Capybaras Are On The Rise

Bev and Codey talk about Capybara Spa


00:00:00: Theme Tune
00:00:30: Intro
00:02:04: What Have We Been Up To
00:06:41: News
00:47:59: Capybara Spa
01:06:28: Outro

Everdream Valley
Flutter Away
Parkasaurus DLC
Lightyear Frontier
Mossfield Origins
Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara
Garden Galaxy Update
Steamworld Build
Mineko’s Night Market
Sprout Valley
33 Immortals
The Palace on a Hill

Capybara Spa


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[00:00.000 –> 00:35.000] Hello, farmers, and welcome to another episode of The Harvest Season.
[00:35.000 –> 00:36.000] My name is Cody.
[00:36.000 –> 00:37.000] And my name is Bev.
[00:37.000 –> 00:41.000] And we’re here today to talk about Cottagecore games.
[00:41.000 –> 00:43.000] Woo!
[00:43.000 –> 00:45.000] Capybara games.
[00:45.000 –> 00:46.000] And spas.
[00:46.000 –> 00:47.000] And spas.
[00:47.000 –> 00:50.000] There’s actually another Capybara game in the news. It’s crazy.
[00:50.000 –> 00:52.000] Capybaras are on the rise.
[00:52.000 –> 00:54.000] They are.
[00:54.000 –> 00:58.000] As always, transcripts are available in the show notes and on the website.
[00:58.000 –> 01:03.000] And, as we’ve already mentioned, we are talking today about the game Capybara Spa.
[01:03.000 –> 01:06.000] Which has been on our list for a long time.
[01:06.000 –> 01:13.000] It’s just kind of like a small, cute little game made by Cozy Beat Games, who also made Lemon Cake.
[01:13.000 –> 01:15.000] Which is very fun.
[01:15.000 –> 01:22.000] But before we dive into spas for Capybaras, we have some news.
[01:22.000 –> 01:24.000] Actually, a decent amount of news.
[01:24.000 –> 01:25.000] Thanks, Al.
[01:25.000 –> 01:27.000] No, I’m kidding.
[01:27.000 –> 01:30.000] Wait, are we doing what we’re put up to first?
[01:30.000 –> 01:35.000] But before we get to the news…
[01:35.000 –> 01:37.000] It’s early, farmers.
[01:37.000 –> 01:38.000] Farmers, give us a break.
[01:38.000 –> 01:40.000] We have some coffee.
[01:40.000 –> 01:46.000] I actually considered having it be part of the intro where I’m like,
[01:46.000 –> 01:50.000] Good morning, farmers.
[01:50.000 –> 01:55.000] That could be after the credits.
[01:55.000 –> 01:57.000] It’s true.
[01:57.000 –> 02:05.000] Yeah, go to the end of the credits for me, for my goofiness.
[02:05.000 –> 02:09.000] Yeah, what are the events?
[02:09.000 –> 02:13.000] I love how in the show notes you just have work, work, work, work.
[02:13.000 –> 02:15.000] And so I put work, work, work, work as well.
[02:15.000 –> 02:18.000] Because I feel like that’s all I’ve been up to.
[02:18.000 –> 02:23.000] I have a huge conference next week and stressing out about that.
[02:23.000 –> 02:27.000] But I guess what I’m trying to not think about work and trying to
[02:27.000 –> 02:31.000] de-stress, I’ve surprisingly have gone back into Clash of Clans for
[02:31.000 –> 02:32.000] whatever reason.
[02:32.000 –> 02:33.000] I don’t know why.
[02:33.000 –> 02:34.000] Wow.
[02:34.000 –> 02:36.000] But I’m all in.
[02:36.000 –> 02:40.000] I feel like I’ve been building up my town hall.
[02:40.000 –> 02:42.000] I got up to a town hall 10.
[02:42.000 –> 02:43.000] Now I have a second all to count.
[02:43.000 –> 02:45.000] I don’t know why.
[02:45.000 –> 02:49.000] So I’ve been doing a lot of that.
[02:49.000 –> 02:54.000] I’m occasionally playing, what am I playing?
[02:54.000 –> 02:55.000] Oh, goodness.
[02:55.000 –> 02:58.000] The one, Cora Island, that one.
[02:58.000 –> 02:59.000] Oh, yeah.
[02:59.000 –> 03:00.000] Uh-huh.
[03:00.000 –> 03:03.000] And I also got Fire Emblem engaged last weekend.
[03:03.000 –> 03:09.000] So I’ve been also trying to put some time in a minute a day or so, as
[03:09.000 –> 03:11.000] I do in that.
[03:11.000 –> 03:12.000] Yeah.
[03:12.000 –> 03:14.000] How about you?
[03:14.000 –> 03:17.000] Work, work, work, work, work.
[03:18.000 –> 03:24.000] So I am about to do my comprehensive exam, which is basically in my
[03:24.000 –> 03:27.000] university, it’s different at every university, but at my university in my
[03:27.000 –> 03:31.000] department, it’s basically where I stand in front of my committee of five
[03:31.000 –> 03:35.000] people and say, this is what I want to do my research on.
[03:35.000 –> 03:39.000] And it’s funny because it’s like, here are two, excuse me, here are two
[03:39.000 –> 03:43.000] chapters that I’ve already finished.
[03:43.000 –> 03:47.000] So you can’t tell me I can’t do that because I already did it.
[03:47.000 –> 03:52.000] And then here are two chapters that I have made that I have an idea of
[03:52.000 –> 03:53.000] what I’m going to do.
[03:53.000 –> 03:56.000] One of them is in progress, so I think if anything, they would just be
[03:56.000 –> 04:00.000] like change how you’re asking the questions.
[04:00.000 –> 04:03.000] And then the other one is kind of like this offshoot from that.
[04:03.000 –> 04:07.000] And so basically the question is like, is that enough?
[04:07.000 –> 04:11.000] This is the exam where they are like, wow, look at all the things you’re
[04:11.000 –> 04:15.000] doing, but it’s not enough for PhD.
[04:15.000 –> 04:22.000] And then you have a chance to like add to it and redo it later.
[04:22.000 –> 04:26.000] Or they could just be like, you good, looks great.
[04:26.000 –> 04:28.000] Like get her done, you know?
[04:28.000 –> 04:30.000] So we’ll see.
[04:30.000 –> 04:33.000] But that’s in like a week and a half.
[04:33.000 –> 04:37.000] So that’s exciting question mark.
[04:37.000 –> 04:42.000] But like after that, I don’t have anything until my defense, which will
[04:42.000 –> 04:46.000] be in like October of 2025.
[04:46.000 –> 04:52.000] So I literally would just be collecting my insects, identifying them,
[04:52.000 –> 04:56.000] going to conferences, writing my papers, like all of that, like getting
[04:56.000 –> 05:02.000] all of that stuff done, likely doing any extra chapters that come along
[05:02.000 –> 05:07.000] because every single time I collect field work data, I like.
[05:07.000 –> 05:11.000] Well, I talked to my, I talked to like my collaborator and my advisor
[05:11.000 –> 05:13.000] and I’m like, Oh wow, I found this cool thing.
[05:13.000 –> 05:14.000] And they’re like, let’s write a paper about it.
[05:14.000 –> 05:17.000] And I’m like, no, please.
[05:17.000 –> 05:19.000] So yeah, I’ve been doing that.
[05:19.000 –> 05:24.000] I haven’t really been playing games, but I’ve been in like that nostalgic,
[05:24.000 –> 05:29.000] like rewatch movie series that you’ve watched a billion times.
[05:29.000 –> 05:33.000] I’ve been reading a lot of books lately.
[05:33.000 –> 05:39.000] So that’s, that’s kind of my, Oh, I did, I did download like Tetris on my phone.
[05:39.000 –> 05:43.000] There’s this Tetris app that you can get on your phone and you earn like
[05:43.000 –> 05:49.000] these VIP points and if you get 4 million VIP points, which is like ridiculous.
[05:49.000 –> 05:54.000] But if you get 4 million VIP points, you get an eight day cruise to Alaska.
[05:54.000 –> 05:55.000] Amazing.
[05:55.000 –> 05:56.000] You can like turn them in.
[05:56.000 –> 05:58.000] Like you can turn in all these points for like legit things.
[05:58.000 –> 06:05.000] Like if you live in, if you live in that one place where people gamble, Vegas.
[06:05.000 –> 06:07.000] That one place.
[06:07.000 –> 06:12.000] There’s like, you can get like a free night in MGM or, you know,
[06:12.000 –> 06:16.000] with a very small amount of points, you can get 15% off your thing
[06:16.000 –> 06:17.000] and you don’t ever have to pay.
[06:17.000 –> 06:20.000] You just like watch the dumb ads in between a Tetris game.
[06:20.000 –> 06:21.000] But like, I don’t care.
[06:21.000 –> 06:24.000] I just put my phone down and play with my dog and then I’m like, Oh, cool.
[06:24.000 –> 06:25.000] The ad’s done.
[06:25.000 –> 06:27.000] Yeah, yeah, exactly.
[06:27.000 –> 06:29.000] I’ve been joined with a cat.
[06:29.000 –> 06:33.000] So if you hear any purring, that’s her.
[06:33.000 –> 06:35.000] I just thought you were purring.
[06:35.000 –> 06:36.000] No.
[06:36.000 –> 06:37.000] Yes.
[06:37.000 –> 06:38.000] Yes.
[06:38.000 –> 06:40.000] No, I’m also a cat.
[06:40.000 –> 06:41.000] I have it.
[06:41.000 –> 06:42.000] I have it.
[06:42.000 –> 06:47.000] OK, so we can get into the news.
[06:47.000 –> 06:49.000] OK, so first bit of news here.
[06:49.000 –> 06:56.000] Everdream Valley is going to release on the switch on June 23rd.
[06:57.000 –> 06:58.000] I’m trying to think.
[06:58.000 –> 07:02.000] I think that by the time this is out, it’ll be it’ll be up.
[07:02.000 –> 07:04.000] You can you can play the game.
[07:04.000 –> 07:05.000] You can do the time.
[07:05.000 –> 07:07.000] The time is real.
[07:07.000 –> 07:08.000] Yes.
[07:09.000 –> 07:10.000] This looks super cute.
