I Caught A Shark

Al and Kelly talk about Fishing Break


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[00:00.000 –> 00:02.000] Music
[00:30.000 –> 00:35.100] Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of The Harvest Season. My name is
[00:35.100 –> 00:42.080] Al. My name is Kelly. And we are here today to talk about more fishing. Fishing.
[00:42.080 –> 00:49.120] Fishing games. I mean it’s summer so it fits. Fishing month this is, I think, this is the
[00:49.120 –> 00:53.100] last episode of fishing month. Welcome Kelly to the last episode of fishing
[00:53.100 –> 00:58.040] month. Thank you for joining me. It’s a real pleasure, I gotta say. I love fishing
[00:58.200 –> 01:05.280] and fishing games. I loved fishing in real life as a kid so I’m happy to be
[01:05.280 –> 01:08.800] here. What’s your favorite fishing in the farming, not in the farming game, just
[01:08.800 –> 01:15.760] what’s your favorite fishing in any game? And why is it Spiritfarer? I really
[01:15.760 –> 01:20.840] did like Spiritfarer but I’m not gonna lie I love Stardew which I know is kind
[01:20.840 –> 01:27.840] of… Interesting. Controversial. Yeah. I love the challenge of it I don’t know. Yeah I
[01:27.840 –> 01:31.640] think that’s fair. I think it’s like, I think you either really like the
[01:31.640 –> 01:35.400] difficulty of it or you absolutely hate it and you’re just like, just let
[01:35.400 –> 01:39.360] me catch the fish for goodness sake. I mean I definitely have some of those
[01:39.360 –> 01:43.600] moments in Stardew where I’m like oh my god especially with like the legendaries
[01:43.600 –> 01:48.200] and like the rare ones it’s like just let me catch his fish. Yeah. But there’s
[01:48.200 –> 01:51.360] definitely been some games I’ve played where I’m like this is so easy it’s
[01:51.360 –> 01:58.800] boring. Yeah, yeah that’s fair. I think there was an episode a couple weeks
[01:58.800 –> 02:02.400] ago about ranking the fishing minigames. That’s this one of one of these out of
[02:02.400 –> 02:04.800] time things where it’s not actually a couple of weeks ago it will have been in
[02:04.800 –> 02:10.000] a couple of weeks ago. Where Johnny and Kev rank the fishing minigames and
[02:10.000 –> 02:13.040] that’s one of the things they talk about is like sometimes it’s just kind of in
[02:13.040 –> 02:15.440] there for the sake of being in there and therefore they don’t put much thought
[02:15.440 –> 02:19.520] into it and it’s just kind of like oh yeah just press button. Which is fine
[02:19.520 –> 02:22.880] but it like you got to think about whether your game actually needs
[02:22.880 –> 02:25.400] fishing or not like so many of them are just like yeah we’ll put fishing in
[02:25.400 –> 02:29.480] because that’s what you do. Yeah exactly it’s you can really see which games
[02:29.480 –> 02:34.040] really want it to be a part of the game and which games are just like oh well
[02:34.040 –> 02:40.840] it’s like a quote-unquote requirement for fishing for farming games. Definitely.
[02:40.840 –> 02:44.800] Also I thought I love Animal Crossing I just I think maybe because I spent a lot
[02:44.880 –> 02:52.720] of time doing that. Stockholm syndrome type thing. Yeah so those would
[02:52.720 –> 02:56.760] definitely be my top two. What about you? I think I think it has to be Spirit
[02:56.760 –> 03:00.760] of Hater for me which is the one that wins in the fishing minigame episode a
[03:00.760 –> 03:04.440] few weeks ago because people will have already heard that. The Spirit of Hater
[03:04.440 –> 03:10.200] was their joint winner as well. I like the balance of difficulty but you
[03:10.200 –> 03:14.720] can still always do it like there’s no kind of like stress time element to it
[03:14.720 –> 03:18.680] it’s just like you see it getting too strong that’s fine ease off there you go.
[03:18.680 –> 03:23.480] Yeah. Like the worst thing that happens is it breaks but the second worst thing
[03:23.480 –> 03:28.360] is it just takes ages. Yeah and I mean you’re already committed to it so what’s
[03:28.360 –> 03:32.800] what’s the harm? Exactly. I did love also that you could fish while you were
[03:32.800 –> 03:37.880] moving. Mmm yeah yeah. Because I feel like that was like you know especially
[03:37.880 –> 03:40.560] towards the end when I had less to do I was like okay I’m just gonna fish now.
[03:40.560 –> 03:46.160] Yeah definitely. All right awesome well I guess before we get too far into even
[03:46.160 –> 03:49.560] though we just had a whole conversation about fishing transcripts are available
[03:49.560 –> 03:53.440] in the show notes and on the website for the podcast if you need them. This
[03:53.440 –> 03:57.520] episode obviously there will be no news because again it is fishing month and
[03:57.520 –> 04:03.360] the last episode of fishing month and so I think we’re recording this roughly a
[04:03.360 –> 04:07.360] month in advance so that’s why we’ve got no news if there’s anything breaking
[04:07.600 –> 04:14.720] then you’ll hear about it in two weeks and this episode we’re going to talk
[04:14.720 –> 04:19.800] about fishing break which is a mobile game a fishing mobile game so we’ll have
[04:19.800 –> 04:24.640] lots to say about that soon but first of all Kelly what have you been up to?
[04:24.640 –> 04:30.880] Well I at this moment just got back from I had been on vacation in Washington
[04:30.880 –> 04:38.240] State out in the Olympia Peninsula so did a lot of hiking a lot of kayaking it
[04:38.240 –> 04:41.640] was a lot of fun now I’m back in New York and it’s very humid here and
[04:41.640 –> 04:48.040] disgusting. Mmm you got smoke just now. You know honestly I feel like we’re
[04:48.040 –> 04:52.200] lucking out because I mean I’ve been monitoring the air quality and and we’re
[04:52.200 –> 05:00.920] at the very very very end of moderately bad air which is like couldn’t just it
[05:00.920 –> 05:04.720] that just kind of happens in New York sometimes anyway in the summer
[05:04.720 –> 05:09.400] especially so like you missed you missed the worst of it yeah we did miss the
[05:09.400 –> 05:14.520] worst of it well I was here when it was when the skies were orange oh you the
[05:14.520 –> 05:19.480] first yeah yeah like two chunks of it but I missed the second time which was
[05:19.480 –> 05:23.920] nice I did order new air purifiers though just to just to add some more in
[05:23.920 –> 05:29.720] there yeah yeah unfortunate yeah I mean it doesn’t hurt I have cats so they
[05:29.720 –> 05:36.600] never hurt hmm what have you been up to? Eh not a huge amount in terms of games
[05:36.600 –> 05:43.800] and stuff like that because my my switch is still broken which I keep checking
[05:43.800 –> 05:48.460] every day on its progress and nothing’s happened yet but it’s meant to they say
[05:48.460 –> 05:52.980] it could take up to 20 working days the 20th working day is the is two days
[05:52.980 –> 05:58.340] before I leave for my month-long holiday so hopefully it doesn’t take the 20 days
[05:58.340 –> 06:05.420] because that’s not getting to me do you have do you have you know you have a few
[06:05.420 –> 06:10.320] switches I do I do it’s not the end of the world but it’s the one I really use
[06:10.320 –> 06:15.380] and it’s the one with my Pokemon saves on it the most important one yeah so
[06:15.380 –> 06:19.580] like I don’t really like I’m fine with like a few weeks of not having my switch
[06:19.580 –> 06:22.820] and not playing it that’s fine but like a whole month on holiday I would
[06:22.820 –> 06:27.380] definitely be like setting up another one of my switches but it’s just it’s so
[06:27.380 –> 06:32.100] much effort to like set up a switch and it’s like I wouldn’t have Pokemon and
[06:32.100 –> 06:38.500] it’s just yeah it’s like do I go for my very original switch which obviously is
[06:38.500 –> 06:43.100] like the the original it’s getting pretty old now or do I use a switch
[06:43.100 –> 06:47.900] light and then I have to use the the smallness with my hands that really
[06:47.900 –> 06:56.860] struggle now like oh I don’t know I did Hollow Knight with the joy cons the
[06:56.860 –> 07:02.140] first time and I didn’t realize towards the end that my the drift had set in oh
[07:02.140 –> 07:07.460] no I actually didn’t realize until I was playing Celeste after that and then I
[07:07.460 –> 07:13.820] realized how bad the drift was yeah um but I can’t I can’t do joy cons anymore
[07:13.820 –> 07:19.860] um and I like I don’t know I love those hori like split pad thing yeah yeah
[07:19.860 –> 07:23.340] that’s why I’ve been using that’s that’s why I played all of well I’ve not
[07:23.340 –> 07:26.380] finished it yet but that’s why I have been playing all of Hollow Knight on is
