Pterosaurs Are Not Dinosaurs

Kev and Spencer talk about Paleo Pines


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(0:00:31) Kevin: Welcome farmers to the harvest season!
(0:00:48) Spencer: Spared no expense.
(0:00:49) Kevin: Hello. See what I wanted… I would have preferred the kazoo version. Have you heard that one? The kazoo version of Jurassic Park? Oh, I’ll have to send you a
(0:00:50) Spencer: I have not heard that version.
(0:01:00) Spencer: Aha.
(0:01:01) Kevin: link. It’s an amazing one. I’ll do that right now. But in the meanwhile, hello listeners, farmers. I’m your host, Kevin, and with me today is Spencer!
(0:01:14) Spencer: Yes, they thought they could get rid of me after the last episode I was on, but I’m back,
(0:01:21) Spencer: so deal with it.
(0:01:22) Kevin: And why? Because dinosaurs, of course, um, we are here to talk about, uh,
(0:01:32) Kevin: Heliopines and Spencer, our resident dinosaur lover, alongside me.
(0:01:40) Kevin: Um, I’m also a big fan. Um, we’re, uh, we were both very excited for this one.
(0:01:46) Spencer: Yeah, I remember seeing it and I was like, “Oh man, I gotta wedge my way, force my way in with Al this time again.”
(0:01:50) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:01:53) Kevin: Yup, yup.
(0:01:55) Kevin: But before that, um, you know–oh, see, I sent you the kazoo cover of Jurassic Park.
(0:02:03) Kevin: Um, but before we get into paleopines, as usual, we’re gonna cover some news and other stuff.
(0:02:11) Kevin: As usual, you can find the show notes and the transcript on the website, as always.
(0:02:20) Kevin: Alright, but what we-
(0:02:23) Spencer: Ah, games I’ve been playing. Well, I was playing Tears of the Kingdom for a while, and then, honestly, I’ve been playing a couple mobile games, so I started playing Monster Hunter now.
(0:02:35) Spencer: Are you playing that?
(0:02:36) Kevin: Oh, I am not okay first off for have you played Monster Hunter not mobile version Okay Uh-huh, right Okay Okay, but you hunted some things you have familiarity, okay, okay
(0:02:37) Spencer: Oh, yeah.
(0:02:45) Spencer: So I have Rise, and I also have Worlds, I think it is, for PS4.
(0:02:51) Spencer: I just barely scratched the surface of both of them.
(0:02:55) Spencer: I think it got a little bit farther in Rise than I did in Worlds.
(0:02:59) Spencer: Oh yeah, I definitely hunted some things.
(0:03:05) Spencer: See, the issue with me in those kind of games is like…
(0:03:06) Kevin: Uh huh.
(0:03:07) Spencer: The feedback loop for that kind of stuff is actually really…
(0:03:12) Spencer: I like really enjoy it, but I get stuck on like
(0:03:15) Spencer: the first level, because I’m like, “Oh cool, I hunted this monster. Let me like, hunt it again. Let me hunt it again.”
(0:03:21) Kevin: Uh-huh, right.
(0:03:21) Spencer: I just keep on hunting the same thing over and over again, and I never end up proceeding to the next level or the next area or wherever.
(0:03:23) Kevin: I mean, that’s fine. You’ve got to do that at app points.
(0:03:29) Spencer: Yeah, that’s true. So I am familiar with the series a little bit, but yeah, it’s been playing a lot of now.
(0:03:41) Spencer: Well, I was playing a lot of now.
(0:03:42) Kevin: Oh, okay, so tell me about now, because I’m fascinated how this works, but this is by Niantic, the Pokemon Go people.
(0:03:43) Spencer: kind of…
(0:03:49) Spencer: Yeah, so…
(0:03:53) Spencer: So basically, like, while you’re walking around, you know, there’ll just be like, monsters kind of out where you are.
(0:04:00) Spencer: Um, god, I think someone pointed out…
(0:04:02) Spencer: It’s almost like the movie, in that it’s our world, but the monsters have now kind of like, invaded our world.
(0:04:10) Spencer: Um, so you’re just walking around, there’ll be like, lesser monsters, you know,
(0:04:15) Spencer: and like, ones that would actually be like, a hunt in the real game.
(0:04:18) Spencer: And, you just fight ’em, you’re kind of timed, similarly to how you would do like a, say like a raid in Pokemon Go.
(0:04:26) Spencer: Um, a lot more…
(0:04:28) Spencer: Intensive than Pokemon Go, if you’ll believe that.
(0:04:32) Spencer: You’re still basically clicking.
(0:04:34) Spencer: But you can like…
(0:04:35) Kevin: Okay, sure I right you’re you’re on mobile there’s only so much you can do right uh-huh
(0:04:36) Spencer: Yeah, you can like, swipe to dodge.
(0:04:40) Spencer: Yeah, you can swipe to dodge, you can get perfect, like, you know, perfect dodges and stuff.
(0:04:45) Spencer: Um, and then there are some combinations.
(0:04:48) Spencer: ‘Cause I’m using, um, what is it, Greatsword?
(0:04:51) Spencer: And you can like, kind of do this thing where you like, if you start swinging and then you swipe, you’ll do kind of that shoulder, you know, shoulder charge attack.
(0:05:03) Kevin: - Yeah, yeah, right.
(0:05:03) Spencer: So there are definitely like, combos and stuff that you can figure out.
(0:05:06) Spencer: It would benefit from a like, tutorial, you know, like in a fighting game, you have your little like, tutorial, you know, practice area.
(0:05:15) Kevin: - Right.
(0:05:15) Spencer: Or something like that, ‘cause you can like, then you could figure out, yeah, training room.
(0:05:16) Kevin: - Oh, okay, yeah, training room, yeah.
(0:05:20) Spencer: Um, but yeah, so you walk around, you fight monsters, you collect, uh, collect different resources, your little, um…
(0:05:29) Spencer: What are the little cats called?
(0:05:32) Kevin: Uh, the Palicos?
(0:05:33) Spencer: Palakos, yeah, you have one, so it runs around and collects resources for you.
(0:05:34) Kevin: Right, right.
(0:05:38) Spencer: Um, it’ll also mark monsters too, so you can like, come back.
(0:05:41) Spencer: back. Yeah, it’s pretty, my understanding is it’s a little bit more leaning.
(0:05:45) Spencer: towards the world’s aesthetic. So the different monsters from there and stuff.
(0:05:48) Kevin: Yeah, okay, sure.
(0:05:50) Spencer: It’s fun. You kind of plateau a little bit if you aren’t able to go out and get resources. I’ve needed to upgrade like my weapons for a while now but I just simply can’t find find the resources I need. So it is what it is. But yeah, it’s been fun.
(0:06:00) Kevin: Ahh.
(0:06:02) Kevin: Okay.
(0:06:04) Kevin: Have you tried any other weapons?
(0:06:09) Spencer: Well, in Rise and in World I was using Swishax, which is not in this.
(0:06:14) Kevin: Right what what
(0:06:15) Spencer: Unfortunately. Yeah, they left it out. So I had to go with the next best thing.
(0:06:22) Spencer: They do have, you know, your like kind of daily challenges that give you experience for your rank and some of the challenges will ask of you to do things with other weapons. So they do try to like kind of get you to branch out. It’ll be like, “Oh,
(0:06:40) Spencer: kill three monsters with like a hammer or something like that.” So you will inevitably have at least one of each weapon somewhat, you know, upgraded and stuff so that way those little challenges won’t be such a pain.
(0:06:40) Kevin: Okay. Okay.
(0:06:52) Kevin: Uh-huh okay okay I I asked because so for people who aren’t familiar with monster hunter as the name implies right you’re just out hunting monsters but there’s different types of weapons and they all play significantly differently so I wonder like is that the same here does a bow hunt player feel different
(0:07:20) Spencer: They definitely do. The, you know, like the sword and shield is a lot faster. You start off with that too.
(0:07:27) Spencer: So you kind of like, I think you don’t even get to choose a different weapon until you reach rank 10.
(0:07:33) Spencer: Which can go by pretty quickly depending on like the area you are and you know how close you are.
(0:07:40) Spencer: Much like Pokemon Go, you know, it’s a lot of it’s dependent on how close you are to like stops and other points of interest, right?
(0:07:46) Spencer: So, you know, if you’re close to things like that…
(0:07:50) Spencer: …you’re ranking probably go up pretty quickly within the first day.
(0:07:54) Spencer: And you can get to the other weapons.
(0:07:56) Spencer: But yeah, there is definitely a different playstyle to each one.
(0:08:00) Spencer: You know, for as much as it is just tapping and swiping.
(0:08:04) Kevin: Okay, all right, that’s interesting, but the fact that they don’t have the Switch X weapon I’ve played for Decade Plus, yeah, I know that game goes in the trash.
(0:08:18) Spencer: Yeah, it was kind of a bummer when I saw that, I was like, “Oh man!”
(0:08:24) Kevin: Alright, what else have you been up to?
(0:08:25) Spencer: Umm, that and, oh god, this is so embarrassing for me to admit, but have you ever seen the ads for uh, that mobile game, Raid?
(0:08:35) Kevin: Rage Battle Legends!
(0:08:37) Spencer: Shadow Legends, yeah!
(0:08:38) Kevin: Did you get your 300 free heroes?
(0:08:39) Spencer: I was just, I was like, I…
(0:08:43) Spencer: I did not, I just downloaded it, I was like, “What is this game about?” I keep seeing
(0:08:48) Spencer: it, let me just try it, you know, if, for those of you who don’t know me, I download too many mobile games, and then my phone is just like full of them, and I don’t play them,
(0:08:59) Spencer: and it’s just, it’s a bad habit that I need to stop and break, but I was like, “Whatever,
(0:09:04) Spencer: they have money to hire all these famous actors to promote their game, so maybe it’s good.”
(0:09:11) Spencer: And it’s not bad, I’ll be honest, you know what, it’s not bad, it is definitely a mobile game. It has everything you’d expect from a mobile game. It has…
(0:09:18) Spencer: you know, timed items, rechargeable energy, you know, all the little… that bombards you with buying packs and stuff, but you know, whatever.
(0:09:30) Spencer: I’m not into PvP too much, so I’m not concerned about having the best champions right away and stuff, but you know, it’s a mobile game.
(0:09:40) Spencer: I don’t know what else there is to say about it. You wait for things.
(0:09:43) Kevin: Okay, like okay, what do the it’s a is it a it’s it a gotcha game? I’m assuming it’s a gotcha game right to get your
(0:09:52) Spencer: yeah so there are there are these like hero crystals or something I’ve only been playing it for not too long so pardon me for any any hardcore raid players out there I just called the whatever you know these crystals and you like summon heroes and stuff and you know nine times out of ten you’re summoning one that’s gonna be used for fodder for something else but every once in a while you’ll summon some epic hero or whatever so yeah it’s a gachi game
(0:10:01) Kevin: Okay [laughter]
(0:10:20) Kevin: Okay, are there any cool designs?
(0:10:23) Spencer: » They’re all pretty cool.
(0:10:25) Spencer: If you are into like, you know, very like high fantasy and dark fantasy kind of stuff.
(0:10:30) Spencer: They have some good stuff, you know, like Lord of the Rings or like,
(0:10:34) Spencer: I don’t know what else, The Witcher.
(0:10:37) Spencer: If you’re into that kind of stuff, then you’ll probably be drawn to the aesthetic.
(0:10:39) Kevin: Okay, hi, Fanny.
(0:10:41) Spencer: Yeah, there are, it is a little odd, some of the designs,
(0:10:46) Spencer: cuz like they lean into like fantasy of multiple cultures.
(0:10:52) Spencer: There’s like a whole subset of like, you know,
(0:10:55) Spencer: clearly Asian inspired fantasy people and creatures.
(0:10:58) Kevin: Oh, door. Okay.
(0:11:00) Spencer: Which is kind of interesting to see with more European style,
(0:11:05) Spencer: more medieval style fantasy.
(0:11:08) Spencer: You know, you’ll have your like, knights of the round table style knight fighting alongside like a ninja, but I mean,
(0:11:17) Spencer: I can see why they have enough money to make ads like that, so it’s very solid.
(0:11:22) Kevin: Yeah?
(0:11:23) Spencer: I will say that, yeah.
(0:11:23) Kevin: And hey, now that it’s been brought on the podcast, I’m sure they’ll approach us for a sponsorship now.
(0:11:28) Spencer: Hopefully, yeah, you’re welcome.
(0:11:29) Kevin: There you go, Al.
(0:11:31) Kevin: I can’t wait for Al to read how much he loves rage at relations.
(0:11:37) Kevin: Um…
(0:11:40) Kevin: Okay.
(0:11:41) Kevin: Oh, hey-
(0:11:41) Spencer: What have you been playing?
(0:11:43) Kevin: Ugh…
(0:11:45) Kevin: Mostly-
(0:11:46) Kevin: Mostly paleopines, I don’t lie.
(0:11:48) Kevin: Um…
(0:11:49) Kevin: This week’s been a lot of paleopines.
(0:11:53) Kevin: But, uh, before that, I’m going to plug the other show, Rainbow Road Radio,
(0:12:01) Kevin: hosted by my- our mutual friend Alex, and I happen to be on it.
(0:12:07) Kevin: We covered Luigi’s Mansion last week, we are back from our break.
(0:12:12) Kevin: And, uh, to kick off Spooktober-
(0:12:15) Kevin: Well, you know, Halloween, whatever.
(0:12:18) Kevin: Uh, we played Luigi’s Mansion.
(0:12:20) Kevin: Um, the original for the GameCube.
(0:12:20) Spencer: Oh, okay, okay, I was going to ask, didn’t they re-release it for DS, correct, or 3DS?
(0:12:22) Kevin: Uh, yeah.
(0:12:24) Kevin: Yes.
(0:12:27) Kevin: Actually, that’s interesting because Alex played it on the DS.
(0:12:31) Kevin: He did the remake, I did the original version.
(0:12:34) Kevin: Um, and it’s interesting to hear those comparisons, but I will say, overall, like, that’s still a really good game.
(0:12:43) Kevin: I never ha- I hadn’t played it before, actually.
(0:12:45) Kevin: This is my first time playing the original.
(0:12:45) Spencer: Oh wow, really?
(0:12:46) Kevin: Yeah, um, so no nostalgia rose-colored glasses or whatever.
(0:12:52) Spencer: I think that was the first game I got for my GameCube. That and Wave Race, yeah.