[07:10.000 –> 07:12.000] It’s like a little farming.
[07:12.000 –> 07:17.000] I mean, it says like that farming is its main one of its main things.
[07:17.000 –> 07:19.000] But you’re like a small child.
[07:19.000 –> 07:25.000] The look of the child makes me think that you like is abandoned on this island.
[07:25.000 –> 07:29.000] And I’m like, why is he the one doing all of this stuff?
[07:29.000 –> 07:33.000] But I feel like this gives me like someone more like vibes.
[07:33.000 –> 07:34.000] Uh huh.
[07:34.000 –> 07:35.000] OK.
[07:35.000 –> 07:40.000] Like just a small child living by herself on a island, taking care of her a little.
[07:40.000 –> 07:41.000] Oh, yeah.
[07:41.000 –> 07:42.000] That’s what it feels like.
[07:42.000 –> 07:44.000] I’m just like, what?
[07:44.000 –> 07:45.000] Get it like find parents.
[07:45.000 –> 07:47.000] What are you doing?
[07:47.000 –> 07:50.000] What an industrious child, though.
[07:50.000 –> 07:55.000] Um, I watched the trailer and the beekeeping looks great.
[07:55.000 –> 08:05.000] And by that, I mean, it showed it showed the like a really big close up of the hives and it just had bees all over the screen.
[08:05.000 –> 08:09.000] Like I was like, yeah, that’s how it feels.
[08:09.000 –> 08:13.000] And you collect bugs, which is always fun.
[08:13.000 –> 08:14.000] I’m in.
[08:14.000 –> 08:17.000] I feel like the name is a little unfortunate.
[08:17.000 –> 08:24.000] Like if they came up with this name like two to three years ago and then Dreamlight Valley came out.
[08:24.000 –> 08:27.000] Yeah, that’s true.
[08:27.000 –> 08:31.000] Also, ever dream valley makes me think that he’s like in a coma.
[08:31.000 –> 08:32.000] Oh, my goodness.
[08:32.000 –> 08:34.000] And this is all a hallucination.
[08:34.000 –> 08:35.000] Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening.
[08:35.000 –> 08:36.000] It does.
[08:36.000 –> 08:38.000] It should end.
[08:38.000 –> 08:41.000] You beat the game and zoom out.
[08:41.000 –> 08:43.000] He’s not actually doing like child like labor.
[08:43.000 –> 08:44.000] Oh, my gosh.
[08:44.000 –> 08:46.000] I mean, better.
[08:46.000 –> 08:47.000] No, no, not better.
[08:47.000 –> 08:48.000] Not better.
[08:48.000 –> 08:51.000] Um, God, we are unhinged.
[08:51.000 –> 08:56.000] Okay, so that is ever dream valley coming to switch on the 23rd of June.
[08:56.000 –> 08:57.000] The next one is flutter away.
[08:57.000 –> 09:00.000] This is capybara game number two.
[09:00.000 –> 09:06.000] Yes, capybara game number one will always forever in our hearts be capybara spa.
[09:06.000 –> 09:23.000] Um, but flutter away is quote pulled this from the steam enjoy the serenity of the Amazon rainforest and this cozy short nature exploration game as a butterfly researcher on a five day camping trip explored nearby tracks take photos me animal friends and journal journal
[09:23.000 –> 09:36.000] the discoveries found along the way, and quote, if you eagle eyed eagle eared listeners could hear me pause after a butterfly research.
[09:36.000 –> 09:42.000] As I like was like, I know I saw this on the which McCall at the wholesome game.
[09:43.000 –> 09:53.000] And I was like, I need to be a researcher in my virtual life, as well as well I’m not research IRL but I need.
[09:53.000 –> 10:06.000] So I’m here for it. But like, it looked so cool because like you put a stick out that I’m assuming has some kind of like thing that attracts butterflies on it and like nectar or something.
[10:06.000 –> 10:13.000] And then you have to like pull it really really slowly towards you if you pull it too fast and they’re like what the heck and they like fly away.
[10:13.000 –> 10:21.000] But you’re basically like what from the trailer it looked like you’re trying to figure out like the diversity of butterflies in this area.
[10:21.000 –> 10:26.000] And you and you have a capybara friend.
[10:27.000 –> 10:28.000] Okay.
[10:28.000 –> 10:46.000] I’m speaking of capybaras I just remember this. I saw a video yesterday that said that capybaras can swim five kilometers an hour underwater, like, they literally just like walk along the bottom of me or whatever and they just like kick off and zoom by you it’s Holy Holy
[10:46.000 –> 10:57.000] Hekaru. They are very, very fast little sprightly things that are very fast little rodents, or big rodents, big rodents, biggest rodents Yes, correct.
[10:57.000 –> 11:09.000] Um, I don’t think that they’re going to be swimming in this game but flutter away releases on steam and switch on the third of August, maybe they will be flying in this game.
[11:09.000 –> 11:12.000] Man flutter away on switch.
[11:12.000 –> 11:15.000] Ow.
[11:15.000 –> 11:22.000] Let me cover the motherling game. Um, are we just going to cover like all the research like games.
[11:22.000 –> 11:34.000] I feel like we’re obligated. I feel like we are, and I’m not not upset about that. I’m not either, um, a research game that I don’t feel obligated transitions on point.
[11:34.000 –> 11:40.000] Parkasaurus prehistoric wonders DLC. So I think we’ve already covered Parkasaurus on the pod.
[11:40.000 –> 11:55.000] So this is just a DLC and it’s out now and it just gives you 10 new animals and the animals are the American lion mammoth saber tooth mega theorem, Eastern Puma giant capybara Oh my gosh, I didn’t even goodness.
[11:55.000 –> 11:57.000] They’re everywhere.
[11:57.000 –> 12:01.000] Year of copy bar.
[12:01.000 –> 12:04.000] Name, that’s gonna be the title of the year.
[12:04.000 –> 12:07.000] Yes.
[12:07.000 –> 12:16.000] Uh, short faced bear dodo direwolf and dwarf pronghorn. So they looked really dumb.
[12:16.000 –> 12:21.000] I mean, not like the game did not make them dumb.
[12:21.000 –> 12:24.000] They’re just dumb.
[12:24.000 –> 12:31.000] As the owner of two chickens I feel like I can very much say confidently this is a dumb bird.
[12:31.000 –> 12:33.000] Yeah.
[12:33.000 –> 12:39.000] So yeah, if you have Parkasaurus or if you’ve been wanting a dodo and Parkasaurus.
[12:39.000 –> 12:44.000] And that’s why you haven’t played it. Do it now. Good.
[12:44.000 –> 12:47.000] Okay, light your frontier.
[12:47.000 –> 12:55.000] Um, I, I like. Okay, I guess let’s just let’s take a look under the hood.
[12:55.000 –> 12:57.000] Cody.
[12:57.000 –> 13:00.000] I don’t remember games.
[13:01.000 –> 13:05.000] I’m gonna record this podcast and I’m out.
[13:05.000 –> 13:11.000] All that knowledge is gone. So every time there’s a news article about a game.
[13:11.000 –> 13:24.000] I like the night before or right before whatever I put like these little blurbs of what they are and for this one last night I wrote Ark survival evolved but you have mech suits.
[13:24.000 –> 13:29.000] I don’t really know that you’re doing your homework, because I am not.
[13:29.000 –> 13:37.000] I just like to know what I’m talking about, but, um, I can’t, I’m not good at riffing I feel like when I riff and like I go rogue.
[13:37.000 –> 13:45.000] I don’t know. I’m just at the stage of like, I don’t care anymore. I’m just flying by the seat of my pants.
[13:45.000 –> 13:49.000] The listeners love you anyway so.
[13:49.000 –> 13:56.000] Whereas my anxiety is like they will hate you.
[13:56.000 –> 14:05.000] So yeah, that was my note for light your frontiers Ark survival, but you have mech suits because that’s what it looks like he’s like mech suits.
[14:05.000 –> 14:10.000] And they have updated the release window for this game and it’s coming early 2024.
[14:10.000 –> 14:22.000] I’m like, intrigue I kind of don’t like the first person like aspect of it and it’s weird to do so in a forum but yeah, this also gives me a slime rancher like but like steampunk vibes.
[14:22.000 –> 14:32.000] And that’s also a game that I want to play so who knows maybe I will. It’s just so interesting that like, because you can use the suits to like farm instead of him remember.
[14:32.000 –> 14:46.000] So it’s like, yeah, it feels like fulfills people’s Gundam desire. Exactly like I want to like have a cottagecore like vibe, but I want to shoot water out of my gun.
[14:46.000 –> 14:59.000] And then if you, I don’t know if this happens in this game or not but if you if you’re watering your plants and you have your water gun. And then a baddie is coming for your crops, you can go.
[14:59.000 –> 15:02.000] And then switch to your regular gun.
[15:02.000 –> 15:04.000] And then you go.
[15:04.000 –> 15:07.000] That’s what happens in the comic ops.
[15:07.000 –> 15:11.000] Which is a stress. Well, with that sound effect. Oh my god.
[15:11.000 –> 15:20.000] Well, no, but okay good. Your, your water is also your weapon. I thought it was original.
[15:20.000 –> 15:29.000] The sound effect was supposed to be the water gun going back in the, in the arm and then the real gun coming out. Beautiful. I love it. It was so good.
[15:29.000 –> 15:32.000] Thanks.
[15:32.000 –> 15:36.000] Next up we have Mossfield origins.
[15:36.000 –> 15:49.000] So quote. This is a small cozy community builder where all buildings are based on the same foundation. Take your time build a sustainable community for your residents, sustainable community for your residents in this relaxing game with no time pressure
[15:49.000 –> 15:51.000] or external forces.
[15:51.000 –> 15:57.000] Yeah, upgrade foundations via tech tree to redefine and refactor your space.
[15:57.000 –> 16:07.000] Um, let me tell you, that’s the end quote. Let me tell you, so as someone with ADHD I need time pressure.
[16:07.000 –> 16:22.000] Or else nothing’s getting done. I know I maybe that’s something we’ll talk about where we actually get into the game but yeah, I also feel that, but also at the same time, I, it’s like, like I want it but also I don’t because stress.
