A Ghost In My Basement

Al talks about Sprout Valley

Island Hopping

Jonnie and Kev talk about Smushi Come Home

Silly September

Al and Kev talk about all the new Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos news and try out the original Harvest Moon.

Wylde Podcast

Kev interviews Wylde Flowers voice actor Ray Chase.

Unsuspecting Culinary Captives

Al and Codey round up all the news, big and small, from the summer.

You Snubbed APICO

Al and Codey talk about their favourite games from 2019-2022

I Caught A Shark

Al and Kelly talk about Fishing Break

It’s With Nintendo Now

Al and Dalan talk about By The Pier

Big the Cat is an Aberration

Kev and Jonnie talk about Dredge.

The Fishing Season

Kev and Jonnie talk about their most and least favourite fishing mini games

A Wonderful Chat

Kev and Micah talk about Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Actual Farming

Codey and Jonnie talk about Farming Simulator

A Tub Of Noodles

Al and Kev summarise the year so far

Capybaras Are On The Rise

Bev and Codey talk about Capybara Spa

Axolotl Dragon

Al and Jonnie go through all the news from the Wholesome Direct

French Candle

Al and Micah talk about Little Dragon's Cafe

Fewer Game and Flower Games

Al and Jonnie go through all the news and newly announced games

The Best Characters Are Non-Romancable

Codey and Kev talk about Roots of Pacha


Kev interviews Valerie Rose Lohman, the voice of Tara Wylde from Wylde Flowers.

Eating A Sandwich In A Spiral

Al and Jonnie talk about Florence

Hopefully I Will Care About People

Al and Bev talk about Coral Island

More Humane Than The Flintstones

Codey and Kev go through your questions

Wylde Story

Kev talks about all the story spoilers he held back on in the last Wylde Flowers episode

Go Play Terra Nil

Kev and Jonnie talk about Terra Nil

Hello Cottagecorers

Codey and Bev talk about Research Story

The Most Cottagecore Possible

Al and Kev talk about Wylde Flowers