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[00:00.000 –> 00:01.600] See you next time.
[00:31.000 –> 00:37.000] Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of The Harvest Season. My name is Al.
[00:37.000 –> 00:39.000] And I’m Micah.
[00:39.000 –> 00:45.000] And we’re here today to talk about cottagecore games. Have you been on a podcast since we changed that introduction?
[00:45.000 –> 00:47.000] I have not.
[00:47.000 –> 00:50.000] There you go then. It’s now Cottagecore Games, not Farming Games.
[00:50.000 –> 00:53.000] Okay. Alright. I mean that makes sense.
[00:53.000 –> 00:56.000] It does. It does. Once people actually know what the term means.
[00:56.000 –> 00:58.000] Yeah.
[00:58.000 –> 01:05.000] But yeah it felt like I was too often just saying like it’s not a farming game but we’re going to cover it anyway because it feels like a farming game.
[01:05.000 –> 01:07.000] That’s true. You’re right.
[01:07.000 –> 01:09.000] And so we’re like why don’t we just say what it actually is.
[01:09.000 –> 01:11.000] Yep. That makes sense.
[01:11.000 –> 01:15.000] So yeah. Welcome Micah. How you doing? It’s been a while since we’ve had you on the podcast.
[01:15.000 –> 01:28.000] I’m doing good. Just busy. Lots of work. So I’m tired a lot but you know it’s plenty of time to wind down.
[01:28.000 –> 01:36.000] All my time winding down from work is spent playing games. Can’t complain too much.
[01:36.000 –> 01:43.000] That’s good. That’s good. Awesome. Well I’ve got Micah on because I finally bought Little Dragon’s Cafe on the eShop sale.
[01:43.000 –> 01:51.000] And I was like let’s schedule an episode to actually talk about it because I think it was like four years ago or something you first mentioned it.
[01:51.000 –> 01:54.000] And I was like oh yeah we’ll get to that eventually.
[01:54.000 –> 02:00.000] Yeah it was quite a while ago. I think maybe 2019. Maybe even before then.
[02:00.000 –> 02:02.000] That’s a whole different world.
[02:02.000 –> 02:26.000] It is. It’s a different time. But when you said that you messaged me and said that you bought it and wanted to do an episode about it I was very excited because I was singing that game’s praises for the whole year that I was obsessed with it and I felt like nobody cared.
[02:26.000 –> 02:32.000] Yeah. Yeah. It’s just there’s so many games you know. It’s true. Get to them all eventually. Yeah.
[02:32.000 –> 02:39.000] Anyway so we’re going to talk about that. Obviously beforehand we’ve got a bunch of news. But first of all Micah what have you been up to?
[02:39.000 –> 02:48.000] Zelda. Just Zelda. That’s pretty much it. There is in fact they have released a new Zelda game.
[02:48.000 –> 02:57.000] Wow. That’s pretty much. I’ve been playing a little bit of Pokemon Infinite Fusion. I don’t know if you know what that is. What on earth is that?
[02:57.000 –> 03:21.000] It is a Pokemon fan game that is essentially Kanto and Johto. But they have DNA splicer items where you can fuse any two Pokemon and there are well beyond Gen 2 Pokemon in the game.
[03:21.000 –> 03:39.000] So I think there’s somewhere around like 175,000 combinations you can make. And it’s all like custom sprite work. They have a huge community that’s done like a huge community of like sprite artists and stuff that have done custom sprites.
[03:39.000 –> 03:55.000] So that every fusion is like and it’s not just like you know AI generated like combination of two pixel illustration. It’s actual like handmade pixel art for each combo which is pretty incredible.
[03:55.000 –> 04:07.000] And it plays really well. It’s like surprisingly well made. But you know it’s just kind of fun to goof around in. I’ve been playing a little bit of that.
[04:07.000 –> 04:12.000] Is it a ROM hack or is it like a completely fresh thing?
[04:13.000 –> 04:40.000] It’s made in I think it’s Pixel Game Maker Studio. So it’s not like a ROM hack of like Emerald or something like that. It’s very interesting. It’s incredible what like a community of Pokemon fans can do when they’re not like really upset about something.
[04:40.000 –> 04:44.000] And instead just like banding together to make something cool.
[04:44.000 –> 04:53.000] Yeah. I love this. This is great. This is the sort of thing that like I mean obviously this is I’m surprised it hasn’t been like taken down at any point.
[04:53.000 –> 05:02.000] But yeah this is the sort of thing. This is why copyright is stupid. Let people go crazy with this stuff. This is ridiculous fun. I love it.
[05:02.000 –> 05:15.000] Yes. 100 percent. Yeah I am a little surprised too. I don’t know though I feel like typically they leave like ROM hacks alone at this point.
[05:15.000 –> 05:23.000] Or like quote unquote ROM hacks you know. This isn’t really a ROM hack but who knows. Who knows what goes through the mind of…
[05:23.000 –> 05:29.000] Well that’s the thing. You don’t know what they’re actually thinking because like sometimes they don’t touch things and then sometimes they’ll touch the weirdest of things.
[05:29.000 –> 05:35.000] You’re like why on earth would you do that. Maybe it’s just not got enough publicity. It looks like it’s been going around since 2015.
[05:35.000 –> 05:46.000] Yeah and it just recently has started to like pick up steam a little bit and get a lot more coverage on like YouTube TikTok stuff like that.
[05:47.000 –> 05:56.000] Oh my word there’s a poly wag and kanga scan fusion which like it’s not just this is what you mean about like the custom stuff.
[05:56.000 –> 06:06.000] Like it’s not just like a blue kanga scan or something but it’s like a poly wag as a kanga scan with a poly wag inside like a bubble stomach.
[06:06.000 –> 06:10.000] Like it is amazing. I love it. It’s great.
[06:10.000 –> 06:16.000] Yeah it’s really creative and interesting and like the all the sprite work is really well done.
[06:16.000 –> 06:33.000] They added even though it’s you know like Kanto and Johto and you know pixel sprites and stuff it’s it’s they added Mimikyu and all of the Mimikyu fusions are just kind of unhinged and I love it.
[06:33.000 –> 06:37.000] Oh my word I feel like this is dangerous to know.
[06:38.000 –> 06:45.000] It’s pretty fun. It’s a big I will say it’s a big download because the you well there’s two options.
[06:45.000 –> 06:50.000] You can either download the game and then have the game download the sprites as it needs them.
[06:50.000 –> 06:53.000] Two gigabytes for the the preloaded one.
[06:53.000 –> 07:03.000] Yes and then there is there is the preloaded one which has all of the sprites and it installs they like puts it all in the game immediately so that you don’t have to download anything.
[07:04.000 –> 07:07.000] I’m definitely not googling how to put this on my Steam Deck.
[07:09.000 –> 07:12.000] That’s funny you say that. That’s what I am playing it on so.
[07:12.000 –> 07:17.000] Nice. I presume it’s just a Windows build that you just run through the Steam Deck stuff.
[07:17.000 –> 07:28.000] It works. This is the thing like I know I don’t know about you I really love the Steam Deck and I think that Valve have done a really good job of integrating the Windows stuff with it as well.
[07:28.000 –> 07:34.000] Like the fact that so many games just work out the box just a Windows build just running on Linux is just incredible.
[07:34.000 –> 07:50.000] Because like I was I was for a long time a Linux user like that was just it was just a thing that I did right like I didn’t run Windows or Mac for like 15 years like that was just my until I decided you know what life is life is too short.
[07:50.000 –> 08:01.000] And yeah games on Linux was just horrific even using something like Wine or whatever to actually run these things because they just never worked well.
[08:01.000 –> 08:09.000] Whereas like I’ve run like 10 different completely different Windows games on the Steam Deck with no issues at all which is incredible.
[08:09.000 –> 08:21.000] Yeah it’s great. It’s such a night. My brother was just texting me last night asking me what I thought about the Steam Deck and I was sending him paragraphs about how much I like.
[08:21.000 –> 08:41.000] Yeah it’s it’s really great that they’ve made it so I mean I’ve never touched Linux before this either so I’ve always been afraid of Linux but it’s it’s so easy to just like it’s literally a power down option like it’s an it’s an option to just switch into the desktop mode.
[08:41.000 –> 08:50.000] Yeah. And then just it’s it’s such an easy and accessible thing it’s like really hard to add non-Steam stuff to it.
[08:50.000 –> 08:59.000] Yeah I think I think it’s one of these things where like using a switch is still easier right like the way to get it is just 100% easy.
[08:59.000 –> 09:11.000] But the customizability like if you are able to do that sort of thing it is it is still so much easier than doing things in any other way.
[09:11.000 –> 09:20.000] And if you have any patience for doing custom stuff it’s it’s great and the amount of different stuff you can do is fantastic.
[09:20.000 –> 09:31.000] So like I think for the casual person like something like a switch is still going to be better for you but if you have like any customizable bone in your body the Steam Deck is just amazing.
[09:31.000 –> 09:43.000] Yeah yeah it’s uh it’s really great. I definitely still you’re right like I primarily am using the Switch but if there’s something that I can’t play on the Switch I move to the Steam Deck for it.
[09:43.000 –> 09:52.000] I think I’m at the point where if it’s if it’s on Steam unless it’s cheaper on the Switch I will generally buy on Steam now and play on my Steam Deck.
[09:52.000 –> 10:01.000] Not least because it’s actually more it’s more ergonomic to hold like it’s kind of destroyed the Joy-Cons for me.
[10:01.000 –> 10:08.000] And especially if I’m getting like Kickstarters and stuff they all come on Steam first so I’m obviously getting the Steam code.
[10:08.000 –> 10:13.000] But yeah if it’s if it’s a Switch only game or if it’s cheaper on the Switch then of course I’m getting on the Switch.
[10:13.000 –> 10:21.000] I’m not going to say I’m not going to play that right because the Switch is still really fun to play on and you know I wouldn’t not play Zelda just because it’s on the Switch.
[10:21.000 –> 10:25.000] Like that’s a really stupid way to do things but you know.
[10:25.000 –> 10:36.000] Yeah I yeah it’s I even in the situation that I’m that I’m in where if I if it’s not on the Switch I’m playing it on the Steam Deck and if it’s on the Switch I’m playing it on the Switch.
[10:36.000 –> 10:49.000] The amount of things that are on Steam that like like if it’s a you know it’s it’s only on like my console options are Switch PS or PS5 or like Xbox or whatever.
[10:49.000 –> 10:57.000] Typically it’s also on Steam so yeah it’s you know it’s nice to be able to move over have everything handheld.
[10:57.000 –> 11:01.000] I am not going to lie my PS5 is a Spider-Man console.
[11:01.000 –> 11:07.000] That is what that is what I bought it for and that is what is going to remain till the day it dies.
[11:07.000 –> 11:10.000] But we’re about to get the Wii U gamepad for it so.
[11:10.000 –> 11:15.000] I know well yeah and that’s actually really interesting like it’s obviously going to be stupidly expensive.
[11:15.000 –> 11:16.000] Of course.
[11:16.000 –> 11:27.000] And it only like streams from your PS5 but personally that’s what I’m looking for right because like getting the power of a PS5 in the palm of my hands to use a Spider-Man quote.
[11:27.000 –> 11:35.000] Sorry I watched Spider-Man the other day what can I say.
[11:35.000 –> 11:40.000] The new Spider-Man film fantastic very good go watch it.
[11:40.000 –> 11:42.000] What was I saying?
[11:42.000 –> 11:47.000] Yes being able to play PS5 games without having the TV on that’s that’s what I want.
[11:47.000 –> 11:51.000] I don’t actually play games out the house like it’s just not I work from home.
[11:51.000 –> 11:56.000] I obviously live from home like if I’m going out it’s because I’m going out to do something.
[11:56.000 –> 12:00.000] I’m not going out to do something and then playing games there right come on that’s not what I’m right.
[12:00.000 –> 12:05.000] So if I’m playing it’s in my house either in my office when I’m definitely working I’m not playing games.
[12:05.000 –> 12:11.000] Or you know in the living room in the evening when the kids are in bed and we want to watch something on the TV.
[12:11.000 –> 12:14.000] I don’t want to make my wife watch what I’m playing on the TV.
[12:14.000 –> 12:21.000] So the idea of being able to use my PS5 for games that are really good like I’m considering for example getting Sonic Frontiers.
[12:21.000 –> 12:28.000] Which is on the Switch but is it really on the Switch like it’s there but it’s not going to run really well.
[12:28.000 –> 12:33.000] Like so being able to get the power of the PS5 for that game but still have a handheld.
[12:33.000 –> 12:43.000] As someone who bought and played Sonic Frontiers on the Switch I can tell you first hand to hit it on something else.
[12:43.000 –> 12:54.000] It’s not great. It’s got that we did whatever we could to get this to run on the Switch kind of feel to it.
[12:54.000 –> 13:03.000] Where it’s like everything is really blurry. Everything feels like you know it’s moving in a dream.
[13:03.000 –> 13:09.000] The thing is I think that the new Zelda shows you can get games running well on the Switch.
[13:09.000 –> 13:13.000] Although it’s not perfect there are obviously still some issues right. There’s still some slowdowns.
[13:13.000 –> 13:20.000] But I think it shows that you can given enough time and enough effort and enough money.
[13:20.000 –> 13:22.000] You need all those three things.
[13:22.000 –> 13:26.000] You can get a game that big running really well on the Switch.
[13:26.000 –> 13:32.000] But I mean one thing about Tears of the Kingdom is there’s not actually a lot happening in most of the time.
[13:32.000 –> 13:39.000] Like if you look at something like Sonic or you look at something like Pokemon there are lots of things around you all the time.
[13:39.000 –> 13:44.000] But actually in Zelda there’s not a huge amount around you all the time.
[13:44.000 –> 13:51.000] And like I know that the way that it works technically with like things far away is they’re not modeling things at that point.
[13:51.000 –> 13:55.000] They just throw up a few pixels to make it look like there’s something there.
[13:55.000 –> 14:04.000] And then you can look through the camera thing. The zoomie magnifying for far away.
[14:04.000 –> 14:06.000] The binoculars.
[14:06.000 –> 14:09.000] There you go that’s a word. I don’t know what they call it in game but anyway.
[14:09.000 –> 14:11.000] Yeah I don’t know what they call it in game.
[14:11.000 –> 14:12.000] You know what I mean now that’s fine.
[14:12.000 –> 14:14.000] The zoom. The camera zoom feature.
[14:14.000 –> 14:17.000] Yeah and then it actually starts modeling things for that small area.