[16:22.000 –> 16:34.000] Yeah, but I guess it depends on how they like roll it out like if it’s like starting like yes there is time pressure but I’m not stressed out about it. So, yeah, gotta do it right.
[16:34.000 –> 16:37.000] It looks really cute.
[16:37.000 –> 16:45.000] The animation style looks really interesting and I really like I don’t really like the sepia tones.
[16:46.000 –> 16:52.000] Okay, cool. Mm hmm. Like it’s very other like worldly and.
[16:52.000 –> 16:55.000] That’s true. Yeah, yeah, sorry.
[16:55.000 –> 17:02.000] Are you like on like a different planet like you’re kind of looks like you’re wearing a space suit, space suit.
[17:02.000 –> 17:06.000] I’m assuming that’s why it’s like a weird like different environment.
[17:06.000 –> 17:09.000] It’s just a different atmosphere, I don’t know.
[17:09.000 –> 17:18.000] But I can, I feel like I could probably get into this like I’m not in a very creative space right now so I don’t want to have to figure out where to put buildings.
[17:18.000 –> 17:22.000] I’m very anti like creativity in my game right now. Yeah.
[17:22.000 –> 17:29.000] So I could see me not wanting to play that but at the same time, I also enjoy like city building so we’ll see. Yeah.
[17:29.000 –> 17:34.000] Yeah, we’ll see. I, that’ll be a you game.
[17:35.000 –> 17:42.000] So the roadmap and the release date are quote unquote coming soon. Love that, love that for us.
[17:42.000 –> 17:49.000] But we’ll get more information right now. One blurb from their, gosh, what is this their blog.
[17:49.000 –> 17:54.000] All events Mossfield Origins, I think this is a blog.
[17:54.000 –> 18:01.000] Quote one of the artistic goals of Mossfield Origins is to reflect a healthier relationship that’s possible between humans and the world we live on.
[18:01.000 –> 18:06.000] Worlds. Oh, worlds. Okay, confirmed. Yikes. Okay.
[18:06.000 –> 18:12.000] We live on depicting a more sustainable approach to life and our habitation.
[18:12.000 –> 18:23.000] So, um, yeah, I think it. The vibe is right but I need, I need someone telling me what to do. Yeah, or else isn’t it she not getting done so.
[18:23.000 –> 18:29.000] Hopefully they have a really good quest system because that. Oh, if they have achievements. Yeah, yeah, exactly.
[18:29.000 –> 18:37.000] Then you have goals. Like if it’s just like go in there and like mine Minecraft and like no, no, no thank you.
[18:37.000 –> 18:47.000] Every time I play Minecraft, I literally do the exact same thing and that is go down to the, well, it used to be go down to level 11 but now there’s negative levels.
[18:47.000 –> 18:57.000] Oh no. So I go down to like negative 40 or something like that and I just make a strip mine and put everything in, in chests.
[18:57.000 –> 19:02.000] And so they organize chests. They are organized.
[19:02.000 –> 19:07.000] So everyone that’s playing with me because like I play on these, these like community servers when I do.
[19:07.000 –> 19:19.000] And so that they, they can be like, oh wow look a chest that has four stacks of diamonds. Cool. And I’m just like down there with my diamond pickaxe. Just doing that.
[19:19.000 –> 19:23.000] That’s all I want to do.
[19:23.000 –> 19:24.000] Okay.
[19:24.000 –> 19:30.000] Next, Koa and the five pirates of Mara. Speaking of Summer and Mara.
[19:30.000 –> 19:35.000] I wrote that this looks like a cute slash fun puzzle platformer.
[19:35.000 –> 19:48.000] I’m excited. Is that what quite. Yeah, I think that it’s by Chibi. So same world as Summer Mara is in the same universe, but they, I guess, are deciding to branch out a little bit and they’re, I don’t know, type of game, I guess.
[19:48.000 –> 19:57.000] So it is definitely a like 3d platformer and it just looks so cute and like getting to play as like Koa.
[19:57.000 –> 20:05.000] I will just love and I do. It’s been so long since I’ve done a platformer because I feel like I got like tired of Mario for whatever reason.
[20:05.000 –> 20:13.000] So maybe this will like get me back into like wanting to do platformers because it is so cute. It looks so bright. It just looks really good.
[20:13.000 –> 20:21.000] I’m excited. And I did pack it. So excited just to get it. Well, good for you because it releases on July 27.
[20:21.000 –> 20:31.000] So that is when it will be available to you. Beautiful. Super awesome. Speaking, I’m going to take a small sign here. Speaking of platformers, have you played Hollow Knight?
[20:31.000 –> 20:40.000] Yes. Oh, so good. I have not like, I feel like finished the story or like I’m probably like 75% of the way through.
[20:40.000 –> 20:48.000] But I also like get through like various like kind of like Stardew where I’m like, OK, I kind of want to get back into this. Let me start playing it again.
[20:48.000 –> 20:55.000] But yes, love, love, love Hollow Knight. When I saw the trailer for Koa, I was like, oh, it’s a platformer.
[20:55.000 –> 21:02.000] And then I like had a little bit of like anxiety and I was like, I’m not ready.
[21:02.000 –> 21:06.000] If it’s Hollow Knight, then definitely not ready. I don’t think it’s going to be like Hollow Knight.
[21:06.000 –> 21:12.000] I don’t know. I’m just too scared of platformers in general.
[21:12.000 –> 21:17.000] Hollow Knight got me and I didn’t even get that far. It gets so hard real quick.
[21:18.000 –> 21:28.000] I mean, I guess I’ve I’ve beat the game, but like my partner has done like the path of pain and literally a thing.
[21:28.000 –> 21:34.000] And it’s just like it’s throwing all of the bad and all of the difficulty at you.
[21:34.000 –> 21:39.000] And I’m like, I’m not doing that. It just sounds like stress. I watched like people stream that.
[21:40.000 –> 21:47.000] I’m like, I’m not here for that. Like, I want it so I can like 100 percent the game or 120 percent it or whatever.
[21:47.000 –> 21:52.000] But also, I’m never going to beat it. And it’s so frustrating. So no, thank you.
[21:52.000 –> 22:00.000] Yep. That small aside, I’m trying to think of a nope, there’s no transition.
[22:00.000 –> 22:07.000] Garden Galaxy, Garden Galaxy.
[22:07.000 –> 22:16.000] Yeah, you don’t do that in this game. So, quote, discover, collect and organize to create your own unique garden in this relaxing idol slash creative sandbox.
[22:16.000 –> 22:20.000] And I wrote, I have no idea how to describe this game.
[22:20.000 –> 22:26.000] Yeah, it gives me like match madness vibes, like those matching games.
[22:26.000 –> 22:32.000] But it’s not that at all. It’s like, I mean, I guess you do kind of like put you like match.
[22:32.000 –> 22:37.000] It looks like there’s something there’s like this container that you can put things into.
[22:37.000 –> 22:44.000] And then it pops out a randomly generated other things. Yeah, I don’t quite understand whatever that pot is.
[22:44.000 –> 22:49.000] No, but it gives me like like city builder. Yeah. Vibes just in a garden sense.
[22:49.000 –> 22:56.000] And I feel like I remember playing a phone game like this. That was also an idol game for just growing flowers.
[22:56.000 –> 23:02.000] And it has like the same art style and like cubes, like sections, I guess. I don’t know.
[23:02.000 –> 23:11.000] But like I said, I’m very anti-creative right now. And if you don’t tell me where to put things, I’m not going to put anything.
[23:11.000 –> 23:16.000] Yeah, but this is like if you really enjoy being creative and like, yeah, exactly.
[23:16.000 –> 23:24.000] Like if your favorite thing about Animal Crossing New Horizons was designing your island, you’re going to love this game.
[23:24.000 –> 23:31.000] Because it’s just like it’s just that it’s just that and terraforming your your own galaxy.
[23:31.000 –> 23:36.000] You’re playing God in this galaxy and just building. It looks it looks really cute.
[23:36.000 –> 23:41.000] I’m not going to lie, but it’s just not like this is something that I would watch someone else play.
[23:41.000 –> 23:48.000] Yeah. And maybe maybe at some point when I’m not feeling so tired and so anti-creativity, I will get into this.
[23:48.000 –> 23:54.000] Bev, when you’re when? I’m hoping there will be a time when I’m not tired.
[23:54.000 –> 23:59.000] Yeah, no, same. So we’ll see. That’s I just have been like joking about that myself.
[23:59.000 –> 24:06.000] But like, you know, when I have free time.
[24:06.000 –> 24:14.000] When I’m in the not so distant future, when this is all done in October 2025.
[24:14.000 –> 24:19.000] Yeah. Yes. Catch me in January 2026.
[24:19.000 –> 24:25.000] Yeah. So basically this there’s a summer update to this game coming out in June.
[24:25.000 –> 24:29.000] This game’s already out, so you can already play it right now.
[24:29.000 –> 24:36.000] But there’s a summer update and one of the new sets like they literally just put here the preview of one of the new sets.
[24:36.000 –> 24:41.000] And it’s like a little island, kind of like a beachy.
[24:41.000 –> 24:48.000] I guess it’s more like a deserted island theme now that I’m looking at it because it’s got like it’s got like a message in a bottle.
[24:48.000 –> 24:55.000] Oh, wow. And like palm trees and stuff. So if you already have a game, new stuff is a coming.
[24:55.000 –> 25:00.000] If you do not have that game, but this sounds intriguing, new stuff will be coming soon.
[25:00.000 –> 25:07.000] So dive in now. The next game is we’re getting there.
[25:07.000 –> 25:13.000] Y’all steamworld build such a weird name quote in steamworld build.
[25:13.000 –> 25:18.000] You must escape a dying planet by building a mining town to dig up vital long lost technology.
[25:18.000 –> 25:25.000] Meet the ever growing needs of your citizens, trade resources and defend your mine from the creatures that lurk below.
[25:25.000 –> 25:31.000] End quote. That is giving Factorio vibes. It is.
[25:31.000 –> 25:37.000] Actually, I don’t know. It’s the one where like you crash land on a planet.
[25:37.000 –> 25:47.000] I think it’s Factorio because you crash on a planet and you’re just like mining the crap out of the planet to build your your thing back up.