(0:12:52) Kevin: But I enjoyed it.
(0:12:53) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:12:57) Kevin: Ooh, waveries, that’s a good one.
(0:12:58) Spencer: Yeah.
(0:13:00) Kevin: Um, uh, yeah, it was a launch game, I think, for the GameCube, so that makes sense.
(0:13:05) Kevin: Um, I was surprised- one thing I was surprised by, because I had seen- I played the second one, Dark Moon,
(0:13:14) Kevin: and I watched my brother play Luigi’s Mansion 3.
(0:13:18) Kevin: So what I didn’t expect is Luigi’s Mansion 1, boy that they…
(0:13:22) Kevin: Saw Resident Evil and said “What if we do Resident Evil with the Luigi?”
(0:13:27) Kevin: Um, because boy that feels like a Resident Evil game, both the tank controls and the aesthetic, um, but overall very fun.
(0:13:36) Kevin: Uh, so yeah, uh, check that episode out if you want more details on that, um,
(0:13:36) Spencer: Mm-hmm.
(0:13:44) Kevin: But yeah, aside from that, uh, a lot of the usual stuff, uh,
(0:13:50) Kevin: a holly right it’s october now so every
(0:13:52) Kevin: thing’s getting spooky and whatnot masters has yeah masters has Pokemon masters has spooky costumes rock sand looks great in her witch outfit Pokemon unite is getting mimic you in a week or two and Marvel snaps getting all sort of spooky cards for this season and I love the dumb monsters that they have in Marvel so I’m really happy uh but yeah that’s what I’ve been up
(0:13:55) Spencer: Yeah, all the spooky updates.
(0:14:22) Kevin: to like I said though a lot of paleopines I don’t think I’ve played anything else on my switch this week of the paleopines right right ok and we’ll get into wide later but before that let’s talk about the news alright first up let’s see here garden buddies. This is…
(0:14:31) Spencer: Yeah, that’s been consuming my time too, as far as actual console games go, it’s just
(0:14:52) Kevin: This is our previously announced game, but regardless, we have a trailer for it.
(0:14:59) Kevin: Let me actually take a look at it. We have it announced for October 20th.
(0:15:05) Kevin: Oh boy, that’s quite an aesthetic. I don’t remember this game at all, but these are little
(0:15:16) Kevin: crops and vegetables with faces… and a bat… uh…
(0:15:22) Kevin: It’s really funny.
(0:15:23) Spencer: Now I watched this trailer and the voices… Man, I don’t know if they’re gonna get a cease and desist from Rare, but boy oh boy do they sound like your typical Banjo-Kazooie, uh… You know, little babbles
(0:15:37) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, they do they do or for people who haven’t played rare on Animal Crossing pretty close to that, too Yeah, so you don’t remember this what is this game exactly?
(0:15:45) Spencer: Yeah, yeah.
(0:15:53) Kevin: yeah, because I don’t remember the trailer here, but it is releasing the 20th of October I said which oh my gosh actually that’s gonna be like almost
(0:16:07) Kevin: These people are listening to this podcast. It’ll be out and it will be on Steam and on switch So you can look forward to that. Let me double check
(0:16:19) Spencer: Yeah, I was curious too, because I mean, the trailer that I got here was just the release date and as far as I can tell, you’re the vegetables themselves?
(0:16:26) Kevin: Yeah Yep, yeah, you are it’s a unique blend of cozy gardening simulator and mental self-care that’s Okay, that’s a lot of buzzwords The art. I don’t know how I feel about the art. I kind of like it. I kind of hate it
(0:16:55) Kevin: The eyes are very
(0:16:56) Kevin: Very very like Toa’i baby eyes Umm But there’s a little mushroom guy riding a frog So that looks cool Uhh
(0:17:15) Kevin: heartwarming story, players accompanied by Mutzi will explore the magical world creating and building their plant sanctuary. The relaxing storyline will be filled with uplifting narration as well as unexpected twists and turns. They will make lots of friends with animals and plant creatures they encounter.
(0:17:37) Kevin: So yeah, okay, it sounds like a lot, but they’re really emphasizing the de-stress and cozy feeling and whatnot, uh…
(0:17:45) Kevin: I’m interested to see how this looks like.
(0:17:48) Kevin: It’s definitely not your average farming game, it doesn’t look like.
(0:17:54) Kevin: Just seeing, uh…
(0:17:56) Kevin: From the perspective of being these little crops and things.
(0:17:59) Spencer: it gives me kind of like a not to bring a prayer again but like almost like a view of a pinata vibe like you’re caring for these vegetables as like creatures
(0:18:00) Kevin: Um, but, whoop. Yeah, go ahead.
(0:18:03) Kevin: Yep. Yeah, it seems like that.
(0:18:15) Kevin: I didn’t play Viva Pinata, and I heard it was the greatest thing on Earth, and I missed out on it.
(0:18:19) Spencer: I only played it a little bit. I just… yeah.
(0:18:20) Kevin: Okay. Okay, well…
(0:18:24) Kevin: Regardless, people can find out more!
(0:18:28) Kevin: Uh, again, October 20th. Very, very soon.
(0:18:31) Kevin: Especially for the people who are listening to this.
(0:18:34) Kevin: Okay, next up, we have…
(0:18:38) Kevin: Ikone Island News.
(0:18:41) Kevin: We have the Friend Pass release.
(0:18:45) Kevin: It is out now as of recording.
(0:18:47) Kevin: And so, you can…
(0:18:50) Kevin: Ah! Friends… I thought it was like a battle pass. No.
(0:18:54) Kevin: It is multiplayer co-op with three of your friends. You can do it online.
(0:19:00) Kevin: And… Oh, what? That’s so cool!
(0:19:04) Kevin: If one… only one person has the full version, everyone can play indefinitely.
(0:19:10) Kevin: Um, there’s like a demo that you can find out about.
(0:19:15) Kevin: Play co-op for a few hours.
(0:19:17) Kevin: Uh, two hours of play, it looks like.
(0:19:19) Kevin: But, uh, if you have the whole game, everyone can just play.
(0:19:22) Kevin: And you don’t have to buy it or four copies to have four people playing.
(0:19:28) Kevin: Uh, that is very cool.
(0:19:31) Spencer: Yeah, that’s always nice when they do some kind of like, as long as just one person owns something, you know, then everyone has access to it, at least via online, you know, like connecting to each other for multiplayer or something like that.
(0:19:47) Kevin: Yeah, that is cool. There is a large list of patch notes.
(0:19:55) Kevin: I invite people to look at the link because they are pretty in-depth with their patch notes.
(0:20:02) Kevin: But the big new other big news is that this will be launching the full 1.0 version on November 9th of this year,
(0:20:14) Spencer: All right around the corner.
(0:20:14) Kevin: which will only be two or three. Yeah, two or three.
(0:20:17) Kevin: That’s really impressive. Wow. What a feel-good announcement.
(0:20:23) Kevin: Everyone can just play together and you not having to buy the game for everyone.
(0:20:31) Kevin: That’s great. And so to remind people, IKONOI ISLAND. Let me see, I don’t remember.
(0:20:38) Kevin: I talk so many games, I forget which ones are which. This one is… Why is there a shark man in this?
(0:20:48) Kevin: Okay, so yeah, no, it’s very Minecraft-y. Gather resources, craft tools, build your base and whatnot.
(0:20:59) Kevin: So basically very Minecraft survival type game on an island. The art is cute and there’s like a shark man.
(0:21:06) Kevin: That seems cool. That’s exciting though. You know, Minecraft is… or the genre, whatever you want to call it, is great for multiplayer.
(0:21:16) Kevin: So this is this.
(0:21:17) Kevin: It really is exciting.
(0:21:18) Kevin: And yeah, November 9th, that launches on Xbox, Steam, Epic Games, and PlayStation.
(0:21:26) Kevin: Yeah, alright, there you go.
(0:21:30) Kevin: Good job, Ikune Island.
(0:21:32) Kevin: That actually might get me to play with multiple people.
(0:21:36) Kevin: Uh, that’s so cool.
(0:21:39) Kevin: Next up, we have news on…
(0:21:44) Kevin: Oh, do the King of Bar Mee-
(0:21:47) Kevin: simulators farming simulator 22 is that a weight?
(0:21:51) Kevin: Yeah, okay 22. I thought they could wind up with the years, but I guess not I’m wrong, okay Okay, so it is An expansion okay. This is an expansion that will launch on November 14th They’re adding carrots. Why were carrots not available before?
(0:22:10) Spencer: That, yeah, very odd. I had to reread that to make sure that was correct, because carrots are like the most basic crop, right? In just things, in general. You got carrots, you got like potatoes, and like wheat.
(0:22:17) Kevin: Uh, in life? I can’t, like, yep, yeah, yeah, that’s really surprising, um, and it’s surprising because, like, looking, all the detail they put into these other machines they’re releasing and stuff like that, um, it’s okay, but, uh…
(0:22:47) Kevin: There you go, carrots, um, they’re adding a few other things, what is it, parsnips and a few other crops, but, uh, yeah, I’m curious, yeah, more machines, crops, uh, oh, and there’s,
(0:22:57) Spencer: And some more machines too.
(0:23:04) Kevin: yeah, there’s new machines that specifically help with these crops, like carrots, oh my gosh, like, oh, this, this is intense, like, they have real intense machine names and stuff like that.
(0:23:17) Kevin: But, uh, oh, redbeat, yep, there it is.
(0:23:21) Kevin: Uh, anyways, that again is November 22nd.
(0:23:24) Kevin: That is the premium expansion, uh, for farming simulator.
(0:23:29) Kevin: 20-20, er, just 22.
(0:23:32) Kevin: Okay, next up, ah, now this is a game I do know.
(0:23:35) Kevin: We have Garden Galaxy, uh, for people unfamiliar.
(0:23:40) Kevin: We did an episode on it.
(0:23:41) Kevin: It is, uh, you’re building a little garden,
(0:23:48) Kevin: everything’s kind of randomly generated, the items you get.
(0:23:52) Kevin: Um, so it’s an interesting loop of trying to expand your item and trying to get your garden and get the items you want.
(0:23:59) Kevin: Um, but, uh, they’re getting an update.
(0:24:02) Kevin: I am pleased to see this game, uh, continue getting support because it is a fun game.
(0:24:06) Kevin: I need to go back to it probably now because on October 16th,
(0:24:10) Kevin: which means when people are listening to this, it will already be out,
(0:24:14) Kevin: There is getting an update with all of the other videos.
(0:24:17) Kevin: Autumn themed items, we got pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns,
(0:24:22) Kevin: your fall leaves, and whatnot.
(0:24:25) Kevin: So yeah, I think that’s the first set of seasonal items they’ve done like that before.
(0:24:32) Kevin: Oh, no, that’s not true, they did a summer update.
(0:24:34) Kevin: Either way, that actually might get me back in because I’ve been meaning to check it out.
(0:24:42) Kevin: I’m sure they’ve done a lot of patches.
(0:24:44) Kevin: the 10 months it’s been out.
(0:24:45) Spencer: So I’m looking at this. Are you on like an island or something or are you what exactly it’s like you said Just randomly generated
(0:24:50) Kevin: So, you… yeah, so it starts off… you’re basically on a floating island or set…
(0:25:01) Kevin: it’s a tile-based grid-type game, right?
(0:25:05) Kevin: And so it’s just floating out in space.
(0:25:08) Kevin: It’s basically like an island.
(0:25:10) Spencer: Okay, hence galaxy.
(0:25:11) Kevin: And you’re… yeah, yeah, that’s the name, right?
(0:25:14) Kevin: Yeah, Garden Galaxy.
(0:25:15) Kevin: And you’re just… you’re generating items to decorate your garden, but that includes…
(0:25:20) Kevin: like, new piles of terrain and land to expand your area.
(0:25:27) Kevin: So yeah, it is… it’s a fascinating little game because it’s… at least when I first played it,
(0:25:28) Spencer: Ah, okay.
(0:25:36) Kevin: it requires some patience.
(0:25:39) Kevin: I remember calling it the most frustrating, cozy, or relaxing game I’ve ever played,
(0:25:45) Kevin: because the loop of how things were generated was…
(0:25:49) Kevin: » Thank you.
(0:25:50) Kevin: » I recommend people do check it out because it’s only like 10 bucks and it is relaxing. At least when it wasn’t frustrating.
(0:26:10) Kevin: Again, that is October 16th for the autumn update. Go get your spooky garden on and whatnot. Uh, oh god, oh no.
(0:26:20) Kevin: No, this next news. I don’t like it. No, that’s why I don’t like it. Go ahead.
(0:26:24) Spencer: Oh, I saw it. I’m excited. You want me to announce it?
(0:26:31) Spencer: Alright, well, our next thing, Animal Crossing LEGO sets.
(0:26:38) Spencer: This is an audio podcast, but I’m rubbing my hands together.
(0:26:41) Kevin: Can hear it I can oh we have Okay, you’re already a Lego man, okay See that’s that’s a thing right cuz I’ve managed to not dive into Lego Like it’s it’s always been there. It’s tempted me But this is the one that’s probably gonna break me I’m I’m gonna be in
(0:26:43) Spencer: If there’s one thing I spend more money on than video games, it is LEGO sets.
(0:26:51) Spencer: Oh yeah, I’m looking at the Rivendell set right now.
(0:27:11) Kevin: So to get more specific, there’s been rumors and leaks of this and whatnot.
(0:27:15) Kevin: But we have official announcements that it will be releasing on March 2024.
(0:27:21) Kevin: We have a handful of sets.
(0:27:27) Kevin: They are Bunny’s Outdoor Activities, Cap’n’s Island Boat Tour,
(0:27:31) Kevin: Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s House, Isabelle’s House Visit, and Julian’s Birthday Party.
(0:27:36) Spencer: So, my understanding is that these sets are also modular, this is what I’ve heard through the grapevine, and they are meant to be able to essentially create your own island as if you were actually making an island in Animal Crossing.
(0:27:42) Kevin: Yes. That is correct.
(0:27:50) Kevin: Yes, that is correct. They come, all the sets come on this flat base or whatever and yeah,
(0:27:58) Kevin: you’ll just be able to swap the positions or interlock them. You know, LEGO your way through it and whatnot.
(0:28:04) Kevin: Yeah, yeah.
(0:28:04) Spencer: Yeah, I mean, they’re Legos, so, like, you know.
(0:28:07) Spencer: Yes.
