The Expert at Being Mildly Satisfied

We talk about games we are loking forward to coming out

Mods mods mods

We talk about Farming Game mods. What are they? What games have them? What are our favourite ones?

The Best Soybeans in the World

We talk about our Trio of Towns challenge. Who will win this one?

100 Years of Festivals

We discuss all the calendar related events in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

100 years of Mechanics

We look at Trio of Towns, and discuss the mechanics and how you play the game.

100 Years Of Characters

We look at Trio of Towns, and discuss the underlying story and all about the characters.

Automate All The Things!!

Al and Raschelle look at the new game Factory Town. Raschelle gets addicted.

Read All About It

An introduction to Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, a whole lot of news, and some discussion about Pokémon.

Mining is a Dangerous Profession

Raschelle and Al talk about their first Challenge, mining in Stardew.

Farming With Friends

We talk about the newest update for Stardew Valley, including the multiplayer functionality

Meeting the Villagers

We talk about one of the biggest farming games, and an indie sensation of the last few years ... stardew valley

New Beginnings

We talk about who we are, and what the podcast will be about.

Coming soon

The Harvest Season: Coming Soon