Wylde Podcast

Kev interviews Wylde Flowers voice actor Ray Chase.

Also, Al and Kev go through the news of the week.


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Steamworld Build Release Date
My Time at Sandrock Delay
Research Story 0.4 Update
One Lonely Outpost Update and Roadmap
Fae Farm New Trailer
Disney Dreamlight Valley Belle Teaser
Slime Rancher Movie
Bungie Life Sim

Pumpkin Panic

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[00:00.000 –> 00:05.840] [music]
[00:30.720 –> 00:38.880] hello farmers and welcome to another episode of the harvest season my name is al i’m kevin
[00:38.880 –> 00:44.000] and we are here today to talk about cottagecore games that’s what it is that we do isn’t it
[00:44.640 –> 00:53.920] well hold it hold it hold it hold it before that uh happy birthday al cue the music um for
[00:53.920 –> 00:58.880] dear listeners al’s birthday was just a few days ago well at the time of this recording probably
[00:58.880 –> 01:05.360] went about almost a week since yeah then this episode comes out um but uh yes wishing you a
[01:05.360 –> 01:14.640] very happy birthday post birthday whatever um and in honor of your birthday al i am bringing you
[01:15.280 –> 01:19.600] the best gift i can think of another episode about wildflowers
[01:19.680 –> 01:29.520] so many so we are on wildflowers episode is it four or is it five i feel like it’s five at least
[01:29.520 –> 01:35.920] uh let me check my list because i have a list i can search through my list i did a solo episode
[01:36.480 –> 01:46.560] we did one together there was the uh interview uh so this is the fourth main episode but there’s
[01:46.560 –> 01:51.200] also there was a greenhouse as well ah there you go so you did the characters the characters one
[01:51.200 –> 01:56.720] you did as your greenhouse episode the premium episode the best bit is kevin it’s just me and
[01:56.720 –> 02:03.040] you they’ve been doing all of it i know no we’re not letting anyone else on this train nope um
[02:04.160 –> 02:10.880] yeah no that’s because well at least half the episodes i don’t think you even expected i sprung
[02:10.880 –> 02:15.840] them on you yeah i mean look i’m not complaining when you come to me and say here’s an episode
[02:15.840 –> 02:24.080] and i’ve done most of it i’m like great sounds amazing let’s do it um so just before we get into
[02:24.080 –> 02:31.920] that uh transcripts are available in the show notes and on the website as per usual um the
[02:31.920 –> 02:39.120] and yeah as kevin mentioned we are going to do this so this is the second interview of a um
[02:40.000 –> 02:47.440] uh voice actor that’s the term i’m looking for a voice actor from wildflowers um which will
[02:47.440 –> 02:51.200] detail a little bit more later if you want to listen if you don’t care about anything
[02:51.200 –> 02:54.960] else and you’re just here for this for the interview part of the podcast there should
[02:54.960 –> 02:59.440] be times in the show notes you can click on that and and get straight to that if that’s what you
[02:59.440 –> 03:03.040] really want i would recommend listening though we’ve got loads of interesting news coming up
[03:03.120 –> 03:10.560] i’ll say before well i will say just to hook them that it is the interviewee is uh one mr
[03:10.560 –> 03:18.320] ray chase who is a prolific voice actor uh far beyond wildflower so um i suggest you guys look
[03:18.320 –> 03:23.200] them up i’ll get into that later but anyways go ahead al all right what’s up what are we doing
[03:23.200 –> 03:26.560] so yeah before that we’re gonna have a whole bunch of exciting news
[03:27.200 –> 03:29.360] but first of all kevin what have you been up to
[03:31.680 –> 03:36.080] it’s been a minute since i’ve been on so i’m trying to think um it’s been a minute yet i
[03:36.080 –> 03:41.840] feel like yeah the gradually episode is your last one yeah um tears of the kingdom i’m not
[03:41.840 –> 03:48.000] done with it but i have i don’t remember if i had it when i last recorded but i’ve i’m going
[03:48.000 –> 03:54.320] through that it’s guess what it’s a good game um shock the lightning temple is the best part of the
[03:54.320 –> 03:59.840] game thus far i haven’t done the fire temple i will say but uh man i really like the lightning
[03:59.840 –> 04:09.280] temple it’s a pyramid in a desert it’s it’s a good thing um let’s see aside from um that
[04:10.240 –> 04:16.240] marvel snap continues to eat away at my life um i hit uh infinite last season that’s like top of
[04:16.240 –> 04:22.240] the top i finally caught up with johnny um and i am trying to claw my way back up there slowly but
[04:22.240 –> 04:29.760] unsurely um aside from that uh but but all that’s a little that’s all that’s a little old news
[04:29.760 –> 04:38.560] what’s eaten my life this week aquarium odyssey deal sea forts let’s make a zoo whatever it’s
[04:38.560 –> 04:44.320] called the zoo game i’m playing that i’m back in nice let’s build a zoo whatever
[04:45.280 –> 04:53.840] yeah what abomination of nature have you are you most excited by so as the name applies is
[04:53.840 –> 04:58.800] aquarium odyssey it’s all your fish and whatnot right so yeah i’m probably gonna work on like a
[04:58.800 –> 05:03.520] puffer fish and a blue whale because that just sounds funny just stick the head on the blue whale
[05:03.520 –> 05:11.840] nice tiny little puffer fish head um but um i mean it’s good you know go back to the episode we
[05:11.840 –> 05:17.520] talked about that game it’s still good it’s great value go go get it let’s build a zoo um
[05:18.560 –> 05:25.360] what about you al what have you been up to nice um let’s see so i’ve started i’ve started playing
[05:25.360 –> 05:34.240] the original harvest moon on my switch oh so that is interesting i’ll talk more about that later
[05:34.880 –> 05:41.840] ah some other did you have a question no no actually that does make me uh i should point
[05:41.840 –> 05:46.880] out i’ve also i’ve actually kept up with story of seasons uh wonderful life um as a you know
[05:46.880 –> 05:53.920] comparison point since that is the yeah the grand pappy of that game um so i am curious to see how
[05:53.920 –> 05:59.120] that uh that compares because that game uh i’m still enjoying it but uh but i guess we’ll hear
[05:59.120 –> 06:04.320] about that some other time maybe uh i don’t know what it’s not like i’m saving it for a future
[06:04.320 –> 06:10.640] episode or anything like that definitely no no why would we do that on this platform why are we
[06:10.640 –> 06:15.120] talking about harvest moon on the harvest season no that doesn’t make sense but yeah it’s it’s
[06:15.120 –> 06:18.800] interesting i’ll say that at this point it’s interesting because i never played the original
[06:18.800 –> 06:22.720] did you you never played the original did you i wonder if it was your first yeah that’s correct
[06:23.040 –> 06:31.120] yeah so it’s interesting to go back and see where it all began and um what was a staple back then
[06:31.120 –> 06:36.560] and what has changed since then it’s been very interesting i’m not sure it’s the sort of game
[06:36.560 –> 06:42.000] i’m going to play for months right like it’s not sure but i’m sure it shows a little age just a
[06:42.000 –> 06:47.920] little maybe yeah but at least for a bit to see what it’s like because you know history is is
[06:47.920 –> 06:53.920] interesting context is good for things yeah usually i have also
[06:55.520 –> 07:01.360] i’ve been doing a bunch of raids in pokemon to get ready for mewtwo which is i think coming on
[07:01.360 –> 07:10.800] this friday um so looking forward to getting a mewtwo with the remark enjoying that
[07:11.520 –> 07:15.520] i haven’t been disliking it i mean i feel like the raids are one of the better bits of the game
[07:15.520 –> 07:21.520] i feel like it’s the work one of the worst i just i really like i’ve really been enjoying
[07:21.520 –> 07:26.160] the blissy ones because it’s like you go in there and you absolutely take it down and then it heals
[07:26.160 –> 07:30.400] you and you’re like oh great thanks and then you get loads of rewards for it i’ve been enjoying
[07:30.400 –> 07:36.560] that oh sure i guess that if you’re grinding out the easy mindless ones yeah that that makes sense
[07:36.640 –> 07:47.280] like i yeah okay and that’s fair like i i’m on many tangents here but um i play with my brother
[07:47.280 –> 07:54.000] calvin and a lot of times we even do not even online just like next to each other couch local
[07:54.000 –> 08:01.200] co-op type yeah situation where he has his switch i have mine and we’re uh where we’ll be doing a
[08:01.200 –> 08:05.280] raid together whatever right and and that’s good because hey the person i’m coordinating with is
[08:05.280 –> 08:11.600] like right next to me we can actually just talk and and coordinate stuff but yeah it also being
[08:11.600 –> 08:19.440] able to see each other’s screens more or less shows how insanely broken the raids can be
[08:20.480 –> 08:24.880] um that might not be the case at lower easier raids where you clear them out into a second
[08:24.880 –> 08:33.520] but yeah like the raid will be finished on one of our screens like a good at least 30 seconds
[08:33.520 –> 08:43.120] before the other person it’s wild wild um but um you know and and that’s all technical like
[08:43.120 –> 08:48.880] shenanigans but um even from a non-technical like more subjective i don’t particularly
[08:48.880 –> 08:54.560] like the design of them i much prefer the sword shield once yeah but we don’t need to get into
[08:54.560 –> 09:01.280] that bit again yeah i don’t know do yeah no i don’t all right that’s fine but yeah go ahead
[09:01.280 –> 09:07.600] so that and uh i’ve got loads of games that i’m kind of ongoing but not really done a huge amount
[09:07.600 –> 09:13.120] i’ve still not managed to push past the bunch of tutorials at the beginning of pikmin 4 they are
[09:13.120 –> 09:21.040] really not fun um i’m not about the full game but i can tell just from the demo that it’s bad it’s
[09:21.040 –> 09:27.200] real bad my problem with is right you get into the game and it starts you off on this little kind of
[09:27.200 –> 09:33.200] mini tutorial level where you’re playing with with olimar and um you’ve got all your powers
[09:33.200 –> 09:36.880] and everything and that’s that’s actually a really good tutorial really fun tutorial
[09:36.880 –> 09:40.960] and i was having loads of fun during that and then you finish it and you go into the actual
[09:40.960 –> 09:45.280] start of the game and they put you into a new tutorial which is just walk 10 steps get talked
[09:45.280 –> 09:49.600] at for five minutes walk 10 steps get talked out for five minutes and i’m like why are we doing
[09:49.600 –> 09:53.680] this so i’m really hoping we get back to what it was at the very beginning and i would actually
[09:53.680 –> 09:59.520] enjoy it but i’m not enjoying it right now so i’ve not been playing it a lot it’s wild because
[09:59.520 –> 10:08.080] this is you know the fourth entry in the pikmin series and i will say like i have never once
[10:08.080 –> 10:18.640] associated dialogue with the pikmin series and yeah we love that story it’s and so it’s just
[10:18.640 –> 10:26.080] it’s it’s wild to see the pivot they took from like no dialogue to oh we’re just gonna throw
[10:26.640 –> 10:33.600] every as much dialogue as humanly possible as we can into this it’s insane bizarre
[10:34.960 –> 10:38.080] and i need to at some point go back and finish off hollow knight but i’ve just not had the
[10:39.520 –> 10:45.360] the brain space for that but i mean that requires a lot of brain space i don’t want to blame you and
[10:45.360 –> 10:49.760] i did just get a bunch of games for my birthday so that’s gonna make things busy so oh you’ll like
[10:49.760 –> 10:58.880] this so i got what did we get uh i got i’m trying to remember the one that wasn’t sonic related
[10:58.880 –> 11:06.960] that i got uh oh yeah i got louise’s luigi’s mansion 3 oh that’s that’s a good one and then
[11:06.960 –> 11:14.560] i got uh two sonic games because apparently the two sonic games and a sonic lego set because
[11:14.560 –> 11:19.840] apparently this was the sonic birthday i don’t even know how that happened oh so i got every
[11:19.840 –> 11:24.880] birthday is the sonic birthday i got the new sonic set um you know the one without the ball
[11:24.880 –> 11:30.960] that sonic goes in yeah yeah and the the um the thing that speeds it along so i got that
[11:30.960 –> 11:36.960] which i’m excited to build yeah and then i got sonic forces which i had never played
[11:37.760 –> 11:45.360] oh oh that um that’s a game with highs and lows it’ll be interesting to see
[11:46.480 –> 11:52.560] i got that for switch and i got i think you might actually like it though i’m hoping so i’m hoping
[11:52.560 –> 11:59.440] so because there’s there’s yeah the levels are short i’ll say that that’s good that’s good yeah
[11:59.440 –> 12:09.520] and i got sonic frontiers for ps5 ah now we’re now that’s a good one did you did you think you
[12:09.520 –> 12:15.680] could play sonic in breath of the wild i didn’t think so but apparently you can and it’s enjoyable
[12:15.680 –> 12:21.040] i am excited to to play it um all the all the extra updates they’re all free aren’t they there’s
[12:21.040 –> 12:27.520] no like paid dlc for that isn’t it i yeah i’ve not heard of any paid dlc yeah because they just
[12:27.520 –> 12:32.560] announced their last um update for that game yeah dude do you not remember we had this conversation
[12:32.560 –> 12:37.760] about sonic direct like two months ago yeah we had the birthday dlc is that still going on
