You Snubbed APICO

Al and Codey talk about their favourite games from 2019-2022


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00:00:30: Intro
00:05:41: What Have We Been Up To
00:15:03: Game Of The Podcast Year Discussion
00:16:51: Nominations
00:46:27: Winner
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[00:00.000 –> 00:14.000] do
[00:30.320 –> 00:36.160] hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season my name is al and my
[00:36.160 –> 00:40.560] name is cody and we’re here today to talk to you about cottagecore games
[00:44.720 –> 00:46.880] should we start doing it like a roller coaster like
[00:50.080 –> 00:52.560] oh man this is going to be a dreadful episode to level
[00:53.920 –> 00:58.000] it’s okay every time i get loud i move away from the mic isn’t that we’re supposed to do
[00:58.000 –> 01:05.040] yeah okay sure i’m being a good noodle hi cody how you doing i’m good i
[01:06.080 –> 01:14.800] passed my comps whoo that means that i have no more tests no more anything for at least two
[01:14.800 –> 01:20.240] years and that they’ve acknowledged that i’m a good noodle and then i can get the stuff done
[01:20.240 –> 01:25.680] oh so this isn’t the phd finished no this is the middle this is basically me like showing so i
[01:25.680 –> 01:32.800] basically in my program comps is show your committee what you’re planning to do and they
[01:34.080 –> 01:40.640] ask you a heck ton of questions to make sure that you understand what you’re doing yeah um and ask
[01:40.640 –> 01:47.280] you a ton of questions to like make sure that you are a good a good noodle so some people if you do
[01:47.280 –> 01:53.520] not pass your comps they’ll just say hey just get a master’s instead like you’re not at the level
[01:54.160 –> 02:00.160] to be able to get a phd um but i am at that level and they said that i did a great job
[02:00.160 –> 02:05.760] and that i am all set and if i do everything the way that i’ve outlined it in my proposal
[02:06.640 –> 02:11.440] i will pass with flying colors yeah so now they can leave me alone and i can get stuff done for
[02:11.440 –> 02:17.120] the next two years and i don’t have to prove myself anymore so this is when the real work
[02:17.120 –> 02:22.560] begins that’s what you’re saying yeah this is when i like nose to the grindstone but it’s working
[02:22.560 –> 02:27.360] with a lot of specimens and i really like working with mine how are you uh i am i’m doing doing
[02:27.360 –> 02:33.120] all right yeah um at least i currently am uh who knows what i’ll be like in two months when this
[02:33.120 –> 02:36.880] episode comes out yeah when this episode comes out you’ll be in the middle of vacation right
[02:36.880 –> 02:40.720] your holiday and no i’ll actually this one this one’s coming out when i’m when i’m back
[02:41.440 –> 02:47.040] but i didn’t really want to record and release an episode in two days so that’s fair that’s fair
[02:47.360 –> 02:53.920] uh yeah so i mean that’s good that’s uh i’m you know current owl not currently recording but
[02:53.920 –> 02:59.120] current in the in the time that this is out is probably very hopefully but also very like
[03:00.000 –> 03:06.320] uh i’m not ready to come back to work yet great uh uh we forgot to mention that transcripts are
[03:06.320 –> 03:11.520] available in the show notes and on the website um you’re trying to take over my job a little bit
[03:11.920 –> 03:19.360] a little bit uh this um we’ve just i hope you enjoyed fishing month and fishing month is now
[03:19.360 –> 03:26.800] over but i thought i would end my holiday with an episode um which is i’m calling game of the
[03:26.800 –> 03:34.720] podcast year so every year we do a game of the year episode um but because this is a farming game
[03:35.440 –> 03:42.000] what’s the word i’m looking for podcast and the games that we generally play
[03:42.960 –> 03:48.000] generally have years that last the four months and then each season of this podcast
[03:48.000 –> 03:55.840] is 26 episodes and is a month well not a month a season we have had well now this is we’ve actually
[03:55.840 –> 04:01.520] had five seasons but when i thought this up we had had four seasons therefore a full year therefore
[04:01.520 –> 04:07.200] we’re going to talk about our favorite game of the podcast year as in in this case four years
[04:07.200 –> 04:13.600] man that was so much more complicated than it needed to be okay so basically like in 2019 when
[04:13.600 –> 04:20.160] the episode when the podcast started that would have been spring yeah 2020 was summer yeah very
[04:20.160 –> 04:27.120] bad summer 2021 would have been fall and then 2022 would have been winter so we are now in 2023 so it
[04:27.120 –> 04:36.160] is now time for us to look back on the last quote year but it’s actually four years and it’s not
[04:36.160 –> 04:42.320] actually the last year it’s delayed it’s delayed by nearly eight months well we needed some time
[04:42.320 –> 04:46.720] to like think about it you know let’s not pretend like we would be thinking about it
[04:49.040 –> 04:52.080] we went what games do we like these games great
[04:53.040 –> 04:54.800] we will talk about that in a few minutes
[04:56.640 –> 05:02.960] um oh my word i need a holiday so this episode has no news because obviously we are recording
[05:02.960 –> 05:07.840] out of time because i’m on holiday uh it’s not quite two months because we delayed the recording
[05:07.840 –> 05:12.720] it’s like a month and a half so about a month and a half out of date so if we’ve not mentioned any
[05:12.720 –> 05:17.680] ridiculously interesting news don’t worry it will be in the next episode the next episode will be
[05:17.680 –> 05:24.400] a live not live episode it’ll be an in-time episode we’ll cover some news in the next
[05:24.400 –> 05:28.320] that’s all we’ll cover the next episode will just be news right i’m not i’m not doing anything else
[05:28.320 –> 05:36.640] for life i cannot believe that that one game producer did that one thing it’s news that’s
[05:36.640 –> 05:44.000] gonna happen so we’re just gonna talk about that except first of all cody what have you been up to
[05:44.960 –> 05:51.440] annoying the crap out of you man what have you had been up to i have had been up to um
[05:52.560 –> 06:03.600] so back it back in june the now recording but the months ago um i uh defended or oh my gosh
[06:03.600 –> 06:08.400] passed my comms which i already talked about and now i’m like nose to the grindstones i’m
[06:08.400 –> 06:13.520] going to be doing a lot of specimen work um but also that kind of like frees up time to
[06:13.520 –> 06:20.000] play video games which i’m super excited about so i just got game pass so i want to play uh
[06:20.000 –> 06:25.360] farming simulator i want to play disney dreamlight valley there’s another game that like it popped up
[06:25.360 –> 06:28.720] it was like will you suggest this game for you and i was like oh yeah i want to play that but i
[06:28.720 –> 06:33.360] can’t remember for the life of me right now also remember remember this episode is coming out after
[06:33.360 –> 06:38.320] all the other episodes so you can refer to episodes that will have already been out by
[06:38.320 –> 06:42.320] this point okay so you can talk about the fact that you’re doing a film farming simulator one
[06:42.320 –> 06:45.760] yet because it’s already happened that’s i mean that’s the only one i mean i wanted to i want to
[06:45.760 –> 06:50.320] talk about disney dreamlight valley but we’ll wait for that for one for the 1.0 release which
[06:50.320 –> 06:55.040] was at some point in the maybe that’ll be one of the news items we talk about next week
