –> 01:10:19.280] artifacts and all these sorts of things. I think it’s fine. Like I don’t. So I do have one small
[01:10:19.280 –> 01:10:25.760] issue. And I think it’s just a fundamental issue of the fact that they added this and kept mining,
[01:10:25.840 –> 01:10:30.960] and that it just adds another thing to do. I almost would have preferred if they’d replaced
[01:10:30.960 –> 01:10:38.560] mining with this. I don’t because I, I don’t, I don’t mind it. It’s like, yes, it is another
[01:10:38.560 –> 01:10:45.680] thing to do. And it’s like, important for upgrading to get your sprinklers. But I don’t
[01:10:45.680 –> 01:10:53.040] know, I feel like it’s so tied to the culture of Coral Islands that I really enjoy the satisfaction
[01:10:53.040 –> 01:10:59.520] of cleaning up the island. Like it’s, it’s so vital to the story, and how and why you’re there.
[01:10:59.520 –> 01:11:05.840] I feel like. Don’t, don’t misunderstand me, Bev. I think it works really well for the game.
[01:11:05.840 –> 01:11:13.040] Uh huh. I just think it should have replaced mining rather than added to it.
[01:11:13.040 –> 01:11:17.760] I feel like I, I felt I probably would have felt like something was missing, had it not,
[01:11:17.760 –> 01:11:22.640] but I do see your point. I probably would have been happy without having, I could see myself
[01:11:22.640 –> 01:11:29.280] going either way, like happy that it’s in there and also happy or content with only having diving.
[01:11:30.640 –> 01:11:35.360] I think the thing is that these games have so much to do as it is. And then we’re adding an
[01:11:35.360 –> 01:11:40.800] extra thing on top that functionally does the same thing as mining, right? The point of mining
[01:11:41.440 –> 01:11:48.480] is to get stuff for upgrades. And that’s what this does. Now granted, both diving and mining have a
[01:11:48.560 –> 01:11:54.080] story. And you would need to have some other way to do the giant story. I’m sure they could
[01:11:54.080 –> 01:12:01.040] figure that out. Yeah. But it just functionally, they have essentially taken the upgrade path and
[01:12:01.040 –> 01:12:06.720] split it between two different things. And so you, if you want to do everything you have to do
[01:12:06.720 –> 01:12:11.440] both of them at the same time. And it just feels like you can’t focus on one or the other
[01:12:11.440 –> 01:12:18.560] because of that. Okay, I hear you. Yeah. It’s not like, therefore, this is a bad game. Like,
[01:12:19.760 –> 01:12:25.440] I don’t hate it. It just, it was a choice. It was a choice. And I personally would have
[01:12:25.440 –> 01:12:31.520] preferred a different choice. That’s, that’s, that’s really it. You know, I don’t want more
[01:12:31.520 –> 01:12:36.160] things to do in this game. I’d rather they, like, I like the idea of it. I think it’s interesting
[01:12:36.160 –> 01:12:42.800] and, and generally a good idea. But I think that the problem is that these games so often
[01:12:42.800 –> 01:12:48.880] add rather than change. And that’s, that just leads to games with too much in them.
[01:12:48.880 –> 01:12:55.120] Well, here’s, here’s a counterpoint for like, like, I guess I personally don’t mind having
[01:12:55.120 –> 01:13:00.800] it in here. As yes, it’s another thing that I have to do in order to like upgrade my tools.
[01:13:00.800 –> 01:13:05.920] But once my tools are upgraded, I don’t ever have to go back to the mines. Like, I’m going
[01:13:05.920 –> 01:13:12.960] to continue diving for trash for compost. But I don’t ever have to go back into the mines unless I
[01:13:13.520 –> 01:13:19.360] want more or for whatever reason. Yeah, if you need more or for more things, right? Like,
[01:13:19.360 –> 01:13:25.200] if you have, if you buy another cow, you’re going to need to have the bronze or to get your cheese.
[01:13:25.920 –> 01:13:30.400] Right? Like, that’s just like, it just works the same way. You just there’s different things that
[01:13:30.400 –> 01:13:35.600] you get. Right? The mine is the mine is not a one and done unless you don’t need any of the things
[01:13:36.400 –> 01:13:40.480] right. If you don’t want to do any of the artisan things, then you’re probably fine.
[01:13:41.360 –> 01:13:47.360] But we generally focus on one or two things that we’re going to like really emphasize. And if your
[01:13:47.360 –> 01:13:52.960] thing is farming, just farming crops, then sure, you probably won’t need to go back into the mine
[01:13:52.960 –> 01:13:58.000] because you’re just going to want the kelp instead. But if you want to do animals, or you want to do,
[01:13:59.760 –> 01:14:02.400] I guess that’s it really, like, you’re going to need the mine.
[01:14:02.400 –> 01:14:07.600] Like it doesn’t even require it like that much. Like the quality of life improvement that they
[01:14:07.600 –> 01:14:14.400] added with the like artisan products was that you can do like multi like loading for for the
[01:14:14.400 –> 01:14:16.400] machines. So like you
[01:14:16.400 –> 01:14:18.240] Yeah, but it still takes a long time though.