[14:17.000 –> 14:24.000] But that doesn’t work for most games because you have more detailed things that you need to be seeing off in the distance.
[14:24.000 –> 14:28.000] And they just don’t have a lot of complicated stuff in the distance.
[14:28.000 –> 14:32.000] Right there’s like the dragons is probably the most complicated thing you have in the distance.
[14:32.000 –> 14:33.000] That’s about it.
[14:33.000 –> 14:34.000] Yeah.
[14:34.000 –> 14:40.000] You don’t need to model like a bokoblin three miles away. You’re not going to see it. You don’t care about it.
[14:40.000 –> 14:41.000] Right.
[14:41.000 –> 14:51.000] And I think that like even I really do think that a lot of it comes down to like optimization and how much time is put into optimization and stuff like that.
[14:51.000 –> 15:06.000] Like there are even so there are like at the distance that things come into the like field of view or like depth of field for Zelda.
[15:06.000 –> 15:17.000] I mean I’ll be honest it’s been very hard for me to and I’m sure that this conversation will be had with other people.
[15:17.000 –> 15:24.000] But what I’m saying is I feel like this is probably going to come up during greenhouse so you can cut this out if you want.
[15:24.000 –> 15:29.000] But it’s all good. I think we don’t really talk about this sort of stuff in the greenhouse episode.
[15:29.000 –> 15:39.000] Okay. It’s been hard to not compare it to Pokemon as a Pokemon fan who has played a lot of Scarlet and Violet and enjoyed it.
[15:39.000 –> 15:49.000] It’s been hard to not compare an open world game on the same platform to to that game.
[15:49.000 –> 15:58.000] And I do think that a big part of that is just the optimization and maybe how much time there they were given to optimize the game.
[15:58.000 –> 16:10.000] Maybe it’s that they brought in Monolith Soft to help with development and Monolith Soft has been with the Xenoblade games and stuff like that.
[16:10.000 –> 16:14.000] They’ve done a lot of kind of open world stuff so they’ve got the optimization down.
[16:14.000 –> 16:35.000] I don’t know but seeing the way that things like even ten feet away from an NPC and they’re moving at slideshow speed in Pokemon versus you’ve got a whole village of people that are wandering around in Zelda.
[16:35.000 –> 16:38.000] It’s a little frustrating.
[16:38.000 –> 16:43.000] The only place I’ve really noticed kind of like re-rendering of things is in the depths.
[16:43.000 –> 16:51.000] If you’re flying through the depths quite often like the trees will change model when you get closer to them.
[16:51.000 –> 17:00.000] That’s the only place I’ve really noticed that and there’s a few places where there’s like high particle physics in the air and that causes a slowdown.
[17:00.000 –> 17:03.000] Other than that I’ve not really noticed many issues.
[17:03.000 –> 17:12.000] Which is also like for the depths at least pretty impressive because there’s so many particle effects and stuff happening in the depths.
[17:12.000 –> 17:16.000] I guess it makes sense that they need to re-render a lot of stuff.
[17:16.000 –> 17:25.000] I would always rather graphics pulled down a little bit and it keeps playing well. That’s always my preference.
[17:26.000 –> 17:28.000] I agree.
[17:28.000 –> 17:47.000] It’s hard to not compare the two I guess and I am sure that a big part of that is how much time they were given to develop this game versus how much time the Pokemon company gave Game Freak to develop Pokemon.
[17:47.000 –> 17:53.000] It’s complicated because as a software developer time doesn’t necessarily make things better.
[17:53.000 –> 17:59.000] In my experience when you’ve got a team that’s being run by people that make bad decisions.
[17:59.000 –> 18:04.000] Developers can’t just do things. Developers can’t just go I’m going to make this better.
[18:04.000 –> 18:10.000] You have to do what you’re told and ultimately people make decisions and go this is the priority you’re doing this.
[18:10.000 –> 18:19.000] And if they keep making those stupid decisions even if they get an extra five years they’re still going to make the same stupid decisions over and over and over again.
[18:19.000 –> 18:26.000] That’s the thing and one of the real problems is when you get more time suddenly they decide oh well we can add more features.
[18:26.000 –> 18:31.000] And then you never actually get to the point of improving the things that need improved.
[18:31.000 –> 18:34.000] You just end up adding more things that then need to be improved.
[18:34.000 –> 18:48.000] I think it just shows that this game from top to bottom is being created by people who actually care and actually know what they’re doing.
[18:48.000 –> 18:55.000] There’s not that person at the top telling somebody to do something which then is a bad decision.
[18:55.000 –> 19:00.000] Or people at the bottom going I don’t know what I’m doing I’m just going to do things.
[19:00.000 –> 19:03.000] Everybody knows what they’re doing and they know how to do it and blah blah blah blah blah.
[19:03.000 –> 19:07.000] And where exactly the issues are in different games you’ll never really know.
[19:07.000 –> 19:15.000] But yeah it definitely is a problem and how to solve that problem is complicated.
[19:15.000 –> 19:21.000] And the problem is that you either end up with fewer games or with games with less stuff.
[19:21.000 –> 19:25.000] And I mean I still really liked Scarlet and Violet.
[19:25.000 –> 19:27.000] I did too. I absolutely did.
[19:27.000 –> 19:32.000] Would you say no to whatever the next game is just to get Scarlet and Violet running slightly better? I don’t know.
[19:32.000 –> 19:35.000] Like that’s a really… I don’t want to have to make that decision right?
[19:35.000 –> 19:42.000] Yeah. Yeah I guess you know I’m okay with… I don’t know.
[19:42.000 –> 19:48.000] I’m okay with whatever like I’m not like super picky about how…
[19:48.000 –> 20:01.000] I don’t know what this says about me but I’m not super picky about how a Pokemon game performs as long as the experience of the game is good.
[20:01.000 –> 20:03.000] And I felt that with Scarlet and Violet.
[20:03.000 –> 20:12.000] But I wouldn’t be opposed to them taking like you know maybe an extra year or two between games instead of one every year.
[20:13.000 –> 20:21.000] It just depends really. Obviously I want the game to be better. I want it to look better. I want it to play better. I want it to have better features.
[20:21.000 –> 20:25.000] But it’s just not that simple. You can’t just say well that’s fine make it better.
[20:25.000 –> 20:28.000] Like that’s not how life works sadly.
[20:28.000 –> 20:40.000] And I am also very aware that you know because of the very strict capitalist strategies of the Pokemon company that that’s never going to happen.
[20:40.000 –> 20:52.000] And we will always get them on a schedule because there’s you know merch and plushes and all kinds of stuff involved in that decision so.
[20:52.000 –> 20:54.000] Anyway so you’re enjoying Zelda?
[20:54.000 –> 20:55.000] Yes.
[20:57.000 –> 21:03.000] Despite all my inner monologues when I’m seeing something perform really well in Zelda.
[21:04.000 –> 21:11.000] Yeah it’s it’s really great. I am fully aware that I’m still in like the honeymoon phase with it.
[21:11.000 –> 21:13.000] But it’s been like three weeks.
[21:13.000 –> 21:19.000] Yeah and I still like I haven’t beaten the game yet. I am nowhere near that I don’t think.
[21:19.000 –> 21:21.000] Well yeah what’s your what’s your current status of things?
[21:21.000 –> 21:27.000] I am at the I think I can say this.
[21:27.000 –> 21:29.000] I don’t care about spoilers go for it.
[21:29.000 –> 21:33.000] I’m at the fourth temple. I am about to start the fourth temple.
[21:33.000 –> 21:35.000] That’s fine that’s not a spoiler.
[21:35.000 –> 21:40.000] Okay I just I feel like even saying the word temple is.
[21:40.000 –> 21:44.000] If someone wants to play Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and they haven’t played it yet.
[21:44.000 –> 21:46.000] I mean I guess they couldn’t they might not be able to afford it.
[21:46.000 –> 21:54.000] But let’s be honest they know that there are temples right like nobody doesn’t know that at this point if you even slightly care.
[21:54.000 –> 22:02.000] Yeah I guess I because there weren’t really temples and in Breath of the Wild they’re sort of where it was like the Divine Beasts but.
[22:02.000 –> 22:09.000] Interestingly I’m not really I don’t really see the difference between like this game’s ones and Breath of the Wild ones.
[22:09.000 –> 22:12.000] I’ve only done one so far but it didn’t feel significantly bigger.
[22:12.000 –> 22:21.000] No I think it’s just the like the way that it like the puzzles and the way that it it operates more.
[22:21.000 –> 22:28.000] It feels like a like a sort of a quote unquote classic Zelda dungeon.
[22:29.000 –> 22:43.000] Or like Zelda temple then the Divine Beasts felt where like the there’s something that’s like poisoning or like cursing the like the temple.
[22:43.000 –> 22:54.000] And it’s it’s I mean if you played Breath of the Wild you know at this point that like all the boss fights for the Divine Beasts were just like slightly different like iterations.
[22:55.000 –> 23:03.000] Interestingly like I do yeah the bosses are definitely more interesting looking but I actually think that the battles are less fun.
[23:03.000 –> 23:09.000] Interesting I actually feel like they I don’t know I feel like they feel more like a Zelda boss battles than.
[23:09.000 –> 23:10.000] They do.
[23:10.000 –> 23:13.000] The Calamity Ganon boss fights felt.
[23:13.000 –> 23:17.000] I’ll agree with that they definitely do but they feel less like the game this game.
[23:17.000 –> 23:22.000] They feel like less than how Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom work in general.
[23:22.000 –> 23:28.000] As boss fights than the Calamity the the the other Ganon one wherever they were.
[23:28.000 –> 23:31.000] They were Calamity Ganons I can’t remember what the names of them were.
[23:31.000 –> 23:33.000] I don’t know what the I think they were just called.
[23:33.000 –> 23:39.000] Those ones felt more in keeping with this the way the game works in general.
[23:39.000 –> 23:43.000] I will agree these ones feel more like older Zelda bosses.
[23:44.000 –> 23:47.000] But the game doesn’t feel like an older Zelda game.
[23:47.000 –> 23:54.000] It feels kind of like shoving an old Zelda style thing into a new Zelda style thing and it doesn’t really fit as well.
[23:54.000 –> 24:02.000] I don’t know I disagree because I feel like that is that’s what I was gonna say is that like I know that I’m in the honeymoon period for it still.
[24:02.000 –> 24:11.000] But I do feel like this is very quickly becoming one of my favorite Zelda games of all time.
[24:11.000 –> 24:15.000] And I feel like it already has far and away beat Breath of the Wild for me.
[24:15.000 –> 24:17.000] Oh I’d agree with that 100%.
[24:17.000 –> 24:22.000] Because of how much more the game feels like a Zelda game than Breath of the Wild felt.
[24:22.000 –> 24:26.000] I don’t think I could go back to Breath of the Wild ever again.
[24:26.000 –> 24:28.000] No I don’t think so either.
[24:28.000 –> 24:33.000] I think Breath of the Wild was a great setup for this game.
[24:33.000 –> 24:38.000] But I think that this is the this is the optimal game.
[24:38.000 –> 24:45.000] And I really do feel like there are just the general atmosphere of the game.
[24:45.000 –> 24:50.000] A lot of the interactions with NPCs, the way things are designed.
[24:50.000 –> 25:00.000] The way that like I don’t know the amount of puzzles and stuff that are like and like side quests that are…
[25:00.000 –> 25:07.000] I guess I don’t know I don’t know what it is specifically that makes it feel more like a Zelda game to me than Breath of the Wild felt.
[25:07.000 –> 25:11.000] But it’s definitely there. It definitely feels more.
[25:11.000 –> 25:16.000] I think some of it too is like music and like sound design and stuff like that.
[25:16.000 –> 25:19.000] That gives it more of that that feeling.
[25:19.000 –> 25:27.000] Take all of my opinions by the way with the knowledge that Breath of the Wild was my first Zelda game.
[25:27.000 –> 25:32.000] And then when I went back and played them all I hated all the 3D Zelda games.
[25:32.000 –> 25:36.000] Having said that I only really played two of them.
[25:36.000 –> 25:37.000] Which two did you play though?
[25:37.000 –> 25:40.000] So I played Ocarina. Did not like Ocarina.
[25:40.000 –> 25:43.000] And Skyward Sword. Did not like Skyward Sword.
[25:43.000 –> 25:46.000] Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda game of all time.
[25:46.000 –> 25:49.000] Oh really? Interesting. I hate it. I hate everything about it.
[25:49.000 –> 25:50.000] I wonder whether I would have liked it.
[25:50.000 –> 25:52.000] You played it on the Wii or did you play it on the Switch?
[25:52.000 –> 25:56.000] I played it on the Switch. I wonder whether I would have liked it had I played it when it came out.
[25:56.000 –> 26:01.000] Part of the problem is that obviously the gaming industry is not what it was.
[26:02.000 –> 26:10.000] You can’t go back and imagine how this would have played if it was the best thing when it came out.
[26:10.000 –> 26:16.000] But it’s not the best thing. We have better things. Therefore how can I put myself in that?
[26:16.000 –> 26:20.000] I struggle with that. It’s why I hated Mario 64.
[26:20.000 –> 26:24.000] Would I have enjoyed Mario 64 if I played it when it came out? Probably.
[26:24.000 –> 26:29.000] But I did not like it when I played it first time six years ago.
[26:29.000 –> 26:33.000] Because it’s just not fun now because there’s so much more fun games.
[26:33.000 –> 26:37.000] Was it amazing for when it came out? Maybe.
[26:37.000 –> 26:40.000] But that doesn’t make it amazing now.
[26:40.000 –> 26:51.000] I definitely think that a lot of my ability to go back and play those games and appreciate them now is heavily tied to my nostalgia for them.
[26:51.000 –> 26:57.000] Like how relevant their design is and stuff like that.
[26:57.000 –> 27:03.000] They are very dated games. Especially the N64 era stuff.
[27:03.000 –> 27:09.000] Great games but very dated and a lot has changed for the better since then.
[27:09.000 –> 27:16.000] But I have loved every 2D Zelda game I’ve played. I’ve not finished them but I’ve enjoyed every 2D Zelda game I’ve played.
[27:16.000 –> 27:23.000] So I don’t know how much of it is like, oh maybe this is more like the dungeons in the 3D Zelda games.
[27:23.000 –> 27:27.000] But it doesn’t feel like a 2D Zelda dungeon either.
[27:27.000 –> 27:35.000] With the 2D dungeons you were going through this maze essentially with a bunch of different rooms and trying to get to the end.
[27:35.000 –> 27:40.000] I don’t know how the 3D ones were because I didn’t really get through that much of either of those two games.
