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By The Pier


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[00:00.000 –> 00:04.800] COUNTRY MUSIC
[00:30.400 –> 00:36.000] Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season. I can’t remember whether
[00:36.000 –> 00:40.240] Dalen has remembers how to intro this so we’ll just see how it goes. My name is Al.
[00:40.800 –> 00:49.520] My name is Dalen. Sorry Dalen not Dalen and we are here today to talk about fishing games.
[00:49.840 –> 00:53.520] Fishing… Question mark?
[00:55.920 –> 01:02.080] Well so the interesting thing about this is so this is I’ve got Dalen sorry I’ve it’s one of
[01:02.080 –> 01:05.920] these things where you always pronounce someone’s name when you never hear them say it and out loud
[01:05.920 –> 01:10.240] and then suddenly you’re actually having to say it. Everybody says it the first time so I don’t
[01:10.240 –> 01:17.840] worry about it. So I’ve got Dalen on this episode to talk about a game called by the pier which is a
[01:17.840 –> 01:24.320] playdate game and it’s totally not just because Dalen is the only person that has a playdate that
[01:24.320 –> 01:31.760] wants to actually talk on the podcast. I’m here for my very special set of skills which are owning
[01:31.760 –> 01:43.760] this device. This is episode three in our mini series of fishing month so just a couple of bits
[01:43.760 –> 01:48.640] of housekeeping at the beginning so first of all obviously if you need transcripts they are
[01:48.640 –> 01:56.400] available in the show notes and on the website go get them. This is obviously as this is fishing
[01:56.400 –> 02:00.480] month those who have listened to previous fishing month episodes will know that there will be no
[02:00.480 –> 02:05.760] news in this episode because this is an out of time episode. Fishing month is the month where I
[02:05.760 –> 02:12.720] am away on holiday and so we’ve got all these recorded up and early except one the last episode
[02:12.720 –> 02:18.880] might have had some news the the last episode was about dredge that might have had some news
[02:18.880 –> 02:24.960] but I’m recording this before that part I’m I’m recording this before that’s recorded so we’ll
[02:24.960 –> 02:33.040] find out soon. Podcast time is weird. Yeah the listeners will have already have found out whether
[02:33.040 –> 02:38.880] there was news in the last episode or not. It’s so weird to be talking to you all from the past the
[02:38.880 –> 02:45.360] future I’m not sure which it would be in this context. We are talking from the past. Yeah well
[02:45.360 –> 02:55.600] yeah but well I yes anyway. And this episode comes out in a month and a half so excellent.
[02:57.280 –> 03:03.680] So yeah so that’s why we’re talking about by the pier because I wanted to do a special month of
[03:03.680 –> 03:11.200] just stuff about fishing games and we’ll see how that goes or we will have seen how that has gone.
[03:11.760 –> 03:21.600] This is this is terrible. Look look it is late at night and I am very sorry for making
[03:24.160 –> 03:29.280] because we’ve been going through like two weeks of heatwave which of course heatwave in Scotland
[03:29.280 –> 03:35.520] is like 23 degrees right so get your mocking out there early but I don’t cope well with the heat.
[03:36.400 –> 03:44.320] I am not a big heat fan either so. Good good well anyway welcome welcome Dalin how are you doing?
[03:44.320 –> 03:50.240] I’m doing all right. Excellent. It is now I’m just I had to calculate the degrees from
[03:50.240 –> 03:54.880] Celsius to know how much I should laugh at you. I will I will withhold my giggles but.
[03:55.040 –> 04:02.240] Okay cool so yeah we’re going to talk about by the pier we’ve got no news so we’re just going to go
[04:02.240 –> 04:08.000] into Dalin what have you been up to? What have I been up to? So it is summer and I’ve been playing
[04:08.000 –> 04:14.800] entirely too many games. I guess I can talk about them. I wrote them on the dark I don’t know if any
[04:14.800 –> 04:20.480] of these you’ve heard of any of these I kind of abbreviated them. I think I’ve heard of at least
[04:20.480 –> 04:28.320] two of them. Yes at least two yeah perhaps well let’s just I’ll just go in order so I’ve been
[04:28.320 –> 04:34.960] playing Honkai Star Rail which I have not heard of this it’s the only gacha game I’ve ever enjoyed
[04:34.960 –> 04:42.320] in any capacity. Interesting. So you know Genshin Impact? I know of it I have never actually. So
[04:42.320 –> 04:46.720] this is made by the same company Hoyaverse I think they used to be called MiHoYo but they kind of
[04:46.720 –> 04:54.560] rebranded because they’re like we want to be cool and what I like about this game is just like
[04:54.560 –> 05:02.240] it’s got surprisingly good writing. Genshin was like not a Breath of the Wild clone but
[05:02.240 –> 05:08.000] the inspiration was definitely there with gacha elements and the story I just could not care less
[05:08.000 –> 05:14.720] about. This one is sort of a sci-fi thing and I feel like it’s a lot more compelling in like how
[05:14.720 –> 05:20.560] it brings you into it and like there are so many small interactable things the thing that everybody
[05:20.560 –> 05:25.440] likes to talk about and which I will as well is in the second like location you get to in the game
[05:26.160 –> 05:31.440] you can interact with every trash can in the city and it will give you a unique piece of dialogue
[05:31.440 –> 05:38.480] like a different you like wow the first time your character is like you have an urge to like shuffle
[05:38.480 –> 05:43.200] through this garbage can and like loot it but you resist it and your friends are looking at you funny
[05:45.040 –> 05:51.760] and it just kind of goes in plays straight the general player’s urge to just look
[05:51.760 –> 05:57.520] through and loot every container so I think my favorite one was probably oh gosh what was the
[05:57.520 –> 06:04.480] best trash can there was one where you get a note from the garbage king about to stop like rummaging
[06:04.480 –> 06:09.920] through the trash cans because these are his streets. Can I just point out how ridiculous
[06:10.000 –> 06:12.640] a phrase what was my favorite trash can
[06:14.880 –> 06:19.680] there’s a lot of good trash cans in that game I don’t know I have to say it would make the
[06:19.680 –> 06:25.280] older pokemon games much more exciting if it didn’t just say you find nothing yeah you you
[06:25.280 –> 06:31.520] found nothing you found a rare candy it’s like you sense that this trash can is ancient it is the
[06:31.520 –> 06:38.560] elder trash can of the city what do you do I don’t I’m obviously not going to play this game but what
[06:38.560 –> 06:43.840] I find really interesting is so if you go into their like their list of games on google play
[06:43.840 –> 06:50.640] it just has like the icons of the different games if you saw the the honkai star ray star rail icon
[06:50.640 –> 06:55.120] next to the genshin impact icon like on your phone would you know which one to press
[06:56.000 –> 07:01.760] no I mean it’s a pretty unified art style it’s not just a unified art style it’s basically the
[07:01.760 –> 07:07.760] same icon it’s just it’s just that the one character has one eye left eye open the other
[07:07.760 –> 07:14.080] one has the right eye open and their hair is a different color that’s it well okay oh I see what