(0:28:08) Spencer: But, uh…
(0:28:10) Spencer: Which makes me feel like we can expect to see more than just what’s announced in the future.
(0:28:15) Kevin: Yes, so one of the kickers the there’s minifigs right of course lego that’s one of the half the fun or whatever From what I saw they’re nothing too crazy. They all look pretty standard minifigs That look like Animal Crossing characters Okay, go ahead go ahead
(0:28:26) Spencer: Yeah, now I have a gripe with these minifigs, I’m sorry, but the proportions look a little off in my opinion.
(0:28:41) Spencer: When you’re playing Animal Crossing, the characters kind of look very like chibi-like and they’re very small, I guess.
(0:28:47) Spencer: I mean, I guess they’re not small because your character also looks like it’s half the the size of a tree, but at the same time, everything is–
(0:28:50) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:28:56) Spencer: everything’s pretty trunk, you know, it’s just like you kind of have a big head, a little body,
(0:29:01) Spencer: and they decided to make these regular minifigs size, so now this big head is on this kind of like elongated minifig body, and I don’t know, I think they should have gone with the shorter legs personally, or something, I just think they could have made it like half-sized minifigs.
(0:29:11) Kevin: Yeah Okay I guess Yeah Well, I mean yeah, this is interesting because this is the merging of two very powerful vocal fan bases, right?
(0:29:22) Spencer: I realized that would be an unpopular opinion.
(0:29:39) Kevin: I will say though like I played since the original Animal Crossing right and they were even more chibi like back then they got a growth spurt
(0:29:47) Spencer: Oh, for sure.
(0:29:54) Kevin: So, I don’t know, maybe I’m just used to it because of that, but anyways, as for the sets,
(0:30:01) Kevin: we have pricings for all of them.
(0:30:05) Kevin: The most expensive one is Nook’s Cranny and the Rosy House, which is 75 bucks, which is forgiving for like, no sets, let’s say.
(0:30:13) Spencer: Yeah, the LEGO sets are expensive now.
(0:30:16) Spencer: So, 75 bucks for…
(0:30:17) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:30:19) Spencer: I mean you’re essentially getting two houses, right?
(0:30:20) Kevin: Yes. More or less.
(0:30:21) Spencer: Every other set is kind of more of one house, so…
(0:30:24) Kevin: Yes. It’s still going to look small and I’m going to feel it’s way overpriced, but am I still going to get it? Probably.
(0:30:32) Kevin: I want nookscranny. Oh, it’s not actually nookscranny. It’s one of the updated versions. It’s not the little shack.
(0:30:37) Spencer: Yeah, it’s not the little shack, wow.
(0:30:39) Kevin: Oh, that’s disappointing. Oh, well.
(0:30:45) Kevin: But yeah, I’m really scared though, like, for myself because I’m worried.
(0:30:54) Kevin: That this will be the gateway and I’m going to be buying my nookcranny set and I’m like, oh, you know what? There’s that Lego Green Hill Zone with Sonic.
(0:31:03) Kevin: I could just put it right next to him, you know? Sonic could visit the cranny if I wanted to.
(0:31:10) Spencer: You just, you know though, like in a year from now, they’re gonna have some, I’m gonna say almost $200 museum set, and it’s gonna have blathers, and it’s gonna have different sections of the museum, and little animals that you can put in there, little octopus,
(0:31:23) Kevin: No!
(0:31:29) Spencer: a little fish, a little frog, you know it’s in the pipeline.
(0:31:33) Kevin: Why did you- I didn’t think about that. Why did you jinx me like this?
(0:31:37) Kevin: No! That’s gonna be the best one!
(0:31:40) Kevin: No!
(0:31:41) Kevin: We don’t have Town Hall either. That one’s gonna be big.
(0:31:41) Spencer: They go, “If it’s not in the pipeline, come hire me.”
(0:31:44) Spencer: Ugh, yeah, town hall.
(0:31:47) Kevin: Oh, it’s gonna hurt me. Okay.
(0:31:50) Kevin: But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because we’re talking Animal Crossing, right?
(0:31:55) Kevin: There is very much room for the Animal Crossing blind bag minifigs or whatever.
(0:32:01) Kevin: Um, or even furniture set.
(0:32:03) Kevin: Animal Crossing has a lot of items, so I could easily dip into that.
(0:32:07) Spencer: Yeah, everything in Animal Crossing could be a blind bag for this set.
(0:32:08) Kevin: Right? And that terrorized me?
(0:32:12) Spencer: It is a little, yeah.
(0:32:15) Kevin: Oh, we don’t have a K.K.
(0:32:39) Kevin: So yeah, stay tuned to see my demise as I finally dive into the LEGO world, and it all ends for me.
(0:32:48) Kevin: All right, so again, that is 2024, still a few months before the end of that.
(0:32:55) Kevin: Okay, you know what, I have a question for you. You say you’re into LEGO,
(0:32:57) Kevin: I don’t know how hardcore you are, but do LEGOs run out of stock easily?
(0:33:04) Spencer: Hear me sigh as I say that, um, trying to think.
(0:33:11) Spencer: So in the past I used to just, you know, back, back in the day, you know, when they were still doing kind of just their, their own sets, which they still do.
(0:33:20) Spencer: I know people complain that they have like too many licensed sets now, but they have plenty of unlicensed or, you know, only Lego sets.
(0:33:29) Spencer: Um, you know, I kind of just got what was there.
(0:33:32) Spencer: I was never particularly looking for any kind of
(0:33:34) Spencer: set. There was this Mars like Mars set that they had that I really enjoyed that I did try to get like a couple of different sets from but nothing like you know going out of my way and stuff with the advent of the internet though and being able to look all this stuff up like I am now as an adult. There are definitely sets that do you know do just disappear because they’ve sold out of them or they just stop making them. I can’t imagine them doing this with the
(0:33:46) Kevin: Okay.
(0:33:48) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:34:04) Spencer: Animal Crossing set. You know I got to imagine that this is something that they’re planning to continue to release you know new sets for and keep updating with the old sets. For instance the Mario sets I think you can still get a lot of those you know at least if you look you might have to look a little bit harder but they’re generally like available. The set that I totally missed out on and just kick myself every time I think about it is they had a Voltron set and it came with all the different all different parts and they all like you know they all transformed into Voltron together and stuff. Yes it was and I saw that and I was like one day I’ll get it and then I just waited too long and that’s what happens but.
(0:34:15) Kevin: Okay.
(0:34:16) Kevin: Okay.
(0:34:20) Kevin: Sure.
(0:34:40) Kevin: You could, in fact, form the head.
(0:34:52) Kevin: Oh, I know that feeling um well, i’m just worried because Like I said, I don’t know how the inventory issues are dealt with um in lego, but They’re drawing in the animal crossing nintendo crowd, right? We look what happened with van gogh Oh, come on Look what happened with Remember when julian was a commodity or not julian. Whatever his name was the Pat with the heterochromia
(0:35:21) Spencer: Oh, yeah, yeah.
(0:35:23) Kevin: And when new horizons drop If anyone could make this is the inventory problem, it would be these fans. Um, but oh boy, here we go uh but maybe the well the price isn’t even the worst for all of them, but uh We’ll see. Um I just want them to bring back by onical. That’s the only lego thing I ever really got those were cool little robot dudes
(0:35:48) Spencer: Hmm, interesting. I was somewhat into Bionicle. I had quite a few, but not as much as the regular sets.
(0:35:58) Kevin: All right, um, two other pieces of news album and put them on here,
(0:36:04) Kevin: but I do want to mention them.
(0:36:06) Kevin: I hope I, I listened to the last episode, but I hope I’m not repeating anything.
(0:36:10) Kevin: Um, there have been patches dropped both for Meneko’s night market and paleo pines.
(0:36:16) Kevin: Uh, last two, well, the last game I covered and the one we’re covering today,
(0:36:20) Kevin: um, the Meneko’s night market.
(0:36:23) Kevin: I don’t know all the details, but I’m very thankful that they’ve got these patches
(0:36:28) Kevin: out quickly and, uh, and they’re already available for switch and steam versions.
(0:36:34) Kevin: Um, I hope Al will find the links and maybe put them in the show notes,
(0:36:39) Kevin: but, uh, go check them out.
(0:36:41) Kevin: I will possibly fire up Meneko’s night market again, see how much it’s improved.
(0:36:45) Kevin: Um, because I very much liked that game, just hoping for few fixes and well,
(0:36:50) Kevin: they roll some out, uh, paleo pines.
(0:36:53) Kevin: I read the patch notes and it’s fascinating.
(0:36:57) Kevin: Uh, at least one of the items is fascinating.
(0:36:59) Kevin: In general, they just kind of, you know, polished up a few edges and, and did nice things.
(0:37:05) Kevin: No major updates.
(0:37:06) Kevin: Um, but, uh, with that said, let’s, let’s just get on into it.
(0:37:13) Kevin: Uh, let’s talk about paleo pines.
(0:37:14) Spencer: Yes, paleopines.
(0:37:15) Kevin: Okay.
(0:37:18) Kevin: So this is available on steam switch.
(0:37:22) Kevin: I don’t know what else it’s available on.
(0:37:23) Spencer: I think it’s available on everything.
(0:37:24) Kevin: Uh, is it?
(0:37:27) Kevin: Okay.
(0:37:27) Kevin: Um.
(0:37:28) Kevin: So, for people who don’t know, the elevator pitch is pretty simple.
(0:37:33) Kevin: It’s farming, but you have dinosaurs.
(0:37:35) Kevin: Um, it’s what’s on the box, and it’s what you get.
(0:37:38) Kevin: Um.
(0:37:39) Spencer: It’s… exactly what you get.
(0:37:39) Kevin: Yup.
(0:37:44) Kevin: Alright, so let’s, before we get into the nitty gritty, what are your overall thoughts?
(0:37:51) Spencer: My overall thoughts and opinions, it’s good to start off with this because I’m someone that kind of complains about things even if I like them. So I enjoyed this game. I did have a thoroughly good time myself playing this game. There are plenty of things I would change about it but ultimately this is probably a game I will come back to I might even play it after we stop talking to be quite honest.
(0:38:14) Kevin: Okay, I probably will see [laugh]
(0:38:17) Spencer: yeah the last episode I was on
(0:38:21) Spencer: I talked about parkasaurus I don’t think I’ve touched that game since we stopped talking about it yeah but this game this game was definitely enjoyable it’s got a lot of charm you know using the dinosaurs for farming is different I guess I mean I’m not as big of a farming game player has you know you guys are so maybe this is just exactly the same you just skinned as dinosaurs but it was fun
(0:38:25) Kevin: Hahaha, well there you go.
(0:38:39) Kevin: » Yes, right, yeah, yep.
(0:38:51) Spencer: it has a collection element to it very much kind of like Pokemon or something like that you know so it scratches a lot of different itches for a lot of different people and I feel like you can get yourself lost without necessarily doing the main kind of quest so to speak yeah there are missions that you do too in this game and you know I spent plenty of time just fumbling around doing my own thing.
(0:38:57) Kevin: - Yeah.
(0:39:21) Spencer: You know, ultimately that’s kind of what I like in games like this, so yeah, I had a great time playing it, great, great might be a little exaggerating, so yeah, what did you think?
(0:39:30) Kevin: Mm-hmm, okay All right, um So overall it’s a definite thumbs up and recommend for me This is hard for me because I love dinosaurs very much I Was a dinosaur kid growing up. I watched Jurassic Park when I was little dinosaurs were my Pokemon before Pokemon and
(0:39:57) Kevin: And so, obviously I’m heavily biased toward a game that…
(0:40:00) Kevin: …explores that, but as someone who is relatively well-versed in farming games, I still think it’s enjoyable.
(0:40:11) Kevin: All the points you made, I agree with.
(0:40:15) Kevin: So, let’s get into the…
(0:40:19) Kevin: But, overall though, I would recommend this to people to try out.
(0:40:23) Kevin: If you enjoy farming games, I think there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this.
(0:40:27) Kevin: And if you enjoy dinosaurs, you will probably also-
(0:40:30) Kevin: enjoy this.
(0:40:31) Spencer: you might even enjoy it even more than if you were just a farming game person quite honestly.
(0:40:32) Kevin: I actually agree, yes, because I do think the dinosaurs are done really well.
(0:40:40) Kevin: Um, but okay, let’s start into this specific.
(0:40:43) Kevin: So, I have three sections here.
(0:40:48) Kevin: The bad, the good, and the ugly.
(0:40:50) Spencer: OK.
(0:40:51) Kevin: So let’s start with the bad. What complaints do you have?
(0:40:51) Spencer: Complaints.
(0:40:56) Spencer: So the biggest thing– my complaints are small things that add up, right?
(0:41:04) Spencer: Accessing things.
(0:41:05) Spencer: For instance, if you’re on a mounted dinosaur,
(0:41:09) Spencer: for whatever reason– unless I’m just horrible at this game–
(0:41:12) Spencer: you cannot access or interact with things other than the dinosaur’s interaction.
(0:41:18) Spencer: So let’s say you start off with the parasaur.
(0:41:20) Spencer: That’s just your dinosaur that you start off with.
(0:41:21) Kevin: Right?
(0:41:23) Kevin: Right
(0:41:23) Spencer: And each dinosaur has a skill.
(0:41:27) Spencer: They can clear debris, which is what the parasaur can do.
(0:41:30) Spencer: And it can sprint. Two actions.
(0:41:32) Spencer: But if you’re not doing that, you can’t interact with anything else.
(0:41:38) Spencer: If you want to talk to someone, you have to get off your dinosaur.
(0:41:41) Spencer: If you want to access your storage, you have to get off your dinosaur.
(0:41:44) Spencer: Which just blows me away. I was like,
(0:41:46) Spencer: “Come on, the person’s right there. Just let me talk to them.
(0:41:48) Spencer: to them. Why do I have to get off my dinosaur?
(0:41:49) Kevin: Yep, yep, absolutely, um Yeah, I I want to put just a little side note, um since we’re getting into it, uh Spencer and I are dinosaurs or nerds so we will be using dinosaur names Apologies if you if you listener might not be familiar. I invite you to look them up because dinosaurs are cool
(0:41:50) Spencer: So, that would be one thing I would, you know, developers, if you’re listening, patch that, please.
(0:42:17) Spencer: Indeed, and then you’ll see the name and then you’ll be like, “How do I pronounce that?”
