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Coral Island Merfolk and Fall Update
Spirit of The Island DLC
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[00:00.000 –> 00:11.440] 2.
[00:11.440 –> 00:36.800] Hello farmers, welcome to the harvest season where we talk about cottagecore games, should
[00:36.800 –> 00:39.920] we still call them farmers if we’re going off that rant?
[00:39.920 –> 00:44.240] Yes, yes, we’ve covered this many times, but they’re still farmers, definitely still
[00:44.240 –> 00:49.680] farmers. Except for that one month when they weren’t farmers and they were anglers.
[00:49.680 –> 00:55.040] Yeah, that’s true. I’m trying to think, where’s the Venn diagram not overlap of farmers and
[00:55.040 –> 00:58.480] cottagecore? I’m guessing like, big industrial factory farmers?
[01:01.280 –> 01:05.200] Um, alright, hi, I’m Kevin, and this is Johnny.
[01:05.840 –> 01:06.340] Hi.
[01:07.280 –> 01:12.880] We’re here to, yeah, the cottagecore, I said that already, um, Al’s not here so you know,
[01:12.880 –> 01:17.120] this is going off the rails already. I really want a cottagecore industrial
[01:17.120 –> 01:24.240] farming game, I bet someone can make it happen. I mean, Let’s Build a Zoo has that option.
[01:26.160 –> 01:28.640] There we go, already solved, it’s already out there.
[01:28.640 –> 01:36.800] It’s already on the way, um, gosh, what was that Pokemon knockoff game that was putting
[01:36.800 –> 01:42.720] them in a factory, I had to look it up, I can’t remember, there was some Pokemon knockoff that
[01:42.720 –> 01:47.760] kind of had cottagecore vibes, but then there was this weird bit where they were also in factories
[01:47.760 –> 01:53.040] and being put to work, and I don’t know. So I had this, I was thinking about this
[01:53.120 –> 01:56.080] the other day, this is like, we’re already way off the rails, but I need to share this.
[01:56.800 –> 02:00.320] When you, in Pokemon, you send, you know, you send your Pokemon to the professor when you’re
[02:00.320 –> 02:04.080] kind of getting rid of them now, that’s the sort of established thing, and I was thinking like,
[02:04.080 –> 02:10.720] what does the professor do with them? And my current theory is that the professors are actually
[02:10.720 –> 02:16.320] eating the Pokemon, so they’re like chefs, because like, they’re not, they don’t have space to store
[02:16.320 –> 02:21.520] all of them, like they’re not storing them, so my theory is that they’re trying to cook the Pokemon.
[02:22.080 –> 02:28.960] I mean, I’m pretty sure the popular theory early on in Go was they get grinded down to make the
[02:28.960 –> 02:34.800] candies. See? Maybe that’s how, maybe so in the games where you just send them to the professor,
[02:34.800 –> 02:39.680] it’s so that they could develop the candy making process. Yeah, there you go, it works,
[02:40.240 –> 02:46.560] that’s, and that’s, that’s how they get stronger, like, it has all the nutrients they need,
[02:47.280 –> 02:53.680] on the other ones. And also strong cannibalism overtones. Yep, there you go. Ah, so,
[02:54.800 –> 02:59.760] yeah, welcome to our, uh, there’s the official harvest season stance on cannibalism.
[03:01.200 –> 03:05.600] Well, actually, it probably won’t be the last time that cannibalism comes up this episode.
[03:05.600 –> 03:10.640] No, wait, what, this episode? This episode! I was about to say, in general, no, but okay,
[03:11.360 –> 03:14.640] all right, I mean, it’s not the first time cannibalism has come up either,
[03:15.360 –> 03:23.360] um, called the little lamb had cannibalism as an option, um, all right then, um, uh, so we’re gonna,
[03:23.360 –> 03:29.760] you know how we do, we’re talking about the news and stuff, and, uh, a game with, uh, well, I don’t,
[03:29.760 –> 03:34.720] I don’t think, I can’t recall any cannibalism in it, uh, Smooshy Come Home, um, that’s our
[03:34.720 –> 03:41.360] featured game of the day, um, and, uh, yeah, we’ll get to that later, um, but before that,
[03:41.360 –> 03:45.920] Johnny, what have you been up to? What have I been up to? Uh, so Cassette Beasts,
[03:45.920 –> 03:49.840] uh, I think I talked about last time I was on the podcast, I love Cassette Beasts, uh,
[03:49.840 –> 03:53.360] I’ve pretty much done everything there is to do in Cassette Beasts, but there’s, like,
[03:53.360 –> 03:56.800] I really enjoy the shiny hunting, um, in that game, which they call bootlegs,
[03:57.360 –> 04:03.760] um, and they’ve got some DLC that’s coming out soon, um, I don’t know what’s in it, like,
[04:03.760 –> 04:08.400] I, I very explicitly, like, try not to look at what’s in these sorts of things, because I just
[04:08.400 –> 04:15.040] want to be excited and experience it, um, so I’m very excited to play even more Cassette Beasts.
[04:15.920 –> 04:22.560] Well, I mean, I’m, so I’ve, uh, I will be getting to Cassette Beasts very soon, I have,
[04:22.560 –> 04:29.120] uh, been whittling away at, uh, my life and organizing things to get to that point, um,
[04:29.120 –> 04:35.280] I think I’ll play the, the Scarlet Violet DLC to hurt myself, and then I’ll feel better when
[04:35.280 –> 04:39.680] I play Cassette Beasts. I’m like, oh, that, that’s what it should be. I don’t even know,
[04:39.680 –> 04:44.640] like, when the Scarlet Violet DLC is coming out. I’m pretty sure it’s this week. Nor do I care.
[04:44.640 –> 04:48.320] Yeah, that’s fine. Because the other game that I’ve been playing, which is gonna suck up all
[04:48.320 –> 04:53.440] of my time, is Starfield. More like Snorefield, am I right? And that’s not true, I’ve heard it’s
[04:53.440 –> 05:00.400] decent, actually. So Starfield is, uh, I guess before I say anything else, I think a lot of the
[05:00.400 –> 05:05.280] commentary online is kind of just terrible and overly negative. That being out of the way,
[05:05.280 –> 05:11.280] I found getting started with Starfield difficult, like, it lacked kind of the thing I like most
[05:11.280 –> 05:16.480] about games like Skyrim, where, you know, you kind of get the, the world that opens up to you,
[05:16.480 –> 05:21.520] and you can kind of just pick a direction and walk in that direction and find stuff and do stuff.
[05:21.520 –> 05:27.520] The space travel aspect makes it a lot harder to do that, so I actually got kind of like
[05:27.520 –> 05:33.520] five or six hours in, and then I made the call to restart, and that was a really good call,
[05:33.520 –> 05:38.000] because I kind of knew how all of the systems worked, I kind of knew what I wanted to
[05:38.560 –> 05:44.240] start my character off as, and I kind of found a bunch of things that I’d skipped over the first
[05:44.240 –> 05:48.000] time, because I kind of just, like, I was just trying to work stuff out, and I didn’t really
[05:48.000 –> 05:52.320] know that certain things were there or that I could interact with certain things, and so I’ve
[05:52.320 –> 05:57.120] been really enjoying it kind of since I restarted and kind of have a better idea for what I’m doing,
[05:57.120 –> 06:03.200] and, yeah, really feel like it’s, like, if you like Bethesda games, you will probably like this
[06:03.200 –> 06:09.760] Bethesda game, but it does take a little bit more to get into, I think, than the likes of Skyrim.
[06:10.640 –> 06:13.280] Is it Skyrim in space? Is that what it feels like?
[06:14.160 –> 06:19.680] Yes, so to me it feels more Skyrim than space than, like, closer to Fallout, because I’m not
[06:19.680 –> 06:24.960] really a Fallout fan, I don’t particularly like the combat in Fallout, I don’t particularly
[06:25.680 –> 06:36.080] like Fallout as a world, where I find, like, Starfield to me feels more Skyrim-esque, I guess.
[06:36.720 –> 06:43.200] Okay, all right, that’s, that’s, I mean, it’s a big game, so, like,
[06:45.600 –> 06:53.280] but that’s cool, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I didn’t think it was gonna do well when it came
[06:53.280 –> 06:59.520] out, I thought it was gonna be a trash fire, but I’m glad that it’s actually come out okay for people.
