Unsuspecting Culinary Captives

Al and Codey round up all the news, big and small, from the summer.


00:00:00: Theme Tune
00:00:30: Intro
00:04:42: What Have We Been Up To
00:13:34: Releases
00:26:33: Updates/DLC
00:41:22: Other News
00:53:56: New Games
01:05:13: Outro

Moondrop 1.0 Out Now
Flutter Away Out Now
Palia Coming to Switch
Sprout Valley Release Window
Palace on the Hill Delayed
Ova Magica Delayed
Wildmender Release Date

Len’s Island Cursed Underworld Update
Above Snakes 1.2 Update
Sun Down Survivors 1.3 Update
Traveller’s Rest Farm Animals Update
Let’s Build a Zoo Aquarium Odyssey DLC

New Harvest Moon Trailer
Moonstone Island Ooblets Collaboration
Mossfield Origins Self Publishing
Roots of Pacha Soundtrack
Research Story Soundtrack
Stardew Valley Cookbook

Chill Town
Moonlight Peaks


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[00:00.000 –> 00:02.000] Do
[00:19.360 –> 00:21.360] Do
[00:30.080 –> 00:33.680] Hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season
[00:34.360 –> 00:39.480] My name is Al and my name is Cody and we are here to talk about
[00:40.000 –> 00:43.120] Cottagecore games all the cottagecore games
[00:43.640 –> 00:50.600] So much a million of them so much news and we are also here to remember how to podcast
[00:54.080 –> 00:57.560] Was the last episode you did with me the last one I did with you oh no
[01:00.000 –> 01:02.000] The
[01:02.560 –> 01:04.880] Last episode I did
[01:05.800 –> 01:10.180] Think was no, I I don’t even know I don’t even know
[01:11.160 –> 01:14.260] But the last episode is funny because people will be hearing
[01:14.960 –> 01:17.900] The last yeah that we did and then they’re gonna hear this
[01:17.900 –> 01:22.000] I was what so that’s what I was trying to ask was that last episode that you did
[01:22.200 –> 01:27.440] The last episode that I did with you can record farming simulator with Johnny after in between. Oh, really?
[01:27.440 –> 01:30.680] I honestly can’t remember though. How early did we record the last episode?
[01:30.680 –> 01:36.360] I don’t know my word. I was just listening to it the other day because it’s so fun when for the listeners
[01:36.360 –> 01:41.360] I usually don’t listen to podcasts. I’m on but if they were recorded months before
[01:42.880 –> 01:44.280] Months
[01:44.280 –> 01:48.320] Absolutely months. It’s like it’s it’s like a whole new conversation
[01:48.920 –> 01:54.640] Cuz my brain has forgotten it and it was also really funny to hear like what have you been playing?
[01:55.080 –> 01:57.240] Kind of things and I’m like, oh wow
[01:57.520 –> 02:04.800] Like the last episode I was talking about the game pass and how excited I was and I’m like I have not done anything
[02:07.840 –> 02:13.180] It was it was two months ago, it was the the 16th of June we recorded that episode
[02:13.840 –> 02:14.960] which
[02:14.960 –> 02:20.720] Which was what to be two episodes before the farming thing. I’ve done a couple since then as well
[02:20.720 –> 02:28.160] But anyway, that’s my point is it’s been what about six weeks at least been a minute since either of us are podcasted
[02:28.160 –> 02:30.160] So this is a hot mess
[02:30.740 –> 02:32.740] Buckle in you’re here for the ride
[02:33.680 –> 02:37.220] There’s transcripts on the show notes and on the website
[02:37.840 –> 02:42.060] If you’re listening on YouTube, there should be there should be auto-generated transcript there as well
[02:43.400 –> 02:45.400] Who knows how well it does with my voice?
[02:47.000 –> 02:49.000] Does things do things not
[02:50.760 –> 02:56.000] Things have gone a lot better in the last few years, but yeah, there was a point where like most of the like
[02:56.600 –> 03:00.640] Voice related stuff just did not work at all for Scottish accents
[03:02.120 –> 03:07.740] Like you would say something and it would think you said something completely different. Have you ever tried speaking properly?
[03:12.920 –> 03:14.920] So, what are we talking about today?
[03:16.680 –> 03:18.840] An American told me to speak properly
[03:21.440 –> 03:25.100] You know right after I said that I was like is that the right way to phrase that word
[03:26.960 –> 03:28.960] It’s a good thing you didn’t say proper
[03:30.000 –> 03:36.340] I like to speak proper. You gotta talk right proper there. I don’t know why you went, Texas
[03:39.000 –> 03:41.360] Listeners didn’t hear our conversation before this Cody
[03:42.700 –> 03:46.320] Anyone not from Texas has a lot of disdain for Texas
[03:47.140 –> 03:49.780] We love our Texan listeners. Mm-hmm
[03:50.180 –> 03:52.920] Because we know that there are the good ones because I guess
[03:53.740 –> 03:57.340] The amount of stuff we’ve said in this podcast the non good ones are not listening anymore
[04:01.460 –> 04:07.500] Listeners who are listening to this will probably agree that Texas even the ones that live in Texas
[04:08.980 –> 04:14.660] Correct, I’m just here because my family’s here and I love them and maybe we can make Texas better
[04:14.660 –> 04:21.660] We’re gonna talk about news because it has been
[04:22.260 –> 04:28.040] At least a month since any news and it’s been about six weeks since any instance a decent amount of news
[04:28.300 –> 04:31.260] Because I completely forgot to go through the news for the episode that was four weeks ago
[04:31.580 –> 04:35.540] So they just got three pieces of news that we could remember off the top of our heads
[04:37.620 –> 04:39.620] So now we’ve got the rest of the news
[04:39.820 –> 04:42.260] So Buckland’s gonna be great. But first of all
[04:42.780 –> 04:44.780] Cody what have you been up to I
[04:45.360 –> 04:47.620] have passed my comps and
[04:48.600 –> 04:51.380] So now it’s all like getting work done
[04:51.500 –> 04:57.600] So I’ve there are a couple of projects that I’ve had that I’ve like been on the back burner and I just I made
[04:57.900 –> 05:03.700] Meetings for them and I was like, hey, I haven’t been able to do this because I was doing my comps, but now I’m done
[05:03.700 –> 05:05.980] Let’s get this stuff done. Like let’s go
[05:07.020 –> 05:10.280] And trying to get those off my plate. That’s really cool
[05:11.000 –> 05:15.000] I haven’t really been playing anything that many game Pokemon go
[05:15.560 –> 05:19.320] I’m actually going to go fast in New York City. So whoo
[05:19.960 –> 05:26.760] You’re going fast go go to the fast Pokemon go to New York City
[05:27.880 –> 05:32.860] yeah, so that’ll be I I’m gonna say it’ll be fun even if the game itself is
[05:33.760 –> 05:38.920] Buggy or if there are issues or whatever, it’s still gonna be fun because there’s you know members from our
[05:40.400 –> 05:44.320] It’s super effective community or going and we’re all gonna meet up and hang out and it’s gonna be great
[05:45.400 –> 05:51.920] I’m super sad that I couldn’t justify the cost. Yes. It was like 700 quid to fly there. Yeah
[05:52.720 –> 05:56.680] it’s easy for me because my partner lives there and
[05:57.120 –> 06:01.720] So I literally just have to get a bus there and then I don’t have to worry about anything else
[06:02.320 –> 06:04.640] because like I already kind of know how to do and I
[06:05.360 –> 06:07.360] know how to get around I
[06:07.900 –> 06:11.040] Can just stay with him because places there are super expensive
[06:12.040 –> 06:16.800] And the buses yeah that I’ve also played this game Tetris
[06:16.800 –> 06:21.880] This is the one that either might just be official Tetris or might be a scam and we’re not sure
[06:22.400 –> 06:24.400] I’d still think it’s a scam
[06:24.600 –> 06:30.840] Like anything that promises you a cruise for playing a game a certain amount feels like a scam
[06:30.960 –> 06:34.720] Well, so I was talking to someone about it about how like basically how they do that is
[06:35.200 –> 06:42.720] How you is you’re playing and as you’re playing you’re watching ads so they’re earning ad revenue sure sure sure
[06:42.720 –> 06:44.400] But it’s a cruise
[06:44.400 –> 06:47.080] right well, and I looked at the the
[06:48.320 –> 06:50.920] fine print and basically pays for an
[06:51.560 –> 06:53.560] inner cabin
[06:53.560 –> 06:55.680] room so like you don’t have a window and
[06:56.400 –> 07:03.260] It’s one of those rooms for you and one other person, but you still have to pay like all of these scam which
[07:04.220 –> 07:08.740] The room itself I went the room itself is like $1,000 per person. Oh
[07:09.780 –> 07:11.100] so
[07:11.100 –> 07:17.900] I’m fine with saving two grand because the rest of the fees are like $20 a day for this dude
[07:17.900 –> 07:20.340] did you do for this like things like that and
[07:20.900 –> 07:25.640] basically if I can if I not if when I
[07:27.020 –> 07:29.020] So optimist
[07:30.020 –> 07:32.020] Or in this cruise and buy it
[07:32.940 –> 07:38.960] Jeff is yeah, I’m it, but when I last played I was at like 30,000 points, and I’m now at almost
[07:39.680 –> 07:41.360] 250,000 points so
[07:41.360 –> 07:48.140] Cruises in sight y’all I’m a quarter of the way to one of the cheaper ones, but and what’s the deadline for it?
[07:48.140 –> 07:52.780] Oh, I mean they have like rolling deadlines, so if you want to go, so what’s the deadline for the cruise?
[07:53.060 –> 07:58.660] Yeah, there will be another one after after this step another cruise or another thing to replace the crew
[07:58.700 –> 08:01.180] Another crew to your point. I feel like your points will release
[08:01.180 –> 08:06.140] I don’t think the points if I wake up one day and these points are gone. I’m just honest
[08:06.140 –> 08:11.840] I don’t I’m just I’m just so convinced that there’s gonna be a catch somewhere and it’s like
[08:13.340 –> 08:20.020] Otherwise everything reset no I super agree so this one there is one here the cruise must be booked by
[08:20.900 –> 08:27.780] September 25th, I believe the last time we talked about this the cruise had to be booked by August so they just have
[08:28.920 –> 08:34.860] Current like rolling ones or whatever, but you go through all these different places in Alaska, which is cool
[08:37.260 –> 08:41.360] But yeah, I’m also waiting for the catch all right well
[08:41.360 –> 08:46.260] I look forward to hearing that you finally get on the cruise, and then you have to pay a thousand pounds to get off the
[08:46.260 –> 08:48.100] cruise
[08:48.100 –> 08:50.100] We didn’t say you could leave
[08:52.740 –> 08:55.260] Pay for your freedom, so what have you been up to?
[08:56.260 –> 09:02.420] I’ve been playing on my switch you and on holiday. I did go on holiday. I didn’t really play anything while on holiday. I’m so bad
[09:04.420 –> 09:08.740] Doing anything while on holiday, but this is the first recording since you got your switch back
[09:08.740 –> 09:14.020] So I think it is switch so so I got my switch back, but it wasn’t my switch
[09:14.020 –> 09:14.880] It was another switch
[09:14.880 –> 09:22.260] They just replaced the switch, but did you get like so I remember that you had a limited edition one did you yeah?