(0:42:21) Spencer: And quite honestly, we probably won’t pronounce all of them right, but it’s fun and trying.
(0:42:25) Kevin: yep yes okay but um but yes that’s that’s a good point um that is annoying how you can’t talk to someone uh or gather certain points gather certain materials off foraging points and whatnot while on a dinosaur uh at the very yeah no judge say that I can kind of understand the the foraging part maybe you’re high up on a t-rex but come on
(0:42:44) Spencer: That’s correct, because some… Oh, sorry, go ahead.
(0:42:55) Kevin: can talk to someone while mounted on a t-rex I can say hey
(0:42:59) Spencer: Yeah, I don’t really understand the decision, to be quite honest.
(0:43:05) Kevin: Yeah, well, there’s a few things I don’t 100% understand, like, so there’s a handful of little things. I don’t know if they all add up to me something major, but like, one of my biggest gripes is inventory stuff. You can get big numbers of items, right? Like, you can get hundreds and hundreds of pieces of wood.
(0:43:28) Kevin: Well, when you want to move between your bag and your storage or whatever, you don’t have the option of saying, “Okay, take out…”
(0:43:35) Kevin: …20 or 30. You can only do the entire amount or half of it. And that’s frustrating.
(0:43:38) Spencer: Yes, I was gonna ask this, I wasn’t sure if I was just like, not getting-
(0:43:44) Spencer: Was there a tutorial I missed? Or if this is like, you know, just, but yeah, it’s only stacks, right?
(0:43:47) Kevin: nope, or at least, I missed it too then.
(0:43:51) Kevin: Yeah, you can, and what’s odd is, it exists because when you sell things at the trader or whatever,
(0:43:52) Spencer: Like, I was like-
(0:43:57) Kevin: you can select exactly how many you want to sell.
(0:44:01) Kevin: But that’s the only time.
(0:44:02) Spencer: Yeah, no, but then it’s and it gets even more deep than that because it’s Inventory management from your storage to inventory is only stacks, right? So like you have 300 wood in your storage and then you click on it and it’ll put all 300 in there but in stacks of a hundred and then now you have to go back in return 200 stacks, so you only have one stack and
(0:44:23) Kevin: Yup, yup, exactly.
(0:44:29) Spencer: Then when you go to sell that wood, here’s what get
(0:44:32) Spencer: me. You go to sell that wood, and then you can select individually. You can select like I only sell two wood, right? And they do have a button for min and max. So like I want to sell the whole stack of wood, but they don’t have a button to increment it in tens. Also, which I feel like is something like, yeah, that really, that whole thing needs a lot of work.
(0:44:56) Kevin: Yeah, it is wild and again, there’s even the trading like said it’s still missing that stacks of 10 which would be nice But the fact that that’s the only place where you can do Individual counts of whatnot. It’s baffling to me Let’s see what what other little complaints can you think of?
(0:45:20) Spencer: So, I don’t know if this would be a little complaint.
(0:45:25) Spencer: I don’t know where this falls on your good, bad, and ugly.
(0:45:25) Kevin: Hehe.
(0:45:29) Spencer: I will say there were a lot of things I was finding out about the game.
(0:45:34) Spencer: I didn’t get, I’ll be honest, I didn’t get like probably end game, is there an end game?
(0:45:39) Spencer: I don’t really know.
(0:45:41) Kevin: I think there is. I mean, there’s the main quest. You have to find where the rest of the parasaurs are.
(0:45:42) Spencer: There is, right?
(0:45:44) Spencer: Yeah.
(0:45:45) Spencer: Yeah.
(0:45:46) Spencer: Yeah, you know, like I said earlier, I kind of…
(0:45:50) Spencer: just ended up doing my own thing, which is, you know, it is what it is.
(0:45:52) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:45:53) Kevin: Uh huh.
(0:45:55) Spencer: That’s kind of how it’s designed in the game.
(0:45:57) Spencer: But so there’s a lot of things that I feel like I was finding out kind of on my own without…
(0:46:06) Spencer: that would have been better maybe explained, you know, like I’ll be honest.
(0:46:12) Spencer: I didn’t realize that holding what was the RZ was sprint for some of those dinosaurs.
(0:46:18) Spencer: I was puttin’ around that whole area, and it was taking me forever.
(0:46:18) Kevin: Yep Yeah, ha ha ha ha oh no Oh No Um, oh, that’s raw. I agree with you Um, this is a complaint I have about many games because I think it’s a critical thing to be clear and explain yourself well and whatnot Um, I am struggling to think of I had a specific example, but I can’t think of it right now
(0:46:23) Spencer: It would take like a half day just to get across the place.
(0:46:47) Kevin: The sprinting thing there is a
(0:46:48) Kevin: prompt on the bottom of the screen, but if you don’t pay it, they don’t call it out or anything.
(0:46:52) Kevin: So it’s easy to miss, because there’s other prompts that are there,
(0:46:56) Kevin: and the sprinting prompt is added when you’re on the right dinosaur,
(0:47:00) Kevin: but it’s not there when you’re not on it, so it’s easily missable.
(0:47:04) Kevin: possible.
(0:47:06) Spencer: Oh, and so here’s the thing with the sprinting thing, too.
(0:47:12) Spencer: If you click on, I believe it’s just R,
(0:47:15) Spencer: your character will auto run in that direction.
(0:47:16) Kevin: Wait, what?
(0:47:17) Kevin: I didn’t know that!
(0:47:19) Kevin: She- what?!
(0:47:19) Spencer: Yes, there’s an auto run button.
(0:47:21) Kevin: Oh my goodness.
(0:47:22) Spencer: So I was clicking auto run, and I was thinking it was the sprint half the time.
(0:47:22) Kevin: Oh, there you go.
(0:47:24) Kevin: Oh, case in point.
(0:47:32) Spencer: And I was like, this doesn’t look any faster.
(0:47:35) Spencer: I guess I don’t need to hold the button.
(0:47:36) Spencer: I feel like there’s a lot of things that get fed to you at either inopportune moments or just as far as information goes.
(0:47:50) Spencer: You’re just kind of like, “Huh, I could have used that information like three days ago.”
(0:47:54) Kevin: Yup, there was oh the So there is I remember my example. Um, there is a help option in the pause menu and it does have some tutorials in there It doesn’t really let you know that they’re there Which is a shame because a number of them are very helpful. They explain how to use your tools The one I wanted to mentioned was the soil we’ll get into it into it in a bit but essentially how to properly fertilize and till the soil and stuff like that.
(0:48:29) Kevin: That information, I didn’t realize how it worked until I happened to find it in the tutorial items in the help menu.
(0:48:37) Kevin: It would have been nice if that had been called out earlier.
(0:48:40) Spencer: It’s funny that you mention the soil because it wasn’t until only the other day that I was, again, I was just thumbing through the profiles of the vegetables and I was like,
(0:48:51) Spencer: “Huh, they really want you to crop rotate in this game, don’t they?”
(0:48:53) Kevin: Yep, yep.
(0:48:55) Spencer: That would have been useful to know before I planted tons of vegetables in random areas.
(0:49:01) Kevin: Yep, um, absolutely.
(0:49:04) Kevin: Um, so yeah, that is a complaint, like I said, I have about many games, just lack of clarity or not explaining things well.
(0:49:12) Kevin: Uh, one hopefully that can get updated because that’s not impossible to fix.
(0:49:17) Kevin: Just add some more prompts at certain points, so.
(0:49:19) Spencer: No.
(0:49:19) Spencer: Yeah, and I will give them credit, right?
(0:49:20) Kevin: Fingers crossed we get those patches.
(0:49:25) Spencer: Like some games you sit through tutorials and they are like, you know, some omnipotent someone or other talking at you going, “Hit A to use the ox.”
(0:49:31) Kevin: Yep, yep Yep Yeah, it does it is not very handhold be not at all you Yeah, that’s One of the pros in my book that it doesn’t really put any pressure on you in almost any way
(0:49:35) Spencer: You know, and then you’re like, “Okay, like I get it.”
(0:49:37) Spencer: And then you have to sit there for like an hour.
(0:49:39) Spencer: Right?
(0:49:40) Spencer: This game really does kind of let you play the game almost right away.
(0:49:58) Kevin: And I’ll get into that later when we talk about quests I think in the more
(0:50:01) Kevin: detail but one final item I wanted to add in the bad list well I guess this kind of goes in the ugly I’m not the biggest fan of the art style of the game so okay well let me be more specific I like the dinosaurs the dinosaurs look great they’re they’re very cutesy and the way they’re presented in this game where people are just hanging out they’re your pals and working with them
(0:50:16) Spencer: Really?
(0:50:31) Kevin: and they live on your farm they’re not intimidating or scary I think that was managed really well I think that works well and I think it’s fantastic my part problem is the people right the people also have this very cutesy art style and it’s this might just be a very personal thing but it is really
(0:50:48) Spencer: Okay, okay.
(0:51:01) Kevin: looks like a Disney Junior show basically that’s the way I describe it in fact I watch Bluey right so I’ve seen other ads for Disney Junior shows there is one actually called Dino Ranch and it looks a lot like this yeah
(0:51:07) Spencer: Yeah, I mean
(0:51:18) Spencer: Yeah, the people are, I mean, it’s an art style, that’s for sure.
(0:51:24) Spencer: It’s a design choice that they made.
(0:51:27) Kevin: Yeah, and everything is very saccharine, like very…
(0:51:31) Kevin: Happy…
(0:51:33) Kevin: No one gets angry or there’s big problems or anything like that.
(0:51:38) Kevin: There’s a character who says “zippity” and it just feels very kid show…
(0:51:42) Kevin: Umm…
(0:51:47) Spencer: Yeah, well, eh. So there’s a couple characters. One that stood out to me as Pippin.
(0:51:54) Spencer: He does kind of get a little grumpy.
(0:51:54) Kevin: Yeah They they’re actually in be non-binary Which I just like a thumbs up. That’s all right. No, but I just thumbs up to the Devs for throwing that in there right and I’ll have Pippin Pippin’s a little bit of a gremlin Go ahead Oh, yeah, yeah, I forgot about that that.
(0:51:57) Spencer: Oh, sorry.
(0:52:10) Spencer: Ah, yeah, but they get a little like, onry about things if you ask them to make like a, they make these, yeah, they make these like treats that, that’s basically how you tame the dinosaurs and they have like very specific, “Oh, it’s my family recipe, like don’t, we don’t screw with it” and then you ask them to make other treats and then they kind of get all upset about it instead of like, “Ah, fine, take your, take your spicy poffin’ thing, davit, whatever.” So, so they, they were, they were probably my favorite character.
(0:52:35) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:52:36) Kevin: Yep.
(0:52:41) Kevin: Yes, you’re right, um, they are most entertaining, probably because they have the most personality.
(0:52:53) Kevin: Again, everyone’s just very saccharine and friendly, um, which is, it’s not the worst thing in the world.
(0:52:57) Spencer: Yeah, I mean…
(0:53:00) Kevin: And again, this is maybe just a personal preference of mine, but, um,
(0:53:04) Kevin: just all of it together with the art.
(0:53:05) Kevin: It’s a little too sugary sweet for my taste, if you will.
(0:53:10) Kevin: But…
(0:53:11) Spencer: I think the thing that threw me off about the character design was the background characters.
(0:53:11) Kevin: Oh gosh.
(0:53:18) Spencer: So every main character is designed, so to speak, whether it’s well or not.
(0:53:26) Spencer: They have a very specific design.
(0:53:28) Spencer: But then you have these kind of backgrounds, random village characters filling the space,
(0:53:34) Kevin: wandering around nameless and-
(0:53:35) Spencer: and they are all clearly just– and I guess–
(0:53:41) Spencer: I get it, resources and stuff, but generated from the create your character options at the beginning of the game.
(0:53:46) Kevin: Absolutely, they’re all just permutations, yep.
(0:53:49) Kevin: Once I realized that they don’t actually do anything, and even if you talk to them, it’s just whatever, I just stop paying attention.
(0:53:50) Spencer: So I saw one, I was like, what?
(0:53:52) Spencer: That’s my character.
(0:53:53) Spencer: Like, what?
(0:53:54) Spencer: That’s basically my character.
(0:53:55) Spencer: Like, what are they doing?
(0:54:02) Kevin: I might have missed myself in that crowd, but that is pretty funny.
(0:54:05) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, like I said, that’s, I think, a very subjective thing.
(0:54:06) Spencer: Yeah, so I get the character design, yeah.
(0:54:13) Kevin: thing.
(0:54:14) Kevin: And again, that’s just kind of an asterisk.
(0:54:16) Kevin: Because I think the world books fine, it’s colorful and vibrant, and the dinosaurs I think all look fantastic.
(0:54:24) Kevin: So overall, it works.
(0:54:29) Kevin: That’s a big downer for me, the characters.
(0:54:31) Kevin: I’m a big character guy, so maybe that’s why I focus on it so much.
(0:54:37) Kevin: But yeah, I think that’s roughly my complaints.
(0:54:39) Kevin: Do you have any other issues or concerns?
(0:54:42) Spencer: I’m trying to think off the top of my head.
(0:54:47) Spencer: And this might give, I don’t know if we’re going to start talking about mechanics soon.
(0:54:50) Kevin: I mean, we can. Yeah, here we go for it.
(0:54:51) Spencer: Maybe this is a good segue.
(0:54:53) Spencer: So obviously the two big parts of this game are the farming and then the taming the dinosaurs and just having dinosaurs.
(0:55:03) Spencer: And one of my gripes is the way you tame dinosaurs.
(0:55:10) Spencer: So you get this flute and you…
(0:55:12) Spencer: …play a little song for them and each dinosaur has a unique song and it starts off pretty simple.
(0:55:15) Kevin: - Yep.
(0:55:16) Kevin: - Yes.
(0:55:19) Kevin: - Uh-huh. (laughs)
(0:55:21) Spencer: It’s like okay like three notes or four notes or something right like okay and each note you can hold like to make it a longer note so you know like it’s like a short note or a long note.
(0:55:31) Kevin: There are four basic notes.
(0:55:33) Kevin: Sorry, I just want to clarify for the listener.
(0:55:36) Kevin: There are four basic notes, and you can hold the notes to be like two notes big or three notes big.
(0:55:44) Kevin: They appear like bubbles, so that’s the best way to describe them.
(0:55:47) Kevin: So that’s a lot of possible combinations, but go ahead.