[07:00.800 –> 07:05.120] Yeah, it seems like a good one of those games. I think part of the problem, right,
[07:05.120 –> 07:09.760] I was thinking about, like, you know, why people are so negative, I think space is just hard to do
[07:10.640 –> 07:16.480] as a game, because I think what space means is a lot of different things to a lot of different
[07:16.480 –> 07:21.440] people, right? Some people really want to engage with, like, ships and ship combat and have that
[07:21.440 –> 07:26.880] be really deep and really interesting. Some people want, you know, complex world building with aliens
[07:26.880 –> 07:31.760] and, you know, lots of different lore about, you know, different races interacting with each other,
[07:32.720 –> 07:36.800] you know, and some people want just, like, basically space Star Wars, and all of those
[07:36.800 –> 07:41.840] things are very different, and you could not put all three of those into one game, so I think
[07:41.840 –> 07:48.800] that’s one of the challenges with making stuff in space. Sure, sure, it is, and, I mean, I guess,
[07:48.800 –> 07:52.480] like, for me, you’re absolutely right, I haven’t even thought about that, like, I guess I like
[07:52.480 –> 07:57.200] space, I guess I’d never think about it that deeply, but, I mean, because space is cool,
[07:57.200 –> 08:03.360] of course, but even without the space, well, not with the space context, like,
[08:03.360 –> 08:10.320] the well had been poisoned a little bit already, right? I mean, we’re talking, we got Fallout 76,
[08:10.320 –> 08:18.880] right, that’s one of the memorable ones from Bethesda’s recently, we had No Man’s Sky,
[08:18.880 –> 08:24.320] the other big space game, right, and that was Travesty when it came out, and wasn’t Starfield
[08:24.320 –> 08:29.120] the one that was in early access for, like, ever? I honestly don’t remember, I barely pay attention
[08:29.120 –> 08:33.840] to, like, early access of what’s going on for games outside of the cottagecore industry, it’s
[08:33.840 –> 08:37.200] kind of like, they launch, and then, you know, whenever they hit the big hype thing, then I’m
[08:37.200 –> 08:43.120] like, cool, I’ll jump into this, or I won’t, like, that’s, I don’t really pay that much attention to
[08:43.120 –> 08:48.880] what’s in early access or not, because there’s too many cottagecore games, I can’t pay attention to
[08:49.520 –> 08:55.040] seeing everything else. Yeah, no, I think that was… Oh, you might be thinking of Baldur’s Gate 3,
[08:55.040 –> 09:00.880] that was in early access features. Maybe, I could be, I don’t know. Um, all right, but that’s cool, there you go,
[09:00.880 –> 09:05.280] Starfield. Yeah, anyway, it’s like, for me, it’s like, I think if you like Bethesda games, there is a
[09:05.280 –> 09:10.400] high likelihood that you will enjoy Starfield, and if you don’t like Bethesda games, then there’s
[09:10.400 –> 09:15.280] a high likelihood that you won’t enjoy Starfield, because it’s a Bethesda game made by Bethesda, so
[09:16.000 –> 09:22.880] um, it’s cool, I’m having fun with it. Kev, what have you been up to? Uh, good question, nothing of
[09:24.160 –> 09:31.920] too much interest, my usual stuff, uh, Marvel Snap, seems to be Marvel Snap. Are you, are you, are you
[09:31.920 –> 09:37.760] low-key-ing things up? Not yet, I’m, I’ve been contemplating, because, uh, that’s a really
[09:37.760 –> 09:44.800] interesting card, a very chaotic card, right, and I like that concept. It’s a very powerful card as
[09:44.880 –> 09:51.440] well. It is, um, yeah, I know, I need to look at the builds for that, I’ve just been going with
[09:51.440 –> 09:57.920] my usual stuff, um, that game has been in a great place for a long time, it’s, it’s, I’m, I’m wary
[09:57.920 –> 10:04.880] that the game continues doing this good, um, but yeah, that’s just my addiction, uh, Pokemon Unite,
[10:04.880 –> 10:10.640] also the other addiction when I’m on the Switch, um, Mewtwo continues to be absurdly broken,
[10:11.200 –> 10:16.000] and, uh, I mean, I, I still keep up, it is just my comfort game right now, Story of Seasons,
[10:16.000 –> 10:22.960] um, the Wonderful Life remake. I am about to hit year five, um, well, well, well past whatever I
[10:22.960 –> 10:29.040] made, um, and my kid is a teen, and boy, I, boy, teens are the worst, let me tell you.
[10:31.200 –> 10:37.200] Um, aside from that, really, I just talked about Smooshy, that’s, that’s the big one,
[10:38.000 –> 10:42.880] um, because that was this week, so yeah, that, that’s what we’ve been up to,
[10:43.520 –> 10:48.000] so with that, let’s just dive into the new, shall we, and, uh, we can make this a literal dive,
[10:48.000 –> 10:52.320] because the first one up is Coral Island, yay, all right, what is, what’s going on,
[10:52.320 –> 10:58.880] Coral Island, we have an update, uh, it’s out now already, we have, let’s see, I don’t know what the
[10:58.880 –> 11:04.720] video is, it’s Merfolk and Fall Update, that’s what I see off the bat, yeah, so there’s a new,
[11:05.120 –> 11:11.120] or the next part of the story quest, like, a whole bunch of new features that you kind of
[11:11.120 –> 11:16.800] won’t list, like, it just feels like sort of the next wave of stuff that you would likely expect
[11:16.800 –> 11:22.480] to be in a Cottagecore game, um, uh, nothing massively stands out other than the fact that,
[11:22.480 –> 11:26.480] you know, like, Merfolk, so there’s some, you know, water-based stuff, and, you know,
[11:26.480 –> 11:31.520] I haven’t really played Coral Island, so it’s hard to get too deep into what it is, but it,
[11:32.240 –> 11:37.040] sorry, go ahead, no, I just, I haven’t either, um, I haven’t played it either, and I’m just,
[11:37.040 –> 11:43.280] I’m mostly curious, what do the Merfolk look like, is it, are they usual human half-fish bottom, or,
[11:43.920 –> 11:48.480] are they going to be brave and do the opposite, that’s an excellent question, I do not know,
[11:48.480 –> 11:54.880] um, but potentially the most exciting, uh, update that they’ve got is, um, an auto-chest, so the,
[11:54.880 –> 12:00.800] the automation, um, in this game looks fantastic, uh, and basically I think all of the linked
[12:00.800 –> 12:06.000] machines you can link to a chest that automatically collects the items, so, um,
[12:06.000 –> 12:09.360] this game looks like it’s going hard with the automation, which seems pretty exciting.
[12:10.000 –> 12:14.880] That, yeah, that tweet they have looks like, I mean, there’s a conveyor belt and chest,
[12:14.880 –> 12:19.360] and they’re all linked, it’s pretty, wow, that, that looks right up Al’s alley, that’s,
[12:19.360 –> 12:22.640] that’s a hardcore, and I think the cool thing, because my impression of the conveyor belt is
[12:22.640 –> 12:28.480] it looks like it’s water, so it’s maybe like a water chute that’s carrying the, the strawberries,
[12:28.640 –> 12:33.840] you’re ready to see that curve, um, which feels like a cool cottage call way of doing a conveyor
[12:33.840 –> 12:41.760] belt, yeah, yeah, that’s pretty cool, um, that is neat to see, like, just to think about, well,
[12:41.760 –> 12:48.160] I’m biased, the last job I had was conveyor stuff, so I now look at this stuff with interest, um,
[12:49.200 –> 12:55.760] and then there’s a, um, charity cosmetics pack, uh, that you can purchase, so that comes out on
[12:55.760 –> 13:02.400] September 12th, so it should be out, uh, when this, um, when this episode drops, uh, it’s out
[13:02.400 –> 13:08.880] for a limited time, it’s, uh, five what I assume are American dollars, uh, and it’s got, looks like,
[13:08.880 –> 13:15.760] uh, sort of save the ocean outfit, um, and a chest, there might be, uh, one or two other things,
[13:15.760 –> 13:22.320] and, um, I’m assuming that means it goes to charity, although on the way this tweet is
[13:22.320 –> 13:29.840] written, it’s not entirely clear who, like, who it would go to, Coral Guardian, I think it’s,
[13:29.840 –> 13:35.520] like, the first one on the tweet, uh, unlike the first comment, let’s see, it’s in Coral Guardian,
[13:35.520 –> 13:41.520] which is a non-profit organization dedicated to, uh, coral conference, coral ecosystem
[13:41.520 –> 13:47.040] conservations, um, right, and things like that, so there you go, they’re working to save the sea,
[13:47.680 –> 13:53.520] um, oh, coral reefs are cool, that’s good, go, go, go buy a thing, help save the sea, I like that,
[13:53.520 –> 14:00.880] um, and yeah, there’s also fall update spooky stuff, Halloweeny stuff’s coming out, it looks
[14:00.880 –> 14:08.800] like, um, but yeah, so there’s the, you can check the show notes, oh, I forgot, at the beginning,
[14:08.800 –> 14:15.200] you can always see the, the, the links in the show notes, and the transcripts, as always,
[14:15.200 –> 14:21.680] in the show notes, there, I said it, Al, you can relax now, um, let’s see, uh, so yeah,
[14:21.680 –> 14:25.760] that’s Coral Island, um, yeah, you can see all the details on their Steam page for the update,
[14:25.760 –> 14:28.800] or their Twitter account, or just click on the show, the links in the show notes,
[14:30.400 –> 14:37.840] now, from Coral Island, we, Island hop on over to Moonstone Island, uh, let’s see,
[14:37.840 –> 14:47.120] it is coming soon, September 20th is our PC and Mac release date, uh, yeah, so last, last week,
[14:47.120 –> 14:52.560] um, uh, I think you guys mentioned that, uh, so this, we knew the September 20th date, but we
[14:52.560 –> 14:58.560] didn’t know, uh, if that was all consoles or not, so it’s just the PC and Mac, and it’s coming to
[14:58.560 –> 15:05.920] Switch later, so, you know, whatever that means, um, uh, but good to see they’re also aiming for
[15:05.920 –> 15:14.960] Steam Deck Verification, um, yeah, yeah, there’s, uh, I’m just looking at the art they post,
[15:14.960 –> 15:18.720] is that, there’s a fishbowl with legs, it looks like, I want to know what that’s about,
[15:19.280 –> 15:29.520] um, but, uh, but yeah, there’s also, um, they’re tweeting up, hyping up, they got some non-binary
