Zombie Doing Yardwork

Kev and Kelly do a second harvest of Graveyard Keeper


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00:02:17: What Have We Been Up To
00:06:11: News
00:34:56: Graveyard Keeper
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Coral Island 1.0
Moonlight in Garland Early Access
Sun Haven 1.3 Update
Fabledom Fairytales & Community Update
Moonstone Island Eerie Items DLC
Lonesome Village Physical Edition
Garden Story Translation Update
Fantastic Haven

Graveyard Keeper


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(0:00:32) Kevin: this is kelly ween this is kelly ween kelly ween kelly ween and in this show uh we talk about games that are filled with cottage gore yeah hi everyone welcome to the harvest season um with me today is kelly i’m kevin she’s actually gonna be here for well spoilers but then she’s gonna be on next week too she were on last week I bring it up because last year you were on for Halloween we did Cult of the Land.
(0:00:47) Kelly: Hey.
(0:00:57) Kelly: Oh, I forgot about that.
(0:01:02) Kevin: And so, yeah, so, well, that’s exactly right.
(0:01:03) Kelly: Is this just like my thing?
(0:01:07) Kevin: Um, yeah, you’re Kelly our pumpkin queen.
(0:01:10) Kevin: So here we are.
(0:01:11) Kevin: Um, she’s all about this stuff.
(0:01:14) Kevin: And so we are here today to talk about graveyard keeper, another, um, cottage gore game, um, technically this is a second harvest episode.
(0:01:25) Kevin: Uh, Raschelle covered it way back.
(0:01:28) Kevin: Like the first Halloween episode.
(0:01:32) Kevin: And so I knew about it for years, but I didn’t get a chance to play it until recently.
(0:01:37) Kevin: Um, and Kelly has played it significantly.
(0:01:40) Kevin: Um, yeah.
(0:01:40) Kelly: I only got out of it though last year. I was very new to it, so…
(0:01:44) Kevin: Well, still more than I have.
(0:01:49) Kevin: I’ve only played, uh, just a handful, relatively speaking.
(0:01:51) Kevin: Um, but yeah, that’s, uh, we will get to that soon enough.
(0:01:58) Kevin: Um, but before that, as always.
(0:02:02) Kevin: Show notes and links and the transcripts are all available on the website for people to see and look at and on.
(0:02:09) Kevin: Ooh, and whatnot.
(0:02:11) Kevin: Um, and, uh, before the graveyard keeper will do news as always.
(0:02:17) Kevin: And more importantly, what have you been up to Kelly?
(0:02:19) Kevin: What have you been playing, watching, doing, yada, yada.
(0:02:21) Kelly: Um, playing? I’ve really been slacking. I’ve been playing solitaire in Pokemon Go, which is not… It is, but I just… I get stuck playing it, and like, it’s fun, but I’m also like, I could be playing something better.
(0:02:37) Kevin: Yeah, I mean it’s like comfort food sometimes it just it’s simple and I get it Exactly sometimes you just need a mindless game Okay, okay madman okay, I have not watched it. I’m familiar with it. That’s the one with That’s the one like 50s
(0:02:37) Kelly: Um… [laughs]
(0:02:39) Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. It’s like, thoughtless. Um…
(0:02:50) Kelly: But I just…
(0:02:51) Kelly: I rewatched Mad Men, so that I think is more exciting.
(0:03:05) Kelly: yeah like 60s advertising, yeah.
(0:03:05) Kevin: add agency right
(0:03:07) Kevin: 60s okay all right how how mm-hmm how long is it like the whole thing oh wow that’s longer than expected well that’s cool yeah sure
(0:03:07) Kelly: uh I was a big fan when it came out.
(0:03:12) Kelly: uh it’s like seven seasons I think? yeah seven seasons.
(0:03:18) Kelly: yeah when I first ran I jumped ship like I think after season five.
(0:03:25) Kelly: uh I mean it’s not the worst last two seasons but they’re not as good.
(0:03:32) Kelly: Good.
(0:03:34) Kevin: Um, let’s see, uh, well, I’ve last week we covered paleo pines actually kept up with it a good bit after There was a patch that dropped It’s been a big dinosaur for a week for me. I watched Jurassic Park this week again -
(0:03:35) Kelly: What about you? What have you been up to?
(0:03:52) Kevin: Boy, that movie’s real good good other than that Yesterday I cried that Super Mario wonder it just came out yesterday
(0:04:04) Kevin: the newest one for this switch and It’s a good one Um, I’ll plug the rainbow road radio the other show I do with our mutual friend Alex We did our first look at it on that show. We just recorded and that’ll be dropping soon It’s fantastic it’s There’s I’m only a little bit in like on the second world but like every
(0:04:23) Kelly: What do you think of it?
(0:04:34) Kevin: level feels like it is introducing something new and different and I mean classic Mario is good you know 2d it’s your standard 2d Mario and whatnot so the gameplay is good and it’s just filled with all sorts of fun surprises and delights I’m going to spoil people on probably the best part that I’ve experienced so far there’s this level it’s like the second or third level you can do.
(0:05:04) Kevin: There’s a bunch of piranha plants popping out of the pipes and you run and jump past them and whatnot.
(0:05:09) Kevin: And then there’s the Wonder Flower which changes the level in different ways or whatnot.
(0:05:15) Kevin: So when you touch the Wonder Flower, it starts this musical production and all the piranha plants just start singing.
(0:05:23) Kevin: And it’s incredible, you entice everyone to at least look it up.
(0:05:29) Kelly: I actually, I saw it on TikTok this morning and I was like, hmm, okay.
(0:05:30) Kevin: It’s just so much fun.
(0:05:34) Kevin: It’s so, because it just, right?
(0:05:37) Kelly: Very much unexpected.
(0:05:38) Kelly: I thought it was like somebody made it at first, like, you know, somebody edited it.
(0:05:41) Kevin: Yep, it’s so out of the blue.
(0:05:42) Kelly: But no, it was real.
(0:05:45) Kevin: Yeah, no, it’s good.
(0:05:48) Kevin: It’s really funny and yeah, the game just brings smiles to me every level with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns like that.
(0:05:56) Kevin: So yeah, Mario Wonder, two thumbs up for me for sure.
(0:05:59) Kevin: Like I said, people can go to Rainbow World Radio to hear more in-depth thoughts.
(0:06:04) Kevin: But, yeah, that’s mostly what I’ve been up to.
(0:06:08) Kevin: And now, with that, let’s hop on over to the news.
(0:06:15) Kevin: We have, as always, a handful of, mostly game updates.
(0:06:19) Kevin: Yeah, there’s a lot of game updates for some reason right now.
(0:06:24) Kevin: So we’re going to start off talking about Coral Island.
(0:06:30) Kevin: Okay, the one, okay, this is a big one.
(0:06:34) Kevin: For people who may not remember, Coral Island is your standard Stardew-esque, well, I say standard.
(0:06:40) Kevin: It’s got all your fixings, your farming, and it’s on an island, hence the name, right?
(0:06:46) Kevin: So it has the tropical aesthetic and whatnot.
(0:06:51) Kevin: But the big news is the 1.0 version is launching on November 14th, which is exciting.
(0:06:58) Kevin: They have a trailer, and it looks expansive.
(0:07:05) Kevin: There’s a lot going on. You have your farm, you can go underwater, you can meet mermaids, you can do your romancing,
(0:07:12) Kevin: you can do, I think there’s even a race in there somewhere. All that good stuff.
(0:07:18) Kevin: It looks very polished and like a 1.0 game. You can also…
(0:07:22) Kelly: Yeah, I was going to say, it definitely looks like there’s, it looks a lot different than like the first, you know, clips I saw of it.
(0:07:30) Kevin: Yep, absolutely. Yeah, it’s definitely a game now, for a better way of putting it.
(0:07:36) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:07:37) Kevin: And you can also dress up as a panda or dinosaur, so you know, there’s a lot going on there. You also get your little animal crossing, you can redecorate your house wherever you want.
(0:07:49) Kevin: Oh, you can even have a baby in this, that’s wild. Yeah, that is dropping on November 14th,
(0:07:58) Kevin: just a couple of weeks and it will be dropping on Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 they’re hoping for a 2024 release for a Switch version. Do you think you’ll try Coral Island or look in its general
(0:08:12) Kelly: I think I might. I think it definitely looks really cute. I think it depends on if I’m playing anything, you know, when it comes out. I’m trying so hard not to, like, backlog myself.
(0:08:22) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, that’s the hard part right too many games Yeah, no, that’s that’s a good idea I definitely have bought back So I respect that I think you can romance a mermaid so, you know, I’m not that going free I wonder how that’s gonna work. How are they gonna move up the land or vice versa?
(0:08:43) Kevin: It’s a two-story floor but the bottom floor is underwater [laugh]
(0:08:44) Kelly: just uh living in a two separate homes kind of situation there you go
(0:08:52) Kevin: I’m down for that, um, yeah, right now it’s only 25 bucks, oh that’s not bad for this, that’s, that looks like a lot of content for 25 bucks, so, um, get excited.
(0:09:06) Kevin: Um, oh, oh yeah, okay, sure, yep, that makes sense, that’s fair.
(0:09:07) Kelly: Oh, it does say it’s going to release, I think, at $30, though.
(0:09:11) Kelly: There’s a note about the price adjustment.
(0:09:14) Kelly: But the diving looks really cool.
(0:09:16) Kelly: I played a lot of Dave the Diver over the summer,
(0:09:19) Kelly: so I feel like I’m still looking for games where I can go exploring like that.
(0:09:19) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s good.
(0:09:23) Kevin: Yeah, it does look good for like the animation stuff.
(0:09:29) Kevin: I’m also a big fan of underwater type games and it looks very expansive down there.
(0:09:35) Kevin: So yeah, there’s a post on Steam page with all the updates and everything. You guys can check it out.
(0:09:44) Kevin: If you do have early access, it looks like there will be a save reset.
(0:09:53) Kevin: So there is that. But, either way, November 14th, I look forward to it. I might actually check it out now. It looks pretty…
(0:10:00) Kevin: So, next up we have Moonlight and Garland.
(0:10:06) Kevin: I don’t know if this is a game announced, but it’s…
(0:10:09) Kevin: Yeah, I guess it is, because they’re announcing their early access October 24th, which will probably already be out by the time people are listening to this.
(0:10:18) Kevin: This is… here, let me read their, uh…
(0:10:22) Kevin: The elevator pitch, where is it?
(0:10:24) Kevin: A cozy open-ended life sim about finding your feet in the big city, decorate your apartment, make new friends, grow too many houseplants, and love your city life.
(0:10:33) Kevin: Um, so it… yeah, it’s… it’s city-based, right? So you’re in an apartment, you’re not running a whole farm, but you can grow plants, you can have pets, um, make relationships and whatnot.