[06:57.520 –> 07:01.360] and then we can have that on the thing so we could do a second harvest of disney dreamlight valley
[07:01.360 –> 07:09.440] and i’ll have played that um yeah that that’s oh i got i really got into this tetris game on my phone
[07:10.560 –> 07:16.800] that i mentioned um i think in the last episode it’s literally just the tetris game like it’s
[07:16.800 –> 07:24.000] just called like tetris um oh by by the tetris company like there’s there’s no it’s not it’s
[07:24.000 –> 07:30.000] not like a second hand thing or whatever but you can earn points that you can then put towards like
[07:30.000 –> 07:36.720] in real life rewards the rewards are really like few and far between so it’s it’s like this one
[07:36.720 –> 07:45.120] high-end restaurant lets you have free beignets for 20 000 points or something and it takes you
[07:45.120 –> 07:49.600] like four days to get 20 000 points if you’re like playing or even longer than that probably
[07:49.600 –> 07:56.720] i’ve been playing for like two weeks and i only have like 30 000 but al if i save up a million
[07:56.720 –> 08:03.520] points i could go to on a cruise to alaska for free we’re not talking about a real
[08:03.520 –> 08:09.440] cruise it’s a real cruise it’s a real life cruise but i have to save up a million points
[08:10.240 –> 08:13.840] and after playing for two weeks straight and getting all the points i can get every single
[08:13.840 –> 08:20.560] day i’m at like 30 000 points i mean that doesn’t that feels achievable like is there a time limit
[08:20.560 –> 08:28.000] for this like that feels like a dangerous thing for them to do the alaskan cruise is um you have
[08:28.000 –> 08:35.040] to like submit you have to like redeem it or whatever by august mid-august okay but i think
[08:35.040 –> 08:39.280] like they just have another they’ll just have another one after that i’m pretty sure i put
[08:39.280 –> 08:48.640] an entry in to win a two-person trip on a cruise to the middle east or the caribbean or whatever
[08:48.640 –> 08:54.480] i don’t remember what how they phrase it but i just put like one entry in so it wasn’t like
[08:54.480 –> 09:00.240] a guaranteed thing but it’s a you read all the rules for it and everything it’s like two days
[09:00.240 –> 09:06.320] or two people for eight days and it’s everything it just feels like the time that pepsi had a
[09:06.320 –> 09:13.760] competition to win a fighter jet and then they got into a whole bunch of legal trouble because
[09:13.760 –> 09:18.160] they never thought anybody would ever actually manage to get that many points so someone sued
[09:18.240 –> 09:24.000] them over because they wouldn’t get them a jet yeah i also remember there was a radio station
[09:24.640 –> 09:32.320] uh doing when i was like 11 there’s a radio station doing this like do x amount of things
[09:32.320 –> 09:38.320] or like earn i don’t remember something like like collect box tops or collect straws or something
[09:38.320 –> 09:43.600] yeah really dumb the radio station was trying to get people to do and it said oh if you do that
[09:43.600 –> 09:53.360] then you get um you get a toyota and someone did it and she like went hard on it for like a month
[09:53.360 –> 10:00.480] to win this thing and they gave her a toy of the star wars character yoda close enough it
[10:00.480 –> 10:09.600] was a toyota yeah and she sued them she got a car um but yeah i mean it says on it on the thing it
[10:09.600 –> 10:20.400] says it’s a norwegian norwegian cruise lines trip to uh to alaska so i don’t think i’m gonna i
[10:20.400 –> 10:26.400] i’m mostly memeing like i don’t think i’ll ever get it um yeah do we need to do we need to talk
[10:26.400 –> 10:32.880] about the environmental impact of cruises maybe yeah i have one trip for the norwegian cruise
[10:32.880 –> 10:39.200] line middle east cruise giveaway you go to dubai and it’s a seven day cruise for two
[10:39.200 –> 10:45.840] plus airfare to get there a cruise to dubai oh that’s very different there’s an overnight
[10:45.840 –> 10:50.400] stay in abu dhabi yeah i mean this is the one that you only have to pay a thousand to like win
[10:50.400 –> 10:55.920] an entry to get it where’s the other which means you’re not winning correct like i’m not expecting
[10:55.920 –> 11:01.600] to win that one but i could but there’s another there’s like the one that you can actually just
[11:01.600 –> 11:09.840] straight up buy oh i gotta like scroll all the way over oh you can win for like 45 you can get
[11:09.840 –> 11:16.960] like half off a night at a hotel um i’m being blind i can’t see i can’t see dubai on the map
[11:16.960 –> 11:27.440] it must why am i why am i blind i can see saudi abra uh-huh oh that’s why
[11:27.440 –> 11:36.960] it’s a new e oh such an idiot right oh yeah i can get one complimentary night at mandalay bay
[11:37.520 –> 11:43.360] where does the cruise go from the dubai one yeah this is the news people really want it
[11:44.160 –> 11:52.000] well yeah what is this episode um during your overnight stay in abu dhabi explore blah blah
[11:52.320 –> 11:59.920] we go to you go to barain it wants me to go to a website okay it doesn’t matter i just it’s like
[12:01.040 –> 12:05.760] that would be a lot like depending on where it goes from that could be a very long cruise because
[12:05.760 –> 12:13.440] it’s like it’s only seven days okay yeah you must be flying set sail out of dubai on december 13th
[12:13.440 –> 12:20.240] right okay from dubai from dubai and then probably goes back i don’t know but like it goes you stop
[12:20.240 –> 12:26.720] in abidabi you stop in barain you stop in daman um this is just right just riding the persian
[12:26.720 –> 12:32.480] persian golf then yeah just a norwegian cruise line cruise i’ve never been on a cruise neither
[12:32.480 –> 12:37.360] have i and i might i might win you know what i’m gonna rub this in your face al i’m not really
[12:37.360 –> 12:42.560] sure you would be rubbing it in my face because i don’t like boats anyway anything else you’ve been
[12:42.560 –> 12:48.400] up to no just i mean not i’m just gonna be playing i’ll probably not even be playing this tetris game
[12:48.400 –> 12:54.160] anymore in two months let’s be honest what have you been up to alec where where are you what’s
[12:54.160 –> 12:58.240] your vacation have you talked about that on the pod yet oh it’s just my usual going to the hell of
[12:58.240 –> 13:05.200] man um you have like a house on that uh no i i don’t know it’s really complicated so there’s
[13:05.200 –> 13:10.640] a charity that i do stuff for they own a building that they use for a bunch of things and we stay
[13:10.640 –> 13:17.680] there so i i no i’m not i’m not that kind of rich that’s not that complicated and it was really
[13:17.680 –> 13:21.840] complicated and i was like that’s pretty easy i said i simplified it okay i mean that’s it makes
[13:21.840 –> 13:27.280] sense um yeah i’ve not been i mean as of recording i’ve not been playing much because my switch is
[13:27.280 –> 13:32.320] still with nintendo getting fixed oh yeah and listeners will be fed up hearing that because
[13:32.320 –> 13:39.120] i feel like i’ve said that about seven times in the last two weeks um but uh hopefully by the
[13:39.120 –> 13:44.320] time you’re listening to this i’ll have it you’ll have it back i just oh yes that’s the one that
[13:44.320 –> 13:51.920] had all your pokemon saves on it right it is yeah yeah i just yesterday ordered nope today
[13:52.560 –> 13:57.920] i just today ordered uh story seasons a wonderful life so that should be coming in the next couple
[13:57.920 –> 14:04.240] days and i’m sure i’ll play it in a couple of weeks and i also i had a voucher for a shop
