Bunnies, Not Cats

Al and Codey talk about Usagi Shima


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Usagi Shima


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(30s) Al: Hello, farmers, and welcome to another episode of the harvest season.
(34s) Al: My name is Al, and we are here today to talk about Cottagecore games.
(36s) Codey: And my name is Cody.
(38s) Codey: Whoo, you’re so low energy.
(41s) Al: Woo.
(43s) Al:
(45s) Codey: Listeners, we were just like screaming at each other over the microphone talking about inconvenient humans.
(46s) Al: Bye.
(55s) Codey: The energy level is there somewhere.
(56s) Al: Yeah, well, we just used it all up, that’s the problem.
(1m) Codey: No, I still got more.
(1m 4s) Codey: I can still I can still go.
(1m 6s) Al: Well, you can always go for something, but you need to have something to actually rant about.
(1m 12s) Al: Anyway.
(1m 13s) Al: As always, transcripts are available for the podcast in the show notes and on the website,
(1m 18s) Al: so go get them if you need them.
(1m 22s) Al: episode we’re going to talk about. Let’s see if I can pronounce this.
(1m 26s) Al: Usagi Shima. Usagi Shima. It’s a new mobile game. So of course, Cody had to be on because Cody is the mobile game. That’s the word, correspondent. I was like, “What’s the word,
(1m 27s) Codey: That’s how I say usagi shima.
(1m 37s) Codey: Correspondent, it me.
(1m 39s) Codey: Yep. Yep.
(1m 41s) Al: person? News person?” Yes, correspondent. That is a good one. So we’re going to talk about that.
(1m 46s) Al: I suspect Cody has played more than me. We shall see.
(1m 54s) Al: We’ve got a bunch of news to talk about.
(1m 56s) Al: Thankfully Cody picked up some notes for the news that I had missed,
(2m) Al: because apparently I wasn’t reading properly.
(2m 3s) Al: So that’s good, we’ll get into all that.
(2m 5s) Al: First of all, Cody, what have you been up to?
(2m 8s) Codey: I have been, this month has been jam-packed full of insect stuff, whoo!
(2m 13s) Codey: So at the beginning of the month there’s a class at my institution that’s like a collections class where they go out and they just camp for a weekend and collect insects the whole time and basically just like hike around and stuff and it was super fun. I got invited even though I’m not in the class anymore. I was in the class in 2020 and it was the plague and so the trip got canceled
(2m 38s) Codey: so I was trying to like get, I had asked if I could go and initially had been told no because there’s a ton of students this year but then a bunch of the students bailed and so the professor was like it would be great to have someone that knows what the heck they’re doing. So I went on that and that was a lot of fun and then I actually went on another version of that for the entire
(3m 1s) Codey: eastern branch of the Etymological Society of America. So we went out to Delaware and I wanted
(3m 8s) Codey: to see horseshoe crabs and a velvet ant and I got to see both of those things. Other than that just doing my research we have next week we have I have an event an insect themed event and I’m also going to the state capitol to talk to legislators about insects conservation. So
(3m 35s) Codey: not playing much. I have been playing.
(3m 38s) Codey: I have been playing Usagi Shima, and a little bit of Pokemon Go.
(3m 42s) Codey: I guess I haven’t. Have I been on since Go Fest? Because I went to Go Fest.
(3m 46s) Codey: Yeah, so I went to Go Fest in New York City. That was a ton of fun.
(3m 46s) Al: I don’t think so, no.
(3m 50s) Codey: Oh, I am. For those who are sitting there wondering, where is my Tetris game?
(3m 58s) Codey: Don’t worry. She’s still here. I’ll restart the number of episodes since Tetris game has been
(4m 8s) Codey: back down to zero. I am at the Tetris game. I am at 346,000 points.
(4m 9s) Al: The Tetris scam.
(4m 15s) Codey: So I’m a third of the way through a million points to go on my cruise.
(4m 20s) Codey: Oh, yeah, the points don’t reset. And then they have cruises. They have cruise dates that roll over. So when I get closer, when I have enough points, that’s when I’ll look and see.
(4m 20s) Al: Awesome. And when’s the deadline for this one?
(4m 22s) Al: Oh wait, you said the points. You said the points don’t reset.
(4m 36s) Codey: and I’ll see you.
(4m 38s) Codey: What cruise I want to go on or whatever and see if my partner wants to go with me and if not, I’ll find someone else.
(4m 44s) Codey: So yeah, what about you? What are you going to do?
(4m 45s) Al: Cool. Just to… you’d asked about when you were last… you were last on like…
(4m 46s) Codey: Oh, you found all that yeah.
(4m 55s) Al: Yeah, so it was like literally the episode came out just after New York, but we recorded a couple of days before, I think, didn’t we? So yeah, so you have not talked about that. Yeah, it was literally like you were like, “Oh, I need to do it on like the Wednesday or something, because I’m…
(4m 56s) Codey: Yeah, so I haven’t talked about Go Fest then.
(5m 8s) Codey: I recorded and then I left so Because I am taking a bus, yeah.
(5m 15s) Al: I’m traveling.” And I’m like, “Fair enough. Fair enough.” It’s not like the news was going to get any more out of date, because it was the first one in five weeks that we’d recorded new. So that was not a problem. Anyway, yeah, what have I been up to? Mostly Pokémon. So I’ve been playing through the Pokémon DLC. So I do. I like it, yeah. But I liked the base game anyway. So it doesn’t fix any
(5m 42s) Al: of the problems of the base game really but…
(5m 45s) Al: I like the story, I like the characters, well, I hate the characters but I like the story,
(5m 51s) Al: I like what they did with the characters, kind of. I have some issues anyway,
(5m 57s) Al: we don’t need to get into the details of that. I like the new Pokémon and I like their just being a new… I like the new areas I feel personally quite nicely designed, I quite like it.
(6m 11s) Al: And I’ve just been enjoying walking around catching Pokémon, so I have to…
(6m 15s) Al: Done the DLC on one of my games, and I’ve just started it on my other game.
(6m 19s) Al: So yeah, going well, enjoying it.
(6m 20s) Codey: Yeah, I still have not finished.
(6m 20s) Al: It’s literally the research part of the game though, like that is the bit that is you.
(6m 23s) Codey: I still haven’t even gotten to areas here, so.
(6m 27s) Codey: Yep.
(6m 32s) Codey: It is.
(6m 35s) Codey: So it’s the part I think where I’m stuck is I’m fighting Arvin and he keeps kicking my butt.
(6m 42s) Codey: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, I beat him.
(6m 43s) Al: Ah…
(6m 44s) Al: Delete 4.
(6m 45s) Codey: And now I have to beat the four.
(6m 47s) Codey: That’s where I’m at.
(6m 50s) Codey: Yeah, and I hate that’s my least favorite part of all Pokemon games.
(6m 50s) Al: Okay.
(6m 51s) Al: I will say, I think I found Arvin more difficult as a battle.
(6m 52s) Codey: Yeah, he was he I was face face bashing against him for a while because he was pretty difficult.
(7m 2s) Codey: But now I’m at the Elite Four, but I just didn’t have the energy for it anymore.
(7m 8s) Codey: And I have other stuff to do.
(7m 11s) Codey: Yeah, like a PhD.
(7m 12s) Al: Well, what stuff to do? What?
(7m 14s) Al: Crazy idea. So yeah, mostly, I think just mostly Pokémon. I’ve played a couple of other things as well, but mostly I’m just kind of trying to get through Pokémon as much as possible before whatever the next game I’m meant to be playing is comes out. What am I meant to be playing there?
(7m 18s) Codey: and be in.
(7m 35s) Codey: Probably Manneco’s night market or something because that’s yeah, not very far from here. Oh You’re so excited are you excited?
(7m 37s) Al: Yes, Maneko comes out on Wednesday. Yep. No, Tuesday. Tuesday.
(7m 42s) Al: Not Wednesday. Oh, my word. Right. OK. I have, I think, I think I’ve given myself four days to play that game before we do the episode on it.
(7m 54s) Codey: Four days off, oh, okay, no.
(7m 54s) Al: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. So we’ll see. I mean, like Tuesday hits and I start playing that game immediately.
(7m 56s) Codey: Not days off, you don’t have days off.
(8m 5s) Codey: Have you ever done that? Have you ever taken like one of games coming out like taking time off to focus on playing a game?
(8m 10s) Al: So I…
(8m 12s) Al: I haven’t, and the reason that I haven’t is because when you have kids, you take a day off and then you don’t spend it helping with the kids.
(8m 23s) Codey: - Do it. - Yep.
(8m 24s) Al: Like, it doesn’t really make much sense.
(8m 27s) Al: So I haven’t.
(8m 28s) Al: I like the idea of it, and I’m sure that I would do that at some point when the kids don’t need to be just looked after.
(8m 37s) Al: And there isn’t always more cleaning to be doing or whatever.