[25:47.000 –> 25:53.000] Eventually, these like creatures come at you and you’re just like, kill them.
[25:53.000 –> 25:56.000] Oh, my goodness. Yeah, it’s Factorio.
[25:56.000 –> 26:00.000] But yeah, it’s giving that. But the trailer. Did you watch the trailer?
[26:00.000 –> 26:07.000] I have not, but I’ve I’ve heard about this game of seed. I think we talked about it on a like previous game or game previous episode.
[26:07.000 –> 26:18.000] And I am excited by it. Like, I like the premise and like I enjoy mining and this is essentially what you’re doing.
[26:18.000 –> 26:23.000] So I think I would enjoy this. And this also sounds like you’re like Minecraft like life.
[26:24.000 –> 26:26.000] Until you can’t anymore.
[26:26.000 –> 26:34.000] Like the gameplay trailer makes it look almost like like city skylines, like you have a city that you’re managing.
[26:34.000 –> 26:43.000] And then there’s also like, I guess this might be minecarts that I’m looking at in this thing, but it looks like there’s like roller coasters.
[26:43.000 –> 26:46.000] So it’s like a little roller coaster tycoon. Oh, my gosh, I forgot.
[26:46.000 –> 26:59.000] If you go to 24 is for you and for anyone, if you go to 24 seconds into the trailer, there’s a there’s a what is that called?
[26:59.000 –> 27:04.000] A drive through theater. A drive in.
[27:04.000 –> 27:15.000] And there’s like these it’s all rusty in the image on the screen just looks like a robot is like about to have a showdown in the middle of the town in front of the tavern.
[27:15.000 –> 27:19.000] And like he’s got his hand on his gun and his other guys, but like all you can see is the robot’s face.
[27:19.000 –> 27:23.000] That’s just like what it’s evoking. But yes, drive in theater.
[27:23.000 –> 27:38.000] So like this game just has a lot. But like to me, if I was the person trying to escape the dying planet partway through this, I would be like, maybe I don’t want just leave the planet.
[27:38.000 –> 27:44.000] I mean, do we want to look at the beauty of that of that drive in theater and the roller coasters?
[27:44.000 –> 27:51.000] Maybe we just fix up the planet that we have. Anyway, it looks really cute.
[27:51.000 –> 27:57.000] I’m excited. And the news is that there’s a new trailer.
[27:57.000 –> 28:04.000] That’s the news. So I definitely watch the trailer. It’s really cute, especially 24 seconds in.
[28:04.000 –> 28:10.000] Tell me, listeners, what you think is happening in that movie at that drive in.
[28:10.000 –> 28:13.000] It’s definitely a Western. OK, because it feels like a Western.
[28:13.000 –> 28:17.000] It’s definitely a Western with the hot and the squidty eyes. And the squidty eyes.
[28:17.000 –> 28:23.000] OK, next, Menechos Night Market.
[28:23.000 –> 28:28.000] That’s me trying to be really, really excited, but also not too loud.
[28:28.000 –> 28:35.000] I don’t want to blow out the speaker. So Menechos Night Market, this game, I did not have to look up because I know what I’m talking about.
[28:35.000 –> 28:42.000] Exactly. The news here is that it is coming to Game Pass on its release.
[28:42.000 –> 28:48.000] And of course, its release is September 26th, which is like the release for a billion games.
[28:48.000 –> 28:52.000] There’s like four games that we cover that are all coming out on this day.
[28:52.000 –> 29:01.000] Too many games. Pick another day. I mean, they can pick another day because whatever day Menechos Night Market comes out on is going to get our attention.
[29:01.000 –> 29:06.000] True. Very true. So all the other games need to step off September 26th.
[29:06.000 –> 29:10.000] Yeah, I feel like I need a Game Pass, but also I know I’m just going to buy this game.
[29:10.000 –> 29:20.000] So, yeah, I mean, this is good news. Like if there if if you have been thinking about Menechos Night Market and every time you hear us talking about it, you’re like, oh, my gosh, I want a game.
[29:20.000 –> 29:23.000] And you have Game Pass. That means you don’t have to buy it, right?
[29:23.000 –> 29:30.000] Like you don’t have to put the money down because it’ll be on the for freezies, quote unquote.
[29:30.000 –> 29:35.000] I think you have to pay for a Game Pass every month. Yeah, like ten dollars a month or something like that.
[29:35.000 –> 29:45.000] So it’s not terrible. It’s only ten dollars. Which is why I was like, maybe I get it for Dreamlight Ballet because I want to play this game, but I don’t want to pay twenty five dollars for a free to play game.
[29:45.000 –> 29:50.000] But also, I’m still paying whatever. It’s another subscription.
[29:50.000 –> 29:53.000] Nope, don’t need it. OK, don’t need it. Exactly.
[29:53.000 –> 30:02.000] If there’s like a specific game that I want to try, but don’t want to commit to, like I suppose Dreamlight Ballet, then I suppose it might be worth it for only like like a month.
[30:02.000 –> 30:09.000] Like I definitely would pay more than ten dollars per an entire month if I bought a game.
[30:09.000 –> 30:14.000] But whatever. Well, Bev, a great time, a great time to try Game Pass would be in September.
[30:14.000 –> 30:25.000] Exactly. Because then you could try you could like if you do it early September, then you could play Dreamlight Ballet until Moneko’s Night Market came out and then swap over.
[30:25.000 –> 30:31.000] Love that. That’s good planning, too. Maybe I will do that.
[30:31.000 –> 30:36.000] Because I can plan for ten dollars in September. Right. Right. Yeah.
[30:36.000 –> 30:42.000] I can do that. I also think that farming simulators on Game Pass. Oh, no.
[30:42.000 –> 30:49.000] And I need to be playing that. Spoiler alert for future episodes.
[30:49.000 –> 30:56.000] Spirit tea. Just going to transition very poorly.
[30:56.000 –> 31:05.000] Spirit tea. So this is a quote from Al. Beta slash alpha slash meh.
[31:05.000 –> 31:13.000] Out on Wednesday. So I believe that that means that it’s like Wednesday, like the day after the podcast comes out or the day of that.
[31:13.000 –> 31:21.000] That’s unclear, Al. You put dates in the show notes. Wow. We’re just coming out all over the place because he then wrote might include all content.
[31:21.000 –> 31:34.000] All content might not. Who even knows? And then I tried to click on the link and I sassily wrote would love to be able to read the update, but it’s only viewable by backers, Al.
[31:34.000 –> 31:42.000] And that was where I was going to leave it. But y’all, he actually I didn’t like tag him or anything. He just looked at my notes and then he left.
[31:42.000 –> 31:51.000] Yeah, he saw. Yeah. So he commented on that. What did he say? Not sure why I’m being blamed for this. Yeah.
[31:51.000 –> 32:03.000] And then he took screenshots. Just copy paste the whole thing in here next time, Al. I mean, no, I wanted to give him crap. And then he ruined it.
[32:03.000 –> 32:12.000] You still gave him crap. And then he gave you crap back. Yeah, it’s true. We do be ribbing each other. You’re like poking fun at each other.
[32:12.000 –> 32:21.000] So, yeah, he said, let’s see, this says because this is I didn’t look at this last night. It wasn’t available to me.
[32:21.000 –> 32:28.000] The developer says I’ve just finished a few of the crucial items and now we’re pretty much ready to start the public beta.
[32:28.000 –> 32:36.000] Oh, I was about to say what is a public beta? And wouldn’t you know it? The next sentence. What is the public beta? Thank you.
[32:36.000 –> 32:43.000] It’s essentially a chance to play the game early. I believe the beta will contain only the first two seasons of your first year in the town.
[32:43.000 –> 32:50.000] However, there’s been talk of potential access to the full game as well. How do you not know? How do you? Yeah.
[32:50.000 –> 32:54.000] So maybe it is. It’s not like the plan.
[32:54.000 –> 32:58.000] I believe maybe maybe they just don’t have a lot of confidence.
[32:58.000 –> 33:05.000] I also I also start with like I I think before things that I know for a fact, so it might just be like a confidence thing.
[33:05.000 –> 33:13.000] So I hope that they will know what the beta contains and will maybe just plan to change it later with full access.
[33:13.000 –> 33:19.000] I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be like a surprise, like a special surprise of like, oh, you get more.
[33:19.000 –> 33:25.000] And you get a full game and you get a full game.
[33:25.000 –> 33:31.000] Sorry, I’m tired. Yeah. And then there’s a secret.
[33:31.000 –> 33:37.000] The next the next two paragraphs end up saying, oh, and please keep this to yourself.
[33:37.000 –> 33:42.000] So I’m not going to say that. But Spirit Tea is done. So this is what they say.
[33:42.000 –> 33:47.000] Anyways, the game is done, but the polishing isn’t done. So, yeah.
[33:47.000 –> 33:52.000] Well, the secret is that, nope, that they’re announcing the beta for something else.
[33:52.000 –> 33:56.000] That’s a secret. That’s for something else. Oh, is it? I can’t read.
[33:56.000 –> 34:01.000] It’s too early. A secret. OK, I don’t know who that was.
[34:01.000 –> 34:06.000] I just assumed it was the same person. No, I think they’re talking about two games here.
[34:06.000 –> 34:11.000] Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That’s that’s not clear at all.
[34:11.000 –> 34:14.000] This dev needs to make that clear. This is a new game we’re talking about.
[34:14.000 –> 34:21.000] This is also it’s just so unclear. I mean, like Dan, Dan, Dan.
[34:21.000 –> 34:28.000] Thank you for staying for like communicating to people and like having these, you know, semi regular updates.
[34:28.000 –> 34:32.000] But also, this is not clear. No, Dan’s probably also overworked.
[34:32.000 –> 34:36.000] They’re probably submit this up, like in the middle of the night, like, oh, it’s out.
[34:36.000 –> 34:41.000] OK, I’m done. Good night. Oh, my gosh. Dan is about to have a new baby.
[34:41.000 –> 34:44.000] Oh, yeah. That’s why Dan is so tired. That makes sense.
[34:44.000 –> 34:48.000] All is forgiven, Dan. Enjoy your baby.
[34:48.000 –> 34:54.000] We will enjoy the game whenever she is 1.0, not this public beta.