[01:14:18.240 –> 01:14:19.520] It does. But like,
[01:14:19.520 –> 01:14:26.480] If you’re so if you’re if you’re if you have five cows, and you don’t have five milk machines,
[01:14:26.480 –> 01:14:32.400] right, if you don’t have that, sure, you can add three of the milks into one machine,
[01:14:32.400 –> 01:14:36.080] but it still takes a day to make a cheese. So the next is very slow.
[01:14:36.080 –> 01:14:42.320] Next, the next day, your machine is still full. And you know, have eight cheese, eight milks,
[01:14:42.960 –> 01:14:43.360] that you need.
[01:14:43.360 –> 01:14:46.000] I haven’t read into that yet. Because I only have two cows.
[01:14:47.120 –> 01:14:48.800] I haven’t read into that issue yet.
[01:14:49.680 –> 01:14:53.440] That’s fine. But that’s it’s just it’s just different things, right? Like,
[01:14:53.440 –> 01:14:56.800] what do you want to focus on, whether you’re going to have to keep going back to the mine
[01:14:56.800 –> 01:15:01.040] or keep going back to the diving. And that’s and that’s the thing is, so if you want to do both,
[01:15:01.040 –> 01:15:04.800] you have to do both. So if you want to do if you want to get a bunch of sprinklers,
[01:15:04.800 –> 01:15:11.440] and you want to get a bunch of artisan products, you have to do both of them. And I just like,
[01:15:12.240 –> 01:15:18.640] I just I fundamentally I like when games change things. And farming games so often,
[01:15:18.640 –> 01:15:24.800] just add more and more and more and more and more, rather than rather than changing and going,
[01:15:24.800 –> 01:15:30.800] what if we rethought how this worked? And the diving just smells of what if we changed how
[01:15:30.800 –> 01:15:35.520] this worked? And then someone went, Oh, but we have to have mining. And you’re like, well,
[01:15:35.520 –> 01:15:40.640] but do you? Do you have to have it? That’s, that’s, I think the thing is like, actually,
[01:15:40.640 –> 01:15:46.000] instead of thinking, what can we add on think, what can we change? And that’s good. And I think
[01:15:46.000 –> 01:15:48.880] this would have been, if the game didn’t have mining, I don’t think you’d be like,
[01:15:48.880 –> 01:15:53.760] Oh, how dare they not have mining? You know? Yeah, because you’d be like, Oh, yeah,
[01:15:53.760 –> 01:15:56.960] instead of mining, they did the diving. And that’s, that’s, that’s cool. That’s a new way
[01:15:56.960 –> 01:16:02.880] of thinking. But that’s what we’d be saying in this podcast episode. Yeah. I’m sure that’s also
[01:16:02.880 –> 01:16:07.920] what we Yeah, we would have complained about knowing us, we would have been like, Oh, that’s
[01:16:07.920 –> 01:16:11.920] the one thing. I don’t know. It would have been brought up. I’m sure one person would have
[01:16:11.920 –> 01:16:15.200] mentioned it. But I would not have complained about it. I would have been like, Oh, it’s cool
[01:16:15.280 –> 01:16:20.240] how they’ve replaced mining with diving. I’m not saying I prefer it to mining. I’m saying I like
[01:16:20.240 –> 01:16:24.400] when games do things differently. And that would have been doing things differently rather than
[01:16:24.400 –> 01:16:28.560] doing more things. Because I do think it’s interesting. And I do think it’s different.
[01:16:29.840 –> 01:16:35.360] But it just feels like all of the upgrades are split between ore and kelp. Yeah. And so you are
[01:16:35.360 –> 01:16:39.760] doubling what you need to do every day. If you want to get everything. That’s, that’s my only
[01:16:39.760 –> 01:16:45.200] real complaint. I think, you know, it’s fine. The diving is fine. It’s fun. It’s clearly going to
[01:16:45.200 –> 01:16:50.320] have a vaguely interesting story. We don’t know enough. There’s not enough of it to know if it’s
[01:16:50.320 –> 01:16:54.720] going to be good or not. The story, but it’s certainly, it’s certainly going to be different.
[01:16:56.720 –> 01:17:05.040] So I will say that the diving is certainly I like how it’s not just do the same area over and over
[01:17:05.040 –> 01:17:09.520] again that mining gives you. Yeah, mining, if you want to keep getting the same or you have to keep
[01:17:09.520 –> 01:17:14.240] going in the same place. And it’s like, Oh, great. This is so boring. Whereas at least with the
[01:17:14.240 –> 01:17:18.560] diving, you’re going through a map and you’re trying to get from one place to another. And yeah,
[01:17:18.560 –> 01:17:23.360] if once you’ve been everywhere, you’re then you probably need to go back to get more of the stuff.
[01:17:23.360 –> 01:17:29.680] But it’s, it’s so much bigger that I haven’t got to the end. And you have got to the end. But
[01:17:29.680 –> 01:17:35.040] there’s more that hasn’t been unlocked yet. Yeah. Seems like a whole lot more. Exactly.
[01:17:36.000 –> 01:17:42.080] Yeah, I’m excited. I’m excited to see what happens. And it was a choice. I personally
[01:17:42.080 –> 01:17:46.960] don’t care as much. But yeah, it is adding more things to my to do list.