[15:29.520 –> 15:34.960] characters in the game, and trans, um, so yeah, there’s your representation, that’s good stuff,
[15:34.960 –> 15:39.760] good on them, um, Cottagecore always pushing, if you, you definitely feel like Cottagecore
[15:39.760 –> 15:45.040] is a genre that’s always pushing, that’s part of it, um, I think that’s part of,
[15:45.040 –> 15:50.640] you know, what, what we like about the genre, right, is it’s the sort of overlap between,
[15:50.640 –> 15:56.240] you know, um, inclusiveness, doing the right thing, you know, between, uh, Coral Island,
[15:56.240 –> 15:59.600] you know, releasing a water update and, and putting a little, together a little cosmetic
[15:59.600 –> 16:05.360] pack to donate to a related charity, you know, really promoting the inclusion of, um,
[16:05.360 –> 16:09.600] uh, sorry, Moose Island, really promoting the inclusion of non-binary and trans characters,
[16:09.600 –> 16:15.920] I think is, is really awesome, um, particularly, I guess, you know, um, in the past week, we’re not,
[16:15.920 –> 16:20.000] I don’t want to delve into it too much, but some of the commentary around Starfield having the
[16:20.000 –> 16:25.200] horrific option of letting people choose their pronouns, oh my gosh, I saw that tweet, just
[16:26.000 –> 16:31.920] some of the stupid over-the-top reactions to a choice that just makes the game more inclusive
[16:31.920 –> 16:39.040] for more people has been really disappointing, so just to see, you know, smaller publishers
[16:39.040 –> 16:43.760] not afraid to promote these things in their games, because it’s one of the things, right, it’s, it’s
[16:44.480 –> 16:51.760] a hard space for particularly small companies given, you know, you look at what’s happened
[16:51.760 –> 16:56.080] where some businesses, you know, there’s boycotts and all sorts of things, like it’s, it’s not
[16:56.080 –> 17:01.920] zero risk for them to, to promote, um, this sort of stuff, it’s, you know, disgusting that,
[17:01.920 –> 17:07.920] that’s the case, but, um, yeah, I just think these sorts of things should be, um, celebrated.
[17:08.800 –> 17:15.280] Yeah, no, absolutely, much more well put than I am, than I said it, um, yeah, no, I, I fully agree,
[17:15.280 –> 17:24.320] and it, yeah, it is a big deal for sure, um, and as Al pointed out in the Slack chat, like, even
[17:24.320 –> 17:32.560] among cottagecore, I don’t think we’ve gotten that many, like, at least NPC types of, uh,
[17:33.600 –> 17:39.200] non-binary trans, I can’t recall of any off the top of my head, other than Kim and Wildflowers,
[17:39.920 –> 17:44.240] um, yeah, I couldn’t, I couldn’t recall of any either, and I think it’s one of those things that
[17:44.240 –> 17:49.120] I expect we’ll see more of, but we’ve mostly seen it in letting player characters sort of
[17:49.680 –> 17:57.520] make those choices, um, for their own character, but we haven’t seen a lot of that in, in PCs.
[17:57.520 –> 18:05.120] Yep, so there you go, um, hats off to you, uh, Moonstone Island, that’s the one, yeah,
[18:05.120 –> 18:12.080] the, I am checking, because our next one is another island, Spirit of the Island, uh, we
[18:12.160 –> 18:19.360] have got an update, uh, Adventureland DLC, it’s coming out October 3rd,
[18:20.400 –> 18:26.640] let’s see, what is in this update? So you can, um, create new amusements and sort of monetize
[18:26.640 –> 18:35.760] your land, um, so kind of make, I guess, uh, a little, um, uh, theme park, um, but probably,
[18:35.760 –> 18:40.000] you know, the, the more interesting piece of this, this bit of news is a bit of a road map,
[18:40.000 –> 18:46.720] uh, around the future for Spirit of the Island, so they’ve got the, um, Adventureland DLC,
[18:46.720 –> 18:52.000] they’ve got a big storyline update also planned to be coming, um, at the start of October,
[18:52.000 –> 18:58.640] uh, it sounds like that’s independent from the DLC, um, it seems a bit, because it seems like
[18:58.640 –> 19:02.240] the storyline is making them sort of feature complete, but it’s separate to the DLC, it’s
[19:02.240 –> 19:07.760] just very confusing that those two things are sort of releasing at the same time, um, but probably
[19:07.760 –> 19:13.040] the most exciting thing is for Q4, uh, of this year, uh, they’ve got console releases planned
[19:13.040 –> 19:18.800] for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, which is, um, which is very exciting, more stuff coming to
[19:18.800 –> 19:25.280] consoles is good, um, and then some cross-platform release, uh, with a mobile version of the game in
[19:25.280 –> 19:36.560] Q1 of next year. Yeah, it should be noted that, um, they are going for cross-play between all
[19:36.640 –> 19:44.160] platforms, but not cross-save, from what I’m understanding, okay, um, yeah, yeah, yeah,
[19:44.160 –> 19:49.520] you can’t move a saved file, okay, then I guess you can move your character and join them, but
[19:49.520 –> 19:55.360] your own save file, you can’t, uh, move between consoles, or platforms, whatever, um, but, you
[19:55.360 –> 20:00.880] know, there’s still cross-play, so that’s cool, um, so yeah, that, there’s some big stuff coming,
[20:00.880 –> 20:06.160] and like I said, once they’re feature complete with, uh, this, or the update on October 3rd,
[20:06.160 –> 20:11.840] they’ll be focusing on just new quality of life, and bug fixes, and so on, and so forth, so
[20:12.720 –> 20:21.280] there you go, uh, coming soon to Spirit of the Island. Next up, we have one of our favorites,
[20:21.840 –> 20:32.240] Research Story, um, they, uh, is this out already? Let me make sure, uh, because they are at the, uh,
[20:32.240 –> 20:38.640] mid-autumn festival, with, uh, let’s see, a new soundtrack, and, oh, just a whole bunch of new
[20:38.640 –> 20:47.200] stuff for the fall festival type event, um, let’s see here, they’re working on a beta with, uh,
[20:47.200 –> 20:54.160] Simplified Chinese, and, uh, let’s see, a road map as well, hold on, I’m scrolling down the Steam
[20:54.160 –> 20:59.360] page, I’m looking over these, uh, not, not much on the, the road map, they’re just working on
[20:59.360 –> 21:05.360] some of their stuff around, um, uh, NPCs and stuff, but for me this is kind of just like a,
[21:05.360 –> 21:10.640] a good next step in their, uh, are they calling it beta or early access? Whichever, whichever thing
[21:10.640 –> 21:16.320] that they are in, um, you know, still in early access is, you know, version 0.5, so it looks
[21:16.320 –> 21:21.840] like good progress, and I am still, you know, kind of just waiting for 1.0. All right, yeah,
[21:21.840 –> 21:28.240] there you go, um, yeah, no, I get it, there’s a lot they’re working on, but it looks like it’s
[21:28.240 –> 21:38.400] going at a good pace, so good on you, research story, uh, and okay, next up we have My Time at
[21:38.400 –> 21:45.920] Sandrock, we have a new trailer, uh, let’s see, I, I’m actually just watching for the first time,
[21:47.120 –> 21:53.200] so when I watched the trailer, like, I didn’t see anything that looked that new or unexpected from
[21:53.200 –> 21:58.880] what I was expecting, so, um, just, uh, for clarity, My Time at Sandrock is the My Time at
[21:58.880 –> 22:04.320] Portia, you know, or the next game from the developers, um, of My Time at Portia, uh,
[22:05.440 –> 22:10.080] I really hated My Time at Portia, and I really think I should not play My Time at Sandrock,
[22:10.080 –> 22:16.560] but the trailer looks really, really good, it looks really good, like, just everything about
[22:16.560 –> 22:22.800] this game is very distinct, it just looks like a very good cottagecore game, which is
[22:22.800 –> 22:26.560] exactly what I thought about My Time at Portia, so I’m very nervous, but I think I’m gonna have
[22:26.560 –> 22:30.800] to give this a go, and I really like the more western-style setting, I think it’s a
[22:31.360 –> 22:39.040] cool, unique setting for a cottagecore game. Yeah, I agree, um, yeah, no, I agree, but I mean,
[22:39.040 –> 22:45.040] we got tumbleweeds actually going through the town, that’s great, um, and, and yeah, we got
[22:45.040 –> 22:51.840] desert plateaus and mesas and all that good stuff, um, we have, I don’t know if the date,
[22:51.840 –> 23:00.160] the trailer’s saying November 2nd, we have, uh, the 1.0 release, uh, and it will be on
[23:00.160 –> 23:07.200] pretty much everything, the Xboxes, the PS5, the Steam and the Switch, all that good stuff, um,
[23:08.640 –> 23:16.560] yeah, so that will be here before we know it, um, and something that will probably not be here
[23:16.560 –> 23:25.280] before we know it, um, we got, uh, ConcernedApe with his usual, uh, one sentence followed by a
[23:25.280 –> 23:30.560] screenshot of a haunted chocolatier, there’s a guy having a terrible dream, he’s an old man
[23:30.560 –> 23:39.200] looking guy, that’s it, that’s the tweet, um, oh, Concerned, it’s hard to get mad at ConcernedApe
[23:39.200 –> 23:46.160] with his, his continual drip feed of just random screenshots and comments considering, like,
[23:46.800 –> 23:53.440] work on Stardew Valley is still going on and, and whatnot, um, but I think we all still have a lot
[23:53.440 –> 24:00.000] of faith in him and, you know, there’s plenty of games in the beat in, uh, to play in the meantime,
[24:00.000 –> 24:04.080] so I’m not in any hurry for Haunted Chocolatier, I just find it funny how he posts that every now
[24:04.080 –> 24:08.480] then. Yeah, I’ve just decided Haunted Chocolatier is not real until it actually comes out,
[24:09.440 –> 24:16.480] like, it could just be ConcernedApe just making random screens of stuff and posting that,
[24:16.480 –> 24:21.120] that’s, that’s what I choose to believe until we see some actual gameplay. You know, that’s fine,
[24:21.120 –> 24:28.160] um, something that’s very real is, uh, our, the next game we’re talking about,
[24:28.800 –> 24:38.400] Usagi Shima, um, so this is a, what is wholesome, I’m confused by what wholesome games is, um,
[24:38.480 –> 24:41.360] because I know it’s the Direct and whatnot, but is it an actual company?