(8m 42s) Al: I mean, I’ve taken a day where I’m technically working and I maybe spend an hour working at the beginning of the day and then don’t for the rest of the day and just play the game.
(8m 53s) Codey: Yep.
(8m 54s) Al: But, of course not. If my employer’s listening, I’ve never done that.
(8m 54s) Codey: Nope.
(8m 58s) Al: Don’t know what you’re talking about.
(9m) Al: Of course, of course, of course.
(9m) Codey: Not your current employer.
(9m 3s) Codey: That was with a previous employer.
(9m 5s) Codey: It was different.
(9m 5s) Codey: You’ve learned.
(9m 6s) Al: Now, I would never do it with my current employer or any future employers.
(9m 9s) Codey: No, you’ve learned.
(9m 10s) Al: employers.
(9m 10s) Codey: And I was going to say, I don’t do that as a PhD student,
(9m 12s) Al: Yeah, I was gonna say you don’t play games on your day off, never mind days on.
(9m 14s) Codey: but I genuinely don’t do that.
(9m 16s) Codey: As a PhD, I can’t even be coy about it.
(9m 18s) Codey: I just don’t do that.
(9m 20s) Codey: Let’s be honest.
(9m 21s) Codey: I have a day off right now I’m sleeping.
(9m 23s) Codey: Yeah, I just sleep, I sleep, I take my dog to the dog park, I try and get caught up on cleaning.
(9m 27s) Al: Like…
(9m 34s) Codey: But no, I used to take like at least three days off whenever a World of Warcraft expansion came out.
(9m 43s) Codey: And I would buy like a bunch of like microwave dinners so that I, it was like the minimum amount amount of time I had to spend away from the game.
(9m 53s) Codey: I had a lot of fun with it.
(9m 55s) Al: Nice.
(9m 55s) Codey: I wish I could be that intense.
(9m 56s) Al: Yeah, I suspect, like, I don’t think that being a streamer is an easy job at all.
(9m 57s) Codey: Someone wants to pay me to play for the Warcraft.
(10m 1s) Codey: It must be at least 40 grand.
(10m 10s) Codey: Nope, nope.
(10m 11s) Al: But part of me thinks it would be fun to do.
(10m 16s) Al: Because even though it would be a lot of work, the then it’s like, oh, well, then I’m finished my work.
(10m 25s) Al: I’m going to go and not play games.
(10m 26s) Codey: Yep.
(10m 26s) Al: It’s like you get to play all your games and then also have your time off.
(10m 32s) Al: So that would be that would be fun.
(10m 34s) Al: But I know that’s that’s not probably.
(10m 38s) Codey: Probably not.
(10m 40s) Codey: So yeah, uh, speaking of working, there’s…
(10m 43s) Al: What? What?
(10m 45s) Codey: We need to work on the news!
(10m 46s) Al: Oh, that was painful. Please get better at that.
(10m 52s) Al: The first piece of news is Laudelnot. So, Laudelnot, after I think quite a bit of silence,
(11m) Al: they’ve not really said much since we first talked about them, but they are releasing on the 16th of November, because we don’t have enough games.
(11m 10s) Codey: Didn’t we see them in like the one of the wholesome thingies?
(11m 15s) Codey: And then yeah, we haven’t,
(11m 16s) Al: Yeah. Yeah. I think, I think that was where we first saw them was the.
(11m 20s) Codey: and then we haven’t really heard much after that.
(11m 22s) Codey: But yeah, they do be coming out.
(11m 25s) Codey: Though I was with their little axolotl.
(11m 25s) Al: Yeah, with the Raxalottles.
(11m 28s) Al: Ah, no, I didn’t notice that.
(11m 30s) Codey: Oh my gosh, that’s why they’re called lottles.
(11m 32s) Codey: Did you know that?
(11m 37s) Codey: I didn’t either.
(11m 37s) Codey: I literally just put that together.
(11m 38s) Al: Wow, yeah, Lottle, cute.
(11m 40s) Codey: Axolotl, solotl knot.
(11m 42s) Codey: Oh my gosh.
(11m 44s) Codey: I genuinely had not put that together.
(11m 45s) Al: No, I hadn’t either.
(11m 48s) Al: I was just like, oh, it’s just funny, funny word, man.
(11m 50s) Codey: They’re cute little axolotls.
(11m 52s) Codey: No, so it’s really cute.
(11m 54s) Codey: In the trailer, they say that you can,
(11m 57s) Codey: so you’re building up the world,
(11m 59s) Codey: but then they say something like,
(12m 1s) Codey: you get to care for them, feed them, and love them.
(12m 4s) Al: No…
(12m 4s) Codey: And I was like, you can’t make me love something.
(12m 6s) Al: It said “you get to”, it said “get to”, it doesn’t say “have to”. You don’t even have to play the game.
(12m 8s) Codey: You’re gonna tell me that I have to look.
(12m 10s) Codey: I love something. I’m out.
(12m 12s) Codey: It’s, I think it said…
(12m 14s) Codey: No, it’s funny.
(12m 16s) Al: Also, good luck not loving them. Look at their little faces.
(12m 19s) Codey: Um, I don’t know.
(12m 21s) Codey: Yeah, they are pretty f-
(12m 24s) Codey: Look at their stupid little faces!
(12m 26s) Codey: And some of their eyes, like, blink.
(12m 28s) Codey: Uh, like flicker, light.
(12m 30s) Codey: It’s like a little light. So cute.
(12m 32s) Codey: So cute!
(12m 33s) Codey: Yeah, so that’s coming out.
(12m 34s) Al: It is coming out on Windows and Mac on Steam. I don’t think it’s coming on any console.
(12m 35s) Codey: Uh, what is coming out on?
(12m 40s) Codey: Very nice.
(12m 49s) Al: I say I do have it listed as coming out on Switch, but.
(12m 53s) Al: But I can’t see any mention of that anymore, so it may or may not be coming out on Switch.
(12m 58s) Codey: doo doo doo
(13m 3s) Al: I’m not sure we’ll find out in November.
(13m 8s) Al: Next, we have Ooblets.
(13m 10s) Al: So Ooblets is finally coming out on Steam.
(13m 14s) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(13m 15s) Al: So it’s releasing on Steam on the 5th of November.
(13m 15s) Codey: Oh, did they say–
(13m 20s) Codey: sorry, I’m interrupting.
(13m 20s) Al: You know, you gotta go for an A.
(13m 21s) Codey: 5th of November, woo.
(13m 25s) Codey: I was just going to say, is it going to be on Mac?
(13m 27s) Codey: Is it Mac also?
(13m 31s) Al: No, however, it will work on the Steam Deck hopefully, because it does currently work on the Steam Deck when you install it from Epic, so hopefully that’ll actually work.
(13m 43s) Codey: Okay.
(13m 43s) Codey: Are you going to do, have you, you’ve already done an episode, right?
(13m 48s) Codey: Yeah.
(13m 48s) Al: We have done two episodes on it once. I did both episodes of it once. Well, stop playing the game.
(13m 50s) Codey: I just didn’t know if you have been on it.
(13m 52s) Codey: Okay.
(13m 54s) Codey: So you need to stop.
(13m 55s) Codey: That’s yeah.
(14m 1s) Al: Are you trying to figure out who you’re going to get on the the second harvest of it?
(14m 4s) Codey: Who could, who could do the sec?
(14m 5s) Codey: Yeah.
(14m 6s) Al: I’m sure we’ll, oh you need to get Johnny. That would be brilliant, yeah.
(14m 6s) Codey: Who could do the second harvest with me.
(14m 7s) Codey: Um, I got to get Johnny.
(14m 13s) Codey: He can yell at it with me.
(14m 14s) Codey: Um, yeah.
(14m 16s) Codey: And so also in this update newsletter, whatever, um, they mentioned that they have a Halloween event update.
(14m 24s) Codey: Um, and so everything’s going to get a spooky makeover townsfolk have costumes.
(14m 29s) Codey: There’s a brand new event, limited Ooblet.
(14m 32s) Codey: No idea what it is, but it has a ghost emoji.
(14m 33s) Al: Ooh, do you mean, do you mean, “booblet”?
(14m 36s) Codey: Ooh, boo, boo, boolet.
(14m 37s) Al: No, not “boob”, no, no, no, “booblet”, that’s not a good one.
(14m 43s) Codey: boolet, I don’t know.
(14m 45s) Codey: We’ll see what it’s called.
(14m 46s) Codey: So there’s a Halloween event.
(14m 47s) Codey: Uh, it will run from October 1st through mid November, whatever that means.
(14m 50s) Codey: Um, but it may get extended depending on how festive everyone is feeling is literally quotes what they said in the newsletter.
(14m 55s) Al: S…
(14m 58s) Codey: Um, and then they also show that, uh, there is another major content update version 1.4, um, that will bring little vehicles for your Ooblets to drive.