[01:17:48.960 –> 01:17:53.520] I guess maybe we should then talk into my big complaint with the game because it feels like
[01:17:53.520 –> 01:17:59.360] it fits here. Well. Okay. So many things in this game. And you could say this is a positive thing.
[01:17:59.360 –> 01:18:04.800] You could absolutely say this is a positive thing. I don’t. So many things are tied together.
[01:18:05.920 –> 01:18:11.360] In a way that means that you can’t go. So one of the things I really like about Stardew Valley
[01:18:11.360 –> 01:18:15.600] is that if you just want to focus on one thing, you can just focus on one thing like we did the
[01:18:15.600 –> 01:18:20.800] me and Rochelle did the challenge where we just do the mining and we do nothing else you can do
[01:18:20.800 –> 01:18:26.560] so much with just mining. You can do so much with just farming. You can’t do everything.
[01:18:26.560 –> 01:18:32.320] Absolutely. But to progress in anything in this game, you have to do everything.
[01:18:33.120 –> 01:18:35.280] Right. So like if you do the diving, for example,
[01:18:36.240 –> 01:18:40.560] it feels quite self contained until you get to a point where a turtle asks you for a tomato.
[01:18:42.320 –> 01:18:49.200] And you’re like, Oh, okay. All right. Two things about this one. It’s a bronze tomato, right? So
[01:18:49.200 –> 01:18:54.560] it’s not just a tomato. So you actually have to do the work and which is, is obviously deliberate.
[01:18:54.560 –> 01:19:00.400] It’s they’re deliberately trying to get you to do all of the things in the game. Right. Two,
[01:19:01.120 –> 01:19:07.040] I didn’t know that it changed based on season. So I was like five days away from the end of summer.
[01:19:07.040 –> 01:19:12.400] And I was like, I can’t get a tomato. It’s too late. I can’t grow one in time. So I was like,
[01:19:12.400 –> 01:19:17.600] Oh, well, I guess I have to wait to the next summer. And I just went and I never went diving
[01:19:17.600 –> 01:19:25.840] again until I read on the wiki that it changes per season. And I was like, Oh, okay, I guess I
[01:19:25.840 –> 01:19:29.920] can do it then. There was no indication that it was going to change. And I was like, Well, what’s
[01:19:30.000 –> 01:19:34.400] the point in going down there? I can’t go down. I can’t get any further. I’ve gone everywhere.
[01:19:34.400 –> 01:19:39.120] I don’t need any more rubbish at this any more trash at this point. I’ve got everything I need
[01:19:39.120 –> 01:19:44.480] from that. Why am I going to bother going down there again? So there was no indication that it
[01:19:44.480 –> 01:19:48.880] was different. Yeah, I think the only reason why I learned about that was because I needed more
[01:19:48.880 –> 01:19:53.680] trash. And that’s how I learned like, Yeah, exactly. Whereas I was I wasn’t too bothered
[01:19:53.680 –> 01:19:59.120] about about using the trash for anything for quite a while. So I just didn’t bother going down
[01:19:59.120 –> 01:20:02.560] because I was like, Well, I’m still trying to get through the mines. And I’m still trying to
[01:20:02.560 –> 01:20:06.960] do this and that. So why would I bother going diving when, when I don’t need trash?
[01:20:08.800 –> 01:20:13.760] Makes sense. So I then almost straight away got back down because it is actually not that
[01:20:13.760 –> 01:20:18.080] difficult because I’d progressed farming far enough that it wasn’t an issue, right? Like,
[01:20:18.080 –> 01:20:22.560] I had the second fertilizer that gets you bronze almost straight away. It was a really easy thing
[01:20:22.560 –> 01:20:29.120] to get. And then the like, the third one was a large milk, which I already had, like three cows
[01:20:29.120 –> 01:20:34.240] that were giving me large milk. So that didn’t take long either. Like, I was progressing a lot
[01:20:34.240 –> 01:20:38.560] of things at the same time. So it wasn’t an issue for me. But what I really like about these sorts
[01:20:38.560 –> 01:20:43.440] of games is when they don’t make you do everything to get to progress with something. And it’s like,
[01:20:45.200 –> 01:20:51.760] in Stardew, really, the only thing that you need to do if you want to, is the mining.
[01:20:52.560 –> 01:21:00.480] Even that, it’s only making it things go faster, right? You don’t have to go in the mine to farm
[01:21:00.480 –> 01:21:05.760] every crop. You don’t have to go in the mine to get married. You don’t have to do that to do this
[01:21:05.760 –> 01:21:12.960] to do that. You only it only it only makes things faster. But you have to farm to get through some
[01:21:12.960 –> 01:21:18.880] of the diving. And you have to mine to do some of the farming. So like a lot of these things,
[01:21:18.880 –> 01:21:22.400] I don’t have any other example off the top of my head that the turtle one was the only one that
[01:21:23.280 –> 01:21:28.160] sticking right in my brain. But it just feels like a lot of the game is tied together so that
[01:21:28.160 –> 01:21:35.120] they want you to do everything at a similar sort of rate. Yeah. And that’s clearly a choice, right?