[09:22.260 –> 09:26.980] Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, they gave me a like for like but okay. I mean I wasn’t worried about that because
[09:27.740 –> 09:32.060] like it was new enough that I would just like I would go back to the the
[09:33.140 –> 09:37.540] Retailer that I bought it from like it’s been less than a year. I’m not I wasn’t worried about that okay
[09:38.500 –> 09:44.300] What I’m sad about is that I had obviously no saves left on it because there were is a new switch
[09:45.540 –> 09:49.620] So I had lost all of my Pokemon saves except
[09:50.300 –> 09:54.980] My Pokemon sword because that is on another switch for shiny hunting and
[09:55.780 –> 09:59.360] My Pokemon brilliant diamond. Yeah ones that I’ve just like
[10:00.060 –> 10:05.700] That don’t really do anything with anymore, so I lost my scarlet which had a hundred fifty hours
[10:05.700 –> 10:08.540] and I lost my violet and I lost my
[10:10.500 –> 10:12.500] Pikachu, let’s go Pikachu
[10:12.900 –> 10:17.620] Which I had like 300 hours on and my let’s go Eevee
[10:17.620 –> 10:21.460] Which didn’t have a lot on it, but it was like halfway through a Professor Oak challenge on that one
[10:21.460 –> 10:26.260] And it had two shiny Pokemon that hadn’t transferred off and I lost my legends Arceus
[10:27.660 –> 10:32.540] What is the lesson to be learned there is no lesson to be learned here? There’s nothing you can do to fix this
[10:32.540 –> 10:37.440] There’s no option because they don’t let you move the saves off right? That’s the thing
[10:37.440 –> 10:42.460] That’s what so you can you can transfer Pokemon saves between switches, but you have to do that
[10:42.980 –> 10:44.980] At the time your switch is working
[10:45.660 –> 10:49.100] Right you cannot back them up there is no way to back up Pokemon save
[10:49.100 –> 10:51.960] They just don’t let you do it and then when you go and send in your switch
[10:51.960 –> 10:53.860] You’re like oh we might wipe your switch
[10:53.860 –> 10:57.120] You might not be able to keep everything make sure you back up, and I’m like how?
[10:57.860 –> 11:02.380] How am I meant to do that and then you send it in and they don’t they don’t back it up?
[11:02.380 –> 11:07.800] And then they just give you a new switch because it’s like oh, we don’t actually care about this, so it’s just oh
[11:08.180 –> 11:09.180] No, there’s no way
[11:09.180 –> 11:11.700] This is the thing there’s no lesson to be learned the lesson to be learned is
[11:12.140 –> 11:16.340] Nintendo and Pokemon both suck, and I hate them both. I’m very annoyed
[11:17.020 –> 11:19.980] But so I played through Pokemon scarlet. I just kind of like
[11:20.420 –> 11:27.340] Sped run it I got someone to pump some vitamins into my no vitamins some XP candy into my my Pokemon
[11:28.780 –> 11:30.780] to speed run it and
[11:31.900 –> 11:36.020] Just yeah, I did it so I’ve now got to the point where I can actually do all of the raids
[11:37.020 –> 11:39.020] I
[11:39.140 –> 11:45.340] I’ve not done Scott. No I was violated not scarlet was violated like that. I might do scarlet at some point
[11:45.340 –> 11:49.860] I’ve done scarlet as far as I can like redeem online stuff, so I got the second
[11:50.460 –> 11:58.360] But I don’t have energy for any I I haven’t even I’m still I still haven’t finished area zero
[11:58.360 –> 12:00.740] I don’t even think I’ve gotten to areas
[12:00.740 –> 12:01.900] Oh
[12:01.900 –> 12:03.900] Cody
[12:03.900 –> 12:05.300] I need to finish
[12:05.300 –> 12:08.320] I know I’ve heard but yeah, so I played these games three times now
[12:08.320 –> 12:11.860] And I’m going to end up doing a fourth at some point, but who knows when I have them
[12:12.700 –> 12:20.020] So and today I started playing Pikmin 4 whoo which is interesting because I was talking about this in the slacks
[12:20.020 –> 12:23.460] And I was like I don’t understand why this game has multiple tutorials
[12:23.460 –> 12:28.260] So you start the game up, and it’s like a tutorial with a little bit backstory as to how you get to this game
[12:28.260 –> 12:32.620] And you’re like okay cool. This is nice. This is a good tutorial because it’s like oh you got this little area
[12:32.620 –> 12:34.580] You can run around and then it teaches stuff as you go
[12:34.580 –> 12:39.500] It doesn’t ever stops you doing something it just kind of shows things on the screen and then eventually once you’ve done everything
[12:39.820 –> 12:43.740] you then get through and you go through the next bit story, and then it takes you to the
[12:44.260 –> 12:49.140] First level and the first level is a tutorial and you’re like I don’t understand. Why is this a tutorial and this is a
[12:50.180 –> 12:54.260] Infinitely worst tutorial because you basically you walk ten steps
[12:54.260 –> 12:57.340] And then it pauses shows a cutscene tells you how to do something
[12:57.340 –> 13:02.780] They already taught you how to do and then you walk another ten steps it pauses have the cutscene
[13:03.260 –> 13:07.120] Bunch of nonsense and then tells you how to do a thing that you already know how to do
[13:07.120 –> 13:10.580] And I’m just like I don’t understand. It’s not even like other games have better
[13:11.260 –> 13:18.260] Tutorials this game has a better tutorial than it does like I don’t know how do you make both of those tutorials one?
[13:18.260 –> 13:23.220] Which is terrible one which is great, and then just keep them both. I don’t understand
[13:23.860 –> 13:30.540] Bizarre so I was enjoying it now. I’m not enjoying it. Hopefully I can get through the tutorial and start enjoying it again
[13:34.260 –> 13:37.700] Should we talk about some news yeah, we got a lot of news oh
[13:38.600 –> 13:40.600] Right moon drop
[13:41.060 –> 13:43.060] 1.0 is it
[13:43.100 –> 13:48.180] Except it’s still in early access. Maybe no it looks like they’ve clicked the button
[13:48.180 –> 13:49.820] It does look like it’s yeah
[13:49.820 –> 13:54.780] So they had said at the end if you still see the game labeled as early to access on steam there was a slight hiccup
[13:54.780 –> 13:57.980] With the price increase valve needs to approve the increase which I expect to happen later today
[13:57.980 –> 14:01.700] So like that should be fixed now, so it should just be version 1.0
[14:01.700 –> 14:06.740] Yeah, and I don’t understand like at the top of their thing. It’s version 1.0 because I commit crimes
[14:06.740 –> 14:13.980] I think I suspect this is our or it’s not the first version right because 1.0 is like the first version
[14:14.180 –> 14:20.180] Okay, I think it’s pretty common to be like this is the point where we will hit like the first full version and
[14:20.660 –> 14:25.440] Even though there might be news to like it’s yeah, I mean I can argue for hours about version numbers
[14:25.440 –> 14:30.420] I don’t care like if you’re if you’re if your first version outside of early access is 1.0. That’s fine. I’m fine
[14:30.420 –> 14:31.260] I don’t care about that
[14:31.260 –> 14:36.400] There are so many more things to be annoyed about which I will definitely be annoyed about at some point. Yeah for sure
[14:37.280 –> 14:44.960] The mutating mountain farm yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the look of this game like just the graphics
[14:45.960 –> 14:51.480] It’s not and this is not to be mean, but it’s not like the cute 8-bit graphics
[14:51.480 –> 14:57.000] It’s like yeah, the shifting mountain sounds interesting. Yeah, but there needs to be more
[14:57.000 –> 15:02.360] I think I’m don’t think I’m gonna to me. It sounds chaos like which is going to appeal to some people
[15:02.480 –> 15:04.920] Yeah, it’s a challenge, but for me. I’m like
[15:05.400 –> 15:10.920] I would rather play a cozy catch butterflies and look at butterflies king
[15:10.960 –> 15:13.280] What a coincidence do I have the game for you?
[15:15.080 –> 15:17.080] Flutter away
[15:17.120 –> 15:23.560] This game is also right now. I think this game came out like two days after the last episode where we had any news and
[15:24.520 –> 15:31.300] Yeah, well no this isn’t released August 3rd, so yeah, yeah, it’s I mean it’s currently August 17th
[15:35.160 –> 15:41.160] Anyway, yeah, this is the cute little there’s a capybara friend and you’re trying to find butterflies
[15:41.280 –> 15:45.380] You’re filling a deck. Yeah, like kind of a decks like one of the
[15:46.760 –> 15:49.640] pages of your journal that you saw I kind of like paused the
[15:50.000 –> 15:53.160] trailer and I read a little bit and it was really cool because it was telling you like
[15:54.160 –> 15:59.320] Information about the rainforest and about what the rainforest peoples calls these better call these butterflies. Yeah
[16:00.200 –> 16:02.240] So yeah, it is now available on
[16:03.160 –> 16:05.160] Switch for $12.99
[16:06.120 –> 16:08.200] and steam for $12.99 and
[16:08.640 –> 16:15.560] I will say on steam will on Mac and PC which is always good to know for those of us that have max as their prime
[16:15.880 –> 16:19.480] And you can pet the capybara. So if you’re a big fan of the Twitter
[16:20.280 –> 16:22.420] Slash-x slash whatever we want to call it page
[16:23.080 –> 16:25.080] Can you pet the dog?
[16:25.320 –> 16:27.320] Happy bar it yeah
[16:27.960 –> 16:29.960] This reminds me a lot of
[16:29.980 –> 16:33.500] Yes, it does in a good way big thing. It’s on my maybe list
[16:34.080 –> 16:40.100] Palio have announced that they’re coming to switch and I think this is the first time where they’ve said a release
[16:40.960 –> 16:44.360] Timeline they’ve said that it’s releasing holiday season
[16:45.120 –> 16:46.840] 2023
[16:46.840 –> 16:50.520] Which presumably it like this is just about switch, right?
[16:50.520 –> 16:56.760] It says Palio will be available on Nintendo switch this holiday season to presumably that also means that the steam version will be released
[16:56.920 –> 16:58.920] Some people are already playing it
[16:59.120 –> 17:00.520] Yeah, it’s in early access
[17:00.520 –> 17:05.320] But yeah, they do it like it would be weird if they released on switch because you’re not allowed
[17:05.840 –> 17:09.800] Ignoring the fact that there’s new dreamlike Valley is in this weird situation
[17:09.960 –> 17:15.200] And I don’t know why like I suspect the only reason that it’s allowed to do it is because it’s Disney
[17:16.400 –> 17:21.240] It would be then you’re not technically allowed to have early access games on switch
[17:21.320 –> 17:23.320] So they would have to say it’s finished
[17:23.560 –> 17:28.440] Right and it would be weird for the steam version to still be an early access when I mean they do that though
[17:28.440 –> 17:33.300] Like they have games come out and they’re available and then they have plans to port it elsewhere
[17:33.440 –> 17:37.600] Yeah, but it’s not but that’s not that’s the wrong way. Like it’s already a wrong way
[17:38.460 –> 17:40.460] Like isn’t it?