(0:10:46) Kevin: The art style is…
(0:10:48) Kelly: That’s the most realistic farming sim.
(0:10:52) Kevin: » [LAUGH]
(0:10:54) Kevin: » No, you’re right.
(0:10:59) Kevin: » Yeah, yeah, Kelly can.
(0:11:00) Kevin: Well, no, you’re in the house now, you’re not in an apartment anymore.
(0:11:03) Kelly: No, but definitely, you know, went through that also, like, how do I keep my plans alive in my apartment when there’s no sun?
(0:11:04) Kevin: But yeah, you know the feeling.
(0:11:12) Kevin: Man, gosh, you’re super right.
(0:11:16) Kevin: Boy, there’s a person showing an apartment with a lot of bunnies in their apartment, that seems difficult.
(0:11:23) Kevin: You’re gonna have that many bunnies in an apartment.
(0:11:26) Kevin: The art style is, it’s 2D pixelated, but it’s not Stardew-esque.
(0:11:31) Kevin: It’s a little more cutesy than that, and I don’t know how to best describe it.
(0:11:35) Kevin: And all the NPCs are kind of bobbing their head at the same time to some unknown beat, it is cute looking.
(0:11:43) Kevin: And it’s only the early access, so I’m sure it’ll grow considerably more.
(0:11:51) Kevin: That is, you know.
(0:11:52) Kevin: October 23rd? 24th? I’m seeing two different days.
(0:11:58) Kelly: I definitely want to follow up on it because just looking at the coming soon photo, it’s like why is there an iguana on the sidewalk?
(0:12:06) Kevin: Hahaha!
(0:12:06) Kelly: Can I have an iguana?
(0:12:07) Kevin: Wait, you havin’ a guana?
(0:12:08) Kelly: And then there’s also the bear man.
(0:12:10) Kevin: Wait, wait, wait, wait, let me see, which one are you talkin’ about?
(0:12:10) Kelly: I’m on the steam page, the early access release.
(0:12:14) Kevin: What?
(0:12:15) Kevin: Okay, okay, let me see…
(0:12:17) Kelly: So in the coming soon photo that says steam early access, October 24th, whatever, wishlist now.
(0:12:27) Kevin: Okay, okay. Oh, I’m looking at the wrong page. I would explain it wouldn’t it? Yup. There it is. Okay Yeah, I was looking the wrong page. There is a bear man. Why is there a bear man?
(0:12:28) Kelly: There’s a bear man in the iguana, like do I get a pet iguana, do I get pet pigeons?
(0:12:37) Kevin: Okay, I Okay, I want to mine a department full of pet iguanas that that I can do they’re pretty low-key There are pigeons. So, you know, definitely, you know, they’re hitting Oh, are they gonna have the the trash bags out on the sidewalk?
(0:12:55) Kevin: Are they gonna go all in on the city?
(0:12:57) Kevin: I don’t know if garland is a city name. It’s a city in texas. I know that much.
(0:13:11) Kelly: Yeah. (laughs)
(0:13:28) Kevin: But yeah, coming soon, early access.
(0:13:31) Kevin: Next up, the clip side of early access, we got DLC patches, whatever you want to call it, for Sunhaven.
(0:13:39) Kevin: This is the magical-esque farm where you do magic, there’s monsters, dragons, etc.
(0:13:51) Kevin: It is patch 1.3, which includes new buildings.
(0:13:58) Kevin: There are several that don’t look human, one is an angel, just straight up an angel.
(0:14:04) Kevin: One guy is blue, he’s a moon attendant, whatever that means.
(0:14:11) Kevin: You have to, they will be unlockable at some point, but that’s fascinating, dating non-humans like that.
(0:14:20) Kevin: Oh, they will have a couple of other romancibles coming later this year.
(0:14:28) Kevin: They will also have new farm structures and buildings.
(0:14:32) Kevin: Greenhouses, silos, chicken coops, butterfly gardens, I like that. You don’t see that in farming games.
(0:14:38) Kelly: That’s very unique, yeah.
(0:14:40) Kevin: That’s cute, I love a butterfly garden.
(0:14:44) Kevin: Monocyphoners, glorite siphoners, I don’t know what they are, workshops, and ticket counterfeiters.
(0:14:54) Kevin: I don’t know what that means, but you’re counterfeiting.
(0:14:57) Kevin: They’re up to crimes. I like that.
(0:14:59) Kevin: I want to know why you can do crimes.
(0:15:01) Kevin: Tickets for what?
(0:15:03) Kevin: I don’t think they’re concert tickets.
(0:15:05) Kevin: That’s fascinating.
(0:15:07) Kevin: But yeah, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff.
(0:15:10) Kelly: A lot of stuff. There’s like a ghost shed kit? I want a ghost shed.
(0:15:11) Kevin: What does that mean?
(0:15:18) Kevin: Do you keep ghosts in there?
(0:15:19) Kelly: You grow them in there, maybe?
(0:15:21) Kevin: I don’t…
(0:15:23) Kevin: Oh wait, there are variations.
(0:15:25) Kevin: variations because there’s pumpkin and mushroom.
(0:15:27) Kevin: It looks like a ghost, oh I see it.
(0:15:29) Kevin: Yeah, it has the eyes, the windows look like eyes and the glow, okay.
(0:15:29) Kelly: Oh!
(0:15:31) Kelly: That makes so much more sense because I was like oh mushroom shed. That’s just a shed where you grow mushrooms, you know That’s and then I just took the rest of them like that [laughs]
(0:15:33) Kevin: Um, sh*t skins, yeah it does.
(0:15:36) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, okay.
(0:15:44) Kevin: Um, oh that’s the butterfly, wow those are big butterflies.
(0:15:47) Kevin: Um, oh those are fascinating buildings.
(0:15:49) Kevin: Um, let’s see, player birthdays.
(0:15:53) Kevin: There is the birthday, birthday celebration.
(0:15:57) Kevin: There is a huge pinata that you can hit, so I’m already down for this.
(0:16:01) Kevin: Um, geez that’s like a full sized lion looking pinata, that’s great.
(0:16:06) Kevin: Um, that’s uh, so all that’s included in the patch.
(0:16:10) Kevin: Aside from that there will be DLC available.
(0:16:13) Kevin: Um, all six different packs, trick or treat, spirit battle, rock and roll, cyber pop, monkey monkey, and dreamy ram.
(0:16:22) Kevin: They’re all, they contain different items, packs, outfits, items, whatever.
(0:16:27) Kevin: You guys can check the Steam page for details.
(0:16:30) Kevin: Uh, for, yeah, there’s more details out there than we talked about, but, uh, yeah, that seems like a hefty patch. That seems like fun.
(0:16:38) Kelly: Yeah, there’s a lot in this. This page goes on.
(0:16:38) Kevin: Um, uh, yeah, it does. Um…
(0:16:41) Kelly: And there’s even a coming soon, so…
(0:16:43) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, they’re talking about future.
(0:16:47) Kevin: Um, wow, new season of weather. Wow.
(0:16:50) Kevin: Gloomy, what’s the difference between rainy and gloomy rain? I don’t know.
(0:16:55) Kelly: Um, I think there’s I could I could understand that one
(0:16:55) Kevin: But there you go All right, yeah, I guess. Okay, uh See like out here in Georgia. It’s a little more like rain. Not gloomy rain. Gloomy rains like hurricane force rain That’s what I think Wait no, yeah, okay. I get it
(0:17:10) Kelly: No, I think gloomy rain is like when it’s kind of cold and like the sky is just dark and grey all day and it’s like just kind of constant. Like you could have nice rain, like you could have sunny rain, you could have like…
(0:17:24) Kevin: Yeah, I do enjoy sun showers.
(0:17:25) Kelly: It doesn’t have to be gloomy.
(0:17:26) Kelly: Just like a normal rain shower isn’t always gloomy.
(0:17:27) Kevin: You’re right.
(0:17:28) Kevin: Yeah, no, you’re right, okay, um Yeah, so there’s all the whole bunch of stuff you guys can check that out Is that sorry? Yeah, when’s the release? I didn’t it’s it’s Oct they posted it October 20th It is oh, yeah, it’s already out on Steam. Yeah, so Now time this recording which means by the times you guys are listening. It is definitely available. That is again Sun haven
(0:17:58) Kevin: Huh? Oh man, I’m just looking at the picture like a big tree man monster. I might have to check this out I like tree monsters. I I haven’t played a magic game in a minute. Well, I mean, well, maybe our keeper gentle notwithstanding Um, but it’s high, you know fantasy magic II I’m down for that. I could use that Yeah, uh, okay speaking of well, I don’t know more updates
(0:18:04) Kelly: right? like i’m kind of like- i’m intrigued. i’m definitely very
(0:18:17) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:18:18) Kelly: I feel like this is pretty different, yeah.
(0:18:28) Kevin: We have so this is The what I refer to as not a city builder but a village builder because it’s medieval villagey themed But you’re helping build the whole village and run everything it is currently in early access and they are dropping a update for it I’m excited for this game myself. I’m gonna wait for the 1.0, but I love the art style. It’s cutesy and goofy
(0:18:59) Kevin: and they are dropping all sorts of things in this update including a An encounter with a misunderstood Cyclops who’s very cute. His eye is just a dot His name is Eric one eye you can there will be a witch’s hut a red hooded girl Who’s looking for her grandma’s house? That that’s a speech. I don’t trust that at all. Oh, no, I don’t like that Hemisary gnomes
(0:19:26) Kevin: It was seriously rare!
(0:19:28) Kevin: And then a fawn with a really big nose and mustache. Oh, I like this guy.
(0:19:33) Kevin: There’s a… and a few more.
(0:19:36) Kevin: Well, those are fun characters that they’re adding. I love the art style and it looks really fun on these mythical, magical, whatever you want to call them.
(0:19:46) Kevin: Cyclops and fawns. Gnomes. They’re fun looking characters.
(0:19:48) Kelly: No, yeah, they look they look so cute. It looks very adorable
(0:19:49) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:19:51) Kevin: Yep.
(0:19:53) Kevin: There are, oh gosh, 50 new world events and 30 new objectives.
(0:19:58) Kevin: I don’t know what that means, but those are big numbers.
(0:20:00) Kevin: Oh, there’s a magic bean.
(0:20:03) Kevin: There’s monthly and yearly objectives.
(0:20:06) Kevin: Hot weight. Positive and negative events. Oh, oh, they’re, they’re, they’re wild. Okay, I’m down for that.
(0:20:15) Kevin: They have, let’s see, new buildings, a laborer guild. Oh, so you can hire better laborers. That’s fun. A bank.
(0:20:24) Kevin: Oh, you can tax your villagers at different rates?