(15m 8s) Al: What yeah, we saw a quick a quick animation we saw a couple months ago. It’s ridiculous
(15m 8s) Codey: I believe that we’ve seen this before.
(15m 10s) Codey: Like it looked like little monster trucks.
(15m 13s) Codey: Yeah.
(15m 14s) Codey: So they will be called Oobmobiles.
(15m 16s) Codey: Uh, and they said that, uh, they’re not, not sure when, like not no exact date,
(15m 22s) Codey: but quote, definitely before the end of the year.
(15m 25s) Codey: Yeah.
(15m 28s) Codey: Yeah.
(15m 30s) Al: Ooh, that’s quite confident considering it’s already September.
(15m 32s) Codey: Almost.
(15m 33s) Codey: It’s almost over this month flew by it’s gone.
(15m 34s) Al: Well, that’s a good point, yeah. Like, where did it go? It’s gone by.
(15m 39s) Codey: flew by. It’s gone.
(15m 44s) Al: Iconii Island have said they are still planning to exit their early access this year.
(15m 55s) Al: they’ve updated their roadmap to confirm the one thing that they’ve done.
(16m) Al: I always feel a little bit wary when someone says that something’s coming out in the next three months and they don’t give you a date, but we will see what happens.
(16m 10s) Al: Spells and Secrets have updated their demo and their demo is now content complete. So if you have access to the game on Steam, you can play the whole game. So it’s just getting ready.
(16m 30s) Al: If you do play this, your save game will not transfer over to the full version of the game.
(16m 41s) Codey: Yep, it’s out, you can play it, well the demo’s out, you can play the demo and give them feedback but no save.
(16m 50s) Codey: No save to the next, to 1.0, so you will lose all, whatever.
(16m 57s) Al: And I don’t think the demo that you can download for free is the full content demo.
(17m 4s) Al: I think you have to have had like the early access key that some people did.
(17m 7s) Codey: That - was it the alpha people?
(17m 10s) Al: Yeah, I think it was the Alpha people.
(17m 18s) Al: Well, it would have been me, but apparently I selected the Switch version, not the Steam version.
(17m 23s) Al: So I need to contact them and get that changed, because who knows when the Switch one will happen.
(17m 30s) Al: Although, interestingly, I paid more money to get the Switch version.
(17m 33s) Al: I mean, I don’t know how much time I’ve got.
(17m 34s) Codey: You are not able to touch it and other people are touching it.
(17m 38s) Codey: It’s like you’re sitting around doing nothing really.
(17m 44s) Codey: I mean, you have no other things that you’re doing in your life.
(17m 47s) Al: certainly not this year. Look, I mean, I have the rest of the year mapped out in what games I’m playing. The only thing I haven’t got mapped out is the last three weeks of the year, which I’m fully expecting to be taken up by the next Pokémon DLC. So there ain’t no more time this year!
(18m 5s) Codey: You’ve heard it here folks. Don’t release any more games. We don’t have time Remember five years ago when we were like could you even have a farming game podcast? Well, they’re even what are you gonna talk about each week?
(18m 11s) Al: Please no more games. No more games!
(18m 22s) Codey: Correct other people yeah
(18m 23s) Al: For what it’s worth, I never said that.
(18m 25s) Al: Other people said that to me.
(18m 27s) Al: And I was like, it’ll be fine, and oh look, it was fine.
(18m 30s) Codey: Well, and I’ll tell people I’ll tell people I’m on a farming game podcast or cottage cork
(18m 35s) Codey: and they’re like, wow, like, is that really that? I’m like, yes.
(18m 37s) Codey: There, I could skip one episode and miss like, you guys could then talk about a new game.
(18m 46s) Codey: Um, and I’d be like, I’ve never heard of this before.
(18m 46s) Al: Like, where have you been, where have you been, we’ve been talking about this game for ages, what are you talking about?
(18m 50s) Codey: And I’m like, I haven’t listened.
(18m 54s) Codey: Speaking of a game that I didn’t know existed, but I’m really interested in, uh, out and about.
(19m 3s) Al: which thankfully appears they’ve kind of changed the name. I’m a bit confused because the logo still says ‘wholesome out and about’, which is what it was originally called. Yeah, it’s this one,
(19m 11s) Codey: Oh, it was that one.
(19m 14s) Al: but now it just seems to be called ‘out and about’ except the logo still says ‘wholesome out and about’.
(19m 18s) Al: So I’m a little bit confused as to what the name of the game is, but I’m just going to assume it’s just ‘out and about’ and I’m not going to say ‘wholesome’ anymore because ‘wholesome out and about’ is a stupid name.
(19m 28s) Codey: Yes, that’s a little difficult, but out-and-about looks awesome I watched the little trailer that they have for it It’s basically a game where you’re foraging and then you can use the things you forage to cook but they are so when you look at a plant it say you have dandelion in front of you and then you have these like flash cards that you go through and you’re like, okay, like What how do I know what this plant is?
(19m 53s) Codey: And then if you flip the dandelion flash card over it tells you exactly how you can, you know, it’s a dandelion.
(20m 1s) Codey: So it has a hollow stem.
(20m 3s) Codey: It’s got like a certain leaf structure.
(20m 5s) Codey: It’s got the certain number of pedals.
(20m 6s) Codey: Like it literally teaches you real life foraging things.
(20m 11s) Codey: Like these are things that happen in real life and that you have to do in real life.
(20m 15s) Codey: And the one thing that I super loved about this steam, uh, news, whatever that they put out, uh, is that they show you at least four or five different
(20m 28s) Codey: who are foragers that worked to help them develop the game.
(20m 32s) Codey: And they made these people NPCs in the game, which is just so cool.
(20m 35s) Al: Yeah. Which is cool. Yeah.
(20m 38s) Codey: Like, well, I was gonna, I was literally about to say, no one really does this.
(20m 39s) Al: “Epico started a trend.”
(20m 42s) Al: I mean, well, no, no. Just because it has happened once before doesn’t mean that the phrase “no one really does this” isn’t accurate.
(20m 46s) Codey: And then I was like, wait, like, I don’t think I could say that.
(20m 55s) Al: You didn’t say “nobody has done this”. It is true. No one really does this. Yes, “Epico did it with you”, but that’s it.
(20m 57s) Codey: Yeah, yeah, yeah and still still also did a lot of good help with the butterflies part of it There was another there was another human. Um, but yeah, no Correct. I mean and that’s the thing is like if games can use the knowledge of other humans and then point to those other humans That is so cool to just say like we didn’t pull this out of our butts like here are the people that
(21m 5s) Al: Right, okay, fair enough. But still, still, it’s not another game.
(21m 21s) Al: Yeah. Yeah.
(21m 23s) Al: It’s citing your sources.
(21m 27s) Codey: Do the thing. Yeah, it’s literally Literally show the receipts. Where did you get the information?
(21m 28s) Al: This is amazing. If the default in games ends up being like, “Your sources are NPCs in your game,” that would be great.
(21m 44s) Codey: I would love that.
(21m 45s) Codey: Um, I do love that and I would love that.
(21m 48s) Codey: So yeah, they are out on Kickstarter now.
(21m 51s) Codey: Uh, currently, Oh, go for it.
(21m 51s) Al: Mm-hmm. They’re kick… I was just going to say I suspect what you were going to say,
(21m 58s) Al: which is it’s almost hit his goal. It’s only a couple thousand off hitting its goal.
(22m 2s) Al: And their estimated delivery is June 2024. Who knows whether that will be early access or not?
(22m 9s) Codey: I’m here for it.
(22m 13s) Al: Because you never know with Kickstarters because you’re like, “Oh, this is when the game’s coming out.” And then it ends up being early access half the time. Which is fine, just like say that’s what
(22m 23s) Codey: Yeah.
(22m 24s) Codey: I’m here for it.
(22m 27s) Codey: I think it’s really cool if I had,
(22m 29s) Codey: well, let’s see how much I can pledge.
(22m 31s) Codey: I was gonna say, if I have the money,
(22m 33s) Codey: I would totally do this, but I guess they only,
(22m 33s) Al: They have a £3,500 tier.
(22m 37s) Codey: yeah, that’s the money that I have.
(22m 40s) Al: Design an NPC.
(22m 41s) Codey: There’s a $70 one where you get a little basket.
(22m 47s) Codey: Oh, it’s an in-game basket.
(22m 48s) Codey: No.
(22m 50s) Codey: I thought it was a real basket.
(22m 51s) Codey: I got excited.
(22m 52s) Codey: Design and outfit.
(22m 54s) Codey: Okay.
(22m 55s) Codey: So very cute game.
(22m 56s) Codey: Looks real cute, excited about it.
(22m 58s) Codey: Back at the end.
(23m 1s) Al: Ah yeah. What’s next? Ah the ranchers! They have announced that their early access is coming next year now. I think they had planned to do it this year so now it’s happening next year.