[24:42.880 –> 24:47.920] I don’t know anymore, like, I, I, I thought it was just a Twitter account.
[24:49.440 –> 24:55.440] Um, regardless, anyways, Usagi Shima is a game available on the Google Play and App Store,
[24:56.080 –> 25:03.200] um, where you collect bunnies, uh, and they are very cute bunnies, some of them,
[25:04.000 –> 25:07.360] well, no, most of them are pretty round, but then they’ll, they will move around,
[25:08.160 –> 25:12.960] um, you can put hats on them, uh, you’re collecting these, oh my gosh, you can put some
[25:12.960 –> 25:20.160] in beds, it’s got a very, very pretty art style, um, kind of like the, you know, the
[25:21.200 –> 25:27.120] ancient Japanese scroll type style, like Okami, that, that sort of art direction.
[25:28.000 –> 25:33.280] Yeah, that’s exactly what it reminds me of. Have you played, uh, have you given it a go yet?
[25:33.920 –> 25:35.040] What, Okami?
[25:35.040 –> 25:35.760] Uh, Usagi Shima.
[25:35.760 –> 25:38.880] Oh, oh, Usagi, oh, no I have not, have you?
[25:39.440 –> 25:44.560] Yes, yes, so, um, I downloaded it this morning, maybe an hour before we started recording,
[25:44.560 –> 25:49.120] uh, and you kind of just, you know, you buy decorations, you put them on your land,
[25:49.120 –> 25:53.040] and they attract bunnies, and bunnies have different things that they’re attracted to,
[25:53.040 –> 25:57.040] and they will leave you a tip in carrots so that you can buy more stuff to kind of
[25:57.040 –> 26:01.120] collect the bunnies, so it’s a really nice little cycle for a mobile game.
[26:02.000 –> 26:10.640] Um, it’s free to play, um, free to play, and you kind of can, uh, so there’s two forms of
[26:10.640 –> 26:16.720] monetization, um, you can double some of the carrots you get as rewards by watching ads,
[26:17.040 –> 26:23.360] or you can just pay to remove the ads directly, uh, which is kind of awesome, like, it’s a really,
[26:24.080 –> 26:28.160] uh, it’s a good form of monetization, I guess, for a mobile game.
[26:28.720 –> 26:36.480] Yeah, it is, um, and four dollars seems like the right price, um, because the gameplay doesn’t seem
[26:36.480 –> 26:41.280] particularly deep, it’s mostly collected in place and look at the pretty thing, but,
[26:42.080 –> 26:45.840] boy, this is so cute, this, these bunnies are so cute, and everything they’re doing,
[26:45.840 –> 26:50.960] there’s one sunbathing, there’s one playing at the beach ball, um, it’s very, very cute,
[26:51.600 –> 26:57.920] um, yeah, I prob- oh gosh, do I- there are too many good things out right now that are too close
[26:57.920 –> 27:03.040] to Maneko’s Night Market, I can’t, can’t handle this. See, this is a good one, because it’s a
[27:03.040 –> 27:07.360] sort of like, you know, you play for five minutes and then there’s nothing else to do, and then you
[27:07.360 –> 27:12.320] can put it back down, so you should definitely play this. Alright, well, there you go, I’ll try
[27:12.400 –> 27:19.680] it, he’s convinced me, um, so yeah, there you go, that, uh, that is out, like I said, it’s out now
[27:19.680 –> 27:25.120] already, um, several people we know are already getting it, and I, I, they seem to be enjoying it,
[27:25.120 –> 27:34.560] so, uh, it’s like, yeah, uh, go get it peoples. Uh, and I think that is the news for this week,
[27:34.560 –> 27:41.680] whole bunch of updates and things. Now, let us just dive right on in to, uh, our main topic,
[27:41.680 –> 27:48.240] uh, Shumi Come Home. Okay, let me look up the developer, I can’t even, small humble onion,
[27:48.240 –> 27:53.360] is that what it is? Uh, some humble, some humble onion. Some humble onion, there you go.
[27:53.920 –> 28:00.080] So, they’re the developers, this is out on Switch, it’s on, on Steam, um, available now,
[28:00.080 –> 28:07.360] it costs 20 US bucks, um, and, okay, what are, what’s your initial opinion,
[28:08.160 –> 28:13.600] Johnny, thumbs up, thumbs down, just give us a real thought. Yeah, so this gets a strong thumbs
[28:13.600 –> 28:20.480] up from me, um, it’s a short game, uh, I think I 100%ed it in maybe six, five or six hours.
[28:20.480 –> 28:25.440] That’s correct, that’s about what I did too. Yeah, so it’s, it’s not a super long game,
[28:25.920 –> 28:31.600] but I also think it’s the right length, right? Like, for me, it was a really great end-to-end
[28:31.600 –> 28:34.800] experience, when I was done, I was like, actually, I feel like that was, you know,
[28:34.800 –> 28:41.200] I didn’t necessarily want more of that, but I really enjoyed the time that I had,
[28:41.200 –> 28:49.440] um, with the game, and so I think what was, um, most interesting, I was trying to think,
[28:49.440 –> 28:55.120] as I was playing the game, of what it reminded me of, or what sort of feeling it evoked as I
[28:55.120 –> 29:00.640] was playing, and the closest I could come to was it reminded me of, like, the old sort of Spyro
[29:00.640 –> 29:06.560] games, um, where you kind of, you know, just exploring the world, and finding stuff,
[29:06.560 –> 29:10.720] and kind of uncovering stuff, and I’m sure it’d be very different if I went back and played one
[29:10.720 –> 29:13.840] of those games, because I was probably, you know, like, six or seven when I was playing those,
[29:13.840 –> 29:18.000] but that was sort of the, the feeling that I had while I was playing, playing this.