[01:21:35.120 –> 01:21:41.760] That’s fine. But it’s not my preference. And I guess I didn’t mind it because I kind of enjoyed
[01:21:42.560 –> 01:21:45.840] like my ADHD is like, okay, I’m bored of this. I need to do something else.
[01:21:46.240 –> 01:21:54.960] So I personally did not mind having too much or, you know, too many options would be like, okay,
[01:21:54.960 –> 01:22:00.080] I’ve been diving for a few days now and I’m super bored. I’m gonna go forage for, you know,
[01:22:00.080 –> 01:22:05.440] critters today or, you know, check out the forest. Clearly ADHD does very different things to us
[01:22:05.440 –> 01:22:10.960] because I’m going to hyper focus until I’m done on one of those things. So it’s like, oh, no,
[01:22:11.360 –> 01:22:16.640] I am finishing the mine. You know, I’m not going to do anything. Like I’ll have some crops and I’ll
[01:22:16.640 –> 01:22:20.640] water them every day and I’ll have some animals and I’ll feed them and harvest them every day.
[01:22:20.640 –> 01:22:26.000] And I’ll have some of the once I’ve decided I am doing the mine, I’m doing the mine.
[01:22:26.000 –> 01:22:32.480] Like I’m finishing the mine. Like I think I had gotten to the end of the third mine when I was
[01:22:33.360 –> 01:22:37.760] like mid-summer year one. Like I got through that so quickly.
[01:22:40.080 –> 01:22:43.120] And then I went on to the diving and I was like, I am going to get through this.
[01:22:43.120 –> 01:22:46.560] I’m just going to do everything. And that’s when I hit that roadblock and it really,
[01:22:47.360 –> 01:22:56.480] really stuck in my brain as frustrating. But yeah, I mean, it’s like I can’t say it’s bad,
[01:22:56.480 –> 01:23:01.600] right? It is a choice as with so many of these things and it’s not my preference.
[01:23:01.600 –> 01:23:05.280] I would prefer being able to do things more independently from each other.
[01:23:06.400 –> 01:23:12.720] And who knows, maybe one day you will be, I don’t know. Not in this game.
[01:23:12.720 –> 01:23:14.240] I don’t think I’m changing.
[01:23:18.240 –> 01:23:22.000] But I guess that’s the beauty with different mines and whatever.
[01:23:24.320 –> 01:23:28.080] So we talked a bit about some of the stories. So we talked about how there’s a mining story
[01:23:28.080 –> 01:23:34.400] with giants. There’s a diving story with mermaids. It’s kind of an overall story with
[01:23:35.440 –> 01:23:42.720] the harvest goddess and the nations and stuff like that. I think that’s all of the big stories.
[01:23:42.720 –> 01:23:48.720] And then there’s just kind of like the people stories, right? Where you get to know them.
[01:23:48.720 –> 01:23:52.720] And we probably wouldn’t focus too much on that, even if I had done a lot of it,
[01:23:52.720 –> 01:23:56.000] but I haven’t done any of it and you haven’t really done any of it.
[01:23:56.000 –> 01:24:01.360] Is there anything you want to talk about with regards to how they work, I guess, then with
[01:24:01.920 –> 01:24:07.440] the people and I guess the festivals, which I don’t know about you. Okay, let’s talk about
[01:24:07.440 –> 01:24:13.600] festivals first because so there’s a bunch of them that aren’t unlocked yet, which is fine.
[01:24:14.400 –> 01:24:22.640] But let me tell you, I can hardly find the festivals. It was really hard to find where they
[01:24:22.640 –> 01:24:28.720] were. Yeah, I had to Google one because I didn’t actually tell you in the letter,
[01:24:28.720 –> 01:24:34.320] like where to go. And the maps, well, I guess the maps do kind of like outline like, okay,
[01:24:34.320 –> 01:24:40.640] this is the town and this is like the forest or whatever. But yeah, they do. They put it on the
[01:24:40.640 –> 01:24:44.560] map. They put where the location is on the map. But there’s so much on the map that it’s hard to
[01:24:44.560 –> 01:24:48.880] figure out what it is. And you don’t know what icon you’re looking for. So you’re like, I know
[01:24:48.880 –> 01:24:53.680] it’s on the map, but I can’t find it. So like, I actually missed the first festival because I
[01:24:53.680 –> 01:25:04.080] couldn’t figure out where it was and the time would run out. So they need, I think they need
[01:25:04.080 –> 01:25:10.240] to make that a bit better. For one of them, I got a thing that said with a letter in the mail that
[01:25:10.240 –> 01:25:14.480] said what it was going to be, but that was only one of them that did that. So I don’t know whether
[01:25:14.480 –> 01:25:20.080] that’s missing and they’re just going to add that later on. But yeah, I think they need to sort that
[01:25:20.080 –> 01:25:26.080] out. Agreed. Yeah, it was definitely not very clear. I shouldn’t have to go to a wiki article
[01:25:26.080 –> 01:25:32.000] to find out where the festivals are. Definitely not. Like if you literally walk around the entire
[01:25:32.000 –> 01:25:36.560] map, you will eventually find it. Eventually. Except the New Year’s one where you have to
[01:25:37.520 –> 01:25:42.400] actually press A on a table. Like most of them are like, oh, you’re entering this area. Would
[01:25:42.400 –> 01:25:47.200] you like to start the festival? The New Year’s one was like you had to walk up to a table and
[01:25:47.200 –> 01:25:53.040] press A. So I definitely had to Google that one. I could not figure out that one.
