We Aren't Farming Cats

Al and Kevin discuss E3 news, and whether Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finished.

Pre-Alpha is Nonsense

Al goes through the news

They Are Trolls

Al and Codey go through the news

Stray Dogs From Space

Al and Bev talk about Deiland

No One Is Farming For The Fun Of It

Al talks about Castaway Paradise

Why No Bulk Cooking

Al and Micah talk about Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Teleporting Villagers

Al and Micah talk about Harvest Moon: One World

A Little Emotional

Al and Kelly talk about Spiritfarer

I Forgot About The Gecko

Al and Codey talk about Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Lemon Cake Interview

Al talks to Éloïse, the developer of Lemon Cake

Animal Crossing Episode 75

Al and Kevin go through all of the updates for Animal Crossing in the first year.

We Haven't Got Fishing

Al and Codey discuss Blocky farm.

2021 Preview

Al talk about farming games coming out in 2021.

Year in Farming 2020

Al, Bev, and Micah talk about the year in farming.

You can't pet the chickens

Al and Kevin talk about Dragon Quest Builders 2

PoOT not ToT

Al talks about a bunch of new information about Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Everything Wrapped in Plastic

Al talks about the new Story of Seasons that has just been announced, and unboxes his new Stardew Valley collectors edition

A Blob With Sunglasses

Al and Micah talk about some active farming game kicksters

Today In Pumpkins

Al and Bev talk about the Animal Crossing Fall Update

Jack is Back

Al talks about the farming game news

Fleeble, Wigglewip, and Lumpstuck

Al and Britney give their first impressions of Ooblets.

Animal Crossing (Reprise)

Al, Raschelle, and Kevin talk about Animal Crossing, nearly 6 months later.

There's a Bathroom

Al and Codey talk about the amazing free to play game Plant Daddy

I Used to Own Chickens

Raschelle, Al, and Micah talk about Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Too Many Games, Not Enough Time

Al and Britney talk about their Summer in Mara.

Just Sell Me A Kitchen

Al and Raschelle finally delve deep into Rune Factory 4S