[17:41.640 –> 17:43.760] It’s just their website you just do
[17:44.880 –> 17:50.280] Interest. Okay, so it’s gonna be an exclusive to switch. I believe so, but it’s an open beta now
[17:50.600 –> 17:55.040] But it’s only on the website. So yeah, I haven’t played it
[17:55.600 –> 17:59.700] But I have a friend that has a reference code and she’s like gonna give it to me when
[18:00.640 –> 18:05.720] Because I said I wanted to wait for it to be on steam or sorry switch. I want switch
[18:06.400 –> 18:12.760] So once it’s on switch, I’ll I’ll jump into this game 100% so yeah, it’s gonna scratch that
[18:14.000 –> 18:17.720] World of Warcraft itch. Yeah, cuz it’s Philly. Mm all isn’t
[18:18.600 –> 18:20.600] Mm-hmm, which means that I probably
[18:21.320 –> 18:24.640] But well, it’ll be all me and it’ll be cross play. So it’ll be great
[18:24.640 –> 18:29.600] I look forward to hearing about it when you play it next. We have sprite Valley, which fun fact
[18:29.600 –> 18:34.860] I don’t know how if I’ve ever said this in the podcast before I may have may have not stardew valley’s original name was
[18:34.860 –> 18:37.460] Sprout Valley. This is not that this is a separate game
[18:38.200 –> 18:39.840] Sprout Valley
[18:39.840 –> 18:45.100] Is a pixel art one a pixel art farming game. Stop me if you’ve heard that before
[18:45.100 –> 18:57.260] As an off-handed comment in our kickstarter update we are planning to release this fall
[18:57.940 –> 19:01.660] Like it doesn’t it doesn’t say it’s not like it’s titled August update
[19:01.660 –> 19:05.660] What are we working on and then they talk about a bunch of stuff and they’re like we’re planning to release this fall
[19:05.660 –> 19:12.020] And then there’s just more words after that and I’m like, oh, okay. This is why I read all the words in these updates
[19:12.860 –> 19:19.100] Specifically it’s specifically said this month is not much going on in terms of updates. We’re planning to release
[19:20.500 –> 19:22.500] What are you doing then?
[19:22.860 –> 19:26.380] Bizarre, so yeah, apparently that’s a thing that’s happening
[19:28.260 –> 19:32.020] Cool nothing else to say about that one just now the palace on the hill
[19:33.300 –> 19:37.740] We got the first information about release date and then that is delayed. So
[19:38.660 –> 19:42.020] Well, they specifically said that so they have a prologue
[19:42.020 –> 19:46.660] Yeah, you can play on Steam and they got a lot of really good feedback from the prologue
[19:46.660 –> 19:51.900] and so now that since they’re trying to incorporate the feedback that they got from the prologue, they’re going to
[19:53.420 –> 19:55.320] Extend the date
[19:55.320 –> 20:01.340] Yeah, I’m not I’m not complaining about that. It’s funny how they had never publicly said that they were planning to release in August
[20:01.900 –> 20:07.440] It’s just this tweet is the first time they’d said that and in the city in the next sentence and for same sentence
[20:08.500 –> 20:12.860] They’re delaying. So it was just funny how you’re like, oh, they’re planning to release in August. Oh, no, they’re not anymore
[20:13.660 –> 20:15.660] Like it’s just a little bit of whiplash there
[20:16.740 –> 20:20.980] So yeah, there’s there’s there’s no date just now, but that’s fine
[20:22.780 –> 20:29.140] That’s good that they’re taking the feedback from the prologue it still looks really cute is that Xbox news new yeah, okay
[20:29.140 –> 20:34.580] So it’s coming to Xbox. We didn’t know that before I lose track. There’s too many games to keep track of 91
[20:34.580 –> 20:36.140] I know have in my list
[20:36.140 –> 20:38.140] We can add to it
[20:38.780 –> 20:40.780] Ova Magica
[20:40.820 –> 20:43.940] Has been delayed so 2024. I’m not surprised
[20:43.940 –> 20:47.060] I think we’re gonna get a lot of this over the next couple of months because we still have
[20:47.860 –> 20:49.860] 22 that have just said
[20:49.980 –> 20:51.020] 2023
[20:51.020 –> 20:56.180] And nothing else and then we have like another 15 that are meant to be coming out this year
[20:56.740 –> 20:59.880] So I suspect at least 20 of them will be delayed
[21:00.580 –> 21:03.640] Because we’re we’re in August now. Yeah
[21:03.960 –> 21:10.920] And I just I commented that the for Ova Magica on the delay the update mention about this
[21:12.360 –> 21:18.220] The response from all the factors backers was largely positive and I just wanted to shout out over magic here because that they are
[21:18.560 –> 21:25.920] Doing really well about being having open open and honest communication about where the game is and what what exactly they’ve been working on
[21:26.000 –> 21:30.920] Yeah, and it’s all stuff that people have been asking about. It’s not out of the blue
[21:30.920 –> 21:37.160] It’s and everyone’s just like yeah. Yeah, take your time. Like we’re just really excited for this game. So yeah be
[21:38.480 –> 21:40.480] Honest as we’ve discussed before
[21:41.320 –> 21:44.000] Communication can do a massive thing, you know
[21:44.000 –> 21:48.680] You don’t have to end up in the situation that some game developers do when they don’t say anything people get annoyed
[21:48.680 –> 21:50.220] Well, and it’s not just game developers
[21:50.220 –> 21:56.680] I was just having this conversation the other day with someone about authors because I read books and it’s often
[21:56.920 –> 22:02.240] Multiple book series and then you have an author that just goes AWOL for a decade
[22:02.760 –> 22:09.080] Where they’re like, oh I’m working on it and I’m like, okay in the time that you have been quote-unquote working on this one book
[22:09.080 –> 22:14.720] This other dude has put out 20 books. So like what and it’s not even it’s not even nice
[22:14.720 –> 22:17.380] also when they then go and do like other things like, you know,
[22:17.380 –> 22:24.820] They make a TV series based on their book and then they write other books. And then there’s another TV series about their other book
[22:25.340 –> 22:28.780] Not I was actually not talking about Martin
[22:28.780 –> 22:33.100] I know but I know it but he is another great example of that of like, okay
[22:33.100 –> 22:35.100] But like we are still waiting
[22:36.580 –> 22:39.240] Like even just saying hey
[22:40.220 –> 22:41.660] the
[22:41.660 –> 22:47.620] Stories gotten away from me or hey, this is taking a little bit longer or something like that like yeah
[22:47.620 –> 22:49.840] We know that these things happen writers block happens
[22:50.480 –> 22:55.280] Literally our phrase that’s coined that’s used in other places because of that, right?
[22:55.280 –> 23:01.880] You just need to say it like I’m stuck and I thought that doing a second project would be great like cool or hey
[23:01.880 –> 23:03.880] I’m making lots of money on this other one
[23:08.120 –> 23:12.880] Great annoy people but it’s less annoying than just saying nothing. Yeah
[23:13.600 –> 23:16.220] But yeah, so over magica thumbs up
[23:17.080 –> 23:19.080] for talking about agreed
[23:19.280 –> 23:25.880] Thumbs down for having games that release on the 28th of September this week. Oh my word Cody, right?
[23:25.880 –> 23:31.920] So wild vendor have announced that their game is releasing on the 28th of September 28th of September that might sound similar
[23:31.920 –> 23:35.460] You say well, it’s not it’s not the day that
[23:36.100 –> 23:41.220] Mannequins night market harvest me in the winds of anthos paleo pines and my time a sand rock is releasing. It’s not that day
[23:41.220 –> 23:43.220] It’s not the same. It’s two days after that
[23:43.220 –> 23:45.220] Oh
[23:47.300 –> 23:49.700] My word that week is I just
[23:50.340 –> 23:54.340] Heard we’ve got the Tuesday got four games coming out the Thursday. We’ve got another game coming out
[23:56.060 –> 24:01.740] Look I’m sorry, but Mannequins night market still Trump’s ever. Yeah, not about Wild Mender
[24:01.740 –> 24:06.240] Let me let me clarify the thumbs down is not for Wild Mender. It’s just for the date
[24:06.300 –> 24:10.260] Yeah, and I hadn’t heard about Wild Mender. So I’m just gonna blurb it real quick
[24:10.780 –> 24:14.680] Do you want me to no no, no, so I was just I was still just exact
[24:15.380 –> 24:19.960] Exasperated by that week. I just like just before just just hate game developers
[24:20.100 –> 24:25.100] See if you’re like, oh, I don’t know when other games are releasing right and I don’t want to overload things
[24:25.100 –> 24:29.200] I have a list come and talk to me. I have a list of
[24:30.220 –> 24:32.220] 91 games
[24:32.420 –> 24:38.500] 91 and you know what actually if you pay to pay on my patreon you can get the list and see it I have
[24:38.780 –> 24:41.740] 91 games if you’re a game developer come and talk to me
[24:41.740 –> 24:46.980] I’ll tell you when there are games because there are a lot of games coming out and we don’t want you
[24:47.500 –> 24:49.500] Releasing at the same time, please
[24:49.500 –> 24:55.120] Yeah, well and not only because we are overloaded as players but like that’s not gonna be good for you
[24:55.120 –> 24:59.140] I mean if you’re not at this point Mannequins night market then
[24:59.900 –> 25:04.860] You’re gonna be like man release was really thin and be like, hmm
[25:04.860 –> 25:09.660] There’s a reason for that and it starts with M and ends with an echoes night market
[25:12.420 –> 25:19.220] Why wild vendor quote is a desert gardening survival game where you’ll get to start from a small spring in a
[25:19.260 –> 25:21.820] barren desert and grow it into a blossoming oasis
[25:21.820 –> 25:27.340] Search the desert around you for valuable seeds to grow a new place to craft a range of useful items as you explore the desert
[25:27.340 –> 25:34.140] You’ll find adorable wildlife to befriend secrets to uncover an ancient deities to ally with just remember to take a full water bottle and fluent
[25:34.420 –> 25:35.460] food
[25:35.460 –> 25:41.660] Yeah, it’s basically an open-world game where you’re turning a desert into not a desert. Yeah, and there I mean first of all
[25:42.300 –> 25:46.780] Mmm, sometimes deserts need to be deserts. They’re also an ecosystem, but second of all
[25:48.660 –> 25:51.980] It looked really cool like there was like a magic system or something to it
[25:51.980 –> 25:55.220] Like some of the creatures are like magical like little wispy things flying around
[25:55.700 –> 26:00.620] You were flying around at one point and I don’t know if that’s with tech or if it’s just that you’re able to fly
[26:01.420 –> 26:03.580] But it just yeah, so I’m guessing
[26:04.500 –> 26:06.500] related to the whole like
[26:06.500 –> 26:07.940] Don’t get rid of all the deserts
[26:07.940 –> 26:13.660] I’m guessing that this is like a or this is not how the world used to be and we’re now kind of like
[26:13.740 –> 26:18.280] Returning it to what it was which obviously still has its issues humans messing around with things
[26:19.340 –> 26:23.820] Generally causes issues, even if you think you’re like fixing the problems that you caused in the first place
[26:25.180 –> 26:28.480] But yeah, I don’t think it’s just like oh, here’s a desert. Let’s get rid of a desert
[26:28.480 –> 26:30.480] Deserts are stupid, no they’re not
[26:32.440 –> 26:33.700] Stupid deserts
[26:33.700 –> 26:35.280] Awesome
[26:35.280 –> 26:39.400] Okay, so that’s all of the release news for like games
[26:39.840 –> 26:45.800] We then have a bunch of information about some updates slash DLC. So we have another lens island update
[26:45.800 –> 26:53.400] This one is called the cursed underworld update and it’s releasing on the 10th of September and Cody you’ve you you’ve played this game
[26:54.240 –> 26:56.960] It create includes a new mode
[26:57.560 –> 26:58.800] And
[26:58.800 –> 27:03.840] Instead of the underground cave network being static, which is what it was when I played it
[27:03.840 –> 27:09.900] It is now gonna be procedural but you can also if you don’t want things to attack you you can have a peaceful game mode
[27:10.360 –> 27:12.360] you can enchant weapons and
[27:13.160 –> 27:16.520] There’s I don’t know what improved survival mechanics is, but I’m here for it
[27:18.240 –> 27:24.040] It sounds good, I like to survive in a survivor game I like to survive and if it’s improved that’s cool
[27:24.040 –> 27:26.160] No, um, I don’t know
[27:26.160 –> 27:32.320] I just I haven’t taken the time to play this in a while as they creep towards a 1.0 question mark, right?