[07:14.080 –> 07:20.800] you’re yeah it’s basically identical very different okay well I don’t know I don’t know
[07:20.800 –> 07:24.960] they are different character they may well be slightly different but do you know which is which
[07:25.680 –> 07:31.280] no you wouldn’t know without context yeah okay so what you’re saying is they should have a big trash
[07:31.280 –> 07:38.320] can on the real one like a train or something yeah I didn’t even like talk about like what the
[07:38.320 –> 07:41.760] game’s actually about I just wanted to let everybody know about the trash can it’s just like
[07:41.760 –> 07:50.400] it’s an rpg which is fun uh you you pull characters and like the story’s okay uh I love that the text
[07:50.400 –> 07:56.080] it it just kind of owns that it’s interesting to read something that was like written from a
[07:56.560 –> 08:00.880] Chinese company because I feel like there’s a very distinct writing style that the whole
[08:00.880 –> 08:05.120] team has and like I can’t tell if it’s like cultural or if it’s like just their specific
[08:05.120 –> 08:09.520] team has a way of writing but it’s it’s very interesting I like a lot it’s interesting I
[08:09.520 –> 08:14.880] wonder if I had 10 million downloads on gameplay how have I not heard of this before I don’t it
[08:14.880 –> 08:19.840] only came out like a few months ago I think it was in the recent like sony direct or something
[08:19.840 –> 08:24.400] they’re like yeah this is coming to ps5 oh I watched that I must have just ignored it
[08:25.280 –> 08:31.840] very possible yeah it’s um I could definitely come across as just sort of generic anime but it it
[08:31.840 –> 08:37.760] it has amused me fair enough I there’s a lot of care that has gone into like a lot of the
[08:37.760 –> 08:42.720] side quests in this game and that’s honestly what I enjoy the most in a lot of games so
[08:42.720 –> 08:47.840] I I appreciate it yep fair enough but if you want to know what this game actually is this
[08:47.840 –> 08:51.680] I’ve given the most terrible description of it I mean let’s be honest if people if people know
[08:51.680 –> 08:56.320] what genshin impact is then I’m sure genshin impact but with better writing will tell them
[08:56.320 –> 08:59.840] everything they need to know good writing if you don’t know what genshin impact is you probably
[08:59.840 –> 09:07.440] don’t want to know yeah rpg instead of just hitting things much better and it’s less boring
[09:07.440 –> 09:15.360] I enjoy it more anyway uh other games tears of the kingdom that’s a good one I have already
[09:15.360 –> 09:20.880] beaten this game uh yeah I’ve beaten it yeah yeah um I haven’t 100%ed it and I’m probably not going
[09:20.880 –> 09:25.680] to 100% it even if you even if you ignore the korok seeds I’m probably not gonna 100 I might
[09:25.680 –> 09:30.720] put some more time into it at some point um I will certainly go back with uh when they release the
[09:30.720 –> 09:35.920] inevitable dlc which listeners will probably know about because I suspect it might be announced
[09:35.920 –> 09:41.760] tomorrow yeah that would be that is quite likely at the time of this recording that yeah we are
[09:41.760 –> 09:46.720] recording what 14 hours before the nintendo direct engines something like that I don’t
[09:46.720 –> 09:51.760] I’m not gonna do more math no we don’t need to but anyway the important it’s tomorrow it’s very
[09:51.760 –> 09:56.960] soon it’s less than a day away um but yeah so I’ll probably play some more when that comes out
[09:56.960 –> 10:03.760] um but yeah I I might go back the thing is right like I the same thing happened with breath of the
[10:03.760 –> 10:09.120] wild I really struggle with games where when you complete the final quest the final quest is not
[10:09.120 –> 10:15.680] completed like you’re like I mean even if even if the world yeah even if the world was exactly
[10:15.680 –> 10:19.600] the same right and even if you could go and still defeat them right I just I want it to say that
[10:19.600 –> 10:24.960] that main quest is finished like having a quest that you cannot complete just even if it says
[10:24.960 –> 10:30.320] 100% like if you do everything in the game it will say you’ve completed 100% that sure fine but
[10:30.320 –> 10:35.120] there’s still something on incomplete there’s still a thing on my list that says incomplete
[10:35.120 –> 10:41.360] it’s just it annoys me yeah I totally get that and this one’s even worse because there are two
[10:42.000 –> 10:47.040] yeah there are two that you can’t get rid of in this game and I just it’s like they heard me
[10:47.040 –> 10:51.040] complain about breath of the wild and went how about we make him more annoyed by adding a second
[10:51.040 –> 10:57.680] one we are going to mess this up for al specifically so annoying anyway but it’s a good game I like it
[10:58.400 –> 11:03.920] and yes I have completed the main story very nice yeah I am I’ve been taking a break for a little
[11:03.920 –> 11:12.400] bit but I put in like probably like 50 hours into it so far amateur yeah no absolutely amateur it
[11:12.400 –> 11:17.040] was funny though because I like oh I realize I didn’t put it but that’s whatever I put up like
[11:17.040 –> 11:21.280] played like a tiny bit of a dragon quest game the other day that I’ve been playing over the
[11:21.280 –> 11:28.320] past three years and it’s like just got to 30 hours whereas I beat breath of the wild 50 or
[11:28.320 –> 11:35.360] not beat it but played 50 hours of it like just a few weeks yeah yeah yeah I’m about like halfway
[11:35.360 –> 11:43.360] through the game main quest wise I’ve got two of the main dungeons or whatever the different the
[11:43.360 –> 11:50.800] different areas temples as I think temples yeah yeah and I’m right I think I last time I stopped
[11:50.800 –> 11:54.560] I just made it to Tarrytown and I was about to go in and see what’s going on over there
[11:55.280 –> 12:00.000] I do like Tarrytown I mean everybody loves Tarrytown it’s great have you been not have
[12:00.000 –> 12:04.800] you should also you should make sure you do all the Tarrytown stuff there’s some noted there’s
[12:04.800 –> 12:10.960] one very particularly good thing about okay cool I will make sure to be thorough I uh I really enjoy
[12:10.960 –> 12:16.400] the town quest I haven’t finished Hateno but I did like everything except for I think the last quest
[12:16.400 –> 12:22.080] the mayoral election thing yeah I haven’t done that myself um I enjoyed it quite a bit it was
[12:22.080 –> 12:26.400] just I just liked going around the town and like talking to everybody and helping them with stuff
[12:26.400 –> 12:30.000] yeah I definitely need to do at some point because I believe that’s the only way you can like
[12:30.000 –> 12:35.520] buy a second Hylian Shield if your first one breaks really interesting yeah well you’ll have
[12:35.520 –> 12:40.160] to I guess check it out when if you feel like you need to prep for the dlc or something yeah I
[12:40.160 –> 12:44.400] wouldn’t be surprised if if they announce the dlc and I’m like I must do more of this game I think
[12:44.400 –> 12:51.120] I think I’m technically at 54 complete but that presumably includes all the core exceeds all the
[12:51.200 –> 12:56.080] rain which both of them I just I don’t really I mean maybe I would care about the cooking but
