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Jonnie and Codey talk through the week's news and cover Fae Farm


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Wildmender on Steam
Spells and Secrets Release Date
Spirit of the Island Console Release
Haunted Chocolatier New Screenshots
Stardew Pet Hats
Animal Crossing Lego

Fae Farm


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(0:00:30) Codey: Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season. My name is Codey and we’re here today to talk about cottagecore games.
(0:00:35) Jonny: And my name is Jonnie.
(0:00:37) Jonny: Woo!
(0:00:41) Codey: Woo! As always transcripts are available in the show notes and on the website and today’s topic is Fae Farm. Woo!
(0:01:00) Codey: So I am an added human on this so I was not initially on Fae Farm so I did not play the game but I am here to ask Johnny all of the very important questions about Fae Farm and make sure that we get all the coverage. You’re gonna get grilled. Did you prepare for the test? Did you study for the test?
(0:01:24) Jonny: I prepared for all of my other school tests.
(0:01:26) Codey: You [laughs]
(0:01:30) Codey: - What was your scores on most tests?
(0:01:34) Codey: Okay.
(0:01:38) Codey: Well, that’s great.
(0:01:40) Codey: So, yeah, you’re gonna do great.
(0:01:42) Codey: Okay, so we’re gonna talk about Faith Farm.
(0:01:46) Codey: And before that, we have some news to go over.
(0:01:49) Codey: Concerned Ape just trying to dominate the news cycle as always.
(0:01:53) Codey: But before that, Johnny, what have you been up to?
(0:01:56) Jonny: have I been up to? This is a game that I really like, and it’s called Cassette Beasts, and this week they came out with their DLC. I should have looked up the name of the DLC, it’s like Pair of the Unknown, or something to that effect, and it’s excellent. If you like Cassette Beasts,
(0:02:14) Jonny: which everybody should like Cassette Beasts, this is more Cassette Beasts. It doesn’t.
(0:02:20) Jonny: It adds stuff in the way you want DLC to add stuff, where it’s like, that’s cool,
(0:02:25) Jonny: extra world build.
(0:02:26) Jonny: I’m playing it on Xbox.
(0:02:27) Jonny: I think I did play it initially on Game Pass, and then I enjoyed it so much.
(0:02:41) Codey: What are you playing it on?
(0:02:46) Codey: Okay.
(0:02:47) Codey: With the game pass.
(0:02:55) Jonny: I just wanted to.
(0:02:56) Jonny: I don’t think the DLC is available through Game Pass, I think you have to buy that separately.
(0:03:09) Jonny: And the game is only like, the game is really cheap.
(0:03:13) Jonny: I get the feeling it’s like 25 bucks in New Zealand, which would put it like, probably below.
(0:03:20) Codey: Yeah, so I’m seeing it on Steam, it’s $20, but less, it’s currently 25% off.
(0:03:29) Jonny: Yeah, so I think it’s the same thing on Xbox, I think there’s a sale on there, so…
(0:03:33) Jonny: Um, yeah, it’s just like, if you like Pokémon, and you know, you want to play a game that’s actually fun, um, play Cassette Beasts and don’t play Pokémon.
(0:03:41) Codey: Oh, the developer is currently playing right now on something, I don’t know what this is.
(0:03:51) Jonny: that was really dangerous to tell me why we’re in the middle of recording an episode you should play cassette beasts but I keep saying that to everybody so anyway I feel like that’s all I’ve really been really been doing oh the idea of the thing is like Marvel snap which we very occasionally talk about on the show is still really good and really fun.
(0:03:52) Codey: Yeah, I have.
(0:03:53) Codey: I’m sorry, we’ll try and get through this really quickly.
(0:04:00) Codey: But yeah, I have not played Cassette Beast, I’m sorry.
(0:04:07) Codey: I know I should.
(0:04:14) Codey: Okay.
(0:04:18) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:04:20) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:04:21) Jonny: I’m still sticking with that, and I feel like it’s way longer than I expected to stick with a mobile card game, but it’s just very good, very fun.
(0:04:32) Codey: big enjoing.
(0:04:33) Codey: Okay, yeah, I don’t play that either.
(0:04:38) Codey: ‘Cause that beast looks really cute though.
(0:04:40) Codey: If I had time to play a game on like a console,
(0:04:45) Codey: that would be what I would probably be playing.
(0:04:47) Jonny: Yeah. What have you been up to?
(0:04:47) Codey: I have been up to insect stuff, woo.
(0:04:52) Codey: So I had, I went and harassed legislators
(0:04:59) Codey: the state capitol last week.
(0:05:02) Codey: and was like, “hey, we need people to support insects and insect conservation and no one’s in charge of that right now.”
(0:05:08) Codey: and that’s an issue.
(0:05:09) Codey: and I got three of them to say, “yes, that is an issue. Let’s write legislation to make it someone’s problem.”
(0:05:15) Codey: So that’s cool. Excited about that. Just gotta like, contact them now with some draft legislation, which is cool.
(0:05:23) Codey: I also had this thing called the Great Insect Fair, which is my university’s like, big extension outreach things.
(0:05:32) Codey: about insects, so everyone that does insect science at my university has like, a little table and they talk about their research.
(0:05:39) Codey: We had over 3,000 people show up, which was great.
(0:05:44) Codey: My club made $1,800, which is also great because we use that to support students.
(0:05:51) Codey: Yeah.
(0:05:51) Jonny: That’s pretty amazing that’s a lot of people to bug you guys Ahhhhhh… laughs
(0:05:59) Codey: We bugged them actually
(0:06:02) Codey: Cuz we had people hold like we had at cockroaches and Tarantulas and scorpions and things that people could hold We had I brought my bearded dragon and someone else also brought rats and so you could feed them Little mealworms, which is really fun Yeah for games I’ve been playing I’m still playing Pokemon go and I actually
(0:06:29) Codey: I’m going to Hawaii in a week and I just found out that there’s a specific Pokemon that’s only available in Hawaii.
(0:06:37) Codey: So I’m pretty stoked about that. So I’m gonna get a bunch of Comfey and bring them back for people. Yeah. Have you not?
(0:06:44) Jonny: Nice, I’m still shocked at how big Pokemon Go is.
(0:06:47) Jonny: Like, I just… I don’t like Pokemon Go. I just… I didn’t play after the first week. It’s not for me.
(0:06:56) Codey: Okay. They’ve definitely fixed a lot and like made it a lot more.
(0:07:02) Codey: Enjoyable and easier for like new people to start, which is really nice and yeah I still I still play it every day. I play that every day. I play Pikmin Bloom every day. Something I don’t play every day but I wish I remembered it every day is my Tetris game. I now have 382,000 points.
(0:07:27) Jonny: So you are getting ever closer to the million you need for this cruise.
(0:07:31) Jonny: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What do you mean either one million or two million?
(0:07:32) Codey: Either one million or two million but yes. Depends on the cruise.
(0:07:38) Codey: Some cruises are a million, some cruises are two million. It depends on which one you want.
(0:07:39) Jonny: Okay.
(0:07:43) Jonny: I am still very much in the category of this is a scam, Cody.
(0:07:45) Codey: I’m excited.
(0:07:48) Jonny: I feel like if you get on this cruise, you’re going to be like kidnapped, and then we’re going to turn this into a real crime podcast where we’re like trying to track you down.
(0:07:57) Codey: Well currently all of the cruises that they have are sold out so.
(0:08:02) Codey: There’s two million and five million and let’s see they had five cruises available. One was a seven-day Alaska cruise. Actually there were two seven-day Alaska cruises. There was a five-day Mexican Riviera cruise and then a five-day cruise. This doesn’t say where. Western Caribbean cruise goes to various ports starts in flow write-up.
(0:08:32) Codey: Oh and then comes back to Florida.
(0:08:34) Codey: Interesting.
(0:08:36) Jonny: Okay, I like the point of getting on a cruise in Florida would be to not come back to Florida
(0:08:41) Codey: right? I don’t want to come back. I just like, I think that one of the cruises went like some of the Alaskan cruises start you in Vancouver, British Columbia and it ends in Alaska so then you have to find a way back. So that’s like interesting to me why the other like that the other one you come back. Yeah these are the crews these are these are cruises that
(0:09:11) Codey: are booked for the April April 2024 sailing there’s a couple of them there is another one that’s April 22nd April 29th so they have a couple different embarkings of these cruises but they’re all currently sold out but it doesn’t matter because I don’t have the money anyway or the points anyway there are 2 million or 5 million depending on which cruise but I did want to see one
(0:09:41) Codey: for 1 million. The other game that I’m still playing daily is Usagi Shima which is the one that I played the adorable bunny collection game that I played with Al. I am only missing one bunny and I am about to Google it because I don’t know how to get this one bunny. Also some of the bunnies are like we like.
(0:10:11) Codey: Our favorite toy is currently a question mark and I’m like that’s interesting. I have everything. I’ve purchased everything.
(0:10:19) Codey: Like anytime I look at these The store there’s nothing that I don’t have so like How is the your favorite toy not not there?
(0:10:31) Codey: I don’t know if she’s gonna the developer is gonna like release more. I don’t know but Very grumpy about that
(0:10:40) Jonny: Maybe you just haven’t done the secret bunny handshake password to unlock the secret item
(0:10:46) Codey: I must not have. I do still have some bunnies that I need to like become their best friend.