[27:32.320 –> 27:37.560] They’re not ready. They’re not in 1.0 yet. They’re not. Oh, yeah. No, this is uh, this is a early access update
[27:37.740 –> 27:42.520] every time I see new things, I’m just so jazzed and
[27:43.340 –> 27:45.280] to see things
[27:45.280 –> 27:47.280] Develop from where they started
[27:47.680 –> 27:51.360] And know that even when it started it was a pretty fun game
[27:51.360 –> 27:53.640] Like it was just that there were a couple things that
[27:54.440 –> 27:59.760] That were closed off. But other than that, like yeah, I saw where to go. I saw what to do. So
[28:00.320 –> 28:04.220] And I was enjoying doing it. So yeah super excited
[28:05.280 –> 28:10.080] To play this and the trailer looks really cool. So I need to jump back in. Yeah
[28:11.000 –> 28:15.800] Yeah, they’ve generally I think it’s been generally been a good a good early access
[28:15.800 –> 28:20.000] My one complaint is they launched without controller support when I first played it
[28:20.000 –> 28:23.920] I was like, this is horrific to try and play on my Steam Deck. Like this is just
[28:24.680 –> 28:27.840] Horrible, they now have controller support. I’ve just not gone back yet
[28:28.800 –> 28:30.620] above snakes
[28:30.620 –> 28:32.620] Also has an update
[28:32.960 –> 28:34.720] 1.2 update
[28:34.720 –> 28:38.440] Which it doesn’t have a name, but does have some stuff
[28:38.600 –> 28:42.360] So as usual they’re adding more pieces to add to your world
[28:42.680 –> 28:46.220] because if you don’t remember above snakes is the game that it’s like a
[28:46.220 –> 28:50.580] Cell based how would you piece like puzzle?
[28:50.580 –> 28:54.820] It’s like it’s like a game board and you’re like adding squares to your board
[28:55.300 –> 28:59.980] And there’s like a limited number of different things you can do. So they’ve added a bunch more and
[29:01.540 –> 29:08.860] Japanese localizations, so if you only speak Japanese, which you probably don’t because you’re listening to this podcast you can now play the game
[29:09.540 –> 29:15.460] Or if you are learning Japanese and you want to do that because I know some people like to do that
[29:15.460 –> 29:19.140] That’s also a way to do that. Yeah, I guess like the one question that I have from
[29:19.780 –> 29:25.260] This is oh, so there are two new desert world pieces specifically desert. I guess that was
[29:25.900 –> 29:29.940] That answers my question. I was like, what what world pieces are there?
[29:29.940 –> 29:31.740] Because if you just go based on this picture
[29:31.740 –> 29:36.140] it would be like some type of foresty one and then some type of fossil e-desert e1 but
[29:36.780 –> 29:44.380] It says added two new desert world pieces that unlocked after placing the first different kinds of desert because desert is important ecosystem
[29:44.380 –> 29:50.460] I feel a theme sundown survivor. Sorry. Yeah, just sorry just the above snakes updates out now sundown
[29:55.580 –> 29:57.140] Probably not
[29:57.140 –> 30:04.780] 1.3 zone a I still don’t really know about this game. It’s a very stressful game. Yeah, it looks like it’s an intense
[30:05.540 –> 30:10.660] I don’t know. I guess I haven’t looked at it more closely. I’m just reading the balance changes
[30:10.660 –> 30:14.140] They did a lot of like some things got nerfed some things got that got boosted
[30:14.140 –> 30:16.380] But then I saw this word mammoth
[30:18.020 –> 30:20.480] Mammoth my moose. What is mammoth?
[30:21.260 –> 30:27.980] Muth’s HP. Is it a mammoth and a cow? I you have my attention. I don’t want to play this game
[30:28.980 –> 30:30.980] Listeners if you have played sundown
[30:31.580 –> 30:36.140] Survivors, is it sundown or sundown survivors? It was called sundown
[30:36.140 –> 30:42.060] It’s now called sundown survivors, but they don’t see have changed the name. It’s a roguelike. I don’t want to play it
[30:42.100 –> 30:44.100] Okay, if you have played sundown
[30:44.580 –> 30:49.860] Tell us tell us what mammoth is because I have a curiosity. I
[30:51.220 –> 30:53.800] But limited time they did this annoying thing
[30:54.360 –> 30:57.280] Where they changed the name and they never actually said they were changing it
[30:57.280 –> 31:01.920] So they just like started referring to it as the new name and like at least do it consistently
[31:01.920 –> 31:06.900] Your logo doesn’t even have the word survivors. I know that’s why I was confused. It’s also not in their blurb on Steam
[31:06.900 –> 31:11.540] It’s just yeah, if you’re gonna rename it do it properly. Come on control F
[31:12.540 –> 31:16.180] sundown survivors has a 1.3 update which is out now and it has
[31:16.660 –> 31:21.880] Bug fixes and patches and that they nerf a lot of things down at the bottom. Yep
[31:22.580 –> 31:28.300] That’s thing. Tell us what mammoth is. Yeah, we want to know what it’s a mammoth of some kind at me
[31:28.300 –> 31:32.420] Well, I wonder if it’s just yeah, is it just a cow a weird name for a mammoth?
[31:32.420 –> 31:35.860] Who knows travelers rest have a new update. It’s a farm animal
[31:36.540 –> 31:38.540] added you farm so
[31:38.780 –> 31:45.220] It’s hard to know when you’ve not actually played these games so if you watch the trailer she is hitting cows
[31:45.620 –> 31:51.520] It 50 seconds into the trailer. She is hitting cows with a broom and the cows die
[31:51.520 –> 31:54.740] Oh, don’t do that and her too
[31:55.300 –> 32:00.940] She like kills the two cows and then gets the material from that but like is that no
[32:02.140 –> 32:04.900] No, you see it. Oh, no
[32:05.420 –> 32:10.980] With the pig one of the items looks like guts it does one of the eight for the pig
[32:11.500 –> 32:18.180] Right when she kills the pace one of them looks like a ball of intense intestines pork and beef. Oh, no
[32:19.180 –> 32:25.760] Nope, there was something else. Yeah, it did say something gonna have to pause it was up for like one frame into it’s called intestine
[32:26.600 –> 32:28.600] Oh my gosh, I’m done
[32:33.640 –> 32:36.300] You pick up pig intestines have you
[32:36.960 –> 32:41.320] Listeners, have you ever wanted to use pig intestines in a game?
[32:42.160 –> 32:48.920] Travelers rest is gotcha back. Oh, I wonder if you use it to like make sausage, right? Cuz it’s now
[32:50.000 –> 32:51.320] Okay
[32:51.320 –> 32:53.320] No
[32:54.160 –> 33:00.300] Wine you do you are you a vegan don’t play this game definitely don’t oh my word. That’s
[33:02.360 –> 33:04.360] The animal you put
[33:04.780 –> 33:06.780] Look, I know I know
[33:07.640 –> 33:11.400] Right. I don’t want pig intestines in my game
[33:11.980 –> 33:14.240] Right, like this is the whole realism
[33:14.760 –> 33:20.720] Versus like actually yeah, and it’s like it feels a little bit weird killing your fan at farm animals
[33:20.720 –> 33:22.720] I know that that’s the thing that happens
[33:23.600 –> 33:28.280] Yeah, why are you killing them with a broom? That is just the pain in their faces. Yes
[33:28.720 –> 33:36.960] They look act like they’ve built sprites that are like pain face like flinching. This is horrible flinching. Oh my word
[33:38.360 –> 33:42.580] Yeah, there’s so much detail here and then it pig intestines pop out
[33:42.880 –> 33:48.100] This is someone who’s developed the game so much and they’re like, you know rabbit hole. No, I’m kidding
[33:48.360 –> 33:53.940] Someone probably wants this someone’s interested in it. But with a broom, I don’t want travelers rest
[33:55.340 –> 34:02.880] As as as you’re seeing this clip of this person hitting and killing these cows and pigs with a broom the narrator says
[34:03.300 –> 34:06.840] Do it and your animals will be easier to take care of
[34:08.620 –> 34:10.620] Take care of
[34:11.620 –> 34:14.300] Can you go take care of the cow, please
[34:15.020 –> 34:17.020] We need food for the dinner
[34:17.660 –> 34:19.660] Take care of it
[34:19.940 –> 34:21.660] Okay
[34:21.660 –> 34:22.780] Wow
[34:22.780 –> 34:25.020] Farm animal updates out now. Oh
[34:26.380 –> 34:28.380] So, okay, right
[34:29.640 –> 34:31.640] I’ve just seen a tweet from them
[34:32.180 –> 34:33.340] saying
[34:33.340 –> 34:39.740] That they are thinking about an animal cruelty free slash vegan method. They are working on it
[34:40.460 –> 34:45.420] It is on there, oh, yeah, here we go. Someone says hitting the animals with the room really turned me off
[34:45.420 –> 34:48.140] I’m buying the game. I’m looking forward to a more humane update
[34:48.740 –> 34:50.740] Working on it. Oh
[34:51.040 –> 34:52.900] my gosh, I
[34:52.900 –> 34:59.260] Still bought the game because it looked amazing. I can’t put the controller down and then they say mission accomplished
[35:02.480 –> 35:09.060] They’re like we’re working on it the prisons like I bought it anyway, and they’re like cool don’t have to do anything
[35:09.060 –> 35:14.000] No, I’m kidding. They’re still working on it. They have a road map. Yeah, I can’t see on the road map though
[35:16.300 –> 35:20.220] Insect collection all very long-term. Yeah, I can’t see
[35:24.740 –> 35:27.380] Yeah, I can’t see you on there on their list so
[35:28.300 –> 35:30.060] Let’s move on shall we will come back
[35:30.060 –> 35:34.460] well, we’ll keep you up to date on when there’s a vegan option for travelers rest or even just a
[35:35.380 –> 35:40.660] More humane way of killing your animals, maybe it’s new new farming mechanics
[35:42.180 –> 35:45.660] Let’s build a zoo. Yep speaking of cruelty to animals
[35:47.420 –> 35:53.260] Well, let’s build a zoo is the one that lets you like crossbreed into like horrific creatures, oh, yeah love this
[35:53.260 –> 35:57.220] I just I love this game so much
[35:57.220 –> 36:00.940] I wish I enjoyed playing management games and I would play this much more
[36:00.940 –> 36:04.740] Anyway, the aquarium Odyssey DLC which adds a
[36:05.900 –> 36:12.260] Aquarium is I know so you can go get it now. Oh, it’s apparently in my library. Did I already buy it?