[12:56.080 –> 13:02.400] the cooking might be fun because it’s like yeah all the recipes yeah yeah the the recipe book is
[13:02.400 –> 13:06.000] annoying because it like it felt like it was going to be like oh you can just like press a thing and
[13:06.000 –> 13:10.400] it will make the thing rather than having to select but no it’s not it’s it’s literally just
[13:10.400 –> 13:16.160] a log the reference which is useful and it’s nice it’s basically it’s basically the curry dicks right
[13:16.160 –> 13:21.760] like I appreciate it compared to breath of the wild oh sure and I was sure I’m not going to
[13:21.760 –> 13:25.280] remember anything yeah yeah no absolutely it’s nice to be able to go like oh these are the ones
[13:25.280 –> 13:29.680] I’ve actually done already so that you can complete the certainly the the side quests I
[13:29.680 –> 13:34.560] could see myself doing uh finishing them off and whatever I don’t know why they have two different
[13:34.560 –> 13:39.920] they’ve got side quests and I think they’re just to like indicate like how much of an undertaking
[13:39.920 –> 13:44.960] it’s going to be there’s side quests side adventures side adventure yeah yeah it just
[13:44.960 –> 13:49.840] it’s weird that well first of all it’s weird they don’t kind of describe the difference I guess you
[13:49.840 –> 13:55.680] just have to infer from the word and secondly they are separated by shrine quests like it goes main
[13:55.680 –> 14:02.240] quest yeah that is a little side quest in between their shrine quest side adventure yeah and then
[14:02.240 –> 14:07.200] weird that then the memories is like in that list as well but anyway I’m not going to question their
[14:07.200 –> 14:12.480] UI decisions that is not my field of expertise it is a little weird though I will question them
[14:12.480 –> 14:18.400] all I want please do someone must um I mean it’s not really like you know we must take it down
[14:20.000 –> 14:25.280] nobody’s questioning these bad decisions no it’s still it’s still a very good take
[14:25.280 –> 14:32.960] nintendo to task about their terrible nobody ever criticizes them ever ever it’s never been done
[14:32.960 –> 14:41.120] we’re the first yes here’s the kingdom good game good game and uh I feel like I’m talking too much
[14:41.120 –> 14:44.880] about these video games but we’re definitely not I don’t know what else we’re gonna talk about by
[14:44.880 –> 14:50.720] the pier we’ll be pretty short yeah uh I’ll I’ll talk about uh hard space and then we can talk
[14:50.720 –> 14:56.400] about bloom which I’m also playing which I have thoughts and it’s definitely relative relevant
[14:56.400 –> 15:02.560] it’s definitely relevant to the podcast as well yeah yeah um hard spaceship breaker uh is a game
[15:02.560 –> 15:08.240] I picked up I don’t know when a while ago uh it’s you’re just dismantling ships in space it’s a
[15:08.240 –> 15:14.160] simulation where you dismantle ships in space that that’s basically it it’s uh I it was kind
[15:14.160 –> 15:20.560] of stressful at first but like I as person yes it’s a first person game you are like physically
[15:20.560 –> 15:25.920] taking apart a ship you’ve got like a cutter tool um you have a grapple to let you pull things
[15:25.920 –> 15:31.520] towards you or pull yourself towards things you can’t choose it’s simply like are you heavier
[15:31.520 –> 15:37.840] than the object or is the object heavier than you or your whole force um fair enough yeah um
[15:37.840 –> 15:42.480] and then what’s the other tool I think you’ll get bombs at some point I have yet to use them at all
[15:43.120 –> 15:50.000] um but they are needed for uh the later game introduces elements of like sometimes ships are
[15:50.000 –> 15:55.440] like pressurized inside so like you need to depressurize them and sometimes you can’t
[15:56.080 –> 16:02.560] do that manually so you have to uh throw a bomb and get away rapid depressurization yes
[16:02.560 –> 16:07.200] rapidly pressurization it sounds like the way that um spacex would describe explosions
[16:08.080 –> 16:16.400] uh yeah if you like um just it’s very much so this game is set like in the late let’s see it’s
[16:16.400 –> 16:22.080] like 2400 I want to say is somewhere in that somewhere that century I think the game takes
[16:22.080 –> 16:27.600] place and it’s like the future and all of earth thanks for clarifying that’s the future yeah
[16:27.600 –> 16:33.040] yeah it’s the future uh all of earth is ruled by a giant mega corp that you work for
[16:33.040 –> 16:40.720] of course so it’s there is a wealth of commentary on uh maybe one company shouldn’t own everything
[16:40.720 –> 16:45.920] in the world and uh it comes through in the dialogue there was a one of the uh writers on
[16:45.920 –> 16:50.080] this game is someone I follow on twitter so I was like oh I can kind of see their style poking
[16:50.080 –> 16:55.680] through here a little bit I think so I’ve been enjoying just they they sort of weave the story
[16:55.680 –> 17:00.720] in by having your co-workers will like talk to you either in between shifts or just kind of at
[17:00.720 –> 17:06.560] the beginning of the shift over the intercom so that’s fun verified on steam deck yeah it’s pretty
[17:06.560 –> 17:12.000] good I enjoyed it would recommend I need to I have not finished it yet but I’ve gotten through the
[17:12.000 –> 17:16.080] first act I think there are three acts I’m not sure can you go back and replay them because it
[17:16.080 –> 17:20.080] feels like the sort of game that I’m not going to play it because I’m not a huge fan of first person
[17:20.080 –> 17:26.080] and stuff like that except in exceptional circumstances um but it feels like the sort
[17:26.080 –> 17:32.480] of thing that you could just go back to and it’d be kind of you know repetitive and oh absolutely
[17:33.040 –> 17:38.080] relaxing in that sort of way they yeah besides the campaign mode you can basically just I think
[17:38.080 –> 17:43.040] they have like a free play mode where you just kind of pick any ship to dismantle any because
[17:43.040 –> 17:47.360] there are like different types of ships in the game and then also I think there’s like some sort
[17:47.360 –> 17:55.200] of like race mode where you’re like trying to race against somebody else to dismantle it faster or
[17:55.200 –> 18:00.400] something the the game gives you like shifts in 15 minute chunks usually I don’t know if
[18:01.200 –> 18:05.840] it would limit to that I haven’t touched the mode at all to be honest but it’s a cool option for
[18:05.840 –> 18:13.760] people to have competitive ship dismantling interesting mm-hmm and then finally bloom which
[18:13.760 –> 18:18.960] I just picked up yesterday uh so I’ve not gotten super far in but I’m enjoying it quite a bit oh
[18:18.960 –> 18:24.640] in yeah enjoy I what what um without story spoilers like how sure how much have you
[18:25.680 –> 18:31.680] let’s see in terms of here I will open it on my playdate right now let me make sure the the sound
[18:31.680 –> 18:35.280] is off so I’m not because I guess there’s two there’s two kind of main parts to this game and
[18:35.280 –> 18:41.440] one is like this is it’s just a it’s just a very simple farming game right kind of you’re
[18:41.440 –> 18:46.080] I think of the farming very much like Animal Crossing farming um that’s the kind of level