(0:10:53) Codey: So like think of like Stardew Valley where you have hearts for everyone.
(0:10:58) Codey: There are some bunnies that I still need to do hearts for.
(0:11:01) Codey: Uh yeah and that’s what we’ve been up to.
(0:11:07) Codey: Whoo! Okay so we’ve got some news. First up is Wild Mender.
(0:11:16) Codey: And it is out now on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. So this is the game where it’s a desert gardening survival game where you find like a spring in the garden or in the desert and you’re using that spring and bringing things back to that spring to like rejuvenate the world.
(0:11:35) Codey: And it says also you’re cleansing the corruption that turned the world into the near dead wasteland before you. They literally say, “Or just make a pretty garden.”
(0:11:46) Codey: That works too. Interesting. So, yeah, this is currently $25 on Steam.
(0:11:55) Codey: I just realized I didn’t. Oh, Windows. Windows only. No Mac.
(0:12:02) Codey: And they also said that if you share your garden screenshot in their Discord,
(0:12:08) Codey: you enter a competition to win a plushie. They have two plushies.
(0:12:13) Codey: the third.
(0:12:13) Jonny: And this frog plushie looks so derpy it’s kinda great.
(0:12:16) Codey: It is really… it kind of is giving me from Futurama that frog from…
(0:12:24) Codey: It’s not a frog, it’s a toad.
(0:12:24) Jonny: Yes, yes it absolutely is
(0:12:30) Codey: Hypnotoad.
(0:12:31) Codey: It’s giving me Hypnotoad vibes.
(0:12:32) Jonny: Yep. 100%
(0:12:33) Codey: Yeah, what are you… what are your thoughts on Wild Mender?
(0:12:37) Codey: Are you a Wild Mender?
(0:12:38) Codey: Is this up your alley or…
(0:12:39) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:12:39) Jonny: No, it doesn’t look like that sort of game for me, because I’m not a big survival game person.
(0:12:46) Jonny: I like something a little bit more directed, I think.
(0:12:50) Jonny: But I like the idea of what this is trying to do.
(0:12:53) Jonny: So I feel like if I was feeling like playing a survival game, I would be keen to try this one, because of the sort of more gardening style aspect rejuvenating the land.
(0:13:04) Jonny: I think that’s really compelling to me, and something that I’ve kind of wanted.
(0:13:07) Jonny: I think in one of the first episodes.
(0:13:09) Jonny: was on, Al and I kind of talked about like the idea of you know being able to change the landscape in a farming game which this is obviously sort of getting into but probably more in that survival game sort of way rather than I’m kind of more hoping for it on a smaller scale right where it’s maybe a little bit more directed and bigger impacts than I think you would see in this sort of game but it looks cool. I think if you, you know, like a survival game and like a farming game this looks like a really fun fun little crossover to try.
(0:13:44) Codey: Yeah, they do say that they Allows you to customize your experience from adjusting the difficulty all the way down to toggling sandstorms on and off There’s a lot of options to ensure that you can make the world work for you So maybe like you can get rid of a lot of the survival aspects And kind of be in like creativity mode a la minecraft, so
(0:14:09) Jonny: Yeah, seems cool.
(0:14:12) Codey: Next up is spell
(0:14:14) Codey: and secrets this now has a release date this is the gosh what did he say Harry Potter without the turf so this is Harry yeah yeah if you really liked the world of Harry Potter and you want to go to a magical school and defend your magical school but
(0:14:27) Jonny: Yep, that was…
(0:14:29) Jonny: I watched the trailer and I was like “Wow, this looks like Harry Potter, but there’s no problematic people…”
(0:14:35) Jonny: Well, there’s no problematic people that we know of involved.
(0:14:44) Codey: you also believe that trans women are women because they are this is the game for you so yeah you it’s the release date is November 9th it’s coming out on switch PlayStation 5 Xbox series s and X and Steam and PC and the new trailer that they have did you watch the trailer Johnny there’s curling
(0:15:10) Jonny: I did. I did.
(0:15:12) Jonny: Oh, I might have missed the curling in there, but that…
(0:15:15) Codey: at one point they’re not doing it in they’re doing it like on grass it’s like a turf but it’s it’s 100% curling it’s at about 38 seconds in
(0:15:16) Jonny: Bye.
(0:15:26) Jonny: Sorry, just…
(0:15:28) Jonny: I was not expecting both uses of the word “terf” to come up in this conversation, but here we are.
(0:15:34) Jonny: Yup.
(0:15:38) Codey: oh my gosh you’re not wrong yeah
(0:15:44) Codey: so they show you playing wizard jet let’s probably just chess but they show you playing chess and then right after the chess part they show curling but it’s magical curling it’s really interesting
(0:15:58) Jonny: I think the thing that really… I can’t remember the name of the game but it was kind of like Magica or something and it was just kind of a game where you ran around as wizards and you kind of combined spells and like they had lots of weird elemental effects. This game kind of gives me similar vibes to that where it’s kind of like that 45 degree overhead sort of like action-adventure sort of vibe and just really playing off like “hey people just really like Harry Potter and this is kind of just like…
(0:16:10) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:16:28) Jonny: um uh you know trying to do that and make it fun um and again I think it’s doing a thing that I kind of really like at the moment which is um games kind of being clear about what they are and being simpler like so many particularly AAA games at the moment are just so big and bloated and over complicated um and they’re trying to be all things to all people and this looks like a game It’s like hey, we’re a spells action adventure game Like you make your own character, that looks cool, you’re out of school Like there’s a lot of familiarity around it around just making what looks like a fun action adventure game. So this looks fun
(0:17:10) Codey: yeah it looks really cute um it gives me it reminds me like the top-down style like you said like the 45 degree angle kind of reminds me of like the gauntlet series I don’t know if you ever played gauntlet but I loved that series and the fact that like when you open a door it like reveals the room behind it but until then it’s just kind of like empty space I don’t know it just it’s it’s It’s giving gauntlet, it’s giving…
(0:17:40) Codey: It just seems like it’d be really fun.
(0:17:43) Codey: And the fact that you can play with two people simultaneously,
(0:17:45) Codey: so you and a friend can be exploring this world together,
(0:17:49) Codey: is really cool.
(0:17:50) Codey: So, yeah, Spells and Secrets releasing on the 9th of November on all of the platforms at the same time.
(0:17:59) Codey: And they will have a physical release for a couple of them,
(0:18:02) Codey: but it’s, I think, at a different time.
(0:18:04) Codey: Spirit of the Island is getting a console release,
(0:18:10) Codey: and this game is already out now on Steam for $18.
(0:18:17) Codey: And at the time of recording, it’s 55% off, so it’s only $8.
(0:18:22) Codey: But I don’t know if this is going to be there.
(0:18:26) Codey: It says it’s got, like, a, I think, 44-minute–
(0:18:31) Codey: 44-hour countdown, so I don’t know if it’s still there or not.
(0:18:34) Codey: But I did see on their Twitter that they had another.
(0:18:40) Codey: sale recently. They’re part of an indie sale. So I think that they’re on a lot of sales. So definitely keep your eye out for that if you want the Steam version. But the physical versions. So they have PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S, and the Nintendo Switch. All getting physical releases. And oops sorry the retail version is only. PlayStation 5 and Switch. But they’re all coming out on… what’s the date? Where is it? Thank you. The 19th of October.
(0:19:16) Jonny: 19th of October.
(0:19:18) Jonny: I think this is kind of one of those games that’s in the category of “I would quite like to try when it comes to consoles, and now it’s coming to consoles.”
(0:19:28) Jonny: It’s coming at a really busy time, so I feel like it might be one of those ones that, unfortunately, goes on the backburner until I get a bit of space.
(0:19:30) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:19:37) Jonny: But really excited for it.
(0:19:49) Codey: just the fact that they have a Paradise Edition, I guess, so on the physical releases for the PS5 and the Switch, they have this thing called a Paradise Edition where you get like stickers and a cute little tourist guide, but there are no prices available. Oh, $25, just kidding,
(0:20:05) Codey: $25 is what they will be. I don’t know how much more of the Paradise Edition is, but
(0:20:12) Codey: all of the console games will be $25 no matter where you are, euros or dollars.
(0:20:19) Codey: It’s probably more for you, isn’t it, Donnie?
(0:20:21) Codey: Yeah.
(0:20:21) Jonny: Uhhh, I’m guessing it will be more for us.
(0:20:24) Jonny: It will be probably more like $35 where I am.
(0:20:25) Codey: Dang!
(0:20:28) Jonny: But our dollars are…
(0:20:35) Codey: Unfortunate, okay, and then yeah, Concerned Date just trying to dominate the, oh and I think Al said this, just trying to own the news cycle, right?
(0:20:46) Codey: He’s just trying to make sure that every time we have podcasts, we have something to talk about and we bring them up again.
(0:20:53) Codey: So for Haunted Chocolatier, he posted, Concerned Date posted four new screenshots as a thank you for the fact that he now has a million followers on Twitter, which is bananas.
(0:21:05) Codey: Um, what do you think of these screenshots, Johnny?
(0:21:08) Jonny: Yep, these look like screenshots from a game they’re concerned I’ve made.
(0:21:12) Jonny: Like…
(0:21:16) Jonny: I don’t want to downplay it, but I’m a little bit like…
(0:21:19) Jonny: Until there’s real news, like screenshots are just screenshots, right?
(0:21:23) Jonny: Like, yep, that’s… I don’t know.