(23m 14s) Codey: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yup. Um, which is fine. We’re still looking at it. This was a game that was funded in less than 18 hours. Um, excuse me. Uh, and so it’s obviously well, well,
(23m 16s) Al: It’s that time of year, the delaying time of year.
(23m 35s) Codey: uh, long awaited. Most comments I’m seeing are people just saying, you know, it takes as long as it takes, please, like, do your, you know, there.
(23m 44s) Codey: They’re not yet at the point where it’s like, give us your money back, or money back, cute cowards or anything like that.
(23m 48s) Al: I also find that very rarely does that actually happen, even when people are late. Like, if you’re communicative and you’re transparent about these things, generally, unless you take like five years too late, then people are generally pretty understanding. It’s when you don’t communicate, that’s when people are like, “What are you doing? This is ridiculous.”
(23m 55s) Codey: Yep.
(24m) Codey: Re-legend!
(24m 10s) Codey: Yeah.
(24m 10s) Codey: Your bidet?
(24m 11s) Al: Like my bidet. Oh, have you not listened to last week’s episode? Oh, this week’s episode in fact.
(24m 16s) Codey: No.
(24m 18s) Codey: It’s literally– that’s what I was–
(24m 21s) Codey: I was finishing one thing that I was doing.
(24m 25s) Codey: And then one podcast I was listening to about insect wings.
(24m 28s) Codey: And then that was the next one.
(24m 29s) Al: obviously. Somehow we ended up on this week’s episode talking about, or last week’s episode,
(24m 30s) Codey: So yeah, because of that.
(24m 33s) Codey: Because I’m all about insects right now.
(24m 41s) Al: talking about the portable bidet that I kick-started, and people were very confused about it.
(24m 46s) Codey: Oh, okay.
(24m 48s) Al: Can I just clarify, because apparently people were confused. The point of this is to take two places that don’t have bidets, right? So like when you go on holiday, or when you’re going out to restaurants and stuff and then you.
(24m 59s) Al: Have your bidet with you because not everywhere has a bidet.
(25m 2s) Al: I do not have a bidet.
(25m 2s) Codey: Do you have a bidet?
(25m 3s) Codey: So this is like one that you could, could have at your house, but you could also put it elsewhere.
(25m 11s) Codey: I think so.
(25m 12s) Codey: Merka does not, is not a bidet friendly place.
(25m 16s) Codey: I think there’s a lot of stigma about it.
(25m 17s) Al: So, yeah, so this is also like, it’s a handheld battery powered thing, right? So you pour the water into it, you tighten it up, and it is a self-contained battery powered thing,
(25m 30s) Al: right? So some people were a bit confused. You’re not plugging this into plumbing, right?
(25m 34s) Al: Like it’s a handheld thing. It just looks like a large, like if you look at it physically,
(25m 40s) Al: it looks like a large water bottle or something like that. No, no, that’s a bad, no, it doesn’t look like a washer bottle.
(25m 47s) Al: I don’t know like a big thing a deodorant or something like that like it’s it’s kind of it’s very
(25m 50s) Codey: Yeah, yeah, but then but then it’s upside down and you can.
(25m 54s) Codey: Okay, I’m looking at stuff online, some options.
(25m 59s) Al: Yeah, but I’m still 90% sure that the one that I backed was a scam.
(26m 7s) Al: Anyway, that’s my point.
(26m 7s) Codey: Yeah. That’s unfortunate.
(26m 10s) Al: The thing is a scam because they don’t communicate, not because they’re late.
(26m 14s) Al: Anyway, moving on from the bidet.
(26m 17s) Al: I can’t believe we’re talking about bidets twice in a row on this podcast.
(26m 20s) Codey: Welcome to bidet cast.
(26m 26s) Codey: I don’t know.
(26m 29s) Al: I’m trying so hard to think up some puns now.
(26m 31s) Al: I’m not sure you have to use something to think up puns for something.
(26m 32s) Codey: I don’t use bidet as enough.
(26m 33s) Codey: It listeners.
(26m 35s) Codey: If you have good bidet puns, please hit us up with those.
(26m 37s) Codey: I don’t know.
(26m 41s) Codey: Like I, what if I don’t understand what I’m like, I think I understand about a potato, so I don’t…
(26m 46s) Al: I think you know what I think you understand.
(26m 50s) Codey: But we are here to talk about, gosh, what did I call it?
(26m 55s) Codey: When I emailed the developer,
(26m 58s) Codey: I don’t remember what I called it, the game we’re playing.
(27m 2s) Al: Usagi Shima? What are you talking about?
(27m 3s) Codey: I emailed them and I said,
(27m 5s) Al: Aha.
(27m 8s) Codey: “Thank you for making adorable bunny collection game.”
(27m 13s) Codey: So I was having a notification every time I opened the game and they helped me fix it, so.
(27m 21s) Al: Well, I mean, it’s so on the app store, it is now called Isagishima cute id.
(27m 27s) Codey: Yeah, no, I just like the Sagashima.
(27m 29s) Codey: Um, so this is a game, uh, Al wrote down cats.
(27m 35s) Codey: Don’t know why he wrote down cats.
(27m 36s) Codey: I just left it there cause I was like, I don’t know if you wanted to talk about cats.
(27m 37s) Al: I don’t know why did I do that? It’s not cats, it’s bunnies!
(27m 41s) Al: I don’t know, they’re all just animals. Bunnies, they are no evidence.
(27m 47s) Codey: They’re all buddies, but, uh, from their website, uh, quote, you’ve
(27m 57s) Codey: been tasked as caretaker of an abandoned island as you decorate and rebuild it over time, curious, but adorable visitors start to appear.
(28m 4s) Codey: Usagi Shima is a casual, relaxing bunny collecting game developed by Godot engine and drawn in Krita.
(28m 10s) Codey: Uh, it is heavily inspired by cute soothing games like Neko Atsume and Animal Crossing.
(28m 16s) Codey: The game’s namesake and setting draws inspiration from, uh, Okunoshima, a real island in Japan that has a lot of bunny inhabitants.
(28m 25s) Al: Interestingly, I was actually looking up Godot, the engine, because of the whole nonsense around Unity, because it’s a game engine like Unity or Unreal. I was just like, “Oh, I wonder if this is finally where Godot will become popular, and wouldn’t it be funny if capitalists becoming more greedy, pushes people to an open source game engine.
(28m 36s) Codey: Right.
(28m 55s) Al: That would be great. And then I went to look, say, have they got any decent games using it yet?
(29m 1s) Al: And one of them was a Sagishima right on the main website for Godot, which is funny.
(29m 9s) Al: There were a few others as well. Oh, yes, a cassette beast is in Godot. And a most extraordinary gnome is in Godot. Cruelty Squad is in Godot. And there’s lots of others, but those are just the the ones that kind of people might know.
(29m 25s) Al: I just thought it was funny. It’s actually the first one they’ve got listed on their showcase is Usagi Shima. That’s good.
(29m 30s) Codey: That’s so funny It’s I mean it it is a cute game Okay, so I guess that was oh I just also want to just say so the name Usagi Shima I guess it’s coming from Okunoshima is a rabbit island Which I googled Okunoshima, and it’s just an island that has a metric hectone of bunnies And you can like play with the bunnies and stuff and super cute
(29m 36s) Al: Yep.
(30m) Codey: It’s a island in Japan Yeah, if you just look up Okunoshima, it’s adorable and Usagi is Japanese for rabbit, so this is rabbit and then kind of playing towards
(30m 27s) Codey: island yeah so usagi shima is just rabbit island
(30m 31s) Al: I just, I couldn’t not think about the Friends episode with Unagi when you said Usagi. Unagi.
(30m 37s) Codey: I don’t know if I’ve ever watched that one I’ve watched it a lot of friends but
(30m 41s) Al: Oh, it’s a ridiculous episode where Ross decides that he suddenly knows this martial art called Unagi. But Unagi just means fish. So he’s like…
(30m 53s) Codey: Yeah?
(30m 53s) Codey: Yeah.
(30m 58s) Codey: That is goober.
(31m 1s) Al: Oh, it’s fantastic.
(31m 5s) Codey: So I guess like first, before we like really, really jump into this game, what are your thoughts?
(31m 9s) Codey: Oh, like base–
(31m 11s) Codey: when you first opened the game, how’d you feel?
(31m 12s) Al: So I felt a little bit, ironically, a little bit overwhelmed when I first opened it, and let me explain why. So this does a thing that I think probably appeals to a lot of people, but really stresses me out, which is where you’ve got “here’s big empty space” and “here’s tutorial that tells you how to do some stuff” and now “good luck” and you’re like “oh my word” like I don’t…
(31m 32s) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(31m 42s) Al: It feels like a lot to me, and part of my problem is that I like games that tell you “here’s some things to do” and it’s like, it does give you some of that. So it’s got like a daily task list and it obviously has achievements and stuff like that, but like yeah I just felt a little bit directional-less, if that makes sense. But I think a lot of people probably…
(32m 7s) Codey: Yeah.