[18:46.080 –> 18:50.400] it is but obviously the graphics are much simpler and then there’s the the story aspect to it which
[18:50.400 –> 18:57.360] you can you can do as uh I will say as slowly as you want probably not as quick as you want
[18:57.360 –> 19:02.160] but as slowly as you want honestly I feel like I’ve been going too quick so I’m I’m fine with
[19:02.160 –> 19:09.760] that I enjoy the sort of leisurely play pace of things um right now in terms of upgrades I have
[19:10.640 –> 19:18.560] three four twelve spots on the roof to plant things so not bad yeah uh I’ve got about like
[19:18.560 –> 19:25.520] in terms of chat messages I’ve met aside from like the shop in the horoscope a day in the opening
[19:25.520 –> 19:32.000] tutorial I have seven people I’ve met so far okay I have messages with I’ve been playing the little
[19:32.320 –> 19:39.520] uh what’s it called star shooter hoshiko game which is fun yes I was like man this game’s easy
[19:39.520 –> 19:43.440] and then I beat the first like record and I was like man this game’s hard
[19:45.440 –> 19:51.600] it’s easy until it isn’t it’s easy until it isn’t yeah my current high score is 680 so I could not
[19:51.600 –> 19:58.800] tell you what mine was not bad not great but fun cool yeah no it’s a good game I really enjoy it
[19:58.800 –> 20:03.200] um I can’t remember whether I’ve gone back and played all of the the update oh yeah because
[20:03.200 –> 20:07.040] there was a new content added there was yeah I definitely started playing it but I can’t remember
[20:07.040 –> 20:10.800] whether I finished it so I’ll need to try that at some point once I definitely once we finish this
[20:10.800 –> 20:16.480] episode because I’m not closing pop it open I’m not closing by the pier just now it’s no might
[20:16.480 –> 20:20.560] open that for reference as well I think it’s about time we go into it well first what have you been
[20:20.560 –> 20:28.400] up to uh well yeah so not very many games because um my switch is still broken um although hopefully
[20:28.560 –> 20:32.880] the time this episode comes out it will not be broken anymore we’ll see I dearly hope so yeah
[20:33.520 –> 20:38.960] so it’s with nintendo now they have it they are just going it says it could take up to 20 days
[20:39.600 –> 20:47.040] wow which is just such a stupid like whatever um it’s with nintendo now it’s it gave me like
[20:47.040 –> 20:51.600] it’s in a better place now we sent we sent the switch to a farm upstate
[20:51.600 –> 20:58.720] yeah yeah so um I’ve been playing obviously by the pier for for this podcast and there’s
[20:58.720 –> 21:04.800] another game I’ve been playing for uh another episode of fishing week that will be recorded
[21:04.800 –> 21:11.760] next week I think I’m recording that um maybe it’s two weeks I’ve lost track um that’s that’s
[21:11.760 –> 21:19.040] about it games wise I’ve been uh going through the mission impossible films um so I am now up
[21:19.040 –> 21:24.640] up to date with them the new one I think something like that so um I’ve been enjoying them I had seen
[21:24.640 –> 21:29.520] a couple of them before but I couldn’t remember how many so I just like watched them all um which
[21:29.520 –> 21:35.360] is pretty standard for me I started like properly tracking what I’m watching a couple years ago um
[21:35.360 –> 21:39.360] so there’s a lot of things I have watched that haven’t tracked um and that’s why I’m like let
[21:39.360 –> 21:43.600] me watch all of this franchise and then it’s all logged and the next time when there’s a new one
[21:43.600 –> 21:48.080] out comes out I don’t need to go oh did I watch that no I have because I have them logged so I
[21:48.080 –> 21:53.440] did that for mission impossible I did it for transformers um there was something else that
[21:53.440 –> 21:59.360] I can’t remember but yeah so I’ve done that for a few few franchises this year I liked them um I
[21:59.360 –> 22:06.400] think there’s kind of there’s a they have have you seen many of them uh I think I’ve only seen like
[22:06.400 –> 22:11.040] snippets I’ve never sat down and watched one through so one thing that they have in the films
[22:11.040 –> 22:16.080] is like there’s technology that can like realistically create someone’s face as a mask
[22:16.080 –> 22:19.600] and they also have these little things that you put on your throat and it gives you their voice
[22:19.600 –> 22:25.120] as well right so so that that is something that it’s not even a spoiler right that is literally
[22:25.120 –> 22:30.880] in the first one minute of the film the first film right like it is literally the first thing
[22:30.880 –> 22:37.920] is somebody pretending to be somebody else um and the problem with that is because they did it in
[22:37.920 –> 22:43.200] the first film it means that they can’t pretend like that technology doesn’t exist so I think
[22:43.200 –> 22:48.880] almost every film I think every single film has at least one scene where halfway through
[22:48.880 –> 22:54.240] the scene you’re like oh wait that’s not that person is it and then it’s like somebody dies
[22:54.240 –> 22:57.200] and you’re like no I can’t believe they killed them and it’s like oh wait a minute they didn’t
[22:57.200 –> 23:06.320] kill them it was somebody else every single film has that um I won’t tell you what scenes so it’s
[23:06.320 –> 23:10.720] not given but yeah like this is the thing like by the fifth one I was already predicting that this
[23:10.720 –> 23:14.480] would happen right like because it’s like they just do it all the time and there’s a few cases
[23:14.480 –> 23:18.160] where they’re like oh we can’t use masks for this one because of this reason but they still use
[23:18.160 –> 23:24.560] masks at some point in the film right it’s like oh my word so I get why they can’t just kind of
[23:24.560 –> 23:29.600] ignore it because it is technology that exists but it also feels like you know maybe they could have
[23:29.600 –> 23:34.640] had some plot reason to get rid of them and never use them again because after six films it gets a
[23:34.640 –> 23:40.080] bit tiring having that same thing happen yeah it just kind of wrote themselves into a corner with
[23:40.160 –> 23:45.520] realm of possibility is something they always have to account for exactly exactly but overall
[23:45.520 –> 23:50.240] I think they’re I think they’re pretty good action films with with either kind of um they’re one of
[23:50.240 –> 23:56.880] them uh I won’t say which just so it doesn’t spoil it but one of them was like so many double crossings
[23:56.880 –> 24:03.680] that I was losing track of who was on what side at any one point and it just felt like have you
[24:03.680 –> 24:09.920] ever seen the um uh the Rick and Morty episode about the heist no I haven’t seen it it’s a very
[24:09.920 –> 24:15.120] funny episode and it’s just basically making fun of heists basically it’s like the entire episode
[24:15.120 –> 24:19.840] is just constantly like double crossing double crossing double crossing to like a ridiculous
[24:19.840 –> 24:25.760] degree and it just felt like this film that it was like this is this is what um created that episode
[24:25.760 –> 24:30.800] isn’t it it was this film it was like so many double crossings it’s like there was a space
[24:30.800 –> 24:36.160] where it was like in one minute I’m pretty sure they double crossed like five times and I’m like