(0:21:25) Jonny: I didn’t… probably look particularly deep at them, because I was just like,
(0:21:29) Jonny: “Yes, these look like, you know, ones of forest, ones…”
(0:21:32) Jonny: I can’t even remember them, I’m reopening it, but yeah, like there’s the, you know, the library,
(0:21:39) Jonny: I think we’ve seen before, a house, a fountain, and yes, these are like…
(0:21:43) Jonny: These could be locations in Stardew Valley, except for the fact that we know that they’re not locations in Stardew Valley.
(0:21:48) Codey: Mm-hmm. We know that they’re in a different game.
(0:21:50) Jonny: That’s… yeah.
(0:21:53) Jonny: Um, and I’m not trying to be down on it, it’s just more, “I don’t really want to be…”
(0:21:58) Jonny: Like, I want to get excited for Haunted Chocolate here when it is close to coming out,
(0:22:02) Jonny: not when it’s just a thing that we don’t know any more.
(0:22:06) Codey: Yeah, I’m usually the same, but I do love the conspiracy theory, like people on Twitter who are nitpicking every little thing that they see in these screenshots.
(0:22:20) Codey: I do love that people, when people get really hyped like that.
(0:22:23) Codey: So for example, in the house, it looks like it’s a shop because there’s a shop portion of his house and then there’s like a little kitchen and then the bedroom.
(0:22:32) Codey: No bathroom.
(0:22:33) Codey: Just realized I don’t think he’s ever made is there our bathrooms
(0:22:36) Codey: Are there bathrooms in any concerned ape things?
(0:22:38) Codey: Just people just don’t have to go to the bathroom?
(0:22:40) Codey: People in concerned apes world do not have bodily functions confirmed Um…
(0:22:41) Jonny: I don’t recall dipping.
(0:22:49) Jonny: So now you’ve opened this door, it’s not going to close that quickly.
(0:22:54) Jonny: I was reading a book, like I really got into lit RPG style books, you know fantasy style RPG books, but it’s kind of often heavily inspired by video games.
(0:23:05) Jonny: And one of the books I was reading recently, I can’t even remember which one, but I addressed it by basically being in this world, I didn’t want to address bathroom stuff, which you never address in books anyway, but they explicitly referenced the fact that magic just makes the poo disappear.
(0:23:15) Codey: Mm-hmm Okay There’s just you take a magic pill or something and then that sits at the bottom it sits at the bottom of your gastrointestinal system and Any time anything gets within a certain distance of it. It’s like magicked away. Where does it go?
(0:23:20) Jonny: No, just the magic.
(0:23:22) Jonny: Yup.
(0:23:23) Jonny: Yup.
(0:23:24) Jonny: Well, see, that’s the- Well, that’s the fun thing, right?
(0:23:41) Codey: Can you like make it go somewhere? Can you make it go to your enemy’s house?
(0:23:47) Jonny: it’s never explained where it goes but but presumably
(0:23:49) Jonny: it does go somewhere so maybe there is somewhere that is just you know the entire collection of humanity’s poo
(0:23:55) Codey: Pooh Island. Maybe. Interesting. Well, in this screenshot of the shop, there’s like a little creature in the back that kind of looks like a thylacine to me, but it’s like obviously a,
(0:24:10) Codey: you probably know all about thylacines because you’re down there. You don’t know what a thylacine is. So a thylacine is a, well it was a
(0:24:11) Jonny: What’s a thylacine? What’s that in human words?
(0:24:18) Jonny: I only know human words.
(0:24:25) Codey: marsupial that looked kind of like a dog that existed in Australia, but the last one was killed in like the 1920s. So we have like some, but you’re down there. I know, I know. I got the Kiwis.
(0:24:36) Jonny: Cody, Cody, I’m in New Zealand. We do not have the marsupials. That sounds like some Australian nonsense that’s like…
(0:24:42) Jonny: Yeah, we’re in New Zealand we have birds. We love birds. That’s that’s our thing. We like dinosaurs. We’re way cool.
(0:24:53) Codey: But someone on the Twitter said–
(0:24:55) Codey: so saw this like Thylacine-looking little adorable thing and they said–
(0:24:59) Codey: This is– I’m gonna credit them. Who is it? Mads. Start up with Mads.
(0:25:05) Codey: Said, “Is that one of the animals you put the skeleton together for on Ginger Island?”
(0:25:10) Codey: So possibly I’ve– so I’ve not ever done Ginger Island, so I don’t know.
(0:25:10) Jonny: How interesting I don’t think so it doesn’t
(0:25:19) Codey: But there’s this little creature, so that’s a deep cut that someone had.
(0:25:25) Codey: Second screenshot of them in the forest. He’s using a bow and arrow.
(0:25:34) Jonny: I mean, sure, but like, isn’t it just kind of like the slingshot?
(0:25:38) Jonny: I mean, yes, but functionally.
(0:25:38) Codey: No, it’s got a bow and arrow. It’s very clearly a bow and arrow.
(0:25:42) Codey: No, it’s different. It’s different.
(0:25:47) Codey: You’re at like a fountain, and it’s really the mermaid fountain. It’s really pretty.
(0:25:54) Codey: And then, yeah, I guess there’s not much to say about the library other than the fact that
(0:25:58) Jonny: actually so the thing that gets me excited and it’s from the forest screenshot is the inventory view um so it has like uh what I presume is a tool slot uh where it looks like there’s a stick or something in there and then there’s like a bow that’s selected and there’s a present and something else so it looks like a different version of the inventory system to stardew valley which for me is really exciting because that’s the thing I don’t like about stardew valley
(0:26:04) Codey: uh-huh
(0:26:19) Codey: Yeah.
(0:26:20) Codey: And you also have a health bar.
(0:26:26) Codey: With hit points in it.
(0:26:27) Jonny: Yes.
(0:26:28) Jonny: Yes, with hit points and…
(0:26:31) Codey: Yeah.
(0:26:32) Codey: And then is that a bowling ball or a coconut?
(0:26:36) Jonny: I’m not sure what that is, because it’s definitely not a bowling ball, because there’s too many holes.
(0:26:42) Jonny: I also think it’s…
(0:26:42) Codey: They might bowl differently, you never know.
(0:26:44) Jonny: I also don’t think it’s a coco… I don’t know what it is, but yeah, it looks…
(0:26:49) Jonny: The two options feel like bowling ball and coconut, and I feel like it’s neither of those.
(0:26:54) Jonny: Maybe it’s a chocolate? That would make sense.
(0:26:57) Jonny: I’m gonna say it’s a chocolate.
(0:26:59) Codey: Okay it’s a chocolate bowling ball. Okay so yeah those are the screenshots and our ramblings about them and the twitter comments about them.
(0:27:12) Codey: Confirmation of archery which we got a hint at with started 1.6 last week when we talked about it but by we I mean Kevin L. But concerned ape was not done he wanted us to talk about him
(0:27:29) Codey: so uh when was this yesterday he posted hats on cats and dogs so these are it’s just and it’s just cats and dogs from persoupsardou question mark haunted talk the tier question mark no no idea but they have hats on
(0:27:55) Jonny: I feel like these are from Stardew, the only one I’m not sure about is the bottom left image,
(0:28:02) Jonny: I’m not quite sure where that one is. But anyway, hats look cute on catsanddoll.
(0:28:05) Codey: But yeah, they do. And there’s a big old bow on one of the dogs. So we’ve got like a cowboy hat.
(0:28:13) Codey: We’ve got like, I don’t know what to call the hat on the top right. What would you call that hat?
(0:28:21) Codey: It’s got a feather in it.
(0:28:24) Jonny: uh I am not a hat expert so I don’t know what to call any of these hats like it’s uh it kind of reminds me of like the zoro style zoro yeah
(0:28:33) Codey: Okay, the bottom.
(0:28:35) Codey: Ooh, yeah, yeah, Zorro style hat.
(0:28:42) Codey: I’m sure that Gaucho hat is what people have called it online, or Zorro hat.
(0:28:51) Codey: Zorro hat or Gaucho hat.
(0:28:54) Codey: Al probably loves that we’re diving this deep into these little pictures.
(0:28:58) Codey: Probably not going to edit this out at all.
(0:29:01) Codey: Um, the bottom left hat looks like if
(0:29:05) Codey: a grandma was like, “I need to go to the market today.”
(0:29:10) Codey: This is the type of hat that she’d put on, you know?
(0:29:13) Jonny: Yeah, this looks like the one of the first hats that the kittens sell you.
(0:29:18) Jonny: So the kittens sell you the hats?
(0:29:20) Jonny: Mouse?
(0:29:20) Jonny: Is a mice who sells you the hats?
(0:29:22) Codey: think it’s mice. And then the bow is like the gigantic obnoxiously large bow. I would think like this bow is like Lady and the Tramp style bow. Like one of the one of the big bows that Lady had that’s like way too big for her little tiny body. So yeah, hats on cats and dogs and some screenshots.
(0:29:22) Jonny: God.
(0:29:23) Jonny: Yeah.
(0:29:48) Jonny: And none of this is actually news, because it’s just pictures.
(0:29:50) Codey: Just picture.
(0:29:52) Codey: And speculation. Woo!
(0:29:57) Codey: Since we love pictures and speculation, but possibly, whatchamacallit, video and speculation.
(0:30:06) Codey: Oh my gosh.
(0:30:08) Codey: Lego Animal Crossing.