(0:20:28) Kevin: Oh, that’s awesome. Grand theater? Oh, that’s a nice looking theater.
(0:20:34) Kevin: Fisherman’s hut? Fish up stuff? All sorts of quality of life stuff?
(0:20:40) Kevin: Well, there’s a lot of graphs in this game and things like that. I’m down for that.
(0:20:45) Kevin: Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff coming. Like I said, I’m probably going to wait for 1.0 myself, but I’m glad that it’s coming along nicely. Yeah, that is again fabled.
(0:20:57) Kelly: Is there any, is there any real estate or?
(0:20:59) Kevin: Go. Oh, it is live. That update is already live as of this recording.
(0:21:05) Kevin: So, yay. If anyone is playing the one point or the early access, first of all,
(0:21:10) Kevin: somebody tell me if they are because I want to know about it. And it is out already.
(0:21:15) Kevin: Um, yeah. All right. Good. Oh man. I’m just trying to fable them. It’s so goofy looking and the.
(0:21:23) Kelly: Is there like an overall release date or no?
(0:21:33) Kevin: uh not that i’m saying now um I have left here a quick glance um yeah so probably still a hot minute probably sometime in 2024 i’d hope but uh it’s not dead yet so i’ll take that let’s see next up we have uh moonstone island we have dlc for that this is which one’s this one okay all right we so we have dlc come
(0:22:11) Kevin: Well, let me get to the details. Yeah, it’s the Halloween update right? That’s the key thing here. Um,
(0:22:16) Kelly: I think so, ‘cause it’s for Halloween.
(0:22:17) Kevin: We’ve got just a whole bunch of Spooky decors per their website gravestones skeletons a big old pumpkin house um Web’s five types of cobwebs. Oh Oh a rug. That’s just the tongue. That’s clever. I like that. Um,
(0:22:38) Kevin: uh So yeah, there.
(0:22:41) Kevin: Okay.
(0:22:43) Kevin: Okay.
(0:22:45) Kelly: I’m sorry, it’s actually not out yet.
(0:22:45) Kevin: Okay.
(0:22:47) Kelly: It’s not out, which I’m kinda…
(0:22:47) Kevin: Um, there are n- some- the- so some of this stuff is DLC, which I’m assuming means purchasable separately, but there will be stuff included for free in the updates on the skeletons and things like that.
(0:22:58) Kevin: Um, spirits are free- I don’t know what spirits are in the context of this game, but um, but they’re coming some out.
(0:23:05) Kevin: Um, oh wow, I didn’t check- it’s got some good reviews.
(0:23:09) Kevin: Um, I’ll have to check that out.
(0:23:11) Kevin: Oh wow, what? Oh gosh, I forgot about- I’m remembering the game.
(0:23:15) Kevin: There’s- you can fight like robots with a card battling system.
(0:23:19) Kevin: They are…
(0:23:21) Kevin: Yeah, oh man, oh gosh.
(0:23:23) Kelly: These are really cute looking things, these creatures.
(0:23:26) Kelly: I, yeah, like, I really like the style of it, yeah.
(0:23:26) Kevin: This whole episode’s just me getting excited about games I forgot to get excited about.
(0:23:31) Kevin: Um, as if I didn’t have enough already.
(0:23:33) Kevin: There are really cute characters- there’s a fishbowl with legs.
(0:23:36) Kevin: Um, I like that.
(0:23:39) Kevin: that. And then at the end they just.
(0:23:41) Kevin: Have a picture of a cat with like a sun hood. I don’t know but um, it’s very cute cat.
(0:23:47) Kevin: That is Moonstone Island. That is already out, I believe. Why do we have a date for that?
(0:23:52) Kelly: It is a very cute cat.
(0:23:54) Kelly: The game is out, it says “NA” for them.
(0:23:56) Kevin: Okay, thank you. But it says, while says it’s October 27th. I
(0:24:06) Kevin: Couldn’t find that myself. Oh wait. Yeah, there it is. Yeah, October 27th. It’s only $4.
(0:24:11) Kevin: Okay, that’s actually not bad at all and 10% off the first week. So there’s 46.
(0:24:18) Kevin: Yeah, okay. Oh, it’s a new spirits must be a little monster buddies. That’s what it means. I’m excited. One looks like an apple with a worm through it. They’re just showing silhouettes. I’m just guessing.
(0:24:23) Kelly: There you go.
(0:24:29) Kevin: And yeah, I don’t know all that. Oh, I might check this out now. It’s a very cute game.
(0:24:34) Kevin: Moonstone Island. Um Let’s see Next up we have oh, this isn’t an interesting
(0:24:41) Kevin: one because boy, I never thought we’d see this this is Lonesome Village game that I notoriously advocate because the developers are from Mexico. It’s got the cute coyote as you saw puzzles in a tower. They’re coming out the fiscal edition. Pre-orders are live. You can check the show notes for the link. It is not from limited run games actually. A game a site called premium edition games.
(0:25:11) Kevin: physical edition which includes all sorts of goodies including oh wow a full-color manual oh that’s exciting Wow a dog tag yeah they do um oh man a manual that’s exciting um yeah it’s great um yeah I I cover this game with Johnny, it was last year or year before, I don’t remember.
(0:25:22) Kelly: Dude, the indie games always put so much into like what you get from…
(0:25:32) Kelly: I love a manual.
(0:25:33) Kelly: A full color manual too, that’s so nice.
(0:25:41) Kevin: It’s a fun little game with lots of puzzles, and just very very cute little animal-closing-esque villagers.
(0:25:47) Kelly: It looks really cute. The art style kind of reminds me of like Cult of the Lamb, but without the like paper feel.
(0:25:47) Kevin: It’s actually funny because in the “story” of the game, so it’s called Lonesome Village because there’s a village and everyone’s kind of been turned to stone or disappeared.
(0:26:03) Kevin: And the villains, they’re the people who did it very much look like Cult of the Lamb.
(0:26:06) Kelly: Okay.
(0:26:07) Kelly: Oh! Oh! It’s a cult! It’s a cult! What is happening here?
(0:26:09) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:26:12) Kevin: It came out around the time Cult of the Loom.
(0:26:14) Kelly: I’m watching the trailer! Oh my god!
(0:26:15) Kevin: It looks a lot like Cult of the Loom.
(0:26:18) Kevin: The cult from Cult of the Loom.
(0:26:20) Kevin: I think we made the joke in the episode.
(0:26:22) Kevin: It came out around the same time too.
(0:26:25) Kevin: Yep, yep, exactly. Yep.
(0:26:26) Kelly: That’s so funny, ‘cause I was thinking it kinda like reminds me of the way they do the animals, like the style of the animals.
(0:26:32) Kelly: But now that I’m watching this trailer, it’s like literally…
(0:26:32) Kevin: It’s cult, it’s a lot like Cult of the Loom, Cult.
(0:26:36) Kelly: That’s so funny. Oh, I gotta play this.
(0:26:41) Kevin: Yeah, I have to check it out again. I still have it.
(0:26:45) Kevin: It’s been a while. I’m sure they patched it up and done some stuff.
(0:26:48) Kevin: ‘Cause I had a few rough edges back then, but I’m curious.
(0:26:51) Kevin: I might do another look at it at some point.
(0:26:54) Kevin: Because, yeah, props to–but, again, Mexican dev team, so I gotta shout them out.
(0:26:59) Kevin: Ogre Pixel, that’s the name.
(0:27:02) Kevin: But, yeah, that is a cute little logo of an Ogre–Pixillator Ogre.
(0:27:07) Kevin: And again, this is the physical edition release.
(0:27:11) Kevin: $40 for the premium edition, which seems to be their only version but includes all sorts of goodies. Um, I When do pre-orders end? I don’t know if I see that but the pre-orders are available now So you can check out the site and get it. Um Alright next up we have Not Garden Galaxy is perfect. We’re heading on the notes. That’s a different game that I was going to cover almost
(0:27:42) Kevin: Garden story. That’s the one with the playable grape. That looks a lot like Stardew Valley a lot like It has It’s very cute though the grape that’s playable It is an update that has 11 new languages. Wow, that is a lot of languages I don’t know which ones they are. I just see the It’s out on Steam and switch already this update
(0:28:09) Kevin: Very cool. Yeah, I actually don’t know what language is. I don’t know.
(0:28:11) Kevin: Let’s see the details. But wow, that’s a big number. Good for them.
(0:28:16) Kevin: Always props for making it more available for more people and whatnot.
(0:28:19) Kevin: Yep. It is. The grape is very cute.
(0:28:20) Kelly: Yeah, that’s always awesome. It really does look like stardew though. It’s cute though
(0:28:25) Kevin: Next up, a new game announcement for as far as I can tell.
(0:28:31) Kevin: This is called Fantastic Haven, which actually I find really intriguing.
(0:28:36) Kevin: It’s the prime…
(0:28:40) Kevin: Let me read the–
(0:28:41) Kevin: The elevator pitch.
(0:28:43) Kevin: So, this is a…
(0:28:57) Kevin: Yeah, a Zook cheaper-esque type game, but they’re all magical creatures.
(0:29:03) Kevin: Um, so you’re building big pens that look like circular homes more?
(0:29:09) Kevin: Um, you alter the land and…
(0:29:11) Kevin: It’s full 3D graphics, um, the… I think the actual designs of the creatures are actually quite nice, um…
(0:29:18) Kevin: I like animals and critters and…
(0:29:21) Kevin: …cheaping them and whatnot, so I’m already pretty interested, um, especially with the spin of…
(0:29:26) Kevin: …like, they’re all magical creatures, I don’t see any other animals in here, I see like a griffin, uh…
(0:29:31) Kelly: No, I’ve only seen, like, yeah, griffins and some weird frog with, like, horns and stuff.
(0:29:31) Kevin: Yup, it’s a bullfrog, you get it?
(0:29:36) Kelly: Ah, yes, yes, yes.
(0:29:41) Kevin: The color shows a lot more, uh, it looks like you’re even busting some out of, like, cages and, like, carny…
(0:29:46) Kevin: …you know, those carnival cages with the wheels, the cars, um…
(0:29:51) Kevin: So that’s… that looks very fun, yeah, like I said, a lot of menus, probably, um…
(0:29:57) Kevin: …very zookeeper tycoon-esque, um, but with the heavy, uh, magical fantasy paint over it, um…
(0:30:06) Kevin: So that is right now the only release date planned is for Q2 of 2024 so it’ll probably be a minute but look forward to it I certainly am those are some fun designs yeah it’s it’s it’s charming enough for me I’m definitely interested um and then lastly okay this one I want to talk about in depth a little more because this one’s affecting me personally uh well actually there’s two me and my neck was night market once again got another patch that one.
(0:30:41) Kevin: one point two point one oh whatever the it’s out on switch so you know it’s out on the steam version or whatever um so uh there’s a lot of quality of life stuff you can do with it.
