The Bev and Kev Show

Al, Bev, and Kevin talk about whether they think Early Access is a good or a bad thing.

Farming In VR I Guess

Al talks about some new games he has found.

Are The Dragons Bees?

Al, Codey, and Kevin talk about the games upcoming in 2022

Year in Farming 2021

Al, Bev, and Codey talk about 2021 in Farming Games

No Farming Games

Al talks through some news.


Al and Codey talk through the recent news and the recent Wholesome Snack.

Hammy Home Paradise

Al and Kevin talk about Animal Crossing 2.0 and the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Sid Meier’s The Harvest Season

Al and Bev talk about Atomicrops.

The Fishing Rod is a Weapon

Al and Micah talk about Garden Story.

The Wrath of Kevin

Al and Codey talk about Farmville 2.

Where is Koa?

Al and Bev talk about Stories of Mara, Chapter 1.

A Literal Baby

Al and Kevin talk about Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Four Pages of News

Al and Micah talk though over a month of news.

The Numbers Mean Nothing

Al and Nadia talk about Cookie Clicker.

This is the Final Fantasy Podcast

Al and Greg talk about why farming games don't really grab Greg.

Turnip Boy Hates Paper

Al and Bev talk about Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion.

We Aren't Farming Cats

Al and Kevin discuss E3 news, and whether Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finished.

Pre-Alpha is Nonsense

Al goes through the news

They Are Trolls

Al and Codey go through the news

Stray Dogs From Space

Al and Bev talk about Deiland

No One Is Farming For The Fun Of It

Al talks about Castaway Paradise

Why No Bulk Cooking

Al and Micah talk about Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Teleporting Villagers

Al and Micah talk about Harvest Moon: One World

A Little Emotional

Al and Kelly talk about Spiritfarer

I Forgot About The Gecko

Al and Codey talk about Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Lemon Cake Interview

Al talks to Éloïse, the developer of Lemon Cake