[34:54.000 –> 34:59.000] I’m super excited. OK, cool.
[34:59.000 –> 35:04.000] Next. Only three more. OK, Spirit Tea.
[35:04.000 –> 35:08.000] No, I already did that. Sprout Valley.
[35:08.000 –> 35:11.000] It’s another Kickstarter, so valid. Oh, my gosh.
[35:11.000 –> 35:18.000] OK. Oh, what? My laptop or my computer was doing some weird things.
[35:18.000 –> 35:25.000] Sprout Valley, quote, a simple casual game. What a simple.
[35:25.000 –> 35:28.000] A simple casual game about harvesting and gathering resources. That’s legit.
[35:28.000 –> 35:33.000] Like that is what they that’s what the Kickstarter says.
[35:33.000 –> 35:37.000] Oh, we’ve talked about this because it’s what the 1.0 is out now.
[35:37.000 –> 35:44.000] And then Al says, although not sure what this means, because apparently it is releasing in July and this version is 1.0 of the demo.
[35:44.000 –> 35:51.000] Or I’m very confused. And by I’m I mean, Al is very confused, but I’m also very confused.
[35:51.000 –> 36:00.000] 1.0, but like still in beta. So like still then it’s not 1.0 Bev.
[36:01.000 –> 36:06.000] I don’t know. I could see them be like, this is 1.0 and we expect to have bugs.
[36:06.000 –> 36:11.000] So 1.6 will be actually the full release. I don’t know. I don’t understand.
[36:11.000 –> 36:18.000] They need a standard. The industry needs to standardize this whole process because it’s ridiculous.
[36:18.000 –> 36:24.000] It looks like it. So you can play this on
[36:24.000 –> 36:29.000] But they have a Switch version in the process. They just have to get it approved by Nintendo,
[36:29.000 –> 36:34.000] which a shout out to Elle from Apico.
[36:34.000 –> 36:39.000] I now have kind of an insider’s view into like how this stuff happens.
[36:39.000 –> 36:51.000] Awesome. And they can they can take a long time and then slap you with the ESRB rating because you have meat in your game.
[36:53.000 –> 36:55.000] Because you have meat in your game?
[36:55.000 –> 37:00.000] Oh my gosh. So Apico, they have meat. Well, it’s Apicola.
[37:00.000 –> 37:03.000] It was mead because you’re making mead. Yeah.
[37:03.000 –> 37:08.000] And they didn’t call it mead. I think they did at first. Oh, maybe they didn’t.
[37:08.000 –> 37:13.000] I don’t remember. But it was it’s very clearly you’re brewing.
[37:13.000 –> 37:20.000] You put honey into a brewing thing. And then if you don’t understand the brewing process of me, then maybe don’t.
[37:20.000 –> 37:23.000] But the ESRB was like you are gratified.
[37:23.000 –> 37:31.000] You’re like showing alcohol in a positive light because you get these like powers from drinking this alcohol.
[37:31.000 –> 37:38.000] And so they like slapped him with a mature rating. Apico, Apico with a mature rating. Ridiculous.
[37:38.000 –> 37:42.000] So, yeah, that’s that’s just I don’t think that was Nintendo. That was the ESRB.
[37:42.000 –> 37:48.000] So like Sprout or not. Yeah. Sprout Valley. Take your time getting the Switch version out. We get it.
[37:49.000 –> 37:56.000] We get it. Also, did you hear? OK, sorry. Future versions of Sprout Valley to come on the Apico train.
[37:56.000 –> 38:03.000] Did you hear that there was a bug that was because of me? What? No.
[38:03.000 –> 38:11.000] It like made people’s game crash. Just like your existence in the game was just like so magical.
[38:11.000 –> 38:14.000] There was something. Gosh, I don’t even remember.
[38:14.000 –> 38:19.000] I so I was like talking to Elle. I’m going to pull up my my chat with Elle.
[38:19.000 –> 38:28.000] He just one day reached out to me and he was like, I need you to know that you’ve caused me such a headache on Switch because there’s a crash that happens only after people speak to you.
[38:31.000 –> 38:37.000] It was called like the Cody crash or the solitary bee crash, but he called it the Cody crash and I retweeted it.
[38:37.000 –> 38:42.000] I was like, where do I put on my CV that my bee knowledge crashed a video game?
[38:46.000 –> 38:55.000] In your fun notes, more information about me that’s not relevant to my experience, but it’s fun to know.
[38:55.000 –> 39:01.000] The knowledge in my brain about bees makes people’s games crash. OK. Amazing.
[39:01.000 –> 39:05.000] That definitely should go on your CV, please. Oh, we’ve had so many side notes.
[39:05.000 –> 39:09.000] I mean, that’s an accomplishment all by itself. The fact that you’re in a bee game, just saying.
[39:09.000 –> 39:15.000] Yeah, that was that was a weird a weird what a crazy random happenstance.
[39:15.000 –> 39:21.000] I’m pretty sure it has to do with this podcast because like Elle listened to this podcast and met me from from here.
[39:21.000 –> 39:26.000] And then he asked me for like a knowledge.
[39:26.000 –> 39:30.000] Yeah, bee knowledge. I was going to say advice and I was like, that was what it was.
[39:30.000 –> 39:40.000] It was like bee knowledge. And then at near the end of like me giving him bee knowledge, like once a month or whatever it was, like very, very infrequently.
[39:40.000 –> 39:45.000] He was just like, oh, also, I’m putting you in the game. And I was like, what? Love it.
[39:45.000 –> 39:52.000] Love it. OK. That needs to go to your CV. I feel like if I could say I’m the co-founder of a Quage team, I feel like you need it.
[39:53.000 –> 39:58.000] But you’re you’re in a bee game. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, for sure.
[39:58.000 –> 40:08.000] OK. Oh, what am I? I am messing things up on this. OK. 33 Immortals.
[40:08.000 –> 40:14.000] So my here’s my quote here. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
[40:14.000 –> 40:22.000] And then I quote 33 Immortals. Yeah. 33 Immortals is a co-op action roguelike for 33 players.
[40:22.000 –> 40:26.000] Pick up Thunder Lotus. Yeah. Yeah. Spiritfarer.
[40:26.000 –> 40:33.000] Yeah. The people who made Spiritfarer. Pick up and raid, cooperate to survive hordes of monsters and rise above the Almighty.
[40:33.000 –> 40:37.000] Yeah. So this is made by Thunder Lotus is the people who made Spiritfarer.
[40:37.000 –> 40:42.000] Al, this link is not helpful. I need to know what this game is.
[40:42.000 –> 40:51.000] I think it’s like newly announced. So it’s it makes sense that the link is not helpful because that’s all there is.
[40:51.000 –> 40:59.000] And oh, oh, it kind of looks like like to me, it looks like Diablo, maybe.
[40:59.000 –> 41:05.000] I don’t know. I’m getting like Hades vibes as well. OK, I’ve not played Hades, so it’s so good.
[41:05.000 –> 41:11.000] But yeah, I mean, you don’t have to have 33 people, but you can.
[41:11.000 –> 41:16.000] That sounds amazing. And I kind of want the chaos of 33 people.
[41:16.000 –> 41:21.000] It’s going to remind me of my World of Warcraft 40 man days.
[41:21.000 –> 41:26.000] The horror of trying to keep all those chickens in a row.
[41:26.000 –> 41:34.000] Uh huh. But yeah, you you can you like dungeon crawl and you are like fighting things.
[41:34.000 –> 41:39.000] And this is like an MMO without actually being an MMO. It looks really good.
[41:39.000 –> 41:44.000] Yeah, it looks really good. And of course, Spiritfarer people. So Spiritfarer and like the art.
[41:44.000 –> 41:51.000] We know the animations like fantastic. We know the art’s fantastic. So I’m very excited to hear about this.
[41:51.000 –> 41:59.000] Yeah. And I just hope it’s kind of like a monster hunter, like like waiting room where you could just join random groups.
[41:59.000 –> 42:09.000] Yeah, I don’t know. 33 players, like 32 players. I can’t even name 33 people.
[42:09.000 –> 42:16.000] I mean, I do. But the likelihood of all of all of us being available at the same time and having this game.
[42:16.000 –> 42:20.000] I mean, that’s like the biggest. So like playing 40 mans in World of Warcraft.
[42:20.000 –> 42:26.000] That was the biggest difficulty is like, OK, y’all, what time of the week works for 40 people?
[42:26.000 –> 42:32.000] And basically what you end up having to do is just schedule a time and be like, you can’t make it sucks to suck.
[42:32.000 –> 42:38.000] You didn’t fill out the when to meet or whatever. Exactly. The doodle poll or whatever.
[42:38.000 –> 42:43.000] Yeah, like here’s when. And then you would set up like a second time and then you’d have to do two raids.
[42:43.000 –> 42:51.000] And it was just. But yeah, this game looks like you can do it with like just a couple people.
[42:51.000 –> 42:59.000] But then you could probably make your game like searchable or something where like people can jump in.
[42:59.000 –> 43:05.000] Like, yeah, a monster hunter could do that, too. Like you could jump into the middle of a hunt.
[43:05.000 –> 43:11.000] So I’m wondering if it scales based off the number of people, because I feel like if you’re fighting a fight, they can beat with four people.
[43:11.000 –> 43:16.000] And then all of a sudden you have 33 people. Yeah. And you’re just going to annihilate everything.
[43:16.000 –> 43:23.000] But that also kind of sounds fun. But also, like, I hope it scales because it’s not fun if you have to have 33.
[43:23.000 –> 43:28.000] Yeah, well, it is called specifically 33 immortal.
[43:28.000 –> 43:34.000] So it might be that they make it really easy for you to join other people and it’s really easy to fill rooms.
[43:34.000 –> 43:39.000] Well, if you’re immortal, then you can it would just take forever, right? Like you’re not going to die.
[43:39.000 –> 43:42.000] Oh, my goodness. It’s just going to take a long time. That sounds awful.
[43:42.000 –> 43:46.000] Like you respawn and then you get hit. You don’t even respawn because you’re immortal.
[43:46.000 –> 43:52.000] I don’t know. You don’t know. We’re riffing here. Well, you like pass out or whatever for the pain of it.