[14:04.960 –> 14:13.280] and ordered pigmen four so i will have that by the time this comes out and i just got
[14:14.480 –> 14:20.400] one lonely outpost uh so i might be playing that who knows we’ll see what i actually end up playing
[14:20.400 –> 14:24.800] um i also want to play the original harvest moon at some point because that is now on switch as
[14:24.800 –> 14:31.840] well yeah so cool well uh other than that just being kind of watching some stuff and and doing
[14:31.840 –> 14:36.480] some stuff and yeah nothing in particular this is the problem with doing so many podcasts in a
[14:36.480 –> 14:41.760] couple of weeks is there’s not much to to say about what i’ve been up to because people heard
[14:41.840 –> 14:50.160] it either one week ago or six weeks ago depending on which because yeah i’m about to record
[14:51.200 –> 14:55.280] another podcast and i’m going to probably talk about my comp song it’s fine at least there so
[14:55.280 –> 15:00.240] that that is a good chunk away from each other right like next week compared to a month and a
[15:00.240 –> 15:06.080] half away so i think i think we’ll be good with that um awesome should we talk about our game of
[15:06.080 –> 15:12.320] the podcast year okay so just to summarize what’s happening again so there there have been
[15:12.320 –> 15:20.720] excluding the current year 2023 there were four years of the podcast up till now 2019 2020 2021
[15:20.720 –> 15:28.320] and 2022 and we are going to decide amongst us what the game of the podcast year is basically
[15:28.320 –> 15:34.320] the game of those four years um so i’m not going to read out the whole list but what i did just
[15:34.320 –> 15:38.400] realizes should probably read out the four individual game of the years that we that we
[15:38.400 –> 15:42.400] gave i say we were you actually involved in any of those you were involved at least one of them
[15:42.400 –> 15:50.400] i was involved in one of them and you guys snubbed apico uh we did um at that point so 2019 um we
[15:50.400 –> 15:56.320] gave doraemon story of seasons the game of year and 2020 we gave summer and mara game of the year
[15:56.320 –> 16:04.240] in 2021 we gave oh yeah that was the that was the one that we gave spirit fairer too even though
[16:04.240 –> 16:09.120] it came out the year before um because it came out really late in the year so that’s why i was
[16:09.120 –> 16:17.040] excusing that and in 2020 we gave ooblets the game of the year so yeah um i mean any any the
[16:17.040 –> 16:25.840] rule basically is any game that came out in those four years and i don’t i was allowing early access
[16:25.840 –> 16:31.040] but not demos but i believe there’s only three games that came out in early access that haven’t
[16:31.040 –> 16:36.800] then also released their 1.0 since then because obviously four years is a long time um and all
[16:36.800 –> 16:44.320] three of them released last year so yeah i guess let’s shall we alternate for what we what we want
[16:44.320 –> 16:50.320] because we’ve both chosen our top five ish do we want to alternate do you want to go first
[16:51.280 –> 16:59.680] yeah um i will start off top with apico um and i’m not biased here
[17:01.920 –> 17:05.680] i just really like do you get to choose a game that you’re in does that count
[17:07.120 –> 17:13.440] i wasn’t in the original and to be honest i haven’t played the part where i’m in yet
[17:13.440 –> 17:19.600] i’ve still not had the time um but it’s just such a cute little game and i always really like when
[17:19.600 –> 17:28.160] a developer has used real like real world stuff and real science to try and um educate and empower
[17:28.160 –> 17:35.040] people um and l did an amazing job with that with apico um and the game it was another really good
[17:35.840 –> 17:40.480] the game is also a really good example of community feedback and a developer working with
[17:40.640 –> 17:47.120] feedback and a developer working with the community because um not only uh
[17:48.560 –> 17:54.640] of l meeting me and then asking me about solitary views and then coming up with a whole
[17:54.640 –> 17:59.360] you know uh dlc that has that or i guess it’s not a dlc because you don’t well
[17:59.920 –> 18:07.680] you don’t have to pay for it it’s just let’s not do that debate um but like not only that of you
[18:07.680 –> 18:14.320] know him reaching out to people that that study things and and working with his community in that
[18:14.320 –> 18:20.480] way but also like if someone has an issue and they talk about it on the discord um he’s really
[18:20.480 –> 18:27.680] receptive to that as well so um i really like apica that was one of my top five just for uh
[18:28.320 –> 18:35.120] yeah for it being a good game fun game a good a good developer a good community yeah no i i it’s
[18:35.120 –> 18:42.720] not on my list um purely because that’s not my it’s not my favorite kind of game um but it
[18:42.720 –> 18:49.600] definitely has the quality um and definitely it has the care put into it um that is absolutely
[18:49.600 –> 18:57.600] all true and i totally understand why you would choose that yeah where are you l uh my let’s start
[18:57.600 –> 19:05.120] off with summer and mara okay um so i i mean this was this was the game of year in 2020 and
[19:05.120 –> 19:12.400] i i think it has held up pretty well um it’s not a perfect game by any means um there were some
[19:12.400 –> 19:18.800] kind of issues but the the kind of the love and care throughout the game felt like it was really
[19:18.800 –> 19:25.360] there um it just felt like it was such a happy game it really it covered well happy sad game
[19:25.360 –> 19:33.520] right um it really felt like it covered the feelings of cottagecore for me and the um it
[19:33.520 –> 19:39.360] was a lovely balance of exploration but not too explorationary right you didn’t feel like the
[19:39.360 –> 19:45.120] world was too massive to explore everything um that i really like when you’ve got here’s a big
[19:45.120 –> 19:50.400] world and it’s a bunch of islands because that is very clearly like oh i know i’ve explored
[19:50.400 –> 19:54.480] everything because i’ve been to every island and i know that i’ve looked on everywhere on every
[19:54.480 –> 20:01.360] island whereas a massive world that isn’t islands you’re like oh where have i been like you know
[20:01.360 –> 20:06.320] down what paths have i been you know what mountains have i been into what caves etc
[20:06.320 –> 20:12.080] whereas the the island aspect of things really works well so i think it was the first farming
[20:12.080 –> 20:16.640] exploration game that i actually liked because the balance of all that was really well done cool
[20:17.520 –> 20:22.160] yes you’re a newbie at a farming game so yeah sure
[20:27.040 –> 20:30.880] compared to people who started playing uh like a wonderful life yeah
[20:30.880 –> 20:36.480] but i mean it was 2017 so it wasn’t like two years ago it was when the podcast started sure
[20:37.120 –> 20:45.200] yeah no i’ve i’ve not been i’ve not gotten into that game yet so i can’t what’s next uh i will do
[20:46.080 –> 20:53.840] one of the ones that is on both of our lists uh animal crossing new horizon this is one of the
[20:53.840 –> 21:01.920] ones one of the first ones that you guys talked about and that it was just so long awaited um it
[21:01.920 –> 21:09.120] had been a long time since it felt like a long i actually got a switch specifically for new horizons
[21:09.680 –> 21:20.000] um yeah i was pretty stoked um and i played pretty regularly for like three or four months
[21:21.440 –> 21:28.560] um but i oh no it came out in 2020 didn’t it yeah i got my i got my switch for it in 2019