[27:40.000 –> 27:45.000] I just really struggled. I didn’t even get to the first dungeon of each of them. That’s how I struggled with them.
[27:45.000 –> 27:53.000] I would say that is absolutely the case. The 3D dungeons are a lot different than the 2D Zelda game dungeons are.
[27:53.000 –> 27:58.000] And these feel much more like 3D Zelda dungeons than they do.
[27:58.000 –> 28:05.000] That makes much more sense because looking at the dungeons in this game and looking at the Divine Beast in the last one.
[28:05.000 –> 28:14.000] They feel much more similar than different. But maybe there’s something I’m missing that I would have seen had I properly played any of the 3D Zeldas.
[28:14.000 –> 28:20.000] And the boss fights too feel much more like the boss fights from 3D Zelda dungeon games.
[28:20.000 –> 28:24.000] I do think the boss fights feel very similar to 2D Zelda games as well.
[28:24.000 –> 28:32.000] It’s about figuring out a pattern for this large creature that obviously you can get damaged by it.
[28:32.000 –> 28:36.000] But it’s not necessarily going in and attacking you with a sword.
[28:36.000 –> 28:39.000] Hit the eyeball. Always hit the eyeball.
[28:39.000 –> 28:47.000] It feels like that but my point about that was personally I don’t enjoy that as much.
[28:47.000 –> 28:54.000] I much more enjoyed the Ganon battles because it felt more like the other battles in the game.
[28:54.000 –> 29:05.000] I guess I didn’t dislike the Ganon battles. In retrospect now it didn’t feel the same way to me.
[29:05.000 –> 29:14.000] It felt like a very good game but it didn’t feel like a Zelda game to me I guess in a lot of those instances.
[29:14.000 –> 29:25.000] Which is where this feeling more like a Zelda game and having a lot more things that I’m familiar with for Zelda games feels more exciting to me.
[29:25.000 –> 29:31.000] That that’s happening and that they’ve made those designed decisions and stuff.
[29:31.000 –> 29:36.000] As someone who is a long time Zelda fan and has played every Zelda game.
[29:36.000 –> 29:41.000] I think a lot of it is down to that. I didn’t play any Zelda games before this one.
[29:41.000 –> 29:56.000] I bought Breath of the Wild on Switch release day because I pre-ordered a Switch but the games that I pre-ordered were Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart and 1-2 Switch.
[29:56.000 –> 30:04.000] None of them came out for at least a month after the Switch came out so I was like I don’t have any games for this console that I just bought.
[30:04.000 –> 30:09.000] So I wandered into a game shop and went have you got any copies of that Zelda game? I hear it’s good.
[30:09.000 –> 30:14.000] They were like we’ve got one copy so I bought that one copy of Breath of the Wild.
[30:14.000 –> 30:17.000] Are you saying 1-2 Switch didn’t hold you over until…
[30:17.000 –> 30:23.000] Well it wasn’t out initially. It didn’t come out till April and the Switch came out in March.
[30:23.000 –> 30:30.000] So yeah I had to buy this game that I’d never played any of the series called Zelda.
[30:30.000 –> 30:34.000] And it turned out to be very good and one of my favourite games of all time.
[30:34.000 –> 30:38.000] It’s such a funny… I’m obviously not the only person.
[30:38.000 –> 30:43.000] More people bought Breath of the Wild than bought all of the other Zelda games combined.
[30:43.000 –> 30:47.000] So this would have been a lot of people’s first Zelda game.
[30:47.000 –> 30:53.000] It’s probably a reason why we’ll never get a Zelda game not like Breath of the Wild or at least not building on top of that idea ever again.
[30:53.000 –> 30:56.000] We’ll probably get some 2D ones but they’ll never sell as well.
[30:56.000 –> 31:02.000] Because there’s just a whole different group of people who this is Zelda to them.
[31:02.000 –> 31:05.000] Nothing else is Zelda to them.
[31:05.000 –> 31:09.000] Anyway this is a game about cottagecore games. This is a podcast about cottagecore games.
[31:09.000 –> 31:12.000] Well I mean you can build a house and…
[31:12.000 –> 31:17.000] My god the house building is so good! I can’t even…
[31:17.000 –> 31:21.000] See when I first came onto that someone was like oh you can build a house and I was like oh that’s funny.
[31:21.000 –> 31:24.000] It’s going to be like the last one. Whatever.
[31:24.000 –> 31:26.000] And I went and I was like oh my word this is amazing.
[31:26.000 –> 31:33.000] I have spent a good 10 hours building my house over the last 3 weeks.
[31:33.000 –> 31:35.000] I’m not even kidding.
[31:35.000 –> 31:40.000] My only gripe is that it maxes at like 15 blocks.
[31:40.000 –> 31:47.000] Which I hope that maybe in the inevitable DLC or whatever they add new rooms.
[31:47.000 –> 31:53.000] Or the ability to add more rooms. Something like that.
[31:53.000 –> 31:55.000] I love it so much.
[31:55.000 –> 31:57.000] I know it’s great. I love it too.
[31:57.000 –> 32:06.000] I built everything inside the house that I really loved and I wanted to add the garden and the moat or whatever.
[32:07.000 –> 32:15.000] The pond outside but I ran out of space. I ran out of space. I hit all 15 of my house blocks.
[32:15.000 –> 32:20.000] There’s one other thing that annoys me about the house and this is literally it.
[32:20.000 –> 32:27.000] The pond, it spawns fish. The garden, you cannot farm in. You can’t farm in the garden.
[32:27.000 –> 32:28.000] Oh really?
[32:28.000 –> 32:31.000] It’s just there. It just looks like a garden.
[32:31.000 –> 32:40.000] I don’t understand why you gave me this pond that I can grow fish in and you gave me this garden that I can’t grow anything in.
[32:40.000 –> 32:43.000] Why would you do that to me? Why would you make this so good?
[32:43.000 –> 32:52.000] You would make this house building amazing and addictive and great and you’d give me a fish pond but you can’t let me grow something in the garden.
[32:52.000 –> 32:55.000] It doesn’t even need to be massively complex.
[32:55.000 –> 32:58.000] You don’t need to go oh well you can grow carrots and blah blah blah.
[32:58.000 –> 33:06.000] Just let me grow the trees. The fire tree and the zappy tree. Just let me grow those. Let me plant one and it grows.
[33:06.000 –> 33:11.000] I’m not asking for everything in the world to be possible to grow.
[33:11.000 –> 33:15.000] Just those little trees that you can grow with the fruit. Let me do those.
[33:15.000 –> 33:21.000] Just make it simple. Just three plots. You can just grow three things and that’s it.
[33:21.000 –> 33:28.000] And I can grow my little fire fruit plant. Let me grow my fire fruit plant. That’s all I want.
[33:28.000 –> 33:35.000] I actually didn’t know that because I ran out of blocks. I wasn’t able to put my garden in but that’s interesting.
[33:35.000 –> 33:37.000] Well it’s a good thing you didn’t waste it.
[33:37.000 –> 33:47.000] I don’t necessarily understand that. Maybe they were just like adding a farming element is something that we’ll do in DLC.
[33:47.000 –> 33:53.000] That’s fine. If you make me pay for it I will pay for it but tell me it’s coming. Tell me it’s coming. I want to know it’s coming.
[33:53.000 –> 34:01.000] I will wait for it and I will pay for it. I will pay like 30 quid for a farming addition to this game. 100% I will do that.
[34:01.000 –> 34:09.000] And Zelda can wait. I’ve got farming to do. I’ve got a house to build. I’ve got farming to do.
[34:09.000 –> 34:11.000] Shall we talk about some news?
[34:11.000 –> 34:13.000] Let’s do it.
[34:13.000 –> 34:19.000] So before we get into the new news I wanted to ask Mike if you have any thoughts on the marvellous games that were announced last week.
[34:19.000 –> 34:23.000] Because we talked about them on the podcast last week, me and Johnny.
[34:23.000 –> 34:29.000] But obviously you quite often have a lot of opinions on Story of Seasons and Rune Factory.
[34:29.000 –> 34:41.000] The fact that they were mostly just announced without a lot to go off of. I’m very excited.
[34:41.000 –> 34:49.000] But I don’t know what I’m looking forward to because there’s not a lot to go off of.
[34:49.000 –> 34:57.000] Obviously I’m going to probably buy and play whatever they put out for Story of Seasons and Rune Factory.
[34:57.000 –> 35:05.000] I am really excited at the prospect of a multiplayer Story of Seasons game. I am curious to see what that’s going to look like.
[35:05.000 –> 35:07.000] Me too.
[35:07.000 –> 35:11.000] But I am excited at that idea.
[35:11.000 –> 35:15.000] What I said in the podcast last week was I have no idea what to expect from it.
[35:15.000 –> 35:23.000] But the fact that they’re making it as a separate game means they obviously have an idea that is radical enough that it’s different from a standard Story of Seasons game.
[35:23.000 –> 35:29.000] That they feel it needs to be another game and that I’m excited by in and of itself.
[35:29.000 –> 35:35.000] And maybe that they don’t trust it enough to make it the mainline game.
[35:35.000 –> 35:37.000] That’s possible but maybe…
[35:37.000 –> 35:49.000] I feel like maybe it’s just they know their audience and they know that there’s a possibility that people who want to play their single player, you know, the standard Story of Seasons experience.
[35:49.000 –> 35:55.000] I don’t necessarily want a multiplayer experience as well and it kind of gives the option between different games.
[35:55.000 –> 35:57.000] And I think that’s fine.
[35:57.000 –> 35:59.000] Yeah. Give me both. I want both.
[35:59.000 –> 36:05.000] Yeah. I’m perfectly fine with that too.
[36:05.000 –> 36:12.000] Otherwise, standard Story of Seasons experience. I’ve always been on board for that so I’m of course excited about that.
[36:12.000 –> 36:17.000] I did see… what is that? Project Magia?
[36:17.000 –> 36:19.000] Project Magia?
[36:19.000 –> 36:21.000] The Rune Factory one?
[36:21.000 –> 36:29.000] No, not the Rune Factory one. It’s the other… it’s like some RPG that they’re working on but it’s designed by the…
[36:29.000 –> 36:33.000] I didn’t pay attention to anything that wasn’t specifically Story of Seasons or Rune Factory. Come on.
[36:33.000 –> 36:41.000] But they had that and then they had the Project Life is RPG which… whatever those words mean together.
[36:41.000 –> 36:45.000] Just I hate everything about that.
[36:45.000 –> 36:55.000] But it kind of… it makes me wonder what of that is going to feel like Fantasy Life which was a fantastic game.
[36:55.000 –> 37:09.000] Incredible game. Life Simulator. Again, if you haven’t played… every opportunity for that game to come up on this podcast, I will tell you to play it.
[37:09.000 –> 37:13.000] Because it’s great. And there’s a new one coming out.
[37:13.000 –> 37:22.000] But I’m curious to see how much that interacts with that style of game. If this is Marvelous’ take on Fantasy Life.
[37:22.000 –> 37:24.000] Yeah. Maybe.
[37:24.000 –> 37:30.000] But, you know, Rune Factory is Rune Factory. It’s going to probably be like Rune Factory.
[37:30.000 –> 37:41.000] I think 5 made some really great moves and it still felt very… still felt kind of in its infancy for what they were trying to do.
[37:42.000 –> 37:46.000] Shifting from previous Rune Factory games to 5. So hopefully…
[37:46.000 –> 37:48.000] Well it was such a big step.
[37:48.000 –> 37:49.000] It really was.
[37:49.000 –> 37:58.000] It was so drastic. It felt like going from Pokemon Black and White to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It was such a huge difference. There was no in-between steps.
[37:58.000 –> 38:09.000] Yeah. Yep. It’s really hard not to look at Rune Factory Project Dragon and not see Tears of the Kingdom.
[38:09.000 –> 38:14.000] But I know that that’s not how games work and that this was in development for a long time.
[38:14.000 –> 38:16.000] Yeah.
[38:16.000 –> 38:19.000] This is the one we got most information about out of those 4 games.
[38:19.000 –> 38:26.000] Yes. Probably because they were like, we need to show this now so that people don’t think that we were just…
[38:26.000 –> 38:33.000] And I need to ride my dragons. Right? Like, I love this. I want to ride a dragon. Give me it.
[38:33.000 –> 38:37.000] It looks great. The dragons kind of look like a never-ending story.
[38:37.000 –> 38:39.000] Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’s funny.
[38:39.000 –> 38:41.000] It’s kind of neat.
[38:41.000 –> 38:43.000] Let’s go.
[38:43.000 –> 38:45.000] Yeah, let’s go.
[38:45.000 –> 39:02.000] But it looks like they’re… That’s kind of what I was getting at. It looks like they’re making those steps to bridge from 5 to 6 in Project Dragon to make it more what they wanted 5 to be and more what it felt like 5 should have been.
[39:02.000 –> 39:10.000] Interesting. The other thing is, I’ve not written this in the show notes, but have we talked about the new Harvest Moon game? What are your thoughts about that?
[39:11.000 –> 39:14.000] You know, I’m going to be honest with you, I forgot that there was a new Harvest Moon game.
[39:14.000 –> 39:16.000] You’ve not seen the screenshots?
[39:16.000 –> 39:19.000] Is it the Winds of Anthos?
[39:19.000 –> 39:21.000] It is the Winds of Anthos.
[39:21.000 –> 39:23.000] I have not seen the new screenshots.
[39:23.000 –> 39:26.000] Oh my word. Let me get some screenshots for you.
[39:26.000 –> 39:29.000] I think after the One World experience…
[39:29.000 –> 39:31.000] Oh, let me tell you. Right?
[39:31.000 –> 39:35.000] Okay, first of all, do not pretend like you didn’t enjoy that game.
[39:35.000 –> 39:37.000] I played a lot of it.
[39:37.000 –> 39:44.000] It was a bad game, but I remember both of us saying that it was an enjoyable bad game.
[39:44.000 –> 39:52.000] Yeah, it was. And I played far more of it than I would play another game that I actually really didn’t like.
[39:52.000 –> 39:58.000] Yeah, played more of it than you really should. But I sent you a tweet with some screenshots in it.
[39:58.000 –> 39:59.000] Okay.
[39:59.000 –> 40:01.000] Yeah, exactly.
[40:01.000 –> 40:11.000] You know, screenshots are tricky, right? Because those same things could be in motion and be shocking to look at.
[40:11.000 –> 40:17.000] But so far, so good. I’m a little more impressed than I guess I would have expected myself to be.
[40:17.000 –> 40:23.000] Yeah. I mean, let’s not forget that the most exciting thing we got about One World was the initial concept art.