[43:52.000 –> 43:57.000] But you don’t actually die. And it takes you like 10 seconds to respawn, quote unquote.
[43:57.000 –> 44:03.000] Yeah. And then you get one hit KO again. And you get like two damage.
[44:03.000 –> 44:10.000] You like put a beacon out. You’re like, please, 32 other people. I need you.
[44:10.000 –> 44:13.000] I need specifically 32 more humans.
[44:13.000 –> 44:18.000] Oh, like it’s so ridiculous that it sounds actually kind of fun, even though I’m sure it would be really frustrating.
[44:18.000 –> 44:22.000] But it’s so ridiculous. I kind of want this to be that now.
[44:22.000 –> 44:28.000] It’s going to be beautiful no matter what. Thunder Lotus, Beauty, Chef’s Kiss.
[44:28.000 –> 44:34.000] 33 Immortals is coming out on Game Pass in the Epic Game Store in 2024.
[44:34.000 –> 44:39.000] That’s too far. I know that’s like a that’s like a get Game Pass in September.
[44:39.000 –> 44:45.000] Play use it for like two months and then un get it.
[44:45.000 –> 44:50.000] I mean, unsubscribe and then get it again when this comes up.
[44:50.000 –> 44:53.000] Oh, my gosh. The last the last melon.
[44:53.000 –> 45:02.000] The last news item. 46 minutes. The Palace on the Hill.
[45:02.000 –> 45:06.000] So Alice says that this should have been mentioned on the last podcast and then it was in the Wholesome Direct.
[45:06.000 –> 45:13.000] But it just kind of got like, though I feel like the Palace on the Hill was I heard it in one of the last podcasts.
[45:13.000 –> 45:20.000] Maybe they didn’t like cover it in full. But quote, a slice of life adventure game set in 90s rural India.
[45:20.000 –> 45:29.000] Explore ancient palace ruins, set up your garden, cook Indian food, run errands for quirky characters and learn about your history by making art.
[45:29.000 –> 45:38.000] End quote. First of all, if you’re in India, why do you have to say that you’re cooking specifically Indian food?
[45:38.000 –> 45:43.000] If it’s said in rural India, I don’t think you’re going to be cooking burgers.
[45:43.000 –> 45:50.000] You could be in America and cooking American food and also cooking anything that’s not American food.
[45:50.000 –> 45:55.000] I suppose there is. No, no, you’ve got a point. Yeah.
[45:55.000 –> 46:01.000] Really good. It looks really pretty. And I think I will be getting this.
[46:01.000 –> 46:12.000] They have a free prologue out now. So maybe I’ll try that if I have a second of time, which I suppose they do.
[46:12.000 –> 46:18.000] You know, when we have time. No, it does. It looks really good.
[46:18.000 –> 46:27.000] And like through your art, like learning like in on steam, there’s an art that was an art that was made a drawing.
[46:27.000 –> 46:35.000] I don’t know exactly how how this is made, but there’s like something that I’m assuming your character makes through their art.
[46:35.000 –> 46:43.000] And it kind of like shows that there’s like a demon and he’s shooting fire or not fire lightning out of his hands.
[46:43.000 –> 46:49.000] And it looks like he’s coming for the palace that is on the hill.
[46:49.000 –> 46:58.000] So I wonder if that’s like some of the history of the area and that as like as someone playing it,
[46:58.000 –> 47:04.000] obviously, the the NPCs or whatever are not going to be like, oh, like here’s something because you’re from this area.
[47:04.000 –> 47:09.000] So they’re not going to be like, oh, did you hear about this like myth? Like, obviously, you probably already know it.
[47:09.000 –> 47:19.000] And so the art is like the way of the people telling the player the history to the player.
[47:19.000 –> 47:26.000] I mean, some of this food you can get roti shabji. I love roti so much.
[47:26.000 –> 47:32.000] I don’t know if I’m remembering this correctly from the wholesome direct, but I think this might all be hand drawn.
[47:32.000 –> 47:40.000] So I would not be surprised. It looks like, oh, yeah, vibrant hand painted watercolor graphics. Amazing.
[47:40.000 –> 47:46.000] It looks so good. Mm hmm. Like, oh, so good.
[47:46.000 –> 47:51.000] It looks like a lot of time went into every part of this. Yep. A lot of love.
[47:51.000 –> 47:59.000] Yeah, so excited for it. Oh, my gosh, the end of the news.
[47:59.000 –> 48:05.000] OK. OK, so our main topic today was capybara spa.
[48:05.000 –> 48:11.000] Let me pull up steam. So capybara spa is what it’s been out for like since last May.
[48:11.000 –> 48:17.000] Yeah, it’s been out for a while. Mm hmm. But because it’s windows only.
[48:18.000 –> 48:23.000] It took me a while to play it because, you know, my desktop is so far away.
[48:23.000 –> 48:28.000] It’s like in another room. And it’s not like controller support either.
[48:28.000 –> 48:33.000] Yeah, like it’s not like you can play on the scene like I did, but I was going to say like, how did how did we play?
[48:33.000 –> 48:39.000] I played on my I’m looking at my achievements and they’re so cute.
[48:39.000 –> 48:44.000] I played on my desktop on my windows desktop.
[48:44.000 –> 48:48.000] And so you played on your steam deck. How did it how did it do?
[48:48.000 –> 48:55.000] So like since it is not like any controller support, you essentially have to use like the cursor, which is not terrible.
[48:55.000 –> 49:01.000] So they have like a little cursor pad and like you can use the right trigger for like right click and left trigger for left click.
[49:01.000 –> 49:06.000] So it was, you know, pretty straightforward and a lot of very complicated games.
[49:07.000 –> 49:18.000] For sure. Let me go to capybara spa, quote, build your own capybara spa in this relaxing point and click simulation game.
[49:18.000 –> 49:23.000] Grow fruits, craft soaps and clean towels to pamper the capybaras during their visit.
[49:23.000 –> 49:29.000] Furnish excuse me, furnish the mountain with gardens, baths and decorations to design the best capybara spa.
[49:30.000 –> 49:37.000] I’m looking at all of these these spas in the in the steam page.
[49:37.000 –> 49:40.000] Mine is rudimentary. Oh, yeah.
[49:40.000 –> 49:44.000] It’s real, real rough. I don’t know.
[49:44.000 –> 49:49.000] Still, I love the white one. Oh, what is this is an honor.
[49:49.000 –> 49:57.000] I didn’t get an honor. When you upgrade it, you eventually get like, well, I might be getting ahead of myself.
[49:57.000 –> 50:03.000] I mean, no, I mean, at this point, I have literally my notes are nothing.
[50:03.000 –> 50:09.000] So, yeah, we can just dive right in. Dive right in. Beautiful.
[50:09.000 –> 50:14.000] So I mean, you start off, it’s just a 2D side scroller style.
[50:14.000 –> 50:19.000] Yeah. And I think it’s it’s only ever going to be a 2D side scroll.
[50:19.000 –> 50:24.000] Yeah. Which is there’s so there’s no stress and that the time doesn’t matter.
[50:24.000 –> 50:31.000] Right. Like these capybaras are going to wait patiently for you to feed them, for you to beat them or whatever.
[50:31.000 –> 50:35.000] No one’s going to get upset with you. But also, I don’t like that.
[50:35.000 –> 50:41.000] I can’t see all my spa on my screen. I don’t want to like focus on one section.
[50:41.000 –> 50:45.000] Oh, no. I like these porcupine bars over here.
[50:45.000 –> 50:51.000] I forgot about these capybaras. They’ve been ready to go for like an hour.
[50:51.000 –> 51:02.000] Probably not an hour. But yeah, it’s maybe like if you’re on one side of the screen, the time it takes to scroll to the other side, like a 2D scroll.
[51:02.000 –> 51:08.000] Like so as you’re moving, like the left goes away and then the right becomes like whatever.
[51:08.000 –> 51:13.000] Right. Like you’re seeing more. It’s like what? Like five seconds. Three seconds.
[51:13.000 –> 51:18.000] I don’t know. Something like that. There’s like a decent amount of you can fit slaps car.
[51:18.000 –> 51:22.000] You can fit so many capybaras.
[51:22.000 –> 51:30.000] So many. Like you have, I think as much like you can have it all be capybaras, but then you won’t be able to feed them.
[51:30.000 –> 51:36.000] Like you can have this whole thing if you want. You’re not limited. Like you’re limited by what you can afford.
[51:36.000 –> 51:43.000] I mean, I’m pretty sure if you don’t feed them, they just give you a little bit less experience. But like they don’t like to just leave.
[51:43.000 –> 51:44.000] They don’t get mad.
[51:44.000 –> 51:53.000] They don’t. They just are just here for fun and like, you know, enjoying this hot tub and will be, you know.
[51:53.000 –> 51:57.000] Like we can just wait. Yeah.
[51:57.000 –> 52:05.000] So, yeah, you build you build a spas and then you build like a little like plot of vegetables or fruits.
[52:05.000 –> 52:10.000] And then you see like you wait and see and your capybara usually just have a little heart over it.
[52:10.000 –> 52:15.000] And then it’ll be like, oh, I want a carrot. And so I’ll show you a carrot. And then you just pick up the carrot.
[52:15.000 –> 52:20.000] You put it on the capybara and it eats it and then it’s happy. And then there’s a check mark.
[52:20.000 –> 52:26.000] And then you just pick them up and throw them out. Yep. But they don’t like they just float down a little parachute.
[52:26.000 –> 52:31.000] They’re fine. They’re fine. I usually would set them. I always set them down.
[52:31.000 –> 52:37.000] But sometimes it’s like if since I don’t have as much control on the scene,
[52:37.000 –> 52:41.000] you could just throw them out if you really wanted to. Yeah, that’s true.
[52:41.000 –> 52:46.000] I wouldn’t if I had if I was doing it with a controller, I would have just been like, yeah.
[52:46.000 –> 52:51.000] Yeah. So there’s like a spa, which is like a little bath. There’s a mud bath.
[52:51.000 –> 52:57.000] It looks like there’s also a bubble bath. So there’s a couple different I don’t remember how many different thingies there are,
[52:57.000 –> 53:02.000] but there’s like probably like six. Yeah, I think so. And they all kind of did the same thing.