[07:26.380 –> 07:30.900] there the newer split pad the compact one which feels like it’s a really nice
[07:30.900 –> 07:35.300] balance of the kind of chunkiness but not too chunky and so it still fits
[07:35.300 –> 07:39.260] nicely in our in a little case and stuff like that see that I’ve got to say
[07:39.260 –> 07:45.020] that is the issue with the the normal ones is like even just how like
[07:45.020 –> 07:48.460] traveling now I brought my switch I didn’t actually play it which I gotta
[07:48.460 –> 07:52.060] say I just realized when you started talking you meant games and not what I
[07:52.060 –> 07:56.100] was doing in life no it’s it’s it’s stuff in general we expect used to say
[07:56.100 –> 07:59.180] what what have you been playing but we expanded it because not everybody’s been
[07:59.180 –> 08:04.260] playing something every time so that’s that’s good that’s a good idea but yeah
[08:04.260 –> 08:08.980] no to travel with it it doesn’t fit in anything hmm so it’s like I’m just
[08:08.980 –> 08:14.900] risking ruining the joy cons like the joysticks putting it in my backpack yeah
[08:14.900 –> 08:19.180] I got a case I got it a separate case that’s like slightly bigger than a
[08:19.180 –> 08:23.420] normal one it’s not like ah it’s like ah it’s like a bag that you slide it into
[08:23.420 –> 08:28.900] rather than the kind of like clamshell case and it just just fits it with the
[08:28.900 –> 08:34.660] compact and split pads on it and I don’t think it would fit with the pro
[08:34.660 –> 08:40.700] the split pad pros I think they’d be too big and it’s just just perfectly fits in
[08:40.700 –> 08:45.780] and then I it’s got a little front pocket that I put in a little case of
[08:45.780 –> 08:49.620] games and and to joy con just in case I need some joy con for something because
[08:49.620 –> 08:55.180] of course the disadvantage of the split pad is it doesn’t have the the gyro yeah
[08:55.180 –> 09:02.500] yeah I have the what is it the 8-bit mmm controller for that yeah yeah I also
[09:02.500 –> 09:07.900] I’ve also ordered have you seen there’s like a new kind of controller case type
[09:07.900 –> 09:13.740] thing what is it called no let me need to find it I definitely want to see that
[09:13.740 –> 09:18.540] because so you know what my my go-to thing to put my switch in is actually a
[09:18.540 –> 09:24.100] knee brace I’m sorry what now um like like no like it’s not like a cast or
[09:24.100 –> 09:30.820] anything it’s like one of those like soft yeah yeah yeah I put it in there
[09:30.820 –> 09:35.180] because it actually the pressure holds the joy cons in place really interesting
[09:35.180 –> 09:42.540] that’s what I’ve done literally the entire time I’ve had my switch hmm so
[09:42.540 –> 09:47.060] yeah I don’t know it’s definitely a unique choice so I’ve just sent you a
[09:47.060 –> 09:51.260] link to what I’m talking about it’s the the nitro deck and it’s like this little
[09:51.260 –> 09:55.380] kind of oh my god this looks so cool controller type thing that you slot it
[09:55.380 –> 10:01.220] into and it’s got the it’s got a d-pad and the two analog sticks and the
[10:01.220 –> 10:09.100] buttons on it and it looks like the old like n64 gameboy it’s got those colors
[10:09.100 –> 10:15.700] yeah and yeah I think it’s really cool it’s a bit expensive it’s not cheap it’s
[10:15.700 –> 10:20.500] $90 but okay I was looking for the price I see it now um well that’s not
[10:20.500 –> 10:25.940] too bad considering that like honestly joy cons are what $80 yes it’s not it’s
[10:25.940 –> 10:30.780] not terrible but it’s not cheap but yeah I’m looking forward to getting that it’s
[10:30.780 –> 10:39.540] coming out sometime in the next three months apparently q3 we’ll see but yeah
[10:39.540 –> 10:42.420] I think it’s I think it’s gonna be really nice because I think it will give
[10:42.420 –> 10:49.020] a nice bit of heft to it and it’s the analog sticks are also there are what
[10:49.020 –> 10:55.220] they called the no the analog sticks they’re the ones that don’t drift whole
[10:55.220 –> 11:01.820] whole effect that’s what I call so and a also comes with a its own case so it
[11:01.820 –> 11:06.720] has a nice that is so nice so they’ve put a lot of thought into that and it’s
[11:06.720 –> 11:12.240] got a little thing for some games and a little extra extra pat storage thing as
[11:12.240 –> 11:15.480] well so I’m really looking forward to it I think I think it’ll be really nice
[11:15.480 –> 11:24.760] oh so that’s the same thing with the hori slip heads I’ve played games where
[11:24.760 –> 11:30.480] I have to like so annoying like switch them out find joy cons that were there
[11:30.480 –> 11:34.440] aren’t a huge number of games that I use the gyro for but like Zelda for example
[11:34.440 –> 11:41.320] I cannot play Zelda without without the gyro so like I had to for like the three
[11:41.360 –> 11:46.640] weeks I was playing Zelda every day for like five hours I was using joy con for
[11:46.640 –> 11:51.360] that I killed my hands wait is that so I my
[11:51.360 –> 11:56.040] sister’s the Zelda person in my house so I’ve only played one Zelda game and she
[11:56.040 –> 12:01.320] actually gave me Breath of the Wild to play but I didn’t start it yet she gave
[12:01.320 –> 12:06.000] it to me on vacation it’s good yeah no it looks good it just looks also very
[12:06.000 –> 12:09.720] intimidating and it didn’t feel like something I wanted to play while I was
[12:09.720 –> 12:12.560] away fair enough fair enough well I would say if you think it looks
[12:12.560 –> 12:17.720] intimidating follow the main site main quests because that will always give you
[12:17.720 –> 12:21.080] something clear to do rather than because I think that’s why I really like
[12:21.080 –> 12:24.760] about what they’ve done is it’s an open world you can do literally anything you
[12:24.760 –> 12:29.400] want but you don’t they actually give you some pointers if you need them so
[12:29.400 –> 12:32.800] it’s not just like it’s not just like here’s an infinite number of things to
[12:32.800 –> 12:36.480] do is here’s an infinite number of things to do and also here’s an actual
[12:36.480 –> 12:40.560] thing that you can do you know that’s exactly what I need I need some
[12:40.560 –> 12:47.200] structure because otherwise I will just be running around but that is good to
[12:47.200 –> 12:51.960] know because I did not know that Zelda had the need for gyro so yeah so it’s
[12:51.960 –> 12:57.000] for it’s for aiming like some people don’t use it but I I’m really bad aiming
[12:57.000 –> 13:00.840] without the gyro because it’s like my hands can’t move as fast as I need them
[13:00.840 –> 13:06.640] to and yeah just I like I like being able to like aim with it for the arrow
[13:06.640 –> 13:12.000] and the ball and I just slightly move it to get it right in the right place it’s
[13:12.000 –> 13:16.360] really nice that’s very good to know I’ll have to try out both methods to see
[13:16.360 –> 13:22.160] which one like suits me better yeah um yeah so hopefully I’ll get my switch
[13:22.160 –> 13:27.140] back at some point and then I can finish up Hollow Knight I’m hoping it’s
[13:27.140 –> 13:30.360] finished up soon for you because it’s just also I feel like it gives you
[13:30.360 –> 13:34.680] anxiety when it’s it’s out there yeah yeah yeah well especially as it’s a
[13:34.680 –> 13:39.360] limited edition one so and my and my Pokemon saves are on it like if it
[13:39.360 –> 13:42.600] wasn’t a limited edition one and my Pokemon saves weren’t on it I’d be like
[13:42.600 –> 13:45.240] oh it doesn’t really matter I’ll get one I’ll get a replacement for it if they
[13:45.240 –> 13:48.880] break it or whatever but like if they break it I don’t think I think they say
[13:48.880 –> 13:52.840] like if we don’t have the equivalent then we will replace it with a different
[13:52.840 –> 14:03.080] one yeah and if they lose the saves there’s literally nothing they can do
[14:03.080 –> 14:08.640] you know yeah no there’s there’s there’s definitely a lot riding on you know the
[14:08.640 –> 14:14.880] line here yeah so hopefully we’ll get it soon and then I’ll finish up Hollow
[14:14.880 –> 14:18.200] Knight and then I’ll decide what I’m gonna do next I’ve got a bunch of games
[14:18.200 –> 14:25.240] to play I’ve got the new story seasons a wonderful life haven’t started it yet
[14:25.240 –> 14:28.520] what else there’s a bunch of other things that I’m like I want to play
[14:28.520 –> 14:32.160] this but I just haven’t done yet I’ve got a bunch of games on my steam deck
[14:32.160 –> 14:35.040] that I haven’t played yet as well but it’s just like I just don’t have the