(0:30:14) Jonny: Yeah, so the video just shows like minifigs and it had like, you know, your classic characters from Animal Crossing. So you’ve got like Isabel and Tom Nook and a few others, which is cool. But I think the real speculation is are they going to be real Animal Crossing LEGO sets coming? And I feel like that seems very likely, given how much LEGO
(0:30:44) Jonny: loves doing IP crossover stuff now. I would be very surprised if it wasn’t. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought it made sense because you could do everything from, you know,
(0:30:58) Jonny: Nook Store to the museum. You know, you could go back to some of the old games and do like the coffee shop. You could do like the play a house, all sorts of things. Like it just feels like a really really natural collaboration.
(0:31:14) Jonny: and a collaboration that is going to make many of us agree.
(0:31:20) Codey: I mean that’s my thing is like is this hinting at figurines and like sets that you can purchase or is this hinting at like a video game because they have like I mean but like could they I mean is that it does say minifigure what okay when the balloon goes up over again this is an 11 second video y’all we’re really okay it says lego the lego logo and the
(0:31:29) Jonny: Oh, I… did not give video game 5%
(0:31:50) Codey: minifigure the minifigure I don’t know what that means our trademarks of the lego group I don’t
(0:31:58) Jonny: Presumably it’s the trademark that they use for like because they I think they’ve done some blind box sort of stuff With with the minifigs like the the Lego the Lego people That would be my working assumption
(0:32:14) Codey: I mean you could also, I mean you could have Tom Nook from every generation in this too because he looks like he’s wearing New Horizons, his New Horizons outfit, but he could wear,
(0:32:27) Codey: you could get him wearing his wild world outfit, you know, like there’s, I feel like they’re gonna make a lot of money off of this.
(0:32:35) Codey: This is from Nintendo of America by the way, I don’t think we said who tweeted this.
(0:32:42) Codey: And yeah, people are just talking about.
(0:32:44) Codey: How they’re ready to lose money and ready to be broke in the comments.
(0:32:48) Jonny: Yeah, like I’ve been on the border of becoming a LEGO person for a long time and the thing that’s kind of held me at bay is I’m not big into most of the IPs that they’ve done collabs with,
(0:32:49) Codey: So.
(0:32:59) Codey: Oh yeah.
(0:33:01) Codey: Yep, I don’t have money so…
(0:33:08) Codey: That’s what stopped me.
(0:33:11) Codey: And when I do have money it goes to my dogs. So yeah.
(0:33:15) Codey: That’s the news.
(0:33:18) Codey: So Johnny we’re here to talk about Faith Farm. So what…
(0:33:20) Jonny: Whoo
(0:33:29) Codey: Faith Farm, what is it? How are you? What are your thoughts?
(0:33:34) Jonny: So at its core, Fey Farm is another iteration take on the Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon,
(0:33:45) Jonny: Story of Seasons, whichever one you want to sort of pick as the base. But it’s another iteration of that formula. So it’s farming… it’s probably more in the crafting end of the spectrum,
(0:33:58) Jonny: so it’s a lot more crafting driven than it is farming driven. Farming is more of a thing
(0:34:04) Jonny: in the game, rather than sort of being a central point. But it’s, you know, you… I think the starting is you have sailed to the island where the stuff is happening. Anyway, you’re a new resident and they’re like “hey there’s an old abandoned farm, would you like it?” You say yes,
(0:34:24) Jonny: you start clearing up the farm and, you know, doing the quests and all of those sorts of things. So
(0:34:30) Jonny: At its base, like the core gameplay loop, it is one of one of the most popular games
(0:34:35) Codey: Yeah, looking at the launch trailer, it looks very Animal Crossing-esque, but with farming and magic.
(0:34:43) Jonny: uh it’s so it looks that way and uh maybe maybe we’ll get into the so so I have a very conflicted take on this game right so if I was going to summarize my overall thoughts is that um this game plays really well but overall I do not enjoy this game because it’s missing some really really core elements and it’s helped me understand the things that I like in these sorts of games, but it is missing some really cool elements which
(0:34:57) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:34:59) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:35:13) Jonny: are primarily around things like the story and the characters, which was very surprising to me because in a game like Fei Farm, and I guess probably to which probably just very quickly talk about why it’s called Fei Farm is that there are theories in the world, there is magic which we’ll talk about in a little bit, there is a theory realm which I have only really just got access to and it’s quite sparse but it kind of just seems like another area
(0:35:44) Jonny: theories in it. So my expectation was that the story and interacting with the characters was going to be kind of a big part of the game. And weirdly it’s like yes there are quests and the quests drive a lot of what you do, but the characters are so non-factors in this game it is shocking. Like on day one you kind of learn that none of these people
(0:36:13) Jonny: think interesting to say, like there is no interesting dialogue, they are not particularly distinctive like some of them have distinctive looks you’re like oh maybe this is the cool one there’s very few of the characters that are romanceable and the romanceable ones feel like they’re entirely separate from the characters that you interact with for most of the quest stuff. It’s just really odd how bland and boring the characters in this game are and how quickly they’re just like not a thing.
(0:36:44) Codey: Mm-hmm, which is not normally when you’re playing these types of games.
(0:36:52) Codey: People that play these types of games are really into the story of the people around you and why they’re there.
(0:36:58) Codey: So not having that is a big black hole, I guess.
(0:37:03) Jonny: Yeah, and I think for me, like the one of the really easiest comparisons that I’ll draw is,
(0:37:09) Jonny: you know, they have all of their characters that represent the various things, so they have like the fishing guy. I couldn’t tell you the fishing guy’s name, just that he’s the he’s the guy that you talk to for the fishing stuff, and you compare it to a character like Willy in Stardew Valley,
(0:37:23) Jonny: right? And Willy is just like a really great character in that he’s the fishing guy, but he’s,
(0:37:30) Jonny: you know, a very passionate fisherman in a place where fishing
(0:37:33) Jonny: maybe hasn’t been valued as much and he’s trying to look at it to get restarted and it comes through in his notice board quests, you know, like the way they’re framed and just the way his character speaks and his lines of dialogue where there’s a real character there that’s interesting and compelling beyond just being the fishing tutor, and that’s not the case in Fei Farm.
(0:37:56) Codey: Mm-hmm Yeah, and it’s interesting cuz like on their website it says that They like it’s one of their big things is to grow lasting bonds They say our elaborate cast of neighbors will help you find your purpose Lean on them in times of need as you become a good citizen of Azoria. They might fall in love with you, too And it has like learn from the locals meet color for kick off colorful characters I don’t know why that was difficult find your soul mate bring friends home
(0:38:26) Codey: so like this is Like it’s just so this is like maybe something that they’re hoping to develop or do you feel like it is what it is
(0:38:39) Jonny: I kind of feel like it is what it is, like it’s… sometimes you look at something you go “oh there’s the basics of it there” but you know they could build on it. I don’t even feel like the basics are really there, like they all just have really generic… like on day one you have multiple characters kind of saying the same lines of dialogue to you. It’s not deep, the pool of romanciful characters is not particularly deep or interesting and you know…
(0:39:09) Jonny: it’s an extreme version of the classic, like the few characters that you do like think “oh this one you know this one might be interesting” they’re just all not available for reasons that I don’t really understand. I did try to play with the system a little bit where it’s kind of like you just do fetch quests for you know the… and there’s friendship for the non-romanciful characters.
(0:39:34) Jonny: But you just do fringe quests, or fetch quests to kind of build that.
(0:39:39) Jonny: And then I did a date, you know effectively the cutscene once you get to a certain number of hearts with one of the characters, and it was very much one of those like “wow we could just put in any of the characters” like it was nothing specific to the character that I had picked,
(0:39:51) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:39:53) Jonny: it was just like “we went on a picnic” and “hey I like you, you like me, great this was fun, let’s do it” like there was nothing special or unique to the character. I got no sense that I you know made a choice that was interesting.
(0:40:09) Jonny: Or had any consequence, or was different to any of other choices.
(0:40:13) Jonny: It was like, what? Which face looks the best? Which is, you know?
(0:40:16) Codey: Yeah, not great.
(0:40:17) Jonny: Like, it’s a video game. I’m not-
(0:40:18) Codey: I mean that was me with Stardew.
(0:40:20) Jonny: That’s not why I’m here.
(0:40:24) Codey: That was a bad noodle.
(0:40:25) Codey: And the first time I played Stardew, I was like, “Ooh, an emo boy!”
(0:40:28) Codey: “I want the emo boy!”
(0:40:31) Codey: But then, when you marry him, he’s–spoiler alert–he’s trash!
(0:40:35) Codey: And I was like, “Oh, it’s not all about looks.”
(0:40:39) Codey: Yeah.
(0:40:39) Jonny: But that’s where you start and it changes from there right because you learn more about what the actual character is This is just like no which which?