[01:25:55.680 –> 01:25:59.440] The other thing is the calendar. You can only view the current season.
[01:26:01.440 –> 01:26:08.000] So you can’t scroll through the seasons to find out when like the next thing is going to be like,
[01:26:08.240 –> 01:26:11.920] what’s happening in summer? Don’t know. We’ll find out in summer, I guess.
[01:26:12.480 –> 01:26:16.640] Yeah. Oh, yeah. Stardew is like that. So I guess that’s not a feature that I’ve ever looked for.
[01:26:16.640 –> 01:26:18.560] Can you not scroll through the calendar in Stardew?
[01:26:18.560 –> 01:26:21.360] Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t. I don’t think I ever have.
[01:26:21.360 –> 01:26:22.560] I think you can. I think you can.
[01:26:22.560 –> 01:26:26.320] Well, wow. OK. Otherwise, how do you know when people’s,
[01:26:26.320 –> 01:26:29.760] how do you know when someone’s birthday is without being in that season?
[01:26:29.760 –> 01:26:37.680] I go to the wiki. Or it tells you like maybe on their profile page now that they’ve added that.
[01:26:38.880 –> 01:26:43.840] There’s like a little profile page that they have. So I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t.
[01:26:43.840 –> 01:26:48.080] I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty sure in Stardew you can scroll through the seasons to find
[01:26:48.080 –> 01:26:52.800] out what’s coming up. OK, maybe that’s just something I never knew. And I also
[01:26:52.800 –> 01:26:56.080] don’t really care as much about the birthdays. I’ve missed like every village.
[01:26:56.080 –> 01:26:59.600] Oh, it wasn’t. It wasn’t the birth. It wasn’t the birthdays I cared about. It was about knowing
[01:26:59.600 –> 01:27:03.120] about the like I’m when I missed the festival. I was like, right. I should keep on top of this
[01:27:03.120 –> 01:27:09.040] then. When’s the next one? Oh, I don’t know. I can’t find out without going on the way on
[01:27:09.040 –> 01:27:18.960] the wiki or waiting until summer. What else was there in festivals? They’re fine. I feel like
[01:27:18.960 –> 01:27:22.880] they’re just kind of we’re just waiting on the rest of them being implemented, right? Like
[01:27:22.880 –> 01:27:27.040] they’re kind of fun. The tree planting festival was fun. Have you done the tree planting festival?
[01:27:27.040 –> 01:27:32.960] Yes, I don’t know. I loved all of them so far, like the tree planting, like the beach cleanup,
[01:27:33.520 –> 01:27:39.520] the tree planting one. I don’t know. I just I feel like it just falls into like the environmental,
[01:27:39.520 –> 01:27:45.760] like environmentalist story niche that they’re going for. And I immensely enjoy that storyline.
[01:27:45.760 –> 01:27:52.000] So I I felt really good about, I think, doing that event. Like I it makes a lot of sense for
[01:27:52.000 –> 01:27:56.240] the community to come together and do those things, whereas like, yeah, like the stardew
[01:27:56.240 –> 01:28:01.680] ones are just kind of like there sometimes. Like, why? Why does this? Yeah, I think why
[01:28:01.680 –> 01:28:05.760] especially like about it is the so if you do I haven’t actually done this yet because I’ve only
[01:28:05.760 –> 01:28:10.720] done one year. But like if you go to the tree planting festival the second year, it’s progressed
[01:28:10.720 –> 01:28:15.440] and you’re doing different things to revitalize this forest, right? So like you actually see the
[01:28:15.440 –> 01:28:22.320] progression of revitalizing the forest. It’s not just one undone. Oh, it doesn’t really matter. And
[01:28:22.320 –> 01:28:27.040] you do the exact same thing next year, which is good fun. I like that you’ve done it so you can
[01:28:27.040 –> 01:28:32.640] confirm that they do that in the game or and I have people on steam have said that’s how it
[01:28:32.640 –> 01:28:37.200] happens. Okay, good. Because I know they talked about it in the game. But I wasn’t actually sure
[01:28:37.200 –> 01:28:42.800] if that’s something you can actually say. I believe when you get to year four, the tree
[01:28:42.800 –> 01:28:47.920] planting festivals finished because you’ve you’ve done you’ve revitalized the forest. So I think
[01:28:47.920 –> 01:28:53.600] that’s really good. Like I really like the idea of actually progressing things. Yeah. Like that,
[01:28:53.600 –> 01:28:59.840] which is fun. Okay. Okay. I love, love, love that. Okay, I’m very excited. And that feels like much
[01:28:59.840 –> 01:29:04.800] more of a reason to continue playing the game as opposed to like, yeah, just doing it to grind out
[01:29:04.800 –> 01:29:10.960] all the steam or whatever. Definitely, definitely. Um, people, do you care about people?