[29:18.880 –> 29:22.400] That’s, I, well, I can’t, I haven’t, I haven’t played the old Spyro, so honestly, I can’t,
[29:23.280 –> 29:28.960] I can’t comment on that, but I’m gonna take a step back here, let me give the Primus the
[29:28.960 –> 29:35.200] elevator pitch to the listener, um, so Smooshy Come Home is a game about Smooshy, a little
[29:35.200 –> 29:41.680] mushroom guy, um, just, just a little guy with a mushroom hat, um, and he lives on a little island
[29:41.680 –> 29:48.160] with his siblings, and then a bird comes and yoinks him away, uh, he is thankfully not eaten,
[29:48.160 –> 29:54.560] he manages to escape, uh, but he ends up some forest where he does not know, and he needs to
[29:54.560 –> 30:00.160] figure out how to go back home, hence the name Smooshy Come Home, uh, and so yeah, the point of
[30:00.160 –> 30:05.120] the game is you’re trying to make back your way back to home, you are climbing and exploring and
[30:05.120 –> 30:10.880] gliding, um, up front you get a little leaf glider and a little climbing gear, um, and so you’re
[30:10.880 –> 30:17.360] going through this, I would say Pikmin style world where, you know, you’re a little mushroom,
[30:17.360 –> 30:22.640] so you’re in a forest and everything’s big and whatnot, um, and you encounter lots of other
[30:22.640 –> 30:28.240] little forest type critters and other mushrooms, this game likes mushrooms, there’s a mushroom
[30:28.240 –> 30:35.360] compendium, like real life mushroom compendium in the game, um, so the mushroom compendium,
[30:35.840 –> 30:41.520] sorry, uh, we’ll come back, do you thumbs up, thumbs down? We didn’t. Oh yes, uh, super thumbs
[30:41.520 –> 30:50.400] up, um, really hard thumbs up, because yeah, it’s a very, this game feels like a hug, it’s just so
[30:50.400 –> 31:00.720] cozy and, and warm, um, I enjoyed it, and, and on a, it’s also, I think, really well designed,
[31:00.720 –> 31:07.600] um, which I find a lot of even bigger studios struggle with, like everything is very thoughtfully
[31:08.560 –> 31:13.840] laid out, um, I didn’t get stuck once, and this is the kind of game where you could easily get stuck,
[31:13.840 –> 31:19.600] or no, not where, not know where to go next, but I think it’s very good at guiding you, and not even
[31:19.600 –> 31:26.400] like real, like, it’s not direct, there’s no big arrows pointing go here, well for the most part,
[31:26.400 –> 31:31.040] you can speak to some NPCs and they can give you a push, just from looking around you can find
[31:31.040 –> 31:37.760] stuff, um, just because that’s, uh, it looks interesting, kind of like Breath of the Wild,
[31:37.760 –> 31:42.960] to be quite frank, like, it’s hard not to think about that, because there’s the gliding and the
[31:42.960 –> 31:50.800] climbing, and it feels like a little bit of that formula went into this, um, yeah, absolutely,
[31:50.800 –> 31:55.440] because there’s a lot of, yeah, there’s a lot of like, you sort of see something, you go there,
[31:55.440 –> 32:00.000] there’s a thing to do there, and then you kind of just see the next thing, and you kind of,
[32:00.000 –> 32:05.120] like, the, the way you are sort of encouraged to move around the world feels very natural.
[32:05.120 –> 32:12.560] Yep, absolutely, um, also, um, I should mention this is, the art style is like full 3D,
[32:13.120 –> 32:20.480] cel-shaded-y, um, like it, someone on this team like Wind Waker, because they’re, it’s,
[32:20.480 –> 32:25.280] it’s got a big Wind Waker feeling from the leaf glider to, uh, the, the, one of the
[32:25.280 –> 32:30.800] symbols, the wind essence, like, that feels straight out of Wind Waker, um, and also Pikmin,
[32:30.800 –> 32:36.080] a lot of the guys remind me of Pikmin, um, it’s also a very entertaining game, the, uh,
[32:36.080 –> 32:42.720] there’s writing and, uh, the characters are very charming and over the place, um, I got a pretty,
[32:42.720 –> 32:46.880] a few decent laughs out of the game. The power of crystals is cool.
[32:46.880 –> 32:56.960] It’s so cool, definitely, AMBP, um, yeah. But no, you’re right, the writing in this game
[32:56.960 –> 33:03.520] is fantastic, it’s like very, a very fun world to be in, and, uh, one of my favorite things,
[33:03.520 –> 33:08.320] sort of, in the game is the, the mushroom compendium, um, so as you encounter different
[33:08.320 –> 33:10.960] mushrooms, as you’ll make your way through the forest and make your way back home,
[33:11.440 –> 33:16.640] um, you sort of have a notebook where there’s, you know, notes on the different sorts of mushrooms
[33:16.640 –> 33:21.200] and it gives, I think, their, their proper scientific name and some facts about the
[33:21.200 –> 33:25.600] mushroom, and then Smooshy has some comments about the mushrooms. Smooshy’s notes for every
[33:26.240 –> 33:30.720] entry. They’re always really funny because there’s a few where he talks about the taste of mushrooms
[33:30.720 –> 33:35.840] and then he kind of questions why he’s thinking about the taste of mushrooms, which is our second
[33:35.840 –> 33:42.400] reference to cannibalism this episode. Yeah, you’re right, I forgot about it.
[33:42.400 –> 33:49.840] It’s just a very, like, it’s very funny in a way that is, like, you’re not going to be, like,
[33:49.840 –> 33:54.560] laughing out loud all of the time, but it’s just, I really like the description that you said a
[33:54.560 –> 33:57.520] while back, right? Like, this game kind of feels like a hug where it’s just like,
[33:57.520 –> 34:03.360] oh that’s really nice and well written, like, it’s not trying to overly be funny or to be funny all
[34:03.360 –> 34:07.680] of the time, it’s just that the funny bits generally land really well, I found. Yeah,
[34:08.560 –> 34:20.400] yeah, I agree, and I like the mushroom that with the strawberry guy, and there’s a strawberry
[34:20.400 –> 34:29.040] hoarder and a guy who looks like a strawberry, and that was funny. But yeah, I’m trying to think,
[34:29.600 –> 34:35.760] the gameplay itself, like we said, the exploration feels good, very Breath of the Wild-y,
[34:36.080 –> 34:42.800] and a big part of the game is, well, so there’s different areas, you go in and there’s, like,
[34:42.800 –> 34:49.840] a big roadblock, that’s the primary objective. Like, clear a tunnel, move this obstacle,
[34:49.840 –> 34:56.640] whatever, but there’s all sorts of areas and side areas with little upgrades, that’s a big part of
[34:56.640 –> 35:04.400] the gameplay, I think, looking around, finding these little upgrades which give you increased
[35:05.120 –> 35:14.080] glider time or gives you more Naruto running, and things like that. Oh, and most importantly,
[35:14.080 –> 35:20.000] you get different outfits for Smooshy, you get different mushroom hats, one of the biggest ones,
[35:22.000 –> 35:28.880] and nothing feels like Koroks from Breath of the Wild where there’s just too many and all over the
[35:28.880 –> 35:36.640] place. Again, all thoughtfully laid out and just enough where I didn’t get tired of any upgrade or
[35:36.640 –> 35:43.040] felt like there wasn’t enough of one or the other. Yeah, and there’s lots of little challenges,
[35:43.040 –> 35:48.480] right, and I think that’s one of the things that this game does really well, is sometimes it’ll be
[35:48.480 –> 35:52.720] a platforming challenge or a challenge related to using your glider, or there are just enough
[35:52.720 –> 36:00.320] challenges about exploring the world that you’re in, or you need to go and find an object
[36:00.320 –> 36:05.360] and bring it back. There’s just enough… each of the puzzles feels distinct enough
[36:06.800 –> 36:13.200] while continuing to build off the formula that the game establishes, and it’s only six hours,
[36:13.200 –> 36:17.920] right, so it’s not like they had to stretch tons of content out of the relatively limited
[36:17.920 –> 36:22.080] skill set of the game, but it feels like, you know, it just builds really well, it utilizes
[36:22.080 –> 36:26.080] the things that it does, and there’s enough variety in each of the challenges, so you’re not just doing
[36:26.080 –> 36:30.320] the same thing in a different location, and it’s slightly harder because you’re slightly later in
[36:30.320 –> 36:42.160] the game. Yeah, yeah, absolutely, and this game very, you know, very, like, I feel the word cozy
[36:42.160 –> 36:48.960] is almost overused in this genre, it gets a lot of push, but this game I think really captures
[36:48.960 –> 36:56.880] it well, and it doesn’t, it very explicitly, even in character, mentions, like, you don’t have to be,
[36:56.880 –> 37:02.160] it doesn’t have, things don’t have to be super hard or tough, and they will scale down the
[37:02.160 –> 37:05.760] challenges if you want, they’ll give you options for that, and it doesn’t push you to do these
[37:05.760 –> 37:11.680] really difficult challenges or anything, and it’s in a very non-condescending way,
[37:14.000 –> 37:18.080] I really like that, you know, I didn’t use them myself, but the options were there and that was
[37:18.080 –> 37:23.360] nice to see. Yeah, and I think one of my favorite things, right, so this game just has such a
[37:23.360 –> 37:27.840] positive tone, so, like, the character of Smooshy is great in that even the characters that he
[37:27.840 –> 37:33.680] encounters that can be slightly antagonistic, he always approaches them with, like, you know, real
[37:33.680 –> 37:42.080] kindness and, you know, and or fear, yeah, yeah, and it often sort of, you know, turns them round
[37:42.080 –> 37:46.320] and makes them make some dice, and there’s, like, a few sort of challenge levels where
[37:48.800 –> 37:53.040] you have to do, you know, a version of something and then a slightly harder version of that thing,
[37:53.040 –> 37:56.560] and then an even harder version of that thing that no one has ever done before, and, like,
[37:56.560 –> 38:00.160] the characters are always so stoked that you could complete this thing that no one’s ever completed
[38:00.160 –> 38:03.920] before. I don’t know if it’s particularly difficult, but it doesn’t make it feel any
[38:03.920 –> 38:08.560] less satisfying to kind of have done it and to have, you know, that sort of reaction. I thought
[38:08.560 –> 38:12.160] that was just, like, I don’t know, there’s something about it that felt really genuine
[38:12.160 –> 38:17.200] in kind of a goofy way but not a condescending way, which I really enjoyed. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
[38:18.160 –> 38:30.000] Yeah, 100%. Well, I’m trying to think, you know, there’s not much to spoil in this game,
[38:30.720 –> 38:35.840] but I do want to talk about the last area, which is probably the most spoilery,
[38:35.840 –> 38:41.600] or, you know what, yeah, yeah, this, all right, I’m putting the warning here that from here on
[38:41.600 –> 38:45.600] we’re going to talk about whatever and get into maybe more specific things we enjoyed.