[36:12.660 –> 36:18.780] When did I buy this DLC? Is it free? Oh, no, I didn’t buy it’s all good. No. No, I did. No
[36:19.140 –> 36:23.600] It’s part of dinosaur island the no it no. No, none of that. None of that
[36:24.660 –> 36:29.720] It is that the news update was on the game itself. Not the DLC
[36:29.960 –> 36:35.520] So when I said in library, man, we’re all good. I’m no longer confused 50 plus new animals
[36:37.120 –> 36:43.520] Over 50 new fish and mammal species are ready for you to adopt and showcase to your visitors from dolphins to manta rays whales and
[36:43.520 –> 36:45.880] starfish to lobsters and eels
[36:46.400 –> 36:50.920] There are so many favorites available to take in by animals to your zoo
[36:50.920 –> 36:57.320] You will have the ability to create more than 10 million animal variants in the sandbox mode. Are you ready to make the world’s first?
[36:57.840 –> 36:59.840] Chick ale or
[37:00.080 –> 37:01.520] elus
[37:01.520 –> 37:06.080] Which I’m assuming are a chicken whale and an eel moose chicken whale
[37:06.600 –> 37:12.820] Yeah, I I don’t know if I’m ready for that Cody. I think I feel like this whole game
[37:13.920 –> 37:21.520] Or at least the concept of making all these variants came when someone was like, oh, this is my chihuahua Great Dane mix
[37:22.520 –> 37:24.520] And they were like what I
[37:25.080 –> 37:31.000] Just I love that. I just I just love that. They’re they’re leaning into this and just going even more crazy
[37:31.560 –> 37:33.560] Like I love it. It’s great
[37:33.820 –> 37:38.840] Fantastic. I just wish I enjoyed playing it more. I mean, so you did you play let’s build a zoo?
[37:38.840 –> 37:43.880] I did. Yeah, so do you like put in a thing or do you do you take DNA?
[37:43.880 –> 37:47.780] And yes, it was DNA based. Okay, so you you’re not you’re not
[37:48.620 –> 37:50.100] Procreate
[37:50.100 –> 37:53.580] Or like cutting them half and splicing them together notice DNA base
[37:53.580 –> 37:58.780] So you build like a DNA lab and then you put two in and you analyze their DNA and you come out with this
[37:59.500 –> 38:00.700] abomination
[38:00.700 –> 38:01.860] right
[38:01.860 –> 38:04.180] And you can do it as many times you want with this man
[38:04.180 –> 38:10.500] Do the abominations are do the abominations live every time or is there a time when it just comes out and it’s just like obviously
[38:11.500 –> 38:17.140] Not happy to be alive. That would be horrible. I haven’t come across that in my experience
[38:17.140 –> 38:19.140] They all lived. Okay, but
[38:19.460 –> 38:21.460] Who knows?
[38:23.260 –> 38:26.940] Like one in every hundred they come out asking for death
[38:28.220 –> 38:33.380] Just like you made a chick ale, but you used the nice dip because
[38:35.840 –> 38:39.820] Because it was it was not I tell you here’s something though
[38:40.260 –> 38:43.540] The interesting thing about this game is that obviously you have different?
[38:44.420 –> 38:48.660] Areas in your zoo, right? You say like this is the desert area. This is the grasslands, etc
[38:48.660 –> 38:51.120] Etc. And obviously with this one you have like here’s the water
[38:51.540 –> 38:54.860] But it’s not like you can’t put them in the other areas, right?
[38:54.860 –> 38:57.640] You you it tells you which ones are the ideal ones to put them in
[38:58.100 –> 39:03.460] and it also does things with like oh don’t put it with this animal because they’ll eat them or whatever which is is quite a
[39:04.060 –> 39:08.820] cool way of doing it, but you can put them in one that it’s not meant to be there and
[39:09.620 –> 39:11.580] If you put it with something that will get eaten by it
[39:11.580 –> 39:15.540] Then it just gets eaten and if you put them in a one that it’s not meant to be and they just don’t live as
[39:15.540 –> 39:19.180] Well, so like they get sad or ill and stuff like that. Yeah
[39:19.500 –> 39:23.420] Can you can you put non water creatures in the water and drain them?
[39:26.420 –> 39:28.300] So in in
[39:28.300 –> 39:33.660] Zoo tycoon that you could do you like you could literally just put an animal in an empty enclosure and
[39:34.060 –> 39:40.740] Then give it like the bare freaking minimum and that’s it and they’re unhappy and I wouldn’t do that. I’d be like
[39:40.980 –> 39:44.700] This is not about what you yeah, this is not about what you would do. I just didn’t know
[39:44.700 –> 39:50.460] I just want to know but then you can you drain the dichotomy is if my sim
[39:50.780 –> 39:55.340] goes to bed earlier than I wanted it to I put it in the
[39:55.600 –> 40:01.180] Shed of shame where I make it walk into a room and just delete the door
[40:03.900 –> 40:09.540] I think the thing is right when you’re doing when you’re playing the Sims and you’re being mean you’re doing cruel to the humans
[40:09.700 –> 40:13.860] You’re probably thinking about horrible humans, right? Cuz humans can be pretty horrible
[40:13.860 –> 40:14.740] I mean
[40:14.740 –> 40:20.340] I’m thinking about my sim that that was supposed to go to bed was supposed to go to school that day
[40:20.340 –> 40:25.940] And it was so close to an a right and now it’s the weekend and now you didn’t go to school on time
[40:26.540 –> 40:29.180] You don’t get to do anything this weekend. Oh my
[40:32.740 –> 40:36.500] But like well just just just go with me on this one, right so like, you know
[40:36.500 –> 40:40.700] You’ve got you’ve got there are many many cruel evil people, right?
[40:40.700 –> 40:44.780] And so you can you know, you can think oh this is fine because it’s a cruel evil human, right?
[40:44.780 –> 40:49.260] But you don’t really get that with animals. So animals are mostly just kind of doing their natural instincts
[40:49.780 –> 40:51.780] let’s ignore orcas for just now and
[40:52.860 –> 40:54.540] and so
[40:54.540 –> 40:58.220] You like I think that’s probably the difference, right?
[40:58.220 –> 41:02.820] You can’t like be like being cruel to a dog and you’re just like, oh, this is Hitler, right?
[41:03.500 –> 41:09.460] Works I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like my dog when he gets tries to get into the trash for the eighth time in the
[41:09.460 –> 41:10.460] day
[41:10.460 –> 41:12.460] Your dog is Hitler
[41:13.460 –> 41:15.460] We’re back to the cat with war crimes
[41:16.660 –> 41:18.420] So, yeah
[41:18.420 –> 41:20.860] But I don’t even know but let’s build a zoo
[41:21.420 –> 41:22.980] aquarium
[41:22.980 –> 41:24.980] So that’s the updates in DLC
[41:25.900 –> 41:27.900] None of the animals are Hitler
[41:29.100 –> 41:31.100] that we know of and
[41:31.100 –> 41:33.100] I wonder if there’s a
[41:33.340 –> 41:40.580] an animal crossover that would make the word Hitler like a hippo and anything with a cat stantler
[41:42.900 –> 41:44.900] We’re gonna we’re gonna talk about
[41:45.540 –> 41:47.540] some other updates
[41:47.940 –> 41:50.160] That didn’t fit into the previous categories
[41:50.380 –> 41:57.460] So we have a new gameplay trailer for harvest moon the winds of Anthos and all I care about is the dog race
[41:57.460 –> 42:01.140] I don’t know. So have we have me and you talked about this game yet?
[42:01.140 –> 42:06.780] No, so I feel like this game still hasn’t given me a reason not to like it
[42:06.860 –> 42:12.340] Yeah, which I’m still waiting for it it. I mean other than the fact the name is weird
[42:13.500 –> 42:14.940] like all
[42:14.940 –> 42:19.860] That there are so many games that have weird but like it looks all right
[42:21.140 –> 42:26.940] The horse controls look janky, but other than that, I think that the the dog
[42:27.500 –> 42:32.840] The dog I’m still really hopeful about. Yeah, so what’s the month? It’s just that there’s a trailer. Oh, yeah
[42:32.840 –> 42:39.120] Yeah, just new trailer. There’s the I don’t think there’s any new. Yeah. No, it looks it looks good an icy tomato
[42:40.160 –> 42:42.160] Snowman. Oh, that is a cute dog. Oh
[42:43.000 –> 42:48.860] So I am it looks cute. I’m excited to hear what y’all have to say about it. Oh, I found the problem
[42:48.860 –> 42:53.020] Don’t touch bears don’t and don’t come up to black bears or touch
[42:53.740 –> 42:55.740] dinosaurs, excuse me
[42:56.660 –> 43:01.940] At one minute 38 seconds in the trailer someone is in like a lava zone and they’re pointing at a dinosaur
[43:02.640 –> 43:09.240] Yeah, well, where else are the dinosaurs gonna be in to be fair in the past, right Cody to be fair
[43:10.300 –> 43:13.440] She’s shocked. She is pretty sure that is a shock
[43:15.220 –> 43:17.220] My face looking at the dinosaur
[43:17.940 –> 43:25.220] What the heck? Although then she’s got a shocked face when Doug jr. Is talking about chickens. So I feel like not much
[43:26.000 –> 43:33.260] She gets shocked by a lot of stuff. Um, I yeah, I mean chickens are all chickens. It’s cuz chickens are dinosaurs. Oh my god
[43:34.620 –> 43:39.800] No, the volcanoes are up at the chickens are thing. We’re off the rails Moonstone Island
[43:40.860 –> 43:47.440] Has a collaboration that we know Johnny is gonna love. This is an ooblets collaboration. This is wild
[43:47.740 –> 43:50.400] Yes, this is wild Cody this
[43:51.040 –> 43:56.000] Island are adding ooblets into the game. This opens up like what like where is the end?
[43:56.000 –> 44:00.400] I just ooblets in your coffee ooblets in
[44:01.160 –> 44:05.600] House of dragons. I’m so fascinated by this like yeah, I
[44:06.320 –> 44:08.320] Think it’s interesting. Um, I
[44:08.960 –> 44:14.240] Wrote hilariously Johnny. What ooblet do you want in Moonstone Island tells Johnny?