[12:37.760 –> 12:44.000] no there was uh there was another thing they’ve announced anyway i don’t remember whatever so i
[12:44.000 –> 12:49.840] got that’s what i got i’ve not played any of them yet but uh they’re on my list so lots of games
[12:50.480 –> 12:57.040] lots of stuff i think that’s what we’ve been up to all right should we talk about some news i
[12:57.120 –> 13:06.000] guess contractually obliged to all right so first of all we’ve got apico 3.0 uh is coming out soon
[13:06.000 –> 13:13.840] so it’s the new apico update um it has a bunch of new areas some newbies some new quests and
[13:13.840 –> 13:18.640] fishing mechanic so if you felt one thing that was missing from apico is fishing
[13:18.640 –> 13:28.320] no it’s got it do we get cody in a fishing hat you see the fishing tutorial no she is not
[13:28.880 –> 13:34.400] wouldn’t that be something look if i mean basically fish are the bees of the sea right
[13:37.680 –> 13:46.080] i ooh that’s that’s it sure i’ll say yes just just to aggravate cody so it also looks like
[13:46.640 –> 13:51.760] wait i feel like they’ve taken this really in a really weird direction because i’m just watching
[13:51.760 –> 13:57.600] the the trailer for the update and it looks like you can dive underground not underground dive
[13:57.600 –> 14:06.160] under the water whoa and get water bees is that a thing yes you can get bees in the water no i
[14:06.160 –> 14:15.200] know in the game is that a thing in real life oh probably not bees in water water bees bees cannot
[14:15.200 –> 14:20.000] swim that’s the first thing that cannot breathe underwater but they can be submerged
[14:20.000 –> 14:22.000] for up to five minutes
[14:24.080 –> 14:29.840] gotta pollinate wait scientists just discovered there are bees in the oceans
[14:29.840 –> 14:39.680] bees is in quotes oh they’re pollinators oh we’ll paint it okay here we go all right then um
[14:40.400 –> 14:49.440] okay that’s well okay but all right i’m just see this is how wild this apico update is yeah
[14:50.400 –> 15:00.880] you know you love cbs we got a new whole fishing month now we got an episode to throw in there
[15:01.200 –> 15:03.280] get cody in there
[15:05.760 –> 15:12.480] anyway that is coming soon speaking of coming soon we got a release date for steam world build
[15:13.200 –> 15:20.080] and that is the first of december kevin you’re excited about this surely yes build your own
[15:20.080 –> 15:25.200] online video game front shop that’s what it is right that’s that’s what steam world is
[15:25.760 –> 15:31.840] what is steam world it’s uh it’s a city builder okay i’ve heard the name but i’ve never actually
[15:31.840 –> 15:36.480] bothered to look what steam world is because the steam world dig right yeah so steam world
[15:36.480 –> 15:41.520] have a bunch of different games in different genres and steam world build is their
[15:43.120 –> 15:49.760] city builder one and it’s their new game oh it’s got it’s ooh it reminds me of dragon quest
[15:49.760 –> 15:56.720] builders got that that square grid system i like it yeah it looks great it looks quite cool um i
[15:56.720 –> 16:02.080] might give it a try at some point oh that looks like combat like actual combat sort of thing okay
[16:02.080 –> 16:08.480] that’s interesting huh all right yeah i’m wondering whether it’s um so it’s definitely not like first
[16:08.480 –> 16:15.840] person i’m pretty sure it’s kind of terror defense combat that’s what it sure looks like so i mean
[16:15.840 –> 16:21.360] that’s good i like terror defense i do too i do yeah all right this looks pretty good online
[16:21.360 –> 16:30.320] december 1st december 1st coming to windows windows playstation xbox and switch and it’s like
[16:31.360 –> 16:39.200] ps5 and 4 and it’s xbox series s and x and xbox one it’s like it’s on all the things
[16:39.440 –> 16:45.600] everything that matters except mac i stand by my state
[16:47.600 –> 16:53.120] wow oh kevin
[16:56.000 –> 16:59.760] kevin i can’t wait to get the plugs in so people can send their hate mail
[17:00.960 –> 17:05.360] kevin i think that my time at sandrock is scared of the necos night market
[17:05.360 –> 17:11.280] i most things should be i’m scared of the necos night market because i’m so excited for it
[17:12.000 –> 17:18.240] it’s going to consume my life for context they have delayed their 1.0 release so that was meant
[17:18.240 –> 17:22.640] to be coming out the same day as mannequins night market on the 26th of september they have taken
[17:22.640 –> 17:29.600] the very sensible decision to delay until the 2nd of november yeah some room between them and
[17:29.600 –> 17:38.320] mannequins night market yep that’s that’s the move i mean yeah i can’t i can’t think of any
[17:38.320 –> 17:43.680] game well that’s not true there’s probably some games but it’s a that’s a tough time to come out
[17:43.680 –> 17:51.120] um yeah i don’t blame you i’d run away i love them they probably have no idea right like it’s
[17:51.120 –> 17:55.440] probably just any more time but i love the idea that they’re like actively like having a meeting
[17:55.440 –> 17:59.760] like oh no we’re just releasing the same day as mannequins night market we need to we need to
[17:59.760 –> 18:05.760] change we’re gonna we’re not gonna nobody’s gonna play our game there are okay i don’t know about
[18:05.760 –> 18:14.320] sandrock but that absolutely happens i’m positive oh sure red dead redemption 2 you bet it moved
[18:14.320 –> 18:19.840] because breath of the wild came out on the same day week whatever sure sure but but we are talking
[18:19.840 –> 18:25.600] about mannequins night market right it’s not exactly uh is it is it are you gonna regret this
[18:25.600 –> 18:34.560] statement al look i think we are living in a bubble let me put it that way well a pro manneco
[18:35.120 –> 18:40.080] bubble i suspect most people have never even heard of the game well if then we’re not doing our jobs
[18:40.800 –> 18:49.360] because we are not pr people yeah i am i’m a chill i’m gonna shill so hard for like
[18:49.360 –> 18:53.680] i’m not a pr person until they like offer to pay me money then who knows
[18:55.440 –> 18:57.440] hashtag not an ad but it could be
[18:59.920 –> 19:01.920] yes definitely not an ad yet
[19:06.720 –> 19:14.720] research story um their 0.4 update is out now and it brings the spring and summer festivals
[19:14.720 –> 19:20.480] and a lot of smaller stuff that most people don’t care about if you play the game you might
[19:20.480 –> 19:26.640] care about there’s a link in the show notes these researchers have very very vivid lives i’ve got to
[19:26.640 –> 19:39.440] say cody do you have spring and summer festivals who doesn’t know at her job i mean totally
[19:39.600 –> 19:40.160] i don’t know
[19:44.400 –> 19:46.880] one lonely outposts have released a road map
[19:48.240 –> 19:53.040] and their first update the customization and controller update is out now
[19:54.880 –> 20:00.240] so if you wanted to play it with controller support you can play it now if you were refusing
[20:00.240 –> 20:06.960] to play this game until there was character customization good luck no not good luck good news
[20:07.840 –> 20:16.480] no it’s there now good luck still good news is there now also they implemented the calendar i
[20:16.480 –> 20:23.280] don’t know how they didn’t have a calendar in uh in a farming game that’s wild i’ll say roots
[20:23.280 –> 20:29.520] apache didn’t have a calendar but that’s because you had to invent the calendar um yeah but um
[20:30.800 –> 20:35.120] is this is this game actually out has anyone checked it are they just are they just bluffing
[20:37.120 –> 20:41.840] well it’s in my library i own it and it’s downloaded on my steam deck apparently but
[20:41.840 –> 20:49.120] i haven’t okay download without your knowledge it’s like malware i think i kickstarted this
[20:49.120 –> 20:56.880] game i i really don’t know i lose track right this is okay all right um
[20:59.680 –> 21:05.680] yeah so they’ve got a roadmap for the rest of their updates as well so there’s one coming fall
[21:05.680 –> 21:15.920] 2023 there’s one coming winter 2023 one coming early 2024 and one coming 2024 presumably not
[21:15.920 –> 21:24.240] early uh so if you are interested in what’s upcoming that will be in the show notes as well
[21:24.240 –> 21:31.600] speaking of things coming soon we’ve got fae farm which i think comes out and yeah it comes
[21:31.600 –> 21:37.280] on the 8th of september oh that’s real soon that’s like when people hear this that’ll be
[21:37.280 –> 21:42.960] like a week yep yep yep yep um they have released a new trailer their launch trailer
[21:44.080 –> 21:49.760] and they’ve also announced the deluxe edition so if you had previously pre-ordered the game
[21:50.560 –> 21:55.120] you are you now have pre-ordered the deluxe edition they’re just kind of upgrading everybody
[21:55.120 –> 22:00.160] to that version oh yo that’s nice um if you haven’t you can choose between the standard
[22:00.240 –> 22:06.800] of the deluxe edition the deluxe edition includes a copy of the soundtrack and two
[22:06.800 –> 22:14.000] content packs that will be coming before the end of june 2024 okay and whichever one you buy if
[22:14.000 –> 22:21.760] you if you buy it before release date you will get the cozy cabin variety pack which includes
[22:21.760 –> 22:31.760] a cozy casual farmer’s outfit and a bunch of stuff like a birdhouse and a bench and stuff
[22:32.480 –> 22:40.000] like there you go it’s i’m interested see i feel like fae farm has actually
[22:40.000 –> 22:48.000] been getting push um from my kendo yeah yeah so i’m interested to see if this actually becomes
[22:48.720 –> 22:56.800] a thing and the whole mmo aspect like it’s it’s i’m applauding them for trying this it’s it’s
[22:56.800 –> 23:04.080] it’s a bold idea um i’m not fan i’m not a fan of the character designs but other than that the
[23:04.080 –> 23:11.040] animations and the visuals in general look very nice um yeah yeah this guy chopping trees and
[23:11.040 –> 23:18.080] he’s going full like haymaker circles with his axe it’s crazy um all right fae farm well i mean
[23:18.080 –> 23:26.560] soon enough we’ll find out get ready for the the harvest season guild and fae farm and we’ll see
[23:27.200 –> 23:35.600] i have no idea i really don’t we’ll see disney dreamlight valley this is a very small piece of
[23:35.600 –> 23:42.480] news they’ve teased bell bell’s coming to the game is that small to you good sir yes yes it is
[23:42.480 –> 23:52.960] bell yep it’s the best i love i love image descriptions on the internet so have you
[23:52.960 –> 24:00.240] read the image description on this tweet no i haven’t it says bell sits on a bench by a pond
[24:00.240 –> 24:06.400] reading a book in a screenshot from disney dream life valley i mean it’s very descriptive that’s
[24:06.400 –> 24:14.880] correct and you know what and that’s all i need yeah i’ll i’ll i’m excited to just sit on a bench
[24:14.880 –> 24:22.560] with bell and talk about books that was awesome so if you’ve really if if the one character you’ve
[24:22.560 –> 24:29.520] been waiting for is bell those people exist oh and i am a hundred percent sure there are like
[24:29.520 –> 24:34.800] and i and i’m sure there there are quite a few of them right like it’s not going to be one you know
[24:34.800 –> 24:41.280] i’m sure there are i’m not personally excited for bell but that’s just me that’s fine i’m not
[24:41.280 –> 24:52.240] judging anybody i’m judging i like bell all right what’s wait what slime rancher they’re making a
[24:52.240 –> 25:00.080] movie i know for slime rancher what so slime rancher that game where you are ranching
[25:00.080 –> 25:06.160] ranching and so what is the what would be the verb you would you’re you’re raising on line
[25:06.160 –> 25:12.560] no ranching’s good ranch you’re ranching slimes we’re not talking about this the hot in stardew
[25:12.560 –> 25:20.880] valley no no no we’re talking about the game um they’re they’re making a a movie about it um
[25:22.240 –> 25:29.280] is there a story in this game i’ve not actually played it look gran turismo got a movie anything
[25:29.280 –> 25:35.360] is possible right but it wasn’t about the game this is the thing it wasn’t like animal crossing
[25:35.360 –> 25:45.840] got a movie what oh yeah you didn’t know that professor latin has a movie well actually professor
[25:45.840 –> 25:52.720] latin is plot driven so that kind of makes more sense but oh yeah a 2006 japanese animated film
[25:52.720 –> 25:57.440] based on the animal crossing video game series oh yeah i’m not i’m not even going to try and
[25:57.440 –> 26:01.920] pronounce what the title it looks like it wasn’t it’s what it’s the animal crossing movie that’s
[26:01.920 –> 26:06.640] all you need that’s all you need to look it up it was not released outside of japan it was not but
[26:06.640 –> 26:13.440] you can watch it subtitles i don’t know what to say i mean i would watch an animal crossing movie
[26:13.440 –> 26:19.280] if it was um released in in english i don’t really i’m not in the mood for
[26:22.160 –> 26:26.960] just no anyway uh it’s like you’re gonna go watch this slime rancher movie
[26:27.600 –> 26:35.200] well okay what is story kitchen hold on i’m trying to see which one’s what story kitchen
[26:35.200 –> 26:39.200] yes story kitchen what are you talking about i’m sorry i’m reading the article
[26:40.160 –> 26:45.200] linked story kitchen is working together with game developer manomi park oh what is story
[26:45.200 –> 26:55.760] kitchen presumably they’re a filmmaker well i mean well let’s see like are they gonna i want to