[38:45.600 –> 38:49.840] And just before, like, I guess just before anyone sort of fast forwards, I, from a, you know,
[38:50.560 –> 38:54.640] my take is that a huge part of the sort of spoilers of this game are kind of the specifics
[38:54.640 –> 38:58.320] around some of the puzzles and how it plays and some of those sorts of things, so, like,
[38:58.320 –> 39:03.360] I would highly recommend going and playing the game, but, yeah, I’m kind of keen, because we’ve
[39:03.360 –> 39:08.240] kind of been dancing around some of the specific, you know, puzzles or things that we enjoy because
[39:08.240 –> 39:12.160] half the fun of this game is sort of coming across those things and finding them, so,
[39:12.160 –> 39:22.160] yeah, yeah, absolutely. Let’s go full spoils. I mean, for me, the big spoils is the Cappy
[39:22.160 –> 39:28.560] Bearers somehow make an appearance in this game, too. I didn’t expect it, but you can ride and,
[39:28.560 –> 39:33.440] you can ride a Cappy Bearer, and that’s really well done. I like that Cappy, those three,
[39:33.440 –> 39:38.240] there’s three Cappy Bearers. I like them all. That was a fun segment. The Cappy Bearers are
[39:38.240 –> 39:43.120] super fun and super silly, and because I think I knew, it was, I think it was in the trailer that
[39:43.120 –> 39:47.600] Cappy Bearer was going to be in the game, and I think it was even revealed that you ride the
[39:47.600 –> 39:51.600] Cappy Bearer to get home, but I was expecting that to just be the challenge for the level was, like,
[39:52.160 –> 39:56.960] you need to make the Cappy Bearer your friend so he takes you home, which in theory it was,
[39:56.960 –> 40:01.360] but what I wasn’t expecting is to ride the Cappy Bearer around that level and for that to be the
[40:01.360 –> 40:07.520] way that that level was designed. That was thoroughly enjoyable. It’s so cool. It’s so,
[40:07.520 –> 40:16.720] yeah, it was great. Here comes your boat. Actually, the water part in general, like,
[40:16.720 –> 40:20.720] you can, you get the ability to dive halfway through, and that’s really cool. The water,
[40:21.280 –> 40:24.560] everything looks really pretty, right, and I really liked how they designed the water area
[40:24.560 –> 40:30.880] specifically. Yeah, I agree. I think the water area was great. Yeah, the water feels like,
[40:32.160 –> 40:39.360] like the freshwater lake pond area, lots of roots and things down there. That was,
[40:40.240 –> 40:46.880] yeah, that whole last area with the pond was really fun. And I really enjoyed the relationship
[40:46.880 –> 40:51.280] between the Cappy Bearers, so the, you know, the relationship being, you know, the older sibling
[40:51.280 –> 40:55.280] who’s kind of annoyed his younger siblings, and now they’re not going to be his friends. And
[40:55.280 –> 40:59.920] I think the, like, the younger brother one in particular, where the younger brother was annoyed
[40:59.920 –> 41:04.480] because the older brother didn’t want to go on a picnic with him, despite the fact that he had no
[41:04.480 –> 41:08.720] food for the picnic and no real plan, it was just a thing he wanted to do, was so funny.
[41:09.120 –> 41:15.680] I mean, he’s wearing a bucket, that’s a good one from the start, just
[41:16.720 –> 41:20.960] good old bucket Cappy Bear, and Chunky, his little new mushroom friend.
[41:25.520 –> 41:29.520] How long have you been down here? Sorry, you just reminded me of Chunky being stuck in the hole,
[41:29.520 –> 41:32.560] and how, like, over it he is, and he’s been there for 20 minutes.
[41:33.520 –> 41:38.880] How long have- I’m losing my mind! How long have you been down here? Almost 20 minutes!
[41:42.400 –> 41:50.800] Chunky’s good. Oh, well, speaking of caves, so, like, the first caves you go in, they’re, like,
[41:50.800 –> 41:55.920] nice glowy crystals and pretty and whatnot, but then they do the dark caves, like, you have to
[41:55.920 –> 42:01.760] get the headlamp. I really like those. I mean, the level design is fine and whatnot, but just
[42:01.840 –> 42:06.480] the lighting and how you have to turn around to actually figure out the layout of the cave,
[42:08.080 –> 42:12.560] I really enjoyed that. Yeah, I think the headlamp stuff worked really well, and I agree,
[42:12.560 –> 42:17.520] I think the lighting was very well done, because that’s often something that’s really hard for
[42:17.520 –> 42:20.720] games to get right, and they often just, like, you have a circle of light around you, but this
[42:20.720 –> 42:28.000] being very directional I think worked really, really well. Yeah, it did, and I don’t know if
[42:28.080 –> 42:34.880] it’s from conditioning or from other games or whatever, but I’m always expecting something
[42:35.440 –> 42:39.840] maybe unpleasant in those sort of areas, but no, it was fine, it was just really, really dark.
[42:44.400 –> 42:49.200] I liked some of the puzzles, it was mostly I think in the caves but outside of stuff,
[42:49.200 –> 42:53.840] where you had to, like, push buttons and sometimes look up instructions,
[42:54.400 –> 43:00.960] nothing super hard, but it just, I don’t know, I just enjoyed it. There’s a piano and you have
[43:00.960 –> 43:06.400] to play notes in a certain order, but then you have to go find the instructions, and it was just
[43:06.400 –> 43:10.800] a fun little thing to encourage you to do. Yeah, I feel like a lot of the puzzles in the game,
[43:10.800 –> 43:14.640] when you immediately approach it, you’re like, oh, I’m not sure what to do, and then like 15
[43:14.640 –> 43:20.240] seconds later you’re like, oh, it’s very obvious what I have to do, so you get the feeling of
[43:20.240 –> 43:24.480] having solved the puzzle without it being particularly difficult, but also you’re not
[43:24.480 –> 43:30.240] walking up and being like, well, I know immediately what I have to do, right, so it was kind of like
[43:30.240 –> 43:34.800] just enough of a, like, oh, I have to think about this, oh, okay, I’ve kind of immediately solved
[43:34.800 –> 43:39.200] it because it’s not, you know, none of them are that difficult. It was really good puzzle design,
[43:39.200 –> 43:45.360] I thought. Absolutely, and as a testament to that, one of my favorite bits is the fact that
[43:45.360 –> 43:50.160] you can solve puzzles beforehand, before you actually encounter the character or whatever.
[43:51.760 –> 43:59.120] Maybe not like the main puzzles, the main one for each level, but like there was, you know,
[43:59.120 –> 44:04.960] there would be people looking for an item or something specific, and you could have already
[44:04.960 –> 44:09.840] found it beforehand just exploring, and you can hand them, and there’ll be special dialogue for
[44:09.840 –> 44:16.240] that, and I thought that was really nice that you can do so much just from walking around without
[44:16.240 –> 44:22.400] even talking to anyone. Yeah, yeah, I thought that was really cool, and one of the other things I
[44:22.400 –> 44:25.520] really enjoyed, it was kind of just going back to the writing of the game, which the more I think
[44:25.520 –> 44:29.040] about it, the more I think the writing is a real just like standout feature of the game. It’s really
[44:29.040 –> 44:35.520] good, and the font they use is so good, like it’s very good crayon look, it’s so good. Yeah, it’s
[44:35.520 –> 44:41.680] like the, you know, your character just obviously lying in a way that’s not harmful to get the thing
[44:41.680 –> 44:45.840] that they need to happen to happen, like I’m just a big fan of like that sort of thing, like when
[44:45.840 –> 44:50.480] there’s the the thing that’s blocking the tunnel, and you’re trying to lure it out, it’s like
[44:50.480 –> 44:53.920] basically like, I don’t want to, I don’t want to come out, like why would I go into the other
[44:53.920 –> 44:58.880] tunnel that you’re trying to lure me into, and he’s just like, because the angle of the sun is
[44:59.920 –> 45:04.560] better for this one, in a way that’s just like very obviously a lie, it’s just very good.