[14:35.040 –> 14:38.600] enthusiasm right now I just want to go on holiday you know yeah yeah yeah
[14:38.600 –> 14:43.520] that’s like um like I’m excited to get back to I was playing a lot of roots of
[14:43.520 –> 14:48.760] Pacha before I left that’s one of the ones that I’ve got nice it’s it’s a lot
[14:48.760 –> 14:53.240] of fun I like it I think there’s like you know things they could improve on
[14:53.240 –> 14:56.680] but like overall I put a lot of time into that game and I really enjoyed it
[14:56.680 –> 15:01.200] and now I’m just working on breeding different or getting different animal
[15:01.200 –> 15:06.920] variations yeah yeah I think the outcome from our episode on it which who was it
[15:06.920 –> 15:13.280] did that was it Cody and Kevin yes go my memory Cody and Kevin and was that it
[15:13.440 –> 15:17.840] was better than they expected it to be and actually a lot of fun because I
[15:17.840 –> 15:21.800] think a lot of a lot of these games can look just like oh it’s just like stardew
[15:21.800 –> 15:25.720] with a skin sort of thing but it’s turned out to be a lot better than that
[15:25.720 –> 15:29.960] which is good yeah I definitely think it held its own I think I think it just
[15:29.960 –> 15:34.520] like you know with stardew there’s like a lot of stuff to do so that’s like it
[15:34.520 –> 15:38.080] sets the bar so high yeah not to say that there wasn’t a lot of stuff to do
[15:38.080 –> 15:41.760] in this game there was it’s different right like yeah I mean it’s not about
[15:41.800 –> 15:45.400] saying this is a better or worse game no exactly it’s about saying is it just a
[15:45.400 –> 15:49.640] ripoff or is it doing trying to do things differently that’s that’s that’s
[15:49.640 –> 15:53.240] what I’m looking for in farming games just now that’s fair that’s that’s
[15:53.240 –> 15:56.120] definitely hard because it’s like I look through a lot of them on Steam and I’m
[15:56.120 –> 16:00.640] like is this actually what I want to be doing is this just gonna be a chore yeah
[16:00.640 –> 16:05.480] yeah yeah okay cool um yeah I think that’s thing that’s everything I’ve been
[16:05.480 –> 16:13.720] up to and so as I mentioned there’s no news this episode and so we’re gonna go
[16:13.720 –> 16:19.480] straight into our main topic which is fishing break so I guess I’ll just
[16:19.480 –> 16:25.680] introduce the game a little bit so obviously due to the name fishing break
[16:25.680 –> 16:30.600] it is a fishing game and that’s that’s it that’s that’s what it is it’s a
[16:30.600 –> 16:35.880] fishing game right like you are a fisher person did we ever come to a conclusion
[16:35.880 –> 16:41.560] on is what the best gender neutral term for person who fishes is no let’s go
[16:41.560 –> 16:49.600] with fisher person like a fisher person it doesn’t it works and you have like a
[16:49.600 –> 16:53.200] bunch of different areas and you fish in them and obviously there’s more
[16:53.200 –> 16:59.800] complication to it if you really want to but that’s basically it right I would
[16:59.800 –> 17:03.720] say that interestingly I don’t know about you let’s let’s talk about the
[17:03.720 –> 17:11.320] actual fishing mechanic first and it’s it’s very much like spirit faders
[17:11.320 –> 17:18.120] fishing in a way right in terms of like reeling in obviously you you have this
[17:18.120 –> 17:25.160] kind of side on view and you are you you swipe to like throw the cast there’s the
[17:25.160 –> 17:29.680] one cast the line into the water and there’s a bunch of fish in the water
[17:29.680 –> 17:33.280] and you can kind of like jiggle the line around and and then eventually want to
[17:33.280 –> 17:37.080] grab on and then you have to it’s got like the line tension mechanic where you
[17:37.080 –> 17:43.360] have to pull it back and not break the snap it exactly yeah there’s some added
[17:43.360 –> 17:46.640] stuff to this is kind of like an RPG right so that you have an attack
[17:46.640 –> 17:51.740] strength and the fish have a strength and the higher the strength the harder
[17:51.740 –> 17:54.980] they are to catch and I think if you’re if they’re if they’re above your attack
[17:54.980 –> 18:00.180] level you can’t you just can’t catch them yeah which I really I like that as
[18:00.180 –> 18:03.900] a mechanic but yeah I really liked the like I didn’t expect that I thought it
[18:03.900 –> 18:07.020] was to be honest when I first started playing I thought I was just gonna be a
[18:07.020 –> 18:10.740] tapping game yeah kind of thing yeah because that’s how the fishing works
[18:10.740 –> 18:17.020] which I do I like tapping things so that’s not a bad thing like I I do enjoy
[18:17.020 –> 18:23.580] that as a fishing reeling mechanic mm-hmm yeah I think is the the the
[18:23.620 –> 18:28.460] attack and defense kind of thing with you and the fish I think is like
[18:28.460 –> 18:31.380] obviously all games actually have this under the hood they just don’t kind of
[18:31.380 –> 18:36.700] show you it I like how visible it is and it’s like your attack is 70 this fish
[18:36.700 –> 18:41.860] has got 75 therefore that’s why you didn’t catch it right like it’s it’s
[18:41.860 –> 18:46.900] very clear when the difference is your skill and when the difference is you
[18:46.900 –> 18:50.380] were never gonna be able to catch this you just not progressed enough yet yeah
[18:50.380 –> 18:54.420] which I like I like that a lot like you said it is typically built in in the
[18:54.420 –> 18:59.300] back end like it’s like your skill improvement or whatever but yeah I like
[18:59.300 –> 19:05.220] how they incorporated it into this yeah I also like how each fish can have a
[19:05.220 –> 19:13.420] variety of attack power mm-hmm yeah which then you know qualifies them for
[19:13.420 –> 19:20.220] different oh my god grade that’s the word I’m looking for yes which I didn’t
[19:20.260 –> 19:24.140] realize at first I thought I was fishing badly and that’s why I was getting bad
[19:24.140 –> 19:30.260] grades fish just do better Kelly I was like am I holding it too much when it’s
[19:30.260 –> 19:35.660] red like am I am I not tapping it fast enough like what’s going on here for
[19:35.660 –> 19:39.300] those who listened to last week’s episode which is about by the pier it’s
[19:39.300 –> 19:45.860] very similar to that as well in terms of like the reeling in so it’s quite like
[19:45.860 –> 19:50.580] that and quite like spirit fader but it by the pier had a timer and you had to
[19:50.580 –> 19:54.340] get it in by a certain point or always snapped and that was incredibly
[19:54.340 –> 19:58.460] stressful I did not like that so I like that this does not have that I hate
[19:58.460 –> 20:03.020] timers yeah games like immediately start freaking out well this is the thing
[20:03.020 –> 20:07.740] right like because it’s it’s not then just about your skill it’s about your
[20:07.740 –> 20:12.580] skill and also can you do your skill fast enough it’s like no just let me do
[20:12.580 –> 20:15.880] it right like it’s just I don’t know why they felt they need to have the
[20:15.880 –> 20:22.780] timer on that yeah I feel like that’s just trying to make you either use more
[20:22.780 –> 20:27.820] bait mm-hmm or something like I don’t know that’s weird I don’t know what the
[20:27.820 –> 20:30.880] deal is with that but but that wouldn’t even work in this game which so that
[20:30.880 –> 20:35.860] makes it even better yeah like I don’t think you could have a timer considering
[20:35.860 –> 20:43.260] the way that you have to catch certain fish mm-hmm well that’s the thing that
[20:43.260 –> 20:46.420] that that was the thing about it is there is are like a perfect way to catch
[20:46.420 –> 20:51.020] a fish but because of like you have to like pull it in and then stop and then
[20:51.020 –> 20:54.460] pull it in and then stop and then pull it stop but that was how the other one
[20:54.460 –> 20:58.580] the other game was as well and they managed to have have a timer in it which
[20:58.580 –> 21:04.140] is why it was doubly annoying it’s like either like Mickey button mash or don’t
[21:04.140 –> 21:08.300] have a timer right like if it’s about skill make it about skill don’t don’t
[21:08.300 –> 21:12.100] add a timer into that like that’s just yeah I just find that annoying yeah
[21:12.100 –> 21:15.700] anyway let’s stop talking about different game this one doesn’t have
[21:15.700 –> 21:20.100] that and that’s good but yeah like the general I feel like it’s kind of this
[21:20.100 –> 21:25.620] has become kind of like the the way to kind of have a realistic fishing as much
[21:25.620 –> 21:31.060] as you can is is to have the line tension and you have to kind of reel it