(0:40:47) Jonny: Which pixel combination do you think looks the best go with that one I guess So yeah, so that side of the game is very disappointing and kind of just because it’s sort of in the same realm Um, so there’s the there is the sort of story
(0:40:51) Codey: Yeah, there’s not yeah, hmm
(0:41:04) Jonny: Question and the quest system generally is is fine. You know, it’s kind of pushing you to do
(0:41:09) Jonny: The next thing and in a you know similar way to most of these games do where it’s like Craft this thing or get to the bottom of the mine or you know Do do whatever this thing is and it kind of keeps you pushing along and that side of it’s quite compelling But the the biggest problem is so magic is part of the game and there’s a range of spells I think I unlocked two or three and the spells sort of help you clear stuff from the world so you can access more areas or
(0:41:39) Jonny: Have so they have that use and I have a use on the combat side of things as well But when you unlock it, it’s kind of meant to be this big story moment So you do, you know a large fetch quest and you bring the the person that’s gonna teach you the spell a bunch of stuff You’re like, oh, this is gonna be really exciting and they say, you know Come and talk to me the next day and we’ll we’ll do the thing that we’re gonna do that will also Result you in learning the spell once you get really excited and then you go to bed and then
(0:42:06) Jonny: Like a one-screen thing pops up that says “you and the character”
(0:42:09) Jonny: went off and did the thing and then you just wake up in front of your house and now you know the spell. And the first spell I learned it took me a few days before I even recognized that I actually had the spell because I thought the game had glitched and I hadn’t the event hadn’t happened I didn’t realize that that one-screen thing was like the entirety of the thing so it’s really disappointing that you’re sort of building up to this big moment and in And the big moment is like a page in a book.
(0:42:11) Codey: Mmm…
(0:42:39) Jonny: Which is not a video game thing, like I didn’t get to…
(0:42:42) Codey: Yeah, you didn’t get to like see you guys going off or anything like there’s no cut scene. It’s just you did it
(0:42:43) Jonny: *
(0:42:56) Jonny: Because you wake up on your farm, you don’t notice any change.
(0:43:01) Jonny: Like there’s no immediate visual change that anything actually has happened, which is just
(0:43:08) Codey: So the spells, is it like something that you can just do at any time or is it something that you have to have, like a store of magic and you can only do them when your store is full?
(0:43:22) Codey: Mm-hmm. Okay.
(0:43:22) Jonny: So it’s a mana system, and the mana effectively just works like stamina, so you can cast a certain number of spells a day effectively just in the same way that you can cut a certain number of trees or mine a certain number of rocks.
(0:43:35) Jonny: So it kind of works fine, and the spells have interesting uses in combat in that they’re not just damage, so I think the second spell you get is a wind spell, which in the world it kind of clears some really heavy fog,
(0:43:50) Jonny: but you can use it to knock enemies back.
(0:43:52) Jonny: Which is a cool use of that spell, so it’s kind of that dual purpose.
(0:43:53) Codey: Hmm Yeah Okay, so is it only you spells like you do you actually have like an axe and like a tool kit that allows you to Collect things from your environment or is it all pretty much through spells?
(0:44:11) Jonny: No, so I’m actually surprised. So the spells kind of feel more like an add-on rather than the main part, so you still have all of the usual tools. And this is what’s really odd about this game,
(0:44:23) Jonny: because this is the area where this game does things really, really right. So the way the tools work is for all of your base tools, so like your axe, your pickaxe, your watering can,
(0:44:38) Jonny: those sorts of things. They’re… they…
(0:44:41) Jonny: they auto… like, it will auto-select the tool based on the context that you’re at.
(0:44:46) Jonny: So if your cursor is over the tree, then it will just automatically select the axe.
(0:44:49) Codey: - Yeah.
(0:44:51) Jonny: You don’t need to change to the axe. Same for the watering can, or like if you’re…
(0:44:57) Jonny: if you’re over your crops, or if you’re in the mines, it’s just automatically the pickaxe, or if you’re on a diggable spot, it will be the spade. So you don’t have…
(0:45:06) Jonny: you’re not constantly switching stuff, which is so nice, because you can kind of just run around and clean up your…
(0:45:11) Jonny: farm really really quickly and you know there’s only a very small number of times I was like oh I thought I was pointing at this one thing and I was turns out I was pointing at something else so it used a tool that I wasn’t intending but those instances were so infrequent the convenience factor of that was really really nice the only tools that sort of aren’t on that wheel are your more like specialist tools so your wand is one your fishing rod is another and then there’s a bug catching it and that’s the…
(0:45:41) Jonny: so you can you have to rotate between those ones which is generally fine because you’re often like okay I’ve done like I’m not doing work so I’m gonna move off the work tools and I’ll you know I’m gonna go catch bugs so I’ll select the bug catching tool the bugs are the bugs are great so the bug catching and fishing are kind of in the category of like really nice things to do where you’re sort of running around the world the fishings a little bit like So the fishing is a little bit
(0:45:56) Codey: How are the bugs in this game?
(0:46:11) Jonny: Animal Crossing style with the, you know, you need to cast in front of the fish and And there’s a bit of a reeling in minigame, which is fine. It’s not as difficult as the Stardew Valley one. So that’s okay the bugs you can Sneak up on and you have a chance to catch so the difficult ones you might need to have a few goes at at catching But they’re they’re really cool
(0:46:36) Jonny: There’s bees in the game and they utilize the bees in a really cool way like you this you occasionally come
(0:46:41) Jonny: Across a queen bee which you need to craft like your hives and things like that and then there’s also worker bees which you need to um uh craft Uh some some some like other like, you know Smaller sort of bee things. So I really love the way they use Use bees and it’s just kind of a nice little collectible thing that as you’re running around the world You’re like, oh, yeah, kind of just gonna catch some bugs or whatever. So it’s a nice little thing to to do
(0:47:09) Codey: Do they look like regular bugs or do they look–
(0:47:13) Jonny: In general, they kind of just look like regular.
(0:47:23) Codey: Okay, so you’ve talked about the craft, not the crafting, you’ve talked about like the farming. Well, I guess you talked about just the tools themselves,
(0:47:35) Codey: but like how do you, how does farming work in the game?
(0:47:39) Jonny: Farming is kind of just like farming in other games, you know, you hoe the land, you plant the seed, you water the seed, and you know, you can use fertilizers to make it grow faster, you’ve got the crops that are just, you know, they’ll grow in three or four days and you harvest them once, and you’ve got the crops that will continue to be harvested over time, so there’s nothing particularly special or interesting happening from that respect, but It kind of works well. One really nice addition.
(0:48:09) Jonny: And we’ll talk more about the world traversal in a bit. But you can go in the water,
(0:48:14) Jonny: and when you’re in the water, or if it’s raining, your watering can just automatically fills up,
(0:48:18) Jonny: which is just a really nice little quality of life thing. Because if you have forgotten to fill it up at the well after you’ve watered your stuff for the day, then it’s highly likely that you’ll just naturally fill it up over the course of the day with everything else that you’re doing. So that’s really nice. There’s animal farming as well. That kind of adds the little…
(0:48:39) Jonny: …nuance of you need to interact with things every day, but they kind of like you based on have they been fed, have you packed them, and have they got sunlight? Which I really like the sort of have they got sunlight dimension. I think that’s pretty good. So that seems really cool.
(0:48:57) Jonny: Only other thing I guess is just in terms of the types of crops, is that there’s flowers,
(0:49:03) Jonny: which is cool. And you can do some flower crossbreeding, which seems kind of like a cool system and quite deep.
(0:49:09) Jonny: So that seems like something that I kind of want to dig into more, which I’ve only really just started playing the surface of, because I don’t know that there’s seeds for every sort of flower.
(0:49:19) Jonny: Maybe a little bit more like Animal Crossing, where there’s like the base colors for certain flowers and then you can crossbreed them. Yeah, yeah, so there’s that sort of thing. I get the sense that it’s sort of building towards there being more magical style of crops. I just haven’t got any yet, but I’m guessing they are in there.
(0:49:22) Codey: Yeah, and then you put them next to each other.
(0:49:39) Jonny: So, that’s pretty cool, and the best thing, so this is the best thing about farming, and this is the thing that this game does really, really well, because it’s all of the quality of life things, is you can move your planted crops.
(0:49:52) Jonny: So if you’re like, I’ve put this in the wrong spot, or I want to adjust this to build something, you can move it, which is amazing. It’s so good.
(0:49:55) Codey: Oh.
(0:49:56) Codey: Yeah.
(0:50:01) Codey: Well, and that’s something you could do in real life too.
(0:50:05) Codey: You just get down to the roots and move your thing.
(0:50:09) Codey: It’s not impossible.
(0:50:09) Jonny: Yeah, yeah, it’s not it’s not impossible And it’s just so convenient because particularly with flower breeding when you’re like, oh I planted the wrong flower in the spot I didn’t want to crossbreed those two And you can just literally pick it up and swap it out for the one that you want. It’s really really convenient It’s such a nice little
(0:50:29) Codey: So what do you do when you get the crops? What do you do with them like is it just kind of a you sell them or is there some type of like crafting or cooking.
(0:50:40) Jonny: Yeah so this is probably a good segue into the crafting system because the crafting system is relatively deep in that so once you harvest them you can sell them if you want and that’s generally the worst thing that you can do. What you want to do with your crops is cook them.
(0:50:59) Jonny: So you can at the start you just get a basic campfire and you can cook them on that but as you sort of progress you unlock more sorts of crafting stations and so you could take Um…
(0:51:10) Jonny: Uh… something that you’ve… you’ve grown and you could… um… chop it up on… on one station and you know…
(0:51:17) Jonny: Turn it into a maybe a cut version of the vegetables or…
(0:51:20) Jonny: Mixed vegetables or something like that and then you could cook it on… you know a more elaborate… um… cooking station that can make…
(0:51:26) Jonny: Um… better quality food and the better quality food not only does it sell for more But it you know does the energy restore or health restore or those sorts of things that you need for…
(0:51:36) Jonny: um the mine and the crafting is kind of like it’s one of those
(0:51:40) Jonny: versions where you know you jump into that you jump onto the table and you say craft 12 of this thing and it will craft them over time and you don’t have to stand there while it’s crafted but there’s a time element to to the way things are crafted but the game really rewards you for crafting with things so it’s not the sort of game where you want to sell stuff particular base versions and so again this game like quality of life features every other farming game copy fave farm’s quality of life features.