[40:23.000 –> 40:27.000] The first time we got a screenshot, it was not good.
[40:27.000 –> 40:31.000] So even getting good looking screenshots is an improvement.
[40:31.000 –> 40:38.000] I do see that there are the romance music notes in the dialogue box.
[40:38.000 –> 40:41.000] Well, come on, they can’t go too far away from things, right?
[40:41.000 –> 40:48.000] There still are romanceable… Were there romanceable characters in One World?
[40:48.000 –> 40:51.000] Yeah, it’s just neither of us bothered because we didn’t enjoy the characters.
[40:51.000 –> 40:55.000] Okay. That feels more accurate.
[40:55.000 –> 41:01.000] Yeah, it looks interesting. Do we have any info on release date or anything?
[41:01.000 –> 41:05.000] Yes, so it’s coming out at the end of September. I think it was 26th of September or something.
[41:05.000 –> 41:07.000] Oh, that’s soon.
[41:07.000 –> 41:11.000] It is soon. They did say summer though, which that is not summer.
[41:11.000 –> 41:19.000] But anyway, the interesting thing about this one is it’s continuing with the concept of the movable farm, the expando farm from One World.
[41:20.000 –> 41:28.000] So you can still move your farm around the world and it sounds like it’s a bigger world than One World, which is a very confusing sentence to say.
[41:28.000 –> 41:33.000] And I don’t know about you, but the expando farm was the best thing about that game?
[41:33.000 –> 41:36.000] Yeah, yes. I think that it was too.
[41:36.000 –> 41:39.000] I can tweet with an incredible screenshot as well. Go look at that.
[41:39.000 –> 41:44.000] Tell me this doesn’t look good. Tell me this doesn’t.
[41:44.000 –> 41:46.000] It does look good. It does look really good.
[41:46.000 –> 41:51.000] So as you say, it could still be terrible. The actual gameplay could be horrific. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But…
[41:51.000 –> 41:53.000] Oh, we got a mini map.
[41:53.000 –> 41:56.000] I am encouraged by this. I am very encouraged.
[41:56.000 –> 42:06.000] Yeah, I am too. I’m a little stressed about the idea that it’s coming out in September and we’ve only got like five screenshots total so far.
[42:06.000 –> 42:12.000] But I’m not going to hold that against them. We’ll see how it goes.
[42:13.000 –> 42:19.000] I do see that there is a Sleeping Cow plush as part of the collector’s box.
[42:19.000 –> 42:21.000] Possibly the best plush they’ve done.
[42:21.000 –> 42:31.000] Yes. And definitely much cuter, I think, personally than the recent Story of Seasons plushes as well.
[42:31.000 –> 42:35.000] Oh, there are some more screenshots than just those few.
[42:35.000 –> 42:38.000] Here’s one of them interacting with a polar bear.
[42:38.000 –> 42:43.000] Yeah, there’s a few more. We don’t have any video or actual gameplay. There’s a few more screenshots.
[42:43.000 –> 42:48.000] I didn’t want you to read through everything and we’ve got a podcast to make.
[42:48.000 –> 42:56.000] Right. I’m shocked that there’s this much that I haven’t seen, which is pretty interesting.
[42:56.000 –> 43:04.000] But I’m a little bit more interested in this than I think I was when they first announced it.
[43:04.000 –> 43:10.000] I mean, I was interested when they first announced it. Of course, I’m going to probably play it and see how it plays and stuff.
[43:10.000 –> 43:15.000] You are cursed to play every Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons and Moon Factory game forever.
[43:15.000 –> 43:20.000] I’ve got to. It’s not up to me anymore at this point.
[43:20.000 –> 43:23.000] Alright, let’s talk about some actual news.
[43:23.000 –> 43:25.000] Nealey and I were in.
[43:26.000 –> 43:31.000] So we’ve got an updated roadmap for Coral Island.
[43:31.000 –> 43:37.000] So there’s one more update before the 1.0 update.
[43:37.000 –> 43:44.000] So we’ve got it’s coming out in August. That is the Merfolk and Fall update.
[43:44.000 –> 43:55.000] So that will give more stuff in diving and some ocean caves and some festival for fall and stuff like that.
[43:55.000 –> 44:00.000] And then there’s the next update will be the 1.0 release, which we don’t have a date for yet.
[44:00.000 –> 44:07.000] But that makes it feel like it might be this year because I think they just had one in May. So that’s three months.
[44:07.000 –> 44:12.000] So even if it’s like five months, that’s still this year for the 1.0 release.
[44:12.000 –> 44:14.000] But obviously don’t take my word for that.
[44:14.000 –> 44:18.000] And then there’s a bunch of stuff that they want to do after that.
[44:18.000 –> 44:22.000] And no real information on the console update is coming.
[44:22.000 –> 44:23.000] Usually how that goes.
[44:23.000 –> 44:28.000] I’m playing on my Steam Deck. I’m not waiting.
[44:28.000 –> 44:30.000] Have you played Coral Island yet?
[44:30.000 –> 44:36.000] I have not. It looks great. I haven’t played it yet. I didn’t back it.
[44:36.000 –> 44:40.000] I think I just wasn’t as aware of it at the time.
[44:40.000 –> 44:45.000] In terms of Stardew-esque, Harvest Moon-esque games, it’s a very good one.
[44:45.000 –> 44:47.000] Very much enjoyed it.
[44:47.000 –> 44:48.000] It looks really good.
[44:48.000 –> 44:49.000] I’m looking forward to the next updates.
[44:49.000 –> 44:53.000] I’ve not played the summer update, which came out in May.
[44:53.000 –> 44:56.000] I’m definitely going to wait till at least the August update.
[44:56.000 –> 44:59.000] I might wait till the 1.0 before I do any more.
[44:59.000 –> 45:02.000] I’m undecided. I very much enjoyed playing it.
[45:02.000 –> 45:06.000] But it’s always frustrating when you hit a brick wall in your progress.
[45:06.000 –> 45:07.000] Right.
[45:07.000 –> 45:12.000] Traveller’s Rest have released a new update for their early access.
[45:12.000 –> 45:14.000] And this has got farm animals.
[45:14.000 –> 45:15.000] Very cute.
[45:15.000 –> 45:16.000] Get your farm animal.
[45:16.000 –> 45:22.000] One of the pictures on the Steam page is the character hugging a chicken.
[45:22.000 –> 45:23.000] Very cute.
[45:23.000 –> 45:28.000] The animal sprites seem to be the most detailed sprites in this game.
[45:28.000 –> 45:29.000] Yeah, they do.
[45:29.000 –> 45:33.000] I mean, look at that cow’s udders.
[45:33.000 –> 45:36.000] And I can barely see the player character’s nose.
[45:36.000 –> 45:37.000] What is that?
[45:37.000 –> 45:40.000] Those two screenshots look like different games.
[45:40.000 –> 45:46.000] Well, you know, in a farm game, the udders have function where the nose necessarily doesn’t.
[45:46.000 –> 45:47.000] I don’t know.
[45:47.000 –> 45:50.000] Have you ever walked into a barn with cows?
[45:50.000 –> 45:54.000] Yeah, the nose has more function than you want it to.
[45:54.000 –> 45:58.000] Maybe that’s the reason.
[45:58.000 –> 46:03.000] Disney Dreamland Valley have announced their next update coming this month in June.
[46:03.000 –> 46:05.000] It is called The Remembering.
[46:05.000 –> 46:10.000] I’m really loving the naming conventions for everything in Dreamland Valley.
[46:10.000 –> 46:13.000] The forgetting, the remembering, the…
[46:13.000 –> 46:14.000] What was the previous one?
[46:14.000 –> 46:15.000] Oh, I can remember.
[46:15.000 –> 46:17.000] Yeah, there’s a lot of them.
[46:17.000 –> 46:18.000] Yeah.
[46:18.000 –> 46:21.000] And they’ve announced three more updates that are coming after that.
[46:21.000 –> 46:23.000] So there’s the summer update.
[46:23.000 –> 46:27.000] I’m not sure why an update coming out in June isn’t a summer update, but whatever.
[46:27.000 –> 46:31.000] And that one includes…
[46:31.000 –> 46:32.000] What’s her name?
[46:32.000 –> 46:34.000] It’s Gamer Summer.
[46:34.000 –> 46:37.000] You know, it goes from July to September.
[46:37.000 –> 46:39.000] What’s her name?
[46:39.000 –> 46:40.000] From Wreck-It Ralph.
[46:40.000 –> 46:42.000] Oh, Vanellope?
[46:42.000 –> 46:43.000] Vanellope.
[46:43.000 –> 46:44.000] Yes, that’s her name.
[46:44.000 –> 46:45.000] So it includes Vanellope.
[46:45.000 –> 46:46.000] And…
[46:46.000 –> 46:47.000] I did see that.
[46:47.000 –> 46:50.000] I wonder if we’re going to get some racing based on that.
[46:50.000 –> 46:51.000] Yeah, I don’t know.
[46:51.000 –> 46:53.000] September has…
[46:53.000 –> 46:54.000] Who’s that?
[46:54.000 –> 46:55.000] Belle.
[46:55.000 –> 46:56.000] Is that Belle?
[46:56.000 –> 46:57.000] Belle?
[46:57.000 –> 46:58.000] That is Belle.
[46:58.000 –> 46:59.000] Yeah.
[46:59.000 –> 47:00.000] From Beauty and the Beast.
[47:00.000 –> 47:03.000] Of course, I should have got that because the player character is wearing a top with
[47:03.000 –> 47:04.000] the candle.
[47:04.000 –> 47:06.000] I didn’t even notice that until you said it.
[47:06.000 –> 47:07.000] French Candle.
[47:07.000 –> 47:08.000] Whatever his name is.
[47:08.000 –> 47:09.000] French Candle.
[47:09.000 –> 47:10.000] Um…
[47:10.000 –> 47:11.000] Pierre.
[47:11.000 –> 47:12.000] No.
[47:12.000 –> 47:16.000] Just say random French name.
[47:16.000 –> 47:20.000] Candelabra from Beauty and the Beast.
[47:20.000 –> 47:21.000] Lumiere.
[47:21.000 –> 47:22.000] I was close.
[47:22.000 –> 47:23.000] Really?
[47:23.000 –> 47:24.000] Really?
[47:24.000 –> 47:25.000] I guess because Luminate.
[47:25.000 –> 47:26.000] Whatever.
[47:26.000 –> 47:27.000] Light.
[47:27.000 –> 47:28.000] Right.
[47:28.000 –> 47:29.000] Lovely.
[47:30.000 –> 47:31.000] Which is the ballpark.
[47:31.000 –> 47:38.080] Which is the French ballpark, which just… the suffix is year, so…
[47:38.080 –> 47:41.800] What was really fascinating is we’ve got… so we’ve got early June for the next update
[47:41.800 –> 47:45.420] and then we’ve got summer for the one after that and then we’ve got September.
[47:45.420 –> 47:49.400] Like why is… why is this… why is the third update more detailed than its release timing
[47:49.400 –> 47:50.600] than the second one?
[47:50.600 –> 47:52.200] That makes no sense!
[47:52.200 –> 47:57.200] It’s just… gamer summer is just… is now just July and August.
[47:57.200 –> 47:58.840] Summer is no longer included.
[47:58.840 –> 48:01.360] And then we’ve got late 2023.
[48:01.360 –> 48:03.760] A new chapter begins in late 2023.
[48:03.760 –> 48:06.120] Now this is just me assuming things.
[48:06.120 –> 48:08.360] I think that is the 1.0 release.
[48:08.360 –> 48:09.860] I would guess so too.
[48:09.860 –> 48:13.880] A new chapter that makes me feel like it’s the point where it goes free to play.
[48:13.880 –> 48:14.880] Haha Micah.
[48:14.880 –> 48:21.180] That will never not be funny Micah, I’m sorry.
[48:21.180 –> 48:24.900] And then… but I think that what they’re telling us is that it comes out then but they’re
[48:24.900 –> 48:26.580] still going to be adding more content.
[48:26.580 –> 48:28.580] Which I guess we’re kind of probably expecting right?
[48:28.580 –> 48:32.580] Like especially with a free to play game they keep adding stuff that means people keep spending
[48:32.580 –> 48:33.580] money.
[48:33.580 –> 48:34.580] Yes.
[48:34.580 –> 48:35.660] Yes yes yes.
[48:35.660 –> 48:36.740] That seems to make sense.
[48:36.740 –> 48:42.900] I was… it will still never not be shocking to me that this is still not like a full…
[48:42.900 –> 48:44.900] that it’s still in early access.
[48:44.900 –> 48:50.840] I think mostly just because of how much content there is in the game and how much… how long
[48:50.840 –> 48:53.460] they’ve been making content for it.
[48:53.460 –> 48:54.460] Yeah.
[48:55.020 –> 48:56.020] I almost wonder…
[48:56.020 –> 48:59.020] Micah this game hasn’t even been out for a year yet.
[48:59.020 –> 49:00.020] Really?
[49:00.020 –> 49:01.020] Yeah.
[49:01.020 –> 49:02.020] September last year.
[49:02.020 –> 49:03.020] Oh.
[49:03.020 –> 49:04.020] Haha.
[49:04.020 –> 49:05.020] It feels so long.
[49:05.020 –> 49:06.020] I know.
[49:06.020 –> 49:10.940] There is a lot of content for it which is like great but I almost wonder if by the time
[49:10.940 –> 49:15.700] it actually does release if people are going to be like what?
[49:15.700 –> 49:17.500] It wasn’t it already?
[49:17.500 –> 49:18.860] Yeah possibly.
[49:18.860 –> 49:21.140] I guess most… many people wouldn’t really care.
[49:21.140 –> 49:23.980] The only really people would care are like I really want to play it but I don’t want
[49:24.020 –> 49:26.740] to pay for it initially so they’re the ones that are really waiting for it.
[49:26.740 –> 49:30.260] They’ll get a bunch of new people playing when it’s free to play purely because it’s
[49:30.260 –> 49:31.260] free to play.
[49:31.260 –> 49:32.260] I don’t know.
[49:32.260 –> 49:33.340] We’ll see what happens.
[49:33.340 –> 49:34.340] But yeah.
[49:34.340 –> 49:35.340] We will.
[49:35.340 –> 49:36.340] Lots of updates coming.
[49:36.340 –> 49:37.340] Still a good game.
[49:37.340 –> 49:42.020] Yeah I’ve not really played it for like six months or so.
[49:42.020 –> 49:46.540] Purely because I was only playing it on… what’s it called?