[21:31.060 –> 21:35.020] in and then stop and then we lay in this top and it differs depending on the
[21:35.020 –> 21:39.900] fish like obviously like a we goldfish is gonna be really easy to get in even
[21:39.900 –> 21:46.180] at the same level as like our masculine or whatever you know like it’s masculine
[21:46.180 –> 21:54.520] no I meant Barracuda that’s what I meant oh my word Barracuda but yeah no I feel
[21:54.520 –> 21:58.420] like that is true like it’s very realistic to actual fishing like you
[21:58.420 –> 22:02.180] have to let your line go out you know you have to give the fish a chance to
[22:02.180 –> 22:10.100] like cool down mm-hmm mm-hmm I like that I also really like that like you have
[22:10.100 –> 22:16.140] all your different kinds of bait right mm-hmm and and I’ll be honest I’ve not
[22:16.140 –> 22:19.780] done much with the bait I’ve kind of just used the kind of whatever is on the
[22:19.780 –> 22:26.180] list and oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah I’ve been I’ve been I’ve actually while
[22:26.180 –> 22:29.580] we’re talking I’ve been letting ads play so that I can get more of the
[22:29.580 –> 22:33.280] better bait I was doing that at the airport the other night while I was
[22:33.280 –> 22:43.180] bored but what I really find interesting actually is that if you catch a certain
[22:43.180 –> 22:47.840] fish other fish will eat that fish and then you catch that fish oh interesting
[22:47.840 –> 22:52.740] so I thought because so at first I noticed did you notice that other fish
[22:52.740 –> 22:56.820] were eating other fish just notice that no so that was one of the first things
[22:56.820 –> 23:00.460] because I heard a chomp at one point and I was like what the hell is going on
[23:00.460 –> 23:06.380] here and I look up and I see a dead fish float up to the surface oh my and I was
[23:06.380 –> 23:09.900] like whoa what is happening and it was like a little fish that ate a bigger
[23:09.900 –> 23:15.900] fish Wow so I was like okay let me test this out and I caught a little fish and
[23:15.900 –> 23:20.260] tried to get one of the bigger fish to eat it mm-hmm especially like the
[23:20.260 –> 23:26.980] special fish seem to do this more so yeah if you catch if you watch certain
[23:26.980 –> 23:31.620] fish they’ll eat other certain fish and then if you catch that fish that they’re
[23:31.620 –> 23:36.260] eating they will then potentially hope not every time eat the fish that you’ve
[23:36.260 –> 23:39.700] caught on your line and then you can reel them in which I think is very
[23:39.700 –> 23:46.300] interesting I did not expect that level of strategy honestly yeah it is it’s
[23:46.300 –> 23:52.020] definitely it’s a I think I’m not going to get to this point but I are hundred
[23:52.020 –> 23:57.140] percent can understand how somebody could like spend hours and hours on this
[23:57.140 –> 24:02.140] game and like really get into it and for other reasons that we get into later on
[24:02.140 –> 24:05.860] there’s other other mechanics that are there a part of it but even yeah there’s
[24:05.860 –> 24:10.540] just there’s so many fish and there’s so many like different ways that the fish
[24:10.540 –> 24:14.420] can come out and yeah different as you say scenarios that can happen with like
[24:14.420 –> 24:19.900] fish eating fish and like it’s it’s very complex for what I assumed would be a
[24:19.900 –> 24:24.860] very simple it’s a pond and you have fish in it right no that was literally
[24:24.860 –> 24:30.340] my mentality going in and I think like the second day I played I was like oh
[24:30.340 –> 24:38.020] this is a lot more in depth than like I anticipated mm-hmm yeah and at first I
[24:38.020 –> 24:41.500] was like okay I’m just gonna play this now I’m like do I continue playing this
[24:41.500 –> 24:45.220] like I’m kind of like I’m not gonna put any money into it or anything like that
[24:45.220 –> 24:48.980] of course not why would you but if I’m sitting here like we’re talking right
[24:48.980 –> 24:53.340] now I’m just gonna let some ads run hmm so I can get some more beat you know
[24:53.340 –> 24:58.860] like it’s a I really will play it often like Pokemon go is truly my main yeah
[24:58.860 –> 25:02.820] mobile game but there’s still only so much you can do while you’re staying
[25:02.820 –> 25:07.900] still though that’s that’s the thing exactly exactly so it’s nice for that
[25:07.900 –> 25:13.140] situation where you’re just like standing there but yeah no it it
[25:13.140 –> 25:17.940] surprised me the game hmm which I thought was pretty nice
[25:17.940 –> 25:25.540] yeah is that everything about the actual fishing part of it oh this is a mechanic
[25:25.540 –> 25:30.400] I forgot about that it’s a very simple over you get these little coins that you
[25:30.400 –> 25:35.140] can then use to tell a fish to get off your line basically oh wait what is that
[25:35.980 –> 25:41.260] you got yes you get zap coins if you if you have a fish on the lane that you
[25:41.260 –> 25:44.860] don’t want on the lane you press that it uses up one of the coins and the fish
[25:44.860 –> 25:49.300] gets off your line I only have I think one coin so I was like I don’t remember
[25:49.300 –> 25:53.700] what it said I just remember it saying something about special fish so I was
[25:53.700 –> 25:57.420] like I’m gonna wait I don’t know what this is yeah I think you get it for
[25:57.420 –> 26:02.580] catching special fish okay that makes sense but yeah you use it you use it if
[26:02.620 –> 26:06.980] you’re I don’t know why I would ever do that because it’s like it I guess if you
[26:06.980 –> 26:11.620] have like very high level bait or something and you don’t want it to be
[26:11.620 –> 26:15.540] used up that’s what I was gonna say I think it’s for the bait that you spend
[26:15.540 –> 26:20.420] like the dollar in game dollars on yeah but I’m never going to do that so I
[26:20.420 –> 26:25.100] don’t foresee myself ever using this app mechanic but it’s interesting that’s
[26:25.100 –> 26:29.540] there yeah yeah definitely like if you don’t want to lose that special bait
[26:29.540 –> 26:36.500] then it makes sense you get it zapped zap the fish I should have tried to see
[26:36.500 –> 26:39.900] what happens you know like it’s electrocuted let me let me bring it up
[26:39.900 –> 26:43.220] because I’m I wonder if it’ll float to the what I wonder if it’ll float to the
[26:43.220 –> 26:50.540] top like the other fish that get eaten let’s find out live live testing this
[26:50.540 –> 26:55.020] trying to think is there any other main mechanics I mean so what I do find
[26:55.020 –> 27:00.660] interesting oh yeah no it does it kills them like every fish no just the fish
[27:00.660 –> 27:05.060] it was on the lane and it looks like yeah you keep the bait nice okay that
[27:05.060 –> 27:10.840] makes sense then it’s just fluid up to the top did you say you can get the ones
[27:10.840 –> 27:15.740] that are on the top no no that’s how I that’s how I when I saw them float to
[27:15.740 –> 27:20.300] the top I was like what’s going on here that’s what I think I think I should
[27:20.300 –> 27:24.740] eating the one that’s flying yeah they’ll eat the dead fish yeah yeah
[27:24.740 –> 27:28.400] that’s it gone it’s been eaten so there you go that’s how the zapping works it
[27:28.400 –> 27:34.380] kills the fish nice which like what why does it feel weird when I’m catching
[27:34.380 –> 27:39.020] fish like the whole point of fishing is to catch and kill and eat fish right
[27:39.020 –> 27:45.120] like it shouldn’t be weird that I’ve just killed the fish but it some of them
[27:45.120 –> 27:48.340] are all right let’s talk about museums then right we’ll talk about the other
[27:48.340 –> 27:53.220] stuff later let’s talk about museums so as with every game there now has to be a
[27:53.220 –> 28:01.500] museum and so and when you catch a fish if it’s the first time you caught that
[28:01.500 –> 28:06.300] fish possibly a grade graded one higher grades one as well but I’m not sure about
[28:06.300 –> 28:10.860] that maybe you can correct me I think there is because I think there’s like I
[28:10.860 –> 28:16.120] think it’s like if you hit every grade for a fish right okay like as you hit
[28:16.120 –> 28:20.400] every grade you get a reward for that yeah so if it’s a new fish or a fish
[28:20.400 –> 28:23.960] you’ve caught a grade that you haven’t caught before you can send it to a
[28:23.960 –> 28:29.720] museum and you get money for that and interestingly the museum’s will earn new
[28:29.720 –> 28:35.720] money as you’re not playing the game income exactly exactly it’s quite nice
