Surprise Puzzle Game

Al and Kev talk about Ankora: Lost Days

Gleamy Gloopy Long Legs

Al and Bev talk about Ooblets

Cottage Gore

Kev and Bev talk through all the news and the latest newly announced games

I Read The Dictionary For Fun

Codey and Kev talk about Bear and Breakfast

Last Time We Cried

Al and Kelly talk about the Spiritfarer DLC

There's a Museum

Codey and Bev talk about Garden Paws


Al nd Kev talk about accessibility in games

Some Spinosaurus

Al and Spencer talk about Parkasaurus

It Is Definitely Farming

Al and Codey talk about the wholesome direct and other news

Buzz buzz buzz

Al and Codey talk about APICO

Do Not Make a Game

Al and Codey interview Ell from APICO

Grow Some Zombies

Al and Kev talk about a bunch of news and new games

Someone Is Missing

Bev and Codey talk about Len's Island

Stacks of Turnips

Al and Micah talk about Rune Factory 5

So What is Rose?

Al and Bev talk about Hundred Days


Al and Kev talk about Let's Build a zoo.

Why Is Your Screwdriver Single Use

Al and Codey talk about Farmville 3

The Bev and Kev Show

Al, Bev, and Kevin talk about whether they think Early Access is a good or a bad thing.

Farming In VR I Guess

Al talks about some new games he has found.

Are The Dragons Bees?

Al, Codey, and Kevin talk about the games upcoming in 2022

Year in Farming 2021

Al, Bev, and Codey talk about 2021 in Farming Games

No Farming Games

Al talks through some news.


Al and Codey talk through the recent news and the recent Wholesome Snack.

Hammy Home Paradise

Al and Kevin talk about Animal Crossing 2.0 and the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Sid Meier’s The Harvest Season

Al and Bev talk about Atomicrops.

The Fishing Rod is a Weapon

Al and Micah talk about Garden Story.