(0:30:48) Kevin: I’m not gonna go into the details because I don’t remember them but the other one I want to talk about because we just talked about last week is paleo pines.
(0:30:53) Kevin: We just got yup okay so uh one point two point one oh whatever the it’s out on switch so you know it’s out on the steam version or whatever um so uh there’s a lot of quality of life stuff you can do with it.
(0:30:54) Kelly: Which I still have to play, but I have not yet.
(0:31:11) Kevin: We can change how quickly time passes in the game um oh gosh so one of the after I recorded last week with Spencer and we talked and played I was getting a lot of crashes.
(0:31:23) Kevin: They had released a patch previously to fix some of that they said it was like a memory issue um but they were still experiencing it.
(0:31:26) Kelly: Mmm. Okay.
(0:31:31) Kevin: I felt like the more farther I got in the game the more I was crashed getting crashes uh they addressed some of that.
(0:31:37) Kevin: that the game is still not free of crashes because
(0:31:41) Kevin: we’ve been probably within an hour after downloading the update the game crashed on me again But it is better in general So they’re definitely aware and working on it at probably top of their list There is Also, there’s a whole list and you can check the show notes for them. I’m trying to look at which ones that are Stand out to me. Oh, there’s a cooking pot
(0:31:46) Kelly: Oh, God.
(0:32:07) Kevin: But it was weird because it was at some other guy’s house you have to go all the way to this other
(0:32:12) Kevin: cook stuff but now you can buy one for your own ranch so that’s great oh here’s a fun one um so you can ride your dinosaurs because of course you can but the thing was whenever you got off of them they would just run away from you at max speed it was whole it was wild you could like try to stop them but um clearly not intended they have addressed that and and this definitely was an update needed and and it works um they will no longer run away from you when you get off of them
(0:32:42) Kevin: um yes well luckily I think it was only in the ranch like your home base when it happened they wouldn’t leave you when you’re out in the wild oh my god that would be the worst yes but it’s still a pain because your character is a lot slower than the dinosaur so yeah yeah it’s just a pain having to go across the ranch to find them I mean it’s a pretty big ranch too um
(0:32:44) Kelly: feeling it’s like okay nice I can I can get to the place I’m going to but once you’re there you’re stuck there now
(0:32:56) Kelly: Oh, okay, okay, I was picturing like you, yeah, like you in the middle of like some field or something.
(0:33:12) Kevin: uh there’s all sorts oh horse lock so there was a uh resource called forestwood that was needed for a lot of things it was pretty rare they increased the respawn on that that’s great um they did some ui improvements which were nice uh um lots of other things some oh there was a storage glitch spencer talked about think they fixed that um yeah just sort lots of little things
(0:33:42) Kevin: because there were lots of little things that needed fixing um like I said still not 100 percent yeah yeah there is um where is it do they not have it um so there there is I read there is one glitch that they haven’t addressed yet um they know it’s an issue but for some reason at some point and it’s happened to me your game will reset to the first day of the game because there’s you know calendar like most farm.
(0:34:12) Kevin: games and whatnot like you’ll keep all your stuff but somehow the calendar will just have reset to the very first game or very first day of the year which is wild um luckily I was able to get around that if you encounter it you can just reload an old save and it’s fine but um that was the wild glitch to see um but yeah that was I’m glad that came out because that addressed a lot of the little nitpicks Spencer and I had with the game and I’m sure
(0:34:42) Kevin: they’re still working hard on that so good for you paleopines that update again is out already for switch and probably the other versions whatever versions it’s on all right so that was uh yeah the hearty helping of news and things but that’s now we’re doing that let’s talk about grave graveyard keeper yeah what’s what’s the tagline the most inaccurate medieval simulator isn’t that
(0:35:09) Kelly: Something like that. I know inaccurate is involved of [laugh]
(0:35:14) Kevin: Hold on let me look at it. Um the most inaccurate cemetery simulation game. Okay. Yeah, I think that’s what it is Okay Well Yeah, so again, um It and this game’s been up for years at this point. Um, I’ll covered it years ago Yeah. Yeah, there you go. That’s cute
(0:35:24) Kelly: Oh, the most inaccurate medieval, yeah, cemetery sim of the year.
(0:35:36) Kelly: Uh, they had their five year anniversary actually in August.
(0:35:42) Kevin: There’s a bunch of DLC I bought the
(0:35:44) Kevin: version with all the DLC I don’t know what the base game hazard does not have.
(0:35:48) Kevin: I’ve only played it for an afternoon or two. I don’t think I’ve reached any of the DLC portions yet probably.
(0:35:49) Kelly: Oh, did you? Okay.
(0:35:57) Kevin: They’re all parody names there’s a stranger sins there’s breaking something
(0:35:57) Kelly: Um, I’m trying to remember. I know the DLC…
(0:35:59) Kelly: Yes, because there’s better save soul.
(0:36:04) Kelly: Um, I did look into getting them, but I didn’t- I didn’t, because I think it was like-
(0:36:11) Kelly: I feel like there’s- there’s so much going on in this game already.
(0:36:14) Kevin: Even if it is, there’s a lot going on.
(0:36:14) Kelly: Uh, that I was very happy to not have the added, um, things that like go along with the better save soul one. I heard that gets a lot of pretty tedious.
(0:36:24) Kevin: Yeah, heh heh heh.
(0:36:25) Kevin: Better save solo, that’s good.
(0:36:29) Kevin: I don’t think that one’s out on Switch.
(0:36:31) Kevin: That’s it? I don’t know if that one’s out on Switch.
(0:36:32) Kelly: Oh, are you playing on Switch? I am not gonna lie. I have not.
(0:36:36) Kelly: I’ve been so bad at playing my Switch this year.
(0:36:44) Kevin: But, I mean, that’s fine, like, I know that the Switch port gets black for a good reason.
(0:36:55) Kevin: There’s a Switch tax for sure, so I don’t blame you.
(0:36:57) Kevin: But hey, at least we can compare notes on that.
(0:37:00) Kevin: If you played on Steam, I would guess?
(0:37:10) Kevin: Um, but okay, so let’s okay, let’s the elevator pitch Okay, first of all, I didn’t expect that this game’s an isekai That I didn’t expect at all so for people unfamiliar with isekai that is a genre of anime primarily where a character wakes up in a simulated often fantasy type world
(0:37:38) Kevin: Sword Art Online and just…
(0:37:40) Kevin: …other ones. It’s a whole trope now.
(0:37:42) Kevin: Umm…
(0:37:43) Kelly: I was gonna say it breaks the, you know, inherited your grandpa’s farm trope though.
(0:37:44) Kevin: …
(0:37:46) Kevin: Yeah. Yeah.
(0:37:48) Kevin: You’re just a guy who gets hit by a car cause he’s looking at his phone.
(0:37:52) Kevin: Don’t look at your phone when crossing the streets.
(0:37:54) Kevin: It’s dark in the rain, people.
(0:37:56) Kevin: It’s not recommended.
(0:37:58) Kevin: And he wakes…
(0:37:59) Kelly: Poor dude’s just trying to give back to his girlfriend or whatever.
(0:38:00) Kevin: …yeah, his love, as he says, and…
(0:38:03) Kevin: …he wakes up in a graveyard area and…
(0:38:08) Kevin: There’s a talking skull that talks to you.
(0:38:10) Kevin: And he says, “Hey, welcome. You’re the graveyard keeper, I guess.”
(0:38:13) Kevin: Um, more or less, and sure enough, you’re put in charge of this graveyard in this little medieval village area.
(0:38:23) Kevin: And you’re trying to figure out how to get back home while managing the graveyard and all the stuff people are asking you.
(0:38:32) Kevin: Because, of course, people are going to ask you to do everything around here.
(0:38:35) Kevin: Uh…
(0:38:36) Kelly: I mean, what would a game be without everybody asking you to do all these things?
(0:38:40) Kevin: Right, right.
(0:38:42) Kevin: Um, so, okay, hell, you beat the game, correct? What are your overall impressions?
(0:38:50) Kelly: I really liked the game. I thought it was a lot of fun. I think there’s a lot of stuff to do,
(0:38:57) Kelly: like it can get a bit overwhelming, but I think, you know, it definitely involves, you know,
(0:38:59) Kevin: Boy does it.
(0:39:01) Kevin: Oh. Yep.
(0:39:04) Kelly: looking things up online. But I will say there is an issue with how intuitive it is.
(0:39:08) Kevin: Yep.
(0:39:10) Kevin: Yep.
(0:39:12) Kelly: I think I could have been further along in my gameplay if I understood some of the
(0:39:20) Kelly: panics. A lot better. And I will say on that note, it was not always easy to find the answers on the internet. So that made it even worse. And sometimes if you did find an answer,
(0:39:21) Kevin: Yep. Okay, so yeah, so. Mm-hmm.
(0:39:31) Kevin: Oh yeah, the double whammy, oh yeah.
(0:39:35) Kevin: Yup, it’s wild.
(0:39:38) Kelly: it was from like 2018, so something got patched or didn’t work like that anymore.
(0:39:46) Kelly: So, that was my biggest issue.
(0:39:48) Kelly: Did it stop me from putting in, you know,
(0:39:50) Kelly: 90 hours, I think, or whatever into the game?
(0:39:55) Kelly: No, but there were definitely moments where I was frustrated.
(0:39:59) Kelly: Or, like, again, just like, I was playing the game, I was enjoying myself,
(0:40:03) Kelly: but I could have been further along than what I was.
(0:40:07) Kevin: Yeah, um, okay. Mm-hmm Okay, yeah for sure they’re just Yeah, absolutely. Um, so for comparison I got the game Thursday I think today’s like Saturday. So two days ago So I’ve only played for and Mario wonder so I didn’t play as much yesterday So I played the game for an afternoon and then some um, I like the game a lot. Um,
(0:40:07) Kelly: And not even in, like, a micromanagy, like, you know, whatever kind of way.
(0:40:13) Kelly: Like, in, like, a…
(0:40:15) Kelly: It would have made more sense.
(0:40:26) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:40:37) Kevin: I think it is Almost minecrafty and how open it is and crafting and everything But I fully agree like that’s my biggest criticism there’s a lot that is not intuitive Or explained well Yep, yep, yep, I’m sure
(0:40:50) Kelly: you haven’t even gotten or opened a lot of the, you know, different aspects of the game yet at this point, I’m sure, because it really expands. It expands a lot. There is a lot to do. There is so
(0:41:03) Kevin: But I can imagine… I mean I see the skill tree.
(0:41:07) Kevin: So… I can… I can… she’s… I can…
(0:41:12) Kevin: So there’s a skill tree in this game, right? You have to get points to unlock your skills.