[26:55.760 –> 27:04.800] here i i’m curious because like what can i expect company can i expect um you know
[27:05.760 –> 27:12.720] i go robbie to join this this cast they are apparently making a seafood film as well
[27:12.720 –> 27:19.040] what they are seafood kitchen are yeah see see actually seafood would be great for a movie
[27:20.000 –> 27:30.160] um this is wild oh interesting so right okay you’re this is this is wild right story kitchen
[27:30.880 –> 27:35.360] is a combination of the writer creator of the john wick franchise
[27:35.360 –> 27:42.800] what the producer of the sonic the hedgehog movie and some rich dude um
[27:44.480 –> 27:52.640] this is actually not a bad pedigree man alive john wick sonic the hedgehog what’s not to love
[27:53.520 –> 28:00.480] okay oh no apparently so i’m wrong this this this this the third person is a is a commentator
[28:00.480 –> 28:06.400] apparently oh that’s very different from a rich person yeah well i just he was in a suit and i
[28:06.400 –> 28:11.200] didn’t recognize him i didn’t say what he was so i just assumed he was just a random rich dude
[28:11.200 –> 28:20.240] but apparently he is a an american play-by-play commentator okay like well i mean i don’t
[28:20.800 –> 28:27.600] yeah this is that’s those are like some decent credits actually to have on your pedigree
[28:28.800 –> 28:37.920] and i will say keanu reeves being in this movie is is more possible than zero now
[28:41.920 –> 28:49.280] oh my word it’s just going to be like john wick but with slimes love it love it that’d be amazing
[28:51.200 –> 29:00.480] this is this is why this is why he’s ranching slimes to avenge the the pet that died
[29:02.320 –> 29:09.840] i just i don’t know what to say oh i’m getting more excited about this oh yeah this is
[29:12.880 –> 29:15.520] sifu’s a lot like john wick too actually
[29:15.520 –> 29:25.360] oh they are also making a vampire survivors film oh they’re the guys doing the vampire
[29:25.360 –> 29:31.520] they’re doing the vampire survivors film oh okay i won’t lie i’m excited about this now what game
[29:31.520 –> 29:39.760] are they not basing something on now that’s oh i i don’t think we’ve actually seen one of their
[29:39.760 –> 29:44.320] projects come to fruition but no they’re pretty new so it looks like it was last year they found
[29:44.320 –> 29:50.160] this company so yeah it’s going to be a wee bit before any of them release but but but i’m i won’t
[29:50.160 –> 29:58.880] lie i’m i’m excited like i why there will pro they will probably be better than other video game
[29:58.880 –> 30:05.200] movies i will say that yeah well that’s not that’s not a high bar but what i find what i find really
[30:05.200 –> 30:15.920] interesting is the three that they’ve decided to to do are sifu vampire survivors and slime rancher
[30:18.000 –> 30:23.200] one of these things is not like the others um it’s not the one you think actually
[30:27.440 –> 30:33.280] well it’s gonna be better than the assassin’s creed movie i can tell you that i never even
[30:33.280 –> 30:38.320] watched that that’s fine that’s fine look as if as long as it’s better than
[30:39.520 –> 30:44.960] oh what was that one with tom holland oh um uncharted yeah uncharted that was
[30:46.240 –> 30:50.320] meh that was probably on the level of assassin’s creed i can tell just by looking
[30:52.000 –> 31:00.240] it was fine but it was not great just like assassin’s creed those were two hours i spent
[31:00.320 –> 31:03.360] and i guess i spent those two hours watching a movie
[31:05.360 –> 31:11.600] that’s my review that’s quite exciting for the slime rancher movie well i’m gonna watch it
[31:12.160 –> 31:17.200] let’s not pretend yo for sure i’m probably gonna watch all three of these at some point
[31:18.480 –> 31:27.040] um but okay so sifu one thousand percent could be live i mean do you know what sifu is
[31:27.120 –> 31:31.440] the sifu one is live action yeah okay yes because that’s just kung fu
[31:31.440 –> 31:36.320] mood the mood it’s a kung fu mood that’s all it is i believe the vampire survivors one is animated
[31:36.320 –> 31:42.560] uh i don’t know but it could be live action my point i’m trying to make here slime rancher how
[31:42.560 –> 31:49.360] would you do that live action what did that mean yeah the vampire survivors one is animated and
[31:49.360 –> 31:57.520] the sifu one is live action this is one that is both shockingly uh i don’t it doesn’t yeah it
[31:57.520 –> 32:02.160] doesn’t say it doesn’t say it’s probably gonna be animated i’m i’m just messing it’s probably
[32:02.160 –> 32:10.000] gonna be animated um i’d be i don’t know i think it could be either how would you well you you
[32:10.000 –> 32:15.840] okay you’re gonna cgn all the slime i understand that but like what what does it look like because
[32:15.840 –> 32:20.640] slime right i hold on let me double check slime rancher is like cutesy isn’t it yeah it is they
[32:20.640 –> 32:25.600] look like the juveniles or whatever so you could you could have quite a weird contrast between the
[32:25.600 –> 32:31.120] the the surroundings and the the person the player character that ends up being in the game
[32:31.120 –> 32:37.600] and then there’s the cg cutesy slime bouncing around this realistic environment it would be
[32:37.600 –> 32:45.120] weird but i love it or do they just lean into it and make them like serious like faceless
[32:45.120 –> 32:52.960] monstrosities oh no it’s the um the is it the thing is that the no the blob the blob the blob
[32:52.960 –> 32:59.280] oh the blob the blob that’s a very different thing like come on i just the blob is what i’m
[32:59.280 –> 33:03.520] thinking no no i’m just saying that would be oh that’d be something to make the movie with that
[33:05.200 –> 33:12.000] with the oh my goodness wait hold on i’m talking about slime ranch but i don’t remember the last
[33:12.000 –> 33:18.720] time i actually looked at it this thing’s a first-person shooter yeah okay oh well okay
[33:18.720 –> 33:23.440] makes more sense well shoot you’re not really shooting i think the the thing you’re holding
[33:23.440 –> 33:31.920] like moves this the slimes around it’s a vacuum gun yeah well that’ll well hey it’s like a tractor
[33:32.800 –> 33:37.600] yeah this will be interesting to see um
[33:39.920 –> 33:46.320] i didn’t wow i didn’t think we’d cover a movie on this show well wow this is wild i love it
[33:47.360 –> 33:54.400] speaking of wild things you didn’t expect you’d see bungee are apparently making a life sim game
[33:54.400 –> 34:06.560] okay so do with that what you want i you know bungee bungee the um the the destiny yeah they’re
[34:06.560 –> 34:12.000] the destiny and halo some of the halos did they take over halo they didn’t do the first halos did
[34:12.000 –> 34:17.120] they did halo 3 i think i don’t i don’t i never i’ve never played any of these games anyway they
[34:17.120 –> 34:21.280] have they have released a bunch of information about a bunch of their games in incubation and
[34:21.360 –> 34:26.640] he said one of our favorite incubation projects is a team-based action game inspired by several
[34:26.640 –> 34:33.440] genres in a brand new science fantasy universe it draws inspiration from right this is a crazy list
[34:33.440 –> 34:41.520] oh my goodness fighting games platformers mobas life sims and frog type games wrapped up in a
[34:41.520 –> 34:47.200] light-hearted comedic world i think like frogger that’s what i assume but who calls it a frog type
[34:47.760 –> 34:54.880] i guess not to get sued by the frogger people what well it’s either that or maybe it’s like a
[34:55.680 –> 35:02.240] typing game with frogs i’m okay i’m trying to think what these categories what they add up to be
[35:03.280 –> 35:09.200] it’s like you’re crossing a road but it’s 3d so there’s vertical platforms too
[35:10.240 –> 35:16.480] but it’s also heavily combat because it’s a moba i’ve come across i searched for frog type on
[35:16.480 –> 35:22.080] google to see if anybody had any idea of what that means and there’s a games radar article
[35:22.080 –> 35:27.360] which is bungee’s next secret game is finally out in the open it’s team-based sci-fi and whatever
[35:27.360 –> 35:41.040] frog type means oh oh they are definitely um is this frog fractions too i think they must mean
[35:41.040 –> 35:47.120] frogger that’s that’s what i’m assuming like but i don’t know how that builds into everything how
[35:47.120 –> 35:56.240] does that work like none of this though it could be for a life sim platformer frogger game like
[35:56.240 –> 36:02.720] i don’t ever i can kind of actually make a game with the other ones until you throw life sim
[36:02.720 –> 36:08.720] i don’t i just i i really look forward to seeing what what on earth they’re talking about right
[36:08.720 –> 36:17.440] and we’re just this is wild it’s a team-based game so you’re you’re what life sim games are
[36:17.440 –> 36:26.080] team-based unless they mean life sim like spore where you’re generating life no i mean they are
[36:26.080 –> 36:33.200] specifically saying like life sim is a pretty standard term like and i know i mean my only
[36:33.200 –> 36:41.520] thinking is maybe like maybe these are these maybe these aren’t all the same thing at the
[36:41.520 –> 36:48.560] same time so it’s like you know how you you would describe say um it’s just cult of the lamb well
[36:48.560 –> 36:53.280] this is what i’m thinking so cult of the lamb right when you initially talk about what it is
[36:53.280 –> 36:58.080] makes no sense until you think about the fact that it’s essentially two different parts of a game
[36:58.080 –> 37:04.480] yes there are two games since well well it’s well it’s two concepts of games put really nicely
[37:04.480 –> 37:12.880] together it somehow works but makes no sense when you think about it sure so let’s do the same so
[37:12.880 –> 37:18.800] it’s not presumably it’s not going to be life sim frogger at the same time right like it’s not going
[37:18.800 –> 37:23.600] to be the same screen and you’re playing a life sim game in the style of frogger that’s not going
[37:23.600 –> 37:32.960] to happen you don’t you don’t know look no you’re right i don’t know i i have no idea i’m just
[37:32.960 –> 37:41.200] trying to figure out like the rest of the world and the part that just it’s bungee who’s making
[37:41.200 –> 37:46.880] this the destiny people what will it look like yep this is what i’m this is what i’m like is it
[37:46.880 –> 37:52.320] is it going to be like because the frogger would imply it’s top down the the moba would imply it’s
[37:52.320 –> 37:58.080] kind of top downness as well like the the fighting game you don’t really tend to get like
[37:58.080 –> 38:03.840] top down fighting games though do you platformer would imply at least side on or if it’s 3d you
[38:03.840 –> 38:08.720] know that you certainly wouldn’t expect top down for a platformer like i don’t know what’s happening
[38:08.720 –> 38:16.880] here light-hearted comedic world i can bungee do that is there anything in their portfolio that
[38:16.880 –> 38:23.120] shows they know what that looks like i’m super excited to see what this is oh my gosh between
[38:23.120 –> 38:31.200] this and the slime rancher movie oh my for me we’ve lost the reins on on not just this episode
[38:31.200 –> 38:40.720] on the genre what on earth is going on well let’s go to something a little bit more sane is it
[38:41.440 –> 38:49.040] pumpkin panic this is a new game it’s out now explore this little farm in the middle of the
[38:49.040 –> 38:56.560] forest plant crops you’re already oh i’m in take take care of the plants go fishing or whatever
[38:56.560 –> 39:02.720] you prefer but have a good time but be careful they say that strange things are happening in
[39:02.720 –> 39:15.600] the area i mean like it’s your character is looks like the horror villain serial killer guy you’re
[39:15.600 –> 39:23.920] wearing a pumpkin mask is that a mask or is it a face i i don’t know either way and everything’s
[39:23.920 –> 39:36.320] like this dusk lighting sort of thing and you it’s i don’t oh oh gosh this clearly like they’re
[39:36.320 –> 39:40.720] showing only cutesy images but there’s clearly something horrifying that will happen in this game
[39:40.720 –> 39:46.720] oh yeah somebody let kelly know she’s gonna love this oh she already knows we’re talking about it
[39:46.720 –> 39:52.000] don’t don’t you worry we’re talking about it hey i’m feeling what we’re i know we’re gonna talk
[39:52.000 –> 39:58.800] about this year for halloween don’t don’t don’t you be assuming things don’t you be assuming
[39:58.800 –> 40:05.600] things um also you it’s out and you can just get it for whatever you want question mark price they
[40:05.600 –> 40:13.520] say name your price yeah it’s right there it is website it is name your price on itch go go give
[40:13.520 –> 40:21.440] that creator money if you can’t afford it go go play it and and and uh share it it looks wild
[40:21.440 –> 40:27.040] the average play time is 40 to 60 minutes it says so you don’t need weeks to play this game
[40:28.000 –> 40:39.040] and it has controller support okay i’m watching this trailer like i there’s the shift like i mean
[40:39.040 –> 40:46.800] it’s what you expect but they that shift goes hard the tone shift i mean like you first of all
[40:46.800 –> 40:52.800] you’re holding the red balloon from it it’s clearly the red balloon from it and then it
[40:52.800 –> 40:59.440] ends with the shadowy person but like crawling like golem chasing you it’s oh yeah i love how
[40:59.440 –> 41:04.560] i love how you’re like walking around your farm in the dark with your little lantern as well yeah