(32m 12s) Al: appreciate that, right? Like there’s no kind of like forcing you to do anything,
(32m 17s) Al: there’s just decorating and bunnies, and lots of people like that. So what about you? What did you
(32m 22s) Codey: Yep. Yeah, I will.
(32m 29s) Codey: First thing I opened this game, I was like, this is adorable.
(32m 34s) Codey: It is so cute and like the artwork is so.
(32m 40s) Codey: Calming and like the way that everything is is animated and the color scheme that they use, like it’s all there’s nothing abrasive
(32m 53s) Codey: going around your island and looking at everything like it’s all really calm colors.
(32m 57s) Codey: And there’s no like I kind of like that.
(33m 1s) Codey: There’s no direction slash no.
(33m 4s) Codey: Nothing like there’s no consequences, I guess, is another thing.
(33m 10s) Codey: Because you can always just do stuff tomorrow.
(33m 13s) Codey: There’s not really anything like if you miss something that you’re going to miss out on, there’s no FOMO with this game,
(33m 19s) Codey: Which is great for me because if I do something like…
(33m 22s) Codey: Go play or go try and find bugs for an entire weekend and not touch the game at all I don’t have a problem whereas like I didn’t get to play Tetris that whole weekend and I was like Oh, I missed out on like all of those points So yeah, I really enjoyed it I really like the artwork the music is good too, but I am a chronic turn music offer I don’t really listen to audio in any game
(33m 34s) Al: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
(33m 50s) Codey: because it distracts me.
(33m 52s) Codey: So I have all the audio off.
(33m 52s) Al: » Yeah. Same.
(33m 54s) Codey: I will say within a day,
(33m 56s) Codey: within probably like a couple hours of trying the game and then I pick it back up and try it again.
(34m 2s) Codey: I don’t even think I had gotten an advertisement yet,
(34m 5s) Codey: but I went in and paid money to turn off ads and support the developer, like pretty quickly.
(34m 12s) Al: Yeah, it’s definitely pretty cheap and pretty worth.
(34m 12s) Codey: Well, it’s free, but then you can spend that money to just,
(34m 16s) Al: That’s what I mean, sorry.
(34m 18s) Codey: to just, yeah, yeah.
(34m 19s) Al: Sorry, that’s what I mean.
(34m 20s) Al: It’s pretty cheap to get rid of the ads and stuff, which is pretty good.
(34m 26s) Al: That, you know, I always feel like when I download a free game and they’ve got like, oh, hey, pay like three quid to do this.
(34m 34s) Codey: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
(34m 35s) Al: I’m like, well, yes, yes, I will, you know,
(34m 38s) Codey: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.
(34m 39s) Al: because like how much time am I gonna save?
(34m 42s) Al: Clicking that and they immediately get more money than they will ever get from me in ads, so it’s a win-win, you know?
(34m 48s) Codey: Yep. Well, and I was just like, you know, I think this game is super cute.
(34m 53s) Codey: I can throw down like the minimum that they have is three ninety nine.
(34m 56s) Codey: But you can do more.
(34m 59s) Codey: So I think I ended up doing like seven dollars because I had I had.
(35m 2s) Codey: I looked at my bank I was like I could.
(35m 4s) Codey: Do I can do $7 like I can just double double what they suggest and just continue to enjoy playing this game. The only other thing that you can buy is the currencies which I don’t know about you I get I get enough I don’t need to buy any. So that is really nice like a lot of mobile games will just try and throw things in your face to try and get you to spend money. But this one did not do that and I really I don’t.
(35m 34s) Codey: I feel pressured to spend money.
(35m 36s) Codey: Um, you do also, if you pay for the ad removal, you get a double reward bonus.
(35m 41s) Codey: So all rewards are double are automatically doubled.
(35m 44s) Codey: Um, which I didn’t, I was like, Oh, that’s a bonus because I wasn’t even, I just didn’t.
(35m 49s) Al: You weren’t even noticing that, yeah.
(35m 50s) Codey: I just didn’t want to add, like, that was the one thing.
(35m 54s) Codey: Cause I’ve, my Tetris game has so many.
(35m 56s) Codey: Um, yeah.
(35m 59s) Codey: So artwork, what do you, what do you think of the artwork specifically?
(36m 3s) Al: Oh yeah, definitely. I could easily grab some screenshots of this and stick it as my wallpaper.
(36m 12s) Al: It’s really nice. It’s the sort of thing that I should see whether… It’s just really pleasing to have it just on something. I’m really tempted to see…
(36m 31s) Al: and just have it sitting there, looking nice and bunnies waddling around.
(36m 38s) Al: But, yeah, no, it looks really good.
(36m 40s) Al: I was the same with the sound.
(36m 41s) Al: Like, it sounds nice, but, yeah, I don’t have game sound, right?
(36m 46s) Codey: Yep.
(36m 46s) Al: Like, I listen to podcasts too much to be able to deal with that.
(36m 47s) Codey: Yep.
(36m 51s) Al: So that’s, yeah, that’s not my thing.
(36m 55s) Al: But it is very nice.
(36m 56s) Al: you like, if you like, what’s the word I’m looking for?
(37m) Codey: If you want the audio on, it’s not bad audio, it’s not glaring, it’s not obnoxious, so.
(37m 1s) Al: If you like, then it’s good.
(37m 3s) Al: Yep.
(37m 7s) Codey: The next thing that we can talk about is obviously the buns, the bubbies, the bunny bunnies.
(37m 10s) Al: Bunny bunnies.
(37m 16s) Codey: There are 30 unique bunnies and they each have their own personality.
(37m 20s) Codey: I mean, some of them might have like overlapping personalities.
(37m 23s) Codey: Like if I look in my thing right now, Tomo has a polite personality and Button has a shy personality.
(37m 30s) Codey: And Yuki has warm, so like, I guess they all do have, oh no, there’s another shy.
(37m 36s) Codey: Peaches is another shy bunny.
(37m 38s) Codey: Um, so they all have their own personality, they all have their own favorite toys that they enjoy playing with that you can populate your island with.
(37m 47s) Codey: And then if you befriend them to a certain level, they’ll also give you a keepsake.
(37m 51s) Codey: Um, which is really cute, and then you can put that in the island and then they can interact with it or other bunnies can interact with it.
(37m 58s) Codey: Um…
(38m) Codey: And then if you befriend them high enough, then you can invite them to be a permanent resident on your island.
(38m 4s) Codey: Um… Al, have you… How many of the buns have you encountered?
(38m 9s) Codey: You’ve only seen two bunnies? Okay, okay, okay.
(38m 10s) Al: Uh, not very many, uh, like two.
(38m 14s) Al: Look, look, look, right.
(38m 18s) Codey: Yep. Yep. Yep.
(38m 18s) Al: See, this is where, see you end at the beginning.
(38m 19s) Al: See you at the beginning.
(38m 20s) Al: When I said you’ll almost certainly have played more of this game than me.
(38m 22s) Codey: Yep. Yep.
(38m 24s) Al: I was not joking.
(38m 25s) Al: See, see, there we go.
(38m 26s) Codey: I have encountered 24 of the bunnies.
(38m 28s) Codey: bunnies.
(38m 29s) Al: Very different, very, very different.
(38m 31s) Al: Um, so, I mean, so like it’s not because this game is bad, right?
(38m 37s) Al: Like I think if people remember the garden gallery–
(38m 40s) Al: say episode that we did, me and Kevin. It’s very similar to that, in that it’s a really nice game for laying things out and designing a garden and putting all these things out, but I just don’t get it. It doesn’t do anything for me and therefore I find it really hard to push through and actually do something about that.
(39m 4s) Codey: Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s fair. So I’ve definitely played more than you know, so the bunnies they also visit like visually look different like some of them don’t look that much different like there’s a decent amount of them that are black and white with black ears and a black snoot maybe some black Pete’s and then maybe some spots everywhere but there’s like maybe like five or six that have that but there are some that have like floppy ears.
(39m 34s) Codey: There are some that have really short ears. There’s a really fluffy one that I have named. Oh my gosh, I accidentally closed it out. Mofu. He has glasses as well. Very cute. Moose has antlers. Yuzu and Yuki both have looks like leaves took me second to remember what the word leaf was.
(39m 55s) Al: It’s all right, it’s not like you have anything to do with nature.
(40m 1s) Codey: No, not at all. Not that I have to know that at all.
(40m 4s) Codey: Not that I was just literally picking leaves out of something.
(40m 7s) Codey: My favorite is… my couple of favorites are Tiger.
(40m 14s) Codey: He’s like a red and he or they… I don’t think they have genders.
(40m 19s) Codey: They are a black and orange. Very cute.