(0:41:18) Kevin: And you can see how far it goes. And yes, I can see there’s a lot to unlock and do and whatnot.
(0:41:24) Kevin: But… I think the skill tree is probably where I can direct my first criticism.
(0:41:32) Kevin: Because there’s three types of points, whatever you want to call them.
(0:41:37) Kevin: Red, green, and blue, and you need different amounts of each for unlocking each new skill, which lets you craft new things or do new things, whatnot.
(0:41:46) Kevin: Um, the red and green work hard to get, but the blue, the blue is killing me because I hit a point where I had like one blue point overall and couldn’t figure out how to get more.
(0:41:56) Kelly: You run out of them.
(0:41:58) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:41:59) Kelly: There’s a certain point where the game just stops you from getting more for a bit.
(0:42:02) Kevin: Really? Wow.
(0:42:04) Kelly: Not like stops you.
(0:42:06) Kelly: There’s definitely a roadblock, I would say.
(0:42:11) Kevin: - Yeah, okay.
(0:42:14) Kelly: I struggled with that for so long.
(0:42:17) Kelly: And then, of course, at a certain point, it’s like, oh.
(0:42:20) Kelly: Now, actually, you’re out of red.
(0:42:23) Kelly: Or now you’re out of green or whatever.
(0:42:25) Kelly: And it’s like, oh, something that I–
(0:42:26) Kelly: so I think one of them is done from manual labor, red, I think.
(0:42:27) Kevin: yep yep your manufacturing and things yeah red okay oh you don’t get read from them
(0:42:34) Kelly: Yeah, so at a certain point, you get helper zombies that you can assign to do things.
(0:42:42) Kelly: So you’re no longer getting the red from those things that you would be getting red from.
(0:42:47) Kelly: So it definitely makes you have to stop and think and watch everything.
(0:42:56) Kevin: Yup, absolutely, um, it’s a very resource-manage-y heavy game and that includes your skill points or whatever you want to call them.
(0:43:07) Kevin: That’s fascinating.
(0:43:09) Kevin: Like I can see the blue are going to be very scarce.
(0:43:11) Kelly: But I think it’s interesting because it does…
(0:43:13) Kelly: Sorry, I was gonna say it just it does impact, I feel like,
(0:43:18) Kelly: what you’re trying to do in that day. Because if you’re trying to get blue points…
(0:43:19) Kevin: Right. Yeah, exactly.
(0:43:22) Kevin: The nice thing, one of the nicest things about the game,
(0:43:26) Kevin: there’s no real pressure.
(0:43:28) Kevin: There’s no seasons or years or whatever.
(0:43:31) Kevin: There’s a week.
(0:43:32) Kevin: So like in six, seven, I don’t remember how long, how many days,
(0:43:36) Kevin: but that’s the worst that you have to wait.
(0:43:37) Kelly: It’s seven days Which and I liked I like I really like the fact that there was no pressure on the seasons or When you finished the game even or anything like that. I also liked the Each day is a different person You have to make sure that you’re getting the things you need to have done before that day so you can go and deal with that person
(0:43:38) Kevin: Yep. Which go by quickly.
(0:43:42) Kevin: Yep.
(0:43:57) Kevin: Yep.
(0:43:57) Kevin: Yep.
(0:44:03) Kevin: Yep, he just gotta wait until…
(0:44:03) Kelly: Because there’s definitely some weeks where if you miss that person you’re screwed
(0:44:07) Kelly: Yup. And there is something later on in the game, you know, when things have slowed down in certain areas and you’re just like waiting for that one day where you can fast forward.
(0:44:10) Kevin: Until that point.
(0:44:21) Kelly: Yes, but I do actually want to say on that point, I think this is very interesting because there is no pause button. There’s no space yet.
(0:44:21) Kevin: Yeah, sure that makes sense. Yeah, you can fast-forward at any point you should go to sleep and
(0:44:32) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, even if you’re in your menus, time goes on.
(0:44:37) Kelly: Yeah, you have to literally like go to the exit screen or whatever. Like the main menu page.
(0:44:41) Kevin: Yeah Yep Yep, so if you’re looking through your notes here You know hemming and hawing at a menu thinking about where you want to spend your points that happened to me just just today When I was playing I cuz I finally got some blue points today. And so I was just like agonizing over I wanted where I wanted to spend them and before when I got out of the menu Oh, it’s evening already. Cool. The whole day’s [laughter]
(0:44:43) Kelly: There’s a certain page that stops time, but the rest of them don’t.
(0:44:48) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:45:09) Kelly: Yep.
(0:45:11) Kelly: Yep.
(0:45:12) Kevin: But they’re the kind of I mean, I don’t know if it was their intent or not But the way to combat that it’s very easy to reroll your did your save like you own there’s no autosave It just saves when you go when you wake up So most of the time you can say you’re pretty much have a safe at the start of the date or start of the day, excuse me, and You can just reload to that and have a plan or save yourself
(0:45:23) Kelly: Oh, yes.
(0:45:25) Kelly: Yes.
(0:45:29) Kelly: I would just quit the game.
(0:45:32) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:45:40) Kelly: Oh yeah, no, there was many times where I would either just, you would see like the NPC walking away from their post, and I would have to go and reset the game and then do the day over and make sure I got there early enough.
(0:45:47) Kevin: Oh my gosh.
(0:45:50) Kevin: Yep.
(0:45:52) Kevin: Oh my gosh.
(0:45:54) Kevin: That happened to me twice already when I go down and Snake is running away and like, “No, I need to talk to you, Snake.”
(0:46:02) Kelly: oh god he’s so annoying he’s so annoying for the skill points though I think it’s like kind of fun like there’s some weird ones you can choose from uh-huh
(0:46:05) Kevin: He is.
(0:46:08) Kevin: He is.
(0:46:11) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:46:13) Kevin: Overall, I’m a big fan of the Skilled Trees, umm…
(0:46:17) Kevin: Because you can very much pick and choose if you want to focus on certain areas and whatnot.
(0:46:23) Kevin: Umm, obviously like…
(0:46:25) Kevin: To get green points, that’s the farming stuff, so you do want to invest in some of that stuff.
(0:46:30) Kevin: Umm, but like, early on you can really get through a lot of the wood and metalworking stuff.
(0:46:37) Kevin: Umm, and again, with almost no pressure on when to do it, umm, it’s…
(0:46:42) Kevin: It’s very open and you’re very free to pick and choose as you want.
(0:46:46) Kevin: You know,
(0:46:47) Kevin: the limitations of how many skill points you actually have notwithstanding.
(0:46:52) Kevin: I think it is a clever system.
(0:46:54) Kevin: And because you get to see what’s coming ahead, that helps you plan that too.
(0:47:00) Kevin: I really like that.
(0:47:01) Kelly: Yes, definitely.
(0:47:01) Kevin: Um…
(0:47:02) Kelly: There was definitely some areas in the skill tree though where I did not understand what,
(0:47:09) Kelly: like if you unlocked something,
(0:47:12) Kelly: I didn’t understand how to access it afterwards,
(0:47:15) Kelly: which then led to me diving down a rabbit hole,
(0:47:18) Kelly: trying to figure it out.
(0:47:18) Kevin: Yeah, sometimes that’s a little unclear most of the time When you look at the skill tree thing it says okay, you can craft at this bench or that bench or whatever But some are not very clear. Yeah Some aren’t super clear. Yeah But I do agree
(0:47:27) Kelly: Mm-hmm. Yeah, no, it definitely is pretty good.
(0:47:30) Kelly: It’s pretty good.
(0:47:34) Kelly: Can we talk about the main premise of the game, which I think is the most weird and fun part is, you know, collecting your corpses?
(0:47:41) Kevin: Yeah, the it’s definitely yeah the differentiator the the the graveyard itself. Yeah, let’s talk about that
(0:47:43) Kelly: Because you are, you are quite literally the graveyard keeper. So you get a
(0:47:54) Kelly: Annoyed little donkey that delivers corpses to you.
(0:47:56) Kevin: I’m red donkey from a leftist stable [laughter]
(0:47:57) Kelly: And oh my god, there was so many times where I would hear that bell and just be so far away from home.
(0:48:06) Kelly: And just go running because it’s like the second you hear that bell that corpse starts, you know, deteriorating.
(0:48:12) Kevin: Yep Yeah, that’s that’s an interesting aspect that the forps is deteriorate and it affects a lot of things And yeah, they’re kind of deliver just at random times. It feels like I didn’t detect any pattern Umm…
(0:48:22) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:48:23) Kelly: Yes.
(0:48:27) Kelly: No, they can definitely be whenever.
(0:48:31) Kelly: And they can pile up too.
(0:48:34) Kevin: Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve had that happen yet, but I could see that happening.
(0:48:35) Kelly: Yeah, no, they can definitely pile up.
(0:48:43) Kelly: I mean, this game goes in depth.
(0:48:48) Kelly: I have freezers for bodies.
(0:48:53) Kelly: So, you know, it’s like you are literally treating it like a morgue, like…
(0:48:57) Kelly: But I think one of the most fun parts is removing the organs,
(0:49:03) Kelly: but also the most hard to understand initially.
(0:49:06) Kevin: Right, so yeah, let’s talk about that because as very early on you’re introduced that you have options to do the corpse One you can bury them in your graveyard. It has a prettiness rating you how you decorate it Well, you bury them and whatnot You can even just throw it in the river or cremate them or You can take them into your morgan Do a little bisection, you know see what you can poke around and find in there pull out a skull some blood What?
(0:49:36) Kevin: A bit of flesh.
(0:49:38) Kevin: It’s fascinating that they gave you this option.
(0:49:43) Kevin: There’s…
(0:49:44) Kevin: I haven’t gotten too in-depth with the body parts.
(0:49:47) Kelly: So, I’ll explain it. It’s a lot.
(0:49:51) Kelly: Basically, your corpse, so when you bury a corpse, you want it to be as high rated as possible because it impacts your cemeteries overall like beauty rating,
(0:50:05) Kelly: which is a whole different aspect.
(0:50:07) Kelly: And that’s a big part of the game because it kind of roadblocks you if you don’t keep up with it.
(0:50:11) Kelly: But so you want to make sure you’re removing.
(0:50:14) Kelly: If you remove certain organs, it makes your corpses…
(0:50:17) Kelly: …that’s how you can remove them.
(0:50:19) Kelly: If you remove other organs, it decreases it, and they don’t really tell you at first.
(0:50:23) Kelly: You have to unlock skills on the skill tree…
(0:50:25) Kelly: …that tell you.
(0:50:25) Kevin: Yeah, I mean they tell you like there’s bad organs, but you don’t you can’t tell which ones until you go get that later
(0:50:29) Kelly: Yes. Yes.
(0:50:34) Kelly: And so you can remove organs, and you can also try to put the organ back.