[44:14.840 –> 44:21.440] Which of the goofy named things rad lad is probably one of the better named ones from his point of view I suspect yeah
[44:21.440 –> 44:22.720] Yeah
[44:22.720 –> 44:26.400] It’s just a joke. The other person asked would be bev what they think
[44:27.000 –> 44:33.480] What ooblet they think would be best for collaborations and then also which one would be best for rad lad is definitely a good option
[44:33.480 –> 44:35.480] I also like Shrumble
[44:35.520 –> 44:41.440] And those are the only ones I can I’m trying to find a list of impumbs. Oh, those are clubs
[44:41.560 –> 44:47.280] I was gonna say that’s a club. Come on. Why not? I want like a list of the ooblets. Okay, whatever
[44:47.280 –> 44:49.600] This is taking too much time really interesting though
[44:51.080 –> 44:54.360] To see rad lot to see a collaboration between these games
[44:54.360 –> 45:00.760] So I wonder if they’re gonna do more or if ooblets is gonna put their their
[45:01.640 –> 45:04.160] Ooblets in two other games. I don’t know
[45:05.960 –> 45:08.440] Very interesting. Yeah. Yeah
[45:09.440 –> 45:16.400] Mossfield origins are moving to self-publishing. I mean, I don’t think this really changes much for anyone. It’s an interesting thing
[45:16.400 –> 45:21.360] I know the Stardew did this a few years after release they switched from
[45:22.000 –> 45:26.640] What was it the cat Stardew? Yeah, what was Stardew? I thought it was always just no
[45:27.640 –> 45:30.680] Used a publisher Chucklefish. Mmm Chucklefish
[45:31.520 –> 45:33.520] And then moved to move to self-publish
[45:34.400 –> 45:35.920] Yeah, I mean I
[45:35.920 –> 45:41.240] If you can do it, it’s less money to pay for other things. So more I need to the developer
[45:41.240 –> 45:46.720] I guess they’ve obviously thought this there. There’s also steam next fest
[45:47.680 –> 45:51.600] Which there’ll be a demo of muscle origins
[45:52.160 –> 45:56.160] During steam next fest, which is an event happening here on October
[45:56.760 –> 45:58.860] So it’s a multi-day celebration. It starts
[45:59.860 –> 46:01.580] October 9th at 10 a.m
[46:01.580 –> 46:08.940] And I believe it’s just kind of there’s seven days and there’s hundreds of demos and hours of the developer stream
[46:08.940 –> 46:14.260] So it’s just kind of like a way for you to see people playing the games that are coming up in the future
[46:14.260 –> 46:18.300] So Mossfield origins. Yeah, there’s probably a bunch of other games as well
[46:18.300 –> 46:25.420] I don’t tend to talk a huge amount about them because like we’re doing up-to-date news, but this is quite a while away
[46:25.420 –> 46:27.540] So get on that if you want to play it
[46:28.420 –> 46:32.820] We’ve got two soundtracks there. All right, so we’ve got roots of Pacha and
[46:33.340 –> 46:39.260] Research story have both released their soundtrack. It’s a patcha is on Spotify and research story is not
[46:40.020 –> 46:42.100] but you can get the research story one for
[46:43.060 –> 46:45.060] yes on steam and
[46:45.420 –> 46:50.140] It has to be one tracks a couple different artists, which is yeah speaking of something that’s coming out
[46:50.140 –> 46:55.900] But we have no very little about it. Yeah, I’m hyped about this. I’m gonna start my cooking channel
[46:56.100 –> 47:00.420] Yeah, because the stardew valley cookbook is coming out next year
[47:01.060 –> 47:04.100] So I’m gonna start a cooking channel called get this
[47:05.420 –> 47:06.860] al dente
[47:06.860 –> 47:08.860] It’s the worst
[47:11.180 –> 47:17.140] We could totally have like that could be a segment on this show like well al dente instead of green houses
[47:17.140 –> 47:19.380] it’s like another edition of al dente and
[47:20.420 –> 47:23.380] In it, maybe like you and one other person
[47:24.060 –> 47:25.780] Recreates a
[47:25.780 –> 47:30.060] Cooking recipe from this cookbook. I feel like it needs to be a separate thing
[47:30.060 –> 47:33.420] I feel like okay, even if it’s just like a temporary thing, okay
[47:33.620 –> 47:37.620] This is not me promising to do this by the way, just just in case you’re thinking
[47:38.420 –> 47:42.940] Promising to do I am promising. Let me tell you let me tell you so I love this
[47:42.940 –> 47:47.260] so I have some developer friends who were commenting on this and
[47:48.220 –> 47:53.820] They were throwing a bunch of weird prompts into chat GPT to try and get some suggestion, okay, and
[47:55.580 –> 48:00.480] One of them one of the one of the prompts came up with the best tagline
[48:01.780 –> 48:06.420] So it starts off al welcome you unsuspecting culinary captives
[48:11.620 –> 48:16.680] Unsuspecting culinary captain, I mean it has to happen. I’m here for it
[48:17.820 –> 48:24.580] Today we’re diving into the deep dark abyss of culinary chaos to whip up that elusive monstrosity known as seafoam pudding
[48:25.300 –> 48:29.940] Charming game stardew Valley, although it for some reason wrote star view Valley. Oh
[48:34.100 –> 48:39.060] I’ll grabs a mixing bowl and starts hurling ingredients into it ingredients into it without measuring
[48:41.300 –> 48:46.900] I’m gonna follow this recipe. All right, listen up because I’m only saying this once we’re making seafoam pudding
[48:46.900 –> 48:52.720] I’ve already said that a second time why I don’t know nobody knows but we’re doing it anyway because apparently it’s a thing
[48:52.900 –> 48:59.460] That is you like you say that al grumbles of these struggles to crack eggs spilling them all over the counter
[48:59.460 –> 49:02.220] How dare you I am good at cracking eggs. Thank you very much
[49:02.340 –> 49:04.380] No, I’m sure that you can crack eggs
[49:04.380 –> 49:11.420] But you’ve done you’ve said like that exact phrase of like here we’re doing this why I don’t know but we’re doing it
[49:11.420 –> 49:14.180] Anyway, like I feel like you said that before
[49:14.860 –> 49:19.220] First we need eggs how many who cares just throw them in you like guessing games, right?
[49:22.620 –> 49:24.620] It’s you on chaos mode
[49:24.780 –> 49:30.960] Next up sugar because every good recipe starts with a truckload of sugar who needs dental hygiene when you can have a sugar high
[49:31.220 –> 49:34.360] It’s al dente get yourself to the dentist
[49:38.580 –> 49:44.060] No vanilla extract or is it fish oil who cares a splash of something liquid and it’s good to go
[49:44.180 –> 49:50.180] I’ll dramatically pours a random liquid into the bowl then sniffs it suspiciously. Those are two very different things
[49:52.620 –> 49:54.620] You need to include this somewhere
[49:55.540 –> 50:02.540] Unlike put it on the on the slack. No the pièce de résistance. They’re enigmatic seafoam. What is it?
[50:02.540 –> 50:06.820] How do you get it? No one knows and honestly, I’m not even sure if I care at this point
[50:07.540 –> 50:12.460] I’ll flings handfuls of whipped cream and crumbled cookies into the bowl laughing maniacally
[50:15.020 –> 50:18.280] Well, assuming that I put the vanilla extract in nice
[50:22.740 –> 50:25.980] Mix it all together until it looks like a crime scene of flavors
[50:27.100 –> 50:30.700] We want confusion chaos and flavor anarchy people
[50:30.900 –> 50:37.580] I’ll mixes the concoction with wild abandon splattering the camera with bits of the mixture now for the grand finale
[50:37.580 –> 50:44.160] We summon the culinary spirits of Stardew Valley by screaming at the top of our lungs. Are you ready? I don’t care
[50:44.180 –> 50:51.760] Let’s do it. Anyway, I’ll let’s a primal screen that scream that shakes the entire set causing a few dishes to crash to the floor
[50:52.860 –> 50:58.380] And there you have it folks the abomination that is seafoam pudding from the depths of gaming nonsense
[50:58.860 –> 51:03.820] Servant in whatever container you can find an old shoe. Perfect a flower pot even better
[51:05.500 –> 51:09.760] I’ll violently scoops them pudding into various unconventional containers
[51:09.960 –> 51:13.840] This is al signing off with a reminder culinary precision is for the week
[51:14.240 –> 51:21.120] Embrace the chaos revel in the madness and remember if your food doesn’t make you question your life choices. Are you even living?
[51:26.920 –> 51:32.220] I’ll take some monstrous bite of the seafoam pudding his expression a mixture of confusion and irritation
[51:33.120 –> 51:38.620] And if you’re wondering if this tastes good who cares until next time stay furious my friends
[51:39.760 –> 51:41.760] You
[51:42.880 –> 51:49.520] Better like follow if you make al dente you better follow this to the letter. It’s script exactly exactly. Oh
[51:50.360 –> 51:54.440] My words, I just I would watch that. I love it. I
[51:55.240 –> 51:57.240] Just like this is the thing, right? Okay. I’m not
[51:57.880 –> 52:02.000] We don’t need to get into debate but like sometimes it can create masterpieces
[52:05.320 –> 52:07.540] Why does AI know me better than I know myself
[52:07.540 –> 52:09.540] So
[52:12.620 –> 52:15.740] So there’s uh, there’s a stardew valley cookbook coming out next year
[52:18.780 –> 52:23.660] Am I gonna buy it probably I don’t know why I’m saying probably I think you all know what’s gonna happen
[52:23.660 –> 52:27.740] Yeah, but there’s not gonna be there’s no pictures or in anything of it right now
[52:27.740 –> 52:33.300] It’s literally just it’s coming out the end. I mean, well, let’s be honest. Let’s be honest Cody if
[52:34.100 –> 52:36.500] There were any pictures would it make?
[52:37.540 –> 52:40.540] Me any little more likely or less likely to buy it
[52:43.180 –> 52:47.160] You see the pictures when you buy it Cody that’s how it works you don’t want to get it free
[52:48.040 –> 52:52.820] You’ll share the pictures with me. So here’s an interesting so you can get it on hardcover for
[52:53.500 –> 52:54.740] $28 or
[52:54.740 –> 53:00.340] Or 22 pounds or you can get on the Kindle for I don’t know what it is in dollars, but it’s nine pounds
[53:00.340 –> 53:06.200] So probably about ten. So that’s good because quite often books are like the same price on Kindle, which is just stupid
[53:06.200 –> 53:09.560] This is a very decent. Yeah, I mean
[53:09.560 –> 53:14.920] I do think that not buying this is probably the better option for the vast majority of people, right?