[24:36.160 –> 24:43.520] what just happened here but overall they’re fun I enjoy them so I’m looking forward to the new one
[24:43.520 –> 24:48.080] or I will have been looking forward to the you’re gonna go see it and you have seen it by the time
[24:48.080 –> 24:54.480] this has come out yes hopefully cool uh yeah I think that’s thing that’s that’s that’s about it
[24:55.040 –> 24:58.000] so only 25 minutes of what we’ve been up to uh
[24:59.520 –> 25:03.120] I think I think they should cover it yeah should we talk about by the pier
[25:03.120 –> 25:09.840] why not we’re here so we are the playdate players um so we bought is that our team name now the play
[25:10.880 –> 25:16.320] the play the playdate players it sounds sounds a bit yeah no there’s not there’s not really a
[25:16.320 –> 25:21.360] good name no we’ll workshop something play daters no that’s not even that’s that’s worse yeah that
[25:21.360 –> 25:27.680] is worse uh we have play dates because we are the people that for some reason spent money on this
[25:27.680 –> 25:33.120] thing uh which I definitely don’t regret like that’s not sarcastic I don’t regret it but as
[25:33.120 –> 25:38.480] I’ve said many a time you probably shouldn’t buy one but they’re great it’s one of those things
[25:38.480 –> 25:43.440] where like I don’t know I’m glad I bought one but when I got it in the mail it’s like oh this is a
[25:43.440 –> 25:48.960] nice surprise but it was uh it was more like a gift to future me yeah a nice surprise that I
[25:48.960 –> 25:55.040] paid for 18 months ago yeah that’s what I love about kickstarter like I have so many kickstarters
[25:55.040 –> 25:59.120] and just like every couple of months I’m like oh a new game that I paid for three years ago
[26:00.240 –> 26:06.560] yeah I’m I’m really I’m coming around to that I enjoy the the surprise oh it’s it’s a fun thing
[26:06.560 –> 26:11.520] it’s I already spent the money I don’t it like it was getting spent either way but yeah yeah
[26:11.520 –> 26:16.800] instead it’s a nice pleasant surprise instead of a well and the thing is I guess I can spend money
[26:16.800 –> 26:22.560] and the thing is buying one now for later compared to buying one now for now it’s not
[26:22.560 –> 26:26.640] like I’m going to play the game now anyway I have too many games so I may as well buy one
[26:26.640 –> 26:32.240] for the future absolutely this is our pitch for the play date you’re gonna want to play it
[26:32.240 –> 26:39.120] eventually just just buy a copy it’ll get there and like I I think they’re mostly caught up but
[26:39.120 –> 26:44.320] like you know a few months half a year you’ll be like oh what’s this and it’ll just just be a fun
[26:44.320 –> 26:49.920] thing to try out there’s like I got so many games that like a lot of them I will probably never
[26:49.920 –> 26:54.640] touch but like even just today the day we’re recording this a bunch of games came out for
[26:54.640 –> 26:59.840] the play date that I’m looking thinking about going through and picking up a couple so yeah
[26:59.840 –> 27:03.760] and I think the interesting thing about most of the games is they’re not just like oh you could
[27:03.760 –> 27:08.240] play this on anything like sure there are similar sorts of games with some of them like there’s a
[27:08.240 –> 27:12.640] kind of snake clone which is changing things up sure you could guess but it’s not the same
[27:13.200 –> 27:17.120] right and there’s some there’s something really charming about it and it’s not I would never
[27:17.120 –> 27:22.320] suggest that this should be people’s only games console no but it’s a nice as an additional I
[27:22.320 –> 27:28.240] agree it’s it’s fun to have like I mean I think that was a lot of the appeal of the DS2 is like
[27:28.240 –> 27:33.040] you’ve got two screens what can you do with two screens and like this set of buttons like what
[27:33.040 –> 27:37.840] kind of gameplay does that create and sometimes there was a lot of fun stuff that came with it
[27:37.840 –> 27:43.520] yeah yeah I know definitely definitely cool so I guess a quick explanation of by the pier
[27:43.520 –> 27:50.240] it is a play date fishing game where you I mean well let’s let’s just be honest about it you use
[27:50.240 –> 27:55.600] the crank that you know that’s that’s the gimmick they they put a crank on this thing they were
[27:55.600 –> 28:00.960] asking for fishing games when they said when they did that I’m frankly surprised there aren’t
[28:00.960 –> 28:08.560] billions more uh well I mean maybe there are but I haven’t heard of them hey uh don’t don’t don’t
[28:09.440 –> 28:14.080] don’t get into that don’t fall down that hole I have a list as long as my arm of games
[28:15.200 –> 28:20.480] I’m both fishing and farming games oh yeah yeah there’s a so there’s a tag on right for
[28:20.480 –> 28:26.320] play for play date and you can just kind of you know scroll endlessly through them um now that
[28:26.320 –> 28:31.520] I’m getting into play date was this is gonna start being dangerous I think yeah yeah especially
[28:31.520 –> 28:36.160] as so many of the itch ones are obviously free or very very cheap like I think this one was
[28:36.160 –> 28:42.800] technically free but like they suggest two dollars um so so why not buy it it’s two dollars yeah
[28:42.800 –> 28:48.080] exactly exactly and I think the fun thing about that is like oh you don’t technically have to pay
[28:48.080 –> 28:54.000] it um but if you do maybe give us this like I I just I was like oh I’m not gonna give you two
[28:54.000 –> 28:58.560] dollars I’ll give you five dollars right like it was just like such an easy thing to go well
[28:58.560 –> 29:04.320] if you’re asking for two I’ll give you five like it’s such a small amount extra um being such a low
[29:04.320 –> 29:09.200] amount anyway and like you know I mean let’s be honest this game probably isn’t really worth five
[29:09.200 –> 29:15.840] dollars it’s a very simple game but it’s such a small amount of money that it’s for me obviously
[29:15.840 –> 29:20.640] I understand everybody has different financial situations but it felt worth it to me and I like
[29:20.640 –> 29:25.920] to support people um and small devs and stuff like that oh man there’s so many little games on
[29:25.920 –> 29:32.160] here I’m gonna spend too much money what have I done no I was on already so this was just
[29:32.160 –> 29:36.720] kind of when you reminded me by play date existed this was sort of an eventual thing that was gonna
[29:36.720 –> 29:44.560] happen so this is a very simple fishing game so you’re you’re on a pier um it’s a side side
[29:44.560 –> 29:53.440] profile view um and you you press a to throw to go back the way I can’t remember what this
[29:53.440 –> 30:00.800] terminology for this in fishing I’m sure but I can’t remember and then you you move the you like
[30:00.800 –> 30:08.240] flick the play date forward and let go of a to cast it out and then it goes in the water and then
[30:08.240 –> 30:14.560] you wait and a fish nibbles and then you crank that thing like nothing on earth except kind of
[30:14.560 –> 30:17.680] so but we’ll get into that we’ll get we’ll get into that we’ll get into the details of that but
[30:17.680 –> 30:24.160] that’s basically it right like you you cast out a fish bites you you crank to pull it in
[30:26.080 –> 30:29.440] and just like a whole bunch of different fish and you get them at different points