[49:46.540 –> 49:47.860] Game Pass.
[49:47.860 –> 49:49.740] Oh I see.
[49:49.740 –> 49:55.940] We still don’t have downloadable games on Game Pass on the Steam Deck so.
[49:55.940 –> 50:03.300] And it works fine over the streaming but it’s still over the streaming which still has some
[50:03.300 –> 50:04.360] issues so.
[50:04.360 –> 50:08.460] Not least like if you literally turn off the screen for two seconds it has to reconnect
[50:08.460 –> 50:11.100] to the streaming which is just unknown.
[50:11.100 –> 50:14.100] I just want to press the button and start playing my game.
[50:14.100 –> 50:15.100] Yep.
[50:15.500 –> 50:20.860] I’m hoping that something about game streaming changes.
[50:20.860 –> 50:25.900] Yeah it feels like we’re so close to it being a really nice experience.
[50:25.900 –> 50:29.820] But the little things that it does make it really frustrating.
[50:29.820 –> 50:39.460] Roots of Pacha have got a road map out for three upcoming updates now that you can actually
[50:39.460 –> 50:40.460] buy it again.
[50:40.460 –> 50:41.780] Did you see that fun?
[50:41.780 –> 50:42.780] I did not.
[50:42.780 –> 50:44.980] Was it unavailable for a period of time?
[50:44.980 –> 50:52.940] Yeah so there was a… the developer and the publisher had a disagreement shall we say
[50:52.940 –> 50:55.940] over rights to the game.
[50:55.940 –> 51:00.460] So it was taken down off Steam while they were trying to figure out things.
[51:00.460 –> 51:04.340] So funnily enough it happened… the resolution happened pretty quickly because nobody was
[51:04.340 –> 51:07.900] getting any money.
[51:07.900 –> 51:11.020] So it’s back up all good but yeah.
[51:11.820 –> 51:12.820] Three detailed updates.
[51:12.820 –> 51:16.460] So the first one is the quality of life update.
[51:16.460 –> 51:21.220] I’m going to try really hard not to complain about these naming slash numbering here.
[51:21.220 –> 51:25.900] So we’ve got the quality of life update then we’ve got the 1.1 update which is not the
[51:25.900 –> 51:28.100] first update it’s the second update.
[51:28.100 –> 51:31.140] This update will focus on an expansion of the current systems that includes children
[51:31.140 –> 51:35.740] growing to the kids stage, plant and animal evolution, new union locations and other romanceable
[51:35.740 –> 51:36.740] blah blah blah.
[51:36.740 –> 51:39.240] Look if you care if you care the links in the show notes.
[51:39.240 –> 51:44.280] And then there’s a third update which is the 1.2 update not which is definitely the
[51:44.280 –> 51:47.640] third update not the second update.
[51:47.640 –> 51:51.040] This update will include a whole new level of content like kids growing to teen years
[51:51.040 –> 51:55.200] and ball sport from this kickstarter stretch goals but it will mainly consist of being
[51:55.200 –> 52:02.120] able to visit the Mograni and Yaku-Yakuan settlement.
[52:02.120 –> 52:06.440] Yeah there’s more detail in this in the Steam I still haven’t played Roots of Pad.
[52:06.440 –> 52:11.680] If you want to see the details they’re in the show notes.
[52:11.680 –> 52:17.220] Next we have me logging into kickstarter apparently.
[52:17.220 –> 52:23.820] There are two new kickstarters out one for solarpunk which we’ve talked about before
[52:23.820 –> 52:27.360] but probably not a huge amount because we didn’t have a huge amount of detail before
[52:27.360 –> 52:32.680] the kickstarter came out but now the kickstarter is out it is a first person survival craft
[52:32.680 –> 52:33.680] game.
[52:33.680 –> 52:37.880] I did some of my homework this time and watched the trailers for these.
[52:37.880 –> 52:39.760] What do you think?
[52:39.760 –> 52:47.280] Yeah it looks like a survival it looks like a more wholesome Rust which is like I’m interested
[52:47.280 –> 52:54.160] in that I’m curious about it because I do like Rust like survival games but they’re
[52:54.160 –> 53:01.800] also some of the most like toxic gaming environments I’ve ever been in so I’m curious to see how
[53:01.800 –> 53:04.400] this pans out.
[53:04.400 –> 53:08.240] Obviously I probably wouldn’t be playing with anybody but my friends at this point in my
[53:08.240 –> 53:17.720] life but it’s it looks it looks nice there’s a lot of really cool ideas with it like the
[53:17.720 –> 53:24.640] they have the like display interface that shows you know the weather for the coming
[53:24.640 –> 53:30.640] days and the like the forecast and stuff and yeah all that stuff seems pretty interesting
[53:30.640 –> 53:37.720] it feels like a first person innocent life which was that like futuristic harvest moon
[53:37.720 –> 53:41.760] game where a lot of the technology sort of feels like that.
[53:41.760 –> 53:47.000] Yeah I think it looks it looks really nice I think it does a really good balance of like
[53:47.000 –> 53:52.760] kind of realistic and kind of stylized graphics it’s kind of a nice balance I think yeah I’m
[53:52.760 –> 53:56.200] a little bit worried because there’s a screenshot that seems to have two different crafting
[53:56.200 –> 54:02.440] tables and I’m about to flip those tables I don’t know why we have to have two crafting
[54:02.440 –> 54:07.560] tables you’re gonna make me angry I missed that I didn’t see that what’s what’s the why
[54:07.560 –> 54:11.680] are there two different I don’t know they don’t detail it oh I see they have a screenshot
[54:11.680 –> 54:18.360] with two different tables and a word that says crafting table pointing to the two tables
[54:18.360 –> 54:23.020] so I don’t know what the deal is with that I don’t but I don’t like it oh you know what
[54:23.020 –> 54:28.460] I do see it says new crafting recipes can be obtained through the research table so
[54:28.460 –> 54:33.260] it looks like maybe one is a research table and one is a crafting table look it’s just
[54:33.260 –> 54:37.740] it just sounds like two crafting tables with extra steps it does like why are they not
[54:37.740 –> 54:44.700] can why can’t you research at the crafting table yeah I guess for realism’s sake maybe
[54:44.700 –> 54:52.180] you know that’s not real like I just know you can reset oh my no don’t even right I
[54:52.180 –> 54:58.260] do like the idea though of the like the solar powered system where you just kind of like
[54:58.260 –> 55:05.260] drag the cord between things in order to power them yeah that seems pretty neat it certainly
[55:05.260 –> 55:08.300] it looks like it has a lot of really nice ideas and it looks like it could be really
[55:08.300 –> 55:16.540] fun to play yeah we’ll just have to see how it pans out they have floating islands everybody
[55:16.540 –> 55:23.860] gotta have it now they’ve hit their funding goal and they’ve hit lost it one of the stretch
[55:23.860 –> 55:27.280] goals yeah one of the stretch goals they’ve hit they’re almost about to hit a second one
[55:27.280 –> 55:33.680] so they really kind of blew their their goal away yeah that is the classic put a really
[55:33.680 –> 55:38.860] low goal in and of course you’ll hit it right yeah that’s true which fair enough fair enough
[55:38.860 –> 55:45.620] if you want to do it you’ve got to build up hype the other one is circle of kersovin which
[55:45.700 –> 55:54.020] is a settlement building strategy game and this is a very much low poly especially when you see
[55:54.020 –> 55:59.260] the trees but I like it it’s quite nice a little bit less interested in this one yeah I’m not gonna
[55:59.260 –> 56:03.460] say I’m not saying I’m playing it cuz like this 100% looks like the type of game that stresses
[56:03.460 –> 56:10.820] me out like nothing on it yeah I’m not a big I know a lot of I have a lot of friends that are
[56:10.820 –> 56:18.660] big like settlement builder game like strategy type fans and they would probably absolutely love
[56:18.660 –> 56:27.740] this but it’s it’s not some building is not particularly my jam it’s fine Kevin will play
[56:27.740 –> 56:32.540] it he’ll do an episode on it I’m sure I tell you there is one settlement building game that’s coming
[56:32.540 –> 56:36.900] out sometime that I am really interested in that can’t remember the name of which I’m gonna gonna
[56:36.980 –> 56:44.060] have to search but you might be interested in this as well it’s more narrative rather than strategy
[56:44.060 –> 56:54.340] and the it’s it it seems like it’s less involved and the there we go ages of Kataria the Oh have
[56:54.340 –> 57:00.060] you seen this one and the village like grows up so like you see individual characters like getting
[57:00.060 –> 57:06.220] older and stuff like that it calls itself a village story general Oh Kataria for some reason
[57:06.220 –> 57:19.700] I heard you say Kataria and I heard it as like Kataria fables that pig is cute in their banner
[57:19.700 –> 57:25.180] art yeah yeah this looks pretty neat and this I think less is less heavy heavy on the like
[57:25.180 –> 57:29.580] strategy aspects of things which is the stuff that stresses me out and I suspect the bit that
[57:29.580 –> 57:36.060] you don’t like as well yeah and it’s more about a village growing and kind of experiencing that
[57:36.460 –> 57:42.620] interesting yeah anyway like it’s a little bit more mice stick it on your list got it and the
[57:42.620 –> 57:51.780] final news item is just a tweet from concerned ape that just says iridium scythe the absolute panic
[57:51.780 –> 58:04.220] that has ensued from two words it’s amazing so many replies is insane I saw someone who I assume
[58:04.220 –> 58:09.740] is a games journalist replied and said this is the first time I’ve written an article about two
[58:09.740 –> 58:16.420] words there’s one of the quote to say someone saying what does it mean and I’m like what do
[58:16.420 –> 58:21.460] you mean what does it mean it means the next update is getting iridium scythe what do you
[58:21.460 –> 58:32.780] think it means full iridium set is kind of a big deal yeah yeah it’s a big deal all right we’re
[58:33.660 –> 58:40.540] gonna talk about little dragons cafe finally awesome let’s do should we do a quick quick
[58:40.540 –> 58:45.820] intro to the game and then we can go through some more details in it and just see how it goes we
[58:45.820 –> 58:53.220] don’t have to go too detailed if we want to talk about it just whatever so I guess this is a cafe
[58:53.220 –> 58:58.540] running game right you run a cafe which obviously includes a bunch of other things that you would
[58:58.540 –> 59:09.460] need like fishing and gathering things and farming and dragons em plays like a third-person kind of
[59:09.460 –> 59:16.740] action-adventure style game like that’s yeah the to like control scheme and stuff like that yep
[59:16.740 –> 59:27.700] and you are the child of the well your mother I guess who runs the cafe and you and your siblings
[59:27.700 –> 59:35.740] you can choose to be one or the other are helping your mother run the cafe and then oh boy you find
[59:35.740 –> 59:46.540] out that your mom is ill because she’s half dragon yes yes you heard that right so when you run it
[59:46.540 –> 59:53.740] that way some random old man turns up and says oh your mom’s sick because she’s half dragon and her
[59:53.740 –> 01:00:04.820] blood is confused and you’re like let me let me let me just say this right we mock story premises
[01:00:04.820 –> 01:00:10.500] for farming games right and so I’m not gonna I’m not gonna mock this game in a bad way because I
[01:00:10.500 –> 01:00:16.780] love that they’ve tried something different but let’s just talk about how ridiculous that is yeah
[01:00:16.780 –> 01:00:24.540] it’s uh you know it’s I believe the the term that they use is that her blood is out of sync oh is
[01:00:24.540 –> 01:00:33.100] that what it was right human blood and her dragon blood are out of sync oh man so it’s uh it’s
[01:00:33.100 –> 01:00:46.180] definitely not the most normal of premises for a farming slash sim game it’s it’s certainly it’s
[01:00:46.260 –> 01:00:54.060] a little wild but it’s it sets up for a really nice game yeah also I don’t know if you knew this
[01:00:54.060 –> 01:01:02.220] or not but it was it’s like designed by the original harvest moon designer oh really no I
[01:01:02.220 –> 01:01:10.220] did not that’s it’s it’s uh it’s like their non story of seasons non harvest moon prod pet project
[01:01:10.260 –> 01:01:16.140] kind of thing okay fair enough no it’s cool it’s cool um yeah I mean okay right the premise is
[01:01:16.140 –> 01:01:20.660] funny but it’s also really doesn’t matter right like the point is just like we need to get to a
[01:01:20.660 –> 01:01:25.020] point where you’re running this cafe and you’re growing these dragons right like that’s that’s
[01:01:25.020 –> 01:01:33.540] that’s what matters I guess part of this that’s important is that you get a baby dragon yes yeah
[01:01:33.540 –> 01:01:39.500] the man who tells you that your mom is half dragon then gives you a dragon which by the way I I have
[01:01:39.500 –> 01:01:43.300] many questions right like I’ve not played a huge amount of this game so I don’t know whether these
[01:01:43.300 –> 01:01:48.100] things are explained but I’m going to guess it doesn’t explain why your mom is half dragon no
[01:01:48.100 –> 01:01:57.420] what happened there as far at least as far as I am I’ve I have about 50 hours in the game yeah I
[01:01:57.420 –> 01:02:04.700] do not I had to go back when you asked me I had to go back and play some of it to kind of like
[01:02:04.700 –> 01:02:10.580] refresh myself on like obviously the the environment and the like general gameplay
[01:02:10.580 –> 01:02:16.820] and everything was such a like nice experience that that’s what I remember but the story and
[01:02:16.820 –> 01:02:22.060] the actual mechanics and stuff like that like the the you know the little details I don’t remember
[01:02:22.060 –> 01:02:28.820] quite as much so I had to re-experience that but I do remember now after going back because I I
[01:02:28.860 –> 01:02:36.580] wanted to advance the game a little bit more that a lot of the story is not central to you
[01:02:36.580 –> 01:02:44.980] and your family at least in the earliest part of the game or like the earlier portions I don’t know
[01:02:44.980 –> 01:02:52.580] how many chapters there are I’m on chapter I think five four or five right okay and every chapter
[01:02:52.580 –> 01:03:02.820] focuses on a new NPC character that kind of like the story is kind of like it’s it’s these these
[01:03:02.820 –> 01:03:09.660] new characters that are kind of blowing into the they’re coming in with the the wind to the to the
[01:03:09.660 –> 01:03:16.660] cafe and you have a an experience so there’s like a short story with that character and then they
[01:03:16.700 –> 01:03:23.140] go off about their business so it’s interesting in that way that like you get these little stories
[01:03:23.140 –> 01:03:29.500] the stories are not like you know written really incredibly they’re not like masterpiece writing