[21:28.560 –> 21:32.720] because i thought it was going to come out in the in the winter it was it was meant to be delayed
[21:32.720 –> 21:42.720] yeah um but yeah so it’s that was a really fun game um you know the classic you’re a villager
[21:42.720 –> 21:53.600] and you’ve got um other animals living on your farm or on your um island and uh some of the new
[21:53.600 –> 21:58.000] i really love some of the new characters that they put in i love i can’t i can never remember her
[21:58.000 –> 22:05.280] name but i call her bisexual galaxy bear um oh um judy yeah yeah yeah judy i like judy and i like
[22:05.280 –> 22:13.280] raymond uh david bowie cat so um i still am on the quest for david bowie cat i have not found him
[22:13.280 –> 22:19.600] judy’s on my island you know just ended up buying the uh no the amiibo card trying to find him
[22:20.400 –> 22:26.800] um playing it on hard mode but i think my favorite thing about new horizons compared to other games
[22:26.800 –> 22:34.400] was the that museum felt so immersive especially like the fossil collection and like it’s like
[22:34.400 –> 22:40.720] you’re walking through the evolutionary history i really enjoyed that it’s funny because like you
[22:40.720 –> 22:46.000] see you can you can look back at many of these games and go like that’s the point where this
[22:46.000 –> 22:52.560] thing became a standard right and so many of those things come from stardew valley right like um
[22:53.360 –> 22:58.480] the idea of having a museum in the first place right like that it wasn’t standard until like
[22:58.480 –> 23:03.920] the stardew made that the standard um i’m not saying nothing had it before but i feel like
[23:03.920 –> 23:09.120] that was the point where everything had to have a had to have a museum i’m not saying it was good
[23:09.120 –> 23:14.560] it definitely wasn’t a good museum it was a terrible museum but in terms of like find a
[23:14.560 –> 23:19.920] farming game after that that doesn’t have a museum but anyway that’s not the point the point isn’t
[23:20.160 –> 23:24.160] specific to that right like there’s loads of things that stardew did there like that is kind
[23:24.160 –> 23:32.480] of when this became standard um like sprinklers for example um and i think animal crossings museum
[23:33.040 –> 23:39.280] was that for good museums shall we say so it was the point where people went oh this can be
[23:40.400 –> 23:47.200] good this can be enjoyable this can be fancy um and it’s just kind of like the it’s the thing
[23:47.840 –> 23:54.560] to do in farming games now is to make your fancy museum you know um and like coral island took
[23:54.560 –> 24:02.080] that to a new level by having two different ones um like it’s just it’s it it’s almost like nobody
[24:02.080 –> 24:06.480] ever thought that it would be something that you could put some time and effort into curating
[24:07.120 –> 24:11.600] ironically considering that’s the point of a museum i do think the first museum the first
[24:11.600 –> 24:18.080] animal crossing which was released in 2001 uh had a museum and they did it really well and then
[24:18.080 –> 24:24.000] they’ve up increased it and stuff but yeah i do think that like what you’re saying like i don’t
[24:24.000 –> 24:28.800] think that because animal crossing had it everyone started having museums i do think stardew valley
[24:28.800 –> 24:34.880] was probably the the freak yeah yeah and i think i think new horizons was the point where it was
[24:34.880 –> 24:41.360] like it can now be like fancy right and yeah an attraction in and of itself and not just a
[24:41.360 –> 24:47.200] checklist essentially yeah new leaf it was okay a new leaf especially the aquarium side of it
[24:47.840 –> 24:55.760] um but the fossil side always just felt like not very immersive and sometimes the insects
[24:55.760 –> 25:02.080] but it really does a new horizon yeah yeah yeah do you know what i was um a bit surprised didn’t
[25:02.080 –> 25:07.360] become a standard after new horizons because i know we’re we’re still only we’re only three
[25:07.360 –> 25:13.600] years since it but i feel like we we’re seeing things now as impacted by it quite a bit um
[25:13.600 –> 25:19.360] terraforming i feel like that’s become not it’s not become common there’s a few games that have
[25:19.360 –> 25:24.880] it but it’s not very common i mean maybe because it’s complicated and difficult right i did talk
[25:24.880 –> 25:32.320] about it with bev on a episode a long time ago a couple months ago now um i think it was garden
[25:32.320 –> 25:38.720] galaxy it has some terraforming aspects to it i mean that’s a whole concept yeah yeah it was one
[25:38.720 –> 25:44.320] of those things like i saw it in that game and i was like oh wow like this is this is a lot like
[25:44.320 –> 25:50.400] animal crossing um but not a lot of people do it like like you’re saying um little wood has it
[25:50.400 –> 25:54.880] really finicky little wood has it and a couple of other games that are coming out in the next
[25:54.880 –> 26:01.120] couple of years have it but it’s yeah there’s not it’s not standard by any means um but yeah i think
[26:02.160 –> 26:07.040] despite everybody’s kind of issues with it is still definitely one of the best games of the
[26:07.040 –> 26:12.880] last four years um definitely um i don’t think i i as you say it was on my list as well i don’t
[26:12.880 –> 26:19.520] think i would say i i wouldn’t be arguing for it to be the top yeah um i purely because like it
[26:19.520 –> 26:25.600] never there was just always something about it that meant that i was feeling it was lacking
[26:25.600 –> 26:29.920] and i don’t think it was the character stuff that a lot of people had and i totally understand that
[26:29.920 –> 26:35.520] issue i i still can’t figure out what it was but there was still something about it that made me
[26:35.520 –> 26:40.320] just not as enthusiastic about it as some of the other games on this list yeah it’s an all right
[26:40.320 –> 26:45.440] game though it’s something that i go back and play it every now and then because i am missing
[26:45.440 –> 26:51.520] yeah yeah yeah i mean i i wish i could go back but it’s just not my style of playing games yeah
[26:51.520 –> 26:56.560] but um i look forward to you know when the next game comes out seeing the you know when we saw
[26:56.560 –> 27:03.440] with new leaf where it was like oh my grandma’s had like three thousand hours on new leaf or
[27:03.440 –> 27:09.200] whatever um seeing that with new horizons yeah and and of course the big thing about it was that it
[27:09.200 –> 27:17.200] was just popular right like in terms of sales it was insane we all there was a plague and we all
[27:20.400 –> 27:25.840] like it was literally like right after the world shut down the animal crossing like within a week
[27:25.840 –> 27:31.360] animal crossing came out and so but it’s everyone it’s yeah i mean and obviously a lot of that is to
[27:31.360 –> 27:36.720] do with that but i don’t think it can be entirely due to that because if you think like the numbers
[27:36.720 –> 27:41.680] are just insane right so the total number of sales of animal crossing games is 77 million
[27:41.680 –> 27:51.280] right 77 million total new horizons 42 million yeah right like it’s just it’s it that’s more
[27:51.280 –> 27:57.680] than half that’s significantly more than half of all animal crossing sales are the new or that one
[27:57.680 –> 28:05.280] game it was three times as many sales as new leaf right like it’s just it’s yes absolutely the the
[28:06.240 –> 28:09.760] released on literally the week that lots of countries shut down