(40m 25s) Codey: And then I like Celeste just because she has a celestial name.
(40m 29s) Codey: She’s also a mostly black bun with bright blue eyes.
(40m 34s) Codey: And then I can’t pick another one. I love them all.
(40m 37s) Codey: Honestly, those are just the two that stand out.
(40m 40s) Codey: I do like Yuzu. Yuzu’s orange.
(40m 42s) Codey: Um…
(40m 44s) Al: They do definitely have very good designs, like I’ve looked a lot of it up online, even though I haven’t had the patience to play through the game. So yeah, they are all really good designs,
(40m 55s) Al: and I feel like they’re different enough, but also not like “this is clearly a dog”. You know,
(41m 5s) Codey: Yep.
(41m 5s) Al: like they’re all clearly bunnies, but different enough that you feel like there’s a worthwhile thing to try and collect.
(41m 14s) Al: And I liked them all, if you will. I mean, you’re not, like, capturing them. They just visit you.
(41m 18s) Codey: No, they just, they just come, it’s like animal crossing, they come to your island.
(41m 22s) Codey: And then you can ask some of them to always be on your island versus just visit.
(41m 27s) Codey: Like right now I probably have 15 bunnies on my island because I have like many things for them to be doing.
(41m 36s) Codey: So they’re all spread out over my island right now.
(41m 41s) Codey: So yeah, that’s the buns.
(41m 45s) Codey: And then you build up their friendship by doing the tasks.
(41m 48s) Codey: So either by filling your island with toys and decorations, which we’ll talk about later,
(41m 54s) Codey: or they might ask you to do something with them.
(41m 58s) Codey: So the five main ones are either to pet them, to brush them, to take a photo of them,
(42m 5s) Codey: to play hide and seek with them, or to feed them.
(42m 8s) Codey: And each of these things, like right now I can see two of my bunnies have little photo, little cameras above their heads.
(42m 18s) Codey: And one of them is watering the garden right now, so I’m going to take her picture real quick.
(42m 26s) Al: Oh dear.
(42m 28s) Codey: I have such a problem.
(42m 29s) Al: They’re just watering, let them water in peace.
(42m 32s) Codey: Oh, and the other one’s like napping by the gordon.
(42m 36s) Codey: Oh, I’m so cute.
(42m 38s) Codey: And so every time you fulfill one of those tasks, you get hearts from you.
(42m 48s) Codey: And you get some currency, and it just kind of – that’s literally it, is that you get to know them more.
(42m 58s) Codey: The little mini games that you have with it is really cute.
(43m 1s) Codey: So like brushing, for example, it zooms in on the animal, on the bunny.
(43m 5s) Codey: You grab the brush, and then you just go back and forth over the bunny.
(43m 10s) Codey: You scrub a dub dub.
(43m 12s) Codey: And then the other one is the same feeding, they come out into this little extra –
(43m 18s) Codey: another screen, and you just see that one bunny, and you pour food into a bowl, and it eats.
(43m 26s) Codey: Taking pictures, literally just taking a picture of them.
(43m 29s) Codey: I did run out of camera space, like you only have – you can only save like so many photos.
(43m 36s) Codey: And I am devastated because – oh, you can move it to their album.
(43m 42s) Codey: Oh my god, oh my gosh, is that now in Tiger’s album?
(43m 48s) Codey: Okay.
(43m 51s) Codey: So if you take a photo – you have a photo album, but then you can go – so I can like say,
(43m 56s) Codey: like, oh, I want to move this photo of Lulu next to a sandwich to Lulu’s album.
(44m 2s) Codey: And then it gets – and then I have more space.
(44m 5s) Codey: But the picture – I have to go to like Lulu’s bunny page in the bun book.
(44m 12s) Codey: It’s like Facebook bun book.
(44m 14s) Codey: Go into the bun book.
(44m 16s) Codey: Oh my gosh, I’m gonna–
(44m 17s) Al: One book could be so many times.
(44m 19s) Codey: It could.
(44m 21s) Codey: Well, I’m gonna do this forever now because I was like why do I always run out of space like so many buns?
(44m 31s) Codey: So yeah, those are the different tasks. Which– do you have a favorite or anything? Do you like the tasks? Do you find them?
(44m 38s) Al: task. I mean, the hide and seek is kind of cute, because they just suddenly go and hide somewhere and you have to find them. I’m not sure I find any of them particularly fun,
(44m 56s) Al: but they’re fine. I mean, in terms of like, you know, it’s just a bit more cute sort of thing, you know. So maybe that one, yeah. I just got two more bunnies.
(45m 7s) Codey: Which two, which two?
(45m 8s) Al: I’ll tell you once I’ve finished watching this ad to double the reward that I was getting for something. Yep, yep, I do. I just haven’t done it yet, because I haven’t, because, well,
(45m 15s) Codey: Oh, yeah, see you just got a–
(45m 22s) Al: this is on my iPad, right, which is different from my phone one. Let’s see what we got.
(45m 24s) Codey: You’re right, you’re right, you’re right.
(45m 29s) Al: What are these two? Bun, bun, bun. Button. And that one. Lulu.
(45m 32s) Codey: Mm-hmm, very cute.
(45m 39s) Al: They both went onto the same thing, so it’s like a little stump thing that one can go inside and one on top of, and they both came at the same time onto that one. It was to start with, and then after, how do you do it?
(45m 47s) Codey: And the one inside is, uh, it’s a little butt sticking out, right.
(45m 51s) Codey: Or is, but that’s the one cool thing is like, they, I guess we can talk about the decorations and toys that they play with like, like the stump that it’s not just one way that they can use the stump.
(46m 7s) Codey: Like they can be in face first.
(46m 9s) Codey: They can be in, but first they can be on top of the stump.
(46m 14s) Codey: They can have a bunch of different…
(46m 16s) Codey: Um…
(46m 17s) Codey: …like positions that they’re on.
(46m 19s) Codey: So even if you only have like the one decoration, it’s pretty heckin’ cute.
(46m 24s) Al: Yeah. And the decorations are pretty cheap, right? Like, you can buy like three or four or five to start with, like, as soon as you start the game easily. So there’s lots of different options. And all the animations are very cute, right? Because you’ve got like the one when it’s like lying on top of the beach ball, just kind of rocking backwards
(46m 49s) Codey: got, because I befriended one of them, I got a ramen noodle container and there’s a bunny sitting in the ramen noodle container and I am dying on the inside. Look at how cute you are. So yeah, there’s a bunch of different decorations. A bunch. You only get access to nine.
(46m 57s) Al: Obviously. Don’t eat it. Don’t eat it.
(47m 14s) Al: a bunch. Yeah.
(47m 19s) Codey: Nine at a time. Yeah. Nine at a time. Um, I don’t know. Oh, it resets. Uh,
(47m 24s) Codey: it says it’s going to reset at 18, 18, 1800. How do you say that?
(47m 28s) Al: I think I…
(47m 29s) Al: Well, I mean, you can see it’s 6 p.m. if you want.
(47m 30s) Codey: Okay.
(47m 36s) Codey: That’s fine. It’ll reset at 6pm. So, uh, but I already like looking at this,
(47m 40s) Codey: I already have all of these things, uh, all the toys.
(47m 44s) Codey: And I don’t think there’s a benefit to having more than one of the same type on
(47m 49s) Al: Well, it’s just it’s more spaces for bunnies to come, right?
(47m 52s) Al: Like if you’ve run out of spaces for bunnies or whatever.
(47m 55s) Al: All right.
(47m 55s) Codey: - Yeah, I haven’t.
(47m 56s) Codey: So there’s toys.
(48m 3s) Codey: And those are things that your bunny will interact with.
(48m 8s) Codey: Also though, in the quote unquote toy category is like lights, things that you can use to light up your island.
(48m 15s) Codey: Even though I don’t really light up that much of your island.
(48m 18s) Codey: So they’re like just lights up the immediate area around the thing.
(48m 19s) Al: Yeah, I mean, let’s be honest, that’s this whole game, it’s just anesthetic.
(48m 22s) Codey: It just kind of like is aesthetic, I think.
(48m 25s) Codey: And my brain is chaos.
(48m 27s) Codey: You’re right, you’re right.
(48m 29s) Codey: No, no, you’re right.
(48m 30s) Codey: And then there’s decorations.
(48m 33s) Codey: So these are things that you could use like trees and stones and I have mushrooms and a monstera that I can buy right now.
(48m 42s) Codey: And then there are, gosh, I don’t know how to,
(48m 47s) Codey: what to call these, what did I call them?
(48m 49s) Codey: Buildings.
(48m 50s) Al: Yeah, they’re structures, so it’s like houses or ponds.
(48m 53s) Codey: So like.
(48m 55s) Codey: Yeah, so I have the pond, the garden, the bridge,
(48m 59s) Codey: the ramen shop, the cafe, the house, the, it’s another house.