[53:16.000 –> 53:21.800] But yeah, I’m almost certainly gonna buy this so come join the patreon and help me pay for this insane
[53:22.520 –> 53:28.660] Thing. Oh my word. I’m just I I can’t get over how much that script actually does sound like me
[53:29.480 –> 53:31.760] Why I just am I that predictable
[53:32.480 –> 53:35.200] said oh my word at some point I
[53:35.680 –> 53:37.920] I would have been like you wrote this
[53:39.240 –> 53:41.360] You wrote this don’t tell me
[53:42.440 –> 53:44.440] unsuspecting culinary captives
[53:45.880 –> 53:49.920] You don’t know it but you’re a captain of a chaotic vessel, here we go
[53:51.220 –> 53:52.760] anyway
[53:52.760 –> 53:56.120] Got three more pieces of news olds. We got this
[53:56.160 –> 54:02.440] yeah, so we’ve got three games that are various levels of information and they’re
[54:03.440 –> 54:05.200] Chill town
[54:05.200 –> 54:08.380] Was on Kickstarter it has been funded and it is ended
[54:08.920 –> 54:10.920] So if you want to back it too late
[54:10.920 –> 54:17.800] They’re currently saying that the early access is coming out in October and the game is releasing in q2
[54:18.080 –> 54:21.440] 2024 I’d be very surprised if that happens. But yeah
[54:22.280 –> 54:28.200] If you want it, it will exist at some point cuz yeah, it just got funded. So yeah, literally
[54:29.160 –> 54:34.840] Five days ago as we’re talking so if it was coming this soon like what was being funded
[54:34.840 –> 54:37.480] Yeah, I mean, I guess it’s not that uncommon that they’re like
[54:37.480 –> 54:39.320] Oh, we just need to like get this over
[54:39.320 –> 54:43.520] Like if it’s somebody’s been developing it for years on their own and then they’re like, right?
[54:43.520 –> 54:48.540] I’m so close, but I need to like devote my time to this then they would they would do that
[54:49.040 –> 54:52.960] It’s coming to PC and maybe Mac, but it’s unclear
[54:53.800 –> 55:00.800] It doesn’t say it’s not coming to Mac it doesn’t say it’s exclusive to Windows but they oh they were only asking for
[55:01.520 –> 55:04.200] $1,000. Oh, that’s how you know, you’re gonna get a success
[55:06.000 –> 55:09.600] We’re excited to share that our Kickstarter campaign has achieved a funding level of
[55:10.120 –> 55:15.600] 490 percent. Oh wait 10. Sorry. They were asking for 10,000. Oh, yeah, but like still that’s not
[55:16.560 –> 55:22.360] Not very much. Yeah, I mean it is it’s a big difference between 10 and 1
[55:22.480 –> 55:27.660] But yeah, yeah, I think that it looks like my comment was that it looks like Animal Crossing
[55:28.200 –> 55:30.960] Yeah, but there’s a cat following you and there’s a little bit more
[55:31.600 –> 55:33.480] Detail. Yeah. Yeah
[55:33.480 –> 55:37.600] So what did I did I write anything for this a unique blend of?
[55:37.800 –> 55:43.840] Soothing simulation and an idle game with a music decoration fishing cooking farming dot-dot-dot
[55:43.840 –> 55:44.240] Yeah
[55:44.240 –> 55:46.240] It did have a decent amount of farming
[55:46.280 –> 55:51.440] Look into it and some of the farm things that you have like it looked like they were like turnips or whatever
[55:51.440 –> 55:54.880] Yeah, they look alive. They look like why did the turnips look alive?
[55:56.200 –> 55:58.200] No, not this again
[55:59.400 –> 56:03.160] Unless these are turnips unless it’s like Joan
[56:03.440 –> 56:09.440] Am I eat is this an ooblets and they’re gonna help me out or am I gonna have to eat live turnips?
[56:09.440 –> 56:13.160] Maybe it’s like the stockings the stonk exchange in
[56:13.560 –> 56:20.000] Animal Crossing where you just like are trading these things and you’re not actually eating players have a range of methods for
[56:20.240 –> 56:23.700] Catching different types of pals. Oh, it’s ooblets again
[56:24.200 –> 56:30.220] these methods include digging them up from the ground sneaking up on them and capturing them while fishing in the sea or
[56:30.800 –> 56:31.800] employing
[56:31.800 –> 56:35.760] Specialized tools such as a suction gun explicitly designed for their capture
[56:36.800 –> 56:41.480] These I know that was quite that is the wording on that my word
[56:42.440 –> 56:45.000] These toes just imagine them running away
[56:45.360 –> 56:51.600] Like there’s one in the corner like mommy no, it’s like no gonna shoot you
[56:53.760 –> 56:58.580] These tools can either be crafted by the player or purchased from the local town shops and
[56:59.160 –> 57:03.680] You’re right. Yeah. Okay, so you’re growing you’re growing you’re growing creatures too. It’s a creature collection
[57:03.680 –> 57:06.920] Why didn’t it say that doesn’t say that anywhere but it’s great
[57:06.920 –> 57:09.200] It is like you read the detail and you’re like, oh you
[57:09.520 –> 57:16.920] Grow these creatures and you capture them and then you evolve them and then there’s different rarity and your bonds increase with them
[57:16.920 –> 57:19.080] And you can make hybrid they’re calling them pals
[57:19.840 –> 57:22.840] Which I really don’t like as a word pal
[57:24.760 –> 57:26.240] Hybrid pals
[57:26.240 –> 57:29.840] Yeah, it’s a creature collection farming game, which is fine. Like I like that
[57:29.840 –> 57:34.060] Yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t realize that because I have backed this one
[57:35.640 –> 57:37.960] So I really paid attention when I was backing it
[57:39.280 –> 57:45.800] No, it’s good. I like it, but it like doesn’t make that clear anywhere else. And then there’s also just fish
[57:46.480 –> 57:54.040] Just just fish. Yeah, like hyper realistic looking fish in this game that you have turnip with eyes
[57:55.000 –> 57:56.320] Like what?
[57:56.320 –> 58:01.920] The fish looks so if I’ve you seen the fish I’m scrolling they look so out of place. Oh
[58:02.920 –> 58:10.320] Yeah, yep, what’s with what’s with that it’s like everything is like chibi and cartoony and then you’ve got this
[58:11.560 –> 58:17.000] Hyper-looking boss. It’s the same with the with the butterflies. Also, these are all just
[58:18.120 –> 58:23.760] But like this is this reminds me of Animal Crossing because Animal Crossing when you collect the insects and then you look at them in
[58:23.760 –> 58:29.800] Your that’s true. Whatever they look very real and the way that your person holds up the thing like wow
[58:29.800 –> 58:36.160] I caught it like it’s very Animal Crossing. Oh, I think they actually cooking. Oh, you can pay $75 to get a unicorn
[58:37.360 –> 58:39.360] or
[58:39.760 –> 58:42.740] $20 for a baby dragon kickstart. Yeah, it’s a
[58:43.260 –> 58:49.000] 75 for what Oh add-on baby drug. Okay. Yeah, it’s twenty twenty dollars that you can you can get the dragon on its own
[58:49.000 –> 58:51.000] They did not unlock
[58:52.000 –> 58:55.520] Switch. Yeah. Yeah, it’s just gonna be PC
[58:56.160 –> 58:59.000] Question yeah, I mean they’ll port to switch if it’s successful
[58:59.360 –> 59:03.820] But yeah, it certainly won’t be coming to start with but these things never do they never release with switches. Yeah
[59:04.080 –> 59:07.800] Yeah, I like the look of it. It looks a little bit weird. It looks a little bit cute
[59:07.800 –> 59:12.640] I’m intrigued to see how it goes. I didn’t realize until this conversation that it was a creature collection game
[59:12.840 –> 59:16.560] You learn something new every day classic Moonlight Peaks
[59:17.440 –> 59:19.960] have you ever wanted to be a
[59:20.760 –> 59:26.520] Vampire I says this is wild and expedience life as a vampire in Moonlight Peaks
[59:27.160 –> 59:34.080] Master the art of potion making and spell casting tend to your supernatural farm and make your mark on the magical town
[59:34.640 –> 59:41.720] Befriend the local werewolves witches and mermaids and maybe even find eternal love along the way in this heartwarming life
[59:41.720 –> 59:44.680] Sim you set out to prove to your skeptical father
[59:45.720 –> 59:47.720] Dracula
[59:48.240 –> 59:50.240] What
[59:54.040 –> 59:58.040] It’s down under about this game father is Dracula
[59:59.520 –> 01:00:02.920] You’re trying to give some humanity to Dracula
[01:00:04.320 –> 01:00:08.200] Unravel the mysteries of the seven families and step out of the shadow of your father
[01:00:09.040 –> 01:00:15.460] Find your perfect match vampire dating is full of options from werewolves to unsuspecting humans. Yikes
[01:00:16.460 –> 01:00:20.820] Unsuspective also one of the pictures in the dating in the I know it’s your father
[01:00:21.060 –> 01:00:24.420] Well, I don’t know you don’t know that’s their father is just in the image
[01:00:24.420 –> 01:00:27.580] That’s above the bit that talks about your father, but it doesn’t actually say it’s your father
[01:00:27.580 –> 01:00:30.340] So I’m assuming it’s not I like the guy with the owl
[01:00:30.340 –> 01:00:33.500] I’m guessing because the two characters in that image are both in there
[01:00:33.500 –> 01:00:37.100] So I’m guessing that you play as one of them and the other one is a villager
[01:00:37.340 –> 01:00:41.460] like you can choose one of the like I presume those are the two options you can choose from and
[01:00:42.100 –> 01:00:48.300] She’s she looks like a witch not right, maybe they’re just I’m so confused knows this is wild
[01:00:49.380 –> 01:00:54.140] You I’m gonna have to play this game. I mean it has full controller support. So yeah you do
[01:00:56.020 –> 01:01:02.180] You fly that’s the thing that matters that or the ability to break up couples is what you need
[01:01:02.940 –> 01:01:09.260] Well, yeah, I like it’s very it’s very kind of purpley. Yeah. I’m really liking the color scheme
[01:01:09.820 –> 01:01:14.060] I’m looking at all the characters. It’s my vibe. I’m very like I like the art
[01:01:14.060 –> 01:01:19.180] I like that you can you fly around as a bat you like fire. I should have umpire. Yeah
[01:01:19.900 –> 01:01:26.780] There’s also a blood meter in the top left. What oh, no, you’re gonna have to kill. What are you do?
[01:01:28.500 –> 01:01:36.140] All moonlighters assemble ask me anything. Oh there was an AMA and I’m hoping I’m hoping I’m hoping
[01:01:36.900 –> 01:01:41.620] That that is just like your your energy bar and you go to sleep to bring it up
[01:01:41.620 –> 01:01:44.700] But I have a bad feeling that you’re gonna have to keep eating humans
[01:01:45.100 –> 01:01:48.980] What if you fall in love with a human and they just let you
[01:01:49.740 –> 01:01:51.740] loftier
[01:01:54.980 –> 01:01:56.180] Yeah
[01:01:56.180 –> 01:02:01.720] Windows and switch and we don’t know when it’s coming out. Yep. Okay next loft loftier loftier
[01:02:02.400 –> 01:02:07.600] The Kickstarter is live now and it will be live for about another week after this episode drop and
[01:02:08.400 –> 01:02:12.200] It is a cozy online game set in a warm solarpunk world
[01:02:12.720 –> 01:02:17.660] Find your new home contribute to the community and embark on adventures together
[01:02:18.920 –> 01:02:21.580] The important thing I haven’t seen the bees. Where do the bees?