[28:35.720 –> 28:39.280] opening up the game and it’s like oh you’ve gained 800 coins from your
[28:39.280 –> 28:43.960] museums you’re like awesome let’s get that then thanks especially as you’ve
[28:43.960 –> 28:48.240] like upgraded more stuff it’s like oh that’s like a whole upgrade yeah
[28:48.240 –> 28:53.000] exactly and it’s also it’s it’s not even just like a theoretical thing you can
[28:53.000 –> 28:57.680] visit the museum’s as well mm-hmm yeah which is nice because you could see you
[28:57.680 –> 29:01.880] can actually see the levels of the fish that you’ve got oh yeah so you can I’ve
[29:01.880 –> 29:09.640] got a four star sturgeon apparently ooh I only have one S tier and it’s a Wally
[29:09.640 –> 29:14.000] well I I don’t know how you say that one I think it’s Wally yeah and I don’t
[29:14.000 –> 29:18.120] think I have anything above B mmm but it’s interesting that it has they have
[29:18.120 –> 29:24.280] stars and ranking as well yes I think it’s like you know basic fish bigger
[29:24.280 –> 29:30.400] fish special fish or biggest fish so I think special fishes for yeah special
[29:30.400 –> 29:35.240] fishes for where’s my shark I caught a shark shark before that should have that
[29:35.240 –> 29:39.240] should tell me I was honestly shocked that I could catch the shark Oh sharks
[29:39.280 –> 29:45.680] are five stars oh nice yeah the special ones are five as well I’ve got a the
[29:45.680 –> 29:52.720] electric was this electric car I’ve got is five star and the only one I’ve got
[29:52.720 –> 29:59.680] is five star as well yeah they’re both they’re both see yeah that’s my shark is
[29:59.680 –> 30:07.320] a D so it’s not good great sad um yeah I like that you can you can go and check
[30:07.320 –> 30:11.120] in the museum too yes and you can yeah you can visit it and you can see all
[30:11.120 –> 30:15.360] your fish swimming around and you can see some stats about them and see what
[30:15.360 –> 30:18.840] your next reward is and stuff like that there’s like this is the thing this is
[30:18.840 –> 30:21.520] what I’m talking about there’s so much here right because there’s is that’s
[30:21.520 –> 30:28.880] five different museums and in each museum there are like five or so no is
[30:28.880 –> 30:36.520] that ten different collections mmm seven museums I haven’t put fish in so you do
[30:37.000 –> 30:42.120] you gain more as you as you go then because I’ve only got five I believe so
[30:42.120 –> 30:47.800] because I’m up to I just unlocked the Asian River which is like world three
[30:47.800 –> 30:54.400] yeah no I am nowhere near that so that’s probably why okay so you get five to
[30:54.400 –> 30:57.240] start with and then obviously you’ll upgrade them you get more as you go
[30:57.240 –> 31:00.960] along mm-hmm but but I mean that’s the point like at the beginning you’ve got
[31:00.960 –> 31:05.360] five and each of them has like a bunch of collections so it’s loads there and
[31:05.360 –> 31:10.920] then you get more as you go on as well and the collections are different fish
[31:10.920 –> 31:15.400] but I also think different you there’s two different things I’m trying to
[31:15.400 –> 31:18.960] figure it out I think one is special fish and one is regular fish oh is that
[31:18.960 –> 31:23.600] what it is yeah so you’ve got like if I look at my museum that I actually have
[31:23.600 –> 31:27.360] fish in you’ve got the common collection the uncommon collection the rare
[31:27.360 –> 31:31.800] collection the epic collection the legendary dark collection the legendary
[31:31.800 –> 31:37.240] electric legendary fire legendary grass legendary ice legendary light yep oh so
[31:37.240 –> 31:40.240] that’s what I was getting rewards from okay that makes sense yeah I see it now
[31:40.240 –> 31:44.400] yeah I think that’s the same for all of them they all have our mm-hmm each of
[31:44.400 –> 31:50.920] those collections and it’s nice for them because you just randomly get money
[31:50.920 –> 31:58.200] exactly so you can’t beat that but it adds like a nice little achievement goal
[31:58.240 –> 32:06.440] yeah there’s so many fish I can’t go over just how many fish there are that’s that and then
[32:06.440 –> 32:09.880] there’s like these little event things too like there’s just oh I haven’t tried
[32:09.880 –> 32:14.200] and have you tried one of them I haven’t tried it yes they cost like a dollar I
[32:14.200 –> 32:24.000] think usually like not real dollar like in-game dollar right okay and you know
[32:24.000 –> 32:27.000] I’m not doing great at them but like they’re they’re fun to just like have
[32:27.000 –> 32:30.760] something to do while you’re trying to wait for other fish to show up yes I did
[32:30.760 –> 32:35.280] one where I had to catch like a b-grade smelt which was really hard yeah they’re
[32:35.280 –> 32:41.200] really tiny and they all look like look the same yeah but I did manage it so
[32:41.200 –> 32:45.040] it’s just like it’s just like another little thing but I feel like it’s one
[32:45.040 –> 32:49.160] of those things that like kind of helps you get more familiar with the fish so
[32:49.160 –> 32:55.520] if you are invested in playing the game it’s like again more in-depth way to
[32:55.640 –> 33:02.800] play yeah but yeah a lot of fish a lot more fish than I expected yes and I like
[33:02.800 –> 33:07.160] how it’s not just catch and sell it’s like catch and give to museum and then
[33:07.160 –> 33:10.800] it’s catch and sell so you then yeah you’re like oh yeah so you once you’ve
[33:10.800 –> 33:15.560] once you’ve given it to the museum you’re then you are basically selling
[33:15.560 –> 33:23.080] them for coins and then you use those coins for upgrades yeah so many upgrades
[33:23.120 –> 33:28.920] so many upgrades I don’t do we want to talk about the upgrades for a second
[33:28.920 –> 33:34.440] talk about the upgrades so my strategy initially was to focus on attack because
[33:34.440 –> 33:38.800] I feel like that’s the most important one you’re not gonna catch anything same
[33:38.800 –> 33:42.720] if you don’t have that upgraded and it’s definitely one of those things where
[33:42.720 –> 33:47.840] like I would catch most of the fish and I would get like the stars for the fish
[33:47.840 –> 33:51.200] in two of the areas but not like one of the areas because I wasn’t strong enough
[33:51.440 –> 33:56.280] yeah so it’s like kind of nice because it does give you that like backward play a
[33:56.280 –> 33:59.080] little bit where you you can move forward but there’s still things to do
[33:59.080 –> 34:03.880] behind you yeah there’s a ton of things to still do behind like behind whatever
[34:03.880 –> 34:09.160] level I’m on though too so that’s not even an issue at this moment but then I
[34:09.160 –> 34:14.560] made the mistake of upgrading the cast line to the cast distance and then not
[34:14.560 –> 34:19.380] realizing that the line length that was nowhere near the same so I had the
[34:19.380 –> 34:22.500] ability to cast far enough but I actually did not physically
[34:22.500 –> 34:27.060] that’s hilarious yeah so I’ve been slowly catching that up in between like upgrading my
[34:27.060 –> 34:30.820] attack now yeah and I really did not care about the real speed because I feel
[34:30.820 –> 34:34.820] like no matter what I’m just tapping so yeah well exactly yeah definitely it’s
[34:34.820 –> 34:39.740] like I’m not going to I’m not gonna pay for the one that just means that I have
[34:39.740 –> 34:43.260] to press less right like I’m gonna do the one that means that I can do things
[34:43.260 –> 34:48.340] that I couldn’t previously do mm-hmm because there is literally no way to
[34:48.420 –> 34:53.700] catch a fish if it is above your attack level yeah exactly whereas if it’s
[34:53.700 –> 35:00.860] slightly under it’s just about time mm-hmm exactly um yeah I think I was
[35:00.860 –> 35:05.420] roughly the same kind of just not maxing out but like getting my attack as high
[35:05.420 –> 35:13.280] as high as I could and then yeah focusing on the the real length and the
[35:13.280 –> 35:17.980] cast distance yeah yeah I was like am I missing something with the real speed so
[35:18.020 –> 35:21.940] I upgraded it once and I was like this did nothing for me I suspect it’s the
[35:21.940 –> 35:25.740] sort of thing that like maybe endgame you’ll want to have it upgraded because
[35:25.740 –> 35:31.060] like some of them will just take so long that if you don’t have it upgraded yeah
[35:31.060 –> 35:37.660] yeah that makes sense and so yeah so we’ve talked about upgrades then blah
[35:37.660 –> 35:43.580] blah blah blah you get that through selling the fish obviously the there are