(0:52:10) Jonny: at the start of the game on your farm there is a shed that shed has infinite storage you can hoard everything in this game it is amazing.
(0:52:18) Codey: Oh my gosh. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.
(0:52:20) Jonny: right it’s so good it’s so so good like I really want to uh like if you’re playing this game or you want to play this game hoard everything like sell stuff like there is there is certain stuff to sell like sell your things that you’ve crafted sell things that um you know you
(0:52:40) Jonny: like you’ve you’ve kind of feel like you’ve done everything with and I feel like I feel like I should be able to do something with this hoard it hoard it because you can it doesn’t punish you it’s amazing
(0:52:47) Codey: Yeah.
(0:52:48) Codey: Well, that’s the problem with some farming games is you start the game and right off the bat,
(0:52:56) Codey: you’re like, oh wow, this cool rock, that’s cool,
(0:52:58) Codey: but I found it on my first day.
(0:53:00) Codey: So it’s probably gonna be here all the time and I’m running out of inventory space,
(0:53:04) Codey: so I’m just gonna sell it.
(0:53:05) Codey: And then you find out that that was the rarest rock ever and you only get one every month or something like that.
(0:53:13) Codey: And it’s just like, well, I sold it.
(0:53:15) Codey: So, because–
(0:53:15) Jonny: Yep. Yup.
(0:53:17) Codey: Because I didn’t know what to do with it on day one, so that’s really cool that they have like stuff that you– like a way for you to just save everything right off the bat.
(0:53:27) Codey: Because like– and you don’t have to– it’s just there, right? You don’t have to build it.
(0:53:27) Jonny: Yeah Correct. Yep, so you don’t have to build it. It’s there from the start, which is great And you and your your characters inventory is also relatively Generous sets of things do tend to like have more sort of like stacks in your inventory where you can only carry certain amount in a slot and you have to unlock some slots, but your tools don’t take up inventory slots and Reli-
(0:53:47) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(0:53:49) Codey: Oh my gosh.
(0:53:53) Jonny: Right?
(0:53:55) Jonny: relatively quickly you can unlock.
(0:53:57) Jonny: to get your inventory to like 25 or 30 slots which is like really like it’s it’s it’s very good once you get it that far so that was that was just Honestly, it made it so fun because if you feel like you’re just running around the world doing what you want to do and you’re not Doing an inventory management thing. That’s just annoying and frustrating Oh and and just sort of for the the final thing because it’s really important to call access really good is the the crafting pulls from your storage
(0:54:27) Codey: So you don’t have to move it to your personal inventory.
(0:54:27) Jonny: Correct. Yep.
(0:54:30) Codey: Oh my gosh.
(0:54:32) Codey: Okay so, so far a story/character is not amazing but other than that, copy this game.
(0:54:41) Jonny: Amazing.
(0:54:43) Jonny: Yup, yup.
(0:54:44) Codey: Um, wow.
(0:54:47) Codey: So are there like other buildings that you can build on your farm or?
(0:54:52) Jonny: So I don’t think so. Well, yeah, everything is just there, because the chicken coop, or the sort of version of the chicken coop is there, there’s kind of like a second farm, or kind of like further up the hill, where you kind of get like a second house, and that’s where I think the cow animal facility is.
(0:54:55) Codey: Okay so everything is just there.
(0:55:16) Jonny: There’s like a few things that you do build that are kind of building-esque, but you don’t really go into them.
(0:55:22) Jonny: So there’s like a, one of the things that you can do with critters or bugs is there’s like a menagerie that you can build, which I was really excited for, because I was like, “Ah, like it’ll be like a mini museum thing for the cool bugs that I catch.”
(0:55:34) Jonny: Turns out it’s more of like a way to turn some of your critters into crafting ingredients for potions, generally.
(0:55:41) Codey: Oh.
(0:55:42) Jonny: So you kind of put them in there, and then they, like, I think they hang out for a time, and then I think they leave, but they leave behind their sort of crafting thing, so…
(0:55:52) Jonny: That was not quite what I was hoping it to be, but I feel like it’s, yeah, so most of the buildings are there, and then you’re just really building crafting stations off the back of that.
(0:56:01) Jonny: But there is a carpenter, and I didn’t progress, because I feel like a lot of the house upgrade stuff was… I just didn’t engage much with it, so maybe you do unlock the ability to build some buildings later on, but it didn’t stand out to me like that was going to be a huge component if it is.
(0:56:19) Jonny: Maybe it would be like a shit or something like that.
(0:56:19) Codey: Okay, so you talked about the world traversal and the map.
(0:56:29) Codey: So we know that there is this area, this farm, obviously, but like how big is the map and how do you move around the map?
(0:56:37) Jonny: So the map’s a decent size I think because it’s not sort of that pixel style that’s become really common which is very easy to sort of compare the size too but I would say in terms of size it feels about the same size as like Stardew Valley to kind of like run around and sort of get around but there’s the the very area as well and I get the sense that there’s probably a third area that I haven’t unlocked so it’s…
(0:57:07) Jonny: when you add those areas on, it’s probably quite a bit bigger than Stardew Valley.
(0:57:14) Jonny: But moving around this world is incredible.
(0:57:17) Jonny: It’s so good.
(0:57:19) Jonny: So you can move in any direction, you have a jump button so you can jump over things.
(0:57:25) Jonny: There are little bouncy mushrooms that have been put into the world that you can use to bounce up.
(0:57:30) Jonny: So your initial farm is kind of like at the top of the hill and you can just jump over the fence and kind of like…
(0:57:37) Jonny: and at the bottom of the hill there’s like a little bouncy thing that you can just run on and bounce on to kind of like shoot yourself up onto the farm.
(0:57:44) Jonny: You unlock relatively early into the game, you unlock some wings so you can glide.
(0:57:51) Jonny: And there’s quite a bit of verticality to the world so you can kind of like glide around and get around stuff.
(0:57:57) Jonny: And like even some of the things that they put in the game to block off areas.
(0:58:01) Jonny: The movement in this game is so good that you can kind of get around them relatively…
(0:58:07) Jonny: easily.
(0:58:08) Jonny: I think I mentioned before, you can go in the water so you can swim.
(0:58:11) Jonny: There is just a lot of ways to get around this world and it’s really really fun to move around.
(0:58:18) Jonny: Because you just move really quickly and really fluidly and it doesn’t feel like a blocker.
(0:58:25) Jonny: I wonder if this makes sense but in Stardew Valley when you’re maybe in Cindersap Forest or over by the Wizard’s Tower or something like that.
(0:58:35) Jonny: and then you think, “Oh, I really need to…”
(0:58:37) Jonny: “I need to go to Klyntz, right? Or maybe you want to upgrade your pickaxe or something like that.”
(0:58:43) Jonny: You think about how much time you are wasting running from there to the other side, right?
(0:58:43) Codey: Mm-hmm Yes
(0:58:50) Jonny: It’s just like, that is the immediate thought whenever you need to run across the map.
(0:58:54) Jonny: It’s like, “Oh my god, this is going to take like an hour of the in-game timer to do.”
(0:58:58) Jonny: You do not get that feeling in Faefun.
(0:59:01) Jonny: You’re just like, “I need to go here? Great!”
(0:59:03) Jonny: and you start running and you kind of get there and it just feels really really
(0:59:07) Jonny: good. I love moving around.
(0:59:11) Codey: Well that’s good because that’s definitely one of the things that I don’t like about Stardew is it takes you so long to just get across the map.
(0:59:22) Codey: And even if you take the bus or whatever, it still takes a lot of time out of your day.
(0:59:27) Jonny: Yes, yum.
(0:59:29) Codey: I guess the other thing that you’ve mentioned a couple times that I’m just curious about,
(0:59:33) Codey: you’ve mentioned the fae and the fairies and how there’s a fairy realm and stuff like that.
(0:59:37) Codey: Are they like your size or are they think of I’m thinking of like Navi from Zelda like a little tiny fairy that’s like you not really even if this is like a little light are they or are they like your size okay oh so then you get wings are you a fairy
(0:59:53) Jonny: They’re like humans with wings… yep.
(0:59:57) Jonny: I don’t know. I feel like maybe that’s part of the story, potentially.
(1:00:06) Jonny: I get the sense that maybe you’re like the one special human that’s, you know, also chill with the fairies, so…
(1:00:13) Jonny: Yeah, I don’t know. The fairy thing feels very weird, like coming back to the kind of problem with characters is that the fairies are kind of just like… there?
(1:00:21) Jonny: and but no one really acknowledges it or like talks about it or like and it’s kind of central to the whole plot of the game but it just feels like nobody else in the story unless their character is directly involved in like the quest that you’re doing they kind of just don’t seem to care about what’s happening it’s very odd it’s very very odd
(1:00:45) Codey: But, I mean, like, is this a… is it, like, an… because there’s a fairy realm, but, like, are you…
(1:00:53) Codey: So you’re a human in the fairy world? Or the fairy world is a completely different place?