[41:05.200 –> 41:12.800] like i yeah no it’s great oh this this feels like real scary game oh i’m not i don’t like it
[41:12.960 –> 41:20.480] um oh that create that shadowy creature oh my word it’s just and it’s because they change
[41:20.480 –> 41:25.600] uh first it has like some music like yeah all right that’s music and then they cut to like
[41:25.600 –> 41:32.800] staticky sound and it’s it’s not great i don’t like it oh this is definitely cottage gore um
[41:32.800 –> 41:42.640] oh yeah oh yeah wow wow what a this is gonna be more saying it does not look more sick
[41:43.680 –> 41:52.480] oh okay so shall we continue the wildness of this episode i see the name okay i just want to say the
[41:52.480 –> 41:58.960] name of the next entry is called mobberville and my new reaction at the the rate we’re going i
[41:58.960 –> 42:10.000] thought this was some sort of mafia wrong kind of wrong kind of mob all right unfortunately no no
[42:10.000 –> 42:17.520] no no not unfortunately so this is mob as in like you know like the villains and games
[42:18.240 –> 42:27.280] yeah the so help the mobs rebuild their homes so this is presumably like after
[42:28.880 –> 42:34.960] after someone has gone through this that the hero has gone through and destroyed everything you’re
[42:34.960 –> 42:43.120] trying to help the monsters rebuild their village i like this idea i’m looking at the video though
[42:43.120 –> 42:52.960] i’m not particularly fond of the execution yeah and i’m not see if i saw this trailer
[42:52.960 –> 42:57.600] that you tell me the description i thought oh this looks like a nice little farming s game
[42:57.600 –> 43:02.240] because you’re farming and building things my biggest complaint is the the guy doesn’t look
[43:02.240 –> 43:08.320] like a mob he just looks like a guy yeah your your player character looks pretty generic and
[43:08.320 –> 43:11.600] i wonder whether there might be character customization at some point to look like
[43:11.600 –> 43:18.160] different there is the trailer shows you can like get little goblin ears or you can get a wheelchair
[43:19.040 –> 43:23.520] so there is some type of customization but just when when you say mob you know like
[43:24.400 –> 43:32.160] again creeper like minecraft that’s probably one of the most uh prolific uses of the word
[43:32.640 –> 43:40.320] where all the things that aren’t uh the character called mobs the villagers the yes minecraft so
[43:40.320 –> 43:48.240] eudex the creepers the whatever so you’d expect something that looks not maybe human or yeah or
[43:48.240 –> 43:52.960] i don’t know something more like oh this is clearly a monster guy or whatever anyways
[43:52.960 –> 43:59.040] um but that said uh the game actually looks nice once you get over um past that disconnect i’m
[43:59.040 –> 44:07.200] having um it’s an interesting stat it’s unlike it it’s an interesting mix of like some things
[44:07.200 –> 44:14.640] look kind of realistic some things don’t there’s some parts are kind of like very samey colors
[44:14.640 –> 44:20.400] some parts are quite vibrant it’s an interesting mix of things i’m yes unsure of how i feel about
[44:20.400 –> 44:29.360] it all it almost looks cell shaded at times i would say yeah i like it i don’t know it’s
[44:29.360 –> 44:37.280] interesting i guess people look at it i i’m fond of the again the main character design not the
[44:37.280 –> 44:45.840] notwithstanding i like the look of this game a lot actually um but work with me here just imagine
[44:45.840 –> 44:53.520] this game same premise but you’re in the mafia i’m telling you there’s there’s something there
[44:53.520 –> 45:02.880] life sim mafia game is that what you’re saying i mean yeah you’re the you’re in the mob but
[45:02.880 –> 45:08.640] you’re not like one of the the you’re not one of the goons you’re the guy who who like runs the
[45:08.640 –> 45:12.880] office you’re there you gotta feed the mob
[45:16.720 –> 45:18.960] why are we talking about a digimon next now
[45:21.520 –> 45:28.320] chronomon this is our final news item for the episode thank goodness for that chronomon
[45:28.320 –> 45:34.320] a monster taming rpg farm sim you guys think i’m joking but google it there is a digimon named
[45:34.320 –> 45:44.480] chronomon chronomon a monster catching rpg sim on your pc slash mobile slash wear os smartwatch
[45:44.480 –> 45:52.640] a truly cross-platform game you can get this on my tesla in my tesla while not driving i kid you
[45:52.640 –> 46:04.080] not they have a version of this game for android watches oh yeah i just saw it look anytime you
[46:04.080 –> 46:08.000] talk monster catching right like of course you’re gonna look at the monster designs i just saw
[46:08.000 –> 46:14.800] dragonair that was just a dragon that was a pokemon i haven’t looked i still haven’t looked
[46:14.800 –> 46:20.560] at it despite you saying it let’s have a look but the trick the trick is you can make them very close
[46:20.560 –> 46:25.680] to pokemon because when you’re playing on your apple watch or your android watch whatever you
[46:25.680 –> 46:32.960] can’t actually see they’re too small that’s how they get you yeah oh wow that’s just pokemon grass
[46:32.960 –> 46:37.440] that is just pokemon grass i mean how different can you make grass look let’s be honest
[46:38.160 –> 46:44.160] uh yeah i’m fine i’ll give them that but like are you playing as a beehive i think there’s a beehive
[46:44.160 –> 46:52.720] mon um why not yeah then like that’s a good idea i like it um so you excited to play this on your
[46:52.720 –> 46:57.840] apple watch or fitbit whatever i don’t know how those things work i know i don’t do star wars
[46:57.840 –> 47:04.400] watches i really don’t know like i’m presuming that the watch version is a pretty it’s like a
[47:04.400 –> 47:10.000] tamagotchi type thing surely it’s not like the full game you know what if it is though i mean
[47:10.560 –> 47:19.200] look people have done wilder things yeah that’s true i oh it’s kickstarter i missed this
[47:20.720 –> 47:24.800] it’s kickstarter i was watching the video i didn’t look where i was yeah so oh wow they oh
[47:24.880 –> 47:30.320] it’s done you can back this project it’s two weeks left but we’re done both chronomon and
[47:30.320 –> 47:36.400] mobberville are on kickstarter right now chronomon is has hit its goal um
[47:39.600 –> 47:45.040] mobberville has not uh and i suspect probably won’t but um
[47:46.480 –> 47:53.040] which is shame because i think mobberville looks like a better game yeah um so
[47:53.680 –> 47:59.920] oh yeah oh i just i didn’t oh okay let me put reference
[48:00.720 –> 48:07.520] marvel only has 200 bucks out of a 25 000 goal they have two roughly the same amount of times
[48:07.520 –> 48:15.760] chronomon oh that’s rough which stinks because it’s a real shame when someone has like this
[48:15.760 –> 48:21.440] great idea that they want to do and they love making games and they can’t do it but oh my heart
[48:21.520 –> 48:26.960] look but this is what we’re here for we’re influencers yeah go back the game if you want it
[48:27.760 –> 48:29.360] or even if you don’t go but go back
[48:32.640 –> 48:35.840] oh look it’s like me and any of greg’s kickstarters
[48:39.600 –> 48:46.480] i don’t want it but i want to support it look look look greg greg listen to the show
[48:46.800 –> 48:51.280] i don’t think he does i don’t think he does but i don’t think he does but i’m sure i’ve told him
[48:51.280 –> 48:56.240] before look it’s fine i backed his latest one and i’m just and i backed it for the highest one
[48:56.240 –> 49:02.480] to get the the the hard hard cover one it’s like i’m not going to use that but it’s okay
[49:02.480 –> 49:08.960] because i’ll give it to someone i know who plays um uh ttrpgs i i’m just not a ttrpg
[49:08.960 –> 49:13.120] kind of person yeah there’s nothing wrong with backing something that you’re not going to use
[49:13.200 –> 49:19.520] yourself just to support a friend yeah so with that go go as we talk
[49:19.520 –> 49:23.440] as we’re on the chrono mod news item the takeaway is go back momerville
[49:25.040 –> 49:30.000] i don’t know what the takeaway is what is the takeaway what does online
[49:30.000 –> 49:35.440] leaderboards mean that’s the next stretch goal kevin i don’t know but we’re already
[49:35.440 –> 49:39.280] nearly an hour into this episode and we’ve not even introduced the interview yet
[49:39.280 –> 49:44.960] it’s been it’s and half the time you’ve just been wondering what these news items are
[49:46.400 –> 49:55.120] what does all this mean so that’s the news we’re just about to go into the interview
[49:55.120 –> 50:00.640] but before we do because kevin and ray finish off the podcast in the interview
[50:00.640 –> 50:07.600] um we’ve got a few things to plug before that yes so kevin you’ve got a new thing so the new thing
[50:07.600 –> 50:15.520] i’ve been doing um so um our mutual friend alex uh has toyed i don’t half jokingly half seriously
[50:15.520 –> 50:21.040] it’s now full seriously because he’s finally done it um he has done he has started a new podcast
[50:21.040 –> 50:27.040] called uh rainbow road radio dedicated to all things uh mario mario however you want to say
[50:27.040 –> 50:33.680] it and call it um i am on said podcast we are i think the we’re going to record like the eighth
[50:33.680 –> 50:40.080] by the time this comes out the eighth episode will be out uh you can follow it at rainbow
[50:40.720 –> 50:46.320] road pod i believe let me double check that good good job me good good job shilling um
[50:47.280 –> 50:52.400] on twitter or x what even no twitter i’m not gonna call that that’s that’s a bad name um
[50:54.000 –> 51:01.040] um but uh or you can find me at koopa prez or at spider squared yes rainbow road pod is the the
[51:01.040 –> 51:10.240] handle that he goes by on on twitter i don’t i don’t 100 it’s been kind of a warm-up period for
[51:10.240 –> 51:16.080] us um so you know we’re still figuring things out feeling it out and whatnot so we’re gonna probably
[51:16.080 –> 51:20.720] formalize and get better at shilling and what he’s been keeping on the down low intentionally
[51:20.720 –> 51:27.440] um but uh if you want links to the episodes feel free to look up there or message me at koopa
[51:27.440 –> 51:32.960] prez or on the slack if you happen to be and i can hit you up with the episodes um but yeah
[51:32.960 –> 51:38.880] we talk about lots of mario things it’s pretty fun uh wild stuff i never knew about mario that
[51:38.880 –> 51:46.160] i learned did you know yoshi has a full name yes i didn’t i do i did know because i listened to
[51:46.160 –> 51:53.360] rainbow road radio there you go there you go find that out um and also tune in to see if we win the
[51:53.360 –> 52:02.400] box of peach oreos from the sweet steaks oh well high stakes stuff spoiler alert probably not oh
[52:02.400 –> 52:09.600] no don’t say that i really want that um and most importantly uh the timing is super apt for and
[52:09.600 –> 52:14.880] not finally being able to chill here on the harp season because uh uh big news in the gaming world
[52:14.880 –> 52:19.680] i’m sure everyone has heard about charles martin a the voice of mario for 30 plus years has just
[52:19.680 –> 52:26.000] retired so yeah that will actually be the next covered on the next episode so definitely a good
[52:26.000 –> 52:32.160] time to jump in um you know feel free to go back to the earlier episodes they tend they’re they’re
[52:32.160 –> 52:37.280] not maybe probably not even as news heavy as harvest season here um it’s all minor news so
[52:37.280 –> 52:42.560] you can go back we cover games and and topics and things so it’s it’s pretty go back to easy to
[52:42.560 –> 52:49.600] listen to um so yes uh shout outs to alex for that he’s the real dude who does the editing of
[52:49.600 –> 52:55.600] his whole his baby i’m just on it um and thank you al for listening and letting me chill um like i
[52:55.600 –> 53:03.200] said that is at rainbow road pod on the tweeters find me at koopa pres on the tweeters if you need
[53:03.200 –> 53:10.240] a link to the show i can hook you up or um you can look for my art at spider square i have been
[53:10.240 –> 53:16.800] posting some art again actually um you know unemployment and all that um but uh if you don’t
[53:16.800 –> 53:25.760] find me on the tweeters find me on the slack at uh the patreon the harvest what at tea i don’t
[53:25.760 –> 53:31.600] remember i’ll say the things i don’t remember the things you can find the podcast on tumblr
[53:32.400 –> 53:42.800] oh my gosh now yeah sorry say it again at ths pod um the patreon is also ths pod you can find
[53:42.800 –> 53:49.440] links to those things on the website harvest season dot club i’ll bring you back tumblr i
[53:49.440 –> 53:57.040] like it well why not you gotta be somewhere why not tumblr you know um twitter’s a dumpster fire
[53:57.040 –> 54:05.360] now but tumblr at least has years of being a dumpster fire not run by one single egomaniac um
[54:07.440 –> 54:11.920] yeah go to the patreon give me money please it’d be great yes i love doing this and it’d be great
[54:11.920 –> 54:17.760] to do it more and you can hear the special secret show yeah we don’t know what the next episode is
[54:17.760 –> 54:21.600] going to be because i’ve not really thought about it but there will be one at some point lots of
[54:21.600 –> 54:27.440] extra content there probably and if not go back and listen to the other ones because they’re all
[54:27.440 –> 54:32.720] good and they’re not news related so they’re very easy to listen to almost all of them are
[54:32.720 –> 54:39.280] completely outside of time except with we cover basically every like nintendo direct and pokemon