(0:55:50) Spencer: Yeah, so but then you get into some of these other dinosaurs and it’s like Their little songs are like got ten ten notes long You got your notepad down and you’re writing like okay red blue purple yellow yellow purple long red
(0:55:56) Kevin: Right now you got to learn to score you got you got to learn you got to learn the ditty Right Right because it’s pretty the way it’s presented to you the dinosaurs are making this their song They’re making the noises towards you and you have to just pay attention like a memory game basically
(0:56:22) Kevin: And you don’t have to match their speed or timing
(0:56:26) Kevin: But sometimes their speed or timing, it varies And sometimes they come out like real fast or a bunch of them together and whatnot
(0:56:34) Spencer: Oh, there’s a couple that like the note comes out so fast where you think that you’re like,
(0:56:40) Spencer: okay, it was red, blue, and then you’re like, you’re not getting it.
(0:56:42) Spencer: You’re not getting your like, Oh no, that was blue, red, wasn’t it?
(0:56:44) Kevin: Yeah. Absolutely. I agree. That would be something they could polish up a little, make it a little easier because it’s like little song and dance going on here. It’s a lot to keep up in your head, right?
(0:57:10) Spencer: Yeah, I mean, what would kind of help would be like a, I mean, they just sort of have this, right? But like a song book inventory, right?
(0:57:19) Kevin: I think there’s an even easier answer because you can tame multiple dinosaurs of the same species.
(0:57:20) Spencer: Like, you can look under the species.
(0:57:32) Kevin: If you approach another dinosaur after you learn their song, it shows you the inputs for the song.
(0:57:38) Kevin: You can just read the inputs and play them there.
(0:57:44) Kevin: The only problem or how they could fix it is, you only get that once you successfully
(0:57:49) Kevin: did the song.
(0:58:04) Spencer: Yeah, that would definitely help. I mean to be honest, like you mentioned, once you played the song successfully the first time, it fills it in.
(0:58:12) Spencer: So while I was running around playing the game, you know, when you get their attention at first, right?
(0:58:18) Spencer: As soon as I played it successfully the first time, you know, I would just do that simply to have the song, even if I didn’t intend on taming them.
(0:58:26) Kevin: Yeah When you want to yeah and Yeah, because you can interact with them in such a way that you can put them in your dino decks before Before you actually tame them So yeah, I run around and did that a lot too just to get them in my dino decks and because of that I had their songs Yeah, but that would be nice if they could just improve that just a little bit
(0:58:27) Spencer: So that way I could like come back later and, you know, like…
(0:58:47) Spencer: Mm-hmm.
(0:58:54) Kevin: But on that note, yeah
(0:58:56) Kevin: We’re segwaying into mechanics here. So let’s let’s talk about the dinosaur taming a little more because I You’re not done when you finish the song because there’s still more after that Next so that was the song now comes the dance the dance of flavors so how you After you complete the song you get a little a little gauge a little
(0:59:06) Spencer: Oh my goodness You
(0:59:20) Kevin: Like arrow needle on a meter showing between the dinosaurs board and the dinosaurs
(0:59:26) Kevin: excited at the ends and there’s this green sweet spot in the middle that you were able to befriend them once you hit it and The way you move this needle on this meter you either give them food Which generally speaking increases their excitement or you soothe them like you’re reassuring them Whatever and and it calms them down. So you go back and forth that the trick is there are five
(0:59:56) Kevin: flavors in the game earthy spicy fragrant juicy crunchy Doesn’t matter the point is there are five flavors, right and the different items you can get which are either crops you grow or things you forage they are combinations of flavors and Some repeats some are different and so you don’t know what the dinosaur likes So you kind of had to very much trial and error feeding it
(1:00:26) Kevin: to see what clicks what doesn’t click and You know, you have a little wiggle room because Sometimes the needle doesn’t go all the way down. Sometimes it does and then you have to start the whole thing You have to redo the song you’ll know it at that point But you still have to do the song again and then try once more to get that needle to land in that green zone but then final touch the final piece of the puzzle as
(1:00:52) Kevin: As Spencer mentioned, there are the items called Poppins, they’re just dino keys.
(1:00:56) Kevin: They look like muffins, whatever you want to call them, Poppins, not Poppins, Pokemon fans.
(1:00:58) Spencer: Yeah, I think I might have said “pop-ins” earlier, yeah, pop-ins, pop-in.
(1:01:02) Kevin: And, yeah, I say that, I make that mistake all the time, thanks Diamond and Pearl.
(1:01:09) Kevin: They’re Poppins, Pippins Poppins, the guys, you know, Pippin is the one who makes them, and they’re called Poppins.
(1:01:17) Kevin: Anyways, so these dino treats, these Poppins, they come in the five flavors, each one is just one flavor, right?
(1:01:24) Kevin: To finish,
(1:01:26) Kevin: the whole taming process, you have to give them the flavor that they like, right?
(1:01:30) Kevin: So you kind of had to figure that out from the other process of feeding them treats, and you can kind of narrow it down like,
(1:01:38) Kevin: “Okay, I gave them a potato. It’s crunchy. I gave them this other thing. It’s also crunchy.”
(1:01:43) Kevin: They probably like crunchy, and so you give them the crunchy treat,
(1:01:46) Kevin: and they become your buddy.
(1:01:52) Kevin: Right, but if you get it wrong again, you have to start the whole process over and you’ve wasted a treat, and they’re kind of expensive, so…
(1:01:57) Spencer: See, so now this is where you preemptively do your research, right?
(1:01:58) Kevin: Um…
(1:02:10) Spencer: When you’re playing the game, as we kind of mentioned earlier, as soon as you do the song correctly, the song is recorded and you know the song now.
(1:02:19) Spencer: It’ll just display it.
(1:02:21) Spencer: So let’s say you find food that they like, correct?
(1:02:24) Kevin: Right. Right.
(1:02:26) Spencer: Like let’s say you feed them.
(1:02:27) Spencer: A carrot, which I think is juicy and crunchy, those two flavor combinations, and it does, you know, work it because you can tell when they don’t like a food immediately, like their little needle thing, or it’ll spin around and you’re like, Oh, great, cool.
(1:02:43) Spencer: Just wasted some food.
(1:02:44) Spencer: Um, but if it doesn’t move too much, then okay, this is clearly one of these flavors of something they like.
(1:02:52) Spencer: And then if you put them to sleep by soothing them, you can.
(1:02:57) Spencer: Cord their data and it’ll tell you exactly what flavor in their data that they like.
(1:03:00) Kevin: Uh, does it always?
(1:03:01) Spencer: As long as you give them food that they do like, I believe.
(1:03:03) Kevin: Ah, okay.
(1:03:06) Kevin: Okay.
(1:03:07) Kevin: But yeah, yes.
(1:03:08) Kevin: So that’s one tactic that you can use.
(1:03:10) Kevin: Um, if you sue them or bore them or whatever, when you hit the bottom of that meter, they go to actually go to sleep.
(1:03:17) Kevin: And as Spencer said, you can approach them and then you can just fill the dino decks with their data.
(1:03:22) Kevin: Um, I didn’t know that.
(1:03:24) Kevin: Okay.
(1:03:25) Kevin: If you get, I thought you had to tame them to figure out the favorite flavor, but,
(1:03:29) Kevin: Okay, that is good to know.
(1:03:30) Kevin: Oh, they’ll burn it down anyways, don’t you worry? Al might burn it down.
(1:03:31) Spencer: I believe it does. You know what? Don’t hold me to that, because if it doesn’t, then I don’t want people burning down this episode, so…
(1:03:40) Spencer: I believe it does.
(1:03:41) Kevin: But regardless, yes. Even though, either way, if it doesn’t or does not, some of the descriptions of the dinosaurs actually will tell you what they enjoy if you read carefully. That is a fun little thing. I wish they kind of did that for all of them, but…
(1:03:43) Spencer: Oh, yeah.
(1:04:00) Kevin: regardless, doing the research does.
(1:04:05) Spencer: Yeah, but this brings up another issue, and all these issues go back to inventory management.
(1:04:09) Kevin: Oh no, you’re right.
(1:04:13) Spencer: If you have a day where you’re like, “I’m going to go tame dinosaurs today.
(1:04:17) Spencer: That’s my goal,” then you’ve got to bring five different pop-ins with you.
(1:04:23) Spencer: You’ve got to bring every single combination of food and enough to tame them, because taming,
(1:04:26) Kevin: - Yeah.
(1:04:29) Spencer: Lord knows how long taming can last.
(1:04:31) Spencer: You could give it a carrot and be like, “Oh, okay.
(1:04:33) Spencer: Cool.
(1:04:34) Spencer: I like the carrot.”
(1:04:35) Spencer: like 10 minutes going like okay here’s a carrot okay okay here’s two more carrots okay okay here’s a carrot again okay
(1:04:40) Kevin: Dude, Taming the T-Rex took me so long.
(1:04:49) Spencer: I can’t imagine it took me forever just to do the baryonyx.
(1:04:53) Kevin: Um, but yes, you’re super right. It’s frustrating because, yeah, that takes up so much space in your inventory.
(1:05:03) Spencer: That’s probably why they don’t let you choose one thing at a time because they know you’re going to need all 99 carrots.
(1:05:08) Kevin: I guess so you can’t expand your bag later I read that that was told to me in the game I have not reached that point yet but it would be nice that could be done earlier because yeah inventory management is a pain because there’s there’s a lot of stuff to pick up on the ground and when you’re already carrying half your bag and treats you’re gonna get to the dinosaurs it becomes a problem for sure.
(1:05:38) Kevin: Um…
(1:05:40) Kevin: Yeah…
(1:05:40) Spencer: Yeah, that’s why I kind of stopped doing just random tames while I was out and about and then I like would make note of where they were and then come back when I was kind of
(1:05:46) Kevin: Yeah…
(1:05:49) Kevin: Yup, me too.
(1:05:51) Kevin: And actually, this will segue into the next part of the dinosaurs because once you tame them, it’s not over yet.
(1:06:00) Kevin: Because now, you have to give them a home.
(1:06:06) Kevin: Um…
(1:06:08) Kevin: Right, so…
(1:06:09) Kevin: This is the first and the blessing of the style of gameplay in the ranch.
(1:06:15) Kevin: Your ranch is basically fully customizable.
(1:06:18) Kevin: You can put your crops wherever you want, you can put your dinosaurs wherever you want,
(1:06:24) Kevin: you can put fencing wherever you want, decorations, etc.
(1:06:28) Kevin: Right?
(1:06:29) Kevin: Um…
(1:06:30) Kevin: The only…
(1:06:31) Kevin: One of the few…
(1:06:32) Kevin: Obviously the farming has their own requirements of, you know, needing plots and whatever,
(1:06:36) Kevin: but you can spread them out.
(1:06:37) Kevin: put just one.
(1:06:38) Kevin: The dinosaurs have requirements for their pens.
(1:06:42) Kevin: They need to have the correct food.
(1:06:46) Kevin: The structure needs to be a pen, which means it needs a gate.
(1:06:50) Kevin: They need to be in the correct company.
(1:06:53) Kevin: You can’t mix your carnivores with your herbivores.
(1:06:57) Kevin: Some have spacing requirements.
(1:07:00) Kevin: Some of them like to be with other dinosaurs.
(1:07:03) Kevin: Some don’t.
(1:07:05) Kevin: dinosaurs, some don’t.
(1:07:08) Kevin: And all of this is important because dinosaurs have happiness meters, you have to take care of them properly, or they will leave.
(1:07:17) Kevin: The game tells you almost one of the first things, if you don’t take care of them, your dinosaur will leave your ranch if it wants to.
(1:07:26) Kevin: I did not, did you?
(1:07:26) Spencer: Now, did you have any dinosaurs leave your ranch?
(1:07:29) Spencer: I did not. I will say there were a couple times where it was like midnight, and I was freaking out because I was like, “Oh my god, I don’t have a pen set up yet.” And I had like, you know, some dinosaur that I just tamed with me until I’m rushing over. I’m like, “Okay, yeah, let me just expand this pen. They’ll live in there for the time being.”
(1:07:31) Kevin: Okay.
(1:07:53) Kevin: Yep, yep. Yep. Yep um, I get that I will say it is forgiving because like I said, I have not had that experience where it left yet, but it is important because Have only happy dinosaurs will become what they call helpers Which are the dinosaurs you can use around your farm to help with your farm chores and whatnot And they will lose the helper status if they are not happy
(1:08:13) Spencer: Mm-hmm.
(1:08:15) Spencer: Yes.
(1:08:21) Spencer: So in regards to that too, here’s another thing that they don’t explain, or at least I missed it.
(1:08:29) Spencer: I was just at first giving, you know, dinosaurs… so you give them a pen, you give them all their necessities and they’re happy.
(1:08:39) Spencer: Just simply by like living on the ranch and you can pet them you can pet every dinosaur
(1:08:43) Spencer: which is great if you’re into petting dinosaurs you know you can give them treats you’ll find out what their favorite treat is based off of their flavor profile you know all that raises their happiness to eventually become helpers you know and work on the ranch but also following who does too and I didn’t realize that I was like what they do okay I must have just clicked through that tutorial then
(1:09:03) Kevin: Yeah, they they did they do tell you that Yes, they said yeah, they say taking a stroll out of the ranch will make them happy, too Yeah Oh And you have to keep their pens clean dinosaurs poop So you have to clean of that poop and free stock their food troughs which can get expensive So yeah, it’s
(1:09:15) Spencer: So…
(1:09:17) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:09:31) Kevin: It is very involved. There’s-
(1:09:33) Kevin: It’s rough edges, but I think overall, I think it’s pretty well done.
(1:09:38) Kevin: Um, it’s…
(1:09:40) Kevin: I’m invested into taking care of the dinosaurs.
(1:09:44) Kevin: Right? Like, it is fun to figure out the pens.
(1:09:48) Kevin: Once- You know, it’s not great when, like you said, when you come back at the end of the day with a new dinosaur and,
(1:09:53) Kevin: “Oh no, I have to make a new pen.”
(1:09:55) Kevin: And maybe the shop guy with the gates is closed so I can’t get a gate, and I have to put it in the wrong pen.
(1:10:01) Spencer: Yeah, Mario, I think is his name.
(1:10:02) Kevin: Yeah, Mark.
(1:10:03) Kevin: That was Marlo. Marlo, Mario, one of the two.
(1:10:04) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:10:05) Spencer: Oh, is it?
(1:10:05) Kevin: That is Marlo.
(1:10:07) Kevin: Um, yeah.