[28:11.200 –> 28:16.880] like it literally it could not be any closer right it came out on the 20th of march 2020
[28:16.880 –> 28:22.800] the last day i ever worked in an office was the 13th of march 2020 yeah exactly a week before it
[28:22.800 –> 28:29.200] right like obviously that has a massive thing but it i think it just did so much perfect and also
[28:29.200 –> 28:35.760] the fact that it was on the switch right like the switch in and of itself has caused many games to
[28:35.760 –> 28:41.280] be popular all right that’s that one what’s your next one i will choose the other one that we’ve
[28:41.280 –> 28:51.680] both put on our lists and that is spirit fairer my heart so with this game i struggle to point out
[28:51.680 –> 29:00.160] faults um yeah i mean that how i’ve said so much about spirit fader over the years it’s
[29:00.160 –> 29:08.000] hard to say more it is as close to a perfect game as you can get um i mean some people won’t like
[29:08.000 –> 29:13.200] it but if you don’t like it it’s because you don’t like that kind of game no you know it’s not
[29:14.080 –> 29:22.320] i do it’s really hard to explain how good a game spirit fairer is yeah right like it is
[29:22.320 –> 29:30.000] both heart-wrenching and heartwarming at the same time the controls are great the platforming is
[29:30.000 –> 29:37.680] good the the boat is just such a fun place to to move around it does the beautiful thing of
[29:37.680 –> 29:42.800] you’re exploring but you’re exploring with your house so there’s like almost no stakes for
[29:42.800 –> 29:47.920] anything you can just go to bed right like the worst the furthest away you are from your boat
[29:47.920 –> 29:52.240] is when you’re on an island and you’re at the far end of the island right like there’s just there’s
[29:52.240 –> 29:59.040] so much about this the characters are great the art is great every single mechanic is is at least
[29:59.040 –> 30:05.840] good if not great um and even the ones that are frustrating are frustrating by design right to
[30:05.840 –> 30:11.440] give you a little bit of a challenge there’s there’s always some small level of stakes but
[30:11.440 –> 30:16.160] never a huge amount of stakes like with cooking if you leave it too long it burns but you have
[30:16.160 –> 30:23.440] to live it quite a long time yeah so it’s like everything is just like slightly the fishing as
[30:23.440 –> 30:30.320] will have been discussed in the previous episode is an incredibly good fishing mini game everything
[30:30.320 –> 30:38.640] about it is just such a good game the fishing at first for me was a little frustrating um because
[30:38.640 –> 30:44.320] you have to like you tap like some of the fish are really hard to catch and i would break the
[30:44.320 –> 30:48.240] line every single time and i didn’t know what i was doing wrong but then i googled it because
[30:48.240 –> 30:52.160] i was like i’ve tried this so many times and every single time i met yeah okay there we go we’ve got
[30:52.160 –> 30:58.960] the flaw the flaw is no no the flaw is that they didn’t explain it properly the flaw is buck
[31:01.280 –> 31:06.880] my one problem well i also don’t really like but but the thing is right it’s not about whether you
[31:06.880 –> 31:10.400] like the characters or not because the the characters are doing something even if you
[31:10.400 –> 31:16.800] don’t like them yeah right i guess i just don’t really like like i’ve found all the other
[31:16.800 –> 31:21.520] characters i was so invested in their story and so invested in helping them and with buck i’m like
[31:21.520 –> 31:27.760] okay shut up how late how late did you get buck like the last i i couldn’t even find him for a
[31:27.840 –> 31:33.760] while that’s that i think i’ve generally found that the people characters that people like least
[31:33.760 –> 31:39.040] are the ones they get later on yeah and you just at that point you’re just like i just i’m at the
[31:39.040 –> 31:44.160] point where i just want to finish the game um and i think yeah so like i was the same i can’t even
[31:44.160 –> 31:49.360] remember who was that i had last the other flaw is that my heart hurt a lot that’s not a flaw
[31:49.360 –> 31:56.560] that’s a that’s a that’s a feature that’s the thing like there are not many games that make
[31:56.560 –> 32:06.320] me cry i love right it’s a feature i want it like listed in the features there’s farming there’s
[32:06.320 –> 32:15.840] animals you can cry not in the game like you you really like in real life cry um yeah my poor
[32:15.840 –> 32:23.200] roommate she was concerned for my mental health because the other thing is i’d get like sucked in
[32:23.200 –> 32:28.080] and i’d play for like eight hours straight and then she’d come downstairs and i would just be
[32:28.080 –> 32:32.160] bawling because someone just i just took someone to the ever door
[32:34.240 –> 32:41.280] just like maybe that’s enough and i was like i’m sad so yeah yeah no i agree like i can’t
[32:41.280 –> 32:48.000] i really can’t it’s the the quote-unquote flaws are really just being nitpicky yeah no absolutely
[32:48.000 –> 32:53.040] yeah and i don’t want people to say that that um bring up all that there are obviously flaws
[32:53.040 –> 32:57.200] i’m not actually trying to say it’s a flawless game it’s not no game is perfect i really can’t
[32:57.200 –> 33:03.920] think they’re all they’re all really small yeah you know it’s a it’s like oh i didn’t like the
[33:03.920 –> 33:07.440] wood chopping game yeah of course you didn’t it’s meant to be annoying yeah
[33:08.960 –> 33:13.840] they’re meant to be different it’s yeah you try making 10 different mini games
[33:14.320 –> 33:21.440] yeah and having them all be unique yeah like they didn’t none of them really felt the same
[33:22.480 –> 33:29.840] yeah um okay well that’s hard to follow but um should i left that to last that’s the problem
[33:30.960 –> 33:38.400] um gosh okay so it’s time to make a decision come on i already made the decision it was
[33:38.400 –> 33:44.960] so but so i’ll mention i guess i’ll leave an honorable mention for the end so i i will mention
[33:45.600 –> 33:52.080] maybe you should have done that at the beginning my next my next in my top five is lens island
[33:53.040 –> 34:00.960] interesting this is one that i covered with bev um before it was in 1.0 and when i covered it
[34:00.960 –> 34:08.160] it was pretty sparse like there wasn’t a lot going on in the game so yeah lens island um played it
[34:08.160 –> 34:14.720] with bev uh played it before it was fully released and so there’s actually a lot that
[34:14.720 –> 34:19.600] i haven’t played that i see um that i’ve seen like on their twitter and stuff and every single time
[34:19.600 –> 34:26.160] i’m like oh i need to go back to that game and play it um but even playing the limited not limited
[34:26.160 –> 34:32.560] edition like it is special but like the no i know what you mean the the early access the early access
[34:32.560 –> 34:39.200] game that was limited in features uh was just really fun and it was a fun little exploration
[34:39.920 –> 34:44.080] like you explored the island this it was only a small island at the time they have way more
[34:44.080 –> 34:49.040] that you can explore now you can kind of build up your house which a lot of people got really crazy
[34:49.040 –> 34:59.360] it with um and then build up like your um you can get like a really good sword and then you can go
[34:59.360 –> 35:06.800] into the mines and the mines uh there’s like some crazy spawners that reminded me a lot of gauntlet
[35:06.800 –> 35:13.680] i don’t know if you ever played gauntlet um but it’s a game that used to be like a arcade style