[35:43.780 –> 35:50.620] different areas and so you start with a couple of areas and then as as Kelly
[35:50.620 –> 35:54.060] mentioned there are worlds as well so it’s like you started with just one
[35:54.060 –> 35:58.540] world that has one area and then there’s like a one with multiple and you unlock
[35:58.540 –> 36:06.840] them as you get more and more stars which is by catching more fish so it’s
[36:06.840 –> 36:10.380] all about catching fish you keep catching fish you keep getting getting
[36:10.380 –> 36:16.940] stars you get stars you get more places to unlock therefore more fish that you
[36:16.940 –> 36:25.540] can get your classic circular circular fish economy and it’s interesting too
[36:25.540 –> 36:31.160] because each each world has its own version of bait oh yes so like you can
[36:31.160 –> 36:34.940] use the same bait through those three levels in a world but each world itself
[36:34.940 –> 36:41.880] has specific yeah it’s interested like the fish the fish will not well why did
[36:41.880 –> 36:45.320] the fish in this area not like this kind of it’s like surely the bait would be
[36:45.320 –> 36:50.520] first specific fish relevant specific areas but yeah yeah I feel like you
[36:50.520 –> 36:55.520] know that’s just that’s more of the simplification side yeah so suspension
[36:55.520 –> 37:01.000] of disbelief type thing yeah listen I got I got tiny little fish eaten bigger
[37:01.000 –> 37:12.740] fish than them and you can on the line yeah but I like the the illustrations
[37:12.740 –> 37:18.160] for the fish hmm yeah there’s definitely like this is obviously our mobile game
[37:18.160 –> 37:20.920] it’s definitely a cash grab mobile game but they’ve definitely put a lot of
[37:20.920 –> 37:25.000] thought into into things like that there’s there’s good art and the game
[37:25.000 –> 37:29.620] itself feels quite nice to play it doesn’t like the you’re kind of your
[37:29.620 –> 37:33.760] player character has you know different facial expressions they will do as you
[37:33.760 –> 37:38.420] catch and that through the different parts of the the catching process and
[37:38.420 –> 37:42.460] stuff like that so yeah there’s lots of nice thought that’s been put into this
[37:42.460 –> 37:49.820] relatively simple concept but relatively large actually game mm-hmm exactly like
[37:49.820 –> 37:54.140] it’s not there’s there’s definitely more to it than what you would assume
[37:54.140 –> 38:03.340] downloading it yeah yeah not just that what you would but what we did and okay
[38:03.340 –> 38:06.120] tournaments then you you said you’ve done a tournament don’t tell me what
[38:06.120 –> 38:13.020] it’s like because I haven’t done any okay let me see which one did I do I did
[38:13.020 –> 38:20.060] I did I did the butterfly fish hunt so you have I just had to catch so each one
[38:20.060 –> 38:24.500] of them is different but I had to catch the best butterfly fish I could okay
[38:24.500 –> 38:31.780] which at that point I think I had still not fully grasped how to get a better
[38:31.780 –> 38:36.540] grade of fish so I got a D grade and I still I still got um I think some
[38:36.540 –> 38:41.180] dollars from it okay which then yeah so there’s two currencies there’s the the
[38:41.180 –> 38:48.300] coins and the paper but yes for better I don’t know if the box they call it box
[38:48.300 –> 38:54.020] yes box box the box are like the premium currency that you use to buy the other
[38:54.020 –> 38:58.500] currency and buy bait and stuff like that so yeah it’s good to get get free
[38:58.500 –> 39:04.100] stuff like that yeah and you can use the box to enter tournaments and events
[39:04.100 –> 39:09.660] right I got actually I did not get bucks for that one I got a medal and I got
[39:09.660 –> 39:15.900] coins and I got some bait right but then I’m also I’m currently doing the
[39:15.900 –> 39:22.960] catch the best smelt you can okay and I did get a B on that one so far so when
[39:22.960 –> 39:28.420] it ends at this point I will get three medals what are medals I don’t I thought
[39:28.420 –> 39:32.140] they were just like a achievement but maybe I’m wrong and I’ll get two thousand
[39:32.140 –> 39:37.260] coins and I’ll get five bait so thousand coins wow yeah it’s not a it’s not a bad
[39:37.260 –> 39:40.740] thing especially considering you’re gonna be in there fishing anyway so I
[39:40.740 –> 39:46.900] was like well I’m gonna be because I was trying to also get the bit so they have
[39:46.900 –> 39:51.940] the events but then each world also has special things you can do in them so
[39:51.940 –> 39:58.940] like one of them on the side was like catch the B grade Buffalo bass or
[39:58.940 –> 40:03.820] whatever it was right so that’s not a common fish so you’re kind of just
[40:03.820 –> 40:08.180] sitting there waiting for it to show up but you can’t see the whole pond unless
[40:08.180 –> 40:13.100] you cast your reel okay so I was just sitting there casting for the smelt
[40:13.100 –> 40:19.500] waiting for the best to show up yeah so it’s like it’s definitely two birds with
[40:19.500 –> 40:23.880] one stone kind of thing yeah but it gives you it gives you something to go
[40:23.880 –> 40:27.140] for instead of just trying to get more money so remind you how you get the
[40:27.140 –> 40:36.380] higher higher grade fish okay so that is the size of the fish okay bigger fish
[40:36.380 –> 40:41.020] okay so the bigger the fish the higher the grade and then also the higher their
[40:41.020 –> 40:45.500] attack right so you would you would end up if you were just catching all of the
[40:45.500 –> 40:49.580] same fish that you wanted to catch you would eventually get a better one anyway
[40:49.580 –> 40:54.020] assuming you’re catching them all yes it does get complicated though because the
[40:54.020 –> 41:00.300] fish do repopulate pretty quickly yeah so it really like I did play this with
[41:00.300 –> 41:04.980] some strategy like I would throw my line wait for it to sink to the bottom mm-hmm
[41:04.980 –> 41:09.140] and then kind of reel it in a little bit if I didn’t see anything and then
[41:09.140 –> 41:14.180] literally just sit there with my reel with my bait at the bottom of the pond
[41:14.180 –> 41:20.020] waiting until I saw what I thought would be a bigger fish and then I would try to
[41:20.020 –> 41:23.580] reel it in a way that would have tracked its attention only and not other fish
[41:24.420 –> 41:28.340] which is hard to do sometimes very hard to do you’re just like oh here’s random
[41:28.340 –> 41:33.460] fish is just yep decided it wants me and and sometimes it’s a fish that’s not even
[41:33.460 –> 41:40.140] near the bait yeah though sometimes they’re very fast and they’re just like yeah I’m yours now
[41:40.140 –> 41:47.460] so it’s definitely a lot of patience in that way which is the problem because the tournaments
[41:47.460 –> 41:54.220] are timed yes that was also like I feel like with the bigger fish it’s easier to see the
[41:54.220 –> 41:59.500] distinction between them yeah whereas with like this this one that I was doing with the smelt
[41:59.500 –> 42:05.220] there it’s a small fish so they all look pretty small oh those are the smelt I’m like I can’t
[42:05.220 –> 42:11.100] see this fish that it’s talking about it’s because they’re the teeny tiny tiny one yep
[42:11.100 –> 42:16.660] so luckily I did get a B grade and I was like you know what that’s that’s good enough for me
[42:17.620 –> 42:22.660] yeah that’s not too bad yeah I was like okay I’m gonna make some and you make money on it no
[42:22.660 –> 42:28.620] matter what so yeah it doesn’t hurt in any way and like to go back to the Bucks concept for a
[42:28.620 –> 42:35.220] second because that is like what you need to enter the tournaments you do get that in game
[42:35.220 –> 42:43.540] hmm not very frequently yeah so it is good to save up but like right now I have 72 bucks from
[42:43.780 –> 42:49.660] different achievements and stuff so I’m sure you know as the game goes on it’s harder to get them
[42:49.660 –> 42:56.980] but you could definitely save them up I think it’s it’ll be yeah it’s it’s harder and and also
[42:56.980 –> 43:03.740] easier at the same time to get them because it’s like yeah sure there may be less opportunities of
[43:03.740 –> 43:08.800] your opportunities but you’re also better at it you know what you’re doing more you know that
[43:08.800 –> 43:14.600] sort of thing yeah exactly and like I don’t plan on spending them really on anything besides
[43:14.600 –> 43:20.640] I guess these tournaments but you could easily spend 50 of them on like special tape yeah so I
[43:20.640 –> 43:29.520] do see how it’s very easy to go through it quickly to smelt you found him I gotta see one oh okay