[30:29.440 –> 30:34.720] basically you you have to like put the line out at different points which I’ve it took me a while
[30:34.720 –> 30:40.720] to figure out that I got really good at casting but that means I got really bad at casting a small
[30:40.720 –> 30:45.920] amount so it was like oh how do I get the small amounts again you can just you can just reel it
[30:45.920 –> 30:51.840] back in before a fish goes on and then you’re closer in and it was much easier once I realized
[30:51.840 –> 30:57.120] that it took me ages of just going like I can’t get a small amount anymore I’m too good at this
[30:57.120 –> 31:03.520] now I can’t remember how I was bad at it before suffering from success yeah exactly exactly yeah
[31:03.520 –> 31:09.600] I uh I think I threw it out pretty far right away I was like oh I didn’t even okay I guess I’m
[31:09.600 –> 31:14.480] throwing it out this far I guess cast that’s the word for it yes casting the line this far
[31:15.440 –> 31:21.600] uh it’s it’s a very simple mechanic and I like that it makes use of the play dates like gyro
[31:21.600 –> 31:28.480] I guess it can detect that it’s being moved around yeah uh beyond that I mean what do we want to
[31:28.480 –> 31:32.080] tackle for I know there’s so much to talk good question well let’s talk about the actual fishing
[31:32.080 –> 31:37.760] mechanic itself right so um yeah so we talked about the the casting it’s it’s fun I can see
[31:37.760 –> 31:43.120] how it would be annoying if you wanted to do this a lot um it I think I don’t know if it’s possible
[31:43.120 –> 31:51.200] to like to cast it without flicking it um but I guess it doesn’t massively matter right um the
[31:51.200 –> 31:55.840] but then once you’ve got it out you’re you’re reeling in with the crank this is what we didn’t
[31:55.840 –> 32:02.320] we kind of alluded to before is that you have to you’ve got a timer and the timer is different
[32:02.320 –> 32:09.200] depending on the fish I think um because some of them certainly moved faster than others and you
[32:09.200 –> 32:16.640] have to reel it in before the timer runs out but here’s the catch hey um the there’s a tension
[32:16.640 –> 32:21.520] meter and if the tension meter goes all the way to the top your line snaps so you have to like
[32:21.520 –> 32:26.320] reel it in and then stop and then reel it in and then stomp and then reel it in and stop and uh
[32:27.200 –> 32:32.480] it’s an interesting I think the the timer made that really stressful to me like if it weren’t
[32:32.480 –> 32:38.320] for the timer I think it would be a lot less it’s certainly not relaxing in that aspect of things
[32:38.320 –> 32:43.520] like if you think about um have you played spirit fader yes so the fishing and spirit fader is kind
[32:43.520 –> 32:50.240] of similar where you have the tension meter um and it’s but there’s no timer on that so like you
[32:50.240 –> 32:54.080] hold it to reel it in and then you notice it’s going too much you let go and then you you press
[32:54.080 –> 32:59.040] it again when you think there’s enough enough time as a lapse that it’s not and it just if you do it
[32:59.040 –> 33:04.080] correctly eventually you’ll get it in whereas this is like if you don’t do it fast enough and then
[33:04.080 –> 33:08.880] pause for the right for just long enough that it goes down enough like you’re not going to get it
[33:08.880 –> 33:14.240] in and that that timer aspect is kind of makes that stressful right because if it reaches the
[33:14.240 –> 33:21.600] end of the timer you’re the line also snaps yeah so either way it’s just not gonna happen there is
[33:21.600 –> 33:28.160] it and let me tell you the snap sound of the uh the line is something about it is just very
[33:28.160 –> 33:35.200] visceral and infuriating it is it is deeply upsetting I’m quite impressed
[33:37.760 –> 33:43.440] yeah I’m trying to so there’s also I mean the graphics are incredibly simple like it’s a stick
[33:43.440 –> 33:51.040] man um but um I think overall the gameplay is fun I mean that that we that’s literally it we’ve
[33:51.040 –> 33:55.200] talked about the entire gameplay I mean yeah that’s basically the game uh if you press the
[33:55.200 –> 34:01.120] little home button on the play date there you can click how to play and it’ll tell you how to play
[34:01.680 –> 34:05.760] which by the way I definitely needed to do I could not figure out for the life of me how to play
[34:05.760 –> 34:11.280] before I did that and the okay let’s talk about the how to play let’s let’s just talk about that
[34:11.280 –> 34:14.880] first because it says this is the instructions it gives you it says how to cast the fishing rod
[34:14.880 –> 34:19.440] you press and hold a you swing and flick the play date forward then you release a right at the end
[34:19.440 –> 34:25.200] of the swing flick which is cool I’m glad yeah it teaches it’s nice to have that page it does not
[34:25.200 –> 34:32.160] tell you the process of reeling in fish so I was immediately getting fish at the very end of the
[34:32.160 –> 34:36.480] screen and I was like trying to reel them in and it just kept snapping and I could never get them
[34:37.120 –> 34:42.480] yeah to come in and I like I didn’t understand what the tension line was I didn’t understand
[34:42.480 –> 34:48.800] like what the timer was I’m like is the timer like how close the fish is to me and is the tension
[34:48.800 –> 34:55.840] line like I guess hitting the top of it’s bad what do I it was incredibly frustrating I don’t
[34:55.840 –> 35:03.600] but to figure out I’m just like I know I’m an idiot but I I wish I just understood what I’m
[35:03.600 –> 35:07.920] doing wrong here um so I I think I was just getting like the hardest fish right off the
[35:07.920 –> 35:13.760] bat or something yeah so like I mean probably important to say you can scroll down in that how
[35:13.760 –> 35:23.600] to and it does tell you I tried and it let’s see why is it it oh my gosh so it does tell you all
[35:23.600 –> 35:27.760] that information down there but it could I was like I’m sure there must be more of this because
[35:27.760 –> 35:32.160] I could see like a tiny bit of rolling off I’m like maybe it’s just glitched but I was just
[35:32.160 –> 35:38.800] pulling it towards me instead of pushing it away wow I’m really quite clever yeah I think it could
[35:38.800 –> 35:42.560] do a better job of like it doesn’t show you that initially and there’s no like kind of like
[35:42.560 –> 35:48.000] interactive tutorial which might be asking a bit much for a free game for it for this but sensibly
[35:48.000 –> 35:52.080] two dollar game yeah at least showing you the how to play right like it took me a while to actually
[35:52.080 –> 35:57.840] realize that there was a how to play thing um and then uh actually go into it and read it and I
[35:57.840 –> 36:01.440] obviously then knew how to play as soon as I’d read that like I didn’t actually need an interactive
[36:01.440 –> 36:06.640] tutorial um it’s it’s I’m looking through it now and it under it explains it quite well quite
[36:06.640 –> 36:11.920] easily yeah yeah yeah definitely there are definitely some fish that have still failed
[36:11.920 –> 36:17.280] to catch like I’ve not played an hour maybe played about an hour or something um but there
[36:17.280 –> 36:22.080] are still some fish that I just I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do because I don’t