[35:13.680 –> 35:20.160] like literally stand up and like have like an arcade machine um where there’s four classes
[35:20.160 –> 35:26.000] there’s these like spawners that spawn monsters until you destroy the spawner also happens in
[35:26.000 –> 35:32.640] minecraft but the way that they did it reminded and like a lot of the um visuals of the game
[35:32.640 –> 35:40.880] reminded me a lot of gauntlet which was very nostalgic for me um they didn’t have too much
[35:40.880 –> 35:46.080] farming i think they have more of it now but it was just kind of a cool little exploration game and
[35:46.080 –> 35:52.640] um and i just really enjoyed it and i really want to get back into it but when looking at the list
[35:52.720 –> 35:58.720] of the the four lists from these games from these years that we did um i was like oh man i love that
[35:58.720 –> 36:04.560] game and that’s a game that i want to continue playing that’s why it’s on my top yeah cool you
[36:04.560 –> 36:11.200] you never played it right i’ve i i still haven’t played it no um it’s it’s it’s still on my list
[36:11.200 –> 36:16.160] to play at some point i tried picking up at one point and it didn’t really when i got my steam
[36:16.160 –> 36:21.360] deck and i didn’t really support the steam deck at that point um so i was just a bit in there um
[36:21.360 –> 36:27.120] so it yeah it’s on my list to play at some point but uh yeah not yet cool what’s your um
[36:28.320 –> 36:35.520] i’m gonna go for ooblets next ooblets i understand why some people don’t like
[36:36.720 –> 36:43.520] the silly names i understand all right you don’t need to you don’t you don’t need to tell me again
[36:43.520 –> 36:47.600] at the end after this episode listeners right i know but i know something you don’t like the
[36:47.600 –> 36:54.720] silly silly there are silly names i know i know but what i will say is they make it abundantly
[36:54.720 –> 37:03.440] clear that there are silly names yeah it is its whole thing is silly names so if you go into that
[37:03.440 –> 37:10.880] game not expecting silly names i’m sorry did you read anything so um i i i love ooblets so much
[37:10.880 –> 37:20.320] it’s so adorable and just like it’s just pure ridiculousness
[37:21.600 –> 37:27.840] and fun and there’s nothing else it’s not spirit failure it doesn’t bring you in with the fun and
[37:27.840 –> 37:32.640] then shoot you right in the heart no yeah the story is not complicated the story is not
[37:33.520 –> 37:40.560] convoluted the story doesn’t tug at your heartstrings um it is as i discussed on the
[37:40.560 –> 37:44.720] last ooblets episode with johnny it is an anti-capitalist story but that’s about it
[37:44.720 –> 37:50.480] it is only just an anti-capitalist story right like it that is the most it goes to is oh this
[37:50.480 –> 37:58.880] corporation’s bad right like that that’s it um but everything about it is fun right like the
[37:59.440 –> 38:06.080] characters are fun the the ooblets themselves are fun the battles are fun
[38:06.080 –> 38:14.080] the farming is fun the animations are ridiculous and fun how i i like the names the names are
[38:14.080 –> 38:20.640] ridiculous and stupid and fun right like i think everything about it is just about being stupid
[38:20.640 –> 38:31.040] and silly and fun and i like it yeah i um i haven’t played it but it’s definitely i know
[38:32.640 –> 38:37.600] it was yeah um i think i was waiting for it to come to switch and then when it
[38:38.160 –> 38:46.560] finally came to switch i was broke so um yeah that was my issue there
[38:47.520 –> 38:55.120] uh but hopefully here in the next few months um after i get another roommate i’ll be able to
[38:55.120 –> 39:02.000] afford things again and be able to play it because i knew i know we need to second harvest it we’ve
[39:02.000 –> 39:07.040] already second harvested third harvest second second harvest in fact have we just done two
[39:07.040 –> 39:13.680] or have we done three yeah okay just two wait no three no it is three because we did early access
[39:13.760 –> 39:18.560] we did 1.0 and then we did a second harvest oh my gosh story of season friends of mineral town
[39:18.560 –> 39:24.880] digital edition is about to be on sorry i’m looking up the things that are going to be on
[39:24.880 –> 39:34.240] game pass you go get that 2020 game 2021 i can’t remember city skylines okay sorry um story of
[39:34.240 –> 39:43.120] seasons friends of maritime uh 20 2019 2019 not even 2020 my word that was the first year oh my
[39:43.120 –> 39:51.920] word does that feel like just yesterday i just yeah all right what’s next ruin factory for
[39:51.920 –> 40:00.000] special is also on this but not that’s not on my list uh my so i guess this is my fifth pick
[40:00.000 –> 40:05.040] but then i also will mention my special mention well do you want to go do you want to just mention
[40:05.040 –> 40:08.160] your honorable mention just now because i don’t i don’t want us to mention honorable mention after
[40:08.160 –> 40:12.640] we announce the winner okay right like he was like here’s the winner and here’s the other one
[40:12.640 –> 40:19.760] well yeah okay so my honorable mention is alba um a wildlife tale a wildlife adventure
[40:19.760 –> 40:25.600] wildlife adventure thank you where you play as a young girl named alba who um is running around
[40:25.600 –> 40:31.680] on an island and you are helping the wildlife on the island and you’re taking pictures of all of
[40:31.680 –> 40:38.240] them but basically there’s a wildlife refuge and um it is currently run down but you go around and
[40:38.240 –> 40:45.280] you build it up better and you document the wildlife on your um island and you end up um
[40:46.560 –> 40:54.400] stopping your evil mayor person or whomever it is i can’t remember um from creating a skyscraper
[40:55.040 –> 41:02.880] a hotel um because they were going to tear down the wildlife refuge and make a and build a hotel
[41:02.880 –> 41:09.680] and you and your friend stop that from happening uh it was just a really cute game a fun game i was
[41:09.680 –> 41:17.200] able to beat it in like two days i played it on arcade apple arcade um and i mean it’s visually
[41:17.200 –> 41:23.120] gorgeous it was had a lot of really good animals in it um i think my biggest qualms i would have
[41:23.120 –> 41:29.200] liked insects but whatever i get it um but it was just a really fun game and i super recommend it if
[41:29.200 –> 41:34.320] you have um apple arcade or um so that was my honorable mention do you want me to do my fifth
[41:34.320 –> 41:38.240] one or do you well i’m gonna i’ve got to talk about alba as well don’t i right like it’s great
[41:38.240 –> 41:42.960] game played it you played it as well oh absolutely but we don’t do the episode together we probably
[41:42.960 –> 41:48.560] did yes it’s a great game and it was definitely it was definitely one of my one of the top games
[41:48.560 –> 41:54.160] of 2020 it was really good yeah i was gonna say that was a long time ago it was it was 2020 i
[41:54.160 –> 42:03.120] really liked it um it was a fun short game like it wasn’t very long which i like um but yeah it
[42:03.120 –> 42:11.440] definitely felt like the story this story was pretty uh easy to predict let’s not pretend
[42:12.000 –> 42:19.280] but it was still fun um it’s a cliched story but cliches exist for a reason
[42:19.840 –> 42:28.160] yeah yeah no it was fun the gameplay was fun it was good to have like as far as i can tell
[42:28.160 –> 42:33.440] it was reasonably accurate in what it was showing you and telling you in terms of the animals um
[42:34.160 –> 42:41.680] yeah yeah good game i agree thank you thank you for telling me my opinion is correct