[01:29:10.960 –> 01:29:19.600] Yes and no. Like a lot of the dialogue is recycled. I feel like not not as like there’s
[01:29:19.600 –> 01:29:24.000] more dialogue options, I think than research story. Like there’s they’ve done more content
[01:29:24.000 –> 01:29:30.160] development for that. But they’re they’re not fully fledged characters yet. I feel like
[01:29:30.720 –> 01:29:38.240] and it’s often confusing to remember the family dynamics. Like who’s related to who.
[01:29:39.200 –> 01:29:43.760] And I haven’t done many cutscenes because it just hasn’t been a focus for me was developing
[01:29:43.760 –> 01:29:51.360] the friendship. So I feel like I can’t really comment on that yet. But I am excited to get to
[01:29:51.360 –> 01:29:57.440] know each of these characters more because I love the diversity. And I love the design of all these
[01:29:57.440 –> 01:30:03.520] characters. I haven’t seen the changes of like clothing yet like they advertise. So I don’t is
[01:30:03.520 –> 01:30:07.520] that so in the summer I have I have no so they’ve definitely done some of them. So I’ve noticed that
[01:30:07.520 –> 01:30:11.760] they when they’re on the beach, they change into their their their beach clothes and stuff like
[01:30:11.760 –> 01:30:19.040] that. And I agree with you on I think everything you’ve said, the designs are great. I think the
[01:30:19.680 –> 01:30:25.280] the level of diversity is really good. There’s like lots of different both ethnicities and
[01:30:28.000 –> 01:30:35.520] genders and body types that it feels very inclusive. But not it doesn’t like it and
[01:30:35.520 –> 01:30:40.000] I think this is just a perfect example of how you can do it. While it not feeling forced,
[01:30:40.000 –> 01:30:44.000] like you’re not going around going like, Oh, why on earth is that person like it just feels like
[01:30:44.000 –> 01:30:51.120] a group of people that happens. It just happens to be a diverse place. Yep. Which is really good.
[01:30:51.680 –> 01:30:56.800] And I can’t remember whether this was an issue. I feel like this was when we initially got the
[01:30:56.800 –> 01:31:01.040] Kickstarter. They had the diversity in terms of like ethnicities and genders and stuff,
[01:31:01.040 –> 01:31:05.920] but they didn’t have it in terms of body types. And that was something that we noticed at that
[01:31:05.920 –> 01:31:10.640] point. But they have done that now, like a lot of the characters are kind of not your like
[01:31:10.640 –> 01:31:17.760] traditional, you know, like skinny people type thing, right? Like, there’s more variety in that.
[01:31:17.760 –> 01:31:23.840] And it’s, they don’t, and not just that, there’s like, you know, there’s a, there’s a,
[01:31:24.640 –> 01:31:29.120] there’s like a bodybuilder. And so like, they obviously have a different body type. But
[01:31:29.360 –> 01:31:34.320] there’s loads of variety in that, that feels really nice. Like, I feel like everybody is,
[01:31:35.120 –> 01:31:39.360] I guess the only thing is like, they don’t really have any physically disabled people that I’ve
[01:31:39.360 –> 01:31:44.080] noticed. That’s the only the only kind of thing that I’m like, is clearly missing.
[01:31:45.840 –> 01:31:50.160] Everything else, like, I feel like most people are going to be feel represented there.
[01:31:51.280 –> 01:31:55.440] I feel like most, I feel like the men could be a little bit more diverse in terms of body type,
[01:31:55.760 –> 01:31:58.400] so there’s so many of them that have like, abs, like ridiculous abs.
[01:31:59.200 –> 01:32:04.960] That’s true. That’s true. But there is, it’s not, they aren’t all like, there are some,
[01:32:04.960 –> 01:32:10.560] some, what would be the best word for this? Larger, larger body type, shall we say.
[01:32:12.400 –> 01:32:17.280] But yeah, like, why is the researcher beefy? Good question. I feel like you should maybe be
[01:32:17.280 –> 01:32:22.320] a bit skinnier. I do live on an island, like a beach island, so it may be.
[01:32:22.320 –> 01:32:24.880] Yeah, but that doesn’t mean, that doesn’t automatically make you ripped.
[01:32:25.600 –> 01:32:29.040] You have to stop it in the work. And how does a researcher have the time?
[01:32:31.680 –> 01:32:35.440] I would argue it’s not so much like, it’s more so the culture of like,
[01:32:35.440 –> 01:32:39.840] wanting to have a beach spot, I suppose, as like, I don’t know, whatever, like that,
[01:32:39.840 –> 01:32:47.040] you see that a lot in Florida. But two points before I forget. Goodness, I think I already
[01:32:47.040 –> 01:32:54.480] forgot them. I, when I mentioned like, I haven’t seen the changes in the outfits.
[01:32:54.480 –> 01:32:58.800] I have seen the changes in the beach outfits, but I was under the impression that they had
[01:32:58.800 –> 01:33:02.080] seasonal variety of the like, day to day clothes that they wore.
[01:33:03.440 –> 01:33:05.840] I haven’t really been paying attention to that, I’ll be honest with you.