(0:50:38) Kelly: And you can botch…
(0:50:39) Kevin: Oh, you can put it back in? That’s wild!
(0:50:41) Kelly: Yes. You can botch the surgery, too.
(0:50:44) Kelly: Or the operation, I guess, if you’re dead or at any risk.
(0:50:47) Kelly: That would be a better word for it.
(0:50:49) Kelly: But the thing is, you want to collect these body parts…
(0:50:54) Kelly: …because you’re going to use them in the alchemy section of the game.
(0:50:58) Kelly: So you kind of have to really pick and choose…
(0:51:00) Kelly: …because there are certain items that you can only get one skull from a body, obviously.
(0:51:05) Kelly: But skulls would decrease the rating or something…
(0:51:11) Kelly: …but then you still need the skull.
(0:51:14) Kelly: So then you have to decide, “Okay, this is a bad body.
(0:51:17) Kelly: I cremate it, so I’ll take everything out of this body.
(0:51:19) Kelly: But if I’m going to bury this body, I’m only going to take these organs out of the body.”
(0:51:23) Kelly: So it’s like a juggling act.
(0:51:25) Kelly: And then also, you have to bury everything or throw them in the river…
(0:51:29) Kelly: …because you don’t have the cremation station unlocked.
(0:51:33) Kelly: So it’s definitely a juggling game.
(0:51:35) Kelly: I buried a lot of bodies that I later dug up and then cremated.
(0:51:40) Kevin: You can dig them up again, that’s wild. You have to get like a embal– or ex– exhumation ticket.
(0:51:45) Kelly: Dude, there’s there’s so much Yeah, and you can embalm them. You can embalm them. You can turn them into zombies. You can You can put multiple organs in them to make them better so that when they become a zombie, they’re a better zombie It’s there’s so much going on It’s very interesting. I think there’s so many aspects to this game, you know, like just a lot to learn
(0:51:47) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:52:00) Kevin: That’s wild, the quality of your zombies, that’s great.
(0:52:14) Kevin: Yeah Yep, that’s I still haven’t hit a lot of that I’ve zombies have been touched on briefly but Yeah Yeah, sure, um actually yeah, let’s let’s go off that because that’s The skill tree is like probably the most obvious progression
(0:52:15) Kelly: Vayner, it’s fun. You get to make corpses the next day.
(0:52:17) Kelly: And then you get to dissect them and then you get to maybe make zombies.
(0:52:20) Kelly: You aren’t…
(0:52:25) Kelly: It’s gonna take a bit for you to reach that.
(0:52:29) Kelly: You know, it’s like there’s stories and stuff.
(0:52:41) Kevin: Blocker or rotor blocks type thing Character quests, a handful of characters with missions, quests, and things like that, and valuable information or skills are behind those quests, so you kinda have to keep an eye on them.
(0:53:04) Kevin: It’s hard because a lot of times at first you don’t know how to get that thing or whatever, but you still have to give it some attention.
(0:53:14) Kevin: The astrologer is probably the first one people will see.
(0:53:14) Kelly: Yeah, no, it definitely, uh, it gets very, like, okay, I have to make sure I’m doing this thing this specific day, when this person’s out.
(0:53:27) Kevin: The days don’t have names, they just have pictures. The astrologer is on a moon day.
(0:53:32) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:53:33) Kelly: Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. The astrologer pissed me off so many times.
(0:53:38) Kelly: Just I think mostly because I didn’t have enough blue points for him.
(0:53:44) Kevin: Yeah, that’s a challenge with a lot of good characters like that.
(0:53:49) Kevin: A lot of times I feel like I’m just trying to scrape at the one thing I feel like I can do, and then eventually it’ll stumble my way into being able to progress with other people.
(0:54:01) Kevin: It can be a bit of a slow burn.
(0:54:02) Kelly: Yeah, definitely.
(0:54:04) Kelly: I feel like though once you kind of get into the swing of it, it gets a little better.
(0:54:05) Kevin: But, at least thanks. Yeah, sure, that makes sense, and as you get farther and a lot more stuff, it’s…
(0:54:14) Kevin: It’s snowball. But I will say that at least I find it enjoyable to play the game, like moving around, collecting the things. It all feels… It doesn’t feel bad to me.
(0:54:28) Kelly: Oh, no, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. I like this game very much, like…
(0:54:31) Kevin: Yeah, no, I’m just saying, because even though it’s a slow burn… Yeah. Yeah. No, I’m just saying, even if I know I’m going to take a minute because I’m trying to gather a lot of wood or stuff…
(0:54:32) Kelly: There’s definitely issues, or like, weird things about it.
(0:54:44) Kevin: Or stone or whatever to try to clear one specific thing. I still have fun with it. It’s all enjoyable. The presentation’s fun. It’s 2D, very Stardew-like, pixely, but again, a medieval theme, and every now and then there’s some humor to it, like the talking skull or the talking donkey.
(0:55:04) Kevin: Um… Yeah. Yup. Yeah. Heh heh, yup.
(0:55:04) Kelly: I think actually, there’s like, it’s a lot of weird humor, there’s a lot of jokes.
(0:55:12) Kelly: Like corny, but like kind of funny.
(0:55:15) Kevin: And then there’s also witch burning! Heh!
(0:55:17) Kelly: Have you…
(0:55:18) Kelly: Uh, yes, there is witch burning.
(0:55:22) Kelly: Witch don’t skip out on, because it is definitely a lucrative part of your career.
(0:55:31) Kevin: Oh goodness, I haven’t delved into that too much, but it does feel like you kinda have to do a little bit of everything to really get ahead, so…
(0:55:35) Kelly: » I, [BLANK_AUDIO]
(0:55:42) Kelly: Yeah, you really can’t skip out.
(0:55:44) Kelly: I think the only thing that I really put the least amount of time into was combat.
(0:55:49) Kelly: Which is shocking because I typically love dungeons and combat and all that stuff.
(0:55:52) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:55:52) Kevin: Yeah.
(0:55:54) Kevin: I mean, uh, yeah.
(0:55:55) Kelly: I really wasn’t a fan of it in this game.
(0:55:58) Kevin: Well, first, I mean, I haven’t seen that many enemies.
(0:56:00) Kevin: I’ve seen some bats and some slimes.
(0:56:02) Kelly: No, okay, the bats and stuff are fine.
(0:56:02) Kevin: Uh.
(0:56:03) Kevin: Okay, there’s dungeon.
(0:56:04) Kelly: I should specify, I didn’t like the dungeons.
(0:56:08) Kevin: I haven’t even touched a chain of genius.
(0:56:10) Kelly: It’s like very quest specific, it’s just, I don’t know, they weren’t great.
(0:56:20) Kevin: Okay, well that’s interesting. I haven’t encountered him yet, but I mean the the combat’s just basically Stardew combat.
(0:56:27) Kelly: Yes, yeah, I think you can get it’s like the way they handle time with it. I didn’t like it and you kind of get stuck
(0:56:33) Kevin: Oh, that’s fascinating. I’m curious to see what that’s gonna look like.
(0:56:37) Kevin: Um, but yeah, I haven’t hit it yet, so.
(0:56:40) Kevin: Uh, let’s see, I’m trying to think here. Um, let’s ho-
(0:56:41) Kelly: No, that’s later on, okay.
(0:56:44) Kelly: I think they handle the overall pacing of it pretty well.
(0:56:48) Kevin: Uh-huh, yeah.
(0:56:52) Kelly: Like, yes, there’s things that I did not understand at first, so I might have missed them,
(0:56:57) Kelly: but overall, I think the pacing of unlocking characters and quests and all that stuff was pretty good.
(0:57:02) Kevin: Mm-hmm There is one I agree with that Yeah, the at times there. I feel I always have something to work on sometimes I feel maybe a little lost or like I said I had to look up how to get some more blue points because I was just really really at pulling my hair out because I could not get blue points and and
(0:57:03) Kelly: Um…
(0:57:24) Kelly: Oh, yeah, no, it’s… it’s a constant struggle for a while.
(0:57:29) Kevin: Science they didn’t explain sigh how to get science at all
(0:57:33) Kevin: So there’s like a thing called a study table and you can research items for different reasons and whatnot You can get blue points from that Um, but you need something called science points and I didn’t know it’s pretty easy to get them just study paper But that wasn’t clear
(0:57:48) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(0:57:50) Kelly: We haven’t talked about the farming actually yet either.
(0:57:56) Kevin: Exactly. That’s exactly what is about to bring up on the farming. It’s pretty easy. You don’t even have to water them You just plant and set and forget. It’s great Do oh Wait, how do you how do you water them?
(0:58:04) Kelly: Wait, no, you gotta water them? What are you talking about?
(0:58:07) Kelly: I watered my plants.
(0:58:08) Kelly: Yeah!
(0:58:09) Kelly: Wait, wait, wait, wait a second.
(0:58:13) Kelly: And now I gotta go look, I don’t remember.
(0:58:15) Kevin: Because I you can put fertilizer and I put the fertilizer and I put like the carrot seeds and
(0:58:17) Kelly: I swear.
(0:58:24) Kevin: And I mean there’s a well nearby.
(0:58:26) Kevin: And I can get a water and a well but I could how do you do how with I have to look into that then I don’t know how I’m getting it okay see my carrots are still growing I don’t water them they still grow and it rains so I assumed I would have to water them because you know rain saves you that work but
(0:58:27) Kelly: Yeah, you have to replenish your water there.
(0:58:33) Kelly: I don’t know, I’m going to my garden now.
(0:58:36) Kelly: I haven’t played this game since February.
(0:58:48) Kelly: Do you not have to water them? I swear to- What did you use the water for? I used water.
(0:58:52) Kevin: You use water and all sorts of recipes and things like that.
(0:58:56) Kevin: But I could not at least figure out how to water the plants.
(0:59:02) Kevin: Oh, this is fascinating. Let’s see here.
(0:59:06) Kelly: Let’s see…
(0:59:08) Kelly: Okay, I’m just I guess maybe I was thinking about the fertilizer because I was like thinking there is a well
(0:59:15) Kevin: There is a well and you get water from it to do stuff.
(0:59:18) Kevin: And it’s right next to your garden.
(0:59:19) Kevin: So you would, I would have assumed you have to water it,
(0:59:19) Kelly: Yeah.
(0:59:20) Kelly: No, I’m not seeing anything to let me water it now either, so.
(0:59:22) Kevin: but there’s no watering can and I couldn’t.
(0:59:27) Kelly: I just made that up.
(0:59:28) Kelly: I’m watching my little zombies do their yard work.
(0:59:30) Kevin: That’s fascinating, um, well, but yeah, it’s interesting though because it’s yeah for as far as I encountered it’s set and forget And and you know, you can do all your usual lots of different crops and use it to cook and whatnot. Um it It it’s
(0:59:50) Kelly: I like the, um, the like, uh, getting better seeds.