[45:06.320 –> 45:12.160] It’s, he got those charisma rules, that, yeah, that was, that was super enjoyable, that was
[45:12.160 –> 45:19.280] definitely a fun one. One, like, on the topic there, like I’m enjoying, I’m talking about how
[45:19.280 –> 45:24.080] much I enjoyed, you know, Whimsical and the laughs I got out of it and stuff, but there’s,
[45:25.360 –> 45:34.000] there’s very sweet saccharine sort of moments, but it’s, I still really enjoyed them, right,
[45:34.000 –> 45:38.720] because sometimes you can go overly sweet, overly positive, right, like to the point where you’re
[45:38.720 –> 45:45.040] just like, kind of eye-ruling, or just filter it out, because it’s just whatever, but everything
[45:45.040 –> 45:52.640] felt so sincere in this game, right, from Smooshy’s, like off the bat, right, Smooshy’s
[45:52.640 –> 45:59.040] concern and desire to go home, like it was just so sweet, because he’s the eldest of the siblings
[45:59.040 –> 46:05.520] and wants to get back to it, and he hadn’t left the island before, so he has to, he meets an
[46:05.520 –> 46:10.480] onion guy at the beginning who tells him he has to be brave, and, and, I don’t know, I just thought it
[46:10.480 –> 46:19.280] was really, really sweet, those moments, and not, again, not overly so, it was a nice balance in my
[46:19.280 –> 46:26.640] opinion. I agree, I think one of the, like, things that can kind of, can be a hang up for a lot of games
[46:26.720 –> 46:30.960] is characters become very one-dimensional, right, so they have, like, the thing that is their thing,
[46:30.960 –> 46:34.160] so it would have been very easy for, like, you know, Smooshy just to be like, I just need to get
[46:34.160 –> 46:38.320] home, and everything sort of, kind of coming back to that, and while that’s definitely his main
[46:38.320 –> 46:42.160] purpose, like, when you encounter the Capybaras and, you know, they’re kind of having the problem,
[46:42.160 –> 46:48.160] he’s like, hey, if I help you become friends, you know, with your brother and sister again, will you
[46:48.160 –> 46:53.840] help me get home? And the game is like, yes, and it’s just like a, it’s not some, like, weird thing
[46:53.840 –> 46:59.600] where it’s like, you know, Smooshy isn’t pushing the I need to get home thing, he’s like, I genuinely
[46:59.600 –> 47:04.000] want to help you, and that’s the way the character is written, and comes across, and it’s like, oh,
[47:04.000 –> 47:09.760] and then also, if I do this thing for you, you can do this nice thing for, for me, and it just feels
[47:10.960 –> 47:14.320] genuine, where sometimes I think characters in games can be a little bit too much, like,
[47:15.200 –> 47:18.400] they’ll distill it too much down to the transaction, right, whereas the impression that I
[47:18.400 –> 47:22.400] got is, like, Smooshy would have helped the Capybara even if he didn’t need anything from it,
[47:22.400 –> 47:26.800] right? It was just like, oh, this is a happy coincidence rather than, like, I’m only helping
[47:26.800 –> 47:36.320] you so that I can get home. Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, no, he’s, yeah, you know,
[47:36.880 –> 47:43.040] it’s, he’s looking at it for such a short period of time, it’s impressive how much
[47:44.000 –> 47:49.360] they put into Smooshy, or how much you can get out of him with his character and the writing.
[47:50.320 –> 47:52.800] Yeah, and actually, actually, I’ve just, sorry, I’ve just remembered the,
[47:53.920 –> 48:00.560] one of my favorite storylines is in the second major area where you’ve got the, the hideout for
[48:00.560 –> 48:06.880] the, for the group that you need to get into, and they’ve got, like, the secret password, and it’s
[48:06.880 –> 48:10.480] all about being tough, and then you go and find the ex-leader, and she’s like, you’re not tough
[48:10.480 –> 48:14.240] enough, and you sort of, you know, pass her challenge, and you’re like, I didn’t pass it
[48:14.240 –> 48:18.240] because I was tough, I was passed, I passed it because I was brave, right, and then she has the
[48:18.240 –> 48:22.960] revelation, and then, you know, you talk to the group, and you talk to the leader who’s kind of
[48:22.960 –> 48:28.320] being a bit of a, uh, being good to use their terminology. Yeah, yeah, and you’re just like,
[48:28.320 –> 48:33.760] you know, maybe you just need to be, like, a bit not, like, just that whole storyline, and because
[48:33.760 –> 48:37.760] I think what I liked about it is it played off the brave thing from the start, right, so that I can,
[48:37.760 –> 48:43.440] absolutely, that you need to be brave, and Smooshy sort of takes that lesson, and they apply it to
[48:43.440 –> 48:47.520] other things, right, like, this whole storyline was about proving that you’re tough, and the
[48:47.520 –> 48:52.240] lesson Smooshy took from it was like, no, I’m not tough, like, I’m a, I’m an adorable little dork
[48:52.240 –> 48:56.400] that’s just being brave, you know, I, I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was simply
[48:56.400 –> 49:00.000] that, you know. He calls himself squishy and soft. Squishy, that’s right, yeah, that’s right,
[49:01.200 –> 49:08.320] and it was just such a nice moment. Yeah, yeah, um, like, it’s, yeah, it’s such a,
[49:08.960 –> 49:15.920] it’s really, like, such a very positive message, but again, still feels sincere because that,
[49:15.920 –> 49:23.200] the whole writing and setup, I think, was just so well executed, um, because, yeah, that, uh, that
[49:23.200 –> 49:31.120] whole theme of being brave was, uh, it didn’t pop up everywhere, but the moments it did pop up,
[49:31.120 –> 49:38.000] they felt really nice and definitely connected to the beginning of the game. Um, like, in the post
[49:38.000 –> 49:43.040] game, when you hit credits, and you can go back and explore stuff, you can finally open the, uh,
[49:43.120 –> 49:48.720] the secret door at the beginning of the game to meet the mushroom guy again, or the onion guy, and,
[49:48.720 –> 49:53.760] uh, and, you know, you’re like, yeah, I did it, I was brave, I made it home, and it’s just, it’s such a
[49:53.760 –> 49:58.160] feel-good, uh, moment. Yeah, it was a great little, sort of, full circle moment, because I don’t know
[49:58.160 –> 50:03.520] about you, but that was the, the last thing, yeah, yeah, it basically is, because they, they hold on,
[50:03.520 –> 50:09.360] there’s that key, it’s hidden, like, at the very end, I can’t, yeah, like, one of the last parts of the
[50:09.360 –> 50:14.480] last area. Well, I don’t know that I have anything else to say about Smooshy, because, yeah, I feel
[50:14.480 –> 50:19.120] like, at this point, we’re just about talked about every single, actually, one more thing to say,
[50:19.120 –> 50:24.800] um, just because the game is an adventure game, um, the, the movement, the movement was surprisingly
[50:24.800 –> 50:29.760] good, I was expecting it to not be great, you know, because it’s small developer, like, and often, I
[50:29.760 –> 50:34.080] think, getting movement right is really hard, uh, but the gliding, I thought, worked really well, the
[50:34.080 –> 50:38.000] climbing worked well, like, the movement in this game was a lot better than I was expecting, like,
[50:38.000 –> 50:43.920] it’s not amazing or perfect, but it was really, really good for what this game is. I kept saying
[50:43.920 –> 50:49.360] to myself, in my head, over and over, like, wow, this is really well done, and it’s really hard to
[50:49.360 –> 50:56.320] do for, uh, really hard for other developers to do well, it is just, like, technically, just, yeah,
[50:56.320 –> 51:04.320] gameplay-wise, the movement and the design, it’s all just top-notch stuff, um, and, and for such a
[51:04.320 –> 51:10.640] small presentation, basically, yeah, it’s wonderful, um, I’m, you know, I’m hopeful we’ll see
[51:11.360 –> 51:18.080] more great stuff out of this studio, um, I, I think I’d be down for a smooshy sequel, um, I don’t know
[51:18.080 –> 51:22.480] what, but I’d be down for a little more smooshy time going off in the night. I would also be down
[51:22.480 –> 51:29.040] for more smooshy, and here’s my pitch, my pitch is I want the smooshy sequel to sort of take a more,
[51:29.040 –> 51:33.440] even if it’s more sort of like Pikmin style, like, have smooshy go on an adventure with his siblings,
[51:34.080 –> 51:38.720] that’s what I want. That’s good, that’s good, because the siblings, they didn’t get much play,
[51:38.720 –> 51:44.640] they had a cute scene at the beginning, um, but after that, yeah, you just see them at the end,
[51:44.640 –> 51:50.480] um, and it feels like there’s good character there, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, because they,
[51:50.480 –> 51:55.920] they already have personality from the, like, five minutes total, you get to interact with them,
[51:55.920 –> 52:03.600] but, um, that would be good, I’d like that. Yeah, okay, there you, there you go, some humble onion,
[52:03.600 –> 52:08.080] there’s your pitch, um, let it, let us know when it’s ready, and we’ll talk about it.