[01:33:05.840 –> 01:33:10.880] Okay, because I haven’t seen that. I could have sworn I saw that in, like an update,
[01:33:11.440 –> 01:33:12.880] like post. Yeah.
[01:33:12.880 –> 01:33:16.720] Or maybe, maybe they were alluding to it, that it’s going to come out. So maybe in the summer
[01:33:16.800 –> 01:33:21.520] update. Yeah, so the summer, the summer update has the summer outfit.
[01:33:21.520 –> 01:33:26.000] Okay, okay. The fall, the fall update has the fall outfit and the winter update has the winter
[01:33:26.000 –> 01:33:32.720] outfit. So you’re going to get, we currently just have the spring and bathing suit outfits for them.
[01:33:32.720 –> 01:33:39.360] Okay, makes sense. And I guess my, my other point that I just remembered is that the diversity is
[01:33:39.360 –> 01:33:45.040] also in the families themselves, which I appreciate. It’s not just the ethnicities
[01:33:45.040 –> 01:33:49.600] that we’re seeing in the races and stuff. But it’s also in the finite, like family dynamics.
[01:33:50.320 –> 01:33:57.040] I don’t think there’s any queer parents, like, like, two dads or two moms that I can,
[01:33:57.040 –> 01:34:01.520] I don’t, I could not tell you, because I would have to put in more effort there
[01:34:01.520 –> 01:34:07.280] to actually pay attention. Like, I wish I would see that. But other than that, like,
[01:34:07.280 –> 01:34:12.320] I presumably you just mean in terms of parents, though, they’re like, yeah, I’ve not paid
[01:34:12.320 –> 01:34:17.680] attention to people’s sexual orientations. But I’m pretty sure there are definitely some queer
[01:34:17.680 –> 01:34:23.200] coded people in this game. Oh, yeah. I mean, the fact that you date anyone means that it’s,
[01:34:23.200 –> 01:34:27.120] you know, acceptable and is a part of the society or whatever. Yes. Like there’s no homophobia,
[01:34:27.120 –> 01:34:33.280] obviously. But I don’t see any of that representation in, in the NPCs in the families.
[01:34:33.280 –> 01:34:36.880] Yeah, that’s fair. That’s fair. Yeah. I hadn’t noticed that because I’ve not paid attention to
[01:34:36.880 –> 01:34:43.200] who’s who other than the pressure, there’s a set of twins. Because they look almost identical.
[01:34:43.200 –> 01:34:47.600] Other than that, I haven’t paid attention to any other any other characters and who they are
[01:34:47.600 –> 01:34:53.600] related to. I just, I don’t care. At this point. I will put in that effort at some point,
[01:34:53.600 –> 01:34:57.840] but I’m not putting in this early on in, in an early access.
[01:34:58.800 –> 01:35:08.320] Fine. Yeah, those, those were, I think, my two points that I appreciated for the NPCs.
[01:35:08.320 –> 01:35:13.600] Yep. Yep. No, that’s fair. Hopefully, we’ll have more to discuss about that in a future episode.
[01:35:13.600 –> 01:35:14.320] I’m sure we will.
[01:35:14.320 –> 01:35:20.400] Once it hits 1.0. Hopefully, I will care about people at some point. No promises.
[01:35:20.400 –> 01:35:21.600] Will you? Will you?
[01:35:22.160 –> 01:35:27.120] Ah, look, I mean, I got I got really into some relationships and stardew.
[01:35:27.120 –> 01:35:37.520] Right, like the Linus relationship was incredible. I really cared about Leah, and Haley. I didn’t.
[01:35:38.320 –> 01:35:44.480] I was intrigued by Pam and sad about her. But that’s about most of the most of the people I
[01:35:44.480 –> 01:35:48.720] didn’t care about. But yeah, I’m looking for someone right like give me someone to care about.
[01:35:49.600 –> 01:35:54.240] But I need to actually put in the effort to like pay attention to the fact that people exist
[01:35:54.800 –> 01:35:58.880] before that happens. It’s not all of their fault. It’s mostly my fault.
[01:35:59.760 –> 01:36:02.320] And once I actually put in some effort, maybe there was some stuff there.
[01:36:03.760 –> 01:36:04.160] We’ll see.
[01:36:05.760 –> 01:36:09.840] Any other thoughts about mechanics things? I think we’ve covered the kind of general things.
[01:36:11.680 –> 01:36:13.520] Anything you think we’ve missed?
[01:36:13.520 –> 01:36:21.840] No, I feel like we covered the general state of where the game is at currently.
[01:36:22.400 –> 01:36:26.240] All right, conclude it then. What do you think about this game? Do you recommend it?
[01:36:26.240 –> 01:36:34.800] Yes. Even in this early access game, I feel like if you enjoyed stardew, I almost feel like I don’t
[01:36:34.800 –> 01:36:40.160] want to go back to stardew after seeing this game because I prefer these graphics. There’s so many
[01:36:40.240 –> 01:36:48.080] quality of life improvements in here. And I just really love the story and the vibe of this place.
[01:36:48.960 –> 01:36:56.400] So I’m just extremely enjoying it so far. And I haven’t delved into it since I put it down.