(1:10:08) Kevin: So there’s a guy who has your pen,
(1:10:10) Kevin: fencing, and your gates, and things like that.
(1:10:12) Kevin: Um.
(1:10:13) Kevin: And he closes up Shawn because they don’t run 24/7.
(1:10:18) Kevin: Um.
(1:10:19) Kevin: And uh.
(1:10:21) Kevin: And yeah, so if you arrive at the new dinosaur and it’s not set up, well,
(1:10:24) Kevin: eh, it’s not the best feeling in the world.
(1:10:26) Kevin: But, once you get over that, or you’re not in that situation,
(1:10:30) Kevin: I think it is fun to take care of the dinosaurs.
(1:10:33) Spencer: Yeah, oh my bad it is Marlowe, by the way, you are correct.
(1:10:34) Kevin: Okay.
(1:10:35) Kevin: Okay.
(1:10:36) Kevin: Uh.
(1:10:37) Kevin: In fact, I think, you know, we did the bad, but I guess this would be under the good.
(1:10:43) Kevin: I think it delivers on the dinosaurs overall really, really well this game.
(1:10:50) Kevin: Uh.
(1:10:51) Kevin: I think there’s a good variety, well, you know, couple of exceptions.
(1:10:57) Kevin: Um.
(1:10:58) Kevin: Of dinosaurs, uh.
(1:11:00) Kevin: They all book fun their designs.
(1:11:03) Kevin: Oh, and they come in colors. That’s something we didn’t mention yet.
(1:11:06) Spencer: Yeah, so, how did you feel about the colors, because I had mixed feelings about that.
(1:11:13) Kevin: I’m not torn on it. I know it’s gonna be bad for people who want to collect them all or want the rarest ones or whatever I’m just I’m just like I like that color. I want that color. I don’t care if it’s common or rare I just like that color. I’m so I’m happy with whatever
(1:11:31) Spencer: Yeah, see, my complaint is more so the fact that there are rare colors, but you don’t know what those rare colors are.
(1:11:41) Spencer: You could see like a midnight black T-Rex and you’d be like, “Oh, that’s cool, like let me tame it,” and it could be common, and you’d be like, “Okay, well, I guess I’ve never seen any other T-Rexes, so, all right, sure.”
(1:11:47) Kevin: Yep.
(1:11:47) Kevin: There is one way, if you get them recorded in your dino decks, it will tell you the color specifically.
(1:11:59) Spencer: Correct, yeah.
(1:11:59) Kevin: Yeah, that is the only way, but in general, you’re right, you could see the rarest color of triceratops,
(1:12:08) Kevin: and you’re maybe not even particularly interested in that color, and oops, you just missed the super rare one.
(1:12:15) Kevin: But again, there’s no other…
(1:12:17) Kevin: …than the visuals, and maybe the collection aspect if you’re into it.
(1:12:21) Kevin: But, so, you know, your mileage will vary on that.
(1:12:25) Kevin: But, I agree.
(1:12:27) Kevin: It’s…
(1:12:29) Kevin: Yeah, it’s mixed in that sense.
(1:12:31) Kevin: But, overall, I think it still works.
(1:12:37) Kevin: Because having color variations in itself, like…
(1:12:41) Kevin: …if I want three T-Rexes, I can get three different colors.
(1:12:45) Kevin: three different colors and I like that or whatever.
(1:12:47) Kevin: You can have a pen full of raptors or whatever and they can all be different colors and it makes the game feel vibrant and fun.
(1:12:55) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, they have but a little bit right, but at least off the bat here they do that pretty well.
(1:12:57) Spencer: Yeah, they’re not all just the same, uh, you know, like, like the Pokemon Effect where you’re like, “Okay, my Pikachu looks like…”
(1:13:03) Spencer: And the Pokemon’s gotten better about this, though, too.
(1:13:05) Spencer: So…
(1:13:06) Spencer: A little bit.
(1:13:14) Kevin: I I guess my big
(1:13:17) Kevin: complaint and actually I just found out some information that will address this complaint about dinosaurs is There are two gaping holes there. Like I said, there’s a wide variety of dinosaurs But we don’t have any pterosaurs and we don’t have any sauropods For people unfamiliar with dinosaurs. Those are the flying like pterodactyl type dinosaurs and the long necks So what That is correct well
(1:13:40) Spencer: Yes. Although, let’s remember though that pterosaurs are not dinosaurs.
(1:13:46) Spencer: I always have to do this.
(1:13:48) Kevin: I okay fine. There’s your PSA. You’re right, right and I know this I’m just I’m just saying this for the the common man listener, but that is correct regardless. They’re not available But neither are any of the aquatic creatures like your
(1:13:51) Spencer: PSA pterosaurs are not dinosaurs for everyone out there.
(1:14:11) Kevin: Polysius sores or mosas or but there’s no place to keep them. So that makes sense to a degree, right?
(1:14:17) Kevin: Yeah, all right Moses sword you you hang out here in the creek, let me just build one of those little pawns Just stick your head in there you’ll be fine But what’s interesting about and I’m especially disappointed about sauropods I have to say because I think they’re they’re awesome
(1:14:17) Spencer: Yeah, you do have a creek that runs kind of like right around your branch.
(1:14:42) Spencer: Yeah, that does seem like an odd one to leave out, especially with how kind of iconic sauropods are just visually.
(1:14:46) Kevin: Yep
(1:14:47) Kevin: Yep Absolutely, but the interesting thing I found out and I just found it on the paleopine’s wiki because I was looking up the list of Dinosaurs just in case I need to check any names in specific They were they’re in the code but they were cut the final for the final release Yeah, they have Parasaurids they have a variety of sauropods
(1:15:13) Kevin: and even a few other ones. The cutout Spinosaurus for instance here…
(1:15:17) Kevin: I know, right? I know! I know!
(1:15:18) Spencer: I can’t believe that.
(1:15:22) Kevin: Well, they did it for Stegosaurus somehow.
(1:15:24) Spencer: Although I guess a saddle on a Spinosaurus would be a little funky.
(1:15:31) Kevin: Sarcosuchus? Sarcosuchus?
(1:15:38) Kevin: Oh gosh, I can’t pronounce it. It’s basically an ancient crocodilian.
(1:15:42) Kevin: That was also cut out from the game.
(1:15:47) Kevin: Apparently Italic Pig has expressed interest in re-introducing them into the game,
(1:15:54) Kevin: and hopefully in a future expansion or something, but we have no hard confirmation of that yet.
(1:16:00) Kevin: Hey, that could be something to look forward to. We’ll get the sauropods in.
(1:16:05) Kevin: I would very much be excited to write a diplodocus.
(1:16:12) Kevin: Yeah, I’d love that.
(1:16:14) Kevin: Um
(1:16:16) Spencer: Yeah I would be interested in some expansions, oh yeah I’m looking at these now, oh man.
(1:16:22) Kevin: I know. Right? The Amargasaurus. Oh, I love that. Look how pretty that is. And of course Brachiosaurus. How could you not have? I want the Brachiosaurus. I don’t care if it stomps my whole farm. I don’t care if it’s too big. Do it. Do it. And yeah, I don’t… What’s interesting to see is how these would fit in with the farming. I don’t know what… I I guess they’d probably just tilt stuff or smash stuff.
(1:16:23) Spencer: These would have been great in the game.
(1:16:52) Spencer: Yeah, or I could see all the sauropods being like tree harvesters, you know, like harvesting the fruit for trees.
(1:16:57) Kevin: Oh, oh That’d be good. Oh, that’s clever. I like that. Oh, that’s clever. I thought terrace swords would be good for a quick travel, you know, cuz Yeah, that’s one of the biggest thing The map in this game is sizable and there’s a day night system So, you know, there’s there’s time limits like I said on the shops and other things
(1:17:13) Spencer: Oh yeah, there’s another thing.
(1:17:16) Spencer: Man, traveling in this game.
(1:17:25) Kevin: It gets dark, it can get hard to see when it’s dark.
(1:17:27) Kevin: Because it’s not a light, a lot of light out in these dinosaur field fields.
(1:17:33) Kevin: And there’s no quick travel options, even though there are separate maps for different sections of the game.
(1:17:40) Kevin: Quick travel would be nice, and I think introducing the tarot swords would be great to help you with that.
(1:17:49) Kevin: You know, not that many of them would be rideable in real life, but oh well.
(1:17:57) Kevin: That would be nice.
(1:17:59) Kevin: But yeah, all those gripes aside, I still think the dinosaurs are really well done.
(1:18:04) Kevin: They really delivered on that promise of dinosaurs in a farming game.
(1:18:09) Kevin: And actually, let’s talk about that farming game aspect because…
(1:18:14) Kevin: Right? [LAUGHTER]
(1:18:15) Spencer: Yeah, this is a farming podcast after all
(1:18:16) Kevin: Right?
(1:18:17) Kevin: So, the farming is…
(1:18:19) Kevin: Well, maybe it’s a little more involved than others because…
(1:18:23) Kevin: well okay you till your farm your soil
(1:18:27) Kevin: you plant the seed you water it that’s standard farming fair what’s interesting there’s two interesting aspects in my opinion first is the soil there are different types of soil and different types of fertilizer so changing that will in change the quality of your crops speaking of which you can grow crops in any season there’s only three seasons in this game and you can grow all of them all the time pretty much, save for a few instances.
(1:18:57) Spencer: Yeah, I don’t know why they decided to make up three seasons instead of using grill seasons,
(1:18:57) Kevin: I’d… well…
(1:19:02) Kevin: Look, you can’t have winter, all the dinosaurs will die.
(1:19:03) Spencer: but to each their own, I guess.
(1:19:05) Spencer: Eh, that’s sure.
(1:19:06) Kevin: Haha, plain and simple.
(1:19:09) Kevin: Um…
(1:19:11) Kevin: But yeah, they have three seasons based off the three periods that we all know.
(1:19:17) Kevin: Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, um, they’re called other things.
(1:19:21) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:19:21) Kevin: Uh, Merry Cretumnus to everyone.
(1:19:22) Spencer: Something, something, yeah.
(1:19:24) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:19:27) Kevin: Um, so yeah.
(1:19:27) Spencer: But the fruit does not, just for clarification though, so you can grow crops any time of the year, but the fruit on fruit trees only is harvestable during certain periods of the year.
(1:19:42) Kevin: Yes, that is correct. Yes.
(1:19:44) Kevin: Umm…
(1:19:46) Kevin: Ohhh…
(1:19:47) Kevin: You know, I just had a thought.
(1:19:49) Kevin: So, the dinosaurs that can help you harvest, their skill is called ground harvester.
(1:19:53) Kevin: Maybe the sauropods were meant to be three harvesters.
(1:19:57) Kevin: I’m just… just had this realization.
(1:20:00) Kevin: Anyways, umm…
(1:20:02) Kevin: So, yeah, like I said though, going back to the soil thing, umm…
(1:20:06) Kevin: And it’s interesting because once you say plant a carrot, right?
(1:20:09) Kevin: you put it in the right soil, once you harvest the carrot, the soy sauce will be ready to
(1:20:12) Kevin: be used.
(1:20:19) Spencer: Yeah, so I didn’t realize this until like a couple days ago, to be honest, and I saw that, you know, I was thumbing through your little diary.
(1:20:28) Spencer: So you have this diary that like keeps track of everything.
(1:20:33) Spencer: And I was, like I said, I was thumbing through the profiles of the vegetables and I was like,
(1:20:39) Spencer: okay, carrot.
(1:20:40) Spencer: And then it said, oh, it prefers like, you know, because I had this buildup of fertilizer.
(1:20:44) Spencer: I was like, what fertilizer should I use for carrots?
(1:20:46) Spencer: I think it says it prefers like squishy soil or something.
(1:20:49) Kevin: Yep Yeah
(1:20:49) Spencer: But then it also tells you what it leaves the soil as and I was like oh no, like oh no,
(1:20:56) Spencer: like this is a whole planning system. This isn’t just plant the plants and grow them. This is like,
(1:21:04) Spencer: okay this is carrots first but then it’s gonna go to potatoes when I harvest them and then from potatoes it’s going to go to sp… and I’m like oh no, no, no. Break out the flowcharts.
(1:21:07) Kevin: Yep Yeah, I gotcha yep Oh, yeah No, you got you can plan min max real good in this game if you like that Oh if it’s trying to get us set up going and knowing how you’re gonna do it. Um,
(1:21:26) Kevin: But that was one of the nuggets hidden in the help menu that they don’t really tell you about
(1:21:34) Kevin: Because I was curious like I was low on one perlet I was like how do I get this fertilizer and so I’m like okay I’ll just dig through the help section see if it says something and that’s when I learned about the depletion and the replacing of soils and things like that By the way, there are composters and that’s how you can get Fertilizers also you get fertilized from the dinosaur poop you clean up clean up. Oh, what’s once food?
(1:21:55) Spencer: Yeah, but the composters are, oh sorry, go ahead, I was just going to say the composters,
(1:21:56) Kevin: No, go ahead go on
(1:22:03) Spencer: when you first start your ranch, it’s like covered in debris and other, you know, random stuff so like, that’s kind of how they gate keep the game so to speak is like you start your ranch, you only have your one dinosaur that can clear debris and then, you know,
(1:22:06) Kevin: Oh, yeah.
(1:22:08) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:22:10) Kevin: Yep.
(1:22:12) Kevin: Yep.
(1:22:19) Spencer: they teach you how to tame a dinosaur, which I believe is what the…
(1:22:22) Kevin: direct source or we are not the give the first one use tame for the first maintain the gallium mimus we can just run yeah but that they have your hm’s are poking on hm’s uh… star acac source
(1:22:25) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:22:26) Spencer: Yeah, the Galomimus doesn’t really do much in regards to debris but…
(1:22:34) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:22:37) Spencer: Yeah, so then you tame that one and then by being able to smash rocks, it kind of opens up another part of your ranch because you can start clearing that area and then, you know, you want to tame say like a, I think the next one I tamed was ankylosaurus so that
(1:22:55) Spencer: you can smash wood so you can open up a third part of your ranch and then, yeah, then you start getting ones that can like slash things, which opens up another part.
(1:22:59) Kevin: Yeah, kylosaur is great.
(1:23:02) Kevin: Yep.
(1:23:05) Kevin: Yep, yep, yep, yep.