[52:09.600 –> 52:13.760] And, and one final, I guess one final, um, sort of my summary thought on,
[52:13.760 –> 52:20.880] yeah, on smooshy is, to me, this game is an ode to having a really clear vision and doing something
[52:20.960 –> 52:26.240] smaller and doing it really well, uh, I worry that too many games these days try to go for
[52:26.240 –> 52:32.560] putting everything in, making a big long experience, or adding all of the features,
[52:32.560 –> 52:39.280] to me smooshy had a clear vision, yes, it was executed well, they didn’t extend it because
[52:39.280 –> 52:44.000] they thought, oh, a game like this should have five areas, so we need to add two more in,
[52:44.000 –> 52:48.960] even though we don’t have any good ideas for them, or whatever it is, to me this game is an ode to just
[52:49.920 –> 52:56.160] execute your vision, your vision does not need to be large, like, often small can be great, and this
[52:56.160 –> 53:04.560] is a game where small has made it great. Absolutely, um, I, I, I, uh, I feel bad for always using this
[53:04.560 –> 53:10.160] buzzword, but the, the core competencies, right, of, of any, like, I talk about that games, uh,
[53:10.880 –> 53:15.120] should always focus on their core competencies, and smooshy knocks the part, knocks it out of
[53:15.120 –> 53:20.800] the park with all three, which I think are the movement, the, uh, the cozy vibes, and,
[53:20.800 –> 53:27.840] well, mushrooms, because they really like mushrooms, um, but, but yeah, and I, I’ve talked
[53:27.840 –> 53:36.080] about it before, but, like, obviously big, big developers really can be really bad with over
[53:36.080 –> 53:42.000] featuring and whatnot, but even in the indie scene on, especially in the cottage core, like,
[53:42.080 –> 53:47.520] I’ve said it before, sometimes they’re adding things that I don’t think need to be added,
[53:47.520 –> 53:54.240] um, like, I don’t think every cottage core game needs romancing, or some type of farming,
[53:54.240 –> 54:03.120] or whatever, crafting, or fishing, or fish, or fishing, um, oh, there you go, um, but yeah,
[54:03.120 –> 54:11.200] no, I fully agree, smooshy, they, these guys, they knew what they wanted, and they didn’t overreach,
[54:11.200 –> 54:16.640] and made, stayed laser focused on their goal, and knocked it out of the park with just this
[54:16.640 –> 54:22.720] fantastic, uh, game. I, I really hope it gets some, uh, some more love, because I, I’m actually,
[54:22.720 –> 54:28.080] I didn’t remember, uh, I, I’m pretty sure I saw it somewhere in a direct, or something,
[54:28.080 –> 54:33.680] but I didn’t even remember, yes, it was, um, it was shadow dropped out of, uh, out of a direct,
[54:34.560 –> 54:40.320] okay, so it was in a director with the, like, hey, we’re, we’re out now, well, that’s, uh,
[54:41.040 –> 54:45.920] well, I’m glad at least a lot of people saw it, um, but I hope more people actually play it,
[54:45.920 –> 54:52.400] um, because this is a game that I think deserves a lot of love, because it’s, it’s just so well
[54:52.400 –> 55:00.000] done, and so enjoyable, um, so you give those developers that money, um, and I can’t remember,
[55:00.000 –> 55:05.920] I actually think it might be a, a solo development sort of deal, like one person,
[55:05.920 –> 55:12.240] one guy did this? I think so, no, I think so, I’m looking it up, oh, they have other games,
[55:12.240 –> 55:16.080] I’m gonna have to look into that, uh, oh, it’s in the wholesome direct, it looks like, either way,
[55:16.880 –> 55:20.640] yeah, okay, so I just found it, yeah, so it’s, yeah, it’s one person other than some, you know,
[55:20.640 –> 55:25.360] there’s some support for, uh, the Nintendo Switch port, and maybe a little bit of additional
[55:26.160 –> 55:33.280] programming, and the music, yeah, oh my gosh, well, hats off to you, good sir, um,
[55:35.040 –> 55:42.160] and a reverse concerned ape, no news until it was ready, um, no, I’ll be keeping an eye out,
[55:42.160 –> 55:48.560] I can’t wait for the, uh, yeah, well, then, oh, good for him, he got in a Nintendo Direct,
[55:48.560 –> 55:54.800] that’s a big deal, um, yeah, all right, there you go, people, go buy Smooshy Gum Home, it’s
[55:54.800 –> 56:00.800] only 20 bucks, and it’s, I beat it in two sittings, it’s really fast and really enjoyable,
[56:01.760 –> 56:08.080] all right, Johnny, you got anything else to say, uh, no, I think, I think that’s it, all righty,
[56:08.080 –> 56:17.920] in that case, um, uh, where do you want people to find you or not, uh, well, as always, uh,
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[56:25.520 –> 56:31.600] support, um, the harvest season, uh, you know, the weekly episodes thing has been a lot of fun this
[56:31.600 –> 56:36.320] year, and I hope that the, the listeners have been enjoying it, um, and we’re getting lots of,
[56:36.320 –> 56:41.600] you know, fun conversation in the slack, um, and it’s only going to ramp up as silly September
[56:41.600 –> 56:46.720] sort of rolls on with all of the great games coming out this month, so, um, you know, it’s
[56:46.720 –> 56:52.160] a great time to sort of echoing of 2023, I’m not ready, there are other games coming out this
[56:52.160 –> 56:55.440] month, Kev, I know you just want to pretend that there’s one, but this is silly September,
[56:55.440 –> 57:00.480] there are tons coming out, and, and Kev, if other people are playing the other games,
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[57:55.760 –> 58:00.080] we did, I didn’t bring up in the news, since Al just dropped it a couple minutes before recording,
[58:00.080 –> 58:06.480] but Mineko’s gonna have a plushie and things, and, oh, oh, I’m not ready, um, anyways, so,
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[58:34.560 –> 58:39.600] um, we talk about mario, we’re actually going on hiatus right now, but you can go and listen to
[58:39.600 –> 58:44.480] fun mario stuff, uh, there’s a lot of mario news right now, you’re going on hiatus, but you’ve got
[58:44.480 –> 58:48.080] a, like, is it seven or eight episodes now that people can go back and listen to, nine, that was
[58:48.080 –> 58:52.960] our ninth episode, we’re coming back, ninth episode, right, so it’s a good time for people to go in and
[58:52.960 –> 58:59.680] catch back up before you guys start back up again, the wonder hype is coming, anyways, um, yeah, but
[58:59.680 –> 59:05.440] other than that, uh, I think we’re good, thank you Johnny for coming on, thank you Al for having us on
[59:06.320 –> 59:12.800] and editing the show and putting up with us, um, and feel better Al, and thank you listeners
[59:12.800 –> 59:17.840] for listening, uh, so until next time dear listeners, have a good harvest!
[59:24.240 –> 59:28.880] The harvest season is created by Al McKinley with support from our patrons, including our
[59:28.880 –> 59:35.680] pro farmers Kevin, Stuart and Alisa, our art is done by Micah the Brave and our music is done by
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[59:42.000 –> 59:55.280] to things we discussed in this episode. You know, I think, I think this is the first episode where we
[59:55.280 –> 59:58.800] didn’t actually mention Big the Cat, and I still don’t really know what Big the Cat is, but it
[59:58.800 –> 01:00:07.040] didn’t come up in this episode, so I’ve, I’ve been thinking, I, I want to do a greenhouse episode
[01:00:07.040 –> 01:00:12.800] where we rank every Sonic, or maybe not every, but like a majority of Sonic characters, but I just
[01:00:12.800 –> 01:00:18.400] want you to rank them just off design, great, this sounds great, because my knowledge of Sonic
[01:00:18.400 –> 01:00:25.520] characters is, I know, I know of Sonic, I know Tails, there’s the bad guy, I don’t, I don’t know
[01:00:25.520 –> 01:00:32.480] what the bad guy’s name is, but the mustache dude, Eggman is an icon! We’ll have to plan this, um,
[01:00:32.480 –> 01:00:40.000] but yeah, and then there’s, there’s the, there’s the edgelord one, um, Shadow! No, uh, maybe, the,
[01:00:41.200 –> 01:00:46.880] the purple one, is his name Shadow? Yeah, Shadow’s the edgelord, I mean there’s a few edgelords,
[01:00:46.880 –> 01:00:52.160] but he’s the edgelord of the edgelords, um, anyways, all right, well there’s your preview,
[01:00:52.160 –> 01:00:56.240] we’re, we’re, oh, we gotta do this now, I would be down, I would be down for a greenhouse of
[01:00:56.240 –> 01:00:59.920] Red King Sonic characters, and then you’ll learn Big the Cat.