[01:03:29.500 –> 01:03:35.860] or anything like that but they’re neat characters like one of them was you know which that wasn’t
[01:03:35.860 –> 01:03:42.140] was trying not to like reveal that she was a witch or I or she lost her powers I think is
[01:03:42.140 –> 01:03:47.460] what it was and she was trying to like regain her powers and what was helping her regain her
[01:03:47.460 –> 01:03:51.460] powers was like certain tastes and things like that so you had to like cook certain foods and
[01:03:51.460 –> 01:03:58.340] then she would it would kind of like bring back memories that would help her regain her her
[01:03:58.340 –> 01:04:04.540] magical abilities and stuff like that so there are like all of these characters in the the world that
[01:04:04.540 –> 01:04:12.660] are it’s all very fantasy based right like there are orcs there’s elves there’s you know you know
[01:04:12.660 –> 01:04:18.580] there’s there’s the different like fantasy races so it’s not like and everybody seems to just not
[01:04:18.580 –> 01:04:24.300] really recognize like it’s not like a you know it’s not like a surprise that there are these
[01:04:24.300 –> 01:04:32.500] other fantasy races within this this world so yeah I I don’t know at what point they’re like oh my
[01:04:32.500 –> 01:04:38.900] god mom’s half dragon like that’s shocking to us but it it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot
[01:04:38.900 –> 01:04:45.900] that’s shocking yeah I will say that that did shock them I think it probably shocked them
[01:04:45.900 –> 01:04:51.260] because they didn’t know it rather than try them because this is a bizarre idea like they took it
[01:04:51.260 –> 01:04:58.620] in their stride very quickly but they were yeah initially like what like surprised by that so
[01:04:59.220 –> 01:05:10.340] yeah so there there is I guess the like primary mechanic non like sim mechanic is that this you’re
[01:05:10.340 –> 01:05:17.180] kind of helping this dragon grow up and like taking care of it yeah so it does over time the
[01:05:17.180 –> 01:05:25.740] dragon grows and it has different stages of growth like baby and then child and then adolescent and
[01:05:25.740 –> 01:05:32.700] then adult and that I think is synced primarily to the story how the story progresses makes there
[01:05:32.700 –> 01:05:39.700] is like certain milestones in the story progression that are guaranteed then that once you hit this
[01:05:39.700 –> 01:05:46.620] then the dragon is gonna grow up to the next stage yeah and every time it grows then it gains more
[01:05:46.620 –> 01:05:52.500] abilities to unlock more parts of the world so like when it hits the child phase that it has
[01:05:52.500 –> 01:06:00.500] the ability to like push boulders to to let next to ledges to let you jump up to the next level I
[01:06:00.500 –> 01:06:06.940] think the next one is then that it lets you destroy piles of wood that are blocking things
[01:06:06.940 –> 01:06:13.820] and stuff like that and then I believe I haven’t hit this but just from seeing screenshots and
[01:06:13.820 –> 01:06:18.020] stuff I believe the adult stages when you get to fly around and you can kind of go wherever you
[01:06:18.020 –> 01:06:24.420] want yeah let’s be honest that’s where we all want to be right yeah yeah yeah so I guess what
[01:06:24.420 –> 01:06:29.180] you’re saying is story doesn’t really matter right like this there’s there’s quest stories
[01:06:29.180 –> 01:06:35.740] which are fun to do the only really important story thing that that you with 50 hours in the
[01:06:35.740 –> 01:06:44.140] game come away with is you’re you’re raising this dragon yes there are I mean it’s it is tight there
[01:06:44.140 –> 01:06:50.940] is a lot of story in these like chat chapter segments and you have to go through that story
[01:06:50.940 –> 01:06:56.780] in order to get to the next like stage for the dragon so yeah whether or not you want to
[01:06:56.780 –> 01:07:02.220] experience that and you know or just like kind of skip through it is is one thing I will say the
[01:07:02.220 –> 01:07:09.380] game does a very good job of like telling you what to do next mm-hmm almost maybe like too
[01:07:09.380 –> 01:07:15.540] clearly where there’s like a story menu yeah in the in the menu you can go to like the story
[01:07:15.540 –> 01:07:22.420] section and it’ll say hint do this I think that’s okay I quite like it because it’s like if you want
[01:07:22.420 –> 01:07:26.860] to just kind of get to that point where you have this dragon you just want to get through the story
[01:07:26.860 –> 01:07:31.940] and then you can do whatever you want at that point like I like being able to do that like
[01:07:31.940 –> 01:07:36.100] just going yeah like here’s how you do the next bit of story right but like if you don’t care
[01:07:36.100 –> 01:07:40.820] about that you can just ignore it and that’s totally fine right this game works well as are
[01:07:40.820 –> 01:07:45.940] a standard cottagecore game of just playing through days and doing your daily tasks and
[01:07:45.940 –> 01:07:50.660] meeting people and doing things for them like that there’s nothing wrong with with that and
[01:07:50.660 –> 01:07:54.980] I just really like they’re like oh yeah if you want to do the story here’s the next thing you
[01:07:54.980 –> 01:08:01.900] do to do the story you know I don’t have to yeah I just have to do it yeah I do really like that
[01:08:01.900 –> 01:08:09.340] too I think that um you know they I guess what I mean by that is when when it says like hint it’s
[01:08:09.340 –> 01:08:13.500] not like it’s not really a hint it’s just like this is telling you what to do yeah yeah yeah
[01:08:13.500 –> 01:08:18.860] it’s the word just get rid of the word go to bed and then the next cutscene will play yeah yeah
[01:08:18.860 –> 01:08:23.180] pretty much is what yeah yeah it’s like the the the like the most recent one is like hint search
[01:08:23.180 –> 01:08:27.100] the cafe and find the recipe fragments and get some sleep when you’re done yeah that’s not a
[01:08:27.100 –> 01:08:30.940] hint that’s just telling you what to do which is fine that’s just a walkthrough at that point just
[01:08:30.940 –> 01:08:35.100] get rid of that word right just get rid of the word hint although I will say that one really
[01:08:35.100 –> 01:08:40.300] confused me because it says search the cafe for recipe fragments I searched the cafe there were
[01:08:40.300 –> 01:08:47.340] no recipe fragments what it meant was search outside the cafe they’re in the outside the the
[01:08:47.340 –> 01:08:52.700] area surrounding I spent half an hour trying to figure out where these recipe fragments were in
[01:08:52.700 –> 01:09:00.460] the cafe silly me thinking search the cafe means search inside the cafe oh my words whatever I
[01:09:00.460 –> 01:09:10.700] eventually went and got them uh there there are I was just gonna say I I think that the um the the
[01:09:10.700 –> 01:09:16.300] advancement of the story at the at that speed is really nice but there’s also moments where it’s
[01:09:16.300 –> 01:09:21.820] like run the cafe like to get to the next cutscene or whatever run the cafe for a certain amount of
[01:09:21.820 –> 01:09:26.620] days or like get to okay so you can’t just speed run the story then you do right so you do have to
[01:09:26.620 –> 01:09:32.620] like go out and get ingredients and things like that which oh yeah yeah yeah kind of leads us into
[01:09:32.620 –> 01:09:37.020] the next perfect timing let’s talk about the mechanics then so let’s talk about we’ll talk
[01:09:37.020 –> 01:09:41.900] about the farming and gathering stuff together because it’s basically the same right so there’s
[01:09:41.900 –> 01:09:47.340] not really you’re not really farming right the way that this works is you have a little farm
[01:09:47.340 –> 01:09:52.060] you’ve got like a little plot of land for growing things and you got a little plot of land for your
[01:09:52.060 –> 01:09:58.060] chickens um and you just turn up and you look and you see oh they’re ready to harvest and you
[01:09:58.060 –> 01:10:01.980] harvest them and then you go away right you don’t plant you don’t water you don’t tend them there’s
[01:10:01.980 –> 01:10:08.140] none of that it’s just you turn up and the stuff is there right the only thing that you do do is
[01:10:08.140 –> 01:10:16.620] you can use manure dragon manure specifically yeah that you get from the bed that the dragon
[01:10:16.620 –> 01:10:23.340] sleeps in which i’ve got questions about um yeah toilet trading your dragon apparently
[01:10:24.700 –> 01:10:31.100] but you can you can at least at the point that i’m at the like max that you can have at any one
[01:10:31.100 –> 01:10:38.300] time is nine dragon manure right and you can use that dragon manure on your farm and on other
[01:10:38.300 –> 01:10:47.660] things to to to uh specifically on your farm is to speed up yeah the the growth uh and you can
[01:10:47.660 –> 01:10:54.860] i don’t know pump like three or four into your farm and just like harvest immediately yeah uh
[01:10:54.860 –> 01:10:59.500] if you need something on the spot yeah yeah so it’s not completely passive but it’s it’s basically
[01:10:59.500 –> 01:11:05.500] passive right like pretty much um and then that ties into there’s also general gathering as well
[01:11:05.500 –> 01:11:11.420] like around there are things like uh well i mean similar to the stuff that you farm but also other
[01:11:11.420 –> 01:11:17.740] stuff so like i found onions both in the farm and at the gather spots there’s like random little
[01:11:17.740 –> 01:11:22.140] rocks and and plants and stuff that have that sparkle when there’s stuff to get and you go up
[01:11:22.140 –> 01:11:29.020] and you grab it like six times and you’ve got six things yeah um you have to you have to gather
[01:11:29.020 –> 01:11:33.340] chickens in order to get chicken no you start off with the chicken you do start off with a chicken
[01:11:33.340 –> 01:11:38.140] but if you want more chickens you have to go gather them right okay and bring them to your
[01:11:38.140 –> 01:11:44.940] farm which is like fair enough and i’m stealing them from someone uh i think they’re just wild
[01:11:44.940 –> 01:11:49.580] chickens but the thing that’s not i mean i mean theoretically it’s a thing right but like you’re
[01:11:49.580 –> 01:11:53.180] not just gonna find right like if i want out my house and i found a chicken that’s that’s
[01:11:53.180 –> 01:11:58.060] somebody’s chicken i’m just stealing someone’s chicken at that point like i know where i know
[01:11:58.300 –> 01:12:06.140] more rural than that but even then like chickens they’re they’re not really wild anymore i know
[01:12:06.140 –> 01:12:11.500] this is a fantasy world so whatever it doesn’t matter they yeah you know it okay so apparently
[01:12:11.500 –> 01:12:15.340] i’m looking at the wiki right now because i had a question about something else related to the
[01:12:15.340 –> 01:12:20.620] chickens apparently they’re called egg birds so they’re maybe wild egg birds not necessarily
[01:12:20.620 –> 01:12:26.300] chickens oh okay basically chicken that’s all right then that’s okay then but there are different
[01:12:26.300 –> 01:12:32.140] colored chickens that lay different colored eggs um and then they kind of haven’t come across that
[01:12:32.140 –> 01:12:38.220] yet uh so my only gripe about the chickens is that they have kind of turned it into
[01:12:39.420 –> 01:12:46.300] more of a like gathering part of the game than a a farming part of the game yeah and what i mean by
[01:12:46.300 –> 01:12:53.660] that is you have when you gather a chicken and bring it back it will lay eggs for a certain
[01:12:53.740 –> 01:12:59.980] amount of time and then it will disappear and then you have to go regather the chicken from
[01:12:59.980 –> 01:13:07.340] that location oh no which is not a like and as far as i know there’s no way to like keep them
[01:13:07.340 –> 01:13:15.500] on your farm that’s it’s just it’s like timed so that you have a couple days of like you get
[01:13:15.500 –> 01:13:22.780] chickens but i will say the like the the actual locations that they’re in like they go back to
[01:13:22.780 –> 01:13:28.060] the same location every time so it’s kind of like if you play it enough and you gather these
[01:13:28.060 –> 01:13:32.620] chickens enough when you’re out gathering other things then you kind of know where those locations
[01:13:32.620 –> 01:13:38.700] are so you can just do like a quote unquote chicken run and just go get all your chickens
[01:13:38.700 –> 01:13:44.940] i love chicken run you know what’s the new film that comes out this year i honestly forgot that
[01:13:44.940 –> 01:13:51.820] that was a thing and said that on ironically it’s coming out in december the new chicken run i’m so
[01:13:51.820 –> 01:13:59.420] excited what a year for animated films i didn’t realize there was a new chicken run yeah coming
[01:13:59.420 –> 01:14:04.380] out in december to be fair i think that i think that chicken run is a lot bigger over there than
[01:14:04.380 –> 01:14:09.740] it is over here well yeah i mean it is aardman we love aardman over here right sorry bit of
[01:14:09.740 –> 01:14:15.660] a distraction there that’s the like my primary gripe with the chickens is that there’s no like
[01:14:15.660 –> 01:14:19.740] yeah that’s yeah i haven’t haven’t experienced that i can see how that would be annoying
[01:14:19.740 –> 01:14:28.060] um yeah i’m not it’s it’s not particularly a detailed and exciting farming mechanic
[01:14:28.060 –> 01:14:34.380] right this is not a farming game as such um it’s very much like the farming is there
[01:14:35.020 –> 01:14:41.180] to give you stuff rather than as gameplay in and of itself yeah which is fine you know i
[01:14:41.180 –> 01:14:45.660] but if you’re looking for a game with you know obviously you’re not looking for a game with
[01:14:45.660 –> 01:14:49.180] detailed farming because then you’re playing farming simulator but if you’re looking for
[01:14:49.180 –> 01:14:54.380] a game that like actually does some kind of level of farming this this ain’t it right that’s true
[01:14:55.020 –> 01:15:00.780] uh yeah and it does streamline some of that stuff too like if you find it you know you go out and
[01:15:00.780 –> 01:15:06.300] you find certain ingredients whatever when you bring them back it kind of automatically puts
[01:15:06.300 –> 01:15:12.220] them in your your fridge and stuff like that yeah it puts them in your fridge but then it also logs
[01:15:12.220 –> 01:15:21.020] it as like it it adds it to your farm so that like when you harvest stuff then you’re nice
[01:15:21.020 –> 01:15:26.060] you’ll still most likely get those things like i that’s that’s how i’ve ended up finding the
[01:15:26.060 –> 01:15:33.500] same things uh in both my farm and out and about because that is actually how it works right yeah
[01:15:33.500 –> 01:15:38.380] so i like yesterday when i was playing it again i was there was a specific dish that i was running