[54:39.280 –> 54:44.560] and stuff like that some of them will be dated but they’re still fun especially if you go listen
[54:44.560 –> 54:49.760] to the ones where we try and predict what’s going to happen exactly i don’t see how long we were
[54:49.760 –> 54:54.400] they are such fun to listen to because normally i end up editing them or or something like just
[54:54.400 –> 54:59.280] that there was one where i recorded we recorded the day before and i didn’t edit for like two
[54:59.280 –> 55:06.960] weeks or something so that was fun to edit but anyway look i was obviously joking and speaking
[55:06.960 –> 55:12.080] in hyperbole that we didn’t get katy perry as the champion of the cinno remakes but we could
[55:12.080 –> 55:19.120] have at least gotten a reference in scarlet and violet just a hint come on pokemon that is the
[55:19.120 –> 55:25.840] biggest problem with that game you know what if you want to go hear lots of thoughts on that on
[55:25.840 –> 55:30.720] squirrel and violet go go check out the patreon there is one episode in there somewhere where it’s
[55:30.720 –> 55:36.960] just johnny and kevin complaining about the games and we need to do a follow-up so we can complain
[55:36.960 –> 55:44.640] more we had an let’s wait for the dlc oh there you go there you go all right so there’s the
[55:44.720 –> 55:50.640] plugs or is that it was there anything else al i think that’s everything upcoming we have an
[55:50.640 –> 56:01.040] interview from well kevin was intro interviewing ray what’s his name chase chase chase
[56:01.040 –> 56:10.240] interviewing ray chase um one of the voice voice actors in wildflowers do you want to give any more
[56:10.240 –> 56:16.400] information about it or him or like has he you say he’s quite a prolific voice actor is he
[56:16.400 –> 56:22.640] voice acted anything i would have known um you may not have played it but he voice acted noctus
[56:22.640 –> 56:28.240] the protagonist of final fantasy 15 i have not played it but i have heard of that okay i mean
[56:28.240 –> 56:34.080] yes right like even everyone knows what a final fantasy is i have heard of a final fantasy if you
[56:34.080 –> 56:41.120] voice acted the protagonist of a final fantasy that’s yep that’s a big deal so okay so that’s
[56:41.120 –> 56:45.920] that’s a starting point there’s a good number of other things i’m trying to think of what you would
[56:45.920 –> 56:52.080] know al um there’s an anime he’s in games ray chase um i suggest you guys just look at his
[56:52.080 –> 56:59.280] imd oh you know what he was um the pokemon what was it the galar was that journeys the the the
[56:59.520 –> 57:08.480] season yeah he’s the professor um oh yeah what’s his name professor yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
[57:09.600 –> 57:17.360] um yeah yeah you know the professor yeah i love you i know his name series yeah thank you i
[57:17.360 –> 57:22.960] knew it started to see you something like that professor series what he’s gonna voice cyclops
[57:22.960 –> 57:30.720] and xmen 97. i didn’t know that what holy mackerel ray when did that come out
[57:31.600 –> 57:37.280] huh it’s like when did the news come out because it’s not out yet i don’t know yeah the news i
[57:37.280 –> 57:46.000] didn’t i missed that okay um anyways ray is actually a big deal there i didn’t think about
[57:46.000 –> 57:50.560] it there are probably people listening right now who are listening to this for the first time
[57:50.560 –> 57:58.000] because ray is on this show i guarantee you hi hi fellow lava fans um uh he’s actually in a
[57:58.000 –> 58:04.320] good number of like hollywood movies too um well i don’t know i well if you are listening to this
[58:04.320 –> 58:08.240] for the first time because if you’re listening to ray i really hope you’ve enjoyed this so far
[58:08.240 –> 58:14.480] i i’d like to say i’d like to say this was unusual but no it’s always as wild as this so if you
[58:14.480 –> 58:20.880] enjoyed the wild craziness of this strapping we’ve got so many more coming that’s what they
[58:20.880 –> 58:28.480] want from ray so you know what it’s it’s good it’s aligning well um let’s hope so wow he has been in
[58:28.480 –> 58:34.240] so many games oh he’s roy he’s right from fire emblem in smash bros i forgot about that there’s
[58:34.240 –> 58:40.080] a big one that people probably know um yeah he’s a lot of things kingdom hearts fans will know him
[58:40.480 –> 58:49.200] he’s in diablo 4 street fighter 6 armored core six armored core that’s a big one yeah
[58:50.080 –> 58:56.480] he’s in street fighter 6 in soul caliber wow there’s a lot of sixes going on here my word
[58:56.480 –> 59:00.640] good heavens the boss baby christmas bonus
[59:03.280 –> 59:07.760] oh he actually enjoyed that i’ve heard him talk about that he was nick he was nick fury in
[59:07.760 –> 59:12.480] midnight sun’s game what i didn’t know that oh yeah that’s interesting okay yeah
[59:13.040 –> 59:21.280] call of duty modern warfare 2 the remake yeah um yeah yeah wow okay so you’re now going to hear
[59:21.280 –> 59:29.760] this interview that kevin did with ray literally i think like four months ago yeah okay that i want
[59:29.760 –> 59:37.200] to put an asterisk yes we’ve recorded this interview a hot minute ago um and due to several
[59:37.200 –> 59:42.800] reasons it took a while for us to get it out and get it ready um so with that there is a small
[59:42.800 –> 59:48.560] asterisk that some of the information is uh maybe a little outdated some of this stuff is out now
[59:48.560 –> 59:55.520] and more importantly um uh i i show a stream he does called lava um it’s like a weekly stream they
[59:55.520 –> 01:00:00.640] are no longer weekly sadly they do live action shows it’s like a comedy troupe thing um so
[01:00:00.640 –> 01:00:05.440] unfortunately but uh still check them out you can follow them all that stuff will be covered in the
[01:00:05.440 –> 01:00:13.680] interview um but yes uh oh oh and one one more important thing i forgot to tell right during
[01:00:13.680 –> 01:00:20.800] when i actually talked to him um so i this is big special thanks to ray of course for being on the
[01:00:20.800 –> 01:00:28.720] show but absolutely the reason the only reason i look twice at wildflowers was because i heard ray
[01:00:28.720 –> 01:00:35.840] was in it ah the whole reason the whole wildflowers arc of my life of the arc of this
[01:00:36.480 –> 01:00:43.680] show happened because it was right because ray chase voices a werewolf in that game so thank
[01:00:43.680 –> 01:00:49.600] you ray for leading me down this deep dark wonderful rabbit hole um all right and that
[01:00:49.600 –> 01:00:55.280] that’s all i got to say they can they can hear the interview now enjoy the interview hello farmers
[01:00:55.280 –> 01:01:00.320] i’m kevin and somehow i’ve managed to sit down with yet another member of the wildflowers cast
[01:01:00.320 –> 01:01:05.760] and this one’s a real doozy it’s with great pleasure to introduce the prince of lucious
[01:01:05.760 –> 01:01:14.240] the master of masters and the voice of my in-game husband wesley the one and only ray chase hey
[01:01:14.240 –> 01:01:19.600] everybody uh you’re gonna have applause here i imagine it’s gonna sound awesome i’m applauding
[01:01:19.600 –> 01:01:28.000] over here fantastic uh it’s great to to be on the show with you kevin uh this uh uh kevin and
[01:01:28.000 –> 01:01:37.120] i go way back one of our uh biggest fans of our uh our erstwhile sketch comedy show slash uh odd
[01:01:37.120 –> 01:01:44.240] streaming podcast thing loud annoying and very annoying um yes always always with the funniest
[01:01:44.240 –> 01:01:52.720] comments uh best sense of humor uh uh love you kevin thank you ray yeah um big big fan personally
[01:01:52.720 –> 01:01:59.200] well as well um as he said i have a history of sorts uh i have that founder’s badge on their
[01:01:59.200 –> 01:02:06.960] twitch channel um and it’s funny this is my sister who got me into ray and the voice that’s right
[01:02:07.120 –> 01:02:14.000] hey um anyways uh go ahead ray i kind of introduced you but why don’t you tell
[01:02:14.880 –> 01:02:19.120] the the like dear listeners who are listening about yourself you know they probably heard you
[01:02:19.120 –> 01:02:26.400] but just don’t know it oh uh what do i do i’m a voice actor for a living um i’m in a lot of uh
[01:02:26.400 –> 01:02:31.360] i’ve had a good fortune of having a lot of uh different thumbs and a lot of different voice
[01:02:31.360 –> 01:02:40.000] acting pies guy do video games and the anime and commercials and audiobooks and promo uh yesterday
[01:02:40.000 –> 01:02:45.600] i narrated a documentary for the first time it took a long time to book one of those i you know
[01:02:45.600 –> 01:02:54.400] uh i auditioned for maybe 300 of those um uh tv narration documentary narration uh over the course
[01:02:54.400 –> 01:03:00.320] of my career and i was just about to give up and say you know what never booked one never came close
[01:03:00.320 –> 01:03:05.280] uh i’m gonna give up on this for now and uh wouldn’t you know it i finally did it
[01:03:05.280 –> 01:03:10.960] so moral of the story is never give up i guess yeah yeah congratulations are you allowed to
[01:03:10.960 –> 01:03:16.560] talk about it or does that have nda stuff too no i was literally yesterday okay but uh i think
[01:03:16.560 –> 01:03:22.560] it probably comes out soon okay um uh yeah it comes out soon okay it has to be well i’ll be
[01:03:22.560 –> 01:03:31.440] keeping an eye out for sure to hear your melodious dulcet tones uh whatever okay so let’s let’s start
[01:03:31.440 –> 01:03:38.720] off by talking about the reason we bought you into the show the flimsy excuse i was able to get
[01:03:38.720 –> 01:03:49.840] to get you on here um wild flowers um so you play wesley who is a werewolf um how did that happen
[01:03:49.840 –> 01:03:57.440] how’d you end up playing a werewolf what’s the history here so wild flowers so full disclosure
[01:03:58.240 –> 01:04:05.360] yes i worked on this game i have not played this game before that’s fine uh valerie um
[01:04:05.360 –> 01:04:10.640] the voice of terra who i’ve sat down with also has not played she hasn’t played it she’s the
[01:04:10.640 –> 01:04:14.240] main character yeah gotta play a game if you’re the main character i always try to do that
[01:04:15.120 –> 01:04:26.560] um okay let’s see i auditioned in march of 2021 for the characters of angus oh yeah they didn’t
[01:04:26.560 –> 01:04:30.320] use code there’s a code name for the project which i won’t reveal because why not it might
[01:04:30.320 –> 01:04:35.760] ever come out again uh the code name is not wildflowers it’s something else random word
[01:04:36.320 –> 01:04:43.040] um and uh auditioned for angus seaton who must be a character in the game yes example actors
[01:04:43.040 –> 01:04:48.320] they’re looking for seth rogan or jonah hill uh usually i pass on those yep i didn’t do that
[01:04:48.320 –> 01:04:52.160] i don’t have a voice that uh i do a lot of different voices but i can never play
[01:04:53.440 –> 01:05:00.000] big friendly dude i can play big mean dude but i just don’t have that timbre to be like
[01:05:00.000 –> 01:05:06.560] i’m a large man and i’m friendly i just don’t have it uh i also did but i did audition for
[01:05:06.560 –> 01:05:10.960] reverend christopher connor they were looking for bradley cooper in the hangover or chris
[01:05:10.960 –> 01:05:16.320] evans in knives out i gave him oh he’s like a uh he’s like a church guy yeah these are such
[01:05:16.320 –> 01:05:23.120] strange descriptions for the characters well sometimes i mean some so many times um the
[01:05:23.920 –> 01:05:28.240] the the breakdowns they they that they think they’re looking for something and then an actor
[01:05:28.240 –> 01:05:31.600] will come and give them something completely different they go oh that’s exactly what we’re
[01:05:31.600 –> 01:05:38.080] looking for okay so i got wesley vook um it says wildflowers is a gentle paced game where players
[01:05:38.080 –> 01:05:42.640] get to master the arts of becoming a witch manage and grow their own farm and come to know and love
[01:05:42.640 –> 01:05:47.360] the characters of fairhaven in a deep play at your own pace character driven story that spans
[01:05:47.360 –> 01:05:55.200] a year would you say that’s accurate yep that is yeah pretty much on point to the game wesley is uh
[01:05:55.200 –> 01:06:05.440] male age 35 werewolf half russian half tlingit accent alaskan north canadian example actors
[01:06:05.440 –> 01:06:12.400] martin sends meyer and anton yelchin in odd thomas uh so they were looking for a russian
[01:06:12.400 –> 01:06:19.760] accent yeah okay intellectual dapper polite and curious unlike the other residents of ravenwood
[01:06:19.760 –> 01:06:23.200] hollow wesley wasn’t born faye he grew up in a small town of alaska and got a college scholarship
[01:06:23.200 –> 01:06:27.280] that took him to anchorage this is all true i think but after a terrible accident in the woods
[01:06:27.280 –> 01:06:31.120] wesley discovered that he became a wolf during the full moon wesley collected every bit of
[01:06:31.120 –> 01:06:35.200] information he could find traveling to many remote places to try to cure his lycanthropy
[01:06:35.200 –> 01:06:39.840] there was no cure eventually wesley found himself in ravenwood hollow where he made a home for
[01:06:39.840 –> 01:06:43.680] himself among the other fans set up shop as a bookseller wesley would like nothing more than
[01:06:43.680 –> 01:06:48.880] to run a normal bookstore for normal humans but he’s also grown attached to the fae he lives with