(0:59:55) Kelly: Like, you know, there’s quality to your produce.
(0:59:58) Kevin: Yes, there is quality to your crops, and like some people ask for certain quality stuff, so it does matter, so…
(0:59:59) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:00:03) Kelly: And it definitely updates the meals you make and like the quality of that.
(1:00:05) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Oh, that reminds me, we didn’t mention it all, there’s a stamina system, which is why cooking matters.
(1:00:16) Kelly: Oh yes, because you could actually stay up all night and it doesn’t really start to affect you for a day or two.
(1:00:16) Kevin: Um, you have…
(1:00:18) Kevin: Oh, it will affect you, because I haven’t stayed up that long.
(1:00:21) Kelly: Yeah, eventually it’ll be like you’re sleepy and you’ll start taking hit points.
(1:00:25) Kevin: Um…
(1:00:28) Kevin: Okay, huh. That’s fascinating. I didn’t know that, that’s… I like that.
(1:00:30) Kelly: And you can eat food to like stay alive, but it’s clearly, you know, affecting you.
(1:00:33) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:00:36) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, but overall, I mean, again, nope, very low pressure. There is no 2 a.m., you’re forced, you fall just unconscious. You can just stay up.
(1:00:38) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:00:46) Kelly: Because there’s also no time. It’s like day in.
(1:00:47) Kevin: Yeah, there’s a day, there’s like the day/night, sun/moon pictures that are kind of rotating, that sort of clock.
(1:00:56) Kevin: Um, but there’s no specific hours and things like that people like the villagers do have a schedule they’ll get night they’ll be asleep and they they’ll be at their spots so there’s you just don’t see there is some sort of clock but um it’s pretty lenient it’s it’s not like you have to worry about yeah yeah and what’s nice is the sleeping you can sleep for as long as you want you can sleep until your bar fills up or wake up before then so all that.
(1:01:03) Kelly: Oh, definitely, yeah.
(1:01:12) Kelly: Yeah, there’s like time of day and stuff like that, but Mm-hmm Yeah, sometimes I would just go to sleep to save
(1:01:28) Kevin: Yeah, you can just do that too. Just wake up immediately just to save, because again, that’s the only save point.
(1:01:36) Kevin: But yeah, overall it is nice how you can manage that day/night cycle. Again, very low pressure, very open in how you want to approach it.
(1:01:50) Kevin: And again, that stamina system, that’s how you refill your stamina at almost no cost. You can eat food and potions and things like that.
(1:01:58) Kevin: But those require resources and maybe it takes a minute to get there. But the stamina used for pretty much everything. Gathering something, putting down a tree, crafting something, even fishing.
(1:02:10) Kevin: Oh! Oh! Fishing! I gotta complain about the fishing. This might be specific to the Switch version, but we could not figure out how to fish.
(1:02:17) Kelly: The fishing is weird.
(1:02:20) Kevin: There’s no clear explanation.
(1:02:22) Kelly: I remember it being kind of odd.
(1:02:25) Kelly: I didn’t do a lot of fishing,
(1:02:26) Kelly: which I also typically love fishing game stuff.
(1:02:29) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I do too. And a few people are asking me to get some fish for them, so I’m trying to work on that.
(1:02:36) Kevin: And there’s two things. First of all, it’s both Animal Crossing and Stardew. You have to wait for the little fishing bob to reel it in.
(1:02:37) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:02:46) Kevin: And then you get the Stardew minigame where you have to keep the bar on the fish and all that.
(1:02:50) Kevin: The kicker for me isn’t even the Stardew part. The timing to pull it in is really weird and narrow.
(1:02:58) Kelly: It is. It’s very strange.
(1:02:58) Kevin: I looked online and there’s a tip that you should actually look at your character’s arm. You can kind of see it change pace and that’s the best way to tell.
(1:03:09) Kelly: Okay.
(1:03:09) Kevin: And I did that and it was actually the first time I reeled in a fish, which was wild.
(1:03:13) Kevin: Yeah, that’s probably the most unforgiving thing in the whole game.
(1:03:21) Kelly: - Yeah, and there’s like a bait system and like all that stuff, like it’s weather affected.
(1:03:26) Kevin: Oh yes, yeah, you can get rods and different baits and things, um, but thankfully as Kelly said, it doesn’t seem to be super critical, um, you obviously can make dishes and stuff out of it, but there’s no big skill tree, uh-huh, yep, yeah, yeah, but there’s no skill tree, you know, and there’s only a few certain, uh, fishing points, that’s, uh, that’s another big thing.
(1:03:38) Kelly: I would say it’s it’s good for early game dishes and and you know the quests that you have Like I definitely did fishing throughout no yeah, yeah
(1:03:56) Kevin: You have to go to specific docks to fish, um, but, um, yeah, that, that one was a bit of a boom, because like you, I enjoy fishing minigames and whatnot, but, um, but I guess you can’t, you can’t win them all, um, but that’s okay, everything else, I, I’m enjoying the mining, the tree chopping, the crafting, all that, um, one thing I do kind of find a fun is when you build stations to, to craft and whatnot, you have limited space,
(1:04:26) Kevin: and they show you like a grid and where you can put certain, certain, uh, uh, your, your work benches and crafting stations and whatnot, and at least so far for me, I haven’t, like, I can see it getting crowded, but you can expand it, and it’s another, basically just a management aspect of it. I kind of like it, I think it’s neat, but I don’t know, later on, maybe it becomes a problem, heh.
(1:04:45) Kelly: Um.
(1:04:46) Kelly: You can expand it, but they’re, uh,
(1:04:53) Kelly: for the most part, you have to destroy things if you want to move them.
(1:04:57) Kelly: And, which I don’t like at all.
(1:04:57) Kevin: Yeah, that’s the only part that sucks, you can’t move.
(1:05:03) Kelly: And then, um, uh, what was it?
(1:05:07) Kelly: I’m trying to think.
(1:05:08) Kelly: Oh, you’re kind of, so it’s like you’re,
(1:05:11) Kelly: like some of the shapes of the areas that you’re allowed to put things in.
(1:05:15) Kelly: are weird sizes that don’t really match.
(1:05:18) Kevin: Yeah, the graveyard is a big one because you can only…
(1:05:21) Kevin: Like the graveyard is like three by three squares and the graveyard plots aren’t divisible by three So you have extra spaces in between them I’m sure I will, like there’s, yeah.
(1:05:24) Kelly: Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(1:05:26) Kelly: Don’t worry, you’re gonna need that.
(1:05:35) Kevin: But I mean that’s just an example like yeah Some of the it is a little almost Tetris like to see how you can best make use of all your space
(1:05:44) Kelly: Yeah, no, there is just like a few points like it’s mostly fine, but there’s definitely a few points where I was like just annoyed that I was losing the resources and wasting my time and Stuff didn’t fit quite right, but I think overall I got it pretty good now It took it took some some moving back and forth
(1:05:59) Kevin: Yeah, I Yeah, I’m still early on so I’m sure that My opinion might change as I start to struggle for space and stuff. But um, it’s Interesting how they approached it at the very least Yeah, um Yeah, that’s
(1:06:14) Kelly: Oh, yeah, no, I like that. Like, there’s a yard. You have a yard that you want to keep everything in for the most part.
(1:06:20) Kelly: You know what I really like is that you can push resources. Do you do this?
(1:06:26) Kelly: So I would make stacks of like logs and then push them around.
(1:06:29) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, that’s fun.
(1:06:33) Kevin: So when you cut down a tree, you get a log drops and either you pick it up with your hands, you can only carry one at a time.
(1:06:39) Kevin: But you can also kind of kick them around.
(1:06:40) Kevin: So if you get good, you can get a hold, yeah.
(1:06:42) Kelly: Oh, I would make stacks that I would like push around you.
(1:06:47) Kevin: That is fun.
(1:06:48) Kevin: It’s nice to see how good you can get at that.
(1:06:50) Kevin: And yeah, it’s, and obviously it’s important because time, right?
(1:06:56) Kevin: It saves you time, so you don’t have to go back and forth 100 times.
(1:06:59) Kevin: But yeah, let’s see here, I’m trying to think what else.
(1:07:04) Kevin: Again, I’m still early in, so there’s a lot I haven’t seen.
(1:07:11) Kelly: Yeah, there’s there’s a lot like I said, there’s alchemy. There’s there’s you know a lot of sciency stuff sciency magical stuff. All right
(1:07:15) Kevin: Yeah, writing, the church, we didn’t talk about the church.
(1:07:21) Kevin: So on the same land as the graveyard, there’s a church and being the running the church is part of the job.
(1:07:29) Kevin: So you have to do a sermon every week, very Cult of the Lambie.
(1:07:33) Kevin: And there’s a whole system for writing different sermons and prayers and things like that. It’s a whole skill tree tab basically.
(1:07:43) Kevin: I’m still getting into the hang of it, but it’s interesting because it looks like it has a lot of potential. It can boost other things.
(1:07:51) Kevin: It can boost money or resource gathering and stuff like that.
(1:07:53) Kevin: And Mm-hmm.
(1:07:54) Kelly: Yeah, no, it’s a lot of fun once you are able to play around with it more. I think it takes a bit to really get into the swing of things. Like, I screwed myself because I put bad corpses into graves. So at first, well, you can’t preach until your church is at a certain grade or whatever, so I kind of screwed myself for a bit on that one.
(1:07:59) Kevin: Yup.
(1:08:01) Kevin: Yup.
(1:08:03) Kevin: Yup, for sure.
(1:08:05) Kevin: Oh, does that affect your church stuff?
(1:08:11) Kevin: Oh, that part. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(1:08:17) Kevin: Yeah, you have to unlock it, yeah.
(1:08:19) Kevin: Uh-huh.
(1:08:21) Kevin: Mm, okay.
(1:08:23) Kevin: Yeah, well, thank you.
(1:08:25) Kevin: Oh, that’s good to know.
(1:08:25) Kelly: » But yeah, you have the bishop and then you have the mean inquisitor guy and
(1:08:30) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, it’s funny, almost no characters have any names, yeah.
(1:08:32) Kelly: You get to decorate your church.
(1:08:35) Kevin: Yeah, your church has its own rating inside, aside from the graveyard.
(1:08:41) Kevin: And the better it is, the more people will come and the more stuff you can get from them and whatnot.
(1:08:44) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:08:45) Kelly: And also, that plays into what spells you can use because if your church is enough to a certain quality,
(1:08:53) Kevin: Mm-hmm Yeah Rituals prayers, whatever you call them. Um, yeah, that is true I saw that and then again, those are things you can see on the skill tree and you have to knock them But yes, um, there are requirements some of them Which is fascinating again a whole nother area of stuff you have to manage and juggle But it is again, it’s enjoyable I am Enjoying getting through all the stuff
(1:08:53) Kelly: you can’t use certain spells or rituals,
(1:08:58) Kelly: that’s what it is.