(49m 6s) Codey: The hot spring, have you seen the hot spring little bath?
(49m 12s) Codey: It’s a little bath that they can lay in, but I didn’t realize that’s what it was.
(49m 17s) Al: - Right.
(49m 17s) Codey: And so the first time, your bunnies float in it.
(49m 19s) Codey: And so the first time that I put it out and then I stopped playing and and then I went back to play again.
(49m 25s) Codey: I was like, “They’re dead!”
(49m 27s) Codey: Like, it’s just like there’s two dead bunnies floating in the pond and I was freaking out.
(49m 34s) Codey: But no, they’re just relaxing.
(49m 36s) Al: Is that the one, is that the the kai pond one, or is that the, is that the,
(49m 36s) Codey: No, so it doesn’t have fish in it. It’s just a pond. I do have the koi pond as well, though.
(49m 42s) Al: yeah this one is called onsen, I’m guessing that’s it then.
(49m 44s) Codey: Yeah, probably. The koi pond, they’ll just sit right by the edge and they’ll look at the koi and it’s really cute.
(49m 46s) Al: Yeah on, yeah and onsen is a Japanese hot spring.
(49m 56s) Codey: Yeah, so the onsen is the one that they’ll…but I didn’t realize what was going on there.
(50m 2s) Al: That you had some dead bunnies in.
(50m 2s) Codey: And I thought I had dead bunnies. There are no dead bunnies in this game.
(50m 7s) Codey: Let’s see, I have the cafe. Let me try to see which ones.
(50m 12s) Codey: Because I have…oh, a bubble tea shop? I don’t think I have that one.
(50m 17s) Codey: I have the ramen shop. I have the sushi restaurant and the dumpling cart.
(50m 21s) Codey: Ooh, a shrine!
(50m 23s) Codey: Um Yeah, I mean there’s all these different things and the bunnies like them the bunnies use it use those buildings
(50m 37s) Al: Oh, there’s a garden.
(50m 38s) Codey: Oh, yeah, I have it. Yeah, you can actually you get carrots you get carrots from the garden So it is actually useful Versus just for for looksies why Does my can you still hear me?
(50m 38s) Al: There’s farming.
(50m 41s) Al: Officially a farming game.
(50m 55s) Codey: My computer has the shortest little fuse It’s like oh you haven’t touched the computer because you’ve been playing on your phone this whole time Um.
(51m 9s) Codey: Yeah, it wants all of my attention.
(51m 11s) Codey: Um.
(51m 13s) Codey: So yeah, and then they’ll, they’ll interact with it.
(51m 15s) Codey: Like I see there’s a bunny right in front of the dumpling cart, eating a bunny.
(51m 18s) Codey: Oh, sorry.
(51m 19s) Codey: Eating a bunny.
(51m 21s) Codey: Eating a dumpling.
(51m 23s) Codey: It has been given a dumpling.
(51m 26s) Codey: It’s eating the dumpling.
(51m 27s) Codey: Um, there’s one in the tea shop right now making tea.
(51m 33s) Codey: There’s another one sitting outside of the cafe.
(51m 35s) Codey: So it’s just something for them to do.
(51m 38s) Codey: cute. Very cute. And I think, yeah, and I think like there’s different bunnies that like different things. So if you aren’t getting a certain bunny, like if you are not getting more bunnies, you just try a diff put out a different type of decoration or building and then you’ll get you should be getting new bunnies that way. I haven’t gotten a new bunny for like a week. It feels like feels feels like it’s been forever, because I just have all the same–
(51m 41s) Al: It is Japan, but bunnies.
(52m 8s) Codey: I have almost all of them.
(52m 9s) Codey: But you best believe I want all of them now,
(52m 12s) Codey: because I am so close.
(52m 13s) Codey: I can taste it.
(52m 14s) Codey: Oh, Button just gave me a gift.
(52m 17s) Codey: Thank you, Button.
(52m 19s) Codey: So that’s what the– oh, there’s also the shop.
(52m 24s) Codey: Also, after you’ve played for a while,
(52m 26s) Codey: there’s another vendor that comes up and he sells hats.
(52m 31s) Codey: And he specifically says when he comes up that some bunnies, like Yuzu for example,
(52m 38s) Codey: already have something on their head.
(52m 40s) Codey: Yuzu has a leaf on his head and that they hope that you will respect the bunny’s preference.
(52m 46s) Codey: So if a bunny already has something on its head,
(52m 48s) Codey: like if it’s Yuzu or if it’s Moose,
(52m 50s) Codey: don’t put a hat on it.
(52m 53s) Codey: But if it’s tiger and you find the cat ears,
(52m 57s) Codey: you can put those on tiger, which is what I did.
(52m 59s) Codey: There’s like cat ears, there’s like a little moss,
(53m 2s) Codey: there’s a bunch of different hats,
(53m 3s) Codey: there’s like a baseball hat, top hats,
(53m 8s) Codey: little hats that you can put on them.
(53m 10s) Codey: And they enjoy it, they give you hearts, I think.
(53m 14s) Codey: So, yeah.
(53m 16s) Codey: And they’re, again, not expensive.
(53m 19s) Codey: So I guess now we can talk about the currency.
(53m 23s) Codey: There’s two currencies, there’s carrots.
(53m 25s) Al: Well, yeah, there’s two currencies, but they’re carrots and golden carrots.
(53m 26s) Codey: Yeah, two flavors of carrot.
(53m 35s) Codey: and the golden carrots.
(53m 37s) Codey: Um…
(53m 39s) Codey: Are like the paid for one?
(53m 41s) Codey: Um…
(53m 42s) Codey: So…
(53m 42s) Al: Yeah, you can get them in other ways though, right? They’re just very rare.
(53m 44s) Codey: Yeah, um, so you can get them on top of like having the dailies that you talked about where like every day they want you to take like…
(53m 54s) Codey: Pet a bunny five times, brush two bunnies, like that kind of thing.
(53m 58s) Codey: There’s also a weekly, like if you check in every day for a week.
(54m 3s) Codey: Even if you miss a day, like it doesn’t reset it.
(54m 6s) Codey: So if you check out the website, you can find the link to the website.
(54m 8s) Codey: If you check in one day, then you might get two gold carrots, and then the next time you might get a decoration, and then the next time you might get something else.
(54m 14s) Codey: And so it just continues to add things that you can get, like rewards just for jumping on the game in a new day.
(54m 25s) Codey: I, again, have bought a bunch of different things, and I still have 24 carrots. I just bought gold carrots.
(54m 33s) Codey: I just bought two new buildings and yeah, I…
(54m 38s) Codey: I have a lot of golden carrots and most buildings are less than like eight carrots, ten carrots.
(54m 45s) Codey: There’s one that’s… the garden is 15 carrots, but I already have a garden, so they’re not really that expensive.
(54m 51s) Codey: Um, and then the hats… two carrots. Two golden carrots is the most that I… any of the hats are.
(55m) Codey: Um, so it’s… it’s not… it’s really not prohibitive at all.
(55m 4s) Codey: Um, and then the regular
(55m 8s) Codey: carrots is what you would use to buy a lot of, uh, decorations as well.
(55m 13s) Codey: And you just get the, I have like 4,000 of them, but there’s an achievement for,
(55m 17s) Al: That’s quite a few.
(55m 17s) Codey: there’s an achievement for having 10,000.
(55m 19s) Codey: So I’m saving.
(55m 20s) Codey: And then, yeah, there’s achievements of like, see all the bunnies and, um, I almost have all of the achievements.
(55m 28s) Codey: I have not seen every bunny.
(55m 30s) Codey: I have not seen all the special bunnies.
(55m 32s) Codey: I have not become every buns bestie and then I have to earn 10,000 carrots.
(55m 39s) Codey: Um, cause I spent a lot of them, but yeah, I, I really like it.
(55m 45s) Codey: It’s a really simple, cute little game.
(55m 46s) Codey: Uh, but Al are correspondent on the iPad version.
(55m 48s) Al: before. Oh.
(55m 54s) Codey: Uh, we’re tuning into Al now.
(55m 56s) Codey: Uh, Al, what is, what is going on with the iPad version over there?
(56m) Al: Yeah, so I’ve just been playing the iPad version and restarted because obviously I had to because still not on an iPhone.
(56m 9s) Al: And I mean, it works.
(56m 12s) Al: I will say that like it feels a little bit like it would be nice if you could zoom out a little bit further on the iPad. Things seem a little bit large in some cases, but it’s definitely scaled fine.
(56m 24s) Al: It does. It does pretty well, and it works quite nicely.
(56m 27s) Al: And I feel like I could probably play this game more like this.
(56m 30s) Al: And just have it sitting on my iPad, on my desk, rather than like having to switch on my phone.
(56m 35s) Al: So there you go.
(56m 36s) Codey: Yeah.
(56m 38s) Al: And it does do game save file syncing.