[01:06:48.880 –> 01:06:56.960] now plus the humans in fairhaven who he visits when he’s not in wolf form um and uh it looks
[01:06:56.960 –> 01:07:04.240] like he’s got three little lines and uh i assume that i did a russian accent right right which is
[01:07:04.240 –> 01:07:10.320] interesting because he does not have one in game yeah so i did it so i’m listening on my computer
[01:07:10.320 –> 01:07:16.080] it sounds like i do has wood based paper breaks down over time it releases lignin which smells
[01:07:16.080 –> 01:07:23.440] like vanilla i just love that fact that’s kind of what i did for him okay uh amazingly that got me
[01:07:23.440 –> 01:07:32.320] a call back a few months later many months later and uh oh no it was a directed callback so uh
[01:07:32.400 –> 01:07:37.200] that’s pretty rare in the business where they say hey we’re we’re gonna do or no i’m sorry
[01:07:37.200 –> 01:07:42.640] so that’s not rare uh callbacks are usually directed i’m thinking of like uh when they change
[01:07:42.640 –> 01:07:49.440] the uh when they change the specs which it looks like they said no more russian uh they want to do
[01:07:49.440 –> 01:07:57.280] a uh they usually it’s like a requested redo or something uh but this is a callback uh and yes
[01:07:57.280 –> 01:08:03.200] it looks like we are no longer doing uh any russian accents or anything like that so
[01:08:04.400 –> 01:08:10.240] oh wait why did i do a russian accent is that i’m thinking now because actually it did say
[01:08:10.240 –> 01:08:15.760] alaska north canadian in the original script huh so i guess i looked up anton yelchin and odd
[01:08:15.760 –> 01:08:24.800] thomas or martin sensemeyer why did i don’t know yeah i wonder why i did russian um i guess i
[01:08:24.800 –> 01:08:34.880] said today i’m making a strong choice uh and then i did uh let’s see i don’t have a recording of my
[01:08:34.880 –> 01:08:40.160] uh i don’t have a recording of my callback alas but it must have been i gave it the wesley voice
[01:08:40.160 –> 01:08:48.720] that we all know and love there it is and uh then it took uh a week to get an offer i did this all
[01:08:49.360 –> 01:08:59.680] remote because this was right in the smackzag of of covid august 2021 and uh i got to work on a
[01:08:59.680 –> 01:09:06.480] couple of sessions with this and um the director was chrissy abajos who’s super super fun definitely
[01:09:06.480 –> 01:09:12.400] one of those directors who’s very passionate about their job and really really cares about
[01:09:12.640 –> 01:09:19.040] um uh making the project as good as possible uh she’s an absolute blast to work with an actor
[01:09:19.040 –> 01:09:26.560] herself um so she’s really good at communicating and uh and just uh just a dream and um worked on
[01:09:26.560 –> 01:09:31.920] that a couple sessions and then uh slowly been doing more for all the uh updates the marriage
[01:09:31.920 –> 01:09:38.240] updates that had been coming along which is fun so it’s a gift that keeps on giving yeah certainly
[01:09:38.240 –> 01:09:46.640] um yeah um yeah valerie talked about the voice director and this their first job as director
[01:09:46.640 –> 01:09:52.240] i think when they just knocked it out the park because it’s yeah fantastic fantastic work all
[01:09:52.240 –> 01:10:01.440] around 100 okay so let’s talk about wesley himself i like obviously the bias here but
[01:10:01.920 –> 01:10:11.760] um i still think wesley is one of the best written characters in the game um and you know
[01:10:11.760 –> 01:10:17.440] there’s lots of other great character arcs but just he’s aware right which is a fantasy situation
[01:10:17.440 –> 01:10:24.160] but he’s dealing with this isolation and parts of his identity he’s not comfortable with and
[01:10:24.160 –> 01:10:30.880] you know those are very real relatable issues um and still even with that he’s intelligent and kind
[01:10:31.120 –> 01:10:39.600] and just all around great so how did you you know find his voice or fit in the role like would you
[01:10:40.640 –> 01:10:46.400] do anything to find inspiration or anything like that well i’m was highly aware of the genre of
[01:10:46.400 –> 01:10:53.040] game that we’re doing that this is a stardew valley type cozy game and uh i really wanted
[01:10:53.760 –> 01:10:59.280] i really wanted wesley to be as cozy as possible um even though he’s a werewolf he’s a lot more
[01:10:59.280 –> 01:11:09.200] like a teddy bear so um i was was playing a gentle guy with a gentle voice and uh and making him as
[01:11:09.200 –> 01:11:14.400] as cozy and lovable and huggable as possible so that was a lot of where it came from especially
[01:11:14.400 –> 01:11:24.640] with his lines how positive he is certainly all the time and very um loathe to say anything bad
[01:11:24.640 –> 01:11:34.000] about anything um i’m trying to find if i have any scripts yes i do yeah he’s just always happy
[01:11:34.000 –> 01:11:41.280] even saying oh my heart yes you just took my breath away he’s always he’s always happy and
[01:11:41.280 –> 01:11:48.720] excited uh and um and i love that about him yeah um yeah that’s uh that’s a lot so even though he
[01:11:48.720 –> 01:11:56.720] has like that backstory where he’s a little bit um where he’s a little bit uh out of sorts and
[01:11:56.720 –> 01:12:01.280] there’s you know plot elements where things are getting messed up in the community that they live
[01:12:01.280 –> 01:12:10.240] in um uh he’s uh at the end he’s always going to be gentle and always uh always a good guy yeah
[01:12:10.240 –> 01:12:16.480] yeah um fantastic fantastic performance ray um hearing that like it makes a lot of sense the
[01:12:16.480 –> 01:12:24.880] teddy bear um because yeah that’s clearly what he comes across as um whether human or wolf four um
[01:12:25.920 –> 01:12:34.800] that’s that’s really neat to know um let’s see here oh so but you’ve seen your character at
[01:12:34.800 –> 01:12:43.760] this point i’m sure um yes he is a dapper dapper fellow like good heavens i fanned myself when he
[01:12:43.760 –> 01:12:53.920] came onto the game okay i’ve i’ve got to know if was the design like that from the beginning
[01:12:53.920 –> 01:13:01.920] because i for people who don’t know ray he’s been known to sport a quite lovely beard and facial
[01:13:01.920 –> 01:13:08.320] hair throughout himself right so yeah in the in the original audition they had final character art
[01:13:08.320 –> 01:13:13.920] so wow i knew exactly what they were getting into wow because i i could have sworn they were
[01:13:13.920 –> 01:13:25.760] taking inspiration from you from me oh no that’s uh oh that’s interesting um that is cool um do
[01:13:25.760 –> 01:13:34.480] you have any favorite moments or lines from your uh wesley’s story and whatnot um i like the ones
[01:13:34.480 –> 01:13:41.280] where he uh i i don’t know i i because the marriage is out right right right yes i i think
[01:13:41.280 –> 01:13:49.120] it’s really fun uh doing those lines um where he’s he’s just so polite always um even when things are
[01:13:49.120 –> 01:13:57.680] out of out of sorts uh there’s um uh yeah there’s there’s the the him hanging around the house and
[01:13:57.680 –> 01:14:04.480] just being so happy all the time and saying he loves uh his wife so much uh just gives me a lot
[01:14:04.480 –> 01:14:10.640] of joy it’s uh it’s so easy to do those uh lines and so much fun and it’s better than doing combat
[01:14:10.640 –> 01:14:17.600] lines or crazy stuff uh instead just saying i was just getting lost in your eyes it’s it’s really
[01:14:17.600 –> 01:14:25.200] good it yeah um yeah fantastic choice first pass for that reason alone um i love the just the way
[01:14:25.200 –> 01:14:37.040] says dear sweetheart sweetheart yeah um yeah fantastic work on that um let’s see here so
[01:14:38.640 –> 01:14:43.440] uh okay so you haven’t gotten to play the game yet um which i recommend i think it’s really
[01:14:43.440 –> 01:14:49.600] fantastic but have you played other types of farming games like you said you know it’s a
[01:14:49.600 –> 01:14:55.760] stardew valley you played other cozy type of games like that for sure i i played harvest moon
[01:14:55.760 –> 01:15:02.640] back on gameboy um i played stardew valley um the life sim kind of games are there
[01:15:03.440 –> 01:15:11.280] uh never played the sims actual sims yeah um i haven’t either yeah i mean this is a what is
[01:15:11.280 –> 01:15:17.760] this podcast is like farming type games yeah so you must know more than just these right what are
[01:15:17.840 –> 01:15:23.920] right ones yeah so the genre that we’ve kind of settled on is called cottagecore
[01:15:24.640 –> 01:15:31.360] cottagecore nice that’s the kind of the genre and yeah so like stardew and harvest moon were
[01:15:32.240 –> 01:15:37.840] where we started in farming type games but you know it’s really blown up in the past
[01:15:37.840 –> 01:15:44.560] couple of years since stardew we’ve got what was it bear and breakfast where you play as a bear
[01:15:44.560 –> 01:15:50.880] running a bed and breakfast ah beautiful yeah there’s uh a stardew corn that just came out
[01:15:50.880 –> 01:15:56.880] called roots of pacha which is set in the stone age which was really fun um cool yeah so yeah
[01:15:56.880 –> 01:16:07.440] it’s it’s it’s really blossomed and it’s fun to see um and you know one of the i still think i
[01:16:07.440 –> 01:16:12.240] talk about wildflowers a lot on the show since i played it because i think it just really stands
[01:16:12.240 –> 01:16:20.720] out um you one of the honors you guys have is this is the first i think cottagecore game of
[01:16:20.720 –> 01:16:27.680] any kind that has been voice acted and you know fully voice acted oh i guess you’re right yeah
[01:16:28.240 –> 01:16:35.200] yeah all those other ones are more pixely or um that yeah that’s uh yeah that that not voice
[01:16:35.200 –> 01:16:40.160] actor even the harvest moons yeah since the antenna 64 didn’t have any yeah acting right
[01:16:40.160 –> 01:16:47.600] yeah no no day so yeah it’s and it’s it’s so nice because so many of these games are
[01:16:48.160 –> 01:16:52.400] character driven a lot of times because they have a little relationships and whatnot and
[01:16:53.280 –> 01:16:59.520] just hearing the performances you guys give all these little nuances and tone and and
[01:17:00.960 –> 01:17:06.080] the rhythm how you guys talk it’s it’s just adds so much to the characters um it’s it’s really
[01:17:06.080 –> 01:17:15.600] awesome to see great to hear a game come to life like this um but yeah so that uh so it’s cool to
[01:17:15.600 –> 01:17:20.320] see that you have played some other ones are you playing any stuff right now in particular the
[01:17:20.320 –> 01:17:26.880] other product core or otherwise uh i mean it’s sort of a relaxing sim type game but i’ve been
[01:17:26.880 –> 01:17:34.960] playing through death stranding um it’s a wonderful game uh i i played a little when it came out and
[01:17:34.960 –> 01:17:40.240] then got too busy but now i have a little bit of extra time at night sometimes and uh i’ll play
[01:17:40.240 –> 01:17:47.040] that one and it is super it’s a chill game there’s some combat obviously and stuff but uh it’s it’s a
[01:17:47.040 –> 01:17:53.520] really nice meditative game where you’re slowly you know just like a cottage core game making
[01:17:53.520 –> 01:17:59.280] the places around you better and uh it feels really nice oh i hadn’t thought about that but
[01:17:59.280 –> 01:18:06.640] yeah it is it is like that isn’t it you’re building up the environment the setting yeah
[01:18:06.640 –> 01:18:12.560] it is yeah like a lot of these cottage core games yeah exactly little norman redis and his funky
[01:18:12.560 –> 01:18:22.560] fetus um yes so let’s see here um what about well i know you’re a voice actor and nda’s a
[01:18:22.560 –> 01:18:27.520] monk but is there anything you want to talk about that maybe recently came out that you know about
[01:18:27.520 –> 01:18:32.960] or something you’re excited about something like that a video game i’m excited about or anything
[01:18:32.960 –> 01:18:39.840] like that that you worked on any of your projects um what just came out it is so hard because we’re
[01:18:39.840 –> 01:18:49.360] never notified when that stuff happens um uh i don’t know uh what the heck am i in um i don’t
[01:18:49.360 –> 01:18:55.120] think anything cool oh i mean what just came out we just saw murder mystery 2 that was really fun
[01:18:55.120 –> 01:19:00.960] yeah i got to narrate on that that was awesome uh what a pleasure so that was that was something
[01:19:00.960 –> 01:19:05.840] sure if i sit down with my handy dandy uh excel spreadsheet of all the things i’ve done i’ll be
[01:19:05.840 –> 01:19:13.280] able to go like oh yeah this came out but um not always sure that’s fine um yeah for people who
[01:19:13.280 –> 01:19:20.240] listeners who might not know murder mystery 2 is a bona fide motion picture uh with adam sandler
[01:19:20.240 –> 01:19:27.840] and jennifer aniston yeah that’s right um so congrats on that that was cool to hear um and
[01:19:27.840 –> 01:19:35.920] on that topic like this is well as far as i know like the fourth big picture film you’ve been on
[01:19:35.920 –> 01:19:40.480] you’ve been on a number of them now how what is that like how’s that different from your typical
[01:19:40.480 –> 01:19:47.120] voice acting gig uh i mean it is uh it is wild everybody’s uh works differently and the the
[01:19:47.120 –> 01:19:55.200] director really really matters um it’s uh it’s it’s crazy it’s crazy those those things i did
[01:19:55.200 –> 01:20:01.280] i did malignant got to play gabriel uh worked with james won and in licorice pizza i got to work with