[53:02.000 –> 53:06.000] So I don’t think it really matters like which bathhouse you put them in. Yeah.
[53:06.000 –> 53:12.000] Like the more expensive ones give you more experience and money. Definitely.
[53:12.000 –> 53:21.000] And then you can also upgrade them. So like as as you have more capybaras,
[53:21.000 –> 53:26.000] you get and you like clear more of the brush under where the capybaras are.
[53:26.000 –> 53:31.000] Like you click like there’s rocks and mushrooms and stuff. And if you click those, you get experience and coins.
[53:31.000 –> 53:37.000] So then that’s the way that you could get coins at first so that you can like speed up stuff. Yeah.
[53:37.000 –> 53:42.000] Actually build stuff. Also, fun fact. And by fun fact, I mean warning.
[53:42.000 –> 53:49.000] If you pick up a spa, like if you buy a spa and you don’t place it, she gone.
[53:49.000 –> 53:54.000] Oh, yeah. She is gone. Because I know your money’s gone as well. Yeah.
[53:54.000 –> 53:58.000] Your money’s gone as well. You don’t get a refund and there’s no inventory.
[53:58.000 –> 54:05.000] She’s just gone. And so because like I had when you first like open the game,
[54:05.000 –> 54:11.000] it has you in front of an area where there’s cleared spaces.
[54:11.000 –> 54:15.000] But I had like scrolled all over. And so then I bought over. Yeah.
[54:15.000 –> 54:21.000] So I bought a thing and then it like every time I tried to place it, it was like red.
[54:21.000 –> 54:25.000] I was like, there’s stuff here. You need to clear the stuff first. And I was like, OK, let me just put this down.
[54:25.000 –> 54:31.000] And then it pays money. You have to pay money to clear the stuff. And I’m like, but I can’t.
[54:31.000 –> 54:37.000] And I’m like, maybe I did this wrong. And so I like bought another spa.
[54:37.000 –> 54:40.000] And then finally one day or like one day. Yeah.
[54:40.000 –> 54:47.000] Finally, I just like scrolled over and I was like, oh, this area does not have any stuff.
[54:47.000 –> 54:51.000] And then once that was it, I was off to the races.
[54:51.000 –> 54:56.000] Yeah. So you place your thing and then the little the little capybaras, they look dirty.
[54:56.000 –> 55:02.000] They look dirty. You can definitely tell. Although the darker color ones, I was like, I’m pretty sure this is dirty.
[55:02.000 –> 55:07.000] Yes, it is. OK. He accepted. He accepted the spa bath.
[55:07.000 –> 55:12.000] And then as you upgrade your spa or mud bath or whatever it is,
[55:12.000 –> 55:16.000] the first upgrade allows you to put a baby camping bar.
[55:16.000 –> 55:23.000] So you is I am assuming that these baby capybaras are like orphaned or something.
[55:23.000 –> 55:32.000] Oh, when you I don’t think the it’s probably not supposed to be that like thinking about it that much together.
[55:32.000 –> 55:36.000] Like when you think about. Yeah, exactly. So like you just gave him a happy family.
[55:36.000 –> 55:40.000] You did just two jobs. Mm hmm. Yeah.
[55:40.000 –> 55:51.000] So you put then you put the baby capybaras in there and then it when it leaves, it like jumps on mommy’s back or or uncle’s back or whatever.
[55:51.000 –> 56:00.000] And then they just walk off together. And it’s super cute. And you get extra coin and experience, I think, with it probably.
[56:00.000 –> 56:06.000] And I think you can keep upgrading it so you can have multiple animals or small animals with you.
[56:06.000 –> 56:13.000] And eventually, I think, like ducks and like frogs and stuff will visit and you can be with them as well.
[56:13.000 –> 56:18.000] Little peppers and the otters. And, oh, and they will also leave on the back.
[56:18.000 –> 56:24.000] I think I only I only got to the baby like baby capybar stage.
[56:24.000 –> 56:28.000] So but I do see that you can get other things and like I’ll play more.
[56:28.000 –> 56:32.000] And yeah, I probably at some point will play more.
[56:32.000 –> 56:41.000] And I know eventually you will unlock insects, which is your automation, which I am excited about because there’s a lot a lot of management.
[56:41.000 –> 56:45.000] Oh, I got I got the butterfly. Oh, really?
[56:45.000 –> 56:50.000] OK. Wow. Yeah. So I think I’m a little ten.
[56:50.000 –> 56:54.000] OK. So I had the butterfly. And what the butterfly does is you like place.
[56:54.000 –> 56:58.000] It’s like has a little stump and you place it and then it’s on its stump.
[56:58.000 –> 57:03.000] And then if one of your capybaras is like, I want a carrot.
[57:03.000 –> 57:07.000] Butterflies, butterflies like, I got you. And then you don’t have to do it.
[57:07.000 –> 57:12.000] And like a little butterfly symbol goes above one of the carrots and a little butterfly symbol goes above capybara.
[57:12.000 –> 57:16.000] And then you can just do something else because you don’t even have to worry about it.
[57:16.000 –> 57:22.000] Though it is really annoying when you’re about to click something and the butterflies like.
[57:22.000 –> 57:27.000] I’m like, I need this carrot for this other capybara and butterflies like I dibs it actually.
[57:27.000 –> 57:32.000] It’s mine now. It’s mine now.
[57:32.000 –> 57:37.000] I think ideally I would probably make little sections where I like the butterfly.
[57:37.000 –> 57:42.000] It’s in its own section. It has all the fruit and veggies possible and then like the one spot.
[57:42.000 –> 57:51.000] So it was just my job for me. I don’t think I don’t think the butterfly is that smart because I did put it in like.
[57:51.000 –> 57:57.000] Excuse me. It’s early y’all. I didn’t. I put it.
[57:57.000 –> 58:00.000] I put it like centrally located. Right.
[58:00.000 –> 58:03.000] There were times. So there was like a strawberry right next to it.
[58:03.000 –> 58:06.000] There was a carrot right next to it and it was by the blueberry.
[58:06.000 –> 58:10.000] And sometimes it would go for the carrot that was the farthest possible carrot.
[58:10.000 –> 58:14.000] And I was like, what are you doing? It is a bug.
[58:15.000 –> 58:21.000] Whoa. Whoa. I’m not here for this bug hate here.
[58:21.000 –> 58:27.000] Bug slander. But no, I mean, it’s it’s good because it like takes that off your plate.
[58:27.000 –> 58:34.000] I ended up with like I think I had four spas and two mud baths and I was just basically scrolling left and right constantly,
[58:34.000 –> 58:39.000] like clicking all the rocks, trying to get coins. I was trying to upgrade everything.
[58:39.000 –> 58:45.000] I was just like getting ridiculous. Nicholas, I’m just trying to do everything.
[58:45.000 –> 58:51.000] But like, you don’t have to do that. You could literally just have one spot and just do it one at a time.
[58:51.000 –> 58:55.000] There’s no reason to do it. Yeah.
[58:55.000 –> 59:00.000] That’s just how I play these games. I know it’s like I need to advance as quickly as possible.
[59:00.000 –> 59:10.000] So I have like 10 like different baths and like I can’t scroll because there’s so much work to do it within the small area.
[59:10.000 –> 59:15.000] So you could grow different fruits and craft soaps to care for your visitors.
[59:15.000 –> 59:20.000] So I think that they like will have specific requests like they’re like, I would like a towel, please.
[59:20.000 –> 59:26.000] And so then you have like a towel that you can bring to them, different flowers that they might like,
[59:26.000 –> 59:31.000] different soaps, different food that we’ve already mentioned.
[59:31.000 –> 59:35.000] I love how it says make sure to fulfill the requests quickly to keep the animals happy and pampered.
[59:35.000 –> 59:41.000] But like you could literally like put put it in the spa and ignore it and it’s not going to get mad at you.
[59:41.000 –> 59:46.000] No, no, it’s never going to be mad. I don’t see any. There’s no negative consequences.
[59:46.000 –> 59:51.000] No, it doesn’t feel like there’s any negative consequence. Yeah. Which also makes me like I don’t want to play it.
[59:52.000 –> 59:59.000] No, I want to max out. I want to clear. I want everything like I feel the need to like.
[59:59.000 –> 01:00:07.000] OK. Yeah. But I need like a quest system. Maybe that’s because I can’t see like the there is like a quest, right?
[01:00:07.000 –> 01:00:11.000] Like after a certain point, you just run out of the quest. Is that right?
[01:00:11.000 –> 01:00:15.000] So, yeah, I think that’s it. Like I think I just need to look at the achievements.
[01:00:15.000 –> 01:00:19.000] There we go. I need to look at the achievements and that would be like my end goal.
[01:00:19.000 –> 01:00:23.000] I do have. So I have three of the achievements.
[01:00:23.000 –> 01:00:33.000] I have received the visit of a baby capybara and then care for 10 capybaras and care for 100 capybaras.
[01:00:33.000 –> 01:00:40.000] Whoa. We do be caring for some baras.
[01:00:40.000 –> 01:00:43.000] How do I look at the achievements?
[01:00:43.000 –> 01:00:53.000] OK, I finally found it. So there’s the care for 10, like you said, baby capybara, capybara keeper, fluffy duck received received the visit of a duck.
[01:00:53.000 –> 01:00:57.000] Oh, albino capybara. I’ve seen it for real. Yeah.
[01:00:57.000 –> 01:01:04.000] So they so they come in like different colors. I’ve only really gotten like the standard browns.
[01:01:04.000 –> 01:01:08.000] I got a darker brown or like almost black.
[01:01:09.000 –> 01:01:13.000] Big jelly. Crafty soap maker.
[01:01:13.000 –> 01:01:16.000] So creating your own soap. Sleepy turtle.
[01:01:16.000 –> 01:01:20.000] Oh, there’s a turtle. Chubby frog. Comfy furniture.
[01:01:20.000 –> 01:01:23.000] Place 50 pieces of furniture. Busy bee.
[01:01:23.000 –> 01:01:28.000] Welcome butterflies, ladybugs, bees and dragonflies in your spall. The playful otter.
[01:01:28.000 –> 01:01:35.000] So those are otters, not dogs. Like I thought they were a busy sweeper.