(1:23:08) Kevin: Yeah, and as you said, right, because there’s basically three entrances in your ranch where you can see, okay, there’s a bunch of rocks blocking this way, a bunch of logs blocking this way, and a bunch of bushes blocking this way, and so you have to eventually tame the correct dinosaurs to plow your way through those obstacles.
(1:23:28) Kevin: and good.
(1:23:29) Kevin: There’s a whole bunch of other ones inside those areas.
(1:23:31) Spencer: Yeah, and then once you reach those areas, that’s where you get the fertilizer containers,
(1:23:33) Kevin: Um, your ranch is pretty sizable once you unlock all of it, though.
(1:23:36) Kevin: Yes.
(1:23:40) Kevin: Yeah, the composters, yes.
(1:23:42) Spencer: so to speak.
(1:23:42) Kevin: That is correct.
(1:23:43) Spencer: Yeah, composters.
(1:23:44) Kevin: Um,
(1:23:44) Kevin: one-
(1:23:46) Kevin: Uh, oh, what I was gonna say earlier about the fertilizer.
(1:23:48) Kevin: One fun little thing I- they don’t- I don’t think it’s ever told to you, but I just noticed.
(1:23:53) Kevin: Um,
(1:23:54) Kevin: the type of fertilizer you get depends on what the animal eats or the dinosaur eats.
(1:23:59) Kevin: Carnivores give, like, firm compost, herbivores, like, like, sticky, and the omnivores give soft, I think.
(1:24:07) Kevin: Um, but that’s just, I think, a fun little, uh, tidbit or- or way they went about that, um, I- I was fond of that.
(1:24:15) Kevin: Um,
(1:24:16) Kevin: and, uh,
(1:24:18) Kevin: on that note of talking about the dinosaur skills, um,
(1:24:22) Kevin: that’s probably the other big differentiator for this farming game, because,
(1:24:26) Kevin: Every farming game has a charge, you gotta hoe until the wind blows.
(1:24:29) Kevin: But now you can have dinosaurs do all that for you.
(1:24:34) Kevin: Or at least use them as big…
(1:24:37) Kevin: Yeah, farming simulator gets big John Deere tractors, we get Triceratops and paleo pines, and it’s AWESOME.
(1:24:38) Spencer: Yeah, that was pretty enjoyable.
(1:24:47) Kevin: Umm…
(1:24:49) Kevin: Yes.
(1:24:49) Spencer: Yeah, I will say, I will say some of the controls are a little wonky.
(1:24:54) Spencer: They can get a little wonky at times.
(1:24:55) Spencer: Like you have your like your tilling dinosaurs and you really have to line yourself up to get a good like row of till going or tilling row, you know.
(1:25:01) Kevin: Yes, yep. Yeah, the problem is it’s a 3d You know rotate the camera pull open Open world, but you know I get the control scheme, right?
(1:25:14) Kevin: But the farming is still grid based right and you don’t always see where it’s gonna land when you’re using your dinosaur ability or whatever They that is a little rough in particular the Mm-hmm
(1:25:15) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:25:16) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:25:27) Spencer: Yeah, it would have been oh, yeah, that’s what I was just about to bring up the watering
(1:25:31) Kevin: » The watering is really bad, I’ve been playing this game for a full week solid.
(1:25:37) Kevin: I don’t know where the water is gonna land.
(1:25:39) Kevin: And to be clear, the dinosaurs that help you water, yeah it should show you the grid.
(1:25:41) Spencer: Yeah, they should have definitely implemented, uh, yeah, yeah, just kind of like highlight
(1:25:46) Kevin: Just like where the square is gonna land, that’s all it needs,
(1:25:48) Kevin: just to show you where the water is gonna land.
(1:25:50) Kevin: I was, yeah, one thing about that.
(1:25:55) Kevin: So the first dinosaur that will water for you is actually, I think you’re Gallimimus.
(1:26:00) Kevin: Yes, it is.
(1:26:01) Kevin: So, you’re forced to tame that one.
(1:26:02) Spencer: Yeah, that’s correct.
(1:26:03) Kevin: It’s your tutorial for taming.
(1:26:05) Kevin: Um…
(1:26:06) Kevin: And so, I thought, “Oh, is he…”
(1:26:08) Kevin: You know, ‘cause Gallimimus is the smallest dinosaur, and he has nimble hands.
(1:26:12) Kevin: Is he gonna kinda grab a watering can and do it for me?
(1:26:15) Kevin: Oh, no. No, no. He does it Flintstone-style.
(1:26:18) Kevin: Suck up a bunch of water and just spit it all out!
(1:26:21) Spencer: Just… sighs
(1:26:22) Kevin: Oh, it’s great.
(1:26:23) Spencer: Shhh!
(1:26:25) Spencer: Yeah. That was pretty funny.
(1:26:26) Kevin: It’s pretty funny.
(1:26:27) Kevin: The T-Rex is also a waterer.
(1:26:29) Kevin: I’m just imagining.
(1:26:32) Kevin: It’s this massive mouth spray from T-Rex all over.
(1:26:35) Kevin: But yeah, that’s probably the… like it’s a useful skill, but it’s just…
(1:26:47) Spencer: Yeah, I mean all the skills are useful for the most part.
(1:26:48) Kevin: They are.
(1:26:50) Kevin: And something fun is that there’s variations in the skill.
(1:26:53) Kevin: So, Styracosaurus, for instance, it tills your land, right?
(1:26:56) Kevin: Well, if you get Triceratops, which is much bigger,
(1:26:59) Kevin: Triceratops will till three rows of land for you at once.
(1:27:02) Spencer: Oh wow, I mean I was about to ask that because I have a couple that I haven’t fully tamed yet or at least had helpers and I was like well this is clearly going to be a tiller again like why would I want more than one tiller or why would I want you know but there
(1:27:08) Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, there’s two reasons. First, those variations, the bigger dinosaurs will do bigger amounts of things for you. And secondly, an important part of this, dinosaurs have stamina,
(1:27:30) Kevin: right? They can only take a certain amount of actions per day of watering or tilling or whatever,
(1:27:35) Kevin: right so if you have more tillers well you
(1:27:38) Kevin: can till more land without you know because once you run out of stamina on one dinosaur I’ll just hop on the other one and bam you have more tilling Oh what you can I miss that Wow
(1:27:47) Spencer: Yeah, unless you want to spend a lot of money on refilling stamina, which you can do, but you have to use the- Yes, yep.
(1:27:59) Spencer: You can refill it with the Poppins.
(1:28:01) Kevin: really Wow oh my god why
(1:28:03) Spencer: The Poppins refill stamina, yes.
(1:28:06) Spencer: That was something I had to look up.
(1:28:08) Kevin: I’ll be so helpful earlier when you have like one or two dinosaurs Wow but yeah they are expensive though so I don’t know if I’d like that though that’s wild okay well then you go back to that point of not being clear um but yeah so that once I will say one thing I will say about this whole farming system once Once you get going it feels really good though.
(1:28:38) Kevin: If you have a whole crew of dinosaurs and you can kill and destroy all the obstacles you want, I find it really enjoyable.
(1:28:45) Kevin: Um.
(1:28:46) Spencer: Yeah, I mean, again, I’m not like a farming game guru, but I definitely found it intuitive enough where I was like, okay, like, you know, this makes sense.
(1:29:02) Spencer: And then also like, with enough complexity where I was like, okay, I could see myself like really digging deep into this, but I wasn’t put off.
(1:29:07) Kevin: Yep Yeah
(1:29:10) Spencer: I wasn’t like, this is too much.
(1:29:13) Spencer: You know, this is like, it doesn’t get too out of a hand.
(1:29:16) Spencer: But it gives you enough to really be like, all right, like, I’m going to sit down here.
(1:29:21) Spencer: I’m going to plant things and I’m going to like get three star crops because there,
(1:29:23) Kevin: - There you go.
(1:29:24) Kevin: Yep.
(1:29:25) Spencer: there is a crop rating system to this, by the way.
(1:29:28) Spencer: Like if you just plant, say a carrot in a plot of land, you’ll probably get a zero star carrot.
(1:29:33) Kevin: Yeah, it’s three stars, but it’s really four with the zero star.
(1:29:34) Spencer: But if you use, yeah, yeah, that’s true.
(1:29:39) Spencer: Um, but if you, you know, take your time to do the right fertilizer and everything,
(1:29:44) Spencer: then you can boost that up.
(1:29:45) Kevin: And then you make money, which is important because money is a valuable resource in this game.
(1:29:51) Kevin: Things cost a lot.
(1:29:54) Spencer: Yeah, and it is very limited too because you know you can sell things to people but even they have money so you might actually suck them dry of money one day and then you’re like well.
(1:29:59) Kevin: Yeah, that’s fascinating.
(1:30:01) Kevin: Yeah, that is wild to see that.
(1:30:10) Kevin: I don’t think I’ve hit that personally,
(1:30:12) Kevin: but it is fascinating to see them implement that,
(1:30:15) Kevin: where you can’t just drop 10,000 carrots and to make infinite money or whatever.
(1:30:21) Kevin: But I’m glad you felt that way about the farming.
(1:30:26) Kevin: And like I said, the dinosaurs, I think,
(1:30:30) Kevin: because not only from the mechanical aspect of them,
(1:30:34) Kevin: tilling things faster,
(1:30:36) Kevin: because you have your own stamina, right?
(1:30:37) Kevin: You can’t till infinite squares of dirt yourself.
(1:30:41) Kevin: So the dinosaurs help you with that.
(1:30:43) Kevin: But not only that, it’s just fun writing a triceratops.
(1:30:48) Kevin: I get a lot of joy writing a dinosaur and having my stegosaurus swing its tail and harvest crops for me.
(1:30:56) Kevin: And I think that was the promise that
(1:30:59) Kevin: this game was making, and it fully delivered, absolutely.
(1:31:03) Kevin: Um, yeah.
(1:31:06) Kevin: Um, uh, so let’s see, we’ve gone through most of the mechanics, I think, which, you know, I think are a big part of this game because it is so blended with the dinosaur so well that it’s hard not to talk about.
(1:31:20) Kevin: Um, the last thing is probably the quests, which aren’t too in-depth.
(1:31:27) Kevin: that most of them are fetch-type quests or games.
(1:31:29) Kevin: Or get X number of carats or materials or whatever, right?
(1:31:33) Kevin: There’s a job board.
(1:31:35) Kevin: Yeah, there’s a job board in the middle of the town that constantly refills.
(1:31:35) Spencer: Yeah, they’re quests.
(1:31:39) Kevin: And that’s basically easy, small quests,
(1:31:41) Kevin: either fetch quests or delivery quests.
(1:31:43) Kevin: And they just give you a lot of times valuable resources.
(1:31:47) Kevin: That’s one of the things they updated in the patch.
(1:31:49) Kevin: Actually, they made the rewards more rewarding.
(1:31:52) Kevin: Yes.
(1:31:54) Spencer: Now, let me ask you this, again, another thing that it didn’t explain to me at least, or I missed that tutorial, right, you kind of get a hint at it because certain characters have houses and like they will, you know, you can interact with their door, but it’ll tell you like, oh, you’re not close enough with that person at first, right?
(1:31:56) Kevin: Yes.
(1:31:59) Kevin: Yes.
(1:32:15) Spencer: But in your diary, you can actually see how close you are with that person.
(1:32:17) Kevin: you Yes, yep another farming staple the socials links you can’t date anyone, but just friendship Yeah.
(1:32:19) Spencer: It’ll tell you whether or not you’re a pal or whatnot.
(1:32:24) Spencer: No, no dating.
(1:32:29) Spencer: But what kind of like tipped me off to this more so was that some of the characters that sell items, the closer you are with them will give you more discounts.
(1:32:39) Kevin: Yes, that is not told to you, but that one I’m fine with, that’s a fun bonus, in my opinion.
(1:32:45) Kevin: It’s basically your reward for getting closer with them.
(1:32:50) Kevin: They will sell you discounts, or sometimes I think they’ll add more variety in their inventory and stuff like that.
(1:32:56) Kevin: Yeah, I was fond of that.
(1:32:59) Kevin: And you do that primarily by doing these quests we’re talking about, bringing them their things and whatnot.
(1:33:06) Kevin: So it pays off in different ways, and I was pretty fond of that.
(1:33:11) Spencer: Now, some of these quests are, you know, storyline-driven, as much of a storyline as there is in this game, and like you said, most of them are fetch quests, but nothing seems to be too tied to any kind of immediacy, which is good and a little weird sometimes.
(1:33:14) Kevin: Yup.
(1:33:16) Kevin: Yup.
(1:33:26) Kevin: Yes, right, right, um.
(1:33:31) Spencer: Yeah, like, I think I got a request for like, “Oh, like my cousin’s having a birthday or or something and I want to get him a present.
(1:33:37) Kevin: Yep. Yep. Yep. The only restraint, probably, is some characters will switch the locations or not even be available on certain days. So that’s the only way I can think you might I’ll be able to complete a quest, at least not immediately.
(1:33:41) Spencer: Get me these items and like I had that quest for like days.
(1:33:44) Spencer: I’m like isn’t that person birthday like past like a month ago or something at this point?
(1:33:48) Spencer: Like alright here you go.
(1:34:07) Kevin: But otherwise, I think that’s an important note that the game really doesn’t pressure you, or in any way.
(1:34:15) Kevin: With the seasons not even preventing you from actually planting any crops for the most part,
(1:34:23) Kevin: you can really just play this however you want. If you just want to catch dinosaurs all day, you can.
(1:34:29) Kevin: Obviously there are benefits to completing the storyline because new areas with new dinosaurs and such unlock.
(1:34:35) Kevin: Um, so that’s definitely a driving.
(1:34:37) Kevin: Uh, but, uh, by and large though, it is a very relaxed space, even, even amongst other farming and cottage core games, like Stardew is, you know, it’s relatively relaxed, but you still have the seasons and birthdays and things like, which still birthdays do exist in this game, but it still feels relaxed, even compared to say Stardew.
(1:35:07) Kevin: Oh yeah, budding days. They’re budding days in this game.
(1:35:07) Spencer: Not birthdays, they are called, what are they called in this game?
(1:35:11) Spencer: Budding days, budding, yeah.
(1:35:11) Kevin: But I, oh, okay. So that was the bad, the good. All right. I have to bring up the ugly. I called it the ugly because I have to share a little story. Um, and apparently this was addressed in the package. So this was, I believe my second night of playing this game.
(1:35:34) Kevin: Um, it was, I was just playing as like towards the end of the.