[36:22.080 –> 36:28.160] know whether I’d like need to do like keep the tension at a specific point but like every time
[36:28.240 –> 36:34.080] I let go it then moves further away okay I think I have a hypothesis on this now I guess I’ll have
[36:34.080 –> 36:40.800] to test it but it’ll be kind of pointless after the podcast to report in but uh I see now that
[36:40.800 –> 36:45.200] says the exclamation point means the fish is struggling and that tension increases much more
[36:45.200 –> 36:49.760] rapidly so before I would always do it then because I was like it’s gonna get away faster
[36:49.760 –> 36:54.480] is what I assumed the exclamation point means it does go well this is the thing that’s when it does
[36:54.480 –> 36:59.920] move away so like I’ve tried yeah I’ve tried stopping when it has the exclamation park and
[36:59.920 –> 37:04.320] exclamation point and yeah it moves away from you quite fast at that point as well so like
[37:05.200 –> 37:10.320] I’m not sure it’s it’s a little tricky uh yeah I’ve gotten every fish in the game except for
[37:10.320 –> 37:15.840] one I believe and I don’t really know where or what it is yeah sometimes I’ll just just can’t
[37:15.840 –> 37:20.320] get the thing that’s on the end of the line and it can be pretty frustrating there are three that
[37:20.320 –> 37:25.840] I haven’t caught um and I’m not sure what they are I’m pretty sure I have one on the line right
[37:25.840 –> 37:31.200] now I’m definitely not going to get it in though because I it’s further away than the timer is so
[37:31.200 –> 37:36.560] yeah I think I think what I’m saying is I think this game would be a lot more enjoyable and I
[37:36.560 –> 37:42.800] would probably spend more time playing it if it weren’t for the timer right um and it’s like even
[37:42.800 –> 37:48.720] if the tension like got more and more as you went along so in essence there was a timer there
[37:49.280 –> 37:55.360] right but it was still possible to do it like you just had to like do it really really slowly
[37:55.360 –> 38:01.600] or something that would be more enjoyable I just like you know this is about cottagecore games
[38:01.600 –> 38:06.640] we talk about games that are generally relaxing and that sort of stuff right um and this seems
[38:06.640 –> 38:12.080] like a good time killer but I don’t know if I would call it relaxing no no and this is the
[38:12.080 –> 38:17.200] thing like because actually like spirit faders fishing when I talked about before I think is
[38:17.200 –> 38:23.040] generally quite enjoyable right like I like the challenge it’s not just like oh you press the
[38:23.040 –> 38:28.240] button and you catch the fish right like and different fish have different methods that you
[38:28.240 –> 38:33.280] have to do to catch them and that’s that I think that’s quite fun but if you suddenly have 10
[38:33.280 –> 38:39.840] seconds to do it suddenly it becomes a lot less fun a little less fun yeah yeah it’s because it’s
[38:39.840 –> 38:45.040] all about pattern recognition but the problem is that when you have almost no time to figure out
[38:45.040 –> 38:52.720] the pattern it just ends up becoming like a battle against time and it’s that and also
[38:53.600 –> 38:57.680] the other thing about spirit fair is like generally you have roughly the same fish in
[38:57.680 –> 39:03.760] the same area right so you can I’m basic on that yeah trying to figure out exactly where
[39:04.480 –> 39:09.920] I have thrown my line and therefore what fish I’m getting I can’t right that’s not
[39:10.880 –> 39:16.960] there’s no like lines to tell you like no or in this fish exactly kind of it’s it’s an inference
[39:16.960 –> 39:23.200] kind of game I think if people enjoy like that kind of simple well like if when I’m here I get
[39:23.200 –> 39:30.080] this kind of fish if you like enjoy figuring that out on your own with minimal context it can be an
[39:30.080 –> 39:36.720] enjoyable part of it I think yeah yeah no I’m fine with the combined with the timer I think it just
[39:36.720 –> 39:41.440] adds another annoying factor for me I think slightly frustrating I think that’s the thing
[39:41.440 –> 39:46.240] is like what I’m not saying this is a bad game I think at the core there is a really nice game loop
[39:46.240 –> 39:54.240] here um the two things are I don’t like the timer and also you know it would be fun if this was like
[39:55.120 –> 40:02.560] a bigger game with with some other aspect whether it would be a you know a kind of RPG aspect like
[40:02.560 –> 40:09.920] how golf story does or something like that would be would be fun but there’s a really core fun
[40:10.800 –> 40:17.040] gameplay loop to this that I think the developer should continue with and and figure out some way
[40:17.040 –> 40:22.720] to make it uh you know fully featured large game rather than I guess a tech demo as it feels but
[40:22.720 –> 40:26.480] it’s yeah and if I had to guess I would say this probably was just like a tech demo like what can
[40:26.480 –> 40:31.200] I do to play it yeah yeah it’s the first thing that comes to mind so I don’t yeah I don’t think
[40:31.200 –> 40:35.120] they’re gonna improve on this or anything and I think that’s fine it’s it’s good for what it is
[40:35.120 –> 40:39.680] but it’s it’s good like if there were next steps I think those are probably the steps to take
[40:39.680 –> 40:44.480] definitely they certainly seem to be uh let’s build a this for the playdate let’s build a
[40:44.480 –> 40:47.840] that for the playdate because you go if you go onto their youtube channel they’ve got a
[40:47.840 –> 40:52.960] roguelike deck builder for the playdate a vampire survivors for the playdate a metroidvania for the
[40:52.960 –> 40:58.320] playdate um right I was looking at the page and they seemed like that that was probably their
[40:58.320 –> 41:03.120] vibe of yeah of doing playdate kind of stuff but yeah yeah they seem they’ve got a bunch of stuff
[41:03.120 –> 41:09.680] around um tutorials on building for playdate as well so I mean that’s fine I’m not saying like
[41:09.680 –> 41:14.400] they must you know I just it would I think it would be I think it I think there’s something
[41:14.400 –> 41:19.600] really fun here a core loop that um they could take further if they wanted to but yeah you’re
[41:19.600 –> 41:23.520] probably right they’re probably not going to but it gave us something to talk about so
[41:23.520 –> 41:31.040] yeah no I’m alive it’s certainly a good fun uh one of your first games for playdate sort of thing
[41:31.040 –> 41:37.680] yeah giving you an idea of what the crank can be used for absolutely I think it’s good good at that
[41:37.680 –> 41:42.320] if you want like a very basic game to if you want to test like side loading something onto
[41:42.320 –> 41:48.080] your playdate and you just want a basic game sure why not go for it yeah yeah I know definitely
[41:48.080 –> 41:51.520] because this was my first experience side loading something on here and I was like oh this is pretty
[41:51.600 –> 41:58.160] pretty simple it’s so easy it’s it’s I love what they did like it’s not it’s not just like oh we
[41:58.160 –> 42:04.640] let you do it it’s like we support this like you can do this and we will give you good tools to do
[42:04.640 –> 42:09.520] this yeah because there are like two main ways to do it and I did both of them at the same time