(56m 38s) Codey: Yeah.
(56m 43s) Al: So if you have an iPad and an iPhone, it will sync between the two.
(56m 46s) Al: I just didn’t do that because I got an
(56m 51s) Codey: Yeah, I turned on my game center.
(56m 52s) Codey: So the issue that I was having that I that I emailed them about was that I was getting a notification every time I started the game that was like unable to connect to game center.
(57m 1s) Codey: And I was like, I don’t know what that means.
(57m 2s) Codey: And then I emailed them and they were like,
(57m 4s) Codey: Apple has something called the Apple Game Center.
(57m 7s) Codey: And if you don’t have that on, your achievements will not sink to game centers.
(57m 15s) Al: Yeah.
(57m 15s) Codey: Whatever. And I was like, oh, right.
(57m 16s) Al: Yep.
(57m 17s) Al: Yep.
(57m 18s) Codey: That makes a lot of sense.
(57m 21s) Codey: That was my only quote unquote issue.
(57m 23s) Codey: But I emailed them.
(57m 24s) Codey: They got they got back to me really quickly and it is now resolved.
(57m 28s) Codey: So we’re good.
(57m 30s) Al: And they are a solo game developer from Japan.
(57m 30s) Codey: Well, they’re rocking it.
(57m 37s) Codey: I really enjoy this game.
(57m 38s) Codey: I I think it’s I could recommend it to a lot of people because it’s just cute.
(57m 45s) Codey: You get the little serotonin boost.
(57m 49s) Codey: when you play it.
(57m 51s) Codey: And yeah, I definitely enjoy it.
(57m 53s) Al: Yeah, it’s definitely worth a try. Don’t be put off by me. If you like that sort of game,
(58m) Al: you will like this sort of game. I just like a little bit more direction in my games, but I’m not most people. And the bunnies, they be bunnying.
(58m 14s) Al: So yeah.
(58m 15s) Codey: They do be bunnying.
(58m 16s) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(58m 19s) Al: Thank you Cody for coming on to join me to talk about Usagi Shima.
(58m 24s) Codey: Thank you for asking.
(58m 24s) Codey: This was a really cute game, and I’m going to continue playing it, even past this podcast,
(58m 28s) Codey: to try and 100% it.
(58m 29s) Codey: I think you said, who will do this?
(58m 30s) Al: To be fair Cody, I don’t think I did ask. I think you said you’ll do it.
(58m 33s) Al: I said, yeah, okay. I said who will do it and you said me. So…
(58m 38s) Codey: Yeah.
(58m 39s) Codey: So you asked me, because I am–
(58m 43s) Codey: no, you asked the group, and I was the first one.
(58m 45s) Codey: And then Johnny said, oh, it looks like a really cute game.
(58m 47s) Codey: And I was like, yes, Johnny.
(58m 50s) Codey: me, I get to do the episode.
(58m 52s) Codey: out.
(58m 53s) Al: Yeah, and then I heard Matti had already played the game for…
(58m 54s) Codey: Oh, I didn’t know that.
(58m 58s) Codey: Well, Johnny gets to be on Fay Farm with you.
(59m 2s) Al: gets to… he chose to play that game. I was like, “Oh, I guess we need to play this game,
(59m 7s) Al: I need to guess we need to cover this game then, don’t I?” I have purchased the game.
(59m 11s) Al: I have not played it yet, because it’s not time. It’s not in the schedule. It’s not time in the schedule for it yet. I haven’t actually managed to find any time for that one yet. The schedule needs to flex a little bit. Awesome, great, well…
(59m 12s) Codey: - Nice.
(59m 24s) Codey: Womp womp.
(59m 32s) Al: Thank you, Cody, for joining me. Where can people find you on…
(59m 37s) Codey: You can find me in the Slack for this podcast, Slack for it super effective.
(59m 42s) Codey: You can find me on Instagram @hikingbeagle, B E Eagle.
(59m 45s) Codey: You can find me, um, on Twitter and, uh, blue sky at Cody Mathis,
(59m 53s) Al: Awesome sauce. You can find me on masterdon.scot as @thescotbot and some other social networks as well.
(1h 4s) Al: Just have a guess. You never know. You might find one.
(1h 6s) Al: I’m on Blue Sky, but I’ve not…
(1h 8s) Codey: Do you need a blue sky invite?
(1h 10s) Codey: OK.
(1h 10s) Al: It’s annoying me. I’m not a fan of it.
(1h 12s) Codey: OK.
(1h 14s) Codey: It’s weird.
(1h 15s) Codey: I don’t check it.
(1h 16s) Codey: I kind of used Twitter’s implosion as an excuse.
(1h 24s) Al: Yeah, I think at this point I’ve just got like a handful of accounts on like four different things I’m following because there’s no singular place and like not very many on any of them but I’m still like on a few of them so it’s just an annoying place to be but that is what it is. You can find the podcasts currently just on Twitter. Oh no, not on Twitter, on tumblr we’re on tumblr go to tumblr
(1h 52s) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(1h 52s) Codey: Okay.
(1h 54s) Al: find us @thspod we’re also on twitter but you can also find everything related to the podcast including all of our links and a feedback form and the show notes and links to everything at harvestseason.club that is our website one of the things you can find on that is a link to our patreon at patreon.com/thspod where you can support the podcast you can join the slack if you
(1h 57s) Codey: Yeah.
(1h 1m 24s) Al: are not up there you can chat with us about bidets you can also listen to our bonus episodes the greenhouse where we chat about lots of things there is an episode that has just come out as you’re listening to this where me and Kevin talk about the nintendo direct and the playstation state of play from last week or two weeks ago it will be by this point the playstation state of play, yeah. It’s just a Nintendo Direct, but, Sony.
(1h 1m 47s) Codey: state of play.
(1h 1m 48s) Codey: Oh, okay.
(1h 1m 53s) Codey: Okay.
(1h 1m 54s) Al: Um.
(1h 1m 54s) Codey: I didn’t know if it was like, they’re like, I don’t know.
(1h 1m 58s) Codey: I was redacted.
(1h 2m 1s) Al: You can hear us talk about lots of things on that episode, including hearing me avoiding saying the name of the new Spider-Man game.
(1h 2m 12s) Al: That’s just because I still refuse to call it that, because it’s the third Spider-Man game of this series.
(1h 2m 13s) Codey: - Hmm.
(1h 2m 13s) Codey: Yep.
(1h 2m 19s) Codey: Yep.
(1h 2m 20s) Codey: Yep.
(1h 2m 21s) Al: I think that’s everything.
(1h 2m 21s) Codey: Yep.
(1h 2m 25s) Al: Thank you listeners for listening.
(1h 2m 25s) Codey: Thank you for asking me specifically.
(1h 2m 28s) Al: Thank you, Cody, again for joining me.
(1h 2m 31s) Al: And until next time, have a good harvest!
(1h 2m 32s) Codey: Have a good harvest.
(1h 2m 36s) Theme Tune: The harvest season is created by Al McInley, with support from our patrons, including our pro farmers, Kevin, Stuart and Alisa.
(1h 2m 51s) Theme Tune: Our art is done by Micah the Brave, and our music is done by Nick Burgess.
(1h 2m 55s) Theme Tune: Feel free to visit our website, harvestseason.club, for show notes and links to things we discussed in this episode.
(1h 3m 1s) Theme Tune: episode.
(1h 3m 11s) Al: not cats. What was it? Was it last night I was doing the show notes and I did all the news and then I got down to a sagashima and I just wrote cats. Why did I write cats? It’s not cats. No, no, no, I was not. Maybe I had my neko in my mind. Maybe that’s the issue because that’s cats.
(1h 3m 13s) Codey: ♪ Bunny’s not cat ♪
(1h 3m 26s) Codey: I don’t know if you’re really trying to refer to Neko Atsume, because Neko Atsume is also a cool- okay.
(1h 3m 38s) Codey: I’m shocked. Why would you ever have Monetco in your mind?
(1h 3m 41s) Al: When this episode comes out, it will be out. The game will be out.
(1h 3m 50s) Al: I mean, I suspect I’ll probably do what I always do with my ADHD and spend four days intensely playing it and then never touch it again.
(1h 3m 57s) Codey: Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
(1h 4m) Al: ADHD gaming!
(1h 4m 2s) Al: It’s like I spent two weeks in, was it May, when Tears of the Kingdom came out, like playing it for like five or six hours a day and I haven’t touched it after those two weeks.
(1h 4m 13s) Codey: Yep. Yep. That’s what I do with Sims. I bleeping love playing the Sims.
(1h 4m 20s) Codey: Um, but yeah, I’ll play really intensely and then not touch it for like literally a year and then be like, well, don’t remember what I was doing. And I’ll just restart.
(1h 4m 34s) Al: Yeah. Yeah. I used to play The Sims, but I can’t get back into it anymore.