[01:02:21.880 –> 01:02:27.480] If you watch the trailer there, you can see them in the background of about 35 seconds into the trailer
[01:02:28.240 –> 01:02:30.240] You’re looking at like a plant
[01:02:30.240 –> 01:02:31.800] a
[01:02:31.800 –> 01:02:35.040] Creation thing and it looks like the plant chamber has
[01:02:36.120 –> 01:02:38.600] temperature pH level nutrients energy and water
[01:02:39.280 –> 01:02:45.080] So you can change all those things and behind it are beehives and the bees are coming and going. Oh
[01:02:45.880 –> 01:02:51.840] Yeah, I see. Cool. Um, you can have cute little dogs and you can put a hat on your dog
[01:02:52.040 –> 01:02:54.040] The dog’s name is P dog
[01:02:54.680 –> 01:02:57.520] Yeah, this looks like a really cute game. Yeah
[01:02:58.520 –> 01:03:05.720] You saw 14 days to back it but dear Lord she smashed that goal. Oh my word
[01:03:05.720 –> 01:03:10.920] Yeah, that half a million pound six hundred six hundred thousand dollars next
[01:03:12.280 –> 01:03:16.560] Thing is that they’ll the next stretch stretch goal
[01:03:18.200 –> 01:03:25.760] 650k lofty and tunes at 700k you get to collect bugs that will boost farming and cultivate a harmonious ecosystem. Ah
[01:03:26.160 –> 01:03:32.120] Well, and then there’s animal conservationists help with the rescue and reintroduction of endangered species I
[01:03:34.240 –> 01:03:36.640] What is this fish engine
[01:03:37.320 –> 01:03:43.900] So just two images down from the stretch goals. They’re building a jet engine with a fish around it. Yeah
[01:03:44.080 –> 01:03:46.360] What is this? It’s fish engine. Oh
[01:03:48.260 –> 01:03:51.560] My bad, how did I not know what it was?
[01:03:52.560 –> 01:03:57.080] What’s what’s it for let me see if they talk about it in the trailer it’s mentioned in the trailer
[01:03:57.080 –> 01:04:04.200] You’re like building it. Oh, it’s a hydro energy station. Your dog is helping you build it. It’s it’s for energy. Okay
[01:04:04.880 –> 01:04:09.800] But yeah, look at there’s like two of them in the in the in the picture in the big picture
[01:04:09.800 –> 01:04:12.720] There’s one that looks like a goldfish and one that looks like a whale
[01:04:13.240 –> 01:04:18.280] Sustainable farming cute pets. I don’t know whether I’ll play this or not because I’m not a huge fan of MMOs
[01:04:18.280 –> 01:04:22.360] It’s an MMO, but it does look pretty cute. One of the beehives looks like a little game boy
[01:04:22.560 –> 01:04:27.320] Um, what else cycle things energy from the sock the skies?
[01:04:28.440 –> 01:04:31.440] It’s coming to Windows Mac and switch
[01:04:32.160 –> 01:04:36.280] Currently expecting to release in December 20 25 of a cap
[01:04:37.440 –> 01:04:40.600] 25 that’s that’s great. Cuz that’s where I’m going to
[01:04:42.600 –> 01:04:46.480] Do the thing where I defend my dissertation nice
[01:04:47.320 –> 01:04:49.320] What do you do that
[01:04:50.680 –> 01:04:52.680] What oh, okay
[01:04:53.600 –> 01:05:00.080] The places that you’ll go explore our solarpunk world and then it shows princess Mononoke and castle in the sky and Wally
[01:05:00.080 –> 01:05:02.080] And I was like, excuse me
[01:05:02.160 –> 01:05:07.520] But it’s that’s what it’s inspired by but I was like are they putting Wally in this game?
[01:05:08.040 –> 01:05:13.440] Yeah, no looks really cute. That’s that’s lofty. Oh, I’m gonna keep scrolling forever if I don’t shut up
[01:05:13.640 –> 01:05:15.900] Thank You Cody for joining me for this
[01:05:17.080 –> 01:05:23.880] Episode we now know how to podcast again. We did it. Don’t worry listeners that won’t happen again till next summer
[01:05:26.600 –> 01:05:31.640] We we we we did well let us know what you thought about farming month
[01:05:32.760 –> 01:05:34.480] fishing month
[01:05:34.480 –> 01:05:38.480] We did so well, let me stumble over my words
[01:05:39.000 –> 01:05:45.480] Let us know what you thought of fishing month and give us some suggestions for what we should do next year for our holiday month
[01:05:45.480 –> 01:05:48.680] and let me know what you thought about our
[01:05:49.560 –> 01:05:51.560] last episode and
[01:05:51.760 –> 01:05:54.520] Stars you valid no start you I’m done
[01:05:55.080 –> 01:05:57.080] farming game of the podcast year
[01:05:57.440 –> 01:06:02.760] Spirit fairer fear fear spirit fairer one. Let us know what you think get a spoiler alert
[01:06:04.240 –> 01:06:08.120] Let us know what you thought about that. Yeah, we have some ideas for things
[01:06:08.120 –> 01:06:11.560] We’re gonna do in the future because as I said, I don’t think that’ll work again
[01:06:11.560 –> 01:06:13.640] But we have an idea of how to make something similar
[01:06:14.160 –> 01:06:16.160] So look forward to it
[01:06:17.640 –> 01:06:19.640] Cody where can people find you on the internet?
[01:06:19.640 –> 01:06:25.620] They can find me kind of on Twitter slash X slash whatever you want to call it at Cody math is which is my name
[01:06:25.800 –> 01:06:32.420] You can also find me on Instagram, which I’m more active on at hiking Beagle be eagle to ease because I study bees
[01:06:32.420 –> 01:06:35.340] And I have a beagle. Where can people find you be?
[01:06:36.100 –> 01:06:42.140] People can find me on most of the social networks at the Scott spot
[01:06:42.820 –> 01:06:49.240] Including I’m on the mastodon Scott. Does Scott have one tea or two teas out is one tea Wow
[01:06:49.860 –> 01:06:51.860] cuz Scotland cuz it’s
[01:06:53.060 –> 01:06:59.260] Nationality and not a name because we do have a name which is Scott which has two teas, but that’s not what it is
[01:06:59.260 –> 01:07:05.020] I always find it funny right because it’s like someone be called Scott. Yeah, it’s like someone
[01:07:05.500 –> 01:07:07.500] like America being called
[01:07:07.900 –> 01:07:09.300] America
[01:07:09.300 –> 01:07:11.300] or like someone in
[01:07:11.620 –> 01:07:18.460] Switzerland being called Switzerland or someone in France being called France for a front front. Oh, they’ve got Francois Frank
[01:07:18.460 –> 01:07:21.240] Okay, maybe it’s not that weird anyway
[01:07:22.060 –> 01:07:24.060] You can all find the podcast
[01:07:24.620 –> 01:07:26.380] on
[01:07:26.380 –> 01:07:28.260] tumblr
[01:07:28.260 –> 01:07:30.260] made a tumblr page for the podcast cuz
[01:07:31.140 –> 01:07:35.980] Not sure I trust Twitter and I decided that tumblr is the one that I’m gonna put the podcast on
[01:07:36.660 –> 01:07:42.500] So I’m gonna post there and it’s still on Twitter if you want, but same name THS pod
[01:07:43.260 –> 01:07:47.540] Come and tumble us. I don’t know what the verbs are
[01:07:50.420 –> 01:07:55.520] You can also find you can find everything on our website harvest season club
[01:07:56.180 –> 01:07:59.060] Yeah, you can find links to everything there including our patreon
[01:07:59.820 –> 01:08:06.140] Where we are also ths pod if you subscribe to the patreon you can get access to our amazing slack
[01:08:06.780 –> 01:08:11.420] Where I were I mean, it’s it’s if you liked the unhingedness of this episode
[01:08:11.420 –> 01:08:15.100] There’s more of that there so much of that there me and Al
[01:08:15.900 –> 01:08:18.820] Fighting. What were we fighting? Hollow night hollow night
[01:08:19.620 –> 01:08:22.620] Was that it that you hate me? Yeah, you hate me. I
[01:08:23.780 –> 01:08:25.780] Never said you can’t do one
[01:08:26.420 –> 01:08:28.820] Cody find us on slack
[01:08:29.620 –> 01:08:33.760] You can also get access to our extra bonus episodes of the podcast
[01:08:34.780 –> 01:08:37.820] We have we had any of them recently. I think we must have right?
[01:08:39.460 –> 01:08:45.320] Yeah, yeah, yeah, we did two in July and we’ve done one in August so far so we’ll have another one coming soon
[01:08:46.020 –> 01:08:49.100] so we did one on Hollow night me and Kelly and
[01:08:49.740 –> 01:08:54.300] Then before that Mike and Kevin did one on pretty princess. Yeah
[01:08:55.060 –> 01:08:57.940] So come and see what other wild stuff were up to you. Um
[01:08:58.940 –> 01:09:05.820] Yeah, I want you need to play the music in the soul sanctum, yeah, okay there I’ve not gone back
[01:09:05.820 –> 01:09:09.660] Well, I’ve gone back. So part of the problem part of the problem Cody
[01:09:09.660 –> 01:09:14.580] Yeah is I’m like out of that the zone the moment right for Hollow night
[01:09:14.580 –> 01:09:16.700] I need to get back into it and I’m just not there yet
[01:09:16.700 –> 01:09:22.060] I’ve tried a couple of times and I’ve done like maybe like five times trying the the empty vessel battle
[01:09:22.780 –> 01:09:27.580] And I’ve just like sad I’ve just gotten like I’ve just not managed to like get there
[01:09:27.940 –> 01:09:32.700] Yet because I’ve not defeated that battle yet. Like it’s it just I’ll get there. It does it does
[01:09:32.700 –> 01:09:35.660] I just once I get there I’ll get back in but I’m playing people in just now
[01:09:35.660 –> 01:09:39.420] So hopefully I’ll get to at some point. I will I will finish it
[01:09:39.420 –> 01:09:45.220] I’m just really annoyed because it’s like I should have just delayed my playing of Zelda and just finished Hollow night because
[01:09:45.660 –> 01:09:46.980] But whatever
[01:09:46.980 –> 01:09:48.980] Thank you listeners for listening
[01:09:49.220 –> 01:09:51.220] staying with sticking with us
[01:09:52.060 –> 01:09:54.060] Until next time
[01:09:57.940 –> 01:09:59.940] You
[01:10:02.060 –> 01:10:09.840] The harvest season is created by Alma Kinley with support from our patrons including our pro farmers Kevin Stewart Annalisa
[01:10:10.260 –> 01:10:14.460] Our art is done by Micah the brave and our music is done by Nick Burgess
[01:10:14.940 –> 01:10:21.980] Feel free to visit our website harvest season club for show notes and links to things we discussed in this episode
[01:10:27.940 –> 01:10:29.940] You
[01:10:30.220 –> 01:10:35.080] Cody why would you say that? Why would you say that say that again for the recording?
[01:10:36.380 –> 01:10:42.120] Cool start recording. Let me know not gonna take two hours. I have done. Oh, it’s not gonna take two hours
[01:10:44.860 –> 01:10:46.860] That was a really bad recreation