[42:41.680 –> 42:43.440] is why i was on my honorable mention
[42:45.840 –> 42:50.640] uh so you want to do your last one and i’ll do my last one uh yeah my last one is duriam on
[42:50.640 –> 42:56.880] story of seasons not the second one the first one very specifically didn’t like the second
[42:56.880 –> 43:02.160] one as much but you played the first one you did that one with or you did this one with mica right
[43:02.800 –> 43:09.040] uh so the first one i think it was me and rachel and mica i think all three of us were on that one
[43:09.760 –> 43:16.080] and the second one it was me and mica um yeah no i really like it i think it’s a very i think it
[43:16.080 –> 43:22.720] brought a lot of interesting ideas to farming games that i hadn’t seen elsewhere and i think
[43:22.720 –> 43:29.040] places other games need to look at it more for inspiration i think the things that i was doing
[43:29.040 –> 43:34.000] that are different are things that other games should be doing and i think maybe just enough
[43:34.000 –> 43:39.280] people haven’t played it i don’t know um i still find it odd that we got a second game in this
[43:39.280 –> 43:48.720] series um yeah it’s a good game i like it um gorgeous looking fun little weird crossover
[43:49.360 –> 43:56.880] loads of really interesting mechanics that were new to farming games yeah fun i did not yeah i
[43:56.880 –> 44:03.440] feel like most people didn’t thank you i even played i even played the japanese only demo of it
[44:04.640 –> 44:05.280] because why not
[44:07.920 –> 44:13.680] what’s your last one translations oh let me tell you playing a game through my phone screen because
[44:13.680 –> 44:22.320] i’m using google translate not the best way to play a play a game yep uh would not do that uh
[44:23.360 –> 44:32.800] my last one is uh bear and breakfast so this is um the one that came out last year where you are
[44:32.800 –> 44:38.880] a bear and you run a bed and breakfast and you end up running like a couple different ones and
[44:38.880 –> 44:46.160] it’s really it was just such a cute game so like heartwarming we played it right on release um and
[44:46.160 –> 44:51.360] i only got to play it for a couple days because um we wanted to record like pretty close after release
[44:51.360 –> 44:58.560] or maybe maybe it might have been one that i procrastinated on let me actually redact that
[44:58.560 –> 45:07.600] um but it was really fun um and it’s such a beautiful game uh it’s kind of like a management
[45:07.600 –> 45:13.120] game where you have um you know people come in and they want specific room types and so you
[45:13.120 –> 45:17.840] want to make sure that you have what they want um and if you’re not wearing pants people get
[45:17.840 –> 45:21.440] scared of you and they run away because they recognize that you’re a bear but if you put
[45:21.440 –> 45:28.080] pants on that’s all you have to do is put pants on it’s like clark canon superman yeah
[45:29.120 –> 45:34.480] and then they’re like ah a bear oh wait no i hate a human that’s just a hairy human who’s got pants
[45:34.480 –> 45:40.480] on um amazing it was a very and like some a lot of the characters were really fun uh that’s a
[45:40.480 –> 45:48.400] game that i didn’t get to play as much as i would would have liked um so i i’m going to for sure
[45:48.400 –> 45:52.800] especially now that i have more time and now that my computer room doesn’t have it probably
[45:52.800 –> 45:58.560] not for the next month though if you have game pass yeah i am looking at all the game like i’m
[45:58.560 –> 46:06.400] currently going through all of the games that i could play i could i’ve already played hollow
[46:06.400 –> 46:13.600] knight record the podcast first record what podcast first this podcast oh the farming
[46:13.600 –> 46:16.160] simulator one right the one we’re currently talking on
[46:20.560 –> 46:26.800] you just mentioned game pass and i was like yeah okay well what what which of the
[46:28.320 –> 46:35.200] which of your top five is like would you say is your top one al well i think i think it’s clear
[46:35.200 –> 46:39.440] what our combined top one would be don’t you yeah i think it’s going to be spirit fader right
[46:39.920 –> 46:47.840] fair like the only the only two games that we both chose were spirit fair and animal crossing
[46:47.840 –> 46:52.720] and i think both of us said that animal crossing is definitely in the top five but not the top one
[46:52.720 –> 46:59.440] therefore it has to be spirit yeah the other thing is all of my other games i like have not finished
[46:59.440 –> 47:05.040] but spirit fair i could not put it down like yeah even though i mean i’ve got i’ve already got
[47:05.040 –> 47:11.360] credits um but i’m 100 it so i still have some things that i need to do but part of me is like
[47:11.360 –> 47:17.600] putting it off because i don’t want it to be over like i might create a new save and do it all again
[47:17.600 –> 47:24.400] honestly i mean i think there’s a lot of replay value in that i know that when so me and kelly
[47:24.400 –> 47:28.240] did the first spirit fader episode i know that when i asked her to do it she was like oh yeah
[47:28.240 –> 47:33.200] and just like replayed the whole game to do it and then we did the dlc one and she replayed it all
[47:33.200 –> 47:39.120] again to do all the dlc content as well i don’t have the time and patience for that so i just
[47:39.120 –> 47:45.360] had the one save but yeah i can totally see the replay value in that um and if it’s something that
[47:45.360 –> 47:49.600] you enjoyed and you enjoy replaying some things then i think it’s it’s definitely a game you could
[47:49.600 –> 47:59.680] do that with it’s just so good it is and i think nothing comes quite close to it in that kind of
[47:59.680 –> 48:03.680] thing like it depends what you’re looking for if you’re looking if you’re not looking for a game
[48:03.680 –> 48:08.640] to make you cry right if you’re like i do not want a game to make me cry i just want to forget about
[48:08.640 –> 48:13.280] everything right like maybe you’ve you’ve had a bunch of death and you don’t want to think about
[48:13.280 –> 48:18.000] that you you want it then absolutely is not the game for you you know go play animal crossing
[48:18.720 –> 48:25.520] right like there are so many games that ignore that sort of stuff but i think more and more often
[48:26.160 –> 48:30.240] and i’m going to put this out there and say that i feel like this was a thing that stardew started
[48:30.240 –> 48:40.400] as well is that it’s not just that farming games are just mindless things for mar mindless farming
[48:40.400 –> 48:49.600] simulators they are touching parts of humanity that it’s hard to deal with and um i feel like
[48:49.600 –> 48:56.080] stardew was the first one that really did that with you know lars in particular in in stardew
[48:56.080 –> 49:01.280] um i don’t i can’t think of a game that has touched something as difficult as
[49:01.280 –> 49:07.200] a homeless person who really wants to continue being homeless so you know like you mean linus
[49:07.200 –> 49:14.480] oh sorry linus not lars yeah oh names it’s all good but yeah no it’s it’s it’s hard it can be
[49:14.480 –> 49:20.640] really difficult for some games to get to like a personal level on that way with with characters
[49:20.640 –> 49:28.320] especially games like this that are like cottage core games are usually tend to seem more like
[49:28.320 –> 49:36.160] cutesy exactly more more like like you’re saying like surface level but yeah blindness is an oof
[49:36.160 –> 49:41.280] yeah and i feel like that was the first thing that in in cottagecore games it was like yeah