[01:15:38.380 –> 01:15:43.260] out of an ingredient for and i couldn’t remember where it was and i spent time looking around
[01:15:43.260 –> 01:15:48.940] running around trying to find which you know uh piece of land i had to be on in order to get it
[01:15:48.940 –> 01:15:54.220] because they’re different different ingredients show up on different portions of the map um
[01:15:54.220 –> 01:16:00.380] and i couldn’t remember where it was and then i kind of gave up went back and uh uh in my head
[01:16:00.380 –> 01:16:05.820] i’m like how did i get to it if i can’t you know like it must have existed at some point that i
[01:16:05.820 –> 01:16:10.460] have it like i have a dish for it and i went back and i harvested the stuff in my farm and
[01:16:10.460 –> 01:16:16.380] then i got like five of them i was like oh okay so i just got it once and it you know logs it in the
[01:16:16.380 –> 01:16:21.580] i forgot that that was a thing yeah no that’s cool um so that kind of makes it a little bit easier
[01:16:21.580 –> 01:16:26.540] in the future too when you you just kind of have to log it once and then obviously if you want
[01:16:26.540 –> 01:16:31.740] more and you want to like have a certain amount of them yeah you got to go get more of it again
[01:16:31.740 –> 01:16:35.500] which will be a lot easier once you get to adult stage and you can just fly to the location that
[01:16:35.660 –> 01:16:41.420] you need this absolutely get so cool so that’s farming gathering type stuff whatever you want
[01:16:41.420 –> 01:16:46.620] to call it um let’s talk about cooking next because i think we kind of move straight into
[01:16:46.620 –> 01:16:55.580] that from farming um this is probably the most actual gameplay in the game i would say um yeah
[01:16:55.580 –> 01:17:00.140] and it’s like so obviously you’ve got you you you’ve got your people that come in and you have
[01:17:00.140 –> 01:17:03.980] to get their orders and then you have to place the order don’t know why i have to place the order if
[01:17:03.980 –> 01:17:07.420] i’m the one that’s going to cook it anyway right but whatever so you go to the person you find out
[01:17:07.420 –> 01:17:11.420] what they want and then you go to the the checkout and you say what they want and then you go and
[01:17:11.420 –> 01:17:17.900] cook what they want um and the cooking mini game is a rhythm game it is who’d have thought it
[01:17:19.580 –> 01:17:24.140] and i love watch the trailer who would have thought it um yeah no i think it’s i think
[01:17:24.140 –> 01:17:31.100] it’s great um i don’t i i like it yeah no it’s good fun um it’s not the most detailed and fun
[01:17:31.100 –> 01:17:40.140] mini game rhythm game no it’s no guitar hero but it’s a slightly there’s there’s always this like
[01:17:40.140 –> 01:17:46.940] uh sensitivity with yeah um rhythm games that’s that scales in weird ways sometimes and it’s
[01:17:46.940 –> 01:17:53.020] definitely one of those where like the sensitivity kind of you know you can be what looks like dead
[01:17:53.020 –> 01:17:58.700] on and it’s actually like too late yeah yeah yeah yeah you have i find that you have to be slightly
[01:17:58.700 –> 01:18:05.420] ahead um of it but um i mean it like as with all rhythm games if you can get good at it you can
[01:18:05.420 –> 01:18:10.700] get good at it right like the second time i cooked i got four four out of five stars right like it’s
[01:18:10.700 –> 01:18:15.100] right if you if you’re good at rhythm games you you can get good at this really quick yeah um
[01:18:15.100 –> 01:18:25.260] so you yeah you can log you you cook and then you log those recipes um and you build a menu
[01:18:25.260 –> 01:18:32.300] based on those recipes so like you you can have a whole bunch of different recipes in your
[01:18:32.300 –> 01:18:37.100] your inventory or your you know your kitchen inventory or whatever you want to call it like
[01:18:37.100 –> 01:18:42.620] your your recipe book and then you can pick from those recipes that you’ve already made
[01:18:43.180 –> 01:18:51.580] to build a menu for for customers to order off of um and there are different levels to like how
[01:18:51.660 –> 01:19:00.060] good the recipe is will depend on how well you do in the rhythm game so if you hit every single note
[01:19:00.060 –> 01:19:07.500] perfectly then you you’ll get like a like a five chef hat recipe or whatever it is whatever the
[01:19:07.500 –> 01:19:15.740] the scale is um and then that is it adds like extra uh bonuses to the item so that you know
[01:19:15.740 –> 01:19:20.300] when it’s on your menu and people order it you get bonus um reputation and stuff like that
[01:19:21.020 –> 01:19:27.580] uh which is really like that’s the core of the game is you is running this cafe like all of
[01:19:27.580 –> 01:19:33.900] this stuff is feeding into running the cafe like collecting things you know foraging and whatever
[01:19:34.700 –> 01:19:42.220] to build recipes to build a menu to have this cafe which runs i think it runs three times a day
[01:19:42.780 –> 01:19:47.260] you have like breakfast lunch and dinner but breakfast is like i don’t think is like
[01:19:47.340 –> 01:19:52.780] a lot of people come in for breakfast it’s more like a lunch rush and then a dinner rush um
[01:19:53.500 –> 01:19:59.980] and just so you’re aware too because it sounds like maybe you you didn’t get to this point yet
[01:19:59.980 –> 01:20:04.940] but some of the whatever you’re about to say i almost certainly didn’t get to that point
[01:20:05.900 –> 01:20:08.860] i had to think about it because when you’re like i don’t know why i have to cook and also take the
[01:20:08.860 –> 01:20:15.660] order and so on but there is a point where the the first like i think the first three npcs that come
[01:20:15.660 –> 01:20:24.540] in and have like a story for them those three npcs then become employees of of the cafe yeah
[01:20:24.540 –> 01:20:32.620] so one of them is like an a really fancy orc that has like great tastes and whatever and they become
[01:20:32.620 –> 01:20:41.340] the chef for your cafe um and then then there’s like an elf that plays guitar or something he
[01:20:41.340 –> 01:20:45.180] becomes one of the servers and then there’s another character that becomes a server
[01:20:45.900 –> 01:20:52.940] so eventually you have between your other sibling and these npcs you have a chef and then you have
[01:20:52.940 –> 01:21:00.700] three people on staff to uh to take orders submit the orders deliver serve the food and then clean
[01:21:00.700 –> 01:21:08.700] up the plates um so the goal eventually is then that you won’t have to uh be around in order to
[01:21:09.020 –> 01:21:14.700] do anything the the cafe will kind of run itself but you still want it there there are moments
[01:21:14.700 –> 01:21:20.780] where the the employees will slack off and you have to like kind of kick them out of it oh no
[01:21:20.780 –> 01:21:27.980] does this game make you a capitalist uh you know it’s i’m not okay with this you know in a very
[01:21:27.980 –> 01:21:33.660] gentle way maybe oh man it’s like you’re you’re the you’re the cool boss who just comes in and
[01:21:34.140 –> 01:21:39.900] hey guys i love that you enjoy chatting but can we maybe get some work done and it’s really specific
[01:21:39.900 –> 01:21:45.180] things like the elf that plays guitar will just like randomly stop and start playing guitar in
[01:21:45.180 –> 01:21:51.660] the middle of the oh come on who can be mad at that it’s not good guitar playing i’ll say that
[01:21:51.660 –> 01:21:57.660] okay never mind then that’s what you just kind of walk over and talk to them and they go oh sorry
[01:21:58.220 –> 01:22:00.060] i forgot what i was doing here whatever you know
[01:22:02.220 –> 01:22:09.260] so you can realistically you can just walk away and spend the entire day foraging and let the
[01:22:09.260 –> 01:22:17.340] cafe run itself and not micromanage and it will still run it’s just that the reputation may not
[01:22:17.340 –> 01:22:23.660] like increase as quickly as it could if you’re there and helping out i also kind of just like the
[01:22:24.460 –> 01:22:29.020] little menial tasks of like picking up the dishes and putting them away and like
[01:22:29.020 –> 01:22:33.100] serving the food and whatever and it’s such a like short time frame that there’s a rush hour
[01:22:33.100 –> 01:22:38.540] that it doesn’t really yeah get in the way of anything so look mica you can’t you don’t have
[01:22:38.540 –> 01:22:45.020] to justify liking the menial tasks this is a podcast about cottagecore games
[01:22:48.940 –> 01:22:52.140] even as far as cottagecore games go they’re still pretty menial
[01:22:54.300 –> 01:22:59.660] yeah like there’s not really gradations of menial right like what’s the difference between
[01:22:59.660 –> 01:23:04.300] picking up plates and watering crops you know especially when you have
[01:23:04.300 –> 01:23:09.180] three thousand of them in the late game of stardew right that’s come on you’re right you’re right
[01:23:10.060 –> 01:23:17.820] uh so yeah that part of the like cafe running aspect of it is there if you really want to focus
[01:23:17.820 –> 01:23:23.980] on that otherwise you can just kind of like let it run itself and uh go out and forage and
[01:23:23.980 –> 01:23:30.220] yeah do whatever you want explore the world um yeah yeah and and but it does get easier over time
[01:23:30.940 –> 01:23:36.380] you could you could absolutely play this game if and even if you don’t like the exploration aspect
[01:23:36.380 –> 01:23:40.460] of things because you don’t really need to do that if you don’t want to progress the story
[01:23:41.100 –> 01:23:44.220] which like why are you doing it if you’d want it but whatever like i’m not going to judge people
[01:23:44.220 –> 01:23:50.140] how they play these like you know if you just want to run a cafe it’s quite fun to yeah correct
[01:23:50.140 –> 01:23:54.540] uh your dragon is with you yes pretty much all this follows you around although i presume he
[01:23:54.540 –> 01:24:00.860] gets quicker as you get as he gets bigger because he’s really slow right now uh yeah i i guess i
[01:24:00.860 –> 01:24:05.180] don’t i didn’t really that that may be true i i think at the point that i met it just kind of
[01:24:05.180 –> 01:24:09.900] follows me everywhere i go without really much effort i don’t really remember that but like i
[01:24:09.900 –> 01:24:13.660] just i just went down to the beach and i was doing some stuff and then i turned around and he just
[01:24:13.660 –> 01:24:19.180] arrived as i was about to leave yeah just like really slow i mean it’s not he’s just got teeny
[01:24:19.180 –> 01:24:24.460] tiny legs right i get it but he’s a little little baby dragon yeah but he also he doesn’t follow you
[01:24:24.460 –> 01:24:29.340] in that kind of like pokemon following can you kind of way where he’s like always stuck one
[01:24:29.340 –> 01:24:33.900] step behind you he just kind of wanders around on his own kind of vaguely coming towards you
[01:24:33.900 –> 01:24:40.780] which is quite cool uh and then there are certain aspects of forging that you can uh get the
[01:24:40.780 –> 01:24:46.460] dragon’s help with too like there’s little caves where there’ll be i don’t know meat or something
[01:24:46.460 –> 01:24:52.060] inside yeah that you can’t go in so you whistle for your dragon and it comes over and searches
[01:24:52.060 –> 01:24:56.220] the little cave yeah um oh maybe the dragon was just tired because he just went to bed and now
[01:24:56.220 –> 01:25:01.260] he’s much quicker oh yeah maybe you do have to like that’s another part of this is that like
[01:25:01.980 –> 01:25:07.500] the cooking does also like you have to cook in order to make dishes obviously your dragon and
[01:25:07.500 –> 01:25:12.940] you have to feed your dragon i love the idea of me feeding my dragon just like a fried egg yeah
[01:25:15.900 –> 01:25:19.260] there’s a little mini game in there i don’t know if you knew this or not they don’t really make
[01:25:19.260 –> 01:25:24.300] it super clear but there’s a mini game in there where certain foods have different have certain
[01:25:24.300 –> 01:25:30.300] colors so like there’s a red type of food a green type of food and a blue type of food
[01:25:31.020 –> 01:25:37.020] and depending on what food you feed your dragon can change the color of your dragon yeah did you
[01:25:37.020 –> 01:25:41.500] say that right at the beginning but okay i could see how you would miss it quite easily and it’s
[01:25:41.500 –> 01:25:48.140] not like super like if you want a teal dragon you have to feed them combinations of like green and
[01:25:48.140 –> 01:25:54.140] blue foods in order to get them to that that gradation uh which is like kind of interesting
[01:25:54.140 –> 01:25:59.900] there’s also i guess i’ve haven’t gotten to it but i’ve seen that there are white and black foods too
[01:25:59.900 –> 01:26:07.500] that will change it to like a white dragon or a black dragon i want a drag yeah me too um one
[01:26:07.500 –> 01:26:11.980] one small thing about the cooking just before we move on i’m a little bit frustrated that when you
[01:26:11.980 –> 01:26:18.300] cooking eggs this is excellent and not eggcellent that’s that is unfortunate i do agree with that
[01:26:18.860 –> 01:26:24.700] i don’t know what the decision was there to not include the word eggcellent but i’m also
[01:26:24.700 –> 01:26:31.500] disappointed in it uh fishing pretty simple there’s like fishing spots and you go and you
[01:26:31.500 –> 01:26:36.300] press the fish and then you press when the explanation exclamation mark comes up and the
[01:26:36.300 –> 01:26:42.220] fish comes up that’s the set um although you do also have a little mini fish farm which is like
[01:26:42.220 –> 01:26:47.420] your normal farm where uh like random fish will spawn and you can just get them you don’t have to
[01:26:47.660 –> 01:26:55.740] which is fun yeah yeah it’s uh and there are uh in that area too where you you your little fishing
[01:26:55.740 –> 01:27:00.460] pond is there’s also lots of like recipe fragments will show up there too throughout the game yeah
[01:27:00.460 –> 01:27:04.380] yeah yeah which is i guess we didn’t even really talk about that but you have to collect the
[01:27:04.380 –> 01:27:10.620] recipes by uh there’s each recipe has like four fragments and you have to it’s collect all four
[01:27:10.620 –> 01:27:15.500] fragments to build the create the recipe it’s like someone blew up a recipe book outside
[01:27:16.060 –> 01:27:21.100] i don’t i don’t understand the logic behind this why did this happen and they always show up in
[01:27:21.100 –> 01:27:30.620] like one page floating on like shipwreck debris so bizarre it’s like a cruise ship with a huge
[01:27:30.620 –> 01:27:36.220] recipe book on it exploded uh yeah i guess that’s everything fishing wise it’s pretty simple right
[01:27:36.220 –> 01:27:40.060] yeah it is pretty simple it’s pretty straightforward um we talked about the dragons