(1:09:20) Kelly: Oh, it definitely is. Definitely. It’s a lot of fun.
(1:09:24) Kevin: Ah Yeah, I’m trying to think What else obviously like there is some degree of a story of wanting to get home I don’t know anything about that barely seen anything every character has their own quests. I barely scratched the surface The most I have to say is the donkey. He started his own little Communist Party So good for you little donkey
(1:09:52) Kevin: But other than that
(1:09:53) Kevin: I’m interested to see what this world can deliver Yeah, they’re oh the refugee camp oh gosh I’ve I’ve barely scratched that there’s some guy who recognizes that you’re not from this world and I want to know what’s up with that But um, there’s a whole camp that you can manage you have to provide them with food and water and all build tents for them Oh It’s it’s oh thank you, so it can feel overwhelming but
(1:09:56) Kelly: It’s definitely got a lot going on.
(1:10:16) Kelly: Yes.
(1:10:21) Kevin: Because there’s no pressure of
(1:10:23) Kevin: Time or year like it it does it hasn’t really broken me yet. I’m
(1:10:29) Kelly: So there’s one other thing that I’m now thinking about that I’m like, why is it like this?
(1:10:34) Kelly: What do you think of the map?
(1:10:34) Kevin: Okay, do you mean the whole map, the layout, or the actual map you’re using to see the area?
(1:10:42) Kelly: No, the actual map that you opened.
(1:10:43) Kevin: Okay.
(1:10:44) Kevin: Um, it’s, it would be nice if it showed you where you are.
(1:10:50) Kelly: Right? Why doesn’t it show you that?
(1:10:53) Kevin: That’s the only problem.
(1:10:54) Kevin: It’s just a map, like it shows the area, but it doesn’t show, it shows where some shops and things are, but it didn’t show you where you were.
(1:11:01) Kelly: You have to guess.
(1:11:02) Kevin: Now, to be fair…
(1:11:04) Kevin: …there are some of the landmarks that line up pretty okay, I haven’t had trouble with it, but it is just weird, it would.
(1:11:09) Kelly: Sometimes. It’s just like, why doesn’t this follow me?
(1:11:10) Kevin: And when you open your map, at the very least it would be nice if you open it up, it’s like where you are.
(1:11:13) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:11:17) Kevin: Because sometimes you open it up and it’s just showing a whole different area that you last looked at, and that’s kind of bothered to orient yourself.
(1:11:18) Kelly: Yeah, exactly.
(1:11:24) Kevin: Um, it would be very nice if they changed that to, at least, at least show the icon where you are.
(1:11:31) Kevin: Um, yeah.
(1:11:32) Kelly: Little weird.
(1:11:34) Kevin: Yeah, that is an odd choice.
(1:11:36) Kevin: Um, but, uh, let’s see, I’m trying to think.
(1:11:38) Kelly: I think that covers the basics of it pretty solidly.
(1:11:38) Kevin: Is there anything else that you want to talk about or cover?
(1:11:42) Kevin: ‘Cause I can’t, uh…
(1:11:44) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:11:48) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:11:49) Kelly: Because I don’t want to spoil everything.
(1:11:50) Kevin: Yeah.
(1:11:51) Kelly: I know the game’s been out for a while, but you know.
(1:11:52) Kevin: Sure. Sure. Um, that makes sense. Um…
(1:11:56) Kevin: I’m… I will say I’m look- I’m enjoying it very much.
(1:12:00) Kevin: going to keep playing this and I can’t wait to talk to Kelly more about it.
(1:12:04) Kevin: But it’s definitely a big two thumbs up from me and an easy recommendation to anyone who enjoys Stardew or those types of games.
(1:12:14) Kelly: Mm-hmm. I think I ended up playing it because I was like I want to play stardew again But I don’t want to play stardew again
(1:12:26) Kevin: And this definitely scratches that itch, because it’s even like from the aesthetic, it feels started like,
(1:12:32) Kevin: but the whole graveyard aspect, running the graveyard, the kind of macabre, how do you say that word?
(1:12:40) Kevin: Macabre look of and feel of dismembering corpses and things like that,
(1:12:45) Kevin: because it’s not afraid to lean into weird stuff like that.
(1:12:48) Kevin: Oh, you can sell human meat to the tavern.
(1:12:48) Kelly: Oh, yes, yes, I definitely did that.
(1:12:53) Kevin: Yeah, yeah, it looks like I said, I think you’re going to kind of have to do a little bit of everything to really get far in the game, um, so, you know.
(1:13:01) Kelly: It’s definitely like that one was more limited that was like definitely early game And you know once I had money. I was like okay. I don’t have to sell a human
(1:13:03) Kevin: [
(1:13:10) Kevin: LAUGHTER] Um, but yeah, so stuff like that, it definitely differentiates itself from Stardew very easily. Um…
(1:13:18) Kelly: Yes, definitely. Like, again, I think I got it to scratch a Stardew itch, but I don’t think it’s…
(1:13:24) Kelly: I think in a genre that’s very easy to say, this is Stardew-esque, this is actually not.
(1:13:31) Kevin: Yeah, yes, absolutely. This isn’t a genre, but it is not a Stardew clone by any means.
(1:13:35) Kevin: There’s not even any dating as far as I know, which is personally, I find very refreshing, ‘cause it’s just…
(1:13:37) Kelly: No.
(1:13:39) Kelly: I was I was thinking about that earlier and I was like, you know, it’s actually kind of nice to play a farming game without that.
(1:13:45) Kevin: Yes, yes, I I totally agree. I’ve talked about this on the show a few times.
(1:13:49) Kevin: I don’t think every game needs it.
(1:13:52) Kevin: And this one, I think they recognize they didn’t because they have their whole graveyard.
(1:13:56) Kevin: Your graveyard is your wife.
(1:13:57) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:13:58) Kelly: Plus also, I think that would kind of defeat the purpose of like, you know, you’re trying to get back to your wife.
(1:13:59) Kevin: Um.
(1:14:00) Kevin: Yeah, and there’s that, right?
(1:14:06) Kevin: That’s the main story. He wants to get back home.
(1:14:08) Kevin: So, yeah, you know, and that is I definitely oh, but yeah, there you go.
(1:14:15) Kevin: I think that covers graveyard keeper.
(1:14:18) Kevin: Easy recommend from me.
(1:14:21) Kevin: And I think, Kelly, you have any other comments or anything else you want to add, Kelly,
(1:14:22) Kelly: Mm-hmm.
(1:14:23) Kelly: Uh, no, I think that’s it.
(1:14:25) Kevin: before we start wrapping up here?
(1:14:27) Kevin: All right. So with that, thank you very much, Kelly, for joining me to chat about graveyard keeper.
(1:14:36) Kevin: I can’t wait to play more and talk to you more about it as I try struggle to get blue points and unlock stuff.
(1:14:41) Kelly: Well, thank you for inviting me.
(1:14:45) Kevin: My pleasure. I’m always happy to have you on to talk about weird, ghoulish things like Cult of the Lamb in this game.
(1:14:53) Kevin: Where do you want people to find you if you want to be?
(1:14:59) Kelly: Um, you can find me @ralamew.
(1:15:02) Kelly: I think that’s the only thing I kind of use.
(1:15:05) Kelly: I don’t update any social media on anything.
(1:15:06) Kevin: Okay. That’s fine. There you go. Here’s your treasure hunt, people. You can find me at SuperPres on the tweeters, at Spriter’s Squared for my art account. Again, you can find me on Rainbow Road Radio. That is a separate podcast done by our mutual friend Alex and eye where we talk about all things Mario, Super Mario Wonder.
(1:15:08) Kelly: So if you find it, there you go.
(1:15:36) Kevin: Just came out, so it’s a good time to get in as we talk about that there’s a new Mario voice His name is also Kevin So there’ll be a lot of talk about that um You can find that at Rainbow Mario pod on Twitter Or again the show itself is called Rainbow Road radio You can look for it I think Alex is finally getting it on most of the podcast platforms and whatnot or you can just message me You know, drop yielding.
(1:16:06) Kevin: You can find this show on tumblr, well, twitter handlers @thspod, I know Al has been focusing on tumblr, um, well, I don’t like, I don’t blame him, social media is kind of a dumpster fire right now, but some, he’s bringing tumblr back!
(1:16:21) Kelly: Wait, is he really focusing on tumblr? I don’t see it on the outro notes
(1:16:23) Kevin: Yeah? Yeah, yeah, he doesn’t put it there, but no, that’s where he’s doing, like, most of his updating right now, um, that’s where the links he drops, so props to you Al, of course, you can go to the-
(1:16:33) Kelly: I mean, listen, Tumblr is still here. It’s still living. It’s still alive. I don’t know.
(1:16:36) Kevin: Yeah?
(1:16:38) Kevin: It is a life! Um, yeah, I mean, right now, absolutely, heh heh heh, yeah, well, and you know what, to be honest, that’s probably where the best audience for this show is anyway, so, if somehow, he should consult you, you’ve got a history of twitter, um, who knows, maybe one day you’ll find our booth at Dashcon.
(1:16:40) Kelly: It is more reliable, I think, than maybe Twitter at this point, which is scary.
(1:17:06) Kevin: Heh heh!
(1:17:09) Kevin: Heh! Um, but yeah, or you can just go to our website, harvestseason.club, which will have, uh, all the links and show notes and transcripts and all that stuff, uh, you can drop an email there, some feedback for us to talk about and whatnot, criticize Al, it goes all, all goes to him.
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(1:17:36) Kevin: you can give Al some money and get great- actually great perks, um, the harvest season slack where we talk with other listeners and all the hosts hang out there and we talk about these updates and things.
(1:17:50) Kevin: Um, you can also get access to our premium, uh, show at the greenhouse where we talk about non-farming game type topics, uh, Spencer and I just- actually, I think the episode is already out.
(1:18:06) Kevin: We’ll chat about our big green friend Godzilla and lots of those things in Kaiju’s and whatnot.
(1:18:14) Kevin: Um, and there’ll be other stuff coming out soon.
(1:18:18) Kevin: Um, so, with that, uh, thank you again, Kelly, for coming on the show, thank you Al for having us on.
(1:18:26) Kelly: Always happy to be here.
(1:18:28) Kevin: Yes, it’s always great to have you on. People don’t know, Kelly and I are good close friends and so this is always fun to chat about drunk with her.
(1:18:36) Kevin: Uh, one day we’ll do an episode on Waluigi. Actually, I could get you on Rainbow Road Radio for that.
(1:18:43) Kevin: Um, but until next time, dear listeners, have a good harvest!
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