[49:41.280 –> 49:47.280] you can you can do this you know and i think the difference with spirit fairer is you could play
[49:48.320 –> 49:53.520] thousand hours in stardew and never see that story yeah you can’t do that in spirit fader
[49:53.520 –> 50:00.240] you know you’ll see all of the story if you keep playing yeah yeah you can’t avoid it no even if
[50:00.240 –> 50:08.080] you want to even if you don’t want to even if you think you’re just gonna have a party and then
[50:08.080 –> 50:16.320] everything’s gonna go on it’s not good you can’t fight careful no spoilers
[50:20.320 –> 50:26.960] i’m not gonna say anything more but yeah oh that game that’s good on so many levels like it’s not
[50:26.960 –> 50:33.840] just like oh it does this good no it does so many things yeah really well yeah i’m excited to see
[50:33.840 –> 50:39.840] what they do um going forward like them as a i know that they have a game that like just came
[50:39.840 –> 50:46.320] out it’s not yet it’s coming out next or yeah it was just sorry just just 33 immortals yeah
[50:47.200 –> 50:53.600] it’s i have no idea if i’m going to like that game or not it’s so different i just it’s utterly
[50:53.600 –> 51:01.280] ridiculous yeah it’s certainly i don’t think gonna have the same story but yeah who knows what they’ll
[51:01.280 –> 51:08.640] do i i think the thing about the thing that makes spirit fader really click with the story is that
[51:09.360 –> 51:16.640] almost all the stories are based on stories from the team like they are real stories
[51:16.640 –> 51:21.760] yeah that’s and that’s why we can all relate to it so much i mean like you watch it
[51:22.480 –> 51:29.600] and you’re like oh my gosh this is you know this is uh alzheimer’s and it’s my grandma
[51:29.840 –> 51:36.000] like or you know so it’s just really difficult but yeah and if you and if you and if you haven’t
[51:36.000 –> 51:41.840] dealt with that yet you probably will yeah and then well and that’s like and then this game can
[51:41.840 –> 51:50.720] be cathartic because it can oh okay we’re not going to get into it this isn’t spoilers it’s
[51:50.720 –> 51:56.160] just such a good game 10 out of 10 recommend yeah agreed awesome congratulations spirit fader you
[51:56.160 –> 52:08.240] are the first and what’s the wording for this pop game of the podcast year winner for year one of
[52:08.240 –> 52:17.680] the podcast when is your night so year two will be so 2023 spring 24 summer 25 no no no no no no
[52:17.680 –> 52:23.280] no we sped it up because we’re doing we’re keeping the seasons the same number of episodes but we’re
[52:23.280 –> 52:30.320] doubling the number of episodes remember oh my god so the next podcast year will be at the end
[52:30.320 –> 52:37.840] of 24 okay because we’re just we’re already in summer yeah well technically we’re not as of
[52:37.840 –> 52:43.600] recording because we’re recording on the 28th of june so it’s like we just today released the last
[52:43.600 –> 52:49.120] episode of spring next week your episode cody farming simulator that’s the first episode of
[52:49.120 –> 52:58.000] summer not to be confused with the actual summer why did i do this i thought it was a clever funny
[52:58.000 –> 53:04.720] cute idea it’s just annoying it is clever i think it would be like more relevant if we say like
[53:04.720 –> 53:09.840] welcome to spring day one or welcome to spring day two but that might also be yeah that’s true
[53:09.840 –> 53:17.280] i just ended up just doing it as like people can completely ignore it year one’s spring day number
[53:17.280 –> 53:21.920] five i bet there are listeners listening now who’s like oh i didn’t realize that was yeah
[53:24.320 –> 53:28.480] thank you cody for joining me for this one of a kind episode probably
[53:30.000 –> 53:34.080] it won’t be one of a kind at the end of 2024 well because the thing is then we’ll just be
[53:34.080 –> 53:38.560] doing a game for two years rather than four years it’s a very different thing that’s true there’s
[53:38.560 –> 53:43.360] also too many games coming out this did cover a lot of games like the next one would just be
[53:43.360 –> 53:48.320] what’s gonna win game of the year the 2023 game of the year or the 2024 game of the year
[53:51.920 –> 53:55.200] because i think half of the ones we mentioned were games of the year anyway
[53:55.200 –> 54:00.240] yeah not coincidentally uh thank you for joining me of course thank you for having me
[54:00.240 –> 54:07.120] where can people find you on the internet i am uh my name on twitter cody mathis uh and then
[54:07.120 –> 54:13.280] on instagram i am hiking beagle uh beagle with two e’s b-e-e goal where i post a lot of stuff
[54:13.280 –> 54:20.720] about my dogs you can find me on twitter and on mastodon.scott at the scott bot you can find the
[54:20.720 –> 54:28.400] podcast on twitter at ths pod you can find links to lots of things including things that we
[54:28.400 –> 54:35.040] mentioned on the podcast and all the things for the podcast on our website
[54:35.120 –> 54:39.040] there’s also a feedback form there if you want to send in feedback send us feedback
[54:39.040 –> 54:45.120] tell us why we’re wrong tell us what your favorite game of 2019 to 2022 is and if it’s
[54:45.120 –> 54:50.400] not spiritfarer you better have a good reason why it’s not spiritfarer and that reason is likely
[54:50.400 –> 54:55.200] that you didn’t get to play spiritfarer yeah that is prob that’s the best because i don’t think
[54:55.200 –> 55:00.240] anyone who has played spiritfarer would disagree with it well if you disagree with cody and you
[55:00.240 –> 55:06.320] have played spiritfarer then send us feedback let us know and why it isn’t your game of the
[55:06.320 –> 55:13.040] podcast year why you can also support the podcast if you like the podcast you can support it on
[55:13.040 –> 55:22.640] patreon slash ths pod give me money where you can find extra episodes of the podcast
[55:23.840 –> 55:28.400] uh i have no idea what’s going to be coming up on the next episode of the greenhouse because
[55:29.120 –> 55:35.760] it what is time this is august apparently yeah and i haven’t even finished planning july
[55:37.760 –> 55:41.360] there’ll be some stuff right if there hasn’t been something in the last couple of weeks
[55:41.360 –> 55:46.880] there will be multiple because i’m going to make sure that it’s two month yeah great i’m gonna i
[55:46.880 –> 55:52.400] mean i’m i’m thinking of some things that i can put up on sounds good you record them i’ll edit
[55:52.400 –> 55:58.080] them that’s how it works yep thank you listeners for listening thank you again cody for joining me
[55:58.240 –> 56:06.960] thank you and until next time have a good harvest wow that was so good
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[56:38.640 –> 56:43.120] it was very slow well because we’re all we’re both like
[56:44.960 –> 56:51.760] um it’s like it’s the one point on the episode we both sound drunk well i feel like we have to like
[56:51.760 –> 56:57.200] have a video that we can both like look at each other because we’re doing it just based on audio
[56:57.200 –> 57:01.040] well that wouldn’t help either because it’s still out of time i think the important thing is we just
[57:01.040 –> 57:04.960] say it and i just like i always trim it and cut it and put it together so it always sounds like
[57:04.960 –> 57:11.680] we said at the same time well this time we did it right you speed it up a little bit no promises
[57:13.600 –> 57:16.480] if it sounded right for you it probably wasn’t right for me
[57:16.480 –> 57:22.560] anyway great thank you cody thank you have a good day almost exactly an hour