[01:36:57.120 –> 01:37:01.200] But I will definitely get back into it with the update because I felt like I hit a point where
[01:37:01.200 –> 01:37:07.520] I did most of the things and I was entering. Have you played since the spring update?
[01:37:07.760 –> 01:37:14.880] Uh, oh, yeah. Mm hmm. But I am counting down to that that summer update.
[01:37:16.000 –> 01:37:20.880] Yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely wait at this point. It’s only a week and a half away.
[01:37:20.880 –> 01:37:22.160] Definitely wait for that.
[01:37:22.160 –> 01:37:26.960] Uh huh. Uh huh. So yeah, I think I’ll put it down for now. So I’m not like getting
[01:37:26.960 –> 01:37:32.080] bored of, you know, doing the same thing over without having very clear goals of what I want
[01:37:32.080 –> 01:37:36.720] to do. But I am extremely excited to see what comes next.
[01:37:37.280 –> 01:37:45.680] Cool. Um, I would say I have enjoyed my time. Very much. And I, I’m definitely going to
[01:37:45.680 –> 01:37:51.600] close the game and not play it for a while. I suspect I’m not going to play it to the 1.0 update.
[01:37:53.520 –> 01:38:00.160] I don’t think that so I’m trying to think who should play this game at this point. I think
[01:38:00.160 –> 01:38:04.800] if you like Stardew Valley, right? If you like Stardew Valley, and you want something that
[01:38:04.880 –> 01:38:10.800] looks nicer. This is definitely the game for you. Yes. But I don’t think you should play it yet.
[01:38:11.840 –> 01:38:17.200] Okay. Some people will. It’s definitely a fun game. But I think that unless you are the most
[01:38:17.200 –> 01:38:23.680] casual of player, you’re unlikely to, there’s going to be something that frustrates you that
[01:38:23.680 –> 01:38:27.920] isn’t available, I think. And if you’re the casualist of casual play, and you just want
[01:38:27.920 –> 01:38:32.560] something to play a little bit, and you don’t really care about how quickly you do progression,
[01:38:32.560 –> 01:38:35.920] and it’s like, it will just happen. And you’re fine with not getting through everything for
[01:38:35.920 –> 01:38:41.360] the next two years. Then then go for it. Absolutely. This is a good game. This is
[01:38:41.360 –> 01:38:47.680] this is actively a good game. I really, I trust that this once it’s released, is going to be
[01:38:47.680 –> 01:38:54.960] amazing. Yeah. Because it is really good quality. It is not buggy. It is not,
[01:38:55.680 –> 01:39:01.360] you know, everything is really well done. I just I don’t want to play it anymore with the missing
[01:39:01.360 –> 01:39:08.240] content. Yeah. Which, which makes sense. I would agree with that. I feel like I’m a vet, like,
[01:39:08.240 –> 01:39:13.600] casual player, and my ADHD allows me to do different things and come back to it and still,
[01:39:13.600 –> 01:39:19.520] like, be happy with it in its current stage and feel comfortable with coming back to it later,
[01:39:19.520 –> 01:39:26.160] knowing that there’ll be more to it later. Mm hmm. Awesome. I can’t believe like it’s
[01:39:26.160 –> 01:39:29.680] just as a side note, it’s been really fun to like, get stuck into a game like that. Like,
[01:39:30.640 –> 01:39:34.160] I haven’t played 25 hours of a game in a week in a long time.
[01:39:35.680 –> 01:39:41.040] It might help that I was, like, obsessed with Stardew coming into this game. Like I had reached,
[01:39:41.040 –> 01:39:47.280] yes, I’ve experienced the 1.5 content, finally, and was feeling at a place where like, okay,
[01:39:47.280 –> 01:39:51.520] I’m starting to get a little tired of playing this. I want something new. And then I found
[01:39:51.520 –> 01:39:57.200] this and was like, this is still scratching that Stardew itch. But it’s new and it’s different.
[01:39:57.200 –> 01:40:03.040] Yeah. So it was kind of making it’s kind of making me want to go back to Stardew.
[01:40:05.040 –> 01:40:06.800] Go back. You got to do the 1.5 update.
[01:40:08.960 –> 01:40:13.440] Awesome. Well, thank you for joining me. Where can people find you on the internet?
[01:40:13.440 –> 01:40:22.960] I’m pretty much everywhere at Bev Granger 711. That’s B-E-V-G-R-A-N-G-E-R 711. So feel free to
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[01:41:51.680 –> 01:41:56.800] And there will be another one coming soon as well. If I get if I get my stuff together,
[01:41:56.800 –> 01:42:02.880] then hopefully in a week. But no promises. No promises. That’s the title of the episode.
[01:42:03.200 –> 01:42:09.280] No promises. Never any promises. I think that’s everything. Thank you,
[01:42:09.280 –> 01:42:12.720] Bev, again for joining me. Thank you. This was fun. This was good.
[01:42:12.720 –> 01:42:17.280] Thank you, listeners, for listening. And until next time, have a good harvest.
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[01:42:58.480 –> 01:43:01.200] we were certainly dancing on the line there.