(1:01:00) Codey: Unclear?
(1:01:01) Jonny: So the the the main the main world is very clearly kind of like the human world and then you cross over into the fairy world because I believe they do make a like “hey you’re the first human to be here in a long time” sort of thing I vaguely remember that being a plot
(1:01:04) Codey: Okay.
(1:01:09) Codey: Got it.
(1:01:16) Codey: Mmm.
(1:01:18) Codey: Okay.
(1:01:21) Codey: So you’ve also mentioned, like, combat system.
(1:01:26) Codey: So where are the combatable people?
(1:01:29) Codey: Like, are there enemies that you can fight, like, in everywhere in the world?
(1:01:34) Codey: Or are they in, like, a specific place, kind of like the mining shops?
(1:01:38) Codey: Or are they in the fairy realm?
(1:01:38) Jonny: just just in the mines so the mines kind of work so it’s the sort of traditional farming game structure of there’s mines and there’s a certain number of levels to the mine and you want to get to the bottom it does a few things that again I think are just really good iterations so what happens is you kind of mine stuff and then on the floor you will find a button and you press the button and that opens the door and it like each floor
(1:02:08) Jonny: every day always has the same layout I think the rocks that spawn will be different day to day and where the buttoners will be different day to day but the levels aren’t super big or confusing there’s just like cool I found the button I like open the door and then on each level what you can do is you can build there’s a craftable item called a seal and that seal effectively lets you teleport to that level but you have to have all of the previous levels have to have a seal so you can’t just like drop down
(1:02:38) Jonny: to level 10 and just put like just put in the seal for that level you would have to have levels 1 to 10 with their seals in place and that just automatically opens the door on that level or it lets you you can teleport directly to that level so you can progress every day it’s kind of just like their version of the I guess the elevator shaft or whatever so that you don’t need to do all 25 levels in a day. It’s a good version of that system.
(1:03:08) Jonny: I think what I like about it is that it lets the mines sort of be shorter, you know, like the 120 levels that’s in this Darju Valley mine, like 80 of those levels are kind of just like boring and uninteresting and you’re just trying to get past it really really quickly to get to the next level. And the other cool thing is once you get the ability to teleport between levels, it tells you what the chance of certain resources.
(1:03:38) Jonny: So you can pick the best level for whatever thing you want to farm, which is really really nice because once you’ve kind of done it and you’ve got a sense, it’s like, well I could look up on a wiki which levels are best for farming that thing and this game is just like we’ll just tell you, just go to this level if you want to farm this resource, which is
(1:03:57) Codey: That is really cool Are the did the levels like seem to change kind of like in stardew how like every five levels it’s a different Like Landscape and like different bad guys because I’m looking at their website and it’s this battle fabled foes and One of them looks like there’s like gargoyles and then another one looks like there’s musical instruments Um…
(1:04:22) Jonny: Yeah, so I think there’s- so there’s three- from what I understand there’s three different mines,
(1:04:26) Jonny: and I think the three mines have different themes. So the first one is very like nautical themes,
(1:04:29) Codey: Okay.
(1:04:32) Jonny: so a lot of the enemies are like an animated cannon, or a ship’s wheel, or a treasure chest,
(1:04:38) Jonny: those sorts of things. And I haven’t quite got to the second one yet, but I get the sense that like they’ll all have quite different themes between the mines rather than level to level.
(1:04:48) Codey: That’s really cool because I’m assuming then the difficulty just gets harder as you go down, but like then You like you kind of know what you’re getting Some of the bat like the animation style the animation looks really cool, too Like it looks really fluid is it from this these screenshots like it’s fluid is it also that way when you’re playing the game?
(1:04:51) Jonny: Yeah.
(1:04:52) Jonny: Yep.
(1:05:05) Jonny: Very good, yep.
(1:05:07) Jonny: Yes, very fluid. The combat’s actually really good for a game like this.
(1:05:15) Jonny: Often the combat can kind of be a bit, you know, it’s just different variations of characters, you know, kind of walking at you and it depends on the speed.
(1:05:23) Jonny: A lot of the enemies in this have like, they have like a signature attack, so like the cannon will shoot a cannonball at you.
(1:05:31) Jonny: and they’ve got a really good visual representation of what’s
(1:05:35) Jonny: happening or what the attack is, or like the ship’s wheel it kind of like goes up in the air and it’ll do like a ground pound that has like a small air of effect and it gives you plenty of warning to sort of move out of the way so the combat feels more dynamic than you typically get in in one of these games in a way that’s like good but not it’s also not overly difficult to do and then kind of combined with the magic where you can sort of disrupt their attacks or or push them out of the way, or those sorts of things.
(1:06:05) Jonny: It’s just enough without turning the game into a combat action-adventure style game, so I think it works really well.
(1:06:15) Codey: So what is the incentive to like battle these things? Like is there an experience system or is it just to get through so that you can get materials? Do they drop materials?
(1:06:25) Jonny: They do drop stuff, although in general I didn’t have a huge incentive to fight them, it was more like you want to fight them to kind of clear them out so you can harvest the resources that you want on that level, otherwise you just try and run past them.
(1:06:39) Codey: Yeah.
(1:06:42) Jonny: So there wasn’t a huge incentive to feel like you have to fight them if you’re just like “I don’t really like combat and I want to avoid them or fight as few as possible”.
(1:06:51) Jonny: It feels like that’s entirely possible because I don’t
(1:06:55) Jonny: recall them dropping anything unique.
(1:06:59) Jonny: They might have unique drops that are quite rare, like Stardew Valley does,
(1:07:03) Jonny: that you will naturally get anyway over the course of harvesting other resources.
(1:07:08) Jonny: You’ll kill enough that you’ll probably get that sort of stuff.
(1:07:11) Jonny: But I don’t recall encountering any drops like that.
(1:07:15) Jonny: Because it’s probably the one thing that I feel is maybe missing a little bit from the game.
(1:07:20) Jonny: They have a collection log, so you can kind of, in your journal or whatever,
(1:07:25) Jonny: are collected. But there’s no physical representation of that.
(1:07:29) Jonny: There’s no museum or place where you donate things.
(1:07:30) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(1:07:31) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(1:07:33) Jonny: Which I think is something that I really like.
(1:07:37) Jonny: I didn’t talk about the start, but I’ve been playing a little bit of Mineko’s Night Market.
(1:07:41) Jonny: If you want to hear my thoughts on Mineko’s Night Market, just listen to last week’s episode with Alan Kev talking about it, because I think I share exactly the same thoughts as they do.
(1:07:49) Codey: Okay.
(1:07:50) Jonny: But there’s you know museum aspect to that game, which I just I just enjoy collecting
(1:07:55) Jonny: things and you know donating them and seeing them sort of laid out rather than just going into a book and then the book being like hey you found the thing like I like to have to you know donate it like that that slight cost to it actually is something that I quite enjoy.
(1:08:10) Codey: but then it’s there for all to see and that’s really cool.
(1:08:14) Codey: I guess like the only other thing as I’m scrolling through their website and looking that we haven’t really like covered is they talk about quests. So it says complete epic quests and I know you talked about a fetch quest earlier but like what is there like a main quest line for the story or like what are what are the epic quests?
(1:08:37) Jonny: Yeah, so this is kind of back to I think what I said before, where it’s like the quests could be epic, but the way they’re delivered isn’t, so I might just give a mild spoiler warning, and talk a little bit about the first one, so probably if you don’t want spoilers, maybe give ahead two or three minutes.
(1:08:44) Codey: Mm-hmm
(1:08:57) Jonny: The one of the first sort of major quests when you get to the bottom of the mine is about kind of clearing out some of the whirlpools that are preventing people from coming to the island, and so you get to the bottom.
(1:09:07) Jonny: And you find, I can’t really remember what it’s like, kind of like a dragon or spirit-y thing, and he’s like “I’ll teach you the spell for that’ll help you clear the whirlpools, awesome” and he’s like “bring me six crafted ingredients, six crafted things”
(1:09:26) Jonny: and you’re like “okay” so you know, you kind of go off and collect all of the stuff and you craft the stuff and you bring it to him, and then it does the “hey tomorrow”
(1:09:37) Jonny: “you and the spirit will go and clear the whirlpools” and so you go to sleep and then you get a page that basically says “you and the spirit went and cleared the whirlpools” and that’s your epic quest.
(1:09:49) Jonny: So no, I would not say that the quests feel epic, they are just fetch quests. They do a good job of pushing you to do new stuff and to interact with the systems in the game, which is good because the systems are really good, and it does a good job in that regard. They are not epic quests though.
(1:10:06) Codey: Okay, so it is it is just that. Okay. Okay, I mean, is that that’s everything? I think that was on their website. That’s everything that I said. But like, is there anything else that you think or any like final thoughts that you have about the game that you want to who would you recommend this game to? I guess is
(1:10:08) Jonny: Yup, yup, it’s not my favourite aspect of the game.
(1:10:29) Jonny: Yeah, so I think who I would recommend this game to is if you like farming games for the sort of farming aspect and you like crafting and you kind of just wished there was a game that had really good systems for doing that, this is the game to play because it does all of these things, I think, better than any other game that I’ve played.
(1:10:50) Jonny: Like the quality of life features in this game are exceptional, they are so so good, if you like the interaction with the game, you can use it for the game to play.