[43:29.520 –> 43:34.840] that’s not bad it’s not bad so far still got a few minutes so I will say with that too what I
[43:34.920 –> 43:39.840] was doing is like I would catch one and say it was like D grade I was like okay this smelt has
[43:39.840 –> 43:46.880] an attack of six yes if I catch one that’s seven that’ll be a C if I catch one that’s eight that’ll
[43:46.880 –> 43:52.400] be yeah that’s like what I’m looking for yeah yeah but of course you don’t know that until
[43:52.400 –> 43:58.840] they scrapped on oh yeah yeah exactly but yeah definitely they are I see what you mean about
[43:58.840 –> 44:03.640] the smelt I have seen cut some that look slightly bigger so I managed to get a C one but yeah I’ve
[44:03.640 –> 44:09.880] not seen a one even bigger yet and it’s it’s hard to tell if there if that one is even bigger in
[44:09.880 –> 44:15.080] certain instances because if the rest of them are just small it’s like okay are you actually
[44:15.080 –> 44:24.960] yes a B or you just have I just see no concept of how big you should yeah yep so it’s it’s
[44:24.960 –> 44:30.960] definitely like there is some skill in that sense that goes into it yeah it definitely adds more
[44:30.960 –> 44:35.080] and more interesting thing to it when you may have caught most of the fish and you’re just
[44:35.080 –> 44:40.440] kind of grinding through while you’re waiting for like the legendary fish or whatever you can be you
[44:40.440 –> 44:46.920] know catching all this all this all the stupid smelt exactly it gives you just something little
[44:46.920 –> 44:54.040] to do absolutely are there any mechanics we’ve not talked about because this was everything that I
[44:54.040 –> 45:02.080] could think of but I’m not sure if you’ve thought of something that I have missed I think that’s
[45:02.080 –> 45:10.800] about it like we could talk about I guess the you know you can watch ads to get beat yeah yeah you’re
[45:10.800 –> 45:18.600] kind of usual like everything costs money but you can you can always do stuff to get to get it for
[45:18.600 –> 45:25.320] free if you watch ads which like I’m not a huge fan of ads and games but I like that way of doing
[45:25.320 –> 45:29.080] it where it’s like yeah you don’t have to watch the ads but we’ll give you something if you do
[45:29.080 –> 45:37.800] sort of thing I quite like that I think it’s a lot better than forcing people to need to have like
[45:37.800 –> 45:42.160] the bucks to buy like special bait or something or you’re just like locked out entirely yeah yeah
[45:42.160 –> 45:46.860] yeah definitely definitely cuz like I don’t mind being locked out of like the special bait but like
[45:46.900 –> 45:53.860] the medium the middle bait yes you do need that yeah exactly it’s like it’s it’s big fish it’s
[45:53.860 –> 46:00.060] not even just like special fish or higher quality fish it’s just big fish you cannot catch certain
[46:00.060 –> 46:05.220] types of fish if you don’t have the big bait exactly so like I like that there is an option
[46:05.220 –> 46:12.700] outside of that I do think it’s interesting though that you catch a fish you go to sell it
[46:12.700 –> 46:19.660] it says like double your money whatever I just assumed that that would be another ad it is yeah
[46:19.660 –> 46:31.060] no if you click it it’s it’s an ad the first time I’ve already done it once I assumed oh okay that’s
[46:31.060 –> 46:35.740] just the whole mechanic if you do it a second time it wants you to spend five dollars to get
[46:35.740 –> 46:41.260] the double it package is that like a permanent doubler I don’t know because I don’t want to
[46:41.260 –> 46:50.660] spend five dollars okay don’t say I do nothing for you listeners I’m testing out it was payday
[46:50.660 –> 46:57.740] yesterday why not there you go a little treat yeah yeah I was like I think I caught something
[46:57.740 –> 47:03.100] big and I was like you know what I’ll watch an ad to get a thousand yeah coins for this yes and
[47:03.100 –> 47:08.900] then I was like what the hell I can’t watch an ad yeah I probably should have been doing on a high
[47:08.900 –> 47:14.940] quality one oh sure I did it on such a low-level thing I’m sure I have no recollection of what I
[47:14.940 –> 47:20.060] used the double it on all right let’s see so I’ve now bought that and I’ve doubled that one fish
[47:20.060 –> 47:27.340] let’s catch the next one and see what it is I got a bulk a bunch of weird cosmetic stuff like like
[47:27.340 –> 47:33.620] hats and boats and stuff yeah yeah exactly and oh it does look like it’s for everything now so I’m
[47:33.620 –> 47:38.180] just getting good I’m just getting double coins for everything so that’s that’s nice oh so you
[47:38.180 –> 47:42.540] don’t have to watch an ad or anything no no it just automatically they’re all doubled me you know
[47:42.540 –> 47:47.820] okay for five dollars that’s actually not a good deal at all I should say I don’t know whether it
[47:47.820 –> 47:52.220] runs out or not but like that’s that’s for fish in a row now that they’ve just it just popped up
[47:52.220 –> 47:58.620] saying times two and doubles the coins for it so and I mean I mean from what it looks like when you
[47:58.620 –> 48:05.300] go to buy it it seems like there’s nothing that says it’s no limited let’s go to a different area
[48:05.300 –> 48:13.340] and check that it’s not that’s a good call it is funny too just to while you’re checking that I
[48:13.340 –> 48:19.700] don’t know if you added any friends I know I did not I think you’d be the only person I would have
[48:19.700 –> 48:28.780] to add lots of people playing this game if you google it there are reddit message boards like
[48:28.780 –> 48:34.900] from like because I think the game came out like 2016 right but there are people still actively
[48:34.980 –> 48:40.820] talking I checked the discord people are still talking in the discord Wow about gameplay and
[48:40.820 –> 48:48.620] stuff so but I know they also put out like the I think the online version of it in 2020 I was
[48:48.620 –> 48:55.140] looking into all this because I was like I was intrigued by like where this all came from I
[48:55.140 –> 49:01.940] guess yes so it does seem I’ve tried three different worlds four different areas and
[49:01.940 –> 49:06.260] they’ve all been doubled so I guess the only thing I can think of is it could possibly be
[49:06.260 –> 49:11.460] a limited thing that runs out but there’s nothing that says that so I’m going to assume that it is
[49:11.460 –> 49:17.700] a permanent upgrade yeah cuz I feel like they’d have to mention that right you would hope so yeah
[49:17.700 –> 49:24.820] yeah that’s fair so I think I think it’s a permanent upgrade which five quid for for a
[49:24.820 –> 49:29.540] permanent doubling all your coins probably would have done that sooner if I’d known that yeah me
[49:29.540 –> 49:36.340] too honestly definitely would have cuz that that is very helpful all right let’s use some of these
[49:36.340 –> 49:42.980] cosmetics I just paid for then I’m not gonna lie that totally flipped my view on that oh there you
[49:42.980 –> 49:48.860] go cuz I was like five dollars to have to still watch ads and then you know who knows how long it
[49:48.860 –> 49:53.620] lasts for or whatever yeah exactly well that’s the thing like one-off it’s really stupid yeah
[49:53.620 –> 49:59.900] permanent thing is whole different kettle of fish yeah and yeah I don’t know what the friend stuff
[49:59.900 –> 50:07.180] does but presumably well you get coins for for inviting people presumably you can always that
[50:07.180 –> 50:12.340] the fishing cruise yes and there is a multiplayer mode so that will be what you’ll just be able to
[50:12.340 –> 50:19.660] do it with your friends presumably mm-hmm I enjoy these games because they’re they’re like I don’t
[50:19.660 –> 50:25.460] have to worry about people yeah I’m not gonna join a crew and do all that no no thanks I have
[50:25.460 –> 50:32.460] noticed there are some tournaments that you have to be in a crew to do yes there are so I’ve also
[50:32.460 –> 50:39.260] been just like ignoring those for the most part because I’m like well I’m not gonna do that so I
[50:39.260 –> 50:44.340] think that’s I think that’s everything yeah there is I don’t know if you clicked on event mode but
[50:44.340 –> 50:49.980] it does want you to download one of their other games oh no to get to event mode and I was like
[50:49.980 –> 50:56.100] well I’m not doing that so nothing that yeah they want you to game yeah they want you to to unlock
[50:56.100 –> 51:05.340] this world to complete the quarry event in pocket mine 3 so well I mean worth a try I guess yeah