[01:20:01.280 –> 01:20:08.960] paul thomas anderson um it was uh it’s it’s wild you’re just grateful and um you’re so excited to
[01:20:08.960 –> 01:20:14.480] go to work and so excited to work on these things um the the auditions for those are few and far
[01:20:14.480 –> 01:20:20.320] between but they’re really really worth it uh every every step of the way uh if you if you
[01:20:20.320 –> 01:20:29.040] book one of those you’ve you just feel great um well i can imagine it’s it’s so cool to hear um
[01:20:31.120 –> 01:20:36.000] pass it in those unlike licorice pizza you had a genuine on-screen character for that one i i
[01:20:36.000 –> 01:20:40.720] haven’t seen it myself so i don’t know how much but it was cool to see you actually in the film
[01:20:40.720 –> 01:20:47.680] itself it was cool uh that was uh it was a voiceover only audition um just a voice match
[01:20:47.680 –> 01:20:54.400] and then they asked me a few months later can you grow a mustache because maybe we want to do this
[01:20:54.400 –> 01:21:01.120] role on camera and i said yes i can and then uh then covet happened it got delayed a bit but um
[01:21:01.120 –> 01:21:07.280] i grew my hair out grew the mustache and uh i got to be on set for a day it was awesome that’s cool
[01:21:07.920 –> 01:21:19.200] so so that’s where the mustache came from yeah um oh that is fascinating um let’s see here uh so
[01:21:19.200 –> 01:21:24.560] okay so that’s all you know career stuff but what else have you been up to um on your free time or
[01:21:24.560 –> 01:21:31.440] any interest you want to talk about well um as you might know uh from following lava we’re making a
[01:21:31.440 –> 01:21:38.160] video game and um directing it so i’ve got a lot on my plate the um that is essentially my full
[01:21:38.160 –> 01:21:43.520] time job right now along with voice acting and going to conventions so uh it’s been it’s been
[01:21:43.520 –> 01:21:49.280] busy it’s been stressful but i really hope that ultimately uh it’s it’s worth it when this game
[01:21:49.280 –> 01:21:56.240] comes out because it’s uh it’s a special one yeah i mean certainly like uh i assume max and robbie
[01:21:56.240 –> 01:22:05.280] from bla bla are also working on it absolutely they are yeah yeah so i like i for people who
[01:22:05.280 –> 01:22:12.800] haven’t seen it they’re these three are comedic improv geniuses and i can’t wait and they have a
[01:22:12.800 –> 01:22:18.640] long history in anime video games so they know all the junk that we’re into um i’m very excited to
[01:22:18.640 –> 01:22:24.160] see thanks kevin we’re definitely definitely making this game uh our fans are our target
[01:22:24.160 –> 01:22:29.760] audience i think you guys will get a kick out of it um it will i i’m not going to say a lot
[01:22:29.760 –> 01:22:37.680] about it but it’s not going to be a gory first person shooter that’s for sure oh that’d be
[01:22:37.680 –> 01:22:44.880] something um okay i know it’s still under wraps you guys have been pretty pretty good about that
[01:22:44.880 –> 01:22:53.280] do we have any eta on when we can see it general spitball idea i know when it when it’s uh we’re
[01:22:53.280 –> 01:22:59.280] aiming for release but i uh am not at liberty to say unfortunately um but we are i will say
[01:22:59.280 –> 01:23:05.200] this we are on schedule um uh since we got since we got uh funded and uh we’ve been working with
[01:23:05.200 –> 01:23:10.960] our publisher um we haven’t had any hiccups in the schedule so getting milestone to milestone
[01:23:10.960 –> 01:23:16.240] we’re doing okay so definitely not and definitely at this point not the kind of game that’s going
[01:23:16.240 –> 01:23:21.920] to be delayed by a year we are on track yeah no um and that’s that’s probably for the better
[01:23:22.560 –> 01:23:31.600] um yes i i can uh i can uh relate for sure yeah um one of the hallmarks of the cottagecore genre is
[01:23:32.400 –> 01:23:42.480] a very significant portion of them are riddi gogo crowdfunded etc and boy um our delays a common
[01:23:42.480 –> 01:23:48.720] thing absolutely even though this is our first game our publisher that we’re with is uh uh
[01:23:48.720 –> 01:23:54.720] long standing and uh able to give us a lot of advice along the way oh that’s that’s exciting
[01:23:54.720 –> 01:24:01.840] um yeah but yeah no good good on you um yeah i’m very interested to see that okay let’s let’s step
[01:24:01.840 –> 01:24:06.720] back in time a little again some of the listeners might not be familiar with some of your past work
[01:24:06.720 –> 01:24:13.920] what are some of your favorite roles from the past um for voice acting um i loved uh doing
[01:24:13.920 –> 01:24:21.200] noctis um he means a lot to me that was uh main carrot guy in final fantasy 15 16 is coming out
[01:24:21.200 –> 01:24:28.640] next month which is exciting um and uh that would that one really stood stood out uh because we
[01:24:28.640 –> 01:24:35.920] worked on it for three straight years with the same people uh high quality director engineer
[01:24:35.920 –> 01:24:43.440] studio the other actors were all so on point and uh and we told that story which was a really
[01:24:43.440 –> 01:24:48.880] wonderful story in order which almost never happens with with voice acting especially if
[01:24:48.880 –> 01:24:53.440] you’re a main character a lot of the times you’re right kind of a blank slate you’re just kind of
[01:24:53.440 –> 01:25:03.360] going through the motions you’re saying lots of uh normal lines that are uh just uh you know
[01:25:03.360 –> 01:25:07.920] utility the store is locked or out of ammo and stuff like that right right um but uh
[01:25:07.920 –> 01:25:13.280] but noctis had a really cool story a lot of really emotional scenes and that’s always the the best
[01:25:13.280 –> 01:25:19.520] part of being an actor is getting to go into those media emotional things that uh that means so much
[01:25:19.520 –> 01:25:26.480] so that role for sure means a great deal to me and it’s fun to every once in a while come back
[01:25:26.480 –> 01:25:32.960] and uh and and give her a little reprise uh doing decidio or uh we even have that uh
[01:25:33.760 –> 01:25:39.280] that mobile game uh that they brought us all back for we all did our lines uh i don’t know how it
[01:25:39.280 –> 01:25:46.240] turned out but uh it’s it’s always good to come back he’s he’s a great character yeah yeah he is
[01:25:46.240 –> 01:25:55.760] um yeah he’s i can’t say i 15 like i mentioned earlier my sister she’s the one who’s getting
[01:25:55.760 –> 01:26:00.880] into the voice acting world and she’s big in a square enix and that’s when i started taking
[01:26:00.880 –> 01:26:05.200] note of the voice acting world and obviously you were the star there but like i still feel like
[01:26:05.200 –> 01:26:11.840] that’s probably the rule that really puts you on the map um uh uh yeah absolutely for fans for
[01:26:11.840 –> 01:26:18.720] sure i don’t know if casting directors know about it but uh fans for sure right um yeah that’s uh
[01:26:18.720 –> 01:26:26.880] and yeah i i you can’t be stressed enough how uh how wonderful ff15 is and you’re the like you
[01:26:26.880 –> 01:26:33.200] said the emotional aspect is just it’s fantastic i mean talk about a comfort game too like uh
[01:26:33.920 –> 01:26:40.640] it is a one of the charms about it is it’s just a hanging out with friends sort of simulator you
[01:26:40.640 –> 01:26:46.400] just go in and the party banter is so good and natural that you just want to stay there a long
[01:26:46.400 –> 01:26:51.440] time and drive around and fish and do hunts and stuff and you can play that game forever
[01:26:51.440 –> 01:26:57.680] uh people you know do hundreds of hours of uh of hanging out with us um and uh i think that
[01:26:57.680 –> 01:27:01.200] definitely for fans of this podcast would uh would be interested in that
[01:27:01.840 –> 01:27:11.920] yes certainly certainly um i couldn’t agree more um let’s see here so um okay so
[01:27:12.480 –> 01:27:21.360] obviously on this show we oh a lot of the games and genres are wildlife or nature centric and
[01:27:21.360 –> 01:27:27.360] whatnot and uh i i happen to know you recently moved into a new home but i’m curious are you
[01:27:27.360 –> 01:27:33.840] still out in bear country because you’ve had a few run-ins with the wildlife yes uh we moved
[01:27:33.840 –> 01:27:39.040] right as covet happened we didn’t even know it was happening uh but it just happened to be really
[01:27:39.040 –> 01:27:45.600] good timing we moved to a uh we bought a little cabin out in the woods uh just like a a cottage
[01:27:45.600 –> 01:27:52.880] core fan would um and uh and then covet happened we were like well let’s live here full time because
[01:27:52.880 –> 01:27:57.360] it certainly is a lot easier than living in a city right now yeah and we were fortunate to be able to
[01:27:57.360 –> 01:28:04.560] do our work remotely uh during covet and uh still do now it kind of opened up um that there’s a lot
[01:28:04.560 –> 01:28:10.720] of uh remote work that’s out there these days um and then uh and then yeah just recently we moved
[01:28:10.720 –> 01:28:16.640] to a little town called ohai california which and we still have our our little bear cabin in the
[01:28:16.640 –> 01:28:25.040] woods which is about two hours away from here um but this is also a very very uh i wouldn’t say
[01:28:25.040 –> 01:28:31.840] sleepy but it is it is a relaxed sort of vibe out here okay um very very much in touch with nature
[01:28:32.400 –> 01:28:38.160] and stuff and uh i mean we have uh we uh one of the the cool features of this house was it has
[01:28:38.160 –> 01:28:44.720] a garden in the back um it’s got six different fruit trees i’m looking at our quat tree right
[01:28:44.720 –> 01:28:52.400] now which is in season uh we have clementines we got limes lemons passion fruit bush um it’s uh
[01:28:52.400 –> 01:28:58.080] it’s an amazing place so we do love that outdoorsy life uh ourselves it’s one of our favorite things
[01:28:58.080 –> 01:29:06.320] oh yeah we have a a mighty oak in the front uh of our house which is uh it’s gotta be at least
[01:29:06.320 –> 01:29:11.680] 100 years old this thing is huge wow it’s ridiculous yeah wow you’re doing your own little
[01:29:11.680 –> 01:29:21.840] cottage core game setting i’m 100 yeah that’s awesome oh man um obviously a lot of the listeners
[01:29:21.840 –> 01:29:29.680] probably think that’s a dream home um because it is i mean it is it is our dream for sure
[01:29:29.680 –> 01:29:38.720] oh that’s lovely that’s absolutely lovely um but yeah i i mean i i am out here in atlanta which
[01:29:38.720 –> 01:29:46.960] is pretty urban but it’s still fairly in tune with nature there’s a lot of uh woods and wildlife
[01:29:46.960 –> 01:29:52.160] especially you know once you’re outside in the serb suburbs um just this past weekend i actually
[01:29:52.160 –> 01:30:00.240] had to uh rescue another as in like the fifth time a giant snapping turtle off the highway
[01:30:00.240 –> 01:30:08.000] take it back wow yeah um good on you those highways are scary yeah so the fact that you
[01:30:08.000 –> 01:30:16.320] can stop traffic is important yeah yeah um yeah i and yeah like i said there’s a lot of ponds
[01:30:16.320 –> 01:30:20.720] near where i live so there’s a bunch of these and like i said it’s multiple times i’ve encountered
[01:30:20.720 –> 01:30:26.320] them now they’re huge i think that one must have been at least 30 pounds uh how yeah a big old
[01:30:26.320 –> 01:30:31.680] thing um and they will bite but you know living again living here with all this i knew how to
[01:30:31.680 –> 01:30:37.760] handle it kind of um but do you do your fan do your fans know your uh your screen name
[01:30:38.320 –> 01:30:44.720] my screen name oh yeah yeah they know my name koopa it’s my twitter handle it’s uh i think
[01:30:44.720 –> 01:30:50.240] it’s important uh i didn’t realize how turtley you were as a real person that’s very true
[01:30:53.200 –> 01:30:59.040] uh yeah they would be my uh what is it constituents yeah exactly all right ray so
[01:31:00.000 –> 01:31:07.840] you’re a very seasoned voice actor i’m going i’ve heard the answer plenty of times but uh
[01:31:08.640 –> 01:31:14.000] for people who might not be as familiar and might be interested in this world um valerie offered
[01:31:14.000 –> 01:31:18.800] some coaching lessons for instance but what advice would you have for people interested
[01:31:18.800 –> 01:31:25.120] in getting into va and whatnot what advice would i give i feel like this answer has been changing
[01:31:25.120 –> 01:31:32.800] a lot uh with uh with ai and stuff and how what that means for for the future of this profession
[01:31:32.800 –> 01:31:40.320] as a whole right i didn’t even thought about that i feel like uh uh you know it’s it is really
[01:31:40.320 –> 01:31:45.600] impressive what it can do especially when it’s a straight ahead read obviously audiobooks it’s
[01:31:45.600 –> 01:31:53.920] ideally suited for um i think when it comes to real emotions it seems to have some some struggling
[01:31:53.920 –> 01:31:59.120] with that sort of thing so maybe we’re a few years away before we are all replaced in uh
[01:31:59.680 –> 01:32:07.680] in anime and in video games and stuff um so for now i think the best thing to do is is really be
[01:32:07.680 –> 01:32:14.320] the best actor that you can um because it’s it’s the one thing that’s uh while it can replicate
[01:32:14.320 –> 01:32:22.080] our voices really well and give straight ahead reads a narration sort of reads um if you want to
[01:32:22.720 –> 01:32:31.200] truly distinguish yourself in this field it’s work with heavy emotions work with subtleties