[42:09.520 –> 42:13.360] accidentally I was like I’m gonna try this I’m like no this is taking forever to download I’m gonna
[42:14.400 –> 42:19.920] like download it directly from my computer with like a cord I would never do that purely because
[42:20.640 –> 42:26.080] the way to do over the web website is just so easy oh very convenient and it’s like yeah sure
[42:26.080 –> 42:30.480] if you want to play it like right now then it’s much quicker to do it with with the cable but then
[42:30.480 –> 42:35.360] you have to find a cable plug it into the laptop like you can you can use the side loading patient
[42:35.360 –> 42:40.480] gosh darn it yeah you can use the side loading from your phone if you want right you go onto
[42:40.480 –> 42:45.680] the website you upload the file and bam that’s it done right like I love that so it’s like
[42:46.480 –> 42:50.800] here’s the thing I might want to play it you know at some point and in the next couple of
[42:50.800 –> 42:57.120] hours it will download to my playdate that’s great yeah great for when you’re bored at work
[42:57.120 –> 43:04.560] just scroll through and a few things I don’t know what you’re suggesting I would never
[43:06.000 –> 43:13.360] endorse being less than anything 100 productive at work of course awesome well thank you very much
[43:14.000 –> 43:20.400] dylan for joining me to talk about by the pier or the second game playdate game that we’ve covered
[43:20.400 –> 43:24.240] on this podcast hopefully there will be many more I guess I’ll be here if you need me
[43:26.080 –> 43:32.960] yeah yeah well let’s see maybe maybe next year we’ll do a I don’t know bloom too I was thinking
[43:32.960 –> 43:39.840] for the um for like the summer month um I can’t think of anything of like a cow milking month or
[43:40.080 –> 43:45.520] milking look what is that gonna give you do not do not pretend like you don’t assume there’s
[43:45.520 –> 43:50.720] going to be a cow milking game on the play date there’s definitely one on the play day I’m just
[43:50.720 –> 43:56.560] trying to think of cow milking genre games there’s this one and then one two switch I think are the
[43:56.560 –> 44:03.840] only cow milking games I’ve ever heard of yes I am googling there is a game called milk the cow
[44:04.800 –> 44:10.560] uh there’s one on android called milking cow game there are loads of these come on let’s not let’s
[44:10.560 –> 44:17.760] not pretend like there aren’t loads of at least four alone plenty of stuff here this was drawn
[44:17.760 –> 44:24.560] with crayons I think wow I don’t know what to say there’s a 2v2 competitive milking simulator
[44:28.320 –> 44:31.600] also milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk I’m pretty sure that’s
[44:31.600 –> 44:39.120] not actually related to milking there’s a flappy cow game oh flappy cow okay all right we’ve got
[44:39.120 –> 44:45.600] this isn’t going on the podcast this is this fodder for a whole month of material I do want
[44:45.600 –> 44:51.600] to play this one on playdate called factory farming which looks horrific because it’s like
[44:51.600 –> 44:55.840] obviously in black and white because play date games are black and white but like it’s trying
[44:55.840 –> 45:01.520] to do so much and it’s like it’s very technically impressive but oh my word it hurts my eyes to
[45:01.520 –> 45:07.200] look at yeah no there you have to be that’s one of the things with the play day I think is you
[45:07.200 –> 45:12.240] have to account for the visual limitations of the system yeah you can’t just put anything on this
[45:12.240 –> 45:17.680] yeah I think I suspect they’re they’re doing what they’re doing deliberately right like they’re not
[45:17.680 –> 45:23.360] just kind of doing it in spite of the play date I think they’re doing it as part of their artistic
[45:23.360 –> 45:29.760] expression right because art can be horrible like that is legitimate I’ve just opened it yeah see
[45:29.760 –> 45:35.840] what I mean isn’t it isn’t it isn’t that amazing right it like it like hurts my eyes but in a
[45:35.840 –> 45:41.840] pleasant way I would say you know I am very impressed by this sort of rest absolutely this
[45:41.840 –> 45:48.800] is definitely episode material it even has three different save slots whoa I know right this is
[45:48.800 –> 45:54.960] perfect I can give it to my younger brother I was when I was playing uh by the pier earlier for the
[45:55.760 –> 45:59.360] podcast because I was like I’m telling you give it a second shot to see if there’s anything else
[45:59.920 –> 46:05.120] by it apparently still didn’t find how to play but I uh gave it to my sibling and they like played
[46:05.120 –> 46:12.160] for like 10 minutes maybe like can I play other games on this thing I’m like sure why not so they
[46:12.160 –> 46:17.120] just started going through my catalog of stuff I got fair enough awesome well again thank you
[46:17.120 –> 46:22.320] for joining me um if people want to find you on the internet where can they do that let’s see
[46:22.320 –> 46:27.920] well if you want to find me uh I don’t post a lot on twitter but I’m valiant amm actually I haven’t
[46:28.000 –> 46:34.080] posted anything on that twitter account yet um but I’m also on youtube I don’t make youtube videos
[46:34.080 –> 46:39.680] right now but uh maybe by the time this episode goes out I will I’ve got you’ve got a deadline
[46:39.680 –> 46:47.440] there yeah I got I got a month to turn it around really become an all-time youtube contact I don’t
[46:47.440 –> 46:52.800] know if I’d want to do that but I’ve got like just look for me you can find me if you want
[46:53.680 –> 47:00.720] chill fantastic uh if you want to find me on the internet I’m at the scott bot on twitter and also
[47:00.720 –> 47:09.280] on mastodon.scott you can find the podcast on twitter at ths pod I mean I don’t do a huge amount
[47:09.280 –> 47:14.880] on there just now other than post the links to the podcast you get your episodes that’s how you get
[47:14.880 –> 47:25.600] them I guess I mean also in your podcast app um crazy idea you can find all of the links from
[47:25.600 –> 47:29.520] other episodes obviously there’s going to be one link from this episode it’s going to be the game
[47:30.160 –> 47:37.200] that’s it you can find that in our show notes in the in your podcast app or on the website
[47:37.200 –> 47:45.280] where you can also find links to everything else such as our feedback form
[47:45.920 –> 47:52.880] and our patreon where you can support the podcast get access to the slack and even get
[47:52.880 –> 48:02.080] bonus episodes bonus episodes bonus episodes wow about whatever I can be bothered talking about
[48:02.080 –> 48:12.720] some some more odd than others um I think that’s everything thank you again for joining me
[48:13.440 –> 48:16.960] and until next time have a good harvest
[48:23.120 –> 48:27.840] the harvest season is created by Al McKinley with support from our patrons including our
[48:27.840 –> 48:34.240] pro farmers Kevin Stewart and Alisa our art is done by Micah the Brave and our music is
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[48:42.880 –> 48:55.760] so we’re not hearing the music
[48:58.560 –> 49:03.760] yeah feels like I’ve stumbled across something you’re where you’re not meant to be
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