[01:01:35.000 –> 01:01:40.000] Pick up a thousand mushrooms. Care for a thousand capybaras.
[01:01:40.000 –> 01:01:45.000] Honor the capybaras by placing a statue in them in your park.
[01:01:45.000 –> 01:01:52.000] And then spa expansion to clean up the whole mountainside and then stylus decorator. Place 50 decorations.
[01:01:52.000 –> 01:01:56.000] So, yeah, goals. Those are goals. Go.
[01:01:56.000 –> 01:02:03.000] I definitely need the busy bee achievement now, which I think those those just come with leveling up.
[01:02:03.000 –> 01:02:08.000] So, yeah, I’m assuming so like butterflies feed them.
[01:02:08.000 –> 01:02:12.000] I’m assuming like lady like one of them probably gives them towels.
[01:02:12.000 –> 01:02:18.000] One of them probably gives them. I don’t know. I think they’re just different types of insects you can build because I see like a ladybug on a stump.
[01:02:18.000 –> 01:02:22.000] So I think it’s just like different types of insects. Do they all do the same exact thing?
[01:02:22.000 –> 01:02:28.000] I think so. Like I see this one picking up a flower.
[01:02:28.000 –> 01:02:38.000] Maybe, I don’t know, maybe they’re specialized. So maybe like the ladybugs are like, I like flowers more, so I’m going to pick flowers faster than the butterfly.
[01:02:38.000 –> 01:02:47.000] I went to Steam’s community page for the game and I went to the guides and one of the guides is how to become capybara.
[01:02:47.000 –> 01:02:53.000] I need to say this. Never shave. Never shave. That’s just, oh my goodness.
[01:02:53.000 –> 01:03:01.000] Another one. Capybara appreciation interlude.
[01:03:01.000 –> 01:03:04.000] What am I looking at right now? I don’t know.
[01:03:04.000 –> 01:03:08.000] So, yeah, I don’t know. We’ll find out.
[01:03:08.000 –> 01:03:12.000] For sure. How to appreciate the capies.
[01:03:12.000 –> 01:03:15.000] So cute. 100% achievements.
[01:03:15.000 –> 01:03:17.000] I need that gun.
[01:03:17.000 –> 01:03:24.000] Oh, wow. Let’s just get all the achievements. I mean, 100% achievements is like, I mean, I think it’s as you play, right?
[01:03:24.000 –> 01:03:31.000] Yeah, but this is a guide. It’s like a sentence. Get all the achievements.
[01:03:31.000 –> 01:03:36.000] How do you 100% the achievements?
[01:03:36.000 –> 01:03:41.000] Wow.
[01:03:41.000 –> 01:03:46.000] But yeah, I mean, that’s that’s it. I mean, that’s what this game is.
[01:03:46.000 –> 01:03:49.000] I guess like the one other thing we didn’t mention is decorations.
[01:03:49.000 –> 01:04:01.000] So like over top your spas or your flower place or whatever, you can put like a little banner or a little trellis or whatever.
[01:04:01.000 –> 01:04:06.000] Like you can decorate around them.
[01:04:06.000 –> 01:04:16.000] Again, I’m not the most decorating human, so not not my jam, but it do be a thing that can be done.
[01:04:16.000 –> 01:04:21.000] I’m so caught on this guide and these guides are so wild.
[01:04:21.000 –> 01:04:24.000] They are.
[01:04:24.000 –> 01:04:30.000] I was just trying to find like, what does the ladybug do? What does this other one do?
[01:04:30.000 –> 01:04:34.000] To see if they did something different. But then I was like, it really doesn’t matter.
[01:04:34.000 –> 01:04:37.000] But yeah, some of them are some of them are wild.
[01:04:37.000 –> 01:04:44.000] Oh, I guess the comments on how to become a copy bar are just like parentheses.
[01:04:44.000 –> 01:04:51.000] I don’t even know what it’s called. Like the square parentheses, copy bar noises.
[01:04:51.000 –> 01:04:54.000] Yeah, it’s a comment. I can.
[01:04:54.000 –> 01:05:04.000] That’s needed. You need to make a copy bar. Like if you’re going to become how to become a copy bar, you have to make the noises.
[01:05:04.000 –> 01:05:06.000] Oh, I’m too tight.
[01:05:06.000 –> 01:05:11.000] It’s all good. I mean, that’s pretty much it. Yeah, that’s the game is really cute.
[01:05:11.000 –> 01:05:18.000] It’s it’s a cute little like, I would say like management game almost.
[01:05:18.000 –> 01:05:24.000] How do you appreciate the copies exist?
[01:05:24.000 –> 01:05:28.000] Just exist and then you will appreciate that.
[01:05:28.000 –> 01:05:31.000] Buy this game is the fourth step.
[01:05:31.000 –> 01:05:38.000] I do love I love like one of the jokes or one of the comments on there was like, is this just cashing in on a meme?
[01:05:38.000 –> 01:05:45.000] And I was like, what me like, yeah, happy bars have existed for a long time.
[01:05:45.000 –> 01:05:48.000] Uh-huh. Like I think they’ve been appreciated.
[01:05:48.000 –> 01:05:55.000] It’s just that now we’ve been under appreciation, which is why there’s like this whole like influx of copy bar appreciation.
[01:05:55.000 –> 01:06:00.000] Yeah, not a meme, though. Mm-Hmm. It’s like it’s a new sloth.
[01:06:00.000 –> 01:06:03.000] I think the new sloth is the copy. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
[01:06:03.000 –> 01:06:08.000] I mean, yeah, yeah. I’m still stuck on Fox.
[01:06:08.000 –> 01:06:12.000] I feel like this is another good title for the episode.
[01:06:12.000 –> 01:06:17.000] I’ll copy bars. The new sloth.
[01:06:17.000 –> 01:06:25.000] I’m going to write it down in the nose, slash five kilometers per hour.
[01:06:25.000 –> 01:06:29.000] Oh, I say I just like that. You’re so far outro.
[01:06:29.000 –> 01:06:33.000] Happy pride. Happy pride. Oh, yeah. I was like, we need to mention this at some point.
[01:06:33.000 –> 01:06:40.000] Yes. As two queer humans.
[01:06:40.000 –> 01:06:52.000] That I hope that everyone is enjoying their pride and feeling and we are a podcast that celebrates diversity and life and be proud of who you are.
[01:06:52.000 –> 01:06:59.000] And if you ever need to talk about anything, I’ve already mentioned this on socials, but like if you ever need to talk about anything,
[01:06:59.000 –> 01:07:05.000] you can come slide into my DMS on Twitter. Don’t that makes it sound weird.
[01:07:05.000 –> 01:07:08.000] Talk to me on Twitter. I got you.
[01:07:08.000 –> 01:07:15.000] And we’re just we just got to gear up for next month, which is pride wrath month.
[01:07:15.000 –> 01:07:20.000] So gay wrath month, a queer wrath month.
[01:07:20.000 –> 01:07:27.000] I don’t know. So that will wrap up our episode.
[01:07:27.000 –> 01:07:31.000] So where to find us. Bev, where can people find you?
[01:07:31.000 –> 01:07:35.000] I pretty much everywhere at Bev Granger 7 1 1.
[01:07:35.000 –> 01:07:41.000] So B E V G R A N G E R 7 1 1.
[01:07:41.000 –> 01:07:46.000] Good job. I was like, I know how to spell.
[01:07:46.000 –> 01:07:54.000] I am at Cody Mathis, just my name on Twitter and on Instagram.
[01:07:54.000 –> 01:07:59.000] I am at Hiking Beagle B E Eagle B Eagle.
[01:07:59.000 –> 01:08:04.000] Someone mentioned it and I was like, yes, I think it was Kevin.
[01:08:04.000 –> 01:08:08.000] I think it was Kevin. And so, yeah, that is.
[01:08:08.000 –> 01:08:14.000] And I have been getting into the reels lately, making reels of my dogs.
[01:08:14.000 –> 01:08:22.000] One of them I made it. I couldn’t sleep and I made it at midnight and I couldn’t stop crying because it was it was it has my beagle in it.
[01:08:22.000 –> 01:08:27.000] And he’s 12. And it’s like this thing where you’re supposed to, like, look at puppy pictures versus now.
[01:08:27.000 –> 01:08:37.000] And I looked at a bunch of puppy pictures of him and like posted it. And I was just like, he’s so old and he’s not going to make you much longer.
[01:08:37.000 –> 01:08:43.000] But he’s a good boy. You can find Al at Scottbot on Twitter or Macedon.Scott.
[01:08:43.000 –> 01:08:50.000] You can find the podcast on Twitter at THSPOD for feedbacks, links, show notes, etc.
[01:08:50.000 –> 01:08:54.000] You can go to HarvestSeason.Club.
[01:08:54.000 –> 01:09:03.000] If you enjoy the show and you’re interested in seeing our face or hearing Al do a swear, you can join.
[01:09:03.000 –> 01:09:14.000] You can join on Patreon, slash THSPOD, where you can get greenhouse episodes, which are like small episodes where we talk about other things.
[01:09:15.000 –> 01:09:22.000] The swear one for people that might be, I don’t know why I’m like so excited about Al’s swear.
[01:09:22.000 –> 01:09:29.000] It was the episode about the Wholesome Direct non cottagecore.
[01:09:29.000 –> 01:09:36.000] It was it just made me laugh so hard. I was driving. I feel like I’ve never heard Al. Oh, it was swear. So I think I need to go back into this. Hilarious.
[01:09:36.000 –> 01:09:42.000] So funny. OK, so that is everything. Thank you, Bev, for joining me.
[01:09:42.000 –> 01:09:45.000] Thank you. And until next time.
[01:09:45.000 –> 01:09:54.000] Have a good harvest.
[01:09:54.000 –> 01:10:03.000] The harvest season is created by Al McKinley with support from our patrons, including our pro farmers, Kevin Stewart and Alisa.
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[01:10:23.000 –> 01:10:28.000] I’m now going to record my sleepy good morning farmers. Oh, beautiful.
[01:10:28.000 –> 01:10:36.000] Good morning farmers, and welcome to another episode of the harvest season.
[01:10:36.000 –> 01:10:40.000] Amazing. Amazing.
[01:10:40.000 –> 01:10:44.000] Unhinged.