[01:32:31.200 –> 01:32:37.040] because humans can really really tell when that’s a robot or not or when a robot is cheating uh
[01:32:37.040 –> 01:32:45.040] at that um we can really feel the depth of and movement um within a human um
[01:32:46.320 –> 01:32:53.920] so for that i think it you go back to the roots and work on theater and work on live productions
[01:32:53.920 –> 01:33:04.240] and work on uh shakespeare and true honest human emotion is going to be the uh the biggest thing
[01:33:04.240 –> 01:33:10.480] in the marketplace in the the years to come i feel um and uh and that is something that you
[01:33:10.480 –> 01:33:17.520] can do anywhere every community especially like if you’re out there in atlanta um you can join
[01:33:17.520 –> 01:33:25.280] the local theater and take real theater classes um and start to work on those really meaty roles
[01:33:25.280 –> 01:33:31.760] that have been established long long established classics roles um that’ll really let you sink
[01:33:31.760 –> 01:33:37.200] your teeth into something so honestly i think that’s the the the advice i give this week who
[01:33:37.200 –> 01:33:47.120] knows what next week is but for now um also all of us uh who are working in this industry i feel
[01:33:47.120 –> 01:33:52.560] have also started in theater it is a very much common ground a common language between actors
[01:33:52.560 –> 01:33:58.480] and directors we all went to school for it we all have participated in community theater did plays
[01:33:58.480 –> 01:34:05.600] middle school high school college afterwards um it’s uh it’s a really really useful tool
[01:34:05.600 –> 01:34:11.680] in this industry okay yeah that’s that’s really solid advice um yeah i hadn’t even
[01:34:12.640 –> 01:34:16.720] like i obviously i see a lot of the ai stuff but i and i know there’s been
[01:34:18.720 –> 01:34:23.440] controversies or stuff that’s popped up about it with the voice acting stuff but yeah that’s a
[01:34:24.080 –> 01:34:28.800] very good point about the emotions and whatnot it’s definitely gonna get rocky for a few years
[01:34:28.800 –> 01:34:35.360] i have no idea what is to come as uh i don’t think anybody does which is what is so scary but also
[01:34:35.360 –> 01:34:41.200] exciting about it who knows um so we’ll uh we’ll all be staying tuned right along with you guys
[01:34:41.840 –> 01:34:51.360] okay um let’s see here um so all right let’s let’s go back to gaming a little more casual what uh
[01:34:51.440 –> 01:34:59.120] what stuff are you personally excited to play or see um etc um as a fan do you know career wise
[01:34:59.120 –> 01:35:05.600] um i am excited to play diablo 4 uh has been really good i’ve missed the um
[01:35:06.800 –> 01:35:12.400] the betas and the uh that stuff but uh from what i’ve been hearing it just seems like the perfect
[01:35:12.400 –> 01:35:17.840] sort of relaxing put in 20 minutes here and there sort of game and that’s the that those are the
[01:35:17.840 –> 01:35:22.480] things that i’m always looking forward to the most uh something where i can uh fit it into my
[01:35:22.480 –> 01:35:28.560] schedule and uh and play for a little while and play something addictive and fun and immersive
[01:35:28.560 –> 01:35:34.320] and that game is looking really really good um which which also makes me sad i don’t know if i’ll
[01:35:34.320 –> 01:35:39.920] be able to play final fantasy 16 when it comes out i love the series and uh this one looks really
[01:35:39.920 –> 01:35:44.400] really good but i don’t know if i have the time to uh to put in that that is also one of the reasons
[01:35:44.400 –> 01:35:50.160] why death stranding is great right now because each of the trips takes like 20 minutes and you
[01:35:50.160 –> 01:35:56.160] can you can do a delivery and uh and then walk away from the console and um so i’m always looking
[01:35:56.160 –> 01:36:02.720] forward to things like that rogue likes um slay the spire my favorite video game always playing
[01:36:02.720 –> 01:36:10.320] that one forever um and uh those are the ones that i’m looking forward to the most um yeah today the
[01:36:10.480 –> 01:36:15.520] new zelda reviews dropped it looks like it’s a perfect game but uh i don’t i don’t know if i’ll
[01:36:15.520 –> 01:36:21.280] have time this year i’ll have to be a late gamer on that one yeah no uh it’s yeah it’s tough when
[01:36:21.280 –> 01:36:28.960] you you know have a lot of actual stuff going on right yeah yeah i’m a nine to fiver so um i have
[01:36:28.960 –> 01:36:34.880] a little bit of time after but uh at the same time you’re working on some really cool stuff and it’s
[01:36:34.880 –> 01:36:41.760] it’s definitely worth it um i’m working on i’m working on not cool stuff too yeah there’s
[01:36:41.760 –> 01:36:50.880] certainly some bad things i’ve been a part of let’s be real oh well i mean your performance
[01:36:50.880 –> 01:37:00.960] isn’t probably but yeah oh man um yeah that that’ll be that’s a topic for sure biggest regrets um
[01:37:01.920 –> 01:37:06.480] you don’t have to i won’t put you on the spot here but uh linden i’ll poke your brain about that
[01:37:07.120 –> 01:37:12.720] um let’s see how do you oh man deal before that comes out real soon i didn’t realize how close it
[01:37:12.720 –> 01:37:22.240] was um yeah a couple weeks yeah um let’s see oh whoa here talk changing gears to one of them
[01:37:22.240 –> 01:37:27.600] something i’m excited about but you’re in street fighter ah see i knew there were things that were
[01:37:27.600 –> 01:37:33.600] coming out that i forgot about yes street fighter six uh really proud of that one that game you
[01:37:33.600 –> 01:37:38.400] know we’re never in charge of how good the game is it’s uh always a crapshoot right and it looks
[01:37:38.400 –> 01:37:42.640] like this will be this is the one where everything’s coalescing and they’re making this
[01:37:42.640 –> 01:37:50.960] one really really high quality it looks fantastic right like i dabble in fighting games but i
[01:37:51.920 –> 01:37:58.400] associate with a lot of people who are into it and it’s it’s just through the roof type for it
[01:37:58.400 –> 01:38:07.840] um and for people who don’t know ray’s playing dial um the classic flat there somehow yeah
[01:38:07.840 –> 01:38:16.160] soldier man go home and be a family man yeah he’s so much fun uh to play uh it’s uh it was
[01:38:16.160 –> 01:38:23.200] uh an honor to uh to to go and work with uh with jonathan the director and um it was alex lee who
[01:38:23.200 –> 01:38:28.720] recommended me for the role in the first place so i have him to thank yeah alex lee the voice of luke
[01:38:28.720 –> 01:38:36.400] good friend of mine and uh uh he was like whoa they’re recasting guile uh hey give ray a shot
[01:38:36.400 –> 01:38:42.000] so i’m uh really grateful that he uh he gave me that opportunity oh that is awesome well shout
[01:38:42.000 –> 01:38:47.680] out to alex i had no idea he did that oh that’s that yeah i’m a big big fan of alex he’s done
[01:38:47.680 –> 01:38:56.800] some great stuff too um let’s see here um yeah zelda’s zelda’s the big i’m probably gonna be
[01:38:56.800 –> 01:39:02.080] late to that one um myself oh oh roguelikes you mentioned that um like slay the spire so
[01:39:02.080 –> 01:39:08.160] oddly enough um a lot of us who are on this show i don’t know about all our listeners but we’re into
[01:39:08.160 –> 01:39:12.640] road bikes i don’t know if there’s some weird common ground between that and cottagecore but
[01:39:12.640 –> 01:39:20.640] uh have you played cult of the lamb uh i looked into it and it looked great um but it wasn’t a
[01:39:20.640 –> 01:39:26.960] must play for me so that was uh that was one that i was like ah this this hits all the right notes
[01:39:26.960 –> 01:39:34.160] but i don’t have to play this one right now so i i didn’t i i kept my uh hand off this the steam
[01:39:34.160 –> 01:39:41.200] buy button on that one i mean i know yeah i feel like a lot of good roguelikes are like
[01:39:41.200 –> 01:39:45.680] that because they just always be there you know well in cults of the lamb is also you’re building
[01:39:45.680 –> 01:39:51.520] uh a village too right so that that is sort of that cottagecore itch as well yeah we did talk
[01:39:51.520 –> 01:40:00.080] about it on the show because of that um but uh it’s it surprised me how much more it’s combat
[01:40:00.080 –> 01:40:07.760] focused than the cutesy village stuff um but uh it’s it’s super enjoyable super comedic i’d
[01:40:07.760 –> 01:40:12.400] recommend if you ever get a minute um what are you playing these days oh my gosh good
[01:40:13.680 –> 01:40:23.520] wild flowers and nothing oh an update came out last week yes the farming the further farming
[01:40:23.520 –> 01:40:27.600] i forget what it’s called they introduced more farm animals and more dialogue and such
[01:40:27.600 –> 01:40:34.480] oh okay gotcha gotcha it’s substantial yeah um yeah fantastic i can’t give that game enough
[01:40:34.480 –> 01:40:40.960] praise um there’s uh say roots of pacha which we’re actually gonna talk about on this show
[01:40:40.960 –> 01:40:47.520] probably well at some point um again that’s dardew clone stonage valley very cute very
[01:40:47.520 –> 01:40:57.200] well done um but uh other than that um oh pokemon unite um i know you’re you’ve dabbled in pokemon
[01:40:57.200 –> 01:41:02.080] here and there have you heard of pokemon unite i don’t know pokemon unite okay you know league of
[01:41:02.080 –> 01:41:13.520] legends yes so it’s a moba pokemon it’s a moba pokemon wow it’s free to play um it’s on mobile
[01:41:13.520 –> 01:41:21.440] and on switch it’s great and one of the best things about it each match is 10 minutes hard
[01:41:21.440 –> 01:41:28.960] time limit that’s great invest an hour yeah league is really long game yeah um so i play
[01:41:28.960 –> 01:41:34.640] that a lot with my brother um almost daily that is a fantastic game sweet and free to play with
[01:41:35.200 –> 01:41:41.360] that i think we should kind of start wrapping it up i don’t want to take too much of your time ray
[01:41:41.360 –> 01:41:48.640] i very much thank you for coming on it is a pleasure hearing your voice always um lots and
[01:41:48.640 –> 01:41:55.120] lots of laughter um where can where would you want people to find you or look for you or your
[01:41:55.120 –> 01:42:03.040] projects etc uh i’ve been using instagram these days for obvious reasons uh it’s ray chase on
[01:42:03.040 –> 01:42:09.040] instagram you can follow me uh i’ve been doing a lot of uh fan conventions and signings these
[01:42:09.040 –> 01:42:14.160] days so i’m all over the place i’m gonna see you in a couple weeks over at momo con kevin right
[01:42:14.720 –> 01:42:22.080] atlanta see each other yeah that’ll be really fun yeah yeah that’ll be great um yeah there you go
[01:42:22.080 –> 01:42:27.520] folks he’s all you post on twitter you post a lot of your projects and stuff i that’s where i follow
[01:42:27.520 –> 01:42:34.080] you um so feel free to chase to check him out at i’m just ray chase at twitter yeah and as he
[01:42:34.080 –> 01:42:42.720] mentioned shout out to lava loud annoying very annoying uh comedy improv group extraordinaire
[01:42:42.720 –> 01:42:49.120] with ray robbie damon and max middleman all excellent voice actors if you look them up they
[01:42:49.120 –> 01:42:56.800] have like one million roles combined um follow us at loud annoying on twitter and uh we um we stream
[01:42:56.800 –> 01:43:04.240] every wednesday night 7 p.m pst uh we play a lot of fall guys it’s just uh we just can’t we can’t
[01:43:04.240 –> 01:43:12.320] escape the beans it’s just too good for for podcasting oh i wish i wish al had uh
[01:43:13.280 –> 01:43:17.280] been able to hear about this i think he just got back into fall guys recently himself but it’s a
[01:43:17.280 –> 01:43:22.080] new update yeah it was great yeah yeah yeah good stuff i can’t recommend the streams enough they
[01:43:22.080 –> 01:43:29.200] are hilarious yes we love having a koopa present there too you are uh you are hilarious as well
[01:43:29.760 –> 01:43:36.640] great uh great comments always all right um all right and as we wrap up
[01:43:37.200 –> 01:43:45.600] ray would you do us the honor i have one thing to say yeah until next time farmers have a good
[01:43:45.600 –> 01:43:56.880] harvest the harvest season is created by al mckinley with support from our patrons
[01:43:56.880 –> 01:44:02.960] including our pro farmers kevin stewart and alisa our art is done by mica the brave
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[01:44:21.040 –> 01:44:25.040] and then let’s we’ll reuse what we did in the i think what i’ll do is i’ll reuse what we did
[01:44:25.040 –> 01:44:30.320] in the previous one and if it doesn’t much work together i don’t care i’ll figure it sure so yeah
[01:44:30.320 –> 01:44:36.960] i’ll swap this leave this in so they know our technical foibles yeah just in case it doesn’t
[01:44:36.960 –> 01:44:41.440] we managed to record this after we’d recorded everything else because i realized we needed to
[01:44:41.440 –> 01:44:48.720] put these plugs somewhere so these will be very subtly slotted in between the news and the
[01:44:48.720 –> 01:44:54.400] introduction to the interview will it work only you know listener only you know if it will work
[01:44:55.120 –> 01:45:00.720] i think at this point we gotta put it in here well this if it works this bit will be uh in
[01:45:00.720 –> 01:45:08.080] post credits if it doesn’t work there you go we will see all right that’ll do it oh wild
[01:45:08.080 –> 01:45:15.600] flowers more like wild podcast there you go this really was there was oh my gosh it was insane