(1:35:37) Kevin: Day on my farm and all of a sudden my left switch con, my joy con stops working and I can go to the home menu.
(1:35:48) Kevin: It’s working fine.
(1:35:48) Kevin: It’s just for whatever reason, this game is not reading the inputs from my left con, which was really odd.
(1:35:54) Kevin: Um, so I have to restart the game.
(1:35:57) Kevin: Right?
(1:35:58) Kevin: Because I don’t know some kind of.
(1:35:59) Kevin: Blich or bug or whatever.
(1:36:01) Kevin: Right.
(1:36:01) Kevin: And so when I restart my game, this was still early on.
(1:36:06) Kevin: I only had I think the two.
(1:36:07) Kevin: The Para-saur and the Gilamimos.
(1:36:10) Kevin: Um.
(1:36:11) Kevin: They were, my dinosaurs had disappeared and not only that, but the pen was now kind of glitching and the gate was gone.
(1:36:14) Spencer: Oh no.
(1:36:20) Kevin: And anytime I took down an item, it would just respawn.
(1:36:25) Kevin: So I would just get infinite respawning items, including the, the, the sleeping pen, the sleeping spots you have to make.
(1:36:35) Kevin: Oh, I think we’ve mentioned that you have to make beds for your
(1:36:38) Kevin: dinosaurs, basically, um, yeah.
(1:36:38) Spencer: Oh yeah, yeah you have to find these stones, they call them dream stones and it’s essentially a bed.
(1:36:42) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:36:44) Kevin: And there’s support.
(1:36:44) Spencer: Um, and it’s a requirement too for the diamond, the dinosaur.
(1:36:45) Kevin: Yes.
(1:36:47) Kevin: Yes.
(1:36:47) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:36:48) Kevin: Um, and they’re kind of rare-ish because you just kind of find them on the ground, wherever, whenever, but thanks to this glitch, I had a bunch of them, but my dinosaurs also disappeared.
(1:36:59) Kevin: Eventually I was able to overcome it.
(1:37:02) Spencer: Oh no!
(1:37:04) Kevin: No, I think I lasted like a.
(1:37:04) Spencer: Did you have to restart?
(1:37:06) Spencer: Oh, okay.
(1:37:07) Kevin: In-game day without them.
(1:37:09) Kevin: Basically, I just had to reconstruct the pens and they respond.
(1:37:13) Kevin: It was wild though.
(1:37:14) Kevin: See my dinosaurs just disappearing.
(1:37:15) Spencer: Oh.
(1:37:17) Kevin: Um, like I said, I went through the patch notes for the, that they dropped.
(1:37:22) Kevin: And I think that was a bug that they addressed, um, because that patch was just dropped in the past week.
(1:37:27) Spencer: Yeah, I mean, they dropped… I think they dropped two patches already, to be honest.
(1:37:28) Kevin: Um, and it might’ve been before then.
(1:37:30) Kevin: Really?
(1:37:33) Kevin: I believe it.
(1:37:33) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:37:35) Kevin: uh but yeah that’s was just wild to see and again this was like my second day playing the game
(1:37:44) Spencer: I didn’t have anything that crazy happen to me as far as glitches go I mean trying to think ironically enough so I was taking taking my switch to work with me and playing at lunch and it was like I don’t know if it was like mid update when I took it away from my house so it was just kind of like mid update but it still let me play the game and then it like crash.
(1:38:05) Kevin: - Yeah, yeah, okay.
(1:38:14) Spencer: so I just like how cool I get to restart like the whole you know hour that I was just playing and then when I got home it updated and stuff and then I looked at the notes and I realized like oh it crashed because I was saving and there was like too much stuff that I did which was addressed in the up which was addressed in the update that it was mid update I like cool like I should have just waited for the update but
(1:38:29) Kevin: Yeah Yeah Yeah, that’s yeah that that was a rough one um The game still crashes for me every now and then I don’t know if they fully if there’s still issues at the memory with that but Regardless though they did at least patch some of it That stinks though
(1:38:56) Spencer: Yeah, I think I’ve only had it crash one other time when I was entering the forest area.
(1:39:03) Spencer: But I don’t know if they implemented some kind of autosave feature because when I restarted the game it just set me back right there.
(1:39:11) Kevin: It does have an autosave feature. Anytime you enter a new area, you’ll get the loading screen. That’s an autosave point When you sleep and when you enter a new area, that’s an autosave point Okay, mm-hmm
(1:39:20) Spencer: Okay, okay.
(1:39:22) Spencer: Yeah, yeah.
(1:39:25) Spencer: Now, did you notice, is this a glitch? Or maybe it’s just happening for me. When you go to inventory,
(1:39:33) Spencer: or you go to your storage, and let’s say you like,
(1:39:36) Spencer: the first thing you take out or put in,
(1:39:39) Spencer: it’ll like auto-scroll you to like a different tab.
(1:39:43) Spencer: Is that just a me thing?
(1:39:43) Kevin: I think that’s a glitch. That’s a you thing. I don’t think I’ve had this happen to me.
(1:39:47) Kevin: Right?
(1:39:48) Spencer: Alright, like let’s say I’m like in my storage and I’ll
(1:39:49) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:39:50) Spencer: go to the seed area and I’ll be like I want I want onion seeds right I’ll take the onion seeds out but then all of a sudden it’ll like put me in my like tool inventory in the storage and I’m like okay let me scroll back to the seeds
(1:40:01) Kevin: That’s…
(1:40:03) Kevin: Huh! I’m gonna have to check that out because I don’t use the tabs that much.
(1:40:09) Kevin: I haven’t thought about doing it that much. Um, but maybe that will happen. I don’t know.
(1:40:15) Kevin: I haven’t… it hasn’t happened to me because I don’t get in that situation.
(1:40:20) Kevin: But I’ll test that out. That’s fascinating. Kind of annoying. Dang. Hmm.
(1:40:23) Spencer: Yeah, so but they are actively working on the game though, which is nice to see
(1:40:29) Kevin: Yeah, so yeah, I’m sure they’ll iron.
(1:40:31) Kevin: That’s the out and you know, I’m of course they’re listening to us being the big influencers there. So hopefully just the complaints.
(1:40:38) Kevin: Okay, I think that was pretty pretty good looking discussion about paleopines. Do you have any other comments or things you like to add?
(1:40:51) Spencer: No, I mean, like I said at the beginning, I enjoyed the game.
(1:40:57) Spencer: I know we probably sounded like we griped on a lot of things, but you know, sometimes you’re hardest on things you like and I would definitely give it, I’m a fan of, you know,
(1:41:08) Spencer: five star rating, so I would give it maybe like a four out of five.
(1:41:10) Kevin: Yeah, over to.
(1:41:12) Kevin: Yep, there you go.
(1:41:13) Spencer: Four dinosaurs.
(1:41:14) Spencer: Yeah, I would definitely recommend it.
(1:41:16) Spencer: You’re probably going to get more enjoyment out of it if you’re into dinosaurs.
(1:41:21) Spencer: You know, just take that as like a, you know, take that into account.
(1:41:25) Kevin: Yep. I will too. I want that last area. I want to see what dinosaurs are out there.
(1:41:28) Spencer: But yeah, I’m definitely going to be playing this game probably more after and looking for…
(1:41:34) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:41:34) Spencer: Yeah.
(1:41:34) Kevin: On that note, before we start wrapping these up,
(1:41:40) Kevin: what are some of your favorite dinosaurs? We need to answer these questions.
(1:41:44) Spencer: How well I know last time I’ll ask me and I got a stick with you know My answer that I gave him which was Spinosaurus is by far my favorite. Are we talking are we talking about in game?
(1:41:53) Kevin: Oh no, that’s the one that was-
(1:41:55) Kevin: Oh no!
(1:41:57) Spencer: Yeah, I know I was so I was saw that I was like no But you know, I like I like Spinosaurus in general. So having a baryonyx in there was cool. I was like, okay Okay, I got a baryonyx Yeah
(1:41:58) Kevin: Okay.
(1:42:01) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:42:04) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:42:06) Kevin: Your spinosaur’s light.
(1:42:09) Kevin: Are there any that you’ve become fond of?
(1:42:15) Spencer: Hmm Trying to think I Will say I do enjoy the ankylosaurus. It moved a little bit faster than I was expecting it to I was like So I was like, yeah Yeah Yeah How about you what are you some of your favorites?
(1:42:24) Kevin: Yup.
(1:42:26) Kevin: I love enchilosaurs.
(1:42:29) Kevin: Walking pink.
(1:42:31) Kevin: Club guy, oh it’s so cool.
(1:42:34) Kevin: Um.
(1:42:35) Kevin: I got um.
(1:42:45) Kevin: I mean T-Rex is up there because you know little kid Jurassic Park. That’s all that’s burned deep deep into my heart And the T-Rex in this game comes up to me and cuddles with me before I even pet it It’s it’s so affectionate that I think they did that on purpose Cuz you know we can’t think about how the T-Rex would eat all these other types of service They are yep
(1:43:03) Spencer: Mm-hmm Yeah, even even the carnivores are very cuddly and affectionate in this game
(1:43:15) Kevin: I have well, I liked it enough already, but I think this game appreciates it much more Archaeopteryx the little bird that the original feathered dinosaur The little bird guy. He’s really really little in this game. He’s so cute Just little little dudes That they were quite Yeah, I’m a little guys are fun. Oh, oh my gosh. We didn’t mention it the
(1:43:44) Spencer: Oh, that’s…
(1:43:45) Kevin: Little guys, I don’t know how far you got Did you reach the so they have a few holidays?
(1:43:52) Kevin: They’re kind of just yeah, whatever um did you read Shenanigan the holiday called Shenanigan Spencer?
(1:43:57) Kevin: Okay Yes, okay All right, okay, so I’m gonna spoil you just a smidge in here, but after Shenanigan
(1:43:58) Spencer: No, I’m almost there though because the character that puts it on is there in the plaza right now.
(1:44:09) Spencer: Sure.
(1:44:12) Kevin: Uh, they, they, Avery, I believe that character’s name is, he, um,
(1:44:12) Spencer: Mmhmm.
(1:44:15) Kevin: locks some auto-farming for you.
(1:44:15) Spencer: Mmhmm.
(1:44:17) Kevin: He’ll give you a bowl called the seed bowl and your little guys,
(1:44:19) Spencer: Oh.
(1:44:21) Kevin: they will plant seeds for you.
(1:44:22) Spencer: Okay, that’s what they’re used to.
(1:44:23) Kevin: Yes, right.
(1:44:25) Spencer: I have a couple little guys around my farm right now, but they’re just, that’s all.
(1:44:26) Kevin: Because yeah, their skit, they have, so every dinosaur has its skills listed.
(1:44:28) Spencer: All they do is run around.
(1:44:31) Kevin: And the little guys, they have, they, everyone has like a field skill and a farm skill.
(1:44:36) Kevin: Their field skills called discover.
(1:44:38) Kevin: They can help you find items and new dinosaurs out there in the wild.
(1:44:41) Kevin: Um, but their farm skills called like, I think it’s tend or something like
(1:44:45) Kevin: that, and it’s not clear what it was.
(1:44:47) Kevin: Uh, but then, uh, I got it and that’s what they do.
(1:44:51) Kevin: Once you put a bowl out, they can help you with tasks.
(1:44:53) Kevin: I only have a seed bowl, but I suspect there will be other kinds of bowls.
(1:44:56) Spencer: Mm-hmm, that’s good to know.
(1:44:59) Kevin: Um, so that was fun to see and it’s really cute to see them running around helping plant seeds and stuff.
(1:45:06) Kevin: Um, but yeah, that’s, that’s paleo pines for you, everyone.
(1:45:13) Kevin: I hope you enjoyed it.
(1:45:14) Kevin: Thank you.
(1:45:15) Kevin: Joining me, Spencer.
(1:45:16) Kevin: Um, where would you, well, and then thank you all for having us, uh, bringing us on.
(1:45:23) Kevin: Um, would you like people to find you on the internet?
(1:45:25) Spencer: Um, they can find me, uh, this is what I plugged last time, I’ll plug it again.
(1:45:33) Spencer: I have a cooking Instagram, which is not updated as much as it could be, um, but I like to cook, so you can find me there on spencer.cooks, S-P-E-N-C-E-R.C-O-O-K-S.
(1:45:51) Kevin: Nice.
(1:45:51) Spencer: Okay, yes Yes
(1:45:53) Kevin: Yeah, Spencer cooks a lot of Mexican food. He’s a kind of sewer. He knows the good stuff, so props for that for sure.
(1:45:55) Spencer: You
(1:46:02) Kevin: Listeners can find… well, is there anywhere else I might be cutting off your plug?
(1:46:09) Kevin: Anywhere else you’d like to plug or mention?
(1:46:12) Kevin: Alright.
(1:46:12) Spencer: Oh, no, no, no, that’s, you know, that’s probably the best place to be 100% honest, so…
(1:46:16) Kevin: Alright, um, people can find me at
(1:46:21) Kevin: my personal Twitter, which is mostly retweeting other funny or smarter more interesting people.
(1:46:25) Kevin: I’d @SparjaSquared if you want my art account and see pixel stuff.
(1:46:28) Kevin: Or,
(1:46:31) Kevin: probably the most interesting thing,
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(1:46:48) Kevin: big month we were on hiatus and we’re
(1:46:51) Kevin: back like I mentioned we did Luigi’s Mansion Mario excuse me Alex went to Japan he will have stories about Mario suit for next week’s episode and also Mario’s new voice actor just dropped so hear thoughts on that but yeah find me there you can find the podcast at THS
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(1:48:14) Kevin: Spencer and I will actually be having a greenhouse for you soon.
(1:48:19) Kevin: on perhaps other big scalies.
(1:48:21) Kevin: I did another Greenhouse episode where we dive into the deepest darkest pits that is the Sonic fandom, and I introduce Johnny to Sonic characters as-
(1:48:51) Kevin: we rank them. He knows nothing of Sonic the Hedgehog, so it is a, uh, that was a real treat,
(1:48:52) Spencer: Oh my goodness.
(1:48:54) Spencer: Oh my goodness.
(1:48:59) Kevin: and I’m excited for people to listen to that one. I just wait till finally Johnny learns who big the cat really is. Alright, um, and so, unless you have anything else to add, Spencer, um, I think where we’re done here. And so.
(1:49:10) Spencer: Oh, jeez.
(1:49:22) Kevin: All right. And so, dear farmers, until next time, have a good harvest.
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