[51:05.340 –> 51:14.860] nice try I’m not doing that exactly so you know they put it there it it wiggles to get your
[51:14.860 –> 51:22.100] attention yeah but I mean I gotta say for what I thought would be a very much so like freemium
[51:22.100 –> 51:29.580] style game it does offer you a lot in terms of workarounds yeah to make sure that you could still
[51:29.580 –> 51:35.460] play the game do a pretty high level without actually putting any money into it yeah definitely
[51:35.460 –> 51:46.460] um I know can’t see I haven’t put any money into it but that’s a pretty good one yeah honestly if
[51:46.460 –> 51:51.540] you like is now I’m like okay well if I do continue to play this game I would put five
[51:51.540 –> 51:56.580] dollars into oh no I’m sorry Kelly I mean it’s fine what’s five dollars when you play Pokemon go
[51:56.580 –> 52:00.180] right that’s which I don’t even want to think about how much money I put into that game I
[52:00.180 –> 52:10.780] really try not to spend any money on that game but it happens it definitely happens yeah so five
[52:10.780 –> 52:15.820] dollars what’s five dollars all right Kelly are you gonna continue playing the game you know I
[52:15.820 –> 52:20.460] think I might honestly for a little bit I don’t know for how long I can be very fickle with phone
[52:20.460 –> 52:26.340] games like even Pokemon go I will drop that game for six months at a time yeah and then I’ll pick
[52:26.340 –> 52:33.540] it up and play it for months yeah so it all really depends right now I’ll probably still
[52:33.540 –> 52:40.040] continue playing it for a little bit yeah I don’t think I would say I definitely would but I feel
[52:40.040 –> 52:48.100] like I’m more likely to after after this episode like I think just like me chatting about it and
[52:48.100 –> 52:55.300] and wow that fish is very high-powered I cannot get that just now and it’s like double my current
[52:55.300 –> 53:03.260] was it like it’s like one of those it’s a legend it’s a leg yeah blue on a legendary barracuda I
[53:03.260 –> 53:10.700] think or something like that one of those snap my line immediately yeah yeah ridiculous I was like
[53:10.700 –> 53:16.260] I was so excited too because I caught that with the catch a little fish method yeah and then it
[53:16.260 –> 53:22.100] snapped the line immediately and I was like god damn come on let me have it I worked so hard for
[53:22.220 –> 53:29.260] this yeah it gets really hard to increase later on because it’s like I’m currently at 70 power
[53:29.260 –> 53:38.500] and it’s plus five for 2,300 coins yep that’s that’s a lot yep and then it’s like the what is
[53:38.500 –> 53:48.980] it the there’s like tears to it yes so like like right now I’m I just had the diamond rod so that’s
[53:48.980 –> 53:55.980] like 105 oh wow you wouldn’t even be able to catch this fish it was 136 yeah no I had I think
[53:55.980 –> 54:02.060] the one I caught was like 160 and I was like well that’s just mean yeah yeah I’m not gonna be able
[54:02.060 –> 54:07.340] to catch this for like six months why why would you tease me with this yeah like well now I never
[54:07.340 –> 54:11.540] want to catch that fish so it’s just out of the picture I was shocked actually that I caught a
[54:11.540 –> 54:16.660] shark cuz I did not think I was it gonna be able to do that but yeah like right now it’s like plus
[54:16.660 –> 54:22.860] two and it’s 2,800 and then there’s like five levels to this rod before I get to the next kind
[54:22.860 –> 54:30.980] of rod but it’s a it’s a it’s a two-star rod now I don’t know what that means it means something
[54:30.980 –> 54:37.900] but I’m sure it’s yeah I’m sure it does something I also like them the cosmetics are cute like I
[54:37.900 –> 54:42.780] have a fishing boat that’s a being bit by a shark right now no that’s cute in Jaws fashion nice
[54:42.780 –> 54:50.100] have you got what’s your hat my hat right now is does not match my character because it’s like a
[54:50.100 –> 54:56.660] little curly hair sticking out of visor and it’s like brown hair too so it does like totally does
[54:56.660 –> 55:04.500] not match yeah I have a top hat on oh nice yeah yeah I don’t think I have a lot of hat options oh
[55:04.500 –> 55:12.660] I have the green or piggy it looks like the pigs from Angry Birds right yes I’ll put that one
[55:13.100 –> 55:18.460] cute yeah those are just like a fun silly little thing cool well I think that’s everything then
[55:18.460 –> 55:24.260] thank you for for chatting to me about fishing break no thank you for inviting me and asking me
[55:24.260 –> 55:29.260] to play it and talk about it yeah we’ll check in next time you’re honest to whether you’re still
[55:29.260 –> 55:37.780] playing or not yeah definitely where can people find you on the internet Kelly um not really
[55:37.780 –> 55:50.100] anywhere but I guess if you want to check out Instagram it’s Rala mu r-a-l-l-a-m-i-e-u awesome
[55:50.100 –> 55:58.740] if you want to find me you can find me as the Scott bot um on well maybe Twitter you know it’s
[55:58.740 –> 56:02.420] like this is coming out in a month’s time I literally have no idea whether Twitter will
[56:02.420 –> 56:06.820] exist in a month’s time or not because we’re recording this we’re recording this two days
[56:06.900 –> 56:15.700] or no the day after the the limiting to 600 tweets a day which didn’t he um didn’t he just
[56:15.700 –> 56:20.460] update it to like 800 now because people are getting that that’s hilarious so you get an
[56:20.460 –> 56:29.620] extra 30 seconds of Twitter use oh dear well if it exists you can find me there but I’m also on
[56:29.620 –> 56:35.620] mastodon at the mastodon.scott server and hopefully at some point tumblr will update
[56:35.620 –> 56:40.700] to to be compatible with mastodon because they’re they’re working on that that’ll be nice Wow
[56:40.700 –> 56:46.300] tumblr coming back from the grave would have thought it I will say tumblr is one of those
[56:46.300 –> 56:52.460] apps that I never delete from my phone yeah I don’t I don’t I don’t want to create a tumblr
[56:52.460 –> 56:57.100] account but there are some people that are only on tumblr that I’d like to follow so I want them
[56:57.100 –> 57:00.620] to hurry up and finish their integration with that so I can go and follow some tumblr accounts
[57:00.620 –> 57:08.860] from my mastodon account I will say as a avid tumblr in the early days I I think it’s so funny
[57:08.860 –> 57:14.780] to hear that people are some people are back to using it as their main thing that is truly
[57:14.780 –> 57:20.580] mind-blowing to me yeah next next step tom will start up myspace again yep that’s like literally
[57:20.580 –> 57:26.860] the step above it like it’s like I know I’m on tumblr I don’t really do much on tumblr but I
[57:27.100 –> 57:33.500] enjoy it yeah but to think that it’s it’s making some sort of a comeback is just ridiculous yeah
[57:33.500 –> 57:44.300] good for them you can find the podcast on Twitter maybe at THS pod I haven’t decided for them maybe
[57:44.300 –> 57:49.500] maybe I’ve not decided what I’m doing with that cuz like it’s one thing creating your own personal
[57:49.500 –> 57:53.220] one it’s another creating one for the podcast cuz then you actually have to queue it up today
[57:53.220 –> 57:58.700] and look look the best way the best way to keep up to date with the podcast is keep it in your
[57:58.700 –> 58:08.060] podcast feed right you’ll get stuff there and and come and come support the podcast on patreon then
[58:08.060 –> 58:14.220] you can get our slack and I post all the best stuff there anyway so so who needs social media
[58:14.620 –> 58:23.760] exactly exactly so yeah you can find the links to all of that stuff and well I normally say
[58:23.760 –> 58:28.300] everything in the podcast but we’ve really not mentioned anything because there was no news so
[58:28.300 –> 58:32.780] you can find links to everything that’s important on the website harvest season club where you can
[58:32.780 –> 58:42.100] also find a feedback forum if you want to send us some feedback tell us what your highest fish
[58:42.100 –> 58:51.220] that you’ve caught in fishing break is if you play all right I think that’s everything thank
[58:51.220 –> 58:56.740] you listeners for listening thank you Kelly for joining me again and until next time have a good
[58:56.740 –> 59:09.260] harvest the harvest season is created by Al McKinley with support from our patrons including
[59:09.260 –> 59:16.020] our pro farmers Kevin Stewart and Alisa our art is done by Micah the Brave and our music is done
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