[01:27:40.060 –> 01:27:44.300] a lot throughout the other things i don’t know is there anything else we want to talk about dragons
[01:27:44.300 –> 01:27:54.220] wise um your mom is part dragon as you do yep uh it’s it the dragon is very cute i do like the
[01:27:54.220 –> 01:27:59.420] dragon a lot i like the design of the dragon um i’ve seen what the dragon looks like as an adult
[01:27:59.420 –> 01:28:07.260] too and it’s very neat design kind of all throughout uh it makes cute noises it uh you know
[01:28:07.260 –> 01:28:12.860] kind of yells at you when it’s hungry and stuff like that i mean big meat yeah um there is this
[01:28:12.860 –> 01:28:19.020] isn’t related specifically to the dragons but there is one aspect of this game that i do really
[01:28:19.020 –> 01:28:27.420] love and it’s that it is there is no requirement for bedtime oh i hadn’t noticed that kind of nice
[01:28:27.420 –> 01:28:33.340] you don’t ever have to go to sleep pretty much nothing uh you except except with the story
[01:28:33.340 –> 01:28:37.500] story bits that make you sleep yes there are story bits that make you sleep so you can’t advance
[01:28:37.500 –> 01:28:42.780] those uh the game saves when you go to sleep so you kind of have to every once in a while
[01:28:43.420 –> 01:28:48.940] go to bed in order to save your game so you don’t lose progress uh i don’t know for sure if this is
[01:28:48.940 –> 01:28:55.580] true or not but this is i i kind of assume that this is the case you don’t really get the manure
[01:28:55.580 –> 01:28:59.980] unless your dragon uh goes to bed and you’re because your dragon is always with you i think
[01:28:59.980 –> 01:29:05.660] they um you make sense you won’t get it unless they go to bed but that may not be the case it
[01:29:05.660 –> 01:29:12.620] may still show up go to bed or your dragon will be constipated but as long as you have dishes and
[01:29:12.620 –> 01:29:19.900] you’re feeding your dragon when they’re hungry you can stay up as long as you want you can stay up
[01:29:20.460 –> 01:29:26.860] there’s no penalty for not sleeping i think the only penalty you get is if you go to bed after
[01:29:26.860 –> 01:29:32.620] like 4 30 or if you go to bed before like 4 30 or something like that then you’ll sleep in an hour
[01:29:33.260 –> 01:29:41.500] uh but if you go to bed after 4 30 i think then you just sleep through the day like you just
[01:29:41.500 –> 01:29:47.100] yeah it’s it’s the next day at that point so you just kind of sleep through it um fair enough you
[01:29:47.100 –> 01:29:52.620] you do there are more penalties for like going to bed early than there are for just staying up
[01:29:53.340 –> 01:29:59.740] like you’ll just miss portions of the day rather than just like staying up all night and
[01:30:00.380 –> 01:30:09.260] because i i found that the best cycle for me at least is to do my foraging and my like recipe
[01:30:09.260 –> 01:30:15.420] stuff during the day sticking around the the cafe so that i can help out when during rush hour when
[01:30:15.420 –> 01:30:24.540] the cafe is open and then after the cafe you know the like after the the dinner time hours then i go
[01:30:24.620 –> 01:30:29.500] out and do the foraging and yeah i’m out pretty much all night um fair enough and that’s kind of
[01:30:29.500 –> 01:30:34.940] been my cycle unless i have to go to bed for the story or i want to go to bed because i want to
[01:30:34.940 –> 01:30:40.940] save the game yeah fair enough um yeah cool i think we’ve talked about kind of like are there
[01:30:40.940 –> 01:30:46.140] any other mechanics that you you think that we’ve not covered that i don’t know maybe the stuff that
[01:30:46.140 –> 01:30:54.620] i’ve i’ve just not got to yet um there there are like enemies sort of throughout the game there’s
[01:30:54.620 –> 01:30:59.660] like uh can i tell my dragon to go get them you can yeah your dragon will will quote unquote
[01:30:59.660 –> 01:31:07.580] hunt them they can also attack you and like knock you out uh it depends on what it is that like
[01:31:07.580 –> 01:31:14.540] there’s um i can’t recall what the the name of them what the name of the they’re like they’re
[01:31:14.540 –> 01:31:21.020] like warthogs basically i guess maybe it’s like the right they’re like boars yeah where they’re
[01:31:21.020 –> 01:31:28.620] like uh they provide like meat and if you hunt them then you get the meat nice um do i not get
[01:31:28.620 –> 01:31:34.700] the meat try to attack you well that’s these are like the monsters basically you know they’re like
[01:31:34.700 –> 01:31:40.780] the monsters of the game um and then there’s birds that are flying around that don’t really attack
[01:31:40.780 –> 01:31:47.500] you but you get like poultry meat from them uh and then there’s different like scales of those
[01:31:47.500 –> 01:31:56.140] like bigger more tougher versions and things like that uh yeah there’s i i i guess beyond that it’s
[01:31:56.140 –> 01:32:03.500] just that the world map expands as you play as the dragon grows up you have more accessibility
[01:32:03.500 –> 01:32:11.580] to certain parts of the the map um and that means more foraging options that means more recipes that
[01:32:11.580 –> 01:32:19.580] means you know expanding your cafe and stuff like that but i think that i’m sort of feeling more
[01:32:19.580 –> 01:32:27.180] like the the strategy for the game obviously play however you want whatever is you know the
[01:32:27.180 –> 01:32:31.660] comfortable way for you to play but i sort of feel like a strategy to get to the point where you can
[01:32:31.660 –> 01:32:38.220] like access everything is just to do what you got to do to get through the story first um because
[01:32:38.220 –> 01:32:45.340] there’s a lot of story yeah and uh you only really unlock all of the things that you can do once
[01:32:45.340 –> 01:32:52.380] you’ve gotten through certain milestones in the stories yeah fair enough uh cool i guess well it’s
[01:32:52.380 –> 01:33:00.140] overall i think this is fun um it very much feels to me i think it depends on how the story goes
[01:33:00.140 –> 01:33:06.940] whether that bit is actually good or not um i think in terms of like your standard cottage core
[01:33:06.940 –> 01:33:14.380] stuff it is it fun enough and a lot it certainly feels like there’s a lot of love put into this
[01:33:14.380 –> 01:33:21.420] game and it’s very cute with the dragon um personally i’m not a huge fan of the cafe style
[01:33:21.420 –> 01:33:29.740] of things right that’s just not really my thing um i like i like farming more and i like farming
[01:33:29.740 –> 01:33:35.580] and then just selling stuff right like i don’t i don’t the the the mini game for cooking is fun
[01:33:35.580 –> 01:33:42.540] but i suspect will get annoying over time yeah as you as you need to like upgrade your recipes and
[01:33:42.540 –> 01:33:47.340] things like that it does get a little bit i mean it gets harder and harder the the crazier the
[01:33:47.340 –> 01:33:53.260] recipe is the harder it gets you know um yeah yeah but i mean it’s still it seems quite fun
[01:33:53.260 –> 01:33:57.980] and it’s definitely very cute um and you know who can say no to riding on a dragon
[01:33:58.220 –> 01:34:07.020] yeah it’s definitely a cute game it’s like a very comfy game it’s not particularly demanding of you
[01:34:07.020 –> 01:34:15.580] uh the fact that there’s very little restrictions and very little punishment in the game like
[01:34:15.580 –> 01:34:22.620] not like huge stakes makes it a more relaxing experience in that way like yeah you can just
[01:34:22.620 –> 01:34:28.380] really play it at your own pace and play it how you want um it does feel especially now going
[01:34:28.380 –> 01:34:36.460] back to it after like years of having not played it um it still has a very specific aesthetic
[01:34:36.460 –> 01:34:45.500] that feels pleasant um but it also does i do recognize that there are a lot of um like design
[01:34:45.500 –> 01:34:54.380] flaws with it like just some some in the way that like you move around like controls things like
[01:34:54.380 –> 01:35:03.500] that um obviously not like crazy as far as graphics go not looking incredibly uh detailed
[01:35:03.500 –> 01:35:08.460] you know it’s not like a it’s not terrible but it’s not like yeah i think it’s fine like it’s
[01:35:08.460 –> 01:35:15.820] one of these things where the more stylized a game is the better it ages and it’s it it’s fine
[01:35:15.820 –> 01:35:21.980] like it looks fine it doesn’t look bad you know right but yeah i guess we’ll see in 10 years what
[01:35:21.980 –> 01:35:28.460] it looks like right yeah i think yeah the controls wise is generally okay but like i think when
[01:35:28.460 –> 01:35:33.980] you’re in the cafe things feel a little sticky shall we say it certainly i definitely enjoy
[01:35:33.980 –> 01:35:39.500] being outside more than inside yeah i agree um there’s a little bit of navigation when it gets
[01:35:39.500 –> 01:35:47.500] to things like platforming and stuff that’s a little weird outside yeah um but the uh overall
[01:35:47.500 –> 01:35:52.780] the uh kind of yeah that you’re right the inside the cafe especially when it’s like peak hours
[01:35:53.420 –> 01:36:00.540] and you’ve got multiple employees and everybody’s kind of moving around it gets very it can be very
[01:36:00.620 –> 01:36:05.260] frustrating and like how many times you’re bumping into things or like yeah not getting
[01:36:05.260 –> 01:36:09.980] to the point that you need to get in order to to activate whatever it is that you’re trying to press
[01:36:10.700 –> 01:36:19.580] uh but yeah all in all it’s i think i don’t know what it runs now cost-wise so it’s still
[01:36:19.580 –> 01:36:26.780] like its normal price is still the standard six sixty dollars i think is it really yeah
[01:36:27.500 –> 01:36:37.900] was i think it was or was it 50 or 50 50 okay so sitting at currently 46 49 pounds um but they go
[01:36:37.900 –> 01:36:45.740] on sale for an insane amount right like it was just on sale for 15 quid so like do not buy this
[01:36:45.740 –> 01:36:52.060] at full price like they do it like the yeah literally i bought this game in march for 15
[01:36:52.060 –> 01:36:56.700] quid on the switch and it was the same price on steam like just go wait for wait for that
[01:36:56.700 –> 01:37:06.860] like it happens regularly um so yeah yeah it’s uh i i think worth it at a not full price for sure
[01:37:07.580 –> 01:37:14.140] uh i remember buying it at full price but i also got like it feels like a standard for you
[01:37:15.020 –> 01:37:19.820] yeah that’s kind of that’s how it goes at this point but i got 50 hours out of it so i feel
[01:37:19.820 –> 01:37:24.060] pretty good about that yeah so it looks like they go on sale on basically every steam sale
[01:37:24.060 –> 01:37:28.700] so it was on sale on the spring sale it was on sale on the winter sale the autumn sale
[01:37:28.700 –> 01:37:34.460] the summer sale the lunar new year sale the winter sale the autumn sale the halloween
[01:37:35.340 –> 01:37:40.220] like it just they seem to every time there’s a big steam sale they go down to 15 quid so okay
[01:37:41.340 –> 01:37:45.820] yeah so just maybe wait for that yeah yeah no especially presumably we’ve got a summer one
[01:37:45.820 –> 01:37:49.340] coming soon yep i’ve not actually looked at that when have we got dates for that
[01:37:49.340 –> 01:37:54.540] definitely definitely worth it on sale uh no yeah i think 15 quid um if you like that sort
[01:37:54.540 –> 01:38:01.500] of game it’s like i don’t i’m probably not going to put in 50 hours into this game right um but i
[01:38:01.500 –> 01:38:08.780] think it is worth it for if you’re going to put you know 10 into it like it’s worth it for that
[01:38:08.780 –> 01:38:13.260] i think it’s a good it’s it’s fun enough right july two weeks the first two weeks of july is
[01:38:13.260 –> 01:38:19.100] the summer sale about okay got it so about a month yeah come back pick it up for have a look
[01:38:19.340 –> 01:38:24.460] 15 quid i don’t know what that is and i don’t know what the exchange rate is basically one to
[01:38:24.460 –> 01:38:32.380] one just now is it yeah okay one pound is oh it’s one okay one pound is one dollar twenty five so
[01:38:32.380 –> 01:38:39.660] it’s it’s gone it’s gone gone up a bit there was a point uh last year where it almost hit parity
[01:38:41.020 –> 01:38:47.900] one pound was worth one dollar eight yeah it was uh we don’t need to talk about it all right cool
[01:38:47.900 –> 01:38:51.980] well thank you mica for joining me to talk about this game that you haven’t played for four or
[01:38:51.980 –> 01:38:56.620] five years i’m happy to talk about it it was an it was a reason for me to start playing it again
[01:38:56.620 –> 01:39:02.220] and i am already back in that like gameplay loop of running around and collecting things and getting
[01:39:02.220 –> 01:39:09.020] recipes and it’s it’s kind of nice and it makes me want to finish it yeah i may do that now cool
[01:39:09.020 –> 01:39:15.580] where can people find you on the internet uh you know until it implodes i’m on twitter still
[01:39:15.980 –> 01:39:22.060] um we keep thinking it’s gonna implode but it just keeps going somehow it’s it’s the uh gift
[01:39:22.060 –> 01:39:29.100] that keeps on giving and it’s the gift that you didn’t want i’m on instagram too also at mica the
[01:39:29.100 –> 01:39:37.900] brave uh i’m on tumblr mike the brave tumblr dot com whatever it is uh that’s pretty much it for
[01:39:37.900 –> 01:39:45.660] now and until something else comes along uh cool that is better i guess that’s pretty much where
[01:39:45.660 –> 01:39:51.260] you can find me cool you can find me on twitter at the scott bot um i’m also the same username
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[01:40:26.780 –> 01:40:33.020] lasso now that that’s finished i am gonna have to listen to that because uh i don’t know anything
[01:40:33.020 –> 01:40:40.940] about ted lasso well you’ll have to subscribe and i think we’ve got zelda one upcoming as
[01:40:40.940 –> 01:40:47.100] mica hinted um that should be next week i think but i need to actually edit that’s a pretty long
[01:40:47.100 –> 01:40:50.300] one i think that’s our longest greenhouse episode in quite a while that zelda one
[01:40:50.300 –> 01:40:52.780] so look forward to that i think understandable
[01:40:55.420 –> 01:41:00.780] uh i think that’s everything thank you mike for joining me of course it’s been a pleasure thanks
[01:41:00.780 –> 01:41:07.100] for having me on again so it’s nice yeah and i guess we’ll see you when story seasons a wonderful
[01:41:07.100 –> 01:41:12.940] life comes out absolutely and um listeners thank you for listening and until next time
[01:41:12.940 –> 01:41:16.380] have a good harvest harvest i wasn’t sure if you would change that too
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[01:42:02.620 –> 01:42:06.220] i’ll get as much zelda time in as i can