(1:10:59) Jonny: If you’re interacting with the world and the characters and a really compelling story or a narrative arc to these games, then this is not the game for you. It’s kind of like a really clear line between those two things, that’s sort of the group of people that I would recommend to this game too.
(1:11:17) Jonny: And I feel like it’s a game that I kind of want to stick with and go back to because I think I do kind of like those aspects and I want to see more of it and how deep it goes.
(1:11:29) Jonny: I kind of bounced off a little bit, particularly with Maneko’s Night Market coming out, which I think is the opposite, right? Where that’s a game that’s really driven by the narrative and the story and the rest of the game is maybe not as strong, so that’s sort of the difference.
(1:11:43) Jonny: And I’ve just remembered one thing that I should have brought up because I really really like it and it’s sort of loosely linked to the quest system, is there’s a bunch of job quest lines.
(1:11:47) Codey: Mm-hmm
(1:11:53) Jonny: So there’s various jobs, whether it’s potion making or cooking, you know, woodwork.
(1:11:59) Jonny: And you can only have one of these quests at a time, but if you start with the one that I was sort of playing around with was the cooking one, and the first one will be, you know, cook something using a really basic ingredient and you kind of do that.
(1:12:13) Jonny: And the reward for that quest will be part of the ingredient that you will need for the next job quest, which will sort of like, over time it introduces you to the more complex elements of crafting that specific line of things.
(1:12:26) Jonny: which is a really good way of helping
(1:12:29) Jonny: you understand all of the things that is possible to do with the crafting system in sort of like a nice way that fits into the world because the sort of you know the chef character is like hey can you I want to teach you to become a chef the first thing to do is to craft this thing and I thought that was awesome and I’m surprised that that has not been a thing in more games where it’s kind of like you know with Stardew where you’ve got the random board requests with.
(1:12:59) Jonny: I think this is a much better implementation of what that system was trying to achieve.
(1:13:10) Jonny: To get you to play with all of the systems.
(1:13:12) Jonny: Where this one you can pick and choose the ones you want to dive into.
(1:13:17) Jonny: And it’s funny because I don’t know that I necessarily would have picked cooking.
(1:13:20) Jonny: But that was the first character that I came across that had one of these.
(1:13:20) Codey: Yeah.
(1:13:24) Jonny: And I didn’t realise you couldn’t have more than one.
(1:13:26) Jonny: So it’s just like, I’ll just build up, you know, my, my log of quests and then I’ll pick the one.
(1:13:29) Jonny: To do, but then once it was like, well, I’ve done the first one. I was like, well, I’m just gonna do the second one and the third one is I think I did like half of the cooking ones, which was kind of cool because I didn’t realize how deep and useful the cooking system wants.
(1:13:42) Jonny: I thought that that was a really cool way of introducing some of those things.
(1:13:45) Codey: Yeah, that is really cool.
(1:13:51) Codey: And something that another thing to add to the list of other games should copy this.
(1:13:58) Jonny: This is a game I would love to see copied just with much better story.
(1:14:04) Codey: So yeah, I mean, I guess like that’s the what what is like, what is the number one thing that this game could improve to like, make it a recommend for everyone?
(1:14:15) Codey: The story like having deeper characters.
(1:14:16) Jonny: Yeah, so I would say, of those two, I would say it’s the characters.
(1:14:25) Jonny: The world doesn’t feel lived in, right?
(1:14:28) Jonny: So with a lot of the farming games, the characters have distinct personalities, you understand what they’re doing, you understand their role in the town, you kind of get a bit of their hopes or ambitions or fears or whatever it is, right?
(1:14:41) Jonny: They feel like real characters.
(1:14:46) Jonny: Like, you know, cardboard cutout NPCs that were put in a world for you to play a game around.
(1:14:54) Jonny: You know, like, it doesn’t feel like a world that had anything interesting going on before your character showed up, you know?
(1:15:06) Jonny: And I just, like, when I finish with this game and I think back on the moments that stand out to me, it’s going to be like the moment when I realize that there’s was an unlimited storage system because that was awesome. It’s going to be the feeling that I have moving around the world. It’s not going to be like, with Stardew, everybody thinks about getting the meta shorts back, right? That’s just one of those things that’s like, “That was happening regardless of whether or not your character was there.” Yeah, that’s
(1:15:39) Codey: Okay, well yeah, I think, I think yeah, pretty well covers Faye Farm. Um, maybe something.
(1:15:46) Codey: So this is, I will say like this is a game that I was not planning on touching at all,
(1:15:51) Codey: because I just, I don’t know why the like magical games or like the witchy games are just not really on my, not, not my thing, not my bag, but maybe, maybe I’ll do a second harvest of this. This,
(1:16:03) Codey: you talking about it has made me really interested and really intrigued. I do like being able to move around worlds really well.
(1:16:09) Codey: There’s nothing worse than when a game has a glitchy, I guess, is the way to say it.
(1:16:16) Codey: You just can’t go forward for absolutely no reason.
(1:16:20) Codey: There’s nothing there, but it’s just like you can’t go this way.
(1:16:24) Codey: Being able to jump over things sounds really nice.
(1:16:28) Jonny: Yeah, and not to keep dunking on Pokémon, because it’s kind of like my hobby, but moving around in Scarlet and Violet is the most miserable experience.
(1:16:36) Codey: Yeah, yeah.
(1:16:36) Jonny: That game is not fun to move around because the framerate is bad, the gliding is bad, just everything about interacting with that world is not fun.
(1:16:44) Jonny: Everything about interacting with the world in Feyfarn.
(1:16:47) Codey: Okay, well, Scarlet and Fat was actually what I was thinking when I told my games that glitch out, like, I don’t…
(1:16:56) Jonny: Uh…
(1:16:59) Jonny: Sorry, Al. I know you like that game, but it’s way too fun to dunk on, ‘cause it’s so bad.
(1:16:59) Codey: that they… it’s so bad.
(1:17:05) Codey: Like, the… I remember the first time I was playing that game, and the people in the background, they’re so far away,
(1:17:15) Codey: We’re like moving at like two frames.
(1:17:17) Codey: A second and I was like, oh no, no, no, no.
(1:17:20) Codey: Not good.
(1:17:23) Codey: So yeah, that is Fay Farm.
(1:17:27) Codey: Thank you, Johnny, for covering it.
(1:17:30) Codey: Where can people find you on the internet?
(1:17:34) Jonny: If you want to find me on the internet, as always, go to Sign up for the Patreon, give Al a little bit of money to support this awesome endeavor We’ve been doing weekly episodes this year, which has been a big effort, but it’s been a lot of fun And hopefully we’ve produced a lot of great stuff And we would love more people to join the Slack and talk about all of the farming games Particularly, there’s so many that have come out recently that we you know won’t be able to cover them all
(1:18:04) Jonny: in as much detail as we’ve done for the likes of Fae Farm and Minico’s Night Market but if you’re playing one that you think we should be covering like we we want to hear about it so either through the patreon or you can go to and send some some feedback directly through there as well
(1:18:08) Codey: Mm-hmm.
(1:18:21) Codey: Yeah, you’ve covered all of the podcast’s socials.
(1:18:28) Codey: If you did not like this episode, you can contact Al at @thescottplot on Twitter or @masadon.scott.
(1:18:38) Codey: You can find me on, I guess I’m still on Twitter, @codymathis, it’s just my name, or on Instagram.
(1:18:45) Codey: I mostly on Instagram post about my dog, though I am getting into posting funny reels about music and…
(1:18:51) Codey: other things like that, like insect science, getting into the reels, man.
(1:18:55) Codey: I like, I like laughing and making people laugh. And that is @hikingbeagle, B-E-E-G-L.
(1:19:04) Codey: Thank you, Kevin, for mentioning that I should change that to B.
(1:19:08) Codey: Twitter, also THSPOD. Is it Twitter or is it Tumblr?
(1:19:15) Codey: Yeah, it’s now Tumblr. This isn’t changed. This needs to be updated. I’ll update the
(1:19:21) Codey: intro on Notion.
(1:19:22) Codey: Calling you out.
(1:19:25) Codey: And that is everything for us. Thank you, Johnny, for joining me.
(1:19:33) Codey: Yeah, yeah, it was. And until next time, have a good harvest.
(1:19:33) Jonny: Thank you for stepping in to help me cover Feifei, it was a really fun conversation.
(1:19:37) Jonny: Have a good harvest!
(1:19:42) Theme Tune: The Harvest Season is created by Al McKinlay, with support from our Patrons, including our pro farmers, Kevin, Stuart and Alisa.
(1:19:57) Theme Tune: Our art is done by Micah the Brave, and our music is done by Nick Burgess.
(1:20:02) Theme Tune: Feel free to visit our website,, for show notes and links to things we discussed in this episode.
(1:20:17) Codey: Oh wow, you talk so fast.
(1:20:19) Codey: I was like, “Have a good harvest!”
(1:20:19) Jonny: I know. It’s honestly like I need to slow down with my talking and it’s something that I keep trying to work on and it’s like once I get started I just like can’t stop.
(1:20:31) Jonny: Just trying to make it as difficult as possible for Al to light it all up because you know he’s sick and that’s what we need to do we need to put more work onto him.
(1:20:34) Codey: And you’re like, “Have a good harvest.”
(1:20:36) Codey: That’s it.
(1:20:43) Codey: That’s not gonna line up at all.